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 Date:  Thu, Jan 5, 1995 6:10 AM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1045

                Wednesday, 4 January 1995
Today's Topics:
                    Neil, objectivist?
               RE: VOICES THAT WHISPER....
                Art Rock and Great Bands.
                 Ultimate band craziness
                 Best Albums of the Year
                 Tour technical question
                         RED TIDE
                     Happy New Year!
           Math 317 - Linear something or other
                     Random responses
      RED TIDE . . . Yes, it's pro-environmental!!!
                   Several Things.....
                   That Nutty Alex Guy
                       Re: RED TIDE
                       Geddy's Tone
                P o w e r    W i n d o w s
                      ultimate band
                     GUP album cover
                Rush at Hechts dept store
               "Produce jobs"?  EXCUSE ME?
                 RE:  Red Wax Hemispheres
                 The worst for a Rush Fan
                 RUSH on Bevis & Butthead
                   General dischordance
   which Beavis and Butthead episode?  & Ghastly Error
                  No Xmas Album for Rush
                  Neil the Objectivist?
                    First time posting

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Jan  4 18:06:15 EST 1995
Subject: Administrivia

Still playing catchup with the adds/drops, as soon as we get perl on syrinx I
should be able to automate everything (kinda like majordomo).

If you haven't checked out the Rush Web pages lately, do so! We've added a
Rush "guest log", add yourself & see who else is there! The Web site will also
probably be moving from its home to here on syrinx, now that httpd is
running. Syrinx also has a home page if you wanna check it out (and see the
infamous David Arnold, sysop of syrinx :-) at:

Also, check out the new edition (Feb 95) of Modern Drummer, Neil's got a huge 
article in there about his "burning for buddy" project, and an interview with
Neil. The cover is easy to spot!

 - rush-mgr


Date: Fri, 23 Dec 94 12:32:58 PST
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Subject: Neil, objectivist?

Sorry about posting this only tangently related material, but my private
attempt was thwarted by the Mailer Daemon (By-Tor, is that you?)...

Jason  wrote:

> To answer a part of that, Neil is not a Libertarian, he is better
> described as an Objectivist.  An Objectivist is any folower of the
> philosophy of Ayn Rand, "Objectivism".

I don't think Neil considers himself an objectivist.  I don't.  BTW,
anyone who  is an objectivist necessarily is politically a libertarian.
"Libertarian" refers to a political ideology, while objectivism is a
complete philosophy  which also happens to be the proper foundation of
libertarianism.  If you're not already subscribed, a couple lists you
may be interested it:


  Send a message to both of these with a subscribe request...


 * It was long after midnight/ When we got to unconditional love/She
 * said sure, my heart is boundless/ But don't push my limits too far
 *                                                 --Peart

 -- Via DLG Pro v1.0


From: James Moseley 
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 1994 14:54:52 -0600 (CST)

Well it's been a while since I posted to the NMS, probably since the last tour.
But I have decided that computers are a necessary evil and use them only when
I absolutely have to.  Hell, I haven't logged on since Oct. 4.  For some of you
that might seem incomprehensible, but alot of your lives revolve around
computers; mine does not!  But I was actually reading the last issue and felt
compelled to answer a fellow subscriber's question, as I know I have asked many
myself.  I believe I have answered this question before, and I think it might
be in the FAQL, but I will answer it anyway.

Before I answer it I do have to give credit to my sister an NMS subscriber
Amy Moseley Rupp for deciphering those whispering voices...

Thery are as follows:

"Good morning Guv."

This would be an English type of greeting, guv being of course short for

Hope this helps.
Until next time!

James Moseley


Subject: PtB
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 94 13:06:00 -0500

 Ru> From: (Alexander Caviedes)
 Ru> Subject: drugs II
 Ru> Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 16:59:36 +0100 (CET)

 Ru> I checked the FAQ before I ask where the drug dealer story (an
 Ru> interesting one, though I don't indulge myself) in "Passage to
 Ru> Bangkok" comes from and whether the members indorse it.

   Uhhh, PtB isn't a "druh dealer story".... Its an Ode to Joy :)
   Who cares whether Rush endorse it? They WROTE it!

___ Feverish Flux v2.12


Date: 27 Dec 94 22:13:00 EST
From: "Donovan Chase" <>
Subject: Art Rock and Great Bands.

From: Adam M Gogolak 

> essentially two bands here's my list:
> Lead Guitar:Steve Howe(Yes)- Yes guitarist who is a compositional genius

     Danny Gatton, may he Rest In Peace.  Now that man was a guitar genius,
with amazing technical skills and writing ability.

> Rythm Guitar-Alex Lifeson(RUSH)-Not Fancy, but just sounds sooo good


> Bassist-Geddy Lee(Yes)- You should already know why

     Ditto Again.  But you better have your asbestos suit ready when the
firestorm hits you about saying that Geddy Lee is a member of Yes.  (Don't be
too hard on him guys!!:-)

> Lead Vocals: Jon Anderson(Yes)-No one's voice comes even close, amazing range

     Sorry, I'd go with Peter Gabriel as a lead vocalist, just for sheer stage
presence, especially when touring with Genesis.  All those costume changes,
and inventive vocal styles.

> Keyboards:Rick Wakeman(Yes) and Keith Emerson(ELP)-they are both genius and
>            are equal in ability IMO.  they would complement each other.

     George Shearing, who I saw play live.  Yes, Technically a pianist, but as
a synner I'll honor him w/ the title of keyboardist.

> greatly Drums-Neil Peart(RUSH):Who Else?
     Also, to the category of Songwriter:
     First Team - Neil Peart.
     Second Team - Tori Amos

> Second Team-
> Lead Guitar:Robert Fripp(King Crimson):Does some of the most intersting
 >            stuff I've ever heard

     John Renbourne.  He can do the most amazing jazz/blues/folk acoustic

> Bass: Chris Squire(Yes): Strong bottom end foundation coupled with
>             precision

     Les Claypool.  Not all heavy metal is bad Adam!

> Lead Vocals:Peter Gabriel(Genesis):Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-Enough Said

     My second team man is a woman.  Gotta go with Tori, for sheer range and
passion.  Geoff Tate of Queensryche a close second, just for

> Keyboards:Kit Watkins(Happy The Man).  His
>                technique is possibly the best of anyone
> Keyboards-Tony Banks(Genesis): Not too fancy, but is so nice to listen to

     I'll go with Tony.  Listen to Side 2 of "Selling England by the Pound".
That's fancy, inventive, fun to listen to.  Probably the most underused talent
in all of rock and roll.

> Drums:Carl Palmer(ELP)-Percussion Genius, he's my only rival to Peart

     That guy for the Violent Femmes who only uses that one snare, a high-hat
and a cymbal.
I just think that's cool.

> I would love to talk to someone about my two lists; i've got dozens of
> better musicians to talk about than any ofthe mainstrea rockers that keep
> appearing on the frequetly posted lists.  There's got o be some reason
> why studied musicians listen to these Guys.Thanks for your time, I love
> to babble about my favorite musicians.

     I agree.  the art rock "progressive" music was the best movement Rock and
roll ever had.
But then again, there are elements of punk and such that it was missing.

====================== [[[ IN STEREO, WHERE AVAILABLE ]]] =================
Don Chase is...                       |
                                      | "You want us to paint naked people?"    |     -The Warner Bros.
   -or, if ya don't like that-        |     (and the Warner sister!)                 |
BTW and ORQ, NIN and the band U2.  NRN to GATB, Acronym's confuse me.


Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 22:43:12 -0500
From: James Peele 
Subject: Ultimate band craziness

This is a crazy thread so here is a crazy line-up...

lead vocals:  Geoff Tate (Queensryche)
backing vocals:  Jon Anderson (Yes)
lead guitar:  Allan Holdsworth
rhythm guitar:  Alex Lifeson (Rush)
acoustic guitar:  William Ackerman
keyboards:  Rick Wakeman (Yes)
synthesizers:  Zevin Key (Skinny Puppy)
bass:  Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones)
stick:  Tony Levin (King Crimnson)
drums:  Mark Zonder (Fates Warning)
lyricon:  Chuck Greenberg (Shadowfax)
samples/backing vocals:  Trent Reznor (NIN)
strings:  Kronos Quartet
percussion:  Armando Marcal (Pat Metheny Group)
harmonized vocals:  Tori Amos
lyrics:  Neil Peart (Rush) in collaboration with Jim Matheos (Fates
Warning) and Jay Peele (INFERNO)...

Well that about covers it...  This is your brain...
Any questions?


Date: Wed, 28 Dec 94 00:27 MET
From: (Tobias Engler)
Subject: Best Albums of the Year

Thought I'd waste some bandwidth with my now up-to-date Best of the Year list:

1.      Queensryche     Promised Land
                        This one is so good that it equals a Rush album!

2.      BR Tribute Band Burning for Buddy
                        Where's my Rush? Leave that Peart alone!

3.      King Crimson    VROOM
                        I got it today and it's fascinating

4.      Marillion       Brave
                        Not as good as the two before, but still...

5.      John Wesley     Under the Red and White Sky
                        He almost plays like Mark Knopfler (I saw him live)

6.      Bad Religion    Stranger than Fiction
                        ...congregating, in invisible circles,
                           half apart and half a part...

That's it.

My best wishes for the New Year,


"Me, I only hit things with sticks." Neil Peart, 1994


Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 00:26:04 -0500
Subject: Tour technical question

Hey guys,
     Saw your counterparts tour in Dallas, Texas and was just wondering if
there was a technical problem with the sound amps at the beginning of the
show.  Usually, your concerts have had unsurpassed acoustical quality but I
noticed that the last one started out with a little too much tweak or treble.
 Was this something you noticed?
    About fifteen minutes into the performance, all was well (actually
excellent).  Just curious.  Hope you all have a nice holiday.

Childhood and lifelong fan,
Barry Phillips


From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: RED TIDE
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 94 7:20:53 EST

In NMS #1043, Heinz Reiske  supposes:

>         First of all, the song "Red Tide" is NOT a pro-environmentalist
> song.  Nor is it anti-environmentalist.  If you need proof of this, just
> check the FAQ.  Neil says this himself.  Or, better yet, read the lyrics.
> Environmental overtones are used as an allegory for the difficulties facing
> romantic relationships.
>	"Fugitives at the bedroom door, lovers pause to find an open store"

I always took this song as a commentary on the overall "deterioration" of
this planet, and its "higher species" (us?).  This naturally includes
the sorry state of the environment.  I don't think the environmental overtones
are allegorical at all.  The lyrics say it pretty plainly, and literally,
as does Neil himself.

	"Stay out of the sun
	 It only burns my skin
	 Sky full of poison
	 And the atmosphere's too thin"

Seems pretty straight forward in its intent to me.  Then, there's:

	"River running like an open sore"

or the line that includes the title itself...

	"and the red tide washes ashore"

Now, this doesn't make him pro-environmentalist in the sense that he joins
Green Peace and goes out sinking whaling boats or tuna fishing boats.  But
it does mean he cares about the environment he lives in.  Neil says in
reference to the song:

	"It's a bit of a selfish concern, really. I really love
	 wildlife, and I spend a lot of my time in the
	 outdoors when I'm not working, so that's important to me.
	 One of my main hobbies is cycling, so air quality kind of
	 becomes of critical importance."  -- Neil Peart

Does that sound like the environmental message of the song was allegorical?

The first verse of the song provides insight into another scourge that is
symbolic of the deterioration of life.

	"Fugitives at the bedroom door
	 Lovers pause to find an open store"

	" the first verse, when I'm talking about 'Nature's new
	 plague' and then 'Lovers pausing at the bedroom door to
	 find an open store' and all that, to me that was obviously
	 referring to AIDS ...  irony of modern life, you know, where
	 spontaneous love still certainly does occur, but here are
	 two lovers who have just met in the middle of the night, and
	 they have to go find a store before they can consummate their new
	 relationship"  -- Neil Peart

Again, I don't think this means he's necessarily an activist on either
side of that (t)horny issue, but rather is just citing it as an example
of how life and the way we live have changed.  There was once a time when
you didn't have to think so much about the safety of the air you breathe,
or the sex you have.  Those days are sadly gone.


Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 12:49:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Waynbo 
Subject: Happy New Year!

Hello Fellow NMS'ers!

Just want to wish all of you a VERY, very Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Hopefully we'll see a new release from Rush sometime in 1995!  Then it
will truly be a great new year!

Sorry for the lack of Rush content, I'm working on that!  :)]

			    Wayne "Waynbo" Zuhl

		There are 3 kinds of people in the world:
	Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and
		   those who don't know what happened.
			      Make it happen!


Subject: Math 317 - Linear something or other
Date: 28 Dec 94 13:46:36 EST

Hello Rush fans

   Have not posted for awhile,  but the recent thread about RUMORS of a
new album have got me going. Leave the rumor mill,  lets live in facts,
I agree most strongly with John Santore,  TELL us where you got your facts
pal. I'm tired of rumors and the like.

    Way to go John,  lets get some facts.  As was the case when Cp came
out,  the rush-mgr was the only believable source for acurate information.

    Oh,   by the way John,  Flyers??? naaah,  should read `Leafs :)

  Dave Huart

   Big Hello's to Duane, Art (Spotty), Simon, and Where the heck is
Bruce ???
   Rush-mgr, the bumper sticker is on the way as soon as I find a proper
mailer so it does not get mangled by our friends at USPS.

  Hockey...... (sniff sniff) ..... " I can live without baseball,
                          but hockey,  this is most cruel " anon


Date: 28 Dec 94 18:17:45 EST
Subject: Random responses

  **Original post***

  From: (Swami G)
  Subject: Question on Manhattan Project
  **stuff deleted**
  The above discussion prompted me to ask a question about Manhattan
  If this has been covered before, please ignore my posting. Is this song
  a commentary about the creation of the first A-bomb?

  "All the powers that be and the course of history will be
  changed for evermore"

  Or, is Neil trying to make a statement for or against the project.
  I know this is a debatable topic. Some feel the two bombs dropped on
  helped in ending the war sooner, while others think such weapons are too
  harmful and their use can never be justified.

  Any comments?

  True, the song itself does describe the creation of the A-bomb.  But it
  gives an example of how throughtout time man has used certain inventions
  to gain control of others.  If you had seen the song performed in
  concert, a
  cartoon was shown while they played the song, illustrating other
  man had created to gain advantages in warfare: a sling shot, bow and
  gun, etc.  Also in the concept of the album Power Windows, to obtain an
  advantage in war via creating weapons, is one window showing an abuse
  of power...which in turn lead to Territories :-)  The problem lies in
  application, ie when and to what extent it is used, of the invention and
  not the
   invention itself.

  I listen to *many* kinds of music, I have about 300 CDs.  Other groups I
  to include:  The Brand New Heavies, Sade, Steely Dan, Prince (*b4* he
  his name), Police, Iron Maiden, Gangstarr, Acoustic Alchemy...just to
  name a few :-)

  Travis likes to believe in the freedom of music...(execpt country :-))


Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 19:24:36 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robert Rocke (GD 1999)" 
Subject: RED TIDE . . . Yes, it's pro-environmental!!!

To Heinz Reiske and his "right" company ("Mr. Ambrose," etc.):

	"Digital Man" wants to proudly inform us all that "RED TIDE is NOT
a pro-environmentalist song."  Sorry, Heinz, but why don't you check your
facts--AND REALLY LISTEN TO THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG--before you do throw
around any more one-sided political elitism!  By blindly wielding your
right-wing propaganda, you show yourself to be extremely ignorant to the
political and philosophical background--not to mention the
well-documented outdoor lifestyle--of the lyricist of our favorite band.

	In a detailed explication of the song found on the promotional
interview CD for PRESTO entitled "Rush - Profiled!", Neil himself
answers the question "What is 'Red Tide' about?" as follows:
	"It's a bit of a selfish concern, really.  [Lookey here, Heinz!!!]
_I really love wildlife, and I spend a lot of my time in the outdoors when
I'm not working, so that's important to me._  One of my main hobbies is
cycling, so air quality kind of becomes of critical importance.  So it is a
selfish thing, [Did you know this, Heinz?] _and it's something I've written
about before, on the previous album - the song 'Second Nature'._ . . .
[And how about this for "anti-environmentalism"!!!] So, with 'Red Tide'  it
was a little more adamant, because I think the time is a little more critical,
and I had to be firmer about it . . ."

	Neil then continues, "but still there are ways of getting at it, and
to me there are jokes in there, too, that probably no one in the world will
ever get, but in the first verse, when I'm talking about 'Nature's new plague'
and then 'Lovers pausing at the bedroom door to find an open store' and all
that, to me that was obviously referring to AIDS, but it was the irony of
modern life, you know, where spontaneous love still certainly does occur, but
here are two lovers who have just met in the middle of the night, and they have
to go find a store before they can consummate their new relationship, you
know, and to me, when I put those things down, I have a smile, but I know
that it's one that will never be shared."
	So rather than being a pivotal image of the song--the nexus of an an
extended conceit in which a seeming pro-environmentalism is merely a mask
for a song about relationships (as Mr. Reiske writes, "Environmental
overtones are used as an allegory for the difficulties facing romantic
relationships)--the lovers running to 7-11 for a pack of
trojans is merely this: a cleverly conceived joke!!!  (Neil does have a
sense of humor, you know.)  But significantly, it is a joke that is couched
in a very serious issue, the AIDS crisis--which we know Neil has also
addressed in the first verse of CP's "Nobody's Hero." (No, Mr. Reiske, I DON'T
want to know what language your extreme right-wing P.O.V. will couch this issue
in!)  While certainly NOT a specifically envirnomental issue (though you
MAY want to read Richard Preston's besteller "The Hot Zone" for more on that
possibility), the AIDS crisis is surely another signifcant concern for this
very socially conscious lyricist!

	And NO, I do NOT come from the extreme left!  In today's world (fast
self-destructing, despite Mr. Reiske's pseudo-scientific pulpit), it
seems hard than ever to make up own's mind in relation to the global
platforms of our two political parties. On the contrary, I am a FREE &
INDEPENDENT THINKER (Remember, I AM a lifelong Rush fan--"Anthem" an all that)
>. . . but YES, I am also very much in favor of saving what precious little 
remains of unadultered land and wildlife on our planet.

	Sorry to waffle on so much, but as someone else mentioned-- BIG
issues seem to demand verbosity!  Before I depart, however, as further
proof of the strong "PRO- ENVIRONMENTAL" ideology behind this wonderful song,
it is helpful to consult a March 1990 interview from "Guitar World"
magazine, where Alex speaks about his solo in "RED TIDE":
	"I wanted to get a lot of tension in that solo because the song is quite
intense.  There's a kind of disturbing feeling about that solo, which I think
ties it all together well.  The song is angry.  Neil is basically a very
ecology-minded person, and he wrote this song dealing with the destruction of
our environment.  So I wanted the music, and especially my solo, to reflect
that anger."

Enough said.

Nature has some new plague
Now's the time to fight
Let us not go gently
To the endless winter night
Now's the time to make the time
While hope is still in sight
Let us not go gently
To the endless winter night


P.S. If the east coast's "WINTER" this year is any indication, Mr. Reiske
and company need to reconsider their "Well, there's really no proof that
dumping all this SHIT all over the planet is 'gonna have any adverse
effects" mentality really quickly...


Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 18:27:22 -0600 (CST)
From: Sarah Peck 
Subject: Several Things.....


There was talk about why double albums were labeled A/D B/C.  Well, my
own theory goes like this:  back in the stone age when there were
turntables, many models came with an extended center post that you could
load up with as many as 6 albums at a time.  When the turntable was
turned on, one ablum would drop from the stack and then play.  At the end
of that album, the needle would move to its starting position, and the
next album in the stack would drop.  If you label a double album set
A/D,B/C and put it on that type of turntable, it would play in the
correct order.  First A, next ablum drop would be side B, you flip the
stack over then C and D.

Next item:  My very own NMS T-Shirt for the Anniversary Gift.  I ordered two
and have only received one so far but the one I have I love!!  It's the
Mars on the Horizon shirt and I think it's pretty darn peachy, it fits
AND I haven't washed it with a red sock yet so it's still white!!  It's
going to a good cause and in celebration of a great band so guys, order
yours today!!

Next item: Concerning the Red Barchetta possibly being made by Ferrari(?)
 - do you think the dealership will take an '86 beat-up Toyota truck as a

Nest item:  Concerning bands/concerts I'd like to see:  I was fortunate
to catch the Yes orchestra tour (that was the tour that had most of the
past and present Yes members in it).  What I would LOVE to see would be a
concert with Rush and Yes on the stage together.  The creative forces of
both bands combined would be astounding!!  I think it would even be
better than the concert I went to where Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and
Joe Cocker just had a free-for-all jam.  Talk about awesome...

Last item:  Before the Time of the Dark (when the NMS was otherwise
indisposed) there was a thread concerning the artwork inside the 2112
album.  Speaking as a female Rush fan, all I can say is, "What red star?"

Until I win the lottery,



Date: Wed, 28 Dec 1994 20:10:18 -0500
Subject: That Nutty Alex Guy

Hi, y'all,

There was a post last week about Alex's bizzare "introductions" on the last
tour.  I caught two shows, in Pensacola and Atlanta.  There were no intros in
Pensacola (and hey, the sound was so bad there, it's a good thing too.  Can
you figure that one out?  Two weeks rehersal, and the actual show sounds like
they set up in ten minutes), but in Atlanta a couple of months later, Lerxt
was on the loose.

Early in the show, Alex steps up and tells some (really bad) bar jokes (and
the crowd loved them all).  Geddy made a few cracks about the Braves and the
World Series (and the crowd from the home of the Braves booed the hell out of
him--but in good humor).  But the capper came during the break on "Closer to
the Heart."  Alex runs over to Geddy's mike and starts doing a lounge-lizard
patter while thrashing away on the three chords.  Geddy and Neil are looking
at him like he's nuts (and they were right).

So finally, Alex says, "I'd like to introduce the combo!  On the bass and
piano, it's . . . Jamie Farr!"  (crowd loves it)  "On the drum kit, it's . .
>. Karen Carpenter!  Doesn't she look great!"  (crowd loves this even more)
 "And me . . . " (long pause) " . . . I'm RICHARD GERE!"  (crowd goes

Sorry if you've heard this a zillion times already, but it was a hoot.

 --Will Collier


Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 00:42 MET
From: (Tobias Engler)
Subject: Re: RED TIDE

>        Those of you who have gotten anything less than a "C+" in General
>Chemistry might be surprised to know that carbon dioxide dissolves in
>water, forms bicarbonate, then turns into carbonate and gets incorporated
>into the exo-skeletons of marine organisms.  But, seeing how most
>environmentalists are EXTREMELY science-illiterate, the only word they'd
>probably recognize above is "water."

What's that, "water"?

>        The logic is clear. As mentioned before, cars are an integral part
>of individual freedom.  The fear-mongering zealots who favor restrictions
>are merely restricting liberty.  After all shouldn't those who know whats
>best for us rise and save us from ourselves? Neil of course says this sar-
>                Digital Man

You completely nuts??


"Me, I only hit things with sticks." Neil Peart, 1994


From: "Lefferts, Jeff" 
Subject: Geddy's Tone
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 00:11:00 PST

The biggest secret of Geddy's tone is to PLAY VERY HARD.  Watch him in
concert sometime, he WHANGS on those strings, often using more than one
finger at a time to really get it moving.  My theory is that he had a
wimpy amp when he started playing, and had to do that to be heard above
the drums and guitar.


From: "Rothbart, Kyle" 
Subject: P o w e r    W i n d o w s
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 09:34:00 EST

Hi ya!  And, of course, Happy Holidays to all Rush fans everywhere !!

Haven't posted in a while due to excessive exhaustion caused by eating
and drinking mass quantities over the  :-)

But the real reason I'm posting is to invite any NJ / NY area fans to come
and see Power Windows, a Rush "cover band" who will be performing on
JANUARY 6th in NJ, near Giants Stadium (no, not IN the stadium!!).
I have never seen them, but have heard much about them and I'm extremely
psyched for it!
Anyone interested in going, send me an email and I'll give some directions.
Also, hats off to fellow Rush fan, Peter Zucker, for bringing this whole
to my attention.

Kyle Rothbart


Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 16:23:15 EST
From: "Mertens, Craig D" 
Subject: ultimate band

OK, here it is. The *Ultimate* Band:

Grievous Bodily Harm

Vocals- Ethel Merman
Guitar- Bill S. Preston, Esq. & Ted "Theodore" Logan (Wyld Stalynz)
Bass- Adam Clayton (U2)
Drums- Bill Gates (Microsoft)
Keyboard- Schroeder (Charlie Brown Players)
Tambourine- Lou Gramm (Foreigner)
Ukulele - Tiny Tim
Pan flute- Zamfir
Rage- Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Depression- Morrissey (Smiths, solo)
Angst- Eddie Vedder
Delerium- Tori Amos
Christian morality- Trent Reznor (NIN)
Hair- (tie) Nelson (either one) & Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)
Lips- Steven Tyler (Arrowsmith)
Eyes- Sinead O'Connor
Physique- (tie) Madonna & David Lee Roth
Facial hair- (tie) Billy Gibbons (?) & Dusty Hill (?) (ZZ Top)
Profile- Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Liver damage- Ozzy Osbourne
Needle tracks- Ron Wood (Rolling Stones)
Manager- Don King
Ticket pricing- (tie) Ticketmaster & The Eagles

coming soon to a County Fair near you.....


Date: 29 Dec 94 16:35:50 EST
Subject: GUP album cover

  All the convo about GUP have been good, for it is a great album. What do
   think about the album cover itself, and how it relates to the songs on
  the album?
    I always felt that it shows the aftermath (or Afterimage) of a nuclear
  war.  The
   facial expression of the inhabitant is one of tranquility in the midst
  of chaos.  There
  are other images too, such as the eagle's eye in the sky, faces in the
  pool of liquid,
   etc..tho I can't fully recall them, I'm at work and don't have the CD
  now. :-)  Any

  Travis is stronger than pride


Date: Thu, 29 Dec 94 16:32 EST
From: Apoorva Gandhi <>
Subject: Rush at Hechts dept store

Hello all,

Everyone knows how difficult it is to see Rush Videos anywhere in the US. MTV
and VHI do not dare to.

Well I was in Hechts department store with my wife and while we were waiting in
line in the ladies cloths dept. on the video screens all of a sudden came the
video for NOBODY'S HERO. I was SHOCKED.

I had heard about the video but was not sure if I would ever be able to see it!

So anyone in the DC/MD/VA area go to Hechts in the ladies section, they should
have the monitors showing videos. I think NH came on after a version of 'Red Red
Wine' (not UB40 though).

I was shocked!!!!
Good luck

Happy New Year!!!                       Welcome to WalMart - we'll sell ya
Apoorva G                               a gun but the not latest Guns'n'Roses


Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 18:22:10 -0500
Subject: "Produce jobs"?  EXCUSE ME?

Swami G writes,

>Although the cold war is over, there is always talk of >increasing the
defense budget, not reducing it. The money >could be used to create jobs or
for other productive schemes.

Excuse me?  Do you think the Pentagon has this giant slot machine that turns
out B-2 bombers if you insert a couple billion?  Defense spending DOES create
jobs, pal, and cuts in the DOD budget take them away.  Trust me, I'm an
aerospace engineer, and I was laid off in October.  Get a clue before you say
something that stupid again.  I quote Neil:

"I mean, it's not people's fault that it [the USA] became the most successful
country and the richest country and the most powerful country, it just
happened, you know, because people worked and people were into it, and they
did it.  So, you can't fault them for being the most powerful and having that
incredible responsibility.  I mean, it's easy to point fingers at figures in
government and so on and blame the government for a lot of things, and of
course, there's a tremendous amount of Reaganitis about, but really, it's a
bit facile to do that.  Anyone who thinks about it a little more and learns a
little more about the history of the country and why things are the way they
are knows that America didn't go out and buy a bunch of nuclear bombs just so
they could be the big guys on the block, you know?  It was strictly a
historical imperative that they--it's a hysterical imperative.  They had to,
you know.  There was no choice and there is no choice."
(from _Innerview_, 1984)

Got a news flash for you, bud, the folks working in defense (most especially
the people in uniform) do a lot more productive work in a month than every
sociology department (to take one soft-psuedo-science example) put together
in ten years (including protecting your right to say that we all ought to be
out of work).  Sheesh, I bet you didn't complain when we invaded Haiti to
install a damn anti-American Marxist.

(Sorry to rant, folks, but this one hit a raw nerve.  I'll try to be funny
again next time.)

 --Will Collier


From: "Whipple, Steven J (Steve)" 
Subject: RE:  Red Wax Hemispheres
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 94 15:24:00 CST

Hello all!

Way back in Issue 1024, Arvid Hokanson asked for information about the red
vinyl edition of Hemispheres.  I was going to respond to him personally, but
I thought that others might be interested as well.  Here's the little that I

The red vinyl version is certainly a nice collectable.  It's pretty rare.
 In all my days of searching out the Boys' stuff, I've only seen one copy.
 By comparison, I've run across maybe four or five copies of the Hemispheres
picture disc (which I believe was released at the same time, during the
initial promo period for that album, and is still pretty hard to find).

I think that $28 is a fair price.  But you should know that this version was
released containing a Rush poster.  If the poster is missing, you might be
able to talk the price down a few dollars.  You should also know that the
red vinyl is not going to have a superior sound.  In fact, it might not
sound as good because colored vinyl was often more brittle than regular
black vinyl.  But you don't want to play it anyway (that's what CDs are
for!).  This is just something cool to add to your Rush collection.

BTW, the poster was not exclusive to the red vinyl version.  The first (I
don't know how many) pressings of the regular album also contained it.  So
those who are interested in such things should check out any Hemispheres
albums they might see at record stores, shows, etc.  The poster is live
shots of the band in concert and will be found in the sleeve holding the
album.  It's also something cool to have (if for no other reason than that
it's more pictures of our favorite musicians)!

I hope this wasn't too boring, and I apologize if someone's already covered
this stuff in Issues 1035-1043.  Sometimes I allow my work to interfere with
the more important things, like keeping up with TNMS.  I've got to stop
doing that....

                    -Steve Whipple

e-mail address:


From: LitePopMetalist! 
Subject: The worst for a Rush Fan
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 1994 00:45:08 -0700 (MST)

> I'm manually channel surfing after Forbidden Planet ends and I
pause for a second on CNN, being a news junkie, when what to my
wondering eyes should appear but a drummer kicking butt on a rather
large set, hair close cut, wearing a blazer. I can't be sure it was
the man himself, because it lasted maybe two seconds while credits
were rolling, but I'm 99.9% sure it was the Professor. The name of
the program was "Showbiz Today", or something like that, on CNN,
9p.m. Pacific time. It will repeat tonight at like two am so i'll
record it and let you all know. There was a big band backing the
neilster up, so i assume it's had to do with the tribute album.
>.nnuf said
p.s. Hi erik. howz it goin?


Date: Sun,  1 Jan 95 03:24:09 CST
From: (Vance Palodichuk)
Subject: RUSH on Bevis & Butthead

I knew it!  They played "Stick it Out" on MTV's Bevis and Butthead!  They
never said anything bad about it.  The thing that pissed me off was that
they played a lot of the video but never gave the band credit!


Date: Mon,  2 Jan 1995 11:10:00 UTC+0100
Subject: Spain

< From (poo-poo bee)
< does Rush ever play in Spain?
<   [ They've never played in Spain, I don't know if they ever
<     would consider it...                        : rush-mgr ]

 Hi..Happy New Year from Spain!!

I think they should consider it for the next tour!!! Here, in
San Sebastian, we have been visited recently by Aerosmith, Pink
Floyd and Bryan Adams, and R.E.M. is coming very soon. So...
after these "hors d'oeuvres" now we are prepared for the best
ever rock group!!

BTW...	any other Spaniard here?? (I doubt it...)

Inaki Prieto
San Sebastian
Bask Country


Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 20:28:29 -0600 (CST)
From: Joe Gregg 
Subject: General dischordance

Brevity is beautiful, sometimes, so I will aim for a [INSERT YOUR MOST

I don't get cable, so I didn't see "Beavis and Butthead."  Oh well.  I
find it interesting that people are surprised to see Rush on their show.
Remember, Neil did give them some exposure on the "Burning for Buddy"
album.  Just look at one of his pictures and you'll see what I mean.  Zoinks!

In response to a "Rush Christmas album," uh, I don't think so.  Geddy is
Jewish, so singing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" would be sort of two-faced.
That could be bad.

I am trying to figure out which UltraDisk I should get first.  I am torn,
because I only can afford one per paycheck.  I think I will get Signals,
because I like New World Man and Analog Kid, but I also like the other
two.  Realize, I like RUSH, so the choice is difficult.  Any opinions?
You can reply to me personally, because it would be crazy to do it here.

Not too much else to say, so I will sit back and relax.

"I will be with you again on New Years Day..."
-Paul "Bono" Hewson


Date: 02 Jan 1995 18:36:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: which Beavis and Butthead episode?  & Ghastly Error

Which B&B cartoon segment featured Stick it Out?
I'm not gonna sit through that show every night
trying to find the clip, but i'll check every fifteen
minutes during the time slot to see if it's on.

e-mail me directly or post to tnms if you think
enough other people have the same question.

"Thank you very kindly.  Good day!"


"I know Geddy wrote Different Strings, not Entre Nous,
your honor.  Must have been the sedatives talking."


Subject: No Xmas Album for Rush
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 95 22:03:06 -0500
From: Icon 


>        I was listening to the radio and a strange thought entered my head.
> Has anyone ever wondered what it must be like in the House of Rush...does
> Geddy sing Christmas carols to his family?? That got me to thinking about
> how great it would be to have a Christmas album by the it
> Christmas Rush...

Doubtful, considering Geddy is Jewish.

>      Imagine a Geddy Lee rendition of Silent Night (al la Rivendell) how
> about Alex doing Jingle Bell Rock with a long moody solo in the middle
> and what Christmas album would be complete without Neil's version of the
> Little Drummer Boy with a 15 minute snare and hi-hat solo done in
> 7/4....i get goose bumps thinking about it... :)

Sorry to burst your bubble...but it just isn't in the realm of
possibility for Rush.  This band is too free spirited to end up catering
to one religious would go against everything they stand for as
a band, and would probably offend a lot of people (myself included).



Date:         Tue, 03 Jan 95 01:11:32 EST
From: OttoPilat 
Subject:      Neil the Objectivist?

Is Neil Peart an Objectivist?
This discussion is interesting, but I would doubt that he considers himself
an Objectivist.  Rand is a definite influence, but so are many other authors
from very diverse backgrounds.  Whether he is a left wing libertarian, a
logical positivist, or just "cool", I don't think his "ism" is as important
as what he has to say.

Personally, I find Neil Peart's lyrics as important as Rand's writing,
especially if someone wants to look at something from a different point of
view.  I agree with the person who suggested that when you read Rand to read
the Branden biographies.  These bios and Peart's writings help one understand
the best parts of Rand's work without taking it too seriously or letting it
dominate your life.  Just my .02
-  $ Bill "Otto" Pilat


Date:     Tue, 3 Jan 95 9:55:40 EST
Subject:  First time posting

Fellow RUSH fans,

I recently found the NMS Web home page while tinkering
with a newly acquired Mosaic for Windows.  To say I was
ecstatic would be a severe understatement.  I used to
monitor (sadly, never post to) the various messages
regading RUSH in while I was still
attending Hope College in Michigan, between HYF and
Chronicles.  Now, I am working at Ft. Monmouth, NJ, and
the powers that be are very stingy with their E-Mail
accounts.  So much so, that myself and 4 others have to
share a single "organizational" account (one other is an
RUSH-an, named John who might also be posting - just keep
checking the signature).

Anyways...just what is all this rambling about?  I read
Digest.1043 and there was a reference to an 800 # for
acquiring "Burning for Buddy"  What is the number?  Is is
still active?

Funny enough, I was going to start looking in the music
stores for the disc after seeing a piece on CNN.  They had
a segment on all the "Tribute" albums in 1994.  At one point
they showed an excerpt of an interview with Neil and mentioned
the album's title.  You'll forgive me for not having an exact
transcription, but, it was Sat, December 31st at around 11pm,
get it?  It took me by suprise and I was in no condition to
dive for the  VCR.  I'll just say that I remember him refering
to himself as a "mere mortal" in comparison to the late, great
Mr Rich.

So, if anybody knows the number, and if they're still taking
orders... PLEASE let me know.

Doug Eckert


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