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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1053

                 Monday, 6 February 1995
Today's Topics:
               WANTED:  "The Big Money" CDV
                   Between Sun and Moon
                Re:  The Trees...  HELP!!!
                       Rush non-fan
     Re: 01/30/95 - The National Midnight Star #1052
                       King Buscuit
                Making a Rush Radio table
             Re: In The End Bass: Tape Speed!
                       NoVa Stores
                     Great Seat Story
                     Ged's ear piece
          (Fwd) Beavis & Butthead -- yea or nea?
                 Re: Barenaked Questions
                 Power Windows cover band
             Re:  T-shirts, posters, bootlegs
Mr. Murtuza's question about the thangs in Geddy's ear answered
                       New Album???
             Lierary references: rush lyrics
                  Rock, paper, scissors
               FTP site for Rush tabulature
                   new album, march 28
                 (Fwd) Jan. '94 set list
                    Rush Demographics
                        AFTK cover
                    Collectable Items?
                  Double Agent bass tabs
                    Between Sun & Moon
                       Laser Rot...
                 Dinosaurs and Harmonics
            Geddy's Earphone & German Bootleg
                       Re:New Haven

Subject: WANTED:  "The Big Money" CDV
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 19:10:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Dan McDonald 

I've asked a few mainstream stores, and they tell me it's out of print.

Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy of this?  Now that I have a
LaserDisc player, I'd like to watch the video in its uncut entirety!


Daniel L. McDonald | Mail: -------------------------+
Computer Scientist | WWW:   |
Naval Research Lab | Phone: (202) 404-7122        #include     |
Washington, DC     | "Rise from the ashes, A blaze of everyday glory" - Rush +


Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 21:00:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Between Sun and Moon

 Hello to all!

 Someone a short while ago asked something about the meaning of the song
 Between Sun and Moon.  Well, I thought I'd go home and have a look at the
 video of the Kumbaya concert from this fall here in Toronto.  For those
 of you who don't know, Kumbaya was an AIDS benefit concert featuring a
 whole jamboree of artists, including Alex Lifeson.  Anyway, Pye Dubois
 also happened to be there, and what he did was read the poem that he
 submitted to Rush which was to become Between Sun and Moon.  Here is an
 unofficial transcript of it.  There were a couple of lines where I wasn't
 sure what he said and they are marked with a "*".

 There is a lake between sun and moon
 Not too many know about
 Some go there for their high noon
 Some go there for their midnight moon
 It is a moment between silence and shout
 Maybe you, might as well me
 Why the sun, why the sun

 Say yes say yes ahh say yes to self-esteem

 We want to escape because we don't want to fall in
 The signs are clear and so is the fear
 We do not trust the firmness of the ground

 Then say yes say yes ahh say yes to self-esteem

 There is a fine place between actor and audience
 This is the fine line
 The fine line of living
 This moment experienced  *This spin deliverance*
 Do what you want to do in no ordinary way
 Say what you need to say in no ordinary way
 And sing what must be sung in no ordinary way

 Say yes ahh please, please say yes to self esteem

 Some go there for their high noon
 Some go there fo their midnight moon

 It is the moment between silent and shout
 This is a fine place
 *Faces* face to face
 These bonfire eyes
 In the lake of the sky
 It is our light to land and leave
 Never so dark to unravel the weave
 Never give up and never say die

 Do what you need to do in no ordinary way
 Say what you need to say in no ordinary way
 And sing what must be sung in no ordinary way

                                        -Pye Dubois

 Well hearing this and reading the final lyrics to the song, I *think*
 it's got something to do with finding a place within yourself where you
 can think and feel and be human, hence, from the song--"This is a fine
 place/To hesitate" and "We just need a break-/From the headlong race".
 Also, since Pye was reading this at an AIDS benefit concert, it may also
 be a song of hope.  Anyways, that's my interpretation.  Feel free to
 comment.  Ya'll post now, ya hear? >

 "Rotate the pod please, HAL"


Date:     Mon, 30 Jan 95 20:59:48 CST
Subject:  Re:  The Trees...  HELP!!!

     Actually, the part of "The Trees" where Neil is playing the temple blocks
is in 4/4 time.  The 5/4 section is immediately after that.



Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 19:30 WET
From: (Dennis/Justin Ashworth)
Subject: Rush non-fan

>I have news for those of you who keep asking about the new album.  WE
>DON'T HAVE A CLUE! so quit asking and spreading rumors.  If you think you
>heard about the "new album" from somewhere, name the source for christ
>sake.  I would be willing to bet that these new album reports are all
>heard from you little brothers or your mothers, and not from reputable
>sources like Anthem.  If I see one more post on TNMS about album rumors,
>Im going to throw away all of my Rush shit and blame you for it.

First of all, I can take a pretty good guess and say that you are not really
a Rush fan, since no Rush fan would call their collectibles "shit".
Secondly, there are posts on the last NMS about rumors. Have you thrown your
priceless Rush articles away yet? If not, can I have them? Thirdly, I
believe the proper noun "Christ" should be capitalized. Yes, this IS a
flame! We don't need to know about your personal problems.

 - Justin Ashworth


Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 23:18:26 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric W Larkin 
Subject: Re: 01/30/95 - The National Midnight Star #1052

Hey, guys,

Just a couple of things:

1. could you subscribe my friend (female) to the NMS?  her name is
susannah hendersen, and her e-mail is:

2. I'd LOVE to be on or know more about the YES list.

3. Also, a mild reply to J.Baker's flame about rumors:

	"Whoa, J.  Half a cup, buddy."

Thanks as usual for the great chance to interact!!!



Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 00:23:00 -0600 (CST)
From: Kathy Dittrich 
Subject: Rivendell

Ron Bratis asked if I have definite knowledge as to who plays what on
Rivendell. I have no other info on the instrumentation other than what
the liner notes say, but since I hear very little classical guitar on the
rest of the album (I'm trying to remember if there's anything at all
besides Rivendell), I just always assumed that Rivendell was indeed the
guitar work in question. So, I guess I'm saying all that to say your
guess is at least as good as mine, and if someone out there knows for
sure that I'm wrong, don't flame me for weeks (like we did to that dude
who posted about "Madrigal"... poor guy).



Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 9:21:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: King Buscuit

Someone in the last issue or two asked about anyone hearing the KBFH show
broadcast during the week of Jan9-15th, well I didn't hear it on the radio,
but I have it! It pays to know people in the biz, eh?!!

It's really great! The P/g video stuff is pretty yucky though as there is a
whole lot of crowd noise in the audio. Still a great disc to have and better
than a boot of the famed P/g video show.

Brad - alexmeister vonBastille


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 10:23:53 -0500 (EST)
From: "Eric J. Mcclanahan" 
Subject: Making a Rush Radio table

	I keep noticing every now and then people continuing to comment
on how great their local radio is, or how bad it sucks (heh-heh,mmmm,Heh-ehe)
in terms of the amount of Rush played.  This is just sort of a proposal
to help those who plan on travelling away from their home "invisible
airwaves" and want the best opportunity to hear some local Rush tastes.

	The table could be kept in the spirit of the radio ;) by stating
whether the station you are refering to is Rush-philic (Rush loving) or
Rush-phobic (Rush-hating).  That way if we are driving through your town
we know where and where not to tune in!

CITY		Station/Frequency	Rush-Rating
Syracuse, NY	WAQX  95.7fm		Rush-phobic
Syracuse, NY	KROC  100.9fm		Rush-philic
Utica, NY	WOUR  96.9fm		Depends (i.e. on DJ etc.)

	This is sort of an example of the type of layout the COULD have.
If anyone has any contributions of your city, or suggestions about the
layout, please drop a line.

one likes to believe in the freedom of music--- you know who


From: Nick Bruels 
Subject: Re: In The End Bass: Tape Speed!
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 95 8:27:01 PST


Someone asked about the bass part on the studio version of In the End.

The low-tuning effect was created by slowing down the tape speed in the
studio, and not by tuning the guitars & bass down.  Also, since an
upright bass is the same tonically as an electric bass (assuming normal
tuning), why would you think an upright bass is what Geddy used for
this effect?

Not to be overly picky (yeah, right! ;)), but Ged's early studio setup
consisted of a Rick 4001 and Ampeg/Sunn equipment, used with the
stereo "Rick-o-sound"pickup wiring, and not Fender heads.

Geddily yours,

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  -is-  Nick Bruels at Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis, Oregon


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:33:09 +0000 (GMT)
From: "\"pnorris\""
Subject: Micro-Monitors

I haven't seen the picture that Shahid Murtuza speaks about, but it is
probably a Micro-Monitor that Geddy has in his ear.  It is used instead of
a foldback monitor, to reduce the amount of on stage noise.  The foldbacks
that are on stage are just for backup.

Paul Norris

PS To Mark Cowley if your out there the tape will get to you, honest.
But it was in my car when the car got nicked, so I have had to re-do it.


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 12:03:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: NoVa Stores

	Edward Schreiner:
The store "record Converance"  (sp) in Fairfax City, behind Best and sort of
hidden used to carry some Rush material.  There are a few other stores of the
same type in Fairfax City, and in Vienna off of route 123.  The places don't
always have RUSH material...but when they do it is usually pretty good.

Clueless Bill


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 11:43:42 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Great Seat Story

	Here's a great seat story....some of you may remember my post on it
last year.
	I went to the April 2nd, 1994 Madison, Wisconson show knowing I had
shitty seats.  (Anything beyond 10th row floor is shitty to me)  Then out
of the blue this lady by me announces she has front row seats for sale.
Talk about being at the right place at the right time!!!!  I sold my other
seat and scooped up the prized ticket.  (also chipped in for another NMSer
so she could share in the glory....ironic that she idolizes Ged and our
seats were right in front of his keyboards)
	I wish that this experience could happen to all Rush fans.  (Unless
your a lucky bastard who happen to win front row seats....I did for Steve
Perry)  April 2nd, 1994 has so far been greatest day of my 21 and a half
years on Earth.
	Too bad festival seating went out of style.  I still have a few
local venues that still use that form of seating.  You can ALWAYS get front
row if you show up to the place early.  The bruises you get on your chest
hurt though! (From the crush up against the barrier)

*         "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
*          Chop the forest, plow it under..."   Kansas - 1975
*        *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
*           Steve Smits


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 11:47:29 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Ged's ear piece

	I believe that black thing in Ged's ear is an earphone that
operates as his monitor on stage.  He uses it so hear can walk all over the
stage and still be able to hear himself play his bass.  The old monitors
are still on stage, but are not even on.  They are used as a backup in case
the wireless one craps out.

*         "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
*          Chop the forest, plow it under..."   Kansas - 1975
*        *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
*           Steve Smits


From: "Kurt Yeager" 
Date:          Tue, 31 Jan 1995 12:02:23 -500
Subject:       (Fwd) Beavis & Butthead -- yea or nea?

Forwarded message:
>From:          "Lynn Hernandez" 
>To:            Kyeager (
>Date:          Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:28:55 +0000
>Subject:       Jan. '94 set list
>Good day Rush 'n Rollers!
>Here's the set list that someone asked for awhile back.  This show
>was played the night after their Jan. 28, '94 Rockline appearance.
>The local AOR Rockline affiliate, KLBJ-FM said they were being
>broadcasted in a "secret" location so people wouldn't mob their
>studios but I knew the only sattelite uplink in Austin is in the KLRU
>studios on U. of Texas campus (where Austin City Limits is recorded).
>So just before the end of the program I drove down there to get a
>glimps of genius and there were already approximately 60 people
>there! And I thought I would be about the only one because I had some
>>. Rush fans have to
>be the smartest most resourceful fans around! It didn't stop me from
>walking around to Geddy's side of the window getting eye contact and
>giving him the ever cool Robert Redford pistol shooting hand gesture
>(Letterman fans will know). The boys played the same set in San
>Antonio, Sat. Jan. 29, 1994 at Hemishpere Arena.
>with special guest
>Candlebox    (of who Alex said on Rockline was a GREAT band - I
>Tuesday, January 29, 1994
>Frank J. Erwin Center, University of Texas Campus)
>Introduction: 2001 Space Odyssey theme
>Spirit of Radio
>Analog Kid  (!!)
>Time Stand Still
>Roll the Boats, uh, I mean, Bones
>Stick It Out
>Double Agent
>Mystic Rhythms
>Closer to the Heart
>Show Don't Tell
>**Peart Solo**
>Leave That Thing Alone!
>The Trees
>Hemispheres  (there is a God)
>Tom Sawyer
>Force Ten
>Cygnus X-1 tease (just the first few notes)
>"Thank you, Goodnight!"
>"Ahh man, what a show.  Man oh man!  Well, I guess that's it. Well
>see you, uh huh."  (door slam)
>How would you like to play every note perfectly?
>"CONCERT HALL!"    Lynn Hernandez


From: Evan S. Smith 
Subject: Rush Demographics
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 18:59:38 -0800 (PST)

I've been reading TNMS for over a year now. I have enjoyed the opportunity
to hear others' viewpoints and be kept up to date with the latest Rush
info. I'm curious, though, after reading some of the posts from some of
the admitted older Rush fans, to the makeup of the readership of this
list. (I figure I'm probably one of the older readers too.) Has anyone
ever done a survey of the subscribers? I remember having to provide some
info to the rush-mgr in the beginning when I subscribed, but don't remember
what it contained. Is the information available? Would anyone else be
interested in profiles of other Rush fans? I wouldn't mind helping out in
such a survey if it hasn't been done.

   [ All I ask for is your real name when you subscribe, mainly to keep 
     track of you in case later you ask to be unsubscribed, but don't 
     remember what address you signed up under!                   : rush-mgr ]

| Evan S. Smith					2674 N. First St.          |
| Software Analyst/Engineer			San Jose, CA 95134         |
|			(408) 526-2107             |


Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 22:19:13 -0500
Subject: AFTK cover

Hey all,
  Just read someone post and "counterpost" regarding the AFTK cover. This is
what is written in the "Bible"...I mean "Visions" by the B-man...
  "The buildings in the backround of the cover to 'A Farewell to Kings" are
in Toronto. For years Rush fans have tried to figure out where in the city
the picture was taken from. The foreground  of the cover is a seperate
photograph shot at a demolished warehouse in Buffalo, NY. That picture was
matted with a photo of the Toronto skyline. One of those most perplexed about
the cover is non other than Rush's road manager Howard Ungerleider who lives
in one of those buildings!" -- page 35.
  As for the "tower" in the picture, I see a lot of those around Buffalo rail
yards. They are very tall light poles, but not AS tall as the CN tower!
  See ya!
     Tony Moretta                    ** **
           Girl on Phone: "Is Mary Lee there?"
           Reply: "Mary Lee's gone!"
           Crow: "Well is Geddy Lee there?!"   - MST3K
                            GO SABRES!!!!


Date: Thu, 26 Jan 95 09:30:01 PST
Subject: Collectable Items?

I just picked up an incredible boot called Storm in St. Petersburg.  Though 
i'm not new to Rush, I enjoy the live and rare (including bootleg) items as 
much as the studio music.  If anyone out there knows of any retailers or 
individuals that sell this kind of material, I would be most grateful.  I did 
find an import store that sells rare imports and bootlegs, but he says the 
Rush stuff is hard to come by and there isn't too much demand for him to try 
to stock the material.

After explaining to him that he would have demand if he stocked the items, he 
told me he would look into it. (yeah right).

Send all information to:


From: (Julie)
Subject: Double Agent bass tabs
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 21:37:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi all!
I am not back on this list yet, apparently due to
a lag in admin mail, but I just thought I'd let yas
know I have but the bass tabs to Tears and Double Agent
in the /incoming directory of the ftp site.

However I made a serious mistake in DA and had put it in
before I realized, so do not take dblagnt.btab, take
dblagnt.btab2. It is the correct one (or, at least,
closer to being correct).

Whoever is able to take things out I hope they'll get
rid of it before it does any damage :^). It's prolly
rush-mgr who seems to be ungodly busy now, so it may
be a while...



Date:         Wed, 01 Feb 95 01:19:27 EST
From: OttoPilat 
Subject:      Between Sun & Moon

Here is one thing I recall about the meaning of "Between Sun & Moon".

In the Counterparts CD release radio special, Neil was talking about working
with Pye Dubois on this song.  He said that as in the past, Dubois sent him
a poem and he modified it to fit a Rush song.

But, (here's the important part) Neil said something to the effect of, "Pye's
lyrics are often cryptic and even I don't completely understand them."

Please understand that I am paraphrasing what Neil said because it is late at
night and I don't feel like searching through my cassette tape to find the
exact quote.

The point is that Neil probably doesn't completely understand the meaning of
the song himself, and thus it is open to everyone's interpretations.

$ Bill "Otto" Pilat


From: "Rick Pali" 
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 95 03:00:25 -0500
Subject: Laser Rot...

Regarding the Rush CDV...

>So I can't say how my video is, but as said my audio is fine.  It may
>your disc.

It likely is his disc is the audio is buggered. I've got the same CDV and it's 
starting to rot. The 'snow' in the picture isn't *that* bad yet, but it's 
obvious. My audio is perfect as well.

Another thing to indicate that if the audio is going bad, the disc 
is at fault is the fact that the same audio *isn't* used for the video and 
audio-only portions. You'll notice that the video is an edit version and is 
shorter than the audio only track on the same disc. Besides, the video 
information is analogue while the audio (both) is digital.

 CRITICAL MASS                  Internet
 the home of ECSTASY and CORELDRAW                      1:163/328    FidoNet


Date: Wed, 1 Feb 95 09:02:22 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Dinosaurs and Harmonics

Hi All,
	Hey, what's the age breakpoint for being a dinosaur?
I'm 30, but I don't fell extinct yet (but I do have 2 kids!).
My first Rush song was The Trees, put on a tape for me by a
friend, but my first real Rush experience was hearing a
preview of Moving Pictures on The Friday Rock Show (UK).
I must also add that I wasn't that keen on Red Barchetta,
as it jarred with my sense of melody (The bit just after
the first verse). I got to like it though!!

To change the subject, someone on here was talking about
Alex being a Master of Harmonics, especially "pinch harmonics".
Can someone tell me if these are the harmonics A la Red Barchetta,
or the sort that tend to be in solos, which are more like squeals,
where you catch the string with both finger & plectrum.
I do play guitar, but i'm not up on the terminology.

James (Pseudo Dinosaur)


From: David OLeary - Design student 
Subject: Geddy's Earphone & German Bootleg
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 10:58:42 +0000 (GMT)

A big hello to all NMS'ers out there!.

A couple of things . . .

In NMS #1052, Shahid Murtuza  asked:

>  While paging through the Counterparts tourbook, I noticed (as I'm sure
>many have), that in the concert photos, Ged is wearing something in his ear.
>It's black and could be an earplug (hazards of the business), but I'm more
>inclined to think that it's an *earphone*, perhaps playing a clicker track,
>though maybe not because there are no wires.  Anybody know?

I must say that I haven't seen the Counterparts tourbook (as Rush didn't
tour the UK then) so I can't say for certain but I distinctly remeber that
in an interview in a UK magazine called 'Guitarist' just before the Uk RTB
tour (first half of '92) Geddy e xplained that he uses a 'micro monitor'
system which consists of a small earplug, he said that he also uses
standard monitors as well. So I assume that's what you saw in the CP
tourbook. I would quote the exact 'Guitarist' issue but I don't have it
with m e at the moment. It's also well documented that Neil uses earphones
to sync with click tracks when playing things like 'Red Sector A' live.
realise I could be completely wrong so forgive me if I am! (my first
posting ever!)

Also I'd love to hear from any NMS subscribers in the UK (or
indeed anywhere), I have a number of friends who are avid Rush fans but it
would be great to swap stories/info etc anyway.

I thought that I should also mention details of a bootleg that I found:

Whilst on an educational trip from University to Strasbourg (France) and
then Stuttgart (Germany) last February I came across a 'Live' CD called
'RUSH HOUR' 'Greatest Hits Live'. The cover features a polar bear on an
iceberg (?). I found this in a German Audio/visual shop called 'LERCHE',
inside the CD itself is 4 colour screen-printed with the same polar bear
image. The booklet features a short history of the band (auf deustsch!).
Unfortunatley I don't have the CD here so I can't give the track listing,
but I remember that it features recordings of stuff from Roll The Bones as
well as older albums, unfortunately no drum solo but it does include 'The
Pass' - a personal favourite. It's definatley a bootleg as my brother rang
Atlantic UK and they had no knowledge of it.

If anyone specifically wants more details then e-mail me and I will
endeavour to get the track listing etc - I also want to translate the band
story when I get time, I'm finishing my BA (Hons) Industrial Design degree
so I don't have any spare time now but I will after June.



Why are we Here?
For the beer?
Roll the bones . . .


Subject: Re:New Haven
From:, Chris A)
Date: 01 Feb 95 08:00:31 PST

For those of you haveners out there in TNMS land, I have started a new
haven called La Villa Strangiato, running Lorien v1.6.1d. We'd love to
see you there. It may be slow, but we're just getting started. Feel free
to tell all of your non-Rush friends to come along too. The address is:
telnet 2112  Hope to see you all there...
 --Counterpart (


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