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 Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 21:35:08 -0400
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Subject: 10/26/93 - The National Midnight Star #799

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 799

                 Tuesday, 26 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                Gangster of Boats Trilogy
      Alien Shore mumblings/Counterparts in booklet
                    CP not as bad....
                  Gamera and turtle meat
                  An OZ fan's ramblings
                   Nobody's Hero/LTTA!
                Alex on Metal Shop, stuff
                      another thing!
               Parts of Counterparts et al
              Binary digits: One More Time!
                 One more sleeve question
                       Final tunes
                   Double Agent & Zappa
Fave cover & title? As of now, _Grace Under Pressure_ all the way!
                      Hey Dave Bell
                   Re: Marillion/Fugazi
               The final CP pic / new rumor
                MTV Gopher - Ken's Column
                    Charts and stuff.
     CP Live / FML (Frequently Misunderstood Lyrics)
                  Ancient Incans/BS&M ?
     Re:  10/25/93 - The National Midnight Star #797
                    C Percussion Stuff
                     Geddy and drums
                Black & White Counterpart
                   Cp in South America?
                       This 'n that
                 Limbaugh The Working Man
                       Alien Shore
       is "Cold Fire" the second single, or what?!?
            Misc. Opines on Various Questions
               A couple of things about CP
                     First Tour Date
                   Guitar World review

From: (Jamie E. Bruhn)
Subject: Gangster of Boats Trilogy
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 23:26:04 -0500 (CDT)


I was thinking in a relation to a post on the last issue about the
Gangster of Boat thing. Well, my philosophy is this: Maybe it is an
installment of Gangster of Boats Trilogy in the idea of:

Where's My Thing? (from the last album)


Leave That Thing Alone!

If one thinks about it, you could come up with a good tie-in between them.
So maybe this is an ongoing title relationship to a certain "thing"?

Just my 2 cents I guess...
(If someone has already mentioned this idea disregard this post, I havent
been keeping up with the digests lately)


P.S. Just what IS that "Thing"?
It could stand for the boat in "Gangster of Boats"
ex. Where's My Boat?
    Leave That Boat Alone!


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 22:38:05 -0600
From: Moonlight In Your Blood 
Subject: Alien Shore mumblings/Counterparts in booklet

I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but has anyone got ANY
idea what's being said in the middle of "Alien Shore"?  If you listen
carefully, in the middle of the song during an instrumental section you
can hear a voice saying something.  But it's so darn quiet, I can't make
out a single word.  Sounds like Geddy, though.  I coulda sworn I heard
the word "envelopes" in there, but I think I can chalk that one up to
an overactive imagination.

As for "screwed, blued, and tattooed"...that's an old cliche.  I've got
an album released about 3 or 4 years ago that's named "Screwed, Blued,
& Tattooed."  Sounds to me like it's something that came out of the blues,
I just see it as commentary on depressed rock stars. :)

Anyone else think that "Stick It Out", the 'fabulous first Rush single', is
actually the weakest track on Counterparts?  (All this Cp and CP nonsense!
It doesn't take that much to just type it out! ;)

Phil Wilson, editor - hardrock mailing list


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 00:23:30 EDT
Subject: CP not as bad....

Okay, okay. You guys have me, maybe I was a little harsh in my earlier
critique of the album.

For one major point, I've definitely changed my mind on Nobody's Hero. Took a
few listens, but I can honestly say that this is definitely a classic Rush
song, ala 'The Pass' or 'Losing it'. But I still think that the first verse
makes me giggle a little at the rhyme scheme. But good song.

Has anyone else noticed that for the most part, the final song on any Rush
album is  one of their better songs on the album. Well, maybe not better but
definitely different from the others. Of course there are exceptions (Like
RTB, GUP). But look at the others, this is from my small collection of RUSH

MP - Vital Signs (very different from the rest of the album (one of the many
word play songs (Like Anagram, Bet your Life, Chemistry, Red, etc.)
Signals - Countdown (the only song that breaks from the concept in the
Signals album (tracing a man's journey from High School -> College -> The
REAL world -> the end of life)
GuP - Like I said, this song fits with the rest
PW - Mystic Rhythms (Awesome, but different from the rest)
HYF - High Water (One of my fav mellow Rush songs, a lot like Mystic Rhythms)
Presto - Available Light (Again, another powerful song. I see a pattern
forming. The previous three could be a trilogy in and of themselves)
RTB - Bet Your Life (Not really different from the others)
CP - Everyday Glory (Slow start, then BAMM!! the lyrics really hit home.)

Does anyone else see this and want to add something??

Also, on the Rand discussion.
Let's just say that Rush takes and existentialist point of view and leave it
at that.

Finally, this is one album where I haven't had any misunderstood lyrics (ala
Freewill, or any other song)
Oh wait, there was that song about the 'Glorified Vision of a Pelican'
Oops, forgot, that was the new Pearl Jam album  :D

SF Frank

'I've got a brick, but I can't find a window" -CC


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 00:33:47 EDT
Subject: Gamera and turtle meat


Well I guess I'll send this in and hope it gets used. Since someone asked
about the Gamera comment and since it was in CP, maybe it will add some more
obscure Rush Trivia to what we already carry around. Besides, it's definitely
better than reading about that darn binary code or the Rand discussion.

Perhaps the worst 4 or 5 movies every aired on MST3K was the Gamera series.
They starred this giant mutant turtle that could fly...
"You will believe that a giant mutant turtle can fly" - Crow T Robot.

Anyway this turtle was the friend of all children and had lots of fun
adventures, etc. etc. Anyway, the series had this theme song, which was in
Japanese. So Joel and the Bots wrote their own versions of the song. It went
something like this.

Gamera is really neat
Gamera is full of meat (or "He is full of turtle meat")
We all love you Gamera
One Two Three Four (I curse the day Sandy Frank was born)

You get the picture.

SF Frank (Pushing the button)


From: Adam Soudure 
Subject: An OZ fan's ramblings
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 13:35:14 +0800 (WST)

Howdy all....

I thought I was the first Aussie on this digest to get CP, but obviously
not...congrats to Stum for getting b4 me :)

ok...onto my thoughts on the newie (like you all wanted to know what I
was thinking)

Animate, Stick It Out, and Cut to the Chase just plain ROCK!!!!

I actually reckon that the drum intro in An. sounds like Even Flow by PJ
not Once...anyhow, that is irrelevant :)

I must say that the comments about Neil's simplistic drumming strike me
as a bit strange...some of the fills he does are quite complex, and the
grooves are just brilliant!!! It is great that someone finally gave Alex
back his distortion pedal. I think the boys should buy him a Marshall
with Quad box for christmas, then the guitar would be truly earth
shaking :)

Another thing that pleases me about CP is the appearance of Hammond
Organ! I never thought I'd hear the real thing on a RUSH album, but
there it is in CTTC, LTTA and Cold Fire (I think)...there is also some
buried in Animate. LTTA is a beautiful instrumental, esp were the keys
(a layer of Piano, Bells and Hammond) come in. Sounds like late model
King Crimson being played by U2....

The only song I don't like is Cold Fire. They could have made that so
sooooo heavy, but wimped out (IMHO) and made it a ballad. It just sounds
a bit too smooth for my liking, but that is my opinion -- not fact...:)

The lyrics left me cold on the first couple of listens, but they are
growing on me. I have never liked instensely personal lyrics, especially
those where the writer inflicts their hardships/loves/problems on me.
I'm not saying Neil has done this, but people having a cathartic
experience on stage or in song just make me cringe. Nobody's Hero really
moved me though (the orchestration by Michael Kamen is superb, as it is
with songs like Silent Lucididty -- Queensryche, Who Wants to Live Forever --
Queen). Especially the last outro bit, where the strings come in...very
emotional and powerful.

Anyway, needless to say that when I got the CD home and played it -- my
breath was taken away by the power of the album overall...the most
powerful since MP, but completely different (if you get my meaning)...

Ok, I will shut up now and go and listen to it again (for the millionth

Seeya later



Subject: Nobody's Hero/LTTA!
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 20:32:49 CDT
From: Cygnus 

Hi again,

About Nobody's Hero -- could the turn-off for the song be the first stanza of
the song.  "I knew that he was different in his sexuality"  COULD it be that
MOST of the people that don't like this song, don't like it because they are
homophobic and hear this first line and think Neils' singing about a friggin'
faggot!  Or that the thought that the song starts off with a person who is a
homosexual make SOME people uneasy to listen to the song?  If so then CENSORED
FOR COURTSY by the writer.  Come on people if you are uneasy by these lyrics
then what is your problem, broaden up you horizons a bit huh.
This song is not directly about the gay community
or tring to convert you to be a gay.  It is about someone that is a friend (
for Neil he happens to be gay) who has changed your life and you look up to this
person from what this person has done for/to you.  Then they are gone and to you
you miss this peron, and hold this person as a hero to you, though they may
not be to anyone else.

If you are someone who doesn't like this song because the music is slow or not
rocking then I hope you like the song for its lyrics, because you have very
little reason to listen to a band that puts a huge (I mean b.i.g. HUGE) amount
of the song creating process to the lyrics, if you listen to them for just the
instruments and the sounds that the band makes with them.

I am sorry to those who really don't like the song, this was not aimed at your
direction in anyway.   It has been my experience
with those many people that I have talked to about this albumi, that the
majority that didn't like Nobody's Hero was because of the first line of lyrics
from the song.  This burns me up BAD!  Or maybe my problem is that I have an
open mind, and don't look down on the human behavior, that I don't find harmful
to others, that is different from my own.

Ok, now to climb down my high horse, wait one last thing.  About LTTA, to those
who though it was another part in the Ganster or Boats trilogy, possible
part V.  Know this--Where's my thing was an inside joke for the band, and a
trilogy has three parts, and the fact that WMT was part four only added to the

"A world of difference,"          Dave Broucek  USP
"A world so out of touch."        University of Southern Palatine
"Overwhelemed by everything,"     a.k.a W. R. Harper College
"But wanting more so much."       "Is it wrong?" - Kevin Mathews/Jimmy Shorts
 - You know who!                  uunet!harper!dbroucek & uunet!harper!brouceda


Subject: Alex on Metal Shop, stuff
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 19:31:58 CDT
From: Cygnus 

Hey ya'all,

I don't know if anyone else has a radio program called Metal Shop, it sounds
as if it is a national thing.  But Alex Lifeson was the featured guest this
week.  He had talked about the harder in yer face style of the new album, and
what he thought (sorta), Neil's lyrics ment.  I did tape the show and when I
have time will type in the interview for TMNS.  Hopefully by the end of this

   [ If you, or anyone else for that matter, have radio interviews taped and
     don't have the time to type them in, drop a line, she 
     said she'll be more than happy to type them up.	      : rush-mgr ]

Anyways about Cp, I have to.  I truelly believe this is the album that many of
the older Rush fans have been waiting for!  This had a harder sound that I know
I have been craving from them since MP.  Too bad they don't do anything like
COS or the stories from the 70's, but the harder sound made me real happy.  If
you haven't listen to the album with headphones on DO SO!  You'll hear some
sounds like lightly spoken text (No the part from Double Agent, you nutwads!),
and other instruments.  In CTTC there is a piano in the background but it is
really faint, you can really hear it towards the end; and in Alien Shore there
is a few faint words during the solo, just to name a few things.  There are
other sounds that a friend and I found when we disected the song(I don't mean
by thinking either 'cause if you have the ability to - do so!), that I'll
leave up to you to find.  Kinda like watching MST3K (Gamera you're turtle meat),
and tring to find the Millenium Falcon, trumpets, and such on the walls of the
Satellite of Love.

Also one last note -- There is a differnce between the tape and the CD
packaging of Counterparts.  The CD has a picture of Neil with his Mowhawk, the
tape doesn't BUT has a group picture of the band backstage somewhere.

"No one is blameless,"             From: dbroucek@harper
"But were all without shame"               or   brouceda@harper
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This just in from the odds dept: Chris Chelios now has a 10,000,000:1 chance of
winning the Lady B!


Subject: another thing!
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 21:01:59 CDT
From: Cygnus 

One last thing,

For those homophobic people out there you are probably also offended at the
song Animate for its thoughts on the female's influnce on the male and the
female within the male kinda thing; and probably also think that Neil is now
becoming gay!  Also, what is so daring about the writing of and singing Nobody's

One last thing, no I'm not a bitchmeister, just bothered by what I've heard from
other people.

from: dbroucek@harper or brouceda@harper, "you got a problem wit that?"
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  playoff format!
- The Germans in Chicago for the World Cup?!?  Get the the fire extingusers


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 02:20:23 EDT
Subject: Parts of Counterparts et al

About CP

Best Song - Cut to the Chase
Worst Song - Speed of Love
Lyrics by INXS, music by Pearl Jam (sorry Ben) - Animate
Made for radio - Stick it Out
Made for trash - Cold Fire
Cool bass - Alien Shore
1001001SOS = Ah yes to yes to ahh ahh to yes
That Everyday Glory song gets better every time
Could use a little lyrical subtlety - Nobody's Hero (Good song, anyway)
Useless chorus - Double Agent

As for ASILVERM@umiami - Keep on Rockin with Dokken!!!!

Cut it out with the Les Claypool barbs - although Les is a great bass player,
he'd be the first one to tell you that Geddy has forgotten more about playing
bass than he knows


Date: Tue Oct 26 00:22:41 1993
Subject: Binary digits: One More Time!

Well, I started the "binary = DDD" thread, so think I'll interject a few
thoughts into the conversation.

>From: (C.A. Peskin)
>Yes, 'hammel' has it right about the binary!!!

Well, I'm glad you think I'm *right* but it was just a guess (unless
you have some inside information that I don't :) By the way, don't
be so formal, we're all friends here, just call me 'greg' (<- apostrophe's
required :).

>From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
>1's & 0's:
>  So far (IMO) I'd have to agree with the DDD stuff.  I'm curious,
>  though, as to why they are to the left, running up & down as
>  opposed to being at the bottom, running across?

Well, the way I see it, its so they read as DDD left to right, which is
the conventional way of presenting these sorts of things. Of course, since
when has Rush been conventional? :) (Oh shit, does that through my
theory out the window? Jeez, now I'm gonna have to give up my Dick Tracy
decoder ring!)

>From: Stef Buttles 
>I am of the sort who gets off trying to decypher coded messages like the
>"remember death", and tryed immediately every trick I could think of to
>figure out the binary on Cp.

I'm pretty much the opposite. I guess that's why "my solution" is pretty

>I also have been reading all of your ideas
>(DDD sounds ok, but bland :)

Ahh, but life isn't always exciting. But them I'm a grad-student so maybe
my world-view is a tad skewed. :)

>and this thought struck me into hysterics:
>I wonder how hard Hugh Syme and RUSH worked to make sure this binary
>combination was UNTRANSLATABLE into anything that might possably be
>construed as a message.  I mean, some of us are pretty dam resorcefull,
>and just darn crazy (using translating masks, or treating it as a
>possable archive format) and none of us seems to have even come up with a
>lame phrase.  That in itself is impressive!!!

I think if this turned out to be the truth, it would take me about 5 or 6
minutes to compose myself from laughing so hard.

>From: glen reed 
>There, now that that's out of the way, we can all go back to enjoying the
>album!  Unless the binary code posts persist....  I mean, LOOK at the thing
>folks -- just shift the middle line over a character and they're all the


:):):):):) (<- for the humour impaired!)

>        Has it ever occurred to anyone that the binary code may not actually
>reveal _anything_???

Entirely possible.

>Zeroes and ones are natural counterparts, so the binary
>pattern is actually very likely to be chosen at random, and mean nothing.
>Besides, one would think Neil, Geddy and Alex would have better things to do
>with their time than figure out how to torture the entire Rush Fan World.

I tend to agree with you, that's why I like the 'DDD' explanation. The actual
sequence of 1's and 0's is completely meaningless. It's just the fact that they
are 1's and 0's that provides the explanation.

>        Whoever suggested the binary code stood for "DDD" (all digital
>recording) _must_ be right;

That's what I keep tryin' to tell people! :)

>this is the only recent cd not to give that
>information, and since all you people with lots of time on your hands couldn't
>decipher it any further, my bet is on this interpretation.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

>To address the 100100111 controversy...could it somehow be related to the
>dice sequence on RTB? Not that I have enough free time to compare the two..
>but I know some of y'all do.

Well, it is '3' rows of counterparts (1's and 0's) that may be the only
reason, but I do kinda like the 'DDD' explanation. (I said that before, didn't

Well, that's enough for now. The suggestion of the binary digits
referring to the recording technique was just a random thought in a rather
chaotic thought process. The more I think about it, the more I like it,
just becuase of its simplicity. Anyways, if anyone can come up with a
believable uncoded message, I'll jump in line behind it.

Greg Hammel.

This message brought to you be the letter ":)". (Looks like I went a little
overboard with the smileys, eh?)


Date:         Tue, 26 Oct 93 03:01:44 EDT
From: "Michael A. Weintraub" 
Subject:      One more sleeve question

Buenos noches mein froinds...

Amidst all this discussion of the CP sleeve, I haven't seen anyone question
the baseball scoreboard.  Why is the home team listed on top?

Chalk me up as another Heresy and Available Light fan, too.

Mike, who is leaving all his evidence why frats suck out of his post, cuz
he doesn't want to be censored by the ubiquitous rush-mgr :)

   [ Ok very funny Mike.  /kill Jedi                           :rush-mgr ]

ps. GO FLYERS!!!

: Mike Jvi Weintraub aka : \  / ___  __ :
: The American University, Washington DC, USA :  \/  ___ |_ `:
:...............sig Quote du Jour.............:  /   ___   \ :
:"My precious sense of honor is just a shield : /          / :
: of rusty wire" - Rush 'Double Agent'        :       \___/  :


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 04:08:10 -0400 (EST)
From: "Joshua B. Atkins" 
Subject: Final tunes

First I would like to respond to Owen Gottlieb, who posted in #796 about
under-rated tunes.  What a coincidence.

	In the End
	Kid Gloves
	Everyday Glory

all songs that he considered under-rated, are three of the songs that I've
recently been skipping around their respective CDs to hear.  Owen, I like
your taste. Sad to say, Hemespheres and the Prime Mover album (I assume
HYF) are not yet in my collection, and I am thus unfamiliar with the those
two songs.

Second,  I would like to point out the magic in the last track on most
RUSH albums.  I don't know what it is but there is some strange aura that
eminates from the final cut on most rush CDs.  They always seem to have a
more sort of highly emotional, almost sensual, move-the-world kind of feel
to them.


		In the End
		Vital Signs
		Between the Wheels
		Available Light
		Everyday Glory

I just think that's kind of cool.  Not earth shattering (like the songs),
but just kinda neat.
                              - Joshua B. Atkins -
                         - -

                 -- Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
                                           -- [guess]


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 11:57:54 +0100
Subject: Double Agent & Zappa
From: hzsig01!!JIM

Hi there,

The spoken part on double agent reminded me of the "Dumb all over -
a little ugly on the sides' - part from zappa's "you are what you is".

Anybody else?


BTW CP Rocks!!


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Fave cover & title? As of now, _Grace Under Pressure_ all the way!
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 22:50:05 -0600

RE: Thomas Brabant 

[..first verse of "Double Agent"...]
>Is this not the same Neal we've always known and love?  Beautiful, Beautiful !
>New Neil , old Neil - he's incredible!

Agreed. I can't get over the verse of "...sense of honor, just a shield
of rusty wire..." especially since in English class we just read _Sir Gawain
and the Green Knight_, and in Spanish class we're reading _Don Quijote_.

And now that we're reading _Heart of Darkness_ and the teacher keeps talking
about Freud's Ego/Superego/Id trio, I can't get "my angels and my demons at
war" out of my head! Gah. I'm going to write down the lyrics, give 'em to him
(my teacher) and let him have fun.

   [ Ah yes, I remember Heart of Darkness... sort of...		: rush-mgr ]

RE: (John Becker)
Subject: Counterpart symbolisms

>No one has yet commented on the "Yin and Yan" symbol.

Well.. it was one of the few obvious ones, I thought... Goes w/o saying...
too late...

>On the nude female torso, which is a piece of sculpture for anyone who hasn't
>seen it yet, is it too far out to suggest they might have been thinking of a
>play on the word "counterparts'? As in "Count Her Parts". One, two! OK?

I feel dumb for not getting that... a friend of mine, when I told him the
title of the new album, said (and I was expecting it, 'cause he does this a
lot) "Counterparts? I hardly know her!"

RE: "Jeffrey S. Tullos" 
Subject: Blood for Rush

( all read the story..)

You are an incurable fanatic. Much as I hate to say it... I woulda
done it too. And I /hate/ needles.

RE: Binary stuff...

Guys, keep it coming! I'm laughing my ass off! And I'm glad I don't live
anywhere NEAR the CN tower in Toronto!!!

Ok. The Vortexian list of NMS'ers who need more sleep:

	Dave Atrostic... too much Pac-man is bad for the brain. Especially
when you play at midnight, when you KNOW you should be watching the Rocky
Horror Picture Show instead! Sigh. Kids these days.

	Nick Bruels and Mike Usrey... I'm afraid different eyes see different
things, and different NMS'ers will acronym _CPTS_ a totally different way. Will
it horribly ruin your weekend if some posters thoughtlessly type _CP_ when
they mean _Cps_? And then those foolish sheep who think it's acceptible to
refer to the Holy Album as  _CC_ (well, it /is/ Counterparts plural) or
even _CntrPrts_ for the vowelly challenged! EGAD! What's a Priest of the
Temples of Syrinx to do??? Remind me someday to tell you about the *Prodigy
Peart Police.. unless Uffe (and I know you're reading) will do the honors...

	And last but not least... me. And I still have homework to do.
G'night, amigos!
					Laugh, you bastards!
						--The Inexcusable Vortex
+ "(Exuent all, singing falala, etc.
*  Shower of rose petals. Ringing of bells. Gods descend
+  from heaven, demons rise from hell, much ado with
*  turntables, etc.) The End."             -T. Pratchett


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 07:52:35 -0400
From: Christopher Mermagen 
Subject: Hey Dave Bell

hope the name's right.. :) Our views of this album basswise
are almost exact.. I won't go into what you said, howeve.r.

Animate: say it ain't so.. no picks.. please.. :) Actually,
the only thing I can think of with that sound is what
Geddy mentioned on the album premiere (Oct. 14th). He said
that one of the techs at Le Studio found an old bass head
(tube amps) and fixed it up.. But he said it was on it's
last legs, it's death-throws if you will, and he tried
it for the sound, and liked it.. Maybe that middle part
was recorded with this amp.. Like you say, Bass Player
will reveal all..

LTTA: ditto.. love this song

Cold Fire: there are some great fills in this song.. really
add to the overall mood and feeling this song generates..

well, enjoy -


From: Graham James Reilly 
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 12:32:46 GMT
Subject: Re: Marillion/Fugazi

If I remember right the word fugazi came into use in Vietnam.  It means
"all f**ked up" or "totally f**ked up" or something like that.  Fish
used it for a song title ("This world is totally fugazi") and album
title and I suspect the American band came up with it completely
The whole "Double Agent contains Fugazi" thing I suspect came from the
fact that Fish's first solo album was called "Vigil In A Wilderness
Of Mirrors."  Coincidence or not?

Apologies for small Rush content....


"Geometry of innocence, flesh on the bone
Causes Galileo's math book to get thrown
At Delila who's sitting worthlessly alone
And the town has no need to be nervous."


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 08:53:34 EDT
From: glen reed 
Subject: The final CP pic / new rumor

Rushppl --

Okay, thanks to and for setting
me straight on the picture of Geddy on the drums.  For the rest of you
"unenlightened" people (incase neither of them post this) -- Geddy, as a
bass player, represents the rythmic counterpart to Neil, on the drums.  Guess
it ain't as obscure as I thought!

Here's an interesting, if not highly unlikely, thread:  My roommate seems to
think that Rutsey still stays in contact with the band in this way -- he
is under the impression that Rutsey is married to Geddy's sister.  Again,
this is HIS information, not mine.  Does Geddy even HAVE a sister??  I'd
just like to set him straight if someone can disprove this for sure.

And hey, rush-mgr, what's this you said the other day about signatures being
limited to FIVE lines???  I thought it was like nine!

[ And has anyone else ever thought how easy it would be to impersonate
  the rush manager within your own messages?                 :rush-mgr]

   [ Ah yes, but I have the discretion to remove them if I wanted to.. :)
     And yes I would like to keep the .sigs to around 5 lines -- I heard that
     some newsreaders have a 5-line limit on sigs, so thought I would adopt the
     same policy.  But then you have a pretty cool .sig           :rush-mgr ]

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     /   __/              /         ............:.............................:
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__/       X  /_/ |/ __|/     \_____ :  I woke up one day, I was 23.  Lost a   :
     reed@ \             : whole year -- 365 days down the drain.  :


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 09:42:37 EDT
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: MTV Gopher - Ken's Column

Thought I'd give you a little more from the MTV gopher world, and Ken's
column, from which last week I posted his review of Counterparts.  Here's
his latest...

"... the response to my RUSH review was about 50/50, but the 50% that
     disagreed can kiss my ass.  I've been a RUSH fan since 1976 and your
     rudeness was uncalled for.  The whole review was only two sentences
     for christsakes..."

Sounds like more than a few NMS'ers got on his case, doesn't it...

I still find it hard to believe that he's a true Rush fan, given his previous
remarks about CP and RTB sounding alike.  If he's really a Rush fan, maybe
he'd like to subscribe to the digest?



Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 09:57:37 -0400
From: Gedman (SLLF) 
Subject: CounterBASSparts

Greetings fellow Rushians,

David Bell  writes:

>While I loved the sound of the Wal on recent albums, the
>semi-distorted Jazz Bass on Cp cuts through much better.

I am not sure if Geddy is using his Jazz Bass on Cp. Did he say in the
radio interview that he was? I have really only listened to Cp as a non-
musician. I am also a Bass player, but I have been very busy with school
to sit down and really figure out what Geddy is playing and what instruments
he is using. Although, I have figured out Animate. I agree with most of
your opinion of Animate.

You said:

>"Animate":  The word "driving" does not begin to describe the role of the
>bass here.  But here's the shocker...As much as it pains me, I have to
>conclude Geddy is playing with a pick here.  Check out not only the
>constant 16th-note groove in the chorus, but also the funky muting on the
>verses and the "My counterpart..." section.  I've tried playing through
>this song with both pick and fingers, and picking is not only more
>comfortable, but it just makes more sense with these grooves.  Anybody
>heard anything to confirm or deny?  I guess I'll have to wait for Ged to
>talk to Bass Player Mag.

I am not sure about Geddy using a pick.
If you heard the radio interview, Geddy said he used an old amp
for this song. Maybe the amp gives his bass that type of sound?
I sort of agree with you, but I really need to listen to it more.

BTW, are you originally from New York? If so, Email me.

Gotta go!
Gedman (SLLF)

= Scott Josephson                               "And if the music stops, =
= Chief AI Audio Specialist                      there's only the sound  =
= and Graduate Student                           of the rain, all the    =
= Florida Institute of Technology                hope and glory, all the =
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=                                                Bravado - Neil Peart    =


From: (Travis Williams)
Subject: Charts and stuff.
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 09:09:08 +22306512 (CDT)

    For those of you wanting to know where Rush is on the charts, here goes.

    On the Billboard AOR single chart (which is always out before the rating of
the album is out...) Stick It Out debuted at Number 1...much like Dreamline did
approximately 2 years ago.

    THIS IS NOT THE TOP 200 CHART I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!  So save the post.

    Also, Stick it Out is at the top of two major trade magazines, The Gavin
Report and Radio and Records...yes they beat Pearl Jam for adds to radio
station playlists.  Who would've thunk it?!  In fact, in one of the magazines,
97% of all the stations reporting for the AOR format were playing Stick It
Out...and this (make no mistake about it!) is impressive.

    So, I have no idea where the album is going to chart...It wasn't out yet
when I was research, although I suspect that it's out now.  So check your
local library for Billboard and you can find out.  And unfortunately, yes,
Pearl Jam will probably beat Rush on that one.  And with referral to the Top
200 single list, Rush will probably not show very respectably on that one
simply because it combines all forms of music and compares them together, so
(IMHO) the Billboard AOR singles chart is a far more accurate judge of success
than the top 200 chart could ever be.

    Also, I like Between Sun and Moon.  But hey, to each their own, don't you
think?!  Talk to you all later.



Date:         Tue, 26 Oct 93 10:36:52 EDT
From: "Gretchen Goes To Xanadu" 
Subject:      CP Live / FML (Frequently Misunderstood Lyrics)

Hi there,
   Is anyone kind of disappointed like me that they may play a song off
each album on the next tour?  Initially it sounds like a great idea, but
I was really looking forward to hearing all of CP live (maybe they'll do
an extra long show this time so they can do both).
   To add another to the list of FMLs, when I first heard Alien Shore,
I thought Ged was saying "We elect a child the President" (pretty funny
considering Clinton's relative youth).

David Whiteman
Leave That .sig Alone


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 11:06:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ancient Incans/BS&M ?

	Hello friends...

		Last night while I was reviewing my notes for a test in my
Cultural Anthropology test (playing AFTK in the background), I stumbled onto

		In the section called Kinship,  we were discussing different
types of lineages.   In ancient Inca, Women were considered descendents of the
Moon.   Men were descendents of the Sun...And they were considered complemen-
tary...they were COUNTERPATRS!  AH HA!

			Interesting, eh?



Date: 	Tue, 26 Oct 1993 11:39:09 -0400
From: (Tom Duck)
Subject: Re:  10/25/93 - The National Midnight Star #797

In case anyone missed it, the date on the Canadian Quarter is 1974, the
year of the first rush album.

Thomas J. Duck


Date:  Tue, 26 Oct 1993 08:06:00 +0000
From: "Robert (R.A.) Herrage" 
Subject:  C Percussion Stuff

Remember the "ching-ring" (the tamborine-like thing that John Bonham
used on top of his hi-hat)?  It works great for the tunes on C (yes,
that's C and not Cp or CP) that have the tamborine parts in them.

On "Double Agent", I recently noticed that Neil does a nice little
switch with this cymbal work that casually listening probably won't
catch.  Beginning around 3:30 and counting it in 6/8,

  1)  XxXxXx    X's indicate strokes on the bell of the ride cymbal
      123456    x's indicate strokes on the body of the ride cymbal

  2)  TxTxTx    T's indicate strokes on the "trash" cymbal
      123456    x's indicate strokes on the body of the ride cymbal

  3)  same as 1)

  4)  xTxTxT    T's indicate strokes on the "trash" cymbal
      123456    x's indicate strokes on the body of the ride cymbal

  As well, method 2) is used around 0:39 & 2:06 and method 4) is used
  around 4:20.

On "Leave That Thing Alone", Neil's nifty fill towards the end isn't
as hard as it may sound.  I think I've pretty much figured it out (if
I just had those special effects!).  I'll try to chart it if/when I
have time.

Anyone wanting to discuss more about Neil's contributions on C, send
me email.



From: Rohit Keswani 
Subject: Geddy and drums
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 12:07:34 -0500 (EDT)

About the picture of Geddy on drums. Bass and drums could be
considered counterparts and so Geddy (representing bass) could be
the counterpart of the drums.


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 12:24:02 -0500 (EST)
From: Armed with Sense and Liberty 
Subject: Quebec

Louis Allard sez:

>For the Pictures inside..  The big old style "PQ" over the blue background
>filled with small "PQ"s probably means "PROVINCE OF QUEBEC"...  PQ is the
>official Mail abreviation, and Neil Lives in Quebec. (Ile Perrault).  It
>makes sense since it's near the Maple Leaf and "Fleur de Lys".

Uh, mind your P's and Q's dude.

                                                 -Dave Purnell

"Collimate me, Constipate me, Masticate me, Carbon date me...."


From: Hugh Faulkner 
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 10:12:25 TZ
Subject: Black & White Counterpart

>From: Ill Omen 

>1) Did anyone notice the absence of a very important (or at least
>common) counterpart, that of black and white?

What do you suppose "For you and I - race is not a competition.  For
you and I - race is not a definition" found in Alien Shore means?

Seems like it's there to me.

>or am I just getting carried away by the "Rush is SO deep" mania?




From: (Miguel Farah F.)
Subject: Cp in South America?
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 14:32:15 ADT

>Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1993 16:22:56 -0500 (CDT)
>From: David Aaron Sissman 
>Subject: Cp in South America?
>  As I will be living in Santiago, Chile next year, I was wondering if Cp
>is in South America yet.  Moreover, I wanted to know if there are any Rush
>fans in South America.  I don't suppose that Rush has toured down there?
>   [ Nope, Rush has never toured in Chile.			: rush-mgr ]

Waaaaaaaahhh!! ;-( ;-(
Who's got the power to convince Rush to come down here? It would be a
great thing for a change... I mean, having read their interviews, it
looks clearly that they'd be better guests than some other things that
have come here (I'm thinking of Michael Jackson, Guns'n'roses, etc.).

Yes, there are Rush fans in Chile (I'm one...) -  however, we aren't
many - and only a few ones have net-access - two of us were the first
ones in the whole country to actually hear the CP a(u)lbum. Who made
the recording, so I can't thank him?

MIGUEL FARAH F.           // "Trust me - I know what I'm doing." //  - Sledge Hammer
#include    //


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 10:46:48 PDT
From: johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA (By-Tor)
Subject: This 'n that


Counterparts kicked off on the Island's Rock 20 last week at #4!!
This week it's at #2!  The only album that stands in the way of CP being #1
is _Human Wheels_ from John Mellencamp.  Now THAT hurts.  I can't stand that
album in the first place; it's so boring to listen to that it drives me up
the wall each time it comes on the radio (which occurs about 12 times per day).
(So WHAT if you came knocking!!?!?)  Unfair!   Compensate Me!  I hope you
Mellencamp fans can let this one go by...

Other ideas for pictures of counterparts on the album insert:
-R2-D2 and C-3PO...("I am C-3PO and this is my counterpart, R2-D2."--Episode IV)
-The album covers from Roll The Bones and Counterparts (to reflect the different
 *sound* on each album)
-The smartly-dressed man from the Hemispheres cover and....John Kruk.

Laminate Me....
				-----John (not Kruk)
* ,   ,  o   `,   '  .   , _____..---========+*+==========---.._____'
 ______________________,-='=====____  =================== _____=====`= '
(.__________________][__) - _-=_/   `---------=+=--------'     ,     ,  .
 /      /__...---===='---+---_/  "I've got my sights on the stars,  .
 '-------,______ -  _ =   _.-'  . won't get that far but I'll try anyway"
  ,    '  .    `---------'   *          +      *   ,       ---Rush, 1975


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 13:55:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Limbaugh The Working Man


	Anybody check the current Entertainment Weekly?  At the bottom of the
list of What People Are Talking About This Week there's a wee little picture
of the radio guy with the neato name.  This name is drawn on his t-shirt in
the picture, exactly as it is on the cover of the first album of a band that
must have stolen his name!
	All youse can forget the DDD theory about the binary code on the back
of the CD booklet.  They are phasing out the AAD, ADD, DAD and DDD codes
because they mean absolutely nada.  They don't necessarily correspond to the
actual recording process and since they really don't accurately tell you
anything at all about the quality of the recording, they're useless.
	Everybody say hi to Dorgon, the Ground Round, newest NMS subscriber!
For all you ladies out there, he's at  Don't all rush at once!
(Then again, line forms to the left. . . :)


P.S.  Death to the Habs.


Subject: Counterparts
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 18:00:10 GMT
From: Ruairi Paul Mccann 

After reading all the other reviews i thought i'd have a go, for me
this is the best album since Power Windows(i'm not much of a Presto
fan- their worst i think).While RTB was OK i felt that the
production just did'nt suit Rush, and i think Counterparts
highlights this.As for songs, well all side 1 is very good (although
CTTC and Nobodys hero took a few listens before i liked them).Side 2
is a bit different,as everyday glory and alien shore are kinda crap,
but Speed of Love and LTTA more than make up for this,all in all a
really good album.Now for something a bit different, on various Rush
albums through the 70's and early 80's album sleeves stated that
alex played 6 and 12 string guitars,what songs did he play 12
strings on, just curious.Also if anyone knows the chords for Sgt
Baker and Those damned Blue Collar Tweekers by primus could they
email me, thanks.


From: Hugh Faulkner 
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 11:09:02 TZ
Subject: Alien Shore

>From: swaminathan gangadharan 

>While hearing Alien Shore for the 15th (maybe more ) time, and  having
>the lyrics in hand, it occurred to me that the "Alien Shore" could refer
>to the United States, or some similar country which was populated by

>The following lines provided me the first clues for forming this opinion:

> For you and me, race is not a competition
> For you and me, race is not a definition

Geez!  Where do you people come from?  The critical imaginings are
amusing, but tiring.  Do you ever take time from critiquing to just
listen and enjoy?  NP spells it out.  Sex (gender) and race - represent
distinct, separate bodies.  Male and Female, Black and White.  They are
different, they are alien.

Oh gee, come to think of it, maybe he was talking about space
travelers, REAL aliens - give us a break.



Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 14:19:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: John W Connelly 
Subject: is "Cold Fire" the second single, or what?!?

It seems that every time our local rock station (WDVE) played some new Rush
last week, at least when I was listening, they played "Cold Fire" instead of
"Stick It Out".  Is this happening elsewhere in the country?  I'm wondering
whether it's the second officially-released single from Cp.  Ugh, I hope
not...  Not that it's a *bad* song, but there are many better on the album.

Maybe WDVE is just trying to compete with Pittsburgh's ridiculous surplus of
country stations.  (1/2 :-)


P.S:  I'm with Greg et al. on the binary.  It's just DDD, folks.  By the way,
do the rest of you have a little yellow "footprint" overlapping part of the
binary digits?  It looks like a faint fingerprint roughly in the shape of a
foot.  Sorry if this has come up before, but if so I didn't notice.

| John W. Connelly | "If you choose not to decide,  |    |
| Cognitive Psych. |   you still have made a choice"|+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|
| U. of Pittsburgh |                - Neil Peart    ||


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 12:07:37 PDT
From: (Troy Davis)
Subject: Misc. Opines on Various Questions

I've enjoyed reading the dissection of the new Rush album.
I'd like to throw out a few comments.

I think Geddy used the "exploding amp" on more than one track
(besides Animate).  It sounds like it's in the mix on EG as
well, and maybe others.  The overall engineering reminds me
of some of the power bands in the '70's, the ones that you
could crank their stuff up to the top on ANY stereo and it
would still sounds as good (bad?), whether it's a small jam
box, car stereo, or a giant home system.  Black Sabbath comes
to mind (I know this comparison has been made before; this
may be why).

It *does* sound like Ged is using a pick on some of the tracks.
I get the feeling more from the attack sound than the speed of
the licks.  Of course, some creative pickup placement and eq or
massive callouses could also explain the sound.  A creative mix
may include both plucked and picked tracks.  Look real close in
concert .

I also think Geddy is using a fretless bass on some of the songs
(damn- I can't remember which one gave me that impression and I
left the CD at home).  You know which ones I mean.  Again, this
could just be one track out of many in the mix.

The soliloquies in DA sound alot like their fellow Canadian
Robbie Robertson did on his self-titled solo album.

Frank Zappa also has a song called Stick It Out on _Joe's Garage_.
Frank's version is about sticking IT out, however.

Collins finished the work on Ged's vocals that he started on
_Power Windows_ (I think Territories is the first cut that Ged
harmonized with himself on).  Geddy sure hasn't lost anything,
but he has gained a lot.

I'm suprised at Alex's comments about being back into the studio
proper while recording and getting "that wonderful feedback".  You
can get some types of feedback through your monitors, but that
physical stuff that comes from the speakers resonating the body of the
guitar itself seems to get lost with each layer you put between
yourself and the amp; I figured he would know that (maybe he just
forgot).  Some of the feedback that is on Cp sure sounds like a
vanilla Stratocaster to me.  Very good stuff.

How far does Neil having to "work alone" go?  Did Ged and Alex mean
that he has to be alone to write the lyrics, or do they mean when
they're recording, as well?  Anyone know any details about their
work habits (or is this in one of the bios)?  Do they get along?

                                 --- Troy
                                     By the Bay in Marin County


From: (Robert Reynolds)
Subject: A couple of things about CP
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 14:33:41 CDT

 1)  I haven't heard any one talk about this yet so... I don't like the
     section in CTTC where they cut from speaker to speaker saying "cut".
     When I first heard this I thought I had a bad CD.  I think they could
     have done this a lot better and it would have sounded cool.  However,
     the way it ended up sounding it's just a 3 second distraction in an
     otherwise great song.

 2)  About "Nobody's Hero", someone (Tracey?) mentioned that they wish Neil
     would have waited until he was more ready to discuss homosexuality
     before taking on that subject in a song.  First, the song is NOT
     about homosexuality.  It's about who Neil thinks are the true heros
     in our society.  Second,  I didn't get the feeling when I first heard
     the song that Neil was trying to "reassert his heterosexuality".  I
     thought he was trying to give the message that "Just because you're
     NOT gay doesn't mean you can't have a friendship with a gay person(s)."

 3)  Last Earl ( says:
    > Could we have a discussion of the lyrics for Between Sun and Moon?  I'm
    > afraid that I really can't get a handle on what's being said.  My best
    > guess "The happiest of places is that between extremes".  What are some
    > other interpretations (or expansions on my own) for this song?  I'd love
    > some outside insights here...

     I thought he was trying to say that people are always trying to get to
     some preconceived goals or perceptions in their life where they will be
     happy.  Always looking for the right "things" to enrich their life with
     instant happiness that they miss the happiness that is happening right
     now.  Also,  how some people live in the past and miss the happiness that
     is going on with them right now.

 4)  To whomever said that they felt that Neil is changing back to a more
     of a story telling style of lyrics, I agree 100%.  That was the part
     of the music that I missed the most in the albums since MP.

  Well,  that's all for now.  All in all I think the new album is great...
  Oh I forgot...all in all the new album ROCKS!!

   Robert Reynolds                      E-MAIL:
   AIX Commo. Device Drivers            VNET:     ROBERTR at AUSTIN
   11400 Burnet Rd, 905/9551            Phone:    (512)838-3534 TL: 678-3534
   Austin, Tx 78758


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 14:41:27 CDT
From: (Michael Luton)
Subject: First Tour Date

Hey Dudes:

	I`ve known about the Pensacola show for a while but did not say 
anything about it because it was only a rumor. Where *do* you guys get your 
information anyway. The Bayfront venue, however, it much smaller than the 
Civic Center where they usually play. Although Jethro Tull is playing at the 
Bayfront location later this month, and I thought that they were a pretty big 
concert act. BTW Pensacola is where I live (sort of). I have not heard 
anything about tickets yet.
	Word has it that Rush will also be rehearsing here for the tour. I 
wouldn`t mind sitting in on one of those rehearsals. Don't have those kind 
connections though. Oh, well. Life goes on.

	FUN FACT: The group Yes used the Pensacola Civic Center to
rehearse in for their Union tour. The first date of the concert was also
played in Pensacola.

	FUN FACT: Michael and Janet Jackson have both used the Pensacola
Civic Center to rehearse in, but did not play any shows here. I was *Not*

	FUN OBSERVATION: Concerts are generally better near the end of a
tour rather than the beginning. I would rather be one of the last people
to see them and get a great show than be one of the first to see them
and get a "not so good" show. (Like Rush does bad shows.) Read that
previous paranthetical expression with heavy sarcasm.

I have to agree with that guy who said *SOME* of you out there need to
take you Ritalin more often. It's just an album. Four months from
now who's going to care about who heard it first before it was released!
We're all listening to it now anyway. I suppose I should admit that I was once 
like that myself around the time ASOH came out. So please don't take any 
offense to the above comments. Well, that's all I have time for here tonight.

		See Ya'll at the show(s)

			Michael (No Nickname) Luton


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 14:40:04 -0500
From: (David Bremer)

	I have just solved the binary code on the album insert...
and yes it finally dispells all rumors...It says

	"Neil has cancer and has lost his left arm"

					.....Ha!...sure would make playing hard

 						...You know, Humor?


      ********* * ********* ********* ********* * ********* *********
     *         * *       * *         *       * * *       * *       *
    *******   * ********* *******   ********* * ********* *       *
   *         * *    *    *         *       * * *    *    *       *
  *         * *      *  ********* ********* * *      *  *********


Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 14:42:47 -0600 (CST)
From: "David Bell" 
Subject: Guitar World review

   To add to the growing list of generally favorable Cp reviews, here's one
from the latest Guitar World magazine:

Guitar World Dec. 1993

***1/2 (out of *****)

Just when most folks had pretty much given up hope on Alex Lifeson, he makes
like Lazarus here and plays with a rocking vigor he hasn't displayed since
1981's _Moving Pictures_.  And with Lifeson playing more guitar and Geddy
Lee (bass amp now fully cranked to 12) playing less synthesizer, the new
Rush album, _Counterparts_, becomes the record die-hard Rush-heads have long
been hoping and praying for.  From the delicious dissonance of "Animate" to
the fat, raw, chords of "Cut to the Chase" to the monstrously dark and
ominous riffs of "Double Agent", it's obvious that Lifeson is the beast that
ultimately puts the bite in Rush's bark.  Now if we could just get Geddy to
belt those vocals a bit more....          --MICHAEL MOSES <<

   Well, it's nice to see Alex getting his due in the guitar mags, isn't it?
Until Larry Lalonde fires Les from Primus...

--David Bell


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