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Subject: 12/06/94 - The National Midnight Star #1034

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1034

                 Tuesday, 6 December 1994
Today's Topics:
                     Re: A Challenge
          Neil's grammar is correct (you and me)
                    p/g - After Image
              RUSH spottings (and Kim too!)
     Re: 11/29/94 - The National Midnight Star #1028
                     RUSH in Morocco
     Re: 11/30/94 - The National Midnight Star #1029
                     GeDDy not GeTTy
             On the subject of weak albums...
              Re: William D. Laird's posting
                        New Album
                  What is up with RUSH?
                    Who still is.....
     Re: 11/30/94 - The National Midnight Star #1029
              Ultradiscs, narpets and wheels
                       Re: NMS 1029
                    Diversity in Taste
             Could It be true? Gary or Geddy
        Re: Female fans and keyboards (TNMS #1027)
                "The Weapon" ripped off??
                    Sounding the Same
                Revised thoughts on Presto
                   Keith Richards who?
                a cool group of musicians
             A message to female Rush fans...
     Re: 12/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1030
                     a show of fans?
                  Chronicles CD For Sale
     Re: 12/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1030

Date: 1 Dec 1994 09:41:34 -0500
From: "John Osborn" 
Subject: Re: A Challenge

In response to Greg's request to put together a band that you would like to
hear make music without taking more than 2 members from an existing band...

Greg, you forgot to provide 2 vocalists!!!  How about considering Steve Walsh
of Kansas!?!

 - John


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:30:39 +0500
From: (Russ Arcuri)
Subject: Neil's grammar is correct (you and me)

Hello all,

>In NMS 1023 TDORMIO wrote:
> >In the song "Lock and Key" Neil wrote, "I don't want to face the
> >killer instinct, face it in you or me."
> >I could be wrong but, shouldn't he have written "face it in you or *I* ",
> >or did I hear something wrong way back in 7th grade English class.
>All I can say is:
>Jack Relax!
>Why are we here? To discuss English?
>Maybe after you have been writting lyrics for twenty years
>you can rip apart his songs.

Actually, what Neil wrote *is* gramatically correct.  It's easiest to
understand if you break down what he's writing here into parts:

'I don't want to face ... it in you.'
'I don't want to face ... it in me.'

If you were to use "I" instead of "me", here's what you would get:

'I don't want to face ... it in I'

And, to use another example, let's say you wanted a new Rush album as a
birthday gift.  Which of the following statements would you make?

"I wish someone would buy the new Rush album for me."
"I wish someone would buy the new Rush album for I."

Anyhow, maybe I'm taking this discussion way too far.  I was an English
major in college, so this kind of thing interests me.

Russ Arcuri


From: "Iron Will" 
Date:         Thu, 1 Dec 1994 10:06:45 EST5EST
Subject:      p/g - After Image

- This is my first post here after observing for a while -

Anyone out there who loves the song `After Image' as much as I do?
There is something about this song that makes me want to listen to it
again and again...and the video for it from the `Camera  Eye' video (if I
am not mistaken, has never been shown on MuchMusic or any other
video channel) is really good ... especially the pennyfarthing bicycle,
and the shot of Neil at the end of the song.

It is strange because when I first saw RUSH on the p/g tour (1984 - the
concert at Maple Leaf Gardens that everyone knows, the same one
that the `Red Sector A' video was taken from) I had hardly listened to
their music at all...but in the 10 years or so since!  I wish I was a fan at
that time, then maybe I could remember what songs they played (as I
read in another msg. they might have played `After Image' live...ugh!').
I just read in another msg. that someone else was there at MLG that
day (sorry I can't remember who it was)...I still have the program that
they left on all the floor chair seats (white with a red p/g logo) that
instructed all the patrons to put on their 3-D glasses at a certain point
in the show!

I agree with Meri (?) who said that it doesn't really matter what religion
the band members are, etc... but I think it is just because someone is
such a big RUSH fan that they want to find out everything about the
band, but I am sure that it will not affect their opinion of the band if
they are indeed true RUSH fans.

That's all from this boy from the home of Gordon Lightfoot (I'll be there
soon!)...BCNU, WL

"Suddenly you were gone...of all the lives you
 left your mark upon..." - AI/R


From: "Iron Will" 
Date:         Thu, 1 Dec 1994 10:19:49 EST5EST
Subject:      RUSH spottings (and Kim too!)

Has anyone ever spotted the guys in the band outside of concerts?

I have seen them on a few 1987 I saw Alex & Geddy at
the York Tennis Centre during the Canadian Open in North York
(Toronto) one summer...when I went over to the other side of the
stadium to try and get an autograph (I was kinda excited) they were

A couple of years ago while here in Florida, we spotted Geddy at the
Blue Jays vs. Orioles game in Dunedin.  I didn't bother going over and
bothering him because there were enough 19 year old (supposedly)
RUSH fans scaring the hell out of him, so I just caught a good glimpse
of him when he walked by to leave the game ... leave early because of
all the people bothering him so much that he couldn't enjoy the game!
I have heard that Geddy isn't very accomodating to fans when they
surprise him in public...and I don't blame him the way these people
were treating him.

I talked to Kim Mitchell for a brief minute a few years ago when he was
here in Daytona for the MuchMusic spring break show and asked him
if he planned on ever doing another song with RUSH (for those of
you not familiar with `Universal Juveniles' by Max Webster check it
out ... probably have to find it in Canada though) ...he said that he
would love to someday (as he sipped his beer) but that he figures that
he will just worry about his solo career for now, just then some guy
saw Kim drinking his beer and said to him, "Might as well go for a soda
Kim!"  I groaned.  One of my friends from school (an American who had
no idea who RUSH, Max Webster, or Kim were) asked me who that guy
was...I told him it was my dad.


"Suddenly you were gone...of all the lives you
 left your mark upon..." - AI/R


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 10:26:32 EST
From: John Ambrose 
Subject: Re: 11/29/94 - The National Midnight Star #1028

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation...

	Regarding Ayn Rand's fabulous _Anthem_ quote : "I shall choose
friends among men, but neither slaves nor masters.  And I shall choose only
such as please me, and them I shall love and respect, but neither command nor

	A Neil Peart quote which I always thought expressed this sentiment
well was: "We can walk our road together if our goals are all the same.  We
can run alone and free if we pursue a different aim."  Hemispheres, of

	I remember one time back in high school, I wrote this Hemispheres
quote on the blackboard.  An extremely liberal friend of mine immediately
said he loved it.  Isn't that ironic?  20th Century liberalism is about
subjugating the individual to society.  Liberalism says: "We can walk our
road together if our goals are all the same.  If your goals differ from mine,
I'll send the government to FORCE you to walk my road."

	However, I certainly agree that while Neil Peart was heavily
influenced by Ayn Rand, he does not subscribe to each and every word she has
written.  I'm the same way.  Ayn Rand is a heroine of mine, and my ideals
mirror hers closely, but not identically.

					--"laissez faire"


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 08:54:09 -0800
From: (Mazen Fadel)
Subject: RUSH in Morocco

       While not being a citizen of Morocco, I bron and raised there (nice
beaches!).  I grew up listening to old Genesis and the Police.  The local
radios sucked and only played top 40 crap.  We prided ourselves (my buddies
and I) on being a minority with "better" musical taste.  One day back in
1983 ( I was only 14 then), my brother (big YES fan at the time) brought
home 2112 and AFTK.  Oh the religious experience!  Needless to say my
buddies and I were sold and became RUSH fanatics (still true to this day).
In high school we were looked upon as weirdos listening to bands that no one
had ever heard about. One day, in Morocco during the summer of 87 I was
casually listening to the radio, when this new DJ came on and said "and here
is something different for those open minded people,  the band's name is
RUSH".  And he proceeded into playing the entire 2112 album!  Needless to
say I called all my friends and we were aw struck.  You got to understand
that until then all we had heard from the radio was crap like MAdonna and
Michael Jackson.  Yes miracles do happen!
        Regarding RUSH radio play in the US I must say I have been pretty
lucky.  I went to grad school in the Chicago area (u. of I, chicago) and got
hear a lot of RUSH on the radio.  However, not nearly as much as here in
Oregon!  The local radio station (101.1) here must be run by avid RUSH fan.
I hear RUSH a lot!  There has been days where I hear RUSH four or five
times/day, while just listening to the radio on and off during the day.
Anyway, that's all! take care
Mazen Fadel

"Better the pride that resides
 In a citizen of the world
 Than the pride that divides
 When a colourful rag is unfurled"


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 12:24:49 -0500 (EST)
From: "Eric J. Mcclanahan" 
Subject: Re: 11/30/94 - The National Midnight Star #1029

 	Just a couple of comments about a couple of the comments:)
#1     I think  that some of us are getting just alittle compulsive with the
use of acronyms for the titles of rush tunes.  I can understand the use
of these for album titles, because in the FAQ they are clearly defined
and we use them all of the time.  But in this last posting about the
mystery tune LTTA being spliced in with a football broadcast, I am just
at a loss as to what LTTA is.  I am thinking from
PeW(permanent waves)... toCP(counterparts).  So I know that LTTA is a
song.  Please for the sake of us with no photographic memory, write the
titles of songs out... or at least a partial title i.e.(B-t and the
S-dog, or a Pass to Bkok).

   [ LTTA stands for "leave that thing alone"			: rush-mgr ]

#2     The types of arguments that we are seeing over the weak albums and
weak songs and the weak 80's and the privacy of the band is good for 1 or
2 posts, if its juicy.  Mostly though it is becoming this thumping sound
of  many dead horses being beaten at once.

Now I still have an inquiry:  Yes, my cassette of ESL has the song Xanadu
spelled Zanadu on both the cassette and the liner thing.

P.S. thanks to those who answered the thing about Broone's Bane.
and also I don't mean to be a dweeb but What is LTTA.  Now you got me
wonderin.  oops, bad english.  ;)


Date: Thu,  1 Dec 94 11:52:37 EST
Subject: GeDDy not GeTTy

I'm sure everyone is going to jump on this, but I spotted it and wanted to
correct you. It's Geddy, not Getty. Getty is a gas station.  I thought it
was kind of funny.
Well, gotta go to lunch. Kira

   [ Getty is also a trust foundation and something important in Unix..
								: rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 12:56:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Brian David Schiff 
Subject: On the subject of weak albums...

I would probably agree with the most loyal fans out there, that there is
not really a "weak" album out there.   However, a friend and I drove to
Florida last spring and listened to every song off of every studio album,
in order.   We found out one very interesting thing... everything was
fine from Finding my Way (Rush) until after Mission (HYF).  Then we had
to listen to Tai-Shan (sp) and High Water (i think that is the name of
the song) and we started to get annoyed.  Then, a respite w/Show Don't
Tell, but soon after the dullness of the majority of the Presto album.
Roll the Bones wasn't particulary tragic, but after Face Up and that cult
classic (You) Bet your Life, we were ready to drive off the road into the
Offekkkennnobbbeeee (yeah, like I spelled that right) Swamp and take our
chances with the Crocodiles.  Then Counterparts, we were saved... looking
back, most of the songs in that stretch didn't have the kind of energy
that we needed on our 15 hour drive, but in addition, they just didn't
hold up with the rest of the Rush reportiore (sp).  In short, I like
those albums, but not when they are compared against themselves.

    Brian Schiff                 "The more that things change          the more they stay the same." N.P.


Date:         Thu, 01 Dec 94 12:56:45 EST
From: Steve Gadless 
Subject:      Re: William D. Laird's posting

Hey Will, In the video that you say Neil wearing the headgear, please take
note which songs he was using it in....they're all songs in which the group
uses sampling and where neil would have to play to a click track to keep on
time with the pre-recorded material.  I happen to be a drummer and I have
played to a click track before when my band was using samples in our show.
Playing with earphones on can be REALLY annoying since they tend to fall off
when I start to get into the song or when I have to play some heavy fills.
I think the "helmet" is Neil's answer to this.  It may be a bicycle helmet
that has been modified so that now, there are earphones in it and Neil can
play without losing his 'phones mid-song....hope this helped!  :)

 -Steve Gadless

P.S. I feel that the best rush song by far has got to be the live version of
Marathon on ASOH.  WoW!!!! what a tune!


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 12:19:52 -0500
From: Stephen.M.Hand@cyber.Widener.EDU
Subject: New Album

In response to Todd Zadow's question in TMNS issue #1029.

   In a recent conversation with a friend of mine who operates an MIS system in
New York, and does nothing more than cruise the information highways all day,
told me that he came across a file posted under some obscure address which
stated that the new album will be released in February, and the name of the new
album will be "Serum".  Also it has been seen flashed on Mystery Science Theatre
(that is the Album cover has been seen).  I do not have any info on what the
cover looks like however.

Look for a June tour in the U.S.

   [ Uh huh, and if you believe THAT, I have a gold RIAA award for 2112
     that I'm willing to part with...				: rush-mgr ]

Hey Ryan......Sounds like it's almost time for another edition of  .....
the "Rush Game".(Yes it is an actual game).

Spread the Word......

Stephen Hand


Date: Thu, 01 Dec 94 13:47:59 EST
From: "Ryan Tweedie" 
Subject: Hello!

     Hmm...  I am glad I found the NMS (hats off to the manager), it is a
     great way to kill otherwise useless time at work!  In addition, being
     an avid Rush fan for over ten years tends to enhance things a little.

     Anyways, just a quick question to get started...  I'm sure someone out
     there is familiar with The Omega Concern?  Is seems to have died off
     lately from the newer albums.  Any info?

     Put my ballot in for Signals as the best of the lot, although I have
     seen them quote otherwise themselves...

     Ryan T.


Date:         Thu, 1 Dec 1994 1:49 pm EST (18:49:49 UT)
From: "Brian A. Fico" 
Subject:      What is up with RUSH?

     I know this may be out of line.  It doesn't pertain to any discussion
as of lately anyway, but last time I read the NMS we were conspiring to
create a gift to give them from the NMS.  I saw the Counterparts tour
twice...once in Buffalo and once in Rochester NY. (The Rochester seats were
9th row center)  boy was that kickin!  So as time went on there was talk
of an anniversary tour.  What ever happened?  I can't say that I have been
the most in-touch Rush fan lately.
     Everyone is talking about a new album already too.  Please!  Someone
fill me in, I don't want to miss out on something big!  If you would,
reach me through e-mail because I don't always hve time to read the NMS
all the way through... (ahhh the hectic life of a pre-med student)

      As Always....clueless to the happenings around town

           Brian A. Fico


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 13:39:52 -0600
From: Jason McNamara 
Subject: various

In NMS 1023 TDORMIO wrote:
 >In the song "Lock and Key" Neil wrote, "I don't want to face the
 >killer instinct, face it in you or me."
 >I could be wrong but, shouldn't he have written "face it in you or *I* ",
 >or did I hear something wrong way back in 7th grade English class.

Object of a preposition. "Me" is correct.

> From: thomas a lloyd 

>  Re: The Burning For Buddy release...
> (deleted)
> Finally, a clarification on the drummers on the album... the fella who
> listed the drummers and what they're known for wasn't very complete for many
> of the drummers... I'lll try and do a complete list here (or at least, more
> complete :->):
> [very good list deleted]
>   Joe Morello: Another jazz drummer of Buddy's generation. Did some work with,
> I believe Benny Goodman? Either way, he's been around forever and played with
> everyone. He's very old and mostly blind, but remains a jazz favorite on the
> drums...

Joe Morello spent a number of years with the Dave Brubeck Quartet (1955-1967), 
where he did the work for which he is best known (Take Five, though I 
personally prefer Blue Rondo a la Turk [9/4], The World's Fair [13/4!], and 
Unsquare Dance [7/4]).  If you enjoy jazz and non-standard time signatures, 
then Dave Brubeck's music is definitely worth a listen.

I happen to like the _Burnin'_ disc quite a bit.  Our jazz band at Boston 
College used to play Dancing Men, so that's great to hear.

From: Meredith Leigh Cronin 
> 	Why can't you people just enjoy the music instead of analzying
> every single word,  and who cares what religion getty,alex,or neil is?
> ... Just shut up, accept the music for what it is, and enjoy!

Amen! :->  Sit back and enjoy.


Jason McNamara
Bifrost Systems / NEXTSTEP-optimized workstations
713.531.7959 voice / 713.531.5940 facsimile /


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 12:13:00 -0800
From: (Paul Goracke)
Subject: Who still is..... exclaimed:

> Good grief! It took Meat Loaf 14 years to get another album out.

To pick nits, Meat Loaf had at least 3 other albums that most people (with
good reason) don't know of. How do I know? Well .. umm .. a friend told me
>.. yeah, that's it. Actually, with the success of Bat II, some of them are
crawling out of the woodwork, on cd even.


        Paul Goracke         | "To do is to be"  - Aristotle       |  "To be is to do"  - Plato
                             |   "Do be do be do"  - Sinatra


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 15:29 EST
From: "YES, THE RMACK..." 
Subject: Re: 11/30/94 - The National Midnight Star #1029

>From: weissa@LAFVAX.LAFAYETTE.EDU (Garet Jax)
>Subject: Ben Mink & Losing It

>It is said in Visions(by the B-Man) that "missing is Alex Lifeson." in the
>song Losin it. I disagree, though. At approx. 2:10 in the sond, right
>around or maybe a second before "some are born to move the world" if you
>listen really closely, you can hear strings being picked like an
>arpeggiated chord. In fact, as i lesten to it, you can hear that faint
>instrument throughout that whole bridge. (sadder still to watch it die....)
>it's on the 1 in each measure (this part's in 4, i don't know about the
>rest of the song offhand...)
>that's only part that i can be sure i hear what is not an electric violin,
>there may be others, though.

 As I think we all know by now, the "B-Man" is an idiot. Alex Lifeson is all
over "Losing It."
 To wit:- He sits out the intro and 1st verse (5/8) (this is common,
especially in this era of Rush compositions)
	- After "He stares out the kitchen door", Lifeson plays quiet,
distorted power chords on the 1 and "and-of-2" of each bar. (The 5/8 is
subdivided 3-and-2). Before the next verse, the drums enter fully.
	- For the "Dancer" verse, Lifeson is playing a 3-note arpeggio every
two bars: dee-dee-deeee/ pregnant pause/ dee-dee-deeee/ etc. (This is a really
dumb way of describing it, but I don't know how else to). This is mixed to the
front. Rhythmically, he's playing "and-three-one/rest/and-three-one/etc." (if
this doesn't mean anything to you, I can describe it better)
	- For "and she limps across..", Alex plays distorted power chords on
1, and at "door", plays on 1 and the "and" of 2 again (twice), quickly
followed by...
	- A fast, eighth-note climb in 5/8, into...
	- Half-time 4/4 ("Some are born.."). Lifeson, as described above,
plays distorted triads on 1. They lend texture.
	- After the chorus, there's two bars of 5/8, which Alex plays the 1
and "and" of 2 on, as a transition into...
	- The solo, which is 11/8, subdivided 3-3-3-2 (triplets with a missing
eighth-note). Lifeson, I believe, sits this section out, and lets the
violin(s) take the spotlight. At the end of the solo...
	- Lifeson plays a run of eighth-notes over several bars of 12/8 (feels
like 4 triplets), then 4 bars of 5/8. The run ends, and Alex (still in 5/8)
plays the one and "end" of two 4 times, and then...
	- We're back at the 4/4 half-time ending again, with Alex playing
long, distorted chords on 1.

 Disclaimer: this was compiled from memory, so certain parts may be longer or
shorter than described (like 4 instead of 8 bars, or vice-versa).

  The B-man has a P-brain.

 Randy Mack


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 19:28:50 GMT
From: (Russell Marks)
Subject: Ultradiscs, narpets and wheels

I suppose this has been asked before, but; I haven't got MP or 2112 on
CD yet, is it worth trying to get hold of the Ultradisc versions? Are
they likely to be hard to get in the UK? I'll be getting them over the
holidays, so it'd be good to have some opinions on this...

> Hi all fellow Rush fans etc etc
> Why are there no Rush fans in ENGLAND??????????

Oh, but there are! Didn't you go to any of the concerts in the RTB
tour? Quite a few fans at those...

> Am I the only one over here????????????

No. You're not even the only Rush fan over here called "Russell". :-)

> Hello fello Rushaholics, there are three things I would like to know, 1-What
> the heck are Didacts and Narpets?. 2-Hey Rush-MGR how bout a survey of
> everyone on the NMS's favorite song?. And 3-Is Neil's name pronounced like
> PEE-ART or like PERT? See yal.

1. 'Addicts and Parents', I believe. Candygrams.
2. That's an original idea. (Sorry, couldn't resist :^))
3. Neither. It's PEERT, and sounds quite like 'peer'.

> Actually, the answer is:
> Between The Wheels              Yes

*gasp* Are we talking footwear here? (If so, which?) I've always
wondered what that one would sound like live.

> Digital Man                     Yes


/ : russell marks :: :: speak softly and carry a +6 kitten : \
| GCS -d+ -p+ c++++ l++ u++ e+(*) m+@ s+/++ n--(---) h+(*) f+ !g w+ t+ r- y? |
\ ::: "His world is under anaesthetic - subdivided and synthetic" - Rush ::: /


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:07:30 -0500 (EST)
From: Matthew J Phillips 
Subject: Re: NMS 1029

Yo -
In the last issue, there were two complaints about the content of the
NMS.  I think I speak for most people when I say IF YOU DON'T WANT TO
the spacebar a few times to scroll through.  BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!
Personally, I just read what interests me, and skip the rest.
This argument was covered sometime in April... go read some back issues
if you are more interested.



From: "Kieran Cloonan" 
Date:          Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:42:33 -400
Subject:       Diversity in Taste

Hey all,
I've been a silent reader of NMS for a few months now and I just
thought I'd chime in about something-- in the 11/30 issue, someone
mentioned something about liking a band that would not be within the
range of the 'typical Rush fan's' taste... I've been a Rush fan for
as long as I can remember, and I'm well acquainted with the other
bands that Rush fans seem to like (King Crimson, et al.).   I'd just like
to register the fact that Rush does not prescribe any sort of 'taste'
in music.  I like everything from Pink Floyd to the Charlie Daniels
Band, from progressive to good ol' fashioned, groovey, funky, rauchy
rock n' roll...  I'm not making an argument here... it just got me to thinking 
about tastes in music and what's important to each of us as fans of the
music that these three talented men make...  thoughts??

Thanks for indulging my free-association.
See you 'round,
Kieran Cloonan

"I want you to dance naked"
John Mellencamp


Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 13:47:28 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Could It be true? Gary or Geddy

Hi Rush Fans

In one of the readings of NMS I saw a question.  About Geddy Lee's real
name.  Well I have a friend who is Jewish, his name is Gary.  Of course
his mom is also Jewish, yet she has a real strong accent being from
Israil and all.  She calls him, get this, Geddy.  I read some where that
Geddy Lee's real name is Gary Weinrab or something. Could it  be?
	Since, Rush didn't officially make it to the Northwest for the
counterparts tour.  They secretly stayed in a hotel Seattle, only a true
Rush fan would dicover this; I bumped into Alex accidentally after a half
an hour drive once I found out.  Well anyway's if anyone has a extra
Counter parts tour shirt I could buy or trade I would be most happy.  I
don't want break my streak of shirts since 1980 do I.

So Email me if you have one and I'll get in Touch with you later.
Bye now,

Why are we here?
Cause we're here.

I noticed on NMS there are some people who don't understand us Rush fans.
Then they right stupid things on the new letter.  Help encourage them to
stop because its the only way to reduce the NMS.  Hell I like the stuff
in the News letter. Even if its boring, which it isn't.


From: "Ted Jakubowski" 
Date:          Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:16:46 CST-6CDT
Subject:       Re: Female fans and keyboards (TNMS #1027)

     A friend and I did some informal research on this topic
discussed by David Taubler.  We talked to some female friends of
ours and made some observations at the concert on the Cp tour and
came up with some conclusions about female Rush fans.  For any
die-hard lady fans, keep in mind that these opinions don't
necessarily fit you, but are meant to describe the casual fans
that Dave has mentioned.
     At the show my friend and I were keeping our eyes open for
any potentially eligable women (for my buddy only since I am
married myself) with similar tastes, particularly in music.  We
observed at the Rush concert itself that the majority of the
ladies attending the show were accompanied by a men.  I can only
remember seeing one group of girls without dates.  Afterwards we
talked to some women who we know that either like Rush or at
least aren't nausiated by them and the consensus seems to be that
most of them were turned-on to the band by a boyfriend, brother,
     I guess this goes to show that the perception of Rush as a
band for male, teenage, head-bangers is pretty prevalent among
the female population.  It seems that only when the male fans
expose their better halves to the music with any regularity that
the ladies begin to appreciate the quality of the artists as well
as the universal appeal of the music.  Furthermore, we figure
that most of the women who attend Rush concerts are there because
of their significant other.  In the end, though, we figure that
after they break-up with thier boyfriends most of these women
described above stop listening to Rush altogether.  This isn't
necessarily out of a dislike for the band but because of a lack
of positive stimulus.  Maybe this hypothesis sheds a little light
on the topic.  If there are any comments, criticisms, or other
responses I'd like to hear them.-tj

"I don't feel inflexible."
                -Joe Banks


From: Joel Phares 
Subject: "The Weapon" ripped off??
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 18:15:39 -0500 (EST)

Hey Fellow RUSH Fans,

   My last post was right before syrinx disappeared.  My post went with it.
Oh well.  This is something different.  I sat down to listen to my "Signals"
CD.  I have not listened to it for awhile.  I noticed that the beginning of
"The Weapon" (the guitar riff) sounds suspiciously like the riff in "Gallows
Pole" from "No Quarter" the new "Unleaded" album.

    Now, I know precious little about guitar riffs, but I asked my roommate
(who knows a lot about guitar riffs) and he aggreed with me.

   Joel's Theory:     The Boys got ripped off!!!

   Does anyone else have an opinion on this??  I see a new thread developing

   Thanx !!!

      Joel Phares  (

Why are we here??

For the Beer!!

Row the Boats!!


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 15:54:32 +0800
From: (John Feeney)
Subject: Sounding the Same

Boy the one thing that REALLY BUGS ME about Rush is that all the albums are
different.  Wouldn't they (RUSH) be MUCH MUCH better if all the albums were
the same, ( format, length, concepts, etc. ).  We need more bands like that
in the world. Boston can't be the only one! :^)

PS Yes I am "carazy go nuts!"


Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 20:07:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Thanks

Thank you to all that sent me messages regarding the lyrics in question in my
my post in NMS #1027. I really appreciate it!

I would also like to mention something regarding my post in #1029. I mentioned
the fact that it took Meat Loaf 14 years to put out "Bat Out of Hell II", as
if he had no albums between BOOH and BOOH II. Well, it was brough to my
attention and I want to clear up that what I meant was it was the first he put
out in 14 years that has gotten any attention.  So, anyway, if anyone has any
more comments of interest, email me if you want to.



Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:13:16 -0500
Subject: Revised thoughts on Presto

I'd like to amend a post I made previously.

>>The way I interpret the song, it is about a guy who made the
>>mistake of falling in love with the wrong person (...what a
>>fool I was for you...), and now he wants to make up for it
>>(...If I could wave my magic wand...).  I may be wrong, but
>>that is how I interpret the song.

After thinking about it some more, I now believe it is about a
guy who discovers his girl is cheating on him.  Obviously, he
is not with his girl for some reason.  (...I look down into a
million houses, and wonder what you're doing tonight...)
Obviously, he sees something that does not please him.  I don't
know about you, but I would not be pleased if my girlfriend(if
I had one) cheated on me.

After he finds this out, he remembers the dreams he had when
this relationship started(...I had a dream of a winter garden,
of midnight rendezvous...), and feels alone(...I had a dream of
the open water, I was swimming way out to sea...).

Right now, the guy feels very confused(...don't ask me, I'm
just improvising...).

This guy still wants to fix things(...if I could wave my magic
wand...), both with himself(...I'd make everything
allright...), and with the world(...I'd set everybody

Like last post, I am not claiming omniscience about Neil's
writing.  This is solely how I interpret this song.

 -- Phil ( )

sig. under construction


Date: Thu,  1 Dec 94 19:32:01 CST
From: Garrett Young 
Subject: Keith Richards who?

Hmmmm.... After reading all of the posts regarding Keith
Richards offering Alex money for the use of his house I have only
one thing to say. If it's true, Keith Richards is an impudent
asshole! I wonder, did Keith think that Alex would bow at his
request? What a classless act! I like the stones even less now,
although I thought that impossible. I'm pissed! All flames welcome!

Garrett Young
Plano, Texas


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:59:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Edward T Schreiner  
Subject: a cool group of musicians

here goes:
Vocals- Bono of U2
Bass- Doug Wimbish of Living Colour
Guitar (Lead)- Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen
Guitar ("Rhythmn")- Jimmy Page formerly of Led Zeppelin
Drums- (who do you think) Neil Peart of Rush

of course something like this probably wouldn't work as the music would
be too rich.  that's why alex lifeson is so good for rush, because he
usually doesn't always want to be in the spotlight.  while i'm not saying
he's bad or anything, he just usually sits in the background and lets
geddy and neil do their stuff.
"stick it out, don't swallow the poison"


Subject: A message to female Rush fans...
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 21:13:23 -0500 (EST)
From: "Adam Paul Loch" 

Well, I've been looking for a woman that likes Rush for a long time now, so I'm
glad to know that you are out there.  I made a decision that if I found a girl
that likes Rush, I would ask her to marry me.  Now that I've seen that there
are alot of female RUsh fans, I may have to reconsider :) Unfortunatly, I
haven't found any female Rush fans around here *shrug*. If you are a female
Rush fan reading this, and you live in lower Michigan somewhere, feel free to
mail me ;)



Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 22:03:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael E Brindamour 
Subject: Re: 12/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1030

	Just responding to one thing this time around.
	To the question about the title of Red Sector A... I personally
think that it stands for Auschwitz... one of the Nazi concentration camps in
World War II.  It seems to make sense to me since the songs is
(relatively obviously) about that... at least IMHO.
	Also, I second the request for good RUSH Ascii pic's... I think
it would be cool to have one on my plan!
				Thanks eh!
					Mike  (Cygnus on irc)

* The Blacksmith and the Artist reflect it in thier art.  They forge *
* thier creativity, Closer to the Heart...                           *
*****************************************From "Closer to the Heart"  *
*Michael Brindamour-  *                 *            By RUSH         *
* *                 ******************************


Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 22:20:25 -0500 (EST)
From: (Art Hung)
Subject: a show of fans?

Has A Show of Fans sent anything out lately?  I mailed them a check eons
ago and have yet to hear anything or receive anything.  Can anyone e-mail
me the # to call to ask about this?  Thanks in advance!


Art Hung "The Cruise Activities Director"

"We are islands to each other, building hopeful bridges
on the troubled sea.  Some are burned or swept away, some
we would not choose, but we're not always free"

				Rush - "Entre Nous"


Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 22:24:49 -500 (EST)
From: "Robert J. Elliott" 
Subject: Chronicles CD For Sale

Hello All,

I'd like to sell my Rush Chronicles CD for $12  Postpaid.  It is a double
CD and there are no scratches on them.   Thanks, Bob


Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 22:34:30 -0500
From: weissa@LAFVAX.LAFAYETTE.EDU (Garet Jax)
Subject: Re: 12/01/94 - The National Midnight Star #1030

Um, hi

I just have a little correction for the person who posted..

"The song RSA takes Nazi atrocities and makes them a metaphor for other,"

Neil has said that he wasn't writing about WWII spicifically, and he was
just writing about a holocaust situation. I think this is very intelligent
and typical of a guy like Neil remembering that there have been many many
holocausts in human history, and many worse than WWII. (i obviously don't
mean to suggest that the WWII atrocities were petty, so please don't make
it that) WWII is an instance of the thing he is referring to, but it's only
a recent example. Neil had a 'larger perspective' in mind.


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