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 Subj:  #1(2) 08/24/94 - The National Midnight Star #1008
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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1008

                Wednesday, 24 August 1994
Today's Topics:
                Tourbooks, Fan Club, etc.
                     Xanadu or Zanadu
                      Island girls?
              2112, drum lick, Brian Bissett
         Yes Breakup? / Radio /  / unplugged
           random stupidity with rush overtones
        red star, satanism, have to clear this up
                      Lakeside Park
                    Mailing list costs
           Rik Emmett and Alex in Guitar Player
                    Extra Rush Albums
                    Missing the Point
                      BIG QUESTION!
                  Neil looks like WHO??
                        Rik Emmitt
               * Reverse the Golden Rule? *
            Snap your fingers snap your neck.
      Permanent Waves - Rush on Marine Stereo, etc.
                    Thrice told tales
           Nicholas J. Marx doesn't understand!
                          3 CD's
                       Old News????
                   Hockey Organs & Rush
                     Hello Drummers!!
                       Yes at SPAC

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 03:33:26 EDT
Subject: Tourbooks, Fan Club, etc.

     I am looking for any source that can get me "Mint" Rush Tourbooks for: -
HYF, CP, Sig, MP and any others pre-PEW.  Anyone have
any experience to finding the older tourbooks and their rarety.  Does anyone
know if the Rush Fan club is still operating.  I have sent mail and not heard
back for months.  Anyone know the address to the Rush fan club?  -Much


Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 11:39:51 EDT
From: (Aidan Low)
Subject: Xanadu or Zanadu

I remember a while back people were arguing about Xanadu....
Well, on Exit Stage Left (the cassette, anyway) it's labeled as "Zanadu."




Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 10:46 EST
From: "Tony J. Romano" <>
Subject: Island girls?

Stranded on a tropical (of course!) island with only 3 discs and ...

Lots of good live selections mentioned, but to KUESTERKE, ESL is a
good set of tunes, but kind of flat sounding.  I would recommend
ASOH or the 1st live set (the best).  Shakedown Street is a nice
compliment to what I would bring though.  Nicely done!  Count me in
as a Rush fan thats a closet dead head.  I also would probably bring
John Lee Hookers first recording from '46 or '47 cuz I would
definitely be singin' the blues...

(hope theres cocunuts to make fermented tropical punch with, so I
 could get drunk while I jam and sit on the sand).

Tony Romano    "I like it, I'm not gonna quit!"
MCI Systems Engineering    - Kurt Cobain
Co. Spgs, Colorado


Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 13:56:22 +0500
From: (Joe Chiro)
Subject: Rush?

>POLITICALLY INCORRECT   DWF, 35, 5'9", blonde, blue-eyed, slim, educated
>and alluring.  Seeking S/DW male, tall, athletic, conservative-viewed,
>good looking, charismatic, professional, 35-45.  Do you enjoy Bronco
>games, comedy works and qualtiy conversation?  Can you openly admit to
>listening to "Rush"?  Call now, remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I think that would be Limbaugh that she listens to.  Still, she's got the right
idea.  If I was a few years older and lived in Colorado...

>But, if this little critter is a boy, he will bear the
>name Rush and be positive that in recieving this reveared name that his father
>and mother will defend to the death anyone who begrudges to imply that that fat
>ass liberal had any bearing on same.

Rush is a fat ass conservative, not a liberal (Hey, I love him, but he does 
have a fat ass).



Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 15:46:00 PDT
From: (Tom O'Toole)
Subject: 2112, drum lick, Brian Bissett

Brian Bisset posted about a fill by Neil in the 1005 issue and after listening
to Discovery actually in Presentation of 2112 the lick is a sixlet pattern on
the snare alone...Neil's Slingerland is tuned with very loose snares on this
album, it actually sounds like it could be a metal snare too, but I think that
is why it sounds like he is hitting the hi-hats during the fill...I may
suggest that he is hitting the hats on the opening note and closing not of the
fill but I am not sure...

I must commend you on noticing that riff, its very subtle and just another
mark of the master....

                                        Tom O'Toole
                                        Arcadia, CA
: Tom O'Toole - via - Public Access (213)256-8371
: UUCP: ...!cheshire!mcws!tjo
: Compu$erve: >


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 01:09:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: Yes Breakup? / Radio /  / unplugged

First off: Hey, Virtual Unreality: where did you hear about the Yes break
up? A digest, interview, etc? Specifically. ...If I heard Jon say that,
I'd tell him, "Wasn't that what ya'll said a couple of albums back?" to
which he would reply, "Well, this time I REALLY mean it!!" Which would be

I can understand the radio discussion as far as this conversation goes:
"Hey, I'm about to move to XXX city -- someone please tell me there's a
station there that'll play Rush!" And, hey, it might make a boring post,
but it sure is neat when you've been slaving away washing dishes for the
past hour and suddenly you hear "Presto" burst out of the radio in the
kitchen. :)

Sly, as to your second favorite gripe: I think "RushFan" refers to
the "Oh, you're not a REAL Rush fan because you like/don't like X, Y,
and/or Z. A REAL Rush fan is like /this/..." I could be wrong, of course.

I thought Sting and REM sounded rather nice, Unplugged. REM was really
funny when Stipe warned the audience, "if I don't remember all the
lyrics, bear with me.." and then launched into End of the World etc...
And hey, ain't Rush capable o' doin' it RIGHT, ya think? Would be cool...

      --The Infamous Vortex :)

ps. I don't know what /you/ can't dance to, Mike, but I's been known ta
boogie down to anything at all comin' outta my stereo speakers -- "La
Villa" included. But maybe I'm just weird twistin' psycho, didja ever
thinka THAT?!?! ...later!


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 01:24:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: random stupidity with rush overtones

is a good description. Sly, I laughed myself to tears over your post!
Found myself continuting the "Leave your rubber" song (throw it in the
can, jan... hang it in a tree, lee) um.. whoops. much too much hilarity
for 1:30 in themorning.
     --The Vortex, who still thinks
    "Sound Chaser" is an early Yes love song


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 01:34:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: red star, satanism, have to clear this up

Sorry, but if I didn't defend the "two-points up" version of the
pentagram as not necessarily being Satanic, I know a coupla Wiccan covens
who'd be annoyed. I believe they turn the symbol over when an initiate
reaches a certain level of training...? Heard that somewhere. And that
there are specific non-Satanic meanings for both versions of the star.

We keep passing the buck and no one seems to want it. Perhaps I shouldn't
mention that there are those who call themselves Satanists and don't
worship a devil named Satan. Hmmm. Wait, I'm not on alt.pagan, am I?

      --Please Ignore This Vortex
and any writing that appears below in my post, if it exists


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 04:03:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Janss L. Adams" 
Subject: Lakeside Park

I just recently signed on to NMS and haven't seen any LP adventure
stories, so I'll share mine. Last summer I was inspired to make the
journey from So. California to friend was going to go with
me, but couldn't get away from work, so I went solo. The morning I got in
my car to leave, FBN was playing on the radio...I sat there for a few
minutes pondering that one...the chances were incredible. Anyways, I
drove like a madman...(madperson?)...and reached the bridge crossing to
Ontario in three days! This being my first time entering another country,
I was unprepared for the experience of crossing the border. I was asked
the usual questions...citizenship...where was I long, etc. I
told the person I was travelling and was headed to Toronto for 3/4 days.
I was asked who I knew in one   I was asked if I had a
job...I told them I was a student in Calif. on summer vacation and showed
my University I.D.....I was then instructed to got talk to immigration. I
told a second person the same info. and was asked to wait in a room and
someone would be in shortly. The room had a couple of chairs, a table,
some magazines...I was reading something when the door opens and a man
enters holding a stack of papers and immediately states, in a loud voice,
"You were arrested in California!" Obviously I was shocked because I had
never been arrested in my life! I tried to explain to him that he was
wrong and I asked to see the papers he was holding...the ones that
supposedly had my arrest info.

He, of course, wouldn't let me see the papers...and he proceeded to
question me about my "story." I told him the same. His exact words were,
"I don't believe're you know how I know? (Why?) It's
my job to know!" I was stunned!..He then told me my body language gave me
away and that I was a poor communicator. I was agitated throughout the
entire interview because of the arrest charges. I asked him what I had to
do to get in the country...he said that I needed signed statements from
the State of Cal. and the City of Los Angeles saying I had never been
arrested. Towards the end of the interrogation, I came clean and told him
about Lakeside P, but I knew it would make no difference. On the way out,
he pats me on the shoulder, smiles and says, "Now that it's all over, do
you want to tell me the real reason..." F**K him!!! I was so pissed!!!

I was so tired of everything that I got in my car and drove back home,
not even considering any alternate access points into to Ontario.
That's my story. There's no doubt in my mind that much of what happened
occurred because I happen to be Black. Oh well...such is the state of the
world in which we live. I'm still a hero at home, among the Rush fans I
know, for making the attempt.

One of these days I shall venture forth again..a little more wiser.

"I knew he was different in his 
I went to his parties as the 
It never seemed a threat to my 
He only introuduced me to a wider "
                                     Janss Adams-


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 1994 09:37:13 EDT
From:  (MS L E REED)
Subject: Mailing list costs

In regards to THOM-US's post in the August 16th issue..

<   I'm lucky that way, I have direct access but what about  <
subscribers who have to use a service like "Prodigy" where
<   they're charged to the dollar for the honour of scrolling

     Thankyou very much for your post Tom, for I am one of those "Prodigy"
users who must pay anywhere from 40 cents to $1.00 an issue per "N.M.S."
that is sent. There has been some very interesting imformation in this
listing and being a RUSH fan, I've got to know what the latest news is and
read all those great interviews. But the question is, why write a post that
almost noone will care about?. Why not try to stick to the topics that
others may have questions about or imformation pertaining to the band ?
 ...just a thought
                                 Laura Reed


Date: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 17:29:07 -0400
From: ddouglas 
Subject: Rik Emmett and Alex in Guitar Player

     Good day...

     Dave mentioned in his last message here"

     > Has anyone ever seen the cover story (Rik Emmett and Alex Lifeson)
     >... Is it on syrinx I wonder. Big Al and Rik cut loose, would be
     >extremely funny I bet.

     I have that issue of Guitar Player. It is called the Canadian Summit
     and included a sound page. The artists were Alex, Rik, Liona Boyd and
     Ed Bickert. It is all guitar, and no other instruments. Alex has a
     solo in the beginning, and does a lot of atmospheric stuff throughout
     the piece. Each guitarist has a solo or stand out part. BTW, Ed
     Bickert is a Jazz guitarist.

     There is no wailing guitar, and it is a very consumate piece of music.
     I don't see how it would be 'funny', but it is definitley cool and
     there is a bit of a transcription in it as well.

     If anyone is going to look for it, it was the June '86, because it
     came out just before Power Windows was released.

     Until next time....

     Who is John Galt?


Date: Sat, 20 Aug 94 13:30:31 EDT
Subject: Extra Rush Albums

     I just got back from the record store and I got 2 copies of the rare LP
Rush Roll The Bones UK Lim. Edit. Picture disc.  Cool!
This is the one that is "shaped" like a dice and has RTB, and the Its' a rap
part one interview with Alex Lifeson.  If you want the


Date: 20 Aug 94 19:57:29 EDT
From: Robert Ludwig <>
Subject: Missing the Point

I have read a lot of the back issues of NMS and of course since I found it
a couple of weeks ago I watch for it and have been keeping up. I noticed
quite a few posts
about specific songs that people would like to hear live and this whole
unplugged thing.
I believe your missing the point. The whole idea of great music is to have
any band
playing what they like and not appealing to the masses. I know that has
always been
the main reason I listen to Rush or any other band. Music is purest when
you can
connect on that level. I for one would be deeply depressed if I ever read
or heard that
Rush chose to include or exclude a song based on someone else's opinion
even if it
was the fans. Music is and (hopefully) always will be a form of
communication. Go listen
to any of Rush's instrumentals and you will see what I mean. I am 35 years
old and a
Rush fan since I was 16. I can count on 1 hand the number of bands that are
able to
move me emotionally with their music. So count your blessings that you are
around for
one of the greastest bands ever. They don't come along too often.

Off my soapbox now...My dinner guests would be:
Neil Peart
Winona Ryder
Ayn Rand (Did not see the oringinal post so the whole live or dead thing
thing is unclear
                to me)
Billy Joel
General Rommel (Greatest military mind of this century)
Frank Thomas (Chicago White Sox 1st baseman)

The big question is what would I serve?

On the name for a child...I think Rush as a child's name is sort of silly.
That's why I went with Alex for my son.


Bob Ludwig

"Back off man - I'm a scientist"


Date: Sun, 21 Aug 94 12:24:49 EST

ok, ok, ok..
so im driving along the other day, and after hearing Red Barchetta on
the radion, the Dj says "and that was RUSH, recapping one of their older
songs, in prepration for a huge anneversary tour coming up this winter,
cant wait!.."


   [Um, I would take ANYTHING radio stations say *hardly* the word on the
    matter... do I need to bring up the Critical Mass confusion?..
        : rush-mgr ]

frantic with frusteration,

In Ged We Trust.


Date: Sun, 21 Aug 1994 15:18:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: derek anthony croft 
Subject: Neil looks like WHO??

Has anyone noticed the similarities between a certain drummer and the
Action Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. It's uncanny.

Actually, if you look at the picture of the guys in the liner notes for
_2112_, he looks a lot like Tom Selleck with long hair...

Magnum P.I.=Neil Peart??  Hmmm...  :)


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 00:16:22 EDT

Has anyone ever heard of this?  I looked on the Rush discography and it
doesn't note EXACTLY that the 12' single had this.
I'm being told this has the figure of the man juggling etched in foil on the
sleeve.  Thanks.


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 12:23:05 -0600
From: (Brian Robbins)
Subject: Rik Emmitt

        I know this has nothing to do with Rush but if someone else can
mention Rik Emmitt, so can I ...  I live in the united states, and
although it is a fine country there are a few drawbacks... The one I am
refering to is that I can't but Rik Emmitt's second solo CD without paying
more than I paid for the last rush concert.  If any of you fine Canadian
NMS people can sympothize with me and would be willing to help me out here
please respond to


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 12:09 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: * Reverse the Golden Rule? *

Dear NMS'ers

    In Kid Gloves (cool song) towards the end Neil writes:

    "Anger wear a crown of thorns"
    "Reverse the golden rule"

What?????   O.K., the golden rule is: "Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you!" (sound advice)  But how do you
reverse that?  "Do unto yourself as you would have others do
unto themselves?"  The latter doesn't make sense and may not
even be the golden rule reversed.  This has been bugging
me ever since I road into work last week listening to GUP.
What the hell is he referring to hear?  Any input would be
appreciated before we wrap up the Summer season and head
towards our new Fall episodes of NMS.


A. A. A. c#baged - La Villa Stangiatto


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 19:45:37 -0400
From: (Vincent A. Desiderio)
Subject: Snap your fingers snap your neck.

     I dunno if I don't yous this story from my experience at the
U.S. Air Arena in Maryland.  So here goes...there are like, 2
men's rooms there.  It's one of the first times I've ever had to
wait in line for a men's room, and it was a good hour before the
show started.  So we're all waiting, all us "men" and stuff, and
this really fat guy walks past us on his way in.  I mean this guy
was a big ugly greasy slob, you know the type.  Anyway, being the
All-American Boy that I am I say, "Something wrong with this line
buddy?"  He responds, "I've got a backstage pass."  So I say,
"This isn't backstage.  Something wrong with the toilets back
there?"  And he ignores me and proceeds in.  So...somebody tell
me, what's the idea of not having toilets backstage for the crew?
You're not gonna tell me this obvious gentleman came all the way
out front to hang with us fans and...uh, y'know.

Anyway...3 albums:  Rush-Presto, GNR-Appetite for Destruction and
Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells...if I'm rushed out of the house
and don't have time to thing about it much.

Finally:  ThomUS...that's very considerate of you to think about
users who can't spend as much time on-line as yourselve.
I don't think it's good for creativity to limit oneself though.


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 22:19:42 -0400
From: "Gordon Barentsen" 
Subject: Permanent Waves - Rush on Marine Stereo, etc.

 Yo peoples...Tom Lockwood (yo Tom) mentioned last issue about
listening to Rush on a marine stereo.  I too have been fortunate enough to
experience this.
 A friend of mine has a cottage in the Midland/Penetanguishene area,
and his parents own a really cool boat.  A couple of years ago they had a
marine stereo installed.  Now, because you're usually (well, WE'RE usually)
speeding around at breakneck speeds, you have to sacrifice certain things;
the bass isn't quite as impressive on small, straining speakers, but it's a
small price to pay to have _Exit...Stage Left_ blaring out at all angles
while you're heading out for some snorkelling!  And you probably thought Red
Barchetta was only for driving CARS...tsk tsk :).
 I must say that YYZ (and in fact the entire album) is absolutely
superb for listening in a boat.  Unfortunately, our tape died halfway back to
 My two cents on the 2112 Red Star/Pentagram stuff.  When I first
started listening to the album, I intuited (I can actually concretize it now)
that the Red Star symbolized, in its most general sense, authority/
totalitarian rule.  Maybe there was something connecting it to Totalitarian
Communism, but Christian knights also had the pentagram on their shields as a
mark of honour, and they also lived my very rigid codes.  The naked dude, I
think, is Humanity; his nakedness perhaps symbolizes the essence of Humanity
which is often squelched in the fist of Fascism of any kind.  Thus his hands
are pulled back in a vain effort to shield himself against a power which all
too often subsumes him.  Why a man?  Who knows...My own personal
interpretation is that it's a Man's world - not in a misogynist sense, but
perhaps because men make the rules (in general), so they are the ones who
visibly suffer (not to exclude women, who still get the shitty end of the
stick in too many things - or I could be on drugs.  To each his own.

 That's my two cents.  Sorry if it costs you a dollar to download it.

- Gord


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 21:54:56 -0500 (CDT)
From: Adam Leonard 
Subject: Thrice told tales

I ftped the thrice told tales file from syrinx but have been unable to
read it.  How is it zipped/compressed and what format is it in.  I have
the most current (and registered) copy of pkzip et al and it did not help
on this.

Also, where is Neil's article on rock and satan?

Thanks for the help


Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 23:12:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: THOM-US 
Subject: Nicholas J. Marx doesn't understand!

> Hi y'all!  First, the following really made me wonder about some people:
> So basically what is being said here is that the types of discussions now
> are less important and less valid than any in the past, and should not be
> put up here according to the "laws of nettequitte (sp?)"

    Well, let's make this real simple for Nicholas J. Marx!  I  "lame"
    terms, just so that "you" can understand, people like you or I get
    these things for free.  I have come to appreciate those that  have
    to pay for it and I don't think that  a  lot  of  contributers  to
    these types of lists realize that when they ramble on and  on  and

> along with the occasional "left field post." (it keeps thing interesting)

    I like these "left field posts" as much as the next guy but  when
    they drag onto 100+ pages, it's "outta the park"!  Are you imply-
    ing that eveyone on this list realize that people pay  for  their
    "ramblings"? I don't think so Nicholas J. Marx.

    Thanx for coming out!

 -- Tom Lockwood -----------------------------------------------------------
                                         Summer's going fast -
   Computer-Based Learning               Nights growing colder
   Cambrian College                      Children growing up -
   Sudbury, Ontario, Canada              Old friends growing older
   P3A 3V8                               Experience Slips away...
                                                              Neil Peart
 ---------------------------------------- --


From: "Steve Abaffy" 
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 08:22:20 -0400
Subject: 3 CD's

Hi all,

First my 3 CD's if I were stuck on an island:

2112 - The last thing I want to hear before I die.  Suprised not more mention
       of this album, Rush's Best Ever IMHO.
Parinoid - Black Sabbath
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
 Maybe my age is showing :->.

Second, sort of along the same vein. Since we are limiting our selection of
music, which of all the Rush Songs ever written would you be willing to never
ever under no circumstance hear again?
My personal choice: Lakeside Park, a good song, but could live without.


|Steve Abaffy                                      NASA Lewis Research Center |
|                  email:                      |
|Behind the finer feelings -- This civilized veneer --                        |
|The heart of a lonely hunter -- Guards a dangerous frontier  -- N. Peart     |


Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 14:10:08 BST
Subject: Old News????


This maybe old news, but I've heard Van Halen are now being managed
by Ray Daniels (sp?).



From: Adam Paul Loch 
Subject: Hockey Organs & Rush
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 14:56:43 -0400 (EDT)

Someone mentioned hearing hockey organists playing Rush? Watch a game at Maple
Leaf Gardens.  Even If your watching on TV, you can sometimes hear Subdivisions
being played in the background, and other Rush stuff.  I wish Paul Shaffer and
his band on Letterman would play some Rush sometimes(they play Synchronicity II
a lot).  Yeah, If you want to hear Rush at a hockey game, go to Toronto(not
very strange, eh?) Oh yeah, in a recent edition of TNMS, someone asked if
anybody had the guts to name their pets after members of Rush.  Well, i tried
to name my family's new puppy Geddy, but the rest of the family wouldn't go for
it.  It turns out that the puppy has a high-pitched bark, so it would have been
a good name.


"Detached and subdivided in the mass production zone"


Date: Tue, 23 Aug 1994 14:17:56 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Hello Drummers!!


I play guitar so it is easy for me to evaluate and appreciate the tones,
technique and virtuosity of Lerxt and Ged's fretwork - I am interested in a
drummers analysis of that other guy.

To my mind, Neil and Stewart Copeland (among others) are the most creative
Rock percussionists. I love Neil's stuff (obviously) and can airdrum most
fills with relative conviction :-) but If you are a drummer, could you fill
me in on what technical aspects of Neil's style put him in such reverence.

(Title it: "Why I Love and Hate Neil Peart!")  :-)

As an example, I remember reading a third person summary of Rush as a band
and the writer mentioned Neil being able to do some one-handed Triple-Flam
thingamajig or whatever . . . thats the kinda stuff I'm interested in . . .
You could include a comparison to other percussionists, better or worse . .

Tom Keekley
Minneapolis, USA


Subject: Yes at SPAC
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 17:15:40 -0400
From: Virtual Unreality 

Will anyone besides myself admit to seeing that abonimable concert on Aug. 22
in Saratoga Performing Arts Center (NY)??

    [ Yes badmouthing deleted...    : rush-mgr ]

I'm sick of this trend of bands that were something in the 70's breaking uo
and getting back together and putting out these awful regurgitations trying
to be something that they were and not quite making it...examples?  Well
Yes, of course.  Then there's Boston...what's this "I need your love"
bullshit?  Journey... Eagles... the list goes on.  The only exception that
comes to mind is Pink Floyd.  Even without Roger Waters, they are still
one hell of a band, though not the SAME band.

That's what makes Rush so great.  20 years of consistently incredible music,
tours and not once did they call it quits, change members, sue eachother
for the rights to the name, anything.  They have really stood the test of
time and done what no other progressive giant of the 70's has done: remained
the progressive giant of the 90's.

PS: I had a fish names Lerxst once, but it died.


Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 17:43:20 EDT
From: Brian Blath 
Subject: Toronto

 Hello all.  I just got back from toronto and would reccomend it to
all.  I had a great time seeing both rush bits and just the general sights
around town.  The song Lakeside park will forever conjure up diffent images
since I actually got to visit it.  I wont bore you with all the details, but
I will just mention that the signed poster at SAM the record mans in now
inside.  I think I heard it was in the window before.

 Now for a little tidbit.  ON my way back towards niagra from toronto
I was listening to Q107. On the show they were talking about a show they have
were they preview upcoming albums.  On the list that they rattled of was
RUSH.  Now I didnt here what when or how, but they definatly said that they
would be previewing a new album by RUSH.  As I said before this is just what
I heard on the radio.


Date:         Wed, 24 Aug 94 16:04:11 EST
From: Sara Krosschell 

Well, I'm back at school, with a new address and no sig...  :(  But I'm still
By-Tor, and RUSH still rules.  Speaking of which (duh) one of my classes this
year is "Great Ideas in Western Music".  Sounds real cheesy, eh?  It's mostly
classical, well, all classical, and interesting.  We will also learn about
the music-making process.  I was flipping through the syllabus and noticed
a few notes within mentioning how Apollo and Dionysus are common themes in
classical music.  So I of course immediately began humming Hemispheres.  One
of my RUSH favorites.  I think I kind of knew before, but it's good to know for
sure that Neil didn't pluck those themes, er names, out of thin air.  Argh!
I'm babbling nonsensically yet again, so you may as well disregard this because
you'll have gotten the wrong idea of what I do and do not know...  So feel free
to flood my mailbox in retaliation.  Goodbye for now fellow RUSH-ites.

                                     Sara a.k.a. By-Tor

  "I got an itchin' to rock, a hate for small talk.  I'm funny that way..."
                                    -The Gedster


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