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Subject: 11/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1015

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1015

                 Tuesday, 1 November 1994
Today's Topics:
            Sick and Tired! (again and again)
             Re: TNMS 1013 - Cygnus (a swan?)
              why no rush in the rock rags?
                     Signals gold...
                   Closer to Our Hearts
                  Technical Tour Review
                        GUP cover
                       Mailing list
                   ASOF poster contest
                     FINALLY!! whew.
                     TNMS returns :)
                   2112 Tour Show Info
                Rumors, rumors, rumors...
                    Burning for Buddy
                   ALL HAIL RUSH-MGR!!
                     New CD Bootleg?
                       Ice Breaker
 Re: 10/20/94 - The National Midnight Star ** RETURNS **
 Re: 10/20/94 - The National Midnight Star ** RETURNS **
                       Welcome Back
                      Neil Interview
                 Re: Neil Peart interview

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Tue Nov  1 18:10:27 EST 1994
Subject: Administrivia

Yes, we're slowly getting back on track here. I'm still slogging through all
the adds/drops, and apparently the rushlists that were restored were taken
from a few days before the outage, and may have people on there that asked to
be unsubscribed. If you are back on the list, I apologize and *please* email
me and I'll remove you.

Some of this stuff is in response to month-old digests, some is new. I'll also
be mailing out some special editions with an Alex interview (from The Spirit
Of Rush) and the Burning for Buddy "the making of"... 

There are also some technical difficulties going on with the ftp site. I (at
the moment) can't put any new digests into the ftp area or gopher, but
hopefully that should be resolved in the next few days. If it does become
necessary, I *can* force them into the gopher, but the ftp site is off limits
for now.

And last, since I know there has been some talk on here of this group, there
is now a mailing list for the group +Live+. To join, mail to:

 - rush-mgr


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 14:06:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Waynbo 
Subject: Sick and Tired! (again and again)

Wayne Zuhl wrote:
>>What's even worse is the people bitching about long posts or posts that
>>lack Rush content, because it costs them an extra couple of pennies.

Rick: wrote:
>I haven't complained but if my internet access cost only a'couple of pennies
>I'd be very pleased. Quit acting like a spoiled child and skip the
>messages you don't like.

All I can say is thank you for agreeing with me.  As for your spoiled
child remark, I *love* the fact that people post whatever they like
here!  It takes a REALLY dull post for me to even think of skipping a
message in this forum.

'nuff said!  Hopefully this will be the end of this thread.

Obligatory Rush Content: Did anyone ever notice that there is a dog sniffing
the fire hydrant on the cover of Signals?  I think he's got to pee!  What
does that mean?  :)

			    Wayne "Waynbo" Zuhl

"God does not play dice"
	- Albert Einstein
"God not only plays dice, he sometimes throws them where they can't be seen."
	- Stephen Hawking


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 14:08:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Waynbo 
Subject: Re: TNMS 1013 - Cygnus (a swan?)

In tnms 1013 vtci@PANAM1.PANAM.EDU writes something like this:

>recently a few non-rush fans (sad but true) referred to Cygnus as the
>swan.  I'm not very up on my mythology but i wondered if anyone out
>there can shed some available light on this subject...

Gland, er, uh, glad to help!  Cygnus is one of the most prominent
constellations in the northern celestial sphere.  IMHO it is also one of
the most beautiful.  Cygnus gets its origins from Roman mythology where
it is the swan (actually Jupiter in disguise) that wooed Leda.  They
then did the nasty (my terminology) and gave birth to Castor and Pollux
(the Gemini twins) Clytemnestra and Helen of Troy.

In the song Cygnus X-1, Neil describes the journey to the black hole
Cygnus X-1 (the first suspected black hole), in astronomically correct
	I headed north, just east of Lyra (the lyre)
	Northwest of Pegasus (the winged horse)
	Flew into the light of Deneb (the brightest star in Cygnus)
	You all should know the rest.

Hopefully that answers the swan question.

Just an interesting astronomical fact:  Go outside tonight if it's clear
(shoot for around 11:00 pm, your time) and look straight up.  You should
see a large bright triangle of stars, this is the Summer Triangle.  The
three bright stars are Deneb (in Cygnus), Altair (in Aquila) and Vega (in
Lyra).  Cygnus is also known as the Northern Cross.

Just a little astronomical info that every Rush fan should know.

I may have more on the topic later.

			    Wayne "Waynbo" Zuhl

"God does not play dice"
	- Albert Einstein
"God not only plays dice, he sometimes throws them where they can't be seen."
	- Stephen Hawking


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 94 13:52 EST
From: "William D. Laird" <>
Subject: why no rush in the rock rags?

Greetings fellow Rush fanatics!

One thing I have always wondered is why the rock rags give such little exposure
to rush. Rush has been cited as an influence by everybody and their mothers, yet
we still see very few articles. I quit reading these rags about 5 years ago, but
I know things haven't changed much. When I flip through one of these pathetic
mags at the grocery store, all I ever see is bands like CandleCrotch, Kackyl,
Bland Melon, and other sugar-coated wannabes.

What are some good mags for rush reviews/interviews/stories etc?

Bill Laird
      " I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold " - Led Zeppelin


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 94 14:15:59 EST
Subject: yay

alright, Welcome back NMS.
got worried for awhile there.

anyway, there was a debate going on just before the crash and soe people were
mentioning the figure on the back of Cp and calling it the Star of David.
I was particularly irked by that, becuase this was discussed before, and::
That is NOT the star of David.  The symbol on the back of the Cp cover is a
Kaniza figure, and is a perceptual illusion that can be found in just about any
psych intro text or sensation and perception text.  It is *very* common and is
used to demonstrate the illusion of Illusory Contours.  Note how there is an
apparent triangle overlaying the 3 cirlces and the lower triangle, yet none of
its sides are given.  As a matter of fact, the 3 circles and lower triangle are
not specified completely.  This is one of the more intriguing illusions.
The perceptual identification of all 3 parts (the 'invisible' triangle, the
lower triangle, and the 3 circles) is deependent on the existence of all 3.
IOW, you can't see the 'invisble' triangle withought the 3 angles and 3
circles.  You can't see the lower triangle without the 3 circles to give
apparent corners to the 'invisible' triangle, and you can't see the circles as
such without the lower triangle to give apparent sides to the 'invisible'
Yes, this is a very intriguing illusion and I think fits in well with the theme
of counterparts.
So to all those who were previously discussing hidden meanings in reference to
the star of david and the devil or geddy's jewish heritage or whatever, drop
it, you're really off-base on that.

glad to be back


Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 03:15:44 -0400
Subject: Signals gold...


Hey, great to have the NMS back!  Hello again to all you folks!

I'm sure most of ya know about the new _Signals_ MFSL gold Ultradisc 2 CD
just released...boy, is it great!  It's the best of the now 3 Rush gold discs
out there (_Moving Pictures_ ... _2112_ also out there) ... (my opinion, of

Even if you don't notice the crisper, cleaner sound, you *WILL* notice one
small change made in "The Weapon".  Just before the small instrumental break
in the song, they cut out Geddy's last vocals:

"And the knowledge that they fear
Is a weapon to be used against them..."

Now, instead of the vocals, you hear a concentration on the music behind's great!  I personally think it improves the song a bit.  Hell, if
you weren't going to buy this $25-30 CD for any other reason, this is one
reason to get it!  I guess, of course, that my CD *could* be defective or
unique, but I highly doubt that...

So, check it out if you get the chance.

Also, on a side note, if you remember before the NMS went off for a while, I
(and some others) mentioned that Alex played lead guitar at Toronto's
"Kumbaya Festival '94" for the last song, "All Along the Watchtower"...

Did anyone else besides me make the trip to the show?  Anyone see it on
MuchMusic?  Better yet, anyone have a videotape or CD of the show?  I know I
must have been on camera 3 or 4 times...  There should be a CD available (in
Canada) with the highlights of the concert on it...does anyone have this, and
would someone in Canada kindly help me get ahold of one?  What a great
concert to go was a lot of fun!

My e-mail address is at the bottom, in case anyone wants to privately
respond.  Thanks.



Date: Sat, 22 Oct 94 19:23:20 CDT
From: (David Shamma)
Subject: Closer to Our Hearts

This is a reply to a question asked a month ago.

Bill Bopp,

I snagged a copy of Closer To Our Hearts at the local music shoppe.  It is the
second Madison Square Garden Show from the CP tour.  It didn't have a drum
solo.  The songs were as follows:  Dreamline, Spirit of Radio, The Analog Kid,
Cold Fire, Time Stand Still, Nobody`s Hero, Roll the Bones, Animate, Stick
It Out, Double Agent, Mystic Rythems, Closer to the Heart, & Show don't tell.
All in all its about 74 mins of music.

As for the quality, its ok...I guess about B.  Its clearly someone on
the floor with a tape player, (you hear him talk from time to time) and the
crowd noises don't ever completely stop.  Also, Geddy sings the wrong lines on
Animate & the total Reverb from the stadium makes the bass drums and toms
unbarably loud, almost killing the guitar sound.

Let me know if you've got anymore questions about this disc.



Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 20:34:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Meghan A. Middleton" 
Subject: Technical Tour Review

The following article appeared in the October issue of TCI,
a technical theatre trade magazine.

                           -   RUSH   -
                        ESPECIALLY BUNNIES
                       By Catherine McHugh

	Nowadays, any major band with a reasonable budget can have a
visually dynamic show - but only Rush has bunnies.  Which, as the
Canadian band approaches its twentieth anniversary next year, only
goes to prove that time hasn't dulled its sense of humor.

	Nor can the stage show for its recent Counterparts tour,
designed by the band's longtime lighting and set designer Howard
Ungerleider, be accused of serving up any dull moments.  The
designer combined video projections and animation with a powerful
light show, pyrotechnic displays, and the aforementioned inflatable
rabbits, which were created by London-based Air Artists.

	"One of the things that we do is create the illusion of a set
without really using a set,"  Ungerleider says.  "And because of the
film and all the lighting and a few props, we can create the illusion
that it's a huge stage set, when in essence it's not.  and
economically, that's really great.  It gives the show a lot of space,
an open ceiling - there isn't a bad house for this show."

	For this tour, Ungerleider teamed up with a fellow Toronto-
dweller, architect Rick Hopkins, who sketched out many of the
staging plans.

	"Back in August [1993], we started with a  couple of schemes
and ideas," Hopkins says.  "We'd talk about things and I'd do some
sketches and some drawings, sometimes computer renderings, and
then come back with a series of perspectives and drawings and we'd
talk about it again and it would go through another alteration."

	Although the band regularly uses a standard, promoter-
provided stage, Hopkins proposed adding the runways and wings to
get the two mobile band members, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson,
further out into the audience.

	Next, Ungerleider and Hopkins worked out the truss
configuration.  "We thought it would be really interesting if the band
were playing inside some sort of geometrical form, but we realized
that making a spiral would be a bit of a problem given the budget, so
we substituted the curved trusses instead," Hopkins says.  "Then,
from the fact that they had sort of nested up there, Howard decided
to move them in and fly them down.  So we get a similar effect."

	Other original ideas that fell by the wayside included a pixel
board, which was changed to strips of MR-16s on a flying truss, and
a video wall on a second level.  "The video wall came out when we
decided to have just the one level and put the lights on different
elevations," Hopkins says.  "And that's when we started building
those bolt-shaped light stands, which were supposed to just be
strewn loosely about the stage - but in the final design, Howard
wanted them to be more symmetrical and controlled because the
entire rig was very, very symmetrical."

	Ungerleider explains that the concept for the bolt-shaped light
stands was to give the visual implications that the band was the
"nut" and the stage the "bolt" they fit into.

	Forming the stationary part of that nut is the drum set, which
is on an electronic rotation.  "It's like a carousel - it works
electrically," Ungerleider says.  "Larry Allen, the drum tech, puts
that whole thing together.  It's electric, and he has a switch and he
knows exactly where to go.  All of this was done because drummer
Neil Pert {sic} has two drum kits, and when he uses the back one he'd rather 
turn towards the audience than face his back to the audience."

	All of the tour's custom trussing and the conventional lighting
was supplied by one of Ungerleider's longtime associates, Long
Island City, NY-based See Factor.  The show's lighting equipment
includes: 18 5deg.Berkeys, 260 PAR-64s, 40 XF-running lights inside of
PAR-Scan moving fixtures with color changers, ten 5ks with color
changers, 16 nine-light Mole lamps with color changers for cyc
lighting, nine HMI 1200 spotlights, five custom-made cone-shaped
mirror balls, and 32 LSD Icons, of which Ungerleider is a big fan.
There are also 200 Wybron color changers on the system.  Fog
effects are provided by four High End F-100s and the trussing
motors are all CM Hoists.  For control, Ungerleider used a
combinations of three boards:  a specially modified Avo 500, a See
Factor Light Coordinator, and an Icon board.

	"I really enjoy the [Icon] lamp, because aside from putting out
many different kinds of multi-color effects, it also allows you to
rotate the gobos inside the lamp," Ungerleider says.  "The light gives
you a really amazing animated look at times, plus it puts out an
incredible spectrum of color.  I also like that at times it looks like a
laser.  So you really maximize your effects without spending that
much money."

	Lasers had become something of a trademark for Rush and
Ungerleider, as he was affiliated with Rocklite International and
Laserlite F/X since 1986.  He disassociated himself from them this
past February, and is now exclusively available through his own
company, Internal Affairs International.  "I've used lasers for three
tours, but the effects were getting tiring," Ungerleider says.  "I
figured pyro is a great change of pace, so I brought out a little bit of
pyrotechnics, and left the lasers out.  We use a light deck to get
some neat effects that are sort of laser-like.  With this show,
people always see things that aren't there, and it's great.  If you're
creating an illusion like that, then you know that you're doing your
job, which is fun."

	Few hard rock bands can claim being a stranger to pyro, and
Rush is no different, having used it in the late 70's, the early 80's,
and now the 90's.  "Pyrotek Special Effects of Toronto does all the
legitimate theatre across Canada, like The Phantom of the Opera and
Miss Saigon, and they do effects for the [Toronto] Blue Jays at the
Skydome.  They have a very, very great safety record - probably the
best in the business - and they deliver what we want to perfection,"
Ungerleider says.  "And they are one of the companies that has a
modern digital controller with three fail-safe mechanisms, so it's
impossible to go to a board and set off a cue without going through
three codes."

	The tour's pyro effects were designed by Douglas Lang Adams
with Douglas Reid Schulte-Derne as the operator and Randal Douglas
Bast as the tech.  The pyro equipment includes: one Pyrotek 120-
channel digital Matrix controller, one Pyrotek sequential firing
system, 60 circuit devices, 18 flame projectors, six flash pots, 10
three-fluted gerb holders, and two LSX low smoke converters.
Effects throughout the show comprise 24 sequential firing airbursts
systems that are positioned above the band in the trussing; twelve
1/2-20 silver jets with silver embers firing 20' in criss-cross
configurations; 18 10x12 silver gerbs in a 60' cascading waterfall;
18 flame projectors that fire brilliant 12' flames in three shots of
six; six red flashes that slow burn brightly; 12 large Coliseum
airbursts (in trussing above band); 24 airbursts in a chase pattern
that fires in pairs from the trussing to a cluster over the audience;
two Evil Rabbit gunshots shot towards the Good Rabbit and the
resulting billowing smoke; and six concussion motors.

	"We certainly have a lot of pyro," Ungerleider acknowledges.
"We have the flame effects.  We have what are called air bursts and
gerb effects.  We have red flares, and we have a lot of indoor aerial
affects.  We have waterfall fountains in different colors.  We try to
use them peacefully because we want to enhance a situation rather
than it becoming a random effect."

	Certainly the show's most memorable effect involves the
famous inflatable rabbits.  The Good Rabbit, stage right, is shot by
the Evil Rabbit (complete with dangling cigarette) from stage left.
Rush has had the rabbit theme going since its 1986{sic} Presto tour.  "The
bunnies were actually left over from previous tours, but the evil,
nasty bunny with the gun was remade by Air Effects of London,"
Ungerleider explains.

	The animated film sequence that goes along with it was
created by Ungerleider alone and lead singer Geddy Lee by working
with longtime associate Norm Stangl from Toronto-based Spin
Productions.  "It's a very large company with really high-tech
computer graphics, and they use Emerald Systems, which is a silicon
graphics company," Ungerleider says. "The rabbit shooting, involving
the inflatables and the film, was coordinated through headset cues.
We knew what we were going to do, and we knew how long it took
for the rabbits to deflate.  And we knew where the rabbits were
going to be onstage, so we just slammed it up with the three

	It took three 7k 35mm projectors rented from Associates &
Ferren and positioned stage-left, stage-center, and stage-right to
fill the three screens, which span 60' across, to pull the sequence
off.  "The rabbits are inflated on cue by carpenters using fans
backstage and once the song is over, the film rolls, and everything is
done visually from that point," Ungerleider explains.  "The shooting
of the gun is done visually with the film, and so is the exploding of
the rabbit on the other side of the film.  And it works really well

	The show also features video and more animation because the
band members are keen on having a lot of humor in the show.  Also,
Geddy Lee's brother, Alan Weinrib, contributed to the show by
directing the visuals for the number "Trees." {sic}

	All of this and it fits in only six trucks?  "Yeah, people think
this is an eight- or 10-truck show," Ungerleider says.  "But when you
look at it, it appears to be a lot larger than it is."


PROJECT: Rush's Counterparts 94 tour
LIGHTING DESIGN:  Howard Ungerleider
SET DESIGN:  Howard Ungerleider & Rick Hopkins
ICON OPERATOR:  Matt Druzbic
LIGHTING TECHNICIANS:  Ed Duda, Donnie Lodico,
	Steve Kostiki, and Ethan Weber
ICON TECHNICIAN:  Julian Winters
PROJECTIONISTS:  Sam Raphael, Conrad Cortise, and
	Richard Montgomery
RIGGERS:  Mike McConald, Rick Mooney, Brian Collins
CARPENTERS:  Sal Marinello, Joe Campbell,
	George Steinert

[From TCI, October 1994, pages 34-37]

| Meghan A. Middleton | Telecommunications Supervisor | Connecticut College |
|   W:(203)439-2355   |       |   H:(203)464-8909   |
|           "Truth is after all, so poorly lit."     -Neil Peart            |


Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 13:43:21 -0400
Subject: GUP cover

I've asked tons of people what the cover of Gup means symbolically and even
the most devout Rush fans can't tell me.  If anyone knows what all that stuff
is in the clouds and other aspects of the cover, please tell me!  Thanx a



Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 23:33:25 -0400
Subject: ASOF poster contest

Greetings fellow Rushians & NMS'ers.  I have to brag.  Friday, while I was at
work my wife called me to let me know that the most recent version of A Show
of Fans had arrived in our mail box and the results of the RUSH essay poster
contest were in.  She won and her essay in the the new issue of A Show of
Fans.  The prize being an autographed promotional poster from the
Counterparts tour.  It was exciting for me to see her essay in ASOF.  Thanx
Steve and Mandy if you are out there reading this.  You really made her day.
 Carla Taylor gives you a very special "Thank You!!!!",  and so do I.   Can't
wait to take the poster and frame it like a gallery print.
Good to see The National Midnight Star back online as well.

    [ Hey, howz about sending in a copy so we can all read it? :-)
								: rush-mgr ]

                                          Most Sincerely

                                           Dennis Taylor


Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 10:03:02 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: FINALLY!! whew.

Listening to the Jones Beach tape the delightful Sir Brad Parmerter made for 
me has been making my long for ANOTHER tour. But that's normal . . .

Just a few thoughts . . .
* The solo to Open Secrets RULES. Listen to Geddy while Lerxt rips.
* Try tapping your foot to the middle section of Jacob's Ladder.
* Subdivisions is the weakest opening track for a Rush album. Signals should 
have opened with The Weapon.
* The ESL version of A Passage to Bangkok is much better than the original.
* Roll the Bones is, by far, the weakest Rush album. Face Up, Neurotica, The 
Big Wheel, Heresy, and You Bet Your Life are hastily written throwaways.
* Everyday Glory is good, but it's too similar to You Bet Your Life.
* Caress of Steel is better than it gets credit for.
* Counterparts is the best produced album since Moving Pictures.
* Grace Under Pressure is the biggest change of gears from the previous album, 
and it worked.
* Geddy and Neil receive the respect they deserve, Alex is underrated.
* Rush is easily dismissed by the music press and will never gain mainstream 
popularity again.
* The Enemy Within is the weakest song in the 'Fear' trilogy.
* The word 'Rush' looks the best on Hemispheres, the worst on Power Windows.
* Alex's best solos are Mission, Kid Gloves, and Return of the Prince.
* All three members look cooler now than they ever have.
* Geddy should inject more funk into the next albums. Neil should expand his 
sound more into exotic percussion.
* Rivendell is the most boring Rush song.
* The Camera Eye has the best lyrics of any Rush song.
* 'A Lerxt in Wonderland' in La Villa Strangiato is the most intense part of 
any Rush concert.
* 'Where's My Thing' is the weakest instrumental track.
* Permanent Waves is the best album cover, Hold Your Fire is the worst.
* The inflatable bunny is (was?) the dorkiest prop in the show.
* Rush is getting into a bad habit of putting anthemic 'closers' at the end of 
albums. The last 'muscular' closing track was Between the Wheels. Recall such 
winners as Vital Signs, La Villa and Cygnus X-1.
* red lenses is the most 'non-Rush' tune.


Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 14:47:23 -0400
From: "Glen Young" 
Subject: TNMS returns :)

  Well, I sent this a while ago, it's old news(and boring to boot, eg. base-
ball) but I am going to re-send it anyway.

  Most of us know what a big baseball fan Geddy is....I'de be curious to know
if he sides with the players/owners.  Probably neither, and I would bet he
'sides' with the fans - for he is one....

                                                'One likes to believe in the
                                                 freedom of baseball' - GL in
                                                 concert during the last MLB
                                                 strike! (I was there.)

BTW, a big 'thanks' to Puanani for some news. ;)



From: Paul James Peterson 
Subject: 2112 Tour Show Info
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 1994 16:45:10 -0500 (CDT)

Hello Rush Fans,

I was talking with my brother one day about...well Rush of course, and he
mentioned they played a date in Wausau, WI on their 2112 tour back in '76.
They played at Newman High School-with a gym capacity of about 500. Having
 graduated from there, It's almost unbelievable to think they were
once on that old wooden stage.  Anyway, I don't know the date, but I'm sure
a trip to the library or the school may lead to a date, if anyone is
And to think that they now pack 40,000 strong at Alpine Valley-whoo hoo!



Date: Tue, 25 Oct 94 11:23:03 EDT
From: John Ambrose 
Subject: Rumors, rumors, rumors...

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation...

	Now that the NMS is back in full force, I have a little request to
make to all NMS'ers: Please try not to post rumors that you hear about Rush,
unless they are substantiated by something like a magazine or an interview.
I've heard the following, plus many more over the past few months:

	--There will be a 20th Anniversary Tour

	--There will NOT be a 20th Anniversary Tour

	--The next album will be a studio album

	--The next album will be a LIVE album

	--The next album will be the last one they tour for

	--The next album will be out by Christmas

	--The next album will be out by April, 1995

	--etc, etc, etc...

Everytime I hear these rumors, I get excited, then confused.  I know
everybody likes to report rumors, but most people hate to get mislead by

					--"laissez faire"



Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 14:00:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Burning for Buddy

  Transcribed to me from Chris Kay here is a clip from 'Friday Morning Quater-
  back' 26 Aug 1994:

  "The 'Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to Buddy Rich' cd is slated to hit the
  stores Oct. 4th. The album was proeduced by Rush drummer Neil Peart [happy
  belated b-day!!!]. The album features an array of drummers that perform a
  number of pieces from Rich's repeatoire as well as some additional pieces.
  Look for performances by Kenny Arnoff (John Mellencamp); Bill Bruford (Yes,
  King Crimson); Bill Cobham (Miles Davis, Quincy Jones); Steve Ferrone (Average
  White Band); Steve Gadd (Paul McCartney, Steely Dan); Manu Katche (Peter
  Gabriel); Rod Morgenstein (the Dregs, Steve Morse Band); Simon Phillips (the
  Who, Mick Jagger); Steve Smith (Journey); Matt Sorum (Guns'n'Roses, the Cult);
  Dave Weckl (Chick Corea); and Peart himself."

  This should be a great one!  I guess though that Ian Mosely was too busy with
  the next Marillion album, eh? And Phil Collins too busy with his marriage.

  Brad - alexmeister vonBastille


Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 15:52:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: Arbon Reimer 

All hail rush-mgr.... reviver of the dead...namely

I sure missed the digest...and I'm happy it's back on line.

2 things I wanted to ask about-- First, does anyone have information
about the next Rush tour?  There have been rumors here in Boulder/Denver
that Rush/Primus will be happening by the end of the year.  However,
TicketBastard...I mean,  TicketMaster doesn't have any information about
this.  eh?

Secondly, I was going to ask anyone who's picked up "Burning For Buddy"
what they thought of it...  and would people agree that this might be
Neil's making up for a somewhat mediocre showing at the Buddy Rich
Memorial Scholarship Concert?  I watched it and didn't think Neil swung
the band as well as did Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd at the first
memorial concert.  thoughts?


Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 12:08:04 -0500 (CDT)
From: ST40V@Jetson.UH.EDU
Subject: Re: 10/20/94 - The National Midnight Star ** RETURNS **

I'm glad to see TNMS is back online.  I picked up "Burning for Buddy", Simon
Phillips has quite a solo on it. Neil sounds vevy good also. I would for surey
go buy it, if your a serious drum player. It is one the ultimate drum records
out there on the market now.



Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 18:48:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Gabriel Palczewski 
Subject: Ice Breaker

	Well hello. I am new to the NMS and after wanting and meaning to
join for a long time I finnaly did. I don't know if you guys like these
or not but oh well :) My first Rush experience.. heh

	I would have to say my first Rush experience was accidently
listning to 2112. It was on a B side of a tape my friend gave me which
had some old Metallica stuff on the A side. I didn't really like it too
much to tell ya the truth. Then again I wanted my METALLICA!

	Anyhow I heard "Coldfire" on the radio and saw a Headbanger's
Ball episode with "Stick It Out" on so I got the new album then proceeded
to start building my collection. They are a great band. I must admitt I
think their hay day was between Rush - Moving Pictures and now they are
back with Roll The Bones and Counterparts which I really like.

	Hope I didnt bore you to death!


Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 19:46:42 -0400
From: (John Staversky)
Subject: Re: 10/20/94 - The National Midnight Star ** RETURNS **


I picked up a bootleg CD that I did not see on Meg's list that I got fron
the archive server, and I want to pass along the vital signs. It has a
picture of a polar bear on an ice floe with an azure background. There is a
12 page insert with the CD in German. 4 of the songs (marked with *) are
fron the HYF tour and the rest are from RTB. The sound quality I would rate
as excellent. I'm no pro, but this is definitely a soundboard recording.

1. The Spirit of Radio*
2. Closer to the Heart*
3. Limelight
4. Freewill -->
5. Distant Early Warning
6. Time Stand Still
7. Bravado
8. Temple of Syrinx* -->
9. Tom Sawyer*
10. Big Money
11. Ghost of a Chance
12. Subdivisions
13. The Pass
14. Where's My Thing
15. Red Barchetta (1:13 -- The "wind in my hair" sectio they played in
'92)--> 16. TSOR (closing 30 seconds or so)

(n.b. to mgr-- obviously, if I'm mistaken and Meg does have this one listed
then just throw out this posting. :-) )

   [ Actually it *is* on the list, but under another name. The one listed
     there is called "Rush: Greatest Hits Live" -- if that has a different name,
     you should send her the info on manufacturer & title.	: rush-mgr ]

"Down fool!!!!!!"
           -mike staversky-

"I don't believe in destiny, or the guiding hand of fate....."


Date: Thu, 27 Oct 94 08:50 GMT
From: (Richard Scales)
Subject: Posting

This is my first ever posting (please be gentle) I have been following
NMS since I discovered it 6 months ago. It seems to me that there is much
more activity in the US as I don't see many UK postings - I guess it
rather goes along with the UK tour rate - anyone know when we're likely
to see the band 'hit our stops' along their way ?
I've been a bit of a devotee since their UK FWTK tour back in ???? and
have continued to enjoy their music as it has transmogrified through the
ages. My only claims to fame are that:

1) I purchased Universal Juveniles whan it came out on vinyl
2) I once saw Rush do Subdivisions without vocals !

(Does that qualify or am I very very sad !!)

What I would really like to know is - how can I get hold of boot cd's
here in the UK ? Are there any keen NMSer's out there who might provide
such material for fair exchange etc ?
I'll keep on watching reading and posting when I can but for now - keep
up the very good work.
'Till then
>From first to last, the peak is never passed
Richard Scales,, Compuserve 100422,1232


Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 14:31:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Kevin Struck 
Subject: Re: 10/20/94 - The National Midnight Star ** RETURNS **

I was wondering what happened.  Its been almost two months since I
received anything from you guys.  I was begining to worry.  I haven't
received a thing since Sept 3.  If thats when the server when down I
understand, if not can I get back issues?  You don't know the feeling of
checking you mail everyday for two months and having nothing from NMS.  I
kept hoping everyday that would be the day.  Well today was the day.
Thanks for the good work you've done and I hope this never happens again.



Subject: Welcome Back
Date: 28 Oct 94 11:48:24 EDT

Long time no see,

I hope everyone survived the interim without going crazy-a bonkers.
It was tough but I wish to thank some of my rush buddies for providing
enough Rush input to get me through.

And now that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible

Welcome Back to all,  especially rush-mgr.

Thanks to Rush buddies Duane, Art(spotty), Bruce, and last but
certainly not least Simon.

Adios muchachos


  "Patience my ass...... I'm gonna kill something"  anon


Date: Fri, 28 Oct 94 12:44:59 EDT
Subject: Neil Interview

Thanks for that great interview with Mr. Pratt.  I suppose I should also
thank you for editing it for this format.  I don't want to sound mean, but
sometimes Neil does go on for a while.  At least he has something worthwhile
to say.  I do have a question, and forgive me if this is now common
knowledge or something, but has the video for "Nobody's Hero" been made yet?
I try to force myself to watch emptyV, but all they play is rap.  Forgive
me, but I have been living in a cave, practically, since I was sick in bed
for two months.  I was amazed that the world just kept on turning...

    [ Yes the video has already been done (and broadcasted, but not on MTV).
      Most of it (except when they show the band) is shot in black/white
      and consists of people wearing black masks: schoolteachers, police,
      astronauts, etc. I doubt MTV will ever show it.		: rush-mgr ]

	Thanks for your information.  Kira
BTW-I love getting mail, so if anyone out there wants to get in touch and
keep me up to date, write me @


Date: Sat, 29 Oct 1994 04:02:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rael 
Subject: Re: Neil Peart interview

Great interview guys!  Thanks!

It's a bit late to ask the question.  But I was wondering if Neil had any
plans to do more work with Rheostatics --another Canadian band.  If you
haven't heard them, I *highly* recommend them.  They're great!  Neil
plays on 2 or 3 tracks of the album Whale Music.  I believe (I could be
wrong) he has also played with them on tour.

So, the BR tribute album's already been released, eh?  I'll probably have
to sqecial order it because I haven't seen it around here.

I know the members of Rush really consider themselves a unit and don't
really want to dilute themselves (like so many other bands have) by doing
solo projects.  But I wish they would.  I'd just love to hear their own
individual tastes and musical directions --I know they don't *all* agree
on a particular direction all of the time.

Hey!  I have a great idea!  They don't have to do actual *solo* albums.
Just do a Rush album where each song is written solely by one of the
three members rather than collectively by all three.  I think that would
be an ultimate challenge for them.

             O  -->  "Something's changed! That's not   <--  O
            /|\       your face! It's mine!                 /|\
             |        It's mine!" -RAEL                      |
            / \                                             / \


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