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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1050

                 Monday, 23 January 1995
Today's Topics:
               AFTK ) cover and other stuff
                     Talent Show Pt.2
                        New Album?
                   Mr. Big in Big Money
                     Rush Cover Bands
A Connection between Fountain of Lamneth and High Water ?
                Rush up for a GRAMMY!!!!!
                 Northern Heroes auction!
                    rush adventures...
                       Mr. Big Refs
                       Cover Songs
                   Mr. Big Reference...
                    Another Ugly Rumor
               20th Anniversary Gift Shirts
                    Great seats......
                A possible theory on BSAM
               Presto sketches, _OLD_ video
                LaserDisc ESL Availability
                Oops...T-shirt correction
                       rush posters
                        BfB in BMG
              Laser discs and Dough Nutz...
                      The Real World
                   Unauthorized Live cd
                  Looking for Tour Books
       Rush in Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame? Someday...

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 95 12:40 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: AFTK ) cover and other stuff

    Over the Holidays I was given a couple gift certificates for
Sam Goody (record store).  I thought "What a perfect way to
retrofit my Rush collection and upgrade some older material
to compact disc.  One of the disc that I got was AFTK.  It
sounded GREAT!  I hadn't listened to it in years because the
condition of my album was so horrible.  Unfortunately,  I heard
something in the way Geddy that sang the lyrics to Madrigal that
doesn't quite sit well with me. (Oh God, hear I go again. pick
pick pick)

He sings the line "There's no supporting view" but pronounces
"supporting" like this - Saypporting.  Ouch! I can't listen
to that anymore.  It just edged out Rivendell for last
place. IHMO, of course.

Now for the front cover.  It looks to me like that tower in
the background in suppose to be the CN tower in Toronto, either
in a state of incomplete construction or damaged by a fire or an
explosion.  Has this issue ever been addressed??? I checked the
FAQL and the answer is not there.  I know (I think I know)
that the tower wasn't completed until 1976 and AFTK was
released in 1977.  Any speculation or facts are welcome.

BTW- that marionette is a horrible likeness of Bill Gordon.

I also got PeW (there was never enough music to justify
BUYING that on disc.) and Hemispheres (excelent! No hiss
pop, pop, bang duirng LVS)  Thank God for gift certificates.

Tony Dormio


Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 16:25:14 -0500
Subject: Talent Show Pt.2

I now know how to play the intro for "hot for teacher". Thanks to all who
helped. For my talent show- I was thinking....maybe Jacobs ladder. I
do play keyboard also. I think my bass player might be able to do this. What
do you think?


Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 17:57:42 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Album?

I've heard Rumors (I'm not sure if it is a rumor or not) that RUSH is
currently working on a new album at this time, and should release one
sometime this year.  I've heard things like as soon as in about two to
three months.  Does anyone know anything for sure?  Are the releasing
a new album?  If so.. what is it called?  Are they going to tour?
If so, when and WHERE?!?


From: (Kevin Butler)
Subject: Mr. Big in Big Money
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 16:54:14 -0500

  Reference was made to the fact that Mr. Big opened for Rush, however the
original poster wanted to know if the Wayne's World reference had anything
to do with this license plate.  The possibility does exist, as Mike Myers
is from Scarborough (Toronto), and mentions in the Juno tribute to the
band that he has always been a really big Rush fan.



Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 18:55:44 -0500
Subject: Rush Cover Bands

Does anyone in the Los Angeles area know anything about the Rush tribute band
"Caress of Steel"?   Are they still together?  Are they good?

I used to see ads for their gigs in BAM, and I intended to go see them, but
now I haven't read anything about them in quite awhile.

On a related subject -- I'm a drummer looking for some people to jam with.
 I'm open to just about anything, from occasional garage sessions over a few
beers, to club dates, to Rush covers, to original material/semi-pro working
band stuff.

I know this isn't "Music Connection" magazine, but I figured my chances of
finding people of compatible taste and ability would be pretty good here.
 Thank you!

E-mail me for more info or just for Rush chat!
Mark      (Mark


Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 14:39:31 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A Connection between Fountain of Lamneth and High Water ?

This is something that's been on my mind for a considerable time now, but prior
to subscribing recently to TNMS, I haven't had the opportunity to ask a fellow
Rush fan about their opinion.Am I just nuts (loaded question, I know) or does
anyone else on the information superhighway perceive the melodic similarity
between Part V. (Bacchus Plateau) of "The Fountain of Lamneth" (CoS) and "High
Water" (HYF) ? I picked this up the first time I ever listened to "High Water"
and have been wondering ever since whether our dear bandmates did this
intentionally. I personally believe they did. My theory is that the similar
melody ties the two songs together. My educated opinion is that Rush intention-
ally wanted their listeners to consciously reflect back to "Fountain of Lamneth"
whenever he or she listened to "High Water." IMHO, the link between the two
songs is the relationship/importance of water to the human condition. The
subject of "High Water" is the evolution of humans, as some would argue the
origin of humankind actually began in the sea. Sea creatures eventually left the
ocean and wandered on land. From there, all manner of land creatures evolved,
including humans eventually (I don't say I agree with this; I'm only reporting
what some evolutionists believe.) My personal interpretation of "The Fountain of
Lamneth" is humankind's search for immortality-- eternal life obtained by
drinking from the fountain of perpetual youth, if you will (i.e., the Fountain
of Lamneth). The only thing I can't quite explain is why Rush chose to take this
(sorry-- spastic fingers!) particular melody so far into "The Fountain of
Lamneth" and transpose it onto "High Water." Since chronologically, "The
Fountain of Lamneth" was written several years before "High Water," I assume one
of the members of Rush was incited to recall this melody when the music for
"High Water" was being composed. And thus, the link was made between the two
songs, both lyrically and musically.

The particular melody I'm referring to occurs immediately in "Bacchus Plateau"
and recurs throughout that particular song. However, the similar melody does
not begin in "High Water" until nearly a minute into the song. Not being a
musician, I cannot encode it; I hope the reader will recognize it thought, when
listening to the two songs consecutively.

Does anyone else out there perceive the similarity? Have any of your own
thoughts about it?

Keep Rush-rockin' !!

Donald Fuller ("Dino"- The Rock'n'Roll Dinosaur)

"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."



Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 20:39:44 -0600
From: (Thad Thompson)
Subject: Rush up for a GRAMMY!!!!!

Yes, fellow Rush fans, you read that header correctly. I was flipping
through the latest issue of Billboard Magazine (okay, I was bored....) and
saw the Final Nominations for the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, a big two page
spread. Since I'm always looking for expert opinions on music , I
glanced through it. And, lo and behold, under the category for "Best Rock
Instrumental," I see.... "Leave That Thing Alone!- Rush, from the album

If they win, who knows what may come next? Mass recognition? Fame and
glory? A shot in MTV'S Buzz Bin? Who cares? My only worry is that in 1981,
"YYZ" lost to The Police's "Behind My Camel" in this category. I have the
CD with that song, and still fail to see why "YYZ" lost. But that's for
another discussion. Just thought y'all would like to know.

"I didn't write that. Sounds more like Dickens."
                                              -Thomas Hardy
"You bastard!!!!!"
                                              -Charles Dickens


Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 23:06:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Steve Hiroshi Kochi 
Subject: Northern Heroes auction!

Hey all!  I'm auctioning off my Northern Heroes double CD boot.  Nothing
wrong with the CDs, except for that infamous sound quality everyone's
been complaining about.  But hey, you do get the complete concert, as
well as some nice photos in the sleeve.  So if anyone's interested, e-mail
me your bid.  This will go on till the end of the month.  Opening bids
start at $20.

 -- Steve Kochi


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 11:14:58 EST
Subject: rush adventures...

Oh the internet is fun! I have been enjoying my NMS mailings
immensley... Thanks from an old & dedicated Rush fan! I
first saw Rush in 1979 in (ugh) Fayetteville NC "Tour of the
Hemispheres" (HEMISPHERES still my favorite album). I had
been into them since 2112 in '76 while I lived in Texas as a
young teenage drummer/guitarist. My opportunities to see
major shows increased when I moved to NC/east coast and I
have now seen Rush ~14 times. As a bass player, Geddy into'd
me to the art form of tasteful licks (I think yall know what
I mean) and I (hopefully) have never looked back. My early
80's band, Daily Planet, did The Trees, Xanadu parts of 2112
and Hemispheres. Very challenging to us all, we did them as
a 4 piece with a vocalist.  All Planet music was heavily
influenced by Rush (as well as King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle
Giant, Zep, Floyd...).  I still have my"Tour of the
Hemispheres"Tshirt. I still miss those early Rush shows a
lot!! I saw the Counterparts show in Chapel Hill and love
the album and like that Geddy, Alex & Neal are more loose
and talkative now, but it, of course, is not the same.. but"
"Nothing is permanent but change".  Has anyone ever seen the
poster of Rush from about 78-79 where they are all dressed
in white with a black background and they're looking pretty
scary really.  Alex's hair looks dirty (I swear) and Geddy
has a bizzare look on his face. I would love to get a hold
of that again (long gone now).
Does anyone know how to get a letter and tape to the band?
I have tried by giving a package to a Rush roadie at a show
but I have no idea whether they got it.  Thanks for any
suggestions.  If anyone else has tapes of their bands doing
Rush tunes, I would like to know and maybe swap tapes.
Thanks....   BKP in NC :)

   Cygnus the God of balance you shall be...


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 12:38:25 -0400
From: (Damon Hudac)
Subject: Mr. Big Refs

>Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 10:49:07 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Mr. Big reference in Big Money

Also, the Mr. Big on the Rush plate is a tribute to the band
>who toured with them "Mr. Big."  In fact, if you check the liner notes
>on Power Windows, a thank you in England goes to "Mr. Big and the Royal
>Jamaicans."  I believe I saw their name in another album, but I can't seem
>to locate it anywhere.

I don't believe Mr. Big was around when PoW came out, as a matter of fact,
I'm almost sure of it.  So I think you have the Mr. Bigs confused.
However, they ARE mentioned on the RTB liner notes, and I know that on the
RTB tour, Mr. Big opened for them, I know this because I saw them.

 ***For a good time, E-Mail***


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 12:38:57 -0400
From: (Damon Hudac)
Subject: Cover Songs

>#2, it would be an awful idea.  just dreadful.  Kind of like them putting
>a cover song on an album.  would ruin thier integrity.

Actually, I think it would be sort of cool to hear Rush cover some stuff.
sayyy, "john the fisherman" by Primus.  Comments?  Come to think of it,
that would be really cool.

 ***For a good time, E-Mail***


From: Jay Martin 
Subject: Mr. Big Reference...
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 95 14:06:09 EST

MR WELDM, in last NMS issue wrote:

> Subject: Mr. Big reference in Big Money
> Wayne & Garth, although they would be much cooler if they listened to
> Rush, are victims of circumstance.  First, Mr. Big is a pretty common
> name to call any high management person, as was the character in Wayne's
> World.  Also, the Mr. Big on the Rush plate is a tribute to the band
> who toured with them "Mr. Big."  In fact, if you check the liner notes
> on Power Windows, a thank you in England goes to "Mr. Big and the Royal
> Jamaicans."  I believe I saw their name in another album, but I can't seem
> to locate it anywhere.

Or could the "Mr. Big" liner notes on Power Windows be refering to
their nickname Rush gave to Peter Collins.  Peter Collins produced
Power Windows and I am not sure that the band called "Mr. Big" was
around in the mid 80's when PoW was released.


Jay Martin


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 13:06:14 +0500
From: (Joe Chiro)
Subject: Another Ugly Rumor

Howdy all.

I realize the answer to the question I'm about to ask will surely be
"No", but here goes:  Has anyone heard *anything* about another Rush
biography, either official or unofficial, due out in the next few

I basically just want to dispell a "local rumor".  Private E-mail will
do for any responses.  Thanks!

*	     			   *  "I used to be an a--hole with a     *
*            Joe Chiro             *   drug problem.  Take away the drugs *
*	 (jchiro@peri.COM)	   *   and I'm still an a--hole."         *
*     Periphonics Corporation	   *                                      *
*				   *                     - Dave Mustaine  *


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 16:10:42 +000

To the individual searching for Rush 'Archives.'
(Sorry I have no quote feature in my mailer...) from NMS Jan15

I friend of mine has told me of a TELNET site that has a great
deal of hard to find CDs and Tapes.  They have ties with several
overseas dealers and can get lots of stuff!  The site is

I have only logged in once looking for a specific +Live+ album
from Japan, which I did find.  It was an Album that a frined of
mine bought while he was in Japan and was a Live +Live+ album
(sounds a little redundant).  I'm not sure if they have any hard
to find Rush discs, but you can check... And i'm sure they can
get just about anything.

Th- L-pr-chaun -- aka Rob Mount


Date: 18 Jan 1995 13:23:13 PST
Subject: 20th Anniversary Gift Shirts

There were a couple of posts in issue #1048 asking about how to get 20th
Anniversary Gift t-shirts, sweatshirts, and buttons, so I thought I'd stick
in a quick reminder.

We're sold out of Design #2, the space shirt, and not planning to make any
more (the orders just got too complicated). We still have buttons (both kinds)

Please remember to include shipping and handling! Thanks...

   All shirts are 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy-T or equivalent.

   Cost: $15 for one, $25 for two, or $12 each for more than two, not
   including postage and handling, which is $3 per shirt. International
   orders, including Canada: add $3/shirt.

   Design: A newspaper front page, with funny headlines. Look for the
   hidden messages, admire the photo of "Neil" "Geddy" and "Alex" running
   in the San Francisco Bay to Breakers race. Not just a shirt--this is
   Entertainment! :) Available in white or natural (cream w/ tan flecks),
   any size.

   On the back:
    The National Midnight Star
      Internet Mailing List

      Celebrates 20 years of
            * Rush *
          "It's true!!"

2) SWEATSHIRTS  <--------------NEW ITEM!!!
   Design is the same as the newspaper shirt. Available in white and
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   Postage/handling for pins alone are as follows: 1-2 pins: 29 cents,
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   Pin #1: Red with NMS star logo in black. $1.50 each.
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Checks should be made out to A. Alex Mustard. Your order will be filled after
your money is received.

This offer is for a limited time only, and will cease FOREVER when we
reach our goal of $1000. So act quickly! Don't miss out! Don't make us
resort to infomercials! (scary thought)

Cheryl Renshaw


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 95 16:39:03 CDT
Subject: Great seats......

     First post, 'nuf said.

     I've been to two Rush concerts in my life (St. Petersburg, Fl - RTB,
     Pensacola - CP), and have really enjoyed them.  I have only been a
     *big* Rush fan for the past couple of years (actually, before I bought
     Chronicles I was only into the "radio" Rush, Tom Sawyer, etc.  MP &
     ESL were my only albums.  But Chronicles really opened my ears to
     their earlier (and later) stuff and I have since gone out and
     purchased many more of their albums.  So stop knocking Chronicles, it
     made me into a big fan and all I thought I was doing was getting a
     greatest hits album.)

     Anyway, both shows were great although I knew a lot more music from
     the CP show because I hadn't been enlightened by Chronicles at the
     time of the RTB show.  At CP we sat just off the side of the stage
     about half way up the lower balcony and this made it even better.  I
     was lucky to get those seats because I showed up at the mall at about
     9:30am for tickets that went on sale at 10:00 and was given line
     number 140-something.  I guy I work with had #44 and gave me four
     tickets (Calvin if you're reading this, thanks again (He also told me
     about NMS)).  At RTB I sat all the way in the back of the SunCoast
     Dome in St. Petersburg - BAH, horrible seats, horrible acoustics.

     Now I'm at the point where I won't go to a concert if I can't get good
     seats.  I can't stand not being able to see the guitarists fingers on
     the fretboard, or seeing the drummer really *crashing* the cymbals and
     hearing the sound a second and a half later.  (I'll still see Rush
     regardless, but I've balked at crappy Floyd seats, among others).  I
     feel like Rush is going to be one of those bands that I'll be able to
     tell people I saw, longer after Rush is gone, and they'll feel like I
     feel when my oldest brother told me he saw Led Zeppelin (I'm 24).  I'd
     have given my right arm to see them.  Anyway, I'm thinking that since
     Rush is still kickin' ass, and not getting any younger, the next time
     they tour I may go deep and try to catch a half dozen shows or so.
     But if I'm going to do it, I want to do it right, i.e. good seats.
     Anybody want to share with me some memorable experiences they had
     getting good seats?  How soon do you have to show up to camp out for
     good floor seats?  How much will scalpers or private ticket scalping
     businesses charge for floor, 1st ten rows etc?  How do you go about
     getting good seats for shows in other cities?  I live just outside
     Pensacola, and they've started several tours there, but Atlanta,
     Tampa/St.Pete, Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, Memphis (?), and Houston,
     are all within a days drive or so, and are definitely options.

     I'd love to hear some stories about the best seats you ever had, and
     how you went about getting them.

     "Haven't settled on a good Rush lyric yet..."   -- Myself

     Michael Eltz


Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 19:05:30 +0600 (CST)
From: Chris Pardua 
Subject: A possible theory on BSAM

In regards to the last NMS in which someone posted a request about the
meaning of "Betweeen Sun And Moon":

Honestly, I couldn't tell you *exactly* what it means, but I have an idea,
sort of.  Last semester I took a British Victorian lit class.  Early on we
studied the poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and we did (among other
pieces) "The Lotos Eaters."  In the text of the poem, Tennyson, through
the persona (or speaker), mentions the actual words "Between Sun And
Moon."  I also remember reading "Alien Shores" in the text as
well, but that's another point.  From what I can vaguely recollect, we
were discussing the poet's use of imagery, mood, etc., and I think we also
discussed some basic ideas in the poem, such as the idea of complacency.
One popular interpretation of Tennyson's poem is that it (sarcastically)
celebrates complacency--"now that we've achieved what we've wanted to
achieve, let's sit back, get high, let the world go by, be safe and
comfortable blah blah blah" was the basic gist of our concensus.

Keeping in mind with Tennyson's historical context, the poet Laureate was
coming up in an age not yet defined by literary or historical terms--the
preceding Romantics barely had the language to define themselves.  What
we've done, historically and literarily, is applied these terms to define
an age of people who lacked the language to define or explain themselves.
SO--about the chorus, "Ahh yes to yes to ahh to yes / Why the sun?" *may*
be a reference to that difficulty of expression, possibly being so caught
up in the moment of an epiphany or a revelation that language simply
leaves us, laughs back in our faces, or mocks us in our silences.  I
experienced a similar reaction after watching "Pulp Fiction."

Admittedly there is a lot of obscure and ambiguous imagery in the song,
and again, I really have no definite cookie-cutter answer.  We could sit
all day and pick this apart, but we may never ever reach an answer.
Thankfully poetry, and to a similar extent lyrics (not that there's a
marginally huge difference), are both subjective enough to allow us our best
guesses.  This was mine; I hope it said something.

Chris Pardua			"Wandering between two worlds, one dead,		         The other powerless to be born"--Matthew Arnold


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 03:12:46 -0500
From: (GS-13 Francis Rowe MR)
Subject: Presto sketches, _OLD_ video

Item the first: About the sketches in _PRESTO_ at least two
people have already spotted the "paper, scissors, stone"
connection, and I'll chime in as the third.  Read/listen
to the lyrics for "Hand Over Fist".

Item the second: How many of you remember "Don Kirshner's
Rock Concert"? It was the precursor to MTV and the various
other "in concert" late-nite shows now clogging the airwaves.
Well, I recall sometime in '78 or '79 seeing the boyz on
"Rock Concert". They opened with 2112, but I don't know what
came after that beacuse I fell asleep (this started at 1:30
AM or therabouts). What I'm looking for is a source for a
tape of this, or any leads on where to get a copy. I realize
the chances are mighty slim, that time being BVC (before video
cassette), but I figured, nothing ventured...



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 9:26:39 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bloodline

Howdy all, good to be back.

Now although this post may not have much Rush content, I believe that this
will possible open some eyes to a new band as has happened before.  Please
do not post back to the list about this but instead to me at:

The band is Bloodline - which consists of Smokin' Joe Bonamassa on guitar (he's
17 years old and opened for BB King & Robert Cray, etc), Erin Davis on drums
(Miles Davis' son), Waylon Kreiger on guitar (the Doors' Robbie K's son),
Berry Oakley Jr. on vocals, bass (Allman Bros bassist's son), and Lou
Segreti on keyboards. Their 1st album "Blookline" is on EMI and they are
currently on tour (they just kicked ass at Hartwick): January: 21 WashingtonDC,
24 Greenville, NC/ 25 Asheville, NC/ 26 @Raliegh, NC/ 27 @roanoake,VA/
28 @Charlotte,NC/ 30 @Columbia, SC/ 31 @Athens,GA.
	They continue through March hitting AL, LA, TX, OK, MO, MI, OH, PA
for more info email me and I'll be happy to pass along the info.
	I don't apologize for "wasting bandwidth" as I believe this is one of
the most talkented and wonderful bunch of musicians (and nice guys!) to come
since RUSH. They play hard, blues, southern rock which is kick ass considering
they are all in their early twenties - and it's in their Blood(line).

Thanks - Brad (alexmeister vonBastille)


Date: 19 Jan 95 12:06:08 EST
From: Steve Thibert <>
Subject: LaserDisc ESL Availability

To all those sending in bids to various 'auctions' for the ESL laser disc, check
out some local or nationwide laserdisc dealers first.  I just bought the ESL 
from Japan from Ken Crane's laserdisc in CA.  It was 39.95 + 2.00 2nd day 
shipping (!).  You can get their 800# from 800 information (800-555-1212).

Also, does anyone know if the Camera Eye video was ever released on Laserdisc?
I have everything on disc except this one, I have it on VHS though ;--)  If
anyone has one on disc they would like to sell, or perhaps trade for several 
CD imports, let me know via e-mail - or let me know if it was ever released in 
this format.

I am also considering selling my autographed Presto tour book.  I bought it
several years ago from a local radio station's (94-WHJY) rock auction, and it 
has the boy's signatures - the most readable one is Neil's - the other two are 
harder to make out, but anyways it comes with a 'certificate of authenticity' 
from the rock auction.  Mail me any offers you would consider.

 -Steve Thibert


Date: 19 Jan 1995 11:19:11 PST
Subject: Oops...T-shirt correction

I just remembered something re: ordering t-shirts for the NMS gift:

Because the cost of postage went up (here in the U.S.), we're going to have
to charge more for postage...sorry 'bout that. Here are the new rates:

T-Shirts:    $3.50 per shirt
Sweatshirts: $4.50 per shirt
1-2 pins:    $0.32
3-5 pins:    $0.55
6-9 pins:    $1.00

We're getting very close to $1000! This is good news and bad news, 'cause it
means there isn't much time for you to order. I expect to make one more
shirt run in a couple of weeks, and that'll be it.  Order soon!

Cheryl Renshaw


From: (Matthew E. Pyle)
Subject: rush posters
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 19:52:44 +0000 (GMT)

Hello everybody,

	I'll keep this brief.  I've been looking (with little success) for
Rush posters at used record stores and other random places.  All I could find
was a p/g poster.  What I would really like to have is a poster from my
personal "Golden age of Rush" (roughly 2112 through MP).  Are there mail
order organizations that carry this sort of stuff?  Just a hint to get me
started is all I need.  E-mail me personally unless you think the info
is worthy of the NMS.  Thanks in advance.

Matt Pyle (


From: Jared Strasburg 
Subject: BfB in BMG
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 15:14:35 -0600 (CST)

Burning for Buddy has made it to BMG. The description makes no mention of
Neil Peart, but it does talk about "legendary drummers performing big band
arrangements." The catalog # is 106177. ($14.98 for CD, $9.98 for cassette).

Jared Strasburg


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 19:44:16 EST
From: "Tofum@n" 

Hi everyone....this is my first posting to the NMS so no flames!

In reference to the whole hand thing(rastaman i believe..)
I think I have to agree with those who sat the hands refer to the child's
game of scissor, paper, rock.  If i do recall correctly, I believe that in
HAND OVER FIST, there is a passage that goes (going on memory here..sorry for
any errors) :

hand over fist,
paper around the stone
scissors cut the paper
cut the paper to the bone

if anyone is familiar with the game, those are basically the rules....

also, does anyone have any official info as to their next album?(release date
anbd touring?) any replies would be appreciated.

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 drifting in our orbits to a brief eclipse"        TOFUMAN
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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 23:27:47 -0500
Subject: Laser discs and Dough Nutz...


Thanks to TroyRush for the clarification about the song with sampled Tom
Sawyer parts!  I was going from what someone told me...  I should have
figured that it was "Time to make the Dough Nutz..."   sigh...

Also, I visited a local music store here in Pittsburgh, and they had the
Grace Under Pressure Tour, A Show of Hands, and Chronicles laser
discs...whether they are discontinued or not, I have no clue; they are in
stock at this store, though.



Subject: The Real World
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 00:06:14 -0500
From: Image Hacker 

>     You know, I think I prefer Bevis and Butt-head not liking Rush.
> Let's face it, if they DID like it, then eMpTyV would start playing
> Rush, then they'd put Rush songs in the background of "The Real World"
> episodes, ask the boyz to be on cheesy MTV specials, and (the worst of
> all) ask Neil to be "sass" judge on Lip Service!!!!!! No! I won't have
> it! As God is my witness, I'll never watch MTV again!  ;^)
>                                                         Kara

Unfortunately...I think I heard the intro to "Stick it Out" being played
over one scene of the newest The Real World on MTV.  Sorry.  I was as
distressed as you probably are about that.

MTV not playing Rush is a GOOD thing.  They might end up as popular as
*gasp* Green Dookie...and you wouldn't be able to see the stage through
all the 13 year olds crowd surfing and moshing on their next tour...

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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 01:00:37 -0600 (CST)
From: subzero 
Subject: Unauthorized Live cd

I found a cd today that is one I havent seen before...
It's called "Live Vol. 1" from an Austrailan group called Joker Productions.
I has many disclaimers on it, saying that it is an unauthorized recording of
Rush in concert.

"This live recording and its release, has not been authorized by Rush or
their record company"

here is a song list :
1) spirit of the radio  2) the enemy within  3) new world man  4) distant
early warning  6) closer to the heart  7) 2112 overture/temples of the
syrinx  8) tom saywer  9)vital signs  10) finding my way

here is the address to joker productions:

joker productions
p.o. box 86
findon, south australia 5023
phone : 08-346 8219
fax : 08-346 0180

the catalog number is jok-027-a

has anybody else seen this one?  I picked it up immediately,  for it was
in the used cd bin and cost me only 7.99.  I wonder what the value is for it.
anyway, I just thought I would share this with y'all in case it might
actually be useful information.


"this sound recording was recorded with amateur equipment and will not be
of the same quality as an authorized release"


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 0:18:05 PST
From: "Lee S. Farber" 
Subject: Looking for Tour Books


Yet another collector's request comin' atcha. I'm looking for any tour books
before MP. I just found the Hemispheres tour program, so scratch that one. By
the way, before you guys go shelling out hundreds of dollars on this stuff,
be smart. I bought mine from a true collector (one of the biggest) and
paid $40. This is just about the going rate. Remember, thousands of
them were made, so it's just a matter of time before you find one. I
figured I'd try TNMS. I get very concerned when people auction off
this stuff at such high prices. As RUSH fans, the true collectors
should be interested more in the collectibility of the item, rather
than the value.

One more thing that's on my mind. I heard the RTB CD boot entitled
"Superconductor". BE CAREFUL! The sound quality is beyond belief-
right off the soundboard. It's like a live album, though it's not a
SLOWED DOWN!!! You may not notice it at first, but it'll annoy you til
the day you die!
There are some extras that make it worthwhile: "Take Off", both sides
of the first single "Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It" (which is cool
because I have the actual 45 and I would NEVER play it!), as well as
"Bad Boy" from the 1974 Electric Ladyland session. It also has an
"Acoustic Guitar Instrumental" from 3/1/81 that is kind of country &
LIFESON! THIS IS TOMMY SHAW FROM STYX! You don't believe me? Listen to
the intro voice. Listen to the playing style. Ask people with tapes
from this show. I would love to hear other people's confirmations of

Well, that's all for now. Please let me know what collectibles you
guys have that you'd like to sell.

And please... doesn't anyone have a PeW, AFTK, or 2112 tour book they
can sell to me?




From: "Colin Wright" 
Date:          Fri, 20 Jan 1995 08:49:01 EST
Subject:       Rush in Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame? Someday...

"Hello there" (picture my hands over head - each doing an repetitive
open&close hand puppet gesture [kinda Geddy-esque]), anyhow...

As  I sat there watching Neil Young, Led Zep, and the late Janis
Joplin and Frank Zappa get inducted into the RnR HoF, I couldn't help
but wonder if Rush would ever receive such an honor.  Actually, I
don't think the real issue is IF  - more like WHEN.

Rush has been "successful" for more than 17 years now
(since 2112?) - selling out countless arenas - producing great
records (backed-up with excellent sales, time after time) -
it's just that Rush doesn't seem like the type of band that
the "HofF Nomination Committee" (whoever or whatever
they are) would select.  Is Rush too "cult" (i.e., minimal radio &
video airtime)?  Hey, they inducted Zappa, didn't they?  Maybe
there's hope!

Hmmm...  I'd say... maybe in about 5 years at the earliest.
(i.e., by the "end of the century") - especially if the band
continues to produce material (and on the level on Counterparts).

Just a thought - Hope I didn't sound too much like Andy Rooney for my
first post.

See ya,
Colin (proud owner of a black 4001)

P.S. Ironically, Rush got their first big break in Cleveland - the future home
of  the RnR HofF.  As Arte Johnson once said "Velly Intullesting"


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