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 Date:  Mon, Feb 20, 1995 7:52 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1057

                 Monday, 20 February 1995
Today's Topics:
                     Bumper Stickers
                Dream Theater playing Rush
          Scrooges's Rock and Roll Christmas ???
                First post/Alien Shore...
                 Huh..huh..that was cool
                 Listen to the Ladies...
                    Rush vinyl in Oz.
              BMG's Rush list of CD numbers.
                 Drug references in APTB
             Re: Just a few more inquiries...
               Jipped By Time? Perhaps not.
           You Know You are a Rush Fan When...
     Re: 02/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1055
                   Beavis and Butthead
                   Re: A Show of Hands
                      Silly Topics?
                    More vinyl in Oz.
                      bumper sticker
      ATTN!!!  Official Atlantic Info. about Rush!!
          Dream Theater on HBB, and a request...
                     What Geddy Says
                   Superconductor Boot
                     MP: 1st 4 songs
     Re: 02/13/95 - The National Midnight Star #1056
              Last Call for NMS Gift Shirts!
             Gift fund, bumper stickers, etc.
               Truth About New Rush Album!
               New Rush Album - Tracklist!
             Rush, recording technology, etc.
                     REG: Misc. Rush
                      Lakeside Park
                 That Earphone type thing
         Actions..Reactions..Random Interactions
                    RUSH and a Grammy?
                   RUSH (Limbaugh?!!?)
                   more music, please?

Date: Mon, 13 Feb 95 15:26:12 CST
Subject: Bumper Stickers

     For anyone interested, I am inquiring about getting some bumper
     stickers made locally.  Being that I have not seen the original
     everyone has been talking about, could someone e-mail me personally
     and let me know of the design, I.E. color, logos etc...  Or let me
     know of a design that you would prefer.

     Also could anyone interested in a bumper sticker please e-mail so I
     can have an rough idea on how many to order.  NOTE:  stickers will be
     sold to you at cost.


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 14:05:18 -0500 (EST)
From: chris a moyer 
Subject: Dream Theater playing Rush

I just read the article about Dream Theater playing Rush in England... I
would give my first born child to get a copy of Dream Theater playing
Tears. If there is any way in the whole wide world I could get a copy of
that... I'll pay, do, say, scratch, rub anything... That song really means
a lot to me and Dream Theater being my second favorite band... well.. you
can guess.

Anyone with any information PLEASE email me.

Christopher A. Moyer                Da dum... da dum... da dum...                 Da da duuummmm... dum. Da Da dum.
University of Cincinnati                - 2112: Overture


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 95 11:18:54 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Scrooges's Rock and Roll Christmas ???


I hope someone out there can clarify this for me, here.  I was in
Blockbuster yesterday.  You know that catalog thing video stores
have listing actors and movie titles, etc.?  Welp, I was searching
around, and noticed a rock group name.  "Odd..."  So, why not look
up Rush!  I flipped pages and came to Rush.  Sure enough, the usual
titles were there --

	Grace Under Pressure Tour
	Exit...Stage Left
	A Show of Hands

But there was something else, too --

	Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas

"Hah??!!!"   Does anyone know what this is?  I looked under the title
and sure enough, Rush is listed.  The "plot synopsis" said something
like " 'A 'modern' version of the classic A Christmas Carol with
bands from the '60's, '70's, and '80's performing songs."  Also in it
were Paul Revere and the Raiders and Three Dog Night.  What the...?
There is no year listed and I searched hi and lo for it to no avail.
It's not listed in the FAQ (from what my hyperscan noticed!).

My friend said it might be from some Shelley Duvall HBO-ish series or
something, but he doesn't know.  I am _completely_ baffled.  Is this
a concert?  Animation?  Muscial comedy?  what?

Anyone have a clue what this is???

puanani		"I want peace on earth and goodwill toward men."
		"We are the United States government!  We don't
		   *do* that sort of thing!"
		  -- David Strathairn + James Earl Jones, "Sneakers"


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 18:04:22 EST
Subject: First post/Alien Shore...

Hello all,

	Yes, this is my first post.  I could go on forever about my fanship but
many of you know how psycho we really are.  Anyway, I've only been receiving
the list for a little while now and I have a question.  Has the noise, sound,
voice, or whatever it was at the beginning of Alien Shore ever been identified?
That's been bothering me ever since CP was released.

	Thanks a bunch.

 -Chris at York College


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 16:48:02 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Huh..huh..that was cool

After many days of hearing about it and waiting, I finally saw the Beavis
and Butthead episode with the Stick It Out video.  It was quite funny
especially since I was in a room with non Rush people and we were all
laughing at me primarily.  For those of you who haven't seen it, this is
basically what happens: The vid comes on and B&B start wondering who it
is and then Bitthead says "'s Rush," in the most sarcastic evil
way possible.  They begin to bitch about how unoriginal the video is, and
then comes the best part.
Beavis: Uh yeah.  That guitar sounds kinda cool, though.
Butt-head: Yeah, if you're a woos(sp?)
We all had a hearty giggle at my expense after that line.  I guess
Butt-head doesn't particularly care for drop D tuning.
Anyhow, they then go into this huge tangent about lame the main
character's dreadlocks are and how unoriginal it is to have dreadlocks
in a video.  The clip closes out with them staring at the pole
with the dreadlock guy on top tied to the chair.
Butt-head: Poooole
All in all, an enjoyable experience.

Now for the dreaded question:  Rush has had guest artists play
on their records e.g. Ben Mink, Hugh Syme.  However, in the liner
notes of PeW it says something about steel drums played by Erwig
something.  Sorry, I don't have the CD with me now so I can't
remember the full name.  Who is this guy?  I've never heard
mention of him in any of the stuff I've read regarding Rush.  Is
he famous?  For what?  Help!!!

I too live in Seattle and have seen two of the Rush is a Band bumper
stickers.  Unfortunately, the cars were speeding rapidly away
from me ("drive like the wind...") and I couldn't interrogate the
owners.  I've also looked around Seattle a great deal and no one
seems to have any idea where they come from.  Someone mentioned
here once that it was based in Spokane or something.  Could you
kind soul email me about any details you know, if you indeed have
something concrete?  I will be in that area soon and intend
to score as many as I can...

 --Rahul Ananda
"I've got to mister!!!"
		-Ace Ventura


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 21:45:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Sabina Becker - JOUD/F94 
Subject: Listen to the Ladies...

Hi again everyone...

I've seen a lot of stuff flying around lately about the Barenaked Ladies
(so when are these funny fellas gonna get their own newsgroup???)

So far, they've got 2 records out...Gordon (1992) and Maybe You Should
Drive (1994).  Besides the snippets of Rush in "Grade 9" on the former,
they also cover Bruce Cockburn's "Lovers in a Dangerous Time."  But I
think their real merit is not in covering but in bringing quirkiness,
humor and energy to music, esp. their love songs.  (Listen to "Jane" from
Maybe if you don't believe me...)

BTW, there are no nude females in the Barenaked Ladies...all are fully
clothed and male.  Sorry, droolers...

Also, for those who want to hear Geddy's incredible pipes in a non-Rush
context, check out Max Webster, a now-defunct Canadian band (sob,
sniffle!) featuring the unsung guitar hero, Kim Mitchell.  (Kimster is
now on a solo career; I hear he's got a new record out.  Can't remember
the title though, mea culpa...)

Anyway, Geddy accompanies Max Webster on "Battle Scar".  He sounds MEAN!
Love it.

All hail to the few, the proud, the Canuck bands that make it big south
of the 49th parallel.

(Pssst...where exactly is the Villa Strangiato? )


* An ounce of perception,
A pound of obscure...


Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 21:54:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Katherine V. Palmer" 

Why is everyone always so surprised to discover female Rush fans?
I read Scott Bisetti's message in awe, I have four Rush posters on my
walls and I am female, and I love Rush!  I'd just like to point out
that Rush isn't as much of a guy band as everyone seems to think...
 --K. Palmer


From: Richard Webber 
Subject: Rush vinyl in Oz.
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 14:33:13 +1100 (EST)

Hi there,

A few weeks back, someone asked about the availability of original
Rush (on vinyl) in Australia (sorry, I didn't keep the original posting).

Anyway, at the time I said it was really hard to get - and it is -
but shortly after, while in Adelaide, found Hemispheres.
I think the poster said this was the only one they already had,
but I thought it was worth mentioning the shop.
I was on Rundel street (the street, not the mall),
and it was the only one that was open late Friday night.

Hope that helps.


Richard (Zydlebug) Webber             ~  .-_|\
University of Newcastle                 /     \
Callaghan 2308                          \.--._/<-- Newcastle, it's about 'ere.
Australia.                             ~     v
phone: +61 49 216034, fax: +61 49 216929


Date: 13 Feb 95 23:59:27 EST
Subject: BMG's Rush list of CD numbers.

Someone asked so...

This is what I have so far.

Fly By Night  103184
2112   133716
A Farewell to Kings 102056
Hemispheres  102058
Permanent Waves  102059
Moving Pictures  114681
Exit Stage Left  102273
Signals   102060
Grace Under Pressure 102057
Power Windows  103185
A Show of Hands  200608
Chronicles  209829**
Presto   164202
Roll the Bones  173723
Counterparts   135147


From: Cliff Lovelock 
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 10:48:25 GMT
Subject: Drug references in APTB

Dear Doug,

I to spotted these potential drug refernces - in fact you can spot them
throughout the whole song.

"..Columbian fields..sample of their yield" Well we all know what Columbia's
most famous cash crop is, don't we!

"...sweet Jamaican Pipe dreams...golden Acapulco nights..." In my youth Mexican
Black was (probably still is) a type of cannabis resin

" ...wreathed in smoke in Lebanon..." well I suppose they were on a steam train
(?) but you might ask what they were smoking...

And of course Bangkok itself is in the middle (or one of the apices, I forget) 
of the Golden triangle, which I suppose could be a heroin reference.

All of the above, of course, is just my interpretation, but I have been thinking
about this and I can't for the life of me call to mind a lyric, or even a line,
where Rush (well Neil anyway) specifically speak against drug use.  Can anyone 

Regards, Cliff.


Date: 14 Feb 95 06:38:41 EST
From: Robert Barnhardt <>
Subject: Re: Just a few more inquiries...

In NMS 1056, Kasee Johnson said:

> My closest friends have something in common...
> They are not only hard-core Rush fans, but they also go nuts for the
> following: Tori Amos, Sarah McClauclin (crap I forgot how to spell her
> last name!), Concrete Blonde, and Queen.

Well, there go my pretensions of individuality.  :)

Unique music, strong individual personalities, and integrity, to

I'll skip Concrete Blonde; I like them, but I'm not a huge fan.

The Queen connection seems clear: diverse music, sometimes theatrical,
sometimes rough, always artistic.  Brian May is an interesting and unique
guitarist (not of Alex's calibre, though), and Freddie Mercury was a
wonderfully expressive singer who gave the band a strong personality.

Tori Amos and Sarah MacLachlan I'd never thought of as being 'connected' to
Rush, but it's an interesting idea.  I'll provide some of the reasons I enjoy
the two, and finer minds than mine can draw conclusions.

I'm not a devoted fan of Sarah MacLachlan's, but I have her discs, and I do
listen to them.  I'm a real fan of Tori's, and I think she's a fantastic
songwriter.  There's a uniqueness in each, obviously, but there's also
something deeper.  Listening to their music - Tori's, especially - I imagine
that I'm gaining some honest insight into the mind of a woman, some notion of
the choices and sensations that have moved her and made her who she is.
Primally, I'm moved by the contrasting images of vulnerability and strength -
mental and sexual - that Tori presents.  Just images, as I've said, but I
think that section of the mind (if I may hyperbolize) is a bit too feral to
understand or care about the difference.

You could draw a thin line connecting the two: Rush fan -> nerd (difficulty
relating to girls, desiring rudimentary contact) -> strong, sexual female
personality [Tori Amos].  That's awfully cruel, though, and far too narrow
to be generally applicable.  It also entirely fails to explain 'connected'
female fans (I think).

I'm out of my league.  Any budding psychologists out there?  Come out of
your closets, whip out your Pocket Freuds and get psychoanalyzing.

- Rob Barnhardt,, "for a LIMITED TIME only!"


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 07:52 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: Jipped By Time? Perhaps not.

Recently on NMS Puanani frustated and sleepless.....

>Can you imagine how much more music Rush could've
>made if CD technology existed back in '75????  _2112_ is only
>about 40 minutes long, right?  _MP_ is only about 45 minutes.
>Just think how much more music Rush could've made on those
>albums!!!  I mean, _MP_ is one of their best albums -- and yet
>there's only 7 songs on it. 7!! That's it!!  We'll never get any
>more!!  We're stuck with a lousy *7* songs on _MP_, forever!!
>ARRGGHHH!!!!  That just *ticks* me off.

>From the other point of view:

Who's to say that they would've written more material?
Maybe if they could fit more material onto one medium
there would have been fewer releases, in which case
we would have been "jipped" of a couple of wonderful
album covers.  Check out the list:

Hemisperes                Moving PIctures

-Hemisheres             -Freewill
-Circumstances          -Jacobs Ladder
-The Trees              -Entre Nous
-La Villa Strangiatto   -Tom Sawyer
-Spirit of Radio        -Red Barchetta
-Different Strings      -YYZ
-Natural Science        -Limelight
                        -Camera Eye
                        -Whitch Hunt
                        -Vital Signs

No Permanent Waves release and that means
no PeW cover. THANKS A LOT PUANANI!!! ;)
What a cruel twist of fate.

Is it the Eensy Weensy Spider or the Itsy Bitsy Spider?
Which would Geddy sing?

Happy Valentine's Day
Tony Dormio


From: (Chris Bush)
Subject: You Know You are a Rush Fan When...
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 8:09:16 EST


* the sight of road pizza causes you to start humming "Between The Wheels"
* you set your clock radio to 24 hr. time and go to bed at 21:12 every night
* you buy a Megadeth CD just because Hugh Syme did the cover
* you're reading this :)
* you know how to pronounce 'Peart'
* you know what  _Project 3:57_ is
* you're currently thinking - "Hey, I can come up with a list like this... "


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 10:02:56 -0500 (EST)
From: "Eric J. Mcclanahan" 
Subject: Re: 02/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1055

	I also am curious about the binary code on the jacket of CP.  Is
there anybody out there who knows what it says?



Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 10:49 EST
From: "William D. Laird" <>
Subject: Beavis and Butthead

>Or a better example is how Neil himself is pictured in the Burning
>for Buddy cd wearing Beavis and Butthead shirt!  Could you see Neil
>watching a show he thinks is funny (B&B) then seeing the episode in
>question and saying: "That does it. I'm never wearing my Beavis and
>Butthead shirt again!" Have we learned nothing from the humanistic
>approach Neil takes in his writings? Life's too short to let things
>hurt your feelings.  ".. uh, uh, uh   he said 'FEEL'."

Dude - you are falling into this trap of "Ohhh what Neil, Geddy and Alex do must
be sacred" philosophy. Just because Neil likes Beavis and Butthead, I must also
like them? Since I like almond-vanilla-fudge ice cream, do you now worship
almond-vanilla-fudge ice cream?

The guys in Rush are ordinary people. I love their music, but I may or may not
agree with their views, likes, and dislikes.

        "And the Meek shall inherit the Earth" - Alien Nation TV Show


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 16:40:41 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Zivojinovic 
Subject: Re: A Show of Hands

I believe the little figures on Geddy's keyboard are the California Raisins,
but I'm not sure.
What I wanted to know is (and this is one of the ways you can see the
differences in the two nights it was recorded -- another being that Alex's
guitar switches colors about 20 times during the encore), what does the button
that Geddy is wearing on his strap say?  It's only there about half the time
(I guess he only wore it one of the nights)...

 -Aaron (not Alex :)...)


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 11:48:05 -0500
From: rpali 
Subject: Silly Topics?

     Jim Dziezynski writes:
     >I think I speak for many of us sincere Rush fans that the
     >NMS is getting, well, a little SILLY. I'm sick of reading
     >things like"Oh, Neil's English Grammer is off"

     To a degree I agree with you, but I just skip what I'm not interested
     in. It's simple enough to do but if you find this impossible, why
     don't you set a good example that some may follow? Bitching isn't
     going to help anyone.



From: Richard Webber 
Subject: More vinyl in Oz.
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:13:33 +1100 (EST)

Hi again,

Yesterday I mentioned a record shop in Adelaide where I found some Rush
on vinyl. If found the address!

197 Rundle Street,
ph: 232 1484

Happy shopping.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this shop.

Richard (Zydlebug) Webber           From  Tue Feb 14 22:19:52 1995


Date:          Tue, 14 Feb 1995 11:19:39 EDT
Subject:       bumper sticker


        The bumper sticker idea sounds great! But do you really think
I could get that many people to buy them? If I knew they could be
sold I would be more than happy to go through with this idea. I am a
student at St. Bonaventure University and could always use the extra
money for books. I just can't risk loseing the money. Just curious as
to all your thoughts.

                                Phillip Auman

 great live no matter how you hear (or see) them!
You also get a "fan-like" perspective o


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 12:28:36 -0500 (EST)
From: "Catherine A. Brissette" 
Subject: TNMS

HEY!!!! Since all these other newbies are "coming out", I thought I would
too. My name is Catherine Brissette and I'm a Ph.D student in
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Vermont. I am a
fairly new Rush fan- I was going through a rough time a couple years ago,
and someone gave me a tape of assorted Rush, and the rest is history!!!!
I have a question- what does "National Midnight Star" mean?
I know, I know, I don't watch enough Canadian TV, but I just moved here
from Louisiana, so I have an excuse. By the way, if any of ya'll ever get
down to Baton Rouge, check out a band called Dr. Zeus. They do lots of
Rush covers and their bass player (Brent Babin) is pretty cool!

"...Genetic blends with uncertain ends..." -NP

toos tied to chairs.

   *You thought Alex's hair from the 70's was cute!

                               The girl who likes men with BIG noses,


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 22:28:15 EST
Subject: ATTN!!!  Official Atlantic Info. about Rush!!


	"Atlantic Records President, Val Azzoli, is online 2/27 to answer ?s on
Rush, Hootie..."  Who cares about the rest of the sentence!!!

	This will be right from the Pres. of Atlantic's mouth!  As of the 27th
we'll all know (because I'm sure all of us Prodigy users will share our info
with our fellow NMSers) what the deal is.  What's this March 28th stuff, Gold
Disc?  Will they really be in the studio this spring?  Live or studio?

	As you can tell I'm excited.  I saw Val's name on Prodigy and was
instantly drawn to it, and sure enough...

	We're gonna know!


 -Chris at York College


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 10:34:17 CST
Subject: Dream Theater on HBB, and a request...

For those of you who don't know, Headbanger's Ball went off the air in
January, so I don't know if that Dream Theater thing will ever get
I have a little request... if anybody has access to the lyrics to 2112
Subj:  02/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1057
Date:  Mon, Feb 20, 1995 7:52 PM CST

(the album), could you please send them to me?  The only internet
access I have is e-mail, so I can't surf the net for it or anything.
I have 2112 on CD, so the liner notes only consist of that lousy
sleeve.  If anyone can help me, I will be forever in their debt.
E-mail me privately at
Thanks for the great list, rush-mgr.



Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 18:40:51 CST
From: (Tom Sater)
Subject: What Geddy Says

A quick reply to Brian D. Dufault, who recently posted "...I was listening
to my copy of p/g and I've always thought that at the end of the song when
Geddy ismumbling stuff he says" Everybody can suck my head."..."

Always seemed to me Dirk said "...Everybody...inside my head..."

Rushing right along...

 -- Via DLG Pro v1.0

         //  /|                Tom "The Aviator" Sater
       <=======                    - flying from -
         \\                 Tom_Sater@EDTNG.Kenosha.WI.US


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 11:46:46 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Superconductor Boot

	I'm just speculating...but on that Superconductor boot CD with the
unreleased acoustic song from '81....Might this be our old friend Tommy
Shaw from Styx?  A vinyl boot of the 3/1/81 Chicago show has a song tacked
on from a Styx show in Chicago '78.  They make like it's Alex playing, but
it's PLAINLY obvious that it's not.  I heard when Alex found out about what
the bootleggers did he laughed his ass off.  (I'm more perplexed as to why
they did it?...probably to fool fans into buying it for some rare,
unreleased song.)

	I'm going to see the Rush Tribute band "Animation" in a couple of
weeks.  From what I've heard on htis list and through the grapevine,
they're the best thing since sliced bread.  I hope they won't let me down.

*         "Ravage, plunder, see no wonder, rape, kill and tear asunder...
*          Chop the forest, plow it under..."   Kansas - 1975
*        *** Always interested in trading Kansas shows ***
*           Steve Smits


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 13:29:27 -0700 (MST)
Subject: MP: 1st 4 songs

>   1) There is no better 4 song sequence to begin an album
>      with than Tom Sawyer, Red B, Yyz and Limelight from MP.

You know, I first had MP on an old cassette, and for the longest time I
thought that side A was side B and vice versa.  And I still like it better
that way!  The album starts with the slow fade-in of The Camera Eye, and
climaxes with the incredible finish of Limelight.  I was very disappointed
when I discovered the proper sequence, but I still listen to it my way.

	--Matt Waller


Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 12:45:04 -0700 (MST)
From: Scott Brian Bissett 
Subject: Re: 02/13/95 - The National Midnight Star #1056

> From: "Cygnus, the God of Balance" 
> Subject: Better Topics
> I think I speak for many of us sincere Rush fans that the NMS is
> getting, well, a little SILLY. I'm sick of reading things like"Oh,
> Neil's English Grammer is off" or "I heard Geddy Lee gets sick
> from grape skittles". People dont care about that stuff.

Sorry to interject when NOBODY asked, but I will, and there's nothing
anybody can do about it... except for Rush-mgr, or maybe my sys-admin, or
the guy next to me who's foot is on the power cord.... anyways...
	I think a little silliness is good.  In fact, it's healthy.  We
all know of a great poet who once said, "Laughter is infectious....
bitterness breeds irritation."  Of course, shortly thereafter, he enters
a long and utterly depressing (but still VERY good) "sonata" about
suicide.  But that's still beside the point.  Whatever my point is.  Oh
yeah.  Maybe it is silly, but that's how we are.  Unfortunately, many of
us are also gossipy and like to hear news about a memeber of Rush coming
down with purple spotted sickness-itis-fluenza something-or-other.  Oh
well, we take the nearly good with the not-half-bad, I suppose.

> Personal info is
> fine to some degrees, but remember, as great as they are, Geddy, Alex
> and Neil are all humans and deserve a certain amount of respect for they
> have done for us.
> Jim Dziezynski

Good point.

Well, I must be off.  But, since I have your ears (well, technically,
your eyes, but who's paying attention to such minor details..), I have a
few questions and comments about the band, and some topics I fell have
been unanswered for too long:

1)	I heard that Neil is undergoing chemotherapy.  That's why he is
bald (or nearly so), and he wears a bandana because he doesn't like
people to see him without hair.  Please fill me in about this.  I
couldn't stand it Neil died!!  SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!

2)	What is the meaning of the 1's and 0's on Counterparts?  I know
someone (who is VERY reliable) who put the sequence through a decoding
program on his Macintosh, and came up with the following:
	GANELEDEIDXLY		which, if you parse it correcly, becomes
	G  E  D  D  Y
	 A  L  E  X
	  N  E  I  L		Tell me, is this true?  Or does it mean
something different.  I Expect the members of Rush to have a little more
creativity than to just encode their names in the liner notes.  After
all, there's a message or hidden meaning in EVERYTHING they do!!

3)	Speaking of (hidden meanings), what's the "brought to you by the
letter (m,b,oe:)" mean.  This is said in the liner notes of Power
Windows, Counterparts, and RTB (not necessarily respectively).  Reminds
me of Sesame Street.  I doubt that they would allude to that, though.  I
would hope they have meanings much deeper than "One two three, four five,
six seven eight, nine ten, eleven TWELVE" or anything else on the show.

4)	Where is the map on the back of the liner notes for Signals for?
I'd like to go there.  Is it possibly some part of Toronto?  Also, it
mentions something about a plan of subdivisionsor something.  Could that
be in reference to the song Subdivisions?

5)	In the song The Body Electric, the binary number 1001001 comes up
a lot.  I was trying to figure this out, and when I looked up the number
in my ASCII table, I saw that the number 111 (octal for decimal 73 = hex
49 = binary 1001001 = duodecimal 29... et al, meaning who really
cares...) was "I".  I know that the boys (well, at least Neil) was into
Ayn Rand, and that individualism was a key theme in her book Anthem.
Does this some how refer to it?  If so, how, and if not, where does it
refer to?

6)	What's the mumbling just before 9:00 into The Camera Eye?  It
sounds like a burp and then Geddy saying something.

7)	What's the mumbling before Alien Shore, and also the mumblings
throughout during the instrumentals??

8)	What's the little Pac-Men and angles on the back of CP?  Could
they be characters from the series of book "Flatlanders", which is about
a two-dimensional world and two-dimensional characters??  Or do they form
some kind of new flag (re: Red Star).  Also, in the CP liner notes, what
is the meaning of all of the pictures?  I know that they are
"counterparts" to each other, but why those particular ones?

9)	I have been told that Rush used to be into Satanic rituals and
stuff, hence the pentagram on 2112.  Also, where is the backward masking
in that song.  I was told that Geddy says something about joining the
cult or something.

10)	While listening to A Passage to Bangkok, I heard "sweet Jamaican
pipe dreams," and other references to drugs.  Someone told me that this
song was about drugs and a bad trip or something.  Please set him
straight.  There is no way Rush has EVER been into drugs, right?

Well, that's about it.  Those are all of the questions I have.  If you
have the answers, please e-mail me (so we don't waste space on the NMS!)
at (NOT the address above, or I
won't be responsible for the reply you get!)
By the way (oder bei der Weg, for you Germlish speaking types!), here are
several :)'s for the humor-impaired (that's PC for testy-full-of-angst-
;) :) :P ;P :> :> ;> :) :) :) ;) :P ;P :> :> ;> ... etc (read: ad nauseum)

bastard' (better known as bisset@benji, who happens
to be left handed, which makes no sense that he should be a right hand man)


Date: 14 Feb 1995 09:24:09 PST
Subject: Last Call for NMS Gift Shirts!

Step right up! Hurry-hurry-hurry! Limited Time Offer is Ending Soon!

That's right...your last chance to order one of the NMS 20th Anniversary
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We'll be making one last order down at ye olde shirte printers, then we'll
destroy the artwork, and there'll be no more made. So, act now before it's
too late!

Thanks so much for an outstanding response, too! We didn't hope to reach
$1000 so quickly! You folks are wonderful. The band should be *proud* to
have fans as generous as you!


1. EMAIL your order to Cheryl Renshaw at
   I'll check your order and send you a note if there are any problems
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Remember, no orders after this FRIDAY: 2/17/95.

Cheryl Renshaw


Date: 14 Feb 1995 10:47:10 PST
Subject: Gift fund, bumper stickers, etc.

in NMS 1056, Norm Birtley says:
> Thanks to and
> for organizing the Rush Gift Fund.  What a great idea!  My check is on the
> way.

Yeah, yeah...that's what they all say! :-) Seriously, though, the credit for
the whole dang gift idea belongs to Puanani (now, don't get shy on us,
Puanani, you know it was your idea...). We're just helping get her idea "from
the point of conception/To the moment of Truth" so to speak... And Juno
started the t-shirt drive, and Gregg pushed (!) for the book, and... Well,
let's just say this is a group effort!

About the "Rush is a band" bumper stickers...I would *dearly* love to get
one, too, and if I had the time to produce and distribute them, I would
(particularly if the money could go to the gift fund). But I can't add that
on right now (once those shirts are done, I've gotta start producing that
book for the guys!). I'd be glad to design a sticker, but I can't do anything
beyond that. Any volunteers?


ps. Paging Ryan Tweedie and Eric Lesch...paging Ryan and Eric...please come
to the white courtesy telephone. We got your checks but need to discuss your
orders. Email me at the address above, please! Thanks.


Date: 15 Feb 95 11:30:34 EST
From: Brian Burns <>
Subject: Truth About New Rush Album!

All rumors aside, the boys are in Nashville, Tennessee, as we speak, recording a
country album!  The album will represent a radical departure for the Canadian
trio, featuring Geddy, Alex, and Neil along with some of Nashville's finest
session players...Buddy Emmons on pedal steel, Johnny Gimble on Fiddle, and
other legendary players!

Nashville music trade journal, "Music Row Gazette" reports the boys' "scoffing
at the idea initially", but goes on to quote Neil and how some of the song ideas
he's had over the years have lent themselves to country & western structures and
themes.  The Gazette reports that the project started out as a "joke" but has
evolved into a major project for Rush.  Producer Billy Sharrell says the project
represents a "controversial move for me", and not all Nashville industry
executives are applauding the project.  "That Geddy Lee fellow should be shot
for singing like that", comments one Music Row executive.

The album, entitled "Highways, Heartaches, & Honky-Tonks", will no doubt
surprise long-standing Rush fans.  A press video release shows the boys sporting
short hair, sideburns, and Garth Brooks-style hats and attire.



Date: 15 Feb 95 11:32:16 EST
From: Brian Burns <>
Subject: New Rush Album - Tracklist!


Here is a complete tracklist for the upcoming country album by
Canadian power-trio Rush.  (For this project, the guys are
using the pseudonyms Hank Lifeson, Merle Peart, and Geddy Lee

1.  Overture/Working Man's Medley:
    Working Man
    Working Man's Blues
    Hold Your Whiskey
    Losing It

2.  The Spirit Of Rodeo
3.  Caress Of Pedal Steel
4.  Digital Cowboy

5.  Lock & Key Medley (with Johnny Cash):
    Redneck Sector 'A'
    Leave My Thing Alone!
    Grace In Prison

6.  Beer Joint Rhythms
7.  The Inbred Tide


Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 13:57:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Rush, recording technology, etc.

First on Puanani's rant about recording technology.  I think that
the album frequency would have slowed a lot earlier if the technology
had been available back then.  If you look at mins. of recorded
music/year for their whole careers you will note that the slowdown
in recent years isn't nearly as drastic as it seems.  In the early
days they came out with about 35 (Hemispheres, PeW, etc.) mins. of
recorded music every year to year and a half (closer to a year).
Recently they have been releasing albums closer to every 2 years
or two and a half but those albums have much more music on them.
RtB is over 45 mins. and Cp is close to 50.  So before they were
releasing 35 mins/yr. or music, and now it is closer to 25ns/yr.

I think that there either would be album gaps now, or certianly the
albums wouldn't have been that much longer for each one.  What
I am saying is possibly music quality would have suffered greatly
if they tried to release an album a year with over 60 mins. of recorded
music EVERY year.  So let sleeping dogs lie, history is fine.

Secondly,, says that Acopulco Gold, Jamaican pipe
dreams, etc. refers to Heroin and Angel Dust, but he's wrong, they
simply refer to marijuana.  Chill out, guy.

Well, that's all I can think of.  I hope this turned out ok, my
mail editor is really freaky.



Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 14:14:14 -0500 (EST)
From: "Daniel J. Schieder" 
Subject: REG: Misc. Rush

	This is my first post on TNMS. I've been a subscriber for about a
month now. I'm 18 years old and I've been a big Rush fan for about 5 or 6
years. The first time I heard them I realized they were the greatest band on
Earth. Anyway, after reading the last issue, I thought I'd give my 2 cents on
some of the topics that came up. First of all, I want to settle all these
arguments about Mike Portnoy, drummer for Dreamtheater.  He is probably the
best young drummer today.  I'm a drummer myself and Neil, of course, is my
idol. To say that Portnoy is not talented is just like saying that Neil is not
talented. In other words, it's insane! Neil will always be the greatest rock
drummer ever, but I think Portnoy has a big future in front of him.

	Someone in the last issue asked who it was counting at the beginning
of "Animate".  I believe this is the Professor himself. I have no proof of
this, but it sounds like his voice and it makes sense for a drummer to be
counting off the intro to a song.

	Can anyone tell me of any place in the Buffalo area where I can get
Rush bootlegs? I have one that I bought at a local record store, but I would
like to get more. One of my friends (a fellow Rush fan) spotted it on the used
cd rack and I bought it. It's titled "Roll the Bones" and has a sticker on the
back that says "made in England." The cover has just one large die instead of
the multiple dice of RTB. There's only 4 tracks on the album. Track 1 is "Roll
the Bones", Track 2 is "Where's my Thing", Track 3 is "Superconductor" (don't
ask me why that's on RTB?!), and track 4 is "it's a rap part 3--Neil Peart
speaks" This is pretty cool. It's Neil talking about his lyrics and just the
album in general. Hey, that cd was a pretty good bargain for the $7 or $8 I
	Another bootleg cd a friend of mine has is called "Rush Hour--Greatest
Hits Live" This was recorded during the RTB tour I think. A friend of his got
him the cd from some company in Germany. Does anyone have any info on this
place, cause I know they have a lot more bootlegs there, some as recent as the
Counterparts tour? I want to find out how to order them.

	Sorry if this post made you bored. Thanks to Rush-mgr. for making TNMS
possible! It's a Rush fan's dream come true.

					Dan S.

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 And a surge of adrenalin
 Every muscle tense-
 To fence
 The enemy within"
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                                []      [][][]  [][][]  []  []


Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 14:17:27 -0500 (EST)
From: James R Noble 
Subject: How??

I've seen the Rush FAQ line answer the question "Which songs did Rush
make a video out of?", and the list included the ones we are all familiar
with, such as "Subdivisions", and the other infamous ones (Time Stand
Still). Anyways, the list included 'Anthem' and 'Fly by Night' as being
videos. When the hell was this? As far as I know, (and this is supported
by that outdated red book, 'Visions') they started making videos during
AFTK. 'Xanadu', 'AFTK', and 'Closer to the Heart' were mimed to on some
sort of a soundstage. But, when did they shoot videos for 'Anthem' and
'Fly by night'? Did they at all? I figure if they did, then those videos
would be on Chronicles. By the way, I assume that most of you Rush
fanatics like myself have noted, on the Chronicles video, 'Closer To the
Heart' is being lip-synced, while 'The Trees' is actually being played
live. You can notice this just by paying close attention to the sound
quality.(The bass guitar on 'The Trees' video is loud as hell! ((cool!))
	Anyway, Rush on, and if anyone can validate the making of the FBN
	videos, post it!

						James Noble
					    Proud owner of the black
						Rickenbacker 4003


Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:38:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Lakeside Park

This is my first post, but that's not the point.
To Rush I owe my introduction to Objectivism, the greatest philosophy on
Earth. It then made sense that their music happened to be my
favorite of any band's, just a peg beyond Genesis and Zeppelin.

Two things:
There is more talk about Dream Theater than about Rush on this newsgroup
sometimes. But it makes sense that Rush fans often like Dream Theater.
I do actually want to mention, as a semi-flame, that Dream Theater is
NOT overrated - between Portnoy and Petrucci, they are a force to be
reckoned with. Their lyrics aren't Rush's, certainly, but then whose are?

If anyone is REALLY interested in knowing about Lakeside Park, I visited it
last summer with my brother, quite by accident. As mentioned before on this
group, it is in St. Catharines. There is (oddly enough :^)) a lovely view of
Lake Ontario, two piers stretching out from the shore about half a mile long
each, and several "willows in the breeze," plus more boats than the eye can
count. There is a big harbor that stretches inland, where most of these boats,
of course, reside. It's fairly large - I didn't get a chance to scope the entire
thing out. But if anyone's REALLY REALLY interested, here's one set of
directions: get on Lakeshore Rd on the south side of the lake, drive to
Port Dalhousie where Lakeshore becomes Main, and going east, as you reach
Pt. Dalhousie Harbor there are road signs to direct you around some funny
little turns to get there. That's from the west; from the east, going west,
the same directions apply; just follow Lakeshore to Lakeport Rd, which crosses
south of the harbor to reach the park. And don't forget your cigarettes and
beer so you can drink by the lighthouse and smoke on the pier. (Yes, there is
a lighthouse as well. Neil wasn't making it up. :^))


"At the side of the eternal 'Why?' there is an eternal 'Yes' - and a Yes,
and a Yes."   -- Mr. Emerson, A ROOM WITH A VIEW

If objective reality is forever beyond our grasp, then so is the grasp in
objective reality that objective reality is forever beyond our grasp,
forever beyond our grasp.


Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:52:32 -0500 (EST)
From: "Kevin E. Mort" 
Subject: That Earphone type thing

Actually they are quite a popular item as of late.  Phil Collins began
using them on the We Can't Dance tour, and Branford Marsalis uses them on
the Tonight Show.  Oh..and yes, they are coloured to match one's skin tone.
Quite a cool toy I think.


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Subj:  02/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1057
Date:  Mon, Feb 20, 1995 7:52 PM CST

   **                             **
   **    **


Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:07:19 -0600
Subject: Actions..Reactions..Random Interactions

Hello Fellow Rush-aholics

You know your a Rush fan if your e-mail address is :)

        I was wondering if anyone knows what the sound is in the middle of
"Twilight Zone" where Ged is doing the na na na's  (sounds like a bottle
falling or a mic stand or something) and i wonder why it was left in there..

The other thing i wanted to know is..if a person wanted to contact Rush
where would be the "BEST" place to send mail...not for anything silly like i
really dig your stuff and i play bass too...but for a legitimate business
question..i am interested in using the music from 2112 in a video
production..but i dont want to get arrested! :)

oh on a random note i created a channel on undernet irc called #Syrinx and
actually saw quite a few Rush fans drop was the most intelligent
conversations i had seen on irc in years!!  Giselle !! Rocinante!! Hey Guys!

                        well thats it
                                have to RUSH off now :)

"Let the truth of Love be lighted...
 Let the love of Truth shine clear"  you know who!


From: "Kohler, Brian" 
Subject: RUSH and a Grammy?
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 16:52:00 PST

Driving to work the other day I overheard the following on the radio:
"Two bands up for grammy nominations this year are Pink Floyd for
Marooned and RUSH for Leave That Thing Alone." Since these are
both instrumentals, I gather its for the Instrumental Rock category.
Can anyone confirm?  We may be able to see them on the broadcast,
or even perform (unlikely, but nice to think about) the tune. Just thought
I'd pass it along.



Date: 15 Feb 95 17:15:39 CST
From: William Geraths 
Subject: RUSH (Limbaugh?!!?)

Hello fellow Rushers!!!  I'm new to TNMS and this is GREAT!!!!

I noticed on one of the postings that someone had confused RUSH with
R. Limbaugh.  That reminded me of a little story.

When tickets went on sale for CounterParts, tickets for the Rodeo (bah) went
on sale as well.  The ticket office had two separate lines going, one for each
event.  Several people came walking up trying to figure out which line was for
what - when asking a guy in the other line he stated "This here line is for
the rodeo, the other is for Rush.  I didn't realize that Rush Limbaugh is
coming to town."  Needless to say, many of the RUSH fans found that to be
VERY amusing.

Another thing is that whenever I wear my RUSH cap, or t-shirt, people get
offended.  They're offended because they think I'm advertising for R.
Limbaugh.  I think that this really BITES...

Anyhow, thanks for allowing me to blow off a little steam.

Also, does anyone have any info on the Aurora Signature guitars similiar
to what Alex use to play several years ago.

Thanx again...

"Now, that's entertainment..."

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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 17:16:56 -0600
Subject: more music, please?

Puanani Akaka wondered aloud...

>Think about it -- technology has advanced to the level where album
>lengths have increased, while still retaining "one disk".  CD lengths
>are, what? 75 min.?  Can you imagine how much more music Rush could've
>made if CD technology existed back in '75????  _2112_ is only about 40
>minutes long, right?  _MP_ is only about 45 minutes.  Just think how
>much more music Rush could've made on those albums!!!  I mean, _MP_ is
>one of their best albums -- and yet there's only 7 songs on it. 7!!
>That's it!!  We'll never get any more!!  We're stuck with a lousy *7*
>songs on _MP_, forever!!  ARRGGHHH!!!!  That just *ticks* me off.

>Of course, the vinyl could probably have held a bit more songs, too.
>But, damn it!  IT'S NOT FAIR!!!   >8-|

	I remember an interview a while back (early '80s?) that seemed to
	address this issue.  One of the guys mentioned that a vinyl record
	could only hold a certain "amount" of material (about 25 minutes or
	less) before the sound quality suffered.  In fact, when _Signals_
	was being put together, they needed one last song to fill the record,
	but it had to be 3'57" or shorter.  Hence, "Project 3:57" was born
	(or something like that).  This song eventually went on to become "New
	World Man."

	CDs have pushed the envelope of time limits, but not w/o its own
	boundaries.  One of the earlier CDs I bought was by Mission of Burma,
	a "best of" CD put out by Rykodisc.  It was the first 80-minute CD.
	When I tried to play it in my old Fisher CD player, it would track
	fine on its own from the beginning, but I couldn't skip to the next
	track.  I could fast forward all right, but when I tried to skip
	tracks, the player wouldn't lock on to anything.  I'd have to stop
	the disc and start over from the beginning.  My newer CD players (home
	and portable) don't seem to have this problem.

	We can be disgruntled about how short these albums are (_Hemispheres_
	and _Permanent Waves_ both come in around 37 minutes), but as was noted
	in the FAQ, there's no unreleased stuff in the can.  If a song makes
	it, then it gets on the album.  They were just dealing with the limits
	of existing technology back then, just as we are doing today.

	Still, when you think about it, it would have been nice for more tunes
	in, say, _Moving Pictures_ style.  Just wasn't going to happen.  Come
	to think about it, I'd love for them to come up with another "Natural
	Science"/"Camera Eye"-type song.  I can hope...

Scott M. Rochette				(314) 977-3133 (voice)
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