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Subject: 12/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #839

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 839

                 Friday, 17 December 1993
Today's Topics:
          Atlanta Tour date and Cold Flames. . .
              Neil's Headset In Red Sector A
                   My $.02 on Cold Fire
                  Not a flame.. I swear!
                  Album titles in lyrics
                    impressions of CP
                Re: Ralphing Stone reviews
    How to get to the Internet Guide to Popular Music
                      Ged Comments
                 LIVE 2-CD: Cold Flames
                     Explicit Lyrics
                    Re: 1812 in 2112
                 Some assorted thoughts...
                  Re: Reversed COS man.
         _Between Right and Wrong_ (a parody)
              Re: Album title in lyrics...
                  Rush Cross-References
            Dispelling myths about the GIFT
       The Dean Dome as crummy concert atmosphere
                 Dream Theater/Rush
                  Exit...Stage Left
                     mac sounds
              intro to gift committee
           Rush and Japanese Industrial Noize!
        Do Geddy, Alex and Neil read NMS postings?
               Austin Show and Misc....
                The Absalom question
                Berlin wall stuff....
        My more usual batch of misc.y comments...

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 21:03:09 EST
From: (Wayne S Melnick)
Subject: Atlanta Tour date and Cold Flames. . .

Just a quick question. . .

Has anyone herefound out what the date for the Atlanta show is?  If anyone with the answer to this burning question could mail me personally w/ the subject 
"Atlanta Tour" I would be most grateful.

On the subject of Cold flames, I had the good joss of being at the Jones
Beach show as well.  If anyone wants to get a copy of the Cold Flames CD, let 
me know and I will give you the name of a dealer (also a friend) that I 
obtained my copy from.

Hope to hear from any of y'all soon.


"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."


From: Terry Blanchard 
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 22:20:37 PST
Subject: Neil's Headset In Red Sector A

Howdy All,

I was wondering if anyone knew why Neil always wears those large headphones
whenever they play Red Sector A?!?  I've heard many different stories as to
why he wears them only for this song.

Anyone know?!?



Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1993 23:09:54 -0500
From: (Jay J. Thompson)
Subject: My $.02 on Cold Fire

After just getting the CD,a nd listening to it over and over for a week,
I got the impression that "Cold Fire" was about a one-night-stand go sour.
The lyrics such as (and I'm paraphrasing here) The Look In Your Eye as you
headed for the door is a cold fire sounds lie someone is "upset" with all
these conditions set forth by his/her new partner.

any comments/critisims??

Looking forwarded to a show in Buffalo or Toronto!!

/ Jay Thompson                           |Quote:  "The More We Live, The More/
/ A.K.A. "Beeker"	 		 | We Learn, The More We Know"       /
/ Intnernet:  | --YES  			     /
/ WWIVNet:  8@7660			 | --From the Album _Union_	     /


Subject: help...
From: (Tim Gross)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 12:54:27 CST

Umm hi i am in Ft. Walton bch newar Pensacola. I will be attending the
concert but here is my problem. I want to hook up with the other nms'ers
but i cannot get the nms-hookup file or whatever. The place i get NMS
from is only a mail site. So umm what can i do? help.. I will call you
voice if i can? If i can have a number. iee or can you jsut snap it to a
message.. just send it as a message or somthing..!! help help...

                       Tim Gross

   [ Tim, just drop me some email at: and I'll add 
     you to the database.  I hope to have everything done and ready so by 
     Monday, people can start using the gopher to check out the database.  
     I'll also put it in our ftp area or something.             :rush-mgr ]

Tim Gross
Internet:     uucp:  uunet!valinor!timg


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 02:36:34 -0500
From: (T R "Ricky" ANTROBUS)
Subject: Not a flame.. I swear!

 Matthew Joseph Desantis  says:

 Speed of Love and Alien shore both suck.
        Schlock-Rock at its finest. These songs irritate me.  Total

I say:

        Why, if you think this song sucks, and that song irritates you, and 
so-and-so video is shoddy do you bother to subscribe to TNMS?  People here 
don't really  *care* to hear this shit!  First off... I cannot think of a RUSH 
song  written in the past ten years that "sucks."  Maybe *you* personally 
dislike the lyrics of a song, or don't care for the overall sound of 
another.... but "sucks"?  I know alot about the boys, and have followed Neil 
very closely for years -- we even have some common friends -- and alot of 
work [by  *very*  talented people] goes into each one of these songs!  The 
boys would never be satisfied throwing together the crap that alot of 
"musicians" do just to put something on the shelves... they left that 
behind in '75 (not that I don't LOVE those albums too! -- that's just what I 
seem to hear THEM say alot).  When they begin an album, it doesn't get 
released until THEY think it's an honest representation of what they're aiming 
        Maybe you don't think everything in this-or-that song is perfect -- 
hey they can't produce PERFECTION everytime -- but every song they do write 
has at least one good point.  Maybe you don't like the lyrics in one song... 
but the music's good... Maybe you don't like the guitar in one song, but the 
bass is good... Maybe you don't like the drums in another song, but the 
lyrics are good!  There isn't a song they've written with Neil that plain-
out "sucks"!  
        I (and I think it's safe to speak for any REAL Rush fan) think you 
need to take a little more time to analyze a song before you say it sucks.  
After all, how could the other 2399 TNMS'ers who love their songs be wrong?  I 
have to admit, when I *first* heard Counterparts, I was a little 
dissapointed... BUT, you can't judge music as complex as RUSH on one or two 
playings.  The truth was that I just didn't get what they were aiming for... 
the album just sounded to staight-forward and (excuse my temporary ignorance 
for a moment) simple!  Only after hearing the boys speak on it, and listening 
to it again and again and again and again did I finally see it!  They were 
purposely *restraining* themselves to achieve that straight-forward sound.  
They spent so many years hiding behind all that orchestration with the 
keyboards -- which some-how they found easy -- that it was actually a 
challenge to write this straight-forward stuff, while, at the same time, 
keeping up their usual level of complexity and musicianship.  
        Even if after listening to it several more times your unable to see 
through your initial ignorant opinion... KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!!  We don't 
care if you DON'T like a song, this is a forum to discuss the songs we DO 
        Sorry Rush-mgr if this seems like another one of the endless flames 
that you have to sort through... It's really not, I'm just defending the boys 
from flat-out IGNORANCE!  And sorry for calling you Dave in the past... I 
must've missed that subtle switch.

   [ Well, I just hope this doesn't turn into some long flame war thread.  
                                                              :rush-mgr ]

Oh and PS... If you really can't help stating that you HATE a song... why 
don't you list some substantial reasons?  Maybe someone might actually see 
what your saying as intelligent criticism.


     Father Brown was the last to die, clubbed lifeless while 
murmuring his final words:   
     "Rush.  They must have been one hell of a band."      
                                                        --2112 Tourbook


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 01:40:32 -0600 (CST)
From: Phil Hyde 
Subject: Finals.....ughhhh......

Hey all

looks like it is finals week out there in netland for
most people, so good luck (lord knows I need it) and
happy holidays!

The University of Houston 
Electrical Engineering (so far!)


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 10:47:37 +0000 (GMT)
From: Huw Morris 
Subject: Album titles in lyrics

Hi Rushians...

I'm sure this will have been mentioned by someone else, but in Prime Mover
are the words

"Alternating rhythms force a show of hands.."

(Don't flame me if this is not exactly right - it's from memory)

also in Available Light:

"Trick of light, moving picture.."

Salmacis on IRC

"Close your eyes, you can find     | Huw Morris       |     OvO     \OvO/
 all you need in your mind."       | |    /( )\     ( )
Boing boing Baggies Baggies Boing boing Baggies Baggies Boing boing Baggies Ba


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 10:47:37 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: impressions of CP

I'd just like to add my impressions of CP, for what it's worth.
Like all the recent albums, I don't consider it an 'immediate' album. That is,
it takes some listening before you really appreciate it. That's fine with me -
I get bored quickly listening to albums I liked first time round. Of the 11
tracks, only 'Speed of Love' is a real turkey IMHO. Banal lyrics, boring
musically, got nothing to recommend it at all. Of the others, there are some
real classics in there. 'Cold Fire' manages to provide a slightly different
viewpoint to relationships, 'Between Sun and Moon' is really catchy musically,
although the chorus is a bit lame, and 'Double Agent' just blows my mind!

I really hope the boys tour the UK, because I only got into Rush after hearing
'Red Sector A' from ASOH on the radio, so I've only seen them once. It's also
nice to hear that there is talk of more albums, because I feared this would
be the last one, and CP shows there is life in the old dogs yet!

One last non-rush question, for which I apologise, but I'm sure there are
plenty of their fans who read there any news on a new Dream Theater
album? Images and Words is starting to get a little long in the tooth now..

Salmacis on IRC


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 12:44:13 +0100 (MET)
From: Arjan Breider 
Subject: Re: Ralphing Stone reviews

>...So I became curious and downloaded the Rolling Stone Magazine
Reviews from the ftp-area...

Oh man, I just had to laugh! I mean, listen to this...

'If anything, Rush emerges from this jungle of wires and gizmos
sounding duller than ever' (Signals - album review)
'On record, the lack of melody and any but the most rudimentary
harmonic development soon becomes oppresive' (P/G -album review)
'For the past sixteen years, as the group has gone from mimicking Led
Zeppelin and Yes to approximating the Police, Rush has been to
immaturely concerned with originality to just go ahead and rip off a
riff or two from the greats' (Presto - album review)

On top of that, Alex is said to be 'not a particiculary interesting
lead guitarist' and Geddy voice is described as (in random order):
'Congested vocals that float through the songs like swamp gas';
A 'Shrill screech'; 'keening shriek'; 'dog-calling falsetto shriek'
and inumerable other synonyms...

And this is just a glipse... I can probably go on and on and quote
more of this sh*t but I think I've made my point and besides this so-
called 'Magazine' isn't worth more attention.

Fortunately we all know better.


"Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand..." - N.P.


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 09:06:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Rolaant Loyd McKenzie 
Subject: How to get to the Internet Guide to Popular Music

The following is access information on how to find the Internet Guide to
Popular Music in the Clearinghouse for Subjet-Oriented Internet Resources

anonymous FTP: Host:
               Path: /inetdirsstacks
               File Name: music:rlmvcole

Gopher: via the University of Minnesota list of gophers
        Pathway: North America => USA => Michigan => Clearinghouse for
Subject-Oriented Internet Resources Guides => All Guides or Humanities

Gopher .link File:
  Name=Popular Music; R. McKenzie, V. Coleman; v1; 12/08/93 (UMich)

Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for WWW/Mosaic:
  gopher: //


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 09:22:49 EST
Subject: Ged Comments

Found it particularly interesting what Geddy said in the excerpt from the
Dutch magazine.   AlienShore is "another favorite!"   Right on, Ged.  Can't
wait to hear that cruising, killer bassline in concert.  St Petersburg, March


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 09:30:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: LIVE 2-CD: Cold Flames

     I had the opportunity last night to listen to the new boot 2 cd 
entitled "Cold Flames."  This cd set says it comes from Long Island, NY
June 1992.  This is probably Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY 6/20/92.  From
what I heard of these disks via headphones, it sounds excellent.  The
source seems to be a front-of-the-board audience tape - the sound easily
compares to Rush-N-Roulette '92 soundboard.  A good tape made up front in
the right location often will be as good as boards.  The 2cd set totals about
2 hours and 10 mins.  And, yup, Vital Signs, The Analog Kid (incorrectly
labeled Chemistry), and The Trees are all present.  Red Sector A is also
listed on the back spine, but alas it was not played on that tour.

Perhaps this is the Summer leg CD we've been waiting for!

Too bad $50 is too much for me to spend on one show.  :^(



Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 10:03:27 EST
From: corcoran@ICD.Teradyne.COM (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: Explicit Lyrics

I wouldn't get all hot and bothered about the "Explicit Lyrics"
sticker some people have seen on a Rush album (other than getting hot
and bothered about the whole sticker thang in general; flames can be
sent to - I'm sure Al will let Tipper
read them... ;) It's a well known fact that the stickers often wind up
on the wrong discs, and that very little thought goes into the
stickering.  I sincerely doubt that there is an evil conspiracy of
evil Christians trying to ban lyrics about freewill.  Even cynics will
prob admit that Pat Robertson, etc. have better things to do than
listen to Rush albums while reading the liner sheets and chasing down
all of the philisophical references, etc.  I'd ascribe it to
incompetance long before ill will.

Take, for example, the experience of a friend of mine: he walked into
a cd store, started flipping through the Zappa discs, and noticed that
every single one had an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on it.  Including
the all-instrumental discs.

I still like my "Bagpipes of Scotland" disc w/ this sticker on it
(conspiracy theorists: maybe a secret Jesuit order objected to the
instrumental "Amazing Grace" as Protestant propoganda? )

Moral of the story: If you thought "explicit lyrics" stickers were a
great government idea that was going to be applied concientiously,
you're going to love explaining to a surly government employee why you
can't wait 18 months for cancer treatment under National Healthcare.


TJIC (Travis J.I. Corcoran)       
           opinions(TJIC) != opinions(employer(TJIC))            	

  "Buy a rifle, encrypt your data, and wait for the Revolution!"


From: Blake Butterworth 
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 10:31:45 CST
Subject: Re: 1812 in 2112

Well, I guess I have to give my 2/100 of info on the topic.
There is some similarity in the 2112 Overture as compared to the 1812 Overture.
The main one being the cannons right before "...and the meek shall inherit the
earth."  Also someone metioned the little riff Alex plays two times right before
this.  I think (at least it sounds like this in my head-I'll check later at 
home) that is also part of the intro riff--the Csus2 G D part right after E Am.
Now, thinking of the 1812 Overture this sounds similar, but really not the same
as the da di da da du di da da (sorry for this, but how else can I say it?) 
part of this piece of music.  So, I guess there is a musical similarity and
if this is true, part of 2112's overture is based on or influenced by that 
little bit.
Anyway, I think that part right before the acoustic/clean tone "...and the meek
shall inherit the earth" part is:  Csus2 G D (x2), D, E (x5).
I think the whole idea (which may be obvious to everyone) is that Overture is
exactly was it is -an overture- (instrumental intro) to the 2112 "symphony".
Rush may have used 2112 because 1812 is a popular symphony with a popular 
overture, and it may only go as far as that.  They just borrowed the name 
because its cool.  I heard the 1812 symphony last summer, but didn't really
hear any similarities that I remember except for the cannons.  So, whats my
p.s. 17th row on the floor - not too shabby


Date: 	Thu, 16 Dec 1993 11:36:16 -0500
From: (Tom Duck)
Subject: Some assorted thoughts...

Some assorted thoughts...

> Did any members of Rush ever attend any institute of higher education? 

     Don't think so, but here is an interesting story. Apparently a
former teacher of mine, Mr. Healy, taught Alex in highschool. He is
reported to have told Alex that he was on a one way trip to nowhere.
Heh heh... writes:
> I say we put out a special edition NMS every day with all the flames in
> it.  Then you can cancel my subscription to the regular issue, I'll have my
> hands full with the REALLY exciting talk! :)

	This special flame-filled edition already exists. It's called

Thomas J. Duck


From: (Jared Stiff)
Subject: Re: Reversed COS man.
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 12:31:25 EST

Hey Guys!

	This is in response to someone in the last NMS that asked why
the guy from COS is backward on ESL. Actually he is mirrored as told
in an interview with Hugh Syme, the artistic/album cover designer for
the band, by CREEM that is at the syrinx archives. He says that they
were trying to get a good shot of the live crowd and of the girl
pulling back the curtain, and the picture was initially supposed to be
the other way around. He had to write RUSH in the trunk and scrape off
the writing on the door and wrote EXIT for the album name.
	Thought I'd make an informative first post. :)



Subject: _Between Right and Wrong_ (a parody)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 12:05:07 CST
From: Dale R Buske 

Enlightened by the H. Ross Perot parody, I sat down and wrote the following
parody of BSAM.  Perhaps it's not to the standards of this newsletter, but
some may enjoy it.

Between Right and Wrong

There is a man between Foley and Dole
That not too many are thrilled about
Forty-three percent, not a rout
The man between wishes and doubt

He was a fine man, now he's going to waste
Those on the left, they all make him lie
The choice between burgers and fries

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Why this debt?
A cat a pet?

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Time to flip 
Time to flop

There is a fine line between votes and collusion
On CNN Al will debate
The gap between tasteless and tact
The spin around wishes and fact

This is quite the man to hesitate
Those Lani Guiniers, not politically shy
The talk about taxes and lies

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Why this choice?
Elect him twice?

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Time to flip
Time to flop

We can all hope that crime will go down soon
Hope that recession will turn to boom
No world war crisis lets him save some face
He need a break from this rhetorical place

This is a fine man, now he's going to waste
Those on the left, they all make him lie
The voters shake their heads and wonder why

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Why this man?
Why this plan?

Ahh-ahh no to yes to ahh-ahh no to yes
Why not Bush?
Why not Rush?

Merry Christmas
Dale Buske
ISU math dept.


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 13:05:35 -0500 (EST)
From: KRH4502@ACFcluster.NYU.EDU
Subject: Re: Album title in lyrics...

 I don't know if this was mentioned or not, but also in Prime Mover
on HYF, there's : "force a show of hands"


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 13:39:26 -0600
From: Anton Edward Weisstein  
Subject: Rush Cross-References

To continue this thread...

The lyrics "closer to the heart" are, indeed, in A Farewell to Kings.

Another reference I believe to be more than coincidence is the line
"Signals get crossed" from Vital Signs.  Remember, this was the
VERY LAST song (on a studio album) before Signals.  The line "Signal
transmitted, message received" in Chemistry is a more straightforward

Has anyone yet mentioned "Alternating currents/Force a show of hands"
from Prime Mover?

And I think I saw someone post a few months back regarding the
"A Farewell to Things" section of La Villa Strangiato.  That could be
taken as a reference both to AFTK (duh) and, as an extreme stretch,
a foreshadowing of WMT and LTTA--fourteen years before either came
out.  Hmm.  Maybe not.

No, I do NOT have a life...


"Yeah, ho, YEAH!"


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 10:06:09 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Dispelling myths about the GIFT

Jello, everyone!

Before more talk surges ahead about the video being a gift to the band,
let me just reiterate what Gregg Jaeger said about it a couple of
days ago.

As the head of our little Gift Committe (of which a post will be shortly
well, posted) I can safely assure all of you that the video IS NOT the
gift.  We are currently in the midst of discussion about it, so I will
not relay details, but be assured that the video is simply a presentational
thing, NOT the gift itself.  

And yes, we are as concerned about the quality of the gift as the rest
of you.  Rest assured (<-- what IS it with that word, today?) that we
do not wish to make it tacky, overbearing, gaudy, tasteless, pompous,
or even plain disgusting.  We are FULLY aware, and are keeping it
within the forefront of our discussions, that this is FOR THEM and not
an excuse for autographs or personal glory.  Everyone, and I stress,
*everyone* on the Committee is very aware of that and we are working 
hard to make sure the gift reflects that.  I can certainly understand
peoples reservations and concern about this, but we are dedicated to 
making this something of quality, style and substance.  If we're going
to give something back to them, we owe them that kind of effort, at

And what's this about a 20th Anniv. tour in '95??  wow...
Waiting, not so impatiently, for *this* tour.  Rush on, everyone.  Have
a good holiday season.  Enjoy!


ps. Hi Rodge!  Hope things are going well for you in Wiltshire!  We'll
have to meet up!  :-) 


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 15:10:27 -0500
From: Dave Carey 
Subject: Shirts

    Howsitgoin Eh ?

   Two Rush shirt quickies......First, I got my TNMS shirt a couple o' days
ago( Thanks again Meg ) and it looks great. I know what I'm wearing to this
tour's show. Second, someone mentioned in TNMS 837 seeing a HYF shirt in a 
movie. In the "Young Ones" episode "Bored" Vyv wears a 2112 shirt. Wow! two
of my favorite things, RUSH and British comedy together at last. Oops I seem
to be ramblin' again. 

   [ For shirt information, you can email, personally I 
     can't wait to see all the people wearing their NMS shirt to the show.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]


           Dave C.

   Boomshanka....Neil(Young Ones)


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 16:01:15 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Johnson 
Subject: The Dean Dome as crummy concert atmosphere

I just saw the post that the thrilling threesome are coming to Chapel
Hill, which brings me great joy.  A warning if you plan to go to the show
and have never been to the Dome before:  GET TICKETS EARLY!!!!!!  The
seats on the side slope up really fast--I saw the RTB tour there, and I
felt like I should have had an oxygen tank.  Go for the floor.  
  which brings me to:  would anyone know when tix for the show go on sale?
 I don't want to end up with the nosebleeds again...  Thanks!!


Date: 16 Dec 93 16:23:14 EST
From: Gravy Train <71234.342@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Dream Theater/Rush

I'm going out on a limb, but I gotta say that the two best things that have hit
the shelves this year are Dream Theater's concert video, _Images & Words: Live
In Tokyo_ (breast autographing and all), and _Counterparts_ by Rush (ESPECIALLY
"Animate").  I also hear that the new King's X album is coming out in January
and is called _Dogman_.  The album was produced by Brendan O'Brien who has
worked with Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ty
Taylor wrote a song called "Dogman" for the new album that was inspired by none
other than Rush Limbaugh.



Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 18:25:57 EST
Subject: Exit...Stage Left

Hello to all,

I recently purchased the CD of _Exit...Stage Left_, and it is missing "A
Passage to Bangkok."  I know that this is in the FAQ, but I was wondering if
anybody knew why this track was omitted from the CD.  My guess is that since
the album is soooooo long, it would not all fit on one CD, but this is just
my guess.  Also, on the tape of ESL, is says "Zanadu," but on the CD it says
"Xanadu."  How come?

Also, has anyone ever heard of a band called "To Hell With Bourgandy(SP?)"? 
My friend says they're from England, and they did a gig in Toronto.

"We're the ones who have to try."  --"Everday Glory"



Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 17:34:36 -0600 (CST)
Subject: mac sounds


Are the sound files in the mac sounds directory compressed?  That's probably
a silly question.  What software would enable me to listen to the files on
my Mac?  Lastly, how do I decompress the files?

eric madsen


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 18:44:49 -0500
From: (Julie Oneida)
Subject: intro to gift committee

There seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding out there in
NMS land, so I'm here to tell you all a bit about our illustrious
(not) gift committee and what we're discussing. Here are the 

(Ancient) Queen (of inner space):
Puanani Akaka          

Royal scribe:
Cheryl Renshaw       

Duke of Animation:
Gregg Jaeger          

Count of Ceremony:
John Santore         

Earl of Art(Gift):
Pete Jourdan         

Ambassador, Treasurer, and Town Crier:
Julie Oneida         

Opinions Collector:
Betsey Fike          

Royal Advisors:
Sandy Donovan        
Joel Fenton          
Erin Hicks           
David Huart          
Art Hung             
Stephen McInerney    
Alex Mustard         
Kristian Strickland  
Jeremy Strzynski     
Cody M. Stumpo       
Brad West            

Here are some of the ideas we are currently working on:

Gift: Definitely three-piece artwork, but the themes and formats
have not yet been decided. 

SEPARATE. We are only bouncing ideas around at this point, 
as we have not yet talked to Robert Russ about how long the
video can be and if he wants to be one of several animators 
or just do everything himself.

Ceremony: The best idea we have on that is a small luncheon-type
thing, which ONLY NMSers can attend. We want to have it in a city
they will be in anyway, whether Toronto or somewhere during the tour.

Fund raising: We would like to sell NMS pins and possibly limited
edition NMS T-shirts, not sure of the shirt design tho, but I have
not heard from meg as to whether this is ok. More info on it will
follow when she writes back.

Wll, there you have it, for now. Most of us will be away for
a while, so the committee will be on temporary hiatus or something,
so don't write to us yet. Hold onto any ideas you have and I'll let
yas know when we're ready for them. Bye 4 now!
                                  Blessed be,
                                  Juno (aka Julie Oneida)
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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 19:55:47 EST
From: (David Watson)
Subject: Rush and Japanese Industrial Noize!

Not only am I a Rush fan, but I also listen to stuff that would make a lot
of you express concern and then reach for the butterfly net.  I recently
checked out a CD called _4_ by Japan's the Hanatarash (a side project of Eye
Yamatsuka of Boredoms and Naked City, among others).  I was checking it
out at the CD listening post at Shake Records here in tha Big Otter when
track 3, "Web Wig", came on.  Jeez, that sounds IS...the drum
intro to "Lakeside Park", crudely looped...WHOA, incoming noise...hey, that's
"Bastille Day" in the background!  Basically, it's a noise track with
crudely collaged bits of _CoS_ behind it.  To make it extra weird, it's
all in mono, and all in the left channel, to make for difficult headphones
listening.  Way gone...if you absolutely have to have everything with
even the smallest vestiges of Rush on it (even if it's just one of their
records being chopped to shit under a barrage) write the label:  Public
Bath, P.O. Box 2134, Madison, WI 53701.

As for hearing Rush on TV at unexpected times, I once happened upon a
synchronized swimming compitition on a sports show, and one female duo
were using the intro to Xanadu (everything right up to the sustained chord
before the drums signal the song into the main riff) as part of their
routine music.  Blew me away...and the swimmers were really good, BTW.

Have a merry one and a happy other.

"Music is THE BEST."--Frank Vincent Zappa, 1940-1993 (no commercial potential)

Dave Watson, Severed Heads Liberation Front (Save the _Stretcher_ EP!)
Ottawa (Corruption Capital of Canada)
My nuts thawing by the heating vent, Jack Daniels flaring out my nose,
Greedmas carols sung by Mojo Nixon, followed by the Residents' _Eskimo_... 


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 21:55:26 -0500
From: (david gostin)
Subject: Do Geddy, Alex and Neil read NMS postings?

The NMS is a very awesome thing.  Thousands of RUSH fans given the ability to 
share their feelings about something very near and dear to their hearts.  I'm 
sure that Ged, Alex and Neil know that there are people out there sincerely 
devoted to them.  Tell me, am I the only one holding a deep down curiosity as 
to whether or not any of the boys actually see any NMS postings?  And, if they 
do, are any of the responses on the NMS directly or indirectly influenced by 
them?  Any thoughts or feelings?

   [ While I doubt that they actually sit and read the thing, I'm sure that 
     they are aware of its existence.  On the bright side, there's at least 
     one person in management who reads :-)                   :rush-mgr]
                    \  ..  /
                    /  \/  \       Hold your Fire...
                    ---\/---       Keep it burning bright.

                * *


Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 00:05:30 -0600 (CST)
From: ST1S1@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Austin Show and Misc....

Hi all....
well, I finally got in touch with my contact in Austin.  I have 4 floor 
seats...I don't know exactly where, but they are always in the first 10 
rows.  As soon as I find out, I'll let you know......then of course I'll
be back in Houston for the show the next night.  I saw Rush twice in the
same tour only once before, on the HYF tour,  Austin and San Antonio - 
they were both great shows, but I especially like the Austin shows, because
the crowd is made up of a huge percentage of college students, and it is
just more exciting.  I can't wait!!

Anyway, if anyone else is going to either show, let me know by email 
( so maybe we could meet up or something, just to 
compare notes, or get a drink or something.

My question though, is (and I'm sure it has already been stated, but I've
had final exams, so I haven't been reading tnms) WHO IS OPENING UP FOR 
THEM IN AUSTIN AND HOUSTON???? ANYONE KNOW??  Please tell me.  I have to 
know if I need to be in Austin by 7 p.m., or if I can be there by 9:00pm.

Also, don't forget that in Prime Mover there are also lyrics that say...
"force a SHOW OF HANDS" this in reference to yesterdays edition.

That's it for now.

See you at the show!!!  



From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: The Absalom question
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 22:52:35 -0600

First off - Hi, Dave S.! I noticed you were on Prodigy - do they have
their complete internet e-mail thing set up yet, or are you one of the

On the Absalom thing - I wanted to add to your telling of the tale. 
Absalom led an army against his father the king. I think he was trying
to take over the kingdom. But anyway, he dies. One of his brothers did
the honors of killing him, as they were on their father's side. But when
Dad gets the message, he utters the classic line "Absalom, Absalom! Would
that I had died instead of thee!" (or something to that effect.) He mourned
so long that his kingdom was annoyed. I mean, here's the king, mourning
an enemy's death.

So, although the line in the song didn't come directly from the story
(I read, maybe in the FAQ, that Peart just liked the sound of the name
when he saw it as the title of a Faulkner book - absolute, obselete, 
Absalom), it still fits. "You sometimes drive me crazy, but I worry about
you" fits with the son who was the enemy of the father, but still the
father mourns the son's death.

Ok, that's enough for me....	for now.		--The Vortex

ps. 14th ROW, ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ +*+  *+   +    *
* "'I'll be judge, I'll be jury,' said cunning old Fury,
+  'I'll try the whole cause, 
*         and condemn you to death.'"  -L.Carroll
+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*  +*   *    +


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Berlin wall stuff....
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 22:52:45 -0600

To Tom Page, who talked about "Heresy" - Peart was in no way saying that
"the Berlin wall's down and elections in Russia means everything's ok."
Not by a landslide. 
  "Heresy," he's said, is an angry song. Angry that for generations people
have had their basic human rights denied them, and now that the wall's down,
people think everything's fine. Just someone saying "oops, we messed up,
let's kiss it and make it better" doesn't help. There's a lot of anger left
over, a lot of wasted generations, and who will answer for it?
  There was discussion of this on one of the Rockline interviews, and Peart
also wrote about this in the tourbook. The falacy you think he's falling for
is actually the very falacy he's speaking /against./

Here's hoping the link lag doesn't find me answering last in a slew of 50...
						--The Pseudo-Immortal Vortex
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ +*+  *+   +    *
* "'I'll be judge, I'll be jury,' said cunning old Fury,
+  'I'll try the whole cause, 
*         and condemn you to death.'"  -L.Carroll
+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* *+*  +*   *    +


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: My more usual batch of misc.y comments...
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 22:54:23 -0600

re: Freewill Lyrics - Well, to add my superfluous $.02, I think since
text cannot reproduce tone of voice, I suspect Neil was joking a bit.
Especially since Geddy sang it the way we hear it not only in studio,
but in countless live recordings. Listen to _Exit..._ and then to your
favorite live "boots". Remember how he sang it on the RTB tour. :) I
wouldn't put it past Neil to have both said that /and/ given us that
binary JUST TO DRIVE US /MAAAAAAD!!!/ yeah.

The bass line on Alien Shore is where I hear the inevitable Les C.
influence. (Oh, come on! How could they tour together and not rub
off on each other?) Granted, Geddy's a lot... /calmer/... but babe,
if that ain't a twangy groove that I ain't /never/ heard him do, 
dunno what is...... it rocks. It makes me /not/ want to go buy a bass, 
actually, as I doubt li'l ol' /me/ could reproduce that groove...

How to get floor tix: if possible, know someone, directly or in-,
who works at the box office. }:) Adios!
							--The Vortex!
+ ...Meow, meow, meow. Also Fffft and Hssssss. 


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