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Subject: 05/20/93 - The National Midnight Star #684
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          The National Midnight Star, Number 684

                  Thursday, 20 May 1993
Today's Topics:
                       This n' that
                     short but sweet
                     Cassette Bureau
                      Album Opinions
                 Imitating Geddy's voice
             Illiteracy - Write for free help
                     Hold Your Flame!
            Weather Report: Forecast for Jazz
                      Heavy Weather
      Re: 05/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #683
                       A-Y of Rush
                    Couple 'o thoughts
                   I don't post enough
                    Posting guidelines
                    Rich Keller, OUCH
                      Hold Your Fire
          Longest time lapse before lyrics start
                        rush mods?
                  first album favorites
                      Producers etc
                 Re:Obscure Trivia Dept.
                       TNMS Grammar
      Re: 05/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #683
                   Comments on HYF....
                     Re: Trashing HYF
                        RCB debate
        Various, kind of related (Rush), topics...
                  get a life?  got one!
                Just a few thoughts.......

Date: Thu May 20 14:07:10 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

For those of you who will be leaving for the summer, I do have a list of
access providers (if you're willing to pay for it) if anyone would like it.
Send me e-mail and I'll send you a copy.

Also, anyone looking for SUN audio files try:
they have several Rush songs (more than are on syrinx) plus much much more.

- rush-mgr


Date: Wed, 19 May 93 12:38:41 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (John  Lee)
Subject: This n' that

Greetings from the 49th parallel, north of the State of Washington.


Why is it that Rush doesn't play COS in concert these days:

I bought that album recently.  I *love* it!  It is just a damn fine set of
artwork.  I really like the various feelings conveyed via guitar in the
Necromancer.  Panacea is a nice bit of work, too.  But the whole album is
generally a fine one.  Wonder why our local station-du-radio never plays stuff
from the album?  Did the powers that be sample ITIGB and get disappointed by it?
Geez...  I like how By-Tor makes a comeback!  Right on!!


No, I don't think I could accept that even if it did happen.  My mind would deny
it over and over again.  I used to tape Saturday Night Live every week, but
eventually I got *SICK* of the bands on the show, and that whatsisname dude
in the SNL house band (I think he's that moron from the Labbatt ICE beer
commercial)  never played anything that I cared for.  Besides that, some of the
skits are pretty lame now.   That does not mean SNL sucks, ie. Adam Sandler
cracks us up every time.  However, SNL is pretty lame in some regards.

I think that to be the guest band on the show would mar Rush's image.  I would
rather see SNL live, doing skits as an opener for a Rush concert.
That would be more appropriate, IMHO.


Yes, we get an equivalent of MTV here in Canada.  I've heard plenty of
"I hate my, I hate my, I hate my MTV" in TMNS and would like to remind everyone
that you are not alone.  MuchMusic is basically tele-garbage.  I swear, the 
other day I turned on that station 3 or 4 different times in the day and, Holy 
Gee, Poke!  Whaddaya know?  The SAME VIDEO was on EACH TIME.  I saw red.  It 
hurt my head.  Wouldn't have happened if it were Ged.


(At the concert, right after Primus finished playing)
I did ask for an XL.  I got a shirt with XL on the label.  What happened in the
factory I really can't say.  But the shirt definately looks like a M.  DAMMIT!!!
Next time I have got to be more careful!

In closing, I would like to spice up my post with a quiz.  Can you identify
the source of each of these quotations?  If you don't know who said it, try to
figure out where it came from.  Mail me with your answers, pleez!

1.) "Well, like I'm a professional, eh?"
2.) "The paper holds their folded faces to the floor,
     and everyday the paperboy brings more."
3.) "I want this.  Just as much as you want the Enterprise, I WANT THIS."
4.) "What's the matter, Kane?  Don't like stir-fry?"
6.) "There's cliffs on both sides!  And I'm not going to paddle to New 
7.) "I,
     yearn to see the dawn arising..."
8.) "I watched in shock and horror as Father Brown ground my precious instrument
     to splinters beneath his feet..."
9.) "Hmm..Point taken.  Man, I need to take more English classes.  :)"
10.) "He's the man they all used to fear,
      But now they call him Sweet Bob and Willie Dear!
      Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now!"

Have fun with this one!

Je concludes mon posting maintenent.  Au resevoir.

I will soon be coming out with the all-new "Diet .sig".  Less lines and
better for you.  Have no fear!
----------       ----     ----       ----------       ----      ----
---   ----       ----     ----       ---              ----      ----
---------        ----     ----       ----------       --------------
----------       ----     ----       ----------       --------------
---    ---       ----     ----              ---       ----      ----
---    ---       -------------       ----------       ----      ----
---    ---        -----------        ----------       ----      ----
						     -----Posting by Lee
				  ----Inspired by Lee, Lifeson and Peart


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 16:38:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: mhoupt@uceng.uc.EDU (Michael R Houpt)
Subject: short but sweet

hey all,

just a couple quick remarks...

first of all, I would like to thank the person who wrote
in about the spelling errors because i have been noticing
a lot of mistakes myself, plus i got a big laugh out of it.
secondly, the group called Weather Report is a jazz group
in which the bassist Jaco Pastorious played with in the
early to mid-80's before he died.
third, i think the longest intro to a song before lyrics
come in would either be The Camera Eye or Hemispheres.

just some quick comments,



From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Cassette Bureau
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 14:14:10 PDT

I'd like to add one voice of support to the Cassette Bureau, especially
since they will do copying without submissions.  The only reason to
require something like this is if nobody gave anything, and only took.
If enough kind hearted people ante up, then it will be a service to
the greater human race.  As always, it is only as good as its

Chris Schiller


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 16:18:16 -0500
From: Brian Saunders 
Subject: Album Opinions

I've been seeing the reemergence of the "worst Rush album" thread (worst
Rush album - isn't that sort of paradoxical?), and over the last 4 days,
I have gone through EVERY non-boot Rush CD.  I figured since it has been
over a year since I have seen them in concert, the "new album" factor would
be eliminated.  My opinions:

My least favorite Rush disc is Presto.  I just don't like it that much,
compared to other Rush albums.  I never thought I'd like Hold Your Fire
better than Presto, but after multiple listenings to both CD's, that is how
I feel.  I can't exactly put my finger on it, but Presto just seems a bit
too soft for me.

Depending on my mood, just about any Rush album can be my favorite (with
the possible exception of a few), but here is how I would put them:

Upper tier:  2112, Caress of Steel, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres,
             Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals

Middle tier: Rush, Fly By Night, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows

Lower tier:  Hold Your Fire, Presto, Roll the Bones

I also listened to all the live albums, and thought that the sound on A
Show of Hands was vastly superior to that of the other two albums.  I
though All the World's a Stage sounded like the best concert to have been
at.  I was pretty disappointed with Exit, Stage Left.  For some reason, my
CD just sounds flat, and the band doesn't sound nearly as sharp as they do
on the other two albums (though ATWAS has more than enough feedback!).

Brian Saunders


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 16:48:54 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Let me slip into something more neurotic..." 
Subject: Imitating Geddy's voice

	We've all heard our friends do this.  Perhaps we've even done
it ourselves.  Can someone post their experiences about the most painful
Geddy wanna-be they've heard?  There seems to be a general law about
imitating Geddy's voice: the later it is, and the more time you have
been at a party, the worse the imitations get.  People who think they
are crooning Tom Sawyer at 2 a.m. usually sound like a castrated squirrel.

Thomas Beaudoin


Date: 19 May 1993 18:24:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Illiteracy - Write for free help

  Although I have a similar pet peeve with misspellings and such, one thing
did amuse me about Mr. Holtgren's post:

> Spare us the fancy French if you can't spell it. You're
> embarrassing yourself. It's "Au Contraire." Mon Frere.

  That should be one sentence, Mr. Holtgren.  :)  Just some friendly editing go to work on my post here and find my mistakes.  :)

    I am in a new place, and have only been catching my NMS's sporadically.
I remember reading about a presentation to be given to the band at Harvard
this past weekend by the Harvard Lampoon, or whatever they're called.  Did
this actually happen or was it just a rumor?  Anyone attend?  Do I have my
dates wrong?  Maybe it hasn't yet happened?
  Sorry if this is redundant, but like I said, I've missed some issues.
Hopefully, I'm back on track.  Thanks!!



My new local cable company is dropping WGN!!!  Life's not worth living!!!  So
long, Harry...So long, Steve...So long, Thom...   ::sniffle sniffle::


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 16:30:06 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy K Mcarthur 
Subject: Hold Your Flame!

This is in response to R. Kellerman's post about HYF. I think it is one of
their grettest albums eva. I donut think it is "Popp-ish." The production
of this masterpeace [by Peter Collin? - I cant rember] raisses the music
of RUSH to a new level-- it is so much more skillfully done than something
like Caress of Steel (although I like that a lot too). Incidentally, HYF
was the first Rush album I listen to completely, and got me hooked on
RUSH. But to degrade it so completely is baseless, give it another (close)
listen, please! The only song I don't like on it is "Open Secrets" but the
rest are awesome! Force Ten/Prime Mover/Lock&Key/Second Nature/Time Stand
Still... these are all some of the best music and lyrics that RUSH has
produced, and I say that as someone who detests pop with all of my stomach
too!! HYF is not pop (or poop), it's rock with high quality, high
production value (so much dimension to it), and don't say it sucks again!
"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 19:51:33 -0400
Subject: Weather Report: Forecast for Jazz

Weather Report is a jazz band that was around in the 60s-70s-80s and
for all I know is still going. I've never heard one of their albums,
but the band has had some of the best drummers in the world: Manu
Cache, Chester Thompson... These people may or may not have been an
influence on Neil. I don't think there was a pre-Rush totally
outstanding drummer in the group that could have been an early
influence on Neil.  If so I've never heard tell of one.

Sickness on TMNS:

Rich Kellerman: "it makes my stomach turn"
David A Warner: "it makes me want to vomit"

Please, get some pepto bismol and spare us!!!


|Since there are only a finite amount of recordings out there

Maybe so, but it would take a *long* time to get them all in one

|How do I know that when I spend $30 or $40
|on a recording that you don't already have it and all I get out of it
|is this one recording that everybody has.

If you are buying a bootleg just to get into RCB, you have the wrong
motivation. Get a bootleg for yourself first, and don't worry about
the rest.

|OK, the POINT: I have NO
|footware and I would be interest in the RCB, what do I do???

You don't need RCB, you need Pay-Less Shoe Source!

Long distance runaround, long time waiting to feel the sound (Yes)


Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 11:56:30 +1200
Subject: Heavy Weather

A clarification, Heavy Weather was Weather Report's best selling album
which included the original version of Birdland. I think it was released in
75/76. Sorry about the non-Rush content.

Martin Phillipson
New Zealand


Subject: Re: 05/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #683
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 21:31:30 EDT

My opinion about the RTB rap...
I actually like it!  I don't think it's very similar to any other rap
I hear..can't stand listening to rap, with the exception to certain
things from Public Enemy (which I don't rate in even my lower quarter favorite
of bands, but..)

I REALLY like the (synthesized?) organ included in the song...really fits,
IMO. As do I think the so-called 'rap' fits...
Still enjoying my NMS t-shirt..have gotten quite a few comments on it!

(still looking for an easy way to use a .sig) Jim


Date: Wed, 19 May 93 22:10:18 -0400
From: swaminathan gangadharan 
Subject: A-Y of Rush


    I introduced a friend of mine to Rush about 4 months back and before
that he had only heard about the name of the group. The "breaking in" period
for him was very short, just about one week or so. One probable reason was
that he used to listen to "intense" groups like pink floyd, Led Zep, and U2.
Anyway, now he is a huge Rush fan and has collected almost all of their studio
albums, except for S and PoW and the compilations. More interestingly he did a
short project which some of you fellow Rush fans might have done before. He
started recording  songs to blank cassettes from his CDs in alphabetical
order. I found that the only alphabets that Rush has'nt used as the starting
letter in the title of their songs are Q, U and Z (corrections, requested and
welcome). They even have songs starting with Y and X - you guessed it - Xanadu
and YYZ. I find this incredible.It is a unique experience  when you can listen
to say "Afterimage" followed by "Bravado". His alphabetical collection takes
you on a trip thro` time with Rush. I haven't listened to any of the
complilations, but I think my friends personal "compilation" is more diverse.
By the way, he subscribes to the NMS two.

   I agree with some of you guys/girls that HYF and POW have music which
compliments the lyrics very well. The subjects that NP has dealt with in those
albums and the way the other two guys have created the music is just stunning.
Despite this, why do some of us find those two albums  musically mediocre in
comparison with their other works? Beats me. Maybe these two albums are more
melodious than any other and some of us think that they should'nt be that way.

   Thanks for reading through.

   Take it easy.

   Swami Gangadharan



Subject: Couple 'o thoughts
Date: Wed, 19 May 93 22:52:19 EDT


   Just a couple of quick thoughts,

Longest time 'tween words in a song:

It offiical, I timed it,
Bytor and snowdog on All the worlds a stage.

Use of SB card to preserve songs,
not possible, One song even at low sampling rates can take up to
10 meg, anentire tape could press the 200 meg barrier, esspecially
with some of rush's songs.

  HYF is Awesome,



Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 20:02:51 -0700
From: Cody M. Stumpo 
Subject: I don't post enough

Weather Report was a tremendous band with the great Jaco Psatorius on bass
for several albums, including _Heavy Weather_.  Joe Zawinul was the keyboard
player, Wayne Shorter was on sax, and I think Tony Williams was the drummer.
(Tony also used to play with Miles Davis around the time of Ron Carter and
Herbie Hancock)  Oh jesus, I can't believe i misspelled Pastorius, forgive
me.  "Birdland" is the big hit, but listen to "Teentown" for really bitching
bass and drum work.  90% of bassists are influenced by Jaco, Geddy presumably
being no exception.  Alphonso Johnson and Miroslav Vitous also took turns in
the bass chair and did very well.  Jaco later went on to work with Joni Mitchell
and Joe Zawinul went on to become Joe Zawinul.
I was playing along with Exit Stage Left today and I noticed the vocals on
Xanadu come in at about five minutes.  That would be hard to beat.  The vocals
in La Villa Strangiato I failed to notice the time for, but the suggestion
was dead versions only.  Cygnus X-1 might be up there.
I was at the Oakland show last year and sat more or less at te soundboard.  I
forget the name of the boot I'm discussing here.  The only bootleg concert
I've ever heard was really old and it sounds like there are about five
people there.  They finish some incredible song like Bastille Day and you
hear clap........clap.............clap.............crickets.......yawn.
Reminds me of my band, the immortal Death Chicken.  No one seems to like it
very much when we play Rush songs.  Too bad, cause that's about half of our


Date: 19 May 93 23:43:28 EDT
From: "Haplo Peart \"RushFan(Tm)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Posting guidelines

Hy RushFans(Tm),

        Sorry about the lack of Rush Content in this message, but
I think it is needed, from the content of some of what has been posted
recently on NMS, it is a file that that was mailed to me when I first started
on Mailing lists and Newsgroups, it explains some of the edicate that is
expected in such forums,

Guidelines for Posts to UseNet News and Internet Mail Lists:

        The use of Usenet news and Mailing lists is not a right it is a
 Those that are in charge of these forums reserve the right to censor and
even delete you!!!  Follow these rules for your own good.  They will also
keep the number of flames you recieve to a minimum, and generally keep others

1.  Personal Flames are not in anyway tolerated in Forum, DO NOT post
    personal Flames to forum, if you have beef with someone take it up with
    them on E-Mail, Forums are for the entertainment, and information of
    participants, Not your personal wars.
2.  If you have an opinion to express, by all means do so, but support it,
    no one wants to read an unsupported opinion it does nothing to
    entertain or inform them.  Unsupported opinions also tend to start
    flame wars and threads that just refuse to die.
3.  If you notice that an ongoing discussion in a forum has degenerated to
    only one or two other people, besides you take it to E-Mail, others in
    the forum are probably sick of it, and would like it if it would go away.
4.  Forum leaders(guess thats you Rush-mgr), are God in there Domain(NMS),
    waht they say goes, don't even bother to argue, See Opening paragraph
5.  Refrain from using all capitals in your postings, it is hard to read, and
    Capitalizing entire words is considered shouting, so use it for shouting
    one or two words for emphisis at most.
6.  Don't carry one disscussions with one person in forum, that is the
    reason E-mail exists, get the persons E-mail address and take it from
7.  Don't say you will do something unless you truly intead to, this happens
    quite often with "I'll Summarize" posts, if you say you'll do something
    and it falls through (ie. not enough responces) let people know that!
8.  Make liberal use of emoticons :)  they say so much and take up so little
    space :-}.
9.  Stick to the subject of the forum, and if you must go off subject in a
    post apoligize for it, explain why you did it.
10.  Learn to use the quote features of your editor, if it doesn't have a
     quote feature, find one that does or do it your self!  People don't
     want to reread articles they have already read, also incluse just
     enough of waht you are refering too to refresh the memory, one or
     at most two lines is usually good.
11.  Most of all have fun!!!! #|-]>-
12.  Special addition of NMS keep .sigs to around 5 lines, or not
     at all.
13.  Most people have a 80 character per line screen so format your
     postings as such.

        Well thats it,



Subject: Rich Keller, OUCH
Date: Thu, 20 May 93 0:10:46 EDT
From: "The Wombat" 

Um, geez, I'm hurt, OW!!!!!
	Hey man, OK so you don't like Hold Your Fire, but hey, we're
all Rush fans on this list, and so you accuse us of having no taste in
music if we like HYF! That's not too nice.
I don't like being told such things, it kinda disrupts my reading of a
mostly enjoyable TNMS.
Rush to me is a band constantly in transition, maybe you did not have
HYF in 1987, I didn't, but when I listen to it I often think of the
world at that time, The Cold War, the fear, and I mean real fear of
other countries, people actually believing that the Soviet Union and
it's people were a class sub-human in nature. I try to think what
might have been on Niels mind, maybe wife problems, internal
struggles, feeling old. The guys all seem like nice and thinking
peeple, the lyrics show it in this album, the music does as well.
Think about music of the time, pop charts were full of A-Ha and
Icehouse, and the like, you think HYF was Popish then? Not very
likely, Rush is often ahead of it's time, maybe to youo HYF sounds pop
and cliche, Personally I like it, as well as p/g esp songs such as
mission, prime mover, open secrest, turn the page is great on ASOH, on
p/g I think Afterimage is incredible, the body electric, red lenses,
between the whels all are great.
I know, you are more than entitled to your own opinions, but hey, do
you really need to call us all idiots just because we don't agree with
you? Does it make you feel any better? or perhaps justify your
position any more? Maybe it's just me but using tactics like that
makes you seem self righteous and silly. I'm trying not to start a
flame it's just that I thought it was kinda rude to be so close minded
about musical taste. Thats all. Shoot me eh...

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-The Wombat IS Matthew Frazer-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
     Something I don't understand... these neo-nazi skinhead types, don't
they know that having ones head shaved was a sign of disgrace in Nazi Germany?
   Well, whatever... I've got a 1985 Saab 900 Turbo with 111k miles on it :>
--------------------------------=Be Seeing You=--------------------------------


Date: Wed, 19 May 1993 21:53:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Moon Roach 
Subject: Hold Your Fire

Good God, man(whoever it was that slurred HYF's good name).  Give a few
more listens.  I, too, love CoS.  FBN was my first album, and CoS followed
eventually.  Hold Your Fire did take a while to get into, but now I rate
it as one of their best albums ever!  Certainly the most polished of the
post MP pre-Presto(another candidate for Top Album, BTW).  It's just like
when I first saw the ASOH video.  The first time, it seemed a little
weird.  After a while, I have come to love and know every bit of it.
Especially check out their version of _Mission_.  When I watch it, and
hear the pure tones of Geddy's voice along with his synth, it makes the
back of my neck tingle and a tear come to my eye.  God, it's a great
album.  And a great video.  The encore of 2112(intro)/La Villa/In the Mood
never fails to kick butt.

I love old rush.  I really love the passion, precesion, and lyrical
brightness of newer rush.

(to the guy who asked if first albums are favorite:  Yes, for a long time
FBN was my favorite album.  Now...HARD decesion.  aaaarrgh! I love them all!)


			<==AMIGA RULES==>

Proud new owner of an A1200!			The life of an S.A. is a
'You don't have to be a Jew			hard, underpaid one.
 To disapprove of murder
Tears burn my eyes...'			the sig of:
------R.W.			The Merely Magnificent MOON ROACH!
'When I go I don't know what I'm going to find
 And when I go I don't know what I'm leaving behind...'


Subject: Longest time lapse before lyrics start
Date: Thu, 20 May 93 7:06:55 GMT
From: Dominic Binks 

How about the live version of La Villa Strangiato ? :-)

Dominic Binks


Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 01:02:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Moon Roach 
Subject: rush mods?

Does anyone know of any mods of rush songs?

			<==AMIGA RULES==>

Proud new owner of an A1200!			The life of an S.A. is a
'You don't have to be a Jew			hard, underpaid one.
 To disapprove of murder
Tears burn my eyes...'			the sig of:
------R.W.			The Merely Magnificent MOON ROACH!
'When I go I don't know what I'm going to find
 And when I go I don't know what I'm leaving behind...'


Date: Thu, 20 May 93 07:31:16 EDT
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: first album favorites

Steve Heller writes...

> curious: Is your favorite RUSH album the first one you ever got
> into?  My first listen was MP and it is still by far my favorite

Well Steve, the first Rush album that I turned on to was also Moving Pictures.
I grew up in northern New York, and Rush got a lot of air play (probably
because the only decent FM station we got came from somewhere in Canada).
Then a couple years later, as a freshman in college I saw them early on in
the Signals tour (in Buffalo, also a big Rush town).  I had heard Signals a
few times from a guy who lived in my dorm, but wasn't a confirmed fan yet.
Well, the Signals concert was not only my first Rush concert, but was my
first concert.  I heard a lot of cool songs that I didn't recognize, and that
was it!  I was hooked.  The first album I bought was AFTK, at a garage sale
the summer following freshman year.  Then, as a sophomore, the release of p/g
marked the first of many semi-annual trips to record stores on the day of the
latest release, eagerly waiting while boxes were unpacked so I could be one
of the first to hear the new stuff.  So I kind of "joined the club" at about
the midpoint of the band's history, and have sinced picked up all the stuff
previous to MP, and bought each release since p/g as it came out.  Through all
of this though (now we get to the point of this whole mindless post) MP and
Signals remain my all time favorites, with The Camera Eya and The Analog Kid
being favorite songs respectively.

Sorry for the long rambling "history of me in the free world" post...

Chris Bush          /           \                "Carpe Diem" - Seize the Day
CAE-Link Corp.     /_____/^\_____\               "Carpe Carp" - Seize the Carp
Binghamton, NY     \     \_/     /  Q: How is Christmas the same as Halloween?      \           /   A: Because Dec(imal) 25 = Oct(al) 31
   The above represents my own opinions, not those of my place of business!


Date: 20 May 93 13:10:42 BST
Subject: Producers etc

Hi everyone
            This is my first posting. As regards which is the better
            produced albums (PoW & HYF or P & RTB) does it really
            matter. THEY ARE ALL GOOD!!!. OK there are some songs
            that I like better than others, but isn't that what
            freedom of choice is all about. I must say that I do now
            prefer the later RUSH to earlier albums, but again thats
            only my opinion.

            Of the top of my head, is the longest intro A Farewell to
            Kings itself? - just a guess.

            With regards to to the longest gap between gigs, I saw
            the SIGNALS tour in 1983 & then the RTB tour last year
            (maybe not a record, but they don't come to the UK very
            often anyway.)

            The hardest albums to "get into" for me were P/G & P.
            They just had a different sound which alienated me
            initially. The easiest albums were S & MP which I bought
            together and played one after the other about 7 times
            because I loved them so much.

            Finally, are there any other sources of information to FTP
            from other than SYRINX & ANAGRAM.

            James in the UK
            (If we burn our wings, flying too close to the sun)


Date: 	Thu, 20 May 1993 05:19:57 PDT
Subject: Re:Obscure Trivia Dept.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

	In regards to the song in which the lyrics come in after the longest
amount of time, wouldn't that be 2112.  Considering Overture is almost four or
five minutes long until the "meek shall inherit the Earth .2...3...4".  I'm not
sure and I am open to correction, but I thought this would be the best
candidate.  All corrections are accepted and welcome.

Just my opinions,


Date:  Thu, 20 May 1993 07:59:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject:  TNMS Grammar

I, too, am one of the world's worst when it comes to commenting on
other people's grammatical mistakes.  So, since this seems to be
a hangup for others, I thought I'd post something that I saw a
while back that's quite amusing.

  "A Plan for Improvement of English Spelling" by Mark Twain

  For example, in Year 1 that useless letter "c" would be dropped
  to be replased either by "k" or "s", and likewise, "x" would no longer
  be part of the alphabet.  The only kase in which "c" would be retained
  would be the "ch" formation, which will be dealt with later.  Year 2
  might reform "w" spelling, so that "which" and "one" would take the
  same konsonant, wile Year 3 might well abolish "y", replasing it with
  "i" and Iear 4 might fiks the "g/j" anomoli wonse and for all.
  Jenerally, then, the improvement would kontinue iear bai iear
  with Iear 5 doing awai with useless double konsonants, and Iears 6-12
  or so modifaiing vowlz and the rimeining voist and unvoist konsonants.
  Bai Iear 15 or sou, it wud fainali bi posibl to meik ius ov thi
  ridandant letez "c", "y", and "x" -- bai now jast a memori in the maindz
  ov ould doderez -- tu riplais "ch", "sh", and "th" rispektivli.
  Fainali, xen, aafte sam 20 iears ov orxografkl riform, wi wud
  hev a lojikl, kohirnt speling in ius xrewawt xe Ingliy-spiking werld.

Remember, he had an English accent; so, take that into consideration when
trying to decipher this.  If you can't figure it all out, send me some
email and I'll send you the deciphered version.



Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 08:59:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Whoops!

I would like to apologize for yesterday's ramblings.  As I was
composing my "masterpiece" there were many distractions around me
and I kind of screwed up my intentions.
What I meant to say was that during the song "The Spirit of
Radio", in the passage that has "freedom of music", Geddy changed
the word music to baseball being that it was the day after
opening day.  Sorry for the confusion and lack of attention on my
part.  Silly me, letting work get more important that the NMS.

Also, on the Freewill discussion, I have always assumed the way
it is sung in the song; "If you choose not to decide you still
have made a choice" is correct.  Taken literally it makes perfect
sense.  I have no idea what the CD lyrics are written as, but if
they are "cannot have made a choie" I would consider it to be a
typo (of course I was an accounting major so what the hell would
I know).

Steve Heller
U of Cincinnati

P.S. I also agree with Dani Ponsa, "Red Barchetta" from ESL is
their best live song.


Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 09:16:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 05/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #683

>took a lot of listening to get used to it.  It gives me the same feeling as
>HYF did when it came out: disappointment.  Don't get me wrong.  I like these
>albums, but I guess I just expected more.  Personally, I still think that

Speaking of disappointment, I like the songs, but I was disappointed by the
frequency response of the mixing on the album.
My friend and I have a running joke about Rush...  When RTB came out we both
heartily agreed that there was way too much treble in mix.
He always says that the members of Rush, after too many years of LOUD music,
have lost their hearing for high frequencies, and does a silly impression of
someone saying "What's that? I can't hear the treble eh?" accompanied by a hand
gesture indicating someone pushing up slider controls on a sound mixing
board... :^)
Maybe you just had to be there :^)

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Date:  Thu, 20 May 1993 13:18:11 +0000
From: "Nick (N.T.) Pitfield" 
Subject:  Comments on HYF....

>   I am kind of new to this list, but I have to say that the albums Hold Your
>Fire and is the worst album I have ever heard.  It is so Psuedo poppish that
>it makes my stomach turn(literally!!!!!).  How can anyone listen to this that
>doesn't have to(as in someone who is committed to a home for those with no
>ear for music whatso ever).  I mean to listen to these songs is to put your
>finger down your throat(the term here is GAG).  If you like this album
>you really need to call 1-800-DOCTORS to get the name of a good psychiatrist
>in your area.  Well, now that that is over, I am so glad to be on this list
>and look forward any reviews of Caress of Steel(It is my personal favorite)
>and thier other albums.  I lok forward to any comments anyone has about my
>first posting.

In reply in Rich's well argued case for simultaneously listening to HYF and
gagging, I say....

Grow up lad ! Everybody has different tastes and different opinions, and the
sooner you start to respect them, the better.

For the record, I happen to like HYF a lot (and it soesn't make me gag), but
I don't like COS much. I like 2112 and POW, and love MP. That makes me some-
what different from you - but so what, it's individuality that makes us Human
Beings so interesting.

PS Don't forget, opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one and they all
stink !



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Date: Thu, 20 May 93 10:07:15 -0400
From: (Russ Arcuri)
Subject: Re: Trashing HYF

Rich Kellerman writes:

>   I am kind of new to this list, but I have to say that the albums Hold Your
>Fire and is the worst album I have ever heard.  It is so Psuedo poppish that
>it makes my stomach turn(literally!!!!!).  How can anyone listen to this that
>doesn't have to(as in someone who is committed to a home for those with no
>ear for music whatso ever).  I mean to listen to these songs is to put your
>finger down your throat(the term here is GAG).  If you like this album
>you really need to call 1-800-DOCTORS to get the name of a good psychiatrist
>in your area.

If you are writing this just to try to get flamed, you will probably be
successful.  You will probably notice after reading this group a while that
different people have different opinions and that opinions are neither
wrong nor right.  People that like HYF are not insane and do not deserve to
be trashed by those that don't.  In the future, please keep your opinions
music-related, and refrain from posting your obviously uninformed
psychiatric evaluations to the group.

Anyhow, on to your post:

I'm sure the rest of this group is getting sick of hearing this story, so
for those that have, ignore the next two paragraphs.

I too felt exactly the same way about HYF when it first came out.  I really
did hate it, and I even sold the CD to a used music shop after about a
month.  I suppose I didn't like it because it sounded so different from the
type of Rush music I liked best - MP, AFTK, and PW.  And that's the catch -
because it didn't sound like _I_ wanted / expected it to sound, I never
gave it much of a chance.

So, for about three years, I never bothered to listen to it and I trashed
it when people talked about it.  Then, about two months ago, for no
apparent reason, I decided to give it another listen.  This time, though, I
listened to it like I was listening to a new group, with no preconceived
notions about how it should sound.  Lo and behold (I'm really starting to
sound like an evangelist here), I liked it!  Not only do I like the album,
I think it is one of their top 3 or 4 albums.  Contrary to your previous
comment, it is not "Psuedo poppish" - it is just different from their
previous work.  If it was so "pseudo poppish" then I'm sure MTV and the top
40 radio stations would have hopped right on it.  It is richly textured and
I really doubt that you've given it a good listen.

'Nuff said for now,
Russ Arcuri


Date: 20 May 1993 11:12:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: RCB debate

Dude, if you don't like the RCB, then don't flame it.  We are all adults
who can make our own choice as to whether or not we want to use the RCB.
I have no idea what you hope to accomplish by persistently putting down
the RCB.  You certainly won't stop them from operating.  You definitely
aren't making yourself any friends this way.
I don't think that it's out of place for me to say that you've made your
point about the RCB.  In fact, I would say that your point is abudantly
clear to the point of being overbearing.
Don't take this as a personal flame, Scott. It's not meant to be.  But I think
that I can safely say that we can make up our minds for ourselves, okay?

Please "hold your fire" on this topic.  Thanks all, have a great day.



Date: Thu, 20 May 93 08:18:12 PDT
From: (Kevin B. Fournier)
Subject: RAP??


As a fan of such acts as Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, and Del La Sol
I have to say that what Geddy does in Roll the Bones isn't really rap.  There
is little of the hard style, the hip-hop culture, the unique (and negative)
view of the dominant american culture, or the sexist mysogeny (sp) that
characterizes what I consider real rap.  Perhaps we should discuss wether we
like the work Rush has done on a track rather than wether we'll accept it or
not if they 'traffic with the devil'.

BTW, just because I like rap, and rap often is possessing of an attitude of
sexist mysogeny does not mean I am possessing of said attitude.




Date: Thu, 20 May 93 16:25:46 BST
From: 'Kemarin' 
Subject: Various, kind of related (Rush), topics...

Hello all, long time no type.
1) Just noticed the other day that on the rap in RTB (which is good BTW, why
   do people keep moaning about it?  Lighten up :) ) that the last line in
   the first part goes "From Nome to Rome, Boy" whilst on the t-shirt that I
   bought when watching the boys in London says "From Rome to Nome, Boy".  Has
   anybody else noticed this?
2) I recently purchased some Rush footware at a music fair (they had loads of
   Rush stuff, could have spent 250 pounds upwards!), including Rushian
   Roulette and The Fly.  The Fly is quite a good recording of some show or
   another (can't remember exactly which at the moment), but why is it called
   The Fly?  Is there a vague Rush connection that I haven't been able to work
   out yet, or just a name that somebody thought sounded good?  Also, on this
   album, the song "Ghost Of A Chance" is called "Ghost Of Dance".  I do like
   the care and attention that goes into making some of these albums :)
3) This new album, any idea what it'll be like yet?  As much of a jump as
   there has been between albums before now?

Anyway, that's all for now, must go.

P.S. - Is it really too much to ask that people take time and type properly
       (Or at least, the best they can manage)?  I mean, you wouldn't send
       a letter with ten spelling mistakes, would you?  Let's try and keep
       the quality up, eh :)

P.P.S. - Kevin Cyrus : Yeah, very good, except that it probably took you
         longer to type that than it would have done in English.  Still,
         never mind, I think I know what point you were making.


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Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 12:07:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RTB

Hey, just wanted to put in a little defense here for RTB, I've
been working a cake walk lab job for the last 8 weeks, which has given
me am,ple opporunity to reselect my favorite Rush discs, and I have to
say that RTB is getting some heavy air time! I, also, after hearing
RTB pretty much dropped it out of my head and counted it as the
least listened to disc of my collection, however... I've gone back
to it and have begun to appreciate every aspect of the album. It is
really an incredible disc and I only ask that you give it a second
chance. As for the ill fated rap in the middle, The memories it
brings up for me are the scenes in Revenge of the Nerds when they all
sing their rap, which seems to contain the same rhythm in the
back ground to me. Oh well.. Signals transmitted, message received.
The Camera Eye probably has the longest space before words.. And what
the hell is Geddy saying at ther end of Digital Man???


From: Doug Grumann 
Subject: get a life?  got one!
Date: Thu, 20 May 93 9:19:28 PDT

What Neil thinks about the mailing list shouldn't really matter to
anyone but him, right?  If you enjoy reading the posts, then read them
and if you don't, unsubscribe.  Neil is not one to appreciate fandom
in any form.  I don't share his point of view (being a long-time
subscriber to TNMS) but then again I haven't been chased down the
freeway by fans trying to peek in my van window and hand me notes at


Date: 20 May 1993 12:37:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Samantha--First Lady of Rush 
Subject: Just a few thoughts.......

My $.50.........
        First, I happen to like the rap in RTB.  Yes, yes, I know.  Our
favorite white canadian rock group is attempting a musical style that
isn't my favorite either.  But from the guitar player interview I read,
they meant it as more of a joke than anything else (who? them? Never! :-))
I mean, what could be more amusing than 3 white canadian guys trying
to do a rap!  And it's much better than any other rap I've heard.  They're
saying much more than the cursory "I'm too sexy for this song" crap.
Yeah, for faithful Rush fans, it's not the usual fare, but if you
wanted the same styles rehashed for years and years, you should be a
Neil Diamond fan.........
        Second, let's remember a bit of the same thing when insisting
that certain albums are the absolute best thing since sliced bread.
I'll have to admit, I love HYF because of the lyric content, but I
don't put it on when I'm "In the Mood" [sorry, had to be said!!]  for
something a bit heavier. The main reason why I love these guys so much
is the simple fact that they're constantly changing, and although some
of their experiments may not be the best in my opinion, I still own
the albums.  I'm not saying it's not ok to give your opinion.  Heck, I'm
sure if you took a poll ;-) there would be people who agree with everyone on
        Feel free to flame me, etc.  I'm wearing my asbestos underwear this

                                Love and kisses!!


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