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          The National Midnight Star, Number 682

                   Tuesday, 18 May 1993
Today's Topics:
       Re: Peter Collins, SoF (From: Jimmy Shorts)
                 Convention plug pulled?
        05/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #681
        05/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #681
                   NMS shirt sighting!
            RCB comment and another suggestion
            Address for "Screaming in Digital"
                         RTB rap
                     Defending myself
                     Wild Rush stuff
     How I learned to stop worrying and love the boys
              RUSH and MTV, the final word.
                   RCB policy Change???
                     RTB rap and RCB
          If you're illiterate, you'll hate this
                GRACE GUITARS and EFFECTS
              Screaming in Digital and More
                      COS I like it
                      Seeking Advice
                   Obscure Trivia Dept.
                        Rap in RTB
                        NMS Shirts
        That's a rrrraapp, and many other things..
                       Terry Brown
                        CoS boots
                Various Threads+a New One

Date:  Mon, 17 May 1993 15:12:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject:  Re: Peter Collins, SoF (From: Jimmy Shorts)

-> I have to agree with Alan Ristow's comment on not liking Peter Collins as
-> a producer for Rush albums.  PoW is not all that great musically, and it
-> seemed as if the guys changed too much on PoW, most likely dur to the fact
-> that Peter was the producer.  Also, HYF was not all that great musically,
-> neither.



What's your definition of "musically great"?  I'm curious because, on the
contrary, PoW and HYF (IMHO) are probably the most "musically-great" re-
leases to date.  They've got so much power, yet there's so much melody.
Grand Designs is about as "musically great" as you can get (again, IMHO).

I also disagree with the statement about when the guys changed.  The big-
gest points of change I recall were "Signals/Grace Under Pressure" and
"Hold Your Fire/Presto", the first being the most drastic.



Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 18:59:38 -0400
Subject: Convention plug pulled?

It doesn't really surprise me that the convention didn't fly, because:

1. of the scattered geographical locations, how far away people are,
   and the costs involved to go to Canada.
2. of the fact that most of the people on the list are probably
   college students who do not have the money to trek across the world
   to something like this.

Maybe energy would better be spent getting interviews with the band,
recognition as a real Rush fan organization, making a mark, but the
way Neil blew off the list ("get a life") that might be doubtful.
Really, I'd expect more from Neil what with his open mind and probing
intellect, than to be disrespectful to a significant proportion of his

A wolf never flees in the face of his foe. (Genesis, 1970)


Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 19:07:59 -0400
Subject: 05/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #681

The RCAB? Rush Cassette Archive Bureau?

The thougts of DATs of all the major boots, esp. some rare CARESS OF
STEEL BOOTLEGS (no one has picked up on this hint yet...), is a Good

I would go so far as to say people should use things like SoundBlaster
and *digitize* these, so at any point in time any fan could fire up a
FTp session, get all the boots the disk will hold, play them, record
onto cassette, and no generational fading would occur any longer due
to the digital nature. The only gotcha is that the digitizations (I
think that's a new word!) take such *vast* amounts of disk space it
would be impossible to hold many.

Some other points:

>The fact that it's open to everyone will cut down on all the anal
>retentive idiots that act like such jerks to people just trying to
>get started in trading too!

Yeah. I can't imagine starting *cold*. I procured two bootlegs from a
record show before I gained net access, lucky for me, and I used that
to get started.

>	This ALL hinges, however, on how willing some of the anal
> retentive collectors are to contribute stuff.  Some of these guys are
> idiots with no lives.

That's true, albeit harsh. I've never understood the mentality of
people who do not want to share in the music. Some people are hung up
on trading, down to the exact sound quality and the exact running
times of the trades, and will only part with something if you have a
True Rarity that they desire.


It's the moral duty of anyone who has a bootleg to share it as much as
possible, in order to cut down on people selling them for lots of
money and getting rich off of fans' desire to hear the music.


It's also the moral duty of a fan to obtain as much bootlegged
material as possible :)

I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant (Peter Gabriel, 1977)


Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 19:11:40 -0400
Subject: 05/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #681

> In the boots file are mentioned recording from "Soundboard"
> and from "audience"... what do these terms mean?

A 'soundboard' recording was one where the recorder was hooked up to
the actual soundboard, where all the instruments and sequencers and
amps and stuff plug in and goes to the PA. That's where you get the
best sound humanly possible.

Audience is some bloke out in the 22nd row with his tiny stereo
recording walkman hoping he'll get a little of the actual performance
between the guys yelling all around him, screaming, singing along, and
throwing up. :)

Taken down, taken down by the undertow (Genesis, 1974)


Date: 17 May 1993 18:39:01 -0600 (CST)

Folks, I think some of you are delving just a wee bit too deep into what you
personally think the RCB is or is not.  I will tell you EXACTLY what it is:

1)  The RCB requires its RCBureaucrats-to-be to submit only ONE (1) recording
    to the catalogue.  After that, a RCBureaucrat can request AS MANY items
    as he/she desires without having to send any more from their personal
    collection.  Basically, the folks that 'run' the RCB are copying AS MANY
    RECORDINGS FOR AS MANY PEOPLE THAT WANT THEM.  After the initial submission,
    an RCBureaucrat needn't have anything to 'trade' anymore--he/she has
    already made their contribution, plain and simple.  I've received over
    eleven pieces of correspondence from RCB hopefuls that have said, "Great
    idea, but I haven't anything to offer right now...I'm bootleg-less."  Our
    reply to these people?  "No sweat, whaddaya want?  Send us the tapes, we'll
    copy 'em for ya'."

2)  The ONLY reason the RCB requests that submissions be copied onto high-grade
    cassettes is because these will either be A) transferred to DAT, or B) not,
    and get used as the source medium for other copies.  I mean, hell, nobody's
    forking over any money for these things, so whaddaya want?  Yer own
    personally-pressed CD of each recording you request?

3)  The folks that currently make up the RCB are Rush fans that ENJOY listening
    to Rush, and DO NOT mind making copies of recordings for the other Rush
    fans that want them.  As Harvey Firestein would say, "Is that soooo wrong?"
    Some of you really think that we're trying to pull off a scam of some sort.
     Well, guess what, kiddies?  You're wrong; I'm sorry.

4)  Hopefully the RUSH CASSETTE BUREAU will be known as the kind of place where
    one can browse the catalogue of numerous recordings and actually find some-
    thing they can't elsewhere, send a cassette or two, and GET IT FOR FREE.
    What's the big deal with providing return postage and a reusable mailing

5)  The RCB is without strings and without bullshit.  Take advantage of it if
    you want to, or leave it alone.  Don't go knocking the RCB because you
    think some people in Austin, Texas, are trying to pull off the crime of
    the century.  Skepticism is fine, but don't knock it until you've tried

Enough for now!


Date: Mon, 17 May 93 19:42:57 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: NMS shirt sighting!

Howdy Rushians

	Last weekend (May 7-9) I was on a trip with my school's
bands in Toronto (we saw Phantom - which was unbelieveable, among
many other things).  Anywayz, we went up the CN Tower Saturday
night, where I discovered not one, but _2_ NMS-shirt bearing
Rushheads!  Actually, they saw me first, but hey..  We talked about
The Boyz for almost an hour, in the CN Tower (over 1300 ft high!),
in Toronto...all we needed was a Rush concert in the Skydome just
below us! :)

	Just thought I'd share my little "experience".

	Until later!


U.S. CONSTITUTION - 1ST AMENDMENT (Paraphrased): ||ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the      ||  Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson
freedom of speech, or of the press..." CENSORSHIP||  RUSH - THE BEST GROUP IN


Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 16:53:50 -0700
Subject: RCB comment and another suggestion

When I first read the post concerning the thoughts were--here
is a guy who wants boots at no expense to himself...especially with
the way it was worded...(i.e. to be able to get a copy one must submit
at least one copy of a show)...well you can't blame the guy for trying.

It is in fact a good idea...just not sure of the underlying motives (not
a flame).

I agree with Skip, that the idea has much potential, and that the way to
actually do this for the benefit of all involved is to pool everyone's
resources together...get the lowest possible generations on DAT and go
from there...I could see that type of approach really being a benefit
to everyone involved...

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST...I think some energetic person who has access to
a DAT machine should become Mr. Headquarters...we "being the NMS" should
make an initial list of who has what boots (but do so in a private email
kind of way -- sorry rush.mgr) and what generations they have...if people
want to email me  I will begin doing that but
I don't really care if it is me who does it...for the show which have
existing CD's for them obviously the generations will be MASTER...but for
the audience ones...who knows...Once we get shows on DAT then said energetic
person could buy tapes in bulk (can you say TAPE POINTS) and mail out
requests upon request and money order (within limits...2 per order)...this
would save money on postage (going one way rather than both ways)...whatever
I'm sure we could all figure out a nice little system...



From: Raj Kishore Mani 
Subject: Address for "Screaming in Digital"
Date: Mon, 17 May 93 19:58:26 EDT

Hi everyone!

     I heard somebody mentioning about the Queensryche newsletter
"Screaming in Digital" or something close to that.  If anybody knows
this mailing address please let me know about this.  I am a huge fan of
"Queensryche" too.

   [ Please check further below for the address.		: rush-mgr ]

     Can anyone tell me instances where atleast 2 or more members of a
group have been more talented than Rush ?

     Personally I feel, "Rainbow" comprised of two musicians who had the
capabilities to outperform the members of "Rush".   I am talking about the
great "Ritchie Blackmore (Lead Guitar)" & the incredibly talented "Ronnie
 James Dio (Vocals)".  Needless to say, "Rainbow" is my most favorite group
(followed by "Rush", "Scorpions" and "Queensryche"). The question of
Niel Pearts superiority over Rainbow's drummer is unquestionable.

So long guys!


mail to

                                                 Don't be afraid of getting old
                                                   Life is full of joy
                                                 And the beauty of the past
                                                   Keeps rejoicing in your mind.
                                                                   - Scorpions


Date: Mon, 17 May 1993 17:24:55 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy K Mcarthur 
Subject: RTB rap

Greetings NMSer's...
	I am here to defend the rap. When I first heard it, I said to
myself, "What is this sh*t?" But a moment later, I was hearing the guitar
and stuff in the background and I said, "Wow, that sounds really cool." So
I can really dig the rap, except for the use of "Homeboy" and "Get Busy"
which suggest that Neil has been spending his days between tours watching
Arsenio. Neil taking lessons from Arsenio on hipness--that's a little sad,
I agree.
	But the rap is great, I find myself singing along to it.
"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Subject: Defending myself
Date: Mon, 17 May 93 21:24:49 CDT
From: Cygnus 

Hey y'all not to offend anyone but when I said that PoW and HYF lack musically
I didn't say that they SUCKED BIG EGGS.  I was just comparing 'em to other
rush albums.  No I DO NOT HATE these albums, they just don't give me the over-
all feelings I get from listening to Hemispheres, AFTK, COS, or of course MP!
Yes I do think Mystic Rhythems is one of there best songs, but as far as the
rest of PoW the overall power just isn't there for me, BUT I do like most
of the songs for their lyrics.  Although (here I go again) in Manhattan
Project it is said that THE BOMB was made in the secrectcy of the desert sands.
But this is what we are taught in History classes.  In reality the scientists 
made and worked on the first bomb, and conducted the first chain reaction 
underneath the squash courts at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  It was 
named the Manhattan Project 'cause the government of the U.S. wanted the Nazis 
to think that this special project was being made there.

Also, for those of you who refered to the sound of Signals as being bad, were
y'all refering to the music or the recording of the album.  If it it the record-
ing of the album it is due to the fact that they (the band) had used a differnt
form or recording *stuff* to make this album.  This from Visions.  Also, with
G/P Neil had felt that the times were bad (as far as International relations),
and wanted a grity sounding album, this also from Visions.

Anyways, don't hate me for my opinions these are just what I feel.  I really
do like Rush a lot, I wouldn't be reading this digest, and have been a devoted
fan for the past 12 or so years.

Finally, yes I have given HYF many chances, infact I enjoyed the album when
it first came out, but as time grew on I just lost some interest for the album.
Not to say that I don't listen to it.

Finally again, for you basketball fans can you say THREEPEAT!!!!!


Date: Mon, 17 May 93 23:25:06 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: CoS

'tis me again.

	I must agree with Scott about how difficult it is to find
CoS boots...I still haven't gotten my hands on any yet.  I generally
ask every 3 months or so, so...

	Anyone out there got any material from the Caress of Steel (The
Down the Tubes) Tour?  If so, please Email me!  I've never received any
responses to this..

	Out of 1800+ NMSers, at least one of us has to have something
from CoS.  I've got a lot I'd be willing to trade!



U.S. CONSTITUTION - 1ST AMENDMENT (Paraphrased): ||ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu
"Congress shall make no law...abridging the      ||  Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson
freedom of speech, or of the press..." CENSORSHIP||  RUSH - THE BEST GROUP IN


Date: 17 May 93 23:20:43 EDT
From: "Haplo Peart \"RushFan(Tm)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Wild Rush stuff

Hy Fellow RushFans(Tm),

   Just A quick coupla thoughts,

Wild Rush Ideas:
   In follow-up to the idea of Rush on Un-plugged,

   Rush as Musical Guests on Saturday Night Live

   Rush Performing at Grammy Awards, MTV Music awards, or American Music

   Rush Pay-per-View Concert Event

   Rush Records Sound track to Movie, "Maybe theatical version of 2112"

I agree that COS is a very good driving Album, Along with FBN, and HYF.
  COS and FBN are also awesome albums for Playing Fantasy Role Playing games
  to.  <<From: (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: How I learned to stop worrying and love the boys

A few people have posted "hoe I learned to love Rush" stories, so I
thought I'd toos mine in, and show I I infected a whole new group w/
the Rush meme.

In the mid '70's a guy named BD (Bernard Davidson) got into Rush from
his older brother Jared, a drummer.  I became friends w/ BD in 4th
grade (1979 or so), and at one camp out over the summer he brought a
boombox and a tape of Moving Pictures (he'd been talking nonstop about
Rush, and I had wanted to hear some).  I instantly got addicted to
what is still one of my top 2 or 3 Rush albums.  I didn't have a
stereo or anything, so just listened to the radio in the car hoping to
hear Rush on the air.  Finally around 8th grade ('85) I got a cheap CD
player and 3 or 4 Rush albums.  This was when I really got into music,
and Rush in particular.  Within a uear or so I had almost all of their
albums.  My younger (by 5 yr.s) brother Chris heard a lot of my Rush
(and got into the older/middle stuff: 2112, Hemispheres, Moving
Pictures) just as I had.  He was in 6th grade or so when I left
for college.  When he got to high school 3 yr.s later ('90 ?) he
started hanging out w/ a lot of people who hadn't heard Rush.  He
apparently is pretty "cool" (i.e. a lot of his fellow high school
juniors hand out w/ him and respect his musical taste), and a lot of
his class (20-30+ people) are now certified Rush Fans (tm).

I hadn't realized any of this until he told me last time I visited my
folks.  I was pretty impressed!

Travis Corcoran 
'This is not an assault' - FBI loudspeaker announcement as tanks broke down
the walls of the Davidian compound under sniper and helicopter cover.


Date: Mon, 17 May 93 16:53:17 HST
From: (Et2 Rich)
Subject: RUSH and MTV, the final word.

Hello fellow RUSH fans!

This being my first post to TNMS, I'd like to introduce myself.  I am
the Hawaiian Island's #1 Rush fan!!  Perhaps the entire pacific region, or
maybe even the world knows no fan more fanatic in preaching the supremacy of
RUSH.  So anyway, here's my Thought For the Week:

WHO CARES IF MTV NEVER PLAYS ANY RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was in high school when MTV was in it's fetal stage.  Back then they were an
upstart, almost a rebellion in TV usage.  It caught on big, and they sold out
even BIGGER.  Now they're a catalyst for brain damage in youth.  Forget about
them and turn the channel.

If you were a serious writer, say a 'philosopher', would you want your book
displayed with the Harlequin romance novels or cushioned beween Rand and
Russell?  Need I say more?

- Paul Rich
              >>>  From beautiful Hawaii!! <<<

"His world is under observation
 We monitor his station
 Under faces and the places
 Where he traces points of view

 He picks up scraps of conversation -
 Radio and radiation
 >From the dancers and romancers
 With the answers - but no clue..."

                          Neil Peart, Signals (1982)

UUCP: humu!nctams1!pnet16!n933x
ARPA: humu!nctams1!pnet16!


Subject: RCB policy Change???
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 00:02:03 EDT


  I propose the following change in policy,

Use the RCB as a depository, instead of a swaping house,

In order to get a copy of a tape one need only send the request for what they
want, and does NOT have to send a copy of some

other tape.  Then if one comes across something that RCB does not have, or is
a better copy than they have send it to them and make it avalible to all.

  This seems a very fair piece of thought that is benifical to all in my
mind, We are all Rushfans(Tm) here it seems ahardly fair to
exclude someone who is new to Rush, or has just not had the
fortune to come across a Boot of the Boyz.


Ps.  If RCB will not change its policy I am willing to start a despository of
my own, E-mail me if you are interested and can help me build up the Library,
I am willing to provide Tape for the inital copies to start the Library

-"A memo to a higher office. Open letter to the powers that Be"-


Date:    Tue, 18 May 1993 0:24:55 EDT
Subject: RTB rap and RCB

I wasn't to keen on the RTB rap at first, until I realized that you can
interpret the scenario as a guy standing at a roulette wheel, with two
voices whispering in his ears (imagine the good little angel, and bad
little angel ... ).  One voice is telling him to listen to reason, and
that he should leave before he loses his money (it's action, reaction,
random interaction ... ) since the facts are inescapable.  The other
voice (second part) is that of "lady luck" prompting him to go ahead since
he could win big (if the dice are hot, take a shot, etc.)  Given this
interpretation, the "spoken" section, and even the tone of the voice
works well.


p.s.  The RCB idea could be a good one, but what quality tape decks are
      you guys planning on using?  The point someone made about adding an
      unecessary generation to the boot by doing this is true _ONLY_ if
      he happens to find a copy he wants from the exact person (out of this
      country of 250 mil.) who was planning on supplying the bureau with
      his copy of the tape.  Otherwise, statistically speaking, he is much
      more likely to find a person whose copy has _already_ gone through
      several generations of copying anyway.  Of course, the guys running
      the bureau get the added perk of having the best collection of boots/
      recordings in the country overall, but given the amount of tape-head
      wear they're going to experience, I suspect it's an even trade.  :)


Subject: Freewill.....
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 9:07:42 BST
From: Novalis 

	Hiya Again.......

	I have always thought that the line that is sung, (You Have Still Made
	A Choice...), is the right one.  Since a choice has been made, by the
	the person, (by his/her own freewill).  Since the alternative states
	that you have not made a choice, which to me seems wrong because that
	person has already made the choice!
	Just A Thought......


| Gavin A. Fear	:		| Life Is The Fantasy Of Art  |
|           From The Rush In The Flame To The Lightning In My Heart           |
|      Looking For Her, Everyone Says 'She Lives Just Another Bar Away'       |


Date: 18 May 93 04:39:47 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: If you're illiterate, you'll hate this

>From a tired editor in a bad mood ...

I can tolerate the typos, the misspellings, and other such garden-
variety errors that are bound to occur as people are composing
posts while on line. Such things are inevitable to a certain
degree, and this ain't a *real* newspaper, after all. But I just
have to protest when there's such a rash of stupidities as in
TNMS 681. To wit:

> Again, this Mahavishnuesque composition attracted the attention of
>Journey's fellow musicians, notably the members of Rush, who
>constructed their song, "Tom Sawyer," along suspiciously lines."

People, if you're going to do us the favor of typing something in
from another source, at least take the trouble to include a
reasonably faithful reproduction thereof. It is particularly annoying
when perhaps the most crucial word in the whole passage gets left
out, as apparently occurred in this case. You just end up wasting
everyone's time (to say nothing of wrecking your own credibility).

>   [ Here Here! for this attitude.  Yeah, it's just my opinion but I would

That would be Hear, Hear, actually ... we're not talking about a
location; we're talking about "Yes! Let's hear more of that!"

     [ I stand humbly  The change to the above
       will be made in the Digest in our ftp area.      :)  :rush-mgr ]
>What's the deal with RUSH changing producers all the time since Terry
>Brown left?  Are they just going through a faze and just adjusting to the

Um, the word you want is "phase."

>Oh contrare!!  I think that Peter Collins producing is much Much MUCH better

Spare us the fancy French if you can't spell it. You're
embarrassing yourself. It's "Au contraire." Mon frere.

>on GUP.  Anyway, I think the band experimented and had too much sync in the
>music on Signals (problem was music itself) and GUP had more of the right mix
>of guitar and sync (although maybe a little guitar heavy in some areas) and

If you're talking about synthesizers here, which you surely are,
then the shortened form you seek is SYNTH. "Sync" would have to
do with synchronization, or maybe syncopation, neither of which
has ever struck me as being a problem on any Rush album. :) But
if one of those is what you really meant, I take it all back.

>Puuuulllleezee...  It would appear from the tone of your post, it's not
>Scott that is the one who needs to orientate his head.  Your last comment
>is not necessary.  If your reaction to his post is such that it resorts to
>name-dropping I wonder what the response would be should some differences

Name-dropping was hardly the problem in this little flamefest.
When I casually mention, in a thinly veiled and nauseating
attempt to impress someone, that I ran into Neil in Fort Wayne,
or that I had lunch with Aimee, or that I got thrown out of the
coliseum by that bastard Gildersleeve, *that's* name-dropping.
What we had here was just a good old-fashioned childish insult -
maybe you were thinking of name-*calling*.

    [ Hmm..Point taken.  Man, I need to take more English classes.  :)
                                                           :rush-mgr ]

While I'm thinking about it, it was the consensus a few issues
back that toward the very end of "Vital Signs," instead of
singing "Everybody's got to elavate from the norm," Geddy says
"evalate." A brilliant observation, I must say. However, this
would be as good a time as any to point out, in case you're
keeping score, that it would be *elevate/evelate.* Yes, this has
been sticking in my craw all that time. (And while you're
thinking about it, go ahead and give "Vital Signs" a spin just
for the hell of it - it's one of the most overlooked masterpieces
in the band's entire oeuvre.)

Anyway, enough of the anal-retentive English lesson; you may now
all resume pretending to be getting an education, all the while
resenting the need for freshman comp. In the process, I'd suggest
you make like Mr. Peart and READ A BOOK every once in a while.
(Or, at the very least, stop just *complaining* about MTV and
*TURN IT OFF* for a change.) Literacy: It can do wonders for your

Further obligatory non-Rush content: I heartily agree with those
annoyed by all the pre-convention enthusiasm, and *really*
annoyed at the subsequent whiners who didn't like the way the ONE
AND ONLY volunteer planned it. I, for one, do plan to attend the
Not A Convention - if for no other reason than to get my money
back from John. :)



Date: Tue, 18 May 93 10:30:27 -0400
From: (Gabriel Karaffa)

	Alex Lifeson, as far as I can decipher, uses his two mongrel guitars.  
The white strat  and his mongrel black strat.  Both have been heavily 
worked on.  The pickup selectors have been relocated atop of the cutaways, 
necks have been replaced, and humbucking pickups have been installed.
	The effects I believe that he used are a BOSS Chorus and Delay.  
Flanger sometimes.  I'm not quite sure about the whole amplifier situation.  
This is all pretty tentative, based upon interviews, videos etc....


From: Brian Boyes 
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 10:48:52 PDT
Subject: Screaming in Digital and More

Hi Rush Fans:

My apologies to those of you whom I told I couldn't find this, I just did .....

I guess I should have included this in my first posting.  Based on the
number of emails I received, there are a lot of Rush fans who are also
Queensryche fans!  So, to get yourself on the list for SiD, sent an
email to Shag at:


and ask him to add you to the mailing list.  Tell him you got the
address from National Midnight Star.

Oh yes ... while I have your attention ...

I was listening to Roll the Bones and I had the CD player on shuffle.
I realized every track on that album ends about one beat into the next
track.  Has anyone else noticed this?

Brian Boyes
"Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...."


Date: Mon, 17 May 93 15:58:59 EDT
From: homer! (SunDog)
Subject: COS I like it

To Dani Ponsa (issue 680)

   Yeah, I think COS is often overlooked.  The music for each part of "The
Necromancer" fits the mood of the lyrics wonderfully.  "Magic prism eyes"
just sounds so cool.
   What impressed me the most about the album is "The Fountain of Lamneth."
I think Neil showed great insight (for a then-early-to-mid-20-year-old) to
create such a nifty metaphor (is that correct term?) for life's journey:

      Childhood/Innocence == In the Valley
      Growing up/Finding your way == Didacts & Narpets
      First lesson that life's a bitch == No One At the Bridge
      Love's regenerative powers and having to leave it behind == Panacea
      Disillusionment/Hindsight of youth's folly == Bacchus Plateau
      Fulfillment/Loss of a dream (take your pick) == At the Fountain

('Course I'm only a 25-year-old myself, so what do I know about life's journey?)
The same themes recur through the song, both lyrically and musically, creating a
hyper-nifty synergistic effect.  Everytime I listen to this, I discover new
ideas/images buried in the lyrics/music (same thing happens to me when I listen
to "The Wall", "Quadrophenia", and "Misplaced Childhood".  Hey there's a poll
question: what concept/story albums do people like [besides 2112!]?)

So there.
_.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..


Date: Tue, 18 May 93 11:45:34 EDT
Subject: Seeking Advice

Greetings Rush Fans! I have Over the Europe, but wonder if I should get
Rush 'n Roulette '92. Subdivisions on OtE is abbreviated unfortunately,
and I wonder if RR92 has it in its entirety. All other songs on this
CD set are the same as OtE. I also want to know that if I have Live Under
Pressure, should I bother getting Temple of Syrinx?


Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 09:17:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris 'Mortimer' Chamberlin 
Subject: Obscure Trivia Dept.

Okay, here's a fun one.  Name the song where the lyrics come in the
LATEST. The true instrumentals (LVS, YYZ, and WMT) don't count - the song
has to have some lyrics.  Also, live stuff might mess it up, so studio
albums only.  See if you can figure it out without going to the CD player.
Just something fun to try in all your free time.

-- Chris


Date: Tue, 18 May 93 10:45:22 -0600

Hey has anyone heard the music of "Weather Report" or "Heavy Weather" (one
is group name and the other is album title but I don't know which is which).

I heard that this group was a heavy influence for Neil Peart's drumming.

Is it any good?


Date: Tue, 18 May 93 13:09:28 -0400
From: (Christopher Dean)
Subject: Rap in RTB

Hello, folks.  I was skimming through the latest NMS, and several people
mentioned their feelings on the (in)famous rap section in RTB, so I though
I'd give my $0.02.

Personally, I actually like it  I think it's funny -- it's obviously meant
to add a little humor to the song ("kick some gluteus max!"), and I think
it does that very well.  I can understand it if some people don't like rap
(I like some and I don't like some, but everyone's entitled to their IMHOs),
but I think people should look at it in context -- it's just something the
boyz threw in for humor value.  Hey, it's their song, and they can do that!
It's also a credit to them that they can take different styles of music and
integrate them into their own sound.

One other note -- I second the person who suggested scanning in the pix
of Rush getting the Harvard Lampoon award a few weeks ago.  I sent in my
order as soon as I heard about it, but it would make a great addition to
the syrinx collection.


(eagerly awaiting that Sept. release!)


Date: Tue, 18 May 93 13:27:57 -0400
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: NMS Shirts

Yes, I know I've been very behind lately in sending out shirts... thanx to
all who've been so very patient! While others are on summer break, I'm
still in the middle of midterms... I did send out some on last Tuesday,
and some on Thursday, and I plan to send out a few more later this
afternoon. I should be all caught up by Thursday though, so if you're still
waiting for one you *should* have it by Monday.

I am very sorry about all the delays... and whoever wanted a XXXL shirt
please drop me a line, I lost your e-mail address!


PS.  Thanks to everyone for the great comments I've been receiving!

Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 16:15:32 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: That's a rrrraapp, and many other things..

Let's see.. to kjk: I didn't quite catch the jist of your post, but
it seemed like you enjoyed the rap.. I enjoyed it when I first heard
it and still enjoy it, on several levels (i.e. humorous, musicianship)..

to Chris Bush on the same subject: When I first heard it, I was like
OH MY GOD, but in a good way.. I got a real kick out of it. Here in
Baltimore, they took out the rap (maybe a subsequent release by
Atlantic, I'm not sure), but it took away from the song IMHO. People
around here (me included) called up 98 rock. So many called in fact
that a week later, they put the rap back in.. 98 rock has done this
cut and paste deal with songs like Pull Me Under by DT and Anybody
Listening by Qryche. I really detest this..

to Russ: about Open Secrets... I follow your perscription for listening
all the time. Personally, this is one of my fav Rush songs from their
later era, and I think it has some excellent work by Geddy. Yes, not
the _most_ complex, but bass lines to really need to be complex to
work.. In Bass Player mag, ged was voted best bassist 1991 for his
'less is more' work on the bass, and they gave examples of Dreamline,
and Ghost of A Chance as examples. Ghost of a Chance is beautiful with
respect to the bass line, and there are so many subtleties that it
is just amazing. Sure I may be able to play the notes he does, but
the way he plays is too sweet..

to Greg: I feel the same way about P/G.. One of their better albums
to date, and yet they didn't like the feel of it (Rush, that is)..
hmmm.. as far as their formal training, I believe that only Alex
has had any, and that is only like 6 months of classical guitar
training from a private teacher. As far as what others think of the
musicians (as in Drum Mags, Guitar Mags, etc..) well, Neil is pretty
much given the chops kudos by all, and intellectual fitting of his
part into the songs (he has also won best recorded album for the past
?3? or ?4? albums?? Something like this.. Geddy is already in the
Guitar Hall of Fame for bass and is considered a true 'bassist'
as opposed (and no flames please) to maybe Billy Sheehan (my
bass sounds like a guitar man himself).. As for Alex, he is on the
Hall of Fame for 'Guitar for the Practicing Musician' and won best
guitarist I believe after p/g in Guitar Player.. Many feel that Alex
is way underrated, and I agree. One mag said he is one of the smoothest
players, and very intelligent.. he plays with Rush, and to me, has
some of the best fitting (and sounding) solos in the business.. guys
like Yngwee Malmsteen have solos with no feel IMHO.. Granted players
like Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani are excellent and technically more
proficient, but to me, Alex holds his own in this crowd.

Also, a note about producers... I'm not too sure about this, but it
seems to me that Rush inputs alot into their sound, and perhaps the
albums Presto and RTB were what they wanted.. maybe not what some of
us wanted, but what they wanted.. I'm sure if the album was mixed
improperly, then they would change it (the only downfall to this
theory IMHO is the guitar mix in Signals, but...)..

sorry for the longevity...

ps Meg, there is a big gap in the middle (at least on my screen)
because I was jumping around. Could you delete this and the above
gap if it is there.. thanks..


Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 17:05:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Terry Brown

In response to the questions about terry brown, the last two albums that
I have with himn at the helm are Fates Warning-Parallels, and Voivod
-Angel Rat. Parallels also has a cover by Hugh Syme.. Evidently (from that
wonderful bio/book visions) Rush were unhappy overall with the production
on signals (which I can hardly remember on vinyl) According to the B-man
signals lost the sound of Alex in the mix, and they the boyz decided that
this was the last album that Terry would produce for them. Peter Henderson
was a cover, Rush for the most part produced p/g themselves. I enjoy both
Parallels and Angel Rat, (as well as signals on disc!) but I have the
feeling that Tachnology and Terry didn't mix too well. This is probably
all common knowledge, but I figured I'd answer the question anyway. Also,
for the record, I love Hold Your Fire, including the sap which is just
dripping from the album!!! (I'm referring to the string ensembles, not the
lyrical context).. Oh well, back to stadying for the GRE's...


Date: Tue, 18 May 93 17:29:09 -0400
From: nam2@po.CWRU.Edu (Nicholas A. Mascari)
Subject: CoS boots

There's been a lot of talk about the rarity of CoS boots lately. I have
ACCESS (dont have one yet) to a 70 minute recording of high quality that
was taped on 6/25/75 at Massey Hall in Toronto.

Also have access to one recorded 5/30/76 at Nelson Centre in NYC. 80
minutes, very good quality.

I'm assuming one of these is from the CoS tour, probably the latter. Am I
correct in this assumption?

  [ No, neither of these boots are from the COS tour. The album itself came
    out in September of 1975 (check the tour listing) and the tour subsequently
    followed. Any dates that are between 9/75 and March 1976 would be COS
    shows...							: rush-mgr ]

    /~~~~\               ~\    Nick Mascari-Mechanical Engineering-CWRU
   /     /  /   /  /\     /
  /~~/~~   /   /  /  \   /~~\  "Live for yourself, there's no one else
 /   \     \_./\_/___/\_/   /   more worth living for." -Neil Peart, Rush
/     \___________________ /_____________________________________________


From: (Jonathon Host)
Subject: Various Threads+a New One
Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 18:42:36 -0500 (CDT)

Hail, non-Limbaughians!

(Apologies to the actual Limbaughians)
	This is my first post, so I'll get a few opions concerning several
threads off my chest.  (I guess they won't let me into McDonalds now that I
don't have any threads on my chest)!

	Though I dislike almost all rap, I do like the rap on RTB, it seems
to fit (now).  I was so surprised when I first heard it that I thought
the radio had somehow switched stations on me.  I took a little break in
period, but so does most rush, especially HYF.  I doubt that rush could do a
country section that I would like, however.  I don't think Neil's talent
will ever degenerate to writing shallow lyrics about a broken pickup truck
or an Achey Breaky Heart.

	I forgot who sent in the profile, but I think it was a mistake to
categorize.  Sure, the qualities listed may be in higher proportion than the
general populace, but we are not clones....

		}{  ...Opinions all provided         }{
		}{  The future predecided            }{
		}{  Detached and Subdivided          }{
		}{  In the Mass Production Zone....  }{

					-- ORQ
I don't fit several parts, and if it were not for my introduction to e-mail
by a friend recently, I would be generally computer illiterate.  My musical
tastes range from Queensryche to Tori Amos, and I don't even know when star
trek is on.

	New thread - I've found Rush to be one of the few bands to which I
enjoy singing the lyrics to (others are Styx, Pink Floyd, etc).  I don't
do this if others are around, I'm a bad singer, but driving on open
highway is the best!  This may be a substitute for my lack of ability
concerning guitars, etc.  Try it sometime, my favorites are subdivisions,
manhatten project, and the background vocals in "you bet your life", among
others.  Anybody else guilty of this pale imitation of geddy's sound?

		Later -		Jon  (


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