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 Subj:  #1(2) 09/04/94 - The National Midnight Star #1013
To:      WilCollier

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1013

                 Sunday, 4 September 1994
Today's Topics:
                    First time single
               AOL/NMS trouble 'n' stuff...
                    Kid Gloves (again)
                     Sick and Tired!
            first times & how I got into Rush
               Rushian Encounters of the P
                    African music/Neil
                      Rush bashing?
                      Alex's Rig...
                    Alex SOLO !!! :-)
            Unreleased Songs:  A Call To Arms
                  Stupid Rush Sightings
                        Shoe Sizes
                     Yes Badmouthing
                     Trial under Fire
                    Hit Parader Top 25
                  The Third Instrumental
              just one more first experience
         Strange RUSH experience at school today
                      Random Blasts
                 Collector CDs available
                  Re: Apple CD's - #1012
     Re: 08/29/94 - The National Midnight Star #1011
                     Cygnus (a swan?)
                        Re: Sticks

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Sun Sep  4 18:06:55 EDT 1994
Subject: Administrivia

Yes, this is a Sunday digest. I'm at work (no surprise) but had some spare
time so got caught up on most of the mail and thought I'd send out a digest.
One thing I forgot to mention, there's a new Smithereens mailing list, if
you'd like more info send me email and I'll push you in the right direction.

 - rush-mgr


Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 23:35:10 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: First time single

 I can distinctly remember the first times I heard the first
singles off of two Rush albums; mainly, Show Don't Tell (Presto) and
Dreamline (RTB).  I was a frshman in college when I first heard SDT on
the radio.  We were in my friend's car at night, driving back from UC
Davis, where I was going to school.  As expected, my friend (also a Rush
fan) was somewhat disappointed in the song...he always seems disappointed
when he first hears new music.  I, on the other hand, immediately fell in
love with the seemed a new direction for Rush, just the way the
song was musically constructed.  For instance, the funky/bluesy
bent-double-stops played by Alex (and doubled by Geddy) during the intro
grabbed my attention.  So did the bass solos near the end of the song.
Anyhow, I was excited to hear the rest of the album at that point (but
alas, aside from such songs as The Pass and Superconductor, was somewhat
 Dreamline couldn't have been released at a better time for me.  I
was only a few days away from having to go to court in the fascist regime
known as Santa Cruz, California for the crime of *gasp* drinking one can
of Sapporo on the beach at the young age of 20.  I knew I was facing the
loss of my drivers' license (through Santa Cruz's warped judicial
system...I was nowhere near a car when I was drinking), as well as other
problems.  Anyhow, at work one Friday, this new song came on the radio.
No warning by the DJ as to who it was.  But it just sounded like...could
it have been?...yes!  It had to be Rush!  I was totally unaware that they
had even put out a new album, but I was very impressed.  And for that 4
and a half minute time frame, all my sorrows disappeared.  Ever since
that time, whenever I'm listening to the radio, and I hear the sound of
an ocean wave rolling from my left speaker to my right, I always crank up
the volume knob!

    "Sweet memories,
     I never thought it would be like this!"

 -Dave in Boulder...still waiting for an NHL team in Denver,
   but content to watch CU buff football games 'til then...


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 01:45:17 EDT
Subject: AOL/NMS trouble 'n' stuff...

Hi folks,

A hello and welcome back to all the people out there now back to their fun
and exciting classes...ugh.

To NELSONRX, here on AOL, and any other AOL'er on here, I have NEVER had any
trouble with the way the AOL mail gateway splits up the NMS.  I get 2 or 3
parts each issue, without any loss of material.  I know alot of past
complaints, but I never have had the problem in the long time that I've been

Anyone else here going to Toronto on Sunday for the concert?  I'm
goin'...thanks to Greg in Buffalo (are ya still on here?)...who I am going to
meet up with and go with.  It's the "Kumbaya" festival or something like
that...whatever.  All I know is that Alex is supposed to play.  So, I'll be
there.  6 hour drive, but worth it.

Perhaps I should stress that Rush is *NOT* performing!  Just Alex...

I guess it's an all day music AIDS benefit I think.  There are
quite a few Canadian bands slated to perform.  If you're goin', drop me a
line!  Anyone wanna split the hotel room and cost?  ;-)

Until later-


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: goldenrule.reunions.was-a-DJ.where-is?
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 23:06:31 -0600

My take on the "reverse the golden rule": "do unto others as they HAVE
done unto you" reverses the temporal sequence (ooh! sci-fi soundin' words!)
and is more of what you see in reality. Revenge, come-uppance, get 'em back
for what they did, etc. And then, even worse: It's been done to me, so I'm
gonna do it to someone else, regardless of whether the person I'm actually
hurting would ever have done it.

I never thought of "kid gloves" referring to boxing, although when you put
it together with "bare knuckles" it makes sense. Makes an interesting twist
on the general meaning of "handle with kid gloves" to mean "handle with care"
or "with caution"... Ideally, such situations should be handled with care,
but angry people often handle them with boxing gloves, vengeful knee-jerk
reactions, and, hey! flamewars. (Just a reminder to some of you guys...)

"Crown of thorns" can refer to playing the martyr. You get
angry, you bite back, you justify yourself that it wasn't YOU who started
the fight, it wasn't YOU who did wrong, it was the OTHER guy who wronged
you unjustly...

70's band reunions: to my knowledge, Journey did not get back together.
Steve Perry /did/, however, release a new solo album, and he sounds absolutely
STUNNING on vocals. OH boy oh boy oh boy.

Before I congratulate the ex-DJ for fighting for her principles, I'd be
interested to know what genre of music the radio station plays. I'm sure
it's not as extreme a case as "Those fascist pigs won't let their DJs play
anything but classical music!", but still....

Anyone know where Haplo went? I miss his signature brand of comedy...

Ok. One particular Jason S. Owchar, ,
lost his e-mail address about a week back -- and we'd been out of touch
for a couple of months due to ^%*(&%(*& bad luck! etc. He said "here's my
snail mail address" and then promptly forgot to write it down. If any of
you can help me contact him, that would be Very Cool. I lost his snail-mail
address the first time, and he said in his last letter that he lost mine,
and I can only hope that (a) he'll find his way back to the net and drop
a line, or (b) some kind soul knows where he lives and can tell me. THANK

Green Eggs and Ham. G(E & H) or GE & H ? I prefer -G(E & H) because THEY
aren't moldy.
     --La Vortex Very Strangiato


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 1994 08:34:01 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Jason W. Creager" 
Subject: Kid Gloves (again)

Kid gloves are actually gloves made out of kidskin (a very soft leather
made from goats).  To "handle with kid gloves" is to handle something
with care and deliberateness.

Oh, if you're tired of paying for TMNS, (Prodigy being $10 and probably
$10 charges for TMNS), you can have 20 hours of access to DELPHI for that
amount.  And you won't have to deal with an idiotic interface or their
ability to tell what files are on your computer.

   [ You can also get a list of other direct Internet providers via email to: (just ask for the pdial list)  : rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 1994 12:28:05 -0400
From: rpali 
Subject: Sick and Tired!

From: Wayne 'Waynbo' Zuhl 

>I'm getting sick and tired of reading posts complaining about the content
>of posts to the NMS.

Oh jeez, now people are complaining about complaints. I suppose it's my duty to
write a message complaining about the complaints about the complaints! :-)

>What's even worse is the people bitching about long posts or posts that lack
>Rush content, because it costs them an extra couple of pennies.

I haven't complained but if my internet access cost only a 'couple of pennies'
I'd be very pleased. Quit acting like a spoiled child and skip the messages you
don't like.



Date: Wed, 31 Aug 1994 13:35:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: "MRGATE::\"A1::JBALOG\""
Subject: first times & how I got into Rush

I discovered Rush at a friend's birthday party when somebody popped in the
newly released ESL. I was hooked from the opening chords of "Tom Sawyer."
The next day I went out & purchased MP on 8 track cassette (Anybody
remember those?)  I wore out my copy by repeatedly playing track # 4-
"Witch Hunt" & "Vital Signs."  Needless to say I was delighted to hear the boys
play "Vital Signs" during the RTB tour.  Since that time I've purchased every
album from Signals to Counterparts on the day it was released and attended
every tour since P/G (several multiple times).  Rush was my first favorite band
and has been my favorite group for about a decade and a half.  When I
upgraded my Rush catalog to CD, MP was the first to be replaced, followed
by H a cople of days later (although every Rush album has been a favorite
of mine at one time or another, I believe these two are my all-time favs).

The first time I heard "The Big Money" was on 102.7 (NY station) prior to
its release. I was in a restaurant called Stuff Your Face (a popular
hangout in New Brunswick for Rutgers students). I was blown away and
foaming at the mouth for the official release.

The first time I heard "Stick It Out" was at a party following my wive's
college homecoming.  After listening to the first few notes, I immediately
gravitated to the source of this incredible music. I began shouting before
the song finished, "I can't believe it, it's new Rush."  Unfortunately, no
one shared in my enthusiasm; in fact, they probably thought I was mad.

On a positive note, I recently converted my wife to a fan of Rush. I
brought her and my brother (another new Rush fan) to the CP tour at NY's
MSG. They both really enjoyed the show. She really only likes their hits:
"Limelight," "Tom Sawyer," "RTB" etc.  She was disappointed that I did not
purchase an extra ticket for her for their CP shows at NJ's Meadowlands
Arena and Philadelphia's Spectrum.


Date: 31 Aug 1994 18:04:40 -0500
From: "Robert Sharkey" 
Subject: Rushian Encounters of the P

Greetings fellow Rush-aholics:

I first became aware of Rush one evening many, many many years ago: so long I
figure the band had just released FBN, and I was @8 yrs old. My parents had put
a 12 inch B/W TV in our bedroom and my older brother and I were flicking the
dial looking for cartoons or something equally amusing. We came across this
program featuring, I believe 3 bands: Rush, Ian Thomas Band (they might have
had a different name but this guy is the older brother of Dave Thomas of SCTV
and Bob+Doug MacKenzie fame), and I believe the third band was Chilliwack. Yes,
all three bands were Canadian, and the network may have been CBC. As I
remembered it, the show had each band perform a song or two apiece before
showing another song from each band. I remember staring at the TV trying to
figure out what all the long hair meant. I recall being mesmerized by the sight
of the drum kit, and I recall thinking that the singer's voice was hard to
take. But we watched because of the drums.

Years later a friend of the family popped in with an 8-track of 2112. He played
it, and everyone in the room hated it. My folks were raised on C+W and kept
asking for the volume to be turned lower, then even lower. "What would the
neighbours think?" I remember saying, Geeze, "That guys voice is irritating."
But the drums!

Years later and my brother brings home these two 45's: The first featured Tom
Sawyer and the second featured Limelight. Early memories flooded back and I
realised this was the same band, and I couldn't believe it.

Then December 1982. I have $10 to my name and had yet to begin  Christmas
Shopping for 7 people. But I've been hearing this song on the radio for the
last few weeks; the keyboards are haunting me. Then another song from the album
is featured and the bass guitar jumps out and grabs me by the throat. The Hell
with Christmas shopping! I bought the Signals LP instead. I brought it home and
I asked my brother if I could use his stereo to play the album. Once he found
out it was Rush, he said, "Forget it! I don't want you to wreak my stereo!"

So I went into the livingroom and used my parents stereo. The familiar keyboard
strain of Subdivisions came floating out of the speakers, then the killer bass
featured on Analog Kid hit me deep in the gut. I knew I had made the right
decision on spending my money.

I became a true fan at that point, but unfortunately Rush had just completed 3
nights at the Maple Leaf Gardens (I believe in November of '82). My first Rush
concert was at MLG during the p/g tour in 1984, the one they filmed for their
second concert video release (the first would be the collection of videos
featured from E...SL)

My brother came home one day with an LP. It must have been Spring 1983. He
wouldn't tell me the name of the artist or the title. "Just listen, and I think
you'll pick up on who it is real quick." By the time Geddy was singing, "And
the meek shall inherit the earth," I had clued in. My whole body was shaking
for the next 40 minutes. And I remember muttering, "Did you catch that, hey!
Did you catch that? Wow!" To this day, 2112 is one of my favourite works.

Within the next 18 months I had purchased the entire Rush catalogue. I
hesitated buying the first 3 albums, but when I found the Archives LP set at a
good price, I couldn't deny it was time to get familiar with the early work. It
took a while. Eventually I purchased used copies of FBN and COS to get the
lyric sheet. WoW!

I'll cut my reminiscing short. Over the years, many friends have fell into Rush
and fell out of Rush. I've had my share of arguments with all sorts of people
over Rush, and I've put up with the abuse from naysayers who hated the band for
whatever reason, but my love for Rush's music remains strong.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share this with you rather than comment
on the kid gloves situation or some other obscure lyric line.



Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 15:46:32 EDT
Subject: Starship?

Hello again.

Continuing with the first Rush experience theme, I had a fairly strange
introduction to live Rush while I was in high school.

My friend, who was a Senior (I was a lowly freshman), had 1 extra ticket to
go see the boys in Montreal for the Power Windows tour.

I had never even heard more than one or two songs (Tom Sawyer, Big Money) and
I thought my mother would never let me go.  I tried like hell to make Rush
sound like I was going to see the Ice Capades, but I did not think it was
going to work.

I finally came up with the idea that my mother had probably not heard any
Rush songs either, so maybe I could slip the idea by her.  First I  knew that
she LOVED STARSHIP and maybe that would work to my advantage.

First of all, she thought that Rush was heavy metal and that I might be
smushed in a mosh pit if I went to one of their shows.  So I told her that
they were alot like Starship except more guitar oriented, and she actually
bought it!!  I played Mystic Rhythms for her from my friends tape, and that
was all she needed to hear.  So I got to go!!

That was my first Rush experience, too bad I had to bring Starship into it.

See ya!!

I must confess, I more or less
Have played your last request----Gowan


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 23:50:18 EDT
Subject: African music/Neil


A friend of mine asked me this:

"Listening to PW and HYF, one can appreciate Neil's interest and influence of
African rhythm methods. Not being expert in this music, trying to purchase a
related CD is difficult and risky. I bought Jive Soweto - interesting, but
not what I wanted. Can you offer a suggestion? I enjoy songs like
Territories, Mystic Rhythms, and High Water."

Well, since I know that the population of NMS is very diverse and
knowledgable, I'm sure someone on here can help me out on figuring some
musicians who play some of this type of music.  I'd appreciate any
suggestions so I can tell my friend.

Thanks in advance for the help-


Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 21:18:23 CST
From: Garrett Young 
Subject: Rush bashing?

With all of the "...I could live without such and such song" and the "..without
a doubt, I wouldn't care if I never heard such and such song again" being
posted, I feel I must respond.  I can honestly say that I like EVERY Rush song
ever produced! I recently started my CD collection and there was not another
band in the arsenal until ALL Rush CDs were procured. Having to live without
one Rush song would cause me to feel like I was Losing It ("for you the blind
who once could see - bell tolls for thee").

On the Greek God thing.  We must remember that the first song on Hemi is a
continuation of the last song on AFTK.  Taken in this light, one might say that
even though Cygnus passed through the black hole "To this immortal place",
there is still this battle of the heart and mind going on.  At that point
Apollo and Dionysus become mere representations of the heart and mind, rather
than specific Gods that must adhere to the Greek or other mythologies. And
Cygnus becomes the balance, which has given his journey meaning. Just a
thought...or maybe a brain fart!

Garrett Young
AnswerSoft Inc.
Plano, Texas
"Now I've gained some understanding of the only world that we see..." NP


Subject: Alex's Rig...
From: (Scott Jaworski)
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 19:01:12 CST

Here's everything I know about Alex's rig (w/o effects) for CP and the
last tour, for whoever it was that asked.. :)

He uses a PRS guitar (custom) - the bridge humbucker has been replaced
with a single coil (active) pickup. There may be other mods, but this is
the only one I heard about. On the album, there is a PRS, a Telecaster
and something else too (I have it around here somewhere but I can't
remember offhand what it is) overlayed. He plays live through marshall
stacks, I don't ever remember hearing anything about the 5150's tho...
oh well, anything's possible. On the album, he used a GK head as well in
combination with his amps/combos to alter the tone a little bit
and get a little more kick to his sound.

That's all I know off the top of my head, maybe one day I'll relook it up
and see what else he had to say..



Date:  Thu, 1 Sep 1994 09:44:46 -0400
From: (Sriram Dayanand)
Subject: Alex SOLO !!! :-)


there's this festival of music to be held in Toronto sometime
soon called "Kumbalaya" (sp??) - an AIDS research fund raising
kind of thing.

I was looking at the lineup of musical acts - they are all
Canadian as far as I could see - and whose name do I see listed
there ???

Alex Lifeson !!!

Anyone know more about this ? Is he joining any particular ban
d on stage or what's the deal ????


Sriram Dayanand                     Ph: H:  (416) 928-1135
Modeling Group
Alias Research Inc., Toronto            O:  (416) 362-9181
                                             ext. 314


Date: Thu, 01 Sep 94 11:19:58 EDT
Subject: Unreleased Songs:  A Call To Arms

Hi, y'all.

As one of those forced to download through a dial-up service, I'll get right
to the point.  I'd like to see some input from the NMS crew on the subject of
unreleased songs.

I know, I know, the FAQ and Geddy say there aren't any.  BUT, Geddy also
notes that the band recorded a "slow country version" of "Cold Fire," and
Andrew MacNaughton talks about the vast tape archives at Anthem in his
interview.  The possibility exists that there are some songs floating around
out there (besides Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It, of course) that haven't
shown up on a CD.  I seem to remember a post a while back from somebody who
claimed to have heard "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" on tape (but I take
that with a large dose of salt).

   [ This to my knowledge never even made it to tape; it was still in the
     lyric-writing stage that Neil decided to trash it.  : rush-mgr ]

The only evidence that I've ever seen in print of such songs was the center
label from an LP xeroxed into "The Spirit of Rush" several years ago, listing
Rush songs that I'd never heard of.  I don't have a copy of that issue now
(if anybody does, how about posting the titles), and it very well could have
been a hoax.  If it really exists, this album is the Holy Grail of Rush
collectibles, but that was the last I saw of it.  Any information on this one
would be much appreciated.

   [ If you're referring to a bootleg, I would be careful of song titles.
     Bootleggers have notoriously bad research abilities, and can come up with 
     the most *interesting* titles I've seen. Some of the more strange ones 
     I've seen: "The Keeper of the Flame", "Working Woman", "XYZ", "Tales of 
     the Universe", "Queen of Oblivion", "Out of Perception" (need I go on?...)
        : rush-mgr ]

So how about it, folks?  Has anybody out there actually _seen_ (or do you
own) any unreleased Rush songs?  I'm not talking about live stuff, of course;
I mean the real thing, studio outtakes, missing singles, whatever.  If they
exist, we'd all like to know.  There are a ton of rumors out there, but
little hard evidence.

What do you say?  Let's get this one nailed down once and for all.  Hell, we
might even get lucky . . . .

Good day,
 --Will Collier
"We have three sizes...wee, not so wee, and FRIGGIN' HUGE!!!!"


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Stupid Rush Sightings
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 94 11:06:01 -0600

Don't ask me why I was up at 7:45 on a Wednesday morning when I
didn't have any classes to attend. It just happened that way. So
I was sort of watching the morning news show, and they were talking
about this karate-type guy who's going to be displaying his
impressive talents down at the Landmark Hotel in Metairie this
Saturday. He was doing part of his show on TV this morning -- to
the tune of the 2112 Overture. Minus the neato sci-fi WHOOOOOSHing
sounds, of course, 'cause they get old after the first coupla seconds.
Man, by the time the fast rhythms kicked in, his fists and feet
were FLYIN'. You hadta be there.

   --The Vortex has very little to do this morning


From: Jeff_Earl 
Subject: Shoe Sizes
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 94 16:08:24 EDT

Waynbo sez:

> pay service.  Nothing angers me more than this!  ARGH!!!!!  In fact, I
> hope that more people send in agonizingly long posts about their first
> Rush experience (sorry Rush-mgr, I'm just trying to prove a point), what
> songs they heard on the radio, who they'd have for dinner on a desert
> island and their shoe sizes!  Shoe sizes?
>   [ Ah yes, the shoe size question, my favorite one.. :-)      : rush-mgr ]

Speaking of shoe sizes, I usually wear an 11 sneaker, but 11 1/2 has been
known to fit comfortably as well.  For dress shoes I usually take a 10 1/2
but since my last pair of sneakers were an 11 1/2, maybe I should move up
to a size 11 shoe.  Of course, If I move to Europe I'll have to try sizes
44 through 47 to figure out which fits better for both types of shoes. :)

I wonder what shoe sizes Geddy, Alex and Neil wear?  I bet Geddy wears a
10, Alex wears an 11 and Neil wears a 9 1/2.  Do you think we could get
Kim Garner to find out for us?  Speaking of Kim, I wonder what size she
wears...probably a seven!

For the humor impaired:
   The previous post is a joke, did you really think I was serious?


Don't like long rests                :  Jeff Earl
I must confess         "Best I Can"  :
I'm an impatient cat   Rush, 1975    :


Date: Thu, 01 Sep 1994 18:59:00 -0400
Subject:  Yes Badmouthing

This is my second post (just to let you know...). I'm responding to
someone's scathing criticism of Yes in it's current incaration. I
don't want to deviate too much from Rush, but Yes is as good now as
it ever was. The latest album, "Talk," has some very strong tracks
and, like "Counterparts," this album is a return to the feel of some
of the early seventies albums (case in point "Endless Dream"). In
fact one of Geddy's favorite albums (listed in Guitar for Praticing
Musician several years ago) was Yes' "Relayer." In addition, the
length and the orchestration on these and and other contemporary art
rock groups, such as Pink Floyd, influcened such lengthy songs as
"The Fountain of Lamenth," "2112" and "Cygnus-X1: Book II." Someone
also mentioned two issues back how certain groups seem to make songs
that bring you to an emotional high. Two of mine are "I Am Waiting"
of Yes' current album and the upbeat part of "Natural Science." Some
times they bring tears to my eyes because they are just so beatiful.



Date: Thu, 01 Sep 94 20:26:51 EDT
Subject: Trial under Fire

My first Rush experience goes something like this.

I was a junior in high school( I am a senior now), and I had just walked in
the door.  Anyway, I had to go to my after-school job, but first I had to
eat.  While I ate, I turned on MTV.  One of the videos I saw was, you guessed
it, "Stick it out".  I thought to myself, " hey, this song is pretty cool."

Anyway, "Stick it out" and Rush in general was always back burner(big
mistake, I now understand), until almost a month and a half ago.  I was at a
Best Buy store in Minneapolis/St. Paul, where I found Presto for about $4.  I
promptly bought it, and  when I got home, I listened to it.  After that, I
found Roll the Bones and Moving Pictures in a used CD store, and bought them.
 I then found out about TNMS, and got myself on the list.  I'm rambling now,
so I know I've said enough.

Hope noone minds that I typed out the names of albums, instead of the
accepted acronyms.


Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 20:59:38 -0500 (CDT)
From: Atul Kapur 
Subject: Hit Parader Top 25

Hit Parader magazine just did a cover story on the Top 25 Hard Rock bands.
The other title was "Hard Rock's 25 most Intriguing Bands".
The Boys were number 21 (I don't know if it was in any particular order
but for comparison, Led Zeppelin was 25), and their writeup was:

       There's no audience in rock more loyal than those who follow Rush.
With the success of their latest release _Counterparts_, this legendary
Canadian power trio has reached new heights in both musical inspiration
and fan dedication.

Atul Kapur, Resident     E-Mail: Atul_Kapur@UManitoba.Ca
Emergency Medicine       Voice: (204) 477-9153
University of Manitoba   "Everybody's got to deviate from the norm"--Peart


From: (Uncle Vasya)
Subject: The Third Instrumental
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 20:50:52 -0600 (MDT)

>Well let's see.  There was "Where's My Thing" and "Leave That Thing
>Alone."  How about..........(drum roll).........."What The Hell Is
>This Thing?" :-)

Gary, I think you're missing the obvious answer.
The third instrumental should be ...

_You've Got A Thing, I've Got A Bigger Thing_  :)))

Uncle Vasya


Date:         Thu, 01 Sep 94 23:30:22 EDT
From: "Heather M. Pellet" 
Subject:      just one more first experience

I just wanted to share my first(and second)experience with Rush with you all...
   (and I'll try to keep it short to make the AOLers happy)

   I came home from school one day and Show Don't Tell was playing on my
parents stereo.  Apparently, my father had bought Presto!

   The second was my first real experience with the true greatness of Rush.
Three of my guy friends and I were hanging out and they were all talking about,
what else, Rush.  When I casually mentioned that I didn't really know their
music that well, the three of them sat me down and spent over an hour
explaining the story of 2112 to me.  We stopped the CD, backtracked, listened
to it at all different levels.  Ever since then, I've been addicted. was just a thought.  Hope you all enjoyed.

   BTW - my 3 CD's would be Chronicles, an evening of Yes Music Plus(if you
       haven't heard it, check it out) and Swamp Ophelia by Indigo Girls



From: (Ron Czarnik)
Subject: Strange RUSH experience at school today
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 94 00:53:51 EST

So I'm going to the first day of my astronomy class.  It's about rush hour
(wink nudge nudge) and traffic is really bad.  Right when i'm about to careen
off the road from frustration, i hear the intro to Freewill.  Alright!  In my
tape-deck deprived car, a Rush song is a breath of fresh air.  I decide to
pull out my schedule, since I didn't really know where I should park.  And the
class is in building 2, room 112!  (2-112)  So I'm thinking that something
mystical is going on, and they break into Dreamline.  Wow.  I couldn't feel
better.  I pull in to my parking space just as the song ends.  I get there
late and throw open my book trying to find where we are, and right there
looming in front of me is a diagram of CYGNUS X-1.  And um, whoomp, there we
have it.

Whaddaya think, sirs?


Date: Fri, 02 Sep 94 01:55:51 EDT
Subject: Random Blasts

 Hey folks,

  I am just a little behind in reading but there is a reason I'll get to
later.  First to cover the latest thread on first time hearing new Rush:
   When RTB first came out I was at a friends house watching a Bills game
when a someone asked me if I heard
the new Rush on the radio knowing I was the big Rush fan in our group.  I was
like "What!?"  He said yea they even have an instrumental out (Where's My 
Thing?) After the game ended and I was heading home I heard it and loved it!  
Next my girlfriend and I were on our way to Toronto for a weekend and I 
recorded the CP album party and saved it for the ride there.  It was my first 
time hearing all the new stuff and around the
time we were just outside St. Catherines on the QEW we heard "Nobody's Hero",
the first couple lyrics caught us off guard ("different in his sexuality")!  
But like always I loved it!
(The rest of the songs took a while to sink in but I remember CTTC knocked me
  Next issue - People who use the BBS to read the NMS should do what I do as
well as probably others is to download the issues and read them offline.  
This is the ONLY way I would read the NMS now, it takes way to long to read 
them especially if you are like me
and only get online every few day a week.  That's why I am behind on replying
to posts and e-mail for that matter.
  ***Dear Rush-Mgr:  Just a thought...I am curious(as well as others?) what
goes on behind the scenes in putting out the NMS?  I am just wondering, not 
trying to start my own mail-list, my fossil here couldn't handle it!  Give 
us (me) the gory details!!  Software problems, late nights, grey hair...etc.

    [ Gray hair?? Geez, I'm not that old! :-) Maybe I'll put something in
      the next digest if people are interested...  : rush-mgr ]

   Well folks that is all, talk to you soon.
     Tony Moretta                    ** **
           Girl on Phone: "Is Mary Lee there?"
           Reply: "Mary Lee's gone!"
           Crow: "Well is Geddy Lee there?!"   - MST3K
                    Go Bills! - Strive For Five!


Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 23:47:33 +0100
From: (Paul Goracke)
Subject: Collector CDs available

My favorite local used cd shop has had two Rush cd singles sitting on the
shelf for a month now, and it's driving me crazy. Thought I'd let some of
you 'serious collectors' know about them (I don't even have all the regular
releases yet, but I'm getting there).

A) Prime Mover - West German - catalog #878 108-2
   Juggler picture sleeve, #1499 of ???? limited edition
   Tracks: 1) Prime Mover, 2) Tai Shan, 3) Distant Early Warning (live),
      4) New World Man (live)

   [ Just so everyone knows, this is a *real* rarity, very difficult to find
     on CD. It doesn't have anything exciting on it (nothing that hasn't already
     been released), but if you're trying to get all the CD singles chances 
     are you don't already have this...    : rush-mgr ]

B) Time Stand Still - West German - catalog #888 941-2
   HYF picture sleeve with pictures of Geddy, Alex, Neil
   Tracks: 1) Time Stand Still, 2) Force Ten, 3) The Enemy Within (live),
      4) Witch Hunt (live)

Prices tagged are Prime Mover - $35, Time Stand Still - $45.
If interested, e-mail me and I'll let you know more.

   Paul  | "To do is to be"  - Aristotle
     Pull my finger for      |  "To be is to do"  - Plato
       PGP public key.       |   "Do be do be do"  - Sinatra


From: (Richard Webber)
Subject: Re: Apple CD's - #1012
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 1994 17:24:48 +1000 (EST)

> Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:43:57 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: Apple House CDs...
>  Does anyone know how many this(these) companies made of Rush? Always
> looking for decent cheap live stuff.  If any of you fellow Rushians out there
> have info regarding this,  it would help.

I've got the Apple House (I think it's them anyway) Rush CD.
The qualities not too bad.
It's the only 'Unauthorised (that's what they call them over here) Rush' CD
I've seen.


Richard (Zydlebug) Webber             ~  .-_|\
University of Newcastle                 /     \
Australia.                              \.--._/<-- Newcastle, it's about 'ere.
email:     ~     v
*** Warning! Signature under construction. ***


Date: Fri, 02 Sep 1994 05:18:44 EST
Subject: Re: 08/29/94 - The National Midnight Star #1011

 Good day, here is my first post to the NMS after several months of being
here. This Sunday, September 4, the second annual Kumbaya Music Festival
will be held at the Ontario Place Forum in Toronto. The festival is a
benefit show for people living with AIDS in Canada, and money raised
through ticket sales and pledges will be given to hospices around the
 This festival is a showcase for Canadian talent, if you will, and some
50+ groups will be performing. Several notables will include the likes of
Kim Mitchell, Blue Rodeo, 54-40, Tom Cochrane, (keep reading) Barney
Bentall, Gowan, Jann Arden, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and of course,
Rush's own Alex Lifeson. Alex performed at the first Kumbaya festival, last
summer, and participated in a blues jam with Molly Johnson, Tom Cochrane,
some flaky singer/guitarist named John Cody and a few other 'wanna-be'
Lifeson's. As expected, Alex annihilated the competition. I was there last
year, and I'll be there again this year.
 For those NMSers in Toronto who are kicking themselves for not buying
tickets, there are still general admission seats up on the grass left for
$17.50. Remember, all the proceeds go directly to benefit AIDS hospices
around Canada to help people living with AIDS.

  " is just the candle and the dream must give it flame..."


Date: Fri, 02 Sep 1994 09:14:41 CDT
Subject: Cygnus (a swan?)

Hey Rush people!!
 This is my first posting..although i've been reading NMS for ever.
I'll try to keep this brief for you paying folks...
Iam a regular IRC user and for obvious reasons my handle is Cygnus....
recently a few non-rush fans(sad but true)referred to Cygnus as the swan.
Iam not very up on my mythology but i wondered if anyone out there can shed
some available light on this subject...i havent been able to find any refernces
for cygnus the swan anywhere...
as for rush pet names...Limelight my Iguana..

   [ Ah, my iguana has the mundane name of Quinn. I couldn't think of 
     anything right off-hand that was Rush-related that I wanted an 
     iguana to be named...     : rush-mgr ]

first single that changed my life TOM SAWYER!  been playing bass ever since.
the dinner party:
  1)da boyz  of course...
  2)Stephen Hawking...cause he's kinda smart :)
  3)Steven Tyler's daughter...whats a party without a good
                   looking lady...
dead guys at the party:
  1)Sam Kennison...he just plain funny!
  2)John Lennon...he can play the piano
  3)Brandon Lee...he's just Kewl!
rush quote..."i think i'm going bald"
till i rush again...."i cook and then i chill aaahhh yeahh!"  Cygnus!


Date: Fri, 2 Sep 1994 8:58:22 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: Sticks

>I think Neil prefers that method because he reportedly gets more surface
>contact between stick and drumhead.  But I prefer the "right" way because
>the sticks are balanced to be held at the butt end.  I get more power
>in my swing, and its easier to play fast.
>comments from other drummers?

Here's one from an amateur drummer:  for me, which way to hold the sticks
totally depended on the volume of the band I was in.  I played in a really
loud alternative band for a few years, and there was no question of playing
with the tips -- nobody would've heard me!  I even had to shift up in
stick size, to 5B from my preferred 5A.  At the same time, I was playing
in a country band, where I did play with the tips.

I actually found there wasn't too much of a difference in speed, and I
had somewhat better time & control with the bigger sticks (like I say,
I'm an amateur).  But the *sound* was different.  Using the tips (especially
on the hihat & ride cymbal) gave a much crisper feel; using the butt end
made the sound fatter and harsher (sometimes a good thing!)  I assume that's
why Neil plays with the butt ends...with all of Rush's hi-tech PA equipment,
I'm sure the last thing he has to worry about is *physically* playing loud
enough to be heard by the audience!

 --Matt Waller


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