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Subject: 01/04/94 - The National Midnight Star #845

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 845

                 Tuesday, 4 January 1994
Today's Topics:
	      Administrivia/Tour Dates/etc..
                       Double Agent
         Neil's chest in the "Vital Signs" video
          Alex in new issue of Car Stereo Review
                    Kate Bush opening?
            Re: Following up to some questions
                 O.K., NOT a metronome...
              Ramblin' Man goes to Pensacola
                      belated thanx!
                The most important dates.
                       Help wanted!
                   Meaning of Panacea?
                     Vital Signs vid
                  The RCB Is Back Online
           Exit Stage Left--Righteous Brothers
                      more Cold Fire
          Tix needed for Pensacola & New Orleans
               RockLine Radio Station ????
 Anyone for Atlanta tix? / Atlantans going to Pensacola?
                       RUSH Support
                  2112 Ultradisk search
      Re: 11/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #821
                      RUSH URL - Beta

Date: Tue Jan  4 20:42:23 EST 1994
Subject: Administrivia/Tour Dates/etc..

Well, first things first.  Apologies for not putting out a digest in a while, 
I guess with vacation and all, everyone is away, traffic was slow.  Some 
things for the administrivia:

If you've been emailing to about the new NMS-II 
mailing list, please don't.  There is no such thing.  Apologies for all the 
confusion, it's a long story. 

There's new information below about the upcoming tour.  Check out Bob Roper's 
post concerning opening bands for this tour.

Also, now that the full management is back from break, the rush-srv gopher 
will go up this week.  (promise!)  If you're attending shows, please send some 
email to

For those of you who like WWW and Mosaic, check out Jimmy's posting below.

That's it for now.


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 15:54:41 EDT
From: "Keith Berger" 
Subject: Double Agent

Has anbody else noticed that part of the guitar solo in DA near the end of
it sounds very sinilar to part of the overture of 2112?

>..I'm like Sam the Butcher bringing Alice the meat...
Beastie Boys



From: Scott Taney (Pace) 
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 16:27:44 PST
Subject: Neil's chest in the "Vital Signs" video

	That thing taped to Neil's chest in the "Vital Signs" video is a
pressure zone microphone, commonly referred to as a "PZM." These mics
have a flat plate, with a slightly raised rectangular element in the
center, creating a gap on about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch between the plate
and the element.  This allows only the direct sound waves, and not the
reflections of those sound waves, to pass to the element, and get
passed on to the recording.  The engineer that recorded "Vital Signs"
was probably using this mic placement to add some of the sound that
Neil actually hears when he's playing his kit, and get a sound that
Neil was more happy with.....


Subject: Alex in new issue of Car Stereo Review
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 18:49:58 CST
From: kenblair@blkbox.COM!

Yep!  The subject says it all.  I was going through my snail mail today and
was very plesantly surprised to see a multi-page, multi-photograph article of
the stereo system in Alex's 1983 Mercedes 380SEC.  It's also shown on the cover.
There is also a side article entitled "A Day in the Lifeson".  I don't have
time to reproduce either of the articles here, but they give some interesting
insight into Alex, such as what discs he keeps in the changer in the car.

It's good reading, even if you're not excited about car stereos.

I'm sure someone will take the time to type it up so everyone can read it!


Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 23:21:26 PST
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Subject: Kate Bush opening?

Rob> I hope I didn't get your hopes up.  I had a dream that Kate Bush
Rob> opened for the Boyz at the Pensacola show, and Rush had a movable
Rob> stage with pools of water.  Kinda cool!  Between Kate's and Rush's
Rob> sets, Geddy came out and sat in front of me for a few minutes.

   Well, you did get my hopes up.  I would be very excited to see Kate Bush
opening for Rush.  Take that however you may...

-- Via DLG Pro v1.0


Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 12:54:03 +0100
Subject: Re: Following up to some questions
From: hzsig01!!

Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous message. Here comes the correct one:

[ Troy Davis wrote: ]

>Neil wearing headphones (on Red Sector A, among others):  I don't doubt
>that Neil is listening to a click-track or even some of the sequenced
>stuff to keep things together, but I thought the main reason was that
>you CAN'T HEAR ELECTRONIC DRUMS when you play them!  You get some response
>from the pad, but the sound you actually generate doesn't exist until
>it comes out of a speaker somewhere.  And how better to monitor those
>sounds in a Concert environment?  Headphones, of course.

No, they use monitor-speakers for that very purpose. You hardly can hear
a guitar or keyboard if you play it UN-amplified. Therefore a monitor
speaker will give the player the feed-back ;) they need.

| Mark Springer                  | "Those who know what's best for us,     |
|  |  Must rise and save us from ourselves!" |
| AT&T Network Systems Nederland |    - Neil Peart                         |


Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 16:17:20 CST
From: (Peter B Gregg)
Subject: Everything

As for the Rockline stuff, does anyone know whether it will be
all of Rush or just one or two?

I was (and still am) quite surprised that most magazine reviews
of Rush albums usually tear them apart.  I looked through a
periodical index at a local university and photocopied all of
the reviews.  I think a review in a German magazine was good,
but I can't read German.  Rolling Stone has NEVER liked Rush,
or any "conservative" band.  I looked at their first review
of a Rush album (Hemisipheres) and it basically asked, "Why do
they have a job?"  It called the Trees a crock of hipocritical
crap.  In a RS book about rock bands, they knock them the whole
time and then say that they show signs of only getting better.

I felt Cold Fire was very true.  The female connotation/context
may or may nor reflect opinions of Peart on women, but for the
most part I felt the message is to both sexes.

Has anyone noticed that Columbia House (the CD fellows) gave
_Roll the Bones_ an explicit lyrics thing?  What an outrage!

"I will be the judge... and the jury."



Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 20:47:04 EST
Subject: O.K., NOT a metronome...

Hi, all,

Just personal clarification for the record...
Sorry if I incorrectly stated that it was a metronome instead of a 'click'
track...they're very similar.  I just _meant_ to use the example of a
metronome to parallel the use of the 'click' track in explaining it all.
Sorry for the partial misleading...
As for using this just for electronic drums, again check out the (studio)
video for "Vital Signs"--regular drums; NOT electronic; and headphones.
Also, I doubt that Neil would use headphones to listen to his own drums, when
they're being amplified exceptionally loudly.
'nuff of that...--and...

I wish to extend my best wishes for a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and an
exceptionally (Rush-Filled  :) Happy New year.

Until LATER!!!   -NP


Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 02:17:51 -0500 (EST)
From: The Omega Concern 
Subject: server?

Ah, rush-mgr, or anyone....when you get the tour hook-up thingy set up,
how should we use it?  Or will that be explained when it's set up?  Do we
just mail in what shows we're going to?

  [ If you're going to a show send some email into
    I will make this tour hookup info available via the gopher or ftp for
    those who want it or if you send in email I will mail you the list.  It's 
    a great way to meet other NMS people.  It should be up by the week's end.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]
Just wondering,


I am:   Art or

"Young enough not to care too much about the way things
used to be, I'm young enough to remember the future...
the past has no claim on me..."


Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1993 20:30:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Ramblin' Man goes to Pensacola


  Hello once again. It's so good to be on winter break and have a
little jaunt to Florida in my near future. So very good indeed.

  Had to write in today. Just had to. The CP-Tour dreams are growing
to common a nighttime occurrence for me. Just had to get this off my
chest. (And a stained flannel shirt. Had to get that off my chest, too,
but you don't want to hear about it. Especially since I had a Primus
shirt underneath and the whole incident turned out OK.) I've been
listening to much radio lately, (is that the same as Much Music? I
think not...), and I've heard an encouraging amount of Rush being
played. Thanks go out to whoever suggested the new New York station that
now resided at 104.3 on your FM dial. (Well, mine, anyway.) Used ta
be a classical music station (One I rather enjoyed, actually). We
get to hear Cold Fire and Stick It Out the mandatory 3 zillion times a
day. And, get this: I heard Kid Gloves churning outta that baby this


My brain skidded almost as audibly as the time MTV used The Body Electric
as thematic music for a small bit on Terminator 2.

Attendees of the upcoming Parts tour, rejoice! I shall be swooping in for
Pensacola 1-22-94 with unconcealable excitement. If you have some tickets
you don't need for this one, give me a yell! I got mine the hard way, and
just thinking about their location in the arena opened a few blood vessels
in my left nostril.

<  Jeremy Goldberg  >
:  :

PS - Been watching MST3K for months now. Still haven't seen a Rush reference!


Date: Tue, 28 Dec 93 09:28:28 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: belated thanx!

Good day!

I'm getting old -- my memory is failing...

I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote to me with info. on the tix
sales for Phoenix.  Thanks to the incompetence of the Dillards workers,
we're stuck in some bizarre place on the risers on Geddy's side.  My
friend who got the tix called me to "bring me the sad news" -- but I
figure, hey, as long as we're there, that's all that counts.  That's what
binoculars are for!!  :-)

anyway, thanx again, everyone.  I realized with a horrifying start that
I wasn't sure if I'd thanked you all or not, so this should make it
official. :-)  Here's to good seats for everyone!



From: (Travis Williams)
Subject: The most important dates.
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 13:50:04 -0600 (CST)

This is just a short post requiring some of you to think for a minute or
two.(sorry about that seeing that it is break and all).  I would like people to
e-mail the 10 most important rush dates (b-days, album releases, etc) to me.
I'm putting a thing together for a friend and would love the input of a couple
hundred RUSH fans.
E-mail your responces to
thanks for the spot (mgr)l
Looking forward for a midwest summer show or two
Matt Davis (Montreal)

Par-Five: 1994 never looked so good.


Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 17:26 EST
From: Gundark 
Subject: Help wanted!

Hello fellow Rushfans(tm),
     I have been perusing over all the different boots avaible to
us.  And I have narrowed my selection to three.  But this is
where I need some help.  For those that have or heard these
three,  could you drop me a line to which one to get?  The
choocies are,  Cold Flames,  Over the Europe,  and Rush and
Rolutte 92'.  Should I go for the sound quality or the the
complete concert?  Just drop me a line which you like.

   [ Also you can email, she has a listing of boots that 
     are currently available along with information on what's on them and 
     various notes about them.                                     :rush-mgr ]

     I also wondered about a theme in recent Rush album covers.
I am not sure if the FAQ doc covers this but here it goes.
Anyone know or care what is meant by,  "Bought to you by the
letter..."?  Just something to ponder while you all wait for your
tickets.  Cause this theme can be seen as early as '85 in PW.
     Hope you all had something Rush under or on the tree this
     One other matter for the manager to look over.  I had sent
in a post a about 5 or 6 days before Christmas.  I had not seen
hide nor hair out of it.  Just wondering if it got lost or what?

--phil romans  (please send respondes to this address because I
sent this thur a friends account and the extra mail would just
overdraw his account... hehehe   thanks)

####---"I'm like a professional, eh."  Geddy Lee,  from Take Off

====---"For duty and humanity!"  Moe, Larry, and Curly


Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1993 21:22:30 +0500 (EST)
From: Aaron Fox 
Subject: whatever

just going over the six or so newsletters I missed while in beautiful old
Philadelphia - couple of things...

- my votes are with 'men about oars' and 'ambition's the fire,' - maybe we
can start these threads up again (just a joke...)

- recently purchased 'A New Reality' boot, just to add on to what it says
in the boot info file, the foldout case for the cd is VERY COOL, and the
sound is pretty good, i have to rate it right there with 'Spirit of St
Louis' and above 'Mardi Gras'

- Just to agree with what Eric from Duke wrote, Dean Dome is at a rather,
how shall we say, extreme slope.  just to annoy everyone - When are
tickets going on sale for that show?  ok, i guess no one knows yet.

- On the 11 hour ride from mountainous boone, nc to philly, i was
pondering the fate of the NMS after rush has ceased to exist.  ok, sorry
to say it, but it will happen eventually, i guess in the next, well, i
dont know how long, but eventually.  so anyway, i was wondering how long
this could go on without Rush actually producing anyhting new.  i assume,
although i dont know, that there are led zep and beatles type things like
this.  so hopefully for a while.  just something i was wondering about.
'cause it is so cool.  i was telling my dad about TNMS, he is a recent
rush fan due to me, and he said, 'i still can't believe there is someone
who would take all the time to compile all that stuff and mail it.' so
thanks rush-mgr.  you've at least impressed my dad.  :-)

now, real quick like, some useless rush abbreviations that all you
compulsive rushheads can decipher (song titles)

HA, BIC, TS, HW, DM, YBYL, BAA, TTZ, BTW, and finally, if you can get this
one right away, you truly rule: A

later all, sorry for length

aaron fox

ps did you notice the detroit red wings?  they are ON FIRE!!! go steve
yzerman, now returned from injury


Date: Wed, 29 Dec 93 11:49:06 CST
From: ( Marc Singer)
Subject: Meaning of Panacea?

On RUSH Caress of Steel - The Fountain of Lamneth, part IV there is a song
called Panacea.  Does anyone know the meaning or the origin of this song.
You can respond directly to me at
or to this newsgroup.

Thanx in advance, Marc Singer


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Vital Signs vid
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 93 10:38:50 PST

To answer:

> Second, to anyone with the "Through The Camera Eye" video compilation:
> on the Vital Signs video, what is taped to Neil's chest?  It looks
> crudely taped on with duct tape and has a wire running from it.

This is a "Pressure-Zone Microphone" (small microphone near large flat
surface) which is taped to Neil's shirt.  The intent is to get some of
the recorded drum sound from the perspective of the drummer.

-- Dan


Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1993 22:43:10 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The RCB Is Back Online

Yes, that's right, Rusheads!  After my temporary stint as the editor-in-chief
of the ill-fated "All-New NMS 2," I decided that it was time to reopen the
Pandora's Box that is the Rush Cassette Bureau.  It's been out of service for
quite a while, but that's to its (and your) advantage.

The 1994 Catalog is aplumb with "rare" and "imported" Rush goodness.  Either
e-mail me, Unca Beezus, or my partner-in-crime,, for all of
the horrid details.  There may a short time being that I will NOT be able to
be reached at my 'Net address.  As the "HH Guide 2 the Galaxy" would tell you:
Don't Panic.  Just correspond via Mr. Shermy's 'Net address there at Delphi.

All of you obviously insane subscribers to America Online can send me e-mail
on that service by addressing it to "Gush."  Pretty, huh?

There it is, folks, the official announcement.  A few of the regulations have
been changed, but it's still the same ol' RCB--the definitive, unassuming 
sourcefor "rare" and "imported" Rush recordings both 'commercial' and 
otherwise.  Got a question?  Drop me or Shermy a line.


Date: Thu, 30 Dec 93 14:08:38 EST
From: (Greg Gershowitz)
Subject: Passage/ESL

   Sorry if this is late...

   I know (and so do you) that Passage isn't on ESL.  The claim in the liner
notes is that it was removed for space.  This is just lame!  I have several
CD's that are 10-15 minutes longer than ESL.  What gives?  Maybe the Gold
Release (Ha!) will have it.

-Greg G


Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 22:28:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Exit Stage Left--Righteous Brothers

A quick question: On Exit Stage Left, at the start of Jacob's Ladder, is
that short segue the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody"? I think it is,
but my wife's not sure.


Patrick Clauss


Subject: more Cold Fire
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 1994 16:58:39 -0800 (PST)

Hope you can stand a little more on that 'phosphorescent waves' thing.
It could be just an observation of a natural phenomenon. In many parts
of the world, often in warmer waters, sea water glows when a ship passes
through it. You can see the trail behind you for a long way. It's kind
of an eerie looking thing, but it fits the cold fire description quite



Date: Mon, 03 Jan 1994 18:22:52 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Tix needed for Pensacola & New Orleans

If anyone has or knows of someone with extra tickets, please email me
with the details. I'd greatly appreciate it !



Subject: RockLine Radio Station ????
From: (Mark Evinger)
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 94 19:07:00 -0500

Hullo all!  I saw the great news about Rush being on RockLine, I have
just one question.... Does anyone know what radio station in Chicago
carries RockLine now?? It used to be the Loop (97.9fm) but they dropped
the music format for an all-talk/comedy lineup (Danny Bonaduce?????) Any
help on this would be greatly appreciated!
Also,  I am hosting a Conference on
Compuserve.  The content is going to be Rush-related (much like the IRC
stuff here on InterNet) however, as this is the RockNet forum on CI$,
anything goes
Time : Saturdays, 9-11pm Central time (do the conversions yerself )
Where: On CompuServe, in the ROCKNET forum (go ROCKNET).
When: Starts on January 8th, 1994 (THis Saturday folks!)
Those on CI$, please drop by if time & schedule permit, it should be a
lotta fun... I will also record the CO, and if anything interesting pops
up, post it to the NMS.
Thank you for supporting the RushFan CO
AutoCad Guru (aka The Cad Elf *<:)-|-< )
The Drum Solo will being at the end of Cut To The Chase!
MidWest BBS - 708-513-1034 -ILINK Charter Member, UsMail Regional Hub, Usenet


From: "Paul W. Cashman" 
Subject: Anyone for Atlanta tix? / Atlantans going to Pensacola?
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 04:56:20 -0800 (PST)

Hi, folks....   Two items:

I expect tickets for the Feb. 24th Rush show at Atlanta's Omni to go
on sale either this coming weekend or the weekend afterward.  I've
been compiling a list of people who are interested in getting together
on ticket-day in order to get better seats (the more people in one
place to draw lottery numbers for the ticket line, the better).  I got
8th row seats last time, and hope to do at least as well this time
around.  If you are interested, please drop me email.

I'll be driving over to Pensacola for the Jan. 22nd tour kick-off
show, and I have room for two more in the white Taurus egg-mobile.
(Dave/tvos will be joining the road-trip in Birmingham. :))   If
anyone from Atlanta is going to Pensacola and is interested in
carpooling, please drop me email.   We've also booked a hotel room
down there with a flat rate good for up to five people, so if anyone
needs inexpensive crash space within a few miles of the venue, let me
know.  This is going to be loads of FUN....  :)

Paul W. Cashman,    Rush   Dream Theater    Queensryche
-------------------------------    Metallica  Hawkwind  Enya  Ministry
The Sisters of Mercy  Dead Can Dance  Blue Oyster Cult  Muthas Day Out


Date: 04 Jan 94 15:08:55 EST
From: Bob Roper/SRO <70721.2720@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: RUSH Support

CANDLEBOX will open for RUSH from Jan.22 in Pensacola until Feb.8 in Fresno.
THE MELVINS will open in Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose.

   [ Bob, thanks for the update.  For those who don't know, Candlebox is a 
     band out of Seattle and they will be opening up for Rush for the 1st 2 
     weeks of the tour.  The Melvins opened up for Primus this past tour.
     Speaking of Primus, don't be surprised when you see them again as a 
     possible opener this tour :-)    And finally for fans in the Midwest, 
     although I don't have dates yet, Rush should be there around March 23
     through April 10.   (The April 10th date will be in Ames, IA).  :rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 04 Jan 94 15:02:42 EST
Subject: 2112 Ultradisk search

Happy New Year Y'all,

    Hope that all of your holidays were good,  mine was pretty cool.  OK
enough of the small talk...after Christmas I went to a mall here in Buffalo
looking for the 2112 Ultradisk CD.  I checked 3 different places and one of
the places I approached someone for help.  Well he informed me that they had
them but are out.  He is going to special order it for me and should find out
by Thrusday the 6th.  I was wondering,  a while back a couple people
mentioned that they bought it.  Just in case I can't get one here, would it
be possible for one of yous to get a hold of me so we can arrange some sort
of deal to get one for me?!
     By the way the person who helped me said that the ultradisk has been out
for "quite a while" this true??  I thought it just came out?
      Tony Moretta

***GO BILLS!! - Piss them all off and make it FOUR IN A ROW!!***


Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 15:51:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Mark Louis Feinberg 
Subject: Re: 11/19/93 - The National Midnight Star #821

   I need to know when the Atlanta shows are or have gone on sale!!  Can
someone please let me know as soon as possible!!
  Thank you!!!
   Mark Feinberg

Date: Tue Jan  4 21:07:05 EST 1994
From: (Jimmy Lang)
Subject: RUSH URL - Beta

For those of you want to check it out, I am working on a Mosaic page for NMS 
and Rush in general.  It's still in Beta but if you want to check it out the 
URL is:

Any feedback, mistakes, comments, etc.. are welcomed.

Right now, I'm still in the process of making hypertext links to the albums 
and such.  Eventually it will be a full-fledge information home page, 
basically anything you wanted to know about the NMS and the band!  If
anyone is interested in helping with the project, let me know.  It's not
nearly being done but it's a preview if you have Mosaic and want to
check it out.

To submit material to The National Midnight Star, send mail to:

For administrative matters (subscription, unsubscription, changes, and 
questions), send mail to:    or

There is now anonymous ftp access available on Syrinx.  The network
address to ftp to is:       or

When you've connected, userid is "anonymous", password is .
Once you've successfully logged on, change directory (cd) to 'rush'.

There is also a mail server available (for those unable or unwilling to
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These requests are processed nightly.  Use a subject line of MESSAGE to
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