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          The National Midnight Star, Number 805

                 Tuesday, 2 November 1993
Today's Topics:
           justabandjustabandjustaband.... ARRR!
                   set list and Cp pairs
                 Eerie Rush Driving Story
                 Guitar group forming....
         Probably irrelevant, but interesting...
        Confirmation of the Thriller/VP similarity
             Halloween Counterparts Costumes
                   all this conjecture
              Neil and college applications
             Frank Zappa sticks out his thing
                       Rush Survey
                     Ged using a pick
               Losing It vs. Nobody's Hero
                   impossible set-list
                Counterparts and tab music
                 Some Replys to TMNS #804
                    The Usual Insanity
                    A lurker posts...
               Death does not a hero make.
                  Are They Counterparts
                     Tour (Mishaps?)
              CP Review in Dayton Daily News
       Back cover art, phrases, and live material.
              John Webster and Peter Collins
     Re:  11/01/93 - The National Midnight Star #804
                Unusual RTB Tour Memories
        _COUNTERPARTS_...A couple of questions...
      Why CP is as good if not better than MP or PeW
                   Seal of Solomon? No.
                Reply to Joseph Alan Cerro
                  Symphonic Music of Yes
                Liner notes interpretation
                         RTB rap

Date: Tue Nov  2 19:55:18 EST 1993
Subject: Administrivia

Ok, just some standard stuff, if you're going to be away for a while you might 
want to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe when you get back, I get bounces a 
lot of times from people, who's mailboxes fill up! 

Some "official" news on the tour.  It will start in Florida, but according to 
a very good source, they say there are still "NO confirmed dates" as yet just 
that there are some holds on buildings, and certain arenas.  The band is 
supposedly meeting this week/next week to discuss routing, production, dates, 
etc..  As far as an opener for this tour, I'm told that King's X may go out on 
some dates, personally I think they might go out for the whole tour, seeing as 
the new King's X will be released around January when the tour starts up. 

And Finally, for those wondering about the Pye credits on the CD, they are 
correct in the booklet, and I'm told the radio special was incorrect for 
crediting the wrong song to Pye.  So it's the booklet that's right folks!


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1993 09:02:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: justabandjustabandjustaband.... ARRR!

Hello, fellow Rushers and (New?) Rushelles.

I'm in the midst of the frustrating and chronologically costly process of
moving all of my Internet mailings over to Delphi, where my account is, from
all appearances, under intense scrutiny.  With my feed worn thistle-thin and
weak as a wet slice of Wonder bread, it seems like the perfect opportunity to
make my initial contribution... I probably won't have to read it again.  >:)

Hmf.  Well, I'll just jump right in and see what bites.

Couterparts Critique:

Animate: The song that I was slowest to appreciate.  Off to a great
         start with the count-in and crisp percussion.  Bass played w/pick?
         Well, it does sound like it, but I don't want to get into +that+.

SIO    : Groove supreme.  Energetic solo that's just too damn short.  >:)

Cut    : A great song; driving, crunching, thumping, wrenching.  Lightning
To     : solo in exactly the right place.  I don't enjoy the speaker-to-
The    : speaker swish; then again, I've always been binaurally challenged.
Chase  : (And... it's radio-friendly.)

N.     : Excellent, well-constructed song.  Odd, mid-tempo.  I shiver
Hero   : when I hear Alex's absolutely spiritual soloage in the breaks.
         Fine demonstration of proper keyboard usage: -atmosphere-.  The
         lyrics are fine by me, although I'm especially aware of the
         infamous first line when others are listening to the song.  Why?
         Well, people seem to think it's a gay love song, which isn't an
         inherently BAD thing, but it's the simple fact that they don't get
         it that makes me cringe... which is really nothing new, is it?

BSAM   : An atypically light, fun song!  Perfect guitar sound; Tragically
         Hip-ish.  Acoustic or clean electric fills it out very nicely.

Alien  : Alternating atmospheric, ominous guitar with CTTC's driving sound
Shore  : for the chorus works well.  If someone doesn't find out what the
         intro 'vocal' and background reversed-and-phased-sounding vocals
         during the solo are, I'm going to go insane trying.

The    : I'm afraid I don't like this song.  Neil's astronomically cosmic
Speed  : love metaphor doesn't work for me; it was stretched far enough
Of     : in Chain Lightning, IMO.  Lazy-sounding tune.  I don't think much
Love   : of Geddy's vocal work, and the guitar-solo-that's-just-the-vocal-
         melody-and-barely-there-anyway contribute to my dislike.  There
         +is+ some great Alexwork in this song, but it's buried.  <^ IMHO!

Double : Love it!  2112-finale-ish!  Moody, ominous lyrics & delivery.
Agent  : Wall-shaking locked-bass-and-guitar theme, complemented by that
         screeching, aneurysm-bursting solo (complete with hackle-raising
         harmonic slide [rake?]).

Leave  : Jazz-fusion?  A great instrumental, with "Sailor's Hornpipe"-
That   : inspired solo.  Master of feedback!  Definition of a "haunting"
Thing  : theme.  Plywood cameo?  Better than WMT by about six furlongs;
Alone! : maybe better than tired old YYZ, IM_V_HO.

Cold   : Great lyrics in the verses, but the chorus (... is a cold fire) is
Fire   : pretty weak.  Do I have the chorus and bridge reversed?  Probably.
         A great solo that might not belong in this song...

E.     : God... this song really involves me, like Time Stand Still and
Glory  : Middletown Dreams did.  Alex's backing in the verses just tears my
         heart out; perfect!  Great use of that bright, filling acoustic.
         Perfect solo, perfect solo exeunt, and perfect climax to this
         song; Geddy's into it.  We leave with that beautiful theme fading
         into tape hiss as I tingle and smile for ten minutes after...

>...until the little Sony clicks over to the other side, where I've recorded
this incredible album all over again, for my eternal listening pleasure.

Re: Percussive Comments

I don't know if it's the mixing, miking, or the kit itself, but this is
three-point-one-four-one-five-nine-two times better than the drum sound on
recent albums.  I don't know what he was doing on Presto and RTB... sounded
like he was playing Hanes XL underwear, stretched over tin pie plates full
of thick gravy and pasty mashed potatoes.

Um, I really disliked that sound.  >:)

I've read some complaints about Neil's not-so-complex drumming on
Counterparts.  It seems to me as though he's moving away from gymnastics,
and taking a more careful, strategic approach.  Think of Nick Mason: he has
never played with the sheer physical skill that Neil has, but his work is
often just as effective.  You'll just have to get used to listening to
subtleties instead of soliloquies.

Well, that's all for now.  It did turn out a bit long, and I hope you'll
accept my apology for whatever it's caused or cost you.

Until the next, take care.

- Robert Barnhardt, if it's soon to expire,
              if it's full of preservatives.

   unparalleled  - technician                                      tm
   unappreciated -  guitarist             Mix-and-Match Personality
   hopeless      -    drummer
   wannabe       -   composer               Who shall I be today?
   promising     - programmer
   frustrated    -     writer


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 93 23:54:46 -0500
From: (Stacey Ksenzakovic)
Subject: set list and Cp pairs

I can't seem to find my list of stuff to say now, so I'm only going
to say what's in the subject.
But.. in reverse order. I also noticed the "happy&gay straight&narrow"
and even the "hell fire"
But did anyone notice "serch&destroy fear&loathing" or... this is a bit
[not obscure, um..] odd and probably unintended, but...
"duck&cover dick&jane"
Sorry. I know where MY mind is...

Anyway, here's my guesses.
In the Mood (I want to hear it just for subject matter)
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
I Think I'm Going Bald (much more appropriate now)
anything off 2112 will do
Cygnus X-1 (BTW I just listened to it in a weird mood and those sound
   blasts during TB's talking can be really terrifying)
The Trees
Natural Science
Tom Sawyer and more
Red Sector A
Mystic Rhythms
Time Stand Still
Show Don't Tell and more
RTB and Dreamline
Animate, CttC with Ged and Alex headbanging, and Double Agent but Alex
   has to sing the harmony or it will be song murder
and an instrumental medley

One more thing. DO NOT COMPARE GEDDY TO WORF. Are you trying to kill
me? Sigh. Deanna Troy, maybe, but NOT WORF. Thank you.
                             Blessed be,
                             Juno (aka Julie and Panacea)
Member, Society of People Who Would Love to See Rush Limbaugh Lose
All His Money and Become Dependent Upon the Meager Beneficence of
the Welfare State.                                      8^) or :^)
"  I am made from the dust of stars, and the oceans  "    \  /    "
"    flow in my veins.    (Presto)                   " ----><---- "
"  ._.. ___ ..._ .   ._.. .. ..._ . ...   ___ _.     "    /  \    "


Date: 30 Oct 93 18:49:00 -0500
Subject: CTTC

   After listening and loving Cp, I came across an article about Mr.
Chevy Chase.  The name of the article was:

         Cut, too, the Chase

I could not resist - CP was inserted and cranked up accordingly.  This is
an excellent piece of material.

Can't stop - moving........NP



Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 08:39:53 -0500
From: (Skip Gridley)
Subject: Eerie Rush Driving Story

Hey All,
     Given the time of year, I would have chalked up the following to some
sort of Halloween madness, but since weird stuff like this happens to me
all the time, it just can't be a coincidence.  Anyway, here's my story.
     I was driving home from work last Thursday, I noticed a little yellow
Geo car of some type in the right lane ahead had three bumper stickers.  I
only remember two of them.  They were:

       ---------------------------             -----------------------
       | My other car is a broom |             | Goddess Be With You |
       ---------------------------             -----------------------
                                            I'm not 100% sure on this one, but
                                            I know it said Goddess, at least

     Anyway, with all the recent discussions on this list, I at least knew
some of what these stickers represented.  Where's the Rush content of this
post?!?  Well, as I got up beside the car, there was another sticker in the
driver's side rear window.  It was a small square one, with man/red star from
2112, with the usual "Rush" at the bottom.  A mile down the road I got off
at my exit and Cold Fire came on the radio...  It was actually kind of eerie.

As far as tour songs go, I'd actually like to see B,B,B from FBN instead of
By-Tor.  Yes, I know it's on ESL, but I'd love to see/hear it cranked out
live.  Give me Vital Signs, Losing It, Nobody's Hero, Natural Science and both
parts of Cygnus X-1.  For instrumentals, how 'bout YYZ, LTTA, WMT w/drum solo.
Double Agent with LVS (all of it) stuck in the middle would be most cool.

  Bound up and wound up so tight...            Skip Gridley


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 10:12:02 EST
From: (The Omega Concern)
Subject: Guitar group forming....

hey all,

I have formed a mailing group for the discussion of guitars and players.  You
need not play to join or anything.  You just have to like listening to and
discussing guitars.  This should be a great chance to get exposed to new

I'm currently doing the digest manually.  I have a neat digest manager program 
that I can't quite figure out how to set up.  Any help would be greatly 

Mail your adds to me at the address below.  Remember, I am but a human.  Please
treat me as such (not like a damn machine).  Adds may take a few days.

Sorry for the non-Rush content.  BTW, we do have some Rush fans in the group 


I am:
Art or

"There is a fine line between love and illusion -
a fine place to penetrate the gap between wishes and
fact, the lens between wishes and fact"
	-Neil Peart of Rush


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 08:25:53 PST
From: (Robyn King-Nitschke)
Subject: Probably irrelevant, but interesting...


I was reading the paper this weekend and saw an article
about how a famous AIDS activist, who had run for some
sort of public office (I forget in which state) had died
of AIDS sometime last week. His name: "Absolutely Nobody."
Apparently he'd changed his name legally so he could
point out the uselessness of whatever office he was
running for: Absolutely Nobody got 7% of the vote...

Anyway, since I need to get a life, I thought it
was kind of interesting that this AIDS activist was
named Nobody...I wonder if Neil had ever heard of
him. Nobody's Hero? Probably not...

We now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion
of how many 1's and 0's can dance on the head of a
pin... :-)


ORQ: Where would you rather be?  Anywhere but here...


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 12:14:05 EST
From: "Geeslin, Will" 
Subject: Confirmation of the Thriller/VP similarity

A girlfriend of mine and I were laying in bed last night and I was forcing
her to listen to Rush. (She is relatively neutral on them, being a
fanatical Danzig fan).  DA came on and she said,"Hey, that sounds like
Thriller, where Vincent Price does the spoken part"  I'm too close to Rush
to notice the similarity (or maybe too far from Michael Jackson), but this
settles the matter for me.  Oh well.

"Bille Jean is not my lover..."

Will Geeslin
University of Kentucky


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Halloween Counterparts Costumes
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 9:52:24 PST

OK RushFans(tm) beat this one.  My girlfriend and I went to a Halloween
party as the cover of Counterparts!  We constructed a hexagonal shaped
2 foot diameter hat like thing for me and wrapped a long piece of duct
tape around me to simulate the threads of the bolt.  We made a 3 foot
diameter haxagonal "nut" with a hole in it for my girlfriend, which she
wore at about waist level.  We even included a dashed duct tape line down
her torso.  We arrived to critical acclaim at a party full of the same
old devils, witches, and draculas.  OK, so it wasn't scary, but people
did not miss the sexual connotations.

Match the comments to the commentator if we were to have arrived at a
hypothetical Rush Halloween party:

    "Very, um, original"                                            Neil

    "Could you please leave?"                                       Alex

    "Get a life!"                                                   John

    "At least they're not wearing kimonos"                          Geddy


Chris Schiller                    
Hewlett-Packard ICBD/BBU                    (415) 857-2686


From: ma168fae@sdcc14.UCSD.EDU (Chris Cameron)
Subject: all this conjecture
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1993 12:56:04 -0800 (PST)

While catching up on the back issues, I have noticed many differing
opinions about issues that I never considered as having more than
one interpretation.  While this is good since it expands the amount
of Rush propaganda I get exposed to :), there are some things which
give me that little nervous twitch I get when I read something that (IMHO)
defies common sense.  Is there anyone else out there (the silent
majority?) that thinks any or all of the following ideas simply make
the most sense, given what we all know about Rush and their music? :

(in no particular order)
-"Gangster of Boats" is a _joke_.  There is no "Gangster of Boats"
'triliogy', and there never will be.  They added that in there
because they have a sense of humor about their history of writing
"rock operas" and epic songs and the like, and they thought their
fans could get a chuckle out of it.  That "WMT?" is Part _4_ should
be the tip-off right away.  This is not to say that "LTTA" shouldn't
be compared to or doesn't relate to "WMT?", just that it doesn't
have to involve the "GOB" 'trilogy'; rather, the two songs relate
because (again, IMHO :) "LTTA" is probably a sort of response, or
reaction, to "WMT?", possibly trying to be a step in the other
direction (hence, "Leave that Thing Alone") and exploration of different
sides of Rush instrumental music.  (Less catchy?  More
-The "one chromosome" difference exists between males and females,
not between whites and blacks.  As far as I know, whites and blacks
are two different races, but that doesn't mean they differ by a
chromosome.  This is not to say that _Cp_ doesn't address the
white/black issue (perhaps simply by intentional omission...), just
that the more popular interpretation of "differening by one
chromosome" would mean male/female; whites/blacks certainly have
different genetic material which determines their race, but they
don't differ by a chromosome, per se.
-The binary code doesn't mean anything, except, possibly, "DDD"
(that's one conjecture that I'd have to agree with =)
-"Nobody's Hero" is not about homosexuality, per se.  It just uses
one as an example.  (I'm gonna leave the "homophobia" stuff out of
this)  Objectively, I'd have to say that it's possible that people
are repelled by the song because Neil starts out the lyrics with
"sexuality", etc.  That doesn't mean they are "homophobic".  Heck, I
gave a pretty big wince when i heard Geddy mouth the word
"sex-u-a-li-ty".  It's just something I'm not used to...
(side note:  does "homophobic" really mean "fear of gays"?  I would
interpret it as "fear of homos", where "homos" is not really a Latin
root but a modern slang term for gays, in which case, whoever
thought up the word doesn't seem very smart to me.)

For those who don't know (just to further baseball literacy,
something Rush would agree with), Tinker to Evers to Chance was the
most famous double-play combination in baseball.  But I do indeed
believe they achieved that fame based on their inclusion in a poem.

one more common sense thing:
-the following lyric does NOT suck.  It sounds pretty darn cool
(what more do you want?  :-)

Chris Cameron
"Ahh yes to yes to ahh ahh to yes" -Rush


Date: Mon, 01 Nov 93 15:49:18 EST
Subject: Neil and college applications

Since most of the people on this list are currently attending college, I was
wondering if any of you used any Rush lyrics as the basis for a meaningful
quote, influence in life, etc. essay. I was thinking of using the "When I
leave..." lines from The Analog Kid, but I'm not sure. Since I am about to
begin my essays, any input would be appreciated. Also, since most of you are
already in college, please e-mail me ( any responses or
suggestions you have. Thanks.

In addition, my thoughts on CP: whether you like the album or not, we can all
agree that CP is without a doubt the most recent Rush studio album since RTB.


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 16:11:55 -0500
From: (Stacey Ksenzakovic)
Subject: Frank Zappa sticks out his thing

The subject actually has very little to do with this letter.
It was on my list of things to say and I can't remember what
it means. Well, I've got the list now, so here goes...

1) How do you pronounce Zivojinovich[Alex's last name]?
2) Please, don'e compare Geddy to Jim Morrison [whoever did].
    Jim was a baritone. Ged can't sing that low. They are
    both good in different ways [and of course we know who's
    better] :^)
3) A warning: If you ever play p/g for someone, make sure it's
    reasonably loud, or they won't like it. I listened on low
    volume while talking to a friend, and even the songs I know
    I love sounded lame.
4) "le demain monde"  monde= world, demain= tomorrow. I'm clueless
    on the grammer, though.
5) "when Geddy and Alex mimic e/o, I forget the term"  That would
    be unison, I think.
6) Someone mentioned "Jet City Woman." Is it just me, or does the
    city in that video look a lot like Toronto? I can see the CN
    tower or something like it.
7) I thought that red thing on the Cp watch looked like a drop if
    blood. Someone said a ladybug. Can we get someone with a
    magnifying glass to check it out?
8) A FEW THOUGHTS ON THE BINARY  I notiuced from observations on here
    thatthe string of 101etc is different on the cassette and CD.
    This might suggest that it is meaningless. However I haven't
    gotten around to comparing to see if the 43 digits on the cass
    are part of the lines of 61 on the CD. A friend suggested that
    the code is actually all one number in binary, however I don't
    have the necessary equipment/knowledge to translate it into
    base 10. Also there are seeral possible ways to look at it so
    if someone with free time and immense curiosity could check them
    all out...
9) I lent Cp to my psych teacher because of Animate and the liner art.
    She loves it, but has not commented on the lyrics yet...
10) In math class we were discussing combining functions ie f(x), in
    such ways as (f+g)(x), (g-f)(x), (fg)(x), (f/g)(x), and naturally
    I could not help thinking (p/g)(x)! :^)
11) I'm still trying to figure out the voices in AS. I'm sure it'
    all Geddy. One line sounds like "so many doorways." Another sounds
    like "yes, yes" or something, but then this is from the person who
    thinks it's almost worth the $8 just to hear Geddy say "ah, yes to
    yes." [and that person who said it sounds orgasmic... read on]
12) I'm not going to comment on "masturbate me," as I'm sure you all
    know what I'm thinking. However, on the "circumcise me" line--
    Seeing as how Ged's parents are Jewish, I'm sure he's already
13) To the guy who transcribed the Chretien interview: We have a
    Natural Law party too, but I don't know if they're into meditation.
    The only advertising they can afford is billboards in small cities.
14) Our boys? SEXIST?? Nah. No sarcasm here. Actually I think they are
    giving women a higher level of importance with Animate especially.
    The only girl ever on a cover had her skirt blown up to her waist
    so whatever they might do now can't be worse. It seems Alex is
    a bit of a flirt anyway, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
    Please, no speculation on my personal view this time.
15) I think eMpTyV [sorry to whoever I stole that from] is a little
    too UScentric to ever give Rush proper recognition. But about
    an awards ceremony on TV, maybe we should try to have it on both
    channels like the Queen concert of April 1992. MuchMusic could
    show it live like they did then, and MTV could record and edit it,
    like they did then. That way everyone could see it in one form
    or another, and those unfortunate enough not to have either channel
    could buy a copy from someone.
16) One last thing-- There's this girl in my hall who always plays
    music too loud. Last week she was playing  DANCE
    MUSIC. I had to fight back. I went to my roo, popped Hemishperes
    into my little portable dual cassette dec,  and cranked it up.
    I scared a few people away with La Villa. One side effect, however:
    I can no longer hear the word "monsters" without having that melody
    pop into my head. A small price to pay, if it's even a price.

Well, th-th-th-that's all for now folks. See you tomorrow when I
submit award-winning[NOT] plans for the Animate video.

                             Blessed be,
                             Juno (aka Julie and Panacea)
Member, Society of People Who Would Love to See Rush Limbaugh Lose
All His Money and Become Dependent Upon the Meager Beneficence of
the Welfare State.                                      8^) or :^)
"  I am made from the dust of stars, and the oceans  "    \  /    "
"    flow in my veins.    (Presto)                   " ----><---- "
"  ._.. ___ ..._ .   ._.. .. ..._ . ...   ___ _.     "    /  \    "


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1993 16:24:20 -0500
From: (Nellie)
Subject: Rush Survey

Howdy, folks!

        As promised, I have compiled the responses to my NMS Rush survey
asking what your favorite CP song is.  And, from 106 votes, I proudly
display the results:

#1      Double Agent                    28.3%
#2      Between Sun and Moon            16.9%
#3      Animate                         15.1%
#4 Tie  Cut to The Chase                11.3%
#4 Tie  Leave That Thing Alone          11.3%
#6      Cold Fire                       7.5%
#7      Nobody's Hero                   3.8%
#8 Tie  Everyday Glory                  1.9%
#8 Tie  Alien Shore                     1.9%
#8 Tie  Stick it Out                    1.9%
#666    Speed of Love                   0.0%

        I was also privy to a swarm of comments from those who participated
in the survey. First, the nearly unanimous consensus was that Stick it Out
was for image, not appeal, and was a terrible choice for the first single.
Most suggested BSAM and Animate as better singles to release first, even
those who voted for Double Agent.
        It is easy to see why Double Agent fared so well. Though not my
choice (I chose BSAM), it clearly is a throwback to older Rush, and
therefore, has the most appeal.
        In addition, I also recieved some wonderful notes from some of the
survey participants.  One note was from a Yale Student who could not spell
any words correctly that were longer than two syllables.  Another one
misinterpreted my mailing on the NMS and gave me a 20K, six page essay
critiquing each song, replete with a full scoring system.  The funniest
note goes to Panacea (who, coincidentally, is probably is reading this
letter), who apparently is one of Geddy's BIGGEST fans. She changed the
lyrics to Animate to:

C'mon Geddy,
Elevate Me
Animate Me
Penetrate Me,

And asked Geddy to Stick it Out for her. Who knows, Panacea, who knows...

        Anyway, thanks for all those who participated. You loser at Yale,
you still are a grub. Panacea, I can be Geddy if you want to, and all Rush
Fans, Rush On!!!


Subject: Ged using a pick
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 93 16:50:23 -0500
From: "Virtual Unreality" 

As far as I know Geddy doesn't usually use a pick.  I remember in an interview
with Guitar Player (?) magazine he said that he almost had his middle finger
on his right hand chopped off when he was a child...and when the nail grew
back it was much stronger.  It doesn't break if he uses it as a pick.

Interesting tidbit of Rush trivia.


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 17:36:34 EST
From: (Arthur Treacher)
Subject: Losing It vs. Nobody's Hero

These two songs strike me as very similar in their approach, each with
there respective commentary (losing touch with ones gift and heroism/role
model).  Each provides two examples of people to whom Neil associates
the theme of each respective song.  I would like to say, however, that
Losing It definitely comes across better lyrically than Nodody's Hero.
There is more imagery being generated by Losing It (IMHO), and the
words flow much more gracefully then those of Nobody's Hero.

Just reading the first couple lines of each, I think illustrates the point...

"The dancer slows her frantic pace and pain and desperation,"
"Her aching limbs and downcast face Aglow with perspiration"


"I knew he was different in his sexuality"
"I went to his parties as a straight minority"

I just don't get as vivid a mental picture from NH.  Both are fantastic
songs that Geddy manages to sing with genuine feeling (IMHO), and its
probably unfair to compare something to what I think is one of their all
time greats (and most unsung - pun intended) - that being Losing It.

Art (imitating life)


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 16:33:29 -0600
From: Jeremy Todd Strzynski  
Subject: impossible set-list

sorry to make long NMS's even longer, but right now it's either waste your time
or write a paper.  someone recently posted a set list which included Mindcrime,
Roundabout, and Gimme Some Lovin (gimme gimme some lovin).  problem with that
set list was that it contained Rush songs.  how about Rush doing an entire show
with nothing but covers?  they could call it Ugly Kid Rush.

here goes:

Big Bottom, As Time Goes By (at least one of them is a sucker for old movies),
No Sugar Tonight-->I Shot The Sheriff, Tangled Up In Blue (we all know Bob
Dylan has written EVERY song), Fur Elise (the third section is pure heavy
metal), Linus and Lucy (aka The Charlie Brown Theme Song)-->The Ballad of the
Green Berets-->Red Hooded Sweatshirt, Every Sperm Is Sacred (sung by Alex),
Drum Solo (from _Abbey Road_), the _Animaniacs_ theme song (Geddy is Yakko,
Neil is Wakko, and Alex is Dot), Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Captain Spalding.


The Ring of the Nibelung.

anybody else have suggestions for covers?  make them interesting, because Rush
will never play a cover for a million years.  for the next ten years or so
because it might compromise their integrity, for the next forty or so years
because they'll be old and retired, and after that because they'll be dead.

jeremy, with mint frosting

   [ Are you a cellulose peptide cake? :-)			: rush-mgr ]


From: Lord Dispater 
Subject: Counterparts and tab music
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 20:25:27 CST

Greets, Rush fans.
     Well, I'm going to skip the reviews of Counterparts, as it has been done
before, a good many times over.  :)  But one thing I did want to know about is
if there are any tab-translations of anything from Counterparts available
anywhere.  I didn't see any at Syrinx, or at Animal Farm, an anonymous ftp
site that has these kinds of things.  I did see a great many songs at Animal
Farm that aren't at Syrinx, though.  I will be happy to download them if
the Rush Manager will only tell me how.
     One other thing I'd like to say, regarding my purchase of Counterparts:
I went in at about 4:30 that Tuesday.  I asked for a CD, and they told me
that they were out.  So, desperately craving Rush, I asked for a tape.  Well,
I got lucky.  I bought the store's _last_ copy of the tape.
     Later that week I called to see if they had any more copies so I could
give it to my friend for her birthday, and they _still_ hadn't gotten anymore
copies!  UPS had mixed up the order, so the store couldn't get them until
at least ten o'clock the next morning.  Looks like I got really lucky in
finding my copy.
     Later, all.

      Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche.
      Who could ask for more from life?

                     Michael J. Miller,


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 22:40:51 -0500
Subject: Some Replys to TMNS #804

Hi all you Rushfans(tm)!

	This is my first letter to TNMS, but I've been an avid reader for
about 3 weeks now.  I LOVE IT!

OK, a couple of you guys wanted some info from our past Rush experiences, so
here goes!

How I got into Rush:
	We just got MuchMusic as part of Basic Cable in London, and they were
playing Show Don't Tell an awful lot.  I was, at that point, really into
Gowan and Level 42 (hey, gimmie a break!  I was a naieve 15 year old) and was
looking for some music that was very bass centred (Mark King was, and still
is, one of my favourite bass players, but that's another thread) and this
Canadian(yeah!) band sounded cool.  So I bought Presto and listened to it
coninuously for 6 months, getting used to the Gedster's voice (Hey, let's
face it.  That IS still an obstacle for new Rush fans)  I then bought
(scratch that)  I asked a DJ friend of mine about other good Rush albums
and he replied "You can't go wrong with A Show Of Hands" and he was right.
I slowly built my collection over the next two years, and now here we are!

Hey this is of interest.  About half an hour ago, at the beginning of a
"30 minute Rock Block" on our Classic Rock station up here, they played
SIO.  The DJ, (I think) just advertised NMS, the volume was too low to be
sure.  Congrats!

Rush Concert Mishaps:
	The only Rush show I've ever been to was the first one on the RTB tour
in Hamilton ON.  There were a few mistakes:
	1) Alex played a repeated part at the beginning of Time Stand Still
	   one bar too long.  The film on the screen behind them was then one
	   bar ahead for the whole thing.
	2) Alex didn't get his acoustic out on stage in time for CTTH. It
	   sounded pretty bad in harsh electric.
	3) Ged messed up the last verse of The Big Money.  I was probably the
	   only one to notice it though. (Aside for Ged, who grimaced after the
	   mistake.  Yes I was that close.  19th row!)

All right, this letter is just TOO long, so I'll read y'all later!

"That is the secret.  If there is one"  -NP  Counterparts Press Release.

Paul Zeeman


Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1993 22:31:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: The Usual Insanity

The "RTB" Rap

Mr. Dorgon, of the electronic abyss America Online:  Neil has said in one
of the "It's a Rap" interviews that appear on "RTB" CD singles that Geddy
did, in fact, perform that infamous 'rap-thing.'  He mentions that Mr. Lee's
'treated' vocalization seemed to fit perfectly.  Rush considered Robbie
Robertson, an unnamed female vocalist, and even John Cleese to perform the
rap, but ultimately decided on Geddy's altered vocal stylings.

Ed Blonksi:  Yes, you are correct that Rush is usually snubbed in the
music press.  No, I don't consider Rolling Stone and an E! television
show as *any* sort of press.  What just gets me is that Rush is in a
minority of music groups/artists that has persevered for as long as
it has without compromising its musical integrity, or succumbed to the
'pressures' of the same music press we're talking about.  For David
Adelson to remark that "...some people still can stand the sound of
Geddy Lee's voice" shows me that he hasn't heard a Rush album since
"All the World's a Stage."  Geddy hasn't sounded like "Donald-Duck-
on-helium" since those days, and it's pure ignorance shinin' through
when the guy makes an absurd comment like that.  Jesus, he might have
well said, "...some people still can stand the scarves and platform
shoes that Rush wears" for any sort of disconcernable difference I
might've been able to make in his 'journalistic' talents.

To all:  The video for "Stick It Out" is supposed to debut some time
on MTV this week.  This is from the mouth of an Atlantic representative


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 13:48:25 +0900
From: (Andrew McCown)
Subject: A lurker posts...

Howdy All...
  I've just been lurking here for a good long while, and finally "saw"
something I could say that I hadn't seen said yet, and so be able to
bore a few more of you :-). To get to the point, in the last NMS when
Vernon Harmon was going through the complete list of picture-phrase
matches, he writes
>(4,3) question & answer, straight & gay (could be a pink triangle)
(NO! I am not going to say a thing about the straight & gay) How about,
instead of, or as well as, question & answer, you could say...
  wonder & why (! and ?) and get a direct tie-in to lyrics. :-)

On another tangent, I envy all of you who will be going to see the
tour next year. I'm very jealous. Living here in Japan, I just don't
think there is any chance they'll plan to stop here :-( So, for those of us
who don't get to see the western media, keep those reviews coming - they're
fun to read (esp. the really ignorant ones), and I look forward to at
least getting to read about the concert from y'all.


"And if the music stops, there's only the sound of the rain,
 all the hope and glory, all the sacrifice in vain..."  -Rush


Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 22:03:29 PST
From: trumpet@CSOS.ORST.EDU (David Novak)
Subject: Death does not a hero make.

In response to James Brian's comment/question about who is leaving
for the door in Coldfire, I think Neil meant it to be general so it
could hit everyone from their own perspective.  [Though my lawyer
strongly advises against me expressing which way I took the line :( ]

Regarding's and's
comments/response, I agree with's
analysis.  I think that Neil is flaming the news media and others
for making heroes out of people who really haven't done anything
heroic.  Just because someone died of something which is a major
issue of today, does not make them a hero.  It is unfortunate that
they died, but they are no more a hero than someone dying of cancer.
Other circumstances within their lives might have made that person a
roll model or even a hero, but their death alone does not make them a

David Novak           Nothing changes faster than the speed of love.                                         - N.P.


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 08:40:01 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Are They Counterparts

Hi All
	Just an idea. Are the pictures in the liner notes references or
Counterparts to the songs on the Album. What gave me the idea was the X & Y
chromosomes refer to "strangers by one chromosome" in Alien Shore.

Also could the Hare & the Tortoise refer to "Stick it Out", as in the
Tortoise sticking it out an winning.

So do all the other pictures refer to something?
This may be a new thread to follow up. Has anyone else got any other ideas.

Virgin 1215 (UK) is giving Nobody's Hero a lot of airplay. I've heard it
3 times now in as many days. Maybe they'll release it as the first single
( Rush as a Christmas No 1 - Oh Nooo!)

I also saw an advert for the album in a magazine (sorry, can't remember which
one, but it was on the back cover if that helps!) which was a continuation
of the liner notes. Yup, more counterpart pictures. I didn't really have time
to look at it properly, but one of the pictures was of Cary Grant.

Thats all folks


Subject: Tour (Mishaps?)
From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 00:14:00

In response to someone asking about tour mishaps.. When I saw Rush on
the RTB tour at Nassau Colleseum some guy jumped on to the stage from
the right, ran to the middle of the stage and then jumped into the

Later in the show Alex had a nerf gun and was shotting missles at Geddy
and then he and Alex picked up the little nerf missles and threw them at


Date: 02 Nov 93 07:43:13 EST
From: CHRIS HAAKER <73023.2326@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: CP Review in Dayton Daily News

Rush takes a giant step backwards on Counterparts, eschewing the heavy
synthesizers of its later albums in favor of the intricate and empathic
gutiar, bass and drum interplay that established the canadian rock trio as a
progressive rock powerhouse. The result is Rush's strongest effort since
1981's Moving Pictures, combining tuneful accessability with a thicker
rhythmic emphasis and sharper musical edge.
In a word, Counterparts rocks.
Like it's predecessors, the band's 19th album follows a loose lyrical theme
relating to the title, illustrated with a series of photos that recall Pink
Floyd's A Nice Pair. Double Agent, for example, deals with "the choice between
darkness and light."
But while one listens to Rush expecting to be dazzled by technical proficiency
and tricky time signatures - which the instramental Leave That Thiing Alone
delivers - one rarely expects to be moved. Nobody's Hero however, addresses
the loss of a friend to AIDS with sincere anguish, and standouts The Speed of
Love, Cold Fire and Everyday People delve into previously uncharted emotional
Counterparts, to borrow an old Rush title, is closer to the heart.
Dave Larsen
31/2 stars.

Friday October 29 1993

We will pay the price but we will not count the cost


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 08:15:36 EST
From: (Arthur Treacher)
Subject: Counterparts

> >From: (David A Warner)

> *** Pure As Another's Desire, Even As A Murder's Dream!! ***

     Great line, but if its supposed to be a quote from the album, shouldn't
it read...

     "Pure as a lover's desire/Evil as a murderer's dream"

And from

> I hate to start an old argument, and I heard the Rockline interview, and I've
> read the FAQ list, but I just don't believ that Geddy did the rap.  Until I
> get my WayBack machine from Mr. Peabody and we go back to the recording of
> RTB, I'm going to believe that Neil or Alex (or Rupert Hine??) did that rap.

Of course it doesn't sound like Geddy, that's the beauty of it.  Ever
hear of technology?  Anyway, I remember someone on this digest along
while back who said they had access to lots of cool sound equipment,
including something called a harmonizer, and that if you play around
with it with that section of RTB, you can make it sound like Geddy.
Than again, with all the modern sound equipment you could probably make
a Ronald Reagan speech sound like Geddy shriking "We are the priests..."
I have a harmonizer filter on my Sun workstation, and I digitized that
section from my CD and played with it, but could not make it sound like
Geddy.  So who knows...

Art (imitating life)


Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1993 10:44:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Back cover art, phrases, and live material.

Someone (Tom B.) asked if the back cover of the Cp disc was original
artwork or if it had any religious significance.  I think that it was
placed there because it is a famous psychological sketch, the most
noticable aspect of the drawing is the triangle which isn't there at
all!  It is about visual perception.  It is by no means original, and
I highly doubt if there is any religious overtones in it at all.
(Even if it slightly resembles a Star of David.)

Next topic, why does everyone associate the phrase Screwed, Blued &
Tatooed (sp?) with Primus.  I am not a Primus fan (tried, but just can't
get into it), and I had heard this expression many times and I have
lived in upstate NY all of my life.  Why can't it just be that Hugh, or
Rush, or whoever wrote the inside cover, just heard of this expression

Recently someone asked if Circumstances had ever been performed live, and
I say YES!  The tape I have of one of the Hemispheres shows has every note
of that album LIVE.

Amazing bass work on Cp!

ORQ - "I'm old enough not to care to much about what you think of me.
       I'm young enough to remember the future, the way things ought to be."

						Lewis (Hey! there are
                                                       two of us!)


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 10:40:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Douglas G Schwabe 
Subject: John Webster and Peter Collins

For the person who inquired about John Webster, he played keyboards on
Gowan's "Lost Brotherhood" CD and produced and played keys on Kim Mitchell's
"Aural Fixations".  Both are great albums, so check 'em out!!

As far as the return of Peter Collins for CP, I wondered recently what would
have happened had he stayed with Rush.  Personally, I don't think Rush's
attempts of putting the guitars in front would have happenend, and I don't
think the last two Queensryche CD's would be that great, either.  So the
split, IMO, was good for both parties.  Welcome back, Peter!!!

Oh, Aaron in Miami, I thought that Ulf Samuelssen was Cam Neely's hero :)



Date: Tue Nov 2 1993 10:15 EST
From: Gedman (SLLF) 
Subject: The Mysterious Bayfront Arena in Pensacola

Greetings fellow Rushians,

Boy is it Freezing here in the "Space Coast"!

Greetings to the Florida Rush Chapter: Matt, Eric, Jim, Aaron,
and Andrew.

Two posts ago our beloved rush-mgr responsed to my post saying:

>[ They're not playing the Civic Center!! It's at some place called the
> Bayfront Arena, apparently a much smaller venue than the center. Try
> calling there and let us know what you've found out... :)  Also the
> date of the first show is January 22, *not* January 24.  : rush-mgr ]

Well, I called (904) information they said that they have never heard
of the Bayfront Arena! Can any of you other guys from the Florida
Chapter verify this? I know Jim has Emailed me and said that he lives
near Pensacola.

Whoa! Stop Everything!
I decided in the middle of writing this post to make a phone call
to Ticket Master. My reason was to find out if they have heard
of a Bayfront Arena.

Guess what, there is one! But it is in St. Petersburg. This
town is located near Tampa Bay. So I called them. They said
there has been no Word yet of Rush Playing there. But for
some reason she sounded like she knew something, but didn't
want to leak out any information. I could be wrong with my hunch.
They (the St. Petersburg Bayfront Arena) told me that there was
a Bayfront Ampitheatre in Miami.

Hey Aaron, maybe you could start bothering them with phone calls?
Their Phone number is (305) 358-7550. I have already called them
and they said that there was no word about Rush playing there.
This person sounded like they were not hidding anything.

rush-mgr, I would check your source again about the January 22
Bayfront Arena Pensacola date.

   [ It has been verified that it is the Bayfront Arena in Pensacola. I too,
     questioned this because I did know of one in St. Petersburg, but he is 
     adamant that it is in *Pensacola*... The reason you might not be able to
     find out information on it (the show, not the venue), is that I have 
     heard it is not yet confirmed.				: rush-mgr ]

I hope everybody benefits from this information. I have read
some peoples' posts about how they are going to drive to
Pensacola. One guy, a Mark Feinberg said he wanted to drive from

I will keep everyone updated as often as I can.

Gotta goooooooooo!


Gedman (SLLF)
= Scott Josephson                               "And if the music stops, =
= Chief AI Audio Specialist                      there's only the sound  =
= and Graduate Student                           of the rain, all the    =
= Florida Institute of Technology                hope and glory, all the =
= Email:                      sacrifice in vain"      =
=                                                Bravado - Neil Peart    =


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 13:24:07 -0500
From: Carmine T Guida 
Subject: Re:  11/01/93 - The National Midnight Star #804

Hey.. I was wondering..
In the begging of one on the songs on Grace under Pressure..
actually it's the chorus.. Geddy sings..

"One Zero Zero, One Zero Zero One... SOS"
Perhaps that is that the binary digits are..
More morse Code.. Remember that in YYZ the intro is
YYZ in morse code...

Lalallal -Carmine-


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 10:25:45 -0800
Subject: Unusual RTB Tour Memories

	Tom Beaudoin asked if anyone had bizzare experiences during the RTB
tour in anticipation of the CP tour. Well how about this:
	I had front row seats, about 7 feet from the guys. This girl was
sitting about three seats down was about 4 feet tall and drinking a beer that
was about 5 feet tall. Needless to say, she wasn't to aware of her suroundings.
Soon she was liplocked with her boyfriend in a pretty graphic way, and Alex
being right in front of her noticed and started making some kissy-face
expressions. Soon, Alex had the whole front section laughing at this couple
and they didn't even notice for about 3-4 minutes. Of cource, they guys didn't
miss a beat.
	Another 3 or 4 songs later the rest of the beer was gone, and the
girl was "asleep" front row at a Rush concert!!! (What a WASTE, I thought. I
also knew what was going to happenen...) And did it ever. She BLEW CHUNKS
EVERYWHERE!!!!, including all over the guy next to her and all over my friends'
shoe! YUK!! Alex and Geddy saw this and almost blew chunks themselves! Just
the expresssion of thier faces was worth the cost!!! They quickly turned away
and went stage right, Geddy's barf-free side. Again, they didn't miss a beat.
	One other thing. I brought a 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper that said
"PLAY RIVENDELL!!" on it and held it up. Alex and Geddy both saw it and got a
pretty good laugh!! Made my day, allthough they didn't play it.

	So that is my story!! It was the best concert I've been too. Not
because of the barf thing, but because of the front row aspect.
	P.S.- This was at the Oakland, California show.

	Matt May	 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California


Date:         Tue, 2 Nov 1993 1:19 pm EST (18:19:46 UT)
From: "Deborah L. Gauger" 
Subject:      _COUNTERPARTS_...A couple of questions...

Hey Fellow Rush fans...

     I just have a couple of quick questions regarding CP (which by the way
     I love....not as much as Presto...but I still love it).  Anyways...

  1)  Right before _Alien Shore_, there is an interresting little noise.
      I was just curious as to what it says...if anything.  If anyone
      knows, or has any idea as to what it might be,  knowing myself
      would make me one happy Rush fan...:)

  2)  Also, on the liner of CP, there is the picture of Neil, Alex, and know the one where Neil has the goatee....Anyway, I
      was just wondering if there was any significance to the medals, that
      all three are wearing, and that two of them are holding.

      Anyway, I've just been kinda curious about those two things since
      I got CP, which i love...did i mention that yet??  Anyway, gotta
      fade into fiction....

     -Debbie Gauger (aka Presto)

     "Reasoning is partly insane
      Image just an eyeless game.
      The night iis turning thin
      The saint turns to sin."  -NP


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 12:43:03 -0600
Subject: Why CP is as good if not better than MP or PeW

Hi everyone,

I hear most everyone saying that Counterparts is almost as good as MP
or PeW - but not quite.  So I have a little experiment for you:

Take your favorite 35-40 minutes of songs off Counterparts and listen
to them over and over and over until you think that they really
belong in that sequence.  Then compare to either MP or PeW, and see
if you don't like CP better.  You probably will.  That's the glory of
this album: it is half again as long as either of the two earlier
albums, so you can be a little more discriminating about the songs
that "speak to you."  If MP was another 20 minutes longer, there
might actually have been a song on there you didn't like.  Imagine




Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 14:21:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: Seal of Solomon? No.

The symbol on the back of the album is NOT a seal of solomon (or Star of
David), it's an optical illusion. Psychologists sometimes use it for
tests. Something you need to note is that the Seal of Solomon isn't the
Seal of Solomon unless it's placed inside a circle, and, to be correct,
also has the proper colors, but it doesn't always. The same way a 5
pointed star is not a pentagram, unless it's placed in a circle. It's
simply a star otherwise. The other reason why it couldn't even be a Mogan
David is because there is no inverted triangle, just the "suggestion" of
one, that's where the optical illusion lies. Actually, there's really only
the suggestion of a point up triangle as well, suggested by the 3 "V"
shapes. Technically all there is to it is 3 "Pac Man" shaped circles, and
3 "V" shapes. No triangles at all. It just suggests their existance. As
for what the connection between this symbol and "Counterparts" might be,
let's be broader minded, what if we take the symbol itself, and compair it
to the binary numbers there? Are there any secrets hidden there? A little
research into this optical illusion might yeild the answer... But then, I
doubt it. However, I'm sure someone will want to try to figure it out. I
might too, if I have some free time, I like to figure out puzzles. But
we're not even certain one exists here. We could come up with 10 perfectly
legitimate answers and all of them could be just as correct as the next
one, but unless there's someone out there who really does know who can
tell us "Yes, you guessed it, that's the right answer", all this
cryptogrophy is for naught.

     |                                    |
     |                         |
     |                                  |
     |           Cmdr. Michael A. Smith - U.S.S. Malverne            |


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 14:32:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike Smith 
Subject: Reply to Joseph Alan Cerro

Re Re: "Strangers by one Chromosome"

   It's not the technical aspects I'm concerned with there, it's the fact
that the song all but comes out and bites you on the nose and says "What
we mean here is both race AND sex". I think a lot of the Rush Fans in this
digest suffer from a common psychological disorder, which is, that they
tend to spend so much time picking for the minute details, that they lose
sight of the "big picture". Take a step back... Read the WHOLE SONG. Now,
with that in mind, re-read that line. Makes more sense now right? I think
so. I think that, with the entire song in mind, a lot of the nit-picking
that's done can be avoides.

   Case in point... That old (Hopefully dead now) debate about the line
"Christ, what have you done?" in The Pass... No, he's not asking a
question about what CHRIST has done, he's not referring to Christ at all,
not in any way shape or form. It's an expression, that's all, nothing
more. "Christ" could easily be replaced here (not literally, I mean, in
the context of a word used that'd hold the same kind of meaning) by a word
like "Damnit!" or "Man!" or even, "My God!" It's not a religious thing,
it's just an expression, a common one too. But, once again the collective
Rush fans overlooked it because they had their microscopes tuned in on 5
words, instead of the whole song. It's simple, don't take things out of
context, and often, you'll find the answer you've been looking for has
been stairing you right in the face.

   [ Ah... I see someone here should check out the older digests for the 
     infamous Christ - The Pass thread.                           :rush-mgr ]

     |                                    |
     |                         |
     |                                  |
     |           Cmdr. Michael A. Smith - U.S.S. Malverne            |


Subject: Symphonic Music of Yes
From: (Mike Corso)
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 93 14:47:24 EST

The new _Symphonic Music of Yes_ hit stores today.  What a great
recording.  Not only is the music inside great, but the packaging is
really fabulous.  Roger Dean, once again, did an amazing piece for the
cover.  The record can now be found, or should be found, in almost any
store you shop at.  Let me know if you can't find it at your favoite
outlet and tell mewhat store that is and whee.  Bill Bruford and Steve
Howe will be in New York to promote the record November 11 and 12.
They'll be appearing on Westwood One's Satellite feed to many top market
AOR stations on Friday November 12 to talk about the record and perform
"unplugged."  Is anyone interested in what sations they'll be on?

   [ Hmm... funny, I can't find any Rush content above.  Please, let's not 
     confuse this mailing list with the Yes Mailing list.  I know there are a 
     lot of Rush fans who also like Yes, but there's a place for that.  The 
     NMS should be for Rush discussions.                            :rush-mgr ]


From: Todd M Morris 
Subject: Liner notes interpretation
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1993 16:12:49 -0500 (EST)

   As this is my first post, I realize that I have to be careful what I say.
I'm usually the type to sit back and read everyone else's ideas, but when no
one seemed to figure out an obvious picture in the Cp sleeve, I wanted to offer
a simple solution.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, the picture of the
leaf with the symbol in the center represents the current situation in Canada.
The leaf is a maple leaf, representing Canada as a whole.  The symbol contained
within the leaf is a fleur-de-lis, often used as a representation of the
Province of Quebec.  The fact that the two symbols are contained within each
other represents the ongoing struggle by Quebec for its independence.  Maybe
Geddy, Alex, and Neil are trying to make a political statement?

  On another note, I'm originally from Buffalo, NY, but I go to school at
Michigan State.  Therefore, if anyone is planning on going to shows in either
of those two areas, please let me know if you hear anything regarding ticket
information.  I saw four shows on the RTB tour and am planning on making it to
about ten this time.  I'll keep reading TNMS, but if anything else comes up,
let me know.

                                    MSU.....  Rose Bowl or Toilet Bowl?


Date: Tue, 02 Nov 93 16:55:55 EST
From: "Geeslin, Will" 
Subject: RTB rap

The reason it doesn't sound like Geddy is because his voice is slowed down.
This would serve to drastically change the accent you are listening for.
The answer the rush-mgr gave is based on comments from the band itself, so
what would the motivation for them(Rush) to deceive?  Hope this helps.

Will Geeslin
University of Kentucky


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Once you've successfully logged on, change directory (cd) to 'rush'.

There is also a mail server available (for those unable or unwilling to
ftp).  For more info, send email with the subject line of HELP to:

These requests are processed nightly.  Use a subject line of MESSAGE to
send a note to the server keeper or to deposit a file into the archive.

Gopher access is now available on syrinx!
Use this command to access the gopher:

    gopher 2112

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