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Subject: 12/07/94 - The National Midnight Star #1036

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1036

                Wednesday, 7 December 1994
Today's Topics:
          Didacts & Narpets/"Addicts" & Parents
                 RE:Closer To Our Hearts
          Christopher Lanczycki's Fav/First post
                   Re: a challenge, etc
                        SEXY GEDDY
                Neil's drumming as of late
                   Mo' Bettah Barchetta
                    Some Bootleg info
             Congratulations NMS (well kinda)
                Red Barchetta's Motor Law
                        Eye to Eye
                       Whoa There!
                 GUP, Reagan, and the USA
                   Something pointless
                   Neil's CP drum set.
RUSH ON ROCKLINE?!?!? Explanation? Panic? Me, panic?! NAH!
            p.s. on that Rockline panic thing
                       Neil's Chops
                       Xanadu solo
              That "Rush Unplugged" thingie
    The Mystery of FREE WILL...or, Neil's Verbal Veil
                   Re: Re: More Grammar
            Rush - The Unofficial Discography
                Rush ripping off Zep #1028
Re: 12/02/94 - TNMS #1031 - Fav album, the eternal thread.
                   Re: Rush in Phoenix
                I feel like i'm in heaven.
                 Hemispheres Picture Disk
                     Re: FACE TO FACE
           The Motor Law - A Nice Morning Drive
     Re: 12/02/94 - The National Midnight Star #1031
                     gopher problems?
Re: 12/05/94 - The National Midnight Star #1032 *** Special Edition ***

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 21:56:11 -0500
From: Michael L Sensor 
Subject: Didacts & Narpets/"Addicts" & Parents

> Subject: What are Didacts & Narpets?
> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 15:48:13 -0500
> From: dVision 
> In reply to: zinnp 
> Didacts and Narpets are anagrams for Addicts and Parents...

"Didacts" may be an anagram for "addicts", but I seem to remember that in
one of the Back Stage Club Q & A sessions that Neil wrote for a while, he
specifically stated that the song was about teaching -- ie., *didactic*

See the connection?  Parents (Narpets) teach you to "Live! Learn!/Give!
Earn!" et al.  The parents are didacts for this reason.

"didact n. [back-formation < ff.] a didactic person."  [New World
Dictionary Of the English Language, 2d Ed.]

I rest my case. :-)


Michael Sensor
Duquesne University Communications Research
Also seen lurking about the law school posing as a student


Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 21:54:56 -0500
Subject: RE:Closer To Our Hearts

 This concert must have been a very popular one for bootleggers! I have a
great video of the 3-8-94 show and a 2 CD set called "Count Her Parts,"
which, even after I put it one Maxells, sounds 50 times better than any other
CP bootie I've heard. This concert is really cool in part because of the name
Alex dons on Neil(Karen Carpenter). He was Fabio at that concert, as well as
the one I saw live in DC. At the DC concert, he donned Ged Bill Clinton and
recieved the loudest boos I've ever heard at a Rush concert!(remember,they've
never played Tai Shan or Speed Of Love Live, yet!) Out of curiosity, what did
Alex call each at the concerts you all have seen? Take care-RAK


Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 23:07:51 -0500 (EST)
From: Tom Hubbard 
Subject: Guitar

Howdy. I a beginning guitar player and have the moving pictures tab book.
Anyone know how YYZ is played? I mean if it's done with a pick or fingers.
I've been trying with a pick but it's rough maybe I just need to keep trying.


Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 22:51:59 -0500
From: (Chris Mahoney)
Subject: Christopher Lanczycki's Fav/First post

Hi, my first Rush album (listened to in its entirety, and actually bought
by me) was p/g.  I'd heard some other, earlier Rush tunes, but p/g was the
actual first.  I don't really have a solid favourite Rush album, but
interestingly, p/g is very special to me, and I have an emotional tie to it
that I don't have for other do you describe it...a certain
'twinge' when you play it, that corresponds to all those emotions you first
felt the VERY FIRST TIME you heard that album.  When I listen to p/g, all
those things always come back, even the recollections of what moments
seemed awkward at first.  It's really pleasant to have these connections to

If I was going to pick an overall favourite, based on songwriting, lyrics,
passion, and production, it would probably be...


Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 23:52:21 -0500 (EST)
From: Steve Hiroshi Kochi 
Subject: Re: a challenge, etc

I think I'll take a stab at coming up with the ultimate band, taking into
account the one-per-band limit:

drums - Neil (duh!)
guitars - Steve Howe: Yes
bass/stick - Tony Levin: King Crimson
keys - Tony Banks: Genesis (I would have gone with Keith Emerson, but
   he'd probably try to wrestle the spotlight away from the others, what
   with all of his overplaying)
vocals - Freddie Mercury: Queen (even though he's dead, I'm sure if they
   dug him up, he'd still sing better than 99% of all rock vocalists!)
guest spots on flute - Ian Anderson: Jethro Tull

And now a message to all of you who are overly concerned with this here
   grammar thing: Relax! Sometimes you've got to toy with the English
   language in order to make the lyrics to a song sound right.  My advice
   to you: Don't ever listen to any Yes/Jon Anderson songs.  You'll go nuts!

And to the folks who're concerned with the growing length of these
   digests, what with all the posts about analyzing lyrics and debates over
   best/worst albums: For me, anyways, this is just about the only way I
   come into contact with any Rush fans, so I think it's cool for people to
   exchange these sorts of ideas. Personally though, I tend to skip the
   posts that go into lengthy analyses of lyrics, since my attention span is
   so damn short, and I don't go through the trouble of analyzing them
   myself.  I listen and sing along to the music because it rocks, and at
   the end, I say to myself, "Whoa, beauty!"  And then I drift off into
   Dreamland and imagine that I'm away from the stress of college life and
   am sailing on a Carnival cruise ship, singing and dancing with Kathy Lee
   Gifford to the tune of YYZ (yes, believe it or not, that was an actual
   dream I had; don't know how we came up with the idea of singing along
   to that song, though).

And on that note, I guess I'll stop now.

 -- Steve

"A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace,
 and rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace,
 and achieve it all with music that came quickly from afar,
 then taste the fruit of man recorded losing all against the hour..."

 (Try analyzing THOSE lyrics.  Now there's a real challange!)


Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 23:02:04 -0500
From: (Chris Mahoney)

Kara recently posted that Geddy is sexy....

Long before I ever even THOUGHT I'd be a Rush fan, my mom thought Geddy Lee
was just the hottest guy on the face of the planet.  When Geddy sang for
the Northern Lights benefit song, 'Tears Are Not Enough', they did a
documentary of it, and she sat riveted to the TV, waiting to see him.  I've
always liked Geddy, because of my mom, and now I love his music, too!


Subject: Neil's drumming as of late
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 00:55:09 -0500 (EST)
From: "Christopher L Dean" 

Hello all... not to start a flame war directed at me, but... all this
talk about Neil's drumming made me think -- it seems to me that his
drumming has gotten less complex since RTB.  And the drumming on CP is
very straight-ahead.  In fact, it is very un-Neil-like.

Now before you get your flame-throwers lit and ready, let me explain
that  I am talking about all the neat little rhythmic fills and whatnot
that he used to throw into the music.  For example, check out the last
10-20 seconds of "Lock and Key"... amazing!  He's all over the place,
yet ends perfectly on time!  There's some great work on Presto, too.  Of
course, the earlier material needs no introduction -- YYZ, Spirit, etc.
Oh, the beginning of "Show Don't Tell" also rocks.

I don't hear _any_ of this on CP, and very little on RTB.  If he _is_
doing amazing stuff, will some drummer please enlighten me and point me
to a spot in a song off CP or RTB?  Also, please explain what's so tough
about it -- it sounds very straight-ahead to me.

IMHO, he really took the easy way out on CP/RTB (but mostly CP).

nuff said,


too broke to afford a .sig this month.


From: (Jeremy Q. Goldberg)
Subject: Mo' Bettah Barchetta
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 94 2:26:11 EST

File under "Listening to Rush may play havoc with your blood pressure"...

 -----> wrote:
What kind of Rush tape for use in the car could be
complete sans Red Barchetta?  During two parts of that
song (the 4 bars of 7/4 right after the solo and "drive
like the wind straining the limits of machine and man...")
I just feel like pushing the accelarator as far as I can
push it.  This has resulted in two speeding tickets so far.

Whoa! Same thing happened to me during the last Spring
Break. (Was it that long ago?!) I was driving with a friend
when Red Barchetta (of all songs, damn it :-) came on the
radio. I pushed my Red Toyota past 75... Actually, it was
the one time I've ever been pulled over for speeding, and I
managed to get out of the ticket. I actually said something
to the officer along the lines of " favorite band/song
came on the radio, and I just got a little carried away..."
This was, of course, spoken in a nervous tone to enhance
the naivety effect. :-)

I wonder just how many such 'incidents' have been caused
worldwide, with "Red Barchetta" as the instigator...?

I wonder too much.
Jeremy Goldberg
Purchase, New York


Date: Sat, 03 Dec 1994 12:05:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Some Bootleg info

	As a totally unrelated topic to anything, i thought that I would give
some info on some bootlegs that I have received in the past year or so.  First,
the Northern Heroes doudle disk isn't SO bad, after all, it IS just a audience
recording.  Not only do you get the whole show AND the encores, but you also
get some great shots of the boyz, especially of Neil.  Also, I have recently
gotten a copy of the Superconductor bootleg.  The cover is the wrong
superconductor, but oh least the spelt the majority of the names of
the songs right.  The recording is a little slow on the playback, but it has
recordings of their first singles, "Not Fade Away" and "You Can't Fight It".
Not bad recordings, minus the clicks of the spinning record.  For any Genesis
fans out there, check out their bootleg of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
tour bootleg, called "The Lamb Lives"'s incredible!!!   It's almost
soundboard quality, and most people wouldn't know the difference if it were
(Heck, maybe it is).  It has the whole "Lamb..." double disk plus "The Musical
Box", and some explanations of songs in between.  You MUST get it!  I got it
for 50 bucks, but would have easily paid 60 for it!!!  Also check out that
they're now re-releasing the full live, double disks of "Seconds Out" and
"Three Sides Live".  Another Tidbit before I go...IMHO, my favorite album is
HYF.  It doesn't have the guitar lines, grant it, but that's not Rush's only
deal....they're real musicians, not just guitarists...til next time:
	(this is my first time, sorry!)  Brian Eichorn:
 	"Nothing can survive in a vacuum...."


Date: Sat,  3 Dec 1994 12:39:50 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Congratulations NMS (well kinda)

I don't know if any of you folks peruse those cheesy 'internet for
dummies' books in the computer section of your local book store, but I
do whenever I get a chance to see if they get #p/g! the IRC channel in
there... and I was glancing through one called NetChat (called
SOMETHING like this at least...), like a book in
a series (the other book had all this Doom shit in it), and it listed
a whole mess of internet recreational resources (however no #p/g!....
they listed fucking #netsex and #gam (the gay asian males channel??!
never even HEARD OF this one) and some other crap (had like a few page
section on JUST the sex channels... bah... )

Ok ok, I'll get to the point.  The book actually had asection on (didn't say much here), and the NMS... the NMS section
was less than flattering citing examples of people who 'relive the pot
smoking days of "Tom Sawyer"' (approximate quote).  They also mention
the chest mic discussion on vital signs we've had here, as well as
some other stuff they referred to as too nit picky....

So the NMS's few seconds in the cheesy computer book spotlight...
Congratulations or not, depending on how you look at it...

   [ Hm, a nice UNAUTHORIZED book of resources, how enjoyable. I wasn't
     even contacted or asked permission to be included in this book..
     Let's sue!							: rush-mgr ]

			-John Santore
			Slythex on #p/g!
		(self declared co-dictator of
		 the elitist Rush fans channel
                  on IRC which didn't get in a
	          damn book yet!)

A big thank you goes around the world to the rest of the #p/g!

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (

Rush - Yes - King Crimson - Emerson Lake & Palmer - Echolyn - Gentle Giant


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 94 12:54:43 EST
From: John Ambrose 
Subject: Red Barchetta's Motor Law

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation...

	There was a recent question on NMS about the Motor Law mentioned in
"Red Barchetta".  Again, I'd have to echo the rush-mgr in saying that you'd
really have to refer to the poem on which "Red Barchetta" was based for more
on this.

	However, although "Red Barchetta" takes place in the future, I
maintain that the seeds of the Motor Law have been sown by today's radical
environmentalists.  These socialists-in-disguise have consistantly shown a
higher regard for "the environment" than they have for human life.  A good
example of this would be legislation requiring automobile companies to comply
with higher and higher mile-per-gallon standards.  Since anyone familiar with
rudimentary thermodynamics knows that internal combustion engines can only
achieve an efficiency of 35-45%, the only way to comply with these standards
is to make the cars lighter.

	The result of this self-righteous, misguided legislation is thousands
of more automobile deaths a year -- deaths that could have been prevented if
the victims' cars were heavier and sturdier.  But, hey, at least the sky
won't fall now.

	THAT, my friends, is today's Motor Law.

					--"laissez faire"


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 19:05:46 GMT
From: Gregg Jaeger 
Subject: Eye to Eye

I just want to confirm something that Bob K. mentioned in his
post about Geddy's looking at the front row. Back during the
Signals tour I had the good fortune of being front row several
times and I was amazed how much eye contact Ged made with me
(and presumably others) up front. I think this is the sort of
contact with fans that Ged enjoys most (look at the lyrics to
"Chemistry" -- music making contact, etc.) for those of you
who think he can be rude to fans. It's a very personal sort
of thing and very honest, IMHO. Good luck getting to the front
row yourself!



From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 15:03:17 -0500
Subject: Whoa There!

Hiya! quoted me in NMS a couple days ago:

>>>I find it difficult to believe that stars can "blow off" thier
>>>fans they way they do. After all, we made them!!

>>As far as Neil's personal attitude toward fans, I'll admit that
>>there are nicer "famous" people (as far as how they treat their
>>fans)...but make no mistake:  the band OWES us nothing...other than
>>their best effort and honest expression in the art they're making!
>>Sorry to vent...end of speech.
>> -Skip

Whoa there!  Now, in defense of myself...first, the TOP portion was
NOT even written by me!  (The way it was posted made it look like I
wrote the whole thing).  Second, the bottom portion (which WAS
written by me), is only a small excerpt from my reply to the guy that
wrote the top part.  It is taken completely out of context.  I
basically wrote to the guy and said the same thing you are saying in
your post...they don't owe us anything, etc.  The small portion of my
reply you have chosen to reprint here was merely my small concession
that there ARE famous people out there who are a little more PATIENT
with their fans (by THEIR choice).  If Neil doesn't want to deal with
fans that much, FINE.  THAT is my position...

>In talking with Pegi Ceccone a couple of years ago, she said that
>the guys just wanted to be able to create their music.... that's
>it.... no hidden motives, no other great aspirations....., and was
>explained later to me by Neil.

Absolutely...and I think it's great.

>Is that so wrong ?

Not at all...

>Personally, Neil has been very nice to me, though, I do go out of
>the way to respect his privacy....

You're not getting an argument from me...try writing to the person I
responded to...the guy that wrote the TOP part of the above quote...

>Don't forget " can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited

I haven't forgotten.  Don't forget to get your facts straight before
you start berating and (mis)attributing quotes  :)

  ...and you can QUOTE me on all of this  :)


Date:         Sat, 03 Dec 94 15:18:58 EST
From: OttoPilat 
Subject:      GUP, Reagan, and the USA

This is in response to Chris Mahoney's speculation on the meaning of "Red
Sector A."  First of all, let me say that you presented a very interesting
argument that made me think quite a bit. But here's what I think. . .

I don't believe Neil Peart was as anti-Reagan and anti-US as you might think.
This is again only speculation, but here is how I reason it out.  Primarily,
I look at the fact that Peart and Reagan both had a common influence, that of
Ayn Rand.  Now, before anyone says, "Don't overestimate Rand's influence on
Peart", let me say that I am not.  In fact, for both men, you can only call
Rand one of the many influences they had (Yet, Rand was significant for both).
On that basis, I have to think that Peart probably agreed at least in principle
with some of Reagan's policies in the '80s.

Now, the defense build up of the '80s did heighten the tensions of the Cold
War, and I believe that around the time of GUP, the nuclear weapon reduction
talks between the US and USSR had just collapsed.  There was definitely a lot
of "Pressure" in the world at that time.

However, I believe that Peart would put as least as much blame on the USSR as
the USA.  If you read the lyrics of "Heresy" on RTB, you can see that Peart
is extremely anti-communist (as he said, "It made me angry!")  From this point
of view, you could see where Peart did not like the military build up, but
he wasn't about to surrender to the communists.

Songs like "Red Lenses" and "Between the Wheels" seem to be saying that we
need to be very careful in this era of military build up.  Because if we are
dogmatic about things like "Reds under the bed" we can make snap decisions
which will lead to complete destruction.  On the other hand, we cannot
bankrupt ourselves through military spending, or "Brother can you spare . . ."

To me, GUP is not anti-American.  What it is saying is that the world is on
a course toward destruction that is getting more and more tense.  We must
protect our way of living, so we must build our military, but we cannot let
our military bankrupt us or destroy us.  In effect, what he is saying is that
unless we are graceful under this pressure and think our way out of this
situation, we will end up in a world not unlike "Red Sector A."

The "Pressure" is a world locked into an inevitable conflict of ideology that
could lead to ulitimate destruction at the drop of a pin.  The "Grace" is
delicately finding a solution to this problem without sacrificing everything
you value.

Just my opinion, sorry if it sounded like a sermon.
$Bill "Otto" Pilat


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 17:37:10 -0500 (EST)
From: Steven Van Timmeren 
Subject: Something pointless

     Hey fellow Rush fans, I was just cruising through PeW when I found
something interesting.  Right at the beginning you can hear the water and
the seagulls: not too impressive.  But, if you turn it up you can also
hear some blue jays calling in the background. Now, if you aren't a bird
watcher this may seem like a bunch of pointless sh*t.  Well, let me be
the first to point out that it is.  That is why I'm sharing it.  Just a
little bit of worthless information to brighten your day.

 -Steven Van Timmeren


Date: Sat, 03 Dec 1994 15:31:47 -0800 (PST)
From: 9443740@NESSIE.CC.WWU.EDU
Subject: Neil's CP drum set.

	Dear Rush-ites,

I recently ordered a poster from Ludwig, out of Modern Drummer magazine.
It is a picture of Neil sitting inside his CP drumset.  I see that he
only has one bass drum.  I thought he has always had two of them, and
Rush didn't come to Seattle this year :(.  So could someone tell me if
Neil is using one bass or two, and if one, why.  Thank you.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 17:22:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: RUSH ON ROCKLINE?!?!? Explanation? Panic? Me, panic?! NAH!

Help!!! I just heard something about an 11/28/94 Rockline episode?! Ok,
well, Seattle's KISW 99.9 used to get Rockline, I know it did, but I have
been unable to find it two weeks running, one of those weeks being the
fatal night of the 28th. (Did Rockline change times? I thought it was
10:30 in New Orleans, 8:30 in Seattle, Monday nights both places...)
So if someone could a> tell me what the hell it
was (Rush? are you telling me I missed Rush on Rockline? For the first
time since Roll the Bones? NOOOOOO!!!!) and b> make me a copy for which I
will trade anything off my bootlist.txt or just send a blank tape and
mailing costs?! Yes, I am on the verge of panic. Sorta. Well, I'll
survive. But still!

OH yeah. Hi, how ya doin'? Sorry I was away for so long, or if you'd
rather, sorry I came back (grin!) ... I notice the call for female Rush
fans has started up again; I'm one, so feel free to add me to your list
of cool people. :)

Looking Forward To Your E-mail...			--Niki
						La Vortex Strangiatisimo

New Test Sig, get yer copy today	   "I couldn't trust the thinking
>'s my driving? to comment, call	  of a man who takes the Universe--	    if there is one--for granted."


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 19:22:26 -0600 (CST)
From: Joe Gregg 
Subject: Didacts

When I was young(er) and foolish, I looked up "didact" in the dictionary,
and I noticed that it means "teacher."  I know the anagram part is the
proverbial "truth" but, hey, that's kinda cool.

Another thing I've looked up is "syrinx."  According to the American
College Dictionary, 1960:
syrinx (seer' ingks) n., pl. "syringes" (se rin' jeez) 1. Anat. the
Eustachian tube.  2. Orinth [study of birds abbreviated] the vocal organ
of birds, situated at or near the bifucation of the trachea into the
bronchi 3. (cap) a nymph who was pursued by Pan and, to escape him, was
turned into a reed, of which he made the Panpipe.  4. Panpipe.

All I can say is (my English teacher would be orgasmic), "The irony is
stunning."  The second definition could describe Geddy's own vocal
arangement (ie birdlike in pitch, sometimes).  The third is ironic
because Our Hero, pursued by the priests, initially found release in
music.  My mythology knowlede is minimal, so I guess I seem surpised.

Am I the first to notice this?  I've never read it posted by anyone

I think that's just plain cool.

"                 "
 --2112, Overture (sans the "meek" part)


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 17:31:15 -0800 (PST)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: p.s. on that Rockline panic thing

Gabriel -- if the one you're looking for is Rush on Rockline just after
the release of Counterparts, I have that. Did you copy Monday night's
Rockline? I'm thinking trade here...

again, I Look Forward To Your E-mail...		--Niki
					The Vortex is getting desperate

New Test Sig, get yer copy today	   "I couldn't trust the thinking
>'s my driving? to comment, call	  of a man who takes the Universe--	    if there is one--for granted."


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 94 21:49:08 EST
From: (Dennis Pupello)
Subject: Neil's Chops

In response to Scott Brian Bissett :

In the video for Subdivisions, Neil cross-sticks during the snare/hi-hat fill
which, if memory serves, leads into the solo section of the tune.

I believe you mentioned the cross-sticking section in Red Barchetta.

Several sections of Xanadu have some mini-cross-sticking.

He also cross-sticks, of course, during in the drum solo performed on various
tours and the 2nd annual Buddy Rich memorial concert.

I'm sure there are other instances, but I can't recall them offhand.  :)
We draw our own designs / But fortune has to make that frame  --Neil Peart


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 94 22:09:09 EST
From: (Dennis Pupello)
Subject: Xanadu solo

In listening to Exit Stage Left, I can't believe how great Alex's solo is
during Xanadu.  Power, emotion, speed -- this one's got it all, and literally
raises goosebumps on my arms.
There are only a few other solos which elicit this reaction, including the
soaring notes of Mission (live and studio, especially live), Available Light,
and, strangely enough, Hand Over Fist.
Now I'm not talking about high-energy, killer solos--of which there are
many--such as FreeWill, Kid Gloves, Spirit of Radio, etc., but those that
touch you emotionally.  {Jeez, I'm sounding a little like Phil Donahue; Die
dress-wearing touchy-feely feminist!}   }:)
Anyone have other solos which touch a chord?
Oh yeah.  Dammit Jim, I'm a drummer, not a hot-shot guitarist!
We draw our own designs / But fortune has to make that frame  --Neil Peart


Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 22:49:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: That "Rush Unplugged" thingie

I've probably griped along these lines before but... To hell with Mtv! To
hell with Mtv Unplugged! But I'd be interested to hear Rush do some stuff
(preexisting or not) acoustically. Wouldn't it be cool to hear that it
doesn't take electricity but just pure artistic talent to
make them the great musicians they are? True, some of their stuff
wouldn't translate well, but, well, some would... Besides, Geddy Lee
doing the upright bass thing... wouldn't that just be fun?! Then we haul
out the grand piano and hope he knows how to play it by then... Ok, ok,
getting silly. But still!

Personally, I think whoever started this discussion should have phrased
it differently. "Rush Unplugged" for some reason started everyone going
"I hate MTV!" which has nothing to do with it...

Lastly: can someone explain me the connection between "Politically
Incorrect" and Rush? This is not a slanted "get back on topic" flame;
this is me being confused and hoping I didn't miss out on something else.
I mean, missing Rockline was bad enough... Hey! I just called KISW and
they said they killed their Rockline reception because "the guests on the
show were getting too mellow." Um... who's been on Rocklin recently
that's too mellow for a "pure rock" radio station? Too many appearances
by the Gin Blossoms or something? I don't know. I mean, wasn't Candlebox
recently on? Aren't they Seattle people? Doesn't a Seattle rock station
want to plug their own hometown bands?

Am I griping too much? I think I'm going to call each DJ and complain
until they think I'm a lot of complaints. Boy would that be annoying.

					--Niki, who's usualy The Incredible
					Vortex but wears many hats so why
					not be a lot of complaints?

New Test Sig, get yer copy today
>'s my driving? to comment, call		getting sick of that quote		after too many repetitions


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 04:30:57 -0500
From: (Chris Mahoney)
Subject: The Mystery of FREE WILL...or, Neil's Verbal Veil

Many thanks to those who wrote to me about my post on Red Sector "=C5"
was much appreciated.

I was wondering today about FREE know, that whole question about
whether or not the lyrics in the cd jacket are correct or not.

Once again, referring to the FAQ, it seems obvious that Neil will have
nothing to do with any real clarification...if I'm remembering correctly,
he says that they take great pains to make sure that the lyric sheets are
correct, and that therefore, the printed words can be trusted.  Here's the

Geddy seems to sing,

        "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"

The cd jacket, and Neil, claim,

        "If you still choose not to decide, you cannot have made a choice"

So in the end, there's no real answer, other than maybe a mistake...

Perhaps...but that's no fun!

I don't think it's a mistake, because Neil seemed pretty damn firm about
the lyric sheet's authenticity.

I THINK there's a little pun going on here, a very subtle one.  The song's
title is FREE WILL, right?  So maybe Rush are saying that they have as much
free will as they want...even to have two sets of words.  What's
interesting is that the two sets of words are not simply different versions
of the same thing.  Instead, they are opposite statements.  That's why I
think this was done purposefully, because it appears to be random, but
could actually be a systematic rebuttal of the other side of the coin...and
therefore an allegorical representation of the song's theme.

I also like the self-deprecating lyric, 'I will choose a path that's
CLEAR'...does Neil often do this?!?  No!!!  He's Mr. AMBIGUITY, and that's
why we love his lyrics!  His ambiguity with this issue just seems to
highlight the whole thing for's enjoyable to try and figure out
these riddles...even if they're riddles that we imagine.  I mean, so what
if it IS coincidence?  Speculation won't hurt anybody.

Maybe you'll agree with me...and if you are agreeing, you're probably
laughing, because I think it's another Rush joke, along the lines of Red
Lenses and Superconductor...a mocking, subtle type of intelligent humour.

Of course, maybe you'll think it's BS, so I'll shut up now.


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 13:24:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: More Grammar said in Digest 1031

   > Science, like nature, must also be tamed
   > With a view towards its preservation
   > Given the same state of integrity
   > It will surely help us along

   > 	To begin my criticism, "also" is superfluous. Other than the fact that
   > it sounds stupid, "Science, like nature, must be tamed" would suffice.

Geddy has said that he has Neil rework some verses so that he may sing
them more easily. Perhaps this verse is one example. Rythymically
"must also be tamed" fits much better here than "must be tamed". also said in Digest 1031:

   > And most of us understand that "its preservation" is nature's
   > preservation, but "its" is not clearly tied to a definite subject.
   > It could easily refer to "science", except we know that Neil probably
   > doesn't think that science existing for its own sake is a good thing
   > because by this point we've already heard most of the song.
   > Furthermore, the "state of integrity" is the "same" as what? The other
   > errors are understandable, but to what does Neil here refer?

Neil is talking about science here! He is saying that we must handle the
world of sciences with the same care and balance that we treat nature with.
He suggests that if we do this, man will benefit from the world of science.


Date:  Sun,  4 Dec 1994   23:14:12  +0100
Subject: Rush - The Unofficial Discography

Hi fellow Rush-friends,

I have been a Rush-fan since early 1981 (Moving Pictures)
collecting all albums and interesting records I could get
my hands on. These records has together with "a few" notes
been the foundation for "Rush - The Unofficial Discograpy",
available since early 1988.

As you can imagine, writing a discography for a group like
Rush is almost impossible. Even though it THIS FAR only
covers official records released in Canada, Holland, Sweden,
UK and USA, it is more than 60 pages thick! It includes
information about vinyl albums (LP's) 7" + 12" singles,
CD-albums and CD-singles, including promo's, picture disk's

My goal is to make "Rush - The Unofficial Discograpy" one of
the best discographies ever published for Rush (yes I know -
big words)!!!

But to make it good I need more infomation. That's why I am
interested in the following information for ANY record

Title:             ...
Company/Label:     Anthem/Mercury/Epic etc
Number:            ....
Country:           Can/US/Jap etc...
Type:              LP/CD/7"/12"/CD-S
Year manufactured: 19xx
Type of cover:     Standard, Fold-out-cover, double F-O-C etc...
Things included:   Posters etc...
Notes:             Color of vinyl, etc etc

To give you an example:

Title:             RUSH - Hemispheres
Company/Label:     Anthem
Number:            SANR-1-1015
Country:           Canada
Type:              LP (vinyl)
Year manufactured: 1978
Type of cover:     Fold-out-cover (FOC)
Things included:   Small poster (12 x 24")
Notes:             Red Vinyl

And to give you another example (for singles):

Title:             RUSH - The Big Money/       5.36
                   RUSH - Territories          6.19
Company/Label:     Vertigo
Number:            RUSH-12
Country:           UK
Type:              7" single
Year manufactured: 1985
Type of cover:     Picture sleve (PS)
Things included:   -
Notes:             -

If you have any information you'd like to share, or
would like a copy of "Rush - The Unofficial Discograpy",
please send a mail to:


"Rush - The Unofficial Discograpy" is FREE OF CHARGE and
available in the following formats:
 - Microsoft Windows 3.1 Write
 - Microsoft Word 2.0 / 6.0

* I'm VERY interested in information about records     *
* released in Canada, Japan and Australia.             *

Peter Lutteman


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 17:27:28 CST
From: (Matt Falter)
Subject: Rush ripping off Zep #1028

Whether or not Rush's first album can be considered a Led
Zeppelin rip off is a point that Zep and Rush fans could argue all day.
But remember Led Zeppelin's first album, and cuts off of the next two
weren't all originals, where as I believe all of the first Rush album
was.  Where ever Rush's influence came from for the first album,
doesn't matter much to me, I still think it kicks ass.

			"And the meek shall inherit nothing" - FZ


From: (Richard Webber)
Subject: Re: 12/02/94 - TNMS #1031 - Fav album, the eternal thread.
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 11:35:23 +1100 (EST)

> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 13:21:20 -0500 (EST)
> From: Christopher Lanczycki 
> Subject: fav album - first album
> How strong is the correlation between first album and favorite album, or,
> are there alot of people for whom their favorite album (or Rush era)
> is NOT the album (or era) with which they were weaned onto Rush???
> FAV:     Hem   (mid-70's)
> FIRST: GUP   (early-80's)
> Chris
> (who had one too many idle thoughts)

Will this thread ever end? I doubt it.

OK, my $0.02 worth:

FAV PERIOD: Mid 70's - FBN to FTK

So, at least in my case, the correlation isn't there - although I haven't
got many of the early-mid 80's albums yet.


Richard (Zydlebug) Webber             ~  .-_|\
University of Newcastle                 /     \
Callaghan 2308                          \.--._/<-- Newcastle, it's about 'ere.
Australia.                             ~     v
phone: +61 49 216034, fax: +61 49 216929


From: Mark Seconi~ 
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 17:42:59 -0700
Subject: Re: Rush in Phoenix

According to Steve Schenk in TNMS 1031:

>1. For all of you in markets that play very little or no Rush at all,
>too bad you don't live in Phoenix, AZ.  I hear at least two Rush songs
>an hour on 93.3 WDKB and 97.9 KUPD from as early as Working Man to
>Nobody's Hero.

	I agree, the Valley of the Sun does seem to give Rush their
fair share of air time.  Last Fri (12/2) at lunch time, 93.3 WDKB
played Kim Mitchell's "Go For Soda" (a very big surprise as I haven't
heard this fav tune of mine in years and my 45s (remember these?) are
in Florida and I can't find the CD here in Phoenix) followed by "The
Spirit of Radio" (another fav).  Definitely made having to get my
truck washed during lunch more enjoyable.

Mark Seconi


Date: 04 Dec 94 20:50:13 EST
From: "Roy L. Taylor" <>
Subject: I feel like i'm in heaven.

 I am glad that I found this group while searching the Rocknet on Compuserve the
other night at work. I have been looking for a long time for a " fan club " so
to speak. Just last night I sent a message to a cousin of mine in the recording
industry asking for his help on finding a fan club. It is really great to read
other peoples thoughts about the band. I have enjoyed their music for  17 years
and have become a avid fan. I've lived in Germany for the last 12 years and felt
alone in my interest in the band.  Even at home, I have a hard time listing to
their music, my wife is a pop fan. I would be interested if anyone knows if they
will be in Europe in the next year. I hope that this outlet for the exchange of
ideas on one of the most influential bands ever lives forever. If anyone reading
this resides in Germany, perhaps there is a local club that I could be intoduced
to. I look forward to talking with you all...

Roy L Taylor >>> COMPUSERVE  Address  71151,1543


Subject: Hemispheres Picture Disk
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 22:42:38 EST
From: Daniel L. Wilson 

Dearist fellow Rush fans,
  just a quick question!  This weekend I picked up a Hemispheres
Picture Disk (vinyl).  I hadn't seen or heard of this before and I
was wondering how rare they were?  The back of the jacket does say
that the sound quality is not as good as the normal vinyl, but I
didn't buy it for the sound. If anyone has info please e-mail me at
                    Dan Wilson
BTW, I have played it and it sounds pretty good!


Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 02:54:32 -0800
From: (Norman Morin)
Subject: Re: FACE TO FACE

That was the best interview with Alex I have ever read.
Thanks alot.


^ Norman J. Morin                     ^
^ Department of Economics             ^
^ University of California, San Diego ^
^               ^


Date: Mon, 05 Dec 1994 11:59:13 +0000
Subject: The Motor Law - A Nice Morning Drive

RAKDAK wanted to know about 'The Motor Law' - well, as mentioned by
the Editor, this is inspired by 'A Nice Morning Drive'. You can actually get
the text of the short story through the RUSH WWW page, which has a
URL of:

The story is under

On another subject, Scott Brian Bissett says:
Has anybody ever thought that maybe Neil goes overboard on the drums in
the middle of a verse.

 - Not really overboard. In Neil's case, I think 'if you've got it, flaunt it' 
is the order of the day. In any case, if you feel that's how it should be 
played, you're better off doing it that way than thinking 'Is this a bit over 
the top?'.  If he'd done that, they might never have been where they are now.
Play it yourself the way you think he should play it - does it sound as good?
I think not...


Date:         Mon, 05 Dec 94 04:06:07 PST
From: "nathan j. hickok" 
Subject:      Re: 12/02/94 - The National Midnight Star #1031

Hey guys and you doin. just wanted to drop a line b4 i go home this
Ive been in a ongoing disagreement with my girlfriend over the 'listenability'
of RUSH. She seems to think that its a movement totally supported by 'boys' (he
r very words). Now i dont want to believe this is true, so what i need is a fav
or. I would really like to hear from some of the female fans of our revered her
oes...nothing fancy, just why you like RUSH and how long youve been listening.
Another thing before i go. theres been alot of speculation on the next album an
d just what kind of sound the boys would put out. Well, i thought i would put i
n my two bits worth just to see if anyone agrees... Roll the Bones was more mai
nstream pop (forgive me for using that term, it was used in only the loosest se
nse), and counterparts was more geared for the alternative movement (just look
at who opened for them on the tour). my guess is that now theyre going to go fo
r a stripped down, earthy sound. now before you 'anti-unpluggers' go haywire, j
ust let me say thats not what im suggesting. My guess is more utilization of ac
oustics and vocals (i want to hear Alex sing, or maybe even Neill!). Yeah, mayb
e it is radical, but you have to admit they have done just about everythig else
  ...short of Country and opera (neat idea though).
LATER ALL... Nathan J. Hickok


Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 08:57:50 -0500 (EST)
From: matthew john putti 
Subject: HELP!

	I need help. My girlfriend is not a Rush fan (GASP!). I really
want to make her one. I have been playing Rush for her lately whenever I
can and I evem told her that she should really give them a chance, but
she remains RUSH-ignorant. Anyways, I can't read her lyrics because she
thinks poetry is stupid and won't even read mine. So, what am I to do to
get her to see the light???



From: will geeslin 
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 10:26:30 -0500
Subject: gopher problems?

Has anyone had problems with the syrinx gopher?  I have been
trying for the last couple of weeks to access the Guitar Tab
section, and it has been unavailable.  Every other section,
however, has been up.  Any thoughts?

   [ It's been fixed. During the syrinx upgrade, the directories got
     shuffled around and I had to re-link them.			: rush-mgr ]

On a related note, one muscial group that I'm in is working
on Hemispheres and there are a couple of things that I'm
having difficulty figuring out.  If anyone has access to the
guitar tab, I would appreciate hearing from you.  The parts
I'm interested in are some clarification on the first solo and
the little solo that preludes "The universe collides...".  the
first six notes are B-A-G, E-D-C, but as it goes lower I just
can't tell what the hell is going on.

Sorry this is so long, and not of general interest.

Actually I do have something of general interest.  I received a
postcard from Neil, in which he very politely responded to a
letter I sent him earlier this year.  I can post the contents if
people are interested.  BTW, he has the most flamboyant signature
of the three.

 ---==[ Will Geeslin ]==---       "Dignity, Schmignity, Joel.
   University of Kentucky         I want elephants...Lot's of 'em"-Tom Servo
             Chicago Blackhawks, UK Wildcats, Rush (the Canadian variety)


Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 09:45:16 -0700 (MST)
From: Antonio Patino Iribe 
Subject: Re: 12/05/94 - The National Midnight Star #1032 *** Special Edition ***

whoever that wanted the tab for "the Trees" i have a short idea of how
the cords go:

i guess they go like this:

  D  Fmin7  Cmin7 A
  E  G      Bm Bm  D A Bm

then alex plays the same riff through the first verse.

then it goes like this
(D)         (A)             (Bm)
 2           0
 3 2 3 2     2 2 3 2
 2       3   2       3
 0           2
 x           0

 F# F# ....................................
 G  G  ....................................

       A              B
And the maples formed a union
       G      D       A
and demanded iqual rigths

and it goes like this I guess.
My apollogies if i made a mistake.

 I'd like to know some solid information about the new album, RUSH of course,
 anybody knows let me know. Thanks.


Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 17:12 GMT
From: (Barry Simpson)
Subject: Boring

As this is only my second posting, I'm probably going to P*** some poeple
off. At "The Spirit of Rush" we pride ourselves on not being like "A Show
of Fans" by Steve Streeter, and in some repects NMS. We don't print every
bit of trivial crap, that someone drags up, EG:

    [ Ah but then again, most people don't have to pay for the NMS. If they
      did, I would imagine there'd be a lot less of the trivial posts...
      This mailing list started over 5 years ago to substitute for a lack
      of a Usenet group for Rush. And even though now there *is* a newsgroup,
      I prefer the NMS over it BY FAR... of course I could be biased.. :-)
								: rush-mgr ]

"I've heard that Alex is a Born again Christian."
WHO GIVES A SHIT!! IF is or isn't

"I think Alex plays the Limelight solo like this."

"Neils lyrics for Lock & Key are using the incorrect grammer"
WHO GIVES A SHIT!! They sound good...

"I don't think Geddy is a  practising Jew"

At SOR we try to print only FACTS from the horses mouth NOT speculation.

I know that I will get a lot of feedback from this telling me to get lost
and get back to my own reality. I am a Rush NUT, so much so that I have
to listen to them at least once a day. I also play guitar in a coverband.
I use the exact same guitar as Alex, a PRS classics, with sweet switchs.
Plus I use Marshalls and Digitech gear.

If you ask me for a complete run down of Alexs' gear I can give you one
even quoting, the guage strings he uses, and the different chord
structures he plays.

That reminds me a few of the TABS put on the FTP are COMPLETELY WRONG!!
and If half these people actually played what they had written, on a
guitar using the same setup as Alex they would know that there stuff is
wrong. The best example of this is the solo for "Leave that thing Alone"
Who ever TABed it shout be shot. They had the first note as an A on the G
string (2nd Fret) Alex plays this at the A on the A sting (12th Fret) and
works his way down te strings at the 12th then down towards the 24th on
the top E.

Sorry, I must apologise my out burst, but I've just had some obsure news
today (not Rush related), well I'll go now and let you get back to your
own little big world.

        Regards and salutations..

                Stewart Gilray.


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