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 Subj:  #1(2) 09/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1012
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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1012

                Thursday, 1 September 1994
Today's Topics:
                       Geddy's bro
              lyrics courtesy of Mr. Weinrib
                3 CDs and 3 dinner guests
                     Naming your kids
                       All Hail NMS
                       RUSH SINGLES
                    Third Instrumental
           More drummers on Buddy Rich tribute
                   So Long Everybody!!
                       New Album??
                first time singles, again
                         New Tunes
       Canadian Border Guards (The end of the Line)
                       Neil's book?
                  Rush and Talking Heads
                    various threads...
                Dracula wears Kid Gloves.
                         pet name
                    Apple House CDs...
               Spending $$ on reading posts
                 "Appropriate" material?
                    Geddy's Keyboards
                looking down from Olympus
                   Closer to Our Hearts
                    Do unto others...
                   Re: Hello Drummers!!
                        Net access
              My desert island dinner party
        ----- Rush songs I could do without -----
The Japanese version of the Chronicles LaserDisc does have 12 tracks...

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Sep  1 19:54:56 EDT 1994
Subject: Administrivia

Darn, I was doing great last week too! Ah well, there was no digest for
tuesday or wednesday, and I'm behind in admin mail (I'll try to work it off
later tonight).

- rush-mgr


Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 17:48:17 EDT
Subject: Hexagram=Counterparts

Yeah, man! It's post time!
Just a couple of brain cells fightin' it out for a thought:

In issue 1006:

Leesa J Kern  wrote:

>Heck, I've even seen/read a five pointed star called the "Star >of Solomon,"
akin to an infamous "Star of David," so the use of >a five pointed star is
not out of the Judeo-Christian realm.

Not only not out of the Judeo-Christian realm, but seemingly very important
to both.  For Christians, probably more so at the time of Pythagoras and
Plato - when All was number - than now, but the legacy lives on.

I understand there are numerous theories on and uses of the hexagram, this is
only one.  So, for what it's worth, here is my Rush content:

Hexagram = Counterparts:

The five pointed star (as seen on the back of CP), while often referred to as
the "Star of David" or "Magen David" and associated with Judaism,  is also
known as "Solomon's Knot" or "Solomon's Seal" and has its ties to
Christianity (counterparts).

In the time when All was number there was serious weight put on the symbolism
of numbers and how God could be found in the various combinations thereof.
 The fallout of which can still be found in theories on visual and harmonic

The following I picked-up from a professor writing a book about the role this
'number theory' played in the design of Cathedrals.  The numbers and their
symbolic significance, if I remember correctly, are:

1          Unity - God
2          Female - 1st departure - incomplete (relax ...)
3          Male - complete - beginning, middle, end
4          Justice
5          Marriage - 2+3
6          Creation - 2x3
7          Kyros - Holy Ghost
8          Recreation - circumcision - resurrection - new week
9          ( sorry, I forget)
10        Perfection - Law (1, 2, 3, & 4  in triangular form)

I know, give me a break, I'm just the messenger.

So, the hexagram, made of two triangles - one pointing up (male - earth), one
pointing down (female - water) - is 6-pointed, the number of creation.  As
was believed, the number 6 = 2x3 (counterparts).

And now for the Obligatory Mindless Observation (OMO)
Why is the Trinity (Rush) attached to the female triangle?  Animate?  They're
all attached to women?  They're all women?  They prefer Ms. Pac Man to Pac

Please, don't take this too seriously :).


On the topic of stars;  I've seen, recently, a lot of discussion about the
pentagram and Rush - Satanism, etc. - I remember, from days of interest in
the occult, that a pentagram that broke the circle containing it was of white
magic, not black.

I avoid the Rush/Satan threads like I (now) avoid Rush/Rand threads ... so if
this was already broached, sorry.

Thanks for the venue - ORQ
"Trust to your instinct / If it's safely restrained" NP


Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 18:20:12 EDT

     Does anyone know how many of the Rush Gold Big Money CDV's were made and
how rare they are now?  I've only found 2 other people.
     Also, can someone translate the following: MESSIS EX VITA (?DITA) &


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 1994 20:36:18 -0500
Subject: Geddy's bro

Hi. writes:

>On another topic: I noticed that the producer of "The Big Money"
>video is Alan Weinrib.  Is this any relation to Geddy (aka Gary Lee

It's Geddy's brother.  He's done a lot of work with the band over the
years.  Check the CP tourbook for yet another mention of him...his
production company came up with the projection screen material for
the last tour.



Date: Sun, 28 Aug 1994 22:45:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brian Conahan 
Subject: lyrics courtesy of Mr. Weinrib

 In TNMS #1010, someone stated the weakness of Geddy-written lyrics
in comparison to Neil's.  Well, actually, that's not entirely false, but
he used "Different Strings" as an example.  When I first heard DS, I was
really impressed by the lyrics.  Not by their complexity, but by their
flow within the music.  When I saw "lyrics by Lee," I thought it was a
misprint.  I sincerely think there are worse examples of non-Neil lyrics.

Brian Conahan
Temple University

P.S.  Out of sheer coincidence, "Chemistry" happens to be playing now.


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 05:36 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: 3 CDs and 3 dinner guests

I haven't answered anything along the lines of these questions yet so here
it goes,

   If I were stranded on an island My three guests would be:

Pamella Anderson (sp?) - I might need her to save me
Gabrielle Reece - professional volleyball would be a good pastime
Alex Lifeson - guitar lessons would be another good pastime

   The three CDs I would listen to at dinner would be:

Permanent Waves - an excellent appetizer
Moving Pictures - WOW what a main coarse! And I'll have a Sprite
                  w/Lemon Limelight. (Diet Sprite?)
Signals - Who could ask for a better dessert? Or am I just thinking about
Pamella again?

ummmm! wait a minute...I think I got a little confused here...never mind.
Sorry if you had to pay BIG BUCKS to download this.



Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 09:06:54 -0400
From: (James E. Babin)
Subject: Naming your kids

In reponse to Tom Beaudoin's question:

- Has anyone here been bold enough to name children/pets after any
- members of Rush?

(My wife will dispute the reason, but...) Alex Babin was born 7/14/89.
Although we don't plan to have another, Neil would be next.


From: Stephen A Jankowiak 
Subject: All Hail NMS
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 09:41:19 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,
Did anyone out there ever notice that no mamber of Rush can take a dump without
someone on the NMS finding out how many squares of toilet paper they used?
I think all this information is wonderful!

P>S> It has just come across my desk that Neil Spent 5 minutes in the bathroom
at approx 3:02pm and 20 squares were used.

Keep the info flowing!

The Amazing Wondersteve


From: (Barnette, Gary V 1Lt)
Date: 29 Aug 94 08:51:25 EDT

Hi!  Craig Mertens writes:

>Where were you and what were doing when you _first_ heard the _first_
>single off any given RUSH album(s). That is, "Force 10", not "TSS", or
>"Dreamline", not "Bravado". Please be as specific as your memory

I can think of two:

Tom Sawyer:  It was summer, 1981, and my friend, Channon, invited me into
his house to let me listen to this new record he just bought.  It was in
Suffolk, VA (the Bennett's Creek area) and I was 12 years old.  Before I
heard that song, I had never even HEARD of RUSH.  But I've been a RUSH
fanatic ever since.

Dreamline:  I was fishing off of a pier on the James River in Newport
News, VA in July 1991.



Subject: Third Instrumental
From: (Barnette, Gary V 1Lt)
Date: 29 Aug 94 09:30:31 EDT

>P.S. What will the name of the 3rd instumental be??? I'm sure that there
>will be one because the band seems to get a real kick outta doing them!

Well, let's see.  There was "Where's My Thing" and "Leave That Thing
Alone".  How about..........(drum roll)..........."What The Hell Is This
Thing?" :-)

I think it's kinda catchy!



From: "Lefferts, Jeff" 
Subject: More drummers on Buddy Rich tribute
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 94 22:01:00 PDT

The October issue of Modern Drummer magazine mentions some more drummers that
are on Neil's pet project.  Steve Jordan (who played with the Brecker
Brothers, John Scofield, the Blues Brothers Band, David Sanborn, and Keith
Richard's Xpensive Winos, among others), Dave Garibaldi (ex-Tower of Power,
and lots more), and Bill Bruford.  Here's what they say about Bill:

     Bill Bruford took the Buddy Rich band to a place its never been
  before.  "It was definitely a sense of tires squealing on pavement,"
  quips Bruford on his contribution to what might possibly turn out to
  be one of the most important drum records ever made.  The project in
  question is the Neil Peart-produced album featuring the Buddy Rich
  band performing with many of today's top drummers, due for release
  this fall.  (MD will be covering this event in more detail in a
  future issue.)
     Bill recorded a tune from the BR book ("Willowcrest"), but then
  threw the band a major-league curve by having them play one of HIS
  compositions, the polyrhythmic "Lingo."  According to Bill, "During
  the first ten minutes of rehearsal the band was struggling.  They
  could have easily killed the tune and said, 'Forget it.'  But they
  gave it their very best shot, worked with me on it, and three hours
  later it was a take."
     Bill says that his half day spent with the band was most enjoyable.
  "It was thrilling to play with that band.  The sound of all those
  horns combining with my drums and cymbals gave off such a powerful
  feeling -- lost in the roar, if you will.  I would have paid the
  price of admission."


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 13:05:02 -0500 (CDT)
From: Scott A Wedge 
Subject: So Long Everybody!!

Greetings and farewell everyone! (Huh?)

I must bid a fond farewell to all of you out in RUSH land. I have just
reached graduation (YEAH!!) and I will lose my net account (BOO!). I
appreciate everyone who has written me about varioous things and I am
glad for the experiences I have had through this forum. Rush-mgr -


My last thing to say - stranded on an island with only 3 albums to choose
from -

1. a 30 hour cd with every Rush song on it!! (HA!)
2. another cd with any Rush song the first cd might have missed
3. one of the four Boston albums (not sure which one)

Thanks everyone - take care!!

(And yes, Rush-mgr, I will de-subscribe to the right address!)

The Great Omnipotent Captain VAX
Scott Wedge - Auburn University
Terry's Tigers - 11-0 - WAR EAGLE
"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission....."  - NP


From: (Peter Zucker)
Subject: New Album??
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 16:31:49 EDT

 Being as this is my first post in about a month, and the fact that
today I was catching up on the backlog of TNMS's I want to comment on the
rumors of the new album I read about in TNMS #1005.
 Atlantic Records is located in nerby NYC, so every now and then I call
to find out what is going on with Rush. Last summer I called and the woman I
spoke to (Beverly Furman) always gave me good info (i.e; due dates of first
single, name of songs on CP, etc..) on CP before it came out, as oppesed to
the folks up at Anthem who I believe are in the job of disinformation. Well
anyway, I called this woman up about 10 days ago and asked if Rush as anything
new in store. she said that as we speak they are in the studio recording a new
album,( not a live one) but she couldn't speculate on when it would be released
but she did say to call back anytime I wished. As for the folks up at Anthem,
their official line  was that the band was on vacation.
Oh well till next time.....



Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 18:36:30 EDT
Subject: headsets

Do any of you guitar/bass players know how I could hook up a headset to my
amp so that I could practice *quietly* at home??
Thanks for any help you can give...
Tom Beaudoin

Rush content:  I like Geddy.


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 18:10:49 EST
From: "Mertens, Craig D" 
Subject: first time singles, again

(I hate it when the gateway eats my TNMS's)
Dreamline: I was at my summer job at an amusement park (Seabreeze, for
you Western NY types), working in the commissary, stacking things in
the walk-in freezer. I could only sort of hear the radio over the din
of the fans and the rides, but I remember thinking, "that guitarist
sounds a lot like Alex." I finally paused long enough to actually
listen...and I think we lost a few gallons of mint chip while I
revelled in the August heat.

Show Don't Tell: Sophmore year at college. I was headed to the library
after dinner, but had forgotten a book in my room. Walking up the
stairs, I could hear this music BLASTING through closed doors. As I got
to the 2nd floor landing, I recognized Geddy BELLOWING, ripped the
doors open, sprinted down the hall to my room and stumbled in to see my
roommate jumping up and down pulling his hair and generally looking
ecstatic. He had, on whim, turned the radio on after dinner, and caught
almost all of the song on tape. I had arrived for the replay, after he
had plugged his bass amp into the stereo, creating a crude but more-or-
less effective subwoofer. Our neighbors were pounding on their walls
and ceiling, but to no avail. I don't think I ever made it to the
library that night...


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 16:08 EST
From: "Tony J. Romano" <>
Subject: Do unto others...

Thinking about the Kid Gloves thread going lately, I was cruising down
the interstate and a "Tool" song came on.  (it has the lovely title of
'Prison Sex'!).  Part of the song has the line:

  "Do unto others what has been done to you".

Taking into account the feelings and lyrics of 'Kid Gloves', this is what
I think reversing the golden rule means in this context.  The line

 "Anger wear a crown of thorns"

makes me think of the martyr-like aspects of what can happen when
anger gets the best of you.  The results are usually never good, and
most of the time, they end up screwing you.

By the way, Tool is a kick ass hard rock/alternative type of
band thats fairly new out of LA.  I saw them in May, and it was
an amazing show.  There are damn few bands coming out these
days that have a lot of energy in their music, and Tool is one
of them.  Of all the bands that have come out in recent years,
I can only think of several others, like Smashing Pumpkins and
Green Day that have a lot of energy in their music.  If you like
heavy music, I suggest you give them a listen.

Tony Romano                                   "Why can't we NOT be sober?"
MCI Systems Engineering                                             - Tool
Co. Spgs, Colorado
                                       ORQ:   "We've got mars on the horizon,
                                               says the national midnight star"


From: Dan Draves 
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 18:05:19 PDT
Subject: Canadian Border Guards (The end of the Line)

Regarding his rebuffed attempt to enter Canada and getting hassled by
the Canadian Border Patrol, Janss L. Adams writes in issue #1008:

> There's no doubt in my mind that much of what happened
>occurred because I happen to be Black.

Although I don't know what the papers in the border guards hand said, I
doubt that you were barred from entering Canada because of your race.
Canada is actually a very racially diverse country.  Getting into the
country, however,  is another matter entirely.

When I was 18, I came up with the brilliant idea of driving to Canada,
just for the sake of saying I'd been there.  I hatched this plan at
about 10:00 pm and the Border was about 2 hours away.  No matter, I was
on my way!!!!   After driving through the dark, winter night I finally
made it past the Peace arch and to the border guard booth.  I was asked
the usual questions: citizenship, reason for coming in, etc., etc.  I
was then told to pull my car up to the main building and go inside.  No
sweat.  I walked in to the building and was met by an agent of the
Canadian Border Patrol.  Again, I was asked basically the same
questions that I had just answered.  Finally, he asked me how much
money I had on me.  I whipped out my handy, dandy wallet with the
velcro enclosure (neato!!!) and proudly displayed for the agent that I
had all of.... **one dollar** on me.  That's all they needed to send
this WHITE, goofy, short haired 18 year old back on his merry way to
the US.  Apparently one of the requirements for getting in, is that you
must have a minimum of $30 bucks per person/per day to get in.

That was 12 years ago.   A few years back,  my friend and I went up and
 actually wound up getting frisked and they really gave the car once
over.  Nothing found, nothing to hide.  I often wonder if it was
because of the length of our hair (pretty long).

At any rate, I wouldn't concern yourself with the racism aspect of it.
 Like I said, Canada is a racially diverse country (at least Vancouver,
BC is) although that story about the arrest did sound a little hokey
and I can certainly relate to your being pissed about driving all that
way, only to be turned back.

Sorry about the non-Rush content.



Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 21:20:04 -0500 (EDT)
From: Art Hung 
Subject: Neil's book?

Has anyone been able to get a hold of "Raindance Over the Rockies?", the
book that Neil wrote a while ago?  I've been trying with no success.
The local bookstore, which kicks butt, was not able to find anything in
their computers.

    [ This book was a limited *private* edition, I believe perhaps only 100
      copies were made (some small number) and given out to friends. I also have
      heard the the University of Toronto library has a copy...     : rush-mgr ]

Hello to Jerky, Spotty, Squishy, Bruce, Puanani, Meg and everyone else.


Art Hung

"...driven on, without a moment to spend,
to pass an evening with a drink and a friend"

   Rush - "Time Stand Still"


Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 22:02:04 EDT
Subject: Rush and Talking Heads

I am trying to remember if I read this, heard
this, or simply imagined it -  but I could swear
I recall some comment by Neil in some interview
where he named the Talking Heads as a band
whom he liked and/or was influenced by.
Hearing a Talking Heads tune today, I find it
hard to believe -

Anybody remember hearing such a thing or have
I lost it?



Subject: various threads...
From: (Scott Jaworski)
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 94 19:52:05 CST

Well, here's my contribution to a few threads that are going on:

1. 3 CDs on a desert island: Chronicles (I could never decide which RUSH
to take so why not get a sampling of it all?), The Wall (Pink Floyd) and
well, I'd have to think about the third one...

2. Re: The potential drumming error in "Stick it Out" - at that level,
it's not an error, if it was, they would have tracked the correction over
it, it's possible when working with 64 tracks (my band has enough
problems with just 4) :) - so I doubt it's an error but one of those
things where they just try and hurt you.

3. First Rush experience: my guitar teacher gave me a tape with Tom
Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio on it. That was all it took. I got
Counterparts as my next album (right when it came out too) and then
Chronicles, then I just sorta took it from there. I have them all now. :)

4. I'll just quickly stick in a plug for my band's first release. Our
band, called Afterimage will be completing an EP/Demo tape by mid-October
and it will be available for $3.00 (US), $5.00 CDN (shipping included in
price). I just thought you might all be interested since I take Alex
Lifeson as my #1 influence on guitar. E-Mail me for more details on this

"Now it's dark."


Date: 30 Aug 94 01:44:53 EDT
From: James Jay Jordan <>
Subject: Dracula wears Kid Gloves.

 Hello folks,

  With all the talk on the subject of Kid Gloves, it reminded me of the first
time I saw the phrase in print. (Other than the song).  I remembered that while
reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, the phrase came up in a passage somewhere.  Well,
with a little patience I found it.  Refering to page 112 of the hardcopy.
Within which a reporter from "The Pall Mall Gazette" is interviewing the
caretaker of the wolf section of the Zoological Gardens as to the cause of the
escape of a grey wolf. The caretaker not knowing he was face to face with
Dracula describes the "man" he saw standing in front of the wolf cage to the
reporter this way... "He had a 'ard, cold look and red eyes, and I took a sort
of mislike to him, for it seemed as if it was 'im as they was hirritated at.
He'ad white kid gloves on 'is'ands, and he pointed out the animiles to me and
says: "Keeper, these wolves seem upset at somthing"".
  The book as many of you may know was written in 1896-97.  This is the earliest
referance to the phrase I have seen in print.  But, I am sure that it must
originate elsewhere.  Has anyone seen it anywhere else?  I do believe that in
the song that it means to handly a touchy situation with as much tact as one can
muster. Just MHO.
  And just thought to pass on that I recently purchased the Mobil Fidelity Sound
Lab recording's of MP's and 2112. I remember in the FAQ someone wanted to know
if any other beside's MP's was available.  It's only right that Rush be
available in 24 karat gold.  Don't you think?

                                "We have assumed control"
                                     See ya,
                                         James Jay Jordan


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 08:29:44 CDT
From: (Scott A. Hareland)
Subject: pet name

My sister had a rabbit named PRESTO.

"Run to light from shadow
 Sun gives me no rest
 Promise offered in the east
 Broken in the west
 Chase the sun around the world
 I want to look at life --
 In the available light..."


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:43:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Apple House CDs...

Good day eh,
 I have been trying to track down some CDs made "Downunder."  I know
there are Rushfans(tm) living in that area that could possibly help me out
here.  3 months ago I got wind of really cheap u2 live CDs under a label
called Apple House.
 Finally getting them about 3 weeks ago,  I was impressed with the
sound quality.  One of the CDs was made under Joker.  (prob the same company)
Anyhow,  in the sleeve is a list of other groups to be had,  and of course
there was a Rush one.
 Does anyone know how many this(these) companies made of Rush? Always
looking for decent cheap live stuff.  If any of you fellow Rushians out there
have info regarding this,  it would help.


"Dream out load... at high volumes,  that's what we do for a living" Bono


From: (George Rogic)
Subject: Spending $$ on reading posts
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 11:21:00 -0400 (EDT)

One thing that all AOLers (and I DO have an account with AOL) need to think
about is when they open their NMS mail, *save it and read it OFF line*. I'm
sure the other services offer the same function. That way you don't *pay*
for your reading time. Try it, you may like it...


From: (Dan Delany)
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 08:47:12 -0700
Subject: "Appropriate" material?

(Bear with me - I'm an NMS vet and don't post very often.)

   [ Ah Dan, I thought you were just on the list as a courtesy and didn't
     have time to read it any more.. :-)   : rush-mgr ]

Some other mailing lists on the net have 2 lists - the "chat" list and the
"hard info" list.  I think that the Queensryche list is set up this way.
This way, if you don't want to wade through and pay for stuff you don't want
to read, you don't have to.

This does involve considerably more work for the moderator, as they're now
managing two lists instead of one, but it's a thought.

   [ Actually there have been a few suggestions on this type of list... I've
     thought about it and it would be more work, but my biggest question is
     what would be on that list? It'd be different if Rush was on tour, but
     "hard info"? If anyone has suggestions for me, please drop me a line
     via email, and once I get caught up with the admin mail I'll take it
     under advisement.      : rush-mgr ]

Dan Delany, (NeXT mail OK)
System Administrator, PDH Inc.
"Are you the police?"
"No, ma'am.  We're musicians."


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 11:13:06 EST
From: Soy un perderdor 
Subject: sticks

To whomever asked last time, Neil uses Pro Mark 747  (wood tips)
the very same that are now marketed by Pro Mark with his autograph on them.
I don't know how long Neil has used these sticks, but I'd say quite awhile.

note, he also holds them backwards, which i tried for awhile myself
(I use the 747's too) but I eventually switched back to holding them
the "right" way.
I think Neil prefers that method because he reportedly gets more surface
contact between stick and drumhead.  But I prefer the "right" way because
the sticks are balanced to be held at the butt end.  I get more power
in my swing, and its easier to play fast.
comments from other drummers?



Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 15:07:24 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Geddy's Keyboards

Does anyone out there know exactly what type of keyboards Geddy currently
uses?  I haven't been able to find out anything except the ones from the
Moving Pictures/Signals era, which were the now-antiquated Oberheim and
PPG boards.

Also, IMHO this network is PRO-Rush, not ANTI-Rush, so why don't we try
and cut the crap about songs we can do without, etc.????

Steve Riley


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 16:04:00 EST
From: "Mertens, Craig D" 
Subject: looking down from Olympus

My $1/50 on the Apollo/Dionysus thread:
On an exam in Intro to Cultural Anthropology my freshman year in
college, one of the questions asked us to discuss the differences
between Apollonian/Dionysian philosophies. Well. Thanks to Neil's
insightful, creative interpretations, I whipped out a quick essay that
Mercury records, had they ever seen it, would have demanded royalty
payments for. But I got an 'A' on the test, and a degree in Anthro 3
years later, so.....(sorry, no real closing point) (BTW, if anyone
knows the whereabouts of a Professor Harald Prins, e-mail me and let me

P.S. for a GREAT interpretation of Dionysus aka Bacchus, check out any
of several Eddie Campbell comics/storylines, published by Dark Horse.


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 16:18:59 EDT
From: (Bill Bopp)
Subject: Closer to Our Hearts

I looking for info on a CD I saw recently. I believe it was called "Closer to 
Our Hearts", and appeared to be an "import" (as I try to avoid the "B" word). 
It was of a show in New York back in March, but I forget which day. I am really
interested in the quality of this...and other "import" recordings that are out
there. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Has anyone heard of this disc???

= Bill Bopp          =  For long you live and high you fly                     =
= Software Engineer  =  And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry            =
=   =  And all you touch and all you see                      =
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Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 15:41 EST
From: "Tony J. Romano" <>
Subject: New Tunes

Greetings Analog Children and Digital Men (and Women):

My first experience with Rush in the late 70's was 2112.  I remember
thinking 'a 20 minute song? what in the hell is this?'.  It took about
a month for my simple age 13 ''Kiss/Boston/Zeppelin" mind to assimilate
the greatness embedded in this album.  One day in Februrary 1980,
I was sitting in my basement listening to the radio, when the DJ said
"Here's the new tune from Rush,  'Spirit of the Radio'.".  Hearing the
guitar intro, I remember thinking here's a song that's going to stand
out amongst the normal radio tripe.  Having started playing guitar
in 1979, I was not very advanced by that time, so I immediately bought
PeW, and the band, and especially Alex became a major influence on
me over the next 4 years.  I joined a basement band in 1981, and we
played tons of Rush, including 'ByTor', 'The Trees', 'Spirit', 'Passage to B..'
'Limelight', 'R. Barchetta' and 'YYZ'.


Tony Romano     "Experience slips away..."
MCI Systems Engineering
Co. Spgs, Colorado


From: dtcsun8! (Thomas C. Hahn)
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 17:14:37 EDT
Subject: Re: Hello Drummers!!

In response to "Why I Love and Hate Neil Peart!"

I've played the drums for 26 years and been doing it for love and money the
last 16 years.

Here's why Neil Peart is the rock Drummer's Drummer:

Technical excellence, versatility, AND Feel.

For example, when you said you can airdrum along with "most fills", I assume
you meant with your hands.  Did you ever try it with your feet?  In an ancient
MD interview NP said that he practiced until he was as proficient doing
various paradiddles, rolls, etc. with his FEET as he is with his hands.

He executes difficult rudiments and fills very quickly AND cleanly.  Often I
have to slow Rush tapes in my varispeed 4-track recorder just to figure out
what he's doing (I don't have to do that for any other rock drummers that I've

Most people seem to agree that all the greatest licks in the world don't add
up to much without feel.  NP has a great sense of backbeat, syncopation, when
to fill in and when to lay back (playing WITH the band and not OVER them), and
other aspects of feel that aren't easily described.

After all these years, I still practice to Rush recordings and Neil Peart's
playing is the ideal I strive for.

Tom Hahn
Allentown, PA


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 11:16:15 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Net access

Yes, I know you're all getting tired of this subject, but I *really* need
to say this --

Has anyone ever heard of COMMON COURTESY?  There *are* people who *do*
need to pay for their on-line access.  Fortunately, I have escaped that
avenue, for now.  But even if you don't pay, at least have the DECENCY to
keep our paying colleagues in mind.  If you're going to ramble on (like me),
go ahead, but perhaps trying to find a way to say what you want in a
shorter amount of space might help.  There are actual human beings on the
other side of those screens, folks.  Please keep that in mind.  Why don't
we try HELPING each other instead of mindlessly *badgering* one another to
death, hmmm?  Geez...



Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 17:19:13 CST
From: bradlkl@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU
Subject: My desert island dinner party

hello there.

    Why must we limit our famous people party to only three? That
sucks! Anyway, I'm gonna break the rules and invite more, so here

       1. Alex, Geddy, and Neil (duh)
       2. Ghandi (because it's a toga party!)
       3. Wierd Al Yankovic (he can be the musical entertainment,
cause I want the boyz *all* to myself)
       4. Tori Amos (yes, I am going to mention her in every post I
make, because she's awesome!)

   And maybe some other cool dead people for good measure. Imagine it-
Jimi Hendrix jammin with Alex!!!!! Now *that's* a party.

You may ask yourself-were are Barry and Levon?
SSSSHHHH! Ain't none of your concern!
      -Barry and Levon, the $240 worth of pudding guys



Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 19:53:49 +0500
From: (James T. Wilson)
Subject: ----- Rush songs I could do without -----

Since some people were mentions some Rush songs that if they never ever
heard again, they wouldn't care, I was wondering how many NMS'ers have
complete Rush albums (CD's whatever) they wouldn't mind chucking out the

Personally, if someone ripped of my Caress of Steel I wouldn't really care.

Oh by the way, along the lines of paying for internet services like NMS vs.
getting them for free...
don't worry about it, we'll all be paying for it soon.

=             "I seek knowledge and his bastard son, truth!"                =
=                                                                           =
=                                       Jamie Wilson =
=                                                                           =
=    Rush - Dream Theater - Metal Church - Queensryche - Iron Maiden        =


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 19:04:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: The Japanese version of the Chronicles LaserDisc does have 12 tracks...

>Date: Fri, 26 Aug 94 19:29:58 EDT
>     Does anyone know if an IMPORT Chronicles Laser Disc put on a 12th track
>(the U.S. version has 11, and of course the Vtape has 12)?
>I'm being told (its being verified in a week) that one is made with all of

  I have the Japanese import version of the 'Rush/Chronicles', and indeed
it does have 12 tracks:

  1) Closer To The Heart        7) Distant Early Warning
  2) The Trees                  8) Red Sector A
  3) Limelight                  9) The Big Money
  4) Tom Sawyer                10) Mystic Rhythms
  5) Red Barchetta             11) Time Stand Still
  6) Subdivisions              12) Lock And Key

10 tracks side 1, last 2 side 2, both sides CLV.  Approx. 63min total

  I bought this years ago for $73.95+tax, and when it subsequently came out
in the US for $29.00 I was a little sad...  Especially since it had been a
couple years and I had not even opened/watched the import Chronicles yet.
But, if the US version does have only 11 tracks, then I guess the extra $50
track was well worth it ;)

  The LD also comes with a lyric sheet with plenty of mistakes, and a little
Rush video history (in Japanese), a Rush 'Videography'.
  The only english words in the video history are:
'A Show of Hands' is mentioned once, '2112' three times, and 'Exit Stage Left'
once, and MTV is mentioned 3 or 4 times, which is interesting, because that
is probably about the total number of times MTV has played any Rush video.

  The Japanese price for this LD is Y5,900.

    [ And last time I checked the current yen rate, this is equal to about $59
      US dollars...      : rush-mgr ]



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