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 Date:  Thu, Feb 23, 1995 6:08 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1059

                Thursday, 23 February 1995
Today's Topics:
                   Hello, my name is...
                 Three new albums soon???
                 raindancing with rumour
              Another edition of _Visions_?
                   Fountain of Lamneth
                   Founatin of Lamneth
                   Wearing Rush apparel
                  Orbit Room: Al's son!
     Re: 02/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1057
                 Re:  2112 Lyric request
                GUYS.... CALM DOWN----APTB
             Re: 02/20/95 - The National M...
             "currently writing material..."
                      AFtK Tourbook
                  Fellow Rush Fans in NJ
                   quick ? and comment
                    Country Music?!!??
                       Epic themes
                     A country album?
                   La Villa Strangiato
                       Rush's roots
                     Orbit Room menu
               Re: That Earphone type thing
                 bumper sticker 'project'
   Yeee haaah - everyone's jumpin' on the bandwagon...
                      Southern Rush!
         Calling Nate Wooley - visions questions
               Atlantic and SRO say NO!!!!
          Re: Scrooges's Rock and Roll Christmas
                Mobile Fidelity releases?
                    Them NMS shirts...
     Re: 02/22/95 - The National Midnight Star #1058
              My $.02 for the (first) record
                  3hrs, but not in KC...

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 02:32:25 -0500
Subject: Hello, my name is...

Hello all-

I see we are supposed to introduce ourselves, so...

I am 27, graduating in May, and hopefully moving to Denver (now in Lafayette,
LA) this summer.  I became a Rush fan in '81 because this cute girl I knew
thought Tom Sawyer was a cool song.  I bought the single, never really got
the nerve up to talk to her (Caroline Brown, you out there?) and the rest is
history.  Anyway, I thought I'd share a story with y'all.  First, for Amy's
YKYARF if:  you work in a shipping/recieving area and try to peel the *rush*
stickers off of the packages; and I think the best four song sequence is Red
Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight, and The Camera Eye.

I and a few friends managed to get backstage in Shreveport, LA for the HYF
tour.  One of the guys' brothers had been a roadie, and this guy had met Nick
Kotos (tour manager).  They let us all in and set us up with a balloon
machine and about 3K of those HYF balloons.  We blew them all up, then helped
move cases and stuff.  We got to watch them set up the whole stage (we were
there from about 10am till concert time), which was way cool.  Since I was in
from out of town, I hadn't brought any CD sleeves or anything for the guys to
sign (if we met them) so I brought this Bass Superstars Series (Geddy Lee, of
course) book with me.  I felt really stupid afterward walking around with a da
mn book, but anyway, we got to eat lunch with the road crew, some of which
had these cool polo type shirts with Rush HYF tour 19-- embroidered on the
front (I asked Nick for his, he told me "suck my d---" (and laughed).  While
eating, I was trying to hide my bass book, when someone behind me says: "Hey,
who plays bass?"  I wasn't going to answer, but all my friends pointed to me.
 The guy then says, "Hi, I'm Skip, (Gildersleeve) why don't you come check
out the rig."  Barely containing my enthusiasm, I went up on stage with him,
was given a tour of Geddy's nieghborhood, and was given the WAL for a test
drive.  I put it on, walked towards the middle of the stage and began playing
a bit...THE HOUSE SYSTEM WAS ON!!!  I thought I was gonna die!  Some guy
messing with the cymbals started playing along with me, and my friends were
there in the front (only?) row cheering me on.  Skip soon called me back to
earth, explaining that they had some more checks to go through.  I handed the
WAL back, and he gave me a pack of Geddy's bass strings (Superwound
Funkmasters), I still have them.  We didn't get to meet the guys, although we
got to see the whole soundcheck, and Geddy playing catch with a roadie, and
Neil riding his bike around the arena (We were told where to be during this
time, and were almost *gaurded* amking sure we didn't get too close to the
guys) and so on.  The final bonus is that this was a general admission
concert so we definitely had the best seats in the house!  I've seen the boys
7 times altogether, but that day will NEVER be forgotten...

Hope y'all enjoyed this...

 -dave (uh-oh, looks like I'm a dinosaur)

A planet of playthings/We dance on the strings/
Of powers we cannot concieve--NP


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 11:02:29 GMT
Subject: Three new albums soon???

Sorry if the following news is old, but I've not read the last few
issues of the NMS.

In last weeks Kerrang magazine (British rock mag), there was a small
piece on Rush. It claims that the guys are hoping to release a live
album to celebrate their 20 years together. A quote from Neil Peart
stated that they hope to do a small number of shows in the USA (yes
again they are going to miss out the U.K!!), and they are thinking of
re-recording some of their old classics for a future release. Neil
said they "don't want to do the usual thing of releasing a box set",
and so I guess these items will be released individually. The article
also stated, that a new (original) Rush album will also appear in a
year or so.

I don't know how true this info is, but the article did have quotes
from Neil, and so I'd say its pretty accurate. The re-recorded classics
sounds very exciting - what does everyone else think??

Charles Pollitt.


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 10:59:59 -0500 (EST)
From: THOM-US 
Subject: raindancing with rumour

>   For Holly Smith, and others wondering the same thing....Raindance
> Over the Rockies, Neil's travelogue about some of his adventures, was
> indeed published, but it was not distributed publicly.  It was

    Well, Ron ... what can I  say. 'yer indeed dead *wrong* man!
    Sorry bud!  I've  already  set the story straight for Holly,
    now I'll do it 'fer you ... Make no mistake about it,  there
    *never* was any publication  (publically or private)  called
    "Raindance Over the Rockies" There were 4  private  journals
    he wrote, none of which though were called raindance.  The 4
    that he wrote, that I have shared with some of my friends on
    here, were very limited in print and graphic in description.
    Read 'yer Shock Rock book, that was a straight  rip'n'polish
    from his last journal ... the closest Neil wants his fans to
    get to his personal writings, no doubt.

> printed for him to distribute privately amongst his friends/or
> whoever he would want to send/sell it to.  I don't recall if this is

    Who are you kidding man?  Neil wrote those journals for his
    own pleasure and, if you had read any of  them,  you  would
    soon realize in his writings that his intent was to "share"
    them with his friends, not "sell" them to his fans.

 - Tom Lockwood ----------------------------------------------------------
                                        __   |
                          /|/   /| |   (     |/|
                           |     | |    \    | |
                           |     |/|   __)   | |/

                     Trust is just as rare as devotion
                      Forgive us our cynical thoughts
 ------------------------------------- --


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 06:43:00 +0900
From: Yoshiko Negishim 
Subject: Another edition of _Visions_?

Hi fellow Rush fans,

  This is my second post here. I have two copies of _Visions_ because
of some reasons; one bought in early 1989, the other bought a few
years later (I don't remember clearly)
  One day I looked at _Visions_ (bought later), I found pictures which
I didn't have remembered looking at. It's really strange! I looked at
both books to compare them. And I found out that several pictures are
different perfectly. I was NOT mistaken.
  The pictures which are different between two copies are five pieces.
(p.18, p.28, p.34, pp.52-53 and p.60) Beside this, captions add and
several pictures are different layout too.  Some sentences and some
words (address of exclusive distributor for example) changed. But I
couldn't make sure two copies are another edition clearly, and I don't
know a lot overseas publication.
  I have read NMS since half a year. This may be the thing which was
already pointed out by someone or discussed here.
  You don't may understand because I don't get used to writing in

$$$$$$$     Yoshiko Negishima      $$$$$$$
$$$$$         But most of us just dream about                   $$$$$
$$$           The things we'd like to be      -- N.Peart          $$$


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 16:02:17 -0800 (PST)
From: allison roehl 
Subject: Fountain of Lamneth

	Fellow Rushians-

I was just wondering about some opinions on FoL.  I was looking at the
cassette poll, and it didn't get on it!  I can't imaginw why.  FoL is one
pf the best songs by the boys.  I think people should take another listen
and write what they think.  It will be good for the NMS instead of some
of the other stuuf of late.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 16:05:02 -0800
From: Arvid Hokanson 
Subject: Founatin of Lamneth


I wrote a post on FoL, if you want to e-mail me personally about here is 
my address.  I wrote the post off a friend's 


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 18:33:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Alan Schussman 
Subject: Wearing Rush apparel

> William Geraths :
>Another thing is that whenever I wear my RUSH cap, or t-shirt, people get
>offended.  They're offended because they think I'm advertising for R.
>Limbaugh.  I think that this really BITES...

	I can certainly relate.  It's pretty obvious when I wear my Roll
the Bones concert shirt (which, unforunately, some dimwit put in the
DRYER yesterday, shrinking it to a size comfortable for my toddler
cousin, but *much* too small for me!  AIE!  Anybody know if I can get
another somewhere?  I have (had?) the black RTB shirt with dates on the
back along with part of the RTB rap and the album cover on the front)
that I'm not a Rush Limbaugh fan, but when I wear my blue Counterparts
hat, I get the funniest looks.
	Unfortunately for me, most of the people in Utah look at me
hopefully and say, "You're a Limbaugh fan, too, huh?"  I never know quite
how to react.  My responses range from snickering to fiercely denying any
involvement with Limbaugh to outright running away from the questioner.
	My dad suggested taking a little piece of athletic tape and
writing "(The Band)" on it and sticking it right under the RUSH name on
the hat.  It could work!

	All the more reason we need those "Rush is a band" stickers!  To
whomever is considering creating them, mark me down for at least three!

		-- Alan

". . . rising fall at force ten, we twist the world and ride the wind . . ."
						- Neil Peart


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 22:13:10 -0500
Subject: Orbit Room: Al's son!

Hey folks, check this out:
     Took a cruise up to check out the beautiful city of Toronto (12 hour
drive from the Jersey shore) and to see Mr. Lifeson's new joint, the Orbit
     We arrived in the city around 9 on Friday night and the first thing we
did, of course, was head for the Orbit Room for some beers and some grub.
you, we didn't even have a motel room yet.  At the top of the stairs we
paid a mild 5 dollar cover and proceeded into this small, quaint, dimly lit,
hip, slightly elegant nightclub.  At the time we arrived, only a handful
of people were hanging out, having drinks, and picking away at various
different interesting looking dishes.  The food was quite good - gourmet
I had a little trouble with the Calimari Stri Fry (I like my squid disected)
but my Satay w/ Wontons was delicious!  The band (I forget their name) came
on towards the end of our meal, and politely played some softer jazz while
people were eating.  Toward the end of the set, they were jammin' HARD!
VERY impressive!  Good musicians.  They were a four piece: guitar (electric),
bass (elec.), drums, and a keys guy with a Hammond.  It's funny, the bass
player had a Fender Precision cut into a teardrop shape like Ged's old one
(I know.  Ged's was a Jazz). On an occasional tune the guitar player sang,
and the bass and keys guys did harmonies.  They play there every week Wed.
through Sat.
     Then my friend, Ron, begins a little conversation with the waitress:

RON:      "Is it true that Alex Lifeson owns this place?"
WAITRESS: "Yes!  Him and -so and so- and -so and so-, but he's not here.
          He comes in once in a while and sometimes plays with the band.
          His son's here though!"

     Needless to say, our faces dropped to the floor as our lovely waitress
pointed him out.  He was sitting at the first table by the entrance having
some drinks with a female.  Kind of an eccentric looking dude with died blond
spiked hair.  We refrained from interupting his date(?) but caught some
dark, zoomed video shots of him (please, no requests for our 1.5 second clip
of his face).
     We returned the following night, and the place was packed!  We had a
great time.  Met some really nice, friendly, and very pretty, Toronto native
girls.  They couldn't understand why the joint was so hoppin'.  They
also had no idea that Alex owned it.  They were like, "Oh, maybe that's
why this place is doing so well."  Of course we meet beautiful Canadian
babes right before we had to leave.  Toronto is too great.  I'm defecting.
     A side note:  We also visited the Parliment Building in Queens Park
(from MP cover).  The front steps were under renovation and were boarded
off, but we still got a million great shots.
     My advice for those who've never been?  Go see Toronto and have a
beverage at the Orbit Room!  See ya there!

               Russ Brooks
"Wave after wave / Will flow with the tide
 And bury the world as it does"
"You can feel the waves coming on
 Let them destroy you or carry you on"
                             -Dream Theater


Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 22:20:31 -0500
Subject: Re: 02/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1057


This is addressed to: James Noble, and just about anyone else reading.

He asked about the video's to "Fly By Night" and "Anthem".
Well they do exist. I now, because I have them!!!
They are just video shot in a TV studio much like the AFTK and Hemisphere
You can tell they were recorded to the studio sound-track cause of the sound
of the audio. It sounds just like the album.
Does anyone now if this was ever aired on the "Don Kirshner Rock Concert"????

Also. Someone told me that ESL was originally an HBO in-concert thing, then
after that was aired, it was released on home video & laser disc.   Can
anyone confirm this!????????

And I heard that the ESL laser disc was put in the first commercial Laser
Disc players released as sort of a bonus, and to show off the good quality
that laser discs get. Has anyone else heard of this as well????


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 00:28:24 -0500
Subject: Re:  2112 Lyric request

For those of you who may be contemplating sending
his requested 2112 lyrics, just thought I'd let you know that I sent them to
him on the evening of the 20th.  We don't want his in basket to
overflow...but I guess you can't get too much of a good thing...but I guess
you CAN get "something for nothing".

 - . - -   - . - -   - - . .

Oh, BTW, I only had one person really rip into me about my comments
reguarding SAT's.  I'm surprised there weren't more (no, this isn't an
invitation).  Just wanted to yet you know that I'll try to refrain from any
future (left wing) comments regarding politics, sex, race, religion, etc.
 Unless DIRECTLY related to Rush, that is.

"and the trees were all kept equal by hatchet, ax and saw"



Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 00:41:37 -0500
Subject: GUYS.... CALM DOWN----APTB

Now, let us set some things straight. I was just merely making a simple entry
in this fine publication, and all of a sudden, I get attacked and yelled at.
 Yes, I now know that the entire song is about drugs, WAIT I AM SORRY,
MARIJUANA and that was the reason I was bringing it to the attention of you
all. I did say "I do believe the song is about". I didn't say the song WAS
about angel dust and heroine. Those of you that took offense, y'all need
help.  Attack dildos who ask questions about RUSH being in cults, and saying
that the cover of 2112 is a pentagram.  THE FRONT OF  2112 IS NOT A
PENTAGRAM!!!!! No, I am not getting offended, just merely stating how
ignorant these comments, to some, mine may have been. Don't hold that against
me though, that I am not involved in drugs.

                                                              HAVE A GOOD DAY
                                                                 Doug Caldwell


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 00:55:46 -0500
Subject: Re: 02/20/95 - The National M...

>Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 21:54:31 -0400 (EDT)
>From: "Katherine V. Palmer" 
>Why is everyone always so surprised to discover female Rush fans?
>I read Scott Bisetti's message in awe, I have four Rush posters on >my
>walls and I am female, and I love Rush!  I'd just like to point out
>that Rush isn't as much of a guy band as everyone seems to >think...
> --K. Palmer

Well, I guess it's just because it seems to be pretty true. I only know one
other female Rush fan, and that's because I converted her! (And I'm working
on my girlfriend, but that's another story.)

Anyway, talk to you later.



Date: Tue, 21 Feb 95 00:49:14 -0600
Subject: APTB

Cheech and Chong often refer (not reefer ;) ) to smoking "Acapulco Gold" ... 
Colombia is the home of the cocaine cartels... Jamiacan pipe dreams (Bob 
Marely need I say more)... Sweet smoke in Lebanon (source for hashish) as is 
Afghanistan.... Bangkok is in or near the "Golden Triangle.... Thats all I 
can think of off the top of my head.

Bone the Rolls.
Keith R. Phelps

They shout about love. But when push comes to shove. They live for things 
they're afraid of.
==Neil Peart


Date: 20 Feb 95 23:51:29 EST
From: Robert Barnhardt <>
Subject: "currently writing material..."

>From "Access, the Rock Radio Magazine", Feb 95, "Metal" column:

"And, last but not least, long-time Canuck heroes Rush are currently writing
material for a new record to emerge sometime before the end of the year."

Incidentally, "Access magazine is a joint production of Trafalgar Productions
and Rock Radio Network (a division of Westcom Radio Group)".  In other words,
this is as potentially incorrect as anything you might hear from your local disc

 - Rob.


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 8:54:49 -0500 (EST)
From: "Brad Parmerter 
Subject: AFtK Tourbook

Looking back at the A Farewell To Kings tourbook this weekend I noticed some-
thing that I'd like to see again - a nice short but interesting description of
the crew's jobs. It only took up one page and it was really interesting to
see what each did, and their jobs have switched around in 18 years since then
 - it'd be something different. And I know there's enough room that isn't filled
in the tourbooks - just non-picture space with the background design - granted
I love Hugh Syme's work and you need some design structure, but I'd rather
see twice as many pictures and less open area.

What do YOU think?

Brad - alexmeister vonBastille


From: (Gina Petroski)
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 95 12:56:44 EST
Subject: Fellow Rush Fans in NJ

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in months, but I'm back.  I recently had a bad spot, my
boyfriend and I broke up and I've been feeling pretty depressed.  (I should
have known it would never work, he hates Rush!)  I've been wallowing in self
pity, but then had a thought. (Yes, it does happen sometimes.)  Why don't I
get on TNMS and try to find someone nearby who is into Rush.  I go to
Stockton college in Atlantic City.  I'm 19 and I also play keyboards and
bass if there are any musicians nearby.  Ayn Rand is my favorite author, and
We the Living is my favorite book.  I'm just looking for a friend, since not
many people like Rush here, or Kate Bush, Yes, The Police, or NIN. I'm
surrounded by Green Day and Hole. HELP ME
Although you don't have to live nearby, I get a little down when I start
becoming friends with someone in California or Australia because I know
we'll never meet.  But anyone can write.  I'll talk to ya later.
PS-I got a kick out of the country rush song list.  Spirit of Rodeo made me
fall off my chair.


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 12:44:07 -0600 (GMT-0600)
From: Meredith Leigh Cronin 
Subject: quick ? and comment

	The question - new album, anyone? anyone?
	    comment  - dude, there are female rush fans out there, it's
just a matter of knowing where to look or asking the right ?s
		-till it rains purple elephants


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 10:51:32 -0800 (PST)
From: 9443740@NESSIE.CC.WWU.EDU
Subject: Country Music?!!??

	Fellow Rushians-

Where does this Brain Burns guy get his info, I would like the source.  I
have a very hard time believing that the boys are recording a counrty
album that seems to mock their own songs.  Why would they mock their own
stuff?  Music that was so well thought out and worked on so hard.  If you
Subj:  02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059
Date:  Thu, Feb 23, 1995 6:08 PM CST

read "Visions"  you see clearly that the albums had a lot of time and
effort put into them.  Also since when did all of a sudden the band take
a liking to counrty?  Anyway I hope this Burns guy has a very credible
source, like the band he does not become engulfed in
					-Arvid Hokanson


Date:        Tue, 21 Feb 95 14:17:06 EST
From: "Cygnus, the Bringer of Balance" 
Subject: Epic themes

Hello all,
  I know this is a question many of us older fans have and that is
will there ever be another 20 minute rush story-line epic. I thought
long and hard about this one and took into consideration quotes I'd
heard from Neil about progression and style. I believe a lot of the
reason why the band shys away from the longer songs is thatNeil's
writng what he is living, in a realtruthful sense. It seems that
as wise as he is, his hunt for honesty and truth is permanent. Just
listen to the mid-eighties albums and the answer is right there.
But, I for one would love another Cygnus, or if they really want
to go back, revive By-tor!!! Either way the music is still top
notch and Neil is still writing incredible lyrics. That's my
two cents.


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 14:46:59 EST
Subject: A country album?


	Please tell me this is going to be just some fun thing and NOT the next
REAL Release.  I don't think I'd be able to handle it.  I mean, of course I'd
still buy it, but it would seem to soil my Rush CD section.

	Could you imagine, at TOUR for this?

	They're sporting SHORT hair?  Geddy has SHORT hair - he probably hasn't
had short hair since Junior High!  Ohh...

 -Chris at York College


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 12:36:27 -0800 (PST)
From: 9443740@NESSIE.CC.WWU.EDU
Subject: Grammies.


Yes, Rush is up for a grammy in best rock-instrumental.  I was just
wondering if anyone knows when the grammies are on??  If so, I am
wondering if the best rock instumental will even be shown in its full
presentation or if it will be just flashed on a graphic.
Also, this Honkey-Tonk, Heartache album or whatever it is called sounds
like a big cruel joke to me.
	 I heard that Metallica is going into the
studio to do a song with the three tenors, apparently some joint
project.  I heard that at first they were a little reluctant, but now
they love opera and rock.  Look for an album from Lars "Pavoratti"
Ulrich, James "Placido Domingo" Hattfield(sp?) and the rest of the boys.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 19:32:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: La Villa Strangiato

Can anyone out there tell me, what Alex is censored from saying in the
Show Of Hands video, during La Villa Strangiato?  I bought the video
a number of years ago, and tried numerous times to get help on thi sub-
ject, but my searches were relentless!  Please help!  Also,
on Exit...Stage Left, Geddy sings something in the middle of La Villa.
Does it actually mean something, or is he just 'scat-singing'?
       thanx!    Steve R. Gargiulo
                 315 Second Place
                 Bogota, NJ. 07603
                 223 Ralston Hall
                 Clarion, PA. 16214


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 19:38:22 -500 (EST)
From: Robert Hannah 
Subject: Rush's roots


I was browsing through The Encyclopedia of Popular Music and came across
a rather extensive Rush section. It mentioned that Alex and Geddy met at
a High School in Sarnia,Ontario. Does anyone happen to know what school
this was? I've been to several schools in Sarnia and it would be really
cool to know that I have walked through the same halls as greatness once
walked through.

I live in the Detroit area an I receive CBC which is a major Canadien TV
network. I was flipping the the channels and totally by accident I saw
Barenaked Ladies on some variety show. They were pretty good!

Finally, I don't think Beneath Between Behind gets nearly the
noteriety(sp) it deserves. By the way , I could listen to 2112 all day
and never get tired of it. Oracle says more in two minutes than most
authors have said in their lifetime.


 -"I lurk, therefore I am"
    The opinions expressed in this message are not necessarily the same
            opinions held by Suburban Communications Corporation


Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 23:52:53 -0700 (MST)
From: Scott Brian Bissett 
Subject: Orbit Room menu

This has been floating around a.m.r., and I thought it was very funny (I
even added a few, but I won't tell you which ones, for fear of your
lynching me for making such a bad pun!).  Anyways, read, glean humor form
it, and enjoy!


Buenos Nachos, Mein Frondes
Cut to the Cheese Sticks
Hold your Fire Jalapeno Poppers
By-tor and the Corn Dogs
Anagram Soup (brought to you by b,m, and oe:!!)
Red Sector Egg
Red BarCheddar Cheese
Closer to the Artichoke Hearts
Fries By Night
Leave That Onion Ring Alone!
Where's my Buffalo Wings?
The Big Wheel of Brie
Fishstick Rhythms


Nobody's Hero Sandwich
La Villa Frittata
Caress of Veal
Lassagana Strangiato
Prime Bowel Mover Mexican Fiesta
Roll the Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
Between the Wheels Roadkill Plate
The Pass-ta Dinner for One... (*groan*)
A Farewell to Chicken a la King
Neil's Barbecued Turkey Drumsticks
The Analog Kidney Beans
SUBdivisions (Kid Gloves Plate!)
New World Manicotti
A Farewell to King pao Chicken
Jacob's Liver and onions
Rice Under Pressure
FreeVeal (Only on Something For Nothing Days)
Entre Noodles
Hemspheric Portion of Armaspageddon
Different String Beans
New World Manwich
Rack of Weinrib
Lakeside Pork Chops
Bastille Day Chopped Beef BBQ
New World Ham
Cinderella Ham
Digital Ham
Escargot-Don't Tell
Steak a Friend
Cut to the Steak

    (all entres served with Thyme Stand Still)


Peart's double flan roll
Key Limelight Pie
Lock and Key Limelight Pie
Apple or Cherry Turn-the Page-Overs
The Big Honey-Glazed Donut
Middletown Cream Pie
AnaGraham Crackers
Superconduct-Orange Merengue Pie
Entre Mousse

Moving Pitchers (don't drink too much!!!)
Fountain (of Lamneth) Drinks
Killian's Red Tide
Available Light Beer
The Camera Ice Tea
Armageddon Perignon
High Water
Dream Lime Soda
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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 10:08:11 GMT
From: (David Muir)
Subject: Re: That Earphone type thing

Hello there,

I have been reading NMS for some time but this is my first post...

Firstly (and nothing to do with the subject line of this post) I'd like to
publicly thank Brian Burns for the info on the new Rush country and western
album. Personally I can't wait and have already dusted of my old cowboy
gear in anticipation.

Secondly, after watching the Brit Awards on telly last night, I couldn't
resist responding to Kevin E. Mort. On the subject of Geddy's earphone, he

>Actually they are quite a popular item as of late.  Phil Collins began
>using them on the We Can't Dance tour, and Branford Marsalis uses them on
>the Tonight Show.  Oh..and yes, they are coloured to match one's skin tone.
>Quite a cool toy I think.

Yes it's true! All the best musicians are wearing them. Only last night I
saw Robbie from Take That wearing, not one but TWO skin tone earphones. I
wonder if that's where Geddy got the idea?


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From: David Morrison 
Subject: bumper sticker 'project'
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 7:49:25 EST

        I am also interested in doing/helping/designing for this bumper
sticker project.  Have 9600dpi scanner, rush albums (vinyl) for source
'fonts' or scans and also I can use my work's four copiers (digital and color
available) _and_ can also get bumper sticker blanks to print on in copiers.
My rates for getting/using this stuff would be extremely low, so let me know
if you are interested, I'm looking into specific pricing now...


From: "CW" 
Date:          Wed, 22 Feb 1995 08:57:18 EST
Subject:       Yeee haaah - everyone's jumpin' on the bandwagon...

Howdy y'all,

Just a lil' ole follow-up to Brian Burns posting of

Just received word from a few industry sources that RUSH enjoyed
making their first country album so much that a second is already in
the works.  Early song titles are...

Mud Between The Wheels
Manhattan (Kansas) Project
Counties (follow-up to Territories)
AutoBody Electric
Ride By Night
Huck Finn (follow-up to Tom Sawyer, of course)
and, last but not least,
21,12 (My age and her's when we got hitched)

Ouch, sorry about that last one.  Hey, it's just s joke, right?

There's even a rumor that if these two albums sell as well as
expected, they may just change the name of that town in Tennessee to

See y'all,


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 10:13:44 EST
Subject: Southern Rush!

OK, hi guys & gals.  I want to hear more form the Rush fans
in the South.  I realize there may be more Rush heads up
North and I respect that...but, there's a lot of us down
South and the guys do perform a lot here, North Carolina
specifically.  Alex said at the last show in Chapel Hill
that he  had played golf at the Governor's Club, a private
club in a beautiful area, I'm trying to confirm this. So far
nobody I know saw him out there that day. An open
invitation... Alex, next time yall come down I will set up
some tee times for you. OK, next.. who is this guy who is
using Alex Lifeson's name on NMS postings but claims not
to be "the Lerxst". Anybody else wondering or am I missing
something? If you are the "real" Alex, I apologize (I sent
an e).  Next... if you folks don't know the differnece
between Rush and Mahogony Rush(Frank Marino's band), I
wonder if you should be posting here. ... pinched harmonics
(not harmonicas?!) are fun (duh huh) I love to squeeze it
with plenty of overdrive (who wouldnt).
 So...anyone from Texas (my birthplace) to North Carolina,
lets hear from you so everyine doesnt think all we listen to
is Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hootie & the Blow Fish.
 Cygnus the god of balance you shall be...  BKP in NC:)


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 11:17:43 -0500 (EST)
From: "Brad Parmerter 
Subject: Calling Nate Wooley - visions questions

Calling Nate Wooley are you still there? Email ASAP please

Regarding the Visions questions:
No there has never been a second edition with updated info.
According to the B-man (May 94) he had another book he was working on but it
probably won't be published and he didn't want to release any info out on it.

HIs relationship with the band he likes to keep under his hat and it's nota
as good as it once was, he does still get on with the long-time crew members

Brad - alexmeister vonBastille


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 10:26:54 -0700 (MST)
From: Arbon Reimer 

alright, I know it's a dying thread but I figured since I wrote down 50
of 'em that I'd give you my funniest (or so I think)!

1)  You've used Rush lyrics as references in Term papers

2)  You can only fall asleep at night with the Rush CD of your choice on

3)  You know Neil's fills note-for-note and you are a drummer

4)  You know Neil's fills note-for-note and you AREN'T a drummer

5)  You get giddy when it's a quarter to eight

6)  You wish Rush Limbaugh would just change his name to avoid confusion


RUSHFAN                                                    The Band!
	"No, his mind is not for rent..." unless you pay good!
ps....   Hello Stephanie!


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 15:22:54 -0500
From: Pete Chestna <70744.1545@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Atlantic and SRO say NO!!!!

I just called Atlantic and SRO Management and if there is an
album coming out, they are not saying thing one about it!!

Here's to hoping they are lying :-)



Subject: Re: Scrooges's Rock and Roll Christmas
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 15:06:36 CST

In NMS #1057, Puanani wrote:

>But there was something else, too --
>	Scrooge's Rock and Roll Christmas
>"Hah??!!!"   Does anyone know what this is?

The catalog you were looking in is called The Videolog. I noticed this same
listing a couple of years ago, and took the time to investigate. The answer is
that this tape contains a video by Merrilee Rush, who had a hit some years back
with "Angel Of The Morning". The video on the tape is not even this song; it's
some other title that never charted. So... mystery solved!



Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:34:27 -0600
Subject: Mobile Fidelity releases?

Just a question to the general crowd...does anyone have one (all?) of the Rush
CDs that were remastered by Mobile Fidelity Labs (the gold CDs)?  I got a chance
to listen to _Moving Pictures_ (_2112_ and _Signals_ were also available) at the
store, and to look at the artwork (which faithfully reproduced the album's,
with all three band members, red lettering for the lyrics, full front and back
cover art).  As nice as it was, I couldn't help noticing how crummy the head-
phones sounded, so I really couldn't tell whether it was worth the investment
($24 on sale).  I also had my wife in tow, and if she saw me plunk down that
kind of cash for a CD that I already (sort of) have, she would have gone
medieval on me.  :-)

I guess what I should have done was ask them to play the $10 version in compar-
ison to the other, but I didn't have the heart.  From what I understand, they
sound better than the original issues if you have the equipment to notice the
difference (i.e., personal/portable players won't make it).  So here's the do these premium versions compare to their unleaded counterparts?
I'm looking for _audio_ comparisons only; I realize the artwork is almost worth
the price in itself, but to me that alone won't justify the kind of green that
these things fetch.  If you prefer, you can email me directly to avoid spamming
this newsgroup, but I'm sure others out there would be interested in this.

Thanks in advance!

Scott M. Rochette				(314) 977-3133 (voice)
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences	(314) 977-3117 (fax)
Saint Louis University (Internet)

Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed are my own; I don't speak for the Department
             or for SLU, nor do they speak for me.  Nor would I want to.


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:27:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Them NMS shirts...

Good day eh,
	I am just taking a break from writting this paper on Kant,  and I was
thinking of the concert I went to about last year in DC.  It was at this
concert that I wore the very cool NMS shirt.  From that I got about 6 or 7
people stopping me and asking,  "Is that a real e-mail list?"
	Well,  I was wondering how many of you out there in Rush-land have
joined because of our wonderful shirts.  And for the rest of us that are
looking forward to the next tour,  should we get some sort of bussiness card
printed up so that we could just hand them out when people ask?
	On a side note,  I am looking for some good Rush foorwear.  If anyone
out there is intrested in trading,  drop me a line and we can talk.  No big

Rush on!


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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 23:09:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 02/22/95 - The National Midnight Star #1058

This is my first posting, so don't laugh, ok?  I read an insert about
someone who was looking for some other bands besides Rush to get into.  Well,
I really don't know who to recommend besides Dream Theater, but you really
should listen to these guys.  The drummer (although not as much of a God as
Neil!)  really plays some jammin stuff, and in my opinion they favor Rush in a
couple of ways.  I haven't heard their new album yet, but "Images and Words"
really impressed me, especially the track called "Under A Glass Moon".  Give
these guys a shot--see what you think!

	I also am dying to get my hands on some Rush merchandise--particularly
posters and live albums, being bootlegs or whatever.  Would someone please send
me merchandise information if you have it?  I'm dying for a pair of boxers.
	I must thank my older brother Jay for introducing me to the world of
Geddy, Alex, and Neil.  I first heard it blaring from his bedroom about five or
six years ago.  Then I didn't think any of it at all, but he convinced me to sit
down with him and really listen to some of their stuff.  I immediately fell in
love with the band, and have been a hard core fan ever since--just ask some of
my college buddies who get tired of hearing "Hold Your Fire"  blasting from my
stereo!!  Thanks Jay, and thank you NMS for keeping me posted.

	If this next album is gonna be their last, I'll crap a brick!

	Keep Rolling the Bones!!

	Evan Grizzard, Appalachian State University


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:52:15 -0600 (CST)
From: Kathy Dittrich 
Subject: My $.02 for the (first) record

I am always hearing that the first album sounds like Led Zeppelin. I
personally don't see it. IMHO, the first album (and possibly FBN as well)
sound much more like Budgie. Budgie was a British heavy metal band in the
early 70's (or at least the band's heyday was in the early 70's). They
recorded some great stuff, especially the albums "In For The Kill" and

Anyway, those of you who have heard these albums - am I crazy? Or is this
the band that the early RUSH albums REALLY sounded like?



From: (david sills)
Subject: 3hrs, but not in KC...
Date: 	Thu, 23 Feb 1995 00:24:38 -0500

Hey all!

	Just thought I'd add to the discussion about Rush playing
3hrs in Kansas City when the opener couldn't perform. Actually,
I know this happened in Detroit once. If I had more time, I'd check
out the concert details but I'm pretty sure it was the HYF
tour and the opener was Tommy Shaw. Anyhow, the opener was sick
and the boys in Rush, being the nice guys that they are, decided to
play the whole evening to make up for it. I was kinda pissed off
because I went to the first of the two shows and the opener was just
fine then. Oh well. Tommy Shaw was pretty good though. At least he
didn't get quarters and lighters thrown at him like Marillion did!

	One other the last NMS someone was ranting about
'fillers' on Rush albums. I'd have to disagree with most of his
selections, but I have thought that Everyday Glory from Cp is way
outta place. It sounds like an outtake from HYF or Presto to me. It
just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the album. Cold Fire
would have been a great place to end. I also get the feeling that
the days of the solid album are through, for most artists, because
of the irresistable urge to fill up a CD. Now that more music can
be crammed on, we're getting songs that would never have made it
to albums in earlier days. Some of you must think that it's a good
thing to hear as much as possible, but I really enjoy a solid,
unified album. That's what makes it great for me!....

Anyhow, thanks for listening!

Dave Sills
York University

PS. Sorry, but Sarah and Tori are flat out amazing.


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