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Subject: 07/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #997

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 997

                 Wednesday, 20 July 1994
Today's Topics:
                 NMS #996, Peart's lyrics
      Re: 07/17/94 - The National Midnight Star #996
                      Misc. debris..
                    Rush on the radio
       ROIO's/B**Tlegs.....concert recordings...etc
            Jeff's EMAIL address/mad machinery
      Re: 07/17/94 - The National Midnight Star #996
                     Concert memories
               Rush on new season of MST3K
                    (Forwarded) Rush+
               (Forwarded) Exit Stage Left+
                     Inspired by Rush
            Season premiere of MST3K w/ Geddy
                      Shirt Offer!!
                        first post
                    Verbal acrobatics
              cover band/interesting thought
                      Rush concerts
                 Rush in Studio & Boot II
                      Neil's book ??
                Re: Rush albums road trip
             Re: #1(2) 07/14/94 - The Nati...
                   Mr Big playing Rush
                       Happy Mirror
                  Rush's Recording Deal
     School Days/Rush on Radio-Lots/Questions/Mr Big
                 Re: Caress of Steel tape
                      Merely Players

Date: Thu Jul 21 13:56:34 EDT 1994
Subject: Administrivia

There was no digest for Mon or Tues, and this is the digest for Wed (even
though it's going out on Thursday..) Sorry about that, but thankfully there
hasn't been much traffic.

One annoucement I've been meaning to make... I've been sent an interview done
with Camille Paglia in Wired magazine, 1993. I didn't want to send it out in a
digest since it's not very Rush-related, and Rush never is mentioned in the
interview in any way, but if you are interested in receiving this interview,
send me email and I'll send you a copy.

I'm a little behind on admin mail, I'll take care of that later
tonight/tomorrow before the next digest.

 - rush-mgr


Date: 17 Jul 94 18:44:38 EDT
From: Neal.I.Mitchell@Dartmouth.EDU (Neal I. Mitchell)
Subject: NMS #996, Peart's lyrics

You will have to forgive me but as I've been away and not having fully read
the thread concerning the "educational" aspects of Peart's lyrics I of course
have something to add.

In college I was exposed to a series of classes called "Intellectual
History". Despite the dry-sounding nature of the title these classes were
terrific! They not only gave a name and a date to many of the thoughts and
ideas that we all share in our everyday lives but I was amazed to find (this
is where RUSH comes in) that a great many of Peart's lyrics seemed to come
from the ideas of these past masters in thought. As each historical sampling
was presented in the course of the class another series of Peart's lyrics
would click into place. Now, I know little of the past lives of our excellent
three but N. Peart must have done and continue to do some serious
philosophical and historical reading. In this I find the real core of my
appreciation for RUSH. I like the music with a passion, but Peart is doing
some thinking.

Neal I. Mitchell

"The point of the journey is not to arrive; the point of departure is not to
return." RUSH, Neil Peart & Robert Louis Stevenson


From: (Snow Dog)
Subject: Re: 07/17/94 - The National Midnight Star #996
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 1994 16:31:11 -0700 (PDT)

In the last episode, shrieked:
> Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 11:24:19 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Douglas G Schwabe 
> Subject: Alex on Lost Brotherhood CD
> I agree w/the poster who enjoyed "Call it a Mission".  In a way it has
> that SuperConductor feel to it (listen to both songs and you'll know what
> I mean).  It's a great album overall and I recommend it highly.  Does anybody
> know if Lexert played on Gowan's latest album?

Nope. I checked, and according to the liner notes, Alex does not play on any
of the tracks this time around. No wonder I don't like "...but you can call
me Larry" as much as "Lost Borhterhood" ;-)
Gord Webster            ] - For the Smiley Impaired, please insert ;-) ;-) ;-) } - No. Why, have YOU ever snorted Laser toner??
University of Victoria  ) - STACK OVERFLOW - Brain Halted.
Victoria, B.C. Canada   > - Disciples of the Snow Dog sound the knell - Rush


Date: Sun, 17 Jul 1994 20:14:31 EDT
Subject: Misc. debris..

Howdy all...
 Will,  here are the bass- notes for the part you're talking aboot..
 They battled through the ages, but still nether force would yield..
 c#   d       a       c#  b     c#  d     a c#   b     g#    e
Hope you can figger out the rhythyms...they are mystic.

 Hey, I'll be in Quebec City from Sat. the 23rd to Wed. the 27th;
does anyone know what kind of bands will be around in the clubs and bars
that week.Also, where can I go to hear some Rush (or even some Max Webster)?
 I was at The Wiz today with my good buddy Dirk (yo) and on the rack with
the unathorized bios of Metallica, Nirvana , and Pearl Jam, was our
favorite book , Visions. I guess that means it's not out of print, so
someone knows they can make some money offa Rush.
Sorry for the long post..

You're too young and I'm too well hung....Spinal Tap Tap Tap


Date: Sun, 17 Jul 1994 20:55:05 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Rush on the radio

	Howdy, all! While I thought that the whole Rush on the radio thread
is a little boring, it is the off-season, so to speak and so I decided to
send in my 2 cents. In San Antonio the only decent radio station is KISS
99.5 (and even then several of the DJs leave much to be desired). One thing
the station is very good about is playing plenty of Rush. I listened to the
radio most of the day yesterday and heard Lakeside Park, Time stand still,
2112 overture/temples, double agent, Working man, and the Trees. They play
a great variety of Rush and put in a song from the bouys at least one time
every two hours. No wonder Neil Peart said in his journal that San Antonio
was one of his favorite cities to play in the south!

P.S.: the correct spelling is carpal tunnel syndrome, fyi

				James Humphreys


Date: Sun, 17 Jul 1994 23:15:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew Cloninger 
Subject: ROIO's/B**Tlegs.....concert recordings...etc

Hello folks!
  It seems that recently ive been endowed with more than a few of these
wonderous alternatives to the all-too-few commercial recordings.  Ive
been lucky enough to experince the generosity of a number of individuals
that have sent me some real GEMS!!!...BUT...its not enough!!  SOO, i put
it to you....humble readers of TNMS....Anyone out there have audio/video
up for trade?  Drop me a ALWAYS open!!!

(who spends far too much time in the pursuit of this kinda thing)
There are so many things that WE don't have an explaination for...the pyramids:
how did they move such massive pieces of stone without ...modern techonology?
=Lister: They had massive WHIPS, Rimmer,....massive, massive whips.


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 00:06:14 -0400
From: "Gordon Barentsen" 
Subject: Jeff's EMAIL address/mad machinery

	Hey RUSHians...

	A quick note to Jeff:  I tried - God knows I tried - but your email
address ( is unknown to my computer.  Maybe I
missed something in entering it, but if you can email me I'll give you my
pronunciation schtick on the "Mysterium Tremendum" thing.

We've got nothing to fear - but fear itself?
Not pain or failure, not fatal tragedy?
Not the faulty units in this mad machinery?
I.e. this Internet-thang which has got the best

(the Internet.  Be afraid.  Be VERY afraid.)


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 08:47:28 BST
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Re: 07/17/94 - The National Midnight Star #996

Hi All
 	Cliff Lovelock talked about Lambeth having no mountains, and of course
that is correct. But correct me if I'm wrong ( and thousands will no doubt),
isn't there a Lambeth Bridge? as in "No one at the Bridge". :))
The mystery thickens!!



Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 00:50:55 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Concert memories

Concert memories, eh?  One of the most intense memories I have is when
I saw them for the first time ever.

November 1984.  11 months before, I'd rediscovered them after a long
hiatus.  Then a new album came out.  I spent the whole summer in utter
ecstacy.  I had past Cloud Nine -- I was now in the Virgo Cluster.  Now,
they were here.   Hawaii.  My home town.  I had also discovered Neil, and
being a drummer, also, was blown away.  Now, a half hour before THEY would
appear in the spotlight, I spotted a figure by the stage.

I peered at him.  A figure in an ash-colored muscle-T, beige shorts and a
pony-tail down the length of his back.  I knew somehow, it wasn't one of the
crew... Then, it dawned on me, and I couldn't help but stare -- Neil Peart.
After months of staring at pictures, he was *here*, standing in the flesh.
He was waiting for Larry.  He had his hands on his hips, staring up at the
stage.  My god... a smile crept to my lips.  Neil.  It's Neil!  Oh, this is
awesome.  And it occurred to me that Rush -- RUSH! -- was HERE!  We were in
the same building at the *same time*!  Stupid thought, but I was only 15...
These guys, who I admired and respected more than almost anyone in the world
were HERE and I was going to *see* them *play*!!  I just couldn't believe
they were really here.  I had never been so blissfully happy in my life.

Altho the concert from their point of view was probably one of their
worst (!), it will remain for me always as the best concert I have ever
seen.  And _Grace Under Pressure_ will forever be a favourite of mine.
There are so many high points and incredible feelings associated with
that album, it's become impossible for me to separate the feelings from
the album.  There is nothing -- *nothing* -- like seeing your favourite
band for the first time in your own home town.  Especially when you know
they'll never be there again.  I can never forget that day.  I still get
goosebumps thinking about it...


ps.  Cheryl, I haven't forgotten -- I'll send you the "story" about this.
'Soon as I write it up...


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 07:56:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Harter 
Subject: Rush on new season of MST3K

Hello fellow Rushians,

So, who caught the Rush reference on the season 6(?) premiere of Mystery
Science 3000 this weekend?

Silver: Is Mary Lee there?
Crone : No (I didn't quite catch what the old lady said).
Crow  : Well is Geddy Lee there?



Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 09:13 EST
From: Apoorva Gandhi <>
Subject: (Forwarded) Rush+

I pulled this off of the all music forum,. They have lots more for compuserve
people to use!

Mail me for more info!

Forwarded message

via: mailbox 1, agandhi on MCI ** Message Received OK
Date:     Sat Jul 16, 1994 11:30 pm  EST
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                   (C) 1991-1994 All-Music Guide

 Artist : Rush
 Genre  : Rock
 Style  : Hard Rock, Art-Rock/Progressive-Rock, Heavy Metal
 Instr. : Group
 Rating : importance (2) popularity (1)

    Chronological Album List    |Date|  Label  | Number |Flags|Rating
Counterparts                   |1993|         |        |  R  |    OK
Rush                           |1991|Reprise  |26794   |  R  |  Good
Roll the Bones                 |1991|Atlantic |82293   |  R  | BestA
Chronicles                     |1991|Mercury  |838936  |  R T|+BestA
Presto                         |1990|Atlantic |82040   |  R  |
Chronicles                     |1990|PolyGram |082765  |     |
Presto                         |1989|Atlantic |82040   |  R T| BestA
Off the Record                 |1989|Westwood |        |     |
Show of Hands, A               |1988|Mercury  |836346  |  R T|  Good
Big Money                      |1988|Atlantic |8707172 |    T|
Off the Record                 |1987|Westwood |        |     |
Hold Your Fire                 |1987|Mercury  |832464  |  RPT|  Good
Off the Record                 |1986|Westwood |86      |     |
Through Camera                 |1985|RCA/Colum|60466   |     |
Power Windows                  |1985|Mercury  |826098  |  RPT|  Good
Grace under Pressure           |1985|PolyGram |080103  |     |
Off the Record                 |1984|Westwood |        |     |
Grace under Pressure           |1984|Mercury  |818476  |   PT|  Good
Signals                        |1982|Mercury  |810002  |  RPT| BestA
Off the Record                 |1982|Westwood |        |     |
Off the Record                 |1981|Westwood |        |     |
Moving Pictures                |1981|Mercury  |800048  |  RPT|+BestG
Exit Stage Left                |1981|Mercury  |822551  |  RPT| BestA
Rush/ Fly by Night             |1980|Mercury  |9111065 |     |    OK
Rush through Time (Comp)       |1980|Mercury  |6331171 |   P |
Permanent Waves                |1980|Mercury  |822548  |  RPT| BestA
Innerview with Jim Ladd        |1980|Inner Vie|18      |     |
Hemispheres                    |1978|Mercury  |822547  |  RPT|  Good
Closer to the Heart (12 Inch)  |1978|Mercury  |12      |   P |
Archives                       |1978|Mercury  |22553   |  R  |  Good
Farewell to Kings, A           |1977|Mercury  |822546  |  RPT|  Good
All the World's a Stage        |1976|Mercury  |822552  |   PT|  Good
2112                           |1976|Mercury  |822545  |  RPT| BestA
Fly by Night                   |1975|Mercury  |822542  |   PT|    OK
Caress of Steel                |1975|Mercury  |822543  |   PT|    OK
Rush                           |1974|Mercury  |822541  |   PT|    OK
Story of Kings                 |z   |Arabesque|4055    |     |
Show of Hands Video            |z   |PolyGram |041760  |     |
Red Sector A                   |z   |Mercury  |870717  |     |
Marathon                       |z   |Mercury  |870717  |     |
       Flags:  S-single   R-reviews   P-personnel  T-tracks

 ---------- Biography ------------------

Inspired by Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix, the Toronto,
Canada, power trio Rush formed in 1969, comprising guitarist Alex
Lifeson (b Aug 27, 1953), bassist Geddy Lee (b Jul 29, 1953), and
original drummer John Rutsey -- later replaced by Neil Peart (b Sep
12, 1952). Their first few albums were rather pedestrian hard rock,
but the addition of Peart in 1974 prodded the group into a more
complicated, heavy art-rock mode: King Crimson and Yes meet Led
"The Trees," metaphorically addressing the Quebec secessionist
movement (off of 1978's #47 HEMISPHERES) became a controversial
rock-radio hit. The 1980 album PERMANENT WAVES (#4), containing two
substantial AOR hits with "Freewill" and "Spirit of the Radio"
(#51), marked the beginning of a golden period for the band, which
peaked with the #3 followup MOVING PICTURES.
Rush briefly flirted with a more synthesized sound, sublimating the
band's natural interplay. Fortunately, recent albums indicate Rush
is back in top form with PRESTO and ROLL THE BONES. ~ Rick Clark

 ----------- Related Artists -----------

King's X
Galactic Cowboys

 ---------- Roots & Influences ---------

Led Zeppelin
Hendrix, Jimi

 ---------- Bibliography ---------------
Harrigan, Brian      |Rush                         |Omnibus
Banasiewicz, Bill    |Rush Visions: The Official Bi|Omnibus
 AMG Artist ID #   : P000005323


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 09:25 EST
From: Apoorva Gandhi <>
Subject: (Forwarded) Exit Stage Left+

an example of an album review from that database. I think they have them for all
the albums.

WHAT is XMAS in Australia??


Forwarded message

via: mailbox 1, agandhi on MCI ** Message Received OK
Date:     Sat Jul 16, 1994 11:30 pm  EST
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Application message id:  940717041106 72772.3547 FHM74-1
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                           (C) 1991-1994 All-Music Guide

 Album  : Exit Stage Left
 Artist : Rush
 Rating : Best-of-Artist
 Date   : 1981 (release)
 Genre  : Rock
 Charts : Billboard #010, entered Nov 14, 1981, on charts 021 weeks

 ---------- Album Releases -------------

     CD  Mercury  822551-2
1981 LP  Mercury  7001
     CS  Mercury  822551-4

 Time   : 73:03 min
 AMG ID : R000017133  (album inprint)

 ---------- AMG Album Reviews ----------

A good live collection, possibly the best of their three such
releases. ~ Rick Clark

 ---------- Album Personnel ------------

Geddy Lee - Guitar/Keyboards/Bass/Vocal
Alex Lifeson - Guitar
Neil Peart - Drums

 ---------- Album Tracks ---------------

Spirit Of Radio
Passage to Bangkok, A
Red Barchetta
Closer To The Heart
Beneath, Between And Behind
Jacob's Ladder
Broon's Bane
Trees, The
Xmas In Australia
Tom Sawyer
La Villa Strangiato

End forwarded message


From: (Steven Gibbons)
Subject: Inspired by Rush
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 16:39:55 +0200 (CDT)

To all Rushians,

  A couple of weeks back I went to see ENCHANT live in Mannheim; they were
superb and after playing through nearly all of their 'Blueprint for the World'
CD (produced br Steve Rothery..Marillion) they came back to play 'Enchanted' as
an encore. During this track however, technical problems meant the guitar
dropped out of the mix altogether, and afterwards we were told; that to make up
for it all 'We've got one more song for you ... we've only ever played it once
before so don't tell anyone about it (sorry guys !!..) ... it's a song by RUSH
(cue massive applause!) about a young boy called TOM SAWYER!' ... and they
played it and it was quite brilliant .. vocals too! The atmosphere was very 
goodthe whole evening but this last track had the audience wild - I doubt that 
there was a single person there who didn't sing all the words! - so if you get 
the chance to see them; do shout for this (but don't tell them I told you..)!
  They did two new tracks that sounded very Dream Theater-ish. Before the show
I started talking to their lead singer as he was wearing this fabulous KANSAS
'Point of Know Return' T-shirt - my number 2 band! (Please reform and tour
England boys ....) .. turns out they've always been his favourites, closely
followed by Kings-X ...
  In the PENDRAGON fanzine's 'Desert Island Discs' feature, drummer Fudge Smith
listed Number One .. RUSH - PRESTO ! .. the comment at the side simply said:
 Q: How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb?
 A: 11. One to change the bulb and ten to discuss how Neil Peart would have
  done it !!!! (That's English humour guys! .. I don't get it either ...)
     RTB.     Steve.
P.S.   no-one like erm... Pavlov's Dog ? ...


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 11:21:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Season premiere of MST3K w/ Geddy

Hi, all.
Did anyone catch the season premiere of Mystery Science Theater 3000
this past Saturday nite?  The movie was "girls Towm" starring Mel
Torme ("geez, he's always looked fifty!") and Paul Anka ("Say baby,
I know a wonderful way for you to say you love me").  During the
film, a woman called her little sister on the phone:

Character 2:  Is Merilee there?

Character 1: no: she's off in trouble with her sister.

Crow T. Robot: Well then, is  Geddy Lee there?

Also the MST3K convention on sept 16/17:  any MSties on the NMS who will be
attending?  My girlfriend and I are in the decision satge of planning the trip 
to Minneapolis.....Post here if you're going or email   me direct.  Thanks!

             Ben Hancox
 Idont wanna be a link to the mad poopies..........Gypsy - MST3K


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 10:38:18 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Shirt Offer!!

Hello all:
I purchased a shirt in a record store on vacation, but (AAAUUUGGHHH!)
bought a large instead of an XL. I cannot wear it and other friends need
XL. I would love for a proud NMSer to own it! It is black with the 'lock,
stock, and barrel' images from CP and RUSH as on the album cover on the
front and the complete graphic with all the 'threesomes' as inside the CP
booklet (Tinker, Evers, Chance - Beneath, Between, and Behind . . etc.) on
the back. This is NOT a tour shirt. If someone cares to email me Ill give
you my address. I s'pose you send $10 and I'll cover the postage seems
fair. However, I'm open to offers for a trade or something, so drop me a
line. This shirt deserves a good home and a clean back to rest upon.

Tom Keekley (Keeks)
Minneapolis, USA


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 19:09:03 GMT+0100
From: (Kevin Farquharson)
Subject: first post


just a quick question.... when i went to see Rush at Wembley Arena back in April
'88 (last night of the UK tour) a strange thing happened. during the last
song (finding my way if I remember
correctly) a bunch of guys all dressed in black wearing white bags over
their heads
armed with guitars ran on to the stage, ran around for a bit, then ran off.


anybody know who they were ? i suspect they must have been the road crew as
their was no support that night. anyone think differently? also what other
things happen like this......? can't wait for the next european tour. else
maybe I'll
just have to pop across to Toronto to see them.

One last thing. Can anyone send me a Max Webster discography???

                        Bye for now.


From: (Sean Ahern)
Subject: Verbal acrobatics
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 10:37:58 -0700 (PDT)

I just noticed some amazing verbal acrobatics by Geddy Lee.

Listen to "Turn The Page" from HYF and then listen to it on A Show Of Hands.
At the end of the studio version, there are tons of Geddy's overdubbed on each
other, saying the lyrics at different times ("It's just the age", "standing in
a time capsule", "It's just a stage", "racing down a river from the past").
When you listen to it on ASOH, HE STILL DOES THE SAME THING!  He does it all
himself.  Obviously, he can't have overdubbing in concert, and the timing of
the song would pretty much mean that it would be nearly impossible to add it
pre-recorded.  I am very impressed that he did it totally on his own...

Sean Livermore Nat'l Lab
My girlfriend asked me how long I was going to be gone on this
tour.  I said, "the whole time."


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 16:25:33 EDT
Subject: cover band/interesting thought

Another reminder for those in the NYC area:
Power Windows, an excellent all-Rush cover band, plays Manhattan, Long
Island, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey. All true Rush fans will love
them. E-Mail me for more info as I have their "gig calendar."

Also, this popped up in a recent discussion: What song (or part of a song) do
you think has been played live the most times? My guess would be In The Mood,
assuming that was always played until recently. Any thoughts?


From: rude 
Subject: Rush concerts
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 23:07:39 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi there,
In May this year we, two friends and I, went to see the Rush concerts in
Rochester, Montreal and Toronto. They were great, especially because
they didn't come to Europe on their Counterparts-tour.

I was wondering if any of you made any pictures during those concerts.
Also if you made pictures of us in the break between I, mother earth and
RUSH at the forum in Montreal. We, the 3 stooges from Holland, were
holding a large banner which says "Holland loves (=heart) RUSH".

I hope to hear from you by e-mail.

CU --

"I can feel your presence
in the silence that we share"

======================================================================                l
Ruud Raats                          +s
Rotterdam, Holland


Date: Mon, 18 Jul 1994 21:59:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush in Studio & Boot II

oppps. Any way I know a guy who lives in AZ and he knows a guy who works
in a radio station who says that Rush is in the studio working on a
concept album for release at the end of the year. Please do not hold
me responsible for any truth or lies in this matter, I'm just passing
along what I heard.

I also have an extra copy of Northern Heroes on CD. Its an okay audince
recording with a real nice package. If any one is intrested in this
you can e-mail me at




Subject: Neil's book ??
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 07:54:18 +0200 (WET)
From: Jukka Autio 

 Hi there !

 Has anyone ordered Neil's book "Raindance Over Rockies" ?
 How can I get it, the FAQ says that it have to be ordered
 through Modern Drummer mag. But do I have to send money and
 how much & etc. etc ???

  Any help would be highly appreciated.
  Thanks !!

 Jukka Autio
 University of Kuopio


From: Robert Slaven 
Subject: Re: Rush albums road trip
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 9:34:45 MDT

> Subject: Rush on Road Trips
> Hi.
>   Somebody once mentioned taking a long road trip and listening to
> every Rush album in chronological order.  I'd just like to say I did
> that this past weekend, and it was quite interesting hearing how their
> sound has evolved through 20 years.  The evolution was actually so

> John
I just finished a 6800-km road trip through BC and Alberta.  I'd have
*loved* to do the every-Rush-album thing, but it was a family trip,
and my wife and daughter would have killed me and my son by, oh,
Signals or thereabouts.  We got by with Chronicles and Roll the Bones.

But if anyone ever wants an excuse to have a road trip long enough for all
the albums, come on up to Yellowknife some time.  We're only about 1600 km
north of Edmonton AB....

May I also say this is the first time I've ever posted to NMS?
  [No, I'm sorry, there isn't time....]

Robert Slaven    I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, I like
Legislative Assembly of the NWT                traffic lights, but not
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada           when they are red.
*******Just 'cause I work for 'em doesn't mean I speak for 'em*******


Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 13:15:56 EDT
Subject: Re: #1(2) 07/14/94 - The Nati...

Maybe a good question would be if ged,alex, or neil have any tatoos.....Rob


Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 15:38:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Mr Big playing Rush

To the fan who was not happy at seeing the Mr Big boys playing a Rush song,
then you probably wouldn't have wanted to be at the Celebrity Tennis Jam
in Sept 1990 in Malibu (I wasn't there, but have a tape) when Alex and Geddy
jammed with Pat Torpey (Mr Big drummer) on In the Mood and also with Kansas
drummer for Closer to the Heart.

Just a tidbit!
Brad - alexmeister vonBastille


Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 17:25:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: THOM-US 
Subject: Happy Mirror

      Can anyone shed some available light on exactly what a
      "happy mirror" is?  You can e-mail me direct!  Thanx..

Tom Lockwood                    :  "Some are born to move the world -
Computer-Based Learning         :   To live their fantasies
Cambrian College                :   But most of us just dream about
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada        :   The things we'd like to be" :                          Neil Peart


From: Jeffrey Barnett 
Subject: Rush's Recording Deal
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 20:30:55 EDT


I was wondering if anyone happens to know the status of Rush's recording
contract with Atlantic.  I thought I had heard a rumor that they had
signed a three album deal before Cp.  Can anyone confirm this?

Just wondering,




Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 10:54:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: School Days/Rush on Radio-Lots/Questions/Mr Big

Just some tidbits from the past few issues:
In high school I exposed my class to mcuh Rush via t-shirt and music in class!
When we did projects for The Crucible by Arthur Miller I played the P/g
tour video of Witch Hunt and also gave them the lyrics and played the version
from ASOH. The funnist moment was when a guy said "look at his nose!"

I also played Rush in my Social Studies course, for the French Revolution,
Bastille Day and on Earth Day in 1991 I treated them to The Trees.
I also started every HIgh School dance I dj'd (about 10) with FOrce Ten!

I hear a bit of Rush on Utica, NY's WOUR 96.9 - the best station around, as
well as WPYX 106.5 from Albany. But here on the College station 89.7 WRHO
in Oneonta (where I'm Program Director) I play a lot of Rush and have had a
few three hour Rush shows where I've played everything from The Necromancer
to Not Fade Away & You Can't FIght it!

In regards to the Personal/or Rush related questions to the band. A very good
friend of mine had the opportunity to sit down with the band in March and
talk to them for a few minutes and he wanted to ask non-Rush related questions
but when Geddy was asked about Zapota(?), his wife's clothing store Geddy
said let's stick to Rush. Maybe he was sensitive about the question about his
wife as the whole pregnancy thing was very low-key.

Also, does anyone have Mr Big's live cd's Raw Like Sushi - I guess there are
three of them out there and I'm interested in them if anyone can give me info!

Finally, anyone with ticket stubs from Rush shows who haven't photocopied them
and sent them along, please do so! I am desperately trying to finish up some
tours and I need everyone's help! Thanks!
	alexmeister vonBastill
Brad Parmerter
Box 115
Hartwick College
Oneonta, NY 13820


Subject: Jamie?????
Date: 20 Jul 94 11:55:14 EDT

Hello Rushville,

     Hey Jamie, send me your snail-address again please, so I can send you
that book O.K.  Sorry about that but the sys. went nutsolast night during
a particular  nasty micro burst.

     O. K. In keeping with recent threads, I'll enlighten you all as to who
my dinner guests would be. I can't narrow it down to three,

      As if you really give a flying rats tuckus 

     J.R.R. Tolkien, Aristotle, Don Gentile (American fighter ace WWII),
     Anyone from the future who can tell me this saturdays Ohio Lotto
     numbers (20 big ones), Lou Gerhig, Marilyn Monroe, Jack the Ripper
     and last but certainly not least  Jesus Christ.

     Dinner will be served this Thursday evening @ 6:30 sharp. The menu
     Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... how about Chinese.

     Het Art,  Wher the heck are you hiding Spotty??

     I think I'd have to ask Bruce Holtgren to come to dinner as well,
     to record the evenings certainly lively conversation for posterities


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From: Adam Paul Loch 
Subject: Re: Caress of Steel tape
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 14:20:41 -0400 (EDT)

I was wondering if anyone knew about this.  On my tape version of _CoS_, the
songs are out of order.  "Didacts and Narpets" is flipped around with "I think
I'm goin' Bald", so that the Fountain of Lamneth is throughly screwed up.  When
I got the tape, i didnt think it sounded in the right order, so I went to the
record store and looked at the back of the CD, and saw the REAL order.  THe
sonds are also listed wrong on the tape and liner.  I was just wondering if
anyone else had this problem.  Oh yeah, and whoever was talking about the
Detroit Tigers last time, they need more than Rush on the PA to help them.
They need some pitching!!

-*-  -*-

        "Drive like the wind, straining the limits of machine and man..."


Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 15:51:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Merely Players

	I've been out of communication with TNMS since April, and I was
	wondering what the situation with the new live album.  I heard it
	was coming out in early July, but it's not out yet.  Could someone
	either post or write me and fill me in.



Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 13:13:10 EDT
Subject: GEDLES

A fairly funny interview between two 'wild and crazy guy.'
Hope you enjoy!

(_CREEM_ magazine; March 1994; p. 64-67)

Rush's Geddy Lee and his Primus counterpart Les Claypool laugh like a pair of

Intro and interview transcription by Paul Semel

Their guitarists have sheepish smiles, their singers have big noses, but Rush
and Primus have more in common than good looks.  Both trios mix complex
rhythmic structures, streaming guitars, and literate lyrics, and all six
members are big Three Stooges Fans - as immortalized both in the new Primus
tune, "Poetry and Prose," recorded for The Beavis & Butt-head Experience
(Geffen) and the liner notes of Rush's new album Counterparts
(Anthem/Atlantic).  But beyond that, beyond the mutual respect, friendship,
and the endless jams we'll never hear, are the completely opposite
misconceptions they both suffer:

Primus are thought of as a bunch of cartoonish meatballs, while Rush is
considered to be a group of mind-blowing instrumental perfectionists, when
both could be said of either band.  Similarly, Primus' Les Claypool is one of
the most unusual and original bassists ever - he could eventually be as
influential a bassist as Rush's percussion master Neil Peart is a drummer -
yet Rush's recent shows have included giant dancing rabbits.  So what happens
when you get Les Claypool and his Rush counterpart Geddy Lee together?

You don't want to know.


LES:  So what do you think of us?  When we came to do your tour, the last
time, I would assume you got demo tapes and had to pick through a few
different things, and all of a sudden here come three guys ... [laughs] I
mean, there are a lot of parallels between us and you guys, and a lot of
differences.  Did you ever think we were ripping you off or anything?

GEDDY:  No, no ...

LES:  When you heard the "YYZ" intro to "Suck on This" it didn't ...

GEDDY:  I thought it was great.  There aren't too many bands that have thrown
bits of our stuff into their songs.  Whether it's for musical purposes or
humorous purposes you're never quite sure.
        Someone at the record company had sent us a copy of _Sailing the Seas
of Cheese_ [Interscope], and when I first heard it, there was something that
reminded me of this band from Canada called Max Webster, something in the
combination of musicianship and zaniness.  There was this zany quality, but
also a sense that these guys are players; they can play and they want to

LES:  We sure fooled you. [laughs]

GEDDY:  Right on. [both laugh]
        But it's quite a different sound live to me, a much heavier sound.
 There's a hypnotic appeal to a lot of the rhythmic stuff that you do on
stage that didn't come through to me on that record.  When you first started
playing with us, I was impressed with the quality of the musicianship and
certainly your approach to playing bass, which I think is unique, very
individual.  I don't think there's a lot of guys playing like you play; the
whole rhythmic approach to bass playing is very hypnotic.  I also thought the
complexity and just the texture of a lot of your arrangements was really

LES:  I think a lot of hypnotic quality could be attributed to the abundance
of pot smoke that was floating through the air of the auditorium.  [both
laugh]  As far as us being heavier live, I think that's due to us not being
very good producers quite yet.  [laughs]  We're still trying, you know.
        So, has your son ventured out to rock shows on his own?

GEDDY:  No, not yet.  He's express(ed) interest in some bands, and actually
he's been listening to _Pork Soda_ a lot lately.

LES:  Better get him to some therapy real quick.

GEDDY:  It's probably putting him off rock music forever.  [both laugh]

LES:  The Rush show was actually my first, aside from going to dances and
seeing Top 40 or whatever.  I had to call my dad at work and say, "Friends of
mine are going to a show tonight, and I want to go," and we actually got a
ticket from a scalper, but it was like, "Who's driving?  Who's doing this?"

GEDDY:  At least he asked those questions.  It's amazing how many kids come
up to me and tell me that we were the first rock show they saw.  It still
happens, which is amazing, since - being around this long - you'd think most
people in the audience would be 40 years old, but they're not.  There's a lot
of young guys that, for some reason, cut their teeth on our shows or

LES:  Well, I think this new album will open a lot of young people up to it
as well.  Right now it's a time for a lot of new albums from a lot of heavy
bands - Nirvana and Pearl Jam - so we've been getting these CDs in and
listening to them, and it's, like, this Rush album is definitely a big, fat

GEDDY:  That's what we were after.  The main thing we decided when we started
planning this record out was that we wanted to go away from the sound we had
on the last couple albums; we wanted a less polite, more aggressive, larger
sound.  We wanted the bottom-end-of-the-band thump again.
        We were a little disappointed in the last album  [_Roll the Bones_
(Anthem/Atlantic)]  from a sound point of view, because there were a couple
of songs we wanted to rock out more, but when it came time to mixing, it just
wasn't there to be had.  Through the last tour, when we were playing some of
the stuff from the last album, to me it just sounded better live.  It was
like, lights go on and go, "We're doing something wrong; we're not capturing
a sound that should be gotten on stage."

LES:  Well definitely the new album, as I told you when we were hanging out
up in your zone, has the huge, fat Geddy Lee signature tone of my youth.

GEDDY:  Oh, that one.

LES:  So maybe you can tell all the people what you told me as far as how you
got that sucker.  Unless you don't want to spill your secrets.

GEDDY:  No, no secrets.  Ancient Chinese secrets.  Basically it all started
with the desire to be less polite on this record, and a comment that our
producer made to me, Peter Collins, when we started talking about this
record.  It was also a comment that our sound guy had made a couple of times
on the last tour that maybe my sound was getting a little tame, a little
polite.  So I thought about it and I thought, "Okay, I can unpolite my sound,
no problem."  We did a lot of A/B-ing with different records and our own
records; we were really quite determined to get that down.

LES:  We do a lot of A/B-ing when we're in the studio with different records,
and one of the records that we A/B always is _Moving Pictures_.  It's just
got the big, fat sound.  You can A/B yours with _Seas of Cheese_ to find out
what you don't want it to sound like.  [both laugh]

GEDDY:  You can drive yourself crazy with production.  The main thing is if
the material is there and the performance is vibing.  You can twiddle
forever.  There's the whole Mutt Lange school of making records where you
just twiddle for four years ...

LES:  Who's that?

GEDDY:  Mutt Lange - he produces Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, so on and so
forth.  You can spend a couple or four years making a record, and every hair
is in place and everything is sonically correct, but I don't know that a band
like ours or a band like yours, that enjoy playing and have a degree of
spontaneity, I don't think either of us could serve that style of production.
 There has to be a way in between so you're not so stale by the time you go
to play.
        I know to Neil it's increasingly more important to him to have
someone who can capture the sound of his drums so he can just get in there
and start wailing.

LES:  Is he pretty particular?

GEDDY:  It's funny;  he's particular about everything he plays, and he
practices two solid weeks before he goes in to do his drums, and he has
everything orchestrated to a "T," and he's very particular on how his drums
sound - he tunes them impeccably - but he doesn't like to bang those drums
for days to get that sound.  Fortunately, the last two engineers we've worked
with have been very good, and the guy who recorded Neil's drums on this
album, I think, has done the best job of recording his sound of anybody.  He
did 11 tracks in two-and-a-half days, which is insanely fast for this kind of
rock record.  I think you have to have a pretty together team for that to
happen;  all the planets have to be aligned and all that stuff.  [laughs]

LES:  I'm finding that the more I'm familiar with the equipment and can
actually get in there hands-on, the better off things are.  The same with
Larry [LaLonde - Primus' guitarist, AKA "Ler"] and Herb [Tim Alexander, AKA
Herb - Primus' drummer];  Herb has so many drums, and he knows what he wants
to hear, and I see him get so frustrated when he can't hear the subtlety of a
certain drum.

GEDDY:  Alex [Lifeson - Rush's guitarist] takes that approach:  he likes to
be very hands-on, he engineers all our demos.  Whenever he and I write
together he runs the machines - which is the exact opposite of me, because I
don't want to know how anything operates, I just want it to work.  I got an
idea, I want to get it on tape, I don't want to sit there and analyze whether
it should have this EQ or that EQ.  To me, the ideas are precious, and the
spontaneity in the writing process is something I really feel is very
valuable, so I like to have the least confusion between what I hear in my
head and what I want to play.  I always keep a tape recorder running, because
sometimes while you're diddling, you lose that spark somewhere.

LES:  Well, my experience with Alex in his studio was pretty a ... we were
just drunk out of our minds.  I couldn't even figure out how to play the

GEDDY:  You're saying it wasn't a musical experience but a visceral

LES:  It was a scary experience.  It was the first time I'd ever picked up my
bass and just couldn't do anything, and he was exactly the same on his

GEDDY:  You gotta watch out for Big Al.  [both laugh]

LES:  Big Al was in full force, and whatever I was. I was slurring Les. And
Ler was just comatose somewhere.  Slur and Ler.  [Both laugh, again.  What is
this, Beavis and Butt-head? - Ed.]

GEDDY:  When you guys write, do you write all together?

LES:  It depends.  The thing about us is that, because the band had been
around for four years before Larry and Herb had even gotten in the band, we
had a ton of tunes, so there were a lot of tunes just to do already, and
Larry and Herb interpreted them as they would.  It hasn't been until these
past couple records that we've been able to write, and _Pork Soda_ is really
the only record where most of the record has been completely new.
        A lot of it comes from just jamming, mostly me and Herb.  We'll come
up with a riff or a groove and try like hell to remember it, and then Ler
will generally put some textural thing over it.

GEDDY:  And do you then write lyrics and put a melody to the music you've
already written?

LES:  I have a lot of notebooks lying around with maybe just a sentence or
just a couple of words or a short story or whatever, and sometimes I'll flip
through them and something will spark with a riff that we happen to be
jamming on recently or a lyric will inspire a riff.  And some songs I just
write and arrange myself.

GEDDY:  When you write by yourself, do you start with lyrics or start with
music, or does it differ?

LES:  It's always different.  Certain riffs will spark a certain mood or a
strange little ditty in my head, and it'll go from there.

GEDDY:  When you do riffs first, do you always write on the bass or do you
write on the guitar sometimes?

LES:  I've written a couple things on guitar, but I'm not a very good
guitarist;  I mostly play drums if I play anything.  But mainly it's the

GEDDY:  Listening to you describe how you write is so similar to how we write
in a lot of ways.  At one point in our career, maybe eight or ten years ago,
so many of our songs were written out of jams - they still are to a certain
degree - but we used to jam every sound check.  It was the best part of the
day.  We used to have a standing rule that the sound guy would have to record
every jam.  And then I'd get home from the tour and have these hours of ...
crap.  [laughs]

LES:  That you thought was the greatest thing at the time.  [laughs]

GEDDY:  That's right.  And after hours of isolating and editing and editing,
you wind up with 45 minutes of snippets.  But sometimes great ideas come out
of that.

LES:  I've found that, with Larry and Herb, our best material is spontaneous
and it's stuff that I go into without much of a preconceived idea as to what
it should sound like.  But there's a lot of stuff that will never make it to
Primus records, which is one reason why Prawn Song [his indie label] is so
good a thing for me, because I can make these weird things and put them out
and have them not be Primus.  Those two are such characters, as people and
playing-wise as well, I think they shine the best when I'm not trying to get
them to do something that isn't natural for them.  There's definitely a "Herb
riff," that's what Herb really enjoys playing, this certain driving rhythm.
 Just as with me there's some certain driving funk-type rhythms that I enjoy
playing, which isn't necessarily right for Primus.  I've been playing with a
lot of jazz  and R&B musicians lately, which is great for my chops.  I'm
always finding that playing with other people makes my chops that much
better, and when we come together as Primus, it can be Primus, and not a
yearning for something new.

GEDDY:  I think that's one thing, for all the benefits of being in one band
for so 20 years and dedicating ourselves to this one musical idea, but we've
become a little insular in the sense that we haven't had enough access to
other musical scenes.  In one sense it's been a saving grace for our band,
it's kept our sound pure and sincere, but on the other side, there's a lot of
opportunities to work with other people that would be good on some point.  We
could say, "Rush isn't going away, we can take a year out and do other
things."  It might be coming to that time.

LES:  Have you been approach-ed by anyone?

GEDDY:  I've been approached by many people over the years, but it's always,
"I'm in the middle of a Rush tour," or, "I'm about to start a Rush album,"
or, "I've just finished a Rush tour; do I want to spend my precious few
months off going straight into a studio with somebody else?"  It's difficult
enough finding time to have a life.



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