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          The National Midnight Star, Number 695

                   Friday, 11 June 1993
Today's Topics:
                   Re:  Sexism and RUSH
          Neil's Solo & "Tom Sawyer" Chick
                 One man's "garbage" ...
                    Where's my brain?
                 Roll the Bones t-shirts
      Re: 06/08/93 - The National Midnight Star #694
                my feeble request for info
                    I forgot something
                        Neil Solo
                         Red Tide
              While we are on the subject...
                        A bit more
                  Political Correctness
                Skeleton in the RTB video

Date: Fri Jun 11 09:55:11 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Wed or Thurs, 6/9 or 6/10.

- rush-mgr


Date:    Tue, 8 Jun 1993 17:11:43 -0700 (MST)
From: (J.J. Kuslich)
Subject: Re:  Sexism and RUSH

     Hi, All!  Just my opinion about sexism and RUSH:

Puanani wrote:

>I have to agree with Tracey about the girl in the "Escape from Moving
>Pictures" film.  Admittedly, and I'm a very open-minded person, I
>was a bit taken aback and, yes, even disappointed that they showed

     Oh, come on now.  It's just a pretty woman in a dress.  There are lots
of women like that around.  How is it sexist to show one?  Well, I don't
want to start a debate, but I think people should just settle down a bit
and have fun.  I doubt the boys are sexist - they seem too intelligent for
that.  Yes, it evokes a certain response from the male members of the crowd
(and,  apparently  a rather negative one from a few of the females and some
males), but that doesn't  mean  the guys are sexist.  It may just mean some
of the fans are sexist.

>There's only been one other instance that I know of where the band, or
>any of its members said/did anything that made me nuts from a
>"sexist" point of view.  Neil's drum contest in Modern Drummer.  When
>he said (and I paraphrase), "one of the most interesting entries was sent
>in by a female drummer with a minimalist credo..." and then went on to
>half-criticize her playing.  My hair stood on end (no, it wasn't me --
>are you crazy?! :-).  What do you mean *female drummer*?  What does
>being female have to do with drumming?  Why does it matter what gender

     I haven't read the article, but I would think he was just being a
normal human and classifying the person.  It sounds better to say "female
drummer" than "a humanoid drummer of non-descript sex, race or size" in my
opinion.  :-) :-) :-)

     In the words of Rodney King:  "Ca...Can't we all just get along?"


	Yeeeeehooooo!  Go SUNS!!!
     (Suns will take da Bulls in 6!!!)


Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1993 22:23:50 -0500 (CDT)
Subject:  Neil's Solo & "Tom Sawyer" Chick

"The Rhythm Method" wasn't actually called this, by any member of the band
live onstage, until the "RTB" tour.  They had to give the solo a name on
"ASOH" because they sure as hell didn't want to include "YYZ" and the 6.3
seconds of "Red Lenses" that was played before and after, respectively, the
drum solo.  C'mon, what live Rush release would be complete without Neil's
solo?  (Or so they say.)  Additionally, Neil's been incorporating elements
of his drum solos into each subsequent tour's solo since the days of "Fly
By Night."  (Most noteably the cowbell part.)

"One, two, three, four..."  The femme that adorns the bizarre cartoon-intro
to "Tom Sawyer" live is satirical, folks.  Grab your "MP" CD and take a gander
at the young'uns that stand off to the right of the cover.  They've got their
winter headgear on, mittens, and li'l rainboots.  They appear to be waifs,
right?  Okay--the cartoon is a parody of the cover of "MP" and when one of
the cute, little waifs stands up, we discover her to be this volumptuous femme
that's only more than happy to strut her stuff across the screen before
disappearing into that, uh, hole.  She counts off the song and away we go!
The cartoon-intro is satirical, just like the "RTB" rap.  The members of Rush
DO have senses of humor, and these are often quite apparent in aspects of their
live shows.  Relax, folks!


Date: 09 Jun 93 03:36:14 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: One man's "garbage" ...

I thought this would be a good time to thank those who have
contributed all the wonderfully eloquent and intelligent defenses
of rap and its place in modern music. While sympathetic to those
who are tired of the subject, I'd merely offer that this is
hardly the first time that TNMS has gone off on a tangent. This
one has been one of the best, and I've enjoyed it immensely.
Thanks for all the great posts.

I'm no fan of rap myself (gonna have to pick me up an album or
two now, tho :) ), but I was beginning to worry at all the
brainless bashing going on, so I was real pleased to see that
there are a few folks with a sense of perspective. As for the
rest of you: I know you don't *mean* to sound racist, I'm afraid
in some instances it has seemed to come across that way.

Of course, I know that NOBODY on this mailing list could possibly
be even a *little* bit racist. ;)  ;)  ;)  On the other hand ...

>Oh, and to the gentlemen who was having trouble with English, and didn't
>know what "Homeboy" meant, it's gutter speak, I don't think there's one
>solid definition, I guess the closest translation from garbage english to
>real english would be "friend" but I don't think that cuts it, because
>it's not used exclusivly that way. It's street slang, and if you're
>learning english, it's a word you can easily avoid. It's junk.

"Homeboy," as I understand it, originally meant a guy from the
neighborhood. It has since evolved to mean just "guy" or, yes,
"friend." (British translation: "chap," "fellow." :) )

Far from being "gutter speak" or "garbage English," "homeboy" is
every bit as wonderful and valid of a contribution to the
language as the hundreds of other words and phrases that have
come from the same incredibly rich source. Black English has
given us such gems as jammin', slammin', ain't, gimme some skin,
high-five, kick-ass, get down, yo, far out, jive, diss, say what,
and livin' large - right on! Then there are all sorts of great
new meanings and nuances for old words: cool, hip, space, woof,
horny, crash, man, baby, chick, dude, wheels, cop, chill, cruise,
bread, bro ... and of course there are hundreds more; I'll spare
you any further humiliation.

Well, OK - maybe just one more priceless contribution from black
English: rock 'n' roll.

So what does this have to do with Rush? Everything. No English
speaker alive today, native or otherwise, can fail to benefit
from the priceless contributions that black people have made to
the language - and, even moreso, to popular music. Rush, and all
of us, owe the speakers (and, yes, rappers) of black English a
tremendous debt. Neither they, nor the words they use, have ever
been "junk."

Yo mama.



Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1993 03:54:22 -0500 (CDT)
From: "J.P. Thompson" 
Subject: Where's my brain?

It occured to me that I misread what Nick Bruels had said about Neil's solo.
Obviously he meant the MP tour, and I read the MP tape. Anyhow...

I have only heard three live versions of The Rythym Method (ATWAS, ESL, &
SOH) and he does change it to make it interesting each time he plays it.
So I don't think its getting old; RUSH's music ages like wine, so The
Rythym Method gets better every time.

I think that the word "homeboy" is just as crucial to the English language as
any other word. The U.S.'s version of the English language is
basically just Slang+English. If you think that the word "homeboy" is not
a word worth knowing, remember:a Japanese boy didn't know that the slang
version of "freeze" meant "to stop", and he lost his life.

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Subject: Homeboy
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 93 10:59:14 -0400
From: joseph paul mancewicz 

To whomever was inquiring about homeboy-
Perhaps saying that it's *gutter speak* is giving you a slightly biased 
opinion.  Homeboy is slang, and is *usually* associated with rap artists and 
fans.  It is a noun used to address or refer to a male- most commonly in a 
friendly manner, although it can also be employed in the neutral and 
aggressive situations.  Some examples of person's whom you might call homeboy:
brother, friend, guy on the street who is about to do something stupid, guy 
your about to fight...  Things you might say: Hey homeboy, Homeboy here is 
taking out fer a beer, Watch it homeboy, What did you say Homeboy...  Persons 
NOT to call homeboy: your dad when you're asking for money, your mother- ever, 
any guy in a suit, a cop, a priest, a nun,... Never say, "Bless me
homeboy for I have sinned."

Take what's been said about it being junk English or my favorite *gutter 
speak* and think of it as one person's opinion.  If I were to state my 
opinion, I'd have to say that homeboy is a far more valid term than *gutter 
speak*, but I'll refrain.  Keep in mind that homeboy is a casual term for a 
male (maybe a female as well, but I've NEVER heard of it), and is most 
commonly friendly.

Later Homeboy,


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1993 11:02:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Ian Livingston "
Subject: Roll the Bones t-shirts

I went to the carnival back home in PA where I live a couple of weeks ago.
At one booth they were selling heavy metal t-shirts (the kind with skulls
and death all over them), jewelry (again skulls, marrijuana leafs, etc.),
leather. It is the kind of booth that attracts bikers, rednecks, and rebelous
teenagers. The funny thing that caught my eye was that amongst all this was
a RtBs t-shirt (the one with the boy kicking the skull). I got a good laugh
out of this. :)

ian livingston


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 93 12:56:47 EST
From: Will Geeslin 
Subject: my feeble request for info

Two questions:  (Don't you hate it when people preface a question with a
declaration of the upcoming declarative?) Could someone send the mailing
address for the "A Show of Fans" Rush fanzine? and Could someone
enlighten me with Rush Limbaugh's Compuserve address?  I got away with
non-Rush content that actually could be construed in technical terms as
Rush content!

P.S.  Song is defined in Websters as "4 a musical sound like singing"
Therefore, La Villa, YYZ, & Where's My Thing? are all songs.  Just
thought I'd be a smartass because someone decided to defame the glory
that is La Villa Strangiato.


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 93 13:21:33 EST
From: Will Geeslin 
Subject: I forgot something

Something that might be of interest to some.  Hugh Syme designed the
cover of the debut record for a band called Damn the Machine.  This band
has as its founding member Chris Poland, of Megadeth, solo, and Ice-T
fame.  The cover, if you happen to go searching for it, has mammoth size
cigarettes that have been put out on a deset somewhere.



Date: Wed, 9 Jun 93 10:36:09 PDT
From: David.Martin@EBay.Sun.COM (David Martin)
Subject: Neil Solo

          To the person who said Neil's solo was during Red Lenses,
     it was when I saw then at the SF Cowpalace during GUP. The GUP
     video has it during YYZ. They changed it back the next tour.
          I'd like to thank Gregg for the pictures for Lampoon awards.
     As someone said before it looks like Alex put some weight on, but
     his hair is cut alot shorter.Geddy looks the same. I seen them from
     the second row of the 2nd half of the RTB tour and they look much
    different now, except Geddy.


Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1993 19:07:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: jservait@uceng.uc.EDU (Joe Servaites)
Subject: Red Tide

I just saw a story on a show called "Beyond 2000" (on the discover
channel) about a phnomena called "The Red Tide".  Apparently, in
Hong Kong, the water is so polluted in some areas, that no wildlife
at all can grow.  In these areas, a type of red Algae (or bacteria)..
lives off the pollution, and accumulates near shore.  It becomes so
overwhelming that it has earned the name "Red TIDE".... It is also
poisonous to fish, as well as humans.....  I thought this was pretty
cool as to how it ties in with the themes of environmental destruction
in the song 'Red Tide'.  Anyway, thats all I have to say..

>.........and the red tide covers the shore


PS  Guess what! When Rush toured my hometown on the Presto Tour,
(they were playing in Riverfront Coloseum in Cincinnati) the pick
four for that save day was 2112!! (in The Dayton Daily News)....
ok.. enuf bs.....


Date: Wed, 9 Jun 93 20:46:49 EST
Subject: While we are on the subject...

It is interesting to see so many people talking about the
barchetta.  In  _Cavalino_ the magazine of Ferarri from a few
years back there is an article about the barchettas and finding
them today.  For anyone who cares i can find it for you if you
would like to endulge.  It is a good chance to see what they were
all about and how hard it can be to actually find a genuine one.

Kevin E. Mort                     | "Rock and roll ain't noise pollution, rock
Indiana University                |  and roll ain't gonna die."
                                  |                      -- AC/DC


Date: Wed, 9 Jun 93 20:52:09 EST
Subject: A bit more

Someone noted that the new Ferarri looks to be a "monster car" or
something like that.  To those who may not know, this is a change.
The original Ferarri Barchetta was a rather small car, not much
larger than the Dino or a MG or Miata of today.  It was an open
top car (generally) and by the looks of it it would have been
really awesome to drive.  Which would lead to the experiences
stated in "Red Barchetta."  ttyl

Kevin E. Mort                     |  "Nothing is quite what it seems, sometimes
Indiana University                |   entangled in your own dreams."
VAX:KEMORT@UCS.INDIANA.EDU        |                          --	Genesis


Subject: re
From: (Sean Flanegan)
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 93 23:40:26 PDT

         I would just like to respond to the women on the list angry over
the cartoon before Tom Sawyer...

        I really can,t believe anyone would get upset over something so
trivial.  You must also take the cartoon in context with what the song is
portraying.  The song is about a modern day Tom Sawyer who is
individualistic and frankly won't take crap from anyone. He(or she for
you feminists) is a guy I kinda picture as being a rebel, James Dean
type, only a little younger. And hey, a young teenage rebel has got to
have a girl...  right!!   The cartoon shows the Tom Sawyer character as
being a rebel (stealing the painting,etc.)  and it is in his character to
be a bit sexist. Please don't think that Rush are trying to turn on all
their male fans with a sexy cartoon  (OOOOHHHhh,  I am getting HOT!!!)



Date:         Thu, 10 Jun 93  12:09:44 EDT
From: Doug Adams 
Subject:      Political Correctness

After having read two comments from female Rush fans (Tracey & Puanani) that
label Rush and/or its individual memebers as partially or wholly sexist, I am
compelled to respond.  The catalyst for this discussion involves: a) the busty
girl in the Escape from MP video; b) Neil's comment in a MD article about a
"female drummer"; c) Alex saying "Take my wife..." (Jackie Mason line that
was considered funny before the advent of politically correct interpretations);
and d) Alex's wife serving as the hostess on the tour bus.

The bottom line is this:  Lighten up!  The implication is that Rush and its
members should be "ashamed" for any one of the aforementioned points is
ridiculous.  First and foremost, the points which mention Alex and his wife are
nobody else's business but his and his wife.  Buying an album of a particular
group does not mean that we, the consumer, have also purchased a right to judge
the individual lives of those who live in the "gilded cage."  Listen to the
lyrics of Limelight and reflect on this point.  All the while, keep in mind
that the definition of _gild_ is "to spoil something already beautiful by
trying to improve it."  In the context of this discussion, those who criticize
Rush and its individual members (note: there is a difference between the two)
for exhibiting what they _construe_ as sexist behavior are gilding reality with
individual perceptions of reality.  In other words, just because Rush the band
and its members are head-and-shoulders above most other bands in virtually
every relevant category (ie: lyrics, musicianship) does not mean that we should
hold them to some higher, separate standard as individuals.  All the world's
indeed a stage...and [they] _are_ merely players, performers, and portrayers.

As for Neil noting that a drummer _happens to be a female_ and critiquing
her playing:  how is this sexist?  If he were to assess her ability on a
different scale than the rest of the entrants, who _happen to be males_,
he would be guilty of sexism.  And finally, as for the busty _cartoon_
character introducing Tom Sawyer, I thought she looked like someone with a nice
personality, who happened to be blond and busty.:)

Please, folks (note gender neutrality for all PC subscribers), lighten up, have
a sense of humor, and try not to over-analyze issues without first trying to
view it objectively.


Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1993 12:57:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: Skeleton in the RTB video

Before anyone cries, "Not another RTB post", I was wondering if anyone
who saw the boyz on the RTB tour remembered what the skeleton in the
video said at the end of the song.  I loved the song and the video and
I know there was something said at the end of the song.  Does anyone

Congrats to the Habs for winning the Cup (well, I guess since this
is the 100th anniversary of the Cup one of the Orignial Six should
win it.  But wait til next year.....)



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