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 Date:  Mon, Jan 2, 1995 8:48 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1044

                  Monday, 2 January 1995
Today's Topics:
                   Beavis and Butt-Head
                    Re:Bass Questions
                    Burning for Buddy
                   Counter PArts Advert
                    Ananotmy of Songs
                    RE: Bass Question
                     Christmas RUSH!
                         The Gift
                  Rush and Roll Holidays
                       L.A. Review
                     First time post
                         Re: Band
                    New Rush release?
                     Merry Christmas.
              RE: Alex Lifeson is my master
        the eternal objectivism thread resurfaces!
     Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042
                    Unusual 1st Album
                     First Album/Song
     Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042
                    Dream bands(cont.)
                       stick it out
                  drumming, Kim Mitchell
                   Lasers, Cover bands
       Re: Answer to Marcin Dobrucki's "HEAVY 100"
          Re: MTV (Music Television? yea right!)
     Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042
              Re: 12/20/94 -Chronicles Tape
                   A Nice Morning Drive
                      Re: Hugh Syme
                     Neil Oist? Not.
                   Neil and Objectivism
           Stop me if you've heard this one...
               THE SPIRIT OF RADIO - ITALY
         To: stuff
                 Holiday message to all!!

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Jan  2 20:06:17 EST 1995
Subject: Administrivia

Sorry about being so behind... the holidays has been a crazy place at work!
I'll try to get caught up in a few days.

 - rush-mgr


From: (Howdy)
Subject: Beavis and Butt-Head
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 00:22:26 -0600 (CST)

Finally Beavis and Butt-Head have commented on a Rush video!! It was
"Stick It Out" (very appropos considering that the epichoad [as they
are known] is about them trying to get their penises enlarged but they
actually get their noses enlarged). Beavis wasn't too thrilled by it.
When he realized it was Rush he started screaming the bridge to "SoR"
(invisible airwaves crackle with life...) in his unique but unflattering
voice. They couldn't decide whether the guy on the pole was Lenny Kravitz
or "Our Lord Jesus Christ". They seemed to think the guy sitting on the
pole was cool and funny because....hehe...he's, like, sitting on a pole!

I missed the name of the epichoad but it may be "Plastic Surgery". Oh, yeah,
a "choad" is what's between a guy's legs that doesn't have a twin next to it.



Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 02:23:24 -0500
Subject: Re:Bass Questions

This posting is in response to a recent posting about Geddy's bass tone.
 First off, I've got a damn close approximation of the MP tone with my
current setup: Yamaha Attitude Custom (Billy Sheehan Model) bass, a Yorkville
Block80, and a KORG A4 processor.  Geddy's sound (esp. pre- ESL) comes from a
LOT of compression.  On the A4's scale of 0-15, I set it about 10, which is a
fairly high ratio.  Also, as far as EQ, boost around 200 Hz, and even more
around 1.5 KHz.  My amp is set pretty much flat, 'cause my bass has a great
sound to begin with, and the A4 does all the rest.  Invest in either an A4
(they're great units!!) or at least a small compressor, like a pedal.
 Compression gives it the punch, yet evenness of levels, and the EQ brings
out the presence of the bass for the Geddy Lee/Chris Squire sound.  Also, try
using a bit of chorus or flange for the YYZ sound.  This is all subjective to
the kind of bass, pickups, amp, etc. that you use, but this is a general
guideline.  I'm a fairly reknown studio/live engineer in the area, and have
lots of experience and compliments regarding bass sound. If anyone's
interested further in the techie stuff, E-mail me at   I
don't want to waste further bandwith on "boring" stuff like this. 
Rush rules!!
P.S.  Anyone ever hear of Michael Manring??  He won BassPlayer mag.'s Bassist
of the Year.  If you like great bass playing then you MUST get a load of
Mike's new album THONK.  Unbelievable.  Guest drummer: Tim "Herb" Alexander
of Primus.  Later!


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 01:48:36 +0600
From: (James Osburn)
Subject: Burning for Buddy

   I'm trying to order that Burning for Buddy CD.  Exactly what is the
 artist's name?  And exactly what is the album title?  I need to know
 the artist and the title before anyone will order it.  Those of you who
 own it -- please help.  Thanks!


Subject: Counter PArts Advert
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 94 11:49:34 EST
From: monday 

You know the one that goes :

how many ways do we have to say it?

Well i actually got it scanned the other week, sorry it took me so long,
i got kicked out of uni and its taken me this long to mail the editor
and ask him to change my email address!!!!

Anyway, for those of you with FTP :

and the file is :


Its a MAC format JPEG so a few of you may have problems with it, please let
me know if you do and i'll compress it again in the usual gif format and send
it to the rush ftp site.

sleep tight,
Graham Boyd

"Everybody in the funhouse, says they want out..
But we're taking our time, because we're in love
with time"


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 94 09:04:16 -0500
From: (Damon Hudac)
Subject: Ananotmy of Songs

>Favorite Peart fill--the quick little number in the Hyperspace section of
>Natural Science (Permanent Waves)
>Favorite Bass line--The whole song, Turn the Page from Hold Your Fire.
>Thank you and goodnight,
>Aaron Gunsaulus

That gives me an idea.  I think I'll do the same thing.  If more people did
this, we would be reminded of Rush songs which really turned us on and we
would know what to look for when listening to our albums. Anyways, enough

Fav guitar solo- Exactly 13 minutes into 2112 (The Studio Version)
Fav bass line- the line that Ged plays during Alexes solo on Freewill
Fav drum part- I dunno, but you're right Natural Science is a good song to
hear good drumming.

Oh, as long as we're on the subject of highlights from our favorite songs,
someone check out the bass solo in the end of Nature Boy by Primus!!  Holy
cow, I go insane everytime I hear it!!  When I saw that in concert, I went
totally insane!!!  Oh well, back to Rush:

I noticed someone mention that Rush fans have diverse musical tastes, and
that Rush fans listen to many of the same bands, and by the same token, we
can pretty much agree on who we don't like (such as C+C Music Factory).  I
think that is a good observation.  I know I am a Rush fan, but I also
listen to everything from Suzanne Vega to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Nailbomb.
Some other bands that Rush fans seem to agree on: Primus, Tool, King's X,
and a couple others I forget.  These are just peresonal observations.  Does
anyone agree with me, or am I the only one who senses these things?

 ***For a good time, E-Mail***


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 94 09:12:44 -0500
From: (Damon Hudac)
Subject: RE: Bass Question

>I have been a bass player for three and a half years, and most of what I
>practice learn and play guessed it, RUSH songs. (I can play
>original stuff and other groups, but for now..) Anyway, I just bought a
>brand new Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar, and I love it. Yes, this is the
>same bass that Geddy played from FBN to about GUP. I'm not that smart as
>far as EQ and amplifiers go, so can anyone help me get my Rickenbacker's
>sound to approximate the tone that Geddy got out of his? I own a Crate
>B-60 watt amp. Any info on how he EQ'd his bass would be appreciated. My

You should check out the bass player's mailing list.  I subscribe to it.
It's called "The Bottom Line."  Its pretty good.  Subscribe by sending an
E-mail to and ask for a subscription.  THey answer
questions like that all the time.

 ***For a good time, E-Mail***


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 08:41:51 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Christmas RUSH!

	I was listening to the radio and a strange thought entered my head.
Has anyone ever wondered what it must be like in the House of Rush...does Geddy
sing Christmas carols to his family?? That got me to thinking about how great
it would be to have a Christmas album by the it Christmas Rush...
	Imagine a Geddy Lee rendition of Silent Night (al la Rivendell) how
about Alex doing Jingle Bell Rock with a long moody solo in the middle and what
Christmas album would be complete without Neil's version of the Little Drummer
Boy with a 15 minute snare and hi-hat solo done in 7/4....i get goose bumps
thinking about it... :)
	Hope everyone has a very RUSHful Christmas!

"La la La la la...laLa La lA laLaaaaAAAAaaa Hey!" Geddy Lee (La Villa


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 10:54:50 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: The Gift

Howdy NMSers!

I am very excited about this idea! Being basically a lurker, I want to thank=
 the individuals who took the initiative to get 'official' approval.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to use bandwidth to encourage all NMSers to=
 contribute. I can't think of a better way for us to show appreciation to A,=
 G, and N than to respond to this in a dramatic fashion. After all, it was=
 'our' idea to do this and we should put our money where our hearts have=
 been for so many years.

I'd say $1000 is the MINIMUM contribution! Let's kick some ass on this one,=
 folks. Maybe they'll hop online to thank us!!  :-)!


Date: 20 Dec 94 13:46:37 EST
From: James Jay Jordan <>
Subject: Rush and Roll Holidays

Ho Ho Ho !!!,

  Just a quick wish to all the folks of the NMS for a happy and healthy holiday
season.  And all the best for a great new year.  No matter what your belief.

Best wishes,
The Jordans... James,Robin,Kailei and Rush Alexander. .<;-)>


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 20:23:52 -0500
Subject: L.A. Review

I write concert reviews and other music-oriented stories for Daily Variety,
an Entertainment Industry trade paper here in L.A., and thought that some of
y'all might want to read my review from Rush's L.A. Forum gig of 2-3-94.

As you may imagine, it's not easy to remain objective while reviewing your
favorite band, but I did try. Also, editors did mess with it a bit but it is
pretty close to what I turned in. Feel free to e-mail any comments,
corrections, etc.

Also, I thought it might be interesting to hear what special, legitimate
(Non-bootleg) Rush items people may own. Probably not interesting enough to
justify a separate post, but maybe while folks are posting for other reasons
they can also mentions some of their fave personal goodies. Me, I have lots
of promo cd singles ("Time Stand Still" through "Nobody's Hero") as well as
white lable promo vinyl of "Rush," "FBN" vinyl w/ lyric sleeve, "Hemispheres"
red vinyl, "Presto" promo pencil with bouncing bunny on the eraser end. Also,
I interviewed Geddy a couple years ago for an article in RIP magazine. He was
as nice as I could have hoped.

Anyway, here's the review and sorry about the length - please, no flames.

*It's not as if Rush has anything left to prove. The Canadian pwer trio's
long string of top-10 albums and sold-out concert tours and its large and
loyal fan base speak volumes about the Atlantic band's popularity, if not its
musical relevance in 1994.

Entering the packed arena to music from "2001: A Space Odyssey," Rush seemed
in a loose, spirited mood, matching the stripped-down, soulful tone of the
group's excellent new Atlantic album, "Counterparts." Unfortunately, this
hockey arena's cavernous design offered little acoustic cooperation, laying
sonic waste to the set's beginning.

Too bad, because it was early in the two-hour show that the band -
singer/bassist Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peat - was
most effective in conveying its rediscovered inspiration, particularly with
music from the new album.

Song's like "Nobody's Hero," about what it means to be truly gallant, and
"Cold Fire" signal a return to the more guitar-oriented sound that brought
the band fame early in its career and represent an effort on the group's part
to sing about subjects more accessible than space travel and science fiction.

But a flat, heavy sound mix served to dull the music, counteracting the
trio's efforts. Blame can also be laid on Rush's long-standing habit of
relying heavily on vocal and instrumental samples, necessary to reproduce the
band's elaborate recordings but ultimately a spontaneity muffler.

The sound did improve in time for the much-anticipated oldies jam at show's
end. Old faves "The Trees" and "Xanadu" were greeted wildly, the latter even
featuring the return of Lifeson's double-neck guitar, not seen since 1981.
The spacey "Hemispheres," not performed since 1980, and hit "Tom Sawyer,"
which ended with a mini fireworks display, were exciting show closers.

Musically, all three band members are still at the top of their game,
particularly Peart. His awesome solo still drops jaws, his technical
precision and uncanny sense of dramatic timing still something to behold.

Rush seems dedicated to constantly reinventing contemporary, progressive
rock, even in the face of grunge and slacker rock. And until the day comes
that these three musicians lose their inspiration, a Rush show will remain
one of pop's great spectacles.

Maverick/Warner Bros. band Candlebox opened the show with a fairly likable if
unspectacular 30-minute set. The Seattle quartet, sounding a bit like Pearl
Jam meets Blind Melon, earned its biggest applause when guitarist Peter Klett
played a riff from "Working Man," a song from Rush's 1974 debut album.*

Troy J. Augusto


Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 19:09:36 -0800
From: (Mike Zilis)
Subject: First time post

I've been busy reading past NMS's (I started at issue #1000). I am
impressed with the dialog between Rush matter whether anyone
agrees with anyone else, I feel it's a gift to all Rush fans to be able
to get together here and hash it out. I love this whole technology

Anyway, I have a thought I'd like to share with you all and maybe get
some feed back on:

I recently bought the 3 Rush UltraDisk II's (2112, Moving Pictures,
Signals). I haven't opened any of them. I'm not sure if I want to. I
mean, obviously the CD's were made to be listened to (not to mention the
music). However, I already have all 3 releases on "standard" CD.

Can anyone comment on the "collectibility" of these UltraDisks? They
will be worth more in the future if they are kept "Virgin". But, I am a
die hard Rush-addict that wants to rip the disks open and enjoy the
incredible music to it's fullest potential.

If I was rich I'd just buy a couple of each to to collect. But, I'm not.




Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 00:05 MET
From: (Tobias Engler)
Subject: Re: Band

That's what mine would look like:

lead guitars:   Mark Knopfler           - simply the most talented, skilled,etc.
rhythm guitars: Chris DeGarmo           - why not
bass guitars:   Gary Weinrib            - I don't know where he plays
keyboards:      Kevin Moore             - too good for DT, Alan Clark is better
voice:          Steve Hogarth           - amazing, close second Geoff Tate & Ged
drums & perc.:  Neil Peart              - he's with the Buddy Rich Tribute band

Well, I had to cheat a bit, but that doesn't matter.

Anyway, they still have to play *together*. Maybe it'd sound like G'n R,
Six was Nine, Aerosmith, or whatever:)

Yeah, flame me. It's rather cold 'round here (Hi Joe!),



"Me, I only hit things with sticks." Neil Peart, 1994


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 07:39:17 -0400
From: (Chris Haaker)
Subject: New Rush release?

Dear NMS'ers:

My apologies if this has already been covered, I've been dis-connected for
awhile, but two sources I've seen have talked of a new rush release (the
live album?).

One was a dj on 96.3fm in columbus, ohio that said a new rush album was due
out 1st quarter '95 and the other was a SPIN magazine bbs that had a new
relases list for atlantic records which showed a new rush release on March
25th or 28th, I forget which.

Anyone else gotten wind of this?

Take care and Happy Holidays
CHaaker (

We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost (Go Heat!)


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 12:56 GMT
From: (Barry Simpson)
Subject: Merry Christmas.

Dear One and All.

        Happy holidays from:

 _____       _____    _____  _____  _____ _____ _____ _____    _____ ____
   /  /   / /        /      /    /   /   /    /   /     /     /    //
  /  /___/ /__      /____  /____/   /   /____/   /     /     /    //__
 /  /   / /             / /        /   /|       /     /     /    //
/  /   / /____    _____/ /      __/__ /  |   __/__   /     /____//

             ------   --- ---    -----   --- ---
             -------  --- ---   -------  --- ---
             --- ---  --- ---   ---      --- ---
             -------  --- ---   ------   -------
             ------   --- ---   -------  -------
             ------   --- ---     -----  -------
             --- ---  --- ---       ---  --- ---
             --- ---  -------   -------  --- ---
             --- ---   -----     -----   --- ---

Also have a happy New Year.

>From all at Spirit:

        Stewart Gilray,
        Janet Balmer,
        Mick Burnett,
        Neil Elliott,
        Andy Piercy.


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 08:54:18 -0500
From: Paul King 


 Poems and humorous (not sarcastic!) entries are encouraged,
           with the exception of song parodies

Why no song parodies?  I thought that since the band has such a
good sense of humor that they would enjoy a parody or two.
Any real explaination?


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 10:23:51 +0500
From: (Joe Chiro)
Subject: RE: Alex Lifeson is my master

>Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation...
>	Alex Lifeson is the greatest guitarist of all-time.  I'd like to hear
>Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Eddie Van
>Halen, or Jimi Hendrix play "Broon's Bane!"
>					--"laissez faire"

Any of those guitarists would be able to play Broon's
problem.  Which is not to take away from Alex at all.  He may not
be the greatest guitarist of all time (J.P. is the master!), but
he is widely known for his incredible skill at pinch harmonics.
He can make 'em scream with the best of 'em (Ala: Turn the Page).
My two cents.



From: Pat Rice 
Subject: the eternal objectivism thread resurfaces!
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 15:24:32 -0600 (CST)

Jason Soroko  wrote:
> To answer a part of that, Neil is not a Libertarian, he is better
> described as an Objectivist.

Are you sure?  What about _The Trees_?  Maybe he's a Druid.  And what
about _Hemispheres_?  Hardly an Objectivist manifesto there.

> If you are a Rush fan it may
> be of great interest for you to actually read _Anthem_, _The Fountainhead_
> and _Atlas Shrugged_

If you're going to read those, you should also read Barbara Branden's
biography of Rand, stupidly titled _The Passion of Ayn Rand_, and
Nathaniel Branden's memoir, _Judgment Day: My Years with Ayn Rand_.

Ayn Rand wrote good novels and developed an interesting philosophy, but
her personal life bore little resemblance to either.


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 16:48 EST
From: "YES, THE RMACK..." 
Subject: Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042

 Hmmm... people seem grumpy in this holiday season. Lotsa a bitching about this
or that....


 I definitely think the stream with everyone putting ideal bands together is
one of the best I've seen so far. Facinating.
 For instance, one person re-united Roger Waters and David Gilmour, only to
put Neil Peart and Les Claypool in the rhythm section. Wow! The busiest rhythm
section in history under the most straight-forward song-writers possible...
(actually, I can't even imagine that combo... short-circuits my imagination I

 Criteria for my band:
	- compatibility of musical styles
	- creativity in own medium
	- general success at collaborating
	- song-writing collaboration potential

	BASS/VOX- Sting. No offense, but he's better than Geddy. Maybe the only
one, too. Plus: great vox and unmatched songwriting skills.
	RHYTHM GUITAR/VOX- David Byrne. Has definitely proved himself with the
playing on his last 3 albums. Knows exactly what to do, and when to do it.
Song-writing is also a major plus.
	DRUMS- Neil Peart. Two albums ago, I probably wouldn't have picked
him, but RTB and especially CP have demonstrated his creative maturity. Knowns
when to vanish, knows when to dominate.
	LEAD GUITAR- Dominick Miller. Easily them most under-rated guitarist in
the world. Faster than Eddie, more creative than Alex (tho not always).
	KEYBOARDS- Peter Gabriel. Knows his way around a piano, but picked
mostly for what he can bring to the composition side.

	I imagine they can all swtich off doing lead, as the song demands. A
band with four good singers in a cool thing.

	Now, when's their first album being released?
Subj:  01/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1044
Date:  Mon, Jan 2, 1995 8:48 PM CST


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 18:42:06 CST
From: (Eric Grunden)
Subject: Unusual 1st Album

I have something rather bizarre and RUSH related in my album
collection. It's their 1st album (at first glance) but
something is amiss. The album cover is for their first album,
(picture of greasy-haired Alex and all) and when you pull out
the album, the labels are for their first album. However, the
material recorded on both sides is Bachman Turner Overdrive.
There must have been some kind of screwup at the pressing
plant. Does anyone else have something like this? Would you
consider it rare and collectible or just junk?

					= eg =

Try as they might, they cannot steal your dreams......N.Peart


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 17:48:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: First Album/Song

First post since July 24, 1994. First Rush song heard: The Camera Eye, April
1982. Favorite today: The Camera Eye.

When I wore out The Camera Eye track on my first MP album I thought, "I'd
better stop listening to this one song so much because I'll get bored
of it and I won't like it anymore." I knew from experience that if I heard
a song too much I'd get bored with it or even sick of it. Well, I didn't
stop blasting out that song. I went through two records and one tape
before getting the "indestructible" CD.

It's the same with many Rush songs. I can hear them over and over and
I never stop enjoying them. I have never had this experience with any other
group or type of music and through subscribing to TNMS since April, it
seems as if I'm in good company vis-a-vis Rush. Is this what makes Rush
fans such diehards? Is this why some people think we're wierd? (when I say we
I mean only the fans I've met, they're haven't been many, I'm certainly
not calling everyone subscribing to TNMS as "wierd", although I take it
as a compliment :-))

What is it about Rush that year after year I can play the same songs and
never tire of them? I'll get into a certain kind of music or group and like it
for awhile but then I get bored with it and go back to Rush.

My parents, family, friends thought that playing MP over and over again
was just a phase, "he'll tire of it like everything else" and that
was almost 13 years ago.

So, what is it about Rush and their fans?? Are there any other rock groups
that have fans as loyal as most of us? Why am I so loyal? Why do I never
tire of their music?

P.S. There is no such thing as a "bad" album/song or a "good" album/song.
Music is a matter of personal taste and preferences. One person's beer
could be another person's vomit. Or something to that effect. I'd better go.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to ya all!

Alex -- I don't need a .sig cause I want to stand out!


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 19:19:46 -0700 (MST)
From: Arbon Reimer 
Subject: Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042

I'm writing about Neil's cymbals and his last interview.

	First, Neil has helped design many cymbals for Zildjian,
including the Rock crashes and the newer A Custom cymbals in
collaboration with other Zildjian artists like Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve
Smith.  He does use A Zildjian Rock crashes, though without brilliant
finishes (according to the same poster Mr. Hokanson is looking for).  His
ride does have a brilliant finish-- it's the same ride, according to the
Feb 94 modern Drummer and Armand Zildjian "that he's used since he was a
kid." (a 22" Ping Ride).  Also, Neil doesn't like any logos on his cymbals.

	The last great Article on Neil was in that same February 1994
Modern Drummer in which he was the cover feature.  Pick it up-- it's got
some great info in there!

PS:  Hi Stephanie!!!  :)


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 21:42:56 -0500
From: "Glen Young" 
Subject: Dream bands(cont.)

  After sifting through the many lists of people's choices who they would
like to witness different talents together, my brother pointed out that
John Entwhistle(sp?) was not in the bass selection.  The man blisters the
instrument on many a song.
  Just thought I would mention that....for an old topic thread.

----                                       "I can't believe I missed CP tour!
                                            But I'm going to the next one."
                                                    - a friend at my brother's
                                                      work place -


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 00:08:40 -0500 (EST)
From: Making Christmas 
Subject: stick it out

Hey all ,
Just wanted to mention that they are now playing Rush on Beavis and Butthead.
And yes, you guessed it, it is Stick It Out.
some quotes:
Beavis:  "That guitar sounds pretty cool"
Butthead:  "Yeah, if you like wuss music"
Of course Beavis and Butthead like some pretty damn bad music so don't believe
Rush on!


Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 19:39:06 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: drumming, Kim Mitchell

Hail.  Hope everyone's having a good holiday!

>From: Tom Servo 
>No--the drums are not less complex on CP, just different.  I might also add

Just to extend the thought, here -- I think Neil's style isn't any less
complex, as it is more subtle.  He's not as bombastic as he used to be
(sniff sniff), but the complexities in his playing still remain.  They've
just been transferred to complex ride patters, or hi-hat patterns, or more
interaction between the bass drum and snare; stuff like that.  Stuff you
really have to *listen* for; it doesn't just come right at you, like "Tom
Sawyer."  The complexities of his playing are now in honing his skills to
control the stick, for instance, rather than how to wack the drum.

>From: Anthony Hahn u 
>And, they go on to make fun
>of Kim Mitchell, classifying him as simple, infantile and basically
>without substance.

I only have Max Websters' "Universal Juveniles" to go by, but I suspect
that the judgements listed above are, in fact, due to fans'
misinterpretation of Mitchell.  Kim Mitchell, like Frank Zappa, and even
Rush, have the rare ability to fuse humour with music in an intelligent
way.  I think that's why Rush and Max W. got along so well because they
both recognized that dry wit in each other.  Take "April in Toledo", ofr
example.  It's *hysterical!*  I cracked up the first time I heard it!
It's meant to be funny!  But it is understandable how it could be  seen as a
serious song that's really infantile.  So I think if people kept the idea
of humour in their minds, I think Mitchell's work would be seen in the
light it deserves.

>From: (Barnette, Gary V 1Lt)
>One of my absolute all-time
>favorites is the solo in "Limelight".  The way the guitar notes and
>Geddy's base line mesh here still gives me goose bumps even today when I
>listen to it.

Here here!  In concert, too, when Alex solos above the keyboards... oh,
hallelujah.  Incidentally, I've decided that "Limelight" is simply one of
the best songs ever created in the known universe.  it just is.  sigh...



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 94 09:16:13 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Lasers, Cover bands

Hi All,
	To quote Brad Parmerter (hi Brad);

>A whole bunch of responses to #1037:
>Michael Goldberg asked:
>2) Do the lasers ever form a significant shape or pattern:
>	Well, starting with the P/g tour they used lasers (up to the RTB tour)

If I remember correctly, didn't they use lasers on the Signals tour as well.
I'm pretty sure I remember seeing them used in the UK on that tour. I don't
think that they did a lot with them though. Can anyonr else confirm their use?

James Peele said;
>Rush tribute bands and musicians who try to clone Rush amuse me.

I can understand why they do it, and like James, I agree that it's a phase you
need to pass through as a musician.
I played in a band for quite a few years, and yes I did play covers (but not
Rush). They're fun to do, and it's something the crowd recognises and likes.
I think that trying to clone a band is very sad, and I'm sure that Rush would
say "get a life of your own" to them.

Thanks again to all for a great talking place. See you all in the New Year,
hopefully with a new album at the end of it.



Date:  Thu, 22 Dec 1994 09:43:00 +0000
From: "nick (n.t.) pitfield" 
Subject:  Re: Answer to Marcin Dobrucki's "HEAVY 100"

Greetings, wrote:

>* Rush Through Time - Picture Disk
>  Compilation album with songs from Fly By Night, Caress Of Steel,
>  2112 and A Farewell to Kings.
>  Released in: Canada, Anthem ANRP-1-1017, 1978
>               Holland, Mercury 9130 001, 1978
>               USA, Mercury 9130 001, 1978
>* Rush Through Time - LP
>  Compilation album with songs from Fly By Night, Caress Of Steel,
>  2112 and A Farewell to Kings - same as Picture Disk.
>  Released in: Germany, Mercury 6337 171, May 1981
>               Holland, Mercury 6337 171, May 1981

I have this on music cassette: it was released in the UK by Mercury in 1978
(I think) as Mercury 7141 171. I don't know if it was available elsewhere in
this format....

>* Prime Mover, which is from the album Hold Your Fire (1987), was
>  available as a 12" single (45 rpm) in UK for a very limited
>  time, with a very special "holographic cover".

Got this as well. I see this listed in dealer adverts for about UK10 pounds in
most editions of the UK-based "Record Collector" magazine.



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||                                          "Marathon" (Rush - Power Windows) ||


From: Jim Ely 
Subject: Re: MTV (Music Television? yea right!)
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 09:15:50 -0500 (EST)

 --> >From: Tony Dormio 
 --> Subject: MTV (Music Television? yea right!)
 --> NMS'ers,
 --> I'ver noticed a lot of subscribers complain about
 --> the fact that MTV doesn't give Rush the
 --> recognition that they feel Rush deserves.  In
 --> fact, if you happen to see a Rush video on
 --> MTV be sure to run over to the window and
 --> have a look outside because I'm sure it'll
 --> probably be raining frogs or somthing as
 --> equally bizzare.

Well, I didn't notice anything bizzare outside, but last night
(12/21) at about 11:45 pm EST, I flipped on MTV.  "Beavus and
Butthead" was on, and they were playing the video for
"Stick it Out"!!!  B&B kept talking about the guy on the pole,
but I don't remember exactly what they were saying - I was so
shocked to see the Rush video.

Jim Ely,

		Though we live in trying times,
		We're the ones who have to try

		    -Neil Peart


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 08:48:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Randy 'Lerxst' Kaelber 
Subject: Re: 12/20/94 - The National Midnight Star #1042

> >Any MIDI people out there that can help me find the sound for the beginning
> >of Tom Sawyer for my keyboard. My band does that song live, and while I have
> >a reasonable substitue, I want to get the real thing. I don't have any
> >oberheim, or however you spell it, equipment, but if anyone knows where to
> >get the approximate sample, or even how to program my Ensoniq TS10 to get
> >that sound, I would be grateful to say the least. Anyone who likes keyboards
> >in general can also email me. Thanks again.--Damon Fibraio,
> >

> I think that is probably a Mini Moog, so you may be able to get a sample for
> that, but I'm not sure where from (sorry!). It's a hard sound to create with
> modern digital synth's, as they don't have the "rawness" of analog keyboards.
>The same goes for valve amps/transistor amps, as Alex has recently agreed with,
> by using Marshall's again (shout's of delight).

If anybody is interested, I've got a patch that does a pretty good job of
duplicating this with a Yamaha DX-100. I'm sure it could be easily adapted (and
further refined, given two more operators) for the DX-7. But, if you want the
real thing, a sample would be your best bet.

If you can ever find a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, attempt to acquire at all
costs! This was a marvelous hybrid synth. Analog synthesis, but with digital
controls, including MIDI and a pretty nifty (though primitive) sequencer. We
did patches on that thing that sounded EXACTLY like the keyboards for
Subdivisions, and programmed in into the sequencer the whole synth routine. We
called it our "Geddy-in-a-box" sequence. When we had rehearsed for 5 hours
straight, and it was 3 in the morning, we got a little silly with it! :)

Someone else (sorry, I kiboshed your address... hmm kiboshed, does this mean
NMS will get visit from Kibo soon? :)  )

> 	Well, starting with the P/g tour they used lasers (up to the RTB tour)
> and on the P/g tour the lasers did various things: formed "x" shapes on the
> stage (and pulsed in time to The Enemy WIthin), formed the "P/g" for Between
> the Wheels, etc. After that tour though they really were just used as a
> complement to the lights and didn't make any designs of their own - except for
> Limelight where it would make spirally shapes on the rear screen (btw, that's
> where the P/g thing was done too).

You forgot the laser graphics they did for "Marathon"! Those were absolutely
incredible! I STILL get goose bumps remembering them do that song.

Happy Holidays!



Date: Wed, 21 Dec 94 21:57:36 CST
From: (Vance Palodichuk)
Subject: Re: 12/20/94 -Chronicles Tape

Having been a RUSH fan for a short 3 years I dicided to start my tape
collection with the Chronicles tape.  While it's smart to give the CD
version to possible RUSH fans it woulnd't be wise to show them the tape
because... well... the videos are kinda corney; but funney.  The only
"real" videos are Lock and Key, Mystic Rythms, Limelight, and Subdivisions.
Time Stands Still was funney seeing them float around using cheap special
effects and the camerawoman tying to get a clear picture of them.  Who is
the camera woman anyways?  The credits say that there was additional vocals
in Time Stands Still, was that her?  I liked it.  Next I plan on getting A
Show Of Hands, is it any good?

B Y - T O R              | |


Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 13:15:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Making Christmas 
Subject: A Nice Morning Drive

Could someone please tell me where to find "A Nice Morning Drive"?  I have
looked at the library and I have FTPed to syrinx but I haven't found it.
If anyone could point me in the right direction (preferably somewhere on-line)
I would be most grateful.

   [ Try ftp to syrinx, the file is:
     rush/transcriptions/rush-related/       : rush-mgr ]


Subject: Re: Hugh Syme
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 94 13:36:16 -0500
From: Disconnected 

In reply to

It's not that I don't think Hugh Syme is an amazing designer/artist
(lately his digital artwork has been amazing).  I mainly felt that he is
kind of entering a stagnant period where all of his album covers are
starting to look the same.  (Megadeth, Queensryche, Fates Warning, etc.)
where he is using the same fonts, textures, color schemes and layouts
over and over again.  I guess I just want to see him take some more
risks!  Personally I feel the Counterparts cover - though I liked it -
was a little cluttered, and that Aerosmith: Get a Grip wasn't very good
at all.

I don't think that if Rush were to contract someone else to do their next
album cover it would necessarily be bad at all (re: your comment about
the first album cover).  I was comparing their recent decision to change
producers for a new musical feel to the possibility of changing graphic
designers to reflect their new attitude.



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 19:12:27 GMT
From: Gregg Jaeger 
Subject: Neil Oist? Not.

Jason Soroko says Neil would be better described as an Objectivist than
a libertarian. I disagree, and most importantly *Neil* calls himself a
left-wing libertarian. Hardly the self-description of an Oist.



Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 14:48:05 CST
Subject: Neil and Objectivism

>Neil is not a libertarian, he is better described as an Objectionist.

     What year is it, 1976, or 1994?  Neil, in the last 20 years, has read
many other authors besides Ayn Rand.  I am in the process of reading The
Fountainhead right now, and I can see her influence in a lot of Neil's
older songs, but I don't see it that much in his more recent works.  What
I am trying to say is that, although he may agree with some of her views,
this does not make him a pure Objectivist.  As for Neil being a Libertarian,
people are saying that because he himself has said it.  If you check in the
FAQ, I am pretty sure that it states it in there somewhere.  If not, I
know that past interviews have mentioned it.  He distinctly states that
he is a "left-wing libertarian."  Since this is my first post and I know
that some people don't like long posts, I'll shut up.  May I also suggest
listening again to PoW and HYF for views not so Objectivist?


From: (Niki LeBoeuf)
Subject: Stop me if you've heard this one...
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 94 17:55:48 -0600

'Ello. Just saw "Stick it Out" get the Beavis and Butthead treatment
tonight. Made my night, I'm telling you -- 's been too long since I've
seen the video. :/

"It's Lenny Kravitz... It's Lenny Kravitz tied to a chair... with a
tattoo... No, it's Rush. Oh." [abstract squeeky Geddy Lee impressions]
"You know, that guitar is pretty cool." "Yeah. If you're a wus."

And then they start trying to remember where else they'd seen a guy with
a tattoo tied into a chair. "yeah, but he wasn't on top of a pole."

Hey, it's a slow night, 'kay?				--Niki

ps. "The Fly" is also from Italy... not saying you should want it, though.
Also wondering whether Greg Lowe read the throwing-rocks-in-river story in
Writer's Digest or something... sounded familiar
+ "I'm not giving in to security under pressure / I'm not missing out      *
* on the promise of adventure / I'm not giving up on implausible dreams -- +
+ Experience to extremes, experience to extremes..."   -N.Peart 

* *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+**+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ ---------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 23:38:44 -0500 From: Subject: THE SPIRIT OF RADIO - ITALY Has anyone ever heard of (Italy) The Spirit of the Radio live recording? It has 12 trks & is made by Viva? Is the sound good? Please e-mail me directly at CHRISVOSS@AOL.COM -Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 01:40:16 -0500 (EST) From: Gabriel Palczewski Subject: To: stuff In Issue 1042 I belive it was the guy with the above address responded to a racist remark made by someone named Gabriel. I don't remember making the remark so I doubt it was me but it might be better to include e-mail addresses when you repsond like that or people may get confusd especially when 2 people of the same name are talking about the same subject even though that was not the case here. Also I'd like to say that the GIFT idea is great except I am not all for one about donating to AIDS charities and the idea doesn't exactly thrill me but I don't want to start a heated argument about my belifes on AIDS victims. Anyhow is it too much to ask to have my money go towards the book instead? ---------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 01:51:16 -0500 (EST) From: Making Christmas Subject: Jyhad Hi all! I went to my local Game Sanctuary fantasy gaming store today and bought a pack of the Jyhad Deckmaster card game (those who play Magic: the Gathering probably know of this and possibly play the game). Anyway, since this was the first time I had bought the Jyhad cards I promptly went home and later read the instructions on how to play. I used the cards as a visual reference so I could better understand how to play it. This is where the Rush part comes into play. They were describing a type of card called a Master card which you, as vampires, use to perform certain actions. So they began to talk about 3 different types of master cards, one of which was a location card. So I leaf through my cards and find a master: unique location card called Elder Library. Now generally on these cards they try to fit some kind of literary, poetic, or some other such passage on the bottom of the card. Well low and behold I read it and it said: "I have heard the whispered tales of immortality the deepest mystery. >From an ancient book I took a clue. Rush, Xanadu" I couldn't believe it! Usually they have poets who write something or they make up their own quote keeping the world in context. This is the first time I saw a song, and it was by Rush!! It was just a mind boggling experience ;) I'm even more psyched to play this game now! Too bad everyone I know plays Magic and nobody really plays Jyhad. Rush mng.--If I can I will attempt to scan in the picture of the card. We have scanners at the school, but I'm not really sure how to use them. I know some people who may be able to help me do it, as well as how to get it to syrinx, if you or anyone else wants the card picture. Ta-taa! --Matt ---------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Dec 1994 11:35:58 -0500 (EST) From: Subject: Holiday message to all!! /\ _ _ /__\ / \_/ \ + (___)* | | ____ _ __ _ __ _ _ /^\ (q,p) | \_/ | / __ \( '__)( '__)( ) ( ) /.o`\ / `-' \ | | | |( ___/| | | | | \_/ | / ,o\ ( ) (_) (_) \____)(_) (_) \__ ( //o \\ \ / ____) | .//, .\\. `'' : (_____/ H ___ _ -- * -- _ / _ \ ( ) : ( )_ / / (_)| |___ _ __ _ ____ | ,_) _ ___ ___ __ _ ____ ( ( _ | _ \( '__)( )/ ,__)| | / '_ '_ \ / _` )/ ,__) \ \_( )| | | || | | |\__, \| |_ | ( ) ( ) |( (_| |\__, \ \___/ (_) (_)(_) (_)(____/ \__)(_) (_) (_) \__,_)(____/ _ _ _ ( ) ( ) ( ) __ _ _ ___ __| | __ _ | |_| | __ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ / _` )/ '_ \ / _` | / _' ) | _ | / _' )( '_ \ ( '_ \ ( ) ( ) ( (_| || ( ) |( (_| | ( (_| | | | | |( (_| || (_) )| (_) )| \_/ | \__,_)(_) (_) \__,_) \__,_) (_) (_) \__,_)| ,__/ | ,__/ \__ ( | | | | ____) | (_) (_) (_____/ _ _ _ _ _ ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) | \| | ____ _ _ _ \ \_/ / ____ __ _ _ __ | | | \ | / __ \( ) ( ) ( ) \ / / __ \ / _' )( '__)|_| | |\ |( ___/| \_/ \_/ | | | ( ___/( (_| || | _ (_) (_) \____) \___^___/ (_) \____) \__,_)(_) (_) ---------------------------------------------------------- To submit material to The National Midnight Star, send mail to: For administrative matters (subscription, unsubscription, changes, and questions), send mail to: or There is now anonymous ftp access available on Syrinx. 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