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Subject: 12/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #841

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 841

                Tuesday, 21 December 1993
Today's Topics:
              limited edition European CD's
                  Mystic Rhythms chords
                Counterparts .au files...
                 Why we like Rush at all
                      Another Review
                  Wilderness of Mirrors?
                     rush on rockline
            Dallas area stores for rare albums
             Re: _Nova_ by Samuel R. Delaney
              Shirts, phosphorescence, etc.
                        Jimbo Lang
                   Unexpected Places II
                  Red Sector A & E...SL
                       Rush on Dave
                The Illustrious Metronome
                    Tchaikovsky & Rush
                  Old friend of Rush...
                      Melma's party
     Re:  12/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #839
                  2 ways to do research
                 RUSH Warming up for tour
               Available Light, Vital Signs
               Kate Bush opening for Rush?!
                  Ralphing Stone reviews
                 need h(m)otel reference
                    Anywhere But Here
                   COLD FLAMES & BOOTS
                      PW Cover Girl
                       Alien Shore?
                       alex on ESPN

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 12:47:24 +0100 (MET)
From: Jack Kugler 
Subject: limited edition European CD's

Gruess aus Deutschland,

This is somewhat of an old thread from tnms and a.m.r.  However, for those
of you who are still interested in getting a copy of the limited edition
version of CP on cd (it has the middle symbol done in gold overlay on the
cover of the jewel box) let me know.  There are only a few left here in
Tuebingen, a fairly small university town, but I am sure I can find more
in Stuttgart.  They are not going to be around long.  They CD's cost $20
and postage (airmail) will be, I beleive, around $10.  This means the
total cost would be $30 plus whatever customs decides to tack on, which
should be nothing.

Apologies to RUSH-mgr if this conflicts with the no boots in tmns rule,
but these are not boots (that should stay on e-mail, or not done at all,
eh?), only legitimate editions that are not available in the US, so I
don't think it is a prob (please correct me if I am wrong).  I also found
out I can order CD singles (Bones and Sawyer are on the way).  You might
be able to get those in the US too.  So far no luck finding Cd singles off
CP, same with CP vinyl, but I have yet to hit the big town.  There are all
kinds of things here that I can't find in the US, and boots are not, yet,
verboten (illegal).  It is sort of a shame that Metallica and GnR are huge
instead of RUSH because I could find RUSH stuff really easy adn they might
even tour here, but then again, it is nice to intro people to RUSH.

If I get many responses I will fill on a one per person basis, and then
fill in the rest of multi-orders if I can find ienough copies.  If I get no
responses none of them will be filled.

Enjoy the tour, I look forward to reading about it since I will be missing
the entire thing.  For those who can, please try to get me tix stubs.  I
want a momento from the tour even if I can't have a memory of it.


Keine Ahnung was ich dir sagen soll.  Keine Ahnung und keinen Plan.
     - Die Toeten Hosen


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 15:37:54 +0500
From: homer! (SunDog)
Subject: Mystic Rhythms chords


Does anyone know the fingering for those haunting chords Alex plays at
the beginning of Mystic Rhythms?  I won't be able to sleep peacefully
until I can play them.

Many thanks.
_.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..  _.__ _.__ __..
mccabe!  or perhaps  uunet!mccabe!john

"We are the priests of the temples of
 All the GIFs of Lifeson are held withing our walls."


Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 07:44:59 EST
From: (Arthur Treacher)
Subject: Counterparts .au files...

Saw this in a recent issue of Edupage, a twice-weekly summary of news
items on information technology...

> ELECTRONIC MUSIC LAWSUIT. The National Music Publisher's Association is
> suing Compuserve for allegedly distributing "Unchained Melody" without
> permission. It's estimated the ballad has been infringed at least 690 times
> by subscribers who download the song onto their own computers. The suit is
> apparently the first to place music-copyright issues in a high-tech
> context. (Wall Street Journal 12/16/93 B1)

Made me think of the distribution of the Counterparts .au files back
before the release.  Do they really think that this costs them sales?
To me, people who like a song/album and get a chance to hear it ahead of
time in digitized form, they (like I'm sure we all did) are still going
to buy it.  Lets face it, listening to this stuff on the computer just
isn't satisfying.  However, if you hear it on the computer, and think it
sucks, you won't buy it.  So are they afraid that they're sucky music
won't ever get bought because people will realize it sucks BEFORE they
buy it?

So what does this have to do with Rush?  Well, basically, the
distribution of Counterparts in its digitized entirety closely resembles
this case.  So what if the N.M.P.A. had brought charges against NMS?
Would the evidence that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who downloaded those files
eventually bought the CD anyway be enough to get the case dismissed?

Art (imitating life)


Date:         Fri, 17 Dec 93 12:53:45 EST
From: Jon Hieneman 
Subject:      Why we like Rush at all


This is a longer post than I originally intended.  Sorry.

     There's a lot of talk around the list nowadays about
how this or that song "sucks".  IMHO Rush-mgr said it best
in issue 838 when he said "it would be interesting to hear
more about *why* you hate a song. . ."  I agree
wholeheartedly with that, but maybe we should take it a
little bit further.  Let's stop ragging on the band for
writing songs we don't necessarily like. Sure criticism is
valid, but is it necessary?  Rush songs are vehicles of
artistic expression, both in the lyrics and in the music.
Let's treat them as such.  You may not agree particularly
with a song, or with the attempt the song makes, but is it
the best you can do to say that it's wholly without merit?
(That it sucks?!)  How about not trashing the ones you don't
like, and instead talking about the good parts of various
songs you do like.  Enough on the soapbox already!  I simply
think that we're better off with the band than without it.
You know, mistakes and failed (or less than perfect anyway)
attempts at things make the band more real.  The guys really
are human and they have emotions (which they're exploring
more and more these days).  I like that.

     On to another topic, briefly.  I just got my Feb 94
issue of Modern Drummer the other day with Neil on the
cover.  Cool.  As opposed to past issues featuring Neil,
this one seemed to concentrate a little more on the drums
and playing them, instead of just the new album.  It's a
must have issue, that's for sure!

     Sorry about the long post, and I really hope we hear
Alien Shore live, 'cause it GROOVES!   (Waiting patiently
for dates close to Cincinnati. . .)


|    LIFE IS A CHASE, AND WE MAY AS WELL CUT TO IT.                           |
    JON HIENEMAN                   |   JGHIEN00@UKCC.UKY.EDU


Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 10:38:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Another Review

Lately, some of the only worthwhile reading material in the NMS
have been the reviews of Counterparts from around the country.
Yesterday I actually saw a review in a Cincinnati paper (believe
me, it is a miracle).  This is from the December 17-30 issue of
Everybody's News ("Greater Cincinnati's Free News, Arts &
Entertainment Paper").  This is, of course, reprinted without
permission, while at work and very twilight zonish as Cold Fire
has just come on the radio as I am typing this sentence.

"Rush marks the beginning of a new stage in its music with this
album.  Starting as basically a blues/rock band in 1974, Rush
moved through 14 prior studio albums in constant change,
switching from simple songs to rock opera and concept albums and
back to simplicity.  Along the way their sound changed from
heavy, guitar-driven rock to more complex,
synthesizer-incorporating art.

Guitar dominates the music in Counterparts in a way it has not
since before Exit Stage Left and, consequently, becomes the
band's driving force again.  Rush  nonetheless continues to move
forward, maintaining the unique and complex style found on their
middle and later albums.  In this sense, Counterparts, true to
its name, is a mix of old and new.

In almost 20 years of songwriting, Neil Peart has hardly ever
penned lyrics about love.  But here he uses his intellectually
removed and analytical style to look at love from a philosophical
sense, as well as to examine such counterpart relationships as
exist between sexes, races and parents and children.

In their last few albums, Rush sampled bits of whatever was
popular at the time (the title song from Rush's last album, Roll
the Bones, incorporated a rap sequence that was almost
tongue-in-cheek).  Counterparts also does this, but in a more
obviously stated way.  Peart has recently talked about the talent
of bands such as Pearl Jam in comparison to the virtual void of
talent from the '80s and Rush makes a point of complimenting
grunge on this album-especially evident on the songs, "Animate"
and "Stick it Out".

The combination of a "grungy" guitar tone and the reborn
prominence of guitar creates a more "organic" Rush on
Counterparts.  This new sound, along with complex writing and
poetic lyrics, makes for an album that's upbeat, powerful and
freshly new."

by Wayne Miller

note: This publication does not give any type of numerical or
star rating system.  Also the title part of the review is listed
as Counterparts, RUSH, Label.  I have no idea why Atlantic is not
mentioned, must be a typo.




Date: 17 Dec 93 19:12:13 EST
From: David Orriss 
Subject: Wilderness of Mirrors?

Does anyone know anything about a track called "Wilderness of Mirrors?"  It
was *supposed* to be on Counterparts, according to an article in British
Music Mag called Rock World.  Anyone ever heard of it?

David Orriss Jr.
Paradox DOS/Windows Technical Support
Borland International
Internet ID's


Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 18:22 EST
From: Apoorva Gandhi <>
Subject: rush on rockline

Hello All,

Last night when Howard Stern was on Rockline 12/16/93, the host mentioned that
Rush WILL be on Rockline in January. I can't remember which date he said, sorry.
Can't wait!!!

Go Terps!!!
Apoorva G
'It's the fool on television, getting paid to play the fool'


Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1993 20:17:55 -0600 (CST)
From: The Romster 
Subject: Dallas area stores for rare albums

I am going to be in the Dallas area next week and am looking to find some
rare albums (rush and some others).  Could someone point me to such
a place around there.
Please E-mail my account if possible.

Gaylan Ohlhausen


Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 00:02:38 -0600
From: Damon C Capehart 
Subject: Re: _Nova_ by Samuel R. Delaney

I had to read _Nova_ for Academic Decathlon. I too noticed the allusions
to the Syrinx. Actually, I noticed MANY allusions to many Rush songs
(actually and probably the other way around).  I can't think of them
specifically right now, but I'll reread the book and see what I can remember.

Damon Capehart, UTDallas


Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 02:55:36 -0500
From: meg (******* Meg *******)
Subject: Shirts, phosphorescence, etc.

I sent out two large batches of shirts before I left, but didn't get to
mail all them out. I have a helper who hopefully will be mailing them
out on Monday (the last ones I got checks for before I left). Glad to
know that some of you have already received them, I know it's kind of
tricky with the holiday mail clogging up the system!

Anyone mailing me checks AFTER I left will have to wait until I can get back
home on Dec. 31 before I can mail them out to you.

As for the phosphorescence, I know I'm a bit behind (whaddaya want from some
old clunker 2400 modems that don't connect half the time? :) but here's the

Dinoflagellates are the one-celled organisms that cause bioluminescence in the
open ocean (bacteria also do this, but are mainly found inside other animals
such as fish). They do this by using a protein called "luciferin", but other
than that the true mechanism remains unknown (it took 3500 liters of luciferin
just to find out what its amino acid composition was!)

The reason it's called a 'cold fire' is as Melissa said, because it generates
no heat, only light. The light is 90% efficient, compared to 5-10% in normal
light bulbs. As to "tropical sea", bioluminescence is more common in warm seas
than in cold ones. And yes, you can even find it in freshwater, but it comes
from bacteria and not dinoflagellates. Since it is so efficient, much research
is being done into producing lights with this. If they do though, my iguana
won't be as happy as she is under my 'inefficient' and heat-generating
light... ;)

Since I did put 'etc.' in the subject, thought I would update everyone on the
new and improved bootleg (CD) list I intend to work on. I have an idea that I
will create a page for each title (I brought with me La Villa boot to work
on), complete with ratings for the sound, packaging, songs, and overall, and
also with a picture of the cover of the boot, and hopefully the disc itself
(if the disc is unusual-looking, that is). Then I'll create a postscript file
for each page, compress it, and upload it to syrinx in a special directory so
anyone with access to a postscript printer can get whichever title they're
interested in (or don't have the listing for yet), and print it out. I'll also
be able to make hard copies for those without psprinter access. Any comments
on this? I'll need help and reviews for those boots that I don't have, and
also some kind people to mail me either just the cover of the boot so I can
scan it in, or the whole thing so I can get the disc (and any pictures that
might be inside that are interesting) in the file.



Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 02:56:42 -0500 (EST)
From: The Omega Concern 
Subject: 12 inch remix

Also, has anyone seen the 12 inch remix of In the Mood yet?  I just got it
here at the local import store.  The guy told me that only 1500 copies
were pressed on cd (in Japan).  Rush fans, go out and get your copy before
they sell out!  The Wicked Bass dub of the song rules.  Of course, I love
the song, so I like all of the mixes (except the one where they slur
Geddy's voice around).

To all the NMS'ers suffering through finals:  Stick It Out!  Hang in
there!  Try blasting Force Ten and SIO during study breaks (worked for me!).



Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 08:46:28 EST
From: (Wayne S Melnick)
Subject: Unexpected Places II

Hi all. . .

Just a quick addendum to however posted in the last NMS about hearing Rush in un
expected places.

When I was watching the 1990 (91?) U.S. Open, on several occassions they cut to
commercial and used the lead in for "Grand Designs."  How 'bout that!!

Later all

". . .
     And they wonder why the Maples can't be happy in their shade."


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 18:16:03 -0600

Someone posted this poem elsewhere and there's a line further down
that you folks may find interesting. I wouldn't go as far as to say
it HAD to be the inspiration behind track 10 on _Counterparts_, but
as there's been some NMS discussion about the song, I thought I'd
through this into the ring:


The Elves
Elves are no smaller
than men, and walk
as men do, in this world,
but with more grace than most,
and are not immortal.

Their beauty sets them aside
from other men and from women
unless a woman has that cold fire in her		* ! *
called poet: with that

she may see them and by its light
they know her and are not afraid
and silver tongues of love
flicker between them.

  -Denise Levertov


Have fun, and don't blame me for it! :) :)

More news: Rockline, Jan 24 = Rush! Be listening.
(Howard Stern was on when the DJ, Steve whatshisface, announced it,
and he exclaimed, "Rush!? They're still around? I thought they'd
dropped off the face of the earth! I thought they were lying in the
street in front of the Viper Room! Rush!?" Steve calmly replied that
yes, they still existed, and had a great new album out. Stern continued
to go "Rush!" and almost audibly shake his head in wonder. Just a bit
of trivia for ya.)
						--La Vortex Strangiato
+ "3RD WITCH: `He said he would come but he hasn't.
*  This is my last newt. I saved it for him. And he hasn't
+  come.'"                              -T.Pratchett


Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 20:26:38 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robert C. Gray" 
Subject: Red Sector A & E...SL

	First of all, this is my first post.  I've been reading for a
couple of months now, and finally I have found some questions that I think
I can answer.
	In the last issue, someone asked about Neil wearing headphones in
Red Sector A.  This is because of the background sound in the song.  I
don't really know how to describe it.  It's a repetitive sound that goes
throughout the song.  On ASOH, it's the first thing you hear before the
bass drum starts.  The headphones allow Neil to stay in tempo with the
sound, so that the song sounds right.  There are some other songs that he
does this for, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
	The other question was why "A Passage to Bangkok" wasn't on the
E...SL CD.  If you read the cover, just above Geddy's picture, it says "'A
Passage to Bangkok' has been omitted in order to release 'Exit...Stage
Left' as a single compact disc."  If you really want the song on CD.  It's
on Chronicles, along with "What You're Doing", which was omitted from the
ATWAS CD for the same reason.



Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 21:49:24 -0600 (CST)
From: Scott Russell Halgrim 
Subject: Rush on Dave

Anybody else see Dave on Friday night?  Rush was on.

   [ Before anyone gets excited, this is Rush Limbaugh we're talking about,
     not the band!						: rush-mgr ]

								Life Rules!


Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 23:08:07 EST
Subject: The Illustrious Metronome

Hi all,
I probably won't be the only one to respond to this (Terry's question about
the headphones Neil uses, in TNMS #839), but my understanding has always been
that Neil uses a Metronome  ---a time keeping device--- for "Red Sector A",
as well as other songs, during concerts; in order to maintain a constant
tempo in such a complicated song, and especially to keep the music going with
the adjoining videos, when applicable.  This is most notable during the last
tour for "Roll the Bones", whose video part must be matched by the music, or
the skull during the 'chat' part would be off (as it was the first time I saw
them at Pittsburgh).  Another song it would be used in is "Time Stand Still",
where the music must match Aimee Mann's recorded voice.  If you notice at the
beginning of these songs (in concert), Neil will either: 1.) click off 4
stick clicks to set the tempo, or 2.) begin the song with the drums, setting
the tempo.  What you hear inside the headphones is none other than a beep, or
click that runs at a steady tempo.  If you hear the beep, you're off tempo.
If not, you're right on.  As I am a drummer myself, I have had the
opportunity to use the metronome while playing, and it's interesting how well
it works.  Neil first used the metronome, if i'm not mistaken, for "Vital
Signs", in the studio.  I think he writes in the __Moving Pictures__ tourbook
that he was always striving for an even more perfect tempo, and decided to
try using a metronome.  Check out the video for the song (on "Through the
Camera Eye"),
and you'll see that he's wearing the headphones.  It's interesting for
someone who already keeps near perfect time to use a metronome, in striving
for the ultimate in perfection.

Until LATER!!!        -NP



Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 23:36:18 EST
Subject: Tchaikovsky & Rush

Not that there hasn't been enough said on the 1812/2112 thing...

I was familiar with the 1812 Overture long before I ever heard a single note
of our favorite Canadian trio.

And the very FIRST time I heard 2112, I heard the 1812 theme plain as day.
(even though, admittedly, much faster and in a different key) I thought it
was really cool.  But I thought it was such an obvious musical "tip of the
hat", that I am surprised its even a topic of discussion.

And on that, that's it.

M. Dylan Brennan


From: hartman larry 
Subject: Old friend of Rush...
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1993 00:21:49 -0500 (EST)

One of are old friends (and Rush's) Terry Brown, will be producing Dream
Theater next album.  Yep thats right, our good friend Broon!

I haven't heard a a release date or anything but I think that Dec - Jan is the
time that the where supposed to start working on it.  I know its gonna
include the 20 minute epic, "A Change of Seasons".

Sorry for the DT news but I thought people would like to know what Broon is
up to, and it may also get some more people to look into Dream Theater!

See ya!

Jason Hartman
"I am the Killing Hand!"

PS - buy there video - Dream Theater: Live in Tokyo....


Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 01:01:19 -0500
From: (Julie Oneida)
Subject: Melma's party

Hey all. I am officially unsubscribed now, but I'm using my last moments
on-line (until the end of vacation that is) to beg for assistance.
I don't actually have tickets to the San Antonio concert, but I'd really
love to go to Melma's party (we have been talking on email), and anyway
SOMEONE might have to back out. What I need from some kind soul is a
ride there. I am in Lafayette, Indiana and could easily get to Indianapolis
if necessary. Please, if anyone can help, please email me. Thank you
SOOOOOOOO much!!! I will write back to everyone when I get back.

Juno, aka Julie Oneida
"parting is such sweet sorrow...
     and partying such sweet fun!"


From: "Sridhar P. Rao" 
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1993 01:02:57 -0500
Subject: Re:  12/17/93 - The National Midnight Star #839

hey all...
just wanted to post a here and there about this and that...

first off, julie (onedia?) you forgot the analog kid:



i was listening to moving pictures while studying (?) for exams :(..

well so i was listening to vital signs and i noticed that the last
time the lee monster says elevate he in actuality says evelate.... it me? my disc? or is this really what he says? can anyone
else verify this?

well..not much else...oh yeah..regarding that between sun and moon
parody with the pro limbauh bush thingy...hmm...sort of ironic hearing
a rush song in that tone..but was funny nonetheless.

well..thats my blab for now...take care.

     cfynx...the analog kid


From: corcoran@ICD.Teradyne.COM (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: 2 ways to do research

>  From:
>  Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 18:25:57 EST
>  Subject: Exit...Stage Left
>  Hello to all,
>  I recently purchased the CD of _Exit...Stage Left_, and it is missing "A
>  Passage to Bangkok."  I know that this is in the FAQ, but

Then why not look in the FAQ?

>  I was wondering if
>  anybody knew why this track was omitted from the CD.  My guess is that since
>  the album is soooooo long, it would not all fit on one CD, but this is just
>  my guess.

If you read the liner notes from the CD in question, you will note:
" 'A Passage to Bangkok' has been omitted to release 'Exit...Stage Left'
as a single CD."

>  Also, on the tape of ESL, is says "Zanadu," but on the CD it says
>  "Xanadu."  How come?

TJIC (Travis J.I. Corcoran)       
           opinions(TJIC) != opinions(employer(TJIC))

  "Buy a rifle, encrypt your data, and wait for the Revolution!"


Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 21:49:58 CST
From: (Jeremy Caplan)
Subject: RUSH Warming up for tour

According to Mike Lorengo ( as he posted on, the band is currently rehearsing for the tour in Seattle.
He cited evidence from radio stations KXRX and KISW.

   [ And we *all* know how well-informed most dj's are these days, don't we?
     ;)								: rush-mgr ]

$ "Man by nature wants to know."  | Jeremy Caplan $
$            ARISTOTLE            | Philosophy    Northwestern University $
$      "We are born unarmed.  Our mind is our only weapon."  Ayn Rand     $


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 03:36:58 EDT
Subject: Available Light, Vital Signs

I was reading the last issue of the NMS and the discussion about titles in
song lyrics...

I've noticed several *possible* references to other songs in Available Light.
     1.  "Witch Hunt" - rising with the full moon/to go howling through the
     2.  "The Camera Eye" - in the canyons of the city
     3.  "Limelight" - play of light/a photograph [among other]
     4.  _Moving Pictures_ - trick of light/moving picture [noted before]
I guess that's it.  I'm probably stretching this a bit.

This goes back a while, and I don't remember if I've posted it before...  In
Vital Signs, towards the end where people think they hear Geddy say "evelate",
I would swear he is saying "revelate".  To "revelate above the norm" - to gain
a new awareness of reality.  Kinda makes sense to the theme of the song.  Just 
my 2 Pfennig worth.

Last but not least...  A friend of mine came over to help call Ticketmaster in
New Orleans for tix to the Pensacola show (they didn't sell them in much of 
Florida, it seems) and after (re)dialing for a half-hour on two phone lines,
we finally broke through to buy 3 11th row on the floor seats!  See y'all there!
(Sorry, Rush-mgr about more than 80 chars/line.  Windows doesn't provide me
with visible margins.  :)  )

University of Florida
College of Architecture

where "Everbody got mixed feelings/About the function and the form"


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 03:43:47 EDT
Subject: Kate Bush opening for Rush?!

I hope I didn't get your hopes up.  I had a dream that Kate Bush opened
for the Boyz at the Pensacola show, and Rush had a movable stage with pools
of water.  Kinda cool!  Between Kate's and Rush's sets, Geddy came out and
sat in front of me for a few minutes.

To be serious, though.  I was wondering if anyone out there knows who indeed
will be opening for Rush at the Pensacola show?

I'm impatiently awaiting Jan. 22!

University of Florida
College of Architecture

where "shapes and forms" run "against the norm"


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 07:21:09 EST
From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: Ralphing Stone reviews

In NMS 839, Arjan Breider writes...

> ...downloaded the Rolling Stone Magazine Reviews

> 'For the past sixteen years, as the group has gone from mimicking Led
> Zeppelin and Yes to approximating the Police, Rush has been to
> immaturely concerned with originality to just go ahead and rip off a
> riff or two from the greats'

Yeah, "The Greats".  While I will acknowldge L.Z.'s popularity, I refuse to
acknowledge their greatness.  Jimmy Page was the master of riff-rip-off, and
this band had perhaps the most aptly named album when they released
"The Song Remains The Same" (I think that was it wasn't it).  And the Police,
while perhaps musically gifted, never seemed to vary their songs much either.

I never understand reviews like this.  Are they saying Rush are obviously
ripping people off, but changing it slightly to appear original?  Or are they
saying that their original stuff is boring and they might as well just go
ahead and rip off from the "greats" because their stuff sucks?

I noticed one of those reviews was by Kurt Loder, that paragon of PC
profundities on MTV News.  Not surprising that a puppet like Loder doesn't
even have enough spine to give credit where credit is due, just because it
doesn't fit with the script.



Date:     Mon, 20 Dec 93 08:52:52 PST
From: "Alex Mustard"    
Subject:  need h(m)otel reference

Can anyone in the Sacramento area know of a nice hotel/motel which
is close enough (I know it's relative - I mean so's I don't get
lost/stuck too long in traffic) to the Arco Arena?  One that doesn't
cost too much $$$?  My husband and I will be going up to Sac for the
show id Feb, and will need to find a place (soon) to stay for about
3 or 4 days...




Subject: Anywhere But Here
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 12:27:30 EST
From: Paul Jung 

Hey, has anyone out there read Mona Simpson's excellent first novel,
"Anywhere but Here"?  Although I'm not sure if Neil's reference is to the
entire book itself, there is a quote in the introduction of the book that
goes something like:  The sick always think of health, the poor think of
wealth, and the traveller thinks, "Anywhere but here."

I think it's a poem by somebody, and most likely Neil has read that poem.
Unless, of course he turns out to be a Mona Simpson fan.  The book came
out around 1989, and she published her second book, the sequel to her
first, about two years ago.

Just another obscure Rush possibility,


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 13:35:28 -0400 (EDT)

Hello fellow Rushian.  On a previous NMS, someone made mention of a boot known
as "Cold Flames".  Anyone out there with that boot interested in doing a
cassette to cassette trade?  I am lookin to obtain a copy of that boot if anyone
out there is interested in trading a cassette copy of it for one of the boots I
have.  I have a few boots here in my posession.  Anyone interested in doing a
trade of the boot "Cold Flames", let me know and I will send you a copy of a
list of the boots I have.

Have a good day and see ya at the Rush show here in Phoenix.


              Dennis  Taylor      


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 15:05:01 EST
Subject: PW Cover Girl

Last weekend I was introducing a new female friend of mine to Rush.  She
noticed my Permanent Waves poster, and questioned the presence of the cover
girl with her skirt blown up and panties exposed.  She didn't quite say that
she found it degrading but she hinted at that sort of thing.

I don't find the PW cover girl to be slutty or degrading (of course, I'm male
and heterosexual so maybe I'm biased).  I had always thought that the
condition of the girl was merely an extension of the rest of the carelessness
of her surroundings.

Anybody out there experienced anything similar or have any thoughts about

M. Dylan Brennan


Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 17:51:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Alien Shore?

I'm not really sure if the FAQ covers my question, so I'm gonna ask....
 DOes anybody know what is said at the beginning of Alien Shore?   I
can't figure it out..."Want a baloon"?
                                                May the Force Ten be with you,
                                                        Jeff Berliner


From: (Peter Zucker           )
Subject: alex on ESPN
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 18:16:19 EST

	how you all doing?  couple of years ago I was watching the
the Canadian Open(tennis) on ESPN, when lo and behold i saw an interview
being conducted with avid tennis fan and rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.
I just saw the tail end of it, and he looked like he was really into
Big Macs at the time. But just wondering if anybody else saw it?


                                              pete zucker


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