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 Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 18:30:08 -0400
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Subject: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #790

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 790

                Thursday, 21 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                     Rush/ Pearl Jam
                         TAI SHAN
                       Promo Album
                      Donna Halpern
                       Neil's Balls
      Re: 10/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #787
                       Neil's Dead
                       Rush and MTV
                  one word...AMAZING!!!
             Observations of CP inside photos
            "Brought to you by the letter..."
                       Album Cover
         Dissenting opinion on Nobody's hero, Cp.
                     Cleveland Sales
               RushFan(tm) long shot redux
                     Third milestone?
       Binary in the album sleeve: I figured it out
                        the trees
       What CP stuff means/Take it outside already
         Mystery Science Theater 3000 References
            I'll mention it (Cut To The Chase)
                  CP/Binary/unknown cp's
                       RUSH shirts
         CP binary code, and a couple of symbols
               Various Counterparts Musings
          I disagree with Kevin from Brewerton.
                          Hi all
                   Quit rubbing it in!

Subject: Rush/ Pearl Jam
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 13:59:33 EDT

>I, too purchased my Cp CD at Target a day early, so it's not a hoax.
>Anyway, my post regards the intro to "Animate":  t is EXACTLY the same as
>Pearl Jam's "Why go" off "Ten".  I mean, the drum beat is IDENTICAl.
>Play them back to back, and you can really hear it.

The bass line is pretty damn close to "Evenflow", if not EXACTLY the
same notes, at least the exact same feel.



Subject: TAI SHAN
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 14:06:06 EDT

I have to admit to something here....

I like... NO,  I LOVE "Tai Shan".

Just had to get this off my chest.



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 13:09:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: Timothy K Nielsen-1 
Subject: Promo Album

So I have a friend that works at a local record store, and I go into it
today to get the new album (he was going to give me his discount) so I was
going to get it at like $10.00 They also had Presto for $8.00, and with
his discount it would be only $4.00. Then he already owed me $2.50 for
lunch, so we're talking even cheaper.

THEN, he hands me a copy, and says that it it the promo, and that nobody
wanted it, so I could HAVE it. Still wrapped and everything. So I walked
out with COUNTERPARTS and PRESTO for $1.50. Not a bad day, huh?


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 14:35:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Donna Halpern

Last night I spoke to a friend of mine that is a freshman at Emerson College
in Boston and he told me that his professor for Introduction to Mass
Communications is none other than Donna Halpern. For those of you who don't
know who she is, she was the Cleveland programmer or dj that first "discovered"
Rush. She started playing them on the air, thus giving them their big break
in the States. My friend told me that she won the respect of the class on the
first day by disclosing this information to them. Not many teachers can come
into class and say, "Hello class. You may have heard of Rush...well I discovered
them." I think it would be great to take a class taught by the woman
responsible for the current-day existence of Rush. Apparently she also a
Boston-area radio consultant in addition to being a faculty member at Emerson.
I thought you might find this tidbit interesting. --Pat Riley


Subject: Ratings
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 14:49:36 EDT

Dale R Buske  says...

>Here's how I would rate them:
>Albums that rate a "10" on my 1-10 scale:
>Moving Pictures, Signals, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts
>Albums that rate a "9":
>2112, Permanent Waves, Roll the Bones
>Albums that rate an "8":
>A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Grace Under Pressure
>Albums that rate a "7":
>Fly By Night, Presto, Power Windows
>Albums that rate a "6":
>Rush, Caress of Steel

I think you should rate them relative to all rush albums.  For instance,
a "1" would not be a BAD album, just not good for Rush.

My opinions (keep in mind that I like "Tai Shan"):

album		Rating		Comment
-----		------		-------
Rush		1		A fun album, but not comparable to any other
				Rush album.

Fly By Night	3		The sound begins to develop, but there are just
				as many bad tunes as strong ones.

CoSteel		3.5		WOAH!  The Necromancer ROCKS! 	"I Think I'm
				Going Bald" sucks!

2112		7		Now we are kicking ass.  A weak side two brings
				the rating down a notch.

ATWStage	4		Weak live album.  Poor sound quality.  I never
				got into it.

AFTKings	7.5		Geddy at his strongest as of this point.
				Picture of band brings it up 1/2 point.

Hemispheres	8		Part II of Cynus a classic.  Neils cowbells
				stick out in my mind.

Perm Waves	10		My favorite.  The first RUSH album I learned
				all the bass lines to.  Natural Science
				is as good as it gets.

Moving Pics	10		Rush is at their peak.  Every song is great.
				YYZ, Tom Sawyer, Vital Signs.....

Exit...SL	8		Best Live album.  Sound quality sucks.  The
				fact it was my first RUSH album ( I was TEN
				years old and already had an outstanding taste
				in music!) brings it up three points.

Signals		9		A disappointed 12 year old sits and asks why
				Rush rocks no longer.  An enlightened 14 year
				old rediscovers a great album and is inspired
				to go buy a bass guitar.

P/G		8		Same enlightened 14 year old goes and buys
				the latest Rush album.  Keyboards??  Overuse??
				Absolutely not.  Alex Lifeson in great form.

PowWindows	9		First new album release after the "Enlightenment
				Who can deny "Big Money"?  Keyboards now a
				comfortable fit in the band.  A pleasure to
				listen to.  A young bass player marvels.....

Hold Your Fire	6.5		This one took awhile except for "Time Stand
				Still" and "Force 10".  Still, bordering
				on stale at times.  Time for a direction
				change, and we get one.  A young bass player
				very confused by "Force 10".

Show of Hands	5		Live albums with alot of keyboards and
				sequencing just don't work.

Presto		4		A few good songs.  WHERE'S NEIL?  "Show Don't
				Tell" a standout from rest of album.  Got into
				"The Pass" and "Chain Lightening" marginally,
				but overall a weak Rush effort.

Roll Bones	2		GASP!  I'M Choking!  Stronger Focus on song-
				writing fails.

Counterparts	8		Disappointed that the counter diagram didn't
				make the cut the be the cover.  COMEBACK
				of the CENTURY!!!  Love it.  I want more.
				The "Roll The Bones" that worked.  I wanted a
				picture of the parts of a counter for the cover,
				so I'm docking it a point.  (I also wanted
				a picture of a big toe going through a press
				for Presto)


Subject: Neil's Balls
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 14:56:23 EDT

>Bravo to Neil for having the balls to write the song and Bravo to
>Geddy for managing to convey the emotion through his vocals.

I wouldn't say that Neil's balls are THAT big.  He covers himself
quite nicely.  "Not a challenge to my masculinity" and "A Straight
Minority".   Kind of the Seinfeldian "Not that theres any thing WRONG
with that" in reverse.



Subject: Re: 10/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #787
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 14:58:26 -0400 (EDT)

> I (like many other RUSH fans) have had the problem of finding the proper way
> to introduce my favorite band into a relationship.

When the RTB tour came around, the girlfriend of a friend who I was going
to the concert with wanted to go, sorta.  My friend, in his words, didn't
want her to go just for the sake of being with him - if she didn't like
Rush, she wouldn't like the concert, and would make it unpleasant for him.
In the end, she decided not to go.  He tried to get her to listen to some
Rush, and when she saw the cover of 2112, decided they were satanic.  I
was (silently)) relieved, since she was something of a snob, and we didn't
get along.

> In yesterdays digest, someone (sorry can't find the name) stated that
> he couldn't stand to hear Geddy whining "Heerrrro" in the chorus.

I saw that comment before hearing the song, and expected to hate it,
but I really don't think that Geddy whines much, and overall, I like
the song.

>         Other comments on the new CD...  Although I've figured out most
> of the pictures, I'm not sure why the nude breasts are in there.  I like
> the Counterpart picture with Geddy playing the drums.  There's also a neat
> picture of Neil with his Mohawk sitting on the pot!  (that's what it looks
> like folks!).

I think that all the pictures on the cover are "counterparts" of each other
(i.e. hot and cold water faucets)  The breasts could be considered each
other's counterpart.  Recall that in the interview Neil said something to
the effect that counterparts could be duplicates, or opposites.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 14:05:58 -0500 (CDT)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Neil's Dead

Ok, well, I got my complimentary copy of Counterparts.  BTW if anyone
saw the SOUND WAREHOUSE upcoming release poster it said:  Rush - counterpart
		Those Bastards!!

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone was going to take a guess about
the meanings to all the art put in the insert of the disc.  Maybe someone
already knows what these things are and what they mean, becuase I sure
don't.  maybe as I get closer to understanding the lyrics from the album,
they might make more sense.

To say the least, I love the disc.  I think it is kick ass....and since
I got it this morning, I've listened to it twice...I'm in my third go around

Now my question:  Me and a friend of mine were talking, and he has been a
Rush fan for a while, only he stopped listening after Hold Your Fire
claiming that the newer albums didn't have the same feeling.
Counterparts is the first Rush album he isn't going to buy, based on the
fact that he says that the lyrics absolutely SUCK!  I agree to a point,
but not totally.  He goes on to say that Rush would be better off if
Neil Peart was gone, and they had a replacement of equal playing skills,
but better writing skills.  Hmmmmm.......

I'm wondering.  What do you think?  If Neil died today, would Rush quit,
or would they try to find a replacement?  I told him that if Neil was
gone, not only would they not be able to sell any albums, but they would
basically end their existance.

Send responses back to TNMS  for all to read, or just to me if you'd

Thank's for reading....

WHY ARE WE HERE????................For the beer!!!!


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 15:15:43 EDT
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: Rush and MTV

As many of you may have heard, Adam Curry of MTV fame now runs a gopher server,
at  Anyway, some guy named Ken Clark ( has a weekly
column that he posts on there, under kenscolumn.  Anyway, he mentions the new
Rush album in his 10-16-93 column, here's what he has to say...

"While we're doing new records, I also checked out the new offerings from
 RUSH and PEARL JAM this week.  Here are my mini-reviews: The RUSH sounds
 exactly like their last LP "Roll The Bones" to me.  It's quite good, but
 if your expecting "A Farewell To Kings" or even "Moving Pictures" your
 barking into the wrong bush.  I'm sure there will be cool videos and some
 MTV airplay."

One has to wonder how many times he listened to either album to make a
comparison like that.  I get the feeling he's doing a little Rush album
title "name dropping" by mentioning MP and AFTK to lend credibility to
his knowledge of Rush.  Its one thing to like or dislike an album and say so,
but to compare to very different sounding albums like that is irresponsible.

Anyone who wants to let him know how you feel, his email address is printed
above.  Give him a nice shout, let him know about NMS, and try to get him
to give Counterparts a little listen (he doesn't even mention the name
of the album, I wonder if he knows it).  Encouraging remark about MTV airplay
though.  His remarks about the new Pearl Jam were not overly laden with
praise either, surprising for an MTV flunkie.

Anyway, thought I'd let you know.



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 15:15:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: jeff barnhill 
Subject: one word...AMAZING!!!

Hello Rushians:
Here's a little poem:

It's a gloomy day in Bowling Green
Yet the sun shines bright
The new RUSH album is here
And now everything's alright

So as the people laugh
And the children play
We listen to a new dose
Of what RUSH has to say

Well anyway, I tried...sorry!

I got it a day late because the record store was given a
bum shipment, oh well!!

Now a few thoughts:
Once again the theme of three appears in the artwork.  You
have to be blind to miss it!  It's everywhere.  Secondly, Of
course the question everyone is asking, What is the binary code
on the inner cover?

I think the term "counterpart" is well defined by the pictures
on the inside, don't you?  One thing I did find missing is the
individual pictures of the band members, unless I was mistaken
and saw monkey pictures that really aren't pictures of monkeys!
Of course, I, like most guys, am a fan of breasts, so I have to
say it... Nice tits!  (if you don't have the CD yet, you'll see).

Anyway, on to the music itself.  Definitely a change has occurred!
But the funny thing is I still hear the distinct style really
coming through.(some have said they don't hear it).  I think the
songs were well planned and written and they really do not sound
like they were put together in five minutes (ie. RTB).  This one
definitely sounds as if a lot of work went into it.  I'll definitely
be hooked on this one for a long time!!!  I can't wait for the tour.
I better start saving my money now!!!

One last thing...
I'm really liking this new trend of placing a design on the
actual CD.  RTB had the skull and now Cp has the nuts and
bolts!  huh, huh, huh, that's cool!!!

Solely my thoughts and opinions



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 16:08:36 -0400 (EST)
From: Brendan Schulman 
Subject: Observations of CP inside photos

Some of the pictures inside the CP jacket caught my attention:

1.  The maple leaf has a Fleur-de-Lis printed over it.  The Fleur-de-Lis
is Quebec's "symbol" (inasmuch as it's on their flag).  I would suggest
that this is a statement on the Canada/Quebec conflict.  Counterparts -
both dependent on each other, but often holding opposite viewpoints.

2.  The heart of US currency bills -- is this a reference to the struggle
of money and love?  Why are the bills American?  They use a Canadian
quarter in two other photos.  Can it be they've sold out their hearts -
both to money and America?  After all, this pic is in the section with
photos of the group...  Also, the Bald Eagle after Everyday Glory is an
AMERICAN symbol...

3.  Geddy is playing the drums in one shot.  Huh?  Is he trying to act
like his "counterpart," Neil?

4.  In the first box of text, it says, " & bothered...lift &
separate...ribbed & & out...long & hard..."
   Is this another expression of sexual obsession in the album?

5.  The "star" on the back is an optical illusion, often found in
Psychology texts.  I think it demonstrates how the illusion is the
"counterpart" to what's there - the other forms define it, even though it
doesn't exist...  If anything, it's more like a Star of David than a

6.  (Not a picture.)  Who were Pat Lynes and Lee Turner?  The album is
dedicated to them...  Oh!  Are those the subjects of Nobody's Hero?

   ________| Brendan Schulman                    Yale University |_______
   \       | P.O. Box 3618                   Pierson College '96 |      /
    \      | New Haven, CT 06520 |     /
    /      |_____________________________________________________|     \
   /__________)                                               (_________\


Date:  Tue, 19 Oct 1993 14:51:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject:  "Brought to you by the letter..."


Here's some pieces of information that I've found so far:

> From Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary,
  - diaeresis    1: a mark    placed over a vowel to indicate
                    that the vowel is pronounced in a separate
                                       ..             ..
                    syllable (as in na  i ve or Bront  e )

                 2: the break in a verse cause by the coincidence
                    of the end of a foot with the end of a word

  - oe           as in French boeuf "beef", German H  o lle "hell".
                 This vowel, which occurs only in foreign-derived
                 terms and names, can be approximated by attempt-
                 ing to pronounce the vowel \e\ with the lips mod-
                 erately rounded as for the vowel \u\. This vowel
                 is often anglicized as the \er\ of *bird* by those
                 who do not "drop their r's" or as the correspond-
                 ing vowel of *bird* used by those who do (see the
                 section on \r\).  Where this anglicization is 
                 shown, it is represented as \e(r)\.

>  From the liner notes,
    ..., Nick & M.J. Cavedroek & Josh, ...

Anyone find anything else?



Subject: Discrepancy!!
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 17:03:58 -0400
From: ""Daniel D. Modell"" 

I have a quote from the Counterparts interview which reads:

> Now unlike that song, our next track "Speed Of Love" features words. And not
> only that, but they're words written by someone other than Neil Peart. It's a
> rare collaboration between Neil and his old pal, Pye Dubois.

However, in the album lyrics, it is written that "Between Sun and Moon" is the
song that Dubois collaborated on.



Subject: Album Cover
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 17:12:58 -0400
From: ""Daniel D. Modell"" 

Forgive my double post...

So who is going to try and decipher the binary code on the inside cover?
Did anyone notice that this album is brought to us by the letter ae?

I like the counter parts.

Read through the whole Time & Tide section.  It's a work of genius.

Hugh Syme deserves an award for this album cover.  This is exactly what I am
going to school for.  Album cover art is my favorite graphic design aspect.
Roger Dean (Yes) and Hugh Syme are my two main inspirations.  Any of you who
have Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction will notice some similarities in this
album cover, as well as Roll the Bones and Fates Warning - Parallels (produced
by Terry Brown!)  Funny how that all works out.

One more thing, and please don't take this as a flame:

> Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1993 01:10:48 -

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 17:13:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: bennett jason 

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 17:13:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: bennett jason ?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[a\]^_efghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~bcdՈHZ),/2$0'%4>>>>>>>>>>>/7'>
Subject: Dissenting opinion on Nobody's hero, Cp.


Everyone been listening to the album?  I've noticed there are a lot of
negative criticisms about Cp in general on the digest the past few days.
I must say I disagree, though not ignorantly.  I don't want to be one of
those eMpTyVer's who say the album "sucks" or the album "kicks a**."  I
prefer to sit quietly and listen.  This album has a whole lot of brain
food, in addition to that pareticular "Rush" quality of having a different
musical style  on each album.  Pr and RTB have just hit me in the past six
months with the quality and general good worth of their sound and what
they are conveying.  I think there's a lot more to this album than just a
play between male and feamle or that one song is just about AIDS or
homosexuality.  In fact, "Nobody's Hero" smacked me in the face today with
a lot deeper meanings than than the lyrics state.  It seems Neil seems to
be making a statement about popular reverence for "heroes" in general.
Those that "cure the wasting disease" or "land the crippled airplane"
don't have to be doctors or pilots, but oneself.  The AIDS victim Neil
referred to was a hero to himself, because he chose to keep living his
life according to his principles.  In this way he did cure and overcome
his wasting disease, because he chose not to let AIDS cripple his life or
sacrifice his person.  I could comment this way on each song, but I just
wanted to comment that ya'll seem to be taking the popular superficial
route that RTB or Pr has been interpreted in the past.  "Nobody's Hero"
isn't just a sappy loss of a friend ballad, but i find it a very
inspirational song, in being the hero to yourself in living your life for
yourself, not for the fans or for a team.  The unreflected life is no life
at all(transcendentalist paraphrase).  Now I can say it: COUNTERPARTS KICKS


* "Though we live in trying times, * -Jason Bennett-        *
* We're the ones who have to try." *        *
*                    -Neil Peart   * Wake Forest University *


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 18:03:21 -0400
From: (Chris Schmitz)
Subject: Cleveland Sales

    I overheard someone I know talking about when they went to pick up CP
on the 19th at Record Town in downtown Cleveland.  They asked the
salesperson why it was not on sale and he/she said, rather peevedly, that
if he wanted a cd on sale, then he should buy the Pearl Jam cd.  It seems
that people had been asking the same question all day.  They had only
ordered 150 CP cd's or so and they were down to about 20 or 30 and it was
about noon.  They were outselling Pearl Jam by about 3 to 1!
    Pretty cool, huh?!  Just thought you'd all like to know.  BTW, the cd's


Chris Schmitz --- Glaser House

"The shifting shafts of shining
 Weave the fabric of their dreams." -- N. Peart


Subject: RushFan(tm) long shot redux
From: (John Grothman)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 11:08:00 -0600

About a month ago, I posted the story of the quote, unquote FAN, the
young lady that camped out in front of Geddy's house for several days
before Geddy politely asked her to leave.  I posed the question then
"That short ecounter was worth it to e  Would it be worth it to

Of all the responses (direct and indirect) to that question, only one
NMS subscriber felt that it would have been worth it.  The remainder
of you felt that fans like her gave fans like us a bad name.

Bravo.  Makes me proud to be a participant in this collaboration of

Why bring this up again?  Please consider the following item in
this morning's Chicago paper.

               Fans after group's CD break store window

    MADISON, Wis. - A music store was one display window down
    after Pearl Jam fans rushed the place early Tuesday.  Three
    people were injured by shattered glass when a crowd pressed
    against the window at The Exclusive Co. shortly after the
    store opened about midnight to sell the rock group's latest
    release "Vs."  About 300 fans gathered.  The store sold 800
    compact discs within an hour.  No arrests were made.

No arrests were made?  Come on now.  What would we suggest?  I think
the NMS concensus would be to lay the "Bad News Fans" side by side on
the street and have none other than Mr. Neil Peart ride over them
with his bicycle.  One other thing.  300 fans?  800 CDs?  Were the
other 500 CDs "Counterparts"?  Purchased by true RushFans(tm)?  Can't
think of any other explanation, can you?

Obligatory ST:TNG Quote -

    Riker:  How did you like command?
    Worf:   Comfortable chair.

Obligatory _CP_ review -

    Later.  This one's long enough already.


No sig.  No ORQ (is that a NORQ?).


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 17:26:10 -0500
From: (Stacey Ksenzakovic)
Subject: Third milestone?

I'm only going to say one thing-- or maybe two-- about the album.
The rest I'm sending to John Aegard for compilation.

I read an interview in the gopher in which Geddy said there were
certain albums which were milestones-- everything before was just
working toward it. He said 2112 and MP were those two. Could it
be that Cp is the third? It's very different from everything else
and quite a few ppl have called it the best since MP. Hmm...

Just a short message to Randall Haskins on the Pearl Jam thing--
While I was at the local Midnite Madness, they had Pearl Jam on the
loudspeaker, and one of the songs was an awful lot like SiO. Revenge,
perhaps? Or mysterious coincidence? 

                                   Blessed be,
                                   Julie/ Juno/ Panacea
* I AM the rational romantic mystic cynical idealist! *    \  /    *
* "Try as they might, they cannot steal your dreams." * ----><---- *
* _.__ _.__ __..        -Geddy Lee, "Cinderella Man"  *    /  \    *
attempted geddy smile 8^)
with contacts :^)

See? I listen well.


Date:         Wed, 20 Oct 93 18:08:25 EDT
From: "Michael A. Weintraub" 
Subject:      Binary in the album sleeve: I figured it out

Few things to say...

1. Great album.  Worth the wait.

2. I was bored Tuesday night during the rain delay in the World Series game
   (the way the Phils were playing it shoulda just kept raining... :( ) so
   I actually figured out what the binary in the CP sleeve is...  Here's the
   translation (rush-mgr: please edit whatever is necessary out, especially
   if I wasn't the only Quixotic soul around! -thanx MAW)... This, btw, is
   Brought to You by the Letter "P"

There are 182 zero's and one's, so I assumed that to be 26 sets of 7 0&1
'characters' (like how 1001001 is 7 characters).... Here are all 26:

1.   1010100      64+16+4           =  84   translates to:  T
2.   1010101      64+16+4+1         =  85     "    "    "   U
3.   1010011      64+16+2+1         =  83                   S
4.   0101101      32+8+4+2+1        =  45                   -
5.   0100101      32+4+1            =  37                   %
6.   0110010      32+16+2           =  50                   2
7.   1101001      64+32+8+1         = 105                   i
8.   0101011      32+8+2+1          =  43                   +
9.   0110101      32+16+4+1         =  53                   5
10.  0010101      16+4+1            =  21               {nothing}
11.  0110100      32+16+4           =  52                   4
12.  1101011      64+32+8+2+1       = 107                   k
13.  0101001      32+8+1            =  41                   )
14.  0101100      32+8+4            =  44                   ,
15.  1011010      64+16+8+2         =  90                   Z
16.  1001010      64+8+2            =  74                   J
17.  1011010      32+8+4            =  90                   Z
18.  0101010      32+8+2            =  42                   *
19.  0101011      32+8+2+1          =  43                   +
20.  0110100      32+16+4           =  52                   4
21.  1101011      64+32+8+2+1       = 107                   k
22.  0101001      32+8+1            =  41                   (
23.  0101100      32+8+4            =  44                   ,
24.  1011010      64+16+8+2         =  90                   Z
25.  1001010      64+8+2            =  74                   J
26.  1011011      64+16+8+2+1       =  89                   Y

*Whew*  Some notes:

Sets 15, 17, and 24 all equal the same character "Z".  The character for
#10 is not listed in my ascii guide.  I think it might be a control character
of some sort.

My interpretation:  Exactly what I expected: It means nothing.  Random numbers
put there to look aescetically pleasing.  Total jibberish when you 'translate'
it, as I did.  Your milage may vary, of course.

Other comments:

The voice before "Alien Shore".  That sounds a lot like something akin to
"vatta va hoe", good luck to someone who wants to translate that.

Do three bovines (cows or steers) make up a 'stock'?  I assume so, but I
don't know.  If so, then that set of 'Counterparts' makes a lot of sense.

Who thought that CP was 58 minutes long?  The CD is 54m and change, did you
base your timings off of the slower (therefore, longer) .au files?

to the Vortex: Here comes the Yes .sig from Hell.  Enjoy :)

Thanks for 'sticking it out' with me. *groan*

Slainte mhath,


: Mike Jvi Weintraub aka : \  / ___  __ :
: The American University, Washington DC, USA :  \/  ___ |_ `:
:...............sig Quote du Jour.............:  /   ___   \ :
:"Though we know that time has wings, we're   : /          / :
: the ones who have to fly"                   :       \___/  :
:::::::::Rush 'Everyday Glory'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



Date: 20 Oct 1993 18:25:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Matt Siegel 
Subject: the trees

I'm new to this thing, and I was wondering if anyone ever discussed the
possibility that the Trees is symbolic of US-Canadian relations.....the Oak-US,
the Maple-Canada???  The lyrics suggest it might me true.......just a thought...


From: Chris Nelder 
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 16:25:52 PDT
Subject: What CP stuff means/Take it outside already

Joe Servaites wrote:

|BUT, what's the deal with that maple leaf with the boy scout symbol?
|How about that P and Q? (Mind your P's and Q's???)  The pile of X's and Y's?
|The guy shooting the compound bow? Who is that playing the accordion?

Here's my reckoning:

All of the art (except *possibly* that of the guys) is about
counterparts. You got P's & Q's (why did you question that?). I'd say
the rush_mgr was right about x & y being symbolic of chromosomes, but
they're also a famous pair aside from that (what symbols do YOU first
use when you write out an algebraic equation?). The leaf picture I took
to mean "leaf and bud."  Bow and arrow: there ya go. Fun pics overall,
I thought--nicely done and humorous to boot. It occurred to me that the
illuminated manuscript-style collection of two-word counterparts would
make a good wedding sermon--how's that for an idea?

Meanwhile, Gregg Jaeger and Eric Simpson are having an intellectual
posturing match over Rand and Dos Passos. Admist the rhetoric, a few
interesting ideas were raised, but enough is enough. PLEASE guys--I
don't want to sort through pages of this stuff every day:


Thank you.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 18:54:59 -0400 (EDT)

Got your attention, have I?  I just read an interview with Geddy Lee in
_Good Times_, a local entertainment paper.  I don't have time to type in
the whole thing, but the only real interesting thing was the following:

        It's been 20 years of progression, or, at least in '94 it will be.
   Though it's not the 20th Anniversary of the band (they're passed it), it has
   been 20 years since Neil Peart replaced John Rutsey on drums (Rutsey played
   on the  first album but elected not to tour) and as the trio sees it, that's
   the most important anniversary.  When they begin their U.S. tour in January,
   they will be doing a very special live show.  "We'll do a few songs from the
   new album," says Lee, "but we're going to concentrate on doing at least one
   song from every album as a celebration of 20 years.  We're in the process of
   figuring out what to play, some  choices are obvious, songs that have been
   successful that we know the audience expects.  The harder part is settling
   on what we'll play that's more obscure, at least for our live shows the last
   ten years, we're still finding out what we feel we'd enjoy doing.  There
   will be a lot of surprises."

Can you say, "Wow"?  I hesitate to think of what this means.  "I Think I'm
Going Bald"?  "Natural Science"?  The entire "2112" or "Hemispheres"?  Now I
*really* can't wait for the tour....

Well, I gotta run.  Later mein froinds!

Andy Acunzo


Date: 20 Oct 93 17:05:00 PST
From: "Mark Pettit" 
Subject: Mystery Science Theater 3000 References

Anyone notice the DOUBLE references to Mystery Science Theater 3000 in
the "thank you" section?

There was the obvious one "MST-3K", but then two or three entries
later there was this entry: "Gamera (is turtle meat)".  Heheheh.  I
don't know how many of your Rushians are MST3K fans, but that was GREAT
in my opinion.  I wonder who in Rush watches the show...

Also, did you see the reference to "Lucy & Desi" in the section of
dual counterparts?  Hmm...

      Mark Pettit      Internet:  Pettit@ACM.Org         ! Parrotheads of the
 Down to the Banana Republics / Down to the tropical sun !  Internet, UNITE!
 Go the expatriated Americans / Hopin' to find some fun  !  Buffett Forever!
"Why couldn't this guy be on the plane instead of Buddy Holly?"
	--- Crow


From: (jim hamilton)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 19:39:14 -0500
Subject: I'll mention it (Cut To The Chase)

    I have to agree that this song is just ABSOLUTEly wonderful (I'm not
going to go on about the whole album cause that would just be way too
annoying after Monday's issue of TNMS), but the note about this being a
new sound for him (Alex) is incorrect. He has had that tone for the last
few tours. I think that they finally have an engineer and producer team
that are capturing their true sound as they mentioned in the interview. As
far as Alex's virtuosity, I would recommend that you check out Cold Fire.
Any guitar players out there will be able to appreciate this solo for what
it is. There is almost NO DISTORTION WHATSOEVER!!! And he FLYS through
that solo. Hats of to Alex who once again proves that he is INCREDIBLY



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 17:43:34 -800 (PDT)
From: Doron 
Subject: CP/Binary/unknown cp's

Hi everyone!

I swore I wouldn't put this in my first post, but, YES, this is my first
post.  Well, well, well.  THIS is one RAD album.  I have not listened to
anything else for the past two days, and I must say, every time I listen
to it, I find something new.

About the binary on the back of the booklet, if I am not mistaked, there
are 183 characters.  That means it is one short of being divisible by 8
(meaning you can break it up into bytes, then convert to ascii).  Oh well.

There are a few counterparts I don't understand.  Please help, here they are:
hoss joe & the other guy

Another quirk I have found is that on the back of CP (at least mine) case,
in the lower right hand corner, right above the Anthem symbol, is a raised
*Warner* symbol.  What is this?

 [] [] [^ [] [\]  --> Doron     (e-mail:

Reasoning is partly insane/Image just an eyeless game  | Anagram (for
The night is turning thin/The saint is turning to sin  | Mongo) -RUSH


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 17:51:22 -800 (PDT)
From: Doron 
Subject: RUSH shirts

I have a topic here that no one has touched upon since I have been
subscribing (3 months).

|RuSH Shirts|

The shirts from the RTB tour were OK, but not outstanding.  IMOHO, there
were two duds, the shirt with the vortex writing that had the skeleton
with the skin still on it, and another that just had blocky bones and said
RUSH on the pocket (don't remember the back).  I got the white shirt with
album cover on the front and tour locations on the back, the skull popping
out of the box (pusshead) with the dartboard on the back, and a black
shirt with the cover art on the front and the bones flying through the
dice window (pic inside the booklet) on the back with a list of songs on RTB.

Judging from the CP booklet, they can have some pretty creative
shirts...but that was what I thought about Peter Gabriel, and all of his
shirts weren't spectacular either.  Anyone have any thoughts or some ideas
for c00l shirts?

living the SLO life,

 [] [] [^ [] [\]  --> Doron     (e-mail:
                      Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Reasoning is partly insane/Image just an eyeless game  | Anagram (for
The night is turning thin/The saint is turning to sin  | Mongo) -RUSH


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 20:01:29 CDT
From: (Ervan Darnell)
Subject: CP binary code, and a couple of symbols

	Someone asked about the symbols.  I vote the bow being 'bow and arrow'
instead of 'hunter and hunted'.   Where's the hammer for the nail and
what's the counterpart for the tooth?

   [ Perhaps the tooth itself is a counterpart -- you have the part you
     normally see (the crown), and the part you normally don't (the root).
								: rush-mgr ]

	For that mystery code.  Here it is:

The first and last rows are the same.  The 2nd row is the first
shifted left one place (almost).  With '*' & '.' it is:

It does not immediately appear to be ASCII or morse, read forward,
backward, by rows, or by columns.  I don't see any picture.
No digit occurs more than twice together.  Some parity schemes
work similarly (e.g. USPS zip codes).

I'm sure somebody will prove me a fool by tomorrow's TNMS for not
seeing it.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 21:25:28 EST
Subject: Various Counterparts Musings

I told myself I was not going to be one of those people who posted saying,"I've
heard the new album blah blah and it's really good/I think it sux," but here I
am posting anyway.  I have a few comments to make regarding it, and I'll try to
keep personal opinion out of this, except for this: This is possibly my
favorite album ever.  The bass absolutely grooves, Al has finally taken the
spotlight (and started to use his whammy bar like he always should have), Neil
kicks ass without taking up too much room on the track (sonically speaking),
and the lyrics are simple yet engrossing.  The album, overall, comes across as
a great new direction, as RtB did, but then don't they all.  The production is
good, although I just noticed a little harshness and noise in the solo of Cold
Fire.  Does anyone have any idea how they recorded this album, and did they
record like Collins had them do so in the past?

Ok.  I was one of the lucky few to get the album about two weeks early.  Beezus
at UTexas sent me a tape of it.  The tape didn't sound great, but who cares.  I
listened to it casually for a while, and finally sat down to give it a good,
hard, loud, critical listening.  Animate shocked me.  It was loud, hard, and
fast.  Blew almost all of RtB away.  Stick it Out was sort of boring, but it
grew on me.  Cut to the Chase is one of my favorites on the album.  I don't
want to bore anyone with more opinions, so I'll get on with it.

Someone said they didn't really like the lyrics to Alien Shore (or something
like that).  They also commented about Neil being redundant with

"You and I, we are strangers by one chromosome"

He was not talking about gender differences in this line, he was talking about
race.  Gender is not determined by chromosomes, but genes (I think).  I may be
a little off the mark, but I _do_ know that the chromosome he is talking about
is the one that determines skin color.  This should be obvious when later Geddy
sings about "Color and culture, language and race".

   [ Gender is determined by a "sex-determination" factor on the Y chromosome.
     What it exactly is is unknown, but might be a gene. If you don't carry that
     factor (regardless of whether or not you have a Y chromosome) your gender 
     will be female. (see, I knew being a bio major would come in handy one
     day.. :)							: rush-mgr ]

I also tried to figure out what the binary on the back inside cover says.  I
bought the album at about 12:10 Monday night (Tuesday morning?), and got home
with it to find that I had no cd player at home with me (I was on fall break),
so I started to break the code down into bytes (that's Pieces of Eight for all
you non-computer types) and then converted to decimal.  I had assumed that it
would spell out something in ASCII, but curses, I had been foiled.  It was only
a bunch of lines, letters, numbers, symbols, and fractions.  I thought about
Morse code, but when I looked it up in the trusty World Book, I decided that
that would be too much to try to do, considering there are no spaces in the
binary code.  I also tried converting to Hexadecimal code and then checking
that against ASCII characters, but I quickly found (within two bytes) that that
was also not the answer.  I was thinking that it may be part of the actual
digital encoding on the cd, or maybe nothing at all.  Yeah, right.  Something
on a Rush cover not meaning something.  Who do I think I am, anyway?

For those of you who aren't sure about some of the new songs, keep listening to
them.  I used to absolutely hate Presto, now it's one of my favorite albums.
Nobody's Hero "hit" me wrong at first, but now I think it's great.  Just make
sure you keep an open mind and don't let the opening lyrics bug you if you're
homophobic or a gay basher.  The song does seem like kind of a letdown after
hearing Cut to the Chase right before it.

Here are my picks for standouts on the album (as in we'll hear them live and on
the radio often):

Animate (it rocks, plus there was a sticker on the cd that had Animate on it)

Stick it Out (first single)

Cut to the Chase (it kicks ass too)

Leave That Thing Alone! (my prediction is that we'll hear an instrumental
			 medley on this tour)

Everyday Glory (more on radio than live)

Between Sun and Moon (my girlfriend absolutely loves this one, and she's a
		      Depeche Mode fan, so what does that tell you?  It's
		      pretty good IMO, too)

This cover has got to be one of the best ever!  Simple outside, like HYF, with
an inside that has you looking at it for hours, trying to find everything in
it.  Some things I've noticed that are pretty interesting:

Song titles: Lock & Key, Beneath, Between and Behind, Hand Over Fist (the hands
	     from Presto)
Funny stuff that Alex probably suggested: Ribbed & Lubricated, In & Out, Long &
	     Hard, the breasts, the primate, pink flamingoes on the lawn,
	     Screwed, Blued, & Tattooed, sex, lies, & videotape

Has anyone figured out what the leaves are?  How about the birds?  How about

luxe, calme, volupte
athos, porthos, aramis

As a Greek I must say that the only disappointing thing about the cover is the
fact that they omitted Alpha and Omega.  Damn.

I'm going to start a list of all the Counterparts in the cover, so if anyone
has anything they've figured out, then send it to me email at:

Have the subject line read Counterparts Cover or some reasonable facsimile

Last thing:  I also heard the voice in Alien Shore.  It sounds vaguely like:
"Morning, Gub." "G-day!"

No, wait, wrong album.  It sounds like "What shore are you on?"

Enough typing.  Later.

John !

RushMan Lives...


Date: 20 Oct 1993 21:40:30 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: I disagree with Kevin from Brewerton.

First of all, how can you say that most people don't listen to Rush's lyrics?
Are you saying that Neil's lyrics are too profound for you?  Don't include
me in your ignorant minority.  While I do agree with you that "Cold Fire"
and "Animate" are great songs, "Nobody's Hero" is one of the best on the album.
Don't expect another album out by the end of '94, its been a while before a
new album has come out before two years has gone by.  Flames Happen, Kess


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 20:42:13 CDT
From: (Matthew D Smith)
Subject: Hi all

	Just subscribed to the list the other day and I am quite surprised as
to the volume of posts.  But anyway, to work.

	1)  Been a Rush fan since early 1987.  Knew about them before that,
really listened to the (then) new single "Force Ten" on the radio and figured
out that these guys are wonderful.  I play both bass and drums in four
different bands (evenly spaced) so one can understand why I love Rush so
much.  Seen every show possible since my first (Dec. 9, 1987 in NJ) and have
gotten all of the albums.  Unfortunately, most of my collection is missing
since it got stolen a few months ago, but I'm gradually getting it back

	2)  Got Counterparts as soon as the UPS shipment arrived at the local
record store.  AS always with a Rush album, I listen to it once for the
general overview, and then I listen to it very closely through headphones
so's (sic) I can hear the nuances.
		A)  General overview :  GOOD STUFF, but where'z the riffs?
		Solid production, nice vocals (HUGE King's X fan, so vocals
		mean a lot to me), quality songwriting.  Feel that "Speed of
		Love" is lacking somewhat energywise, but O.K. otherwise.
		Wonderful how the lyrics bring forth the duality of male/
		female relationships.  A superb exploration into how we work,
		a journey through personal-/inner-space.
		B)  Nuances :  THERE'S the riffs.  Very subdued, but still the
		same trio that I know and love.  My roommate can attest to
		that when I hear a particularly wonderful bass or drum fill,
		I jump or flinch a bit.  Sheer musical emotion running through
		me.  Well, I jumped a lot.  Those of you out there who are
		music wise will have undoubtedly noticed the ultra-cool bass
		chords in "Animate" and the tapped chords in "Stick it Out."
		Neil is still as good a drummer but ever, but is concentrating
		more on the roots of drumming now;  fluidity, grace, GROOVE.
		I love the showmanship of the seventies, but the subtleties of
		the nineties affect me just as much.  The subtle little things
		in "Animate," "Double Agent," and "Leave that thing Alone"
		are JUST as hard to do as the huge fills of the epic days,
		but don't sound as hard.  THAT is the magic of Peart.

	3)  So far I have enjoyed all of what I have read of this list save one
little thing.  Maybe I am the only one in feeling this, maybe not.  Those
in question, take this as you will.  Messrs. Jaeger and Simpson appear to have
some differences of opinion as to how Peart is affected by different
writers.  This is valid and constructive until it disrupts the integrity of
this mailing list, as I feel that it has done.  I believe that their discussion
has extended beyond the realms of a Rush oriented digest.  A different forum
for the debate, especially one that takes up as much space as this one does,
would be much appreciated by me.  Now, I don't know if many other people feel
this way, but IMHO, they probably do.  This will be the last you will hear from
me on this topic.  Gentlemen, please bear me in mind when preparing another
HUGE post.  I have little interest in your flames for each other, and I don't
like being singed just by trying to wade thugh it to get to more directly
Rush related material.  End of story.
Oh, not quite...try doing this.  In continuing your discussion, rather than
posting to rush@syrinx.umd edu, Mr. Jaeger, try mailing to
Mr. Simpson, try mailing to ...
There, that should do it.

	Thank you all for your patience with my long first post.  I am looking
forward to hearing more about Rush that I could possibly have imagined..

				Matt Smith
>...oops   ;)

P.S.  Any questions about the above that would have no bearing to this digest
	would be welcomed at the above e-mail address.


From: (Mr. Philip Scoggins)
Subject: Quit rubbing it in!
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 21:09:06 -0500 (CDT)

Since everyone and their frat brother has made a comment I thought I would


Here in Nashville they never play requests on the 1 (only 1 rock station)
and they only play Rush once a day!  I've never heard it!
<> is really starting to piss me off..

Anyway I love Rush and can't wait for the tour, although I can hardly
imagine RTB tour ever being topped!


 "I think I'm..."
 "I'm going bald"


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