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          The National Midnight Star, Number 691

                  Thursday, 3 June 1993
Today's Topics:
      Re: 05/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #689
                     boots  'n' stuff
                    Rap to Tom Sawyer
                        the Three
                    A Christmas Story
                     Rap and the like
               The Tom Sawyer intro carton
                        Aimee Mann
     Re:  06/02/93 - The National Midnight Star #690
            "The Professor on the drum kit..."
    Maybe rush-mgr is Neil! Yeah, and maybe I'm Alex!
       Writers and books that have influenced Neil
                  Digital Man and Gibson
              Magellan + Progressive Music...

Date: Thu Jun  3 18:02:12 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

I fixed up the ftp area, taking care of a lot of things in the incoming
directory. There is one note: ALL Sun audio files are now at
in the sounds/songs directory (or in /incoming if they haven't gone through
them yet). I have removed them permanently off of syrinx to save space; they
already had some Rush stuff, more than syrinx had. If you plan to upload any,
please do it at sdsu and not on syrinx.

- rush-mgr


From: (Baltasar Allende Reva)
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 13:33:23 -0500
Subject: Re: 05/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #689

On the previous issue of TNMS (#689) Mr. Lang attacks me,
to his personal attacks I'll simply ignore.  I'll respond
to one of his questions as to why I wear a t-shirt that
I'm not in loved with:

its very simple, I knew I could meet other Rush fans with
it....and I did, including a that has seen them during
the 2112 tour.  the rest of his attacks are simply personal
grudges that he holds against me.  oh well you can't please
everyone....and thanks heavens for that...

thanks everyone for reading


Date: 02 Jun 1993 15:40:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: boots  'n' stuff

Hey fellow fans!  I just got Run From the Fans; it's not worth
the $25 that I paid.  You may have heard that this boot is a little
slow.  It's not just a little slow, it's really slow!  Don't waste
your money on it; I'm sorry that I did!

Hellos to Kemarin, Rolaant and Meg!

-Go Kings!
-Watch for Courier to 3-peat at the French!  Courier always delivers!


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 93 19:50:15 EDT
From: "Jeff Lawrence" 
Subject: Rapping

Since most of the comments regarding the "rap" in RTB have been slagging it,
I felt I should write a positive response or two. One of the comments (sorry...
I don't know who) said in effect that since rap incorporates sampling of other
people's work, that it is in effect not music. If so, how would he classify
the very accepted art form of "musique concrete", wherin sampled (usually tape)
recordings are mixed (by cutting the tape, randomizing the pieces, and then
retaping the bits together) to create a new music. Excepting the fact that
rap uses samplers and turntables in place of audio tape, rap is essetially
a form of "music concrete" (eg. music concrete with words if you like).
Therefore I seriously suggest to ANYONE (not just Rush fans) who thinks of
rap as not being music to think again (and maybe open their mind a bit).

   Although I do agree that many rap groups are mysoginistic and rasicist, there
are groups such as Public Enemy, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprasy, Arrested
Development and Digable Planets who are producing intelligent and thought
provoking music and lyrics (just like a certain Mr. Peart). In fact, I would
recommend all those who think they dislike rap to try The Disposable Heroes Of
Hiphoprisy. The group is unlike other rap groups in the fact that they play
instruments ontop of samples, and write very intelligent political songs that
are totally devoid of the "I'm black motherf***er and I'm a tough gangster"
philosophy imparted by Ice-T and other such artists. The tunes are very
enjoyable and the words are amazing. Although I'm a harcore RUSH fan, I haven't
closed my mind to other musics. Maybe some of these detractors should open their
minds before they start to flame (IMHO).


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 19:51:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rap to Tom Sawyer

Since everyone is mentioning raps these days....thought I'd mention this.
I was listening to a friend (the guy who actually turned me onto Rush back
in 1979)...well I was listening to a Rap album he had (Got me why he likes
rap at all..blah!)  but anyways, I forgot the bands name, but the song
was called "Time to make the donuts"...pretty typical pointless mindless
rap song as they all seem to be. BUT..this one had an odd peculiarity to
it...almost every verse began with a "whhhhhhiiiiirrrrll" that sounded
EXACTLY like the electronic riff that made Tom Sawyer so memorable.

So I said to my friend "friend, is that a ripoff of Tom Sawyer or what??"
and my friend responded, "yup..sure is!"
Come to find out, the band got permission from Rush to use that little there's a "thank you" to Rush in the inside lining of the

The song I actually liked BECAUSE of the stupid Rush-riff...and NO other
reason.. The song was really stupid as the guys kept repeating "time to
make the donuts"....kinda can't understand why Rush would let drag their
intelectual minds through the wringer by letting these dopes use their
stuff but FIIK maybe they got a chuckle out of it (heh!)

Actually come to think of it, all the Raps that have been somewhat successful
have totally ripped off other peoples The one that ripped off
Spandau Ballets "True" and this new one I hear on the radio that ripped off
one of George Michaels tunes.  Oh well... I sure hope in the late 90's
everyone looks back at Rap worse than people look back at Disco today
	Later dudes and fellow Limbaugh fans :)


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 16:45:17 -0700 (MST)
From: "Mr. Guy Smiley" 
Subject: the Three

Greetings to followers of the Three:

	About Neil as rush-mgr: not likely. But Neil is probably into
computers, right? Wouldn't he scan the newsgroup or this newsletter? Are
there any unidentified subscribers in Toronto? [Hello, Neil... I'm not
	Rush songs about sex: I used to think that "Beneath, Between,
Behind" was one of them! This was before I got the lyrics from syrinx.umd
	A curious note: my GUP tape begins with the ending of "The Enemy
Within" before "Distant Early Warning" starts. Side Two ends, after
"Between the Wheels," with the beginning of "The Body Electric." Each is
about ten seconds in duration. Is this common? Is this a mistake? Does
anyone have or not have a tape/cd/LP like this? Is it valuable?

"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 16:53:03 -0700 (MST)
From: "Mr. Guy Smiley" 
Subject: A Christmas Story

	Here's a little rush-related christmas story for you all.

	My Grandmother in Tacoma, WA has an organ that is actually one of
the first synthesizers, it's called the "Wurlitzer Orb III electronic
synthesizer" [!]. She plays all the standard old tunes on it, nothing more
recent than about 1945. Well, the machine has a little tape player in it
so you can jam along to tunes (it was great fun when I was about six years
old!) and she subscribed to a tape club to get some classical cassetes.
	But by some mistake one of the tapes she recieved was America's
Greatest Hits. So when I came home for Christmas, and my family and I went
to my grandmother's house for Christmas, she pulled out that tape and
played it... as a joke, to show me how hip she was with "my" generation
and this "new" rock-n-roll stuff. It was pretty funny, there we were,
sitting around after Christmas dinner listening to "Ventura Highway" and
"I've Been Through the Desert [on a Horse with No Name]."
	But I had "Fly By Night" in my walkman in my coat pocket. So I
said, "Hey Grandma, listen to this... it's some _real_ rock-n-roll." I
fast forwarded it to "Best I Can" and threw it into the Orb III. And we
(or at least me) started rockin' to the greatest canadian power trio!!!
My Grandma tried to play along, but couldn't pick it up... to fast. Oh
well. She didn't really like it, too loud, too fast, etc.
	But it was a cool scene, I'd never thought that I'd get a chance
to play rush for my grandparents!

"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 93 20:10:21 EDT
From: (Jay J. Thompson)
Subject: Rap and the like

Personally, I feel the rap part of Roll The Bones is funnier than Heck!!!
I loved the concert, where they had the skeleton rapping away on the
projection screen!..It was funny, and I think that RUSH intended the rap
portion of the song to be a joke, just like many of their other comical
ideas over the years.

On a non-RUSH note, could someone e-mail me the address of the YES newsgroup?
THanx in advance

  [ I have a listing of all music-related mailing lists, you can always drop
    me a line (it's also on anonymous ftp at syrinx now, in the special
    directory). Here's the info:

    Yes (Notes From The Edge)
      Mngr: : Jeff Hunnicutt
      Yes and Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe related. Newsletter: "Notes From The
      Edge".  Digest format compiled every 2 weeks (roughly).

								: rush-mgr ]

/ Jay Thompson                           |Quote:  "The More We Live, The More/
/ 		 | We Learn, The More We Know"       /
/ Home of the 2 Time Major Indoor Lacross| --YES  			     /
/ League Champion BUFFALO BANDITS!!!	 | --From the Album _Union_	     /


Date:         Wed, 02 Jun 93 19:19:47 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      The Tom Sawyer intro carton

All this talk about that intro cartoon to "Tom Sawyer" reminds me that
that may be the only thing Rush has ever done that's griped me a bit.
As a woman, one thing I find refreshing about Rush is its usual refusal to
cater to a lowest common denominator, which for most bands is sexual

Therefore, I was taken aback a little bit by this cartoon, the punch
line of which was a bodacious young thang whose appearance was coldly
calculated to get all manner of hoots out of the barely-post-pubescent
boys in the audience.

Yes, I realize that as a female Rush fan I am in a pitiful minority. And
I realize that Rush, like any other hard-rock band, may be just a huge
boys' club. But, dammit, up until then they had hidden it *so* *well*...



Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1993 20:24:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: cforeste@uceng.uc.EDU (Charles Lael Forester)
Subject: Aimee Mann

Hey All,
 This is related to RUSH in a small sort of way.  Has anyone listened
to the new Aimee Mann album.  For those of you who are ignorant, Aimee
Mann was the voice on Time Stand Still.  The album may not have the same
hard rock tone as RUSH, actually it is kind of alternative.  Anyway, I
think overall it's an okay album, if you are into that kind of music.
If you are looking for something a little different, try her album.


P.S. Has anyone listened to a group called 'Til Tuesday?  That was the
     group Aimee Mann was originally in.......


Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 22:38:37 -0400
From: "Kasha Mouse (the)" 
Subject: Re:  06/02/93 - The National Midnight Star #690

Well, I guess I will go ahead and throw my change into the pot here.  There
is no question that HYF stands head and shoulders above most other so-called
progressive rock albums.  But I still don't like it too much.

Why?  Well, why did I start to like RUSH in the first place?  Not only are
they intelligent lyrically, but the constant musical experimenting is 9 times
out of 10, extraordinary to listen to and attempt to understand.  HYF, however
starts at a fair pace and level with Time Stand Still, and never changes,
except for a very brief moment on Tai Shan.  The overall tone and feel of the
record never changes.  Geddy sounds like, whether he is or not, he sounds like
he's singing at the same level in every song.  His vocal performance is
uninspired most of the time.  You could listen to that album for days before
you realized there were more than 3 songs there to hear.  I, personally, was
glad to see them change record companies, for with the change came a REMARKABLE
change in basic approach to the music.  Presto is vibrant, dynamic and just
plain exciting to listen to.  RTB follows up fairly well to that.  I like to
see and listen to INTERESTING music, and aside from a neat bass fill or riff
here and there on HYF, the album is pretty unexciting.  IMHO, of course.

R. Seth Trotman


Date: Thu, 3 Jun 93 09:08:49 CDT
From: (Nick Bruels  {x66705 CF/DEV})
Subject: "The Professor on the drum kit..."

Replying to Paul Jung's Monday posting [edited, of course]:

>I find the new method of incorporating (or not-incorporating, as the case
>may be) Neil's drum solos in recent concert tours unimaginative.  I
>remember in the good old days when when friends and I would try to guess
>which song would contain Neil's solos.  But now, we just wait until Geddy
>says, "And now, ladies and gentlement, Mr. Neil Peart and The Rhythm
>Method."  There's no surprise.  When Neil's solo snuck into the middle of
>Red Lenses in the p/g tour, I was enthralled.

Well, now let's look back to the good ol' days of 1976--specifically,
Massey Hall, Toronto, June 3-6..."And now, ladies and gentlemen, the
Professor on the drum kit..."

This was incorporated into the high energy (IMO) medley of _Working
Man/Finding My Way_, but not the middle of a song.  Yes, I too recall
anticipating when the _Rhythm Method_ was coming, and yes, I also LOVED
_Red Lenses_ at the GUP shows.

My input here is that I think that they seem to change the line-up every
couple of tours w.r.t. the _Rhythm Method_, which is fine with me.  I
don't recall how it was with AFTK and H, but MP had it inside _YYZ_.

So!  let's assume (being my first show was AFTK) that in the ATWAS era,
the solo showed up as its own entity during the medley; in the ESL
era, during the middle of a song (sorry if I'm wrong--my asbestos suit
is of a very high quality); and more recently as its own entity again.
Maybe one could find enjoyment in anticipating whether the solo will
show up in a song, on it's own, or even as the show opener ;-).

I guess I'd like to see a middle-of-the-song solo again, too.

Well, anyway, I'm rambling...good thread, though!

Nick "Bringer of Balance" Bruels


Date: 03 Jun 1993 12:39:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: Maybe rush-mgr is Neil! Yeah, and maybe I'm Alex!

Yeah, maybe Neil and I decided to spy on you weirdos for a while.
We haven't been saying much 'cause we get off so much on the
comments that you guys make (*grin*).  That's right; I may just
be Alex.  You would never know, now, would you?

About this rap thing:  we do what we want ('cause we're here).  If you
don't like it, then tough!  No one is making you listen to it.  God gave
you fingers to push buttons to skip that section if you wish.

About the NMS t-shirt:  don't know, haven't seen one yet.  I've seen the
pictures of the logos in the the syrinx directory.  If the dude doesn't like
it then, he can do what he wants with the shirt.  He's a big boy, he writes his
own ticket.  I don't agree with his criticism of the attempt at an NMS
convention though.  Some poor guy is willing to sweat blood to try to bring
people together, and you criticize him?  Why not help out?  People like
Ross Perot (and the NMS t-shirt guy) have an easy task in just criticizing
 and not helping at all.  I hope that the NMS convention does get off of the
ground one day soon!  I would love to meet my fans, ooops, I mean fellow
NMSers (*grin*).

To really throw you guys off (to make you think that I'm not Alex), I'll
leave you with this....

-go LA Kings!  Stomp them no good Canadiens! (*hee hee*)


Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1993 12:59:58 EDT
From: Homer-cleez cares not for beans! 
Subject: Writers and books that have influenced Neil

Someone (I didn't get their name -- sorry!) wrote in TNMS #60 asking
about books (other than Rand's Anthem) that have influenced Neil.
Whoever you are, you seemed really concerned that we only mention
books that Neil ACTUALLY read, not ones that might be casual references.
I don't know how tenable that distinction is (Varifying Neil's reading
habits, for most of us, is a task akin to varifying Russia's adherence
to the START treaties!), but I'd like to mention a few things that I see
as influences:


This one's varifiable: Neil used Barth's line "We will pay the price / but
we will not count the cost" in BRAVADO.  It's interesting that in the book,
this idea of taking a chance regardless of the hardship (so long as "love
remains") refers primarily to the decision by the husband and wife protagonists
to bring a child into the world.  In fact, the book chronicles the woman's,
Kate's, pregnancy.  (Barth is one of my favorite writers.  In addition to
TIDEWATER, I recommend THE FLOATING OPERA and the "acknowledged" classic


The reference to Lotus Land (land of happy people with no independent will or
critical thinking skills) in "Freewill" comes from this.  Also, I believe, but
haven't yet varified, that the title "Time Stand Still" may be related to
The Land Where Time Stands Still, which I believe figures into the Odyssey.
(Sorry, my info's so sketchy).

John Dos Passos		THE BIG MONEY

Obviously--appearing on PoW.  THE BIG MONEY is part of a 3-part trilogy (as
opposed to the 4-part Gangster of Boats Trilogy) about America in the first
half of the 20th century.  (I owe this reference to AVATAR at UF.)

There's more, but I've got to get back to work.  I hope this gets the discussion
going (and gets people reading).  It is also my personal hope that when people
see how Neil's work is influenced by such an INCREDIBLE variety of sources
(literary and otherwise), they'll stop harping on the damn Ayn Rand Era!

By the way, I'm sure everybody noticed the Arsenio Hall reference at the end of
the RTB rap: "Get Busy!"


Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1993 16:38:23 CDT
From: "gen::ate_rrl"
Subject: Digital Man and Gibson

Hello -

A short-while back someone posted some similarities between the
lyrics to Digital Man and the book Nueromancer by William Gibson.
Could someone please e-mail me (or re-post) this information.


Ron Lassen


From: ki!!schew@uunet.UU.NET (Steve Chew)
Subject: Magellan + Progressive Music...
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1993 17:25:22 -0500 (EDT)

	This doesn't exactly have to do with this mailing list, but since it
is about progressive music in general, I thought it was of sufficient interest
to send anyway.  Time will tell... :-)
	 I just got Magellan's latest newsletter in the mail yesterday, and 
it was interesting enough that I thought many of you would like to hear about 
it and them.  
	First of all, for those of you who haven't heard them, Magellan is a 
new "progressive" band with one album out called "Hour of Restoration".  I 
think it's an excellent album -- it has a couple of long songs (over 9 
minutes), and is full of cool time changes, interesting rhythms, and 
instrumental parts.  They have a sound that reminds me of Yes combined with 
Marillion, though certainly not a copy of either, with a 'new' progressive 
sound.  They're also a bit like the band Dream Theater (another good 
progressive band), though not as heavy sounding.  It's also interesting to 
note that they thank Ian Anderson in the liner notes; they say: "Ian Anderson 
of Jethro Tull, Thanks for the advice!"
	At any rate, in their newsletter they talk about gathering together a
list of fans of progressive music (like Yes, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Rush,
Magellan, Aragon, King Crimson, Genesis, etc...), and putting that list in a 
database so that support for progressive music can be demonstrated to the 
entertainment industry.  They also talk about their forthcoming album 
"Impending Ascension" which sounds like it might be very cool.
	Since I love all the above bands (and many other progressive style 
bands), and since I know that there's a large number of people on the internet 
that do also, I thought it would be a good place to help create the list. 
So, what I'm proposing is that those of you who read the following newsletter
and are interested in helping support progressive music (in this way), send
me the information requested, and I'll put it together and forward it to
Magellan, where they'll compile it and hopefully put it to good use.  I'll 
talk more about what information is requested after the newsletter below.
	I don't necessarily agree with everything that is said in the 
newsletter (nor am I associated with Magellan or the newsletter in any way), 
and I don't think this is by any means the only way to support progressive 
music. But I do think it could be a worthwhile idea, and I want to support it.  
They offer the person who sends in the most information lifelong free
backstage passes to Magellan shows.  That's not why I'm doing this (though
I certainly wouldn't mind the passes), so please feel free to send in your
information (and anyone else you can get) *without* going through me.  I just
thought it would be easier for most of you to send off an email message to
me, rather than write a USmail letter.
	Anyway, read on and then you'll be able to decide for yourself whether
you think it's a good idea.

				Steve Chew

What follows is my transcription of Magellan's newsletter called "The Missing
Link".  All typos are mine. 

   [ This is only *part* of the transcription, the rest deleted for brevity.
     If you would like the entire newsletter, please send your request to:						: rush-mgr ]



		Issue No. 2		June 1993


	Yes, there are still a few of us wandering the earth in hope of some 
wide spread acceptance.  Unless there is organization, proper marketing, and
sufficient money soon, the already terminal case of "art rock" will suffer a
tragic demise foreseen by all.  What will Magellan say?  It's simple:  Where
were you?

	Each fan of prog must take on a new found motivation and responsibility
for action.  Even if you hate a prog band, support them in any way possible.  
You see, when sufficient numbers of us closet idealists rear our ugly heads, 
things will change.  We must all accept that the major sources of financing are
a few rich guys who really don't care what they put out!  The main point is:
Show that money can be made from prog and _we_will_have_support_.  
	Real support, not talk.  Have you ever been to a Tull, Yes, Kansas,
Rush, etc. concert that wasn't a magnet for thousands of prog heads?  There are
plenty of customers.  

	It is long overdue that this vast resource be utilized to benefit all.
A little cooperation from each of you could have profound results.  This is why
a database needs to be established listing every fan of this music, every 
holder of anything prog from the past, and every contact in the entertainment 
industry that has demonstrated any support in the past (ie. independent labels,
major labels, artists, sources of financing, etc.).  Once this information is
compiled, a strategy can then be taken to combat the very well orchestrated
efforts of the musical mainstream.  Bring progressive rock to the mass media?
Yes!  If we know who to reach, the rest is common business practice.

	Originally, The Missing Link newsletter was intended to be a source of
information about Magellan for a few interested prog fans.  It has become 
necessary and it is now imperative that progressive rock fans unite for a 
common purpose in creating something completely new.  The Missing Link will 
now serve as a marketing tool for progressive rock on a world-wide basis.

	Have you heard of a band named Dream Theater?  If not, here is some
interesting information.  They are progressive, they are on a major label, and
they are considered a test case, with their album "Images and Words".  Do I 
really need to say more?  While I'm at it, I should tell you about the upcoming
premier prog album of all time: "Impending Ascension".  After you digest it, 
check out our debut "Hour of Restoration".  If you don't find it in your
record store, special order it.  These are two of the most involved prog albums
of the 90's.  Self-serving review you say?  We challenge you to listen to both
projects and make your own decision.

	OK, back to the database.  We need you to compile every known prog 
fan's name, address, phone number, etc and send it to us.  The individuals who
send us the most information will be appointed the official Magellan 
representative for that specific country or state.  This will also entitle the
newfound representative to lifelong free backstage access to all of our future
shows.  This is going to require a very serious effort on the part of many
people.  But, we believe the music is worth saving.  Not unlike the famous
explorer Magellan, the world must again be circumnavigated -- but with prog!
We need a complete network of information that is instantaneously available
for promotion purposes.  Anybody listening?  Any thoughts?  If so, send them
	The Missing Link
	P.O. Box  2777
	Vacaville, CA  95696

***Jethro Tull**Yes**Genesis**Marillion**Rush**Dream Theater**Magellan**Pink***
*                                                                             F
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e      reach over the sun     giving that makes     *ever*     o
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