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          The National Midnight Star, Number 696

                   Monday, 14 June 1993
Today's Topics:
           Ravings of madmen and snarling dogs
         gild, political correctness, and reality
                 RTB skeleton talk @ end
       More mindless banter about HOMEBOYS and Rap
             "What's Wrong With Being Sexy?"
                      More Red Tide
           Columbia House CD Club Yuk Fest '93
               the skeleton in RTB concert
                  Sexism and drum solos
                  Tom Sawyers Treasures
       Must be the heat.....these people are crazy!
             Sexism and Rush: an observation
           Blue Phonebooths and Pink Lemonade

Date: Mon Jun 14 17:43:49 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia

Some quick notices, there's some information about the new album at the end 
of today's digest, take a look!

For all those out there complaining about MTv, this is your chance to direct
those complaints. This was recently brought to my attention (thanks John). 
What do you guys think about this? Mail in and let 'em know!

Also, there is some "semi-flamish" material later on regarding previous
posts.  People, if you feel like directing something to a specific person 
then please send them some email.  The rule of thumb here is to consider 
that others are reading your direct reply.

- rush-mgr

>From: (happy zamboni)
>Subject: INFO: MTV wants net-info.
>Organization: Michigan State University, USA
>Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1993 08:33:07 GMT
>Hello all,
>   This was just forwarded to me, and while I am by no means a fan of MTV,
>and have mixed feelings about what they are trying to do here, I thought than
>others may be interested in seeing this and/or replying to their request for
>I have not yet seen any of this posted anywhere on USENET, but if this 
>turns out being a repeat, please forgive.
>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Subject: MTV News, Nets, User Feedback
>As you probably know, Billy Idol was seen using the WELL on MTV's "The
>Week in Rock" last weekend.  MTV News is gearing up to cover
>technology in a big way, ideally at the same level and standard as was seen
>during the '92 election coverage ("Choose or Lose"). They want to reach
>the real users of technology and not just re-package press releases and
>tow the corporate line.  Where would be an appropriate place to
>post the following invitation for comment? (Soon there will be an online
>address for comment, but for now, the powers that be need to see voice
>call volume for the segments to gain a foothold.
>To: online communities and lurkers of all kinds
>RE: MTV News on technology *** call (212) 258-8700  #7 ***
>An unsolicited invitation for comment (forward as you see fit):
>Register support for the online community at large and suggest
>technology-oriented topics which might be enlightening for MTV audiences.
>Be sure to call in your interest in MTV News' new alternative
>coverage of "CyberStuff," featured this week on "The Week In Rock."
>Help propel it forward into new hackerish, political, and cyberesque areas,
>ideally with your direct input.    212-258-8700 is the number.
>Press #1 to give a viewer comment.  Press #7 for more info about
>MTV News.  There are live people to talk to on this line during regular
>business hours EST.
>From: (Adam Curry)
>Subject: MTV Viewers!!!
>Date: 7 Jun 1993 14:55:15 -0400
>Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix, NYC
>My name is Adam Curry, I work for MTV. I am conducting a test with regard
>to poularity of videos, and need people with Internet Relay Chat access to
>help me. If you are interested please EMail me at
>Future participants will be compensated for their time.
>Thank you.
>Adam Curry


Date: 11 Jun 1993 10:32:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Sun Dog)
Subject: Ravings of madmen and snarling dogs

>From: "Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II" 
>Subject: The Trouble with Rap
>A couple of things about this anti-rap theme:
>1)  Don't be hypocritacal.  Many of you all have bitched about people that
>don't like rush, or say that the music is junk (many also treat the former as
>if they were the latter).  The standard reply is that they just haven't
>listened to the right songs/albums, or haven't listened enough, or hard
>enough, etc.  Now here comes an artform that is different, and you are making
>judgements based upon a small sampling of the pop stuff.  My advice is to
>explore, find the stuff that isn't pop (i.e. the same old shit, recycled,
>with light, fluffy lyrics).

Well, my point of view is that if a certain type of music does something for
you, then you need to go wid' it.  Whether "it" is hardcore punk or Barry
Manilow is irrelevant.  What gives with the twisted logic that anything on
radio is sellout material?  Artists write whatever they want.  Only a few
blatantly sell out.

>In summary, for those of you that understand parables, just because $7.99 for
>wo large pizzas Pizza Shop down the street sells the grossest stuff you've
>ever tasted, doesn't mean that the small, just came over from Italy last week
>family run Pizza Place (that can only be found by stumbling upon it) doesn't

What????? I understand parables, but I don't understand this at all.  I don't
see any connection between Rush and pizza joints.  Maybe I'm just not hip.
This isn't meant to be a flame, I just don't understand what you're poking at.

Not to spoil all of the enlightening conversation about rap, but can we
get back to talking about Rush?  This is starting to resemble that black
hole thread of a few months ago (well, this is only slightly more interesting).

Anyone else wanna throw in some writers that Neil has mentioned as influences?
I've gotten one reply (which was great, BTW).  Geez, this rap thing has
generated more response than my question about Neil's influences.  What's up
wid' dat?

Cheers to Beezus, Meg, Clio, Quinn, Rolaant !

See you all on the inside!

Art Hung
"The Sun Dog"

---"Sun dogs fire on the horizon, meteors rain stars
across the night, this moment may be brief...
but it can be so bright......"


From: pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans)
Subject: gild, political correctness, and reality
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 93 16:54:21 PDT

Doug Adams writes about Political Correctness and says:

> Buying an album of a particular group does not mean that we, the consumer, 
> have also purchased a right to judge the individual lives of those who live 
> in the "gilded cage."  Listen to the lyrics of Limelight and reflect on this 
> point.  All the while, keep in mind that the definition of _gild_ is "to 
> spoil something already beautiful by trying to improve it."  In the context 
> of this discussion, those who criticize Rush and its individual members 
> (note: there is a difference between the two) for exhibiting what they 
> _construe_ as sexist behavior are gilding reality with individual 
> perceptions of reality.

Referring to Limelight for authority doesn't fit here the way Doug describes.
The meaning he gives to gild above is incorrect. It's actually the meaning
of the phrase "gild the lily", which is not what Limelight refers to at all.
Instead the reference to a "gilded cage" is to a common literary image, a
gilded cage is externally pretty or showy (a defn. of gild) but it's still
a cage. I think what Neil was saying is that so-called public figures can
be trapped in the limelight, which fits with the rest of the song.

I agree that we don't have the "right" to judge them, but I can disagree with
anyone about anything whenever I want to. If someone feels uncomfortable
about something that the band (or a member) does or says, then let them feel
that way. Dismissing it as overreacting is being judgemental also. I myself
was not one of the original posters about the video intro to Tom Sawyer, but
I do find it to be overtly sexist. Maybe it's supposed to get that sort of
reaction, as it's quite a cliche.

As for the mentioned "individual perceptions of reality", I assert that what
I perceive is the only true reality, and I challenge anyone to prove
otherwise. :-)

Patricia Evans
ORQ: "quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand"


Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1993 20:53:07 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: RTB skeleton talk @ end

I believe he says 'Because we're here!'.. cool ending..



Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1993 01:56:14 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: More mindless banter about HOMEBOYS and Rap

> Date: 09 Jun 93 03:36:14 EDT
> From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: One man's "garbage" ...
> I thought this would be a good time to thank those who have
> contributed all the wonderfully eloquent and intelligent defenses
> of rap and its place in modern music. While sympathetic to those
> who are tired of the subject, I'd merely offer that this is
> hardly the first time that TNMS has gone off on a tangent. This
> one has been one of the best, and I've enjoyed it immensely.
> Thanks for all the great posts.

And every once in a while, someone's got to kick it in the butt to get it
back on track and off of it's tangent, eh?

> I'm no fan of rap myself (gonna have to pick me up an album or
> two now, tho :) ), but I was beginning to worry at all the
> brainless bashing going on, so I was real pleased to see that
> there are a few folks with a sense of perspective. As for the
> rest of you: I know you don't *mean* to sound racist, I'm afraid
> in some instances it has seemed to come across that way.

And what's wrong with being racist? You say that as if it's a bad thing. :)
Seriously, I'm racist, what of it? It simply means I care more about my
own race than someone else's, let's face it, "minorities" certanily aren't
out there pushing for the rights of anyone other than themselves. So
what's wrong with being Pro-Whatever-you-are? "Racism" has gotten a bad
rep because it's been connected with bigotry and prejudism, they're not
related. But what does this have to do with Rush?

> Of course, I know that NOBODY on this mailing list could possibly
> be even a *little* bit racist. ;)  ;)  ;)  On the other hand ...

See above.

> >Oh, and to the gentlemen who was having trouble with English, and didn't
> >know what "Homeboy" meant, it's gutter speak, I don't think there's one
> >solid definition, I guess the closest translation from garbage english to
> >real english would be "friend" but I don't think that cuts it, because
> >it's not used exclusivly that way. It's street slang, and if you're
> >learning english, it's a word you can easily avoid. It's junk.
> "Homeboy," as I understand it, originally meant a guy from the
> neighborhood. It has since evolved to mean just "guy" or, yes,
> "friend." (British translation: "chap," "fellow." :) )
> Far from being "gutter speak" or "garbage English," "homeboy" is
> every bit as wonderful and valid of a contribution to the
> language as the hundreds of other words and phrases that have
> come from the same incredibly rich source. Black English has
> given us such gems as jammin', slammin', ain't, gimme some skin,
> high-five, kick-ass, get down, yo, far out, jive, diss, say what,
> and livin' large - right on! Then there are all sorts of great
> new meanings and nuances for old words: cool, hip, space, woof,
> horny, crash, man, baby, chick, dude, wheels, cop, chill, cruise,
> bread, bro ... and of course there are hundreds more; I'll spare
> you any further humiliation.

Oh please, humiluiate me more, I enjoy it, because I'm more than capible
of coming back at you with the proper answers. It IS gutter speak. Just
because it's accepted "slang" doesn't make it accepted "ENGLISH", it's
not. If a person is trying to learn "ENGLISH", that's one thing, once
they've gotten a handle on the true language, fine, then they can pick up
all of our slang as they go along. But we have more "slang" in the
American-English language than any other language on the planet, and it
causes many problems for people trying to learn it. Which is why I told
the gentleman to ignore it as garbage, because it IS garbage. At some
point in the future, if it becomes accepted, fine, but it's not yet part
of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It's similar to the way certain uneducated people
have been going around using the word "disrespecting". You do not
"disrespect" a person, and there is no such word as "dis". You simply wind
up confusing a person who's trying to learn the language beyond all point
of reason, and they give up hope. So the person who was learning does not
need to know that word, because it's NOT a word. "Home" and "Boy" are
words, and you can put them together in a sentence in the fashon "You
better run home, boy.", however "You better run, homeboy" is NOT correct.
And to be quite literal it's not any "Black" word at all, it originates
from Spanish "Homme", or "hombre", and it does mean FRIEND. The
bastardization of the word into the slang "Homeboy" means literally
NOTHING. It's not racist or bigoted of me to say so, it's proper.

> Well, OK - maybe just one more priceless contribution from black
> English: rock 'n' roll.

Gosh, now there's some words we never would have known about had it not
been for the black population. "Rock" (When we landed here on Plymouth
THING, we didn't know what the hell to call it, but then some black guy
told us "DatZ a R0ck", and straightened our honkey asses out!) And Roll,
wow, we were confused, dahm! We used to just, oh, throw ourselves onto the
ground and shift back and forth, we'd take round objects and send them
sailing across the ground, but, thanks to another fine Black man, we
discovered we were ROLLING!  And of course, where would we be
without the word "and" minus the a and the d. Thank you, o' black people
where ever you may be, for the addition of these words to our vocabulary!
We're truely honored!  Might I suggest getting a grip my friend?

> So what does this have to do with Rush? Everything. No English
> speaker alive today, native or otherwise, can fail to benefit
> from the priceless contributions that black people have made to
> the language - and, even moreso, to popular music. Rush, and all
> of us, owe the speakers (and, yes, rappers) of black English a
> tremendous debt. Neither they, nor the words they use, have ever
> been "junk."

I won't deny the addition of certain words to every day vocabulary that
black Americans have made, but let's be honest, you're giving credit for
the wrong words, and lending creedence to words that do not deserve it.
For the most part, black "slang" is just taking existing words, and due to
a lack of education, or, a desire to be different, twisting those words
around, and using them in different ways. VERY FEW words were actually
INVENTED and added. New DEFINITIONS for words have been added, but new
words rarely. I'm not trying to say that this is bad, just that the facts
are the facts. We can also credit other groups of people with slang
expressions that are often used. For instance, my own section of the
country can be credited with giving you the expressions "Yo!" and "Stoop
(as in sitting on the)", but this doesn't make them any more valid, or
give them a place in the LANGUAGE, they're still SLANG, and still GARBAGE
words. We use them, but it'd be nice if we tried NOT to when speaking to
someone who is trying to LEARN the language. Obviously you've never worked
with anyone in a teaching capacity. For instance, the deaf, illiterate, or
taught the language to anyone. I have, and there's one thing you try never
to do, and that's walk into a classroom saying "Yo Hommies, Wazzup? We be
down wit dat bad sheet!" That's just asking for trouble. Oh, sure, Robin
Williams got lots of yucks doing similar things in _Good Morning Vietnam_,
but let's try to seperate fact from fantasy shall we?

M. Smith

> Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1993 03:54:22 -0500 (CDT)
> From: "J.P. Thompson" 
> Subject: Where's my brain?
> I think that the word "homeboy" is just as crucial to the English language as
> any other word. The U.S.'s version of the English language is
> basically just Slang+English. If you think that the word "homeboy" is not
> a word worth knowing, remember:a Japanese boy didn't know that the slang
> version of "freeze" meant "to stop", and he lost his life.

Just another arguement for not using slang when dealing with people who
aren't familiar with the language. If the person who said "Freeze" was a
police officer, are you aware that in so doing, if he were honest about
having said "freeze" and it were true that the boy didn't understand, the
officer would most definatly be serving time on a MURDER sentence? Think
about it. Police officers are not free to make up a new language wherever
they want to. And if a police officer told me to "Freeze", I'd be more
than happy to throw him an ice cube and be on my merry little way. So long
as I knocked him out with it . Yes, American English incorperates a
lot of slang, but a person learning the language must learn THE LANGUAGE
FIRST, then worry about the slang. You do NOT teach a person "Freeze means
stop". You teach them what freeze means, then after they have a grip on
the language, you might teach them a bit about slang...

> From: joseph paul mancewicz 
> To whomever was inquiring about homeboy-
> Perhaps saying that it's *gutter speak* is giving you a slightly biased
> opinion.  Homeboy is slang, and is *usually* associated with rap artists and
> fans.  It is a noun used to address or refer to a male- most commonly in a
> friendly manner, although it can also be employed in the neutral and
> aggressive situations.  Some examples of person's whom you might call homeboy:
> brother, friend, guy on the street who is about to do something stupid, guy
> your about to fight...  Things you might say: Hey homeboy, Homeboy here is
> taking out fer a beer, Watch it homeboy, What did you say Homeboy...  Persons
> NOT to call homeboy: your dad when you're asking for money, your mother- ever,
> any guy in a suit, a cop, a priest, a nun,... Never say, "Bless me
> homeboy for I have sinned."

Here we have a textbook example of someone who only wishes they'd
completed the required 3rd grade level of English.

> Take what's been said about it being junk English or my favorite *gutter
> speak* and think of it as one person's opinion.  If I were to state my
> opinion, I'd have to say that homeboy is a far more valid term than *gutter
> speak*, but I'll refrain.  Keep in mind that homeboy is a casual term for a
> male (maybe a female as well, but I've NEVER heard of it), and is most
> commonly friendly.

As I said, it's gutter-speak, slang, garbage talk. It is not part of the
English language. And nothing you have said disprooves that. More to the
point, your entire message serves to highlight the problem of illiteracy
in the United States. Read over your own message, and you tell me, Would
you really have posted that, knowing how illiterate it makes you appear,
if you had any true knowledge of the English language? I think not. Your
posting is a poor example of how to write a message, letter, or
====================[AND NOW MY REAL LETTER]=============================

All of the above, quoted, and what I wrote, serves to illustrate one thing
and one thing only. This newsletter is really getting a bit out of hand.
Too much emphisys is being placed on little worthless details, like rap,
and finally here we have 3 responses to my after-thought about a person's
query about the slang term "homeboy", simply because it appeared once, in
one Rush song. We went from drawing out 20 seconds of a Rush song into 2
weeks worth of postings, to drawing out 1 single word into 3 long postings
and my wordy response to them. Is this the kind of mailing this is
intended to be? I think not. I think the creators of this mailing had
something a bit more RUSH oriented in mind when they started it. But it's
not my place to change it. I'm just one of us, it's OUR place to change
it. Might we now, move off of these worthless topics, and onto a
discussion that fits the mailing? There's more than one issue that could
be discussed, why harp on pointless things? Let's move along ok? Next!

   [ Hey, you should've been here when we had the 10+ digest discussion of
     whether Neil's watch said 9:12 or 10:12... :)		: rush-mgr ]

Michael A. Smith

---No annoying tag to clutter up the mailing, "just the facts!"---


Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1993 21:14:37 -0700 (MST)
From: Guy Kenneth 
Subject: "What's Wrong With Being Sexy?"

Was-sup boyz and girrrls?
	Rush isn't sexist? This is the band who write songs like "Working
Man" "Digital Man" "New World Man" etc. And "the _men_ who hold high
places..."                                    =8-P
	But who cares, anyway?
"I got my sights on the stars<     --   --    -- --      >     .     .
won't get that far           >     __   __   __   __     <      .     .
but I'll try anyway..."      <     __   __   __ - __     >              *
RUSH/best I can              >      == ==    ==   ==     <  SEDS/Astrophysics


Date: Sun, 13 Jun 93 12:47:12 -0400
From: atd@po.CWRU.Edu (Aron T. Drake)
Subject: More Red Tide

Hello everybody,

	In the NMS #695 Joe Servaites writes:

>"I just saw a story on a show called 'Beyond 2000' (on the discover
>channel) about a phnomena called 'The Red Tide'.  Apparently, in
>Hong Kong, the water is so polluted in some areas, that no wildlife
>at all can grow.  In these areas, a type of red Algae (or bacteria)..
>lives off the pollution, and accumulates near shore."

Well, this isn't just a phenomenon in Hong Kong.  I happens here in the
states too.  In Maine the red tide runs in cycles and gets bad every few
years.  I know this because it ruins one of my favorite things to eat,
lobster.  I remember being a kid, going to Maine and *not* being able to
eat the stuff. (About as bad as the time my mom drove by Disney World
without stopping ;).  Just thought I'd add my $.02.

	Also, I made a comment about the whole barchetta thing.  Well it
seems that Maserati (sp?) *and* Ferrrari are going to produce them,
barchetta being a car class.

                      "...only immortal for a limited time." -NP

| Aron Drake - |
|      Biology/Education       |      68% of all statistics are lies.
|  Case Western Reserve Univ.  |             -Belcher
|    (busboy extrodinare)      |


Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1993 13:23:57 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Columbia House CD Club Yuk Fest '93

Hello, Rusheads!  It's yer Uncle Beezus and boy, have I got a short (thank
gawd) and stupid story for ya'.

I was perusing the Columbia House CD Club catalog last night--don't ask me
why--and I happened upon a sort-of "spotlight" page on which Rush, and the
CDs Columbia House carries, was featured.  For your enjoyment, please allow
me to transcribe the comments Columbia House saw fit to throw into the tiny
descriptions of some of the CDs:

"Signals"--Geddy Lee and co. spin an intricate web with vocals, major-chord
           guitars & drum action.

"MP"--Contains their breakthrough hit "Tom Sawyer."

"PermW"--The progressive power trio's departure to shorter, pop-flavored hits.

"Hemispheres"--Canadian threesome's unique blend of hard rock and artful
               musical interplay.

"AFTK"--Their 1977 breakthrough album features...

"2112"--Platinum concept album features the epic title track...

"P/G"--More tough, technoid rock from Lee, Lifeson, & Peart.

Hmm...'technoid'?  Breaktrough this, breakthrough that...pop-flavored...Geddy
Lee and co.?  And, just how many ways can we say "a group of three people"?
Also, "RTB" gets a big black 'E' for explicit lyrics.  This is a priviledge
Rush shares with about, maybe, five of the CDs in the 'rap' section of the
Columbia House catalog.  Try as I might, I can't find the explicit lyrics on
ANY song on "RTB."  Oh, hold on a sec...I found 'em:  " I grabbed my A-K
and stone-cold smoked da' bitch / Slapped the ho' / Gave her an itch / Gone
and went and kicked my homey in de ass / Rock-n-roll lives fo'evah!"  Ah, yes,
how silly of me to have missed THOSE.

Lastly, Columbia House mentions the "By-Tor & the Snow Dog Suite" as part of
the fun on "Fly By Night."  SUITE?!  I guess with its two movements, three if
you wanna push it, you could consider it a suite...or not.


Subject: the skeleton in RTB concert
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 93 13:54:30 MDT

as i recall(and this is my feeble memory reaching back to Las Cruces) the 
skeleton says "because we're here" just before the stinger on the live version 
of Roll the Bones.

rrrrrrrrrr    uuuu   uuuu   sssssssss  hhhh   hhhh    GREETINGS FROM COLORADO
rrrrrrrrrr    uuuu   uuuu   ssss       hhhh   hhhh        THE HATE STATE!
rrrr          uuuu   uuuu   sssssssss  hhhhhhhhhhh
rrrr          uuuu   uuuu        ssss  hhhh   hhhh "Ignorance and prejudice
rrrr          uuuuuuuuuuu   sssssssss  hhhh   hhhh and fear walk hand in hand"


Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 00:01:43 -0400
From: Alan H Ristow  
Subject: Sexism and drum solos

It's interesting to read all the responses to Rush's alleged sexism. I
think several valid points were brought up, but I *do* have to say that
I consider myself somewhat rebellious and I don't really take crap
from anyone, but I don't think it's in *my* nature to be sexist... :-)

Really, I thought the parody theory about the MP cover sounded good, but
I think that another explanation might be that we all have prejudices to
some degree or another -- there's no such thing as someone who's totally
non-sexist. Still, did anyone else see the women dressed in Playboy
bunny outfits who brought water onto the stage during a break on the
Presto tour? Though possibly sexist, it was pretty funny to see such a
group of people standing in front of these tremendous inflatible rabbits
bouncing up and down in their hats... A lot of people at the show didn't
seem to get the joke, though (if it was intended as one), and the band
members *did* have silly grins on their faces...

Okay, almost done... A few days ago, I saw a drum solo (of sorts) to
rival Neil's. Now, before you flame me or condemn me and call me names,
you should go see this. Daniel Lanois' drummer (Brian Blades is his
name) did a very short solo that was quite good. The bassist then
joined him with a bongo drum, then Lanois joined them with a mixture of
bongo and vocal, then switched entirely to guitar. Okay, so it took
three guys, and by the time it was over it wasn't entirely drums, but
if you're a drum enthusiast you should catch the show. I didn't know
a single song of his, but I was blown away! (by the whole show, not just
the drums)

Sorry so long...



Date: Mon, 14 JUN 93 14:54:49 GMT
Subject: Tom Sawyers Treasures

Hi Guys!

Well, seeing as though I haven't posted for about 2112 days I just thought I'd
ask if anyone has heard of 'Tom Sawyer's Treasures'?????

It's basically a RARE Rush Collectors fanzine, and gives all sorts of foreign
presses,etc.  It cost me 1.50 (English pounds) so it will probably work
out at about $2.80ish???

It really is very good, and if nobody has heard of it, I will post the address
in my next posting!

Bye for now

Shaun Barry

P.s Hi Dan!

Shaun Barry				| 'Every Day We're Standing in a Time
Liverpool John Moores University	|  Capsule!'
School of The Built Environment		|
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Date: 14 Jun 1993 12:22:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: (The Sun Dog)
Subject: Must be the heat.....these people are crazy!

Geez, you folks are funny!  All of this raging discussion about
some video babe!  I read a lot of posts from people using the
term "sexist" rather loosely.  From my understanding, a sexist is
someone who discriminates against others based on the sex of others.
Now tell me, how is showing some busty video babe a sexist act?
Don't tell me that seeing a clip of some animated woman made you decide
to put women back in chains or something goofy like that....No, I don't
feel that the clip is exploitative in the context of the song....
As for women being one forces the women in magazines
to pose nude or scantily clad.  Those women make their own choice to do so.
(Good God, I can't believe I wasting the time to write about some animated

On the woman drummer deal:  Yeah, it seems strange that Neil would point
out that particular drummer as a woman....

>From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
>Far from being "gutter speak" or "garbage English," "homeboy" is
>every bit as wonderful and valid of a contribution to the
>anguage as the hundreds of other words and phrases that have
>come from the same incredibly rich source. Black English has
>given us such gems as jammin', slammin', ain't, gimme some skin,
>high-five, kick-ass, get down, yo, far out, jive, diss, say what,
>and livin' large - right on! Then there are all sorts of great
>new meanings and nuances for old words: cool, hip, space, woof,
>horny, crash, man, baby, chick, dude, wheels, cop, chill, cruise,
>bread, bro ... and of course there are hundreds more; I'll spare
>you any further humiliation.

Yeah Bruce, stuff like "say what" or "woof" are definitely gems (not!)
Somehow I get the feeling that the order of the world is falling apart
when one generation can't talk to another due to the language barrier...
I've seen grandparents unable to talk to their grandchildren because the
grandkids speak in slang and are unable to express themselves articulately
in any semblance of English.  Don't take this as a flame, 'cause it's not
meant to be one.  My point is that when slang such is this becomes accepted
as "normal" English, kids start having trouble expressing themselves
intelligently.  Okay?  (*grin*).

>So what does this have to do with Rush? Everything. No English
>speaker alive today, native or otherwise, can fail to benefit
>from the priceless contributions that black people have made to
>the language - and, even moreso, to popular music. Rush, and all
>of us, owe the speakers (and, yes, rappers) of black English a
>tremendous debt. Neither they, nor the words they use, have ever
>been "junk."

Well, I think that I could live a normal life if "soul speak" had never
been invented....I would hardly say that rappers have advanced the English
language with their often homophobic, racist, crime-littered verse.  Just
my feelings, again no flame intended.  Yo mama indeed. (*grin*)

>From: "J.P. Thompson" 

>I think that the word "homeboy" is just as crucial to the English language as
>any other word.

Definitely, I concur.  Let's quit using the word "the" (and substitute homeboy
instead!) or maybe we should quit using any personal pronouns.....everything
just becomes a homeboy instead of him or her.......  Just teasin' with ya
Johnman, the John-ner-rooney, the joltin' the way, cute .sig!

>From: "Ian Livingston "
>It is the kind of booth that attracts bikers, rednecks, and rebelous
>teenagers. The funny thing that caught my eye was that amongst all this was
>a RtBs t-shirt (the one with the boy kicking the skull). I got a good laugh
>out of this.

Ever hear of rebellious, redneck, biker Rush fans?  I might just have to run
over you wit' my hog now! (*giggle*)

-To the guy who feels that instrumental compositions are not songs:
Really.., then all of the realm of classical music is composed of "ditties"
or some such term that you prefer, right?  Man, YYZ is a song and a damn good
one at that.

Well, I've probably just bored many people to death.  I'll stop here.  Have a
great day!

I am:

Art Hung
"The Sun Dog"

---"Sun dogs fire on the horizon, meteors rain stars
across the night, this moment may be brief...
but it can be so bright......"


Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 11:59:39 CDT
From: (Aspi Havewala)
Subject: Sexism and Rush: an observation

_Rush ON

Hi guys,
	There's this interesting thread going on about Rush being sexist
and since I was hoping someone would take it up, I'll throw in my worth.

	Rush's lyrics may not (or may) be overtly sexist, IMHO they do think
in terms of strongly typecast gender roles (atleast their songwriting reflects
that: check out _War Paint_ on _Presto_). IMHO Part II, that makes them
sexist. Not misogynist, mind you (this comment for all impatient potential
flamers), but sexist. It is this one singular thing that convinced me
Rush was not really created by God on the eleventh day with a delayed

	Yet, while I wish Rush would be as progressive about gender as they
are about everything else, I don't mind a touch of gray in the guys.

_Rush OFF_

From: <~ Rush Fanatic ~>
Date: Mon Jun 14 18:07:51 EDT 1993
Subject: Blue Phonebooths and Pink Lemonade

Hello all.  Thought it was time I made a few comments.

 - First off I would like to thank all you guys who wrote in with 
   suggestions and corrections/additions to the Tour Listing.   

 - Also, I've been getting some mail about the status of the long ago
   proposed NMS newsletter.  Well here's the official word.  It is still
   on, for those who've mailed in articles, yes, I still have them, they
   are all ready, I am waiting on some more pictures to be scanned in,
   and lastly, I'm trying to get a certain NMS member (who is an editor)
   to help me put together some of the final stuff.  The reason for the
   delays are many:
       a - this was a bigger project than I initially thought!
       b - school, classes, and work just kept me from investing too
           much time into it.
   So the short answer is yes, there will be one, it probably won't be
   monthly, maybe bi-monthly, I'm not sure yet, there certainly is enough
   material, so I'm not too worried about that.  I'll post an update here

 - And finally, some album news.  The latest word on the album is that
   the release date is October 5th.  This is straight from someone in
   Atlantic, apparently the Sept. 15th date has been pushed back.

 - The "supposed" working title of "Critical Mass" is just that!  A
   speculation, whose roots I think came from USENET and crept its way
   into the NMS.  Some friends I know in Seattle spoke to John Rutsey who
   had recently been talking to Alex about the new album.  When asked about
   the title, Alex said they currently don't have a title for it yet.
   This was as of last week. 

Well, that's it for now, I'll relay any more info I have as soon as I
hear anything.


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