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 Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 21:35:07 -0400
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Subject: 10/22/93 - The National Midnight Star #793

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 793

                 Friday, 22 October 1993
Today's Topics:
           Administrivia -- IMPORTANT TOUR NEWS
                Fighting Tooth and Nail...
              Tooth picture -- Nail picture
                   A thought maybe two
              One less window in Madison :)
                 Pat Lynes and Lee Tenner
      Re: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #791
                       counter part
               Liner better than the album
                     Geddy sings alto
   Melbourne C'parts; Fugazi; whatever else I think of.
       My favorite counterpart from the album notes
                     Symbols Exposed
                     Billboard (etc.)
                 Closed Minds Destuctive
                  Robbie, Chip, & Ernie
           Counterparts was economically priced
                  SIMPLE FRENCH SYMBOLS!
                    What does it say?
                   What does This say?
                  Counterparts Stuff...
            Archer is Neil - 1s and 0s are DDD
                Message for Robert Fleming
                    Counterparts logo
                  Lock Stock and Barrel
                 Counterparts in germany
           Explanation of the tooth picture...
          Another short, shameful confession...
      Jim.hamilton, Robbie Chip & Ernie, T&N, Groovy
           Counterparts review from Balto. Sun
         CD Artwork and Translation of the Binary
                      Birds and Bees
                   Re: UK Record Shops
                   Shock horror probe!
                       Binary Code
                    CP and binary code
      Re: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #791
               Re: 10/10/93 - The National
                   Counterparts review.
                  Who the hell is Joey?
                    The ARCHER IS NEIL
               Re:Guest appearances on Cp?
                      Rolling Stone
    Counterparts and Alien Shore and some other stuff
                   Counterparts Images
            Lyric Expectations & other trivia
                 "My Three Corleone Sons"
                  different Counterparts
                 A couple of counterparts

From: (THe RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Fri Oct 22 18:11:30 EDT 1993
Subject: Administrivia -- IMPORTANT TOUR NEWS

This would've been in the first digest, but I didn't know about it until just
now. This is a confirmed date, the first date of the tour will be:

January 22, 1994	Bayfront Arena. Pensacola, Florida

And no word yet on when tickets for the first tour date will go on sale.

There's a couple of dates (unconfirmed) for Los Angeles, San Diego and
Madison Square Garden in NY, but I will post the dates once confirmed.
(these dates will be in Feb-Mar).  



Date: 21 Oct 1993 19:37:19 PDT
Subject: Fighting Tooth and Nail...

In 790, Ervan Darnell wonders about the tooth pic and the rush-mgr suggests:
   [ Perhaps the tooth itself is a counterpart -- you have the part you
     normally see (the crown), and the part you normally don't (the root).

I've been thinking that perhaps the tooth and the nail go together, though
why they wouldn't be in one picture then is beyond me. But you've all
heard of "fighting tooth and nail" haven't you?

I still like the puzzle picture, where you try to get U and I together.
Have to admit I didn't come up with that idea...I kept thinking it should
have been I and E (as in "i before e..."), but my co-worker got it. And of
course the four Suburban Elements...


ps. Isn't there a rhyme that goes with the Tinker, Evers & Chance triad?


Subject: Circle,Triangle,Square,Red,Blue,Yellow
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 22:44:37 -0400

	Pretty cool how they mixed up the order and color, huh?  At first I
thought it was the same three symbols on "Every Breath You Take" by the Police.

	By the way, there are no bad songs on Fly By Night or Caress Of Steel,
and side two of 2112 rocks! (Something for Nothing?  Passage to Bangkok?

	And please listen to the rush-mgr.  I don't want to read any more
anti-fraternity crap in my NMS.


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 20:00:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Field 
Subject: Tooth picture -- Nail picture

For those of you wondering just what the "counterparts" are for the tooth
picture and the nail picture in the CP sleeve... they are counterparts of each
other!  They represent the phrase "tooth and nail."


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 22:37:53 EDT
Subject: A thought maybe two


Ok mystery solved the 1001001 on the cover to counter parts is just that
counterparts series of oppoisite sequences of 1' and 0's
sorry folks look all ya want no hidden meanings,

After my 50th listen I am ready to declare Moving Pictures quality(That is
still the album that we measure all others by?,
right?)  This Disc is amazing in a ways,

>From a sonic stand point it is very well engineered, the lyrics are
extremely powerful, the Holy Trinity(Hy Jack@$$, Beezus(aka Bevis)) has
really done a great job with this disc.

HaploPeart RushFan(tm)
Brougt t you by the letter "H"


Subject: One less window in Madison :)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 22:04:00 CDT

Hey people,

   I would like to start off by thanking John Grothman for submitting
the little newspaper clipping about us fans in Madison WI breaking the
window of the music store.  I was there, heh heh.  My friend and I got
to the store at about 11:30pm and walked up along the edge of the crowd
so we were right by the door.  To make the story short, the store opened
their door at 12:00, the crowd pushed foward like a mosh pit, and the
window just couldn't take it.  I kind of got worried because, just as that
window broke, I was being pressed into the window on the other side.
  It was worth it though. I got into the store with the first group of
people and had Counterparts, a free Counterparts t-shirt, and the P-Jam
album (what the hell, I was there) in less than 20 minutes.  Got some free
pizza too!
   The main reson I am writing this is because there were a LOT of rush
fans there for the so called "Pearl Jam Party".  I just wish the radio
stations around here would realize that there are so many of us.
   Just thought I would blab a little instead of quietly reading all
the time.  By the way, I don't know what the P-Jam CD sounds like because
Counterparts hasn't come out of my CD player since I got it home.

See ya,



Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 22:56:49 -40975532 (CDT)
From: Edward Kaplan 
Subject: T-Shirt

Can anyone suggest a place where I can find tour shirts from old concerts?
Any help would be great!

   [ Check out the Rush Backstage Club - they sell older tour shirts and
     programs, things like that.  Although you'll probably be hard pressed to
     find something besides a S or a M size.                  :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 18:18:39 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Pat Lynes and Lee Tenner


Well, I must say I am a sad Rush fan.  Although I finally got the new
album -- HI JIM! -- (yay!), and marveled at the layout of all the pictures,
symbols and the lyrics side, I was even more saddened and shocked to see,

		"In Memory of Pat Lynes and Lee Tenner"

Folks, these guys were part of Rush's crew for many years.  Pat used to
drive the trucks/buses and Lee was, I believe, part of the sound team (I
may be wrong on that) -- go check your early Rush albums.  And I am sure,
they were the bands' good friends.  They helped create the concerts we
all saw and loved.  Let us pause for a few moments in respect for them.
If not for ourselves, then for Rush.

   [ I wonder if Pat (or is it Lee) is related to the nice lady who runs the 
     Rush Backstage club in Las Vegas.  I remember talking to her and she 
     mentioned her son (or was it son in law? or brother?) was working for 
     Rush as a bus driver for one of their big rigs..          :rush-mgr ]

Thank you.  Even though I didn't know them, I feel like a part of the band
is missing.  I just can't believe that.  Talk about a shock.



From: (C.A. Peskin)
Subject: Re: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #791
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 00:36:21 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, 'hammel' has it right about the binary!!!

I was looking ALL OVER the disk to see if it was DDD or not.  This makes
complete sense.  Each row of binary represents each 'D' in DDD.  All the
recent rush albums have been DDD.  Good show!
|  Rochester Institute of Technology              Chris A. Peskin  |
|  Electrical Engineering                                          |


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 18:38:51 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: counter part

For all those disappointed in not finding a counter part on the cover.
They weren't so dumb after all -- check the blueprint picture on the
bottom middle "fold" -- what do you see?



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 00:24:10 EDT
Subject: Liner better than the album

Well, I guess it's time to add my thoughts on the latest Rush release.

It's hard to explain my feelings on this release. For one, it has always
taken quite a while for many of the newer albums from Rush to grow on me. The
last one that I really just picked up and enjoyed immediately was HYF. Now
with the latest addition to my Rush collection, I find myself wondering if
even time will be enough for me to learn to accept this album.

My first impression was one of hope, having not heard any of the singles.
'Animate' blew me away, although reminding me of earlier U2, I thoroughly
enjoyed the song. In fact, it's the only song that I've played over 10 times
so far.
But after that...

I absolutely can't stand 'Stick it out', if only for that darn guitar lick. I
mean it sounds depressing enough, but does he have to whammy the damn thing
flat every other chord. Bleah!!!. To harsh in lyrics as well.

'Nobody's Hero' is one of the first Rush songs that comes off as total
garbage. Okay, I can understand the issue being covered by the song, but the
lyrics are so... I can't even think of a word, except it's hard for me to
keep from laughing at the lyrics. The entire song seems out of place on the
album, almost as much as Red Tide seemed out of place on Presto. Also, this
song is not solely about Aids as some people seem to think. I also like the
music itself, but the lyrics just seem so sappy.

I don't know if it's Peter Collins influence, but certain songs on this album
touch me as having the feel of a Queensryche album, especially some of the
melody in 'Cut to the Chase' and definitely 'Double Agent' (Every time I hear
the spoken words, I keep hearing 'Even in death you still look sad' from
'Electric Requiem' off of Mindcrime'.

Other than that, I guess my main gripe with the album is that it doesn't
touch me, doesn't make me feel. I can listen to songs like 'Big Wheel',
'Subdivisions', Marathon, 'Mission', and others and feel the songs. They make
me think, they seem to address me. There is nothing on this album that hits
me in this manner.
In musical terms, it seems very monotonous, especially in songs like 'Stick
it out' and 'Cut to the chase'.

So for me, I only hope they cut two or three songs from this album for the
concert tour. I bet that they will open with 'Animate'.

I do have to say that the Liner Notes are awesome. There are so many things
buried in those images. I hope someone will take the time to find out the
significance of everything and get it in the FAQ. I can spend more time
pondering that instead of the album.
BTW, Sonny, Michael, Fredo were the sons of Marlon Brando in the Godfather
series. The Hoss, Little Joe, & other guy were from some old western TV
serial that I can't think of right now. Lorne Greene was in it I think.
Also, I caught the MST3K refs., but how about the Ren & Stimpy one. John K
was the original voice of Ren and creator of the series.

You know, I've loved every Rush album up to this one. I guess after so many
there would have to be one that I just couldn't get into, I think this is the

But in other news, I'm even more depressed by the new Pearl Jam album, which
certainly is nowhere near as good as their debut.

SF Frank

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Martinize  me,                                 Detonate me,
Plagerize me,                                 Confiscate me,

Oxidize me,                                    Tolerate me.


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 93 23:47:41 -0500
From: (Stacey Ksenzakovic)
Subject: Geddy sings alto

I truly love tenors, especially this one, but it just annoys
the heck out of me when I can't sing all of a song without
either losing the low notes or jumping an octave and sounding
too operatic for the context. So this album is perfect for me
too-- thanks Cheryl. This also relates to how some ppl have
been saying his voice is different in some way. I noticed in
"Everyday Glory" on the "no matter what they say" parts, he gets
up to high C without screaming. This is different. Also he didn't
come CLOSE to cracking on it-- wow. My admiration continues to
grow, but no lawn tents for me thank you.

To vortex on the harmony thing: It's easy as anything to tell
seconds and thirds apart, because seconds buzz a bit (almost
painfully) and thirds don't. The words at the time seem to call
for seconds [at war] but I don't remember what it really is.

A bit about aging: Jamie Sandford says that you can tell this album
was done by "cool old guys."  Actually I think they seem a lot
younger on this one, but with no less talent. The pictures are done
in such a way as to add to this thought, at least on the cassette.
BTW, if you think 40 is old, chew on this: my mom, who is a mere six
days younger than Geddy, has a 21-year-old boyfriend. :^P
Even so, I find it interesting that most ppl on here call a bunch
of 40-year-olds "boys." Music keeps you young, I guess.


Thank you. I promise I will shut up for a while.. but then the weekend
is coming up-- I'm not sure I can hold a thought that long w/o "Losing
It." But Neil said not to swallow my tongue...
                                   Blessed be,
                                   Julie/ Juno/ Panacea
* I AM the rational romantic mystic cynical idealist! *    \  /    *
* "Try as they might, they cannot steal your dreams." * ----><---- *
* _.__ _.__ __..        -Geddy Lee, "Cinderella Man"  *    /  \    *
attempted geddy smile 8^)
with contacts :^)


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 14:53:38 EST
From: (Warwick Holt)
Subject: Melbourne C'parts; Fugazi; whatever else I think of.

Wow.  Counterparts is here.  Melbourne people, unless you've found it somewhere
else, Metal for Melbourne in Flinders St. got it in on Wed.  Yes, it's great.
Especially Animate, SIO, CTTC, Double Agent and LTTA.  Haven't been grabbed by
BSAM, Alien Shore, or (especially) Speed of Love yet.  Makes for a bit of a
lull in the middle of the album, unfortunately.  I agree with whoever said
SoL sounds like Trevor Rabin-style Yes.  Yech.  Ah well.  The drummer in my
band said the whole album sounds like it will do well on American charts.  I
sorta see what he means.  Gotta love it, though.  Best since MP?  Probably.

That review has sparked questions on who Fugazi are... sorry Vortex, they are
most certainly NOT Marillion inspired.  In fact Marillion and Fugazi are
musically poles apart, and I think the Marillion album title is just a
coincidence.  Fugazi are a DC hardcore band, closer to Sonic Youth or Rollins
Band than Rush or Marillion.  VERY INTENSE music, and also very good - their
drummer is fabulous.  (A bit like a punk band that learnt to play and write.)
I have this feeling that I may be the only Fugazi fan on this mailing list,
though.  (And they're playing here in a fortnight!)  (BTW, I also like
Marillion, but I think Fugazi would hate them solid.)  I don't know about the
quoting in "Double Agent", but I don't think it refers to "Wilderness of
Mirrors" - I think more likely a musical quote in that same section of the
song.  Vaguely Fugazi-like.

I'm in a quandry with Cntrps and the new Pearl Jam - which to listen to more?
Both are amazing.  PJ have shown they're not trendy bandwaggonners - the songs
on that album (though growers, mainly) are melodic, lyrically stunning, and
wonderfully arranged.

I'm out of words.



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 01:05:51 EDT
From: corcoran@ICD.Teradyne.COM (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: My favorite counterpart from the album notes

> the trefoil (sp?) inside the oakleaf.

Quebec inside Canada.


Oh, yes.  Apparently it as become obligatory sometime in the last week
or so to include the following phrase in every TNMS post, so here it

	"The Album *ROCKS*.  It's better than great.  Rush is perfect. Did
	 I mention that the album rocks?!?!?!"

Ooops.  I can't think of a lame pun on the word "counterparts".  I
guess my post is incomplete after all....;)

Well, time to queue up the disc again....;)

TJIC (Travis J.I. Corcoran)
          opinions(TJIC) != opinions(employer(TJIC))

   Buy a rifle, encrypt your data, and wait for the Revolution!


From: (Dan Uslan)
Subject: Counterparts
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 22:15:14 -40962758 (PDT)

Some of the counterparts that have been misunderstood or missed:

Athos, Porthos, Aramis are the Three Muskateers.

There is no counterpart to the tooth, or to the nail. They are
counterparts to each other = Tooth & Nail

I don't know where "screwed, blued, and tattooed" comes from, but
Primus uses that line in their song "Fish On." Could the boys be
playing homage to Primus like Primus has to them? (They play parts
from YYZ and Cygnus X-1 in concert)

X's and Y's are the sex chromosomes. Females have two X chromosome,
males have an X and a Y.

Another funny thing I noticed. . .Yes, the picture of the sink is
literally "counter parts," but also, they through in everything . .
>.including the kitchen sink.

Anyone notice that Howard Ungerleider is NOT the lighting director in
the liner notes? Shawn Richardson is. Howard is only mentioned as
helping design the lighting. Does this mean he won't be working the
lights for the tour?

I'm not giving in to security under pressure.


Subject: Symbols Exposed
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 01:17:31 EDT

Brendan Schulman  says:

>3.  Geddy is playing the drums in one shot.  Huh?  Is he trying to act
>like his "counterpart," Neil?

I figured it represented the relationship between bass and drums.  Both
rhythmic, yet totally different instruments.  Perfect counterparts,
working together.  The nut and bolt relationship in a musical form.



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 01:51:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Billboard (etc.)

When I first heard "Nobody's Hero" the "He only introduced me to.." part
reminded me of "She Gives Me Love" by Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe
(specifically the line "And all that I remembered.."). As I listen to it more
though, I don't associate the two. This is the way a lot of new music strikes
the listener: one finds comparisons. Many of you have done this, but I think
as Counterparts grows on you, it will develop its own identity and such
comparisons will no longer seem as valid.

Billboard lists "Stick It Out" as the #1 requested song on rock radio.

Also, there is a cartoon depiction of Rush in a recent "Guitar World" issue.
(The issue mentions Joe Satriani on the cover.) Geddy, Alex, and Neil are
shown blasting off in a spaceship, and they have green skin. Next to the
picture is a small blurb about the imminent CP release.

Pat Riley


Subject: Closed Minds Destuctive
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 01:48:52 EDT

to Rush-MGR:  I would respond to this privately. However, a public
opinion deserves a public response.

>Except for the term "rush", do fraternities and the band Rush really mix?
>I may take a very cynical view of the Greek system, especially living on a
>campus where it is such a high priority to so many people who have nothing
>better to do, but I really don't see how Rush's message can be taken seriously
>in the context of frat mentality.

First of all, I have met MORE Rush fans through my Fraternity experience
than anywhere else at North Carolina State.  By 12:30am, After all the MIDNIGHT
madness sales, there were five new copies of Cp playing simultaneously
throughout the house (Rush beat Pearl jam 5 to 3, BTW).  Most of my
other fraternity friends are also long time Rush fans.

   [ Rest of post deleted. I asked to PLEASE respond to this via email. Right
     now the digest cannot handle the extra traffic.		: rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 00:51:14 CDT
From: (Matthew D Smith)
Subject: Robbie, Chip, & Ernie

Call me stuck on bad T.V., I don't care but...

	Robbie, Chip, & Ernie are the three sons in "My Three Sons" featuring
the late Fred MacMurray.  I think...

Matt Smith


Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 23:37:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Moon Roach 
Subject: Counterparts was economically priced

Whew, I'm back after a long hiatus...some trouble with with the system
admin...After I *accidentally* forkbombed the system...

Anyway, Counterparts is just sounding better and better everytime I listen
to it.  (Just like RTB and Presto.)  My only complaint right off is the
sameness of some of their songs.  Some of them sound very much like each
other...And it's a sound that I like, I just wish for a little more
As far as difficulty getting my CD, the Wherehouse had it on sale for
$11.88.  I remember Presto being 20 bucks(in Hawaii, Mind you) when my
friend Ben broke down and bought it.  (Hi, Ben!)  I was still cd-less at
the time, so I got by on tapes...anyway, I was expecting it to cost much
more than it did!  Hopefully this will catch some new fans...?

Proud owner of an A1200!			The life of an S.A. is a
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 To disapprove of murder
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Date: 21 Oct 93 22:22:56 EDT
From: Paul King <72620.731@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: What does it say?

I just sucked in the first 1.26 seconds worth of Alien Shore into my PC and did
just about everything I could to it.  The best I can make out is "Madam My
Lord" with an accent.  Doesn't seem to make much sense, but that's all I can
make out.

Paul King


Date: 21 Oct 93 22:22:53 EDT
From: Paul King <72620.731@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: What does This say?

Now, go back and look at the CD insert again.  Look at the frame where is has
the nine pictures (quarter, sun & moon, etc.).  What is scribbled along the
very top and the far left side of the frame?  I can't make that out either!


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 01:04:20 -0700
From: David Mechem 
Subject: Counterparts Stuff...

  I'm very pleased after hearing CP, especially after RTB, Presto, and
HYF.  A few select comments (I could fill up pages):
- Animate is a Rush dance tune!!!  Cool bass chords!!!
- Stick it out is ok.  Really don't like the "Don't swallow your tongue"
- Nobody's Hero == Afterimage for the 90's.  I much prefer the latter.  I
  don't think this would be a good concert song.
- BSaM ok, don't like the ahhahahhahahahayesyesyesyes....
- Speed of Love.  Bland song, hopefully a grower.
- LTTA I like better than WMT; haunting guitar melody
- The guitar solo on Cold Fire is really neat - very spontaneous-sounding
- Don't like the album-closer.  What happened to closers like Vital Signs,
  Between the Wheels, & Avail. Light??

- It's sure lookin' like Neil's shooting the compound bow :)

I want them to play in concert: Animate, CTTC, DA, LTTA, Cold Fire.
I would die if they played:  Enemy Within, Natural Science, Avail.
Light (THE most underrated rush song).

Enough ramblings; back to learning the bass parts....


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 01:18:30 -0700
From: (Dan Flanegan)
Subject: Archer is Neil - 1s and 0s are DDD

First, for those of you who are still a little lost, the archer on the
inside cover is Neil P.  If you remember he took up archery a whuile ago.

Also I like the explanation someone gave about the 1001010100011s, that
each line symbolizes digital recording, therefore DDD.  cool

Finally, some of you are trying to find,m wierd and unusual things on the
album, so much that you look at the obvious and make something out of it.
A great example is someone who mentioned the frosted warner logo on the
back of the cd.  Well Atlantic is a Warner company so I should hope that
Warner would have to, sorry, have the right to put their logo whereever
they want!

again, supurb album!

Mac Quadra for sale 0-0 send mail!

ps.  i know some fraternity brothers that are good friends and their houses are
fine, but here at UCLA i live across from one house, and the guys there are
absolute idiots.  

   [ Ok.. now see what I'm talking about?  I should be deleting this but I'm 
     gonna leave it in as an example of what NOT to send in.   I mean come on!
     blah blah are all frat guys and they're all absolute idiots.. blah blah 
     - I mean this has NOTHING to do with Rush music.  Leave this kind of 
    stuff out of the digest.  And yes, the rest of your PS about partying
    all night and stuff is all IRRELEVANT.  I'm not here to advocate frats and 
    whatnot, I just think this is NOT the place to have discussions like this.
    please, take it to email... please..                           :rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 09:32:24 GMT
From: ipelond!andrew
Subject: Message for Robert Fleming

Robert, I've also been trying to mail you and keep getting bounced.
Please add my name to the petititon.

Andy Gardner

I can sympathise with the boyz only wanting to tour UK and Europe
every other year, but as next year is their 20th anniversary tour
and NP has promised something special, I belive they should break
with tradition and allow their fans the other side of the pond to
benefit from this special.

Good luck with the petition. I'm sure they would sell out enough
gigs to warrant a tour.



Subject: Counterparts logo
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 4:36:16 CDT

I just uploaded Counterparts_log.gif to syrinx (in /rush/incoming).  It is
a 1024x768 picture of the nifty "triangle and pac-man" logo on the back of
the CD.  This was my second CorelDRAW drawing ever, so be kind. 8-)  I think
it makes a cool X background or Windows wallpaper.  Enjoy!

[I also drew the front cover with the nut & bolt, etc. if anyone is
interested in that]

|     |  |  |     |  |  |       Jason E Denney       |                        |
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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 00:02:54 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Lock Stock and Barrel

For those still unsure, check the picture with the cows, and vice
versa.  I love this layout.  Neil with goatee and tux.  Jesus Christ.
Hallelujah.  Can I get a *bigger* copy of that picture...?


p.s. Hi Rodge!  (I *will* get back to you!)


From: "Ulrich Hinze" 
Date:          Fri, 22 Oct 1993 11:20:56 GMT-1
Subject:       Counterparts in germany

Hi Rush fans (TM)

I got it, yeah. CP appeared in germany 10/21/93!
All I can say: "It's great. The boys are back!"

Bye _Uli_
Ulrich Hinze    Fachhochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Reutlingen
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From: (Terry Stedman)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 07:30:22 -0400
Subject: Explanation of the tooth picture...

        The picture of the nail is right next to the picture of the tooth.
Hence, "tooth and nail".  Wasn't it obvious?
        Also, there is a slight lyrical deviation on Animate.  Geddy always
sings "Animate Me" instead of the printed words "Elevate Me".

 I ) I I <~ I_I   Terry Stedman                          .sig copyright
 I \ I_I _> I I   Internet:   1992, T. Stedman


Date:       Fri, 22 Oct 93 12:45:39 BST
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Another short, shameful confession...

Animate had a similar effect on me. I kept expecting Geddy to sing, uh...errrm
>... 'masturbate me'. Sorry...

As the man said, back to the petty bickering...


ORQ: 'Ah yes to yes, to ahh ahh to yes'. Hey, that sounds almost orgasmic!
Sorry again...


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 08:16:25 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Jim.hamilton, Robbie Chip & Ernie, T&N, Groovy

Just a few notes:

Jim.hamilton: Hey - Couldn't agree with ya more.. The solo on
Cold Fire brought tears to my eyes.. ALEX, this is what I
have been wanting. Also, Alien Shore has another great solo
IMHO (can't leave out CTTC, but everyone already knows about
that solo).. Cold Fire is one of my favs off this album..

: Robbie Chip & Ernie are the sons on 'My Three Sons'

The tooth and the nail... sounded to me like the saying
'Tooth and Nail' (next to each other and all)

Matt Smith: I agree totally with your assesment.. I
_try_ to play bass and follow the drums with my friend
who has been playing over the past 7 years.. He's
been listening to this album straight since It's
release, and I've been doing the same.. The bass is
just wonderful on this album.. Same with the drums-
I think it is definately time for Peart to partake
of the groove scene.. It sounds great..



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 08:21:41 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Counterparts review from Balto. Sun



  Some bands create trends, and others follow them. But
Rush seems to ignore the process entirely, making the
music it wants regardless of the latest trends or
fashion. So some songs on "Counterparts" come on hard
and crunchy (the self-sufficiency anthem "Stick It Out,"
for example), some are jazzily adventurous (like the
funky instrumental "Leave That Thing Alone"), and some
have the semi-acoustic sheen of singer/songwriter mate-
rial (as on the gay tolerance tune "Nobody's Hero"). In
fact, the album's only real constants are Geddy Lee's
voice - which has grown wonderfully expressive over
the years - and the virtuosic percision of the playing.
But that's all most Rush fans want, anyway.

HEY HEY HEY- can you believe it - a review that actually
liked Ged's voice? WHOA..



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 08:50:05 -0400
From: (Skip Gridley)
Subject: CD Artwork and Translation of the Binary

Hey Gang,
     I'm sure others will mention these, but I was so amused by the lists
of counterparts in the CD artwork I thought I'd help a few quizzical
NMS'ers out there.  Here goes:

blued/tattooed             - _Should_ be screwed, blued, tatooed (semi-
                             self explanatory)
hoss joe & the other guy   - from TV's Bonanza
Robbie/chip/ernie          - My Three Sons
athos, porthos, aramis     - The Three Musketeers - Dumas

I'm going with the Quebec/Canada thing on the leaves (maple & fleur de lis)
As far as the birds go, one is an African swallow and one is a European
swallow ;-)

I thought the nail went with the tooth - "tooth and nail" explains why
there's no hammer, and also gives a counterpart for the tooth

The raised Warner symbol is another counterfeit deterrent, like the holofoil

Other random musings:
     I also always thought the trees had a little to do about US/Canada
relations.  The oaks (US) are just too lofty, and they grab up all the
(spot) light???
     At least one song from each album on tour?  Can you say concert of the
century?  Actually, as long as Double Agent and Nobody's Hero get played from
the new album I'll probably be drained...  I'd probably have an aneurysm if
they kicked into Natural Science :-)

Oh yeah, BTW, I've decoded the binary.  It says:
"Julie/Juno/Panacea speaks true & May you all be unencumbered by effects"

  Wound up and bound up so tight...            Skip Gridley


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 09:01:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: Birds and Bees

robbie, chip, ernie -- My 3 sons
Sonny Michael Fredo -- Godfather trilogy
Hoss, Joe, other guy -- Bonanza
blued tattooed ?
arthos porthos aramis - 3 Musketters (not the candy bar, of course)

Ok, did anyone figure out which band member is which bee?  Is Neil the
queen, or is Geddy, etc?

Moose and Squirrel


"If the future's looking dark, we're the ones who have to shine"


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 14:07:26 BST
From: (Chris Marshall)
Subject: Re: UK Record Shops

cooperi@scrsu1.SINet.SLB.COM wrote quite a lot about useless
UK record shops.

Based on limited experience, UK exposure seemed OK for the
new Rush CD. On Sunday 17th I was in an Our Price shop, and
Cp was listed right under/over Pearl Jam on the 'new releases'
chart. I was amazed to find it even listed...

On the 18th (UK release date) I did my usual trick which is
to bypass the major CD stores and do straight to my local
back street CD shop (in this case Parrot Records, King Street,
Cambridge), asked at the counter and was handed Cp for the
modest sum of UKP9.99. Can't complain about that really...

> Open Question:`What is meant by aah yes to yes etc??

That's a damn good question. It sounded fine until someone
on TNMS pointed out the *actual* lyrics, and after that it
sounded completely silly to my ears. Oh well...

> Yours confused
> Dr BOB



Date:       Fri, 22 Oct 93 14:22:57 BST
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Shock horror probe!

Do we assume that the lyrics to Nobody's Hero mean Neil really isn't gay?



PS: There shouldn't be a hammer with the nail, and the tooth isn't its own
counterpart as the rush-mgr suggested. Never heard of the saying 'tooth and


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 09:08:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Binary Code

Here's hoping that Alex, Geddy and Neil are reading the NMS and
going into hysterics over all you people who actually think the
binary code means something.

Wishing I had that much free time on my hands,



Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 19:59:20 EDT
Subject: CP and binary code

Just thought I'd add my 2 Pfennige about _Counterparts_...

*Awesome* album!  IMHO, Rush's best.  It's the first album I've bought since...
I don't remember.  Well, in a long time ...where I've liked *every* song that's
on it.  I dont' really have a favorite, either.  I like all of them!

A couple comments about the insert/cover:

1.  Those of you who wanted a kitchen sink on it, it's inside.  The only image
I haven't been able to figure out is the picture of the bare breasts.  Are the
breasts counterparts of each other, or do they refer to the "anima" in each of
the band members (and men in general)?  Thoughts, comments, interpretations?

2.  Anybody figure out the binary code on the inside/back of the front cover
yet?  I started working on it, but the number of 0's and 1's is kinda funny, I
think.  183 total characters.  I broke them down into groups of seven and eight
and neither method produces anything useful.  I may just be doing this wrong.
I'm an architecture major, which means I've have a rather limited knowledge of
binary code, so I may not be doing this right.  I've tried entering the numbers
in the windows calculator (scientific mode) in binary form and converting them
to decimal.  Then I look them up with an ASCII chart, but it doesn't come out
in any coherent form.  (I assumed that converting 1001001 to 73 eqautes to the
letter 'I' in ASCII form - we *won't* bring that thread up again, though. :)  )
I'll keep trying.

3.  Geddy does look rather lost (and almost silly) playing the drums.

4.  Lastly, what exactly is/was the Harvard Lampoon?  I've heard bits and
pieces about it, but nothing substantial.  Any help, please?

5.  Oh, I just remembered.  I'd love to have a copy of Geddy singing
"O, Canada!" at the All-Star game.  I'd be willing to trade a copy of the
CP radio special or _Rush - The Story of Kings_ interview CD (copy on cassette
not the CD itself) for it.  Please e-mail.  Thanks.

That's all for now.  Thanks for listening.

Rob Ford
Dreamline on IRC

"It is the rocket that ignites itself
 And launches its way to the stars"  - Neil Peart of RUSH


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 10:08:55 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: Re: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #791

Just thought i'd pop in and change the subject slightly.  I printed out
the newest FAQL, and dropped it off at our best radio station.  I called
later to make sure they knew what it was about, and one of the DJ's came
on all excited and talked to me for 20 minutes.  He thought WE were a
litle excessive, but admitted that he'd seen RUSH in concert 17 times.  It
seems like this may be an easy way to make contact, and raise the RUSH
conciousness in our radio stations.

Also, once again, the Cp Binary:
I have no idea if it says anything, but I have started trying to use the
pattern in a sample sequencer (I tryed drums first of course).  Can't tell
if its a good beat or not.  Ill have to try something else :)



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 9:35:19 -0500 (CDT)
From: Presto! 
Subject: Counterparts review.

In my school newspaper yesterday.  Think he heard the album kickoff broadcast?

'Counterparts' a dream come true for Rush junkies

By Mike Morris
Texas A&M University
The Battalion  10-21-93

Transcribed without permission.

After many weeks of listening to the hype and hoopla that preceeded the release
of Rush's new album, 'Counterparts,' you may be wondering "was it worth it?"
Was it worth waiting in line until nearly 1:30 am to get it?

	Hell yes!

"Counterparts" is a masterful mix of both old and new.  The old is the
producer, Peter Collins.  Rush fans might recognize him as the co-producer
on "Power Windows" and "Hold Your Fire."

Part of the new is the recording engineer, Kevin "Caveman" Shirley.  Shirley
was responsible for capturing the instruments in a raw direct fashion.
Also new to the recording team is Michael Letho, the engineer that completed
the final mixing.  Letho combined Caveman's rawness, the band's talent, and
a little spit and polish to get the best Rush album in years.  Gone are the
multiple keyboards and other electric gadgets.  What is left behind is what
made Rush famous - pure guitar, bass and drums.

The "pop" sound is the only thing lost on this album.  "Counterparts" shows
that Rush is still the most intelligent band in rock-and-roll.
Rush's lyricist and drummer Neil Peart describes "Counterparts" theme as
"reflections in a wilderness of mirrors.  Not reflections in the conventional
sense of looking back, but more of holding a mirror up to our hidden selves,
to human nature and its doing in this world, and to the tragedies and
inspirations of everyday life."

This theme winds and twists its way through the drumbeats and guitar riffs,
putting "Counterparts" on an intellectual scale of its own.
The first track on the album, "Animate" is about a man exploring his female
side, the "sister in my soul."  This song's message is that in order to be
a whole person, a man must understand his entire being.

The rocking tune that has been receiving tremendous radio airplay, "Stick
It Out" tells us not to quit.  This tune's drum intro is reminiscent of
Living Colour's "Vivid" album, but it has Rush written all over it.  It's
the kind of song you can piss off your neighbors with.  God knows I did.

A homosexual allowing his friends to be a "straight minority" while introducing
them to a "expanded reality" is one of the subjects of "Nobody's Hero." This
song is about true heros, and shows off Neil Peart's songwritting ability.

Believe it or not, there are even a couple of love songs on this album.  Whether
your love "is born in solar flares" or "can turn into a long, cold burn," "The
Speed of Love" and "Cold Fire" are two songs that will make you explore your
relationships.  Anyone cynical of love can easily relate to the message of
these two tracks.

"Leave That Thing Alone!" is the fast-paced instrumental that wraps up
"Counterparts" and brings back the "power" in the power trio that is Rush.

"Counterparts" is a dream come true for Rush junkies.  Even if you only have
a slight interest in Rush, you have to run out and buy this album! It is what
stereos were invented for.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 10:48:55 -0400
Subject: Who the hell is Joey?

	All right, everyone else is doing it, so I will too.  Here's
the lousy luck I had getting Cp.  I walked into the cheapest local
record store and BSAM is playing.  Cool, I thought, they must have it.
Then I see Pearl Jam for 12.99.  Also cool, maybe I'll get a deal on
Rush if I can find the fucking thing.  First I look in the Rush section
and it's not there.  Must be in new releases, right?  Ok where's that?
I finally ask the clerk:

Me:	Do you have the new Rush?
Clerk: Sure. Over here. No. Maybe over here. NO. How about over here?
	Oh I guess we're sold out.
Clerk 2: Wow, I don't understand that, we got 10 more this afternoon.

Ten!?!?  That's all??  Of course you were sold out, you idiots.
I ended up buying it somewhere else for (gasp) $16.99 (worth it, though)

	To whoever (sorry, forgot the name) said that the blurb at the
beginning of Alien Shore was "I've had about allll..." you're
correct.  Well, I don't know if you're correct, but I sure laughed
my ass off when I went back and listened to it again.  Reminds me of
my favorite misunderstood lyrics: 1 Rush, 1 non-Rush:

>From Metallica, Enter Sandman:
	"And of things that will bite"  sounds like
	"And a baked apple pie"

And from Bytor and the Snow Dog:
	"Centurion of Evil, the Devil's prince"
		sounds like
	"Set Joey on the people, the devil's for rent"
Even though we knwe they were wrong, my friend and I couldn't come up with
nything better for years.  Any other misunderstood lyrics out there?



From: Duner 
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 10:32:08 -0500 (CDT)


  Yes, there is talk about the archer picture and "Cut to the Chase" but
  have you noticed that the archer is Neil.  Geddy said on Rockline that
  Neil's new "fad" is archery.  Neil would shoot arrows with some of the
  road crew under the stage during the RTB tour.  His fondness of archery
  probably influenced the line in "Cut To the Chase" and that is probably
  why there is a picture of him shooting an arrow.


  BTW, nice mohawk picture of Neil.


Subject: Re:Guest appearances on Cp?
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 10:37:17 CDT
From: Dale R Buske 

Randall Haskin writes:

If the liner notes didn't say any different, I'd swear that these artists
were collaborators on Counterparts:

Jon Anderson of Yes:  Lyrics on "Between Sun and Moon" ("ah yes to yes, why
                      the sun?)

John Rutsey:          Drums on "Stick It Out"

The Edge:             Guitar on "Everyday Glory"

Trevor Rabin of Yes:  Inspiration for "Speed Of Love" (did he write this
                      or what?!  gag)

Again, this is all a joke.  I love this album.  No flames, please.  These
thoughts just gave me a chuckle.

I must say I had the same feeling when I heard "Everyday Glory" the first few
times.  Very U2'ish.  Could this be a new direction for the boys?  Think
they've been influenced at all by U2? (or has U2 been influenced by RUSH?)

Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin analogies?  Couldn't agree more.  But John Rutsey
on SIO?  Why this thought?  Just curious

Dale R. Buske, ISU


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 11:46:58
Subject: Rolling Stone
From: (Ariel Benzakein)

OK Folks... I have two reasons for you to buy the new Rolling Stone (#668 with 
Pearl Jam on the cover.. the most recent issue).

1).  I have a letter to the editor there (under the heading "The Price is 

but more importantly...

2).  The annual reader's poll ballot is in this issue!  Let's all vote for 
Rush as band of the year, Counterparts as album of the year, 
and Alex, Geddy, and Neil as best guitarist, bassist, and drummer
respectively....!!!!  It only takes a couple of minutes to fill it out and 
send it...!  If we all vote, they'll win....

Ariel Benzakein
St. John's College


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 08:46:19 PDT
From: (Robyn King-Nitschke)
Subject: Counterparts and Alien Shore and some other stuff


Just a couple (okay, a few) things:

On, people seem to think that the words before "Alien Shore"
are "Man (or men) about oars!"  That makes sense in the context of the

As for the counterparts Doron didn't understand, I know three of

sonny/michael/fredo - the three brothers from the Godfather movies
hoss joe & the other guy - the brothers from Bonanza
Robbie/chip/ernie - the brothers from "My Three Sons"


athos/porthos/aramis - The Three Musketeers!

Earl ( says:

> Could we have a discussion of the lyrics for Between Sun and Moon?  I'm
> afraid that I really can't get a handle on what's being said.  My best
> guess "The happiest of places is that between extremes".  What are some
> other interpretations (or expansions on my own) for this song?  I'd love
> some outside insights here...

My guess would be that this song is kind of a "counterpart" to Animate.
Sun has traditionally been a symbol for man, and Moon for woman. What I
think Neil is trying to say here is that the "space that not too many
know about" is the balance between one's anima and animus--in other words,
the best place to be is balanced between reason and emotion, between maleness
and femaleness. (Although as a female, I get a little tired of always being
stuck on the "emotion" side of the continuum--I rather pride myself on being
rational, thank you! :-) )

Anton Edward Weisstein   says:

> I would be interested in hearing exactly WHAT it is about these songs [CF,SOL]
> that people enjoy.  The music?  The lyrics?  The vocals?  I've been
> trying to find something about these songs to enjoy, and so far I haven't
> been able to come up with anything.  Mahesh's post in NMS #789 was
> an excellent start, but I'd really appreciate further elaboration.  Otherwise
> I'll end up with two Rush songs that--horrors!--I don't really appreciate.

Well, CF is one of my favorites on the album. I don't see much in SOL, so
I won't comment on that. What I see in CF is kind of the same thing that
Mahesh does: the words speak to me on a deeper level than just a great Rush
song. I think it's because Neil has put into words a feeling I've had for
a long time: that love must have rationality as well as emotion in order to
grow and persevere. I think too many people out there expect love to work
like it does in the movies and the love songs, and then they are disappointed
when it either doesn't work or when the object of their affection turns out
to be "only human" instead of the godlike being that they have worshipped in
their fantasy. If the review somebody posted is right and the song is also
commenting about women worrying about abuse, this might also touch on the
fact that many women tend to overlook serious flaws in abusive men because of
this idealized fantasy view of "love." The fact that Neil has the woman in
the song basically telling the man "I'll stay with you as long as you realize
that this is a rational relationship as well as an emotional one, and therefore
don't try to take advantage of my emotional attachment to you" appeals to me.
I think if more women (and more men, in many cases) would keep this at the
forefront of their minds during relationships, they would work out better.

There--how's that? BTW, the music is *great*, too. Fits perfectly with the

Just curious--of the women on the list, how many of you really like CF? I
think this one might possibly strike more of a chord with women than with
men--any takers for my theory?

Cheryl sez:


*My* husband thinks it sounds like some of the spoken-word parts on the
last couple of Alice Cooper albums ("Trash" and "Hey Stoopid")! :-) He also
thinks that the sound quality of the whole album doesn't work. I believe his
comment was "The producer and the engineer should have gone out in the alley
and duked it out, and the winner gets to make the album!" (He doesn't like
the combination of raw instruments and "processed" vocals). Oh, well--that's
*his* opinion, not mine!

That's it for now--back to Counterparts.


"I'll be around,
If you don't let me down
Too far..."		--NP


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 12:10:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: dann Fuller 
Subject: Counterparts Images

To whomever mentioned the missing hammer and the meaning of the tooth:

I saw it immeadeatly as tooth and nail.  The two pictures are the
counterparts.  Maybe it's just me.

  Dann Fuller

"My precious sense of honor, just a shield of rusty wire."   DA


Date: 22 Oct 1993 09:35:09 PDT
Subject: Lyric Expectations & other trivia

In 791, admits:
> Whenever I hear the first part of the "Animate" chorus, I keep
> expecting them to sing,
>                     "Circumcise me".

:-) In Stick It Out, I keep expecting "Don't swallow your gum" ...which is
so obvious I wouldn't be too surprized to hear Geddy sing that in concert
(a la "Catch a fish" and "One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball").


ps. Julie/Juno/Panacea (you know, three names is a little clumsy...can
we just call you one of them?), as far as I know, Weird Al is American.
My one bit of trivia about him is that he was an architecture major
(then dropout) at the college I graduated from: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
(yup, I lived the SLO life, too!). He recorded My Bologna (sp?) in the
men's room upstairs in the Graphic Communications building--right next to
the radio station, for those of you familiar with the place. But that has
*absolutely* no relation to Rush (unless of course Weird Al were to record
a Rush parody!).

pps. If anyone has a copy of the list of music mailing lists, please send
me a copy. I have a friend who's interested in joining some. My address is

  [ I have the most current list, you can always send me email requesting it.
								: rush-mgr ]

ppps. (really, I should just quit and send this) Vortex, I figure "oe" had
to be the letter--thus even the letter itself is a counterpart pair!


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 11:41:04 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: "My Three Corleone Sons"

Robbie, Chip, and Ernie are, collectively, "My Three Sons."

Sonny, Michael, and Fredo are three Corleone brothers.  Don't
tell me that you don't know who the Corleones are.

"Double Agent Zappa"?  I don't think so.  I am an avid fan of
good ol' Frank and his works, and Geddy doesn't sound too much
like him on "Double Agent."  Zappa doesn't sound that sinister.

The chorus of "Between Sun and Moon" is fan-fucking-tastic!  What
seems to be everybody's problem with such a nonsensical, "It sure
ain't 'Free Will,' is it?" chorus in a Rush song?  Sometimes less
is more, folks.

Quite a few of my not-quite-Rush-fans friends marvel at "CP."  Most
of 'em think that "Double Agent," "Leave that Thing Alone," "Cut to
the Chase," and "Cold Fire" are the winners on the release.  Add
"Animate," "Between Sun and Moon," "Nobody's Hero," and "Stick It
Out" to that list and I'll tend to agree.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 10:06:58 -0700
From: (Kerry Kopp)
Subject: different Counterparts

Quick post:

Yes, the Cows are a part of "Lock, Stock, and Barrel".
The Tooth and the nail are counterparts: "Tooth and Nail"
Blue and Tattooed are from "Screwed Blue and Tattooed" a bit a slang term
(it's mentioned in a Primus song -- I wonder if there is a conection there?)

just some thought on a GREAT album..

Kerry Kopp

				   But--was the elephant wearing lederhosen?


From: (Mike Monahan)
Subject: A couple of counterparts
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 12:03:53 EST

>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 20:01:29 CDT
>From: (Ervan Darnell)
>Subject: CP binary code, and a couple of symbols
	Someone asked about the symbols.  I vote the bow being 'bow and arrow'
>instead of 'hunter and hunted'.   Where's the hammer for the nail and
>what's the counterpart for the tooth?
>   [ Perhaps the tooth itself is a counterpart -- you have the part you
>     normally see (the crown), and the part you normally don't (the root).
>								: rush-mgr ]

	What about "tooth and nail?"

	Just a thought,

	The Analog Person (Michael J. Monahan)
	Suffering is the origin of conciousness-Dostoyevski
	Of such is the kingdom of heaven-Alduous Huxley
	There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he doesn't know whether he
		believes in it or not-Graham Chapman.


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