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          The National Midnight Star, Number 803

                 Friday, 29 October 1993
Today's Topics:
                      Dream set-list
                Yee-haw, it's a Cold Fire
                    Alien Shore Start
            Sundays, Breasts, and Other Trivia
                      Nobody's Hero
                new conversation topic....
                  Conjecture On Codes...
              I wish they were less popular.
                  Necromancer in concert
         "CP" Supposedly #2 on Billboard Top 200
                    Recording Quirks??
      Took a week to listen, now my CP Impressions.
                      Binary = Notes
                    Fender TELE-Basses
                 Not a flame....really!!!
                    For the record...
                     About my posts!
                    Is it just me...?
                    Counterparts cover
                  Thinking ahead to 1994
                   Counterparts Review
                     The Grand Canyon
              A greaser from the freezer...
                 Gay tolerance?  Whaaat?
                     Geddy IS Rush!!!
                      Rolling Stone
                        Song Lists
                     Rush (un)limited
           Be like Alex -- get a life, son. :/
                    Response to Lewis
      Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802
      Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802
      Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802
                      Set lists.....
                     Fast Necromancer
                    Buying Cp No BFD!
             CP cover, Pensacola, and TK-101

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 15:46:05 +0501 (EDT)
From: Aaron Fox 
Subject: Dream set-list

On the subject of possible set lists, I just wanted to throw in one I
personally would like to see, not one that is likely, but one I think
would work.  First off, I have to admit that I have never even been to a
Ruah concert, (I just got into them after the RTB tour had ended) but I
have heard a few bootlegs, and of course, the live albums and videotapes.
So, without further ado:

	Subdivisions (I can only imagine my reaction to hearing those
first three notes), Passage to Bangkok, Force 10, Prime Mover, Cut to the
Chase, Cold Fire, Stick It Out, Best I Can, Here Again (one of their
best), Lakeside Park, Something For Nothing, Circumstances, Entre Nous,
Vital Signs, Bravado, The Big Wheel, Available Light, Between the Wheels
(what a SONG!)
		Some type of Moving Pictures medley, Nobody's Hero, Turn the
Page, Animate.

Ok, so that won't happen, but I would like it.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe if they
gave individual concerts.  Or took requests.

Aaron Fox
"And the wheels of time just pass you by..."


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 16:19:02 EDT
From: "Rodney Boles (4-1839)" 
Subject: bioluminescence

|[ Actually I just learned about this in bio class yesterday -- biologist
|  tend to call bioluminescence a "cold fire" because it generates no hea
|  Incidentally, it happens more often in tropical seas than temperate on
|  And for those *really* interested, the phosphorescense is usually caus
|  by microscopic animals called "dinoflagellates".  And this concludes
|  today's lecture.. any questions?  :-)                      :rush-mgr ]

This, then, would make it the lyrical *counterpart* to the line
"generates more heat than light."

Rodney Boles
IBM Network Routing Systems
I'm not allowed to have a cool .sig, I work for IBM


Date: 28 Oct 93 16:29:00 -0400
Subject: Age?

   I am wondering what the average age for the Rush fan is and would like
input via the rush-mgr about that.....  I have been a fan since high school
and have grown to appreciate the band's changes and loved every song the
dymanic trio has compiled.
   Has anyone read or have an educated guess to the age question???

BTW, I'm 31 and was indoctrinated with 2112, hence the Rush addiction!

Glen -

   [ I remember a while back someone took a survey in USENET 
     about the average age of the fan.  I don't remember what became of that 
     or the outcome.  Maybe if you volunteered to take email on the matter, 
     you can always posts your findings.  The problem with surveys and such is
     there usually isn't a lot of participation so you don't really get a true
     finding, but rather one based on only a minority of inputs.  :rush-mgr ]

Subject: Yee-haw, it's a Cold Fire
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 17:08:05 -0400
From: "Virtual Unreality" 

> Somebody suggested "Buck" for the name of the band doing the
> country version of Cold Fire. I dunno... "Rush" sounds so
> fast, and we all know that country music is generally slower
> and more laid-back than rock . . .

I just had to laugh my ass off and roll on the floor and twitch and convlse
and stuff when I heard that wanna-be interviewer mention that Cold Fire could
be performed as a country song.

Then I wanted to cause him serious physical harm.

Now every time I hear that song I am forced to sing it in my head like some
inbred southerner playing a banjo and sitting on a porch with a weed in his
teeth!  HELP ME!

Can we all at least agree on one thing?  COUNTRY MUSIC HAS ABSOLUTELY NO

   [ Ok, now don't go starting flame wars on this list!  For one thing, Alex 
     has been known to openly admit to liking and listening to country music 
     in several interviews I've seen.  Perhaps some of it has rubbed off in 
     his playing, I don't know.  Anyone see any connection?  :rush-mgr ]

Thank you.  Now I have to fast forward my CD every time it gets to that track.



Date: 28 Oct 93 18:18:20 EDT
From: "Edward A. Blonski" <72604.1513@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Alien Shore Start

I guess I missed it, and it's probably in some FAQ somewhere or will be so
Rush-Mgr can just let me know....but what the hell is at the beginning of
Alien Shore? I can't figure it out and it's the most pressing question I
have from the new album. I've got my thoughts on Nobody's Hero, but for now
they are staying with me and me alone. I'm still working on it and not
ready to put them down on CRT!


Subject: Sundays, Breasts, and Other Trivia
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 18:33:16 EDT

1)   I know that most Rush fans are probably not big fans of
The Sundays, but for those of you who are, don't you think alot
of the guitar work sounds like David Gavurin?  You know, that clean,
chorused twangy sound?  Especially on songs like CTTC and Alien
Shore - sometimes the eq sounds almost identical!  Compare the
beginning of CTTC with The Sundays' "24 hours".

2)  Here's something I've seen no one mention:  don't the breasts on
the CP liner look an awful lot like the female torso in the "Mystic
Rhythms" video?  You know, when the images of Ged and Alex are being
projected onto it while it is spinning?  At least I always *thought*
that was a female torso.
3)  Re: the big deal about oe : I think you all are making a mountain
out of a molehill.  In the "thank you" section, they thank:
"Cavedroek & Josh", so I figure they thought it was such a wierd letter
that they made a joke about it.

4) I suppose Terry Brown's middle initial is "J", as in "TJB"?  Can
anyone back me up on this?

5) Here's something: use your headphones when listening to DA.  On
the verse where Ged sings "On the edge of sleep, I heard voices behind
the door," there is this eerie "howling" noise that occurs a few times
in that verse.  Scary.

6) In that picture of Neil with the mohawk, what does his shirt say?

7) The Edge influence: this can be heard in DA.  On the solo, he does
a couple runs of harmonics sweeps up the string, as in "New Years
Day", then there is some wah-wah/filter type effects on parts of the
solo (as in "The Fly").

8) I wish we had more info on the DDD thing, since I was rather
appalled at the amount of hiss I could hear in the recording.

9) About Geddy using a pick: Could be, especially on Animate.  A
bassist friend of mine thinks so, but then again, Geddy has always
had a very bright sound - he uses his nail sometimes, and plays close
to the bridge in order to get more brightness.  And I am reminded of
Guitar For The Practicing Musician's transcription of "Distant Early
Warning" in which they said the bass part was played with a pick,
which we know is B.S.  Even THEY didn't get it right.
     The one bit of evidence for him using a pick is on the 2nd or
3rd chorus of Animate where he is playing a steady stream of 8th
note bass CHORDS.  Hard to do with just fingers...but then again,
Geddy is God.

10) About what Neil looks like with a beard:  I've always associated
Neil with The Count of Monte Cristo, and that picture just confirms
it for me.  He looks like he belongs in a castle, wearing a cape.
(Which I'm sure he does).

More stuff later...

Dr. Strangiato
Department of Rushology
Olympus State University


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Nobody's Hero
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 16:19:07 PDT

In a recnt NMS, Dove-James Brian writes...
> To me, Nobody's Hero is a song about the difference between 'true deserving'
> hero's and the 'undeserving heros (players and movie stars, etc).
> Thus, I am confused about the two specific examples Peart uses.
> I don't see how the friend who died of AIDS is a hero....
>                    Secondly, how is the friend who was murdered "in
> a nightmare of brutality" a hero?

The whole point of this is to point out how these people are _not_ heroes
in the traditional sense, hence the phrase "But [s]he's nobody's hero".
The point I get from this is that these people are frequently called
heroes, as in "his heroic struggle with AIDS", or as in idealistic role
models, but they are not.  Neil is pointing out that, while they're
wonderful people, and died for some terrible reason, they're not heroes
in the basic sense.

In the Counterparts Premiere, Neil mentioned how people of the 20th
century confused the concept of Hero with one of perfect role model, and
these lyrics explore the wordplay and different meanings of the word
hero in this context:  "A role model is to me the opposite of a hero, in
a sense, or a counterpart if you like, in the sense of the definition of
counterpart is both duplicate and opposite."  The two people he uses as
examples in verse are heroes to him, and possibly no one else, in terms
of his admiration and their personal worth, but at the same time not
heroes in the more general sense of the word.

Then again, the larger question is not what Neil meant to write, but
what you take as meaning from his writing.
   Dan Dickerman
   S800 online support


From: (jim hamilton)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 19:31:04 -0500
Subject: new conversation topic....

    I know!!! Since Geddy said they would be playing at least 1 song from
each album, why don't we list which song off of each album that WE would
like to hear them play? Who knows, maybe they DO actually see TNMS and
will take it into consideration when they're choosing.....

    Rush- Here Again
    FBN- By-Tor and the Snow Dog (everybody choose this)
    CoS- No One At The Bridge
    2112- A Passage To Bangkok
    AFTK- Cygnus X-1 (of course)
    Hem- Circumstances
    PeW- Natural Science
    MP- The Camera Eye
    Sig- The Analog Kid (killer on RTB tour)
    P/G- Red Lenses (screw that! play the whole album!)
    PoW- Mystic Rhythms
    HYF- Turn The Page
    Presto- Show Don't Tell
    RTB- Bravado

    I suppose it would be pointless to pick 1 song from CP since I'd
REALLY like to hear what Animate, Cut To The Chase, Between Sun and Moon,
Alien Shore, Double Agent, Leave That Thing Alone, and Everyday Glory
sound like live....

Jim Hamilton

p.s.- it DOES sound like Trevor Rabin playing on Speed of Love, huh?


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 18:30:17 -0500
From: "Hoke John A." 
Subject: Conjecture On Codes...

Object: Binary digits on a Rush album
Observation: MUST mean something (its Rush after all!)

Well, binary digits infer a binary code - but these strings of 1's and 0's
don't seem to make much in the way of alpha/numeric symbols.  Some random
letters anyway, but even an infinite number of monkeys can write the script
for Hamlet given time.....

So, how about morse code?  Well, if you change 1's into dashes, 0's into dots,
or vice versa you still come up with junk.  If you notice no matter how the
digits are read (up, down, left-to-right, right-to-left, etc) there is an
occuring pattern, but some letters in Morse Code require four symbols, so
scratch up-down directions.  If you go with left-to-right or right-to-left,
Morse code falls apart due to no repetitive pattern of three dots.... this
also means no three dashes (depending on your convention), so there are some
important letters missing (i.e. s,h,j,o,b,v) which reduces the possibilities
for word combinations.  There must be another way --->

There is:

Binary code is the simplest way to distinguish two opposites: is it on or off,
black or white, yes or no, etc.  It can therefore be used (and understood)
in a message format if patterns develop.  A simple, binary message was used
by astronomers of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to send
a message via radio telescope (Arecibo, Puerto Rico) to other forms of
intelligent life that may inhabit planets around other stars.  In this
transmission, a graphic representation of a human figure, a DNA strand, and
other information was encoded via 1's and 0's.  Here it could be just that
simple and depending on your view either one is possible!

The pattern of 1's and 0's is repetitive when the booklet is held in the proper
orientation and they run up and down.  Here, they turn into dashes and ovals
and since we have ruled out alpha/numerics we are left with a GRAPHIC picture
rather than words or phrases.  In keeping with the spirit of Arecibo we can
use these symbols to construct a picture.  When I do it, I let the dashes be
nulled and the zeros be the primary graphical figure.  Copying the sequence onto
paper and filling in and connecting the zeros gives two repeating symbols as


               /  \

Hmm... male/female (a DIGITAL MAN?) representations?  Could be, but any other
representations/suggestions you may have are welcome.  It's been done before
and I wouldn't put it past Rush not to do it.  But in the spirit of SETI in
"reaching to the alien shore" it is food for thought!  After all, where would
Rush lyrics be without references to astronomy and outer space?



Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 17:55:00 PDT
From: "Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II" 
Subject: I wish they were less popular.

Well, it happened with RTB,  the radio stations overplayed Ghost of a Chance
and Dreamline to the point that I'm sick of them and have a hard time
listening to the albums all the way through.

Now, it's Stick it Out and Cold Fire (esp CF).  I hear one or the other
driving into work, and often both on the way home.

Argh!  I'm probably gonna hafta let CP sit for a while before I can listen to
it without skipping tracks.

Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 21:57:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: Necromancer in concert

Yes Hemispheres AND Necromancer have both been done in concert.
Other interesting songs are: Countdown, Grand Designs, Twilight Zone, A
Farewell to Kings, Cinderella Man, Camera Eye, Vital Signs.  Those are
some of the "rarer" tunes that I know of.  I'd like a copy of "I Think I'm
Going Bald" just for the hell of it, but don't know if they ever did it.

   [ You say Necromancer has been done in concert, this is true but I've only 
     ever heard the end of PartII and PartIII:Return of the Prince, but never 
     the *entire* thing.  It's been rumored they did the whole thing but I've 
     never seen any evidence, bootleg, or other official account that it was 
     actually all performed.                                     :rush-mgr ]

Has anyone got "Making Memories" live???  I love that song!  I want it!
How about "Lessons" or "Tears"?  Does anyone have these?  LOVE IT LIVE!



Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 21:51:35 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: "CP" Supposedly #2 on Billboard Top 200

I just read on that "Counterparts" supposedly debuted at #2
on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart just below you-know-who.  I'm very happy
for those three wacky Canadians to perform such a feat in today's extremely
tiresome and dull "alternative" and "hip-hop" music scene.

   [ Counterparts did debuted at #2.  I still wondered if they would have 
     released it a week earlier, for sure, Atlantic would have had a #1.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

I also had the opportunity to watch E! this evening and catch a glance at
their "Daily News" show.  An incredibly dorky cheesedick named David Addelson
of "HITS Magazine" (ever heard of that rag?) informed us perplexed E!-watchers
that the 2nd-Coming-of-the-Music-Industry-Savior-Release "Versus" from Pearl
Jam was indeed numero uno.  Meat Loaf's pathetic stab at career rejuvination
was second; "Counterparts" was #3.  Mr. Addelson remarked, "And Rush's latest,
'Counterparts,' debuts at number three on our chart--which just goes to show
you that there's still people out there that can stand Geddy Lee's voice."

What the hell kind of douchebag commentary is that?!  Somehow I get the notion
that the name of Rush's vocalist is the ONLY thing David Addelson knows about
the band.  Shit, ask him to name Rush's drummer and watch the blank expression
return to his face.  What a disgrace.  These "rock journalists" don't want to
know from the latest BIG THING, be it the new Pearl Jam release, Janet Jackson's
boring tour info, or Steve Tyler's silicon lip implants.


P H E W !

By the way, I remember Rolling Stone's meager blurb about the Harvard Lampoon's
selection of Rush as "Artist of the Millennium."  It was a lovely incomplete-
sentence-long:  "Rush has just been named Artist of the Millennium (?) by the
Harvard Lampoon for their overall coolness, sense-of-humor, blah-blah-blah..."

Notice the question mark parenthetically included in the quote?  It's not mine,
folks, but Rolling Stone's.  Yes, even in the tiniest of Rush mentions in their
stupid shit-rag, one of RS's wizards of Random Notes still has the nerve to
include the equivalent sarcastic comment, "Rush as artist of the millennium?!
What, are you kidding?!" by 'cunningly' placing a question mark within the
content of the news item.  Now, if it was U2 or Stone Temple Pilots or Dr. Dre
receiving the Harvard Lampoon award, there sure would've been a helluva lot
more press, and room, given to the occassion.  Hell, there just might've been
a cover mention!

Can you say "All the news that's shit"?  Yes, I figured you could.


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 22:42:30 EDT
Subject: Recording Quirks??

Listening through earphones....I have noticed many "quirks" in the record-
ings.....but three really make me curious:

1) What is that strange sound at 41 second mark in The Pass...please p

2) At 39 second mark in Presto...there is like a grunt
   at 4:12 in Nobody's Hero, there is a similar grunt....

Can someone shed some light on these..they drive me crazy.  I assume The Pass
sound might be some midi device or something??

That's all I have for now...answer those quetions!!!

"Things come out of the darkness...let's imagination...."


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 23:22:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: Took a week to listen, now my CP Impressions.

I've had CP for a little over a week now, and I didn't want to be a "me
too" and post my impressions along with the big rush  of fellow
NMSers who were posting theirs... I wanted to really give the album a
chance to sink in. So now, about 30 times through listening to it, I think
I can safely give my real impressions (which, as with any Rush fan, are
bound to change with the direction of the breeze), but this is what I
think of the album... On the whole... I like it, but I don't love it. It's
good Rush, but it isn't the BEST Rush... People often like to get the
latest album and just say "My god! It's the best" or go the other route
and say "it's the worst"... I don't think this is either. There are some
shining points, and some rather dull ones. These are MY OPINIONS ONLY,
please keep that in mind, I am not trying to influence anyone.

Animate - I'd say this is one of the shiners. I can't say why, but I find
it catchy and interesting. From a bassists point of view, there's not a
lot that I hear right off the bat, but upon closer listening there are
certain subtlties there that I've grown to like a lot. Lyrically, I
espically dig the poetic almost neo-pagan references in it. Very
fascinating work.

Stick It Out - Dull point... That'll probably change, with most Rush
songs, it's more than usual just that the song is taking longer to grow on
me than some of the others. I don't find anything WRONG with it, except
that it hasn't hit me anywhere yet. Musically or lyrically, it just hasn't
touched me yet.

Cut to the Chase - Same as above, except I see more potential in this song
lyrically than SIO.

Nobody's Hero - Unlike others, I ESPICALLY like this song. I'm not in the
least homophobic, and I caught every idea right off. This song is very
moving, a seriously great follow-up to The Pass, which, I listen to when I
feel down about my sister who committed suicide when that song came out.
That particular song got me through a lot then, this one has the same feel
to it. While I've had no friends of mine die of aids, I can feel the same
emotion put into this as the Pass.

Between Sun and Moon - Like Animate, this one has a lot of hooks that I
like, and musically I like it as well. I'm  not going to over-analize it,
so what, he says "ahh yes to yes to ahh ahh to yes", whoopie! Maybe he
means just that? What do the words "doo wop, doo wop" Mean? Let's analize
them for a month! Yeesh! Does it really matter? Not to me. I like the
song. :)

Alien Shore - Some folks mentioned they thought the line "we are strangers
by one chromosome" refered to blacks and whites, or males and females... I
read it as both, if you take the lyrics as a whole, he comes right out and
mentios both sex and race. Someone mentioned that the "Alien Shore" is
supposedly the United States, and offered explanations as to why they
thought so... Um... I don't agree, I think the "Alien Shore" is just
metaphoric for ANY alien shore, any "new ground".

The Speed of Love - Eh, so-so... I can take or leave this song. Don't hate
it, don't love it. I need to let it grow on me more I guess.

Double Agent - Hmm, for those who hated the spoken section in RTB, I guess
this is a little more of the same?  I like it. I like the poetic
style of it.

Leave that thing alone - I don't care WHAT anyone says, IT IS part of the
Gangster of Boats. Too many coincidences. So what if it doesn't say so?
So? Maybe they wanted to see how much debate it'd generate to not say so?
It just fits right.

Cold Fire - BORING! She said, I said, who cares? Yawn... Maybe it'll grow
on me, maybe it wont... Right now, I don't like it much.

Everyday Glory - Who was it that said that often, the best songs on Rush's
albums are the last songs? Hmm, Can't agree, though this is a very good
song. I'd say that the statement is true that the last songs on a lot of
their albums are good, the best? I dunno about that. Still in all, 'tis a
most rightious tune brutha!

And now, a word about the binary issue... (NO NO! Don't change the channel
yet, it isn't a translation!) It's simply this... WHERE?!?! No, I mean it,
WHERE is this binary located? I can't find it... Is it something that's
only on the cassette liner? Something that you don't get on the U.S.
version? Or am I just blind?
  [ It's on the back of the CD booklet.                           :rush-mgr ]

To whoever it was that noticed the 2112 on the $10 note in the heart...
Good eyes man!

That's all from me for a while.

     |                                    |
     |                         |
     |                                  |
     |           Cmdr. Michael A. Smith - U.S.S. Malverne            |


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 23:49:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: Binary = Notes

Well, after reading George Goslowsky's idea about the binary translating
into notes, I grabbed my bass (it's still hanging around my neck as I type
this), and I'm trying different timing schemes with the notes you've come
up with... Unless it's some way out there jazz, it doesn't do much... Not
just as simple straight-ahead notes. Could also translate into drum
notation. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, it translates into... ... A SERIES OF ONES AND ZEROS! That's it! Just
1's and 0's! Nothing more! :) Nahhh, can't be..

I'd take a crack at this, if I could find this darned binary sequence on
my CD, but I can't find it!

     |                                    |
     |                         |
     |                                  |
     |           Cmdr. Michael A. Smith - U.S.S. Malverne            |


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1993 23:56:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: Fender TELE-Basses

I've seen them, they exist, as for what they go for... I have no idea, I
wouldn't want one. Just a personal taste thing. I play Fenders but when I
played guitar (still do a little, but mostly I play bass now) I never
cared for the Tele. I don't know if you can equate the Tele bass to it's
guitar counterpart (oops, did I say that?) but if so, I know it wouldn't
be for me. I'd GUESSTIMATE it's value would be between $800 and $1000,
because I don't believe they're still made. I could be wrong there too.
All I'm certain of is that I've seen them.

     |                                    |
     |                         |
     |                                  |
     |           Cmdr. Michael A. Smith - U.S.S. Malverne            |


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 00:05:50 EDT
Subject: Not a flame....really!!!

Can we get a "Nobody's Hero" and "Binary" free issue of NMS for those readers
who forward past all comments even remotely related to these topics? It seems
to me we're going to beat these things to death.

I like a good healthy conversation every once in a while, but this seems to
be turning into a real gay versus straight argument, and frankly, these
things are (dare I say) counterparts (argh! I said it) which are most revered
Neal describes as being both opposite and the same, so lets just learn to be
happy with each other and just get along!!

The binary thing is only annoying because WE'RE NEVER GOING TO FIGURE IT
OUT!!! Just like we'll never really know who did that rap on Roll the Bones,
just like we'll never know whether or not Ged used a pick, it is just one of
those things we're not supposed to know!!!!

   [ Um, but we *do* know who did the rap on RTB -- it was Geddy. This was
     covered in one of the Rockline interviews.			: rush-mgr ]

Thank you for letting me vent.  I don't know if that's going to help, but I
feel a whole lot better.

One Rushless note: Joe Satriani's Time Machine is great!!!

Accepting Email of all types, Gordon (

Prediction: November 13: Whalers 6, Bruins 2 (sorry Kuul A)


Date:         Fri, 29 Oct 93 00:10:46 CDT
From: Tracey 
Subject:      For the record...

First, I want to make clear that I don't agree that all those who are not
just nuts about "Nobody's Hero" are raging homophobes. That's a word
I save only for the most evil... ; )

Second, thanks to all for the kudos, but I guess I'm getting too old to get
really excited about "coming out." Besides, I figger most of the TNMSrs
are way too busy to come and beat me up. But if you're considering it,
I must warn you -- I wear a tool belt... : )

And is there a good central source for tour dates once they get them
booked? And is the tour usually entirely booked before they ever em-

   [ As soon as we hear anything confirmed, you'll be (one of) the first to
     hear about it. Sometimes on CD singles they'll put tour dates, and you 
     might see them in magazines, but there will always be a list on syrinx for 
     the tour dates that anyone will be able to check.		: rush-mgr ]


ObRQ: Ahhhahhhahh (N. Peart, "Between Sun and Moon")


Subject: About my posts!
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 93 18:43:54 CDT
From: Cygnus 

	I would like to make someting more clearer for you readers.  About my
post about Nobody's Hero and homophobia.  If you read the post and followed
the words that were highlighted and understood the fact that I did use words
like most and might you would truely understand what I was tring to say.  I
KNOW that Nobody's Hero is not about gays and such.  As I did say in my post
what I really thought about the song.  I was pissed off at several people that
I had taked to, via voice and e-mail, saying that they really didn't like the
song.  After furter questioning, I found it was due to the first line and how
Neil could have reworded the line (was it really ballsy? I don't think so).
This angered me, as why should anyone really take offense to this line in the
song.  All that the line was telling us was the fact that his friend was gay.
And I guess that he didn't want the first line to start "I knew that he was a
flammin' faggot,...".  Or maybe Neil couldn't find anything to fit with
faggot, or have people misunderstand faggot with the British meaning of it as a
cigarette <-- humor here I'm not serious!

	Which brings me to my following post about Animate- that post was
intended to be sarcastic and a humorous following to my first post!  I REALLY
DIDN'T mean Animate to seriously mean what was written - IT WAS SARCASTIC!!!
Dry humor, I guess not everyone gets it?

	Finally, this is not a flame to anyone specific ( ok those that did
e-mail me directly were hostile ), but just a clearing up of the meaning of
my post.

"No one is blameless,"             From: dbroucek@harperO
"But were all without shame"               or   brouceda@harper
-- N. Peart (_Second Nature_)      Go Hawks! <- Chi Blackhawks that is!

* We waz robbed-o-meter'93-'94 *
*   ------>  2                 *
This just in from the odds dept: Chris Chelios now has a 10000000:1 chance of
winning the Lady B!


Date:         Fri, 29 Oct 93 04:02:04 EDT
From: Mike 
Subject:      Is it just me...?

Comrade Rushians,


Is it just me, or are there a lot more ladies posting to the NMS of late,
compared to last year?  I have no complaints at all, except that I can't find
one to date me (I'll leave my personal life out of your troubles...).  If
interested, please apply to the email address below. :)

How about dem FLYERS?  Best in the Wales (erm, Eastern) Conference!!!

Mike, aka Jvi, not Jedi (jeez, rush-mgr, get it right!)

: Mike Jvi Weintraub aka : \  / ___  __ :
: at The American University in Washington DC :  \/  ___ |_ `:
:...............sig Quote du Jour.............:  /   ___   \ :
:"My precious sense of honor is just a shield : /          / :
: of rusty wire" - Rush 'Double Agent'        :       \___/  :


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 06:51:24 EDT
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: Counterparts cover

Has anyone scanned in the cover yet and put it in the images directory on
syrinx.  Will someone?  I'm playing around with World Wide Web and X Mosaic,
and have all the album cover images (shrunk to 140x140) as hyperlinks to
lyric files, and have some song titles in the lyric files as hyperlinks to
audio files of the songs (not many of these), and would like to start adding
stuff from Counterparts.  It's cool, heh heh heh heh...

In NMS 802, rush-mgr writes...

>  [ I don't intentionally try to set anyone off.  If I did, my apologies, I
>    just think after a while, I have to be adamant about what goes in and
                             Aha!  The true identity of rush-mgr revealed...
It's Adam Ant. :)  Sorry rush-mgr, couldn't resist, I'll go get a life now.

Anyone seen/heard anything about a video yet?

   [ I've been watching MTV lately (video tape, fast forward is soooo nice!),
     and I have yet to see anything.  But you never know... heh heh huh huh 
     I said "butt" heh heh			               : rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 12:08:18 +0100
From: Todd Wilson 
Subject: Thinking ahead to 1994

(Another first-time post from a long-time reader.)

The upcoming tour, with the discography-encompassing setlist portended by Geddy
and the surprises promised by Neil, sounds as if it will be one of the best
tours ever.

Although my rock-concert-going experience is limited (three Rush shows, one
Suzanne Vega, and one Shooting Star--and, by the way, does anybody else
appreciate this older Seatle-based band as much as I do?), by far the most
exhilarating experience I have ever had connected with a concert was watching
absolutely mesmerized as Alex, seated on a stool alone in a spotlight, played
being perhaps the first fan in the stadium to recognize and cheer his shift
from the grave G
related exhilarating experience is recognizing what song is being played next,
again before a majority of the fans--except, of course, when Geddy gives it

Which brings me to my point.  My experience with the NMS is that the
zealousness of its members will have the early 1994 editions of the NMS filled
with setlists, descriptions of the stage setup, backround videos, all the
antics of the bandmembers, and so on, much to the ruin of any suprise I might
get by going to the show with no knowledge of these things.  Of course, I could
simply unsubscribe to the NMS once the tour starts, but I have to admit that I
enjoy reading the day-to-day "ramblings" of the list.

So my question is:  can we segregate the "spoilers"?  As you know, the usual
method in netnews groups is to have *spoilers* in the Subject, so that these
messages may be skipped by those concerned, but this method obviously won't
work here, given the linear nature of the NMS.  Should the NMS be split into
two newsletters, one containing all the spoilers?  Or should I just give up and
unsubscribe to my beloved NMS when the tour starts?

   [ What we've done in the past is put all the SPOILERS at the "end" of the 
     digest with SPOILER in the subject, that way you don't have to read it 
     unless you want to.  We could probably do this again for those who don't 
     want to be spoiled.                                         :rush-mgr ]

I would appreciate some discussion on this point.

-- J. Todd Wilson,  Grad Student in Comp. Sci., Carnegie Mellon
-- On leave in beautiful Linz, Austria.  (I'm biking over the Grossglockner

-- Hochalpenstrasse next Spring!  I'll be lookin' for ya, Neil!)
-- Long live the NMS!


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 08:36:37 -0400
From: (Skip Gridley)
Subject: Counterparts Review

Another mini-review!  And it's a positive!  Yay!

The following is reprinted without permission:

>From the Dayton (OH) Daily News Go! Section, pg 16, 29 Oct 93,
Recordings on Review:

                              ***1/2 of ****

Rush takes a giant step backward on Counterparts, eschewing the heavy
synthesizers of its later albums in favor of the intricate and emphatic
guitar, bass and drum interplay that established the Canadian trio as a
progressive rock powerhouse.  The result is Rush's strongest effort since
1981's Moving Pictures, combining tuneful accessability with a thicker
rhythmic emphasis and sharper musical edge.

In a word, Counterparts rocks.

Like its predecessors, the band's 19th album follows a loose lyrical theme
relating to the title, illustrated with a series of photos that recall Pink
Floyd's A Nice Pair.  Double Agent, for example, deals with "the choice
between darkness and light."

But while one listens to Rush expecting to be dazzled by technical proficiency
and tricky time signatures - which the instrumental, Leave That Thing Alone,
delivers - one rarely expects to be moved.  Nobody's Hero, however, addresses
the loss of a friend to AIDS with sincere anguish, and standouts such as The
Speed of Love, Cold Fire, and Everyday Glory delve into previously uncharted
emotional depths.

Counterparts, to borrow and old Rush title, is closer to the Heart.

- Dave Larsen, Pop Music Critic

  Bound up and wound up so tight...            Skip Gridley


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 11:50:26 MST
From: (Art Gaetano)
Subject: The Grand Canyon

     I spent last weekend at the bottom of  the Grand Canyon with my favorite
group Rush via my walkman.  I listened to Cp almost the entire trip, at least
25 times.  It is hard to explain  the  feelings  I  felt  while  listening to
Counterparts and gazing at  Arizona's  greatest  counterparts,  the walls and
river of the Grand Canyon.  It was a  religious  experience to say the least.
Hey, I just might have been the first person to listen to Cp at the bottom of
the Grand Canyon.  Cool!!

     I am now in love with _every_ song on  the  album.   My favorite song by
far is Double Agent, Neil  let  loose  on  this  one.   I  really  cannot say
anything bad about any song.  It is hard for  me to rate a Rush album against
another since my favorite Rush album is always the last one I heard.

     About the DDD lines, I was thinking that since there are never more than
2 ones or zeros in a row that it probably is not ASCII.   Has anyone tried to
convert the 1s and 0s into Morse code?  Maybe each line spells out DIGITAL or
something.  Enough said.

     I've got a Grace Under Pressure  question.   At  the  4:33  mark  of Red
Lenses, it sounds like Geddy says something about heavy metal.   Does anybody
else hear him?      "The choice between darkness and light"  -NP


From: (Daniel Patrick Strickland)
Subject: A greaser from the freezer...
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 08:19:10 -0500 (CDT)

Um, I dunno if this is an old thread or not, but I'll put it up anyway.  I was
watching E! News Weekly yesterday and they had some really goofy guy from
Hits magazine doing a story on Pearl Jam.  Was an interesting story, but, hey
listening to Pearl Jam when you've got Rush is "like kissing your sister," to
quote a famous man in these parts.  Anyway, at the end of his report, he gave
the top five for the week in Hits magazine (sales I gather).  CP was #3 behind
the #1:aforementioned sister-kissers and #2:Meatloaf (!?!)...urr, how'd that
happen?  Oh well, even more insulting were the guys comments...
"Rush comes in at #3 with a monster debut, _Counterparts_, proving there are
 people out there who can stand Geddy Lee's voice..."
I know he was just TRYING to be funny, but, I really wanted to drag him thru
the streets by his Brillo-Pad hair after that shot.  Oh well, just thought
you would want to know.

* Daniel Strickland       * "It was us the whole time,    *
* *  Beavis and Butt-Head."       *
* University of Alabama   * "Yeah, we were in...burrito." *
* Tuscaloosa, AL          *    --B&B                      *


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 09:25:42 EDT
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: Gay tolerance?  Whaaat?

What's with this J.D. Considine person?  He must not have spent
any time reading through the lyrics of CP.  I mean, c'mon,
Nobody's Hero....a gay tolerance tune?

Anyone who listened to the radio interview or read the lyrics sheet
with any interest can tell you that the song was about unconventional

Someone get this J.D. Considine a NMS subsciption!


I am:
Art or

"There is a fine line between love and illusion -
a fine place to penetrate the gap between wishes and
fact, the lens between wishes and fact"
	-Neil Peart of Rush


From: Christopher Briggs 
Subject: Geddy IS Rush!!!
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 09:28:15 -0400 (EDT)

I've finally figured out that picture of Geddy playing drums. By itself,
it would just be Geddy fooling around, as friends sometimes do with
friends' stuff, but when you look at it together with Ged holding
Alex's Ovation, it leads me to the conclusion that Ged has in fact
thrown the other 2 guys out of the band! That's right, Ged did every-
thing in _Counterparts_ all by himself! The interviews were faked!
Geddy Lee is out to show the world that he is the world's greatest
one man rock band in all of history! I bet he'll even say he's
been carrying those 2 guys for 2 decades now.

Acutally, it was Neil who said something like "who needs those guys?"
in the HYF tourbook (I think) when pondering having on stage all the
actual euqipment he played through samples. Of course, there was a
large implied smiley :-) in his statement.

This post has been satirized for your protection.

"Where would you rather be?"
"Anywhere but here."
But "this is a fine place."


Date:     29 Oct 1993 8:53:34 CST6CDT
Subject:  Rolling Stone

Hey, Its my first post.

Its 9:00 Friday morning and its snowing in Madison!

Did anyone see the latest issue of Rolling Stone?
If you had the stomach to actually pick up the isssue, (the cover is once
again graced with naked men) you would discover that they neglected to do a
review of CP.  Yes that's right, Rush was snubbed again.  But I can almost
see the logic in this one.  It appears that the RUSH review was dumped for
that ever lovable (lets shoot him in the head) BARNEY.  Give me a break,
what a waste of time, and he only got one star (I was hoping for four

Well I love the new album.  I personally think that it is deffinitly one of
their better works.

See ya and GO BADGERS!! Beat michigan.


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 10:14:41 EDT
Subject: Song Lists

Hey Rushfans(tm)!!

  Enough with your expected song lists for this album's tour, becuase you know
that none of those lists are going to be close.  After the RTB tour, I think
it's better for my nerves that I don't write up a "must hear" playlist before
I go.  Tha way when I hear the beginning of Vital Signs, or The Trees, my
orgasm is that much more intense!!
  I do think that we will see a massive instrumental medely on this tour, and
I can pretty much bet my life that they *will not* be playing I Think I'm
Going Bald.  In The End would be a nice addition, though.
  Anyway, here's a few more cents.....I love the new album!!!  It's the raw
energy of Rush that I loved in the old days!!  Anyone who doesn't love Double
Agent really needs to listen to it a thousand more times!

                   -Anxiously awaiting the tour!!!!!!!

"I looked in the mirror today.
 My eyes just didn't seem so bright.
 I've lost a few more hairs.
 I think I'm.....I'm goin' bald. "


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 15:42:25 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Rush (un)limited


Picked up my copy of Cp at 'Elpee' (Groningen, Netherlands) and it
seemed I had become the proud owner of a special-limited-edition-
picture-CD-with-special-packing (imagine how many points you'll get
for that in a Scrabble-game). BTW, does anyone know how limited this
edition REALLY is? -> E-mail me!

Anyway, Counterparts:   Got it,
                        Heard it,
                        LOVED IT!!!
                                         (...and still do!)

- To defy the laws of tradition... is a crusade only of the brave!!!
  (Primus) -



Date: 29 Oct 93 11:16:00 -0400
Subject: Animate

   I believe Neil intended to express, in a man/woman relationship, that the
man should play a milder role with women - not so aggressive with every
facet of interaction.  He is not wanting to be feminized or any crazy
assumption along that the last line again:

'A man must learn to gently dominate' - NP

This line sums it up, not suppressing male biology - just taking control of
one's actions.


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 11:37:10 -0400
From: Gedman (SLLF) 
Subject: Info on Rush Tour starting in Pensacola

Greetings fellow Rushians,

War Eagle (Joey Ehrenreich) wrote,

>I was curious as if anyone in (Pensacola), Florida (or close by) could
>send some info about the concert, like when tickets go on sale, and the
>like...  I would really appreciate it.

Okay, Here is the deal!
I called up the Pensacola Civic Center and they have no information
yet about Rush playing on January 24. I also spoke to to Ticket Master
and they said the same thing. They also said they have no information
yet about Rush playing anywhere in Florida. I guess the guy who is
close to Rush (I forgot who it was)is the only one to have a
confirmation for the opening date.
I will keep trying the Civic Center and Ticket Master to find if
and when the date is confirmed. When I find out, I will let
everyone know.

   [ They're not playing the Civic Center!! It's at some place called the
     Bayfront Arena, apparently a much smaller venue than the center. Try
     calling there and let us know what you've found out... :)  Also the
     date of the first show is January 22, *not* January 24.  : rush-mgr ]

To Jeremy Caplan: (sorry, non-rush related)
Hey man, sorry I made a mistake. I am about 400 miles from Pensacola.
Also, Tallahasse is much further away from Pensacola than I originally
mentioned. I would guess 200 miles.

A special hello to the Florida Chapter of the NMS:
Andrew, Eric, Jim, and Matt.
Any of you guys thinking of going to Pensacola if it does happen there?
Email your responses to me.

To Rodge, Chris, David Bell:
Thanks for clearing up the fact that Geddy said he used his Fender Jazz
on some of Counterparts. As I told David, I am a bass player too.
Any of you interested in having a separate Rush Bass discussion group?
Email your responses to me.

Well, Gotta gooooooooooo!
So long from Florida's Space Coast!

Gedman (SLLF)

= Scott Josephson                               "And if the music stops, =
= Chief AI Audio Specialist                      there's only the sound  =
= and Graduate Student                           of the rain, all the    =
= Florida Institute of Technology                hope and glory, all the =
= Email:                      sacrifice in vain"      =
=                                                Bravado - Neil Peart    =


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 11:42:00 EST
From: "Matt Smith (813) 494-4222" 
Subject: Be like Alex -- get a life, son. :/

Ditto to Richard Morey's response yesterday to the "Get a *** life" posts
aimed at anyone who dare unfold a CD cover or read a liner note.  C'mon,
folks, Hugh and the fellas put a lot of care and thought into the
visual presentation of their efforts, so please bear with those of us who
appreciate those efforts AS WELL AS the music.  I've grown to appreciate
the band more over the years partly because of the bits of sarcasm, wit,
and many other elements found in their albums' artwork and accompanying

While I'm on the soapbox (I'm stepping down, honest...), let me say these
types of posts (OK, mine included) are what makes the least interesting
TNMS reading.  IMHO, we could improve the digest if we don't fly off the
handle at every post we don't personally agree with.  Some posts you'll
agree with, and some you won't.  I'm talking about the "You bullet heads
stop talking about ______, it doesn't interest me" posts, not constructive
criticisms and debates.  Remember the [Enter] key -- they'll be gone soon
enough, and life goes on.  Not intended as a personal flame to anyone, just
an observation.  HYF.

Anyone else think Alex's sound (sound, not style) in places sounds like
Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits?  Not a fan by any means, but a few places on
the album sure sound like him to me.  Hadn't seen them mentioned in any
"sounds like" discussions yet, thought I'd throw it out.

one of those Matt Smiths
"Slave to the hormone" (wedding in 3 weeks...)


From: (Cavallin Attias Andres Eduardo)
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 12:31:40 -0400 (EDT)

	Hello RUSH fans. This is my first letter and I just wanted to say
a few things about the greatest rock band ever.
	First, a lot of people listen to Rush here in Venezuela and we admire
the canadian trio much more than you can imagine.
	We like older works the most. (2112, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures)
but We are learning to understand and catch the true meaning of the new ones.
	For example, now I allucinate while listening to Grace Under Pressure
and Power Windows, and what about The Pass, Bravado and Ghost of Chance. The
point is that time is needed to appreciate RUSH music.
	If you get the message, go on, get that copy of COS, Hemispheres,
Presto or whatever you think is not good enough for Rush standard and be
humble, yes humble. Why? because if you don't help, the music can't get
through your skull and rape your mind.
	Ok. I will also rank a few songs:
		RUSH: Working Man
		FlyBN: In the End
		COS: Fountain of Lamenth
		2112: 2112
		AFTK: Xanudu
		Hem: La Villa Stragiato
		PeWa: Natural Science
		MoPic: Vital Signs
		Sig: Losing It
		GrUnPr: Red Sector A
		PoW: Middle Town Dreams
		HYF: Lock & Key
		Presto: Red Tide
		RTB: Ghost of a Chance
		CP: I don't know, I need time to find out.

	Please, one more thing. I am planning to travel to Florida just to be
in the concert, so, if someone could mail the dates of ticket selling I'll be
very gratefull.

					Chao, hasta la vista Rushians.

|	Andres Cavallin. Caracas, Venezuela.     |


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 11:50:08 EST
From: "Geeslin, Will" 
Subject: Response to Lewis

Hey Lewis,
     Nothing we can say could make you like the album.  However, it sounds
to me that Rush isn't the band you need to be listening to.  I would say
that a strong majority (myself included) of us really like the album.  If
you don't like the "sing along" parts like "ahh yes" I can't offer anything
that will make it become wonderful to you.  If virtuosity is what you're
after, try Steve Morse's old band the Dixie Dregs, or various asundry jazz
outfits.  I'm not condemning your opinion, I just don't know how to bring
you around:  the work will appeal to you on your terms not mine.

Will Geeslin
University of Kentucky

PS. Since Ole Miss gave Alabama a run for their money last weekend and we
shut you out, does that mean we are actually quite a good team?


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 93 12:11:16 EST
From: "Geeslin, Will" 
Subject: Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802

Has it occurred to anyone that there might be a thematic connection between
"Alien Shore" and "Between..."?  Perhaps the "lake between Sun and Moon" is
surrounded by the Alien Shore.(?)

Will Geeslin
University of Kentucky


From: Rohit Keswani 
Subject: CP
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 13:13:11 -0500 (EDT)

The album does kind of grow on you after a while. So I like it. As
a matter of fact, I like it so much that I began to think about
what the next album would be I went out and bought the
new Pearl Jam album to get an idea.

   (ok...just kidding, ok?)

From: (Eric Lorenzo)
Subject: Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 13:28:21 -0400 (EDT)

>The band members admitted as much on "Mission," a song from
>their last studio LP, _Hold Your Fire_: "I hear their passionate
>music/Read the words/That touch my heart/I gaze at their feverish
>pictures/The secrets that set them apart."

I think this is sort of a misinterpretation of those lyrics.  "Mission"
starts with the lines "Hold your fire/Keep it burning bright/Hold your flame
'til the dream ignites/A spirit with a vision is a dream...With a mission".
There are other lines like "obsession has to have action".  The song is
about those who are driven by some sort of dream or desire.  The lyrics
quoted in the review refer to how Rush has been inspired by these people.
But inspiration is quite different from influence, IMO.  Inspiration led
Rush to write music about that drive, as they did in "Mission".  Influence
would have led them to try to show the same drive in their music.  They did-
in their earlier songs.  While they are still driven, it's no longer the
blind obsession.  Furthermore, the inspiration refers to all sorts of media,
not just the music that the review seems to deal with.
I'm afraid to open this can of worms, but here I go:  I think that "Mission"
relates loosely to Ayn Rand's influence.  Rand's heroes were all people
obsessed by some dream or desire.  The line "I walk through their beautiful
buildings" may refer to Howard Roark, the architect in Rand's
_Fountainhead_.  However, that line is immediately followed by "and I wish
I had their dreams".  I think this makes it clear that while Rush may still
be inspired by the drive of Randian heroes, they no longer aspire to the
status of Randian heroes.


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 13:43:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Louis Feinberg 
Subject: Re: 10/28/93 - The National Midnight Star #802

Does anyone know how to get tickets for the Pensacola show being in
Atlana?  Some friends and I want to drive to Pensacola and see the show,
so we need some info on wahjt we can do.  Whoever might have some info,
that would be awesome!!!!!


From: (Brad West)
Subject: Set lists.....
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1993 13:05:37 +22306512 (CDT)

Ok... The ultimate set list #1, song from every album

    RUSH - Finding my way
    FBN - Bytor and the snowdog
    COS - Necromancer
    2112 - 2112/In the end
    ATWS - Fly by night
    FK - Xanadu/Cygnus X-1
    H - Every song (Yes...including _Circumstances_)
    PW - Natural Science
    MP - The Camera Eye
    ESL - YYZ (Yes....drum solo here)
    S - Countdown
    GUP - No preference (help!)
    PW - No preference (help!)
    HYF - Turn the page
    Presto - War Paint
    RTB - Heresy
    CP - Every song except _Speed of love_

    Off _Show Of Hands Video_  - "Prime Mover" (Had to hit Show Of Hands)

    To Rush-MGR, Do you know if _The Camera Eye_ has ever been played live?

   [ Yes, it has been played live; my memory's fuzzy, but they at least played
     it during the MP tour.					: rush-mgr ]

"Excitement so thick, you could cut it with a knife!"


Date: 29 Oct 93 14:17:23 EDT
From: Owen.A.Gottlieb@Dartmouth.EDU (Owen A. Gottlieb)
Subject: Fast Necromancer

My walkman is freaking out, playing the tapes too fast, but I finally figured
out all the narrator's lyrics on Necromancer!  It sounds very cool sped-up
just a bit,  actaully.  Speaking of under-rated songs, I've always thought
that Necromancer is _very_ under-rated.  No one ever talks about it, and I
consider Alex's solo in the final movement [after the acoustic section with
"Stealthily attacking Bytor slays his foe..."] to be one of his finest.  Now
there's a tune to see in concert!

   [ YES!!  Perhaps one of my all time top 5 Alex Solos.       :rush-mgr ]

Restless Young Romantic


Date: 29 Oct 93 14:18:26 EDT
From: "Edward A. Blonski" <72604.1513@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Buying Cp No BFD!

Greg Gershowitz,
   You ain't the only one who had no big deal picking up Cp. I went to a
mall in South St. Louis and walked in, glanced at the huge display of the
new Pearl Jam album (the rack was full, btw, seems that nobody was buying
it - it had been out a week! Go figure!) and went to the Rush section of
the CD racks and there it was. Very unobtrusive and not at all noticeable.
There were a lot of copies, as well. It seems to me that this album will be
a bust for the boyz, since it has been marketed very poorly, at least in
St. Louis. Although in defense of them, St. Louis is a pretty piss-poor
market for such things. Can't even keep an NFL football team, or get a new
one (not that they deserve it). Ok, I'll get down off my soapbox for now.


Date: 29 Oct 1993 13:07:20 -0800
From: "Collier, Will*" 
Subject: CP cover, Pensacola, and TK-101


Points well taken RE simplistic CD covers from TNMS 800 include:

>If you think that CD covers seem shrunk down, think about tapes.  Those are
>considerably smaller than CD's.  Simplicity was sometimes found on vinyl
>sleeves as well... Consider Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".  That was
>much more simplistic than the CP cover, and it was released in 1972.  For
>matter, look at _2112_.  It's not nearly as detailed as, say, Moving
>Pictures, or PeW.

_Very_ goog points, in fact, especially RE Dark Side of the Moon.  However,I
think you misunderstood me regarding the CP liner notes as a potential cover.

>Maybe some of them would have looked good, but to use them would
>have made the album look more like it dealt with that particular case,
>rather than the abstract idea of "Counterparts".  Actually, this may be
>the reason the cover design was simple... They avoided putting in details
>that would have obscured the more abstract theme of "Counterparts".

What I meant was that the _entire_ collage of conterparts would have made a
great cover (a la U2's Actung Baby cover), _not_ that any one of the images
should have been used instead of the nut and bolt.  A small point, but one I
wanted to make more clearly.

By the way, Pensacola is a _great_ place to see a concert (I'm not sure what
the Bayfront Arena is, thought . . . all the shows I've seen were at the
Civic Center).  I saw Rush for the first time there on the PoW tour, and was
also at the HYF show in Pensacola, when during a seriously goofy encore, Alex
started shouting out (on his mike) responses to Geddy's singing of "Priests
of Syrinx."  It went something like:

Geddy:  "We are the priests-"
Alex:  "Yeah, who are those guys?"
Geddy:  "Of the Temples of Syrix-"
Alex:  "Where is that place, anyway?"
Geddy:  "Our great computers-"
Alex:  "In the guitar pit!"  (walks to stage right and makes faces at his
guitar techs)
Geddy:  "Fill the hallowed halls."
Alex:  "What is a hallowed hall, anyway?"

 . . . . and so forth.  If you weren't there, you really missed something.

BTW, the radio station that _REALLY_ promotes Rush in that area is TK-101
(WTKX-FM) out of Fort Walton.  TK is a truly great station, probably the best
rock station I've ever listened to.  They are long-time Rush supporters, and
they'll probably have something special planned for this first tour date.

Good day, and WAR EAGLE!  Beat the Hogs!
Austin, TX


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