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 Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 18:30:09 -0400
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Subject: 10/26/93 - The National Midnight Star #798

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 798

                 Tuesday, 26 October 1993
Today's Topics:
      Meaning of the Breasts, Previous Albums, Etc.
              1's and 0's ; a note on Primus
  Neil Peart's interview with Jean Chretien on MuchMusic
                   Counterparts Reviews
            Between Sun and Moon: an analysis.
          Pearl Jam copies Rush, not vice versus
     Playing Counterparts song on tour (A NEW TOPIC!)
                      NMS Submission
                    Alien Shore intro
              Caress of Steel (Rush Tribute)
                  Objectivism arguments
                      Tooth and Claw
                        cd insert
                  "Animate" mistakes....
         Another nit-picky thing in the Cp insert
                  About Neil's new look
             counterparts in the liner notes
             Are CD's Costing Us Cool Covers?
                 Another favorable revue.
                     Bravado Bootleg
             Help compile the Cp collection.
                 Leave That Thing Alone!
              MTV's "Weak in Rock" 10-23/24
                 Gamera is really neat...
                      Lame Drumming!
            Would they surprise us with these?

Date:         Mon, 25 Oct 93 08:16:11 EDT
From: "Gretchen Goes To Xanadu" 
Subject:      Meaning of the Breasts, Previous Albums, Etc.

   It's obvious that the breasts are a pun on the word Counterparts, one
that someone previously mentioned would have been a good album cover.
   I too noted that Who-sounding bridge in BSAM.  Add Pete Townshend and
Keith Moon to that list of guest appearances (I know, Moon's dead).
   To list some of the previous Rush albums I hear popping up in CP:
Song          Album      Comment
CTTC          Rush       The bridge section sounds like Geddy's singing
                         on Rush
Alien Shore   P/G        The dissonant guitars are straight from P/G
Cold Fire     PoW        Has an "Emotion Detector" feel to it
Animate       PoW        Ending is reminiscent of "Marathon"
Nobody's Hero Signals    The portrait of two different but similar people
                         reminds me of "Losing It"
BSAM          Who's Next (see above)
LTTA          RTB        WMT, of course (but LTTA is better, IMO)
SIO           Presto     The background vocals remind me of "Show Don't Tell"
                         how they repeat the title during the chorus
SOL, EG       RTB, Presto take your pick (SOL music has Neurotica feel)
Double Agent  all        The most diverse song on CP

Does anyone see any other previous album influences that could be added?

David Whiteman
Leave that .sig Alone


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 08:16:05 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jennifer Dawn Adamson 
Subject: 1's and 0's ; a note on Primus

  Has anyone attempted to "analyze" the 1's and 0's as columns instead
of as rows?  Just a thought.

  A note to Houston Primus fans (since there seem to be a lot of Primus
fans in this group) :  they will be at Rockefeller's West on Nov. 16.

   [ One other Primus note -- they will be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (near
     San Diego) I think on Nov. 22.				: rush-mgr ]



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 09:39:52 -0400
From: "James F. Hranicky" 

> Date: Sat, 23 Oct 93 13:22:40 -0400
> From: Gregg Jaeger 
> Subject: Response to Simpson
> My claim is that Neil now identifies himself as a libertarian and
> NOT as a Randian. This is just the most recent change in his
> philosophical evolution. He's rejected the extremist Objectivist
> ethic that would have one allow a child to drown before one's very
> eyes as there is nothing to be gained personally from such an attempt
> that could compensate for the risk to one's own life, just as he
> earlier rejected the simplistic Marxist ethic that says everyone
> should have the same amount of material wealth. Neil calls a
> HERO someone who "saves a drowning child" in "Nobody's Hero."
> This is NOW.

Um, I've read most of Rand's stuff, and all I can say is that this is
a gross misrepresentation. In _The Virtue of Selfishness_, she covers the
ethics of emergencies, and you should know she doesn't advocate this kind
of heartless existence. I get pretty tired of this kind of thing.

Pride is one of Rand's highest virtues. What person could feel pride
for just letting someone drown without helping them? I couldn't.
To allow something like this to happen would be the sacrifice of your
own conscience.

If you think that the above is representative of Objectivism, you are

Jim Hranicky (

What better attire for the wolf, than the cloak of the sheep?


Date:    Mon, 25 Oct 1993 10:10:30 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Neil Peart's interview with Jean Chretien on MuchMusic

Transcribed interview of Jean Chretien (leader of the Liberal party and Prime 
Minister of Canada as of Oct.25) with Neil Peart from MuchMusic on Fri. 
Oct. 22, 1993.
Please be patient with any mistakes or typos. I only transcribed what I
thought to be relevant conversations. I have omitted conversations with the
audience members except where Neil plays a role. I have also added a few of
my own comments here and there. This was a much larger task than I initially
anticated. However, if anyone desperately wants all the gaps filled in contact 
me and we may be able to arrange something. Please note that Jean Chretien 
speaks with a heavy French accent and his English grammer is not perfect.

Rod Harrison

Legend: [ ] my own comments including commercial breaks and other nonsense
        ... stuttering or pausing by speaker

The stage: MuchMusic studio which is an open concept studio with cameras,
           lights, various other media things, and people running around in
           the background. There are two stools for Jean Chretien and Neil.
           There is an audience of about 20 mainly made up of typical
           university aged students on a bleacher type arrangement.

The players: Lance Chilton  regular VJ on Much Music

             Erica Ehm      regular VJ on Much Music
             Jean Chretien  leader of the Liberal party of Canada, about 60
                            years old, wearing red shirt and dark brown pants
                            [obviously his PR people making him look youthful]
             Neil Peart     member of Rush, clean cut, short haircut

Lance: Hi I'm Lance Chilton and welcome to the Friday edition of FAX. In just
a few seconds we'll begin the very last of our series of intimate and 
interactive concerts in politics. The crowd gathered around us here ready to 
speak with the leader of the liberal party of Canada Jean Chretien. But first 
entertainment news of the day. [Blah blah blah about new Naked Gun film] 

[Preview clips of film and interviews with Leslie Neilson and producer]


Lance: Coming up in just a few minutes here on FAX Jean Chretien the liberal
>... the leader of the liberal party of Canada will be here live in the
MuchMusic environment. He'll be speaking with Neil Peart of Rush as well as
many of the people here in the environment with us and hopefully you'll join 
us at home by fax and phone. Earlier today the fax cameras followed him around 
the campaign trail as did a few of the Reform Party faithful.

[clips of Jean Chretien talking on the street with various people]

[news media clips of Jean Chretien giving speach at rally]

[camera follows JC in from street into the MM studio amid the roar of sign
waving supporters outside]

[Natural Law Party of Canada commercial with local Toronto candidate talking 
about meditating and levitating (for you non-Canadians, yes I'm serious about 
this we really do have a party made up of magicians and gurus) claim that by 
having a group of 7000 meditating levitating people they will be able to solve 
all the country's problems]

[Cover Girl commercial]

[McDonald's commercial]

[commercial for film Fatal Instinct]

[commercial for Super Hit Video]

Lance:  Coming to you live on the nation's music station another night of 
election uncoverage. This is the Chum/City building [owners of CHUM FM, City 
TV, and MuchMusic] and this is a soap box [holds up a wooden soap box]. You 
know at the beginning of this century this is all you would need to make a 
political statement. Just throw it on any side walk, step up on any street 
corner and speak your peace. Well political statements have changed alot and 
so has the soap box. You are all familiar with speaker's corner, [video booth 
downtown Toronto were you can talk on TV for $1] the electronic post-modern 
soap box. Nowadays all you need to make a political statement is step into the 
booth, throw a loony [Canadian $1 coin] into the slot, and speak to the 
nation. Well tonight we are going to take the evolution of this concept one 
step further. If you have a phone or fax machine, you can step up on that 
soap box and speak to a person who could be the next Prime Minister of Canada. 
That's because Jean Chretien has come down to MuchMusic to face the music.

[big intro with music and flashy graphics]

[applause from studio audience]

Erica: Welcome to our intimate and interactive. We have being doing this for 
the last two and half weeks. Fourteen different candidates were invited down 
to speak their mind live here on the nation's music station and its a chance 
for people here in our Much audience, people out in Canada to pick up their 
phones to phone us and you get a chance to speak to someone like Jean 
Chretien.  You send a fax, we have speaker's corner, and of course there is
the rock'n'roll ingredient which is the MuchMusic trademark and let me just 
test you for a second. Do you know who this guy is? All right, he has written 
some of the most thought provoking lyrics in rock and roll today. He is one 
of the worlds' leading percusionists. His band has sold over 33 million copies 
of their albums. He's never interviewed a politician before and his name is 
Neil Peart from Rush.

[big applause, Neil enters]

Erica: Thank you so much for coming by. Now I just want you all to realize
that Neil has been making music for almost as long as Jean Chretien has been 
in making political statements.

Neil: Ha ha, there may be some comm ... commonality there.

Erica: Exactly. Well I think its uh pretty much time to bring you face
to face with the leader of the liberal party Jean Chretien.

[applause, Jean Chretien enters]

Erica: Gentlemen, ah we're ready for your discussion so if you'll head over 
there and take your seats and lets go to Avey who's outside.

[commentary on Jean Chretien's present position in the polls, the election
race, the crabby mood of voters, the expected shorter than normal honeymoon
period for the next Prime Minister]

[summary of Jean Chretien's history, statistics, etc]

Neil: Welcome to MuchMusic Monsieur Chretien.
Jean Chretien (JC): Ah, my pleasure.

Neil: I would just like to say that I spend part of my life in Ontario and
part of my life in Quebec ...

JC: Just like me.

Neil: and ah part of my life travelling the world and ah those experiences
give me three concerns for Canada: one I would like us to stay together and 
ah two I would like Canadians to be prosperous and healthy and three I would 
like Canada to play an effective role on the world stage as well. Now lately 
I've been reading the papers and watching the debates and talking politics 
among my friends and ah I've read the book cover to cover [the liberal party 
red book stating their political policies] ...

JC: Good.

Neil: but I still not satis ... still not decided really and ah I've got
a couple of days left and you've got ten minutes to convince me here.

[laughter in audience]

Neil: Lets start with jobs. You have an infrastructure program to create jobs
and ah a youth services program and I'm concerned to know how many jobs you
predict that will create. 

JC: Well, these two program will create about 75,000 jobs. We have ah to 
create about 350,000 jobs a year in Canada to ah a to reduce the unemployment 
and have the young people find jobs. But it is a kick start.

Neil: Yeah.

JC: Most of the jobs created in the society are created by small medium sized
businesses. 85% of the jobs have been created by small and medium sized 
businesses over the last ten years. So you've seen in this program ...

Neil: Yeah.

JC: a section on small and medium sized business to make sure they have the
credit for expansion inovation and for exporting.

Neil: But figures show we have 1.6 million unemployed [about 12% unemployment
rate] so it's realatively a drop in the bucket then what you'll be doing.

JC: Yeah, but you have to create a proper climate. The economy its not only
the government, the economy is ah the people is spending the money when they 
feel good. When you move in the city of Canada today and you see sign for 
rent, bankruptcy and close and if you have a bit of money you don't spend it. 
You go home ...

Neil: Yeah.

JC: and you sit on it. But if you see some workers working and some building
being erected and some young people finding employment in the youth corps, the 
mood is much better so the people spend the money more and you kick start the 
economy and the psychology of the nation is much better.

Neil: So it reflects really the depression era program implemented in the
United States like the WPA job creation. The question comes down to then after 
the contractors and consultants when can unemployed people start lining up for 

JC: But ah soon as the program is in place for these jobs. But as I said there
will be alot of more jobs created by the private sector.

Neil: You want to make an indicator.

JC: But no its a kick start.

Neil: Yeah.

JC: Some say we should not do that, wait for ah the situation to come back on 
its own. I don't believe in it. I believe the government can be a force of
good in society. You can not sit there and wait as the Tories done [previous 
government for the last 9 years, Tories refers to the Progressive Conservative 
Party of Canada, the Liberal party is sometime called the Grits] you know let 
the market forces move everything in the nation. That was a failure. That was 
the Reagan/Thatcher type of approach to politics. I'm more activist than

Neil: Yeah.

JC: I think that we have to ... I don't say we'll solve all the problems in
six months, I don't want to lie to you or to anybody. But I want to do
something, something that is reasonable and you saw in this book that 
everything is very reasonable.

Neil: Yeah, I'll give you that. You said that you will institute a new value 
added tax to replace the GST. [goods and services tax, a federal tax of 7% 
levied on most goods and services, levied in addition to a provincial sales 
tax (which is 8% in Ontario, total=15%)] Um I'm interested in ah um really 
what kind of tax you are going to use to replace 15 to 18 billion dollars.

JC: We'll have to for the federal government replace it with the same amount
of money.

Neil: Yeah.

JC: In a better fashion, so we have to do it in a better way than the Tories.

Neil: Will there be a value added tax on books.

JC: I don't know.

Neil: Ok.

JC: I want to sit down with the provinces because you know at this moment what 
happens is you have a provincial tax over the federal tax. Some items are 
federal tax, other items are provincial tax, ah third category of both and ah 
fourth, a fourth have none. So imagine your a small business at the corner and 
you have all that to keep in the books and to send the money to one level of 
government or the other. You know John Bullock of the small business 
organization of Canada claims that 4 billion dollars is spent by small and 
medium sized business just to collect the tax.

Neil: Yeah, I read that. However, will you answer me one thing here on 
MuchMusic if any new tax will apply to books. A tax on learning.

JC: But I ... I want to get ah rid of ah the GST.

Neil: That's a shame ... that one specific thing though is a shameful afair, 
a tax on books.

JC: Yeah but we oppose that. I think that ah that ah if we don't know the
result you are asking me if we will like to exempt books.

Neil: One thing.

JC: Yes.

Neil: Yes.

JC: Because we want to get rid of the GST.

Neil: Ok.

JC: So if we have no GST, so the GST don't apply on the books.

Neil: Right. Now you have um said you will take a pen and write no 
helicopters, [a sore point in Can. politics right now, too long a story to 
explain here] Chretien.

JC: Yeah.

Neil: Would you consider writing no handguns Chretien.

JC: For us ah we have to have better laws on gun control [our current laws are
infinitely stricter than the US laws]. Ah you have a division in the society 
in the rural parts of Can the hunters and so on have their preoccupation but 
I'm like you I don't know why ...

Neil: Not with handguns though.

JC: Not with handguns.

Neil: No.

JC: The only problem ... I see no problem to ban it, but we will have a 
committee of the House of Commons where everbody can express his views.
Neil: Right.

JC: You know your the Prime Minister you can not impose your views on 
everybody. You have members elected to discuss. For me I don't want to see 
handguns in the cities. That's my personal view. But the other day some people 
who are part of gun clubs, that is their sport. Perhaps if they were to keep 
their guns there, you know safe, perhaps that is acceptible.

Neil: Yes.

JC: So ... but I share your view that we should not have them. But there is
another element ... is that there is the importation of illegal guns. That too
>... that is always complicted because we have 4,000 miles of border with the

Neil: Of course.

JC: But it should not be in my judgement be permitted in the cities.

Neil: If I can just move on to one thing, the health care outline is very
comprehensive and very inclusive of all Canadians I think and I'm supprised 
to find no mention of AIDS and according to figures released this week AIDS
is leading cause of premature death among men in Toronto and Vancouver. Ah why 
were those terrible initials HIV and AIDS not mentioned.

JC: Because you can not put everything there. I said to some groups that I
met in Canada that it should be a priority. I'm very much aware of the 
problem. My brother Dr.Michel Chretien the head of the medical research 
institute in Montreal, lead a major study of AIDS for the Royal Society and 
we have to put more money in research. It is a question of priority within the 
budgets of the government and it should be one of the priorities. It was not 
mentioned in that ...

Neil: Yeah.

JC: because we will have ... it was not to spend new money it is to spend
the money better ...

Neil: Yeah, ...

JC: but reallocate some ...

Neil: but it's so specific on aboriginal and women's health I just thought it 
was a strange ommission.

JC: Yes, but ah ...

Neil: Ok, moving on now it's likely ...

JC: it is a priority to improve the situation.

Neil:  Ok, it's likely in mid-november you will find yourself in the House of 
Commons facing Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition from the separtists of the Bloc 
Quebecois and the other devisive element of course is the Reform party too.
Um concesus is all we can hope for among Canadians. Ah all the only thing we 
really have in common is that we are so different coast to coast, culture to 
culture and I happen to think that that is a very positive thing. And Canada 
has been enriched by those cultural um aspects of immigration for instance. 
I'm just curious to know how you can find a consensus among a people who come 
not to disagree with you politically but with a whole other agenda for 
splitting things up.

JC: Yes, but ah in fact I'm happy with the situation of my party at this
moment we have made very big ...

Neil: So you have made it.

JC: no, no, big gains in the west. We were weak, the Liberals traditionally 
in the west ...

Neil: Right.

JC: and it looks very good according to the polls ...

Neil: I agree.

JC: and I would like to comment that all my candidates are very enthusiatic.
So we will have candidate elected in every parts [no this is not a typo] of 

Neil: Hmmm.

JC: I don't like these regional forces coming into play.

Neil: No.

Jc: Because it's not condusive to have a very good society.

Neil: They are not there for the same reasons you are.

JC: No one is clearly a separtist. But even there he said in Quebec the real
power le grand pouvoir. It was very misleading because suddenly the people are 
voting for Lucien Bouchard [leader of the Bloc Quebecois, a Quebec separtist 
party] realize that they will be in the opposition. I was in Quebec City and 
one person said Mr. Chretien if we don't elect any Liberals we will not have 
any ministers in Quebec City and I said of course not. If you want to have 
Liberal ministers you will have to vote for the Liberal Party. But Bouchard 
told them oh I am the power the power in opposition is a new thing for me in 

Neil: Ok.

JC: Usually we call the government the party in power we don't call the
opposition the party in power.

Neil: Quite so. Ok finally will come back to MuchMusic when your Prime 

JC: I'd like to. It's my second time this year and ah it's not bad.

Neil: Ha ha ha.

[audience laughs]

JC: It's even fun but ah if I'm invited and I find the time I will be back.

Neil: Visit le demain monde [not sure about this one].

JC: But if you come to interview me again.

Neil: I'll be there.

JC: Ok good.

Neil: I've read the book now I'm going to wait for the movie [he is referring
to what the Liberal party will do in real life as opposed to their policy


Erica: Ah I would ah say that's pretty good for a guy who has never done and 
interview before, that's very good. Thank you all very very much and coming 
right up we'll have more with you [pointing to Jean Chretien].

JC: Already?

Erica: And we want to hear from all of you. If you have a phone call or fax
anything you would like to say to Mr. Jean Chretien all you have to do is 
phone or fax us. We'll be right back after this.

[more applause]

[commercials both political and the typical sort]

[Jean Chretien takes questions from the audience, telephone, fax, and video
booth. Only one other brief, vague mention of Neil]


Brought to you by:
Rod Harrison
Dept. Medical Physics
Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
University of Toronto


Date:  Mon, 25 Oct 1993 10:55:00 +0000
From: "John (J.A.) Aegard" 
Subject:  Counterparts Reviews

Hi, everybody.

I'm the guy who asked for all the C-parts reviews.  Unfortunately, about
five minutes after I posted that message, my mail account crashed n' burned.

Fortunately, it was fixed over the weekend and all is now running smoothly,
so if a reviews bounced back to you, go ahead and send it again.

Remember, please rank all the songs on a scale of 1-10, and include any
comments.  I'm going to summarize the most interesting ones for the NMS...

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Date:  Mon, 25 Oct 1993 11:22:00 +0000
From: "John (J.A.) Aegard" 
Subject:  Between Sun and Moon: an analysis.

A lot of people have admitted to being baffled by "Between Sun And Moon."  I
was listening to it on a walkman while bicycling thru downtown Ottawa the other
day, and I had an idea..

All of this, of course, is in my humble estimation.

> There is a lake between sun and moon
> Not too many know about
> In the silence between whisper and shout
> The space between wonder and doubt

This first verse compares the space between the sun and moon to the space in
between the opposites (counterparts) of whispering and shouting, and of
wonder and doubt.  It also indicates (in the second line) that few people
know of (or are even willing to know of) this zone of moderation.

> This is a fine place, shining face to face
> These bonfire lights in the mirrored sky
> The space between wonder and why

The stars are between the sun and moon, filling all of the space between
the opposites mentioned above, but also casting subtleties upons them.
"wonder and why" are not direct opposites, but merely subtleties of each other.
I believe that Neil is saying that life is not so simple as black and white
and a gray in between, but that there are many different shades of gray
in between two opposites.

> Ah, yes to yes, ah, to yes
> Why the sun, why the sun?
> Ah, yes to yes, ah, to yes
> Why the sun, why the sun?

I'm kind of at a loss here, but if Neil seems to be comparing the counterparts
of sun and moon to those of yes and no.  Hell, they might be in there just
`cause they sound cool.  Remember, Pye Dubois had his hand in this tune too.
I get the feeling that this tune is going to turn into a massive live sing-

> There is a fine line between love and illusion
> A fine place to penetrate
> The gap between actor and act
> The lens between wishes and fact

The Moon has no light of its own, but it appears to have because of the
reflection of the Sun's light.  The Moon's glow is a kind of illusion.  It
seems (at least for me) easy to confuse "real" love with a reflection of
another person's personality.  The actor/act and wishes/fact lines reinforce
the concept of illusion vs. reality, and the "fine place to penetrate" line
indicates that it's worthwhile to try and discover what is illusion and what
is reality.

Plus, those two animated goofs on MTV can say "huh, huh-huh, he said

> This is a fine place to hesitate
> Those bonfire lights in the lake of sky
> The time between wonder and why

Neil implores us to take the time to investigate the spaces between the sun
and the moon here.

> Some need to pray to the sun at high noon
> Need to howl at the midwinter moon

This final verse ties up the song very nicely.  Some people will be
attracted to the luminous Sun, others to the illusionary moon.

> Reborn and baptized in a moment of grace

The attraction often takes the form of an intense fervour.

> We just need to break from the headlong race

But ultimately, the race between the two factions of Sun and Moon will be
distracting if not harmful to the our society.

> This is a fine place, shining face to face
> These bonfire lights in the mirrored sky
> The space between wonder and why

Obligatory repetition of bridge.

Hope you all enjoyed that!



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 12:15:18 -0400
From: (Skip Gridley)
Subject: Pearl Jam copies Rush, not vice versus

     With all the talk of which Rush tunes from Cp sound like Pearl Jam
tunes, I thougth I'd present a different twist.  Has anyone else out
there noticed the beginning of "rearviewmirror" from vs. sounds _VERY_,
similar to New World Man?  No keys in rearviewmirror, but them same
general sort of riff with a plucky guitar sound.  Maybe the two groups
hung out together when Rush was in Seattle.  Eddie Vedder was probably
wandering around brooding, but the rest of them would probably get along...

P.S.  Anyone got the Billboard results yet??  Just curious...

  Bound up and wound up so tight...            Skip Gridley


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 11:21:11 -0500
From: Brian Saunders 
Subject: Playing Counterparts song on tour (A NEW TOPIC!)

Perhaps this isn't a new topic, but I don't remember seeing it.

It seems that the songs in Counterparts use a lot of tracking with respect
to the vocals (we hear a lot more background Geddy than ever before).  So,
will Rush simply throw all of this onto disc, to be triggered by some
sequencer, or will we hear less of the background vocals on tour?  I would
like to hear what people think.



Date: 	Mon, 25 Oct 1993 13:36:59 -0400
From: rpali 
Subject: NMS Submission

>Ignore this question if it's already been asked But, isn't Counterparts the
>only Rush album that doesn't have the title on the front cover?

> [ For the US releases, yes. For other areas, _Signals_ also does not have
>   the title on the cover.                                   : rush-mgr ]

Are you sure about this Mr. Manager?  My Anthem pressing of 'Signals'
definitely had the title on the cover.  My understanding is that the album
was taken care of my Mercury for everywhere else but Canada. Shouldn't they
all have the name on the cover?

   [ No, the Japanese release was by Sony/Epic, and it does NOT have "Signals"
     written on the cover (I have it so I've seen it). Now, all Japanese 
     releases are done by Atlantic, so it now may have the title on it.
								: rush-mgr ]

>I just sucked in the first 1.26 seconds worth of Alien Shore into my PC and did
>just about everything I could to it.  The best I can make out is "Madam My
>Lord" with an accent.

Isn't it 'Men about oars'?

And one last thing. I liked the shot of Neil with the mohawk, but is he really
sitting on the can, or is it just me? :-)

   [ I think he is sitting on a toilet, but the toilet seat seems to be in the
     *down* position...						: rush-mgr ]



From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Alien Shore intro
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 10:29:39 PDT

Am I the only one who thinks that the introductory 1.26 seconds
(thanks to Paul King and his PC) of Alien Shore sounds like it could
be a call/yell akin to the famous "Babalooooo" used by Desi Arnaz?

Probably not a good reference for this international crowd, but
if you really care -- get some tapes of the "I Love Lucy" show from
mid-50's American TV, and keep an eye on the Cuban band leader.

Luci & Desi revisited?

For that matter it's also reminicsent of the intro to "Suck My Kiss"
from the Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Blood Sugar Sex Magic"



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 11:30:22 PDT
From: bmoore@artemis (Bill Moore)
Subject: Caress of Steel (Rush Tribute)

Hey RushFans(TM)!  Caress of Steel, one of the finest
Rush tribute bands I've ever seen (and I've been in a
few!) is heading on the road the end of November for
a couple of weeks.  It's all pre-Signals stuff, so if
you're In The Mood, here are the dates:

   17 Nov	@ Rack 'n' Roll		Colo. Springs, CO
   18 Nov	(site unknown)		Wichita, KS
   19 Nov	@ Center Stage		Des Moines, IA
   23 Nov	@ Stages		St. Louis, MO
   25 Nov	@ Bangers		Amarillo, TX
   26 & 27 Nov	@ Saso's Lounge		El Paso, TX

There may be more coming up, I'll fill you in as soon
as I find out.  If any of you NMSers go to the shows, be
sure to tell Jarred "Geddy" Cox where you heard about it,
and bring some friends!

"Life is a lemon, and I want my money back." -- MeatLoaf

Bill Moore


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 15:51:07 -0500 (cdt)
From: Eric B Krauss 
Subject: Objectivism arguments

To those two or three people who insist on beating a dead Objectivist horse:

please take your "discussions" (read:  arguments) to email.  This "thread" is
quickly becoming a "flame war."  The participants seem more interested in
making flippant comments and insults rather than engaging in a meaningful
discussions of Objectivism (assuming that such a discussion could ever be

Thank you in advance.

"Doh!"--Geddy as Homer


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Tooth and Claw
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 14:06:04 PDT

This is going way out on a tangent, and is certainly trivial (not that
anyone is actually reading this amidst the billion other posts), but
I thought I would add a historical source for the "tooth and nail"
idea.  It is from a quote by some figure in evolutionary biology,
and the original words were apparantly "Nature, red in tooth and claw".
It refers to the idea that evolution occurs because of struggle between
organisms, or shall we say, bloody struggle.  It has been changed in
the intervening 150 years to the term "fighting tooth and nail".
Maybe "nail" has a more direct application to humans.  Language is liquid.
As Neil would likely say, borrow where you can to get your meaning across.

For something only slightly closer to the subject, has anyone tried
converting the bit stream to music using the standard CD format?  Any
soundblaster owners with some time on their hands?

Chris Schiller


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 17:47:40 EDT
From: (Arthur Treacher)
Subject: Counterparts

Whoaaaahhhh, this is too cool.  In the "Get a Life" category, I just realized
that sitting on top of my Sun wkst. monitor at work, for the last several
months (well before anyone has seen the album cover) was a nut and bolt
that reminds me of the cover.  I just found it there, next to my name plate,
as I added a Ninja Turtle watch to my collection of toys (ala Geddy's
keyboard) up there.  I know, I need to get home, get a life, etc. but
when you spend half your waking hours in the same place, you tend to
dress it up a little.  The nut and bolt have now taken a more prominent
position amongst the clutter.

Anyone solved the binary riddle yet?



From: Laurie Petersen 
Subject: cd insert
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 14:56:41 -0800 (PDT)

Well, I was just wondering if anyone had noticed the picture in the cd insert
that has a pocket watch with what looks like a ladybug on it.  Any
interpretations? I was completely confused.

Also, to anyone who attends one of the Claremont colleges, especially
Harvey Mudd, I am looking for a friend of mine, Matt Gardner.  I can't
seem to remember his E-mail address.  I can't remember what comes before
""  Any help or info would be appreciated.  This IS
pertaining to Rush, since he is a BIG Rush fan. Thanks...



From: schwarte@CS.ColoState.EDU (eric schwartz)
Subject: "Animate" mistakes....
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 16:47:29 -0600 (MDT)

It seems everybody's got their own 'interpretation' of the sung lyrics
in "Animate." Personally, I thought the Gedster was singing "Irrigate
Me" during my first no-cheat-and-read-the-lyrics listen. :)

Let's hear some more "Interpretations".

*    * "Of /course/ I'm certain!" - Heisenberg     *
* * "He hadn't a single redeeming vice"         *
* I never take me seriously    *     -Oscar Wilde			     *
* You've only got twelve notes, and however you mix them up is your thing.   *
*    							-Eddie Van Halen     *


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 17:53:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Jennifer Dawn Adamson 
Subject: Another nit-picky thing in the Cp insert

Another thing I "noticed" or think I see is that there appears to be small
lettering around the border to the square of things in the lower left-hand
side (ie where the paper, rock, scissors hands are).  Hmm,... anyone with
a magnifying glass around?



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 16:55:23 -0500 (CDT)
From: Walk softly and carry a +6 kitten 
Subject: About Neil's new look

Is it me, or does Neil (in the CP picture with all three of them) look like
Commander Riker (sorry, I don't remember who plays the part) from ST:TNG?

Just wondering...



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 16:27:44 PDT
From: pevans@sanjuan.UVic.CA (Patricia Evans)
Subject: counterparts in the liner notes

glen reed  writes :

>There, now that that's out of the way, we can all go back to enjoying the
>album!  Unless the binary code posts persist....  I mean, LOOK at the thing
>folks -- just shift the middle line over a character and they're all the
>SAME!  It's DECORATION!  Stop wasting time and just LISTEN to the fool thing!
>Oh... sorry... getting a bit out of control there :)  Hope I managed to clear
>some stuff up, not just make more trouble, eh :)

Actually you give me an idea: as you say, the rows are the same *if* you
shift the middle line over a character. The same, yet different.
Counterparts, maybe?

One of the triplets that I haven't yet seen posted is Tinker, Evers,
& Chance -- a famous baseball double-play combination of players for the
Chicago Cubs in the early part of the century.

Patricia Evans
ORQ: "You may be right, it's all a waste of time
      I guess that's just a chance I'm prepared to take"


Date: 25 Oct 1993 18:46:34 -0800
From: "Collier, Will*" 
Subject: Are CD's Costing Us Cool Covers?


I was just glancing at the Counterparts cover . . . it was cool for a while,
but it occurs to me that it's kind of, well, bland.  Compared to the liner
notes, it's downright simplistic.  Sure, I get the symbolism (and the joke),
but comparing this to AFTK, ESL, P/G, or even Pr, it's not much to look at.

It seems that there's a trend in the music business to go to more simplistic
album covers since the advent of the CD.  Let's face it, comparing a CD card
to the old vinyl sleeves . . . . it's like compressing a magazine cover down
to the size of a postage stamp.  Do ya'll think that the current cover is a
victim of CD shrinkage?  Granted, RTB showed no signs of this syndrome . . .
so I may be barking up the wrong tree.

Still, it occurs to me that the multitude of images in the CP liner notes
would have looked _really_ cool on an album cover.  It also occurs to me that
they would make a great poster.  Hmmm . . . .

Good day and War Eagle!
(Auburn is 7-0 and #9 with a bullet!)



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 18:05:01 PDT
From: trumpet@CSOS.ORST.EDU (David Novak)
Subject: Another favorable revue.

Rush-mgr, this is kind of long so publishing or archiving it is
up to you.

The following has been copied from Oregon State University's school
paper, Daily Barometer.  Without permission, of course :-)
Music from a Higher Plane
    by David Sokolowski
    of the Daily Barometer
    October 22, 1993

Pushing off to a powerful start with "Animate," Rush's new album
Counterparts proves again that the Canadian trio will forever last as
the world's coolest band.

As such, "Animate' is the perfect song to being Rush's 15th studio
album since the band's creation 20 years ago and its first album in
1974.  Combining a throbbing bass sound with straight-forward
drumming, "Animate" puts Counterparts in perfect perspective -- it
takes more chances than Rush's last two albums, Presto and Roll The
Bones, yet still keeps the modern sound Rush has progressed with in
the past ten years.

This immediate difference that Counterparts presents may be caused
by Rush's return to a past producer, Peter Collins.  Guitarist
Alex Lifeson, bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Geddy Lee and drummer
Neal Peart worked with Collins to gain the highly polished and
powerful sound present on Power Windows and Hold Your Fire, and his
reappearance at the sound board returns that feeling to Rush.

For instance, Counterparts is almost entirely absent of cheesy anthems
or ballads, and instead focuses on pushing the counterpart theme
with powerful images and energetic songs.  "Between Sun & Moon,"
"Aliean Shore," "Double Agent," and "Cold Fire" are obvious plays on
the counterparts idea.  These songs not only alternate in theme
lyrically, but also move energetically between varying musical textures
and patterns.  Most notably is "Double Agent," which presents itself
as two different songs with part of the lyrics spoken over a harsh,
throbbing rhythm and the "counterpart" sung to a melodic, slower part.

And yet Counterparts doesn't fall into a rut with this theme.  Instead,
it combines solid, intense music with thoughtful lyrics -- perhaps a
set of counterparts itself.  "Cut To The Chase," "Stick It Out," and
"Speed Of Love" all follow in the classic Rush style and are solid songs
in their own.  Collin's return has also made Counterparts easier to
digest than the musically-wired Roll The Bones or the lyrically-flakey
Presto -- both produced by Rupert Hines.

Although this return to power is solid in most of the 11 tracks, there
are some disappointing spots.  "Nobody's Hero" carries a solid theme about
personal heros and how people imagine heroics, but begins poorly with lyrics,
"I knew he was different in his sexuality/I went to his parties as the
straight minority."  Peart's attention to his homosexual friend isn't
inappropriate, and the song grows strong after the beginning.  But the
obvious rhyme and word choice makes the song a bit difficult to swallow

Also in the disappointing category is the album's instrumental,
"Leave That Thing Alone." Again, the song is very strong in its own, but
when compared to other Rush instrumentals such as "YYZ" and
"La Villa Strangiato," this new song lacks pure energy.  This energy
depletion doesn't detract from Rush's obvious ability to play their
instruments INCREDIBLY [this was in itallics] well, but the song
would do well in a movie soundtrack -- something not characteristic
of many Rush songs.

But the biggest disappointment comes with the last song.  "Everyday
Glory" exemplifies the problems found in both "Nobody's Hero" and
"Leave That Thing Alone" by lacking both musical energy and lyrical
integrity -- it is even more disappointing as a closing song.  Rush's
albums often keep a musical strength throughout the album, having both
a strong start and finish.  Moving Pictures' "Tom Sawyer" and "Vital
Signs," Grace Under Pressure's "Distant Early Warning" and "Between The
Wheels" and Power Windows' "Big Money"  and "Mystic Rhythms" are
all perfect examples of this.  Yet "Everyday Glory" is neither a solid
song nor a solid counterpart to "Animate."  In all, "Everyday Glory" is
just a mediocre song -- a large choke for Rush.

All things considered, however, Counterparts is an excellent addition
to the Rush catalong, and can easily be integrated into anyone's
library.  Not only does Counterparts mark the return to a more
structured and refined sound, but it proves once again that Rush
represents the best today's music can offer.

Perhaps Counterparts would have been better as a 10-track album, with
both a strong finish and end.  But Rush has been playing music long
enough that "Everyday Glory" just proves how competent they are.  Even
with the last song, Counterparts is a strong and intelligent release.

Rush - Counterparts
        Grade: A

(The article also has the 3 pictures of the boyz from Presto)
David B. Novak                  This is not the place you will           receive enlightenment.         - A Voice from the Heavens


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 21:56:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Bravado Bootleg

Dunno If I saw this in here before or not, probably ...being in
a Rush-addicted mood after listening to every Rush Cd and then Counterparts
over and over again (even while I sleep!!)...I needed some new Rush Warz!
So I went to the import shoppe tonight and found "Rushin Roulette" "Rush
live in Orlando" "Bravado" and a couple of other bootleg Cds.

I bought the one thaat looked the coolest ....Bravado had Neil
slammed on the cover of the Cd behind his 2112 Tama set :) and it was
a Double CD so I haddta have it :)

Anyways, this is a pretty good boot..seems a lot went into it (including
my 40bucks!)....the sound quality is a little trebly but I guess thats
only to be expected.  Sure beats the hell otta ALEXS RESTAURAUNT (Rush-
The Story of Kings) ...for those who dont have that piece of sh/...
er quality work, trust me and skip it :).

Bravado Live...ah! gotta love it....the Cds were "taped" at Nassau
Collesium on 03/92 and include the great RTB songs...including that

					***RUSH_FAN fidonet echo***
				 Coming soon to Fidonet Backbone!!!!!!!!!!!
		                 Ask your local Sysop to pick it up today!



Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 22:17:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: Help compile the Cp collection.

Hi everyone.  Can you all get together and help compile the "New Stuff
List" for Cp?  Anything that is out for Cp, please E-Mail me and I'll
compile the list.

EXAMPLE:  For RTB they had;
                the album (of course)
		GoaC cassingle
		The Scroll and the Bones (Which, sniff, I don't have)
		3-4 cd Picture singles
		the 10" vinal picture disk

For Cp I have heard of a limited edition CD, a Radio only SIO cd single, a
T-Shirt?? and a couple of other things.

Thanks, Wayne.


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 22:34:30 EST
Subject: Leave That Thing Alone!

I was going back over an old Guitar Player interview with Alex and Geddy (one
published right after RTB came out; they are on the cover), and in it Geddy
says that he will work a song to death if they don't just make him drop it and
leave it alone.  Maybe, since the latest instrumental isn't part of The
Gangster of Baots Trilogy, the name of the song could have come from the fact
that Alex and Neil told Geddy to "Leave That Thing Alone!"

Hmm...could be...

Is anyone else looking forward to an epic instrumental medley consisting of:

La Villa Strangiato
Where's My Thing?
Leave That Thing Alone!  (You know, thses could actually be the four parts of
			  the Gangster of Boats, in random order)
parts of Natural Science (end of Hyperspace, beg. of Perm. Waves)
Working Man
Cygnus X-1 (parts of both parts)

How cool would this be?  So cool I would probably start masturbating in

"Hey Beavis, he said masturbate me!"

John !


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 22:13:30 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: MTV's "Weak in Rock" 10-23/24

I was gonna mention this in the post I e-mailed to the NMS last night but
simply forgot to.  In any case, here it is:

Did anybody happen to catch last weekend's edition of MTV's "Week in Rock"?
Well, they sent perky Alison Stewart (one of their intern-esque VJs) to a
university in the east to ask various members of the student body if they
knew that Pearl Jam had just released a new album, and, if not, would they
like to take a copy of the CD with 'em, listen to it overnight, and "report"
back the next afternoon.  Stewart couldn't have been trying more to cram
numerous copies of "Versus" into the faces of these campus carousers.  Of
course, most everyone she spoke with "loved" Pearl Jam to begin with, so
there wasn't going to be too much of a problem distributing the CDs.  How

   [ Speaking of MTV, they did show _Counterparts_ briefly (with SIO playing
     in the background) under the "new releases" this week.     : rush-mgr ]

The next day Stewart return as promised and reinterviewed the guniea pigs.
She was askin' things like, "Which is your fave song?" and "Would you go
out and buy this CD?"  The students would tell Stewart the names of their
favorite songs, and MTV would conveniently fade-in a chyron on the screen
that named the song mentioned as well as its fucking track number!  What in
the hell kind of douchebag behavior is that?!  Could MTV have given "Versus"
anymore free fuckin' advertising?  One could wipe away the goo that MTV was
shooting via their satellite dish over the new Pearl Jam release.  So yet
another music group has released something new...IT'S AN EVENT?!  Well, it
is if it's Pearl Jam, Janet Jackson, or Areosmith, but it certainly isn't
if it's Rush.  I guess MTV doesn't mind promoting the fallacy that to get
excited over a new Rush release is very uncool.  Fuck, the Rolling Stones
and Neil Young get more coverage on MTV than Rush does.

In any event, it truly sickened me to watch MTV trip over itself trying to
show PJ's record label that it likes them very, very much.  Personally, I've
heard that the new Pearl Jam CD kind of sucks in comparison to "Ten."  MTV
is the Rolling Stone magazine of television.  I've always tried to find
something worthwhile about each of them for years, and with the exception
of "Beavis and Butt-head," "120 Minutes," and the occasional appearance of
P.J. O'Rourke in RS, I truly despise both institutions.  Fuck 'em...


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 22:46:00 -0500 (CDT)
From: Tom Servo 
Subject: Gamera is really neat...

Greetings RushFans(tm)!

As an avid MST3K lover (I love the show as much as Rush is my favorite band),
I feel that I can fully explain the [MST3K, Gamera (is turtle meat)] reference
in the liner notes of Cp.  Gamera is a huge flying turtle.  No, really!!  The
Gamera series of movies were inspired by the Godzilla craze in Japan.  Some of
Gamera's finer works include "Gamera vs. Gaos", and "Gamera vs. Zigra".  The
'turtle meat' line comes from a song that the boys in the satillite would sing
about Gamera.  The movie itself provided the music and the lyrics (in Japanese)
and Joel and the 'bots sort of... loosely translated them.  Here goes:

Gamera is really neat
Gamera _is turtle meat_
We all love you Gam-er-a

That's the chorus, there are some verses that I really don't remember since I
haven't watched those episodes in a while (yes, I have them all on tape!)
REMEMBER:   Gamera is friend of all children.

Thanks, and God Bless...   wait, I can't say that, I'm *atheist*
Thanks, and May Whatever God You Believe In Bless You

The Analog Dan

* "I wanna decide who     *    "I was lined up for glory, but the tickets sold *
* lives and who dies"     *     out in advance"                                *
*       - Crow T. Robot   *                            -Neil Peart             *
* Daniel M. Clark                                 *
* Stephen F. Austin State University   (409) 568-5541                          *


Date: 26 Oct 1993 00:21:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Todd Huestis 
Subject: Lame Drumming!

Hello, my Rushfan friends,

IMO, Neil took a few steps back on this album(Cp of course).  I think his
drumming and percussion are very boring and uneventful.  In a previous post,
Louis Allard mentioned " is not as complicated as it used to be(compare
to 'subdivisions' drums!')"  Isn't this what we have come to expect from the
greatest drummer on the planet?!?  Subdivisions is one of my top 5 Rush songs!

Also, others have mentioned Available Light as an underrated tune.  I agree.
It comes on slow and smooth, then hits like a brick.  I love it.

As for everyone who has so much time to evaluate and contemplate the liner
notes, do you work for a living or sit at a computer all day?  I know I'm
asking for flames, but I work two jobs to get through school, and don't know
where you guys get all the free time.  Must be nice!

I **HATE** long posts, so 'nuff for now.

Anxiously awaiting tour info,

Todd Huestis


From: (L Clator Butler Jr)
Subject: Would they surprise us with these?
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 00:23:19 -0400 (EDT)

Rush seems to be breaking out of their mold, or is showing a
desire to anyway.  Neil himself says he feared (around the RTB
tour) that they were becoming too predictable.

Now they are changing their song format to go back to some roots.
Ged announced that the stage setup should be rather different to
break the monotony.

So are they going to continue playing the same damn 15 staple
tunes, or are they going to pull out some more esoteric material
on this next tour?  Hell, they pulled out "Analog Kid" and
"Cygnus X-1" on the third leg.

I'd like to hear them drop a lot of the staples (Okay, I give them
"2112" "Tom" "Spirit" and "CTTH") and replace them.  Trade the
"The Trees" for "Circumstances,"  trade "Freewill" for "Natural
Science," trade "Red Barchetta" for "The Camera Eye,"  "Distant
Early Warning" for "Kid Gloves;" "The Big Money" for "Grand
Designs;" "Force Ten" for "Prime Mover;" and even "Superconductor"
for "Presto."

They have a lot of GOOD material that they are hailed for (and
sometimes not hailed for) that would give us a break from the
same-old same-old.  I'd like it. Not to mention the medley:
"2112/Fly By Night/Working Man/Return of the Prince/In the End"

I'd even arrange it for them.  I already have my staff paper

| L. Clator Butler, Jr.          | "The power to destroy a      |
|     |  single planet is insig-     |
| "Where the Blue Ridge yawns"   |  nificant to the power of the|
| My views are strictly my own.  |  Force..."  --Darth Vader    |


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