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          The National Midnight Star, Number 683

                  Wednesday, 19 May 1993
Today's Topics:
                  opinion on 'new' Rush
                      Weather Report
                   Re: Moving Pictures
      Re: 05/18/93 - The National Midnight Star #682
                There's a new ART keeper.
                      The Camera Eye
                    Toasted by Neil ?
                      Re: "homeboy"
                 Re: Obscure Trivia Dept.
     If You're Illiterate, You're Going to Love This
                 Grammar and the RTB Rap
                    re: Heavy Weather
                   MTV....U watch it ?
        NON RUSH RELATED MATERIAL (Dream Theater)

Date: Tue, 18 May 93 20:56:59 -0600
Subject: opinion on 'new' Rush

Ok, I've read as much as I can without putting in my opinion concerning`
the 'musicianship' of PW and the 'failed' experiments of S and GUP.

I feel that Mystic Rhythms is one the most talented songs to date, not
to mention how the feel of the music compliments the lyrics like no other
group can master.  Also the creativity in the texture of the song must
be appreciated (especially the drums!)

As far as GUP and Signals, I challenge anyone to name some songs that have
some melodies as beautiful as Analog Kid or Afterimage.  Speaking
of Afterimage, I wish they would come back (at least for one more song) to
the sound they were playing with during the 'lead.'  Dealing with the
'failed' experiment:  I think it was a success!  Ok the texture wasn't quite
perfected but it for me was a perfect blending of the technology characteristic
of new Rush and the deep raw sound of oldish Rush (compare the Weapon to
Witch Hunt)

I find it hard to compare albums and even have a preference, but it's hard
to hear negative things with two awsome and unique albums.



Date: Tue, 18 May 1993 22:50:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: Chad Vice 
Subject: Weather Report

	Unfortunately, I am unsure about how to quote from TNMS... no
flames please.
	In response to Dove James Brian's letter about Weather Report and
Heavy Weather, I wanted to clarify that Weather Report was in fact a group
in the 70's, probably known most of all for their smash hit "Birdland" by
keyboardist Josef Zawinul.
	As for "Heavy Weather," I'm afraid I've never heard of it.

-==-                          ._______|_______.                          -==-
-==-   Chad Ashley Vice            -\(*)/-         Cessna 152/172/172Q   -==-
-==-   AOPA 01127947                o/ \o                Private Pilot   -==-
-==-            Airplane Single-Engine Land   -==-


Subject: Re: Moving Pictures
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 23:24:47 CDT
From: Rich Kellerman 


   I am kind of new to this list, but I have to say that the albums Hold Your
Fire and is the worst album I have ever heard.  It is so Psuedo poppish that
it makes my stomach turn(literally!!!!!).  How can anyone listen to this that
doesn't have to(as in someone who is committed to a home for those with no
ear for music whatso ever).  I mean to listen to these songs is to put your
finger down your throat(the term here is GAG).  If you like this album
you really need to call 1-800-DOCTORS to get the name of a good psychiatrist
in your area.  Well, now that that is over, I am so glad to be on this list
and look forward any reviews of Caress of Steel(It is my personal favorite)
and thier other albums.  I lok forward to any comments anyone has about my
first posting.
| "I see the Bad Moon a' rising,     |   Rich Kellerman          |
|  I see trouble on th' way"  CCR    |   rkellerm@harper.UUCP    |


From: (David A Warner)
Subject: Convention!!
Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 00:48:41 -0400 (EDT)

first of all, I'm rather upsett from a few posts that i've read about
the convention...................

from what i gather from talking with slythex on irc, he told that
there was about 150 people that said "I WILL BE THERE AND $$ IS NO
PROBLEM!!".. so if $$ was a issue afterall then why did people
commit?? it makes me want to vomit when someone can't keep
sure, i'd expected a few people to not make it, and I do understand
shit happens which is unavoidable, but c'mon out of 150 people with
money problems.. give me a break...

btw: send your opinnions to me, if there rash,harsh, or even swearing
in it, i'll just delete it.....

i think a few of you should think before you post...

the voice of silence

 |                   I'm Made From The Dust Of The Stars                      |
 |                     And The Oceans Flow In My Veins                        |
 |                   Don't Ask Me, I'm Just Sympathizing                      |
 |                     My Ilusions A Harmless Flight                          |
 |                     I'm Not One To Believe In Magic                        |
 |                   But I Sometimes Have A Second Sight                      |
 |                  I'm Not One With A Sense Of Proportion                    |
 |                When  My  Heart  Still  Changes  Overnight                  |


Subject: Re: 05/18/93 - The National Midnight Star #682
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 0:51:33 EDT

This is in response to Chris Chamberlin's suggestion for the longest
time lapse in a rush song before lyrics occur.
(Hey, this is also my first post, for anyone who cares :^)

My vote, although I only own 10 Rush CD's :( is for Xanadu,
off the great AFTK album..
I'm not sure if you actually had the answer when you posted that, but
I thought that was an interesting topic!
Listening to Signals at the of the more (seemingly, from my
point of view) underrated Rush albums...

I'm quite content with Peter Collins being the producer of the
supposed upcoming Critical Mass..Peter did producing for Suicidal
Tendencies, Queensryche, plus some other rather cool bands.
(As well as producing PoW and HyF, two of my favs)...
I'll probably post more when I get some unfinished computer science
business finished :^))  till then...
-(dont)Conform or be cast out!



Date:         Tue, n DMS. 93 23:01:29 CST
From: Luis Arturo Loyo Delgado 
Subject:      There's a new ART keeper.

Hello RushFans(Tm):

   I just wanted to let you know. As some of you might know, I used to
be the ART keeper (you know, the trivia file), but I'm being shut down
(in fact, everyone here in Mexico) from the net. So, to the point.
I won't be able to keep the ART anymore, so the new ART keeper is
Dan Delany, the FAQL keeper. If you want the trivia file, mail him,
he'll take over from now on.

   I really enjoyed this list, it started me again on Rush, and I found
out a lot of things about the boyz (yes, I'm calling them the boyz, I don't
mind :)). Keep on with this list (even with 'Black Holes' threads!).

Luis Loyo.
The ex-ART keeper and only mexican in the NMS.


Subject: The Camera Eye
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 04:11:33 EDT

Hey Gang.  Just got my hands on an in the studio music interview with Alex
and Geddy on compact disc.  It is an interview about the MOVING PICTURES CD
but interestingly enough, the copyright date is 1992.    I have the Rushian
Roulette and Lavilla Strangiatto bootleg CD's on the way and the suspense is
killing me.  Does anyone out there know if a boot exists from the soundboard
that has the song "THE CAMERA EYE" on it.  That song was done up excellently
in Kansas City when they toured for Moving Pictures.  One song that does not
recieve the attention that it is due.  Any way, gotta go now.

                                            Lookin for the Camera Eye

                          (Phoenix, Arizona)


Date: Wed, 19 May 93 11:00:10 +0200
From: (Allan Murphy)
Subject: Toasted by Neil ? writes:
> Maybe energy would better be spent getting interviews with the band,
> recognition as a real Rush fan organization, making a mark, but the
> way Neil blew off the list ("get a life") that might be doubtful.
> Really, I'd expect more from Neil what with his open mind and probing
> intellect, than to be disrespectful to a significant proportion of his
> fans!

I missed this, what happened ? Did someone tell Neil about the list and he
thought it was bogus, or what ?

   [ For anyone interested, his "actual" response is in Digest #5 (found on in rush/digest)... in summary someone was showing Neil
     computer equipment, and the screen happened to be displaying an issue of 
     TNMS (back when we were all discussing what time Neil's watch said inside 
     the Presto CD booklet), and his comment was something to the effect that 
     "they should all get a life"				: rush-mgr ]

This doesn't sound like the Neil Peart we know and love....

  [ Well, the watch thread *did* go on for a while.. :)		: rush-mgr ]

ObRush: Does anyone else think La Villa Strangiato is the best bit of guitar
	they ever heard ? :-)


Allan J. Murphy                /   \ "So I looked in the back of the cab, and
			       \   /  I thought, 'ello, I recognise that     /   \  leitmotif."


From: (T.J. Higgins)
Subject: Re: "homeboy"
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 7:30:51 CDT

Guy K Mcarthur writes:
> 	I am here to defend the rap. When I first heard it, I said to
> myself, "What is this sh*t?" But a moment later, I was hearing the guitar
> and stuff in the background and I said, "Wow, that sounds really cool." So
> I can really dig the rap, except for the use of "Homeboy" and "Get Busy"
> which suggest that Neil has been spending his days between tours watching
> Arsenio. Neil taking lessons from Arsenio on hipness--that's a little sad,
> I agree.

I don't know about "get busy," but "homeboy" is a pun, son.  Is Neil
saying "you better run, homeboy" or is he saying "you better run home,
boy"?  Both fit, certainly Neil purposely made it ambiguous.

This is not meant to be a flame, so "relax".  :^)

BTW, I like the rap, too.
T.J. Higgins     |         | (205) 730-7922


Date: 	Wed, 19 May 1993 06:19:54 PDT


I have one question about the RCB, that everyone is so all fired up about.
These are not derogatory comments or anything, just seeking some knowledge...
Hypothetical Case (ok Real story ;)) : Suppose a guy/girl does not have a boot
to make a copy of and send to the RCB.  Suppose, further, that this individual
would be interested in the coveted footware (in other words, joining the RCB).
How does this guy go about getting some material from the RCBureaucrats?. Also,
is there a criteria for rareness, or rather, if I get (ok this guy is me ;->) a
recording at a record show or somewhere and you already have it, how do I get
in?  Since there are only a finite amount of recordings out there and the
market region that I am in is not, to the best of my knowledge, loaded with
extremely rare stuff.  How do I know that when I spend $30 or $40 on a
recording that you don't already have it and all I get out of it is this one
recording that everybody has.  OK, the POINT:  I have NO footware and I would
be interest in the RCB, what do I do???

Thanks for the info,
and ...oh yeah..."I see Red, and it hurts my head!"



Date: Wed, 19 May 93 09:59:24 -0400
From: (Russ Arcuri)
Subject: Re: Obscure Trivia Dept.

Chris Chamberlin writes:

>Okay, here's a fun one. Name the song where the lyrics come in the LATEST. The
>true instrumentals (LVS, YYZ, and WMT) don't count - the song has to have some
>lyrics. Also, live stuff might mess it up, so studio albums only. See if you
>can figure it out without going to the CD player. Just something fun to try in
>all your free time.

Okay, I'll bite. Without the aid of my CD collection (or any source to
check) I will guess that the answer is... Xanadu.

Of course, there are quite a few possibilities... The Camera Eye, Anthem,
Jacob's Ladder, Cygnus X-1, and many others. Because I won't be able to
wait too long for the answer, I guess I will just have to go listen to all
the candidates right now. :-)

Russ Arcuri


From: Brian Boyes 
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 10:55:53 PDT
Subject: If You're Illiterate, You're Going to Love This

I wasn't going to waste everybody's time with an article correcting a
small error.  However, I feel I should explain now that someone has
pointed it out.

>> Again, this Mahavishnuesque composition attracted the attention of
>>Journey's fellow musicians, notably the members of Rush, who
>>constructed their song, "Tom Sawyer," along suspiciously lines."
>People, if you're going to do us the favor of typing something in
>from another source, at least take the trouble to include a
>reasonably faithful reproduction thereof. It is particularly annoying
>when perhaps the most crucial word in the whole passage gets left
>out, as apparently occurred in this case. You just end up wasting
>everyone's time (to say nothing of wrecking your own credibility).

That last line should end "suspiciously similar lines".  I was puzzled
by how I could have missed that.  When I called up the file on my
original posting, it turned that out I never forgot anything, I just
let the line go too long and the word "similar" must have been cut off.
 Even if I had made a mistake, "rash stupidities" is not the word I
would use in this situation.  As for my credibility, do you know me?
Do you actually think less of me because you THOUGHT made a mistake?
I'm sorry I'm not perfect.  I didn't realize someone would have so much
trouble making sense out that line that they include it in an article
complaining mistakes!

(Calm down, count to 10 ... okay)

I guess my point is that not everybody has excellent writing skills.  I
certainly do not.  This message is probably full of errors.  However,
there is no purpose in attacking someone's credibility for making a
mistake, especially if they (I) never made a mistake to begin with.

   [ Good point.  I think Bruce just needed a vacation :)   :rush-mgr ]


Thank you for your attention, we now return you to a normal NMS


Date: Wed, 19 May 93 12:00:40 -0400
From: greg  dolce 
Subject: Grammar and the RTB Rap

Fellow Rush Fans,
	Three cheers for Mr. Grammar.  Maybe I'm picky, but sometimes the
English (if you can call it that) used in this newsletter drives me up the wall.
By the way, Mr. Grammar, what does "oeuvre" mean?
	As for the rap in RTB, I think it sucks.  I like the rest of the song,
even the music behind the rap, but I just can't get used to my favorite band
rapping.  Some people have written it off as humor or the ability to integrate
other styles of music into their own.  I call it a sellout.  As a matter of 
fact, the entire album didn't strike me as anything special (I can feel those 
flames already).  I'll admit there are some great songs on the album, but it 
took a lot of listening to get used to it.  It gives me the same feeling as 
HYF did when it came out: disappointment.  Don't get me wrong.  I like these 
albums, but I guess I just expected more.  Personally, I still think that 
Presto is the best album since Signals (maybe since Moving Pictures).



From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: re: Heavy Weather
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 9:15:30 PDT

> Hey has anyone heard the music of "Weather Report" or "Heavy Weather" (one
> is group name and the other is album title but I don't know which is which).
> I heard that this group was a heavy influence for Neil Peart's drumming.
> Is it any good?

The band is Weather Report, and "Heavy Weather" is probably their
most well-known album.  It features the often-remade song "Birdland",
which you may have heard several times, especially the version with
vocals popularized by the Manhattan Transfer.  The original is an upbeat
jazz instrumental.

Rhythms are varied enough through the album that various pieces probably
found their ways into Neil's style, but I have never heard the connection
stated.  Without trying to describe it I'll just say: It's worth a listen.
I'd probably put it in a sylistic category somewhere near Santana and Tower
of Power, or several Jazz-fusion folks, but the connection's pretty vague.



Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 12:29:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ramblings

Just getting a few RUSH thoughts off my head as I've been away
for a few days (In Toronto on Sat. 5/15, saw Leafs beat Blues.
Was hoping the boys would be there, but no sign of them).

First, enough with this RCB stuff! Either subscribe to them or
don't. But let's not waste time discussing them, it's not worth
it (sorry if that's considered a "flame").  Second, I was
curious: Is your favorite RUSH album the first one you ever got
into?  My first listen was MP and it is still by far my favorite
(followed by ESL, the first CD I ever bought).

Lastly I just wanted to share a moment I recently had.  I just
bought the ASOH disc and when I put it on and heard the cartoon
type intro I had goosebumps as it brought me back to my first
RUSH concert (Signals tour) and how they had the same opening.  I
had never known that ASOH had this bit.  I used to tell all my
friends how cool I thought the opening was and now I can hear it
all the time!  Sorry, one more comment.  When I saw them on the
Signals tour they opened with The Spirit of Radio, and Geddy
changed the word "radio" to "baseball" during the song (mainly
because it was the day after opening day).  Was this common on
that (or any) tour or did I get lucky?

   [ It seems to be the consensus that he said "baseball" throughout the
     Signals tour (at least 3 separate occasions have been verified).	
								: rush-mgr ]

Enough rambling for now (your welcome).

Steve Heller
University of Cincinnati

Go Habs Go!


Date: Wed, 19 May 93 11:02:14 -0700
Subject: MTV....U watch it ?

Greetings Rush fans,

    Normally I'm content 2 remain a conshienshus observer 2 this
news groop. But not today. 4 the past 6 munths or so I've fownd
myself in a state of wuder and amazment after reading eech daily
ishew of the NMS wen it cumz to the topik of MTV. Now, I reelize
that I'm not 20 yeers old any mor, but I got to tel ya, I find it
most interesting that sum of you good people kan even tolerate
that tripe in the slitest. Here's my reasoning (as flawed as it
mite be).

    This is a news group for Rush fans, no ?

    Typical reasons for liking rush:
      a: Incomparable individual musicianship
      b: Facund leeriks of lowness, unequalled in todays rok (IMO)
      c: Transcendant consonant continuity
      d: Survigrous resonance that taps 1's inner sensez with
         melodious hooks of musical intreeg.

    Now, given just theez tipical reezons, how kan U ekwate any of
theez to anything U C on MTV ? 2 me, itz inkonseevabl. U wood never
heer a Dead-Head say he/she watched/liked MTV, so how kan Rush fans
say any different wen the 2 R so diametrically opposed ? I don't know,
maybe I lak the sekret. Some 1 help me 2 understand.

Kevin Cyrus

PS  mis speld werds wer 4 the benefit of the rush-mgr (U'r OK in my book).


Date: 19 May 1993 14:30:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: NON RUSH RELATED MATERIAL (Dream Theater)

    Hello all,

        Sorry for the non-Rush content but I thought the Dream Theater fans
here might enjoy this.  On Tuesday May 18th, DT played on show at a club here
in Buffalo.  This was the second time they played here in the past 6 months.
Anyway a local radio station broadcasted the show LIVE and I recorded it.
I've listened to some of it and it sounds great, if you happen to be
interested in a copy let me know.
        But there is a catch...Friday the 21st I graduate which means I'll be
losing my account here at Buff State, so the only way (for now) to get a hold
of me will be through the mail or phone.  (the mail might be the best choice)
So drop a line if you are then I'll have listened to the whole
thing and I can let you know exactly what is on it.
        I hope to back real soon, especially before the new album comes out,
so until then have a great summer and Roll the Bones!

                                        Tony Moretta
                                        201 Schiller St.
                                        Buffalo, NY 14206


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