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 Date:  Wed, Feb 1, 1995 3:29 AM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1052

                 Monday, 30 January 1995
Today's Topics:
                    Re: Rush new Album
                      RE: BfB in BMG
                    Rush doing covers
                a little bit of everything
                  The Trees...  HELP!!!
                        New Album
          Best Concert "Seats" and Don Kirchner
                   Alex Rules The World
              Re: AFTK cover and other stuff
                 Rumors Argggghhhhh!!!!!!
                  Interpretation of BSAM
                     Rush cover bands
      Chronicles Press Release Different Than Album
     Re: 01/19/95 - The National Midnight Star #1049
                   Between Sun and Moon
                Correct "Madrigal" Lyrics
         several responses(FAQs,AFTK cover,seats)
                       Re: Mr. Big
                      Van Halen list
               T-shirts, posters, bootlegs
              Letters, post cards, and such.
                       Re: Madrigal
                  Mtv, Van Halen & Pits
         Barenaked Ladies (was Tidbits, NMS 1051)
                    I'm sorry, but....
                   Superconductor video
                        Vivid 3-D
                 Re: 01/27/95 - Rivendell

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 16:32:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Becky Chickering 
Subject: Re: Rush new Album

Hello, this is my first post here. I want to tell everyone that I was in
Strawberries Records and Tapes today and noticed that they had Rush posted
as releasing a new album, the date was to be announced however.  Can't

I have seen their last three tours. Loved everyone of them. The last
tour, Counterparts, my husband and I were 8th row!  I just happened to
call the Centrum for tickets 5 days before their opening night. I still
can't believe that I got such awsome seats. Anyways, they were better than
seeing Pink Floyd this year! (10 row)

Anyways, just thought I would mention that I saw there is a new album
coming, but no dates.

Holy Cross College
Worcester, Mass.


From: "Bisbee, Robert T" 
Subject: RE: BfB in BMG
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 18:35:00 CST

> Burning for Buddy has made it to BMG. The description makes no mention of
> Neil Peart, but it does talk about "legendary drummers performing big band
> arrangements." The catalog # is 106177. ($14.98 for CD, $9.98 for

Noteworthy Music has it listed for $12.48 + S&H for the CD.  Their Web
page is for those who surf
the Web.

Robert Bisbee


Date:     Tue, 24 Jan 95 18:28:30 CST
Subject:  Rush doing covers

	Rush playing a Primus song?   Gag!  I personally wouldn't want to see
Rush stoop to covering ANYBODY.  If they were to, however, I would much rather
see them cover a band that influenced them, like Cream, Zepp, ELP, etc.



Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 19:12:05 CST
Subject: a little bit of everything

	First off, in regards to High Water and Fountain, perhaps (if such a
connection does indeed exist) Neil and the boys wished to sneak in an
example. Consider: if everything indeed comes from water, then the results
would all have that in common.  With that familiar ground, these "results"
might be able to evolve and progress in itself. Could High Water be a evolved
son of Fountain.  Both did "come from water," so could Neil be making the
point that we all have something in common, using the similiar melody to
symbolize this common ground? Could we be reading too much into this?
	Oh well, Mike i keep trying to write you back at "s72udra@toe." but it isn't working. This is in return to you "Story of
Kings" letter your sent me
	Third of all, Mark, if you or anyone else needs the sheet music
to any song from Rush to Signals, let me know. Just lettin' you know.
	Finally, my request: (i don't have the faq close at hand, so i'm sorry
if this is addressed in it) is there any recording of those classic Rush
originals "Fancy Dancer" and "Garden Lady?"  Basically, all the pre-"Rush"
songs, from the Coff-In days. Also, are there any good recordings of any
show before the "Down The Tubes" Tour?
					Many thanks,


Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 20:58:34 -0600 (CST)
From: Tom Servo 
Subject: The Trees...  HELP!!!

Can somebody please tell me what the chords are in the middle of The Trees
during the "wood blocks" sequence.  The time is 5/4 and the root chords of the
song around that part are A, B and G--but I can't figure out what they are.  If
they are odd chords, please describe the fingering, as I am a drummer with
minimal knowledge of Alex's chords.  Also, please send directly  to my e-mail
address  --  I don't always get through all the
NMS's.  Thanks.



Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 23:31:06 -0600 (CST)
From: "J. Baker" 
Subject: New Album

I have news for those of you who keep asking about the new album.  WE
DON'T HAVE A CLUE! so quit asking and spreading rumors.  If you think you
heard about the "new album" from somewhere, name the source for christ
sake.  I would be willing to bet that these new album reports are all
heard from you little brothers or your mothers, and not from reputable
sources like Anthem.  If I see one more post on TNMS about album rumors,
Im going to throw away all of my Rush shit and blame you for it.


Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:10:46 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Best Concert "Seats" and Don Kirchner

Yo Rush Fanatics!
I was just reading TNMS #1050 and was interested in what Michael Eltz and Frank
had to say. I'd like to respond to them. First, Michael:
	Listen up, young wippersnapper!
		Back in the old days, sonny, before the Who "invented" floor
	seats, most concerts were general admission, aka "festival style."
	Basically, what this meant was first come, first served. The main
	floor was typically devoid of any seats, so everyone brave enough
	would simply stand there. The very first time I saw Rush (March 8,
	1977), the show at the Norfolk (VA) Scope was general admission (as
	I've stated previously in TNMS, they backed up Kansas and played the
	tune "2112" in its entireity). I was one of the first 50 or so people
	to get in, so I ended up about six to eight feet from the stage (as
	I recall, stage center to be exact). Almost every single concert I
	ever attended in the 70s was general admission, and I'd make dang sure
	I'd be one of the first admitted. Very seldom did I ever end up more
	than 12 to 15 feet from the stage (except for Led Zeppelin; the rush--
	pardon the pun-- was so great I decided to take the first risers and
	live!). I was never disappointed with my "seat," but my good fortune
	then is my bad fortune now, as I have a very distinct lessened
	sensitivity to sound (that means I have a hearing loss for anyone
	who may be "vocabularily-challenged."). <-- I hope that didn't sound
	too sarcastic; I meant it as a joke, but I'm really in a pissy mood.
	I drove 7 hours roundtrip from Little Rock to Fayetteville to see
	the Razorbacks lose their first game (to Alabama of all things!) in
	beautiful Bud Walton Arena! Look's like there's going to be a new
	national champion this year. But I digress-- anyway, the 70s were
	definitely the good ol' days of concert attending. I've seen Rush
	13 more times since that first show, and the closest I've ever come
	was about 15 rows back. I don't remember for sure, but my faulty
	memory tells me that I've been on the main floor probably half of
	the Rush shows I've seen. I've also been as far away as the very back
	of the coliseum. Actually, in some places (e.g., Reunion Arena in
	Dallas) I prefer being in the back because the sound seems to be so
	much better there. However, as with everything there's a trade-off.
	What I get in sound I give up in seeing the band members playing
	their instruments (I try to see at least two shows of every tour so I
	can zero-in on Neil in one show, and then gather the gestalt of the
	entire show during the other). "Nuf said, I suppose.

To Frank:
	Ah, a kindred spirit!
	I remember Don Kirchner's Rock Concert very well, in addition to "The
	Midnight Special" (with Wolfman Jack as host) and ABC's "In Concert."
	I was partial to "In Concert," but I managed to see the others from
	time to time. I don't recall ever seeing Rush on any of these shows.
	Of course, another late night staple for us dope infested hippies in
	those days (please remember, dear fellow Rushies, I grew up in the
	early to mid 70s when "Just Say No" was what Nancy kept reminding
	herself whenever Ronnie wanted a little boody) was Roller Derby. I
	know this has very little to do with Rush, but I'm trying to lay down
	a little history for our younger friends out there. There was nothing
	in living that could quite compare to tokin' a doobie, watching Charlie
	O'Connor and the LA Thunderbirds bust a little head on roller skates,
	and then capping the evening off to a little rock'n'roll on "In Concert"
	or any of the other similar shows. (You younger people out there can
	substitute WWF Wrestling for Roller Derby and probably get a similar
	feel for how it was in the 70s.) Anyway, my personal favorite segment
	on "In Concert" was when the entire evening was devote to Cat Stevens.
	Cat Stevens was like an older brother to me during my turbulent teenage
	phase, but I never had the chance to see him at a live concert. I'll
	have to accept his appearance on "In Concert" as my one opportunity to
	see him "live." Is anyone out there getting the impression that I tend
	to digress *alot*?-- All of these TV concert shows served a very
	valuable purpose in the 70s for kids like me who lived in the sticks
	and had very few opportunities to see live music. I doubt that Rush
	ever played on one of these shows. They had a relatively small following
	in the 70s (at least compared to the 80s and today), so I just can't
	see network execs falling over each other to give Rush exposure on
	American TV back then. If however, they really did play on one of these
	shows, I'd be extremely interested in knowing it, and how to get a
	copy of the segment should one be available.

Later Rushmates!

Dino (The Rock'n'Roll Dinosaur)

"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."


For the free-spirited of you out there, and as a tribute to those wonderful
years that shaped this clay of a human I call myself, I offer the following
verse (sung somewhat to the tune of "My Favorite Things"). Hit it, maestro:

			Choc-o-late milkshakes
			and Three Muskateers
			Three or four doobies
			And plenty of beer
			List'ning to Rush and getting a buzz
			Teens in the 70s, that's how it was!


Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:27:04 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Alex Rules The World

	According to Foundations magazine: (latest issue)

	Alex Lifeson will be on the album: The Guitars That Rule the World
Volume 2.  Also appearing on the album are: Billy Sheehan, J. from White
Zombie, Jack Owen from Cannibal Corpse, and Billy Corgan from Smashing
	The release is due out sometime this summer.

*         "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
*          Chop the forest, plow it under..."   Kansas - 1975
*        *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
*           Steve Smits


From: (Sean Ahern)
Subject: Re: AFTK cover and other stuff
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:58:15 -0800 (PST)

In the NMS # 1050, Tony Dormio writes:
> [stuff deleted ] Unfortunately, I heard something in the way Geddy that
> sang the lyrics to Madrigal that doesn't quite sit well with me.  (Oh
> God, hear I go again.  pick pick pick)
> He sings the line "There's no supporting view" but pronounces
> "supporting" like this - Saypporting.  Ouch!  I can't listen to that
> anymore.

Well, the reason it sounds like that is because the line is not "There's no
supporting view".  The line is actually "There's no SAFE PORT IN view".


 --                                             __           .                                 (  _  _.._   /||_  _ ._._
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory        __)(/_(_|| ) /-|| )(/_| | )


Subject: Rumors Argggghhhhh!!!!!!
Date: 26 Jan 95 10:34:46 EST

Hello all,

   The rumor mill has now rolled into Dayton Ohio,  much to my dismay I
was riding around the other night and the 7-12 jock on TUE comes on
blathering  something about a new *live album* from his favorite band
( Rush,  who else??).  What is more is that his source is the
( RUSH ..Who else??).  Further more he explains to me that CD Con-
nection ( a  local record store ) is his source.

   I CAN'T STAND RUMORS LIKE THIS !!!!!!! Rush-mgr can you once and for-all
confirm or deny this ..... please. For my sanity's sake....Thank you.

  [ CD Connection?? That's a bootleg place in Germany, they put out live
    recordings of all sorts of bands. And they're not exactly legal here
    in the U.S....						: rush-mgr ]

   Oh yeah the disc jockey says mid-feb for a release date..... I'm gonna
have melt down ........

   As for you Spotty (Art), yes it tis true I am older than you, and I am
sure Dino, and Bruce agree with me on my nexI have been on this planet longer
than you,  and along with Dino, Bruce, and Duane,  I realize that most of
the folks on this list are younger than ourselves (Mid 30's),  more power to
you all and keep the Rush flame alight , I say!!

   Art, when we all get together again (hopefully soon), lose the tutu,
or at least the pink one......

    I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK - I sleep all night and I work all day.

  I'm out .... PEACE?!!
  I'm out .... PEACE !!!

dave h


Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 10:27:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Stephen Francis McGovern 
Subject: Interpretation of BSAM

	Being a lover of good lyrics, I've spent a good deal of time
analyzing BSAM with friends and alone- taking into account the
Professor's philosophical underpinnings and the theme of duality on the
album I've developed the following interpretation:
	The song is a call for moderation or at the
very least, a call for appreciating the complexity of this world.
While I don't have the lyrics in front of me now, I will do my best to
illustrate why this interp. is valid.  The lyrics in the verses are a
barrage of contrasting images or states of mind.  The line "the place
between wonder and why" represents the fact that there is a balance,
however precarious.  The place in between the two states we constantly
find ourselves in when faced with a decision.  At first we wonder - but
Neil appears to be criticizing the human tendency to have to put things
in black and white - the fact we always have a tendency to oversimplify
things and thusly, deprive ourselves of the freedom of inquiry and
investigation.  This seems to go along with Neil's classically liberal
views (Enlightenment liberalism).
	  The chorus - Neil is simply asking why
must we make these arbitary choices - why must we always have an absolute
answer.  The sun just represents one choice.  The "Ahh Ahh Yes to Yes":
(I could be guilty of reading to much into Neil's lyrics at this point) but
what do we say when we find what we think is THE ANSWER.  We say, "Ah,
yes of course."  We pretend as if it were always right in front of us and
that there is no questioning it.  The bridge "..some need to pray to..":
this is a key part.  Neil needs a break from the "black and white" nature
of this world - he has been reborn and baptised with a never ending
desire to inquire.   The second verse is complicated but still the theme
of the state between two distinct entities.  The state of limbo we find
ourselves in when confronted with love, for example.  I realize fully that
this verse does sit perfectly with interpretation above, but these are
just rock song lyrics as Neil would be the first to admit.
	Not a perfect interpretation....  but, I think its as close as we
can come without the Professor himself telling us.  To sum up and clarify
the above:  Neil is saying that there's a place in between all varying
emotions and choices - and that it behooves us to find that place - not just
to fall prey to our instictive desire to oversimplfy.
        Comments, questions?


From: Gregg Ulrich 
Subject: Rush cover bands
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 7:38:37 PST

> Anyway, I read a message around New Year's about someone going to see
> "Power Windows" (RUSH cover band) near the Meadowlands the first week
> of January.  I was wondering how the show was.  I saw this band about
> two years ago when they were called "2112".  I was really disappointed
> with them.  The place was empty -- 1st sign. The sound was awful, and
> wayyy too loud -- 2nd sign.  And the singer's voice was just too high.
> Yeah, that's right, too high, even for Geddy.  They were, well....not
> good.  I just wanted to know if they've gotten any better, have the same
> lineup,  etc.

Power Windows and 2112 are two different bands (at least they are now).
Here is my "non-musician" opinions of the two:


   Musician-wise this was the stronger band.  There were three members
   (bassist/keyboard, guitar/singer, drummer).  The bassist was excellent,
   given the material he had to cover.  The drummer was adequate (after all
   there is only one Neil Peart)  The guitar player was right on, but his
   voice was *annoyingly* high.  It got hard to listen to after a while.

   In their favor, they had an excellent command of Rush material.  They
   did obscure songs like "Different Strings" and "Farewell to Kings", as
   well as the standards.  They even took requests, doing some accoustic
   stuff while the drummer fixed his set.  The drummer did the obligatory
   Peart drum solo, but probably shouldn't have.

 Power Windows

   Four members (bassist/singer, drummer, guitar, keyboard).  Each member
   was competant enough, but there were no stand out musicians.  The singer
   is much more tolerable, played a Rickenbacker, and almost looked like
   Geddy Lee (with a small nose).  Their set was very typical, with "Natural
   Science" the only surprise.

   There were plenty of visuals in the Power Windows show, including a
   keyboard player that looks like Chris Elliot, a guitar player with
   big hair, and a slide show with various Rush images.

Put PoW's singer in 2112 and you would have a decent Rush cover band.  Both
bands brought in a decent crowd and the die-hard Rush fans seemed to enjoy
both shows.  Go check both of them out.  I give them a lot of credit for not
embarrassing themselves.

If anyone know any Rush cover bands in the SF Bay area (or better yet a
Yes cover band), please let me know (

Please forgive all spelling mistakes,

Gregg Ulrich
CDE Tools Development
Oracle Procedure Builder
(415) 506 6470


From: David Morrison 
Subject: Chronicles Press Release Different Than Album
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 11:50:32 EST

        I was just looking through the TNMS first anniversary issue, and
there was mention of the Chronicles Press Release which mentions:

         - Take Off featuring Geddy Lee
             (from Bob & Doug - Great White North)

after Limelight and before APTB on the second Chronicles album.  Does anyone
know what/how/why this was changed?  It would've made addition, but alas, I
guess it got cut...

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Date:         Thu, 26 Jan 95 23:52:34 PST
From: nathan j hickok 
Subject:      Re: 01/19/95 - The National Midnight Star #1049

Hey guys, first i'd like to say thanx for all the responses on female RUSH fans
, my gf still isint convinced but oh well.
 Anyhoo, i just wanted to say something about the RUSH IS A BAND! bumpersticker
s. i live just south of spokane, WA. the stickers are for a local rock station
by the name of KEZE (i think 105.7). the problem is i cant seem to find them an
ywhere...bummer huh. Well i work in a print shop and one thing we do there is t
extile printing. so, unbeknownst to my supe, i and another guy just made our ow
n. if you want some just go and check out how much it costs to print up some...


Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 20:04:25 -0600
From: (Ed Blonski)
Subject: Between Sun and Moon

Greetings my compatriots!

Here's a wild guess about Between Sun and Moon on Counterparts.

Could this song have *something* to do with the J.R.R. Tolkien short story
"The Tale of Sun and Moon"?

I just downloaded the gif from a 1984 Tolkien calender that was titled "Sun
and Moon". There's something familiar about the picture. For me it sort of
fits with the song.

If you want to get the picture, its available FTP at:
the library is /agh/reserve/gifs/tolkien

Just a few thoughts, I'll be quiet now!
Ed Blonski (      "One likes to believe in the
Rush fan (the band and the man!)            Freedom of Email!" TNMS
Titus 1:5-9                                "One humanoid escapee" NP


Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 00:53:47 -0500
From: (GS-13 Francis Rowe MR)
Subj:  01/30/95 - The National Midnight Star #1052
Date:  Wed, Feb 1, 1995 3:29 AM CST

Subject: Correct "Madrigal" Lyrics

For Tony Dormio, who says (in TNMS 1050):
>He sings the line "There's no supporting view" but pronounces
>"supporting" like this - Saypporting.  Ouch! I can't listen
>to that anymore.  It just edged out Rivendell for last
>place. IHMO, of course.

Tony, get out your "horrible" album and reread the lyric sheet.
The lyric you're so PO'd about is

"When all around is madness
 and there's no SAFE PORT IN VIEW
 I long to turn my path homeward
 to stop awhile with you"

This is not intended as a flame, and you're certainly entitled
to your opinion (aren't we all?) - but if you're gonna gripe
about something, first get yer facts straight. 8-)


"To err is human;
 to forgive is against Army policy"  -    US Army personnel manual
                                        (not really, it just feels
                                        that way on bad days)


Date:     Thu, 26 Jan 95 10:28:38 EST
From: ASQM-SWP-G (Galaxy) 
Subject:  several responses(FAQs,AFTK cover,seats)

Good day, all...

I'd like to first address  several questions from the FAQ.
I'm new to TNMS, so if these have been covered in the past, forgive me and 
bare with me.

1. Where did the name "Rush" come from?
Well, the band just got a paying gig.  They were sitting around in John Rutsey's
basement trying to come with a name.  they couldn't think of anything when 
"John's older brother piped up, 'Why don't you call the band RUSH?' and RUSH 
it was."  Note: Geddy wasn't even in the band yet; the lineup was Alex, John 
Rutsey, and Jeff Jones (who??).

2. Where did By-Tor's name come from?
Roadmanager Howard Ungerleider came up with it at a party Manager Ray Daniels 
had.  Ray had two dogs, a German Shepherd with big fangs and a little "white 
nervous dog".  Howard called the shepherd By-Tor because he would bite anyone 
who walked in.  The night of the party, he started biting Howards legs while 
they were eating and he started screaming "By-Tor".  The other dog was "real 
neurotic, constantly barking and jumping all over you."  Since he was a snow 
dog, henceforth the pair was known as "By-Tor and the Snowdog".

3. Where does the name Rocinante come from?
Rocinante was name of Steinbeck's motor home in "Travels with Charlie", and it 
was the name of Don Quixote's horse.

4. What do the French lyrics in "Circumstances" mean?
Simple, read the next two lines of the song.

5. Is Rivendell a real place?
No.  It's the city of elves in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".

Now I'd just like to respond to a couple of recent digest entries:

First, there was someone wondering about the cover to AFTK.  Well, it's 
actually two separate pictures matted together.  The foreground was taken at a 
demolished warehouse in Buffalo, NY.  the background is the Toronto skyline.  
Nothing was under construction.  In fact, roadmanager Howard Ungerleider was 
very confused by the cover since he lives in one of the buildings in the 

Second, I believe Michael Eltz was interested in "Great seat..." stories.  Well,
first of all, I've been a RUSH fan since, oh, forever now.  A drummer friend of 
mine turned me on to them. I've seen RUSH 19 times, from Springfield,MA to 
Phila,PA.  So, if this 20th anniversary tour happens, I'll see my 20th show 
for their 20th anniversary.  Anyway, I saw RUSH in the spring of 1986 at the 
Meadowlands -- IN THE FRONT ROW...right in front of Geddy.  I was so close I 
was able to count his nostril hairs; there's a lot by the way, I lost count.  
But it was parted on the right side.  The show was phenomenal  (of course).  I 
saw everything.  The guitar work 10 feet away.  The stage was at about 
eye-level, so I was able to see everything Neil did.  I noticed then that his 
feet were hitting the electronic triggers as well as the bass drums and 
high-hat.  It was GREAT.  I was able to see Geddy and Alex' facial expressions, 
to each other and the crowd, the joking, the kidding.  During the encore, in 
"In the Mood", Alex and Geddy run to opposite sides of the stage. So there was 
Alex now, in front of me, and someone a few seats down holds up a pad and
pen; Alex looks at him, looks left, looks right (seemed he looked right at me), 
then points at the kid and starts laughing. it was my best show bar none.  
Since then, I won't sit on the floor unless it's within the first 10 rows.  
and as long as I'm in the stadium when they're playing -- "i'm inspired and 

Note:  info above was from memory of various interviews and any quotes from
"RUSH:Visions, The Official Biography" (1988 edition)
Sorry for the length and if I rehashed some old subjects.

John P. Penna
"the mad immortal man..."


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 14:14:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Mr. Big

Hola! (Damon Hudac) wrote:

>I don't believe Mr. Big was around when PoW came out, as a matter of
>fact, I'm almost sure of it.  So I think you have the Mr. Bigs
>confused. However, they ARE mentioned on the RTB liner notes, and I
>know that on the RTB tour, Mr. Big opened for them, I know this
>because I saw them.

The Mr. Big references around the time of POWER WINDOWS are referring
to the band's producer at the time, Peter Collins.  "Mr. Big" was the
band's nickname for him.  (As Neil said at the time, the nickname fit
perfectly because "he even smokes big cigars...").



Date:     Thu, 26 Jan 95 19:49:43 CST
Subject:  Van Halen list

	Since I know that there are VH fans on the NMS list, I just wanted
to let everyone know that I discovered a VH list. email
with the following in the body:

subscribe vanhalen-l yourfirstname yourlastname

Currently, there are some fairly ignorant people on there.  I was hoping to
recruit some intelligent, musician-type VH fans (like the ones that would
also listen to Rush, instead of the ones that would also listen to Vince
Neil!).  Maybe we could try and make this list half as cool as the NMS!

Respond, Vibrate, Feedback, Resonate!



Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 21:41:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Edward T Schreiner  
Subject: T-shirts, posters, bootlegs

first things, does anyone know of a store in either the boston, ma area
or else somewhere in the northern virginia area that definitely carries
rush merchandise, such as posters or t-shirts.  i have looked around a
lot for rush t-shirts and can't seem to find any.  i'd like a _roll the
bones_, _hold your fire_ or _presto_ t-shirt the most, but if anybody
knows anyplace that has any rush t-shirts, i'd be happy to know.  i also
am looking for rush posters, as i really need to decorate my dorm room.

secondly, does anyone know if there's a bootleg around somewhere with a
live version of "prime mover" on it.  its on the _a show of hands_ video,
so i know they play it live, but unfortunately its not on ASOH on cd.  i
absolutely love that song and think it sounds even better live.  if
somebody knows of a bootleg, tell me where they think i may be able to
get it.  thanks so much.  reply to me privately, please.
			"i set the wheels in motion..."


From: "Whipple, Steven J (Steve)" 
Subject: Letters, post cards, and such.
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 18:28:00 CST

Hello all!

I thought it might be interesting to consolidate any mail that TNMSers have
received from the Boys.  If you have any correspondence that you'd be
willing to share, please send transcriptions to me personally.  I'll
coalesce all that I receive and will be willing to send the resulting
compilation to anyone who's interested (including posting it here if people
want me to).

Because there is no way for me to verify the validity of any submissions
(short of asking folks to mail xerox copies, which I will not do), I ask
that all pranksters and idiots please refrain from sending me fabricated
letters.  Thanks.

                         -Steve Whipple

e-mail address:


From: Scott David Daly 
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 14:10:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Madrigal wrote:

>Unfortunately,  I heard something in the way Geddy that sang the
>lyrics to Madrigal that doesn't quite sit well with me. (Oh God,
>hear I go again. pick pick pick)  He sings the line "There's no
>supporting view" but pronounces "supporting" like this -
>Saypporting.  Ouch! I can't listen to that anymore.

Well, you might like it better if you quote what it actually says:

"There's no safe port in view"

>It just edged out Rivendell for last place.

I happen to like Rivendell.  Just have to be in the right frame of
mind for it.  It's definitely a "mood song"...try putting it on late
at night when you're tired...



Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 21:38:24 CST
Subject: Mtv, Van Halen & Pits

Hello all. It's been awhile since I wrote in, but have been an avid
subscriber to the NMS for 3 semesters now.
	First off, in response to M(oron)tv thread about the music bed for
the Real World, in 1990-92, one of their music beds for the VJ's was "Show
Don't Tell". I found it hard to believe that Mtv would use Rush for a Music
Bed, but rarely play their videos.
	Next, if you've pick up/seen Van Halen's "Balance", look in the liner
notes & you'll notice that their now managed by Ray Daniels of S.R.O.
Productions, the same manager for Rush.
	I'm a bass player & have the same set up as Geddy had way back when;
Rickenbacker 4001 & a Fender head. Sounds just like his earlier stuff.
Anyway, has anyone ever noticed on "In The End", the bass part is a lot lower
than a normal tuned electric bass? A few people agree w/ me that it's an
upright bass. & to add to the "Circumstances" thread, yes, the bass part
is very hard to play, if you don't have speed or the knowledge of Geddy's
	Finally, why would anyone want to slam/mosh at a Rush show? The point
of going to concerts, esp. Rush, is to enjoy the music, not to see how many
people you can hurt/bleed.



Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 23:08:06 -0500
From: (Chris Mahoney)
Subject: Barenaked Ladies (was Tidbits, NMS 1051)


about Barenaked Ladies "covering" a bit of Tom Sawyer...I'm from Canada,
and two summers ago I saw a CBC special on the Ladies where they talked
about their influences for a few minutes, and I remember them saying, "At
one point in our lives, it was Rush, Rush, nothing but Rush!"  Then it
showed a clip of them playing live -- and they were playing Tom Sawyer.

Who knows about copyright...but with the Ladies, it could be called satire,
I 'spose.




Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 00:31:09 -0500
Subject: I'm sorry, but....

Howdy All,
	I'll apologize beforehand for the explicit non-Rush content.
Does anybody know what Yes has in store for the future? I saw their last North
American show at Madison Square Garden last September, but I have not heard
anything of them since.
	Any word is appreciated, and once again, sorry for no Rush.

   [ Please direct any replies directly to the poster, anyone who would like 
     the mailing address of the Yes list please let me know.      : rush-mgr ]


L      EEEEE  RRRRR  X   X  SSSSS  TTTTT   "Fate is just the weight
L      E      R   R   X X   S        T        of circumstances..."
L      EEE    RRRRR    X    SSSSS    T              -N. Peart
L      E      R  R    X X       S    T


Date: Sat, 28 Jan 95 01:55:09 EST
From: (Dennis Pupello II)
Subject: Superconductor video

   Does anybody still have the Superconductor video on tape?  If so, and
you're willing to give me your address, I'll gladly send a blank
videocassette, $3 to cover postage, and my groveling thanks if you could
mail it back to me.  Please respond to either:   or      Thanks!
Weigh your opponent before attempting to drop him.


Date: Sat, 28 Jan 95 02:13:18 EST
From: (Dennis Pupello II)
Subject: Vivid 3-D

I recently bought a Vivid-3D sound device for my computer, and man, not only
does it create kickin' Doom and Descent sounds, but it rocks for playing
Rush through headphones or little speakers.  Using the 'mono' setting on
Hemispheres causes Ged's bass to become more pronounced than I've ever
heard, even with an excellent CD/Stereo combo.  And using the 'stereo'
setting brings out little effects that you may have never noticed before.
Subtle things, what Quincy Jones would call ear candy.  You Vivid 3-D
owners, check it out :>
Weigh your opponent before attempting to drop him.    DP


Date:          Sat, 28 Jan 1995 11:57:34 EST
Subject:       Re: 01/27/95 - Rivendell

Hey NMS'ers,
   Leela wrote in about Rivendell, something about Alex's understated
guitar work nicely complimenting Geddy's classical guitar.  Are you
saying that Alex just does the electric guitar with volume pedal
stuff, while Geddy actually plays the main part?  I know the liner
notes on that album say Geddy plays classical guitar, but I doubt he
plays the main part on any song (except he plays lead at the end
of Xanadu in concert).  Just wanted to know if you had definitive
knowledge of this, or if you were just guessing.  Anybody who can
speak to this, please let us know.
                            -  Ron Bratis (Indiana State University
grad student)


Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 12:39:07 -0500
From: (Shahid Murtuza)

  While paging through the Counterparts tourbook, I noticed (as I'm sure many
have), that in the concert photos, Ged is wearing something in his ear.
It's black and could be an earplug (hazards of the business), but I'm more
to think that it's an *earphone*, perhaps playing a clicker track, though
maybe not because there are no wires.  Anybody know?  (Anybody want a

 -Shahid Murtuza
 Analog Kid
"My daddy's boots don't fit me
 'Cause I'm bigger than him."


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