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 Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 21:35:07 -0400
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Subject: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #791

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 791

                Thursday, 21 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                WBCN (Boston) announcment
                Short, shameful confession
                        Long post!
             More CP Record Store Adventures
               Thanks for info/ bassplaying
             Some random musings on #784 ...
            A thought on getting used to Rush
                CP and assorted flavors...
             Guest appearances on Cp?? (joke)
                     Binary digits...
                    Everybody's Heroes
            giving a spherical trilogy (sorry)
                        Man O Man
             Speaking of Ged/Roger Daltrey...
                   Power Windows Shows
                       re: CP inset
             Yelling in Between Sun and Moon
                     Rush tour of UK
             What Else, plus a few other bits
                    Nevada FTP site???
            Explanation of the archer photo...
       Fresh from the _Counterparts_ liner notes...
       Re: Anybody Know what all this stuff means?
                 Compuserve mail problems
                Some are still waiting :-(
              Tape of the National Anthem!!
                       Cp questions
                Album Insert Observations
                   Guess, just guess...
                   NO UK TOUR!: Update
                        SOL and CF
                 Double Agent Zappa, etc.
                   NEW outlook on life
              Michael Kamen and Bald Eagles
     Counterparts sounds like (fill in band name)!!!!
                       Um, Haplo...

Subject: WBCN (Boston) announcment
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 22:16:28 -0400
From: Michael Shanzer 

Today in the car I heard WBCN say that they had an important announcment to
make regarding Rush. Unfortunatly I could not listen long enough to heat the
announcment. Anyone else hear it?



Subject: Short, shameful confession
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 22:54:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dreaming 

Whenever I hear the first part of the "Animate" chorus, I keep
expecting them to sing,

                     "Circumcise me".

Sorry about that.  Please continue with the petty bickering.  :-)
--                                                 Dreaming
       there's a little bit of me in each electron on your phosphor


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 22:27:51 EDT
Subject: Long post!

Hello once again fellow Rushians:

Lots of things this post.  This is a LONG one!

Now that the CD is out, and we've heard the first interview, I'm curious
to consider which songs from the CD do we think they'll play live?

I'm positive they'll cover LTTA, I expect Nobody's Hero, I certainly hope
they will do CTTY, Alien Shore, Double Agent, Cold Fire adn Everyday
Glory.  Hell, I wish they'd just get on stage and start playing RUSH and
work they're way through COUNTERPARTS...They could skip the live releases

So, I'd like to see conjecture about what will be played live, coupled
with _reasons_ to expect that song to be played.  For example, I personally
expect Nobody's Hero to be played because they seemed so proud of it's
statement when they discussed it in the interview.  They were this kind of
proud of Mission, and it made it into the live set.

Does anybody have any idea what that string of binary digits represents?
I know that 0 and 1 are binary counterparts, but I would like to know what
the string translates to.  I can't figure it out myself, but it's
interesting to note that the third line duplicates the first.

There's a current (thin) thread discussing Nobody's Hero in mixed light.
I personally have to agree with the poster who dislikes the way Ged sings
(whines?) "Heeeroo", but I would argue that instead of sounding whiney, he
sounds unsure.  Kinda like he feels like there's something missing.
However, I like the message the song has to bring - "People are worth
admiring", and because of that, I find that I like the song as a whole.

It is, indeed, a shame that LTTA wasn't a part of the Gangster of Boats
trilogy.  I was personally hoping it would be part V - a'la (sp?) Star
Wars.  However, when I record my personal copy of Rush - Instrumentals, I
plan to have Leave That Thing Alone followed by Where's My Thing followed
by La Villa Strangiatto.  That way, that particular trilogy _would_ end
with 'A Farewell to Things'...:-)

When I came up with the idea of a charity banquet to present our 20th
aniversary present to the band, I was trying to find a good compromise
between 2 great ideas.  I mentioned MTV for a few reasons:
   1 - I haven't seen Much Music, so it's existence is purely hearsay :-)
   2 - As someone pointed out in issue 785, MTV has a tendency to make a
      big to-do when they do anything.  I would love to see MTV making a
      big deal about a band they have basically ignored.  Especially
      considering who that band is.
   3 - I know _nothing_ about putting together such a thing, things like
         mention how to sell tickets (I figure it's either a few seats for
         a _lot_ of money each, or a lot of seats for a little money),
         catering and renting the place to hold it at are _way_ out of my
         field of experience.  On the other hand, MTV is the only music
         industry entity that I know of who has even come close.
I really don't care _that_ much who puts the thing on, as long a these
requirements are met:
   1 - Rush gets the recognition they deserve.
   2 - TNMS gets to give the boys from the band some kind of award
   3 - TNMS members get a better-than-average chance of attending the
         ceremony (me in particular, of course...:-)
   4 - As well as an award, a _fairly_ large sum is donated to charity in
         the name of the band.  I don't know what would be fairly large,
         but I would think something rivaling the donations brought in
         when they did food-drives would be quite acceptable.  Or the
         combined total of their christmas presents to each other.

Other things I'd like to see as a result:
   A 20th aniversary career retrospective video - another reason I chose
      MTV, hoping that they'd use the opportunity to create a Rockumentary.
   A chance for TNMS Questions and Answers with the band.  We could fill
      in some of the questions in the FAQ!
   A good oportunity for TNMS members to get autographs...:-)

About a year ago, discussion was rife about creating a boot of our own
called "The Gangster of Boots".  The biggest discussion of this was
whether to ask permission or not before making the thing.  I was on the
side of "at least give the guys a chance to allow such a thing before we
go ahead and do it ourselves."  A few other thoughts I've had have
combined to generate this idea:

If we do go ahead and have an award ceremony, why not go ahead and make an
initial copy of "The Gangster of Boots" and present it to the band as
something they could market to use the proceeds for charity.  We could put
in the liner notes something about recognizing the amount of trouble the
band has gone to to create the wonderful music they have through the
years, and something about why the CD is for charity.  It's an idea - I
hope it's worthy of either extended discussion, or immediate agreement...

When I left work yesterday (tuesday the 19th - you _know_ where I was going),
I got in the car and guess what they were playing?  If you haven't guessed
by now, just go ahead a sign yourself off of the newsletter because you
obviously _can't_ be a Rushfan and not know that answer!  RUSH!  SIO to be
exact.  It was a sign.

After I got back with the CD, I opened it up and took a look at the words
(I hadn't yet seen them).  I must say that little has hit me as more
appropriate than the final words to this CD:

   If the future's looking dark
   We're the ones who have to try
   If there's no one in control
   We're the ones who draw the line
   Though we live in trying times--
   We're the ones who have to try
   Though we know that time has wings --
   We're the ones who have to fly

An apt summation of the band's outlook, I'd say.

I guess I just don't interpret things the way some of you do, but I don't
see much (if anything) on CounterParts which discusses sex!  I see a lot
of discussion of relationships and a couple that could be love songs, but
I don't see any discussion of sex itself.  Unless you mean to say
'sexes'.  "(Gerry Good)"  - I
really don't have any idea where your statement came from.  Could you
define this for me?

Could we have a discussion of the lyrics for Between Sun and Moon?  I'm
afraid that I really can't get a handle on what's being said.  My best
guess "The happiest of places is that between extremes".  What are some
other interpretations (or expansions on my own) for this song?  I'd love
some outside insights here...

Thanks for listening...

   It's like life - you find what you look for
(Bonus .SIG!):
   Life is wasted on the living


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 23:00:10 -0500
Subject: More CP Record Store Adventures

Hello all,
   I was inspired by a post called "Midnight Madness-downs and ups," so I
decided to share my advertures at the local record store, in search of CP,
with the rest of you.

   Picture if you will, an anxious young college lad, waiting for the magic
day...It finally comes... THE 19TH.  The guy who lives across the hall from
me was kind enough to offer me a ride along with him to pick up CP.  We hopped
into his car, and were off, temporarily freed from reality, with the only con-
cern at the time being, you guessed it; Counterparts.  We pull into the parking
lot and walk, in a very exited type of way, towards the store.  I immediately
noticed the large "Pearl Jam" tacked up in the front window.  This caused me to
immediately shake my head, but then again, I expected this from the start.
Okay, we're inside the store now, and this is what happened.

(I'm looking around for CP and  I do not see it!  So I wander back to the
 front of the store.)

Clerk: "Can I help you?"

Myself: "Do you have Counterparts?"

Clerk looks at me with this absolutely dumbfounded expression, like I asked her
who signed the Magna Carta.

Myself: "Rush.  The new Rush."

Clerk still looks at me in her bewildered way.  Finally:
Clerk: "Oh.  Oh yeah.  Rush."
She reaches behind the counter, my heart finally slowing down, and my hand
reaching for my wallet.

I know this must have happened to hundreds, if not thousands, of you in your
individual exploits purchasing Counterparts.  We all know who the true Rush
fans are, and I'm always proud to say I am one.

"'Why are we here...because we're here...roll the bones...
  Why does it happen...because it happens...roll the bones...'"
Save the Minuteman                          (


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 23:21:33 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Thanks for info/ bassplaying

Hey Rod

Expect something special in the new year to mark the 20th aniversary,
Peart hints.
        "We'd like to make something of it, because I think we're probably
the only band in the world with the same guys, after 20 years. I don't think
there's anybody who's even close, with the same members."
        "I think we'll pay that due tribute."

thanks for posting this.. I now have to wear a spittle cup beneath
my chin at work until the tour comes around here.. I am really
excited over this album and the tour; considering how well Rush
did the last tour and they embellished the RTB songs, I have
to believe that this will be an incredible tour, especially
with the above info taken into account.. thanx again..

Amy : thanks for the post from Boston.. Baltimore sun gave a review
to PJ instead.. what a bunch of posers (the newspaper, that is).

Kris Young: I couldn't agree with you more.. My friends can't belive
how well this album is recorded.. This is probably the best
recorded album Rush has done, if not most other albums.. I can't
believe how 'in your face', yet seamless the quality is..
Also, the bass playing on this album is just incredible. Ged
has so much talent it's ridiculous.. I remember my friend trying
to tell me Billy Sheehan was much better than Ged. then, last
weekend I heard live MR. Big on a local station, and he did a solo..
Yeah, it was fast, but... Geddy can be fast, but he has so much
feeling in his playing that his bass is so much more than n
instrument.. Cold Fire has some GREAT bass work.. Alien shore
again is really good; LTTA, what more need be said.. :)
Being a part-time bass player and former studier of music, I must
say that his bass work on this album has put me in a state
of everlasting euphoria...

take care,


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 23:09:35 CST
From: (Niki Leboeuf)
Subject: Some random musings on #784 ...

Rat brought up the sung lines from "Double Agent"'s verses, so I got to
thinking... Maybe they aren't as unnecessary as they seem. Listen to the
way each verse is done -- In verse one, "so tight" comes out tense,
agitated, nervous; Verse two, "at war" is harmonized, but I can't tell
whether the interval is a third or a second. ANyway, it comes out sounding
like two voices very much at war; Verse three, "was right" hits a
triumphant note. I think each time, the little snippet of song fits the
mood of the verse very well, and adds emotional coloring to the spoken
substance. While Neil's words toy with your logical hemisphere, Geddy's
voice plays on the emotional half. Does anyone else find this remarkably

To the "Jimmy Page is GOD" person: the announcer had it right. The
pronounciation of "Peart," I mean. It was the way Bob Coburn "got it
straight" in the 1991 Rockline with Neil himself, and it's also in the FAQ.
There ya go.

Srikant: actually, I would assume that Geddy wrote the "ah ah ah" bridge in
"BSaM" since it seems more of a case of voice = instrument... Forget logic!
Doesn't it sound just so damn cool? :) Ok, maybe not, but I like it. And
"lens between wishes and fact" isn't all /that/ bad, although I can't
follow the metaphor between wish/fact and cameras. Or eyeglasses? Hmmm....
Oh! Ok, lens = perception = reality... nevermind.

Anyway, I'd say more, but I can't remember what I was going to say... I
dunno if I can keep up with this 2 per day thing! :) 'das ok, tho'...

                                                  --The Vortex

-- Via DLG Pro v0.995


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 18:26:20 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: A thought on getting used to Rush

(no greetings today -- the cows haven't come home yet)

sorry for the inconvenience.

Just a quick thought on why it *generally* takes us hard-core Rush fans
awhile to "accept" a new Rush disc.

The Boyz have lives.  I realize that's beyond obvious, but, we don't
*see* them in their lives.  We are not witness to what latest group
they're listening to, or what new book Neil is reading, or what thing/
event/conversation happened in his life to warrant his thoughts and
their affect on the lyrics.  We find out *after* the new album comes
out, but not during.  And it's usually 2 years between releases, so we
*really* can't tell where they're going.
	And here we are, all we have for two years is their thoughts
and musical inspirations of 2 years ago, which were inspired by things
in their lives 2 years prior!  I mean, it's really all we have -- so
we get used to their direction, etc. and finally get "comfortable"
with it.  But like I said, we don't know what they've been doing for
2 years, they come out with an album, we hear it, and BANG!  No
*wonder* it's shocking!  We haven't progressed with them for two years
and so we can't possibly know what their motivations have been.  If
we saw them every day and had lunch with them every Thrus. afternoon,
then the resulting album wouldn't be shocking -- we would, in essence,
know what they'd been up to.  But since we don't, we see the result
without prior "advance notice" and it's surprising!
	Anyway, that was my thought for the day.  Just thought of
that.  don't know why.  Useless information.  :-)



Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 21:14:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Crowder 
Subject: Archery

Someone asked about the meaning of a guy shooting a compound bow.  I
believe the picture was to represent BOW & ARROW.

I also tried to convert the binary to ASCII when I first got the album. I
tried to convert the binary using 8 bits per letter and 7 bits per
letter. I came up with nothing.  It is possible that the first binary
digit is NOT the begging of the byte. Shifting the beginning and end of
each byte could require a few different possibilities.  However I
really don't think the binary represents anything! First, look at the
pattern of zeros and ones.  I see a lot of recurring patterns, it does
not look like computer binary.  I think the zeros and ones are just that,
ZEROS and ONES. They are counterparts!


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 23:55:44 -0500
From: (Jamie W. Sandford)
Subject: CP and assorted flavors...

	Counterparts is definitely different....

	I can't say its what I expected.  I mean this in a good way.  I am
finally glad to hear a mix that includes that grungy, funky bass.  I missed
that on RTB and Presto.  Not only does this album harken back to the old
days, it has a very mature sound to it.  You can tell its a bunch of cool,
old guys doing this.

	I like LTTA, and can close my eyes and imagine baseball scores
scrolling as I hear it played in the background.  I do think that it is
unique, and like the funk of it.  Granted, its not the jam that WMThing
was on RTB, but its got its own classy groove to it.

	DA is worth a couple of good listens before you appreciate the
silliness of it.  Definitely a favorite.  As most, I can't see Cold Fire
or Alien Shore being classics--they don't have that unique property that
most classic Rush songs do....

	Now, I'm gonna get some rest and heal the bruises I got trying
to fight through the "I wanna get the new Pearl Jam CD" line.


	"If I saw these guys in a bar, I'd go up to 'em and say
		'Hey, man, hows it goin?'"....Beavis


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 22:12:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Randall Haskin 
Subject: Guest appearances on Cp?? (joke)

If the liner notes didn't say any different, I'd swear that these artists
were collaborators on Counterparts:

Jon Anderson of Yes:  Lyrics on "Between Sun and Moon" ("ah yes to yes, why
                      the sun?)

John Rutsey:          Drums on "Stick It Out"

The Edge:             Guitar on "Everyday Glory"

Trevor Rabin of Yes:  Inspiration for "Speed Of Love" (did he write this
                      or what?!  gag)

Again, this is all a joke.  I love this album.  No flames, please.  These
thoughts just gave me a chuckle.

Randall Haskin
"Get Busy!"


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 23:59:49 -0500 (CDT)
From: David Aaron Sissman 
Subject: Favorites

   Last night, in a streak of craziness and curiousity, I rated each song
from Rush to Cp on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = could listen to it until
eternity w/o getting sick of it), added the points on each CD, and
averaged them.  I've always been curious of my favorite CD; since it's so
hard to say, I rated the songs.  The results and average score per song:

1.   Hemispheres           9.25
2.   Permanent Waves       8.83
3.   2112                  8.13
4.   Moving Pictures       8.00
5.   A Farewell To Kings   7.83
6.   Hold Your Fire        7.70
7.   Fly By Night          7.62
8.   Presto                7.54
9.   Power Windows         7.37
10.  Counterparts          7.27
11.  Caress of Steel       7.00
tie  Roll the Bones        7.00
13.  Rush                  6.62
14.  Grace Under Pressure  6.50
15.  Signals               6.00

   Remember folks, everythings relative.  I didn't rate each song as a
rock song; I rated them as RUSH songs!  That turns something like "Fly By
Night" (the song) into an 8.  Anyway, there were some surprises, even for
me.  I learned that I should listen to Presto more, for one thing.

   I'm gonna do this again in a couple of months, after Cp has sunk into
me more.  I expect it to rise (it may have already).

   The 10's: Closer to the Heart, Circumstances, The Trees, Spirit of
Radio, Freewill, Limelight, Subdivisions (from the weakest CD!),
Middletown Dreams, Ghost of a Chance, Between Sun and Moon!

   The lowest scores (4): Cygnus X-1, Chemistry, Red Lenses, Grand Designs

If you want to know more about the ratings, drop me a line.

David Sissman
 -- is it any wonder I'm a stats major? 8-) --


Date: Wed Oct 20 23:48:06 1993
Subject: Binary digits...

Ok, a quick note. Here's my take on what the binary digits mean.

Nowhere on the album do they list the method of recording, mixing and mastering,
usually labelled as DDD, or ADD, or whatever. Now there are 3 rows of 1's and
0's corresponding to 3 sets of digital numbers. Therefore each line represents
each of the stages of recording. Since they are all digital, the album was
made in DDD.

Simple, no?



From: schwarte@CS.ColoState.EDU (eric schwartz)
Subject: Everybody's Heroes
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 23:50:54 -0600 (MDT)

That's right... Everybody's heroes, Rush, have given me one of the
most fantabulous, gr00vy, downright *NICE* albums to date...

I will post the definitive critique of the album sometime this
weekend, probably, but I'm just going to mention my current favorite
song: Nobody's Hero.

First, the orchestration: Typical Michael "What movie hasn't he done"
Kamen. Yes, he was the one that conducted the orchestra for "Dream
On", as well as the orchestra for "Silent Lucidity" and "Real World".
I dunno. After listening to what he's done for Queensryche, et al.,
I'd rather hoped he'd come up with something new for Rush. Instead, he
returned to his standard bag of tricks, which, while complementing the
song nicely, could have been better. I'm getting a bit tired of all
the unison runs in the strings he likes to stick in at the end of
every phrase or two, which were thankfully not ubiquitous, as in most
of his other works. Still too many open 5ths, though. :b

Next, the bass: I never, never, never though I'd say this, but...
THERE'S TOO MUCH!! *sigh* My puny little boom box is incapable of
handling this (or any other song from Cp) without massively distorting,
unless I happen to have the volume at about 2.3 or so. :( Darn... now
I've got the bass line for Cold Fire in my head... not that I object,
but it's hard to talk about the one, listening to the other. Even if
it does rock my world. :) Geddy's showing some new (for him, anyway)
techniques on this album, and this song's no exception.

The guitar: Hmm... anybody else free associate "Legal Kill" when
listening to the intro on this song? Maybe it's just the strumming
pattern, 'cause I know the progressions are nothing alike, but there
you are... some support for the King's X opener theory? (*grin*) Just
a side note on the album as a whole: It seems to me that the guitar
solos were poorly mixed, and in one case (can't remember... "Cold
Fire", I think) I thought I could clearly tell where the solo was done
in two (or more) takes, and the second take was quite distinct from
the first. Bit annoying, that's all.

The drums: Neil's catching on to what Metallica has so recently
learned: Straight, in-your-face, oh-my-god(s)-who-did-he-sell-his-soul-to
to-have-that-kind-of-skill music can sometimes be less effective than
a more relaxed, cohesive groove. I was watching eMpTyV last night (I
think...), and in the Rocumentary on Metallica, Lars said something to
the effect that he was finally trying to play in a groove, instead of
playing off the guitar part. Seems to me (not counting the playing off
the guitar part-- Neil really doesn't do a lot of that) that Neil's
found out the same thing, i.e. grooves are gr00vy.

Just my $.0017 ($0.02 in 1972 dollars)

*    * "Of /course/ I'm certain!" - Heisenberg     *
* * "He hadn't a single redeeming vice"         *
* I never take me seriously    *     -Oscar Wilde			     *
* You've only got twelve notes, and however you mix them up is your thing.   *
*    							-Eddie Van Halen     *


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 01:21:42 -0500
From: (Stacey Ksenzakovic)
Subject: giving a spherical trilogy (sorry)

Yes, I did it again. I combined what I wanted to say into
a single subject and came up with something demented.
Anyway, there are long trilogies besides Hitchhikers' Guide.
Try Piers Anthony's Xanth trilogy- 12 books, then he started the
Second Trilogy, which I think is up to four.

About that gift (I'm helping Puanani here). I'm hoping for something
3D because I have a glass sphere I want to include in Geddy's piece.
Keep the ideas flowing.

One thing I didn't get to put in the subject: about Geddy singing
about Neil's personal life. I'm not going to restate my anima thing.
However I must say I think Geddy got into Animate rather well, not
sarcastic at all. He was probably glad to see Neil finding his Cp.

One last thing. Is Weird Al Canadian? He had that song "Midnight Star"...
                                   Blessed be,
                                   Julie/ Juno/ Panacea
* I AM the rational romantic mystic cynical idealist! *    \  /    *
* "Try as they might, they cannot steal your dreams." * ----><---- *
* _.__ _.__ __..        -Geddy Lee, "Cinderella Man"  *    /  \    *
attempted geddy smile 8^)
with contacts :^)


From: (Jamie E. Bruhn)
Subject: Man O Man
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 01:24:04 -0500 (CDT)

Wow, is all I am going to say of the new album. I just love the new album!!
In fact, I skipped all of my classes today to sit down and figure out all
the bass lines on the disc. Damn, Geddy still can crank out the lines.
Actually it only took me 2 hours to figure them out, I just had to play
through the album 5 times!!!!

Great Job once again to the masterful three!

Now I am just waiting for a Minneapolis tour date!!


"Polarize Me...."

-Damn right!


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 00:00:56 PDT
From: (Jeffrey Park Elbel)
Subject: Speaking of Ged/Roger Daltrey...

I've only heard CP one glorious time so far, but since
Michael S mentioned the Geddy Lee/Roger Daltrey connection
of singers singing about other lyricist's personal lives...

Is it my imagination, or is there a guitar passage during
Between Sun and Moon (i think) that sounds remarkably
similar to the vamp preceding the solo in Won't Get Fooled
Again?  Not a soundalike perse, but a really similar feel?
Kinda cool, I think.  The Who were a cool band.

I truly dig the choruses of Animate and double Agent.
"Where would you rather be..."  It harkens back to my
Rush-song, "Middletown Dreams (PoW)."
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Date: 20 Oct 93 23:45:59 EDT
From: Andrew J Seabeck <71224.3475@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Power Windows Shows

Power Windows The Ultimat RUSH Tribute Band
With multimedia Laser Show by Stellar Designs.

(Now Playing selections from Counterparts)

Show Dates
10/27/93 Rock & Roll Cafe, NYC
11/06/93 NY Ave.,  Huntington, Long Island
11/09/93 Rock & Roll Cafe, NYC, Bleeker St.
11/11/93 Rock The House, Wallington, NJ
11/13/93 L'Amour, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
11/26/93 The Low Down, Mt Vernon, NY
12/09/93  Rock The House, Wallington, NJ
12/17/93  NY Ave.,  Huntington, Long Island
12/18/93  L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY
12/21/93  Rock & Roll Cafe, NYC
01/21/94  NY Ave.,  Huntington, Long Island

Any questions or directions to shows needed please email me gald to help
hope to see ya all at the shows.

                                      The Laser Tech



Subject: re: CP inset
From: (Mike Rizzello)
Date: 	Thu, 21 Oct 1993 02:51:00 -0400

 8->I was curious about something in the artwork inside the cover...
 8->In the Canadian CD, there's pictures of both sides of a Canadian
 8->quarter...(Queen Liz II on one side, a moose on the other side).
 8->Is this in the American CD also? Please email me directly, and not the list
 8->as to not add extra trivialities to the digest!
 8->    [ I got mine in the good old US and yes, it does have the front and back
 8->      of a Canadian quater.     : rush-mgr ]

  Well just to add a few things about the inlay of the new album (it's late
  and I wanna catch some Z's):  First, notice that the quarter is dated
  1974! Coincidence?  I think not!  Also, the triangle on the back is NOT a
  pentagram, but more like the Star of David, the Jewish symbol.  I don't
  know what the three circles are (possible throw back to the spheres in HYF?
  ooooh, I forgot, I saw the logo for one of the Ontario Nuclear Commisions,
  and it uses similar spheres {same pattern and colour} and is surrounded by
  those "orbits" of the electrons - hmm, wouldn't that be the fire that Rush's
  intending to hold?) or what the binary numbers are.  As for the pic. of
  Neil aiming the BOW and ARROW, aren't they counterparts?  Also, the money
  shaped like a heart can only be "LOVE or MONEY".  What I have no idea about
  are the U and I, and that ceramic cup that looks like a pharmacist's mixer
  or something.

    [ U and I trying to get together perhaps? (you and I). I think the mixer
      is a mortar and pestle, used for grinding up stuff (if I have the name 
      wrong, please correct me).				: rush-mgr ]

        One last thing, are those medals from the National Lampoon or them
  "Canada 125" medals for being prominent Canadians that they received at the
  Junos last spring?


   PS!!!!!  Why isn't the title on the cover of the album?  I saw the add in
   Billboard and it featured the title, of course it was an add, not the
   actual cd!  But what if this is a limited edition print just as the
   Pearl Jam album (which I've had the displeasure of buying)?  Also, did you
   notice that both albums are distributed by Sony?  Weird!

    [ The Japanese version (and probably others) of the _Signals_ cd also does
      not have the title of the album on it...			: rush-mgr ]

   "Ohhhhhhhhhh you know that we'll be there!!!!!!!!!" - Geddy Lee
                                       from Tears Are Not Enough

 * I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up!


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 00:59:18 -0700
From: (Dan Flanegan)
Subject: Yelling in Between Sun and Moon

At approximately 2:41 in Between Sun and Moon, ids oops, is it just me or is
there what sounds like someone yelling in ht oops again, in ht, damn, my
keyboard is screwed and i cannot edit this, doesn't it sound like someone
screaming something/  Anyone agree?



Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 10:41:48
Subject: Rush tour of UK

After missing the hold your fire tour i was pretty devastated especially when
the Birmingham NEC shows were used for the show of hands live album. I finally
got to see rush on the RTB tour and Sheffield looked pretty much sold out. A
similar point was made by numerous other rush fans that I know who saw them
at wembley, Glasgow and Birmingham. With the apparent success of the last tour
and the feeling I have that rush are gaining in popularity in the UK if not
the rest of Europe I was really hoping they would break their tradition and
tour with Counterparts. If I'm right  then maybe we can get enough people to
petitiion the band over this through the NMS etc then maybe they will change
their minds! I'm sure I can say the same for at least five of my friends who
do not have internet access and countless other rush fans across europe who
do not have access to the NMS.

Simon Atkinson
Dept. Computer Science, University of York, York. England.


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 13:12:55 BST
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: What Else, plus a few other bits

     This is from someone who hasn't listened to anything but Cp since Monday.
Well, all the people that reviewed the album/tracks before the release date 
were both right and wrong. The album shifts and changes its style quite a bit, 
but yes all the styles mentioned appear in one form or another, and to me I 
can see bits of previous Rush songs in every track (such as Fountain of 
Lamneth in Double Agent).

The overall sound of the album is brilliant, check out the clarity of the 
acoustic at the beginning if Nobody's Hero. This may account for the change in 
sound of Geddy's vocals, although I think some songs are more emotive than 
others (Amimate is sung quite blandly).

Basically all the tracks are a bit different, with that sense of familiarity 
that is RUSH. The Drums do have complexity in places, perhaps he wanted a 

The 0's and 1's are binary counterparts.

Now a couple of whinges;
	People have said that they have taped the radio special, and wanted to 
edit out the interviews so that they can just listen to the music, but that 
DJ's talked over the songs. Well, all that I can say is, unless you are 
extremely poor, you should BUY the album to hear it properly and support the 
boys in their efforts.

There have been quite a few lengthy discussions recently, in which people 
requote a previous post. This then gets replied too with the original post 
still in it. We end up re-reading several posts in one go. Can you at least 
trim them down a bit, to the essentials of what you are saying, or take it to 

Finally to Graham James Reilly, (Hi Graham). SORRY SORRY SORRY. I used the 
term English without thinking. I personally love Scotland, and quite honestly 
think that it should receive it's own limited edition of the album, with 
scenery to match the local geography (A mountain of an Album!!!).

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!!		: rush-mgr ]

Thats all folks


Subject: Nevada FTP site???
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 09:31:18 EDT

I read the NMS yesterday and noticed someone mentioning a Nevada RUSH
FTP site...Can anyone please mail the exact internet address to this
place so I can get MORE RUSH!!!!!!


|      "Ohh I will dine on honeydew and drink the milk of Paradise!"   |
|                                                   -_Xanadu_   -NP    |
|                                                                      |
|   :^p                                         |


From: (Terry Stedman)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 09:19:56 -0400
Subject: Explanation of the archer photo...

>From "Cut to the Chase":
        The archer must be sure of his aim

 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman                          .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Fresh from the _Counterparts_ liner notes...
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 07:17:36 -0600

Well, the interviewer Thursday night got it wrong. It's not "Speed of Love"
that features Pye Duboir ; it's "Between Sun and Moon." I should have
recognized that spacey, cosmic angle of the lyrics..

And after reading the liner notes, all I can say is... Folks? Being sponsored
Sesame Street style by a letter is one thing, but "brought to you by the
letter 'oe'"?? Come on; dipthong sponsorship is just too much!

							--The Vortex
+ "We suspend our disbelief,
*         and we are not alone--" -N.Peart


From: (Dave Beedle)
Subject: Re: Anybody Know what all this stuff means?
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 09:14:47 +22306512 (CDT)

In a recent message Joe Servaites wrote:
> BUT, what's the deal with that maple leaf with the boy scout symbol?

   Hi gang!  A good question this and here's my interpretation...the maple
leaf represents Canada and the "boy scout symbol" (whatever they are called)
represent France.  While I'm not much on Canadian history, wasn't Cancada a
Frech colonie or some such?  At least having a French background.  Thus the
counter parts of Canada and France.

   On to a couple album coments...I think it is unfortunate that the radio
stations have centered on "Stick it Out" as the track to push.  IMHO this is
probably among least favorite tracks on the album.  For me, "Animate" is the
one to push...I can't turn it up loud enough, and "Nobody's Hero" seems a good
counterpart :-) to the power in "Animate".  But hey, it's just my $.02 worth!

  Dave Beedle    -     -     Network Services
                                                    Illinois State University
 "The toque is to keep the head warm in the winter           136A Julian Hall
  and your beer cold in the summer" The McKenzie Brothers  Normal, IL   61761


Date:       Thu, 21 Oct 93 16:01:48 BST
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Compuserve mail problems

Robert Fleming, could you please mail me? I'm trying to get through to you,
but my mail keeps bouncing. Is your address Help!!


PS: Between Sun and Moon is indeed possibly the best chance for a 'hit' since
Tom Sawyer. That chorus is a killer!

2PS: Hi Puanani and Lisa!


From: Jason Pong 
Subject: Some are still waiting :-(
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 1:02:33 EST

   I don't think I can stand one more review of the new album until I finally
get to hold it in my hands.

   Come to Australia; lovely beaches, beautiful women, friendly people
and THE LAST place on earth that gets 'good' international music.

   While walking into a music store here, I see Pearl Jam everywhere.  When
I ask about Rush all I get is a blank stare and a ..........who.........?

   'spose I'm lucky I know that the manager of J.B. HiFi is a big fan and has
ordered in several copies of the new album, which will be in .... eventually!..
should keep me happy but well....

   All those who HAVE got it, listen to it just once and think of some of us
whose country produced the likes of Kylie, Barry Humphreys (Dame Edna) and


 . .                                       "You say times are tough,
  U     Charles Ray                         we've got the best of both
 (-)             worlds here."     -- Midnight Oil


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 10:35:47 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mike Weston 
Subject: Mermaid

To whomever asked about the Mermaid od the sea line in "Animate", I found
that on my disc too.  To me, it just sounds like Geddy kind of merged
"too" and "lunar" together, because I hear an "r" t the end before the
word "sea".  Does it sound this way to anyone else, or am I off my rocker? :-)



Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 11:43:22 EDT
From: Phillip Carter 
Subject: Tape of the National Anthem!!

Yes, it's me again. Someone took pity on me, because I had the same name as
him. All of you who would like a tape of the National Anthem as sung by Geddy,
contact Phil O. at .  He's got both audio and video as well.

To Phil O...THANK YOU!!!!!!! *bow*scrape*

Phil Carter --

"Stop staring at my ears." -- Binky
"Stop staring at _my_ ears." -- Sheba
"It's okay to stare at my ear. I know you can't help it." -- Bongo


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 09:15:16 -0600 (MDT)
From: Robertson 
Subject: Cp questions

Hello all,

	I had some questions concerning the Cp liner notes. Somebody said a
while ago that it would have photos of the crew. Where are these? Is that one
photo one of Neil with his bike? Also, I presume that the group photo is from
the National Lampoon. I seem to have missed this; could somebody fill me in?

	Well, here are my obligatory album comments. When I heard it on the
radio, it was much different than I expected. However, the CD sounds just
right. The production is incredible! On RtB, I thought the drums sounded buried
far too low in the mix. Here they sound great. I love the bass drum on "Between
the Sun and Moon" and the electronic percussion in LTTA.

	Oh, one final question. The liner notes say that the album is in memory
of two people. Lee Tenner was the concert projectionist, but who is the other?
What has happened to them? Thanks very much!

	Mike Robertson.


From: Michael L Sensor 
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:28:07 -0400
Subject: Album Insert Observations



Well, I guess it's like "My country, right or wrong".  If you're going to take 
this myopic attitude then there's little I can do.  But Rush or no Rush, 
people still make goofups, and failing to recognize that Rush, like
anyone else, is capable of error is a grevious mistake indeed.

>Is that Morus code on the back cover...

It's "Morse", as in "Samuel F.B. Morse." And it appears to be 1's and 0's, 
which would make it binary code, as opposed to Morse Code, which is dots and 

>All I am saying is that his lyrics are not sufficient evidence of what goes 
>on in the privacy of his mind. * * *

I expected that this argument, typically, would degenerate into semantical 
arguments after a few goes.  The fallacy of this statement notwithstanding, 
that is.

>Rand ripped off Nietzsche and tossed in a bit of Kant * * *

Oh really?  Please tell me how you can reconcile Nietzsche's "bloody" means of 
dealing with others with Rand's "rational" means.  Oops, I am bandying about 
"rational" without knowing what it actually means, like every Objectivist, 
right, Gregg?

>I was correcting a *grammatical* error.

Cf. above statement.

>If [Neil] wants to play a simple 4/4 beat thru every song * * * he can do 
>whatever he feels is right.  * * * The man is a God * * *

So, just because Neil has attained 'god'hood, he's entitled to play anyway he 
wants.  True, he may play anyway he wants.  However, IMNSHO, use of this 
'simple 4/4 beat' invalidates claims that he is a remarkable drummer, for a 
truly remarkabel musician will display his talent at every juncture possible.  
By the way, I think that Neil will do whatever he /thinks/ is right, not what 
he /feels/ is right.


>Every other song is so trivial, I am more ashamed than the "Get Busy" on 
>RTB! * * * The music is bad * * * and the words so predictable that I could 
>have written them.

Yup.  Cp sounds like they really didn't want to do it.  Don't you hate those 
pesky four-album contracts? Neil's lyrical ability has really disappeared in 
this album.  Pronouns without antecedents, dependent clauses without 
independent clauses, interjections smattered here & there... Neil, we hardly 
knew ye.

> * * * this'll probably be their biggest album ever...

Figures, now that they have a good engineer and an album that will sell well, 
they suck.  Never the twain shall meet...

Gary Graff, Detroit Free Press:

> [Rush's lyrical depth] is more affected than truly intellectual.

Maybe on this album, but this statement seems to be a generalization.  I would 
expect such a statement from a newspaper music critic, who has nothing better 
to do than listen to other peoples' work, wish it were his own (he's probably 
a frustrated garage musician), get jealous, have a Freudian reaction/formation, 
and pan it.   Of course, what am I doing here? Criticizing other peoples' 
work! :-)

later all.  Hope springs eternal for another, better, album.

   [ Please remember to use < 80 characters per line!		: rush-mgr ]



Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:51:45 EDT
Subject: Guess, just guess...

	I personally think this album rivals Signals as thier best work, but
I do have a few comments. The chorus to _Nobody's Hero_ looks worse than it 
sounds, and the rest of the lyrics read better than they sound, and _Stick it 
out_ sounds pretty good, but the lyrics fall short on this tune,IMHO.
	The one of the most uplifting songs on the cd for me is _Between Sun 
and Moon_; it pretty much sums up college (so far anyway) for me in several 
lines: because this is a fine place to hesitate, and it is the space between 
wonder and why.
   Brett B. , if you're out there I'd like to see your opinion of the album.

		Daydreaming between class,

ps Did anyone else put down Lifeson, Lee and Peart as the winners of the nobel
prize in Chem. on the extra credit question of thier Org. Chem. test just
before they went out and bought the new album?


Date: 21 Oct 93 12:16:49 EDT
From: robert fleming <100063.2154@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: NO UK TOUR!: Update

Thanks to all who have sent their names to me for the petition I am getting
together to send to the band.  We do need a lot more names yet though so
please keep them coming.  And if you have any non TMNS subscriber friends
who want to see the band tour the UK then please send their details to me as
well.  I think it is important that a letter and petition is sent pretty
quickly so I am looking to have this ready to go by the end of next week.

For those who missed the relevant TMNS issue, to recap - Rush will not be
touring the UK with CP, that means at least another 2 years wait to see them
live here.  So, if you want to see the band play here
please LEND YOUR SUPPORT and send your name and address (doesn't have to be
full address) and any _brief_ message you want to give to the band re: this
to me - either via TMNS as a message or email me direct.  My compuserve ID
is 100063,2154.  If you are on Internet you will still have no problem
getting a message to me.

Thanks, Robert


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 12:34:20 -0500
From: Anton Edward Weisstein  
Subject: SOL and CF

Not a review so much as a question...

There seem to be a lot of people out there who think that *Speed of
Love* and *Cold Fire* are the best tracks on CP.  I've only listened
to the album two or three times so far :(, but at the moment these two
are my least favorites.

I would be interested in hearing exactly WHAT it is about these songs
that people enjoy.  The music?  The lyrics?  The vocals?  I've been
trying to find something about these songs to enjoy, and so far I haven't
been able to come up with anything.  Mahesh's post in NMS #789 was
an excellent start, but I'd really appreciate further elaboration.  Otherwise
I'll end up with two Rush songs that--horrors!--I don't really appreciate.

All constructive comments welcome.


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:36:10 -0500 (CDT)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: 1001001's

I believe that Rush has caught on, and put those 1's and 0's there
on purpose, to drive people like you crazy.  In fact, I believe
that they do most of the weird stuff they do simply to make their fans
believe that it is something mystic, or secret, but it isn't.  They
did it to drive you crazy. Don't sweat over it. It probably doesn't
mean anything.

Just my .02



Date: 21 Oct 1993 10:11:10 PDT
Subject: Double Agent Zappa, etc.

In issue 788, Aaron (ASILVERM@UMIAMI) asks:
> Does anybody else think the spoken parts of Double Agent sound a lot
> like Frank Zappa?

Well, I'm not familiar with his works to compare, but count my husband as
someone else who thought so. That's been his only comment on CP so far,
other than "Do we have to put it on repeated play again tonight?" :-)

Also, Rod Harrison notes the fleur de lis with the maple leaf and wonders
about Rush's politics. I suspect that they/Hugh Syme are just saying that
French Canada and English Canada are counterparts--both part of (and
necessary parts of?) Canada as a whole.

The artwork on CP has replaced the Signals blueprint as my favorite Rush
graphics, btw. Didja notice they even got the counter parts we were joking
about this summer? Everything *including* the kitchen sink! :-) I have only
two questions: who are Robbie, Chip & Ernie and who are Sonny, Michael and

Also, the rush-mgr notes:
>   [ The x's & y's I would think would be the x and y chromosomes. I believe
>     that's Neil shooting the bow (I heard he had taken up archery);
>     my guess is it represents "hunter/hunted", even though there is no
>     "hunted" in the picture. And I think it's Alex playing the accordian...
>                                                    : rush-mgr ]

I was thinking the same thing about the x and y's, but I think the archer
(does look like Neil, doesn't it? never seemed like the beret type, though)
picture just refers to "bow" and "arrow" as the counterparts. And yes,
that's definitely Alex with the accordian! What a goofball...

Gotta admit, this album is *right* in my range to sing! No straining on
either end. And Between Sun and Moon may have slightly silly lyrics,
but they're fun to sing!


"Play An Accordian. Go To Jail. It's the Law."


From: (Robert Reynolds)
Subject: NEW outlook on life
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 12:52:11 CDT

    I just picked up my brand NEW 94 Explorer yesterday and played my
    NEW Rush cd on my NEW cd changer and ever since I seem to have a
    whole NEW outlook on life!!

    Life is good!!

   Robert Reynolds                      E-MAIL:
   AIX Commo. Device Drivers            VNET:     ROBERTR at AUSTIN
   11400 Burnet Rd, 905/9551            Phone:    (512)838-3534 TL: 678-3534
   Austin, Tx 78758


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 13:52:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: Michael Kamen and Bald Eagles

Michael Kamen did arrange and conduct "Dream On" for Aerosmith at MTV's
10th anniversary special.  Kamen is also involved in movie soundtracks (most
notably "Lethal Weapon 2" w/David Sanborn and Eric Clapton). IMO, he did a
spectacular job w/the string arrangement for "Nobody's Hero".

Can anyone tell me why there is a bald eagle represented for "Everyday Glory"
instead a portion of a song like the rest of the sleeve (except for LTTA!)
e.g. "Slave to the hormone" for AS?

Neil with a beard?  Could get taking used to :)



From: warnock@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Thomas E. Warnock)
Subject: Counterparts sounds like (fill in band name)!!!!
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 14:14:23 EDT

Greetings everyone,
	I just wanted to say a few things about the new album...IT'S GREAT!!!!
I don't know why everyone has to listen to this new album, pull out their REM
or Pearl Jam albums, and then say...HEY!!!! THIS RUSH SONG SOUNDS JUST LIKE
PEARL JAM!!!!!  Just listen to the new album and say to yourself "AAAAHHHHHH!!!
It's good to be listening to a NEW Rush album!!!!!"  I think that this is a
great album, different from any other one they've released.  But then again,
they always suprise me by what they release, and I think that is what makes me
such a die-hard Rush fan!!!!  And if you have a problem with the direction the
boys are going...all I have to say is..."Everybody's go to deviate from the

	As for the inside artwork, all I can say is...BRILLIANT!!!  I haven't
had this much fun looking at the inside cover since _Hold_Your_Fire_!!! Looks
like the FAQ is going to get a little longer with every counterpart we can

A few elusive ones I have found:

Lock, Stock, and Barrel (I've heard this one mentioned before)

The Birds and the Bees

The funniest one I've found...Counterparts!!!! (the blueprint of the sink!)

Well...I'm gonna start the list of all the if you find some
ones that are pretty elusive...send them to me at:

I'll put the list on TNMS on monday if I can...otherwise I'll put it on



From: Chad King 
Subject: Um, Haplo...
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 12:19:30 -0600 (MDT)

Um, HaploPeart (R)(c)(tm)(Patent Pend)

What track is "Everyday People"?  I can't seem to be able to finds it on my
CD.  Did I get an incomplete one?  Will it be worth a lot of money someday?

Oh, you meant "Everyday Glory", right?  I get it.

It's a little early to be forgetting song titles, isn't it?  Especially
for your favorite song :)


*every time I send my .sig, Rush-mgr ruins it, so I'l just leave it off this

   [ Might be a bit too long?  What did it look like?  I don't remember.
     Please send me a copy for scrutiny.  Thanks.                  :rush-mgr ]

"I have neither an opinion nor an employer, so there!"


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