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 Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 21:35:10 -0400
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Subject: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 802

                Thursday, 28 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                 Respone to "Get A Life."
                Re: Two Potential Setlists
          re:#796,#797 -- Today is Wednesday...
      Re: Setlist predictions for Counterparts tour
                      Geddy Speaks!
            Return of the Rickenbacker/Tracey
                     Crack the Code?
                 Is Rush too creative???
               Live SET - Counterparts tour
                     FENDER TELE-Bass
               Between Sun And Moon chorus
                     Neil's New Look
                  Printing quality, etc.
                order of things in concert
                   _Counterparts_ misc.
                     Enough About NH
             "Nobody's Hero" interpretations
             Beginnings of a Cp "stuff" list

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 02:27:58 -0500

Just since Geddy said they will be covering every album on the upcoming tour
does not mean they will sacrifice some new stuff to do it.

On the RtB shows I saw they hit every album except for COS, and still got in
5-6 new songs.  Maybe/hopefully they will expand on the 2 hr (exactly) set.


Subject: Respone to "Get A Life."
From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 00:48:00

To all those people who have repeatedly yelled "get a - life" to those
of us that tried to figure out the binary, I say - Relax! First of all,
I'm sure that all of you tried to figure out the Remember Death on the
RTB tour book, and for those of us that were intrigued, the binary
represented another challenge. I certainly did not spend days upon days
gleening over it. I made a few attempts to "Decode" it, maybe taking an
hour or two, while I listened to the album, and that was it.. I think
that you should just "get a life" and find better things to do than
ridicule people that you think you are somehow better than..


Date:         Thu, 28 Oct 93 07:24:59 EDT
From: "Out of the Silent Hemisphere" 
Subject:      Re: Two Potential Setlists

   I recall Geddy mentioning they might play one song off each album on the
upcoming tour.  I don't remember any CoS tracks in either of your setlists.
Seems like all the other albums were represented, though.

David Whiteman


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: re:#796,#797 -- Today is Wednesday...
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 23:39:27 -0600

But you probably won't see this 'til the weekend. Darn that link lag. :)

re:"happy & gay straight & narrow" ... I noticed another clever one:
"Heaven & Hell Fire & Brimstone". Cool.

Oh. Did I say "Animate"'s end was like "Jet City Woman"? Urgh. Typo alert.
I meant "Stick it Out". Really. BAD bad fingers. But really, it's the /exact/
same ending. Take a listen...

re: Tracey, "Nobody's Hero" and gay message: Well, you have a point in that he
does downplay the homosexuality message. He could have been much stronger
about it. But I think, especially after hearing what Neil had to say on
the interview, the main theme isn't about homosexuality, but about role-models
and the nature of heroism. It wasn't that he was gay and that's alright
(although that's very true); the thing was, he was a friend and a role-model,
whose friendship taught the narrator not to be homophobic and "introduced
[him] to a wider reality", who was a hero but not in the dramatic famous
sense of the word. Anyway, I probably could have said that with half the
words, but that's my take on the matter. "Your mileage may vary." :-)

Rush-mgr and everyone else: Hey, what can I say but sorry? I replied before I
ever saw the "cease and desist" message (darn that link lag). And I'm sorry it
seemed I was trying to start a flame war. Really what I was trying to say was
that the only person that has the right AT ALL to say "I don't want to see
 in MY digest" is the person whose digest it really is -- that is,
the Rush-mgr who puts it together and sends it out. Yeah, I'm setting myself
up, but still, that's what it seems. (Actually, it was his tone that set me
off. "I don't want any of that crap" indeed.)

  [ I don't intentionally try to set anyone off.  If I did, my apologies, I 
    just think after a while, I have to be adamant about what goes in and 
    what doesn't.  We can only take so much after all of a single thread!  And
    it's really not *my* digest, it's our digest, I like to think of it better
    that way.                                                :rush-mgr ]

Ok. Back to more relevant stuff... Cold Fire as a country song, yes, I can
hear it. Get Reba McIntyre or Dolly Parton to do the "she said" parts.. that
would be funny. Or me! yeah... :) I like this song a lot. Ok. As everyone
else has been writing out their musical fantasies, I guess I'll add to the
	Ok. It's not much, just a way to perform it as a duet. Have the guy
keep singing through the "she said" parts, but have the girl come in, in
harmony. I think it would be a steady third up. (I've done this, but haven't
really dissected it yet.) But she sings "This is not a love song" alone,
very intense, like it could go into heavy-metal screeching but won't. During
the chorus, he sings the long lines while she sings "Don't cross the line /
Don't break the spell" etc. And at the end, she sings "Love is blind if you
are gentle" and on.
	I can hear it now... :) Actually, I can hear a lot of those songs
as duets. But I won't write them /all/ up..  :)

Ok, wrap up time. Remember: LIFE'S TOO SHORT TO EAT CHEEZ-NIPS.
							--The Vortex
+ "Some need to pray to the sun at high noon,
*  Need to howl at the midwinter moon..." -N.Peart


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 08:21:24 EDT
From: ben@fcmc.COM (Ben Piela (FCMC IR))
Subject: Re: Setlist predictions for Counterparts tour

>From: "Fluffhead was a man with a horrible disease..." 
>Subject: Setlist predictions for Counterparts tour
> I predict we'll either see one ten-minute song in it's entirety on this tour,
> either Natural Science, By-Tor and the Snow Dog, Cygnus X-1  Book One: The
> Voyage, or La Villa Strangiato.

Does anybody know if Rush has ever played Hemispheres or The Necromancer in
their entirety?  I think these songs would be incredible in concert although
many of the newer fans might bum out.

   [ Hemispheres has been done in its entirety many times in the tours around
     that album.  The Necromancer I have *never* heard the thing in entirety.
     But I've been told that back during those days, they did indeed play the 
     entire thing.  *Parts* of The Necromancer have been played many times in 
     the past tours around that album, in particular Part III:The Return of 
     the Prince has been played quite a few times on several different bootlegs
     that I've heard.  It was pretty much a part of their set back then.
                                                                   :rush-mgr ]
- Ben Piela


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 13:42:38 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Geddy Speaks!

Hi All
	I've just been brousing through a couple of magazines in which Geddy
talks about Counterparts. I couldn't afford to get them, but here are a few
snippets for you to digest.

   [ Looks like it's time for me to hit Tower again and pick them up!
							   : rush-mgr ]

Geddy talks about the fights between him & Alex over the use of keyboards,
usually every monday morning. The fights were like two brothers fighting.

The songs were written without keyboards, and they were fitted into the
songs afterwards.

He says that he uses his 60's Fender Jazz on the album, with an old Ampeg
valve head [the old amp in the corner!],and Trace Elliot cabinets,
along with a speaker simulator for direct injecting.
He intends to use a Trace Elliot valve amp on tour.

Alex used a Les Paul, Strat & PRS guitars through Marshall and another amp.
He may be using Marshall stacks on tour (YESSSS!)

He also mentioned that he uses ear monitors and Neil uses high frequency
filters, but never uses ear plugs. He admitted to having frequency loss in
both ears, at the frequency that his monitors fed back at.

Geddy seems quite open in both of the interviews, and seems to be putting
Rush a little towards the back of his time, and wants to spend more of his
time with family etc.

He says he listens to other bands, including Soundgarden and is friends with
Primus (suprise!)

He says that they would like to tour the UK again on this next tour, as he
has fond memories of the Rtb tour, but he doesn't know if it will happen.

These extracts are from Raw magazine, and Guitar (the magazine), both may be
only available in the UK

Oh Yes, the album went straight in at No 11 according to the MRIB charts.
Not bad for a bunch of old timer Heavy Metallers!!

Enough of my rambling,
Thank you for listening


Date:       Thu, 28 Oct 93 14:05:57 GMT
From: "Roger G Haworth   userid " 
Subject:    Return of the Rickenbacker/Tracey

Listening to the album earlier this morning, I noticed something I'd never
noticed before. During Between Sun and Moon (more noticeably during the 'this
is a fine place' bridge and the chorus) the bass is very clanky, and sounds
MUCH different to the rest of the album. Did he bring in the old Ricky for
this track? Sure sounds like it to me!

What do you reckon, Chris Mermagen and Dave Bell? Give it a very close
listen.. .

Another, unrelated point. I must also say kudos to Tracey. She is a very
honest and brave lady. I have several gay friends, and I know they have had a
lot of problems in the past both relating to their own sexuality and from the
reactions of homophobic morons.

Take care



From: (George J. Goslowsky)
Subject: Crack the Code?
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 9:34:43 CDT

  Here is my guess.  But someone who is more of a musician will have to verify
this.  Thanks in advance.

Unlike other numbering schemes, binary digits are counterparts - equal, yet
opposite; there only being two, 1 or 0.  Given that the entire sleeve,jacket,
inside thingy is covered in things that are in twos or threes, and the binary
is intrinsicly two, I split the patterns into groups of three.  This proved
to be interesting since that gives you 8 combinations of digits representing
the decimal digits 0 - 7.  Now if you leave out 0, as it will represent a stop,
the rest of the digits, 1 - 7, equate to A - G.  Isn't this the range of notes
available?  I mean, there is not H note.  So this leaves the following...

1 10 100 101 10 110 100 110 101 101 10 10 101 100 101 101 10 10 101 11 11
1  2  4   5   2  6   4   6   5   5   2  2  5   4   5   5   2  2  5   3  3
A  B  D   E   B  F   D   F   E   E   B  B  E   D   E   E   B  B  E   C  C

What do you think?  Might this be a fragment of a song on the CD?  Or am I out
in left field?

And before the comments come in.  I HAVE A LIFE!  But part of my job is to
interpret data and decipher patterns and meaning from that data.  So this was
kind of 'Second Nature'.

So there you go.  That's my $.02 worth.  Any comments from you musician types?

C ya...

| George Goslowsky - Sr. Software Analyst |                                    |
| Address -  | A spirit with a vision             |
|  Huntsville, Al                         | Is a dream with a mission          |
| Phone - 205 730 3192                    |                                    |


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 10:52:28 -0400
From: Dave Carey 
Subject: notjustanotherCPbitchathon

   Hi Rusheads,

   First of all, please don't take this (my 1st) post as a flame. I've
 been getting TNMS for about a month now and love the varied opinions-
 comments-analisi(word?) on one of my favorite bands (RUSH,YES,TULL,
 J.BUFFETT,F.ZAPPA,B.MARLEY),but I could do with a little less of the "I
 *KNOW* the mind of Peart" attitude. What Neil thinks/writes is based on
 his personal knowledge and experiances. Don't try to catalogue him.
  Well how bout this new album? The more I listen to it the more I love
 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA (Aaron I keep waiting for Geddy to break into
 "I am the slime..FZ too!),SIO,CTTC,NH,LTTA,and CF are all headed for the
 *MY-FAVORITE-SONGS* list. Does DA sound like HYF meets COS or is it just
 me?  Being what many of you would call a "MP and before" fan, you just
 can't know how I've wished for an album like COUNTERPARTS. Don't worry
 all you later-day RUSHians I haven't given up on HYF,PRESTO or RTB yet,
 after-all it took me about a year each to really like SIGNALS and P/G
 and today they're 2 of my favorites.
  One last bitch. NA is not about homosexuality, stop judging Neil's
 abilities/views/phobias/sexuality by the way he wrote the begining of
 this (IMHO) great song. Besides sometimes it is better to present a
 complex issue in a straight foward, simplistic way to cut down on the
 misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Alas, in terms of TNMS's of
 late, this was not the case. See-ya.


 ps. Andrew please forward one good shot to the eye to your roomate
     for that blasphemis(sp?) "Thriller" comparison. Just kiddin',
     R.I.P. Vinne P.

  The management is in no way responsible for spelling/grammercide in
  the above.


From: (Robert A. Lehr)
Subject: Is Rush too creative???
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 11:39:07 EDT

	The following excerpt is from a Rolling Stone (January 25,
1990) review of _Presto_.  Browse and analyze it.  Whatever you wish.
But I implore you to consider...

   [ Many RS reviews of albums are on syrinx, either gopher or ftp; if you
     happen to have one not listed, by all means type it in!	: rush-mgr ]

	Is Rush being criticized for being _too_ creative?  This is
the crux of the new world industrial standard.  Originality has very
little value.  It seems to me that these critics have forgotten that
it is society who declares who "the greats" are, not them.  As I
finished reading the review, I heard "Grand Designs" playing in my
head as if Rush was describing their experiences.

	Shapes and forms against the norms --
	Against the run of the mill
	Swimming against the stream
	Life in two dimensions is a mass production scheme.
	-from "Grand Designs", _Power Windows_

-from Rolling Stone
	"When critic Lionel Trilling said, "Immature artists imitate.
Mature artists steal," he wasn't talking about Rush, but he might as
well have been. For the past sixteen years, as the group has gone from
mimicking Led Zeppelin and Yes to approximating the Police, Rush has
been too immaturely concerned with originality to just go ahead and
rip off a riff or two from the greats. Consequently, there has always
been something mising from thte band's immaculately played techno
metal. The band members admitted as much on "Mission," a song from
their last studio LP, _Hold Your Fire_: "I hear their passionate
music/Read the words/That touch my heart/I gaze at their feverish
pictures/The secrets that set them apart."


Subject: Live SET - Counterparts tour
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 12:11:30 EDT

My predictions.....

T-Shirt designs will include Kitchen Sink.
I might even buy one if this is true.  Maybe if you can prove you really
know your shit you will get a free one.  A nice gift for those of us
that have stuck with them so long!

The set list....

YYZ->Where's My Thing->Leave that Thing Alone / Finding My Way / I Think
I'm Going Bald / Necromancer / Fly By Night / Tears / Passage to Bangkok
/ Take Off / Operation:Mindcrime in its entirety (With Alex singing
sister Mary's lines) / Natural Science / Cygnus book I & II (abridged) /
Circumstances / Countdown
Encore: Roundabout / Gimme Some Lovin'

This would be PERFECT


Subject: FENDER TELE-Bass
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 12:17:08 EDT

>On the subject of basses, Mike Watt from fIREHOSE is a prime example of this.
>He uses a Fender Telecaster bass guitar (great neck, terrible tone),

Now, I'm not an EXPERT on the entire FENDER history, but I've been
playing bass for years and have never heard of this.  I know of the JAZZ
Bass and the PRECISION BASS, but no Telecaster.  The Telecaster is a
guitar, as opposed to a Stratocaster.  The tele is used by Bob Dylan, GE
Smith, Springsteen and millions of others.  If the TELE-Bass DOES exist,
how much are they worth typically?



Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 13:13:12 -0400
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: Between Sun And Moon chorus


	I was just wondering...the chorus to Between Sun And Moon
(the "ahh yes to yes" bit)...could it have come from a poem???  I
know it's not in quotes, but the first thing it reminded me of when I
heard it was the scene in Rodney Dangerfield's BACK TO SCHOOL movie
when the teacher was quoting that poem...something about "would I yes
to your yes..." etc etc. and Rodney stands up in the back of the room
and goes "Yes yes!".  Anyone know what poem that was?   Does this
ring a bell at all?



Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 10:29:04 PDT
From: (Jeffrey Park Elbel)
Subject: Neil's New Look

Just a tidbit regarding Neil's Jonathan Frakes look from
the Harvard Lampoon shots - it's different than the band's
new press photo.  Neil's wearing a long sleeve horizontal
striped shirt (the stripes are horizontal, not the shirt
itself), one of his bandanas (hiding a mohawk? :> ), and
his face is shaved clean as a baby's behind.  So much for
the acting career...
|  Jeff Elbel                 |   Email:  |
|  Farewell to Juliet         |   P.O. Box 1222                |
|  ArtForm Management Group   |   El Segundo, CA  90245-6222   |
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Disclaimer:  My opinions may not reflect those of my kind employers.


Date: 28 Oct 1993 10:28:10 PDT
Subject: Printing quality, etc.

Just some miscellaneous burblings here...

In #799, John Connelly mentions a little yellow footprint on his binary
digits. Nope, none of those here, but this brings me to a grump I've got
about the CD print quality in general. When I first got the CD, I naturally
got out the figurative microscope and tried to figure out all the images
etc. on the insert. I also showed it to a friend here at work who's also
a Rush fan (though more lukewarm than us'n here). His fingers seem to be
more acidic than normal or something (I say it's 'cause of the massive
quantities of Skittles he eats), but anyway, his fingers smudged the ink
on the insert everywhere they touched. He was nice enough to trade inserts
after buying a copy himself, so I can't complain too much. But the insert
he got has a flaw on the cover portion of the insert. I can't win...

So anyway, I suspect John's footprint is yet another printing flaw. Have
any of you had problems keeping your copies pristine? Seems to me like
this print job went to too low of a bidder... :-P

No, Vortex, I'm not an alto...more like a lapsed soprano (2nd). My range
shrinks whenever I'm not in a choir, like now. Speaking of singing, and
choir, and stuff...I got a kick out of Del's idea of us doing the
countrified version of Cold Fire. Don't suppose creating a "We Are The
World" version with all of us singing/playing/engineering/whatever would
work, would it? The logistics are overwhelming...


ORQ: "Don't swallow your tongue/Stick it out"  :-)


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 13:00:11 -0500
From: (Jeremy Todd Strzynski )
Subject: order of things in concert

i bet that for the concerts, Rush will play LTTA! first, followed immediately
by WMY?(GOBT,PIV).  if you listen closely to LTTA! as it fades out, eventually
the drums and bass stop altoghether, leaving just Alex strumming to two chords.
this is the perfect place for a switch to the intro chords from WMY?...
i don't know if Rush planned this on purpose or not.  any thoughts?

and now for something completely pointless:

if you pronounce "God" with a chicago accent, it sounds like "Ged".



Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 13:57:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christopher Lee 
Subject: _Counterparts_ misc.

Well, this is my first NMS-post since I first started reading it 2 years
ago (thanks rush-mgr for your great work).  Three things I'd like to
cover quickly: favorite songs on the album, favorite albums overall, reviews
	First, my favorite songs on the album:

		1. "Alien Shore"
		2. "Cut to the Chase"
		3. "Between Sun and Moon"
		4. "Everyday Glory"
		5. "Cold Fire"
		6. "Animate"
		7. "Leave That Thing Alone"
		8. "Nobody's Hero"
		9. "Double Agent"
	       10. "Speed of Love"
	       11. "Stick It Out"

Anyone else out there think "Alien Shore" is the best cut on the album?
I think it's fantastic.  It would definitely rank in the top 3 of my
favorite songs of all time (1. "Prime Mover" 2. "Natural Science" 3.
"Alien Shore")
	Secondly, my favorite albums of all time (by Rush, that is):

		1. _Counterparts_
		2. _Moving Pictures_
		3. _Permanent Waves_
		4. _Power Windows_
		5. _Signals_

That's right, folks.  It's my favorite album (so far; all Rush fans know
that their favorite album/albums change about every 5-6 minutes :)
	Thridly, about the reviews the new album is getting.  I'm happy
to see it garnering some good reviews.  Believe me, a B- for Rush in a
mostly sappy, sell-out publication is actually equivalent to an A+ in
reality.  BTW: if anyone has any more reviews of the album, post 'em.
It's very interesting to see what the "critiques" have to say.
	Finally, (ok, maybe 4 things), to wrap thigns up, I'd like to
comment on where Rush's album is on the charts.  While at Tower Records,
I noticed that they had it placed at #4 on the pop charts (obviously, PJ
was at #1).  On the rock charts, it's at #1.

Thanks rush-mgr for putting up with my lengthy message.


Date:    Thu, 28 Oct 93 13:56 EDT
Subject: Enough About NH

     I have really be come exasperated with all the talk about Nobody's Hero.
I feel that it is a very good song.  Having lost a friend to Cancer this year,
the song can really hit home for me.  What really burns me is the talk from
Cygnus(whose address and name escape me, sorry.)  He accuses those who have pro
blems with NH of being "homophobic".  I contend that this is tripe in 2 parts.
First Homophobia does not exist.  People are not afraid of homosexuals, they
are disgusted by them.  Many people find it morally objectionable.  There is no
 fear.  Secondly, I feel that Rush fans are not used to such an overt political
 /sexual reference.  Sure other music has it,but usually in a Rush song you hav
e to find it, it does not walk up and announce it's presence to you.  It really
 is a new thing in their music.  In my opinion the only song they have done tha
t is a current event overt,is Red Tide.  DISAGREEMENT DOES NOT IMPLY FEAR!
                                             Hey To PASTA!


From: (Kris Young (ISE))
Subject: "Nobody's Hero" interpretations
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 13:50:33 -0500 (CDT)

I think a lot of this discussion (argument) about the interpretation
of the first verse of "Nobody's Hero" has been clouded considerably
by the frightening onslaught of political correctness in the world
today.  I have seen _several_ people mention that they were bothered
by the fact that Neil "rushes to say that he's not gay".  Well,
I think this stems from the fact that in this PC climate, we are
taught to immediately take the offensive when somebody does or says
something distancing themselves from a minority.

Of course, the theme of the song should tell you that Neil does not have
any problem with homosexuality.  I think Amy Goldman had the right
idea when she said that Neil is just trying to identify with his
audience a little more, by saying:  Look, this gay friend of mine
would not be considered a hero by most of the straight, male majority's
standards, but I consider him a hero because of what he showed me and
what he meant to me.  In order to convey this particular message, Neil
had to _emphasize_ this point.  Otherwise, the contrast wouldn't have
as great a meaning.  The contrast is ESSENTIAL to why his friend is
"Nobody's Hero".  And I think it comes off rather nicely...  :)


|"Freeze this moment - a little bit longer - make each sensation            |
|      a little bit stronger - experience slips away...  "    - RUSH, HYF   |
| Kristopher L. Young |
|     University of Alabama in Huntsville --    Electrical Engineering      |


Date:         Wed, 27 Oct 93 16:18:14 PDT
From: 21469853@WSUVM1.CSC.WSU.EDU

Hello to everyone in this little corner of the world!

   Just got done reading the NMS and thought I'd replay to a couple on going
dicussions that have been going on:

        1) I'm with the DDD theory of the cover, though
              I hope your not right about the removal of DDD from records I
              was finally able to sleep knowing the answer *$$$$<-for the humor
              ally lacking> My personally theory is on the lines that 1 and 0
              are counterparts, and they also stand for true or false.  But if
              they occur randomly they still are found with each and their
              opposites. Thus showing even by chance opposites are together.
              Sorry, any deeper than that will have to be drug induced.

        2)To all you debating the meaning of NBH I'd like to refer you to the
             world preimere broadcast in which Neil states the songs concep-
             tion.  I personally  like the song especially the mucical
             composition which profoundly sounds heroic almost Valkyeric.  But.....  I have to admit that I would'nt have my
             car stero on ten with the windows down in the middle of campus, this is a free country. I do some-
             times wonder if that first verse would have been better to be
             where the second one is and vice versa

         3)This is to Scott Josephson Florida Insti. Tech. If you check out
             alien shore around 3:41 cd time for the song there are voices
             kinda of sounds like"for president" being a audio student you
             must have some cool toys to find out? I'm curious and I'm
             as I'm quite sure the rest of you are>>>>>>>>>>

                       Well that's All Folks......Ba depa a depa>>>


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 21:21:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: Beginnings of a Cp "stuff" list

Here is the Beginnings of a Counterparts merchandise list. 
Compiled by Wayne Buttles - 
ANY help would be appreciated!!!
  Cp on vinyl in the UK...anywhere else?
    I got Cp on vinyl on the day of release. I don't know how many were 
pressed on record.   Anybody have any clues?                              
From:"Roger G Haworth   userid " 
  CD promo single.
    The cover is nice, dark colors and a simple lowercase italicized "rush" 
logo in gold, with a square picture in the center of a hare sitting on the 
back of a turtle "sticking out" its neck.  The CD is black, as is the back 
of the cover with a kind of star of David shape surrounded by circles, and 
on the inlay cover there is a picture of a wall covered with graffiti and 
one of the lines from the song (Curse of the young) or something.  It also 
said on the inside of the cover: 
"The album COUNTERPARTS will be in stores on October 19th"
From: ""Daniel D. Modell"" 
  Counterparts limited edition picture CD with special packaging.
    It's a bit simple, if not stoic, from the outside. The rear lists the
tracks.  The front has a dark blue border with a black rectangle in the 
middle. "rush" is written above it (no capitals used).
    This limited edition has the nut'n'bolt on the cover of the CD 
packaging itself. The bit that is normall black (the bit you clip the disc 
on) is gold-coloured too. The CD itself also has a nut and bolt on it, but 
different. They are no longer structured directly on top of each other,
but lying flat.   
    The booklet itself is a small poster, 3x3 CD inlays in 
size. One side is filled with a plethora of pictures that in some way have 
the theme "counterpart" or "opposite". Very artistic. A lot of thought seems
to have gone into it. There are also some pics of the band. Geddy still has 
long hair, Neil has a beard and moustache. 
    On the other side of the poster are the lyrics, juxtaposed with some 
quotes that apply to the songs, or their themes, or whatever.
From: "Richard Karsmakers"  
  Regular Rush Cd
    Album Cover: The front has a dark blue border with a black rectangle
in the middle. "rush" is written above it (no capitals used).  A gold colour 
nut'n'bolt is in the black rectangle.  The CD itself also has a nut and 
bolt on it, but different.  They are no longer structured directly on top 
of each other, but lying flat.
    The booklet itself is a small poster, 3x3 CD inlays in size. One side 
is filled with a plethora of pictures that in some way have the theme
"counterpart" or "opposite". Very artistic. A lot of thought seems to have
gone into it. There are also some pics of the band. Geddy still has long
hair, Neil has a beard and moustache. 
    On the other side of the poster are the lyrics, juxtaposed with some 
quotes that apply to the songs, or their themes, or whatever.
    The back has song titles, a Triangle/Packman design and a UPC code :(
  Radio Promo Casette
    I only saw this for a minute...  Its just a Black & White tape liner 
with RUSH - Counterparts on the face, and the song titles listed on the 
side.  It also has the record company garbage on the outside.  On the 
inside is the announcement of a January 94 tour.  I forgot to check for 
capitals (sorry) but will try to get another look.
  There will be a companion video clip for the first single.  (SIO ?)
    I don't get MTV!  It would be real nice if someone compiled ALL the 
videos that were not released in the official tapes.  For those of us who 
are unable or unwilling to get MTV.
  Atlantic will institute a pre-release television advertising campaign
  to insure strong out-of-the-box sales.
  I didn't see ANY of this in Vermont!
  A two-part consumer print ad campaign is in the works, with teaser ads
  to run in October, followed by a full-blown November print advertising
    Nor did I see any of this....  
But if anyone did -- Good GIF material! ahem
  Merchandising material: 1x1/Nameboard.
  Merchandising material: Poster.             
    We have conformation on this, although I have yet to get my own.
  We have a Cp T-Shirt rumor
    Can anyone confirm this?


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