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Subject: 08/16/94 - The National Midnight Star #1005

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1005

                 Tuesday, 16 August 1994
Today's Topics:
                   Desert Island\3 cd's
              Rod Morgenstein speaks of Neil
               Back from a long repreive...
     Re: 08/05/94 - The National Midnight Star #1001
     Re: 3 cds on 1 island/dinner guests/new BR album
          Re:Various TNMS often-discussed topics
                 To the Island's 3-CD's.
             HELP! RUSH VIDEO /  LASERDISC ?
                  repost THE FUND RAISER
The first Rush show w/Neil (concert review transcription)
                   Ok so this is goofy
                        3 topics.
                    November release?!
                 Alex Lifeson and hobbies
                   Rik Emmett and Rush
                      it ain't cheap
                      PLUG 'EM IN!!!
                   A couple o' thoughts
                    EQ Settings/ Neil
     Re: 08/15/94 - The National Midnight Star #1004
                     Re: The Red Star
     Re: 08/15/94 - The National Midnight Star #1004

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Aug 17 15:30:50 EDT 1994
Subject: Administrivia

Well, this digest was supposed to go out yesterday, but right when I was
editing it I lost the link to syrinx! Sigh.. so here it is, a day late..

 - rush-mgr

Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 19:02:29 CST
From: "terry tuschen" 
Subject: Desert Island\3 cd's

If I got stuck in that situation, my 3 cd's would be:
1. COUNTERPARTS: over MP.  Mostly because there are more songs on CP, and
you really can't count Tom Sawyer anymore, because the AOR stations have
played it to death!
2. Queensryches EMPIRE. Its just the greatest album. So many different
styles and moods.  They are huge Rush fans, and it shows.
3. Journey RAISED ON RADIO. Just in case I got stuck there with my
              See ya, T


From: "Lefferts, Jeff" 
Subject: Rod Morgenstein speaks of Neil
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 18:55:00 PDT

I went to a Rod Morgenstein clinic a few weeks ago in Berkeley California.
He's drummed with the Dixie Dregs and Winger, and although he isn't one
of my favorite drummers, he's got some good moves, and plays with a LOT of
power!  He also seems to be a nice, honest, straightforward guy.

Rod mentioned Neil twice - once, he talked about opening for Rush in the
'80s.  He said opening for Neil Peert (as he jokingly pronounced it,
adding, "he says 'Pert', but we know how it's REALLY pronounced") was truly
an honor.

Rod also played for the Buddy Rich tribute album Neil organized.  Neil
funded the whole thing himself, got Buddy Rich's orchestra to play, and set
them up in a huge studio, where they played live with the "drummer of the
day".  Rod played for two days with them.  This must have cost Neil a
bundle!  Rod said he did some serious woodshedding for the weeks leading
up to the gig, since he hadn't played big-band style jazz since his college


Date: Sat, 13 Aug 1994 02:02:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: Scott Brian Bissett 
Subject: Back from a long repreive...

Well, here I am, catching up on about a zillion NMS letters, trying to
figure what I've missed on a.m.r, etc.  You know, same old story.  Just
finished finals, don't want to do anything even associated with school or
anything I did at school to get .88 GPA (first thing to not do:
net-surf!).  But, after listening to my favorite Rush on the way to work
for two months, I was longing for other Rush fans and their
experiences/memories (..."Lakeside Park, so many memories"...).  So, on
with the content:

Get this.  I'm following a bunch of friends after work to Burger King
(don't ask why, long story), when I get caught at a light.  I try to
follow, cause I thought I had the right one in mind.  Nope.  Screw it, I
say, and start driving home.  Now, I'm across town, so I can listen to a
lot.  So I pop in ESL, and it was just starting La Villa Strangiato.
Since I had just recently re-acquainted myself with Hemispheres, 2112,
AFTK, etc, I was really into that song.  Maybe I had never totally
listened to the ESL version of it before, but near the end, when Geddy
says something like "Go (whoever), go (whoever), go, go, go, if he can't
do it"  or something like that, I was psyched!  It was like it was my
first time listening to it!!  And then he says other junk.  Wow, cool!  I
had never heard this before!!  Well, I was going to rewind and listen
again, but I thought, patience is a virtue.  I would simply skip to the
end, flip sides, listen to Spirit of Radio ("Begin the day with a
friendly voice..."  way cool in the car!!), and then flip sides again and
it shold cued just about right.  Nice plan, but it didn't work.  When I
skipped to the end, my tape CAME OUT OF THE SPOOL!!!!  Talk about your

About people asking about female Rush fans, heres an ad in a local Denver
POLITICALLY INCORRECT   DWF, 35, 5'9", blonde, blue-eyed, slim, educated
and alluring.  Seeking S/DW male, tall, athletic, conservative-viewed,
good looking, charismatic, professional, 35-45.  Do you enjoy Bronco
games, comedy works and qualtiy conversation?  Can you openly admit to
listening to "Rush"?  Call now, remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Cool, eh?  If I were anywhere near that age (sorry you old timers who
were my age when Rutsey was still with the band), I'd call her in a
heartbeat.  If only age weren't so limiting...

Finally, to the drummers out there.  A technical question.  How does Neil
do that little fill during 2112 "Discovery" every 4 measures on beat 4,
like after "Listen to my music, hear what it can do."  It sounds like
sixtuplets on the snare, but I think I hear the hi-hat still going,  Is
he double sticking, or what?  Again, I must bow in awe to Peart, who
makes me so amazed at what seems like the little things.  What a man.

Well, time for me to go to bed.  Very, very late, you know!

ORQ: "Another toy, will help destroy, the elder race of man.
      Forget about you silly whim, it doesn't fit the plan!"

Scott B Bissett
CU Boulder, displaced to CU Denver (although computing services hasn't
realized it yet!!!)


Date: Sat, 13 Aug 1994 09:50:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: Re: 08/05/94 - The National Midnight Star #1001


I have "piano-vocal" sheet music for La Villa Strangiato -- but alas, it
is back at my house where I will not see it until August 20. If that's
not too late, I can photocopy it and send it to you -- email me. If
you're interested in looking for it in stores, I have it in the "Deluxe
Anthology" book that includes music up through Moving Pictures, has a
black cover with the red-star/man logo on the front, and I think a couple
of live pictures on the back. Another perk is, it has the entire PeW
album in it, and a /very/ good transcription of "No One At the Bridge,"
which I can now play on the guitar /and/ on the piano. As for La Villa,
I've been trying on and off to arrange The Definitive Piano Version...
without much success. :) Good luck, and I want to hear the final
arrangement!! Get those violins going...

EQ debate -- Guys, if I have my EQ set in that disgusting V shape, and
happen to like it, are you really gonna sick the Thought Police on me?
The Best EQ Setting is... WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT! (Sheesh, guys, you
sound like the last religious debate (read: shouting match) it was my
misfortune to get dragged into. Everyone's proselytizing for his or her
own One True EQ, and anyone who doesn't agree must be going to hell inna

I always thought "Middle-aged Madonna" was kinda like "The next would-be
Stephen King" or something similar. She's always dreamed of making it
big with starlight and fame, but hasn't and it's probably too late
for it now (she thinks), but she won't quite let go of the dream.

I'm Finally Caught Up!!!!				--Niki


Date: Sat, 13 Aug 1994 14:49:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Andre R. Villasenor" 

Two more songs that Rush has written that deal with love, which nobody
here has mentioned: Emotion Detector, from Power Windows; Tears, from 2112.


Date: 13 Aug 94 16:18:02 EDT
From: Tobias Engler <>
Subject: Re: 3 cds on 1 island/dinner guests/new BR album

This is my $0.02 on the "desert island" thread:

1. dIRE sTRAITS :	Strait to the Point (Dublin '92), incredible
 			performance of "Planet of New Orleans" + longer
			than Alchemy

2. RUSH (close your eyes and guess!): 	Presto, closely followed by 18 other

3. BAD RELIGION: 	Strangers and Fiction, ok, I'm cheating, it's not out
			yet (due to be released on 22/8), thus, I'll take
			Against the Grain
			(BR fans, please email me!)

Close followups: Dream Theater - "Live at the Marquee"
		 Queensryche   - "Operation: Mindcrime"
		 Marillion     - "Holidays in Eden"
		 Noir Desir    - "Tostaky"

As for the dinner issue, my choice would be:

Neil Peart
Mark Knopfler
Greg Graffin
Dave Johnson

That's a small table. A big table would also include:

Geddy Lee
Alex Lifeson
and two of my friends


"I know a man who doesn't have many friends
 I know a place he lives where trouble never ends
 I know it's hard for him to read between the lines
 and his days are getting so much shorter
 It's my poor friend me, a portrayal of our great dichotomy
 a reminder of our tragic history"


From: Adam Paul Loch 
Subject: Re:Various TNMS often-discussed topics
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 1994 16:37:44 -0400 (EDT)

First of all, EQ settings.  Geddy may say to listen to it at flat settings, but
he forgets one thing: not everyone has sold tons of albums like him, and can
afford a high-end stereo.  Personally, I tried _CP_ flat on my stereo, and it
sounded *BAD*. I guess I'm used to it my way.  Anyways, i wonder what
other people think about keeping everything level, but boosting everything
equally, like throwing all the switches all the way up.  BTW, using the dynamic
bass boost on my stereo really brings out the rightous bass sound on _MP_, even
more so than normal. [new topic]  Bands tha do/don't write about love/sex.
About Yes, just about all their old 70's stuff isn't about love or sex, but
90125 and on do have many love songs, prob. thanks to Trevor Rabin.  Yes also
has some songs with love in the title, but arent about love at all(City of
Love, Real Love, etc), but I'm getting off topic.  Also, I can think of at
least one, definate Rush love song: "Tears", from 2112.  Also, If the rumor is
true, I can see nothing better than Rush's nex album bing a concept album.


(P.S.  I saw Yes in the Detroit area at an outdoor theatre, and I was real
close.  My friend(also a big Rush fan) agreed Yes was the loudest concert we
have ever seen.  Whenever Chris would hold a bass chord, the whole place,
chairs, etc would vibrate excessively.  Very cool. You can tell by the content
of this letter that I am a big Yes fan, but I was a Rush fan first).


Date: 14 Aug 94 02:40:01 EDT
From: James Jay Jordan <>
Subject: To the Island's 3-CD's.

Hello fellow Rush fans,

  In responce to 3-CD's.

  There is only one:  HEMISPHERES.
  I myself would bring along two extra copies in case one or, God forbid two
were broken.  Neil's drumming on this masterpiece is the best rock drumming ever
to be recorded!  All four song's are among the most complex (not "THE" most)

  And to respond to the don't name your kid Rush.  My wife and I are expecting
our second Rush fan on Oct.06.  Our first was a girl and my wife was totally
against Rush as a name.  But, if this little critter is a boy, he will bear the
name Rush and be positive that in recieving this reveared name that his father
and mother will defend to the death anyone who begrudges to imply that that fat
ass liberal had any bearing on same.  May Mr. Limboo, as he is lovingly refered
to in our houshold , fall by the wayside.  His lagacy shall not be on the lips
of any in my house.  So loosen up and give that great name another chance.

  Remember always,  Plus ca change, Plus c'est la meme change.  Peart.

     If you feel the need please do reply.  See ya soon.  James Jay Jordan.


Date: Sun, 14 Aug 94 03:41:33 EDT

  1)  Does anyone have a Video/Laserdisc -ography for Rush?  Also, what are
termed "hard to find" or "out of print" Legitimate or not.

     I recently purchased a copy of THE BIG MONEY single GOLD "CDV",  It was
made in the UK and it has TBM, Red Sector A (LIVE!!!!!) and
Marathon.  This is great cause it is the same live version that is on the old
COOL!  Does anyone know the background on this or its rarety?

 - Are there more of these "CDVideos"s on Rush?

  3) LaserDisc Exit..Stage Left?  Does anyone know where I can get a brand
new copy of one?  Is this one a tuffy?  I can get it for
a wopping $50 from Japan but that is a little high in $.




Date: Sun, 14 Aug 94 14:36:53 -0500
From: (Julie Oneida)
Subject: repost THE FUND RAISER

I am still getting orders and stuff, and some people seem to have
lost the info (and emailed me, which is too bad since this is the
first time I've logged in in a month and may be the last for another
month), so here I am (today only) to repost the info (corrected again!).

-+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-

Here's a description of what all's available from your friendly
neighborhood gift committee:

Ok, there are two different shirts. They are $15 for one,
or $25 for two, or $12 each for any more than two, plus
$3 postage and handling per shirt. Add $3 per shirt for orders
to places other than the US and Canada. Designs are silk-screened
on, and all shirts are 100% cotton, Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.
Specify L or XL (or more X's if you really want).

   SHIRT #1: white shirt, on the front there is a space
scene, with a newsbox on one of Mars's moons (Mars is on the
horizon of course), and the other moon and the sun are in
the background. The newsbox is of course selling the National
Midnight Star, which has a cute drawing of Rush and the headline
"Press members celebrate 20th anniversary of favorite band."

   SHIRT#2: just a newspaper, with some really funny headlines
and a photo of three NMSers dressed as Rush. This one is available
in five neutral colors:
     ecru (solid cream)
     natural (cream with tan flecks; looks like recycled paper)
     ash (your standard gray/white mix)
     oatmeal (looks like ash but is a gray/ecru mix instead)

Both say, on the back:
          The National Midnight Star
            Internet Mailing List
            Celebrates 20 years of
             *      Rush        *
                "It's true!!"

The stars on the line with Rush are actually a sun and a moon.

Pins are different prices, and the postage is a bit more complicated.
29c for one or two, 52c for 3-5, and $1 for more than that (I figure
you won't be consolidating orders *that* much that you'll need 10
pins in one order). Also, if your order both shirts and pins, the
pin postage is covered with the shirt postage.
     The first pin is just red with the NMS star logo in black with
the star shaded. This one is $1.50 each. The other is in full color,
same logo but the sections of the star are yellow, green, blue, purple,
and red (starting from top left and going clockwise). This one is $2
each because the color copy costs more.

To order stuff, send check (or cheque) or money order to:
     1044 Ocean Ave
     Beachwood NJ 08722

All checks must be made payable to my legal name, Stacey Ksenzakovic.
Please try to forget that name after writing out your check :^).
All amounts are in US dollars.

Till bacon strips,

-+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-

PS I found about 15 old CD's of mine in my grandma's closet, and looked
through for anything Hugh Syme had designed... the only one was Bon Jovi's
New Jersey, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has no
signature style.


Date: Sun, 14 Aug 1994 22:25:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michael W Ford 
Subject: The first Rush show w/Neil (concert review transcription)

Greetings and salutations,

There have been so many Rush-related anniversaries recently that it's been
tough to keep track of them all.  Let us not forget the all-important
first-ever Rush show with Neil, which, according to our trusty copies of
"The Unofficial Rush Tour Dates Listing," occurred on August 14, 1974,
exactly 20 years ago this Monday, at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena [please
note: as a native Pittsburgher, let me assure you it is the "Pittsburgh
Civic Arena", not the "Pittsburg Civic Centre" as it is often called.
Neil got it wrong in "Thrice Told Tales."]

Reprinted below (without permission, of course) is the entire concert
review from the Pittsburgh Press of August 15, 1974.  As one would expect,
the review itself focuses mainly on Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann, and only
makes brief mention of Rush, but it likely is the only media review of that
first show with Neil (there were two Pittsburgh newspapers at the time, but I
couldn't find a review in the other one).  I included the entire review
and not just the Rush section, and I typed it in verbatim (the author called
it "Workingman," not me).


by Pete Bishop

Experience is an excellent teacher - just as the British quintet Uriah Heep.

David Byron, Ken Hensley, Mick Box, Gary Thain, and Lee Kerslake have been
here before and know this is a physical town where the DEE-fense draws the
huzzahs; where a shot and a beer is a mixed drink.


So even with eight albums under their belts and a wealth of material from
which to choose, they wisely eschewed anything even slightly namby-pamby
in favor of the kind of music Pittsburgh likes best - heavy, slam bang
rock - for last night's Civic Arena concert and showed about 12,000 fans a
mighty good time in the process.

Somebody must have wised up the opening acts, too, because that's all
Rush; a promising Canadian trio, offered (Workingman" was its best song),
and that's what earned Manfred Mann (remember "Doo-Wah-Diddy"?) and his
Earth Band their biggest applause.

The audience sat respectfully through "Mercury" and "Father of Day, Father
of Night," a couple flights into space-rock complete with taped antiphonal
choruses, but really came alive on "Cap'n Bobby Strut" and "Buddah," the
latter featuring a long, exciting instrumental jam.

Mann on keyboards and guitarist Mick Rogers are the outstanding musicians
in this quartet, as they proved on an alternately funky and rockin' encore of
"The Mighty Quinn."  An encore is a rarity for a warmup band, but Mann
deserved it.

Then came "The Heep," and for more than an hour it was loud, louder,
loudest blasting through the open roof into the lower Hill.


These men don't just play their instruments, they attack them and fight
with them as Byron (who plays nothing) jumps onto the speakers, plays
catch with his mike stand and shimmies like an octopus with St. Vitus dance.

He's not the best lead singer around, but his first-rate stage presence
more than makes up for it, as does Heep's collective instrumental
competence, particularly when Box and Hensley play dual lead guitars..

Of Heep's four top numbers, three - "I Won't Mind," "Suicidal Man" and
"Something or Nothing" - are from "Wonderworld," the group's new album -
and no wonder.

It's the best LP the boys have produced, and any one of these could make a
hit single, something Heep never really has had.

There was nothing wrong with the other tunes:  "Sweet Freedom,"
"Wonderworld," "July Morning," "E-Z Living," "Sweet Lorraine," "Look at
Yourself" (Box' best moment) and "Gypsy" - and nothing different about
them, either.


They're all big, loud, strength-sapping rock, the kind that gets 12,000
people up and clapping, and it's amazing the fellows had enough energy
left for an encore.

But have it they did, socking out such old standards as "Roll Over,
Beethoven," "I Got a Woman" and "Blue Suede Shoes," as myriad strings of
Christmas tree lights flashed on and off behind their gauzy backdrop banner.

How has Heep kept its name before the public since 1970 without a hit
single?  "Just by working hard, really; that's how we started, and we got
used to hard work," said Hensley.

"It's nice to keep working hard.  It pulls out the best of everyone's
resources musically and keeps everyone's interest alive."

An Arena full of fans most certainly would agree.

| Michael Ford                |        "Life is merely what we do          |
| University of Pittsburgh    |            in between hockey."             |
|            |                                            |
|       I do not speak for the University, nor does it speak for me.       |


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 02:32:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Ok so this is goofy

A bunch of us were hanging out on IRC and talking about the ultimate
band and some such... and it had a lot of Crimson, Yes and Rush guys
so we extended it one step further to songs.  Some of them are really
ridiculous, so I figured I'd share them and invite you add to the
list.  If you don't find this funny, hit 'v' or 'n' or whatever the
applicable scroll down key is.  Yeah this is kind of long... we got a
bunch of goofy songs..

Starship X-1
21st Century Digital Man
Arriving Red Barchetta
In the Mood For a Day
Losing it, with the Clap (ok trying to get the sexual reference here :-)
The Revealing Natural Sciences of God
Mystic Rhythm of Love
Angkor What You're DOing
Karn Evil 90125 (ok so it doesn't have Rush...)
A Farewell to the crimson King
Long Distance Marathon
And You and Camera Eye
Xanadu and I
Owner of a Lonely Heartbeat (Yes and Crimson)
Take the Water to the Trees
Something for 5 percent for Nothing
Elephant Talk (for Mongo)
Elephant Talk to the Wind (both Crimson)
Cirkus of Heaven (featuring Entry of the NEcromancers) (Rush, Yes, and KC)
Future Time Stand Still
One More Red Barchetta
Neil and Ged and Me (original was NEAL and jack and Me, Crimson)
Leave it here again
Waiting Working Man
Larks Tongues in Lakeside Park
MOving Pictures at an Exhibition
The Final Cut to the Chase
Beyond and Before and After
3 Astral Travellers From Willowdale
On the Silent Wings of Freewill
The Big Easy Money
Manhattan Kudasai
Entre Nous Sommes De Soliel
Going for the Cygnus X-1
New World Lizard

I editted out the REALLY bad ones... enjoy (I hope)
If you have any other interesting ones, *I* at least would rather see
them than argue about EQ's :-)

Yes... this is one of the goofy things we do on #p/g! incidentally.
That and we changed 50 ways to leave your lover... (came up with 30
plus ways to leave your rubber... some are too crude to repost, but
for an example... 'Flush it down the loo, Stu' was one of em....)

So if you like random stupidity with Rush overtones, that's probably
the best way to describe it, feel free to stop on...

Oh yeah.... rumor on a.m.r. mentioend a possible release in November,
although I'm skeptical myself and do NOT endorse this rumor....
Could be OTIS Rush or something... but still, figured I'd pass it

Jeez, I actually posted twice in a few days after months of silence.
Well hey, maybe this shit isn't overly profound, but it's better than
yet another bout of the 'Desert Island Disc' thread (and how the hell
are you gonna plug the fucking CD player in anyways....)

And like I said... if this seems like a totally big waste of bandwidth,
hey, you can hit 'n', 'v', or whatever, or flame me personally in

			 	-John Santore
			The infamous Slythex on IRC

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 13:49:53 BST
Subject: 3 topics.

>>>To the person wondering if Candlebox incorporated Rush songs into their set:

Madison Square Garden, NYC-1st night- No
Meadowlands Arena, NJ- guitar player played opening chords of Fly By Night
Spectrum, Philadelphia PA- 2nd night- played a bit of Working Man

I was reading in the latest issue of 'The Spirit Of Rush' that
during one of the CP shows (I think it was Chicago or Madison),
the guitarist from Candlebox played the opening chords to 'Working
Man' and this was followed by the sound of Ged's voice singing the
opening verse. He sang from off stage somewhere. Can anyone who went
to the show support this story?

I was reading the CD booklet to the new 'Spin Doctors' album, and
in it they tell you how to join their internet list. Any chance of
getting the boys to mention the NMS in their next set of liner notes?

Finally on the topic of love and sex songs, I have always thought
Prime Mover has a sexual theme. Lines like "at the point of conception"
and "at the point of entry". Maybe its just my dirty mind!!



Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 12:19:58 -0400
From: Scott David Daly 
Subject: November release?!

Hi all!

I was in a Waxie Maxie's record store yesterday evening, and lo and
behold, what did they have listed on the "upcoming releases" chart
for November but "RUSH"!!!  This is all I know.  It didn't say
whether it was live or anything else...I would imagine if this
information is accurate, it MUST be live (they haven't had time to do
anything else...).  I'm a little skeptical of this info (coming from
a record shop and all...), but there is no mistaking what I saw.  It
DEFINITELY said "RUSH" in "November".  Perhaps a little mail to Bob
Roper is in order to confirm/deny this?...



Date: 15 Aug 1994 13:47:51 -0500
From: "Robert Sharkey" 
Subject: Alex Lifeson and hobbies

REGARDING                Alex Lifeson and hobbies
I was listening to Q107, Toronto's Best Rock (open to debate IMHO), a classic
Rock AOP station. The dj came on after playing "Cut to the Chase" and remarked
that Alex Lifeson attended a gold tournament recently and did very well. The dj
didn't specify how well, but he surmised Alex did better than most of the Sport
Jocks in attendance. This gift for being good at sports is not a fluke; it's in
his genes. His cousin, Peter Zezel, is a better than average hockey player who
just happened to play centre the last few years with the Maple Leafs but was
recently traded to the Dallas Stars.

So here we have this killer guitar aficionado-cum-Rock-God who plays an
excellent golf game, and I understand he is a master of the tennis courts as
well. To top it off, he has a pilots licence (and has been known to hang around
fighter aircraft!). Alex is truly a gifted man. I understand he used to (and
maybe he still does) rebuild guitars ... Besides, that he is a great interview
subject, does exceptional stand up comedy, and he can drink a Hell of a lot. No
wonder thay call him King Lerxst!

No wonder we look up to these guys; they are so multi-talented, and humble to


(.cigs are bad for your health, it says so on the package.)


Subject: Rik Emmett and Rush
Date: 15 Aug 94 16:39:20 EDT

Greetings Earthlings

   I promised to send this in maybe a year ago ...... but I just now
found it again. It's an article from  "Guitar World" magazine from
April of 1988. The article is an interview with Rik Emmett,  former
Triumph (the other Canadian threesome from T-town) guitarist. It's a
good interview made even better by the following gem.

   In the article Rik is talking about his collaborating with Steve Morse
on Triumphs latest album Surveillance,  when a familiar name comes
up. Ok.. Ok.. so here is the part I'm leading up to.

Reprinted without permission or malice .

	Through some magazine projects, Rik has been linked
	up with fellow Canadien guitar hero Alex Lifeson, who
	is coincidentally,  also in a power trio. "Leona Boyd
	was after us to do something for the Olympics and we'd
	done that project for Guitar Player [a cover story on
	Canadian guitarists -- GW Ed.]. That's when I really
	got to know Alex. He's a terrific guy!"

	Rik's explanantion of how hesees the difference between
	Triumph and Rush,  two bands lumped into the power trio
	pigeonhole,  is revealing: "The format and the people
	involved in the two bands are worlds apart. Triumph is
	one thing and Rush is another. Triumph is a bit more of
	an accesible band, a more straight-up rock band. Rush is
	very conscientious band. They are very capable of being
	progressive and they have every right to be  with
	what they try to do. We don't even attempt those kinds
	of things because the band's not really capable. Maybe
	I have more sympathy towards the stuff that Rush does
	than the other guys in my band would.  Triumph ends up
	being more of a guitar-oriented thing,  Rush is a comp-
	rehensive kind of music. They've probably got the best
	rock drummer in the free world and the bass player's
	pretty damn good too!" Hmmm...

<> = italics

 Well there's a nice compliment for Geddy,  Alex,  and Neil,  from a great 
musician in his own right. The rest of the article is good as well, but
no further Rush references pop up. Sadly the Triumph of old is gone for
good it seems. Anyone else into both bands might notice the similarity
between the two on Triumph's last "real" album " Surveillance. It is
very progressive for Triumph,  almost a Rik Emmett albumn.

 Has anyone ever seen the cover story mentioned above ... Is it on syrinx
I wonder. Big Al and Rik cut loose, would be extremely funny I bet.

 I am not going to type the whole article in for it's really nothing Rush
related,  and it's long . See you all down the road a ways. If anyone is
interested in the article I'll reply to any questions sent privately to
my address above.

geuten tag mein froinds

  Everybody got mixed feelings ....

  Everybody got to deviate from the norm ....

  Everybody got to elevate ....


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 16:49:57 -0500 (CDT)
From: Meredith Leigh Cronin  
Subject:  HEY!!

	Hey guys, I'm back.  Summer is over  :-(    Anyone know when the
next RUSH concert is in St. Louis or in New York???   If so, PLEEAASSEEE
let me know.  I go to school in St. Louis, but I live in New York!  Kyle,
Matt, Rob and anyone else,  If you're out there, I hope you had a good
summer and welcome back.

   [ I would guess the tour won't start until after the new album is out.
     The Counterparts tour ended on May 7 in Toronto.		: rush-mgr ]

	- Till it rains purple elephants


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 21:48:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: THOM-US 
Subject: it ain't cheap

     And now for a brief internet lesson for some of you focus-
     minded net users on "NMS". I don't know what it is,  maybe
     you're showing off you're typing skills  with  those  200+
     line messages or something but show a little consideration
     to the subscribers who actually have to pay for each issue
     of the star based on it's physical length.

     I'm lucky that way, I have direct access  but  what  about
     subscribers who have to use a service like "prodigy" where
     they're charged top dollar for  the  honour  of  scrolling
     through who'd be you're favourite dinner guests or your 10
     page, "Happy 1000th birthday N.M.S." ascii art.

     All personal flames welcome!  After all, I'm  not  paying,

     And to keep with the rush theme here,  a little exerpt for
     you Neil Peart fans...

     "Africa fascinates me --- in the true sense, I suppose, as
     a snake is said to transfix its prey. And the more times I
     return, the more countries I visit,  the  more  the  place
     perplexes me. Africa has so much magic, but so  much  mad-
     ness. Yet I keep returning, and surely  will  again.  This
     attraction is compelling and seems to grow stronger,  but,
     like and lasting relationship, it is no longer blind."

     There, that's the bread 'n' butter of why I signed on NMS.

 - Tom Lockwood -----------------------------------------------------------
                                         Summer's going fast -
   Computer-Based Learning               Nights growing colder
   Cambrian College                      Children growing up -
   Sudbury, Ontario, Canada              Old friends growing older
   P3A 3V8                               Experience Slips away...
                                                              Neil Peart
 --------------------------------------- --


Date: Mon, 15 Aug 1994 23:58:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Janss L. Adams" 
Subject: PLUG 'EM IN!!!


Part of me would like to see Rush Unplugged, but I'm only worried about
Geddy's ain't what it used to be! Is he "singing" on
Counterparts? The tracks on this cd are, however, some of the best since
MP. I just hope they're all done with love songs! GOAC was tres cool, but
TSOL??? Is it Jack or Swiss?

Don't misinterpret me, I love Rush...the Howard Roarks of Rock!!!!!


"Patty-cake, patty-cake,/Mother's going to buy you shoes,/Father's going
to buy you socks,/Baby's going to have red cheeks."


Date: Tue, 16 Aug 1994 00:12:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Paul Marino 
Subject: A couple o' thoughts

Hello friends,

 -Desert Island disks--Well, I do not remember if the post talked about
three disks of which only one was to be rush, so I am going to post two
lists (I would invariably bring three Rush CDs if I could...)

	List #1-Caress of Steel, A Farewell to Kings, and Hemispheres.

		They just mean a lot to me (the choice is by no means an
		easy one, since I am a huge fan of every recording)

	List #2-Hold Your Fire, Bach-The Brandenburg Concertos,
	Madonna-Like A Virgin (yeah-right), The Pogues-Essential.

A couple o' things about the Red Star of the Solar Federation--

	Well, I believe that there was a recent discussion about this in
which the difference between the satanic star and the Red Star were
acknowledged.  The Red Star is opposite, or upside down, compared to a
satanic star.

	As to the meaning of the Man in front of the Red Star, I would
like to say a few things.  Firstly, the symbol is very important to me as
a person because it embodies many things that I see in the world.
Broadly, it depicts the fear of the individual in front of a dominating
power.  But, more specifically, it depicts (in the context of 2112) the
artist in front of a programmed world.  To an artist, their work is their
soul, or the naked body where all is shown.  Hence, the man shows not
fear (namely because he IS naked already), but rather he stands shielding
himself from the power of the Star, from its power, from its
anti-alacrity to accept the Naked Man, the art.  There are many other
interpretations concerning the symbol, all of which cannot be shown by me
only.  And that is the point, it varies depending on the individual.
(BTW, if anyone would like to comment or amend or show the error of my
ways, please do not hesitate (I suppose I REALLY don't have to tell
anyone this)).

And, if there are others out there who saw both The Great Western Forum
show And the Arrowhead Pond show;  do you agree that the Pond just does
not cut it for Rush?  The Forum was okay, but the Pond was about the most
muddled Rush show I have ever heard and I was quite disheartened.  Just

Jon Marino


Date: 16 Aug 1994 07:48:20 -0400
From: "Farr, Steve" 
Subject: Imports

Just a couple of quick notes ...

Yesterday I saw an import version of Signals which costs about 2X the US
disc.  Does anyone know what I'd get for my $20 that differs from the CD
printed for sale in the US?

Seems to me that a few people are bitchin about messages that go something
like "... while in my car, I heard FBN ... blah, blah".  Well, speaking on
behalf of all of us that get a woody from cruisin around listening to RUSH
tunes, I say to those folks ... you don't have to read the NMS.  Don't let
anyone inhibit you from sharing your Rush-related experiences.  That's what
this forum is all about.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*  Steve Farr                             *
*        *
*                                         *
*  "Throw off those chains of reason      *
*     And your prison disappears."        *
*                          - Neil Peart   *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


From: "Girard, Daniel,    Sgt   UMGN" 
Subject: EQ Settings/ Neil
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 07:28:00 PDT

This is my first time posting on here. Just wanted to say that I wish I had
known about TNMS along time ago. Have a Rush fan since MP came out and my
brother would play the hell out of his record.

Now to the nitty gritty...EQ Setting. I personally do believe in using an
EQ. First of all I have a hearing disability (Tennitis-constant ringing in
my ears) so I use my EQ to compensate for my lose. I like to hear the deep
bass as well as the high hats and cymbols myself and treble and bass
controls just don't cut it. Second, Rush might mix the CD the way it is
intended to be heard but they are in a sound proof, acoustically correct
room. I don't know of any person in my life who built a room for strictly
listening to music. Therefore the EQ is used to compensate for room
defiencies..carpet, cushy sofa's and chairs and curtians and let's not
forget windows. Now when I make my tapes I don't use the EQ but when I
listen to my CD I always use me EQ..FYI I have an Adcom 555 pushing 300
watts into to Infinity Kappa 8's..So there is no mistaken that I don't
listem to my music and love every bit of it...

Just my $.02 worth


Date: Tue, 16 Aug 1994 13:38:54 BST
Subject: Unplugged

>>>Its not a bad idea but there is one problem.  MTV has canceled
"Unplugged".   I'm not sure where I heard this but I believe there
will be no more shows.<<<

I heard they are going to end the series with a Led Zep reunion thing
(minus John Bonham obviously). I dont know if this is old news, but
MTV Europe is a wee bit behind America.

My 3 desert island discs would be:

Rush : Hemispheres (IMO the best thing they have ever done)

Marillion : Misplaced Childhood (ditto)

Queensryce : Operation Mindcrime (one of the best concept albums ever)



Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 09:32:42 EDT
From: (Aidan Low)
Subject: Re: 08/15/94 - The National Midnight Star #1004

A few comments....

Genesis changed their name NUMEROUS times, from "From Genesis to Revelations" 
to "Nursery Cryme" to "Selling England By The Pound" to "The Lamb Lies Down on 
Broadway" to every single album after that.  They must have had ten or twelve 
different logos!

Quite neat....

Just a note to all.... The first things I said to my girlfriend when we met 
were lines from Animate.  Quite nice.... I like the whole album more now... :-)

"How dare I be so beautiful?"


Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 08:42:07 PDT
Subject: Re: The Red Star

Just wanted to point out something we may have missed.  In Little Jeff's post 
about the star, he writes "... upsidedown pentagram became a common satanic 
symbol?"  That's it!  The pentagram on the 2112 album, or at least the OMR 
version of the CD, is NOT upsidedown. Now I'm no expert on satanism, but I
think the pentagram is shown upsidedown when they do whatever it is that they 
do (eeewwww, that makes me sick just thinking about it).
That's a BIG difference.

Garrett Young
AnswerSoft, Inc.
Plano, Texas

"More than just survival..." np


Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 10:27:49 EDT
Subject: Re: 08/15/94 - The National Midnight Star #1004

>  From: John Flesher 
>  Subject: hodge podge
>  To: the person interested in Tull-Send your question to
> St. Cleve Chronicle) or look on the Tull 
>  FAQ at the Tull homepage.

I ask this on the list instead of in email, because I think a fair
number of Rush fans may be interested:

where is the Tull home page?


TJIC (Travis J.I. Corcoran)       
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