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 Date: Sun, 24 Oct 93 16:52:56 -0400
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Subject: 10/24/93 - The National Midnight Star #794

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 794

                 Sunday, 24 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                      The Real Neal
            Wow!  Did you notice tracks 6 & 7?
Re: 10/15/93 - The National Midnight Star #783 *** Special Edition ***
                  Geddy on Counterparts
                  MIDI and other musings
Alien Shore / Speed of Love drum lead-ins plus Cparts reviews
                  Counterpart symbolisms
        I don't understand all this CP criticism.
                   Obligatory CP review
          random stuff  (kinda like 0's and 1's)
                      Blood for Rush
                      Long Live Neil
               National anthem/Other stuff
                  Jesus Christ + Company
                    Alien Shore / LTTA
           A Farewell to Eyebrows...C vs. CP...
      RE: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #790
                         PAC MAN!
             "official" acronym poll results
                   More help for doron
                   Binary Code Solved!
             The BINARY PATTERN!! I GOT IT!!
                 Counterparts 1's And 0's
                   Tamborine, CP Stuff
                        CP Booklet

From: Thomas Brabant 
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 10:16:34 PDT
Subject: The Real Neal

Wilderness of mirrors
So easy to deceive
My precious sense of rightness
Is sometimes so naive
So that which I imagine
Is that which I believe

Is this not the same Neal we've always known and love?  Beautiful, Beautiful !
New Neil , old Neil - he's incredible!


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 11:49:03 EDT
From: "Sean C. Koontz" 
Subject: Wow!  Did you notice tracks 6 & 7?


First time poster here - long time lurker.  I went out and got Counterparts
last night and immediately began listening to it.  One thing I noticed as I
quickly went through each song on the CD was that tracks 6 and 7 have
IDENTICAL drum beginnings!  Now, it is not a big deal or anything, but it is
interesting that Neil would use the same drum roll beginning for two songs
especially ones that are next to each other.

Go ahead and give it a listen.  Cue up 6 and right after you hear that
opening drum roll go to 7 and you will hear the same thing!  All things
considered, it is an excellent way to begin a song.

About the Pearl Jam/Rush similarities.  I agree that Animate does sound (the
drum beat that is) like Why Go (I think that is it), but I found another
striking similarity.  The song Porch off of Pearl Jam's Ten has the same
guitar riff as - Oh, damn now I have forgotten - I think it is track 9 or 10?

In closing I would just like to say I like the whole CD irregardless of these
striking likenesses.

Sean Koontz

"You can twist perceptions, but reality will not budge"


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 13:52:25 -0500 (CST)
From: "Richard J. Ehrenreich" 
Subject: Re: 10/15/93 - The National Midnight Star #783 *** Special Edition ***

Uh...wasn't the last song played on the special 'Cut To the Chase'?  On
the post, it was printed 'Cold Fire', which would have meant that that was
the second time they played it on the show...just an observation, and I'm
a little behind on my mail...I did get Counterparts today, and I really
must say...nice (*tits*)...uhhh, pictures, yeah!  Uh, I've noticed some
people ranking the albums, so here's mine:

   [ The radio transcription has since been fixed.		: rush-mgr ]

 1) Hold Your Fire
 2) Fly By Night
 3) Presto
 4) Roll the Bones
 5) Moving Pictures
 6) Power Windows
 7) A Show of Hands
 8) 2112
 9) Exit...Stage Left
10) A Farewell to Kings
11) All the World's a Stage
12) Hemispheres
13) Signals
14) Permanent Waves
15) Caress of Steel - the shocker!
16) Grace Under Pressure
17) Rush

I spent about four hours working on this, listening to bits from each song
on each album, and that is a pretty accurate listing of my tastes...  The
only think that I was shocked about was CoS, and I didn't move it higher
on the list, because I had a rating system that I did (and that's why it
took so long to do).  I have gotten CP, like I said, but as of yet, I have
not heard it.  I bought it before I went to school, and do not have access
to a player, otherwise it would have been playing. Well, that wraps it up...

					Joey Ehrenreich
				  (#10) Auburn University
					Waaarrrr Eagle! (7-0)


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 14:06:33 CDT
From: andrew kenneth culver 
Subject: Geddy on Counterparts

The bass line on _Alien Shore_.

Enough said.



Subject: Gamera
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 15:06:13 -0400
From: ""Daniel D. Modell"" 

> "Gamera (is turtle meat)".

I found that interesting too.  My UNIX systems are named Rodan, Mothra and

> notice that the quarter is dated
  1974! Coincidence?

Notice that the lock on the "Lock, Stock & Barrel" image is also dated 1974?
It's a lot easier to see on the poster (I don't have any left, sorry).

I'm thinking of making up some bootleg CP shirts from the poster, if I can
get high enough quality on the color scanner they have here.  I know the
Electronic Publishing Center can make them for around $15.  Anyone interested
in this venture?  If I DO end up making any I'll be happy to make a profit
off any of you!  :)

I will also be willing to make copies of the interview (about 100 minutes
long) from my complete tape.  Only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  Ack!
Look at me!  I'm a corporate whore!

BTW - Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the archer photograph a picture of
Neil?  Geddy said in an interview that Neil takes up a new sport each tour and
he was "zinging away under the stage" before sound check on the RTB tour.

Why the sun?
Because it's there.
Roll the Things.


Subject: MIDI and other musings
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 15:30:31 -0400
From: Ill Omen 

First, a big round of congratulations to all of you who have the album
and are rapidly devouring all of the symbolism contained in the cover
art.  You'll most definitely have the whole thing figured out before I
even see the album.  For once I'm really dissapointed that go to
school way out in BFE.  40 minutes to the nearest Mall, which wouldn't
be so bad except that I don't have a car and I don't think it's quite
worth it to ride my bicycle up hill for 20 miles or more.  So to all
of you who went out on Midnight to buy it, a hearty "I'm jealous" to

I am mainly posting this to add a new round of ideas to the 1 and 0
thing.  I really think that it doesn't mean anything, but those of you
who have access to MIDI equipment might want to try to plug the code
into it.  It would be a very short bit of music if any at all, but I'm
sure someone will want to try it.  I know there has been a lot of talk
about this already, but hey, a guy needs something to keep his mind
off homework.

If the CP mania hasn't calmed down by the time I get the album, maybe
I'll post more later, but by then I'm sure most of the stuff will
already have been said.


"You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what
your dreams might be"  - you know who.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 12:17:00 EST
From: "Matt Smith (813) 494-4222" 
Subject: Counterpics

Disclaimer:  This TNMS post is 100% Grade-A album review-free.

Greetings to the Florida chapter, Andrew, Eric, Jim, Scott, and Mike, as
well as my counterpart, Matt

A couple more observations on the album pictures...

Ervan & rush-mgr:  Don't separate the tooth from the nail -- those 2 pics
are counterparts -- tooth _and_ nail.  As in, "They were fighting tooth and
nail."  Also the name of a Dokken album, if memory serves.

Dorn:  Check out the boys on _Bonanza_ sometime.  I think "the other guy"
is Adam.  If it's nowhere to be found, try _My Three Sons_.

Also, I've got to agree with Ervan's analysis of the binary -- that really
seems to be way too much of a pattern to try to break down into bytes.  We
must be missing _something_, though...

Say, have any of you fellow Yanks in the U.S. of A. happened into any of
those Special Edition discs with the gold imprinting that have been
purchased across the big pond in England?  Guess I'll have to find a good
import store.  Everyone I've asked so far has just tilted their head and
looked lost.  Such a deal...

OK, one last theory and I'll shaddup.  Notice the John K. credit listed
between MST-3K and Gamera.  Another TV reference, I believe, for those of
you who have ever happened to catch _Ren & Stimpy_.  Ren's last name, for
those of you keeping score at home:  Hoek.
                                          ^^ insert little dot thingys

I'm out,



Subject: Favorites/CntrPrts/Binary..Morse
From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 13:52:00

Okay, I've been resisting giving anyone my "ranking" of the albums
because it is obviously so subjective, and I'm not sure any of you
are that interested.. Instead, I'm going to ask you all for your
opinions on some strange "favorites.." EMail them to me at
 and I will post results..

Top Five Album COVERS .. just the COVER ART!
Top Five SONG TITLES .. just the TITLE!
Top Ten SONGS        .. okay.. by whatever..

In response to someone who asked:
>There are a few counterparts I don't understand.  Please help,
  here they are:
>hoss joe & the other guy

Sonny/Michael/Fredo are the three sons in The Godfather
Robbie/Chip/Ernie are the three sons in My Three Songs

the tooth and nail are counterparts! TOOTH AND NAIL!
I think most of the counterparts are pretty obvious!

As far as the binary thingy goes..
Here is what it looks line on my cd..


if you take the last charaacter of the first line and put it at
the beginning of the second line, you get this..


so perhaps the message appears twice, followed by a break (the 00)
and then would appear twice again.. (the one at the end of the third
line indicates that the pattern is about to repeat)..

I've also tried to no avail to break this into ascii, so I was thinking
about morse.. if all the double zeros were spaces..

10101  1010101101  11010110101  101011  10110101  1010101101

Any ideas on what THAT means? Email me and maybe we can come up with
a meaning to post on TNMS.. Sorry about the long post..


Date:  Fri, 22 Oct 1993 16:06:00 +0000
From: "John (J.A.) Aegard" 
Subject:  Alien Shore / Speed of Love drum lead-ins plus Cparts reviews

Anybody else notice that the drum lead-ins for Alien Shore and Speed of Love
are almost identical?  The SoL one moves slightly from right->left in the mix,
but it sounds pretty much the same as its counterpart from AS.  Does this
disappoint anyone?

I've only received a pair of Cparts reviews so far.  They make fascinating
reading, though.  Don't be afraid to post 'em to


From: (John Becker)
Subject: Counterpart symbolisms
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 16:23:41 CDT

>From TNMS #790:

>There are a few counterparts I don't understand.  Please help, here they
>hoss joe & the other guy
The Cartwrights from "Bonanza"

"My Three Sons"

>Another quirk I have found is that on the back of CP (at least mine) case,
>in the lower right hand corner, right above the Anthem symbol, is a raised
>*Warner* symbol.  What is this?

They're trying to cut costs by using the same insert in the US and Canada. In
Canada, the label is Anthem. In the US it's Atlantic, which is owned by the
Warner conglomerate.

>	Someone asked about the symbols.  I vote the bow being 'bow and arrow'
>instead of 'hunter and hunted'.   Where's the hammer for the nail and
>what's the counterpart for the tooth?
>   [ Perhaps the tooth itself is a counterpart -- you have the part you
>     normally see (the crown), and the part you normally don't (the root).
>								: rush-mgr ]
Look at the two's "tooth and nail"

No one has yet commented on the "Yin and Yan" symbol.

On the nude female torso, which is a piece of sculpture for anyone who hasn't
seen it yet, is it too far out to suggest they might have been thinking of a
play on the word "counterparts'? As in "Count Her Parts". One, two! OK?

I really like the album overall, and the CD insert's complexity just adds to
the enjoyment. This is going to be discussed for a long time.



Date: 22 Oct 93 15:34:47 MDT
Subject: I don't understand all this CP criticism.

Just a reminder folks. When Signals came out I remember traveling down my high
school halls hearing people say "Man, the new rush album sucks; what happened
to the group that made Tom Sawyer?"

A decade later Signals is referenced as an art piece. I hear people say "wow,
the weapon is just too cool, Subdivisions & the Analog Kid make me want to
Rock" If you don't like CounterParts now; maybe it will grow on you. I agree
with the a person who once wrote if you want a band that sticks with one
format go listen to Bon Jovi. No offense to Rush, but if we had 19 Moving
Pictures I would be bored.


P.s to the guy who said nobody's hero almost made him cry during the string
section. Ditto That!


Subject: Obligatory CP review
From: (John Grothman)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 10:50:00 -0600

Subject: Obligatory CP review

OK, OK.  I'll try not to make this another "me too" Counterparts

I bought CP first thing Tuesday morning.  The only other person in
line also bought CP.  Lots of Pearl Jam posters around.  No buyers,
though, at the time I was in.

What do I think of it?  After the first listen, I felt more numb than
anything else.  After waiting two years for the next album, and after
*months* of NMS previews and reviews, Rush could have reissued Moving
Pictures under a new name, and I'd have said "So what."

But... after a couple of times through the machine each day, I find
that I like CP very much.  It might be more "raw" than previous
releases, but not more simple.  There are some delicious licks laced
liberally (er, conservatively; no, make that libertarianly (a new
word?); maybe, objectively?; geez, I dunno) throughout.  Alex's work
near the end of CttC really pumps me up.  And LTTA?  Can't. Geddy's
bass work leaves me breathless.  Being a former bass player (three
years in a properly forgotten cover band in the late '60s (does that
age me, or what?); the only things we covered well were ourselves and
96 Tears by Question Mark and the Mysterions), I always listen for
Geddy's work first, and then just sit back and let the entire musical
experience wash over me.

I try very hard not to make any specific judgements for as long as I
can when participating in a new experience.  This successfully (for
the most part) keeps my prejudices from coloring my perceptions and
reactions to it.  Now, what you've all been waiting for (yeah, right
), my updated order of preference list of Rush albums.

Tied for first:     Rush                    <-- first heard
                    Fly By Night            <-- first seen
                    Caress Of Steel
                    A Farewell To Kings
                    Permanent Waves
                    Moving Pictures
                    Grace Under Pressure
                    Power Windows
                    Hold Your Fire
                    Roll The Bones
                    All The World's A Stage
                    Exit Stage Left
                    A Show Of Hands

Alone in last:      Chronicles

I am not being facetious here.  I put a lot of thought into how I
would order the Rush discography.  I can't think of a single song
that I would give back, flush into the void of space, never to be
heard again.  Sure I like some more than others.  But what I prefer
in any given moment changes with my mood, which is none too stable,
mind you.  The only song I'm really schizophrenic about is "Kid
Gloves".  Sometimes I love it, and sometimes it really irritates me.
But back to the order.  That's how I listen to them.  The drive to
work takes me 35 to 40 minutes in the morning and the drive home
takes 40 to 50 minutes.  Rush hour.  Yes!  I go straight through the
studio albums (two per day) and then through the live albums (one per
day).  I save Chronicles for parties.  It works out great.  Once I've
gone all the way through them, I spend a couple of weeks playing my
current favs out of the rest of my collection (close to 700 now).

Big thanks to the NMS subscribers who turned me on to Dream Theater
(I love "Images and Words"), Primus (go Les) and King's X (I've only
got the new, self-titled album so far, and like it very much).  The
only Marillion I've found so far is "Six of one, Half dozen of the
other".  Is this indicative of their work?  Or is it their version of
King's X "Faith, Love, Hope"?  I don't like it much.  If I'm missing
something here, would any *real* Marillion fans out there e-mail me a
list of Marillion albums with their personal reviews?  I'm going to
have to order them if I buy any more, so I'd like to get their best
efforts.  Thanks in advance.  I never listen to the radio (Chicago
radio sucks - WXRT was excellent 10 or 15 years ago, but no longer -
the only radio station I've really enjoyed recently is in LaLaLand; a
late night DJ (definite UK accent) plays a wonderful list of (I hate
this term, but don't know what else to use) alternate music; I wish I
had their call sign, but don't; I only get out there on business a
couple of times per year and can never remember it - any help from
those of you on the Left Coast would be appreciated).

Duck!!!  The audience is starting to throw things.  Time to go!

Favorite Rush-influenced movie - "Something wiccan this way comes"
Nyuck, nyuck.

Sorry for all the semicolons.


No sig, I know who I am.  No ORQ (is that a NORQ?).


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 17:09:15 -0500
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: random stuff  (kinda like 0's and 1's)

to st1s1 (you really need a name)
>I'm wondering.  What do you think?  If Neil died today, would Rush
but they would basically end their existance.

if anyone of the three goes, so does Rush.  Rush _is_ Geddy, Alex,
and Neil, kinda like the Who _is_ Roger, ... oops.  sorry.  my
mistake.  there's no question about it.

to jeff:
>unless I was mistaken and saw monkey pictures that really aren't
>pictures of monkeys!

those aren't monkeys--they're chimps.  i say this not to be rude, but
i'm minoring in physical anthropology and so confusion between
monkeys and chimps is a BIG pet peeve of mine.

someone also posted that Rush planned surprise song for the twentieth
anniversary tour (i have to see it about four times if they pull off
the surpirses i know they're capable of)  here are my opinions:

will play from CP:
	LTTA--"someone blew a whistle and it's recess.  YEE HA!"
	SIO--they always play the first single.  besides, its a
	     really rockin tune.
	Animate--Geddy will insist on reproducing the bass sound.
	CTTC/BSAM--one or the other, hopefully both.  they rock too
		   much to NOT be played

won't play from CP:
	Nobody's Hero--i want them to, but Rush has always been
		concerned with reproducing stuff live, and the
		orchestra/acoustic guitar don't make that possible.
		perhaps they'll re-work it for concert.

surprises i want to hear:
	Available Light
	Jacob's Ladder/Natural Science
	Kid Gloves
	No One At The Bridge (Geddy said they'd hit every album)
	Manhatten Project--not a surprise, but i wanted it for the
		RTB tour

anybody else?



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 17:53:41 -0600 (CDT)
From: "Jeffrey S. Tullos" 
Subject: Blood for Rush

Tuesday, I was upset.  All the anticipation!  All the curiousity!  And a
lack of money to buy the object of my fascination!  (A hazard of
near-poverty and poor planning.)

Then a fantastic, if rather unpleasant, idea struck.  "They pay money
for blood, don't they!"  So, I trekked down to Dracula's favorite
hangout and arranged a date with a needle.


With minimal pain, the white-clad bloodsuckers completed their duty.

"Only ten dollars US?" I asked.

Dissapointed, but more determined than ever, I bid farewell to Dracula's
assistants, and made my way to the trusty mall.

Pleasantly surprised, I found the object of my desire (cassette version)
for only $8.99!  Elated, I proceeded to rock!

I guess you could say I bought "Counterparts" with blood-money.  Rush
is, afterall, my lifeblood!

I *did* sell my blood for Rush.  But my soul? -- never!  :-)


Date: 22 Oct 1993 18:41:51 -0800
From: "Collier, Will*" 
Subject: Long Live Neil

RE yesterday's posting, "Neil Is Dead."

Being a new subscriber, I'm not sure whether or not stuff like this is
floated out just to stir things up or not, but . . .


In many ways, Neil _IS_ Rush.  I wouldn't care to lose Alex or Geddy--they're
too talented and too distinctive in their own right, but without Neil, let's
face it, Rush would be a technically interesting novelty (a la Steve Morse).
Neil's words make the music accesable to people who aren't musicians, and
introduce non-musicians to intricate and exciting music the likes of which
simply isn't to be found in the everyday rock world.

I've been hearing this complaint for years from metalheads and techno-nerds,
namely that Neil is getting too personal or sensitive.  Come on, guys, are
you really looking for "Cygnus X-1, Part III?"  Neil grew up--and it's time
you joined him.  Granted, I was _extremely_ dissappointed with RTB (I can't
even remember half the songs on side 2), but he and the rest of the band have
bouced back with style.  CP is the album that _should_ have followed up the
brilliant Presto, and the album in which Alex reasserted himself, and Ged
left the keyboards where they belong--in the closet.  I'd challenge anybody
to look at the lyrics for Animate, Double Agent, or Everyday Glory and tell
me that Neil is slipping.

Face it, Rush without Neil, or without any of Da Boys wouldn't be Rush--and
we wouldn't be listening or writing with such enthusiasm and vigor.

(Gee, this is kinda fun--insult 1000's of people with impunity!)

By the way, the early news on this tour looks GREAT, eh?  Se ya'll on the
road, and 'til then . . . . WAR EAGLE!



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 19:47:35 -0400
From: (Philip Craig Ovadia)
Subject: National anthem/Other stuff

Dear Rush people,
        First, for all of you that rae intrested, I have Geddy singing "O
Canada" at the all-star game on both audio and video. 
If you want a copy, please send me email to the address above and I'll let you
know how it'll be done.

Next: on some of the counterparts on the jacket that people have asked about:

sonny/michael/freddo    these are the three sons of "The Godfather" (as in
the movie)
The phramacist's cup     these are in fact a mortar and pestle used for grinding
                                up drugs and other things in a lab

The supposedly missing counterpart for the nail and the tooth.  These two
things are counterparts.  There is some expression about tooth and nail.

Also, I also have to guess that Geddy and the boys put the 1s and 0s on
there to play with our minds, but I'm sure someone will still come up with
a "traanslation".  Actually, the explanation about that standing for "DDD"
sounds good to me, because I was also wondering where the designation of
what mode the album was recorded in was.

Next and last:  From Billboard for this week:
Album-Oriented Rock
#1   Rush/Counterparts
#2   Pearl Jam/ Vs.

This is not gloating sincee I like Pearl Jam alos, not as much as Rush of
course.  Just stating fact.  I also blieve that "Stick It Out" ws #1 for
the week on the album oriented rock singles chart. (Isn't that a bit of an
oxymoron though, if it was truly "album-oriented" then there shouldn't be
singles released.)

Well, that's enough from me.  Sorry about the length.  BTW ORR (Obligatory
Rush Review):  The new album kicks, personally Between Sun and Moon and
Double Agent aree my favorites, and for anyone who said Neil laid back on
this album, I think these two tracks especially prove otherwise.

                                                -Phil O.

**************************GO PENN STATE***************************
*                                        *
*   "Hold your fire,                                             *
*    Keep it burning bright.                                     *
*    Hold the flame til the dream ignites.                       *
*    A spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission.          *
*                                       -Rush                    *
*****GO METS******GO JETS*******GO ISLANDERS*******GO NETS********


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 18:48:27 CDT
From: BJP 
Subject: Jesus Christ + Company

Does anyone know of a decent radio station in the greater chicago area that
actually plays Rush?  I know life is tough on the southside but I just wish,
that once and for all, they wont play Ice Cube and company.

Also, why is everyone so fucking critical about the album.  Just chill out
and listen, and youll love it.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 19:42:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Michae Carver 
Subject: Alien Shore / LTTA

Hello all!

I've seen a few posts here about the words spoken just before "Alien
Shore" starts. Someone on suggested that the voice says,
"Men about oars!", which would fit the "shore" image that Peart presents.

Also, is it just me, or does Alex's solo during LTTA (1:52 - 2:28) sound a
lot like a Steve Howe solo (especially 2:12 - 2:28)??? The resemblance is
almost uncanny!

	_ Dave


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 17:17:06 -0700
From: Nick_Bruels 
Subject: A Farewell to Eyebrows...C vs. CP...

So, I have a little story:

Once upon a time, a lucky seventh-grader went to see the AFTK tour show in
Bloomington (Minnesota!).  His sister, infinately more lucky than he, was
in the THIRD row.

Geddy looked at her several times.  Wow!  When the flamethrowers went off
for the end of Overture, her eyebrows got singed slightly.

So much for "girls not liking Rush"; she always did like them, although NOT as
fanatically as I.

The next year, the flamethrowers were replaced with large flash bombs.

Finally (it's a brain-dead late Friday of a LONG week...), maybe I've brought
this up before, but...uuuhhh...shouldn't it be "C", instead of "CP"?!?
As I look over the album, I see the title as ONECAPITALIZEDWORD.

"My counterpart--my foolish heart..."

I've made my point, now please, everyone, do my bidding, and make me happy.

bye  (tired engineer)


Date: 22 Oct 93 19:31:00 CST
From: "Deena Weinstein" 
Subject: RE: 10/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #790

Chicago area NMS-ers. I recently found out that WLUP, 97.9FM will be
airing a rockcrit show, from 4-6 this Sunday. They will spend about
20 minutes reviewing the new Rush album. They invite callers, and
may have a Rush trivia contest.
Entre Nous


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 20:52:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: David M Atrostic 
Subject: PAC MAN!

O.K.  O.K.  I'm obviously not the first to have noticed that the
circular shapes appearing on the back of the cd, as well as the inside
of the mini-poster look amazingly like our generation's
computer-game-hero (at least he was 'somebody's hero' :) ), but I found
another obscure reference...

The PAC MAN in the upper-right corner is "eating" the lyrics "I run
between the shadows, some are >phantom< some are real" -- in 'The Speed
of Love'... Please be patient as I'm writing this from memory.  Phantoms
== GHOSTS (I'll refrain from any "__ of a Chance" references no matter
how tempting :) )   PAC MAN used to 'battle' the ghosts [my favorite was
always Blinky!] ==  Male/Female 'battles' ('When will the time be right?
 Anytime but now.'  ???)

Or maybe it's something simple like PAC MAN and ghosts are 'Counterparts'....

Or maybe there's the possibility that I have absolutely no idea what I'm
talking about and really need to get some more sleep.  I think I'll go
listen to the cd again...



David M. Atrostic                ||  "this moment may be brief......     ||    but it can be so bright."
phone:  (412) 862-2995     ||                                     -- Neil Peart


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 20:13:51 CDT
From: (Mike Usrey)
Subject: "official" acronym poll results

The deadline for the Counterparts acronym survey has arrived!  Well,
the vote was CP(4) and Cp(3).  I don't need a binomial distribution
to see that the difference isn't significant:(  That plus the high
non-response rate implies we will wait for a common usage to evolve.
Write if you want to check out the individual ballots.


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 19:14:32
Subject: More help for doron

Hello all!     I luv the CP album!!!!

Here's some more help for Doron:

1) Robbie, Chip Ernie are "My Three Sons" (old Fred MacMurray TV

2) I think Hoss, Joe and the other guy refer to Lorne Greene's
   Bonanza TV show family.



Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 20:38:22 -0600 (MDT)
From: "David R. Cunniff" 
Subject: Binary Code Solved!

     I've figured it out!!  finally, the mystery of the binary
numbers on the back of CPts has been resolved!

     It was first necessary to recognize that the long string of
183 numbers is only evenly divisible by 1, 3, 61, and 183.  1 is too
short to be a binary string by itself, and 61 and 183 are too long.
So the necessary conclusion is that it is a code made up of 61
strings, 3 bits in length.  This is only natural, 3 bits for the
three members of Rush.

     Decoding the binary strings proved to be very easy, as the
biggest number a three bit string can give you is 7.  The first
eight strings decode to:

1    =    101  =    5
2    =    010  =    2
3    =    010  =    2
4    =    101  =    5
5    =    011  =    3
6    =    010  =    2
7    =    011  =    3
8    =    010  =    2

     Now the fun begins.  When you plot all of the numbers on a bar
chart you get the following:

        #   # #             #   # #          # #
#  #    ##  # ##  ###  #    ##  # ##  ##   # # ###  # ##  #
#  #    ##  # ##  ###  #    ##  # ##  ##  ## #####  ####  #
#  ## # ##  # ##  ###  ## # ##  # ##  ##  ## #####  ####  ###
########## ##### ############# ##### ### ####################

     Thus the mystery is solved!  This is simply a representation
of the Toronto skyline.  Note that the CN tower is missing from the
picture.  This can only mean one thing:  Rush is advocating the
destruction of the CN tower!  I would hope that anybody living or
working in or around the tower would evacuate immediately.

     Oh, by the way, In case you haven't noticed, the drums on CPts
sound very much like those on Rush 1.  Simple, yet just enough kick
to make the tracks groove.  The logical conclusion is that Neil
Peart is dead!  John Rutsey has re-joined the band for
Counterparts!  (Notice that J.R. is N.P.'s counterpart.)

     I hope that many minds all over the world are now at rest.
     Sit back and enjoy Counterparts without worrying about those pesky
     binary numbers!


Date: Fri, 22 Oct 93 20:11:56 PDT
From: frazo@sdcc15.UCSD.EDU (Eh no a you eh smoko)

CD!!! it reads:

	"The rush-mgr completely ruined the joke!!! What a yutz!"


Date: 22 Oct 93 21:52:27 EDT
From: Mark Evinger <73162.1676@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Counterparts 1's And 0's

Hello all! it seems to me that the 1' and 0's form a chromosome pattern
when you look at them like this :

> x x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx xx
>  x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx x
> x x x  x x x xx x  xx x xx x x  x x xx  x xx x x  x x x xx xx
> That is the pattern they form when the 1's are something, and the 0's
> are nothing.  Since the top repeats the bottom, unless its a fraze like
> "one to one" it prob. is just another example of Counterparts.

They look just like a chromosome band pattern (I wonder... izzit Geddy,
Alex or Neil???  )

anyway, that is my $0.02 on the subject!
		AutoCad Guru  (aka The Cad Elf *<:)-|-< )

   "We shall pay the price, but we will not count the cost" Neil Peart


Date:  Fri, 22 Oct 1993 22:58:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject:  Tamborine, CP Stuff

  I don't recall ever seeing any mention of a tamborine either.
  Recalling that Neil usually mentions everything he uses (look
  at "A Farewell to Kings", for instance), he now just mentions
  "Drums, Cymbals, Electronic Percussion".  So, my guess is it's
  a tamborine sound that he triggers and not a real tamborine.

Song Ratings (from most-likely-to-listen-to to most-likely-to-
  Double Agent & Cut to the Chase
  Leave That Thing Alone
  Cold Fire
  Alien Shore
  Stick It Out
  Nobody's Hero
  Between Sun & Moon
  Speed of Love
  Everyday Glory

  This order is mainly due to preference by Neil's contribution
  to the song from a percussion standpoint.  Lyrically, the order
  would be totally different (I haven't decided yet, though).

Everyday Glory:
  Some of the guitar reminds me of U2.

Between Sun And Moon:
  Some of the guitar reminds me of Dire Straits.

Stick It Out:
  Some of the guitar reminds me of Robin Trower.
  Don't particularly care for the way Geddy sings

    Don't swallow the po OI z Uh uh UHUHN
    Don't swallow your AI aing GER er

  if can understand what I'm attempting to portray.  It almost
  sounds a little off-key.  The song "Roll the Bones" gave me
  that impression also (maybe it's just me).

Birds & Bees:
Tooth & Nail:
  Take a look at the background colors; they are the same, respec-
  tively.  IMO, they are in different boxes because of the "same,
  yet different" connotation of the word "counterpart".

1's & 0's:
  So far (IMO) I'd have to agree with the DDD stuff.  I'm curious,
  though, as to why they are to the left, running up & down as
  opposed to being at the bottom, running across?

  I don't think that there is any relationship between them and
  the King & Queen of hearts.  IMO, they are just "counterparts"
  of each other.  As well, IMO, I was quite surprised by the in-
  clusion of this picture.  It just doesn't seem RUSH-like to me;
  I think they could/should have left that one out.  I'm surprised
  the female fans haven't been complaining about the boyz being
  sexist :-O


P.S. Anyone else think John Kruk of the Phillies looks like Ogre
     from "Revenge of the Nerds"?


Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93 00:17:46 -0400
From: (Gabriel Karaffa)
Subject: CP Booklet

	I don't know if anybody noticed these before.

signal light:	 signals!

rabbit:		 presto!

dollar:		 2112!

compass:   	 hemispheres!

archer:		 he's holding his fire

masks:		 all the world's a stage - (greek drama)


From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: groovin'
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1993 01:26:43 -0400 (EDT)

This album seems to be different in that there seems to be more
emphasis on groove than on past albums.  Note the sequencing,
like starting the album with Animate (love those intro beats!
I can't think of anyone who doesn't like the beat to that song).
Stick It Out has the interesting kind of double-time boogie section.
This album makes me want to groove more than the other Rush albums
do (and I finally have them all, so now I think I can make an
informed opinion).  Any other folks feel the same way?

Also, is this the album for singing along or what?  Like in the
chorus of BSaM, you're so tempted to sing along!  Or with SiO
or Nobody's Hero.  This album seems much more suited for sing-along
than others.  Think any of this stuff will end up on Karoake?
(just kidding, all flames to someone else! )

I echo the sentiment for an instrumental medley on this year's tour.
I had a feeling about it and it looks like someone else agrees
(or course, we could both be wrong).


I am:
Art or

"There is a fine line between love and illusion -
a fine place to penetrate the gap between wishes and
fact, the lens between wishes and fact"
	-Neil Peart of Rush


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