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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1060

                Tuesday, 28 February 1995
Today's Topics:
                     New rush album?!
                the word according to rob
            Guten Tage vom Germany, Rush Fans
              You know your a RUSH fan when.
         Re: Adolescent counseling groups & Rush
       Aaron, Aaron, Aaron - ye of little faith...
                   TNMS readers meet...
              About Issue #1056 and 2112...
                        BMG number
                Counseling groups and Rush
           I guess I like filler songs, then...
             Re:  Counseling groups and Rush
                    Live/studio album
           Live stuff better than studio stuff
                      RUSH covers...
                      Fates Warning
                 Better live than studio
                     Rush(what else?)
     Re: 02/22/95 - The National Midnight Star #1058
          Re: A Passage To Bangkok / Drugs (fwd)
                 Mobile Fidelity releases
                     Rush Country @8)
                      This C@W Thang
     RE: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059
                   Maclean's Interview
         A defense of Everyday Glory and "Presto"

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Tue Feb 28 15:08:20 EST 1995
Subject: Administrivia

You may have noticed I've been rather silent of late... and it seems that the
admin mail is doomed to stay about a week behind! So if I haven't
added/dropped/answered your letter don't take it personally, just busy as

Ways to unsubscribe and keep the rush-mgr happy:
   1) send the request to the CORRECT address (ie. rush-request)
   2) put "unsubscribe" in the subject

Ways to anger the rush-mgr:
   1) sending unsubscribes directly to the digest (which I then DELETE)
   2) sending unsubscribes directly to the digest (which I then DELETE)

 - rush-mgr
ps. If anyone has had experience in successfully installing perl under Ultrix 
4.4 gimme a holler! I've been trying to get perl on here for a while, it would
make the admin mail go MUCH quicker!


Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:46:52 -0700
From: s-32@PrimeNet.Com (Darrell Verburg)
Subject: New rush album?!

        Ok i Here the new rush release will be a country cd????  Whats up
with that?  I love rush.. but now I will actually think twice about buying
the new release...  Because I hate country..  Does any one else feel the
same way?
Don't get me wrong.. I will at least listen to the songs before I decide I
do or don't like it.  But I have my doubt's as far as the CD being good...
Please send me Feedback or what ever you feel like doing...  Kinda iffy..!

   [ Hm, guess you didn't realize, the guy's post was a JOKE...   : rush-mgr ]

Darrell S. Verburg


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 01:53:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Robert Kettenburg 
Subject: the word according to rob

Hello readers of TNMS! Everyone is always talking about their favorite
Rush album or song, so I thought I would add my two cents. Rush has been
my favorite band since 1976.

Rush - Working Man
Fly By Night - By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Caress of Steel - The Fountain of Lamneth
2112 - 2112
All the World's a Stage - Bastille Day
A Farewell to Kings - Xanadu
Hemispheres - Hemispheres
Permanent Waves - Free Will
Moving Pictures - Witch Hunt
Exit Stage Left - A Passage to Bangkok
Signals - Losing It
Grace Under Pressure - Red Lenses
Power Windows - Middletown Dreams
Hold Your Fire - Lock and Key
A Show of Hands - Red Sector A
Presto - War Paint
Roll the Bones - Ghost of a Chance
Counterparts - Double Agent

The Best Rush Video - The Body Electric

The Best Rush Album - Counterparts

The Best Rush Song - Double Agent

Wanna talk about it? Feel free to e-mail me for a reply.

Rob Kettenburg

"Try to hold some faith in the goodness of humanity..."  Peart


Date: 23 Feb 95 06:48:41 EST
From: "Roy L. Taylor" <>
Subject: Guten Tage vom Germany, Rush Fans

Well here we are again reading the NMS when we should be doing work, right. Ok
i'm just as guilty as everyone else. But what the hey, working night shift in
the middle of germany with a bunch of Army people (not me), I needed some
releif. Anyway, I saw in the NMS#1052 about the Cronicles CD not including "Take
off" with Bob, Doug and Geddy. I think that they missed a chance to show Geddy's
sense of humor. I remember when that song came out and only people in the North
(Upstate NY) area had heard it. I was stationed in Georgia at the time and on
leave at home (Niagara Falls). Well about 6 months later a DJ in Macon,Ga puts
on a new song and says it's from RUSH. I was thinking "great" then I
hear...Well, Gooday eh.... I knew then that this wasn't a new RUSH song, what a
damn shame.

Oh, before I forget to mention it. The other night overhere on HeadBangers Ball,
I saw for the first time " Stick it out" from CP. I had never seen it before,
great video. How many videos di they do for the CP album. I recently received
the "A show of Hands" video, wow great stuff.

   [ As far as I know, they only did videos for SIO and Nobody's Hero.
                                                                : rush-mgr ]

I would also hope that the people who start the rumors about "new albums" or
tours to stop. Its the rumor game in cyberspace and it seems that not many
people believe these rumors. Come on and lets stick to the facts.

A question for the rush.mgr, Do you know if the guys in the band read the NMS?
I'm sure that they have be curious about how their fans feel. If they have, is
there a issue that perhaps one of them made a comment in?

   [ They are aware of it, and I believe that several people in the Rush
     organization (but not the band themselves) do read it. In issue #4
     (I think) was a comment by Neil about the digest. Keep in mind he was
     referring to the endless debate at the time about "what time does Neil's
     watch say in the Presto booklet?"                          : rush-mgr ]

And one more things about the bootleg CD's in Europe. I was in a second hand CD
store over here the other day. I picked up a Bootleg, MY FIRST so don't get mad
at me anyone. It is " Rush-Live from the Electric Ladyland studio" well lets say
that the quality "SUCKS", I can't believe that people get excited about these
things. I was reading in the NMS from the rush.mgr that the NMS does not support
the "bootleg" trade, well I know why. Flush, there goes 20 bucks down the
crapper. Ok now that I have bored you...TAKE OFF EHhhhh

Roy L Taylor
CompuServe; 71151,1543


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 07:45:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: "2Lt. Chris Pinover x-36521" 
Subject: You know your a RUSH fan when.

You bought Rush Chronicles even though you own all of their other albums just
so you could get A Passage to Bangkok (Live) on CD.

Chris Pinover


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 13:25:59 GMT
From: (David Muir)
Subject: Re: Adolescent counseling groups & Rush

Hello Ron,

In NMS #1058 you ask...

>    I'm working as a counselor in a Middle and High School.  I've
>been thinking about structuring some counseling groups around Rush
>songs.  Play the song, then discuss it.  Some obviously good
>possibilities come to mind.  Subdivisions, Kid Gloves, War Paint.
>Does anybody have any other suggestions of songs that encompass
>meaningful topics that kids can relate to?  Please give your input,
>as I really want to try this out.

My wife was an Engish teacher in a Scottish Secondary School. In the time
between the end of the exams and the end of the school term, her English
department allowed the 5th years (i.e. about 17 year olds) to opt for
"interest" classes once a week. The English teachers offered something
different and the pupils choose somthing they wanted to do. My wife did
"Music lyrics".

The idea was that the pupils would bring in a tape of a song, play it to
the class and then explain why they liked it. The idea was then to discuss
the lyrics and how they interrelated with the music. She did it the first
week with a selection of songs to give the idea. The problem was she
couldn't get the pupils to bring in their own songs. I don't know if it was
natural Scottish reticence, or adolecent embarrassment (at 17?) or what,
but weeks went past of her playing her own tapes. Janet (my wife) was
getting increasingly scunnered with the whole thing.

Finally one boy admitted to having a couple of songs with him.  he played
was Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (spelling?). This took a bit of a slagging
from the rest of trhe class because of the three hour instrumental bit at
the end. (He was finally made to turn it off part way through while still
protesting, "This is really good, honest! It's the best bit..." etc.)

The second song he played (and at last we are getting to the reason for
posting this to a Rush list rather than a long.boring.pointless.anecdotes
list) was Losing it by guess who. Well, needless to say, this went down a
lot better than Freebird. Even Janet was impressed. (Usually I can only
listen to Rush on headphones, or when Janet is out of the house. :-(  )

I must admit to being impressed too. I would have thoght that the kind of
issues raised by Losing It would, at best, have only have been of marginal
interest to 17 year olds... but there you are! I'm not often right, but
obviously I was wrong again! :-)

Encouraged by this I played her Middletown Dreams - another song which (I
think) shows how a good song is more than just poetry set to music. Perhaps
you yould make use of these songs, but really it depends what you are
"counseling" them about.

Sorry, not much use to you, but it let me wander happily down memmory lane
for a while.


* \/\|/\/ Brain:  The apparatus with which                              *
* | ___ |                                we think that we think.        *
* | O O |                                                               *
* (  U  )  David Muir, Strathclyde University, Education Faculty,       *
* | \_/ |  Jordanhill Campus, Southbrae Drive, Glasgow, G13 1PP, UK     *
* \_____/  E-mail:       Phone: +44 141 950 3273  *


From: "Colin Wright" 
Date:          Thu, 23 Feb 1995 08:47:27 EST
Subject:       Aaron, Aaron, Aaron - ye of little faith...

In response to Aaron's (Alex Zivojinovic )
2/22/95 post...

I think the brain cells in your left and right hemisphere's (no pun... well, 
alright, pun intended) are "fillers."  Well, maybe "not completely fillers --
just parts of them."

It's amazing - to think that the Boys used to be limited to 40
minutes due to vinyl's physical constraints yet, according to Aaron,
they put "fillers" on the records.  So now that their CD's have
reached 50 minutes, I guess they've decided to right even MORE
filler material?  Get real, dude.  I'll take what Aaron calls
"fillers" any day!

Hey, we all have our RUSH favorites (and not so favorites), but to
think that entire album sides are filler material!?! Yeah..sure...

Aaron, find another forum - you're obviuosly not a "real" fan.

   [ Please let's keep these types of comments to email. It makes for a 
     happier, healthier rush-mgr :-)                             : rush-mgr ]

Sorry if this message is too hot to handle for some of y'all,

P.S. Even when they decide to "fill" an empty slot (e.g., New World Man - aka
project 3:57) they still write a pretty good tune!


Date:     Thu, 23 Feb 95 9:35:46 EST
From: Bryan Pascuzzi (ACISD) 
Subject:  TNMS readers meet...

Are there others out there who can't remember the last time they actually
went ONE day without listening to 'something' by Rush?  I'm sure there are.

I was recently reading the Dream Theater posts, and they were talking about
having regional conventions for their readers to actually meet each other
in person.  I'm sure this may have been an idea already by rush fans, and
it probably has already happened.  But I thought it was a pretty good idea,
especially when the boyz tour again...

If anyone has done this before, or would be interested in getting something
organized for the Baltimore/DC area when Rush comes back, please post ideas
thru email directly to me....
It could be a lot of fun......

(Fans Against Replacements)



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 07:56 -0800 (PST)
Subject: About Issue #1056 and 2112...

     Hey Norm (the guy who figured out Issue 1056/5 = 211.2),

     Put it another way, and 1056 X 2 = 2112!  That means in another five
     years there's going to be some major celebrating for the NMS!  Boy,
     won't that be an ISSUE!

     I'd like to know how we get so many different rumors about the next
     Rush album--from country to live to remakes...?  And they all have
     such specific info, like names and lengths of songs!  Rush themselves
     probably don't even know that!

     JUST FOR FUN...
        All eyes are on me as I stand up in a crowded, smokey room and
     speak hesitantly, "My name is Chris and my computer password is a Rush
        "Hi Chris!", replies the crowd at the RA meeting.


From: (Amy Moseley Rupp)
Subject: YKYARFW
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 10:10:30 -0600 (CST)

Someone wrote:

	 -  You mistakenly got excited every time an ad for the movie "RUSH"
		 came on TV.

You long for the good ole days when Rush was either:

	* a recreational drug
	* confused with Mahogany Rush (you remember seeing the records in
		the same bin at KMart)
	* the movie, which was awful and everyone forgot about quickly
	* a new talk-show radio host, the only thing you knew about him
		was that he had a cool first name

instead of the ubiquitous moniker it has sadly become today.
Amy Moseley Rupp               108 Wild Basin Ste. 108, Austin, Texas 78746
Motorola Computer Group                 FAX:  (512) 329-7131   alphanumeric pgr: (512) 933-5511, pgr 327117 (300 baud)
(512) 329-7117                 digital pgr: (512) 933-7333, pgr 327117


From: (David Aronson)
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 08:36:52 -0800
Subject: BMG number

Does anyone know if there is a BMG number for "Burning for Buddy"?



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 12:08:51 -600 (CST)
From: Jason Tippitt 
Subject: Counseling groups and Rush

I'd suggest "New World Man," plus maybe "Scars," "The Pass," and "Cold
Fire."  "Bravado" is also one, but you'd have to give them a crash course
in the Icarus myth first...
I know that all of those songs have some meaning to me, at any rate.


looks like my brighter side	This		Jason R. Tippitt
has gotten a bit darker		 is		University of Tennessee/Martin
i must have stepped over	 not 		English/Philosphy
my four-leaf clover		here.
'cause someone drank my
half-filled cup of water    (--extreme, 1995)


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 10:20:31 -0800 (PST)
From: 9443740@NESSIE.CC.WWU.EDU
Subject: Fillers!

	Fellow Rushians,

This guy,who call's himself Alex Zilovinch(sp?) or whatever has got a lot
of nerve.  First, where does he get off making claims like he does, and
then not accept flames?  CAn't he support what he says?  Then to top it
off he says that La Villa, the whole 1st album, and By-Tor and the Snow
Dog to name a few are all like fillers!  What is this guy thinking?  I do
not know, maybe he likes Chronicles only or something.  I like Chronicles
too, but I also like all the other albums.  To touch on one
degrade something as well done as La Villa Strangiato is amazing.  This
guy does not good music when he hears it.  Every instrument has a lead
somewhere, and the intonation is amazing.  Just my 2 cents worth.

				-Arvid Hokanson


From: "Kieran Cloonan" 
Date:          Thu, 23 Feb 1995 13:30:09 -400
Subject:       I guess I like filler songs, then...

In reference to Alex Zivojinovic's post about "filler" songs... sorry
man, I guess I'm just a big fan of songs you don't think are worthy,
but you reduce some pretty damn fine music to the status of mere
filler.   La Villa Strangiato is filler? I think not!
And about this whole marijuana thing... Lighten the fuck up!  One guy
a few days ago was willing to accept that Rush was into Satanic
worship around the time of 2112 (misinformation anyway), but was
horrified to think that the guys might have smoke a little pot...
Who cares!

Thankyou for your time :)


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 13:34:46 -0500 (EST)
From: YYZ 
Subject: Re:  Counseling groups and Rush

>    I'm working as a counselor in a Middle and High School.  I've
>been thinking about structuring some counseling groups around Rush
>songs.  Play the song, then discuss it.  Some obviously good
>possibilities come to mind.  Subdivisions, Kid Gloves, War Paint.
>Does anybody have any other suggestions of songs that encompass
>meaningful topics that kids can relate to?  Please give your input,
>as I really want to try this out.
>                                          Thanks,
>                                                 Ron
>Ron Bratis
>100 Farrington St. #219
>Terre Haute, IN 47807

Well, Ron,
	First let me say that if my high school did this, I would have
gotten involved.  These songs immediatly came to mind.  _The Pass_ from
_Presto_, and _Nobody's Hero_ and _Everyday Glory_ both from _Counterparts_.
_The Pass_ is a great song to use because it deals with suicide, which is
something that a lot of teenagers I know, myself included, have all
considered.  There is a great write up on the song in the FAQ I got when
I subscribed to TNMS.  Good luck with this, sounds like a great idea.
						Scott Casanova


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:36:21 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Live/studio album

From: "A.W. Duckworth" :

>Neil was answering questions about a new album which will include live material
>and some reworked older studio stuff. He also went on to say that there maybe
>a few USA concerts as well, which would be recorded for the new album.

This jibes somewhat with what Alex said in that backstage interview during
the CP tour (posted here a while back).  Didn't Alex say something about
picking up some different old material on the next tour, "we can't put
Closer to the Heart on another live album"?  That sounds like "reworked
older studio stuff" to me.  "A few USA concerts" jibes with the idea of a new
studio album to precede the live one.

>If the report is to be believed then RUSH will be putting out a live/studio
>album sometime in the coming year.

I think that's a misinterpretation...

>So does anyone in the USA know anymore about this? I'll transcribe the
>interview for all to read and post it in the next couple of days.....

 ...but please do!  I'd love to read it.



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 12:51:02 CST
Subject: Live stuff better than studio stuff

Someone asked which live song sounds significantly better live than on
the record.  The one that stands out most in my mind is "A Passage To
Bangkok."  The original is weak and almost brooding, while the live
version is powerful and energetic.  Plus those stupid chimes aren't on
the live version.  Just my $.02...



Date: 23 Feb 95 13:24:57 CST
From: William Geraths 
Subject: RUSH covers...

Since I've seen several posts of bands that either cover RUSH or write songs
a la RUSH style.  I figured that I would list a couple.

Here in San Antonio a band called WatchTower use to cover 2112/Overture.  These
guys did an excellent job on this.  This band was more of a progressive metal
band but their originals contained the "weird" time signatures and creativity
found in RUSH songs.

Also, Primus use to cover YYZ.  The bassist, Les Claypool (I believe), was
inspired by bassist such as Chris Squire (YES), John Entwistle (WHO), and
of course Geddy.

Primus opened for RUSH during the CP tour, I felt that this was an excellent

Well thanks for the time and keep it in tune...

"Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise..."

*  William Geraths, Jr.         * Telephone: 210-531-3527     *
*  St. Philip's College         *                             *
*  1801 Martin Luther King Dr.  * Fax:           531-3513     *
*  San Antonio, Texas 78203     * Internet: *


From: "Nicholas Fanelli" 
Date:         Thu, 23 Feb 1995 15:09:50 EST5EST
Subject:      Fates Warning

Hey RUSH fans,

I'm sent a post some time ago and then left for Christmas break
and didn't get all the replies sent to me.
I posted because I would liked to have known if there any Dream
Theatre /RUSH fans around.  Reading the last two month's issues I
found some, but I found a new love and I'd like to Know if there any
  Dream Theatre/RUSH/Fates Warning fans around now.

I heard of Fates from a friend and have purchased the last three LPs.
I have yet to find, other than the three of my friends, who listen to
I figured since they are friends with DT that some of thier fans
must listen and since RUSH fans....  well, you get the point.
Couple things that interest me, are that their album PARALLELS
was produced by Terry Brown, and is an intense album.  The
Subj:  02/28/95 - The National Midnight Star #1060
Date:  Tue, Feb 28, 1995 2:39 PM CST

Drummer:  WOW. he is absolutely Intense.
So, if there is any of you out their love to hear from you.
And if their any of you who haven't listened: try it.

Well thats all
Nick Fanelli

Embry-Riddle Aero. Univ.
Daytona Bch. Fla.


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 18:33:25 -0600 (CST)
From: riley russell k 
Subject: Better live than studio

it seems i'm one of the few who actually like ESL. i consider it more of
an album of reworked songs than live because of the 'studio-like' sound.
anyway, i think that Xanadu, A Passage to Bangkok, YYZ (definitely), and
La Villa Strangiato are better sounding on ESL than their respective
studio albums. of course, ESL was the first tape of Rush's i ever owned,
so this could have something to do with it.

	russ -gee, bytor sounds like my kind of guy- riley

ps-my lack of caps bug any of you?


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 20:22:33 -0500
Subject: Rush(what else?)

first post, bla bla bla

i consider myself a rush fan, though i'm only a young'n(13) and may not be
able to say "yeah, i remember back in '76 when i went to that 2112 concert".
i got interested in rush because my brother let me listen to 2112 last year.
hmm, he was 21, i was 12.....
Anyway, i'm not like other young people you may meet, as i despise greenday
and hole and those types of bands. as for rush's popularity, i believe that
it is perfect that they aren't on eMpTyV 24 hours a day or on every radio
station every 3 songs like some other bands because it means that much more
when you find another rush fan, or see a rush poster or bumper sticker, or
hear a rush song on the radio because it really makes -my- day when i find
someone saying 'wow you like rush too?' that's my view on it anyway.

some of my other interests besides RUSH:
pearl jam, peter gabriel, boingo, primus, barenaked ladies, MST3K, M:tG

 -Arthur Dent


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 19:34:42 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Re: 02/22/95 - The National Midnight Star #1058

> I am going to flame somewhat.  I felt Rush was insulted by Kasee(I think)
> about similarities to Sara Maclaughlin, Tori Amos and Concrete Blonde.
> First, Rush has musical talent, second they are true musicians, they
> write cool songs, and don't have to cover Nirvana like Tori Amos to be
> good, besides they are the boys are are the best band to ever be created,
> we should are br grateful, If I hear Tori Amos in twenty years, I think I
> will cry.  Flame me back personally on this one, we don't need a debate
> on the list over this(wimps vs. Rush)

	Geez, of seen enough of this crap on the Van Halen list.  I
thought that I wouldn't have to see it on this list.  Don't flame people
for their tastes......and that includes any potential flames of me for
being on the Van Halen list.  :)  They're the only band who's new
releases make me more excited than Rush.

>         Has anyone ever seen a written bio for each of the drummers featured
> in the Burning for Buddy CD?  I am particularly interested in which band(s)
> these drummers have played for in the past.  I know Steve Gadd played for
> Steely Dan, among others.  Also, Simon Phillips played for Judas Priest,
> among others.

	In a recent issue of Modern Drummer, Neil talks about his
experiences with each individual drummer.  If there's any particular one
you want to know about, I or the other drummers on NMS could help you.  I
doubtthat you're going to find written bios for all of them all in the
same  place.  I don't remember who all is on the disc (I can't find it for
less than $16.99, and I'm a poor college student).  Anyway, Steve Gadd
also played for Paul Simon.  (The cool cool drum intro on "50 Ways to
Leave Your Lover" comes to mind.)  I didn't realize that Simon Phillips
played for Judas Priest (??).  If he did, though, it's most definitely
not his crowning achievement.  He played on the huge Who reunion tour in
'89, and totally kicked.  Both Gadd and Phillips (and others on the disc)
are accomplished session players who have played with lots of people.

Just my $.02
($.025 in Canada)



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 19:36:56 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Re: A Passage To Bangkok / Drugs (fwd)

This didn't get posted the first time, so I'm sending it again.  I
realize that it's somewhat late.

>Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 00:15:04 -0600 (CST)
>From: Tim Mulligan 
>Subject: Re: A Passage To Bangkok / Drugs
>	Yeah, that's what the song is about.  The whole friggin' thing's about
>drugs as far as I can tell.  I'm quoting this from memory, and I haven't
>listened to this tune in a _long_ time, but I think it starts out:
>"Our first stop is in Bogota,
> To check Columbian Fields,
> The natives smile, and pass along
> A sample of their yield."
>	I don't think Neil was talking about coffee beans.



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 21:54:07 EST
From: (Travis Corcoran)
Subject: Mobile Fidelity releases

>  Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:34:27 -0600
>  From:
>  Subject: Mobile Fidelity releases?
> Just a question to the general crowd...does anyone have one (all?) of the Rush
> CDs that were remastered by Mobile Fidelity Labs (the gold CDs)?


>  As nice as it was, I couldn't help noticing how crummy the head-
>  phones sounded, so I really couldn't tell whether it was worth the investment
>  ($24 on sale).

This is often a problem when demoing (supposedly) high quality
musical hardware or software: the rest of the playback chain is so
shoddy its impossible to tell the difference between two different items.

>  I guess what I should have done was ask them to play the $10
>  version in compar- ison to the other, but I didn't have the heart.
>  From what I understand, they sound better than the original issues
>  if you have the equipment to notice the difference (i.e.,
>  personal/portable players won't make it).  So here's the
> do these premium versions compare to their unleaded
>  counterparts?

I've found MoFi gold re-issues to vary in quality between tremendously
better than the original release to modestly better.  The two Rush
MoFi CDs I have fall closer to the second half of the spectrum; I
think this is due to Rush's recording process, wherein many different
microphones, takes, tracks, etc. are mixed together.  Even the master
tapes don't have huge amounts of low-level musically important
information hiding on them (whereas a modestly miked, single pass
recording of a more acoustic piece of music would have a lot of subtle
sound-staging information, background sounds, etc. hiding onthe master
tapes...check out the MoFi reissue of Muddy Waters' "Folk Singer" for
a great example).

I can confirm your hypothesis that the difference between MoFi
recordings and the originals are often not audible with out decent
playback equipment.  I can reliably tell the difference between my old
and new copies of the Rush CDs on my current rig, but (a) it is not a
stunning difference; and (b) its pretty good equipment: Stax Lambda
Signatures electrostatic headphones fed from a Marantz CD player.

Hope this raw data is of some use to you as you try to make your
purchasing decision,

TJIC (Travis J.I. Corcoran)       
                         Member NRA, GOAL

            opinions(TJIC) != opinions(employer(TJIC))
  "Buy a rifle, encrypt your data, and wait for the Revolution!"


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 21:58:05 -0500
From: (David Watson)
Subject: Rush Country @8)

To all you people who complained about Brian's quite funny post (IMHO)
about Rush's forthcoming country album, I just gotta say one thing:

LIGHTEN THE HELL UP, Y'ALL!!!  IT WAS A JOKE (and if you thought it was
a cruel one, go grow yrself some skin)!!!

Sheesh.  Now I remember why I stopped reading

Dave Watson, Severed Heads Liberation Front (Re-release the _Stretcher_ EP!)
Frezier Balzoff (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
           "A man is measured by the depth of his anger."--Eddie
  "Real nipples should be pointy enough to scratch your cornea."--Scotsman


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 20:31:06 CST
Subject: This C@W Thang

I couldn't believe my eyes when at least four people in TNMS #1059
actually thought Mr. Bissett was serious when he announced that Rush
was going to do a country and western album.  Some guy even asked him
to verify his sources!?!  Geesh, he was obviously making a joke.  He
only ended his post with a quote from Jimmy Buffett refering to the
value of laughter...

Scott - keep that stuff coming.  I particularly enjoyed that last one
about the Orbit Room.



Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 20:05:07 MST
From: "Jon Tanguy" 
Subject: re:questions

 - The #p/g! Page says the title of the new album due in April '95 will
be "Common Time."  Any truth to this one?  A concert album coming
shortly thereafter would make sense, since "Common Time" would be the
fourth studio album since "A Show of Hands."

 - Just wondering:  why does it seem that Rush skips Denver on
alternate tours?  We did get two in a row for Presto and Roll the
Bones, but they skipped us on the Counterparts tour!  I'm going into

"the Armchair Rocket Scientist"
Boulder, CO


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 21:48:07 PST
Subject: RE: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059

I usually don't post publicly about the the power gods from up north, but I 
was reading and noticed a fan commenting about the HYF tour when Rush, 
supposedly, had to fill in extra time due to the fact that Tommy Shaw was 
less than acceptable as an opening act.

This poster believes TS was a great opener when, in fact, I was there at the 
Houston show and TS was the biggest joke of an opening band I ever saw.  He 
played hardly ANY styx songs and resolved himself to being booed when his 
little love song ran over the 4 or 5 minute mark.  (sorry - only RUSH is 
allowed to play the long ones!!)

The boys then played an extra 30 mins and more than made up for TS disgrace.  
The guys is a lamer and it took em a while to actually accept he had any 
musical input in the Damn Yankees thing.

"A slave to the drive of obsession..." - NP

^^^ My life's karma


Subject: Fillers?
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 23:17:53 -0500 (EST)
From: "Adam Paul Loch" 

This is in response to (Alex Zivojinovic, obviously not
his real name) commments about Rush using filler songs. And yes, this is a
flame. I'm not sending it to him directly because I want him to hear this. I'm
not quoting it back, I thought I might vomit if I had to read that absolute
garbage again. I'm sure everyone who read #1057 knows what I'm talking about.
He claims that La Villa Strangiato is just instrumental filler for Hemispheres.
What the hell is this guy smoking? "Draging out" The Camera Eye? Have you ever
really listened to these songs? I like the nice scarcastic comments too, sounds
like a Rush fan to me. Sounds more like the alternative freak that lives on my
floor trying to rip on Rush. Ok, he may be right about the first album, but the
rest of what he said wouldn't be fit to wipe my ass (if it was written on
paper, of course). Just some advice: Listen closer to the instrumental parts of
those "filler songs", listen to the bass line on "Cinderella Man" (A great
song, IMHO), and think before plaguing the NMS readers with trash like that
ever again. Thank you.

On a lighter note,
YKYARFW: You have a big picture of Geddy Lee as your Windows background :)

Later(less fire and brimstone next time)...

Adam Loch                                         Michigan State University
                                                  Computer Engineering

                G   O         S   P   A   R   T   A   N   S   !


From: (Zee-Bee)
Date: 21 Feb 95 12:02:46 -0800
Subject: Maclean's Interview

I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Macleans interview of Rush
from January 1978 called "Meet Rush."  Is it possible to get a
transcription of this?  Thanks.

|Fidonet:  Zee-Bee 1:103/207
| Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.


From: (Zee-Bee)
Date: 22 Feb 95 21:48:14 -0800
Subject: Cool

Today was so cool.  I called up the radio station (KLOS) and requested
that they play Presto for me for this all request show they do at noon.
I've requested stuff before, and it's never gotten played.  But they
played Presto for me and it was so cool to hear it on the radio because
I never get to hear it except for on the CD and it's just so much cooler
on the radio.  Just wanted to share my excitement.  Oh, and you know
you're a Rush fan when you stay up until 5 in the morning listening to
the entire Chronicles CD being played on the radio.

|Fidonet:  Zee-Bee 1:103/207
| Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 01:45:36 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robert Rocke (GD 1999)" 
Subject: A defense of Everyday Glory and "Presto"

On 2/23, Dave Sills wrote:
>	One other the last NMS someone was ranting about
>'fillers' on Rush albums. I'd have to disagree with most of his
>selections, but I have thought that Everyday Glory from Cp is way
>outta place. It sounds like an outtake from HYF or Presto to me. It
>just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the album.

	I have to disagree: in fact, I'll go so far as to say that "Everyday
Glory" is one of my favorite tracks on the album (CD...whatever), if not my
FAVORITE! The lyrics are just wonderful (idealism is great, no?)--and
Geddy's vocalization of the second in each pair of "No matter what they
say"'s makes me think he learned something from HYF's exposure to
Aimee Mann (yes, that tone-bending  _does_ sound to me like an A.Mann-
ism): that's not a bad thing, by the way, those are my favorite moments in
the song!
	Personally, I find two songs from the MIDDLE
of the album to be far less provocative musically (and lyrically), "The
Speed of Love" and "Between Sun & Moon."
	Well "to each his/her own" as far as favorite tracks go, right?, so
no debating that--though I _do_ think I'll use this occasion to digress into a
defense of "Presto" (also mentioned by Dave), which I find to have taken
quite a beating over the past few months on the NMS.
	First of all, yes I am one of those long-time Rush fans: I still
remember hearing a just-released "2112" IN CANADA while visiting
grandma and grandpa (yes, I've got "maple" in my blood) at the tender age
of 7 or so (circ. 1976), taking a copy of the album home with my big
brother and laughing at what I thought was the Mona Lisa on the inset
liner photos (has any one else ever viewed Geddy's "2112" photo this
way?).  Of course I couldn't make heads or tails of the music at that
age, but still, that experience "lit my {Rush} fire" and began a trend
that's continued ever since, though I didn't _really_ begin to appreciate the 
boys until around PeW/MP era...I was old enough then.
	Well enough "waffling on" about that, I just wanted to share what
I regard as being an extensive exposure to the guys' music over the years,
and I have to say that as pinnacle RUSH-"defining" albums I would have to
posit both "Moving Pictures" and "Presto" as culminations, with "Presto"
solidifying the trend begun in SG and GUP: the expanded use of keyboards
and the heavily emphasized (post)production process (but without some of the
OVER-produced drawbacks of let's say, HYF.  (No, No, don't get on my
case about this one folks, HYF too is a favorite of mine--I'm just trying
to make what I think is a valid comparison.)
	It is in this sense that "Presto" really shines, and I often recommend
it (along with MP) to Rush-newcomers as perhaps one of the most thoughtful
introductions to the band.  The overall "Sound" of this album, as a
summation of the tunes' individual "sounds," really works for me.  There's
some fantastic songwriting on this album, too, which was a definite goal of
the band at that time.
	Standout tracks include: "Show Don't Tell" (it had and has been a
while since we've had such a conspicuous Geddy bass solo), "The Pass"
(great bass playing again, and the song as a overall experience: WOW!),
"Presto" (Alex's most prominent use of the acoustic in years!), "Red Tide"
(some of you may remember my last pro-environmental  defense
of this very strongly pro-environmental song, despite the misguided
opinion of certain others--Ok, I'll leave it at that...don't get me started),
"Hand Over Fist" (I just LOVE Alex's guitar parts on this song and check
out Neil's really loosening up at the end), and of course I cannot neglect
"Available Light" (a gorgeous way to end the album, where I've always
sensed almost Clapton-esque fills by Alex, and again some of
Neil's best drumming in years).
	So all in all I find this album to be a real milestone for RUSH.  It
seems to me for the past X number of years or Rush has consciously
wanted to hold on to those valuable lessons learned in the recording of the
most highly produced albums (especially PeW and HYF), while at the same time
bringing back some of that more direct three-piece sound and energy of the
earlier records: I'd have to say from GUP through RTB (perhaps even
including CP), "Presto" seems to really be the most successful for me in this
vein: the perfect mixture of great songwriting, great playing, and a balanced
recording/production scheme (neither over- nor under- produced), and I
think the actual sound of the recording betrays this...I find it to be a much
warmer recording, for example, than either HYF before
it or RTB after it...
	Go have a listen tonight and see for yourself!
				In defense of "Presto"
				(I had to!!!)
				Rob Rocke
				New Haven. CT
Sorry about the length, but...well, know how we can worked up
about these things. (Especially at 1 or 2 AM or whatever the hell time it
is!).  "Presto"--Good night.
P.S. Bunnies rock as well,, I almost forgot to mention!


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