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          The National Midnight Star, Number 677

                   Saturday, 8 May 1993
Today's Topics:
                Lunatic Ravings About Rush
               Wireless Guitar Transmitters
         Re: Longest period between Rush concerts
                  non-Rush post (sorry)
  Shelving experiences, too many bands, and Max Webster
                  from the horse's mouth
                      I need a ride
                  physics (it's my life)
                  Re: prophet of profit
               Blackholes and Critical Mass
                  Goin' ta see the guys
                     Rush realism....
 freewill vs. fate, photons, on abstract nature of music
               Rush, Harvard, and T-shirts
                Dream Theatre and stuff...
                  News of the Weird item
                   long time no see!!!
                    Didacts Now I See
                    Addiction message
               Cyberpunk, Red Sector A, etc
                   Rush 'N' Roulette 92

Date: 06 May 1993 11:20:06 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Lunatic Ravings About Rush

Hello, Rusheads!

Being the instigator of the latest "Red Lenses" debaucle/debate, I must extend
my hand to a certain   and thank him for under-
standing what I mean about "Red Lenses" being one of Rush's greatest comps.
C'mon, people!  This is the same band that recorded "I Think I'm Going Bald"
and "Cygnus X-1."  Sheesh.


You know, "Second Nature" is, in all actuality, a nifty, little song.  Pleasant
lyrics and a toe-tappin' tempo to boot.  (That was NOT a sentence.)

There was a rumor during the RTB tour proceedings that "By-Tor & the Snow Dog"
was going to be part of the encore medley.  Well, of course, it was not.  Now,
that would be a gas to hear a 1993-94 tour version of that gem...who knows?

UNDERRATED SONGS #s 2& 3:  "Turn the Page" and "Digital Man"

Enough for now!


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Wireless Guitar Transmitters
Date: Thu, 6 May 93 9:37:25 PDT

> From: Michael Korman 
> Does anyone know how the wireless guitars work?

I'm no hardware expert (nor do I play on on TV), but I believe they
operate on your basic FM radio principles, just a low-wattage transmitter
rather than radio station power.  I seem to recall stories (possibly from
Visions) about how the wireless equipment was picking-up interference from
a taxicab dispatcher at some concert.  All you'd need to do is to find the
right frequency, and you'd be able to "enhance" any performance.



Subject: Re: Longest period between Rush concerts
Date: Thu, 6 May 93 11:09:14 CDT
From: (David Sandberg)

Steve Heller ( writes:
> Side note:  I believe I may have the record for the longest time
> between two RUSH concerts:  My first show was on the Signals tour
> (Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY) and my second show wasn't until the
> RTB tour in Cincinnati and then Dayton, approximately 11 years!

I think I have you tied (or at least be close).  My first RUSH
concert was on the Hemispheres tour (1978), and my second was on
the HYF tour (but what year this was I cannot remember).  Both
were appearances right here in the Twin Cities.  On the plus side,
though, I have managed to catch each of the tours since HYF.

Gee, with new albums from Rush, Todd Rundgren, Clannad and Maria
McKee all due, it should be a great summer and fall!

    \  david sandberg                        /
     |                                                                   |
    /      "i felt the gloom of empty rooms on rainy afternoons..."       \


Subject: Imagery
Date: Thu, 06 May 93 12:17:34 CDT

Hey, I haven't written anything for a while, and it's finals week, and I'm
bored... so here I am.
	Just wondering if any of you have spent a lot of time trying to
figure out the meanings of Rush's album covers.  Dumb question... of course
you have.  Well, Jeff Brinkman and I were talking a while back about the
cover of p/g, and how you can maybe see a rabbit up at the top edge near the
left.  T'was kinda interesting because we had just watched Watership Down,
and Jeff was sure that Neil had at least read the book- he mentioned it in a
interview, maybe, I dunno.  The rest of this cover is cool, but I don't get
it.  What's the "thing" in the middle?  It looks like a Jawa sandcrawler out
of Star Wars.  You can tell I haven't stared at the album very long, can't
you...  Is anyone else upset with the way the p/g poster is condensed so
that the composition of pieces gets screwed up?
	Sorry to try to start a new thread right before everyone leaves...

BTW: Will someone ask "Haplo peart" if he's okay?  I think he needs a nap.

Remember, May is:
National Egg Month, National Better Posture Month, National Barbeque Month,
National Mental Health Awareness Month...
		and most importantly, with finals coming up...
			National BETTER SLEEP month
	Please, celebrate these festivities safely.  Thank you.


Subject: non-Rush post (sorry)
Date: 6 May 93 12:19:19 EDT (Thu)
From: (Dan Kelley)

Sorry for the non-Rush post but since we are all pretty much music fans
in general, I would hope that no one is going to flame me.  I was wondering
two things:

1.  Why is Van Halen touring again.  To promote the live album?  If so, I
    wonder why cause I can't see them playing anything different than what
    they played on the ForUnlawfulCarnelKnowledge tour (since they are so
    picky about what non-Hagar stuff to play live).

2.  Does anyone know if and when Extreme will be going on tour?  I figured
    they would be touring for the ThreeSidesToEveryStory album but I have
    not heard anything.  I'm really liking that album and Pornographitti.

Please email since this is non-Rush related.  Ok, I feel bad so here's my
Rush related note for this message:  Any new news on the new album?
Confirmation on the release date or anything like that?


BTW, since everyone else is saluting their favorite pro sports teams ...
Go Three-peat Pens and Buccos ...  Go Steelers too (oh, not football
season yet) and if Pittsburgh had an NBA team, I'd route for them too!
Since they don't go Cavs ...

     Dan Kelley      |   sss                                            /\
System Administrator |  ss   u u  m   m  m   m  i ttt  Information    /\/\\/\  |   ss  u u  mm mm  mm mm  i  t   Systems, Inc. //\\\\\\\
   (216)-384-1717    | sss   uuu  m m m  m m m  i  t   Akron, OH    ///\\\\\\\\


Date: Thu, 6 May 93 16:13:11 BST
From: Russell Marks (Zgedneil) 
Subject: Shelving experiences, too many bands, and Max Webster

This post is brevity disadvantaged.

Lew Bernstein from NMS674:
> enjoy the power of the song.  The reason that I believe it happens, at least
> with me, is I play the new album all of the time when it comes out, then it
> usually gets shelved for a while, as I re-listen to their older stuff, and
> when I finally get around to listening to that album a lot, I really enjoy
> it.

I wonder how common that is... I certainly seem to have done that, at
least recently. Perhaps a little background would help: I got into Rush
around late '88, starting off with MP (faves being Red B. and YYZ at
that time) and then p/g, and gradually all the others including HYF
which obviously was their latest. Suffice it to say, I was a *total*
hardcore RushNut within about seven or eight months and had all the
albums. I found out Presto was being released by reading a very
unfavourable review in that most sensibly named of 'music' magazines,
"Kerrang!". I'm happy to say I didn't buy the magazine. The review
basically followed the usual line of "Hey, they're crap. They did a
track called By-Tor and the Snow Dog, guys! I mean, forget it!" and
barely reviewed Presto at all (sigh). (Yes, they did actually mention
By-Tor in a Presto review. Sad isn't it?) It's probably worth mentioning
the only other review I saw of Presto at the time gave it 5/5.

When I got Presto, and this was like my first Brand New Rush Album
experience (I'm not really counting ASOH), it took me only about three
plays to get into it, and I really listened to it *all the time*. Then
after a while, I started to listen to older stuff again (in my case,
older stuff meaning from Rush to HYF). Particularly I really seriously
started enjoying Hemispheres, which I had previously found pretty
impenetrable. Anyhow, after RTB and doing a similar kind of thing with
that, I went back to Presto for a bit, and I can't help thinking I
never really appreciated it before. It's just so weird, at the moment
I'd say my favourite albums are Presto, RTB and Hemispheres (in no
particular order, and probably all equal). Maybe I just *think* I get
into an album quickly, and then really enjoy it later. It's a little
confusing really. Perhaps I should be looking forward to after Critical
Mass so I can really enjoy RTB - aaaargh, it's getting perverse!

I reckon this means there are four lines missing from the chorus of Roll
the Bones:
"When does it happen?
 About two years later -
 Roll the Bones
 Roll the Bones"

Also, Lew, I don't really agree with you about Neurotica. I think the
chorus is ok. Ironically perhaps, I think the keyboards are a little
quiet on that track considering how good they are. Oh well. I'm not
usually one for keyboards, but there you go.

> Whoever said that you can't get sick of a Rush song is wrong. IMHO.  I
> almost can't stand to hear Freewill.  It is played incessantly here.  I
> would rather hear almost any other Rush song that Freewill. (which is
> hacked on the RtB tour, even on OtE, where is the 'Each of us......' shriek
> that he can't handle anymore?).

I agree in a sense, but I think you could say "you only get sick of Rush
songs... for a limited time". There's nothing I *can't stand* to hear
(er, no Rush that is... :) ). But then Rush effectively never gets
played on the radio here, and I usually only listen to talk radio
anyhow. I seem to remember at the Wembley Arena concert I went to last
year, Ged did sing the "Each of us" bit. If you listen to ESL though, I
don't think he couldn't really handle it live back then, so maybe it's
more to do with just straining his voice then as now...?

I don't really think Critical Mass (I *really* hope they call it that! I
love that name) will have much of a theme particularly. I can see the
origins (of the name, at least) in several areas like possibly nuclear
reactor meltdown, overpopulation (critical mass of people - this is a
rather scary subject that I think would be very difficult and
challenging for Neil to tackle) and so on. I think both of these are
unlikely, to be honest, but I think the latter would be an interesting
theme for a song. Maybe CM will have a theme in the same way RTB had,
but I doubt it.

Art (The Omega Concern) (hmm, wonder where you got that from? :) ) from NMS674:
> Chronicles and noticing the songs that I like more, I notice that I prefer the
> songs that Rush recorded after 1980.  Anyone else feel the same way?  Also, as

Yes and no. How's that for a helpful answer? I think that the bands that
did "Rush", FBN to 2112, AFTK & Hemi, PeW & MP, Signals to HYF, and
Presto & RTB are to me just conceptually separate entities. I find
myself listening to the last 3 bands most often, the 3rd band quite
often, and the first two occaisionally. This trounces the old vs. new
debate, because these bands are just obviously too different to compare
- it's the only way to look at Rush really IMHO (even if you disagree
with the album ranges, Signals might go with PeW and MP for example). I
hope they change to a different band this time. Why? Well, the same way
I think MP took the style of music that band was playing to as far as it
could usefully be taken (and very good it was too - I mean that any more
of it would have been repetition not evolution), because I think RTB may
be as far as this band can go. (Sorry if my analogy is rather stretched
here.) But maybe they can think of some new twist.

Anyhow, all that explains why although I listen to Rush about 95% of my
listening time (so to speak), I get a bit confused when I get criticised
for "only listening to one band".

Oh well. Ah, here's something I nearly forgot: having just heard
"Battlescar" with two of everything (!), and having previously heard
"In The Land Of Giants" (something like that anyway), I'm really
interested in getting "Universal Juveniles" by Max Webster. What I
really want to know is, am I going to be able to get it on tape? Has it
been rereleased at all? I'm especially interested in hearing from
anybody who's got it, to hear how you got it, and on what format.

So with a cheery "Good mornin', Gub" I'll be off...
/*    _      _     ---- do *you* know where your disassembler is? ----
    /  /_/ _> /-,   russell marks : zgedneil :
                            "respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate"     */


From: keb@syrinx.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Kristin Brown)
Subject: from the horse's mouth
Date: Thu, 6 May 93 13:43:21 EDT

ok, let's get this straight once and for all (nevermind what i said in
my last mail!)
i called the harvard lampoon themselves. Rush will be there to accept
the award in person. they will have a "funny ceremony" with them, which
should last about half an hour. it is open to the public
and will be at 1pm. it is at 44 bow st in cambridge!


Date: Thu, 06 May 1993 14:08:11 EDT
Subject: I need a ride

	If anyone is going to the award ceremony on sunday from the lowell
MA area, or is going through...could I get a ride? Else I'll have to take the
T and go alone, as all of my other RUSH fan friends are out of town.

		Pete, I'm gonna hold my breath 'til I get a ride, Fortin


Date: 06 May 1993 12:43:55 -0700 (MST)
From: Roo-Dog Rip 
Subject: physics (it's my life)

Since I just got my Ph.D.(no kidding!) in particle physics I thought I'd send
what ought to be the last word in this silly debate about whether or not
photons have mass. Followups to, or e-mail me. Don't
bother the sci.physics crowd as they went round and round about this for far
too long. Apologies to Greg Musi and anyone else who thinks this has already
gone on too long.

As you know if you've been reading, there are two sides: 1) photons have mass,
2) no they don't. The problem is that you have to say what you mean by mass. In
my field noone but new graduate students means anything but rest mass when they
say mass. This is because we use mass to distinguish one particle from
another(along with a number of other things). Apparently, from what I've seen
in this forum, it's not just old farts who think of relativistic mass as mass.
Some people still think of the relativistic increase in energy and momentum as
coming from mass. They like it because then E still = mc^2. F can still = ma.
Or p = mv. I say don't bother. It's just semantics. Define your terms and then
you can talk. You'll just find out everybody's saying the same thing.

ObRush: I, too, have long enjoyed the word-play in Red Lenses, especially the
enigmatic line "The Soviets are the blues." I spent about two hours discussing
the intent of those lyrics with a friend. Then two hours more, etc.

There was someone on here around the time RtB was released who claimed to have
regular contact with Alex. Are you still on? Do you have any info on the sound,
lyrical emphasis, or other aspects of the forthcoming album? Care to share it?

Roo-Dog Rip
\Roo-Dog Rip is:                  <> "O! What a rogue and peasant slave am I!"/
\Derrell Durrett                  <>                 --- _Hamlet_ II, ii, 584 /
\D_DURRETT%KAOS@VAXF.COLORADO.EDU <>   High Energy Physics: The New Religion! /
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\ High Energy Physics Group | University of Colorado | Boulder, Colorado, USA /


Date: Thu, 6 May 93 16:04:12 -0400
From: joseph paul mancewicz 
Subject: Re: prophet of profit

In response to *prophet of profit* from Kevin B. Fournier.

I'm pretty certain that Neil intended \`Profits\' in the lyrics, and I've 
seen a written critisizm (I forget where) about how Rush hid their meanings in 
the words such that the listener had to (heaven forbid) READ the lyric sheet. 
Nonetheless, my impression of these words formed when I was quite young and 
may reflect my nievity, but I've always thought that the words \`Concert 
Halls!!\' were actually written on the studio wall. That they are the
words of profit doesn't seem that odd to me. For in theory, touring is SUPOSED 
to bring in money (although some bands get into the red on a tour). Blah 
blah blah.

Make of it what you will,
Joe Mancewicz


Date: Thu, 6 May 93 13:04:11 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: Blackholes and Critical Mass

>Sorry for the non-rush content, but I have to come to the
>defense of the guy who started all this black hole stuff.  I didn't
>see his post, but apparently some guy wrote in something about the
>physics of black holes and mentioned that their huge gravitational
>field even interacts with photons by virtue of their small, but finite
>mass.  I _did_ read the last issue of NMS where everybody and his brother
>attacked this guy for saying that photons have mass.  Well I'm surprized at
>you guys -- of course photons have mass -- OTHERWISE THEY WOULD NOT INTERACT
>WITH A GRAVITATIONAL FIELD AT ALL!!!  Think about it.  m=E/c^2=h*nu/c^2.
>Case closed.  It is true that photons have zero REST MASS, so if you were
>travelling in the frame of the photon, you guys would be right, but I haven't

Hey, I'm probally the guy to whom you're refering when you said I attacked the
original poster about his physics knoweledge.  I hoped I was at least curteous
in my long post the TNMS regarding the physics near a black hole.  Now, I'll
still be curteous but once again, I must correct a mistake.
  (1)  The behavior of photons in a gravitic field is NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF
  BEING DESCRIBED BY SPECIAL RELATIVITY.  Special Rel. deals only with
  massive objects moving at significant fractions of the speed of
  light.  In the post I made to the NMS, I mentioned a very advance
  book on electricity and magnetism (the study of the fields which
  produce photons) and a very basic but good book on astrophysics by
  Frank Shu.  Look them up!!

  (2)  A photon will not/can not interact with the gravitic field of a massive
  object (kinda think of those mountain dew guys again...).  The reason
  a photon's flight path experiences any effect at all near a black hole
  (or even our sun!!! - observed on an expidition to the South pole near
  the turn of the century) is because the very presence of the massive
  object distorts the fabric of space and time.  A pretty good analogy
  is placing a bowling ball on a rubber sheet, and then rolling a marble
  across the sheet.  Of course the marble will begin to roll into the
  well made by the bowling  ball, but because of the distortion in the
  sheet, not because of the bowling ball.  PHOTONS ARE MASSLESS!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the humor in your post to TNMS.  Thanks for taking the time to

Finally, for a bit of rush content...all of this talk of black holes bears
a direct relation to the concept of critical mass.  A star's life can end
as either a red giant, a neutron star, or a black hole depending on its
mass.  There is a critical mass for the formation of a black hole!!!
Think of it, a hint about a Cygnus part III??????



   The coffee's not bad for Nectar of the Gods


Date: 06 May 93 16:58:27 EDT
From: "Bill \"Haplo Peart\" RushFan(TM)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Goin' ta see the guys

Hy Rush Dudes, Dudettes, and Alex Worshippers,

         Fine day for Rush admiring is it not,
    Anyway finally a short post,

    I just wanted to let everyone know:

    I intend to be at the Rush thing at Harvard this coming Sunday if at
    all possible.  Maybe I will see some of you there I will be the one with
    The Rush Shirt on |:]

    I just finished a little trip to see a friend, he played me a CD,
    Skid Row Doing "What your Doing"-Mildly put they don't know what
    they are doing.

    I would like to know from all of you what you think it takes, to
    be a RushFan(Tm), what are the interests and addictions of the
    RushFans(Tm) out there.

Haplo Peart

Ps.  Be on the look out for my up coming posts:

RushFan(Tm) Explained--Just what is a RushFan(Tm) anyway, an in depth look
at the spiecies Rushious Fana

How to addict someone to Rush--Got a Rap, hip hopper for a friend, wish they
would tune in on something real, Well here is how.

A letter to MTV--Wish eMptyTV would play something real, here is a protest
letter that will get results.

And Much Much More!!!!, all coming soon from Haplo's Brain(Computer) Works!
Following .sig product of Haplo's Computer Works 1993
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Second Nature, On Hold Your Fire, 1987, by

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Date: Thu, 6 May 93 16:39:44 -0500
From: (M Deras)
Subject: Didacts

Hey gang--
     People seem to think that "Didacts & Narpets" are anagrams for
"Addicts & Parents". The song seems to be a dialogue between a kid and
his'or her parents. I think Didacts refer to teachers, not "addicts"
which makes no sense in the context of the song. To be didactic is to
teach someone.
     A small point, but its one of those nagging things that gravels my
ass every time I see it.

Thank you very much'--Tom Klem

grab yourself a can of Pork Soda. You'll be feelin' fine swillin' down
thowse dcans of swine.  PRIMUS


Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 17:17:43 -0500
From: (Jamie W. Sandford)
Subject: Rush realism....

	I was just wondering if anyone else could tell me what the noise is
in the song, "The Pass", right after the line: "Someone set a bad example/Made
surrender seem alright".  There is a noise in there that I am sure is guitar
related, but was just wondering if there are any guitarists out there who
knew the sound.  Listen for it -- its in the pause between the phrases, almost
(and this IS stretching it a bit) like a high pitched "call waiting" beep...


From: physics!
Date: Fri, 7 May 93 07:11:54 EDT
Subject: freewill vs. fate, photons, on abstract nature of music

from:Radhakrishnan Srikanth, Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore,

Hi Rusheads, -headettes,
This is my first NMS post and I hope it is seen firt to appear on
this e-mail mag. I found the maturity of the correspondents to be
sufficintly high and I have enjoyed the posts a lot, at least those
not too technical ones that I understood. Well, I wanted to share
my views on some of the discussed topics.

  1) The comments by Strzynski that 'Freewill' and 'RTB' complement,
rather than contradict, each other, is, I think, quite right. The
notion that NP may have suffered an inconsistency (not unpardonable,
for often we are all a bundle of contradictions) may lie deeper, in
the fact that, filosofically speaking, one finds it difficult to
reconcile freewill with fate as such. For Fate means our actions are
programmed, as well as our free thoughts; whereas Freewill means we
create our circumstances. Traditionally, reconciling these two is a
slight problem in theistic filosfies, where one is wont to consider
Fate as God-ordained and hence quite substantial. Here we understand
that "as you sow, so you reap" ie., tomorrow's Fate is consequent to
wielding of freewill today. From the agnostic viewpoint (as case with
NP, I think), it is easier. Fate arises as a series of chances, creat-
ing chance circumstances (vide RTB), among which freewill is excercizd.

 2) Michael Miller and Corcoran had spoken of photons and blackholes.
They had explained quite well, but then these aren't topics that lend
themselves easily to lay description. Still, I would like to add some
minor clarifications to -photon-. Photons do have mass because they
have kinetic energy ie., energy of motion. (It is a consequence of
Einstein's Relativity that energy and mass are equivalent). But Pho-
tons don't have rest-mass, that is, all their energy is kinetic. A
photon cannot be found at rest: it is either moving at its character-
istic velocity; or, it doesn't exist!! Anyway, the photon's energy/
mass would be quite irrelevant in the blackhole context. According
to the field equations of General Relativity, the trajectory of all
photons are alike, dependent only on the curvature properties of
the space-time region they are in. I hope this has helped to clarify
and not overly bore .

 3) Just a thought for the day. Music is probably one of the most
powerful intuitive mediums that appeal to human (rather, living-)
consciousnesses. If enjoyed spiritually, it elevates us likewise
spiritally, and enjoyed sensually, it still makes us happy. Then,
there is better music, and worse. No need to mention that RUSH is
by far the former, if any music is. It is here that I have encounte-
red a strange feeling, that I had while listening to, for ex., Led
Zeppelin's album #3, namely, the feeling that, here is great music,
but I can't like it enough. I had similar feelings for quite a few
songs in the album "Rush". Perhaps anyone out there has had such
an experience?



Date: 6 May 93 22:30:46 EDT
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Rush, Harvard, and T-shirts

I hope to get down to Cambridge and see Rush Sunday night... if I do get
there I expect to see a bunch of NMS T-shirts (yeah Meg!).

Phil Baker the Candlestick Maker

"You can twist perception, reality won't budge." - NP


Subject: Dream Theatre and stuff...
Date: Fri, 07 May 93 14:04:00 EST

Yo guys and gals!

    Boy have *I* had some amazing events happen recently! From the NMS the
band Dream Theatre caught my attention because everyone reckons they're so
great...But living in Oz I thought that was all I would hear of them as they
are a smallish American band...However....
    I saw an add for a drummer in the "Drum Media" mag here and the add said
   "..influences....Rush to Megadeath..."
    !!!!!!!! StruTH!!
    I rang them IMMEDIATELY (though I am already in 2 other bands...) and went
for an audition as a drummer (ofcourse!). I talked to the guys and they seemed
really cool and the bassist had Vol 2 of that Rush guitar tab book and they
mentioned playing The Enemy Within (one of my FAVES) for a laugh! WHAT A COOL
BAND!!!! INn **AUSTRALIA** as well......
    Anyway, then the guitarist turns around and says, "Have you heard of Dream
Theatre??"  - !!!!!!!!! I was stunned! These guys were getting exponentially
cooler by the minute! I explained that I had through the NMS (then explained
the NMS itself) and so I went out and bought 'Images and Words' which I was
amazed to find at our local import shop!
    After several listens I reckon the first track CRANKS!! The rest is pretty
good but they're  certainly very progressive - right up my alley(!). THEN just
to top things off the guitarist (3 piece only) rings up and says a guitar mag
just TABBED the first track from I&W and could I do thr drums?? YAHOOOO!!
I had about 30 listens and it's a little out of my range (all those
double-kick triplets etc....) but I *AM* going to do it....
    What do other people think about all this?

    Now we need a singer who can sing Rush AND DT.....gonna be hard....

Stum (buledelah skinslammer)


Date: 07 May 93 01:50:23 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: News of the Weird item

Good day.

In keeping with my sacred NMS duty to report any and all
references to Rush in the popular media, no matter how obscure, I
bring you the following. It's from my page-a-day News of the
Weird calendar, for May 7, 1993:

  In the latest "He Stood Me Up" lawsuit, Dana Jurist won
  $79.50 in a Downington, Pa., court from Shawn Norbeck,
  who failed to keep their date for the junior prom in
  May 1990. He said he had a virus, but in reality, he had
  gotten tickets to see the rock group Rush.

Obligatory comments: O, injustice! I trust that this poor young
man got his money's worth, even though it was only for the
_Presto_ show. :) In any event, I'd say a woman who will sue you
for not showing up is not worth showing up for ... *especially*
if the alternative is a Rush concert.

ORQ: "That's the weather, this is the time; now stay tuned for
more news."



Date: Fri, 7 May 93 06:00:17 -0500
From: (Jaime Gutierrez)

	Hey everybody!  Finals are over, the weather is nice, the girls are
out, the brew is flowing, it's a 106 miles to Chicago, we got a half-tank of
gas...sorry, I got a little carried away.  Anyway, I was reading my Bass
Player Magazine and lo and behold, there is a little snipit in there that
has to do with 1/3 of the trinity!  I'll type it out word for word.  It's next
to a little picture that has something to do with the article, so don't get

That's Pete (The Fish) Stevens of Electric Wood Ltd., the makers of Wal
basses.  He was enjoying himself at the Winter NAMM show when this snapshot
was taken, but he's not feeling so good anymore.  Sometime during the show,
an unscrupulous thief made off with the small plexiglass display case that's 
in front of Pete in this photo.  It contains scale models of the two Wal basses
used by GEDDY LEE.  Anyone with information about these models sould contact
BASS PLAYER immediately:  phone (408) 446-1105/fax (408) 446-1088.

	All I have to say is...I know somebody here has it.  Turn yourself in!
Just in case you are wandering around your local magazine outlet, it's on
page 7 of the June '93 Bass Player with Billy Sheehan on the cover, at the
bottom right hand of the page.  The little display looks real cool.  It has,
like the man said, scale models of the Wals.  They look like they might be
around 8 inches high.  Not a bad addition to someone's Rush collection.  How
much would you be willing to pay for that one, hmm?

	As a side note, I was talking to a gentleman at a party a couple of
weeks ago who happened to be a sales rep of some kind.  Anyway, he gets to
walk into any music store he pleases (e.g. The Bass Centre, L.A.) and play 
any  bass he pleases.  Albemic,
Warrick, Wals, Carl Thompson, Stu Hamm Fender, the whole deal.  He says Wals
sound great, but they're heavier than hell.  But that's not my main point.  He
owns several classic basses, including an anniversary Fender Precision Bass
that he has never played.  But he also owns a Paul Reed Smith bass!  That's
right folks, a PRS bass.  They don't make 'em anymore, but I never knew that
they made basses in the first place.  Sorry if this is common knowledge, but
that statment knocked me on my butt! (It may have had something to do with some
 beverages i had consumed earlier in the eve) (the knocking me on the butt
part i mean...)

	On another side note, we started talking about amps and I asked him
about Gallien-Kruger.  He said G-K didn't have the umph.  I wonder if that
is why a lot of people have said that Ged's sound was weak on the RTB tour.
How long has he used G-K?

  [ Hey watch it! Krueger is my second cousin... ;)		: rush-mgr ]

>From a struggling bassist just trying to learn the beginning of Marathon...
(how the hell does he play that fast and sing at the same time?)


Date: Fri, 7 May 1993 11:31 EST
From: "NAME \"Big Chief Osohwabe\"" 
Subject: long time no see!!!

This is my first post to the NMS in over a year and I am glad to see it is
still alive and kicking.  For those new members who don't know me, I conducted
a poll asking NMS members to make a list of their all time favorite Rush songs
and send them to me so I could make a boxset featuring their favorite songs.
Well, about the time the boxset was released I was having some personal prob
lems and I was unable to access my accounts, meaning I couldn't read how the
readers thought of my boxset.  Yesterday, after months of flanageling (is that
spell right, BTW?) I have my accounts back.  I looked through my old mailboxes
and found alot of positive responses to the boxset.  First, I'd like to give
belated thank yous to all who particpated and those who wrote back to me.  I
also received alot of questions if I had made a copy on cassette of the poll
and if it was available.  Unfortuately, I do not have all of Rush's albums
and bootlegs to transfer to tape (I also don't have the funds to do so, either)
When I bought "Chronicles" 3 years ago I was a little dissappointed that it
was just a greatest hits album and was missing some important songs (Xanadu,
YYZ, etc).  I wondered what would happened if they would put out a boxset
containing these songs, plus other unreleased material.  The end result took
about 2 years and 2 polls (the first was May 1991 don't know what issue it was
on tho') to create.  I wished that there were more bootleg songs and maybe
a couple of more live tunes, but that's just all hindsight now.

If you are interested in the boxset it is on the "rush/special" directory
of the Syrinx ftp site under cassette.poll.Z (the "Z" means compress format,
in UNIX use     uncompress cassette.poll.Z   to uncompress the file).  If U
have all the material listed in the boxset and want to make a copy of it,
please do so, I would love to have one !! :)

Douglas Schwabe                                "I don't ask questions,
                                                I just have fun"
Internet:                        Bugs Bunny



Subject: Didacts Now I See
Date: Fri, 7 May 93 22:05:37 EDT
From: "The Wombat" 

Thanks fer the translation!
Ahh, well, now I understand, see I read, I believe in the FAQ one of
the boys talking about the song and saying the parents and the
teachers were saying things, and I was thinking, but I thought the
anagram was parents adn addicts, now it is very clear, Coincidence?

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-The Wombat IS Matthew Frazer-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
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--------------------------------=Be Seeing You=--------------------------------


Date: 07 May 93 23:32:03 EDT
From: "Bill \"Haplo Peart\" RushFan(TM)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Addiction message

HY,  Today a Course in Rush Addiction,

                      How To Addict Someone to Rush

   Addictaing someone to Rush can be a time consuming and very hard
process, but there are a few things that can make it easier.  Below
you will several time saving and proven steps for making it happen.
I have seccessfully used this process over the last three years, to
addict at least five people(there are a couple of others but I have
not seen 'em in a while).  This process has also been used and
refined by soem friends of mine, toaddict still other people.

1:  Identify the person's current liking in music and find similar
    Rush music.  Example:  Person likes Led Zepplin, Play them some
    early Rush Music.
2:  When you have them into the First stuff that you play for them
    make them a tape of mixed Rush music, spread the stuff you
    just got them into out over the tape every third song or so.
3:  Everytime they mention music of any sort work it around to how
    that music relates to Rush.  Example:  "So and So is a preet good
    drummer," say you friend,  You say "Yeah he is not to bad for the
    music he has to word with, Niel Peart from Rush is my favorite
    he has a much more intense sound."
4:  Whenever the target for addiction is anywhere near you, Play Rush,
    if need be go as far as bringing Rush with you where you go visiting.
    (This is how I eventually got my last target addicted)
5:  Start deep meaningful disscussions about Lyrics, and what they mean
    Guide them toward the true answers, but always make them think the
    idea was there.
6:  Bring Rush in to disscussions for no apparent reason.
    "I have a huge exam to study for."  "Rush is the best concert I ever saw"
7:  Get the Target smashed, and play Rush like crazy(Got me addicted)
8:  Hack into their computer account and give them a surprise NMS
9:  Hang Rush posters, and were Rush posters as much as possible.
10:  Hypnosis is your friend.
11:  Ftp, the lyrics, print and give  to them.
12:  End all E-Mail messgaes with a Rush Quote.
13:  As they become addicted test for signs of addiction, if you turn off
     a Rush Song and they react harshly you know you got 'em
14:  Rush has 14 Releases as of Roll the Bones, play 'em all.

     I hope this List helps and you addict someone you care about soon.
     I am always looking to expand thsi list, if you have a method, that
     I did not cover please let me know so I can add it to the list.

Following .sig product of Haplo's Computer Works 1993
A Spaceage Hippe BasketBall Player Production
--"A memo to a higher Office, Open letter to the powers that be"--From
Second Nature, On Hold Your Fire, 1987, by

|========        |          |      /======\      |          |  Geddy Lee
|        \       |          |     /        \     |          |  ::::::::::::
|         \      |          |     |              |          |  Alex Lifeson
|         /      |          |     |              |          |  """"""""""""
|========/       |          |      \======\      |==========|  Niel Peart
|       \        |          |              |     |          |  /\/\/\/\/\/\
|        \       |          |              |     |          |  At one time:
|         \      |          |     \        /     |          |  John Rutsey
|          \      \========/       \======/      |          |  *************


Date:         Sat, 08 May 93 02:21:44 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      Boots

Okay, rush-mgr, what's the Official Policy on Discussing Boots here at
TNMS? I asked if anyone had anything from the RTB tour and was gently
reprimanded that "this was not the proper place" or some such. Since
then, just about every digest has *some* discussion of where to get
boots, and some folks are even discussing *selling* the damn things.
So what's the criteria? Is there one, or do you just not catch some,
or what?

  [ Asking about specific boots is a bit iffy, if you want to talk about them,
    that's fine. But asking for them/saying you want them/will trade for them/
    etc is not the best policy on here. It's better simply to say "please 
    e-mail me for boot info" or something. 			: rush-mgr ]


A chick (grrrrr) Rush fan


Date: Sat, 8 May 93 11:13 GMT
Subject: Cyberpunk, Red Sector A, etc

Hi Rush fans,

A note in NMS 676 caught my eye about Cyberpunk;

I disagree that much of Rush's work is based on the genre of Cyberpunk. Sure
they use technology in many of their more modern songs (since Signals), but
just because they sing about technology and the state of the environment
doesn't make them into Cyberpunks. The genre of Cyberpunk fiction is usually
set in the future in a world after an armageddon  type event, where the
rule of law is scant if not non-existant. I cannot think of one Rush song that
fits this genre.

Red Sector A
In the same item I noted that Red Sector A was being interpreted as being about
North Ammerica after a Soviet invation. Granted the song was written at the
height of the cold war but I do not believe that this is what the song is
about. It is a general song about the attrocities on mankind by dictators, and
I would guess about the Nazi holocaust of WW2.

If the song is interpreted as an "After Soviet invasion" song then the line

"Are the liberators here, should I hope or should I fear ? ..."

does not make sense. Whereas if the song were about the holocaust of WW2 then
it has a logical sense about it. I think also the latter is more likely
considering Geddy's family history, and the emmotional way he tackles the song
live, see for example the Grace Under Pressure Tour Video.

I am not saying however that Rush, Neil and Geddy in particular, are not
influenced by science fiction and fantasy works.  There are obvious links to
fantasy from FBN to Hemispheres, and to the works of sci fi writers on Signals
p/g and PoW.

All for now

>.sig temporarily unobtanable



Date: Sat, 8 May 1993 13:43 CDT
Subject: Rush 'N' Roulette 92

To whoever asked about this album...don't ask, just buy it!
This is the real thing...and excellent soundboard show which sounds
like an official release. It is 100% better than Over the Europe.
Rush 'N' Roulette 92 has the complete Oakland show from early 92.
It isn't a third leg show (as had been rumored), but so what?
(PS: If anyone knows of any 3rd-leg shpws on CD, e-mail me!)

Mike Silverman
CUBS - 93 NL East Champions / SONICS - 93 NBA champions (I hope they
win, or I'll be looking like a fool :-)


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