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Subject: 12/23/93 - The National Midnight Star #843

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 843

                Thursday, 23 December 1993
Today's Topics:
                Beezus/NMS II Mailing list
     Re:  12/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #841
                       The Holiday
                  Wilderness of mirrors
               re: why we like rush at all
            Rush In Seattle/Vital Signs video
                     RUSH in Colorado
                    Neil's headphones?
                     RUSH on Rockline
               Follow up to some questions
                  Parody: "Saurian Bore"
                       E...SL, etc.
               phosphoresence and Red Tide
                   Just 50 miles north
                        Rush, duh.
          New Radio Station playing TONS of RUSH
                      Happy Holidays
                       COLD FLAMES
                     Rush on Rockline
                      San Diego Show

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 08:52:18 -0800
From: Jimmy Lang 
Subject: Beezus/NMS II Mailing list

Hello!  Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and update you on a few
new things.  First off, it has been confirmed that Rush will indeed be
on Rockline on January 24th, 1994.  This is the Monday following the first
two shows (Pensacola and New Orleans).  Also, if you don't already know,
Neil will be featured in Feb's issue of Modern Drummer, get your copies at
newsstand.  For those who have been following, Neil's short story
collaboration with Kevin Anderson called "Drumbeats" to be featured in an
anthology called Shock Rock 2, good news! - the story is done, it's about
20 or so pages, and should be available to the public in February '94
published by Pocket books.  I'll see if I can do a review of it or post a
short tidbit from the short story.

Finally, I understand that there is a new list(s) on the Internet.  For
those of you who are interested, a Beezus-fan club mailing list has been
created, you can email to:

And lastly, a new NMS II mailing list has been created, for more
information you can email to:

Supposedly a much better list than the current NMS.  I am going to
subscribe to see what it is all about, you're welcome to do so too.  It's
supposedly run by another big Rush fan.


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 10:04:15 -0500
From: (Gabriel Karaffa)
Subject: Re:  12/21/93 - The National Midnight Star #841

	I think that those chords are plainer than you think.  I haven't
played Mystic Rhythms in about a year, so I need to refresh my memory, but
I think they're strait Minor, Major chords.
				I would like to transcribe the song
				further during my break.  Please
				reply to my email address if you
				are interested.


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 16:28:23 +0100 (MET)
From: Jack Kugler 
Subject: The Holiday

Gruess aus Deutschland,

Well folks, today is the high holiday for RUSHdom.  For those of you who
use the Germany or American numeric date system you already know about
this.  For those who only know new RUSH material this may be quite new.
For you see today is 21.12.  Therefore, we should celebrate with music,
and I am sure you can figure out exactly which 20 minutes and 42 seconds
of music I am refering to.  I find the best time to observe this holiday
is just after nine in the evening (put your digitals on a 24 hour clock
and you will see my point).

If you really want to have fun invite people over, turn the lights down,
burn incense, light candles and maybe pray to some object, say the 2112
cover or poster for those lucky enough to have one.  This goes great with
nonRUSHians, although the jacket with wrap around sleeves might arrive
during the soliloquy, which is annoying.  Even fellow RUSHians will think
you have gone over the edge, which of course is lots o fun.

At the least remember what today stands for.  Think of the upcoing tour
and be proud to be a RUSH fan (even if you wish wackos like me wouldn't
give you such a bad name, schade).  1st Row in '92, no row in '93 cus it
seems they ain't crossing the water.  At least I remembered to bring the
entire collection with me, plus a few goodies.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday,


"I can't wait to share this new wonder
The people will all see it's light...

I know it's most unusual
To come before you so

Don't annoy us further
We have our work to do.
Just think about the average
What use have they for you?"

Cliffs notes to 2112 by Neil Peart
(RUSHmgr, sorry about the long ending, but hey it's a special occasion)


Date:         Tue, 21 Dec 93 10:33:00 CST
From: Tracey 
Subject:      Wilderness of mirrors

I'll add my voice to the chorus of those who will speculate that the
British mag's "Wilderness of Mirrors" was probably at one time a working
title for "Double Agent."

And Howard Stern is an ass. No, rush-mgr, I will not explain *why* he's
an ass, because I think it's pretty obvious. : )

Oh, and some subscribers to a networked Rush sub I read on a local
BBS think the warbled phrase just before "Alien Shore" is Ricky Ricardo's
"Babaloo!!" Maybe that's all that's left of "Lucy and Desi"...



Date:     Tue, 21 Dec 93 08:32:29 PST
From: "Alex Mustard"    
Subject:  re: why we like rush at all

OK, 2 things...

First of all, I did want to sort of go off on a tangent to what Jon
Hienman said in his msg about people liking/disliking Rush songs...
It's really funny because anything that makes me think or wonder I
tend to like more (I describe such things as "chewy") only because
it gives me something to 'chew' on - especially if I don't like it
since I have chewed on it in order to come to that conclusion
(paradoxically, I would like something because I don't).  BUT - I
can't think of a single Rush song I don't thoroughly enjoy (a few I
don't exactly agree with, but hey!  who's complaining?).

Secondly, a lot of concepts have been floating about regarding
the song, Cold Fire...  As a female, I don't see that this song
portrays women in a negative light, and it doesn't have to be about
a one night stand.  IMHO, it sounds like, "Hey, buddy, I may love
you - but don't push me down or screw me over.  I'd rather do
without you than be stuck in an oppressive relationship." But that's
not as fluid & eloquent as the song.  I can say that my experience
leads me to believe that a woman does not need to be a victim & and
one has a choice.  Likewise for men, since we're humans first &
men/women second.  It's not gender specific when you really look at
it.  After all, would any male want to stay with someone who tried
to oppress them?  Even if the person didn't know they were were
being that way?  Communicate it, maybe, but stick around even though
it doesn't stop?  Nah, not many.

On another note, I got my T-shirts late last week... Yay! Thanks,
Meg! They're great!

   [ The shirts are behind but be assured they will ALL be caught up by the 
     time the tour starts.  For more info on your own NMS shirt, email to:                                            :rush-mgr ]



Date: 21 Dec 93 11:35:08 EST
From: "Dawn M. Rasmussen" 
Subject: Questions!

Hey All!
I'm just trying to find out some information, that I haven't found anywhere
else; I'm wondering about Neil, where did he learn to play the drums? When
did he start playing and did he go to one of those music schools?  Also,
I'm trying to get my hands on any kind of rush posters, anybody got any

Dawn Rasmussen
Paradox for Windows
Borland Int'l
Santa Cruz, CA
Hi Dave!


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 08:51:14 PST
Subject: Rush In Seattle/Vital Signs video

First, there was a post yesterday about Rush here in Seattle.  We heard
this rumor about a two or three weeks ago.  Apparently, it was a hoax
put on by one of the djs on KXRX.  Someone here called SRO on it and
some action may be taken against the radio station.   The hoax was that
the X was going to broadcast the name of the location where Rush was
rehearsing, but it would be broadcast backwards mixed in with a whole
bunch of other noise.  If you could decipher the name, then go to that
place, knock three times and say "Spirit Of Radio", they'd let you in
(or at least, that's the version of the rumor I heard).

Second, to anyone with the "Through The Camera Eye" video compilation:
on the Vital Signs video, what is taped to Neil's chest?  It looks
crudely taped on with duct tape and has a wire running from it.



From: walter@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Brian J Walter (Brewing Chemist))
Subject: RUSH in Colorado
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 11:20:34 -0700 (MST)

	I have been keeping tabs on the upcoming tour list, and have yet
	to see any Colorado dates :-(.  I am starting to worry a little bit.
	Has anybody heard even a rumor that they will play somewhere in CO?



Brian J Walter            |Science, like nature, must also be tamed|  Relax,
Chemistry Graduate Student|with a view towards its preservation.   |Don't Worry
Colorado State University |Given the same state of integrity, it   |  Have A|will surely serve us well. -N. Peart    | Homebrew!


From: Scott Taney (Pace) 
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 10:11:31 PST
Subject: Neil's headphones?

	Just a quick comment... it's been a while since I posted, and I
thought I should get back into it......I figured I'd pass this one on,
although I already replied to the guy that asked the question locally...

	Neil wears headphones during "Red Sector A" because he's listening to
a CLICK TRACK, not a metronome, or the background of the song.  The
sequences Geddy's keyboards are running are sending a click (could be
just about anything - it's whatever Neil wants to hear while the song
is playing) to his headphones so he can stay in sync with the sequence,
and keep Geddy and Alex in sync as well.  If you watch, he usually
wears the headphones on any of the songs from Grace Under Pressure or
Signals that have heavily sequenced sections, such as "Red Sector A,"
or "The Weapon."  When I saw Rush on the Signals tour, Neil wore the
headphones for almost every single song they played from the album, but
you don't see him wearing them much any more, since MIDI technology has
improved to the point where they can sync the sequences to his playing,
and not the opposite.  He still uses the click track on most of the
older songs, though...


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 15:20:06 -0500
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: RUSH on Rockline


	I just got this info from a radio mailing list I subscribe

>Subject: Rockline
>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 00:11:31 -0500 (EST)
>From: Charles Kunz 
>X-Kiss My: Grits
>X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.4 PL21]
>Content-Type: text
>Content-Length: 601

>Rockline is heard live, every Monday night at 11:30 PM Eastern time.
>Listeners in the U.S. and Canada can call 1-800-344-7625 to talk to
>the guest (or guests) of the week.
> Dec 20 - Best of Rockline '93 - Part 1*
> Dec 27 - Best of Rockline '93 - Part 2*

>	== 1994 ==
> Jan  3 - Guns 'n Roses
> Jan 24 - Rush

	So there you have it...Jan 24,1994!!!



Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 12:49:57 PST
From: (Troy Davis)
Subject: Follow up to some questions

Neil wearing headphones (on Red Sector A, among others):  I don't doubt
that Neil is listening to a click-track or even some of the sequenced
stuff to keep things together, but I thought the main reason was that
you CAN'T HEAR ELECTRONIC DRUMS when you play them!  You get some response
from the pad, but the sound you actually generate doesn't exist until
it comes out of a speaker somewhere.  And how better to monitor those
sounds in a Concert environment?  Headphones, of course.

I like seeing the RS review of Presto still causing a stink, since it
was such a shitty review.  I don't know how any reviewer can charge
Rush with ripping anything off, esp from bands like Forienger who have
come and gone during Rush's tenure.

About the PW cover girl: tell your friend that it's not politically correct
to be politically correct anymore, especially retroactively to something
almost 15 years old.  I'm looking at an article in the new Time with a
painting of a naked, fat, old lady rolling around on the floor; an example
used to demonstrate how great this artist is.  So why can't Rush use a
pretty girl on an album cover and not raise a stink (in an industry dominated
by releases like "Pink Silk Torpedo")?

Ummm...I'm feeling much better, now.

"The hypocrites are slandering the sacred halls of Truth..."


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 14:03:27 PST
From: (Robyn King-Nitschke)
Subject: Parody: "Saurian Bore"


Well, it's been awhile since our last parody, so I thought I'd
combine my hatred of a certain purple dinosaur with my love
of Rush, resulting in a sick little ditty called "Saurian Bore."

Hope you like it, especially all you fellow haters of The Purple
Pedophile out there. :-)



Saurian Bore
Music by Lee and Lifeson
Lyrics by Rat

You and I, we don't see what all the hype's about--
He sings and he dances, he laughs like a fool.
They're on the pledge drive, begging for more,
Schmoozing for the Saurian Bore.

You and I, we're appalled by the inanity...
He's purple and bloated, insipid and dull.
Enslaving children's minds by the score,
They're powerless to the Saurian Bore.

For you and me
For you and me, we say this without inhibition
For you and me, Barney's death is what we're wishin'
For you and me, we agree...

You and I, we watch without understanding
His voice is annoying, his costume is crude.
His quick demise is what we'd like to see
No more "I love you," no more "You love me."

For you and me, Barn's appeal is just a mystery
For you and me, we'd like to make him ancient history
For you and me, we agree

They're preaching for the Saurian Bore
Beseeching for the Saurian Bore
We're aiming for the Saurian Bore...

You and I, we abhor this purple dinosaur
He's corrupting our children for his own evil ends.
Enthralling minds is what he's out to do,
Turning kids' brains into goo.

For you and me, the end of Barney is our mission
For you and me, a putrid purple prohibition.
For you and me, we know the truth and won't keep quiet
For you and me, the Purple One's a merchandising giant
For you and me, we do agree
       (and it's not just us)

Searching for the Saurian Bore
     (It's not just us)
Aiming for the Saurian Bore
     (It's not just us)
Rubbing out the Saurian Bore
     (Hooray for us!)


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 18:08:40 EST
Subject: E...SL, etc.

fellow Rush fans,

I would like to thank everyone who answered my question about "Passage to
Bangkok" being left off of E...SL.  I'm sorry that I missed it in the liner
notes.  See, I don't actually have the CD yet (I know I'm getting it for
Christmas) so I was only able to look at the front and back cover.
To the person who called Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page ripoff artists, what
song/songs are you talking about specifically?
About "Wilderness of Mirrors": I'm no expert, but my guess is that this is
referring to "Double Agent," since this line is used several times in the

"...and your wise men don't know how it feels..."
                                            --Jethro Tull, "Thick as a Brick"




Subject: Wilderness
From: (Richard Morey)
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 13:53:00

-> Does anyone know anything about a track called "Wilderness of
-> Mirrors?"  It was *supposed* to be on Counterparts, according to an
-> article in British Music Mag called Rock World.  Anyone ever heard of
-> it?

It is obviously "DOUBLE AGENT" that the reviewer is talking about!


Subject: phosphoresence and Red Tide
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 22:16:01 CST
From: kenblair@blkbox.COM!Charles

In NMS #841, Meg explained the relationship between the one-celled organisms
called dinoflagellates that cause phosphoresence.  These same one-celled
organisms are also responsible for what as known as "red tide", which you all
know is a song on _Presto_.

If this message has come through botched, I apoligize.  I will retype it
and resend it if it didn't make it.


Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1993 08:18:27 -0500 (EST)
From: usr3438a@tso.uc.EDU (Glen M. Young)
Subject: Just 50 miles north

   It's crazy to live in a town that claims to have the best rock-n-roll, a
specific radio station in Cincy, but plays Rush very seldom.  Dayton, Oh. -
50 miles north has a very good format that is rock and contains many Rush
tunes from old to new.
   This station played Beneath, Between & Behind from FBN and my jaw hit
the steering wheel in amazement.  Ironically, it was 03:30 in the afternoon!!
   Dayton Oh. is a Rush town and the people in Cincy know it.......

                 - - - -                   -
                -     -         - - - -    -
               - - - -          -          -
              - -       -   -   - - - -    - - - -
             -   -      -   -         -    -     -
            -     -     - - -   - - - -    -     -

>.....square for battle - let the fray begin!


Date: Wed, 22 Dec 93 10:20:19 CST
From: (Peter B Gregg)
Subject: Rush, duh.

In the _Counterparts_ albums, they thank, instead of the Omega
Concern, an omega/ohm symbols.  Neato.  What in the heck is that
"Badabadosh!"-type noise at the beginning of Alien Shore?

I was very impressed by _Counterparts_, especially with the
return to guitar.  However, the love-song model for song writing
is a new image, one that I am not sure if I like or not.  If
anything, I like the new way of writing love songs.  On the
B-Side of the Ghost of a Chance single (on tape) there is an
interview, and Neil says he's always tried to avoid love songs,
but now that the taboo has been broken, mebbe it became easier.




Subject: Censorshit
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 93 11:28:00 -0500
From: "Virtual Unreality" 

Travis Corcoran writes...

  Take, for example, the experience of a friend of mine: he walked into
  a cd store, started flipping through the Zappa discs, and noticed that
  every single one had an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker on it.  Including
  the all-instrumental discs.

I thought I'd add my thoughts on this as well...Jello Biafara (Lead singer of
the Dead Kennedys) is also a political activist and speaker.  Since the break
up of the DK's he has released a number of spoken word albums...on "I Blow
Minds For a Living" he mentioned that he has also been the victim of EXPLICIT
LYRICS and 18 TO PURCHASE stickering solely on the basis of his name.  Practic-
ally everything he has released has been stickered, regardless of its content.

My musical tastes run from Rush to Dead Kennedys to Ministry and everything
inbetween, but what I like the most about Rush is that their messages are
similar to the messages in a lot of the angst-driven metal and rock but the
way they go about it is completely different.  They make their music a bit
more accessable to everyone but still manage to stay outside the mainstream,
even though they are on a major label.  And they have never gotten an explicit
lyrics sticker (Columbia Louse excluded) because their message is too complex
for the PMRC to understand.  Even though Neil has been accused of writing
satanic lyrics (read Neil's letter on satanism).

I think you just have to say...

                           BAN CENS0RSHIT!

          _______ .   ___ ______   _______ ___ ___   ___   ___
           _____ .     __ _______  _______ ___ ___  _____  ___
            ____       __ ___ ___    ___   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
             ____     ___ ___ ___    ___   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
              _______ ___ ______     ___   ___ ___ _______ ___
               _____  ___ _______    ___   ___ ___ _______ ___
                ___   ___ ___ ___    ___   _______ ___ ___ _______
                 _    ___ ___ ___    ___    _____  ___ ___ _______
                 U     N     R     E     A     L     I     T     Y


Date: 22 Dec 93 12:32:00 EST
Subject: New Radio Station playing TONS of RUSH

Attention people in the New York/New Jersey Area.

There is a new radio station in the area, 104.3, which used to be a classical
station, just changed its format to Rock N Roll.  The first song I heard them
play after my friend told me to tune in was Cold Fire.  The next 15 songs I 
heard I enjoyed them all.

Yesterday I was listening to it while driving to various malls to go shopping
and I kid you not, I heard them play Cold Fire 5 times and Stick it Out twice.

So basically, this new station digs Rush.  Check it out if you're in the area:

		104.3 FM


Date: 22 Dec 93 14:42:42 EST
From: Bob Roper/SRO <70721.2720@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Happy Holidays

>From all of us here at SRO Management, RUSH, King's X, Psycho Circus, and
Lawrence Gowan, We wish you a very healthy and very happy holiday season.
We hope to see all of you out on the road in 1994!!!

   [ Happy Holidays to you on behalf of the mailing list.  Bob, if you have 
     any more confirmed dates for the tour, can you email them to me or 
     forward them to the list?  Thanks.                          :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 02:28:58 -0400 (EDT)

Hello fellow Rushians.
	The other day a kind soul was good enough to write to me to work out a
cassette to cassette trade of the boot cold flames for some of the boots I have
in my posession.  Somehow, I do not have their internet address correct and my
mail keeps getting sent back to me.  Kind person, if you are out there and are
still interested in working out a trade for the boot cold flames, please send
me your internet address again so I can reply to you.  My mail I sent to ya
came back 3 times and I must have the internet address incorrect.


               Desparately seeking Cold Flames


From: "Paul W. Cashman" 
Subject: Pensacola-or-bust!
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 01:50:22 -0800 (PST)

Okay, looks like Dave/tvos and I will be in Pensacola for that almighty
first show on the tour; I'll be driving over from Atlanta, Dave is
flying down from Michigan and I'm picking him up in Birmingham.

If you are going to be at the Pensacola show, please e-mail me at; I'm building a list.   At the very least, pre- and
post-show gatherings of online Rushfans would be great!

--If anyone else is commuting a long distance, are you
interested in sharing costs on a hotel room?  We'll be arriving during
the afternoon of that Saturday of the show, between 4 and 5, and we'll
be staying over at least that night, and probably Sunday night since
Dave is flying out on Monday from Birmingham.  As an aside, I'll
merely note there's a Hilton reportedly near the Civic Center, and
Rush usually stays in nice hotels befitting their stature....:)

--If anyone from Pensacola is reading this, do you have any
suggestions for hotels/motels in Pensacola?  Is the venue (Civic
Center, no?) close to downtown, near any hotels, etc.?

--According to Dave, our tickets are Row X, on the first level (not
floor, of course :)), on Alex's side (stage right).  Anyone else with
nearby tickets?   Anyone know how bad these are?  :)

BTW, the venue is apparently a 9,000-seater, and when Dave called for
tix a few days ago, the show was NOT sold out.  There's a nationwide
800 number you can call for tickets if you'd like to go (it's been
posted in the NMS before).    I think I have it filed....

Also, for Atlanta folks, tickets for Pensacola ARE available at local
Ticketmaster outlets.  Other cities, probably the same story.  At this
stage, upper level only.  :(

Looking forward to seeing LOTS of NMS shirts (including mine, hope Meg
mailed it) in Pensacola!   Rush-mgr, is the tour hookup server up yet?

   [ Not yet, I'm in the process of splitting up all the mail into rush-srv 
     and then I will organize the into dates for the tour hookup.  Should be 
     done soon.                                                   :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 12:41:25 EST
Subject: Rush on Rockline

	During the Howard Stern Rockline on 12/16/93, I believe the
announcer said that Guns N' Roses will be on the show on Jan. 3 and that
Rush will be the guests on Jan. 24.  That's still a long while to wait, but
maybe the band wanted to do the show at a time closer to the start of the

						Gene Porochniak


Date:         Thu, 23 Dec 93 10:45:13 EST
From: Scott Raby 
Subject:      San Diego Show

I was wondering how long of a drive it is from Pasadena to San Diego?
Also, how do I go about getting tickets for the Anaheim show?  Do I call
or is it best to go to the arena and get the tickets?  I will
be moving out there on January 5 so know very little about the area.

   [ Scott, it'll be about a 2-2.5 hour drive down.            :rush-mgr ]



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