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          The National Midnight Star, Number 685

                   Monday, 24 May 1993
Today's Topics:
        05/20/93 - The National Midnight Star #684
                Re::Geddy Lee Imitators!!
                      Quizzes, etc.
             The RCB, the Rap, N' the Rest...
                    Worst Guitar Solo?
                  Re: Posting Guidelines
                     The new album...
                   rush mods, HYF, etc.
                     GUP, HYF, PW & S
                    Alphabetical List
          Neil Peart's Influences and Aimee Mann
                     Re: Terry Brown
                      Weather Report
                   Rush Trivia Question
                  Weather Report and HYF
             Interview coming, Help me please
                  Seeking Advice...Again
                   Rush 'N' Roulette 92
                    Album comments...
                      Lakeside Park
    FAQ: Changes to Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Date: Mon May 24 10:31:12 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Friday, May 21. I'm a bit behind on adds/drops, and
have a midterm today so I won't get to them until after the digest goes out.
I'll take care of them all tonight though. And there is a new FAQ out, the
diff file is at the end of today's digest. If you want a copy of the FAQ, send
me e-mail and I'll mail you one (if your mailer can't handle long messages
PLEASE tell me that and I'll split it up for you).

- rush-mgr


Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 19:17:43 -0400
Subject: 05/20/93 - The National Midnight Star #684

Caress of Steel on the radio? Believe it or not, I did hear Lakeside
Park here locally on a harder rock station that plays Rush on rare
occasions. Probably a highlight of my life :)

If it wasn't for Hold Your Fire, I'd not have ever gotten in to Rush.
I had gotten the first live album and not liked it, but I got HYF and
slowly grew to love it. There are some GREAT songs on it!!! No one can
say that Mission, Turn the Page, Force 10, Time Stand Still, and such
aren't great songs. They're not the Fountain of Lammewhatever, but
they're great. And wonderful *live* numbers.

Of course, I like most of the songs on Roll The Bones! And I like the
older stuff. My problem is that I can't get too much music -- I like
to listen to all kinds of it, and good bands are good no matter what
format their songs take.

The Rap: hey, Rush is *PROGRESSIVE*, remember? Anyway, if they didn't
try something new occasionally, they might as well quit. The rap is
certainly lyrically more intelligent than most rap lyrics. You need
something occasionally different. It isn't "rap" anyway as much as
speaking in rhyme, poetry.

Flame wars erupt like dormant volcanoes awakening:

About the grammar/spelling: written communication is facilitated by
clarity. If people are trying to puzzle out what you're trying to say
through all the mistakes, it severely detracts from your point. Even
one mistake makes you look illiterate at worst or lazy at best to a
reader. (Sorry, but that's true. That's not an opinion.) Sure, TNMS is
not a resume, but you can run a spell checker and then proofread your
post before mailing. Use a text editor to compose your message. Use
the 'look' utility if you are on a UNIX system. VMS systems with TPU
have slews of aids. Have a dictionary handy. Get a pocket dictionary.
It never ceases to amaze me how many errors there are in posts to
mailing lists and Usenet, especially considering the bulk of the net
is composed of *college students* who ought to be proficient in basic
grammar and spelling.  (Don't colleges have entrance essays and
required freshman language courses anymore?  Mine does!)

The biggest problem on the net is "its" and "it's" -- I can't
*believe* no one knows the difference. "Its" is posessive, "it's" is a
contraction.  Posessive: "Hold Your Fire is a great album because of
its diversity of songs." Contraction: "It's great to be a Rush fan."
Their, they're, there and other homonyms are big problems. Spelling
isn't that much of a problem, for some reason. Maybe spell checkers.
Spell checkers will *not* point out incorrect usage.

Daddy! Oh, Daddy, you promised... (Genesis, 1977)


Date: Thu, 20 May 93 19:36:08 EDT
From: (Jay J. Thompson)
Subject: Re::Geddy Lee Imitators!!

One of the worst Geddy Lee imitations I have ever experienced was when I went
toa Karoakie (Sorry, I don't know the spelling) show at my school.  They
had only one RUSH song (Tom Sawyer), and the guy who was singing it was AWFUL!!

I have NEVER heard anyone sing that tune that low (Were talking baratone voice
here), and it sucked!!

/ Jay Thompson                           |Quote:  "The More We Live, The More
/ 		 | We Learn, The More We Know"
/ Home of the 2 Time Major Indoor Lacross| --YES
/ League Champion BUFFALO BANDITS!!!	 | --From the Album _Union_


Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 17:52:23 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy K Mcarthur 
Subject: Quizzes, etc.

	The longest time before Geddy starts singing? Well that would
probably be 2112, but since the Overture is a seperate part, let' snot
consider that. The candidates then are: Cygnus X-1, Jacob's Ladder, Camera
Eye, Hemispheres(first section). My guess... Cygnus X-1. Is someone going
to check on all this and post the answers? I'm too lazy.
	I have another little quiz for y'all: what was the last song not
written by either Lee or Lifeson or Lee/Lifeson? i.e. the last song on
which Neil didn't contribute? My guess... Chemistry (1982).
	Other thoughts and questions: is there a collection with RtB
videos? I haven't seen them yet! Is there a Signals disc that has been
My rush "tier":Upper=Hemispheres,Signals,MP,HYF,2112,P/G,PeW}=incredible!
	        Middle=Rtb,Rush,AFtK,FBN... great albums
		 Lower=Presto, PoW, CoS... good albums
"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Date: 20 May 1993 22:30:33 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The RCB, the Rap, N' the Rest...


Hi, folks, it's me, Beezus.  There's a new RCB policy that maybe some of you
may enjoy hearing about:  You no longer need to provide an initial recording
in order to recoup whatever you'd like from the RCB catalogue.  That's right,
kiddies!  The RCB is, and sort of always was, a Rush clearinghouse and
archival base for those "rare" and "imported" Rush recordings that are just so
gosh-darn expensive and risky to buy.  We want to pass the savings onto you!

E-mail me,, if you'd like to have the latest RCB
catalogue e-mailed to ya'.  It's about eleven recordings long now.

THE "RAP":  It's great!  I laughed my fool head off when I heard it for the
            first time.  Granted, it's more of a spoken-word dialogue than a
            representation of what we're all used to hearing the Beastie Boys
            put out every four years or so, but it's still pretty damn silly
            to hear in the middle of a Rush song.  IMHO, I would've enjoyed
            hearing John "But He's NOT Pining!" Cleese do it.

THE REST:   I had hope for the Astros, but now I'm not so sure.

            "The Jerky Boys" CD is a must-have!  I procured "boot" copies of
            some of those calls two years ago, and I must say that it's great
            to hear Saul Rosenburg and Frank Rizzo in the clarity that CD
            technology offers.

            "Red Lenses" is still one of the greatest Rush compositions ever.

Enough for now!


From: "Larry (Q)" 
Subject: Worst Guitar Solo?
Date: Fri, 21 May 1993 07:13:50 -0400 (EDT)

We've all seen the "best guitar solo" thread, so now it's time for
the "worst guitar solo" thread.  I've never really thought about it
until this morning when I popped COS in my car's tape deck.  The
end of the Necromancer has to be the clumsiest guitar solo I've ever
heard.  So clumsy, in fact, that it reminds me of me.  :)

Anyone else have any thoughts?



From: "Larry (Q)" 
Subject: Re: Posting Guidelines
Date: Fri, 21 May 1993 07:15:23 -0400 (EDT)

You forgot one:  use a meaningful subject line.  Those of you who -
like me - scan the beginning list of subject lines find it very
annoying I'm sure to see a subject line that simply says
"TNMS Issue #blah blah" (or whatever it says).  PLEASE USE MEANINGFUL



Date: Fri, 21 May 93 08:30:37 -0400
Subject: Misquoting...

In  05/20/93 - The National Midnight Star #684
there was a post from Moon Roach which contained the following:
>From: Moon Roach 
>Subject: Hold Your Fire
>'When I go I don't know what I'm going to find
        ^^^^                      ^^^^^
> And when I go I don't know what I'm leaving behind...'

Now typos (typographical errors) and misspellings are one thing, (BTW,
I'm all for corrections as I think we all should be in a continuing
effort to better our grammar and vocabulary), BUT to misquote the very
artists that are the subject of this unique newgroup? Come on! The
lyrics were available via FTP even as you were posting that message.

Well, I don't want to sound too harsh. I know we all make mistakes.
But as time goes on and I get more and more information from various
newsgroups on the net, I begin to appreciate the really well written
posts.  IMO one must think twice about just how many people
will be taking time out of their day to read this stuff.  It may only
take a minute or two write, but since thousands of people (possibly
thousands, maybe more, who knows??) read it, it is seriously worth the
time to double check our writings before we post.

Please, this need not develop into a full-fledged discussion or
thread, but if everyone just puts in a little effort, the results
should be obvious in the *much* more interesting and enjoyable
discussions about our mutually appreciated and uniquely inspiring
super trio - RUSH!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
\            |  /\/\  John Turi - CTP Inc.| 'I didn't care, friend.          /
/|) || (  || | / /_ \       | I wasn't there, friend.          \
\|\ \/  ) || | \  / / 304 Vassar Street   | If it's the price of a pint that /
/            |  \/\/  Cambridge, MA 02139 | you need, ask me again.' - Ian   \


Date: Fri, 21 May 1993 08:51 EDT
Subject: The new album...

Hey everyone...

I have been away from the NMS for a while and i was wondering what is known or
has been inferred regarding a new release.  Critical Mass, right???  Anyway,
let me know please...

  ########       #     #            Kevin Ryan Patrick Kirwan
 #        #      #     #            Sophomore
#  #      #    # # # # # #          Political Science & History
   #######       #     #            The University of Pittsburgh
   #        #    #     #  
   #        #    #     #
   #    #   #   # #   # #  #        "Hail to Pitt!"
   #     ### ###   ###   ##


Date:    Fri, 21 May 1993 9:48:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: rush mods, HYF, etc.

Moon Roach  asked if there were any Rush mods.
Yes, there are a few. I have some of the mods including The Trees. If I
have time and I remember, I will try to send them FTP to the syrinx
anonymous ftp in the rush directory.

    I want to put in my support for HYF. I think HYF is a great album. Sure
it is not the same style as some of the older Rush, but it is still a very
good album. Also, I would like to say that GUP is probably my favorite Rush
album. Different people like Rush for different reasons, they are a very
diverse band. There is no need to slander any of there albums or insult the
people who prefer one album over another.

    As for digitizing rush songs using a SoundBlaster, it is possible.
However, you must realize that for a good sampling of songs, the resulting
files would be rather large (10-20 MB). This in itself is not a big problem
since many people (myself included) have tape drives with 120 MB tapes
which can be used to archive the files (tapes are about $20 each). I would
be willing to do this except at the moment I do not have a stereo (the
quality of the sampling would be dependent on the quality of the analog
signal provided).

Rod Harrison
Dept. of Medical Biophysics
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
Toronto, Ontario


Date: Fri, 21 May 93 08:57:45 PDT
From: (Matt Elkins)
Subject: GUP, HYF, PW & S

Just wanted to second DOVE JAMES BRIAN's positive comments about these
wonderful Rush albums.  One of the things I love about the band (and
BTW this can also be said of my other fave Queensryche) is the way they
never cease to grow and change.  Each new album explores an exciting new
musical direction.  The only quality they all share is excellence.
Basically I see Rush as having two major periods, pre-Signals and post-
Signals (I could also be convinced that MP is the dividing point), and
I love them both for different reasons.  PW is probably my favorite
post-Signals album, but I also really like HYF and GUP.

As for Rich Kellerman's statements about the "Psuedo poppish"(sic) nature
of HYF, frankly I don't see how anyone who calls themself a Rush fan could
believe that they are CAPABLE of writing anything because they think it
will be a 'hit'.  As far as I'm concerned, the musical integrity of the
three gentleman is beyond reproach.

Rich asked for comments about his post, here's mine... you're welcome
and encouraged to state your opinions, but I would suggest you refrain
from insulting people who disagree with them, it only makes you look
childish and closed-minded.

-- Matt C. Elkins          |Theres a thought that fills your mind, A vision
                           |of a time, when knowledge was confined.  And|then we wonder how machines can steal each others
                           |dreams. From points that are unseen...It's real - Q


From: beatles@leland.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Alphabetical List
Date: Fri, 21 May 93 9:44:07 PDT

A few weeks ago (either here or on someone posted the playlist
of some radio station that played every Rush song in alphabetical order.  I
lost my copy (actually, someone erased it off my hard disk); I was wondering
if someone could e-mail it to me?


Sopan Joshi

"Grab yourself a can of pork soda!"
		-- Primus


Date: Fri, 21 May 93 17:13:38 EDT
Subject: Neil Peart's Influences and Aimee Mann

Yes, Neil Peart has been influenced by Manu Katche' of Weather Report.  He
mentioned this in his last Modern Drummer interview.  A brief list of his
influences includes: Phil Gould (Level 42), Stewart Copeland (Police), Keith
Moon (The Who), Gene Krupa (of big band fame), Michael Giles (King Crimson),
Bill Bruford (Crimson, Yes, Earthworks), Buddy Rich, and Alex Acuna (Weather
Report, studio cat).  Aimee Mann has just released her first solo album, and
it's receiving some decent airplay on eMpTyV and WIQB here in Ann Arbor.
Personally, her music is not all that wonderful, but it looks like she
might hit it big.  WIQB followed up her single "I Should've Known" by playing
"Time Stand Still" to make it a double dip of Aimee.  For Steely Dan fans,
Donald Fagan has a new solo album coming out next week and it features most
of the cats from Steely's past sessions.


Subject: Re: Terry Brown
Date: Fri, 21 May 93 18:14:19 EDT


In response to a couple days ago - someone asked what else Terry Brown has
He produced Max Webster's 1977 LP "High Class in Borrowed Shoes" - an
excellent album.
I'm not sure what else he did, though.

Rob Aquino


Date: Fri, 21 May 1993 19:51:42 +0000
From: Robert King 
Subject: Weather Report

>Date: Tue, 18 May 93 10:45:22 -0600

>Hey has anyone heard the music of "Weather Report" or "Heavy Weather" (one
>is group name and the other is album title but I don't know which is which).

>I heard that this group was a heavy influence for Neil Peart's drumming.

>Is it any good?

Weather Report is a fusion (kind of,) jazz group from the late seventies (don'
t know if they're still around.)  My brother, a jazz musician from North Texas
State University (GO EAGLES!) listened to them a lot in high school and
college.  From what I remember of them, they were pretty good, not that silly
pop-jazz you hear from the likes of Spiro Gyra or The Manhattan Transfer.
This stuff was *real* jazz.

Robert King

P.S. Did you know the rock group, The Eagles got their name from North Texas
State U.'s mascott, an eagle?  Yep!  Don Henley's from East Texas too.  (I *
think* maybe Joe Walsh is too, but I may be wrong...)


Date: Fri, 21 May 93 19:27:30 PDT
From: "Darren Kumasawa" 
Subject: HYF

Just a couple of comments...

The "Roll the Bones" Rap:
  My only complaint is that they did not perform the rap *LIVE* in
concert.  The band really wimped out on that one.  That was the biggest
disappointment of the last tour.

From: Chris 'Mortimer' Chamberlin 
>Okay, here's a fun one.  Name the song where the lyrics come in the
>LATEST. The true instrumentals (LVS, YYZ, and WMT) don't count...

Just a guess: "Camera Eye"

From: Rich Kellerman 
>   I am kind of new to this list, but I have to say that the albums Hold Your
>Fire and is the worst album I have ever heard.  It is so Psuedo poppish that
>it makes my stomach turn(literally!!!!!).

You're absolutely right, Rich!  Hold Your Fire is unfortunately *the*
penultimate POP album of our generation!  It just makes me sick that the band
sold out for the Big Wedge and the "Top 100" airplay on the easy-listening
radio stations.  Songs like "Force Ten" and "Prime Mover" are so mellow that
they always remind me of "Careless Whispers" by Wham.  And "Time Stands
Still" sounds like a Til Tuesday song or something - what's up with that?
Plus, I *hate* the two power ballads, "Mission" and "Second Nature", with
heir puppy-love lyrics -- we get enough of that from Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.
And what about "Lock and Key", which is all about *sex* of course, and
the former Billboard's "Number #1" and Grammy winner song "Tai Shan" ---
just what was the band thinking of when they wrote that trash?  Also,
musically, the songs are atrocious!  I'm sure all of Geddy's bass lines
were just sampled from old Jackson Five hits!  And what's with the drum
machine?  Was Neil trying to be like Phil Collins on this album?  And
where was Alex?  I can't hear a single guitar riff on the whole album?
Is Alex dead?

Compare every song from "Hold Your Fire" to "Lakeside Park" from
Rich's favorite album, "Caress of Steel", and you'll wish that Rush had
never left its trash-speed-metal phase... Damn, that song is *wild*!
And the lyrics to that song about baldness are just *MIND BOGGLING*!!!

Rich Kellerman, *you* are the greatest music critic in the history of rock.


Darren Kumasawa
Macintosh Tools Development
Oracle Corporation


Date: Sat, 22 May 1993 10:48:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: Rush Trivia Question

This question is directed to all the wrestling fans in the audience:

   What wrestler used to go by the the nickname "The Modern-Day Warrior"
?  (2 hints: "Tom Sawyer" played when he entered the "squared circle",
   also, he died recently :( )

mail answers to the following address:




Date: Sat, 22 May 1993 11:45:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: Weather Report and HYF

If I'm not mistaken Peter Erskine played drums with WP in the early '80s.  I
a WP tape from '82 (self-titled, features Dara Factor I and 2, Volcano For
Hire, etc) and I think he  played on that album. If I'm not
mistaken this was the last WP album
that Jaco played on before he was killed in '83.  Can anyone verify this?

HYF is a great album, much better than POW, IMO.  Open Secrets is a great
tune (listen to Ged's bass in the intro and you know why).  Mission is such
a beautiful song is gives me goosebumps (I know that songs hokey, but, I can't
describe it any better than that)



Date: Sat, 22 May 93 20:17:21 EDT
From: lhilbe46@Calvin.EDU (Lance Hilbelink)
Subject: 'rap'

G'day, all.

No offense meant to anyone, but I thoroughly hate rap.  However, when I
first heard the *spoken section* of "Roll the Bones," I thought it kinda
goofy, but interesting.  Therefore, I tend to think of the
aforementioned spoken section not as rap (which I thoroughly hate), but
as a spoken section (which I kinda like) to a very good song.

In addition, I have always considered the spoken section to be more of
a slam against "traditional" rap "music" instead of being rap itself.
Reasons: (1) The distorted voice used seems to poke fun at the vocal
"talents" of rap "artists."
	 (2) The lyrics of the spoken section seem to suggest that rap
"artists" have trouble facing the facts in their "songs."  E.g.: 'You
better run, homeboy/A fact's a fact from Nome to Rome, boy'
	 (3) The dancing skeleton in the video clip used on tour also
seems to poke fun at the stage antics of popular rap "artists."

Think about it, people.
Again, no offense intended, merely a few opinionated observations.

| Lance M. Hilbelink                     |
| Theta 33, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546          (616) 954-4229 |
|                             ** GO BREWERS! **                            |
| "Here's a soft pop-fly to short right field.  The second baseman settles |
|  under it.... It's outta here." --play-by-play announcer with absolutely |
|  no depth perception whatsoever.                                         |


Date: 23 May 93 00:09:25 EDT
From: "Haplo Peart \"RushFan(Tm)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Interview coming, Help me please

   Haplopeart RushFan(Tm) Here,

   Just two Quick comments,
   Anyone in the area of Brockton Ma, That has continental Cable
   There is going to be an interview with Rush on the public access
channel 6, on the show Outrageos!!!

   Second Comment NMS T-Shirt AweSome!!!!

Now for an appeal for help:
 I am currently working on a space adventure program and I need Planets
names, Ship names, and Peopel names for it, I intend to draw upon
music groups and their Music esspecially Rush to get these names,
So far I have:
CygnusX-1 as a world name
And Ged de Lee, General Niel Peart, and Captain A. Lifeson as People
I would appricate and further Ideas for these catagories from the list,
Rush References, or any other Group for that Matter, or any crazy
names you come up with,
Free Copy of Game to Person with best Contributions,

Haplo Peart
-"Are we last ones left alive...."-


Date: Sun, 23 May 93 16:36:28 EDT
Subject: Seeking Advice...Again

Hello again fellow Rushians! Let me ask my question again. I currently
have OtE and Live Under Pressure. Would Rush 'n Roulette '92 and Temple
of Syrinx be worth getting? I am trying to get a complete rendition of
Subdivisions live, and I heard that RR92 might have it. Does anyone know
this for sure? If possible, I would also like to know about the sound
quality of these two CD's. I would appreciate any useful advice any of
you out there can give me. Thanks, and keep on Rushin'!


Date: Sun, 23 May 93 19:42:55 -0400
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: Rush 'N' Roulette 92

I'm interested in buying the CD of this... anyone know where I can
locate a copy?


-<>Dylan<>-                     MA EMT-M, CA EMT-1A, BEMCo 107
Dylan Kaufman 			Major in Computer Science	Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
------<< Support your local Emergency Medical Services >>-------
"A modern-day warrior / Mean mean stride, / Today's Tom Sawyer /
 Mean mean pride." - Tom Sawyer, RUSH


Subject: Album comments...
Date: Mon, 24 May 93 14:25:00 EST

G'Day guys and gals,

    'Bout time there was a posting from Oz. I have been reading the recent
bantering on HYF and CoS recently so here's my A$0.02 worth.

    I think HYF *kicks*! I was listening to Force Ten today and I suddenly
realised why it is like it so much..... the song is 95% keyboard-free!! The
boyz went back to their roots of 1 guitar, 1 bass and a mammoth drum kit and
had to create music that was full. Result : A 'grungy', 'hard' guitar sound
and a wicked bassline! I think I'll talk my new band into covering that..!
LOVE that song. I also like Open Secrets. I guess this is because( like a lot
of people) this song means something special to me. I listened to it after my
girlfriend broke up with me :(( and I took heart from the meaning..."Time
will do its healing......let it go...". There was something in there that made
me think the end of the world was NOT nigh, and it made me happy. Basically,
the whole of side one is great!

    COS. I listened to this last week after a LONG time. SOOO long I could
hardly remember the material. Side 1 is fine. Side 2 was VERY dodgy. Some of
the stuff was WEIRd - especially that bit right at the end of a track (can't
remeber which) where GEd and someone SCREAMS real fast and the track ends.
BIZARRE material....quite hard to listen to. Didn't like it. Panacea is OK.
BUT don't worry boys and girls I'll just listen to it again and It will no
doubt grow on me...

    Oh well, enought from Sunny Sydney (yes, even in winter!). Some of you may
like to know (Meg, Jimmy, Chrystyna) that I am DEFINITELY coming out to USA
for th next tour (early '94 I guess) and I'd really appreciate someone to stay
with and handle some logistics at your end for me! Any offers ??

No worries mate(s)!



Date: Mon, 24 May 93 08:54:47 EDT
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: Lakeside Park

Anyone gathering at Lakeside Park today?


Date: Sun, 23 May 93 00:30:15 PDT
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: FAQ: Changes to Rush Fans Frequently Asked Questions

Rush FAQ: Changes since last posting

A few lines around each change are shown to give you an idea of the context.

If an answer to a question seems incomplete, or a question is listed and
then the answer isn't in this file, that's because this is the file that
shows what has changed since the previous posting of the FAQ.  Only the
things that have changed since the previous posting appear in this file,
along with a few lines around each change to show you the context of the

Lines that have been added have a + in the first column.
Lines that have been deleted have a - in the first column.
Lines that have been modified have a ! in the first column.  The old form of
the line is shown first, then the new form is shown.

 ----- Changes to faq.header -----

*** /tmp/da23227	Sun May 23 00:30:06 1993
--- faq.header	Mon May 17 10:16:37 1993
*** 41,50 ****
  Please consider this before sending me a suggestion for an addition.
- If obscure Rush trivia interests you, you'll probably want to read the
- Arcane Rush Trivia file, maintained by (Luis
- Loyo).  Send requests/suggestions for the ART to Luis, not to me.
  I know that it's fun to come up with pet theories for how things
  are related to each other.  But please don't send them to me saying that
  "It *can't* be a coincidence!"  I routinely ignore such email.  Send me
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     This was in the first week it was released.  It then dropped to number
     18 the following week and then out of the chart altogether.
+    Assorted info about songs in charts:
+   - "New World Man" made it into the US Top 40.
+   - In the UK charts, Rush had the following
+      Rel. Date     Title                              Highest     Weeks
+      11 Feb 78     Closer to the Heart                   36         3
+      15 Mar 80     Spirit of Radio                       13         7
+      28 Mar 81     Vital Signs/A Passage to Bangkok      41         4
+      31 Oct 81     Tom Sawyer                            25         6
+       4 Sep 82     New World Man                         42         3
+      30 Oct 82     Subdivisions                          53         2
+       7 May 83     Countdown/New World Man               36         5
+      26 May 84     The Body Electric                     56         3
+      12 Oct 85     The Big Money                         46         3
+ What awards has the band won?
+   - Juno's awards:
+        (1974) Most promising group of the year
+        (1977) Group of the year
+        (1978) Group of the year
+        (1991) Best Heavy Metal Album
+        (1991) Best album cover - "Presto"
+        (1992) Best Hard Rock Album
+        (1992) Best album cover - "Roll the Bones"
+   - Grammy's:
+        (1982) Runner-up in Best Rock Instrumental
+               "YYZ" - beat by The Police's "Behind my Camel"
+        (1992) Runner-up in Best Rock Instrumental
+               "Where's my thing" - beat by Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover"
+   - Geddy is in the Bass Hall of Fame for Guitar Player Magazine (he's
+     won Best Rock Bass more than 5 times).
+   - Alex won Best Rock Talent in 1983 (I assume that it's on the same mag),
+    and he was inducted into the Guitar for the Practicing Musician Hall of
+     Fame in May of 1991.
  Has anybody ever noticed that the band has put out a live album after every
  4 studio albums?
*** 863,868 ****
--- 907,933 ----
     Canton, CT 06019
     (203) 693-0506
+ Who says  in ?
+   -  Geddy says "One, two, buckle my shoe" in "In The End" on ATWAS.
+   -  Neil does the narrative during "The Necromancer."
+   -  I've never seen anything definitive saying who whispers in
+        "The Twilight Zone."
+   -  Neil does the "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation - we have
+       assumed control" bit at the end of "2112."
+   -  The deep voice at the beginning of "Cygnus X-1" is none other than
+        Terry Brown.
+   -  Neil says "Subdivisions" in the song of the same name,
+        even though Alex is shown saying it in the video and does it live.
+   -  Alex says "That's nice" at the end of "Chain Lightning."
+   -  We don't know who says "I will be the judge" and "Give the jury
+        direction."  Yoav Gershon  has digitized those
+        phrases and adjusted the pitch, and says that Neil Peart says those
+        phrases.
+   - According to Neil on the December 2, 1991 "Rockline," Geddy does the RTB
+     "chat" section.
  What is the marital status of the band members?
     In _Visions_, there is a group picture of all 3 band members and
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--- 955,977 ----
     As of March 4 1993, the "Neil has cancer" and "Neil has AIDS" rumors
     have been "officially" stated to be just that: rumors with no basis
     in fact.
+ I've seen  being used.  Who does it refer to?
+   Lerxt is the nickname of Alex Lifeson.
+   Ged and Neil also have nicknames, Dirk and Pratt. Hence "Lerxtwood Mall,"
+   "Old Dirk Road" and "Pratt & Co." on the map on the back cover of _Signals_.
+   Also, Neil is mentioned as "The Professor (on the drum kit)" in _All the
+     World's a Stage_.
+ Does Neil Peart have a PhD?
+   The rumor about Neil having a PhD in something is false. In _Visions_, Neil
+   is quoted (on page 65) as saying that he is a high school dropout.  I don't
+   see how he would have had time to go to school and get a degree, what with
+   being in Rush and all.
  What are the birthdays of the band members?

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--- 9,68 ----
     a snow-dog (white ...).  So from that night on Howard called the pair of
     dogs "By-Tor and the Snow Dog." - from
+ What is The Sign of Eth?
+   - This is what Muff ( posted to the NMS:
+     I remember looking up "eth" in the dictionary after I found my
+     brother's FBN album in '74 or '75. In fact, I looked up a LOT of words
+     from that album back then. :D  From American Heritage:
+     eth   n.  Variant of edh.
+     edh   n.  1. A letter appearling in Old English, Old Saxon, Old Norse, and
+     modern Icelandic to represent an interdental fricative.  2. The symbol in
+     the International Phonetic Alphabet representing the interdental voiced
+     fricative, as in /the/, /with/.
+     An edh looks like:     \_--~\
+                                \
+                             -~~-
+                            /    \
+                            {     }
+                             \   /
+                              ~-~
+     Well, sorta. Like a lower-case "o" with a wavy propellor. What symbolism
+     an edh has in By-Tor's tale, I have no idea.
+   - Also, Josh Beatty ( wrote the following:
+     "Eth" is a letter in the Old English alphabet that was dropped from
+     the alphabet as it evolved into Middle and Modern English.  It repre-
+     sented the sound /th/, as in "cloth" for example.  It looked like a lower-
+     case "o" with a cross on top. Capitalized, it was like a "D" with a horiz-
+     ontal line through the straight part.  This was also the symbol used for
+     a capitalized "Thorn", another Old English letter representing /th/.
+     "Thorn" was adapted into the Old English alphabet from a Germanic rune
+     of the same name.  The rune, in its turn, was associated with the Gothic
+     (as in the tribe of the Goths, not cathedrals) word "thurisaz", which
+     meant "demon".
+     So "Eth" itself has some historical background in representing demons
+     and hell, obviously appropriate in the context of the song.  I suppose
+     I see "The sign of Eth is rising in the air..." in two ways: first, that
+    it represents simply the demonic power in the Tobes of Hades, and secondly,
+     that it represents By-Tor himself and that when the sign is, rising,
+     By-Tor is coming forth from Hades to do battle with the Snow Dog (don't we
+     assume usually that Hades is underground?  By-Tor would have to rise to
+     get out of there to most anyplace?)
+ Is Rivendell a real place?
+    Rivendell was a sage haven for travellers in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of
+    the Rings".
  = Questions about _Caress Of Steel_
  In "By-Tor And The Snow Dog" By-Tor is the bad guy, but he's a hero in "The
*** 19,24 ****
--- 73,84 ----
     all of us - sometimes good, and sometimes he's bad!" in the December
     1985 Backstage Club newsletter.
+ Where is Lakeside Park?
+    It's in St. Catherine's, on Lake Ontario.
+    Don't email me directions if you went there a long time ago and think
+    you remember how to get there.
  What is the significance of May 24?
     It's Victoria Day, commemorating Queen Victoria's birthday.
*** 68,75 ****
--- 128,155 ----
     It means something like: "As the hour ends the day, the author ends his
+  Assorted CoS trivia:
+  "The Necromancer"
+   - The song is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". The three
+     travellers are Frodo, Sam and Gollum (more specific references wanted).
+   - Ambergris is a waxy substance from the intestines of the sperm whale,
+     highly valued for making perfume with.
+   - Panacea is a supposed cure for everything.
+   - Bacchus was the Greek & Roman god of wine, earlier called Dionsysus.
+   - Lakeside Park is mentioned in _Strange Brew_.
  = Questions about _2112_
+ Has anybody noticed that you can hear part of the 1812 Overture in 2112?
+    Yes.
  Where did the story of _2112_ come from?
     "The inspiration behind it was ...  It's difficult always to trace those
*** 81,86 ****
--- 161,186 ----
     writings in the liner notes." - Neil Peart, in the December 2, 1991
     "Rockline" interview
+ Has anybody noticed the whispering in the background in "The Twilight Zone"?
+    Yes.
+ = Questions about _All The World's A Stage_
+ What do the voices at the end of the album (vinyl only) say?
+   - According to Darryl Coombs (, this is it:
+     Geddy:  Wow
+             Woah
+             Waa
+             What a show
+             Man oh man, I guess that's it
+             Allright
+             I'm going <-- (not sure if Ged)
+             Yeah, yeah, ok, ok.
+     Door slam.
  = Questions about _A Farewell To Kings_
  What is "Cinderella Man" about?
*** 160,167 ****
--- 260,278 ----
      XI.   "Strangiato theme (Reprise)"         8.17      8.40
      XII.  "A Farewell to Things"               9.21      9.14
+      Danforth and Pape is an intersection in Toronto. Actually, it's Danforth
+     Ave. and Pape St. This is a heavily Greek section of Toronto, and even the
+     street names are written in English and Greek. The actual intersection has
+    a donut place (there are LOTS in Canada) like two banks and a random store.
  = Questions about _Permanent Waves_
+ Has anybody ever noticed that the signs on the right side of the _Permanent
+ Waves_ cover say Lee, Lifeson and Peart?  (Apparently the Anthem Canadian
+ release doesn't have the band members' names on the signs.)
+    Yes.
  Why was the headline on the newspaper on the cover of _Permanent Waves_
  blocked out?  (Note: The Anthem Canadian release does not have this problem.)
*** 294,301 ****
  What is a barchetta?
!    The barchetta is a type of Ferrari race car.  Check the ART, maintained
!    by (Luis Loyo), for more information.
     Barchetta is actually pronounced "Barketta", according to 2 Italian
     friends of mine.  Another source of information is:
      "The Complete Ferrari" by Godfrey Eaton; 1986 by Cadogan Books Ltd.
--- 405,411 ----
  What is a barchetta?
!    The barchetta is a type of Ferrari race car.
     Barchetta is actually pronounced "Barketta", according to 2 Italian
     friends of mine.  Another source of information is:
      "The Complete Ferrari" by Godfrey Eaton; 1986 by Cadogan Books Ltd.
*** 333,340 ****
           which tells me that at least 7 of them were wrong, so I'm only
           going to change this answer if somebody can come up with proof
           that they are right, such as an interview or magazine article.}
-    Check the ART, maintained by (Luis Loyo),
-    for some theories.
  What is the mob saying at the beginning of "Witch Hunt"?
--- 443,448 ----
*** 380,386 ****
  Has anybody noticed that the ESL cover photo contains stuff from all of
  the band's previous studio albums?
!    Yes.
  What does Geddy say just before "Jacob's Ladder" on ESL?
--- 488,502 ----
  Has anybody noticed that the ESL cover photo contains stuff from all of
  the band's previous studio albums?
!    Yes.  Here's the list:
!     "Rush" from the first album on the side of a box
!     The owl fron FBN
!     Picture of back cover of COS
!     Man w/star logo from 2112
!     The puppet king from AFTK
!     The businessman from HEM
!     The lady off the cover of PEW
!     Two movers from MP
  What does Geddy say just before "Jacob's Ladder" on ESL?
*** 425,430 ****
--- 541,574 ----
     They were the astronauts on the first shuttle flight.
+ What are the voices at the end of "Countdown" saying?
+   - Ok, this is a combination of what Russell Marks (,
+     Fletch ( and Chris Bush (
+     think the end sequence on 'Countdown' goes like...
+     Columbia is now reaching precise window in space for main engine cutoff
+     Mark - 2 minutes, 40 seconds...Columbia now 39 nautical miles altitude,
+     42 nautical miles downrange...
+     Columbia you're lookin' a little hot, and all your calls'll be a little
+     early...
+     Young and Crippen really moving out now velocity now reading is sixty-two
+     hundred feet per second
+     What a view, what a view
+     Glad you enjoyed it
+     Jay, how does it all look?
+     Columbia to Houston, er, we have forty seconds still... left; configure
+     LOS, you're looking good for an over the hill, we'll see you in Madrid
+     And we enjoyed the music Bob, thank ya
+     Ah, we enjoyed it, we just wanted to share something
+     And Fletch says "LOS, if I remember my brief bout with 'shuttle & space
+     frenzy', is Loss Of Signal". This apparently is when signal loses contact
+     with ground control due to some kind of 'blind spot' - when the shuttle
+     went somewhere over Madrid, in this case, they'd get signal back. None of
+     us is really, totally certain about much of this, but I, for one, reckon
+     it's about right.
  = Questions about _Grace Under Pressure_
  Is that crackling noise about 10-20 seconds into "Distant Early Warning" on
*** 436,443 ****
  Who was Absalom?
!    He was King David's favorite son, who rebelled against his father,
!    and was killed by Joab, according to my trusty Websters.
     To quote Neil:
     "Before I ever knew who or what Absalom was, I always loved the sound
--- 580,595 ----
  Who was Absalom?
!     He was a character from the Bible, son of King David (the one who killed
!     Goliath). He killed his half-brother for raping their half-sister.  Then,
!     he tried to over-throw David and get the throne. A battle resulted, and
!     (against David's wishes) Absalom was killed by King David's Mighty Men,
!     when his hair was caught in a tree and suspended him above the ground.
!     David grieved for his son by lamenting, "Absalom, Absalom, my son." I
!     have thought about this story's connection quite a bit. Perhaps it is
!     about David, and how he had the "weight of the world" on his shoulders and
!     he was worrying about Absalom.
!     -- from Teri Piatt (
     To quote Neil:
     "Before I ever knew who or what Absalom was, I always loved the sound
*** 516,523 ****
     that ASCII 73 is a capital I and read significance into that,
     but I've never seen anything "official" on the subject.  My
     _opinion_ is that 1001001 was used because it fits and sounds neat.
-    For more theories, check the ART file, maintained by
- (Luis Loyo).
  = Questions about _Grace Under Pressure Tour_ video
--- 668,673 ----
*** 666,671 ****
--- 816,847 ----
     the mountain.
  = Questions about _A Show Of Hands_
+ What does Geddy have sitting on his keyboards in the _A Show Of Hands_
+ video?
+    According to Dan Dickerman :
+    >I have yet to find a clear shot of the dolls, but from what I can decipher
+     >it seems he has 6 dolls and a brandy snifter (with cash, of course)
+     >distributed onto 2 keyboards: nearest the snifter is Boris Badenov
+     >(Bullwinkle fame) and further to our left is a group of 3 consisting
+     >of Rocky the Flying Squirrel (Bullwinkle), a toy robot, and something
+     >that looks vaguely like a cowboy drawing both pistols (knees bent, etc).
+     >
+     >[ I think this last one might be Roger (?) Kneebend, one of Julian's old
+     >  toys, which the group sort of adopted as a mascot during the recording
+     >  sessions.  I'll try to find the reference to him ...  :rush-mgr ]
+     >
+     >On the other keyboard (facing the front of the stage) is a thinner toy
+     >robot and (this one's really a ballpark guess) a cartoon dog (though
+     >none that I recognize) that is acting the part of the gracious waiter.
+ What is the round thing on Alex's guitar in the _A Show Of Hands_ video?
+    Here's what says it is:
+    That circular "thing" on Alex's guitar is a patrol patch used by
+    some Boy Scouts.  That particular one is the "panther" patrol patch.
  What is happening during the "censored" section of the _A Show Of Hands_

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