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 Date:  Wed, Mar 1, 1995 5:23 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1061

                 Wednesday, 1 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                        Gold Discs
                    Re: Raindance.....
                     Re: La Villa....
                       GRAMMIES ???
             mail order rush and lonely in VT
     Re: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059
                Alex and the Country stuff
             Everyday Glory-hardly a filler!
           You know you are a Rush fan when...
                   YET ANOTHER NEW POST
     RE: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059
                      CD time, gifts
                  Calling all Canucks...
                 Ged's Precision teardrop
                     Rush "sighting"
                      Re-done stuff
                    Southern Rushians
                      SUN MOON LAKE
         Re: Adolescent counseling groups & Rush
                  Why Not CYGNUS Live?!
                     Who's counting?
                    Types of RUSH fans
        Brian K Preston re: Golf @ Governor's Club
                 Bumper Sticker & Menu...
                        New Album
                       Binary code
          The TRUTH about the new Rush album!!!
                 When is the next tour ?
                    Random Sample Hold
                       Country NOT!

Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 02:02:38 -0500
Subject: Gold Discs

Hello all,
I have the signals Ultradisc, (The gold one)  and on good equipment, it
really does make a difference.  The other ones are mass produced, and are
usually a copy of a copy of a copy etc...  Being a recording musician myself,
I know this process can really detract from the original intentions of the
musician.  Any case, if anyone is interested in getting more info on these
discs you can call (800) 423-5759  or via snail mail at   Mobile Fidelity
Sound Lab/ 105 Morris Street/ Sebastopol, CA, 95472  They even have an E-Mail
Address (Quite Impressive, a corporate entity up with the times)
I hope this helps.  BTW, The country rush posts have been hilarious to say
the least.

A Side note here.  My college English Prof. Taught The Trees as an example of
political writing.  Go Figure, (I got an A on that quiz)

Thanks for listening-Ron (Another Ron?  Yes, another one, Ain't it great!)



From: "egusers" 
Date:         Fri, 24 Feb 1995 02:03:22 EST
Subject:      Re: Raindance.....

Hey Thom-US,
     No need to be flameish about this....I recall seeing in TNMS that
Raindance was "published" (read: printed) for Peart.  There was a
publisher's name given, though I don't recall what it is offhand.  Rush
Manager, help us out here, because I know this was in here.  I recall a
discussion about this where it was explained that the type of
publishing involved was one in which there was only printing and no
distribution.  Furthemore, the MacClean's article I mentioned before
discusses "a collection of Neil's travelogues, printed in book form, for
distribution among friends."  I don't think we're saying very different
things, but I don't think I'm "dead wrong" either.

Ron Bratis
100 Farrington St. #219
Terre Haute, IN 47807


From: "egusers" 
Date:         Fri, 24 Feb 1995 02:11:47 EST
Subject:      Re: La Villa....

Somebody asked about Alex in ASOH video - what was "censored"
from La Villa.  This is probably in FAQ (or should be if it isn't), but
nobody actually knows what he was saying.  The mike wasn't even
turned on.  The guys just thought he looked really funny ranting into
the mike, so they put up the radioactive warning sign, etc. as a joke -
which a lot of people haven't seemed to get.  Geddy discussed this on
a Rockline (@roll the bones, I think, maybe earlier) which is probably
transcribed on syrinx somewhere I would guess.

Ron Bratis
100 Farrington St. #219
Terre Haute, IN 47807


Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 23:12:48 -0800
From: (Michael J. Smith (ST. LOUIS RAMS))
Subject: GRAMMIES ???

	Could someone please post when the grammies will be taking place.
	Also, what station will be covering it ?

	Thank you,

	Michael C. Billeter
	Ronco Corp.
	Vice President in Charge of Stinky Toe-Jam
	Binghamton, NY


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 09:13:15 -0500 (EST)
From: "Catherine A. Brissette" 
Subject: mail order rush and lonely in VT

Hey guys!!!!! I thought you might be interested in a mail order place
called Concert Express that sells old t-shirts, posters, patches,
backstage passes, 8x10 glossies, CD's, videos, sweats, hats, you name it.
I gave the catalog to a friend, but I do have the number:
(612) 942-7895. They're pretty good about shipping, especially if you
order w/ plastic... I got a 4x4 black flag with the naked guy/star on it,
some t-shirts, a patch for my bookbag, the Chronicles video, a key ring...
so I know the quality is pretty good. Also, I found Visions (thru HYF) in
a cheesy record store called Record Town. If anybody's interested, I'll
pick up a copy for you.
Where are all the Rush fans up here??? I thought maybe there would be
more this close to Canada, but I haven't met any. I'm so happy I found
TNMS, though; now at least I get some e-mail!!!!
Thanks ya'll! Hope this info helps!
           "Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes"


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:05:00 EST

I just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Bissett for his humor.  For all those
of you who are taking him seriously, just read his quote by Buffett.
Then again, when I saw the Counterparts tour in Landover, MD, at the US Air
Arena, the boys did a short little country stint in the middle of the concert.
Everyone laughed, some people almost rolled in stands.  Geddy actually sounded
like a country singer - it was hysterical.  Thanks again for providing us
with a few laughs.  I seriously doubt Mr. Bissett is attempting to mock any
of the songs or the boys.  He is obviously a great fan - how else could
he be that creative when using the song titles with country themes?!

Bill Terney at York College of PA

"Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world, than the pride that
divides, when a colorful rag is unfurled." - you all better know who!


Subject: Re: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 08:49:51 -0700 (MST)

KDKB (93.3 fm "ROCKS arizona!" :-) had natalie smith, the penthouse
playmate of the year runnerup in the studio this morning.  she's
straight from england & has a gorgeous accent you could cut with a
knife.  during the discussion with her, the DJs asked about her favorite
band.  guess which one it was?  :->  in fact, she's only been to one
concert in her life & commented on how impressed she was when she saw
the boyz live.  of course, KDKB is a RUSH station, so naturally they
followed this up with "tom sawyer" ... i sure feel sorry for all you
folks out there in the hinterland with no RUSH stations.

shyeah, right.  :-D

ye wilde ryder
 -- | 86 cr250 "dirt devil"    83 v65 magna "animal"
"E Pluribus Unix" | 79 it250 "mr. reliable"  82 v45 magna "elliot"
"Criminals (especially tyrants) prefer unarmed victims."
"...sunlight on chrome, the blur of the landscape, every nerve aware."


From: "Kohler, Brian" 
Subject: Alex and the Country stuff
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 11:31:00 PST

In reply to some of the Country Music posts.
I read an interview on Counterparts where Alex stated that  "Cold Fire"
had a country-westrern flavor to it.  Played at a quicker tempo, he felt it
would have made a great CW type of tune. But we all know how whacked
Big Al is!  Also, when I saw them in Washington DC. last april, Alex went
into this crazy country-like stumming thing and was rambling on about
Bill Clinton and some other stuff in his best 'southern twang'. They then
abruptly stopped this playful little ditty and launched into, yep, "Cold
Fire".  Needless to say, it was very strange and very cool!! Rush is KING!!



Date:     Fri, 24 Feb 95 12:44:25 EST
From: Bryan Pascuzzi (ACISD) 
Subject:  Lyrics..

Subdivisions was playing as i wrote this on WIYY - 98 Rock, Baltimore, so
excuse me if i'm a little excited....

I would really appreciate it immensely if someone could email me the lyrics
to Fly By Night, the song specifically, but if you want i'd love to have the
whole damn thing.
CoS would be nice too, but that's asking a little too much right now, so i;ll
just be happy with FBN.



Top Ten Replacement Player Complaints:
#3  Player photos on JumboTron done by police sketch artist.


Date:     Fri, 24 Feb 95 13:17:36 EST
From: Bryan Pascuzzi (ACISD) 
Subject:  Everyday Glory-hardly a filler!

david sills writes:
>....	One other the last NMS someone was ranting about 'fillers'
>on Rush albums. I'd have to disagree with most of his selections, but I
>have thought that Everyday Glory from Cp is way outta place....

I have to respectfully disagree with him.  IMHO, "Everyday Glory" is very
powerful, both lyrically and musically speaking.  It actually gives me chills
when i really let it take hold of me for some reason (like MANY Rush songs).

It only ADDS to the strength of CP, and gives it a great conclusion.
Anyone agree?


Hi Age!!!!!


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:25:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Arvid Hokanson 
Subject: You know you are a Rush fan when...

	Fellow Rushians,

You know you are a Rush fan are at the airport and you go to
the Air Canada desk and ask for a Toronto Int'l luggage tag with YYZed on it.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 13:29:19 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael E Brindamour 

Hello everyone,
	This is my first post of the semester, due to lack of time.
However, I was a very frequent poster last semester.  The main reason I'm
posting this is because I have to flame.
	I'm really not an A**hole, but this is getting ridiculous.
No, the boys aren't really recording a country album... It's a joke... Ha
Ha Ha, get it?  I thought it was funny at least.
	Also, I would just like to point out to everyone that when they
first subscribe to the NMS the first four things they recieve are called
the RUSH FAQ.  This will answer most of the questions people ask on the
NMS.  I read it and found it interesting, I don't know why other people
don't.  One question I saw recently which I know is in the FAQ, and has
been asked and answered by others recently on the NMS:  During A show of
hands what is alex saying in the censored part?
	The answer?  First of all... READ THE FAQ!!  The answer is It's a
joke... during that tour in that particular song, Alex always would go up
to the mic and mumble intelligable stuff for no particular reason.  On
this particular night (the one that was recorded..) it didn't get
recorded for some reason, so when they had filmed alex talking into the
mic, Geddy had the idea of putting the border with the Nuclear symbols on
it around the screen saying it was censored.  He thought people would
realize it was a joke and find it funny.  He has since said that he has
decided that that, as well as "Part IV: Gangster of Boats Trilogy"  Were
bad jokes, because no one got them.
	To answer some others I saw the other day.  NO, THEY ARE NOT
DYING.  These are the oldest rumors in the book and were officially put
to rest by Geddy on rockline last year saying "We are all actually in
very good health."
	The star in the circle is NOT a pentagram... it is a pentacle
which is the symbol used by the Witchcraft religion (Yes, it is a real
religion, and has nothing to do with satan) and has NO satanic connotations
	1001001 does in fact mean I and is most definitely related to Ayn
Rand's influence on Neil.
	Any more questions?  Please check the FAQ first and then ask on
the NMS if they are not addressed in it.
	Sorry for the flame, but it just started to bug me too much.

* We sometimes catch a window, A glimpse of what's beyond.     *
* Was it just imagination, Stringing us along?                 *
* More things than we dreamed about, Unseen and unexplained.   *
* We suspend our disbelief, and we are entertained--           *
*****************************************From "Mystic Rythms"  *
*Michael Brindamour-  *                 *        By RUSH       *
* *                 ************************


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 11:01:01 -0500

    IF IT LOOKS LIKE I'M SHOUTING IT'S BECAUSE I _AM_!  After many months of
lurking in the shadows I have finally suceeded in posting (my PC knowledge is
roughly equivalent to that of a chimpanzee)!  Anyway, I'm finally here and
    As this is my first post I shall try to keep it short so as not to bore
anyone.  My name is Andy and I'm an Associate Scientist for a pharmaceutical
company ( no, I'm not a geek -- I still have hair down to my waist).  I'm 31
years old and have been playing guitar for 26 of those years.  My main
influence is, of course, Alex and I would welcome any questions concerning his
style, equipment, etc.  I have a home studio and lots of amps n' guitars
(including my prized Alpine White Gibson EDS 1275 doubleneck) and my band plays
out 3-4 nights per week to preserve my sanity (if not my energy).
    When it comes to Rush, what can I say, I tend to foam alot when I talk
about them which makes it all the more difficult to find a conversant.  Imagine
my joy when I first found this wonderful haven -- I'm sure you all felt it too!
I first got into the boyz via ATWAS and my first Rush concert was AFTK at the
Tower Theater in PA. -- excuse me, my false teeth just fell out!  I have seen
every tour since then including Hemispheres and P/G from the front row!  Since
I am longer in years than alot of you I tend to look for collectables from
the AFTK to MP era.  Speaking of which, does anybody have a video copy of the
boyz doing La Villa in the studio whilst wearing the traditional diaphenous
flowing kimonos, circa 1979?  I remember seeing this vid as a musical short on
HBO long before the decline of musical civilization (MTV) and I almost
christened my shorts.  IMHO, Hemispheres marked the culmination of Rush's
technical expertise and although it may be dark, moody and challenging to
    Bear with me a bit longer please.  My most memorable Rush experience was
just recently on the CP tour in PA.  I saw the first of two shows from the
 opposite side of the Spectrum which allows you to see the whole show and...
uh...I guess that's all that can really be said for that. Anyway, since I
had nothing better to do the second night I decided to go again, even though I
knew I'd probably be viewing the concert from an altitude of such thin
atmosphere that the insertion of cotton balls into one's nostrils is required to
prevent bleeding to death!  After dialing a couple of numbers I was
pleasantly shocked to find 2 seats in row 5 with my name on them!  I grabbed
a friend and headed for the show. When I got to my seat, located directly in
front of the King of Shmengland, I realized that I had not once been asked
to show my ticket stub.  Talk about relaxed security!  After a slammin' set by
Candlebox (a great band) I noticed some empty seats in the front row.  Needless
to say they were occupied as soon as the house lights dimmed!  One of the
coolest things about seeing a show from the front row is watching the
performers come on stage before the show actually starts.  There in the
darkness 10 feet away and illuminated only by the glowing LED's of 4 Marshall
stacks stood my favorite guitarist, Alex Lifeson! ( I had seen Eddie Van Halen
from this viewpoint but the the thrill just couldn't compare) The 2001 Theme
ended, the Dreamline riff started, and a smile spread across my face and has
been there ever since! About halfway thru the set Big Al's strap came off to
his dismay and Jimmy Johnson's obliviousness.  I was sooo tempted...Anyhow, my
steadfastness was rewarded about 3/4 of the way thru the set when Alex walked
to very front of the stage and placed a slightly worn CP pick in the palm of my
hand! That was unreal! My friend and I were going crazy air guitaring and
singing until the closing notes of Cygnus X-1 when I turned to him and said,
"Ron, I can't take it anymore!"  I put one foot on the chair, the other on the
railing and jumped on stage! Ron almost fell off his chair laughing.  I jumped
up and down a couple of times and ran over and hugged Alex, who unfortunately
had such a look of dread on his face that I felt kinda' bad.  The poor guy
probably thought I wanted his eyes for souvenirs!  So I was politely escorted
from the stage by a crew member who must have really liked me (from the grip he
had around my waist) and deposited back in the front row feeling alot excited
and only a little foolish! WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!
    Sorry if this wasn't the least bit interesting but I had to tell somebody!
And please don't flame me for scaring Alex, I feel bad about it too!

    					Thanks fo' listenin'


GED: "P.R.S., that's a guitar ?"
ALEX: " No Ged, women get that."
GED: "I thought it was that Penis Reduction System you used."
ALEX: "I tried that but it didn't work!"
    -Guitar Player Magazine


Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 16:59:19 EST
Subject: RE: 02/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1059

OK folks, let's get something straight.  Rush is not going to do a country
album.  I think this is one of these stupid concocted rumors which some
idiot made up and is currently laughing his head off at the amount of distress
you people seem to be getting from it.  Relax for God's sake.  Rush has
always been and always will be a rock band.  The other thing I wanted to
bring up is that someone said in 1059 that Geddy got his hair cut short.  Oh
woe is me, could this be happening?  Geddy Lee sporting a preppy do?



Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 15:51:08 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: CD time, gifts


>From: Tony Dormio 
>Recently on NMS Puanani frustated and sleepless.....

 I cracked up at this... don't worry, I'm recovered, now.  8-}

>Who's to say that they would've written more material?

 Well, that's why I said that the vinyl could probably have held more
 material, too.  I was ticked off about the possibilities.  Not that I
 mean to drag this on, but they've utilized the extended time capabilities
 of the CD today.  I'm just thinking they could have done that in the
 past, as well, if the tech was there.  Not that they necessarily WOULD
 have, but just the idea that they COULD have.

>No Permanent Waves release and that means
>no PeW cover. THANKS A LOT PUANANI!!! ;)

 8-|  I'm sorry...!  I'm sorry.  it's not my fault...  :-)

>Is it the Eensy Weensy Spider or the Itsy Bitsy Spider?
>Which would Geddy sing?

 I would guess Eensy Weensy.  Unless Neil insists on Itsy Bitsy.

>Seriously, though, the credit for
>the whole dang gift idea belongs to Puanani (now, don't get shy on us,

 No it wasn't.  It was my evil twin brother, Fred. He does these kinds
 of things, y'know...
 However, I cannot stress enough how much effort a lot of other folks
 have put into this.  It wouldn't be happening without their help.
 Or Rush's 20th anniversary.  Or even Rush.  Or their parents.  Or their...



Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 23:48:03 -0500 (EST)
From: Steven Van Timmeren 
Subject: YKYARFW

Hey guys, just a few more "You know you're a Rush fan when..." jokes.


                    1.  you can't help thinking "1,2,3,4,1,2" when
                        someone starts talking about animation.

                    2.  you start humming RTB every time you see a

                    3.  you start singing In The End whenever you
                        here the rhyme "one, two, buckle my shoe."

                    4.  you get excited when some mentions a Russian.

                    5.  you've named your plants Alex, Geddy, and Neil.

                    6.  Dreamline comes to your mind every time your dog

     Just a few other comments as well.  First off I'd like to warn
people to make sure they let everybody know something is a joke after they
write it.  People tend to believe almost anything they read. Especially if it
is really convincing (a la April Fool's Day '94 :) ).
     Another thing; anybody else out there think The Sphere part of
Cygnus just rocks?  It is second only to In The End for greatness (IMHO
of course).
     For those of you who have read through all this pointless drivel I
commend you.  :)

Steven Van Timmeren

"All those precious wasted years
 Who will pay?"  -You know who


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 00:16:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Sabina Becker - JOUD/F94 
Subject: Calling all Canucks...

Can anybody tell me the address of the Orbit Room, about which I recently
read so much complimentary stuff?  I'm currently living in the fair city
of Toronto the Good, so I'd love to know the location of the coolest spot
to go if I ever need to impress a Rush-loving date.  Thanx!


* Time stand still...I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me
now...time stand still...


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 01:09:39 -0500
Subj:  03/01/95 - The National Midnight Star #1061
Date:  Wed, Mar 1, 1995 5:23 PM CST

Subject: Ged's Precision teardrop

In ish 1059  wrote:

>The band (I forget their name) came on towards the
>end of our meal, and politely played some softer jazz
>while people were eating.  Toward the end of the set,
>they were jammin' HARD! VERY impressive!  Good
>musicians.  They were a four piece: guitar (electric),
>bass (elec.), drums, and a keys guy with a Hammond.
>It's funny, the bass player had a Fender Precision cut
>into a teardrop shape like Ged's old one
>(I know.  Ged's was a Jazz). On an occasional tune the
>guitar player sang, and the bass and keys guys did harmonies.
>They play there every week Wed. through Sat.

I enjoyed reading about the Orbit Room; thanks for the
play-by-play!  I'm going to have to get there one of these
days ... but, ya know.

Anyway, the reason I actually chose the portion above
is that Ged's teardrop bass IS a 1969 Fender Precision ...
so, depending on the color and pickup configuration,
you may have seen the real deal!  Was the guy any good?
Would he like to sell?

Just thought you'd like to know.



Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 01:15:35 -0500
Subject: Rush "sighting"

I did a double take last Saturday morning, while watching
NBC's NBA show (with Willow Bay).

They did what I think is their weekly "Jam" spot, which highlights some
pretty incredible dunks.  The background music was at low value to start, but
my brain registered & recognized it before I caught on--it was SoR!  It was a
long spot, so we even got to hear some of Geddy's voice (starting with "and
the words of the prophets. . . .).  NBC ran it to the end, and finished with
a dunk on each of the accents--it was great.  First time I turned up the volum
e on a basketball show--no credits at the end, which was a little

Anyway, it was a great way to start the weekend.  After the show was over, I
put MP on the CD player and "danced" with my three-month old daughter to
RB--she actually loved it (reminds me of a thread over a year ago re: when to
introduce Rush to infants).
Alexa (nice, huh?) is going to be my Rush partner in the future--my wife has
had enough of the concerts, but will go if they perform some kind of
Anniversary show.

Take care!

 - Tom  (in NJ, Kira)


Date:         Sat, 25 Feb 95 06:48:02 EST
From: Paul Bartlett 
Subject:      Re-done stuff

Well, if the interview with Neil is accurate, there will be a live
album and a studio album not too far apart.  It seems like they would
play some old stuff on the next tour and then bring out the live album
after that, but from what was quoted in a recent NMS, they may do a short
special 20th Anniversary type tour, and play old stuff in it, which
will be recorded for the live album.  I wouldn't get my hopes up
about too much really old stuff.  Neil has commented that they've
outgrown almost all of their music from before 1980.  We certainly
wont see anything on the live album that's already on one.

My guess on possibilities:
  Perhaps the full Fly By Night
  Making Memories would be a nice sentiment but probably wont happen
  I doubt if they'll touch any more of side B of 2112
  Unless they do discovery and Oracle.. 2112 would be a waste of space
  Cinderella Man would be fun
  Perhaps A Farewell to Kings
  Cygnus is just not that musical to my ears...I used to love it
  Hemispheres would be great in it's entirety, but I doubt we'll get it all
  Circumstances (please)
  Natural Science would be great and I think is a possibility
  I'd also like different strings & Entre Nous but I doubt it
  Vital signs has been recorded on the RTB tour
  I'd love the Camera Eye
  Analog Kid was recorded on RTB and CP tours
  I'd like Digital Man / The weapon
  They can't do Losing It
  They wont do Afterimage but I wish they would
  The enemy within/Kid Gloves/Between the wheels .. I'll take any of em
  I loved Territories on PW but thought it wasn't good on the ASOH video
  I'd like Grand Designs,
  Middletown Dreams or Emotion detector would be good but I doubt it
  I'd love Open Secrets and Lock and Key
  We'll get Show don't tell, The Pass, and Superconductor
  I'd love Presto, Red Tide, Hand over Fist, and Available Light (maybe 1?)
  We'll get Dreamline, Bravado, RTB,
  We may get Ghost.. but probably one instrumental and it'll be LTTA
  We'll get Stick it Out, Animate, Nobody's Hero & maybe Cold Fire
  I'd like Alien Shore, BSAM, Cut to the Chase, Everyday Glory and
  Double Agent, but we can't have the whole CP album

  I don't particularly want Stick it Out... The middle section is
  really cool "Each time we bathe..." but as a whole I'd put the
  song near the bottom of the rankings.

  My main comment is:  Don't count on a re-done 2112
  They could play it, but wont put it on another live album
  Neil would say: "What's the point... We did it already"

 Paul Alexander Bartlett           Tel: (613) 545-6368
 Geography Department              Fax: (613) 545-6122
 Queen's University
 Kingston, Ontario
 K7L 3N6


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 11:27:17 +0600 (CST)
From: Chris Pardua 
Subject: Southern Rushians

Someone in the NMS #1059 earnestly requested input from Rush fans in the
south, so I thought I'd respond.

I don't know when the last time Rush came to your town, but they haven't
hit here since HYF in 88 (Jackson, MS).  Even though I wasn't here at the
time, someone I know was and went to the show.  From what he remembers,
the place was about half-empty, and the crowd less than enthusiastic.
Local legend has it that Rush announced they'd never play Jackson again
because of the response we gave them, and to this day, they've kept that
promise.  These days, we gotta drive to Memphis, New Orleans, Birmingham,
or somewhere in Texas for a show...not the worst thing that could happen,
but highly inconvenient.

Anyhow, it's always a surprise to run into a genuine Rush fan down here,
especially since Jackson has about 5 (!) country music stations and more
of an emphasis on Sunday-morning churchgoing than I can stomach (that's
not to say you can't be religious *and* listen to offense to
those who are).  There just doesn't seem to be much of a call for
intelligent music around here...I know maybe 5 or 6 Rush fans altogether,
and I play in a band with two of em.  No one I know listens to Yes or has
even *heard* of King Crimson--it gets pretty lonely sometimes.  The long
and the short of it is:  unfortunately, a lot of folks still have their
heads stuck in Lynyrd Skynyrd's and Molly Hatchet's rear ends.  It's what
they identify with `cause they grew up with it.  The only Rush they know
is, know, the other guy, the fat one with the books.

Maybe us yahoos should all get together sometime, check out that new
country Rush that's coming out!  Sit on the porch, kill of a six of Miller
High Life, and watch the bug zappers... :)


I like traffic lights I like traffic lights I like traffic lights I like traff
				Chris Pardua
ic lights I like traffic lights I like traffic lights I like traffic lights


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 14:29:40 -0500 (EST)
From: "Christopher E. Kelley" 

This past summer my friend pointed out a _National Geographic_
article regarding a country in Southeast Asia which has a certain
body of water.  Translated into english, this body of water is
called "Sun-Moon Lake".  Coincidence?  You be the judge.  I'd tell
you which issue, but I can't find it.  Sometime in 1994, though.


1.   You tap the morse code part of YYZ out loud when in a crowd,
     to "seek out" other Rush fans.  (Don't laugh, it works!)

2.   You wear your oldest concert shirt (you know, the one with
     more holes than material) to see The Boys, just to prove that
     you were "into" Rush long before these other young

3.   You secretly hope that one of the band crew will see this old
     shirt and say to himself, "Gee, that guy must really be a big
     fan.  I think I'll invite him backstage."

4.   You cannot wake up in the morning until you "Begin the day
     with a friendly voice . . . "

5.   Toronto is your personal Mecca.



Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 16:48:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Type-O King 
Subject: Re: Adolescent counseling groups & Rush

>    I'm working as a counselor in a Middle and High School.  I've
>been thinking about structuring some counseling groups around Rush
>songs.  Play the song, then discuss it.  Some obviously good
>possibilities come to mind.  Subdivisions, Kid Gloves, War Paint.
>Does anybody have any other suggestions of songs that encompass
>meaningful topics that kids can relate to?  Please give your input,
>as I really want to try this out.

I think "The Pass" might be a good one to use in cases of suicidal teens.
And even if they cant figure it out...It's still a good song. Granted it
would be better if the kids didn't relate to the guy in the song. But
maybe they can get something out of it. You may want to have then listen
to "Hemispheres" for an understanding of the Human emotive/logic
behavior. And "2112" for the struggle of an individual vs. a group. You
could follow it with "subdivisions" as you mentioned. Good idea! very
profound. I hope it turns into something grand.


Subject: Why Not CYGNUS Live?!
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 20:26:06 -0500 (EST)

Greetings to fellow Rush fans..

    This is my first posting.  Let me begin by telling everybody
about how I got into Rush in the first place.  I live in Toronto,
Canada.  I used to think of Rush as "that band with a BIG NOSED
singer".  Sorry Ged..  I was watching MuchMusic (Canada's version
of MTV sort of) in November of 1990.  They were having a half hour
special dedicated to Rush.  After seeing the videos for Tom Sawyer
and LimeLight I was hooked.  At the time I was most impressed with
Neil Peart and his drumming on Tom Sawyer.  Man, "This guy is
awesome", I thought.  Today I've got all the Rush albums.

    Okay, I was just reading a bit in TNMS #1058 about that article
in some British Rock Magazine "Kerrang".  Basically, it was an
interview with Neil Peart.  Apparently, Neil said something about
releasing another Live album or possibly an album containing re-
recorded Rush classics!  Unbelievable eh!?  Re-recorded classics?!

    What I'd really like is for the boys to release a Live version
of the Cygnus epic.  I'm pretty sure that it doesn't exist yet,
right?  I mean, the Cygnus epic ranks up there among my faves and
is definitely my favorite among the epics.  Why hasn't Rush put
out a Live version of Cygnus X1 and Hemispheres??  I know that
they've got a Live version on tape somewhere.  If you check out
that "Visions" Rush Biography on Page 59 you will notice that the
biographer (Bill 'B man' Banasiewicz) asks Geddy if he could put
Cygnus on the next Live album.  Actually, let me quote from the

  B-man :  "I urged Geddy to put 'Cygnus X-1' on the upcoming
            live disc.  He said that it was recorded in
            England, but he didn't know what songs would be

Okay, so we know that Cygnus is probably sitting some place
somewhere collecting dust.  Why not dig up these tapes and put
out a Live Cygnus X-1 and Hemispheres?

    Anyways, back to that "Kerrang" magazine article.  Neil
says that they might put out either Live stuff or re-recorded
old stuff on the next album.  My suggesting is...  How 'bout
a Live Cygnus Parts I and II?  It will only take up about
30 minutes.

Okay, that's all for now.


Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 19:14:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Arvid Hokanson 
Subject: Who's counting?

	Rush Fans,

Someone recently was asking who was counting at the beginning of
"Animate."  Well I am convinced that it is indeed Neil.  If you have
access to the "Burning for Buddy" CD, listen very carefully to the
beginning of the sixth track, titled "Cotton Tail"  you can hear the same
voice counting in the beginning of the song.  Neil is the drummer for
that song.  It helps to turn the volume up to hear him count. Just my .02
cents worth.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Subject: Types of RUSH fans
From: (Phil Schmidt)
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 11:42:00 +0000

>fine then. Oh well. Tommy Shaw was pretty good though. At least he
>didn't get quarters and lighters thrown at him like Marillion did!

I was reading a message by one of the other RUSH fans in NMS and it brought
back memories from my only RUSH concert I've gone to.  (Hey, I've only gone
to one because I've never been able to get the day off to see them)  My
question to you all is this...WHAT DO YOU THINK THE GUYS THINK OF YOU WHEN
YOU THROW THINGS AT THEIR OPENING GROUP?  I'm was appalled when I saw the
opening band get pommeled with anything people could find to throw at them.
 Is this the kind of people that like RUSH?  "To mould a new reality,
closer to the heart!"  Don't people that listen to RUSH understand the
meanings of the songs.  I sure hope that I'm not the only one that feels
this way.  Please, send me your feedback to let me know I'm not alone on
this one!

Phil Schmidt
FIDONET (2:244/1195)

Internet: (Phil Schmidt)
Boudicca's Bard: electronic esoteric Mail & File Centre
Also reachable at: FIDO 2:244/1195  PODS: 93:9200/1
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 09:29:33 -0800
From: (Karen Hilker)
Subject: Brian K Preston re: Golf @ Governor's Club

 You wrote on (Feb 22) re: Southern Rush fans does anyone know about
Alex at the Governors Club golfing...
  Well, I do. My friend Pat works at the Governor's club as does (did)
his former roommate; we took Alex, Geddy and Robert Scovill golfing that
Sunday (March 6th) morning at the club. What a day! Considering, at the
time, Geddy's golfing abilities were not the greatest, or as one person
in the party put it: Geddy made us all look like Jack Nickalus today.
We all had fun and had an equally better time that night.
  Having known this band for a better part of 17 years, I am
"privleged" to a VIP friends of the Band pass and watch the shows from
the sideline plus other backstage ammenities.
  Our "camp" was, for the most part, on Alex's side of the stage that
night and he made several "references and gesters" towards us about his
aching back.
  My friends and I took Alex to dinner the night before in Carborro at
Brent's favorite seafood restaurant and had an equally great time. Geddy
was on a flight up from the Tampa area (Spring training duties w/ the
Jays), so he didn't make dinner that night. But we went out in Fla
earlier that week.
  We (Pat and I) had anticipated taking more of the crew golfing that
day, but Brent being the "idiot" he is/was (There is another phrase I
use but will refrain)only allowed so many of the "guys" to golf that
day. Earlier in the week, the crew went to Lake Nona outside of Orlando
for a golf outing. So they got to blow off some steam.
  You're right about the South, most people think we listen to Hootie
and the BlowFish (WHAT A STUPID NAME FOR A BAND!!!) and Skynnard, which
in a sense is true... Southern rock is mainly all that is played in
Atlanta. God, the music on the radio here is awful!!!!  But considering
the demographics... About the only Rush songs heard are: Tom Sawyer (I
AM SO SICK OF THAT SONG!), Limelight, Spirit of Radio, Subdivisions, and
if 96Rock wants to be "COOL" they'll play Workin' Man and Red Barchetta,
The Big Money.
  If you want to know more about the Golfing Adventures w/ Geddy and
Alex (tho I don't reveal any personal stuff. I believe in their right to
privacy that is why I don't post much on the 'Net) you can e-mail me at:

  I hope I was of some help to you...



Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 13:54:29 -0500 (MST)
From: "Eric Weedin (95151)" 
Subject: Fans of other bands/Fillers

Scott Bissett wrote:
"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett
> .... that's right.  You read correctly.  Jimmy Buffett.  I also have
George Strait and Clint Black in my CD collection (although you'll never
hear me dispute the absolute greatness of Rush!!).

It is sort of sad when a rush fan has to defend his or her appreciation
of other bands or artists.  One of the things I like about rush fans is
the ability to understand others. The reason I'm writing about this is
because I too am a rush fan who likes people like Jimmy.  Additionally,
recently, when someone wanted to find out what other bands other rush
fans were into, the person got semi-flamed for admitting s/he liked Tori
Amos.  As I recall, this person was only interested to see if others had
common musical taste, the writer was *NOT* comparing these other artists
to The Masters.

 Alex Zivojinovic  wrote:

Rush -- the whole album:
"Hey, Led Zeppelin is big, maybe we will be too if we sound just like them!"

FBN -- By-Tor and the Snow Dog
"Hmm, this song isn't long enough.  Let's add a slow Pink Floyd-ish part in
the middle."

CoS -- I Think I'm Going Bald
Neil: "I think I'm going bald!"
Geddy: "Cool, let's write a song about that!"

2112 -- the whole second side:
"Aw, crap, 2112 is only 20 minutes or so.  What do we do about the rest of
the LP?"

AFTK -- Cinderella Man
"Ok, let's let Geddy write one."
"Let's write a madrigal... can anyone think of a name for it?"

Hs -- La Villa Strangiato
"Hmm, well this concept album is only 30 minutes long.  I know, let's write
an instrumental song and drag it out to about 10 minutes!"

PeW -- Different Strings
"Ok, let's write a slow song with a simple drum beat and hey, let's throw in
a random guitar solo at the end."

MP -- The Camera Eye
"Hey, let's take this four minute song and drag it out to ten minutes to
fill up the LP."

S -- Countdown
"Ok, we saw the Space Shuttle take off, let's whip out a song about it and
stick it at the end of our next album."

p/g -- Red Lenses
"Hmm, maybe someone will name an internet email digest after part of this song

PoW -- Emotion Detector
"Oops, we need another concept song."

HYF -- Open Secrets
"We really should give the listeners a break between Time Stand Still and
Second Nature."

Presto -- Everything except Show Don't Tell
"Ok, we wrote this one really cool song, now let's fill up the rest of the CD."
Alex: "No more keyboards!!!"

RTB -- Everything between Roll the Bones and Ghost of a Chance
"Hey, we can't have all our singles be right in a row on the CD!"

Cp -- The Speed of Love
"What the hell, let's throw this one on."

maybe you lack the sophisticated ear to comprehend some of the clever and
subtle nuances behind many of these songs.  Granted, not all of these are
the best Rush has to offer, but there is a level of genious in each one.
(just my $0.02)

Eric W. Weedin
Alamosa, CO


Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 16:22:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bumper Sticker & Menu...

Hi all, just writing to say two things:

1. I really enjoyed the "Orbit Room Menu", submitted by Scott Brian
Bissett in NMS #1059.  Curious, how long did it take you to think up all
those "entrees"?  I can't find a single one you missed!

2. Put me down for 5 of the "Rush is a Band" bumper stickers!

I can't stand talking to people about "Rush", only to find that we're
talking about 2 completely different things!  (This problem also arises with
"Genesis"... I went to a meet a date's parents once, and they asked what I
listen to: I said "Genesis" and they said "oh-us too", and brought out the
bible on cassette tape!  Needless to say, that relationship didn't last very

Anyway, its a much-needed bumper sticker!  (or for that matter: t-shirts,
caps, etc)  Everything put out by Rush should say: "Rush"  (the band)
and everything by Rush Limphead should say: "Rush" (not the band)

Oh well... enuff...  Lata..

                Rich  <-=->
   Yes.Pink Floyd.Rush.Genesis.Gabriel.Sting.Police.Who.Collins


Date: 26 Feb 95 18:25:38 EST
From: "JAMES  D. BARRETT" <>
Subject: New Album

When will the next live album be released?
Also I recently read that a farewell tour will commence sometime in the next
year; is this true?


Date: Sun, 26 Feb 95 18:42 WET
From: (Dennis/Justin Ashworth)
Subject: Binary code

> I was wondering if anyone knew what the binary code on the Counterparts  >
sleeve stands for.  I know that the boys wouldn't put it there unless it >
was something.  In case you dont have access to it, but know anything    >
about binary code, here it is.

  Good question!! You sparked curiosity inside of me with this post so I
opened up the CD and took a gander. (For those of you who don't know, a
binary code is a series of '1's and '0's. Each 8-number set makes up an
ascii character.) The first thing I noticed when I looked at the code is
that the first and third lines are identical. This led me to believe that
there may not be anything meaningful here, it is just for decoration.
Nonetheless I carried through and it came out to be absolutely nothing!!!
I'd type what it was but I can't figure out how to get those characters into
an e-mail message. I tried using Charmap.exe in Windows but when I imported
the characters into the message it didn't work! Anyway, Don't waste your
time trying to figure it out, it amounts to nothing. Unless you were to
start at the very last character and work your way up...

 - Justin Ashworth


Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 22:03:28 -0500
From: (Cary Lasher)
Subject: The TRUTH about the new Rush album!!!

Howdy all!!! I'm a newbie on TNMS, and this is my first post. I would like
to tell Mr. Brian Preston that I AM from Texas(Texas A&M in specific) so
there are some southern Rush fans. But now, down to business......
        Now, I want you to know that all information can be taken as truth.
My source is my hairdresser's sister's brother-in-law's lawyer, who is in
the same psychic friends circle with Geddy's manicurist. I was told that the
boyz are getting together with Peter, Paul, and Mary to write another epic
about Puff the magic Dragon and his adventures with John Galt!!!! They are
currently attempting to get the original Brady kids to do the backup lyrics,
but Jan is still holding out. What a bi*ch!!!! Oh well, I guess that not
even Rush can have it all.
                                                 Cary Michael Lasher

Lord of Calculus in this world and all others
Fightin' Aggie Class of 1998 Whoop!!!!!

"I swear - by my life, and my love of it - that I will never live for the
sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
                                                    - Ayn Rand


Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:37:07 -0500 (EST)
Subj:  03/01/95 - The National Midnight Star #1061
Date:  Wed, Mar 1, 1995 5:23 PM CST

Subject: When is the next tour ?

When is the group coming to the Cleveland area? Rumor has it
that this is the last tour/album?



Subject: Random Sample Hold
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 95 23:43:07 EDT

Greetings fellow Rushians.  This is my first post, and I am brand new to
TNMS.  But this is great, and I feel much better knowing there is a
larger number of US out there, than I originally anticipated!  So here's
my few random thoughts.

1. I have been following these talented musicians since the MP days.  In
high school at that time, everyone was into these guys.  I'll never
forget hearing Tom Sawyer for the first time.  That was all it took.
Haven't missed a tour since, seeing most tours a couple of times.  The
highlight had to be the GUP tour.  While not my favorite album, I had
the good fortune of being front row, stage right.  Hello King Lerxst.
Unbelievable.  Met Geddy and Alex after the show.

2. I have seen a lot of comments about Barenaked Ladies on here.  I
don't know who they are, never heard them.  But I will next week.
For those of you who have a cool Public Radio station that broadcasts
Mountain Stage, barenaked ladies will be making an appearance on the
next show, Sunday, March 5.

3. I have the good fortune of owning a 6'x 6' (yes, that's 6 foot!) copy
of the Moving Pictures album cover.  I got it from a record store where I
worked.  Just curious if anyone knows the company that made this, and
if they are still in business.  What do things like this go for?

Sorry to take so much space.  Thanks for indulging my first post.

This feeling inside me says its time I was gone...

Rob Burns


Date: Mon, 27 Feb 95 08:56:59 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Country NOT!

Hi all,
	Lighten up. Can we have a vote on all those who believe
that Rush are doing a Country album? I'm not flaming, but some
of you can't see the wood for THE TREES.

Perhaps Rush are going to release a Classical album (Classic Rush?)
with Neil on Timpani, Geddy on Double Bass, Alex on Violin with Ben
Mink guesting on "Leave that String Alone". :)))



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