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          The National Midnight Star, Number 680

                   Friday, 14 May 1993
Today's Topics:
                    Peter Collins, SoF
                  Breaking in period...
                   RushFan(Tm) Defined
                Choosy Rush Lyrics Part II
                  Digitizing Lampoon pix
                  My Favorite Cover Poll
        Scott McMahan vs. the RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU
                 A memo to a lower office
            why the concvention was a failure
                   Re: The Pass "beep"
                      Marathon Intro
            Rush and Country.. Gotta Love 'em!
                      RUSH on CNN...
            Video boots - can anyone help me?
                Peculiar "Pass"-ing sounds
                     Science Fiction
      Re: 04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655
                     Where's my Thing
                      RTB rap survey
                 Anybody have ideas on...
                     a fanatic of COS
                     over the europe

From: rush-mgr
Date: Fri May 14 14:16:31 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Thursday, May 14th.

- rush-mgr


Subject: Peter Collins, SoF
Date: Wed, 12 May 93 16:56:15 CDT
From: Jimmy Shorts 

I have to agree with Alan Ristow's comment on not liking Peter Collins as
a producer for Rush albums.  PoW is not all that great musically, and it
seemed as if the guys changed too much on PoW, most likely dur to the fact
that Peter was the producer.  Also, HYF was not all that great musically,
neither.  NOW before ya all flame me for saying those nasty things, I DO
belive that those two albums were some of the best lyrical work that Neil has
done.  I happen to really like those two albums for what was said and tend
to ignore the music in the background of the words.
Also, not to say that   < OOPS!! >
Rush shouldn't progress, I happen to like them alot for that fact.  The fact
that they are willing to try something different and not get locked-up in a
sound that happened to be popular for them.  I don't know if anyone else
noticed this but when a band has a really popular tune, that band makes their
next album sound just like that popular song.  This I feel tends to ruin a band
and the band tends to lose fans.  Thank whoever you belive to be the prime
mover (i.e, God, Allah, etc.) that Rush has not done this, though I do wish
they would make another long and interesting story in music form like they
did in the 70's; just think if Critical Mass were to have a continuation of

Next I have to agree with Alan again about School of Fish.  If you have not
heard their debut album School of Fish DO SO you will not regret it.

If you have the chance to see a band called Animation DO SO!  Animation does
covers of Rush songs and very well too.  They have played around my area for
many years and have now decided to go beyond the Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiania,
and Iowa locals.  The dummer of this band is really good and can do many of the
things that Neil had done so well.

Last thing, I am glad that black holes and wal basses discussion are over

"Who would hold a price on the heads of the innocent children?" - NP
Dave Broucek USP (University of Southern Palatine, Il
a.k.a. Haper jr. College; Palatine, Il


From: schwarte@CS.ColoState.EDU (eric schwartz)
Subject: Breaking in period...
Date: Wed, 12 May 93 16:52:20 MDT

Hmm... I never seemed to have that 'problem.' I'd heard "Tom Sawyer"
on the radio, and loved it, but I always seemed to miss the name of
the band. Then a friend told me it was Rush, and gave me an old copy
of ASOH. As soon as I heard it, I was hooked. Geddy's bass, Neil's
drums, Alex's guitars-- it was magic! I couldn't resist, and went
immediately out and bought _2112_, and MP. As a bass aficionado (my
main instrument is keyboards), Geddy just sent me into a coma. Sorry,
but I have no sympathy for the "can't we just like them without
worshipping their every doing?" crowd. 'course I had to make room for
my Tori Amos shrine in the corner last year, but on the whole, my Rush
temple is sanctified! :)

*    * "Of /course/ I'm certain!" - Heisenberg     *
* * "He hadn't a single redeeming vice"         *
* where does bob barker go when*    -Oscar Wilde			     *
* i watch vanna white?         *Wasting time is an important part of living. *


Subject: RushFan(Tm) Defined
Date: Tue, 11 May 93 23:31:59 EDT

  Greetings Fellow RushFans(Tm) and Neil Nuts,

  Let's get this over with as soon as possible.  This article has been
created from suggestions on the matter, Email Messages I've recieved, and
personal oservations over my years as a RushFan(Tm).  This article is ment
to be funny and entertaining, I intend no offence to anyone, All FLAMES
will be ignored!!! 'Nuff Said!!!
On wit' da Show.

Today a special feature:
                       THE RUSHFAN(Tm) DEFINED

  REPORT TO Alexander Snowdog--Head Librarian Temples of Syrinx-Megadon City

  Sir after extensive research into the subject I have prepared this report
on exactly what the make-up and traits of the speices Rushious Fana are, and
who to spot them.

  To begin with the speices Rushious Fana(here after to be called RushFan(Tm)
Seems to be a mutant strain of our own.  It seems that through exposure to
Music that is Amthema in our teachings, that there minds have been altered
in many subtle ways.
  1.  The first of these is that they seem to have a definite need to search
      for the meaning in everything that they come upon, esspecially in the
      lyrics of the Music of Rush.  They contend that Rush has the most
      meaningful lyrics of all bands ever assembled.
  2.  RushFans(Tm) also seem to a need to investigate musical insturments,
      each RushFan(Tm) seems to play(or at least contends that they play)
      at least one if not more insturment.  These instuments in all cases
      are those that we have marked a frivolus, silly, or destructive to
      society in general.  They even go so far so to play two stringed
      instruments, which we know lead to the destruction of the elder race.
  3.  The RushFan(Tm) holds The Band Rush in the highest esteem, and follows
      them as religiously , if not more than they should follow we of the
  4.  The RushFan(Tm) has a definite feeling that life is an adventure of
      freewill, not the detiremined and properly placed path that we so
      valiantly try to set for them.
  5.  They recognize, and worship the Band as Gods at doing what they do.
  6.  They feel that the answers to all of lifes questions can be found
      in the lyrics to the songs of this group.

   In addition to the mind changes that have taken place the RushFan(Tm) has
many interesting Habits that they have developed.  These habits are at least
in my opinion dangerous to our society.
   1.  The RushFan(Tm) is almost invariably a Fan of the Television series
       Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, And Deep Space Nine.  They will
       go out of there way to attempt to see these programs.  These
       programs are of course marked as subversive by Temple Vision.
   2.  They can also be found to always include a quote or saying that has
       something to do with Rush at the end of TemplEMail messages.
   3.  It is has been found that the RushFan(Tm) is constantly in search
       of new recordings of Rush Music, wether these be original recordings
       or illegal copies of concerts(Then they are all illegal in the
       Temple's eyes)
   4.  They have started their own Paper the "National Midnight Star" feeling
       that the Temple Paper does not properly represent their feelings,
       interests, or opinions.
   5.  They spend a great deal of time getting opinions from other
       RushFans(Tm), all in an attempt to fully understand this group's
       Music. They refuse to accept our carefully formed Opinions on
       the effects of Music Such as this.
   6.  They spend a great deal of time trying to convert( addict, Deprogram)
       Fans of other Bands to become RushFans(Tm).  Several of them  have
       written extensive works on the subject.
   7.  The constantly discuss the reasons that the (M)usic of (T)emple
       (V)ision is so non-Rush related.
   8.  They have a great interest in where they can find Rush being played.

   There are several things that can be used to identify a RushFan(Tm)
   1.  All of them seem to be, or least attempt to appear to be of
       intelligent stock.
   2.  They all seem to be Computer users of some sort with at least a
       mild fanaticism for the machines.  Instead of the cautious and
       wary, and begruding use that should be made.
   3.  Electronics and technical, scientific things seem to hold a certain
       awe for RushFans(Tm).
   4.  The RushFan(Tm) tends to find the way in every situation that things
       relate to Rush, or work Rush into something.  A good example is one
       that I heard brought up that our society is Just like a Rush Song
       and that we should expect the elder race back anyday now.  Rediculous
       I say they went away in 2012, 99 years ago they are not coming back.
   5.  When ever Music of any sort is brought up they related it to and
       turn the conversation to Rush.

   We hope that this report has given you a better understanding of
RushFans(Tm) so that you may eliminate them properly from our society.
Please use this report to help you and the other priests to form a plan
of attack.
   --William Niel Lifeson-Researcher and field agent of the Temples of Syrinx

   What you think?  Did I miss anything?

Latta Once Again,

Ps.  I took that Nap is was good!!!!

>.sig in for reduction surgery per request of Rush-mgr, will return soon,
after the bandages come off.


_"A Memo to a Higer office, Open letter to the pwers that Be"-Rush


Date: Wed, 12 May 1993 19:17:13 -0400
Subject: Choosy Rush Lyrics Part II

After reading over the FAQ and the obscure Rush trivia files, I think
the lyrics to Freewill is a very deliberate attempt to **** with our

"How many lights do you see?"
"Four lights"
"No, there are FIVE lights"
"I actually saw five lights..."

(paraphrase from Star Trek the Next Generation's mind games episode,
which was in turn lifted from Orwell's 1984)

While Rush *swear* that what they're singing is in fact exactly what's
listed in the lyrics.

It takes a second to say goodbye, say goodbye (U2)


Date: Wed, 12 May 93 19:21:36 CDT
From: (David Drum)
Subject: Digitizing Lampoon pix

Hi Rushians,

Why doesn't someone scan in the pix from Harvard Lampoon's ceremony
and put them on syrinx?  Just a thought . . .

Just call me a rabotayushchi chelovek . . . now that finals are over!

David (no matter what my From: line says!)


From: "Michael J. Miller" 
Subject: My Favorite Cover Poll
Date: Wed, 12 May 93 20:54:37 CDT

    I did not recieve too many responses to my poll.  However, here are the
results of the responses I did recieve.

First:  Your first, second and third favorite albums:
    1)Tie--A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres
    2)Moving Pictures
    3)Roll the Bones

Second:  Total votes per album  (if not mentioned, it got no votes)
    Fly By Night-1
    A Farewell to Kings-4
    Permanant Waves-2
    Moving Pictures-5
    Exit...Stage Left-2
    Grace Under Pressure-3
    Power Windows-1
    Hold Your Fire-2
    Roll the Bones-7

    Thanks to all those that responded.  See you all next year!
    RRR U U SSS H               What you own is your own kingdom
    R   U U S   H               What you do is your own glory
    R   U U SSS HHH             What you love is your own power
    R   U U   S H H             What you live is your own story
    R   UUU SSS H H                 "Something for Nothing", _2112_

                     Michael J. Miller,


Date: Wed, 12 May 93 21:52:54 -0500
From: (Brian Glenn Carlson)
Subject: 2112

2112.  Lucky number?  Two days ago, I opened my bank statement and the
amount in my savings account was $2112.  Hmmmmm.   That same day, I got a
summer internship which will help me build up my bank account again.  Pretty
cool if I do say so myself.  Coincidence?????  I think not!  There is no
such thing when talking about Rush!

Blackhawks are out but the Bulls are on their way to a THREE-PEAT.  Phoenix
will choke as usual.

Brian G. Carlson (

"We claim to know the secrets
 The answers have been found
 But how can one fool make another wise" - Kansas , No One Together


Date: 12 May 1993 21:53:53 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Scott McMahan vs. the RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU

It looks like another classic case of that dreaded foot-in-mouth
disease, folks.  Scott McMahan (proud manager of the Genesis mailing
list) felt compelled to enlighten all of us NMS readers to the 'sham'
that is the RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU.  I'd like to thank him personally
for his unsolicited opinon.

The NMS is not a soapbox--its subscribers needn't every tiny nuance
and ambiguity spelled out for them.  The RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU is a
service that allows its RCBureaucrats to acquire AS MANY boots, radio shows, 
and audio interviews as they'd like to WITH ONLY HAVING TO
PROVIDE ONE (1) RECORDING OF THEIR OWN.  That's it.  And, as if this
fact wasn't made clear enough, the ONLY things a RCBureaucrat sends
the RCB is 1) return postage, 2) a reusable mailing package, and
3) their own cassettes to have material copied onto.  Unfortunately,
Scott wasn't able to grasp this notion after having read it four times
in the RCB Salutation post in Tuesday's NMS (well, that is assuming he
truly read the post in its entirity).

Mr. McMahan also persists "Why don't you just swap tapes with someone?
I did it last week and it worked!  Voila!"  That's fine and good, Scott,
but what if you live in Idaho, and you know that the recording you want
is in New Jersey?  Whaddaya do?  Why, send 'em a tape!  (This is also
considering the person in New Jersey doesn't charge you $20 to do it.
You see, Scott, we don't.  Reread the damn post.)

The RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU does not run on the "What's in it for me?"
ethic.  This is a co-operative by Rush fans for Rush fans.  And, contrary
to what Scott claims, there isn't a "middle man" involved here.  The RCB
has the recordings, you tell us which ones you want (one at a time), and
you get them taped onto your own blank cassettes (the quality is your 
preogative considering you're sending 'em).

A careful re-reading of the RCB Salutation post immediately refutes
ALL of Mr. McMahan's pretentions.  Personally, I think he's pissed because
he didn't think of the idea first.  Oh, well...

I am sorry to have wasted everyone's time basically telling a confused
young man to remove his head from his anal cavity.  Again, I am sorry.

   [ This is *very* close to a personal flame. Please, if you wish to discuss
     this further take it to e-mail. Personal flames are NOT tolerated on the 
     Rush digest.						: rush-mgr ]


Date: 12 May 93 21:58:17 EDT
From: "Bill \"Haplo Peart\" RushFan(TM)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: A memo to a lower office

Hy Fellow e(M)pty(TV) Haters, and RushFans(Tm),

Today the long awaited Sample Letter to MTV/VH-1<From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Wed, 12 May 1993 23:21:29 -0500
Subject: why the concvention was a failure

I think the convention was a failure due to the fact that about 98% of all
the TNMS reader could never hope to make such a gathering due to lack
of money.  I told mr. Santore to have someone advertize this thing locally
in Toronto, which in my opinion would have been a great sucess, and we
the NMS's could have leech off the local....I suggested this twice, but
he ignored me!  I would have gone, but didn't sent the money since I knew
that it took about 10% of all the TNMS to make this a reality, and
knowing that the main audience are poor starving students..I knew
this had to be done with the help of outsiders.....I also suggested
NY as the place to have it....easily a 100 people would have made it there..
I'm sure there are at least 150 NMS'ers from that area alone...Again
my idea was defeated.....If he would only have listen to my many warnings
that this would never fly,.....oh welll...back to the Rush content..

About 4 years ago I meet a guy that told me that he had a tape from the
2112 era that contained many unrelease songs with Alex singing...
I don't usually buy this shit (and having been an avid collector of Rush
stuff for 8 years).....he was very sincere though....has anyone heard
about this tape before?????

Rush-mgr?  How about you Jimmy???? whats the deal with this strange rumor?


sorry for all the flaming....but I really wanted this thing to fly!


Subject: Re: The Pass "beep"
Date: Thu, 13 May 93 7:33:46 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

I don't think it's necessary to say people who are talking about this beep
(which is certainly not caused by movement of hands across strings) ought to be
classed under "get a life" banner.  It maybe that they're just trying to
determine whether they have a faulty CD.

It appears that certain copies of the CD are faulty in this respect.  My copy
of the CD is faulty, but I don't believe the vinyl version is (yes you can get
it the UK).  I have spoken to other people whose CDs don't have this beep.  And
one thing I'll tell you for free, if it was there you wouldn't need to examine
the song in detail to hear it.  Once you listened to it about 4 times you'll
hear it.

As an aside, I heard a similar report about Steve Rothery (of Marillion)
cocking up in a track on Misplaced Childhood.  My copy doesn't have, yet the
people I spoke, and who listened to my version said it was really clear on
their versions.

I'm sure the beep is introduced by the mastering process when different masters
are sent to different factories to produce the CD.  I don't believe Rush would
ever let such a mishap out, and it doesn't appear on some copies.

Dominic Binks


Date: Thu, 13 May 93 09:07:01 EDT
From: flhodge@vnet.IBM.COM
Subject: Marathon Intro


I've been reading TNMS for a few weeks now, and finally felt I found a
post that I could provide a comment on when I saw the post on "Marathon intro".
What a surprise to see my friend L.S. Jr. (aka "Q") answer to the same post!  I
can't resist.

One particular technique Ged displays here is a neat "trick" I got the
hang of a few years back (I'm a bass player).  I was told this is a "triplet",
three equal notes played in the space usually reserved for two (please forgive
-- I've only had 1 music theory course).  Ged has used this a lot thru the
years (notably on Freewill, YYZ, and almost every song on PoW).  With
the Wal, he was able to add a funky, almost percussive tone to this trick.
I've noticed that, for Ged, the first two notes are usually on a higher pitched
string (in the case of "Marathon", the "G"), and the last note are on the next
lower pitched string (in this case "D").

Geddy is a great bassist, worthy of respect and admiration.  But as
Q attests, this is not an impossible feat.  What I've found difficult
is copying that percussive tone without investing in a Wal.  I've had
limited success (with a Rick, in fact).  The rest is a matter of
deterity, practice and *perhaps* talent.  RE singing while playing:
that's just plain coordination.  It too can be mastered with practice,
provided you're not a schlep.

Lee Hodge


Date: Thu, 13 May 93 13:50:08 -0700
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (Rocinante)
Subject: Rush and Country.. Gotta Love 'em!

	Hey ya'll!
I just wanted to take a moment to say.... What's wrong with country music?
There are those that are into Rush mostly because of the lyrical content, no?
Those of you who are " Englsh " majors and 'appreciate' the word play that
Mr Peart incorporates into his thoughts should listen to a few country artist,
and you will see he is not the only clever song writter. Oh I know I know...
But you don't like that twangie shit...I aggree, and  I don't either.... but
before we can have the additude that others listen to mostly *not so talented*
music..... try not to forget what they think of Rush..... You can't expect
Respect without giving it. And besides there is a lot of non-Twangie shit
country music out there!

Just my gripe for the day....



Date:         Thu, 13 May 93 17:06:51 EDT
From: Murali 
Subject:      RUSH on CNN...

To Laurie Peterson: I did see the guys on CNN when they'd been to Cambridge.I'm
really surprised that there was no mention about it by others on the last 
   Looks like a lot of people have left for summer;I find the editons shrinking
 in size...


Date: 	Thu, 13 May 1993 19:13:06 -0400
Subject: Video boots - can anyone help me?

Hi fellow folk of Rush!
I am looking to get a friend for his graduation present some sort of
boot video of Rush.  My friend is a total fanatic, alas, he doesn't have
net access.
I remember seeing a list a while back of material, and I have mailed meg jahnke,
with no reply.  End of term thang can be really taxing, I know.

Does anybody out there have any videos that are out of the mainstream of
commercially available outlets?  I am willing to discuss compensation and
or trade of other boots via email.

Please, I need to get this stuff together by May 29'th.

stay tuned....

Neal Stephenson


Date: Thu, 13 May 93 19:47:42 -0500
Subject: Peculiar "Pass"-ing sounds

As a first time responder to TNMS, I offer (what I believe to be) the
answer to Jamie W. Sandford's query about the awkward sound that
occurs in "The Pass" on PRESTO.

I too noticed this faint foible upon my third listening of the disc.
After I pointed it out to friends, they seemed amused but not
intrigued.  As a bass player (and worshipper of the bass god called
Geddy), I was surprised to hear this sound.  I believe the sound(s)
you are hearing are due to individual string harmonics on Geddy's
Wal.  If you listen carefully, the sound(s) seem to change pitch and
achieve that characteristic tonal quality of fingers sliding across
strings; a sound that I have heard many times before.  When I first
attempted to play this song on my own, I encountered similar sounds
and concluded that they were bass related.

I discussed my "Theory of the Sounds" with a musician friend, and we
agreed that the sounds you are hearing are discreet harmonics of the
D and G strings brought forth by the movement of a two-fingered chord
along these strings.

Note, however, that this is only my opinion and may be incorrect; but
I have yet to hear of any other plausible explanation for this
"noise".  I am curious to hear other explanations for this sonic

Again, I point out that I have only recently discovered this
wonderful source of RUSH information and discussion.  I am forever
grateful to my fellow classmate who pointed me in the direction of
The Midnight Star.

"Every day we're standing in a time capsule", so "Hold your vision,
keep it burning bright..."
					Jammin JC


Date: 14 May 93 01:26:53 EDT
From: Rob  Burgess <72172.3724@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Science Fiction

	Howdy all!  Maybe you can help me with this one.  In a Modern
Drummer interview Neil was talking about influences for songs and he is
quoted as saying "The song 'Science Fiction' happened to be set in the
future."  I've been listeneing to RUSH since 1978 and have never heard of
this song, any clues (I don't think that he meant 'Natural Science').
	A quick note - several people have questioned the printed lyrics
to Free Will.  I checked my vinyl copy and the lyrics there are "If you
choose not to decide you STILL have made a choice"  Maybe the cd is a

   [ I would guess that he was referring to "2112"...		: rush-mgr ]

                           Thanx a lot,


Date:         14 May 93 01:01:30 CST6CDT
Subject:      Re: 04/05/93 - The National Midnight Star #655

Oh, Oh, Oh this is a new reply to an OLD issue - but I don't ever
check my E-mail and when I do, it's fast and furious.  Here goes!

With regard to all the Prime Mover questions - all the religion talk
is a little of base.  For the (IMHO) more reasonable answer, read
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and you will find the source for PRime
Mover on HYF.

That's all?  Who is John Galt?

P.S. I know for a fact that Neil was MAJORLY influenced bt this book.


Date: Fri, 14 MAY 93 09:35:24 GMT
Subject: Where's my Thing

Hi fellow Rushians!!!

I recently picked up ' Where's my Thing' and 'Ghost of a Chance' on CD singles.
They are bothreally nice, and on the back they say 'Promotion  use only, not
for sale'.  Does anyone think they'll be worth anything??

I also got a DJ  promo of Roll the bOnes on 12"

Anyway that's my 0.02 worth!

That's a wrap

Shaun Barry

p.s  HIYA SNAKE!!!!  (Fellow English Rush fan on Monochrome BBS)


Date: Fri, 14 May 93 12:21:41 CET
From: "Richard Karsmakers"  
Subject: RTB rap survey

 I'd have to say "yes". It might indeed have sounded better without the rap.
Then again, it doesn't really misfit, and it broadens your musical horizons.
After all, "Signals" had quite a bit of reggea as well...

 "We read about the exceptions in the paper every day"

 (/  - o O  \)
  \    \    /
 Richard Karsmakers                      "Don't worry about your life -            You'll be dead some day."
 Editor of 'Twilight Zone' online magazine
 Telephone +31-(0)30-887482


Date: 	Fri, 14 May 1993 06:39:39 PDT
Subject: Anybody have ideas on...

>...places to get cd's in Toronto?  My wife and I are going to Toronto to join
the millions that have seen the Phantom of the Opera, and we are going to be
there for the weekend.  What I am looking for is the best place in downtown to
get those rare cd's from our favorite threesome.  Also, as I have never bought
the unmentionable footware, I am looking for recommendations and maybe prices,
if possible.  As I don't want to stir the Rush-mgr, could anybody with info
e-mail me at the address below.  Thanks in advance.

	I would also like to thank for the honorable
mention in his post a few issues past.  I was beginning to think that I was the
only one that appreciated that song.  The simplicity, the beauty of the word
play, the beat.  I just get the feeling from this song that they sat back and
simply jammed the tune, very relaxed feel.  I only get that feeling from a few
of their songs, i.e. Different Strings, Lakeside Park, a few of the movements
from Fountain of Lamneth, In The End, and Losing It to name a few.  Anyway, I
am rambling so I'll stop now.

"I see Red,
And it hurts my head..."


Date: 14 May 1993 19:14:29 +0200
Subject: a fanatic of COS

Hi Rushheads:

        I'm the computer sciences studient from near Barcelona that, when I
read the Digest 678, I found a big coincidence with the Derek Magill FAVES.
        I think that COS is a incredible record to listen alone. It has a
misterious atmosphere ( in themes like "No one at the bridge" "The Necromancer")
,very sensitive songs ("Lakeside Park","Panacea") and incredible and wonderful
songs. Sometimes I listen this LP at home alone and without light. Is the better
 way to enjoy with the eight wonder.
        In the Digest, is very common to find people that are very fans of the
last Rush stuff, but my Rush Period is the first. About my favorite Rush song
live performance is "The Red Barchetta" from the ESL. Is a wonderful story
with a lovely music.

        Has anyone another peculiar way to listen some songs of Rush?
        Is there anybody in TNMS that is a fanatic of COS?

        My apologizes for the mistakes of my english. If anybody have a little
time to correct me, please, send me an e-mail.

Dani Ponsa - The Necromancer.


Date: Fri, 14 May 1993 13:24:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: over the europe

Hi, I've been hearing a lot about the Over the Europe CD, and I'd like
to know how I could pick it up COD, whatever.. If anyone has any info
on this please let me know. By the way, I plan to be going to Europe
in the summer, and if anyone nows where I could find stuff not available
in the states, please let me know!!! Thanx..


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