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 Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 21:35:07 -0400
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Subject: 10/20/93 - The National Midnight Star #789

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 789

                Wednesday, 20 October 1993
Today's Topics:
            CP review: "Entertainment Weekly "
             Neil as interviewER on MuchMusic
               Criticisms about criticisms!
                      new pictures!
                 Thoughts on counterparts
                      Cp, of course
             No need for further discussion!
                      Nobody's Hero
                  It's NOT a pentagram!
                     Deja vu/reviews
             Like the liner more than the CD
                Detroit Free Press review
                 Sounds like Queensryche
                  Harvard Lampoon Photos
            Counterparts and other things....
                        Sapping CP
              What's limited about limited?
                     UK Record shops
                         CP in UK
                      RE: Big Money
                  those darn 1's and 0's
                     Co-writen lyrics
                  Leave that Thing Alone
                      CP What Else?
                U2, Selling Out and others
                Ramblings on CounterParts
         Reactions to CP, binary, erm, and stuff
                     CP disc problems
     Comments on Cp (As if we haven't seen enough...)
            Wanted -- Neil Peart-like drummer
                      cp, of course
                       Album Inlay
                    Between Sun & Moon
                         My $.02
               Geddy Lee and Roger Daltrey

Date: 19 Oct 93 21:18:45 EDT
From: Joe Marrone <76635.3172@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: CP review: "Entertainment Weekly "

Wow, Rush makes it to print!  That is a feat in iteself considering they are
largely ignored by the press....    Anyway, Entertainment Weekly (October 22,
1993, page 74) has a blurb about Counterparts in their "This week in pop/rock
music" section:

"RUSH COUNTERPARTS (Atlantic)   Everyone from Living Colour to Primus has cited
Rush as a major influence.  All the name-dropping seems to have persuaded these
'70s survivors to listen to what progressive metal bands are doing in the '90s.
"Counterparts" is their leanest, tightest effort in ages (in other words,
marginally less boring than Rush's norm), and some may find it heartening that
Rush is in touch with the times -- "Nobody's Hero makes references to AIDS, and
"Double Agent" quotes hardcore heroes Fugazi (although probably
unintentionally).  But too much of it sounds like the side of '70s art rock
better left forgotten.  Written by TS"  Score: B-

Hmm, a B-?   Someone else wrote this and it certainly does NOT reflect my
opinion of Rush or Counterparts.  So, no flames, please. But tell me, who the
heck is Fugazi and what is this so-called hidden reference on 'Double-Agent'
all about?

  " ...Begin the day with a friendly voice
    A companion unobtrusive
    Plays that song that's so elusive
    And the magic music makes your morning mood..."
                                                   - The Spirit of Radio


Date:         Tue, 19 Oct 93  22:27:34 EDT
From: Doug Adams 
Subject:      Neil as interviewER on MuchMusic

Based on a post in today's NMS, Neil will be interviewing a political
candidate on MuchMusic this Friday?!  Anyone who will be taping this, please
e-mail me, as I would very much like a copy.  Muchas gracias.


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 22:28:09 EDT
Subject: Criticisms about criticisms!

  Hello fellow MNS'ers...................
  Let me just say that I am a HUGE Rushfan (TM), and I was giddy as Hell when
I finally got a chance to listen to all of _Counterparts_.  At first listen
I wondered if this was really Rush, of if I got the wrong CD, but after many
(MANY) replays.......I think it's a pretty impressive and refreshing change
in their musical style.......but I'm not going to give my critique, I just
wanted to comment on some people's posts recently about the new album.....

1.  To all of those people who think that Neil's drumming is "lazy" or
    "lacking" on this album -------
    Neil Peart has proven himself a zillion times over.......if he wants to play
    a simple 4/4 beat thru every song or just play a kazoo, I say great!!!!!!!
    Bottom line------The man is a God-----he can do whatever he feels is right!

2.  To all of those people who think that Neil's lyrics are "lacking" or
    "too simple"
    I think it's refreshing to have some straight forward lyrics.....I feel as
    though I've touched him on a sort of personal level after hearing about his
    gay friend who had died (Nobody's Hero).  And I have no problem whatsoever
    with those lyrics or any others!!!

3.  To all of those people who are dissapointed with the album--------
    You are the same people who have been dissapointed with Rush since they
    released _Moving Pictures_.  They are *never* going to do another 2112 or
    _MP_.  Their sound has been constantly changing over the last few years,
    and I think that's what makes them the best band in the two
    Rush is the same!!!!!!!

Well, that's it flames, please........comments? thoughts???

"My Counterpart -- my precious heart"


From: hartman larry 
Subject: new pictures!
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 22:53:16 -0500 (EDT)

How about getting some new gifs from CP?  That would be cool!
I would like to see one of the boys sitting at the table from the cd jacket.

Does anyone know where I can get some Dream Theater images or words? (no pun
intended! :) )

I big gif of the I&W album cover would make a great background for my SGI!!

Jason Hartman


Date: 19 Oct 93 21:50:09 EDT
From: "Haplo Peart \"RushFan(Tm)" <71603.3600@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Thoughts on counterparts

Hy RushFans(Tm),

   Ya know I had to say something today,

   Happy Tunesday all,


1.  HYF  2.  MP   3.  2112

1. MP  2.  CP  3.  HYF  4. 2112

My favorites so far only 12 listens so far:
no special order:
Nobody's hero
Stick it out
Everyday people(I think this might have been the rumored "Lucy and Desi")
Leave that Thing Alone(Ganster of Boats? Part ???)


Only 2 years until the new album!!!!!!!!!! :^>


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 23:51:30 -0400
From: ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jim B. Stevenson)
Subject: Cp, of course


	IMO: Counterparts is pretty damn good!  The only songs I'm
not too big on are Alien Shore and Leave That Thing Alone.  I'm sure
they'll eventually grow on me, but...AS just doesn't sound "right" to
me.  My major disappointment is LTTA...IMO, it sucks.  All of the
boyz' previous instrumentals have rocked (even WMT), but this one was
too slow/laid back for my tastes.

	I thought they packaged the wrong CD when I heard the beginning
of Animate...EXACTLY the same as that Pearl Jam song (I'm too tired
to remember the name...).  In fact, a lot of that song sounds Pearl
Jamish (Jamish?!).  Cp has a funkier beat to it, overall - except
for Stick it Out and Nobody's Hero.  The latter gave me chills &
almost brought me to tears when I first heard it ('specially the
orchestration!)  That song is AWESOME!!!

	In parting: Anyone know what is said just before Alien
Shore begins?  Sounds like something out of Street Fighter 2 or
something :)

	Only about 2 more years 'til Rush's NEW ALBUM!!! 


   ba080@cleveland.Freenet.Edu     | SUPPORT THE 1ST |   __   __
     Jim "SnowDog" Stevenson       | AMENDMENT!!!!!! |  /  `-' /  RUSH    ,,
"Pear pimples for hairy fishnuts!" | CENSORSHIP JUST | |[====||||||||||||[::}
      -Opus the Penguin '83-       | PLAIN SUCKS!!!! |  \__.-._\  RULES   ``


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 23:59:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: No need for further discussion!

Ok, you people who are listing all your favorite albums.  When are you going to
realize that A Farewell To Kings is the all time classic greatest rock album in
the history of recorded music?  (Except maybe that Joey Lawrence tour de
force. . .)


P.S.  Ooh, I can almost smell the blood bouncing on the Boston Garden ice from
here in Miami. . .


Date:         Tue, 19 Oct 93 22:58:59 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      Nobody's Hero

I'm among those who needed a little time to get used to "Nobody's Hero."
I think I have written before that it's great to see Peart dealing with
some fairly touchy subjects, but he dealt with this one a little more
clumsily than I would have liked. I guess I prefer something a little
more subtle...

As for the person who thought "sex is not a job description" is pretty
sucky, I did too until I realized that Peart was talking about *gender*,
not the sex act.

Overall, the album is interesting in its atypical (for Rush, anyway)
approaches to male/female (well, and male/male, I s'pose) relations.
It has the most overtly "love" songs I've ever heard from Rush, and
it's interesting to see how Peart handles them. Sounds like he might
be dating again or something...


P.S. Daniel Strickland, sorry I missed you at Turtles -- I looked for
you, but all the guys I saw there were buying Pearl Jam and drooling
over the Beavis and Butthead calendar. (I, on the other hand, coveted
the Ren & Stimpy Christmas Album): )

"ah ah ah"
-- Lee


Subject: It's NOT a pentagram!
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 21:09:33 PDT

That thing on the back of the cover is NOT a pentagram.  But if you take a
psychology course or look in a psych book you'll see some VERY similar.
It's a perceptual illusion.  You can see it as three angles and 3 pac-men
or as a solid triangle placed over an outline of a triangle and 3 circles.
And I'd definatly say that's it source and not some satanic symbol!

Anyway, I'd just like to say after listening to this album for 6 hours
CONSTANTLY -- IT'S GREAT!!  I really can'y complain about any song!  But
if I had to pick a favorite I'd have to say Between Sun & Moon.

After hearing stories about people going to record stores and some of the
anoying things surrounding their purchase of this fine album, my CD store is
no different!  I got there around 10 this morning and they had 1 copy!!  And
it was stuck in the middle of the rest of their Rush albums (which may I add
don't even have their own section and are in with all the "R"'s).  So as I
paid for it I asked them what the deal was and they said they didn
t't expect it to be very popular!!!

Anyway, I love the inside cover of this one!  Has anyone been able to make
any sense of those 1's and 0's?  I tried looking for a repeating pattern
to see if it just repeated something over and over (NOPE!).  It really
doesn't look like it can be anything in ASCII.  But the 3 lines are identical,
so only one of them need to be decoded.  Well, I'm sure someone will figure ou
what it is, if it really is something.  Maybe they just want to drive someone
crazy trying to figure it out!  :-)

About this Dubois conflict.  I think the CD is more believable.  Unless
in the interview Neil specifically said different.

Well, there you have it.  My thoughts on the new album (and it's only my
second post ever!)


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 18:11:29 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Deja vu/reviews

Brown now cows how!!

It's happening again!!

I forgot to mention this in my "Cp-ad on MTV tirade" yesterday, but, I
had the strangest experience when watching it.  At the end of the ad,
they showed the album cover, and I freaked out.  I swear, by Alex's
guitar picks and Neil's drumsticks, *I HAVE SEEN THAT COVER BEFORE*.
I *swear* to you, by all that is Rush, I have seen it before!  I know I
have.  The nut on the top, with the bolt below it, the *dots*, there's
something about those damn *dots*!, and the *WAY* it's drawn -- AHH!
I have seen it before!  I need to consult all of your collective
knowledges (<-- it's a new word..) about this -- is there any album out
there, *any* album, by *any* artist that resembles the Cp cover, IN ANY
WAY??  I can't stand it, this is driving me crazy.  I *hate* when this

And for all those who do NOT like Cp -- I'm actually quite glad. For
myself, I absolutely *LOVE* this album, my fave since GUP, but I have to
say that I'm glad there's some people that *don't* like it.  I know
that sounds weird, but it's actually quite refreshing to hear differing
opinions.  I really have to agree with rush-mgr on this one.  Not that
I want everyone to go out of their way to *hate* it :-)  but I'd really
like to hear why people don't like it, or do, for that matter.  We're not
all *required* to worship every meticulous note they lay down  -- you
don't like, you don't like it.  Cool.  Makes for nice discussion.  So
for all those who don't like it -- SPEAK UP!!  :-) :-)



Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 23:50:44 EDT
Subject: Like the liner more than the CD


It's really hard to say whether or not I really like this album. For one,
everytime Rush has come out with a new album, it takes about 3-6 months for
me to really begin to like it (Presto took almost a year). So I can't really
tell if I like it or not yet, but compared to other new releases I've picked
up, it's not grabbing me like say 'Signals' or 'Hold Your Fire'.
First impression of the CD is that it feels cluttered. There is too much
going on, especially in 'Stick it Out'. It's definitely a harder album than
others, but it also sounds a little dirty (quality wise).

But the best part so far is the Liner notes. I'm sure each of those images
has some  kind of meaning. And it looks like they are pulling bits from
previous albums. Either with phrases or symbols, or even pictures. Someone
has to translate the binary code. For example, I noticed the Rock, Scissors,
Paper theme from Presto.
But it seems that in the listing of famous trios they forgot one
Lifeson, Lee, and Peart.

You know, I like the song 'Nobody's Hero' but I think the lyrics are kind of
sappy. True there is a point to the song and I respect the group for it's
effort, but it seems about as out of place as 'Red Tide'.

But those are my thoughts on the album, I'll try to say something more after
a week or so. Probably just has to grow on me.

And although some people are complaining because of the record stores not
having Rush right up front, or the release being overshadowed my Pearl Jam, I
have to say that at least I knew an album was due, not even from reading NMS.
Seems to me that there is a new album out every Fall in two year intervals.
As for Pearl Jam, I'm kind of upset that some people on NMS choose to
ridicule the band and the type of person who listens to PJ. True they are not
in the same vein as Rush, but I also enjoy their music very much, and I
didn't think that I ever would. Just happened to catch them on Unplugged one
day and was impressed by the entire group.

But at least there is new Rush, and that means a new tour.
I can't wait.

SF Frank

'But that's not the shape of my heart'


From: The PUNISHER - Judge; Jury; Executioner 
Subject: CounterCrap
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 23:35:37 CDT

(Asbestos underwear on)

I got my hands on CounterParts ( parts)..and I thought
I was listening to INXS...alleviate, dessicate....

Every other song is so trivial, I am more ashamed than the "Get Busy" on RTB!

The music is bad (though the instrumental kicks ass), and the words so
predictable that I could have written them.

Too bad, I have a new job, wife, car and new what was to be a great album.
It was a waste of money...

Sorry if you guys don't agree, but this is how I see it.  (Of course, you
realize that this'll probably be their biggest album ever..;))

a/k/a The Punisher

  \_______\     /_______/       The PUNISHER - The Guilty Will Be Punished
                                (aut inveniam viam aut faciam)


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 18:35:51 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: GIFTS

Cows how now brown!!

[tune in next week when the amazing "Deja-vu Puanani" will know what Neil
will put in his sandwich for lunch a week before he does!]  :-)

I really like the ideas everyone's been writing in.  KEEP THEM COMING!!
I really, seriously want to make this a serious and dedicated effort.  I
don't intend to let this die off.  I mean that.  This is something from
ALL of us, whether you post in every other day or simply read it when you
INTO THIS.  I want to give everyone an equal stab at this, so if you've
got ideas, SEND THEM IN!!  The rush-mgr and I (I'll get back to you on
this, rush-mgr) are going to set up a file, possibly on gopher, with
all the ideas/support offerings people have made, so they can be accessed
by everyone (as well as the convenience of having them all in one place.)
So hopefully, that'll be set up soon -- as soon as I get my rear-end in

Also, from the responses so far, it seems the 3 piece somethingorother
is a rather popular idea, coming across in many different forms.  Great.
Maybe we could enhance that idea.  But keep thinking about it -- they
all sound great!

And on that same note (sorry for the length of this), I got another idea.
In keeping with the 3-piece idea, we could have a painting-like-thing
in three pieces, one piece for each member -- but in abstract form, kinda
like the GUP cover with some abstract concept of each member on the panels.
BUT, it's done in such a way that you can hang them ANY WAY YOU WANT.  In
other words, they can either hang them separately at their houses, or
all togther in the Anthem office.  Not only that, but they can be hung
in ANY CONFIGURATION.  NO UP OR DOWN.  So, they can by hung:

	[][][]  or <><><> or  <><>  or [][] or  [][]  or <>
			       <>       []      []         <>

or however they want it.  You know what I mean?  And they can change the
configuration every week, if they wanted.  Sort-of like an abstract
representation of their music -- many different ways of looking at it,
many different interpretations.  And abstract so that there's always
something different to find in it, always somethig new to explore.  LIke
their music. Maybe we can come up with concept, then have Hugh Syme
paint it for us.  I dunno.  anyway, that's what I came up with.

Think about your ideas!  And SEND THEM IN!  It will be done!



Date: 20 Oct 93 00:54:13 EDT
From: Bruce Holtgren <70724.1622@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Detroit Free Press review

>From the Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service wire, 10/19/93:

By Gary Graff
Detroit Free Press

COUNTERPARTS Rush (Anthem/Atlantic): Still tromping through the
territories after 19 years and as many albums, Rush endures.
What's more, "Counterparts" will probably give Pearl Jam's new
album, which also comes out this week, a battle for the top of
the charts. Why? Of all the Led Zeppelin wannabes, Rush has been
the most successful in establishing itself as a rock 'n' roll
rite of passage. It's the kind of group older brothers and
sisters pass to their younger siblings, and a new generation of
fans seems positioned to tap into each new release. The appeal:
flashing instrumental chops, hummable choruses, and cosmic-minded
lyrics whose depth (as in "it's deep, maaaan") is more affected
than truly intellectual. There's an abundance of those elements
on "Counterparts," though there are also a few twists in the
blueprint. Singer/bassist Geddy Lee makes minimal use of
keyboards this time out, resulting in cleaner guitar-bass-drums
arrangements; it rocks a touch harder than Rush's last couple of
albums, but not with the wallop of the trio's early '70s records.
Rush can still succumb to excess - check out the almost comically
cluttered "Double Agent" - but it's largely held in check. That
means "Counterparts" is of a piece with the rest of the Rush
works: essential for the faithful, adequate for the neophyte and
acceptable, if interchangeable, for the merely curious.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 00:50:44 CDT
From: (Brian Glenn Carlson)
Subject: Sounds like Queensryche

Maybe I am the only one who thinks this, but the beginning of Cut to the Chase
reminds me a _whole_ lot of Suite Sister Mary by Queensryche.  Just wondering
if anyone else agrees with this sentiment.  I may be wrong, but that was my
first reaction when listening to the song.

Also, I would like to know if anyone in the St. Louis area heard the Rush that
they played from 3:00 to 4:00 am Tuesday on KSHE.  They had a trivia question
about the Harvard Lampoon at approx. 1:00 am and then said that they would be
taking requests for the 3:00 hour.  Apparently, they were flooded with calls
because I couldn't get through and they soon said to stop calling.  Anyway, I
couldn't help but think that maybe some of y'all from TNMS were the ones who
were hogging the lines.  Did anyone hear this and get through?

-Brian G. Carlson


From: (Jennifer Feinman)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 03:03:46 -0400
Subject: Harvard Lampoon Photos

	Hey everyone,
	Thanks for the interest in reprints of my pictures.
Actually, on the inside of the new albun, the shot of the guys
in tuxedos is from the Lampoon--evidently a private part of the
	ANYWAY< for anyone interested in those reprints--as well
as anyone who has already e-mailed me, PLEASE!!  NO MORE MAIL!!
If you heard from me already, you know I'm going crazy with classes
and (sorority) rush right now--as soon as I can get prices, I will
post to the NMS, and then you can all get in touch again.  Sorry if
this comes across as rude, but I have been completely swamped, and
I haven't had time to respond to everyone as fast as I would have liked.
I figured this would be the best way to let you know I WILL get reprints,
but give me a few days to collect myself!
	Thanks so so much.



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 03:04:56 EDT
From: Phillip Carter 
Subject: Counterparts and other things....

Hi all.

1) To the Vortex: Yes, I think Beavis and Butthead are unsuitable for kids.
They're designed for college kids like me (and you? don't know how old you
are. :) ) That's why they're being moved to 10:30 and 11:00 pm I think.

2) Got _Counterparts_ the instant I could get my hands on it and listened
to it nonstop for four hours. Overall impressions? EXCELLENT!!! I LOVE

3) To all those who've requested a tape of Geddy singing the Canadian National
Anthem from me, since I had a copy, I have a tale of woe for you. *sigh*
My younger brother got into my tape collection and took one of the unlabeled
ones (even though he knew it was mine) for his own use. Guess what was on
that tape? Three guesses and the first two don't count. more
All-Star game, and no more Ged singing the National Anthem. I'm terribly
sorry, for those of you who wanted a copy.

Flames to me will be almost welcomed, I sort of asked for it by posting
about the tape before I had actually located the thing. Once again, I'm
sorry for the pain I've caused you all. :( :(

Anyway, all you Rushheads (tm) out there, get out there and find your


Phil Carter --

"And then God created the world...and he said, 'This is good.'
 And then he created man...and he said, 'I f*cked up.'"
-- Don Dokken


Date:     Wed, 20 Oct 93 00:16:49 PDT
From: heshman@Csa1.LBL.Gov (Mahesh Chandramouli)
Subject:  Sapping CP

Now that have all had a chance to enjoy the new album...well most us anyway,
I would like to give my $.02 about **Cold Fire** and **Speed of Love**

Many moons ago (and suns of course as well ! ) I submitted a long and rather
personal post to TNMS in which I detailed how every album by boys had a song or
two that for me stood out over all the others.  The songs and albums will always
be associated with the memories and events of those times.  When I play those
songs the associated feelings invariably resurface. They are the sounds to my
afterimages if you will.

When RTB came out, I was just getting into a relationship so *Ghost of a Chance*
really hit me hard.  This relationship through much hard work, perserverence and
delicate negotiations on both sides is about evolve into a marriage.  I have
found my counterpart so to speak.  Not surprisingly, *Cold Fire*
and **Speed of Love** strike me on a different level than the other songs.

These songs are not about time signatures, vocal melodies, or  key changes (or
even parakeets).  They, impact at much deeper levels and manage to connect with
primitive emotions.  It looks like I've found the music for the memories I am
now making and it is my wish that you can find the same. Yipeeee !!!!!!



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 09:21:41 GMT
From: ipelond!andrew
Subject: What's limited about limited?

Hi Rushies

picked up CP in HMV on Monday. On the front is a sticker saying
"limited edition CD pack". What's limited edition about it?
There must be at least 50000 copies in the UK alone, not to mention
the copies across the States. Does anyone really know whether this
is a limited edition CD pack, and if so what's different between this
and the normal packaging? Or does the packaging change after this
first batch have sold out? Even if this is true, it can't be very

Anyway, love the albumn, especially Animate, Nobody's Hero and Cold Fire.
It's amazing how many different opinions there are about whether tracks
should be on the albumn or not, or whether on track is good or bad. I
didn't like RTB when it first came out and didn't play it much. When all
the hype started in TNMS about CP, I started playing it again, and really
got into it. But CP is just cosmic, once again Rush have moved on, and it's
so refreshing to hear a different sound again. Not had a great deal of tiisten
to it yet, but will give it a bashing this weekend. But first impression
is total addiction.

Andy Gardner


Subject: UK Record shops
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 9:43:49 BST

I went into Exeter, Devon last Friday just in case anyone had it early.
Nobody did and:

WH Smith didn't know about it and couldn't find it in their catalogue,
Solo didn'y know about it and didn't bother to check
HMV knew about it
Our Price looked it up and said 18 Oct.

On 18 Oct I went to
WH Smith: still don't know, looked in catalogue again and then we may have it
          downstairs still unpacked - please try later.
HMV: had it on display in New Release section and I bought it there.

Question: why did the Music Week chart dated 18 Oct have the album as a new
entry at number 26 on release day ????????


Lee Davis, Exeter University Computer Unit
email  :,
phone  : 0392 263960
address: Computer Unit,  University of Exeter,  Laver Building
         North Park Rd., Exeter, Devon. EX4 4QE.
fax    : 0392 211630


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 11:34:03 BST
Subject: CP in UK

I got CP on monday 9.00am in Parrot records in Cambridge, they even
had it playing in the shop! What's more I got it for 9.99 pounds
rather than the normal 13.49 pounds, which seems to be the norm in
Britain at the moment. Every copy I've seen in the racks in Cambridge
has been the limited edition embossed case, so maybe it isn't such
an exclusive limited edition?
Verdict on CP, I like it! I've found that most Rush records take time
to get in to, but this is good straight off! Worth the wait!



P.S. I even heard Spirit of the Radio on Virgin 1215 on friday morning!
Maybe the UK isn't such a Rush desert after all.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 07:28:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Anthony J. DelBusso" 
Subject: RE: Big Money

To Jason Kilarsky:

   I would guess that it is either something wrong with your cd or your cd
player.  I tried listening to both versions of The Big Money (off of PoW
and Chronicles), and couldn't notice any difference.  Anyway, I had a
similar problem a while back:  My Chronicles cd used to skip on What Your
Doing about 2 minutes into the song on my old Sony cd player, but I now
have a newer JVC player and it works fine.

Anthony J. DelBusso             Forbes Quad Computer Lab Assistant Supervisor
240 DLH (412)648-2348 office                 Computing & Information Services
1E01 FQ (412)624-7143 lab                            University of Pittsburgh


From: (Terry Stedman)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 08:16:24 -0400
Subject: those darn 1's and 0's

        There are 3 lines of 1's and 0's on the back of the CD booklet.
The first and third rows are identical.  The second row is the same as the
first and third but shifted a few places.  Who knows what this is supposed
to be.
	I've also attempted at figuring out the blurb at the start of Alien
Shore but to no avail.
	Lastly, sorry about the pentagram post.  I think it was new Rush
album mania or something else that made me post that.

 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman                          .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 07:25:04 CDT
From: (Eric Pyle)
Subject: Co-writen lyrics

Okay, I was waiting for someone to ask this but no one has.

On the interview the interviewer said that The Speed of Love was
co-written with Dubois. Now, on my CD it says that Dubois helped
with _Between the Sun and the Moon_ What's the deal? I think the
CD is write and the interviewer was wrong. BSAM is one of my favorite
songs, and I think this is the combined effort.

By the way, I heard that the boyz were named the Ambassadors of Music
by the Canadian government, when did this happen?

PS what is the spoken, mumbled part at the beginnin of Alien Shore?



Date: 20 Oct 93 08:31:37 EDT
From: Owen.A.Gottlieb@Dartmouth.EDU (Owen A. Gottlieb)
Subject: Leave that Thing Alone

Counterparts is a melodic electro-audio-hallucinatory phenomenon.

I love this album.

So far my favorite tune is
Leave that Thing Alone.  The base line is brilliant.  I was in the music
store, buying the album and heard this song playing quietly over the store
system and turned to the guy standing next to me and said: "Listen to that
base line!"  I think he thought that I was quite strange : ).

I think this is one of the best tunes the boys have produced in years.

Counterparts has an edge to it that  I haven't heard in their work since
Permanent Waves.  Similar to the harder edge of the earliest albums.  My
favorite albums are Hemispheres and Presto, so my tastes run the gammit.-It's
interesting though to here a harder edge return to Rush's sound.

The lyrics to Nobody's Hero stand out from the rest of the album.  I think
this is an _important_ song.  My friend commented to me last night that Rush
is still growing and innovating, unlike many of the rockers still around from
the sixties and seventies.   It's so true.  Counterparts is inspiring in its

I can't wait to see Geddy running across the stage in concert playing Leave
that Thing Alone.

gotta get to class,
just wanted to cast my vote!

Owen Gottlieb
-Restless Young Romantic


From: Wheatley_Gregory/
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 07:37:54 -0500
Subject: CP What Else?

Item Subject: Message text
I like many others out there was waiting impatiently for midnight Monday.  The
local Target Stores in Milwaukee did not have CP early.  After much searching
through local record stores I was able to find one that would be open late
Monday and would be selling CP.  Not only did I get my copy at 11:30 Monday
night but it was only $11.99.  I only listened to it once through that night
because I had to be up by 5 a.m.  I love the new music.  The bass on Animate is
awesome.  I also love the sound of Nobody's Hero.
Count me if for donating to a present to Rush.  It's the least I can do for all
the hours of listening enjoyment I have received from them.
Can't wait for the tour.



From: Graham James Reilly 
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 13:21:39 BST
Subject: U2, Selling Out and others

JUst a few things that are not in any way a review or opinion of Counterparts
(even although it is quite good - damn, my subconscious took over).

Somebody mentioned that their girlfriend thought that some of the guitars on CP
sounded like The Edge from U2.  A friend of mine told me a couple of days ago
that he'd read an interview in which Mr Edge stated that Alex Lifeson was his
main inspiration.  I don't have any specific references, sorry.

In #785 Mr (hi James) says

>I Don't know if it is the same world wide, but the English release is
>a Limited Edition with special CD packaging.       ^^^^^^^

That's funny.  The Scottish one is just the same :-) (grrrr)

And lastly - Dundee and St Andrews had totally sold out of CP by about 4.30pm on
the day of release.  Not bad. (And both big chainstores had it displayed out
front and were playing it over the shop system)

Dylan, a rational romantic mystic cynical idealist


Subject: Ramblings on CounterParts
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 08:51:37 -0400
From: David Arnold 

I had an interesting experience this morning driving in to work,
playing CP on my tape deck.  I then got to work and read about a
dozen NMS issues from yesterday, and found:

>From: (Niki Leboeuf)
>Ah well.. Mike S., this isn't a flame. But I just happen to be a fool for
>emotional stuff. It was a good thing I was safely parked in the driveway
>(as opposed to doin' 40 down Vets Blvd, of course) when "Nobody's Hero"
>came on. (Yes, I'm as much a sap for sad movies, too. Sigh. What can I
>say.:) And whether you like that effect or not, ya gotta admit that those
>string-sounds at the end of the song achieve that effect rather well, ya

My interesting experience was when "Nobody's Hero" came on.  I love the
guitar at the beginning, so I cranked it up.  I was singing along with
the song when I realized my eyes were tearing up, and I couldn't get
through the first chorus w/out choking up.  For some reason it really
got to me; probably because an ex-roommate from college had died a couple
of years after I graduated of an "opportunistic illness".  His family
never said, but it was the first friend I had die of AIDS.  I couldn't
help thinking of him while the song played, and my eyes are still tearing
as I type this.  (BTW, he did throw some good parties.)

So, you wanna talk about being a "fool for emotional stuff"?  You're not
alone out there!  :-)  (sniff)

David Arnold

UUCP:     uunet!!davida


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 14:07:57 BST
From: Russell Marks 
Subject: Reactions to CP, binary, erm, and stuff

Interesting to see positive and negative views on the new album. My views on
it are mainly positive, although I think maybe "The Speed of Love" goes on a
bit and doesn't really do much. I suppose it's nicely ambient or some such,
but I'm not voting for it. I have a much higher opinion of "Between Sun and
Moon" (a cheerful Rush song? how'd that get through the net?), "Cut to the
Chase", and basically all the others too.

Hmm. Alex seems less Concerned about his Omega(tm), doesn't he? And all that
stuff in the inlay! Everything *including* the kitchen sink! I wish Atlan
had printed it at a higher resolution, though, and with better dithering.

Just to be incredibly pointless for a moment, that binary is a little
unusual, isn't it? The 2nd line is bit shifted to the left, the 3rd line is
the same as the 1st, and the 1st is this (on the tape, anyway):

0101001010101101001101011010100101011001011... (repeats)

I was surprised to note the number of digits - until I saw that there's 43
there, not 42. (sigh) Anyone have any idea what it means? Does it really
mean "get a life you sad computer geeks"? Even if it's just random, I want
to contrive some useless meaning... it's just no fun otherwise, is it? :)

Staying with pointlessness; I reckon the bit *before* Alien Shore starts
(not the voices, this is the quiet bit before the start) is probably someone
going "I've had about alllllll I can take" cut off just after the "I". But
it's pretty tricky to tell.

Anyhow, all in all, I rate CP in my top 5, maybe below PoW and Hemispheres.
Pretty good stuff.

Animated be,
 .-- --- .--  -- --- .-. ... .  - .... .- -  .. ... -. -  -.-- -.-- --.. :-)
russell marks : : speak softly and carry a +6 kitten
        "It's 5:50 a.m., do you know where your stack pointer is?"


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 8:46:32 -0500 (CDT)
From: The Romster 
Subject: CP disc problems

Is it just my copy of CP or do all discs have a problem with skipping in the
last 5 seconds of the last song?  Was I too anxious to get in the player and
accidentally smudged the disc?   inaadv



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 09:55:42 -0400
From: (Russ Arcuri)
Subject: Comments on Cp (As if we haven't seen enough...)

Hello all,

Some notes about the new album:

1.  "Leave That Thing Alone!" is not listed as part anything in the
"Gangster of Boats" trilogy.  This would leave one to believe that "Where's
My Thing's" reference as part 4 in the trilogy was simply a joke.

Furthermore, those people who have been clinging to the "Part 4" argument
as proof that there will have to be at least three more post-RTB albums
will probably be a little disheartened that there is no longer any cohesive
proof of this.  Personally, I wish LTTA _was_ part 3, which would have
almost guaranteed plans for another couple of albums.  Then again, besides
Douglas Adams' fans, who's ever heard of a four-part trilogy?

2.  "Nobody's Hero" is one of the finest rush songs I have heard in a long
time.  I like the fact that Neil had the balls to write it, and that Geddy
has the balls to sing it.  I have a feeling that some of those who don't
like it feel that way because they don't agree politically with the ideas
presented in the song.  And to them, I say: Who cares?  You don't have to
listen to the song.  Geddy, Alex, and Neil won't be offended.  You can have
your opinions and I can have mine.

Now for my reasons for liking the song.  One of the big ones is the
orchestral background.  It gives real texture to the song.  I liked it when
they did this for "The Manhattan Project" and I like it here too.  I only
wish the orchestra was a little more forward in the mix... I don't think it
would have diminished the guitar or bass if the orchestra was a bit louder.

I noticed in the liner notes that Michael Kamen conducted... Isn't he the
same guy that conducted the orchestra when Aerosmith did one of their tunes
for the MTV video music awards a couple years ago?

3.  I don't think there's a weak song on the album.  On many of Rush's
other albums, there was always a song or two that didn't really strike me.
I thought that "Stick It Out" would be the one on this album, but it's
really kind of grown on me.

4.  Finally, I just wanted to make a request of all you NMSers out there.
There already have been a whole lot of "reviews" of Cp in the digest, and
I'm sure there will be a lot more.  Opinions will vary from "I hated this
album" to "It's the greatest musical work in the history of the Western

I'm sure that all opinions are welcome... but I am requesting that people
refrain from personal attacks based on their opinions.  In other words, if
I like the album, and you don't, please don't tell me I'm stupid and
obviously have no musical taste.  In return, I promise not to tell anyone
that you are a musical ignoramus who wouldn't know the difference between a
good album and a Madonna dance mix. :-)

   [ How right you are, everyone is entitled to their own opinin. I don't
     want to have to start removing posts because of personal attacks...
						             : rush-mgr ]

Russ Arcuri


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 09:44:27 EDT
From: flhodge@vnet.IBM.COM
Subject: Wanted -- Neil Peart-like drummer


My band is in need of a talented, Neil Peart influenced drummer to help
us glue together our MuchRush-influenced music.  We reside in Danbury, CT
(in western CT) so obviously you must live close enough that you wouldn't mind
the commute.  The music is heavy, progressive, and fusion-ish.  Your tastes
should include things like Rush, 24-7 Spyz, Living Colour, all jazz, and a
tolerance for metal, and you should desire to play live, play live, play live.

We have nearly twenty original songs together, and the guitarist is unstoppable
when it comes to writing more.  We have a bassist (me) and a singer, but just
need that final part of the rhythm section.  We only been together a few
months, yet we've already played CBGB's in Manhattan, have offers to play a
few other NYC places, and an offer to do a live-to-DAT recording session in CT.

Obviously, please reply directly to me via:  OR  203-262-4330 (wk) 203-744-6134 (hm)

Thanks, and sorry if there's not enough Rush content here!

Lee Hodge


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 10:31:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: binary

I may be wrong, but I don't think (at this time) that the 1's and 0's are
a message.   Not that I will quit looking, but conciter this:

x x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx xx
 x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx x
x x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx xx

That is the pattern they form when the 1's are something, and the 0's are
nothing.  Since the top repeats the bottom, unless its a fraze like "one
to one" it prob. is just another example of Counterparts.

But, the pictures and words inside are real cool!



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 9:54:52 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: cp, of course

Wanna keep this short and to the point, considering how long (and useless)
some posts have been recently.  At about 2:33 on the cp disc, on the
"Mermaid of the Lunar Sea" lyric, is the line supposed to sustain on the
"the" and skip over "lunar"? My disc has no "lunar" here, it's not skipping,
and it sounds really strange.  I seem to remember the copy on the radio
special not sounding like this.  Oh well, otherwise I am EXTREMELY pleased
with this cd...


Brian V. Cox
Texas A&M University

"Music performed by humans?......In this day and age?.....hmmmphh!!!"
	-Wilde Silas Tomkyn


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 10:50:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brian David Schiff 
Subject: Album Inlay

Hey, just thought I would bring up something relatively obvious inside
the album inlay.  If you have glanced at it, maybe you have noticed the
picture of the padlock, livestock, and a barrel in sequence.  In other
words, "lock, stock, and barrel", meaning wholly or completely.  Could
this be the end for the boyz?  Lets hope not, but just some food for thought.
See ya.

Coolest new Rush quote..."priestess of the pagan-mother,
			  ancient queen of inner-space..."


From: (Brad West)
Subject: CTTC
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 10:19:50 +22306512 (CDT)

Let's talk about "Cut to the chase" for a second.

     Is it me or is anyone else just blown away at how beautiful and crystal
clear this song sounds on CD? Ged's voice through most, or all, the song has a
remarkable delay on it that makes him sound great. Then...move on to the
up-tempo...  Listen to that soothing, yet incredibly fast guitar solo!
Then...when you thought you had heard all the punch you were gonna..."I'm young
enough to remember..." Ged's voice is great! I love it! I haven't heard that
emotion in his voice in a loooooong time.  I hope you guys agree that this song
is just one example of how well recorded and engineered this entire album is.
The "caveman" did an excellent job. I love it. This is what Rush needed.
Geddy spent half the interview talking about how the band needed to find a
better production approach. Well...they've definitely got it on this record.
If only beautiful songs like "Available light" and "Heresy" could have been
done with this production... O well... I still love them...

What you guys think bout this subject?    Roll em egh!.........

     (And by the way... Keep us posted on how the parokeets are)


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 12:09:32 -0400
From: (Whoa Nellie, Esquire)

Hello New Rush Album owners!

        I was just curious and thought I'd take a little survey.  What's
YOUR favorite new song on the album? Mail me, and I'll compile and post
again on the NMS. You'll have a really good stat breakdown, but only if a
lot of you post me, so do it, cuz we're only immortal for a limited time.



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 09:19:21 PST
From: Tom Logan 
Subject: Between Sun & Moon

Halooo all you "I'm happy cause I have a new RUSH CD" RushFans

Between Sun & Moon:
Does anybody else think the part where Ged "ahhh yes to yes" sounds really
REM'ish.... go figure !?

This album is like other RUSH albums in one paticular way (IMO). The first time
peeled the wrap from Cp and popped into the CD player, I sat back and listened.
I was not exposed to any music from Cp prior to this. I only liked 3 songs on
my first pass on the CD. This however is not unusual for me. I had the same
thing happen to me with HYF & PoW. After listening to Cp again it was much
better. The point is you have to listen to some songs multiple times to get the
proper effect of the music/lyics.

Keep on rockin' to RUSH
"I was lined up for glory but the tickets sold out in advance" -NP


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 11:20:57 -0500
Subject: FlounderedCarps

Ugggghhhh. Really depressed. :( Waited this long for a hopefully good album and
finally got it and it is yet another restrained sounding album. :(  It seemed
the whole time like they were building up and getting ready to let loose and
really do something kick ass and then the song was over. The only thing even
halfway cool was Leave That Thing Alone....  What is it with everyone releasing
stuff anymore? Joe Satriani's _The Extremist_  seemed the same way, So didn't
Steve Vai's _Sex and Religion_     Everything seems to  be toned down and way
mellow with all the old masters...
    At least it wasn't as wimpy as Roll The Bones....   But I'd sure kill to
hear something from the first 3 chapters of Rush again (Preferably chapter 2,
but hey, anything'll work...)
    Well, figures...   (Non-anxiously awaiting Metallica _Live From Mexico_ and
Joe Satriani _Time Machine_ and whatever the hell happened to Dream Theater
_Change of Seasons_)

>.sigs suck. Just say no...


Date: 20 Oct 93 12:35:32 EDT
From: Ian Nathan <74170.3455@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: My $.02

Briefly, regarding the album:

--It's different, but yet the same.
--It's unfamiliar, yet recognizable.
--It's everything I had hoped for, but nothing I had expected.



From: Michael L Sensor 
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 12:49:43 -0400
Subject: Geddy Lee and Roger Daltrey

Did anyone else detect an ever-so-slight touch of sarcasm in Geddy's voice as 
he sings about Neil's personal life?  ("Animate", "Nobody's 
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeero", "Cold Fire", etc.)

Geddy has just been initiated in the "Gee-It's-Fun-To-Sing-About-The-
Lyricist's-Personal-Problems" club, started by Roger Daltrey way back when.

Just a thought...

Michael Sensor		"'An it harm nobody, do as ye will" -- Wiccans
Duquesne Univ.		"'An it be rational, 'an it not harm yeself, 'an it 
			       not be mystical, do as ye will" -- Me
School of Law 	-.-. --- ..- -. - . .-. .--. .- .-. - ...  ... ..- 
Pittsburgh, PA		73 es gud luk rush cul de KD3LR sk


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