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 Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 21:35:06 -0500
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Subject: 12/14/93 - The National Midnight Star #837

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 837

                Tuesday, 14 December 1993
Today's Topics:
         Cold Fire: Pretty straightforward to me
        Degrassi/ASOH debate/Necromancer live 1977
                      jones beach...
                    Lyrics to freewill
              Beezus: Moron or just stupid?
                      Concert Dates
                 Phoenix tour 1994 & Boot
             To the EXCEEDINGLY bitter BEEZUS
               Re: I know what Cold Fire is
                      Floor tickets
                    rockline question.
                    Texas Ticket Trade
            Rush boots: which leg of the tour?
                       1812 in 2112
            Bye, all, it's been a blast . . .
      Re: 12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836
                     Rush on Rockline
                     ASOH controversy
                 Album Title in Lyrics...
                     Offensive Lyrics
                    Degrassi (Jr) High
      Re: 12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836
     Re:  12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836
                 Rush HYF shirt in movie

From: rush-mgr 
Date: Tue Dec 14 19:06:06 EST 1993
Subject: Administrivia

Ok,  if you feel the need to flame, send some email to the person.  There's 
enough traffic as it is and please don't try to start one on here, I have too 
much stuff to do without having to maintain peace and order.  'nuff babbling.

I will have the gopher area updated sometime this weekend and will start to 
put in the "NMS tour hookup" information on the server.  For those who are 
interested email and I can put your name in as well.

Also, in the coming weeks, I'll be setting up syrinx with its own WWW home 
page for the NMS mailing list.  Those of you who use Mosaic, I'll post the 
URL once it's done.  The server will include stuff about the NMS, along with 
stuff in our ftp/gopher area, and other links.

That's it.  
I'll have a SIG if I feel like it.

From: Chris Nelder 
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 19:04:54 PST
Subject: Cold Fire: Pretty straightforward to me

Re: all the suggestions about what the lyrics to Cold Fire mean. Some
of the ideas submitted were creative and personal, and of course
there's everything right with that--one *should* interpret and apply
lyrics personally. However, these lyrics seem pretty straightforward to
me, to wit:

- phosphorescent wave: as posted by others, this natural phenomenon is
one where you have light without heat. A cold fire. (Not to get off
track too much, but I've seen this phenomenon in breaking waves at a
Northern California beach. Having grown up in Arizona, I've also seen a
few sun dogs. Groovy, nutty stuff.)

- pawnbroker's diamond: Any light you see in a diamond is only a
reflection. A cold fire.

- look in your eyes: She's mad and insensitive as she heads for the
door. She's "cold."  Her eyes are probably shooting daggers. A cold fire.

--Chris "Call me Mr. Literal" Nelder


Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 23:28:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Degrassi/ASOH debate/Necromancer live 1977

Eric, I too have heard Rush on the Canadian PBS show, Degrassi High/Junior
High - I was bored on Sunday mornings!  ANyway, around 1990, I heard both
Time Stand Still and Lock and Key during two separate episodes.  (see ASOF
for more info - BTW, anyone know when the next issue is coming out?!).

"slipshod" is not exactly what I would the productionof ASOH.  (btw, what do
you see in The Big Money that is horrible?!)  Actually, to assume that Rush
were being "funny" in the 2112 parts of the video is dead-on!  It's stated by
Geddy I believe that it was meant to be a joke (just like the radiation signs
in La Villa).  The production doesn't look "screwed up" IMHO.  He didn't break
strings on both evenings, but they used footage from the second night (white
guitar) for the joke - he used the white Signature for Tom Sawyer on the 23rd,
then the string broke, he then switched to the Black Signature.  But on the
24th he used the white Signature throughout and they cut the pieces together
for humourous purposes alone!  Alex does switch back to the white Sig on th
23rd right before "and the meek shall inherit the earth...", hence the
delay and Geddy's sute smile over to Alex's side of the stage.
As for Rush not wanting to be cute because they pride themselves on technical
marval and attention to detail, then why did they stick Alex on the end of
Chain Lightning saying "thhaaats nice" - not really because it was an integral
part of the song, but for fun (check Profiled!).

I have to agree with the rush-mgr that Alien Shore beats The Speed of Love, as
well as his comment about the uncalled for highlighting of comment about sig's.

   [ Remember keep the flames to email.  Thanks.               :rush-mgr ]

On to bigger and better things:  I am listening to 6-2-77 as we speak and a
very interesting occurance that I hadn't noticed before (since the show had
been collecting dust in my closet with the other 125 shows I have), that on
one of the only recordings of The Necromancer around, that Alex breaks a string
(probably not on his white Signature this time!), right after the line
"by-tor slays his foe...."  kind of funny!
ALso, one last note, Happy anniversary to me who saw Rush both in Albany
(last night two years ago) and Hartford (tonight two years ago) and a Hello
to Ed Kerr who informed me that the Hartford show wasn't on Dec 1.  BTW, as
listed in the Tourdates, there WAS NOT A HARTFORD SHOW ON THE 14th.!!
	"when the ebbing tide retreats..."


From: (Jennifer Feinman)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 23:45:11 -0500
Subject: jones beach...

Hey all,
	Okay, I have a few things...
	First of all, (call it school loyalty, whatever),
I agree with Gregg Jaeger about the video.  Provided that
a) we ever do ANY of the stuff we're talking about and b) we
use the video as the entertainment before the actual presentation
of the award, it would seem that at the very least WE all will
enjoy it, and if we do a classy, creative enough job with it--and
put in some jokes, too--I'm sure the band will appreciate both
the effort AND the show.  I mention jokes because I was at the
Musicians of the Millenium thing at Harvard, and the guys from the
Lampoon basically went all-out making fun of the band, and they
ate it up.
	My pinion, for whatever it may be worth.
	But now another thing:  Someone posted (sorry, I don't
remember who it was) that they were offended by the lines "people
bu yythe things they need, and borrow for a little more".  Well,
correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the song say "people buy the
things they WANT, and borrow..."?  That alone tremendously changes
the meaning.  And I wonder how you could read into that and see
the fall of Communism so specifically?  Okay, we're all entitled
to get what we want from lyrics, but I always thought Rush fans
were a little less uptight, and more willing to respect opinions
and different viewpoints.  If we consider Rush an intelligent-man's
(and woman's, into which category I fall!) band, then we should
respect the way their lyrics _do_ make us think, and even argue
issues.  As for myself, specifically regarding the lyrics in question,
I always looke dat them more as the way it seems we are all pressured
to live beyond our means, buying the things we want, borrowing
(charging, whatver) that little bit extra--whatever it may be.  And
hey--who is to judge what is necessary, and what isn't?  I know my own
values; I don't judge anyone else's.  We all have different priorites.
	Anyway, I feel strongly about this, and I could probably s
say a lot more, but this is the first *real* post I have ever made, and
perhaps I should get off my soapbox.

	But, before I go, maybe I should go back to my subject
header:  Someone also requested info on obtaining the "Cold Flames"
boot from Jones Beach on June 20, 1993.  I woudl also like info
about this, since I was there, too, and one of the guys I was with
had his jacket disintegrated by a firecracker (of some sort) that someone
threw from the upper level!  So thanks in advance fdor any info...


no .sig  :-D


Subject: Lyrics to freewill
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 00:00:59 -0500 (EST)

In the last NMS soemone got chastised for posting the supposedly incorrect
lyrics to freeewill in their .sig.  Now I dont want to start a huge war and thi
-- issue has been beat to death in a.m.rm, but I dont give a shit what neil
said in an interview...he sings I still have made a choice....listen to the
disc on a good quality stereo like mine  :-)  and you can clearly hear the it may be a mistake or Neil could just be plain wrong, but the 
words in that .sig where leave the poor guy alone...


"t more that things change
the more they stay the same"

Disclaimer: The opinions stated herein are mine and mine alone and subject
to change without notice.


Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 23:06:40 CST
From: thomas lloyd 
Subject: Beezus: Moron or just stupid?

 I don't mean to toss some gasoline on the flame war that has started because
of one Beezus - er, BEEZUS's - recent commentary... The ASOH video was edited
with the help of Geddy himself, and, though it may be tough for you to
believe, the reason Alex's guitar is different in every shot is because Ged
was just having fun in the editing stage. It's the same thing as the fake
"radioactive warning" part of the same vid. It is a joke... the band does
pride itself on technical merit, true, but they do like to have a little fun
every once in a while. I personally thought the changing guitar was kind of
funny... Of course it might just be me. ;)
 Besides that, BEEZUS, myself and most of the NMS readers would really
appreciate it if you took your drivel off our mailing list. If you're gonna
flame me by the way, do it by email...

   [ Come on people, drop BEEZUS some email if you want.  Email me if you want 
     the address.  Private email wars are fine and are encouraged :-)  Just try 
     not and drag the list into it.                           :rush-mgr ]

 I suppose I should post something relevant too...
 Regarding the 20th anniversary video tribute, I want to voice mysupport for
the idea that it should be part of a presentation for them rather than an
actual gift. I think there's kind of a fine line we could fall on either side
of. It could be a really cool presentation for them but it could end up being
really tacky and maybe distasteful or offensive to tha boys. If you go
through with the idea, do be careful to keep it tasteful, and show more
thanks to the boys than worship, if you know what I mean. Otherwise best
 One more thing: I've heard from a few different sources, including Anthem
quoted, that after this short tour, the plan is to release a live album and
_then_ to go on an extended 20th anniversary tour starting later next year,
with elaborate staging and a totally revamped setup. This has come from a few
different sources, and it's interesting that not many have noted this on the
NMS. Anyone with more info feel free to post... :)

   [ Actually there was a very recent interview with Alex in a Canadian
     magazine, I forget the title, Alex said they were thinking about taping
     as many shows as possible on this tour, with the possibility of releasing 
     a live album.  This would allow them more time to work on new material, 
     and also stage a short 20th Anniversary tour where they might do a song 
     from each album, starting in early Jan/Feb of 1995.  When I get some 
     time, I will type in the interview and send it out as a special issue.  
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

 Liking the possibility of a live album again,
   thomas a lloyd


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 00:03:06 -0500 (EST)
From: jason zawodny 
Subject: Concert Dates

	 I need to know about rumored/official concert dates for the following

		1) Dayton, Oh. This includes anything from Indianapolis to
			Columbus, Oh; Toledo, Oh to Cincinatti

		2) South Bend, In. This includes Indianapolis, Chicago,
			Toledo, Oh

	Anything at all is appreciated.

					Jason Zawodny
					Computer Engineering Major
					University of Notre Dame



Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 00:05:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Phoenix tour 1994 & Boot

Hello fellow rushians.
	I will be seeing RUSH at Veterans Memorial Colluseum in Phoenix on Feb.
1st.  I would rather see them at Desert Sky Pavillion.  The colluseum Sucks as
far as acoustics are concerned.  Will definitely be brining ear plugs along.
Thought I had damaged an ear during the Presto tour at the colloseum cause the
show was either too loud as well as the poor acoustics in the buiding.  Any way,
I hear this is supposed to be quite the multimedia event this tour.  couldnt 
miiss that.  Does anyone out there know if Kings X will e opening for Rush?

Along a different note, just recieved the boot "Superconductor" on CD.  Not bad.
It is soundboard but I would have to recommend the boot Rush -n- Roulette 92
over Superconductor as far as sound is concerned.  Rush -n- Roulette has a very
superior sound that one does not normally find in a boot.

   [ Supposedly a DAT recording off the soundboard, it sure sounds like it!
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

Well,  gotta go now.  Will be wearing my National Midnight Star shirt at the
Phoenix show.  Look forward to bumping into any other NMSers out there at the

   [ Be sure and email to get added to the NMS Hookup 
     list.                                                     :rush-mgr ]


               Dennis Taylor       


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 04:31:54 CST
Subject: To the EXCEEDINGLY bitter BEEZUS

I forget exactly where I read this, but Geddy made a particularly enlightening
comment about the "A Show of Hands" video.  Something along the lines of

"...During the editing phase, we decided to have some fun, and cut about 20
segments of Alex, each with different guitars, into the end of 2112."

I hope this enlightens you all out there who think that it is merely
shoddy editing.  INCORRECT!!  Merely "fun" editing.

Also, for those of you who think that "Alien Shore" is a bad song, listen
to the bass line.  TO sum it up in the words of my roommate (an extremely
proficient bass player), "that bass line is the most deceptively simple
thing I have EVER heard.  Geddy does that to me, just to piss me off, I
know it...He'll write something that sounds easy, but is downright
IMPOSSIBLE to duplicate precisely.  I can play 90% of it, but there are some
fills in there that are just RIDICLULOUS.  And I won't even go into the
rhythmic structure of it."

In further listening, I must agree with him.

Hope this helps "widen the reality."

   [ And from non-bass players I have heard "Alien Shore - I'm going to buy a 
     bass now.."  I dig that bassline too.                          :rush-mgr ]

Matt Smith
Hi Couterpart...long time, no read!!


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 12:59:29 +0100
Subject: Re: I know what Cold Fire is
From: hzsig01!!

[Melissa wrote:]

>given about maybe it was oil slicks, etc, etc, but this is not it. I took a
>marine biology course two semesters ago and there actually is a bioluminescent
>phenomenon called 'cold fire.' It has to do with some kind of tiny organisms
>that light up all by themselves and travel in large numbers, causing a flame-
>like effect when the edges of the school fluctuate. I would guess it is
>referred to as 'cold' because bioluminescent light does not produce heat. Once
>again, I took this course two semesters ago, and I sold my biology book soon
>after that, so all you bio majors out there, please look this up and post. I
>just took that class as a general ed., so I'm sure the science types out there
>know more about it than I do.

Well, I am not a bio major (far from it actually ;) but this 'cold fire'
phenomenon does occur in my home-country.

>One thing occurred to me, though-- I DO know that cold fire occurs only in
>a marine (saltwater) environment, and I am pretty sure that the word "tropical"
>implies freshwater. Is that true? BIO MAJORS SPEAK UP!
I hardly doubt that. I live in the Netherlands and I saw the light-up organisms
at a place where air-polution is one of the highest in the Netherlands so
I reckon that fresh water is not really necessary to create this really
beautiful phenomenon.

The most beautiful thing to do with it is to swim through the organisms,
it looks like you're swimming through fire, especially when you look
at someone else who is swimming through this cold fire. The organisms
appear at the coasts on warm summer-evenings when the wind comes
from the right direction and has a really ehr...spooky, almost
ghost-like effect. Hope this cleared somethings up.

| Mark Springer                  | "Those who know what's best for us,     |
|  |  Must rise and save us from ourselves!" |
| AT&T Network Systems Nederland |    - Neil Peart                         |


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 07:08:36 EST
From: (Arthur Treacher)

> Ok, I have been reading all of the posts regarding how RTB is political,
> and could be considered anti-religious and this is why there is an
> explicit lyrics warning.

> Let me throw something into the equation:


It's not like you could hit the wrong key on the word processor and
suddenly have this funny black box with a white E in the middle.
Besides, its been in every issue of their catalog since RTB came out.
You'd think a type would (eventually) get corrected wouldn't you.

Funny thing is, my personal opinion is it would cost them sales, but in
reality I think this type of thing actually generates MORE sales in this
morally bankrupt society we live in.

I personally always thought they got that rating because there was a
(shudder, shudder), rap, in there, regardless of its actual content.

Art (imitating life)


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 07:35:40 EST
From: (Arthur Treacher)

> Tom Page, University of Glasgow, Scotland, Europe

> Certainly I found the lyrics
>   "..the counter revolution
>   at the counter of a store
>   people buy up what they need
>   and borrow for a little more"
> To be offensive.

> I thought it was an insult to the listeners intelligence that such
> drivel should have been included. That someone of NPs obvious intelligence

The only greater insult to the listeners intelligence is when a supposed
Rush fan grossly misquotes the lyrics.

Art (imitating life)


From: (Robert A. Lehr)
Subject: Floor tickets
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 10:00:11 EST

	"Ignorance breeds imitation"

	Alright so it does not quite fit into this letter.  But I
would kill to have floor tickets to Rush when they come to town.  How
can you possibly get them before the radio stations and every other
Rushian grab them?

	Desperate 	(this might be their last tour, you know.
			 the BIG FINALE)


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:04:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Stef Buttles 
Subject: rockline question.

Last night, I was just getting into bed and I put the headphones on - and
rockline was ending.  Now I KNOW that rockline guy said RUSH, but I have
no Idea what he was referencing.  Anyone know of a RUSH Rockline coming
up?  Arn't they gonna be on tour?

Wayne (No, realy i'm studying.... realy.... 2 more exams to go!)


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 09:06:51 -0600
From: James Moseley 
Subject: Texas Ticket Trade

I've got apair of 10th row Austin, TX tickets.  I'd like to trade them
for similar Dallas, TX, or San Antonio, TX tickets.  Please don't deluge
me with mail offering to buy them.  I've got plenty of folks who'd like
to buy them, but I'd really like to trade them for similar tickets on
another date.

Anyone got extra tickets?


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Rush boots: which leg of the tour?
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 12:41:42 -0600

Meg: You were talking about the "Rush Hour" boot (#832), said that while
it claimed to be a 1992 show, it must have been on the 1st leg since it
didn't have Cygnus X-1 in the medly. Wasn't the New Orleans show on the
2nd leg of the tour? Because when they hit New Orleans and Primus opened
and all, Cygnus was absent from /that/ medly too. (The New Orleans show
had been Feb 23 1992.)

   [ Actually there appears to be more than one boot by the same name "Rush 
     Hour" so depending on what you get, people may be refering to different 
     boots (by the same name).                                    :rush-mgr ]

That's all from me today...				--The Vortex
*         -the profound words of any College Board testing boolet


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:51:58 -0500 (EST)
From: jason zawodny 
Subject: 1812 in 2112

	The only shred I could find of the 1812 Overature in the 2112
masterpiece was about 4 minutes 10 seconds into the piece. There is
heavy Twelve string electric work and bass to accompany it and a cacephony
of drums in the background. All of this fades, and from the din arises Alex
on a very tinny six string electric. This is, I hope, where the controversy
is. Anyway. I know the 1812 VERY well as an Fighting Irishman, and a
fan of classical music as well as Rush, so don't tell me I can't tell
if that is it or not.
	Alex repeats the exact same pattern THREE times. The 1812 overture
has the that pattern repeated twice with a modulation on the third to
different chord. This modulation is missing for Rush, and I expect it was
on purpose.
	Everyone can guess as to whether it was intentional or not, but
I expect we would have to ask Geddy and Alex about that. Make your own
guess, these are just my personal findings.

					Jason T. J. Zawodny
					Computer Engineering Major
					University of Notre Dame



Date: 14 Dec 1993 10:38:00 -0800
From: "Collier, Will*" 
Subject: Bye, all, it's been a blast . . .


Relocation and re-jobbing will force me to unsubscribe tomorrow, so I just
wanted to drop a line to tell everybody how much I've enjoyed the digest over
the last several months.  It's a huge kick to sit down at my desk every
morning and be able to read several pages about my favorite band.  As you all
know, it's rare enough to see anything about Rush in print as it is, and the
generosity of those out there who have taken the time to transcribe articles,
interviews, and tourbooks for the rest of us is overwhelming.  Take a bow,
all, ESPECIALLY the rush-mgr.  I hope you'll be in Pensacola, friend.  We all
owe you a beer, at least, for all your hard work and patience in putting up
with all of this!

   [ Actually I will be in Pensacola, things will be updated as soon as I get 
     the NMS Hookup thing up and running on the gopher.  And it's not all fun 
     and games running the list, there's a lot of headaches too.  Right now 
     I'm having a flamefest with a certain NMS'er, I don't care what he says, 
     I still don't like Speed of Love and I'll have a SIG if I feel like it.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

As for parting thoughts . . . . hmm, a post from a European socialist upset
about "Heresy."  Pal, I've been in your country, I've lived in England, and
I've seen the sorry wreckage that is east Germany and Czechoslovakia  . . .
and Neil is DEAD ON RIGHT.  Socialism and particularly communism are such
utter and miserable failures, only somebody living on the U.K. dole or on an
American college faculty could possible debase themselves enough to defend
them.  Get a clue.  So much for things political.

Hey, I wish I'd seen that helpful post on phone ticket ordering before the
weekend.  I had a friend in Pensacola order mine over the phone, and he
couldn't even get a busy signal.  He finally gave up and went to a
TicketMaster outlet; we're on Geddy's side on the risers about two sections
back.  But another friend of mine, a former roommate who I INTORDUCED TO THE
BAND living in Mississippi got right through and the ungrateful little
bastard is on the SIXTH ROW!  I think I'm going to kill him.  Well, at least
I know what to do for Atlanta.

Yes, Virginia, the Columbia House "E" is a typo.

In closing, everybody have a safe and musical holiday, and a great time on
the tour-to-come.  I've enjoyed my stay in this particular Subdivision, and I
hope I can find a way down the road for another visit soon.

And now, my first (and last) Obligatory Rush Quote:
"Spirits fly on dangerous missions, imaginations on fire
 Focused high on soaring ambitions, consumed in a single desire . . . ."

Good day, all.
--Will Collier


Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:46:14 -0500 (EST)
From: "Nathanel J. Barlow" 
Subject: Re: 12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836

Since I am being blasted for my 1812 post, let me explain.  I have heard
the 1812 Overture, but am not that familiar with it.  My mother teaches
at a school for emotionally disturbed children.  She herself is a
classical musician, but these students care very little about anything
and very often she can't teach music at all.  Therefore, when she has
the opportunity, she tries to connect her training and knowledge of
music to something the kids can relate to better.  I was only trying to
help her.  Personally, I think being "learned" has nothing to do with it
and that you should get off your high horse and learn to shut up (sorry
rush-mgr for the flame; if he wants to continue this tirade I shall
respond for now on in email).

Thanks Dan for your helpful information.


RociNate		--
|  "I've got a bad feeling about this." |
|			      --(Take your pick)            |


From: Jeff Schave 
Subject: Rush on Rockline
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 11:22:16 CST

I was listening to the end the the radio show Rockline last night,
and guess who they said would be making an appearence on the show?
Yes, the boys will be on that show sometime after the new year.
Does any know of a specific date yet?



Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 13:02:35 -500 (EST)
From: Michael Hutchings - GEOG/F93 
Subject: ASOH controversy

     Will you people just calm down?  Who cares?  In the 2112 problem, it was
noticed that Alex broke a string before in Tom Sawyer.  As a guitarist, I
have a favorite guitar that I play live but I have a *backup* in case of
an emergency (broken string etc.)  this section of the video was filmed in
one night and Alex was changing his guitar during this time.  Ged. was
just poking fun at him while he waited for his cue.
     Also the two guitars are different (pickups) they are used to get
different sounds (in any guitar interview, it is made quite clear that
Alex is a stickler for sound) so he changes guitar for whatever sound he
requires for each tune - he has done that since the beginning, he does
that today.
	Enough of this, who cares about it, they must have liked the video
as Ged produced it and Neil wrote about it (on the back of the case) - if
they are a serious about their music as they portray themselves to be,
they would not put out a product they would be unhappy with - they wan
their fans to know what standards they have.
	Well, I've babbled on too long over this, let's put an end to this
controversy, it takes a long time to edit a 90 minute video such as they
have done, leave it alone.
				Myke Hutchings
				Toronto Canada


Date: 	Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:56:48 -0500
From: rpali 
Subject: Album Title in Lyrics...

Text item: Text_1

METMAN says:

>Rush           No
>FBN            Yes (FBN)
>COS            No
>2112           No
>AFTK           No
>Hem            Yes (Hem)
>PeW            ?
>MP             ?
>Sig            ?
>p/g            No
>PoW            ?
>HYF            Yes (Mission)
>Presto         No
>RTB            Yes (RTB)
>CP             Yes (Animate)

The phrase "Moving Picture" appears in 'Available light.' It's singular and on
the wrong album, but doesn't it count? :-)



Date: 	Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:52:26 -0500
From: rpali 
Subject: Offensive Lyrics

Text item: Text_1

>Certainly I found the lyrics
>  "..the counter revolution
>  at the counter of a store
>  people buy up what they need
>  and borrow for a little more"
>To be offensive.

Offensive? The concept of living in debt may be distasteful, but that fact that
people do it, and people *want* to do it is fact for the most part. It's not
Neil's fault.

>I thought it was an insult to the listeners intelligence that such
>drivel should have been included. That someone of NPs obvious intelligence
>can be taken in by the
>              "Well the Berlin wall has come down and there are elections
>in Russia which means that now everything is going to be alright and we
>will have all these nice emerging Democratric Capitalist States emerging
>and everyone will get enough to eat"
>falacy is somewhat disturbing and I was disappointed to hear it expounded
>by a man who has always produced the most intelligeent lyricss in Rock

*I* find it offensive that you assume that he's been taken in. I see the song as
*reporting* what is happening. Do aslso assume that reporters are taken in by
everything they report? Maybe it's a falacy and maybe it's not, but don't kill
the messenger.



Date: 	Tue, 14 Dec 1993 11:33:20 -0500
From: rpali 
Subject: Degrassi (Jr) High

Text item: Text_1

Eric Lorenzo said:

"On the thread of Rush in unexpected places:  I once heard "Fly by Night"
on DeGrassi High - a show on PBS.  I don't remember the circumstances
well...  I never watch the show..."

Rush was not the only Canadian artist featured in that series. It was made in
Toronto and a number of Canadian acts let the program use their music free of
charge (according to the credits anyway). I remember hearing Rush, Gowan and FM
if not more...



From: "Dan McConnell" 
Date:          Tue, 14 Dec 1993 14:17:14 CST
Subject:       Re: 12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836

> as a subtle sort of joke.  Those "learned" enough to notice the damn thing
> would get a kick out of it. some of you seem to have entirely missed the point.
> if you've never even heard the damn 1812 overture, why the hell do you care
> if it's in a rush song?
> get a clue.
> goodnight.
   Well you know, however, I have heard the 1812 Overture, but have
yet to pick it out of 2112 (yes, I've have heard 2112, too), maybe I
should listen closer, maybe I should listen again to 1812 Overture,
but either way, I resent the implication that I am some musically
illiterate bozo who shouldn't even care or does not have a clue, I
guess were not all so gifted.

> BTW, "Alien Shore" is the *worst* song on "CP."  Even "Speed of Love" is more
> enjoyable to listen to than that piece of musical tripe.  Rush is a band like
> all others: they have their hits and misses too (a LOT of those misses coming
> off of "HYF" and "RTB," actually).

  Whoa, what a revelation!  Just think, I've actually been enjoying
AS for nearly 2 months now, without realizing it sucked.  Boy do I
feel stupid.

   [ Actually, he's entired to his opinion, just don't drag the personal slams 
     and name-calling into it.                                     :rush-mgr ]

ps Sorry for the negative tones in this post, maybe next time :-)


Dan McConnell                 "Better the pride that resides
Dept. of Psychology            in a citizen of the world,
Indiana University             Than the pride that divides
Perception/Action Lab          when a colorful rag is ufurled."
PY286   855-1544                          N. Peart


From: "Sridhar P. Rao" 
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 15:01:52 -0500
Subject: Re:  12/13/93 - The National Midnight Star #836

I was reading the review by one of the folks who said that he/she
liked counterparts intrumetnally but not lyrically, mainly due to
Peart's shift in theme to love and the likes...and i pretty much
have to agree with that. Intrumentally i love counterparts, but
none of the songs get me the same as like hyf or powor anything
up till rtb, which i think the shift started. but anyhow, things
change and artists do thwat they want, but i just thought id share
my opinion. may the force be with you.

     cfynx...the analog kid


Subject: Rush HYF shirt in movie
Date: 14 Dec 93 17:10:29 EDT

Has anybody ever seen the movie Miss Firecracker.....
Anyway it stars Holly Hunter, Mary Steenbergen, and Scott Glenn
anyway I saw this last night on Cinemax or HBO, can't remeber.

Anyway - about 1hr 15min or so into the film when Holly is doing
her tap dance number you see a shot from behind the crowd. Right smack
in the middle of the crowd in plain view is a kid wearing a HYF
tour shirt, I'd bet my last donut on it.

It's the all red T-shirt with the three balls floating on it. You only see
it once and from the back. Gee all that for a T-shirt.

Excuse me I'm going to find a life now.....


 O "HM" RQ "The doubt and the fear...I know it all disapears any where
                         but here"


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