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          The National Midnight Star, Number 678

                   Tuesday, 11 May 1993
Today's Topics:
                         Box set
                    were-Rush posters?
               Deprogramming new RUSH fans.
                      RUSH in Boston
                     Rush at Harvard
                 The RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU
                   Finger Lick'in Good
                    General waffle....
               No more black holes, please!
                     Wireless Guitars
                    Rush in Cambridge
                 Getting others into Rush
             Where's My Thing single and sig.
                     The Boyz in CNN
                      Kibbles & Bits
                       This n' that
      Rush-N-Roulette (Oakland '92) & trading tapes

Date: Tue May 11 13:37:14 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for yesterday, Monday May 10. While some are on their
summer vacations, I alas am still stuck in midterms...

Two reminders here: first, if you're going away for the summer, send the
unsubscribe message to the PROPER address. Anything sent to this address will
be ignored. If you don't know what the address is, see the header above.
Second, *please*  try to limit your .sig to around 5 lines -- if people keep
sending in long .sigs, I will remove either part or all of it as I see fit.

- rush-mgr


Date: 8 May 93 21:43:07 EDT
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Box set

A quick flame: whoever said (and there was more than one) that box sets only
come at the end of a band's career is *wrong*. Tull is a prime example of
this. And to those who don't think there's anything that could be put in a
box set, I disagree. Let me quickly explain the 25th Anniversary Tull Box set
and you'll see what I mean:
Disc 1: Remixed Classics (the remixes are great, there's a noticeable
difference that makes all of Tull's classics seem freshly done)--something
Rush could definitely do.
Disc 2: The Beacon's Bottoms Tapes (which are more Tull classics REDONE in
December of 92 and early 93. Ian did a couple of the songs entirely by
himself at his place. They are also done differently enough to make them
*extremely* interesting to hear. They even did one song (The Whistler) as an
instrumental which I found surprisingly good)--Rush could do fantastic things
in this vein.
Disc 3: Live at Carnegie Hall 1970 (it's a great concert from the early
years)--imagine if Rush themselves dusted off a recording from the Caress of
Steel tour!?!
Disc 4: Live Across the World and Through the Years (just what it says: live
cuts from all over time and space)--not as exciting as the others, but some
very nice stuff nonetheless.

Now, I don't want people to think I like Tull better than Rush or anything,
and I wouldn't want Rush to copy Tull; I'm just trying to make the point that
a boxset doesn't have to come at then end of a band's career, and that it can
be a *very* worthwhile endeavor for the band and fans alike.

Just my 2c.

Perhaps I'll make it down to Cambridge, I'll have on my NMS shirt if I do.



Date: Sun, 9 May 93 01:57:43 -0400
From: (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: were-Rush posters?

HaploPeart, in his list of methods to addict a friend to Rush, says:
	9: Hang Rush posters, and were Rush posters as much as possible.

So, what's a "were Rush poster"?  Like a BeeGee's poster that turns
into a Rush poster when the moon is full?   ;)


Date: 09 May 1993 01:15:44 -0700 (MST)
From: "J.J. Kuslich" 
Subject: Deprogramming new RUSH fans.

     Greetings fellow Rushists,
	  (say that 10 times fast!  ;)

     There has been some discussion here about getting people addicted to
RUSH.  First, I want to thank all those who posted suggestions.  But now I
have another problem.  How the heck do you get people to stop listening to
the crap they still listen to?  For example,  a friend of mine now likes
RUSH (well, she's getting there), but still's hard to
say..COUNTRY!  Arrggghh!
     It's rather annoying to know that someone I am enjoying "Time Stand
Still" with could, at that very moment, be thinking about the
lyrics (if there are any) to "Achy Breaky Heart."  Any advice on how to
crush this nasty vice?

	  Arizona State University

"If you don't get help at Charter -- Please, get help somewhere."

P.S.  To all those who are lucky enough to live on the same side of the
country as Harvard, and are going to the ceremony:  Could you let us know
if you saw any media there?    And if so, where we might look for the
coverage (i.e.  MTV-news)?  Thanks.


Date: Sun, 9 May 93 16:18:29 -0400
Subject: RUSH in Boston

Fellow Rushians,

Like around a couple hundred others, I saw Neil, Geddy, and Alex on the stairs
of the Harvard Lampoon Castle as they were awarded the prize of "Musicians of
the Millennium".

I knew that it would happen to me at some point - I really wish I had a
camera. Could the NMS'ers in the Boston area let me know if I can pay for
double prints of the RUSH pictures that they took? Much appreciated!

BTW, someone walked up to me after the ceremony and asked me about the NMS
since I was wearing the T-shirt. I told him and he said that he wrote the
address down and would subscribe. How much longer before we get 2112 members?

roll on,
Nitin Gupta                       MIT Submicron Structures Laboratory       NeXT Mail Encouraged            617 253 0721


Date: Sun, 9 May 1993 17:14:48 -0400
From: Gregg Jaeger 
Subject: Rush at Harvard


I just thought I'd make a brief report on the appearance of Rush at
Harvard this afternoon (5/9). Rush received the "Band of the Millenium
Award" from the kids at the Harvard Lampoon, and the ceremony was
public. All three band members were present and in characteristic form.
No news about the upcoming album :(. There was an approx. 45min. long
ceremony during which the band was lampooned by the kids, mainly with
renditions of songs from MP. Most were quite sad. There was a comedy
bit involving a guy pretending to be John Rutsey, and a couple of
supposed other past recipients of the award (these were just HL
members), including one "space alien". Pretty weird. But that's
the spirit of the Lampoon, and the band seemed content enough with
the situation.

Geddy and Alex were smiling throughout, while Neil was amused by
certain things and not by others. In particular, Neil seemed to like
one bit where someone imitated Mark Twain thanking the band for making
him popular and criticizing lyrical "inaccuracies." It was pretty funny,
actually. The Rutsey thing was pretty sad, as was an imitation of
a guy "without a life" talking about his high school days.

The best part was when the guys each spoke for a moment in turn. Geddy
did his usual "thanks for the award" (tongue in cheek) and Alex hammed
it up and "complained" about life on the road. Neil talked briefly and
humorously about the private party the evening before, saying only the
words "we laughed, we cried, we drank" (or something very similar).

Everyone looked quite as we are accustomed, but for Neil who was
sporting a nifty goatee-n-stache and a Maple Leaves cap and shades
-- he looked quite _incognito_. Ged also had a very recent small

They looked quite healthy and happy and glad when it was all over.



Date: 09 May 1993 18:01:30 -0600 (CST)


Well now, if you're reading this, then you must be a Rushead
(or a reasonable facsimile thereof).  Welcome to what may be
the easiest and cheapest way to acquire those hard-to-find "import"
& "foreign" live Rush recordings.

Don't be shy--c'mon in!

WHAT is the RCB?
Simple:  the RCB is an easy and low-cost way to acquire live Rush recordings, 
as well as radio shows and interviews, with a minimal
amount of headache.  The RCB is basically, a co-operative made up
of Rush fans trading tapes to one another via a central HQ in
Austin, Texas.

WHY is the RCB?
Wouldn't you like to be the recipient of goods from a clearinghouse
for Rush boots, radio shows, and interviews, whose organizers

WHERE is the RCB?
Austin, Texas.  Want the address?

WHO is the RCB?
A few Rush fans that consider the advertisers in Goldmine to be
liars, and record convention dealers to be thieves.  [If you are either
of those, sorry.]

This is a simple step-by-step account of how to reap
what RCB will sow:

1)  Scan the catalogue.
2)  Locate something you'd like copied for you (or "dubbed").
3)  You may only request one (1) recording at a time.  Do
     not send us fifteen cassette tapes, asking that we tape
     the entire catalogue for you--it won't happen.
4)  Into a REUSABLE mailing package, insert the proper
     number of cassettes, sufficient return postage, and
     your request.
5)  Wait for a couple of weeks, and voila!

Sound easy enough?  All YOU'VE got to provide is return postage,
a reusable mailing package, and your own audio cassettes.  That's it.

WHEN is the RCB?
Ah, here layeth the catch:

As of this moment, the RCB catalogue consists of three (3) boots:
"Over the Europe," "Looking Through Power Windows," and "Live from
Ahoy, Rotterdam."

With your INITIAL request, you MUST submit a Rush boot, radio show,
or audio interview (in its entirity, or almost-entirity) on high-quality
audio cassette(s).  With it, you must include detailed specs on what
exactly it is you've sent.  This enables the catalogue to grow.  (If ten
people respond accordingly, the catalogue suddenly has thirteen
recordings.  Get it?)

So, for the time being, I guess you've got to want either of
the three aforementioned boots in order to become part
of the RCB.

As stated before, nobody is going to make a dime.  Hell, we don't even
ask you to send us blank audio cassettes as a sort of payment for
services rendered.  This is a co-operation for Rush fans by Rush fans
who want to enjoy "rare & imported" Rush recordings that a) cost too
much otherwise, b) are hard-to-find, and c) exciting to hear.

Interested?  Questions?  You may e-mail

JackSecret@AOL.COM    -or-

via the Internet.  ALL e-mailings will be responded to within
three (3) days of receipt.

We need you Rush fans to make the RCB grow.  No catches,
no strings, and no shit.  We look forward to hearing from you!

(The first installment of the RCB Catalogue ought to be the
next post here on the NMS.)


Date: 09 May 1993 18:17:29 -0600 (CST)

This the the RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU Catalogue as of May 9th, 1993.
(And, did you call your mom?)

LIVE FROM AHOY, ROTTERDAM  90 minutes; "Signals" tour
date recorded:	May 3rd, 1983 (Rotterdam)
source medium:	Two (2) vinyl albums --> DAT

Side 1:  Tom Sawyer, Digital Man, Subdivisions, Vital Signs, The
Camera Eye, Chemistry, The Analog Kid

Side 2:	The Trees, Red Barchetta, The Weapon, New World Man,
Countdown, [Medley: Overture, The Temples of Syrinx, Xanadu,
La Villa Strangiato, In the Mood]

LOOKING THROUGH POWER WINDOWS  100 minutes; "Power Windows" tour
date recorded:	January 14th, 1986 (Houston)
source medium:	Four (4) vinyl records --> DAT

Side 2:	The Spirit of Radio, Limelight, The Big Money, New World
Man, YYZ, drum solo (segues into end of Red Lenses), Tom Sawyer,
Overture, The Temples of Syrinx, Grand Designs, In the Mood

Side 1:	Subdivisions, Manhattan Project, Middletown Dreams, Witch
Hunt, Red Sector A, Closer to the Heart, Marathon, The Trees, Mystic
Rhythms, Distant Early Warning, Territories

OVER THE EUROPE	 90 minutes; "Roll the Bones" tour
date recorded:	unknown
source medium:	2CDs --> DAT

Side 1:	Dreamline, Bravado, Roll the Bones, Show Don't Tell, The
Big Money, Ghost of a Chance, Subdivisions, Force Ten, Limelight,
Free Will (cut)

Side 2:	Where's My Thing?, The Rhythm Method, Superconductor,
The Spirit of Radio, [Medley: Overture, Finding My Way, La Villa
Strangiato, Anthem, Red Barchetta, The Spirit of Radio (reprise),
a bit of Cygnus X-1]

NOTE:  This is a skewered recording of "Over the Europe" by a friend
of ours that only taped the songs off it that he liked.  ***A recording
of "Over the Europe" IN ITS ENTIRITY will be appreciated.***


This is the RCB Catalogue as of 5/9/93.


Date: Sun, 9 May 93 18:27:32 -0500
Subject: Finger Lick'in Good

	Just a response to the person who asked how the hell Geddy can play
the beginning of Marathon so fast.  Well, the answer is very simple...
Geddy Lee is IMHO the best fucking bass player ever born.  He can play whatever
the hell he wants.

	"Its not how fast you can go,..."


Date: Sun, 09 May 1993 22:05:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: mhoupt@uceng.uc.EDU (Michael R Houpt)
Subject: listening

Dear Rushies,

Lately, people have been talking about how they have a little
grace period from when they first hear a Rush song until they
finally really get in to the song.
Well, for me, sometimes I will be listening to a song and on that
day it may hit me, not literally, and it may mean something
completely different.  I don't know if I have a problem, which I
probably do, or what but songs can mean different things to me
on different days depending on my experiences.
Anyone else have any similar thoughts????
Also, about the song Freewill:
the lyrics in the CD booklet say: "If you choose not to decide you
 have made a choice"
and Geddy sings "If you choose not to decide you  have made
a choice"
Here I think Neil is trying to convey to us that we should stop
screwing around with indecision and DECIDE. Other thoughts?

Take care all,
mike     						RTB


Subject: General waffle....
Date: Mon, 10 May 93 11:56:01 BST
From: Novalis 

	Hiya Dudes/Dudettes,

	Right where shall I start.....

	Call me stupid but what are the anagrams on Anagram, (Presto Lp.)...

	Thought on the Hold Your Fire Cover....
	The three balls each represent each member of the band, The man holding
	the flames is Rush.... therefore in order for the motivation to carry
	on the guy must hold the fire that is rush, (ie. Geddy, Neil and Alex).

	Sorry about the general prattle, thats a wrap....


Ps.	Some-one mentioned about Van Halen,
	Well yes, they are touring to promote, 'Right Here, Right Now',
	But who cares there a most excellent band....
	(At least you lot have regular tours by them in the states, They just
	finished their first tour here, (England), in eight/nine years!

Pps.	Hiya By-tor, (Monochrome)

| Gavin A. Fear	:		| Life Is The Fantasy Of Art  |
|									      |
|	Some Are Born To Move The World  - To Live Their Fantasies            |
|	But Most Of Us Just Dream About The Things We'd Like To Be            |
|	Sadder Still To Watch It Die, Than Never To Have Known It	      |
|	For You - The Blind Who Once Could See, The Bell Tolls For Thee...    |
|									      |


Date: 10 May 1993 11:26:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: No more black holes, please!

I am really impressed with how educated the NMS group is.  However,
I want to ask people to STOP POSTING ABOUT BLACK HOLES AND GRAVITY and the sort.
I think that most people would agree that this is heavy material to wade through
(not to mention the lack of Rush content).  Sorry if you think that I'm 
overstepping my bounds rush-mgr (no offense is intended). I would encourage 
those wishing to discuss black holes and such material to correspond privately 
through e-mail.  I hope that we can keep the content of this group Rush 
related.  It's kind of a drag to read through 5 paragraphs of explanation, 
disagreement and semi-flames only to catch a blurb at the end that says, "Oh 
yeah, and I think that Critical Mass is the name of the new album." For those 
readers that have contributed, I hope that you don't take this as a flame (I
don't intend it to be one)

Now that I've got that off o' my chest, back to the show!
Has anyone else out there read Neil's (is it really?) piece, "Row the Boats"?  
Quite entertaining.  As you might be able to tell, this is my feeble attempt 
to start a new thread of discussion.  Also, has anyone mailed to the fan club 
address that I posted at least a dozen issues ago?  Any luck?

Does anyone else think that Chronicles isn't half bad?  I mean, I'm not one of 
those snarling old-timers who says, "Bah, they should release a box set of 
songs that they've only played once in their lives" and I'm certainly not one 
of those fans that hunts down some "special" Cd single where Geddy recorded 
while wearing boxers and opposed to his normal skivvies.  Maybe, it's because 
I'm relatively new to Rush that I enjoyed a kind of an overview that 
Chronicles provided.  After having just gotten GuP, I wish that "Kid Gloves"
had been on Chronicles.  That song rocks!  Anyone else love that song as much 
as I do?

I'll also throw in my two cents about the "Anagram for Mongo" discussion.  I 
thought that the discussion was great!  Before I ever read the posts, I just 
thought that "Anagram" was a song with a catchy chorus.  After reading 
discussion, I sat down and read through the CD booklet.  I've gained a whole 
new level of respect for Neil's wit and intelligence.  Make no mistake, the 
man is a thinker!  Anyone want to contribute some Rush-related anagrams
to the list?  I'll sit down and try to think of some myself.

Hope to start some new discussion with the stuff that I've brought up.  Have a 
great day.  Keep rollin' the bones.

   [ Please keep your posts to < 80 characters per line!	: rush-mgr ]



Date: Mon, 10 May 1993 15:20:00 EST
From: "Matt Smith (813) 494-4222" 
Subject: Wireless Guitars

Reading Michael Korman's question regarding wireless guitars a few issues
back reminded me of a funny story...

Back in 1988, I went to the Monsters of Rock show that went around that
summer here in the US of A -- remember?  Halen, Metallica, Scorps, Dokken,
Kingdom Clone, et al.  Anyway, while Dokken was playing (this was in a big
stadium in Orlando, Florida), George Lynch's wireless started picking up a
local talk radio station.  It completely overrode the signal from his
guitar for the better part of two songs, but the troupers kept playing 'til
he got it fixed.  That would be the only 'Unplugged' set I've ever heard
Dokken do -- hee hee :).  So, I'm assuming that at least some of the
transmitters are using some type of FM signal.  It was really quite amusing
at the time.

Also, I should think that at this point we can reach a general consensus --
let me be so bold as to summarize:

BLACK HOLES SUCK!!  Whew.  I feel better.

Looking forward to hearing some stories from Sunday's award ceremony,

Matt Smith



From: keb@syrinx.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Kristin Brown)
Subject: Rush in Cambridge
Date: Mon, 10 May 93 11:54:41 EDT

Well, went to see them.. it was great! they showed up all casual...
my memory is sorta vague but let me see if i can describe them a tad...
Geddy wearing a vest over a t-shirt. he had those "lennon" sunglasses on he
likes so much.. his hear was about shoulder-length. Neil had on a khaki
sleeveless (?) safari-type jacket on.  they all had sunglasses (too bright!)
it was mighty warm standing out there and there were a lot of us. cant
remember what alex had on but he was hamming it up in his usual manner.
geddy and he seemed to be having a good time and enjoying themselves, while
neil seemed mildly amused, if at all (through most of it).
unfortunately they didnt really get to say much, since the lampoon guys did
most of the talking but it was great to see them there and we hopefully
got lots of photos! MTV and outrageous tv (?) were both on hand to get footage.

anyway, after the presentation, everyone rushed to the side to see them get into
the limo. there was mini-van parked between the door and the limo, and
alex and neil went around the front of it, but geddy went around the back
and he was RIGHT in front of me. But i ended up closer than that even, since
someone pushed me right as he went by so i bumped into him! it didnt phase him
in the least. i said sorry but i dont know if he even heard me.
talk about a brush with greatness!!!!!!
well off to work!


Subject: Cyberpunk
Date: Mon, 10 May 93 12:46:46 EDT

I hate to nit-pick, but then again I don't...

>I disagree that much of Rush's work is based on the genre of Cyberpunk. Sure
>they use technology in many of their more modern songs (since Signals), but
>just because they sing about technology and the state of the environment
>doesn't make them into Cyberpunks. The genre of Cyberpunk fiction is usually
>set in the future in a world after an armageddon  type event, where the
>rule of law is scant if not non-existant. I cannot think of one Rush song that
>fits this genre.

Hmmm...  While I agree that Rush is not largely Cyberpunk, I don't know that I
agree on the reasoning.  Cyberpunk was largely born of a return to the
essential beginnings of sci-fi, except with an attitude - the hard core 
technology of Heinlein or the broad based science of Wells, as opposed to the 
more humanitarian sciences displayed in any number of psi-fi stories (psychology
being the core of the "technology" and other such natural human sciences).  The
Cyberpunk authors were (or so I've been told) trying to return sci-fi to a
technologically based reading, and get back to story telling, as opposed to
preaching that might be found in say Sturgeon's work (just for an example, I
happen to like Sturgeon).

As far as the post-apocalyptic background, I don't know that a lot of
Sterling lies in that vein...but hey...

And I apologize for the lack of Rush, but after all that photon mass/no mass
stuff, I don't feel too bad, although I certainly thought that stuff was far
more interesting than this...but I just took a literature class in
sci-fi, so I just *had* to say _something_...

Oh, and if you *really* have nothing better to do than flame me, e-mail me, I
don't think this stuff is nearly intersting enough to warrent any more

probably not even this one...


|                                                                             |
|This message has been brought to you by the numbers 6, 2 and 9 and by the    |
|letter E.                                                                    |
|                                                                             |


Date: Mon, 10 May 93 14:27:12 EDT
From: Elizabeth Fike 
Subject: Getting others into Rush

Hey folks.

A twist on the "I was playing Rush and my girlfriend said 'gee whats
that its pretty good'" story for you:

I put a few Rush songs (Ghost of a Chance, Anagram (for Mongo),
Available Light) on mix tapes that I made for my boyfriend.  He liked
'em, so I bought him ASOH for Christmas (figuring its mostly newer
content would be stuff he'd like).  Now, not only does he play it all
the time (getting his suitemate into it at the same time), but he
asked the other day, "Hey, can I tape all your Rush stuff sometime?"
It was a shocker, let me tell ya.  Not an unpleasant one, though. :)
Maybe sometime soon he'll subscribe to this list, too.  Naaah.

Anyways, that's enough procrastination for me.  Back to
Electromagnetic Devices. :P

Good luck on finals to all of my fellow .edu-ers!

aka da Elf.


Date: Mon, 10 May 1993 16:15:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chad H Hutchinson 
Subject: Where's My Thing single and sig.

Hi kids,

   I just wanted to say that I picked up a rare Rush CD single on Friday
for "Where's My Thing?"  Supposedly, no more than 200 were made and they
were sent to heavy metal radio stations.  That explains why I didn't hear
it on the radio here in the Philly area.  If you can find it, grab it.
Its price is on the rise!

   Anyone recognize my .sig file quote...some should...

|    									   |
|   \  _____  \     \    \  ____  \                The Ghost               |
|    \         \     \    \        \      |
|     \         \     \    \_____   \  ____        Chemical Engineering    |
|      \         \     \         \   \     \       University of Delaware  |
|       \__       \_______   \______  \__   \__                            |
|     "We're just musicians here to fit the thickness of your skin"	   |


Date:         Mon, 10 May 93 18:01:44 EDT
From: Murali 
Subject:      The Boyz in CNN

Hi to one & all,
            Did you guys see our idols on CNN headline news?For those who were
unable to see them at Harvard the news clip was GREAT.Now don't you all  think
that MTV should hang their heads in disgrace in watching a group they don't 
even care to talk about recieving a prestigious award from a prestigious 
institution?I'd love to see MTV be changed to TRASH TV for I think they're 
slandering the very name MUSIC.
             I agree whole heartedly to the view that HYF is about humanity.I 
feel this is one of the best albums of RUSH and it is something you can relate 
yourself very easily.I feel HYF is where we see the maturity of NP as a lyricst.
We can the the brash impetuousness of NP in the earlier albums like COS & 2112
and the gentle maturity of NP in HYF.
      When talking about time as a theme have anyone noticed how Roger Waters 
and NP differ.RW sees this in such a pessimistic point of view(one day closer to
death) while NP talks so wonderfully of the joyness one would experience when 
time were to stand still......Just a thought.
      And refering to songs of the same names has  anyone listened to 
"LIMELIGHT" by Alan parson's project.It talks about the craving of people to 
be in limelight while LIMELIGHT by RUSH talks about one's adjustment to life 
once in limelight.......Just another thought............
       So long!!!!


Date: Mon, 10 May 93 17:44:01 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: Kibbles & Bits

Dear Alexoids, Neilites and Geddyacs:

Just some ramblings-on about various Rush stuff.


	Back in the late spring of grade 10, which would be in 1990, I went 
out and bought a bunch of 100 min blank tapes.  I decided to do this after I
discovered the vast amount of music my friends had acquired.  One of these
people, a guy I knew from church, had some stuff he let me borrow.  Among his
collection was Chronicles.  I first listened to the other stuff he leant me,
sure that this "Rush" group would not interest me very much.  I was right.
Some of the material on those CDs struck me as really wierd!  ie. Finding My
Way, Bastille Day, Tom Sawyer.  Odd sound, lead singer's voice is too high, 
etc.But I did copy some of the stuff, pieces that I thought had some nice
instrumentation.  So I copied Overture/Temples of Syrinx, Subdivisions, New
World Man, Manhattan Project, Force Ten, and Time Stand Still.They stayed on 
one of my blanks for several months.  I listened to them, listened to them, 
listened to them.  And listened to them.  Not much at first, but as time 
progressed those songs were just about the only stuff I ever listened to.  In 
the fall of 1990 when I was in 11th grade, a bunch of us were sitting on the 
soccer field discussing life.  All of a sudden I came out with an "Oh by the 
way, does anyone here like Rush?"  I got a "yes".  And so it turns out this 
guy had the tapes of the first album, Fly By Night, Hold Your Fire, ASOH, and 
Presto.  That was all I needed.  He and I saw Bones in Vancouver in 1992, and 
my Rush collection just got bigger and bigger...

     Now just about every Rush song kicks major ass IMHO and I think Geddy is
God. In fact I would like to meet He of the Upper Register and buy him a beer.


You Bet Your Life.  I just don't like it (yet).  I can't put my finger on why,
but the song has virtually no appeal to me.

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Lifeson . Hendrix . Gilmour . Santana . Scholz . Delp . Goudreau . Van Halen .
Page . Plant . Lifeson . Wilson . Wilson . Clapton . Knopfler . Lifeson

"Stealthily attacking, By-Tor slays his foe.  The men are free to run now
from labyrinths below..."
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---    ---    -----------    ----------   ----      ----    -posting by Lee


Date: Tue, 11 May 93 03:33:08 -0400
From: Alan H Ristow  
Subject: This n' that

I've been away from e-mail for about 10 days, so I'm just going to ramble
on for a bit. I'll try to keep it kinda short, and as tempted as I am, I
won't mention black holes. Anyone who wants to know a little more about
solar sails can e-mail me, though...  :-) recordings. You'll generally only hear the audience in a live
recording if the audience is miked, I think, though that will depend on the
microphones the band is using. I have a couple of School of Fish songs done
live where you can't hear the audience at all, but it's *definitely* done
live -- they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen, BTW, and I've
seen _lots_!

MTV: I think the reason MTV doesn't play "good music" is because there is
so much for them to play. Audiences are too hard too pigeonhole these days --
rock's boundaries are fuzzied by punk and rap, and so-called alternative,
and rap is further blurred by pop rap and gangsta rap. Dozens of sounds are
group either by location (the Seattle sound, the Chapel Hill sound, etc.) or
under the catch-all, indie rock. When MTV plays pop, it's just trying to
appeal to as many people as possible (more advertising $$, larger audience
-- the benefits are endless). Rush will only get played as "classic rock,"
meaning that Rush won't get played without a classic rock video channel,
which will never be done because Hendrix and CCR never made any videos.

Random thoughts:

  - I don't like Peter Collins as producer. What he did with Rush is my least
    favorite Rush, and he did the same to Queensryche with _Empire_.

  - Extreme passed through Detroit last December; my guess is that their tour
    is over. Instead, we get a double dose of Dream Theater -- death by generic
    pop metal. I can't wait to exchange their CD for some Shonen Knife or
    Swirlies or something!

  - Anybody know about the $30 MP "recorded from digital masters"?

  - Who owns the trademark on RushFans (TM)??  ;-)   BTW, I think when you post
    to TNMS, you retain the copyright to your post unless stated otherwise (a
    note from a sometime writer).

Alan Ristow


Date: Tue, 11 May 1993 08:02:33 -0500
From: (Jamie W. Sandford)
Subject: Oops!

	I want to take this chance to apologize to all of those of you who tried
(might I add in vain) to listen for a peculiar sounding beep that I mentioned in
the last NMS that occurred in "The Pass"....It IS there, just not where I said
it was.  I said it was between "Someone set a bad example/Made surrender seem
all right."  and "The act of..(etc.)"

	Instead, the noise (after more CAREFUL listening -- it does help to 
listen to the song before you open your mouth! :) ) is acutally between 
"Static on your frequency/Electrical storm in your veins." and the next line....

	Sorry about the mixup....Please still listen for it and tell me what
it is....


Date: 11 May 93 11:03:07 EDT
From: Philip.S.Augur@Dartmouth.EDU (Philip S. Augur)
Subject: Rap

I just took my mock-hour-on-the-air studio test for the rock station here at
Dartmouth. Since the guy who was testing me happened to be a fellow Rush fan,
when I was done he plugged RTB into the Harmonizer and brought the rap up a
few notches so that you could hear Geddy quite plainly. It was a blast to
hear. Once I hit the airwaves, if you're ever cruising through the Upper Ct.
River Valley, lock it on 99.3 and you may catch me playing some Rush.


P.S. - They've already negged my idea of using "By-Tor" as an air name (with
the intro: By-Tor, night of darkness, centurion of evil, the devil's
prince....on your home of classic rock 'n roll, 99 Rock."

"While ladies get their bedding done, to win themselves a bouncing son, bad
girls do it for the fun of just being." - Ian Anderson


Date: Tue, 11 May 1993 12:42:08 -0400
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Rush-N-Roulette (Oakland '92) & trading tapes

Hi all!

	I'm looking to get a copy of Rush-N-Roulette...the Oakland
1/92 soundboard show everyone is harping about.  I don't really want
to BUY the cd, but I'd love a tape of it.  I've got a lot to trade,
so if anyone who has this cd is interested in trading for a tape of
it, please email!

	(HURRY...I'm going out of town in about ten days)



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