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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1064

                  Tuesday, 7 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                  Good bad and the Rush
       Rush - Live Box Set (The Ultimate Fantasy!)
                        New Album
                     old nagging bat
                      Country Album
                 Re:Rushaholics Anonymous
                       NO GRAMMY?!
                   If you like Rush....
                      Geddy Sighting
                  Re: Burnin' for Simon?
                 CD vs. Vinyl, Tie score
                      Reader's Poll
                 RE: New member w/queries
                  Simon Phillips and JP
             "You're not a -real- Rush fan."
              Rush-Cousneling and education
GRAMMIES = BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (everyone will be writing this!)
             Yet another lurking newbie . . .
                       First post.
                        Also. . .
                 Rush and couunnntry :-)
              The noblest act of a Rush fan
                        new album
            Another note for the YKYARFW list
               NEW IN THE NET, OLD RUSH FAN
                     Me myself and I
     Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062
        Frequency of unprompted criticism of Rush
                       Open Secrets
                        A Few more
                 Re: Using RUSH for youth

Date: Thu, 02 Mar 1995 21:05:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Good bad and the Rush

You know your a Rush fan when you over here someone talking about Rush
saying "That racist sonuv'a bitch" and then you jump in the middle only
to find out that they were talking about Rush Limbaugh and then you go
shot yourself in disgrace.

	Fbn is quiet an intersting album.  Rivendale, the song about the
hideway elf village, is also interesting, for Elrond the half-elf leader
of the village was an Eldar of the Noldor tribe of elves.  (I read the
Simarillion)  The Noldor had a curse on their house, because they killed
their own kin.   Isn't ironic that they would write such a peaceful
song.  ( O.K the elves at Rivendale were good in the Hobbit and The Lord
of the Rings.)

	It seems to me that By-tor and the Snow Dog is really about  The
final battle in the war Wrath (also in the Simarillion.) where Manwe
tosses out Morgoth out of Angbad and sends him to the void forever.

	You know when your a Rush fan when you name your three kids Gary (geddy
is just to weird) Lee, Neil Peart, and Alexa (Alex) Lifeson....Your last
name here.
Just a few rambling thoughts
Ben Frans


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 03:12:02 -0500
From: James Peele 
Subject: Rush - Live Box Set (The Ultimate Fantasy!)

I've always dreamed about Rush releasing a live box set that includes
every song played live but never released on a live album.  A good tour
to start with would be the AFTK tour.  Imagine stuff like Cygnus X-1 Book
1 and Book 2, AFTK, Natural Science (which I have live! :)), the Fear
trilogy, Chemistry, Digital Man, Middletown Dreams, Grand Designs, Lock
and Key, etc.  It would be an amazing thing!  Why don't they do it?  ahhh!

 -Until later-
Jay Peele (INFERNO)
For info on INFERNO e-mail


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 09:07:27 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: New Album

	 This is not a start of a rumour, just my opinion.

Puanani said "I dunno -- their idea sounds like a live album
without the "live".  It's an odd idea..."

Well, maybe the old material reworked could be some of the
stuff resurected on the last few tours, eg Hemispheres, Analog
Kid etc.

It's always possible that the reference Neil made, was to a
new live album, with reworked material on it.

I don't know, but would be happy for any release in the future,
near or otherwise, but the sooner the better. In any case, until
there are words from the Rush Mgr, who was spot on with Counterparts,
I wouldn't have much faith in rumours, even those printed in magazines.
Remember the Evening with Rush idea that Alex mentioned on Rockline.
Enough said.



Date: 3 Mar 1995 08:30:08 -0500
From: "Jeff Punch" 
Subject: RUSH/cars

I try to read as much of NMS as possible and I don't recall this being
discussed lately.  I obviously love RUSH but I also am a car nut.   I first
heard Moving Pictures the night before it was released in record stores on  a
local radio station and when I heard Red Barchetta I knew immediately it was
based on a story from Road and Track.  I looked through my old issues and
found it, I was right!  When I bought the album the next day I saw that the
story was referenced.  It made me feel smug.  Anyway, I was wondering if
anyone know what cars the boys drive.  To some this is a boring topic, but to
a car nut it is interesting and i don't think it is too nosey or personal.
Humor me.  I believe you can tell a lot about someone by what they drive:  do
they have more money than taste?, a poseur?, a true afficiando?, etc.  I have
heard Geddy had a Porsche Turbo, but I don't know otherwise.  I checked the
FAQ.. nothing.  I would guess that Geddy has the latest Carrera 4 (4wd, good
on Canadian winter, can outrun pesky fans), that Alex has a Ferrari (targa
top, great engine sound, not too practical) and Neil I place in a Range Rover
(quality but not very flashy , bike carrier on top of course).  Anyone know?
Jeff Punch

   [ I know Alex has a Mercedes...                             : rush-mgr ]


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 08:51 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: old nagging bat suggested....

>   *** Admitting you are a Rushaholic is the first step ***

>   In this first RA meeting, we will discuss first of the 12 steps to a
>   healthier appreciation of Rush.

>   Step #1 - ADMIT THAT YOU ARE A RUSHAHOLIC.  Let's try intruducing

I guess for me the realization of being o Rushaholic
happened last weekend.  The wife, 2 daughters, and parents-
in-law were on our way from Severn, MD (where I live) to
visit my sister-in-law.  On the ride up, my dearest wife
turned on 98Rock (Baltimore station) and Freewill had
just started.  YES!  So my mother-in-law says, "Who
is this guy? It sounds like he's trying to pass a
kidney stone."  I immedeatly slammed on the brakes of
our minivan and told her to get the HELL out of
my car!  This happened somewhere around the Belair
exit.  So if your driving up Interstate 95 northbound
and happen to see some old bag who needs a ride,
look for a mud puddle and splash some mud on the
old nagging bat.

Thanks for listening

Tony Dormio


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 08:19:26 -0600 (CST)
From: Jason Eli Swofford 
Subject: Country Album

Can we put an end to this rumor please.  Too many people are embarassing
themselves.  The Country Album thing was a joke, come on guys.


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 09:15:08 +0000 (GMT)
From: Patrick Lynch 
Subject: Re:Rushaholics Anonymous

In a message, said that the first step should
be "Admit that you are a Rushaholic" Here are the true 12 steps as they
apply to Rushaholics.
	Step 1. Admit that we are powerless over Rush, that are lives
can't be manageable without them.
	Step 2. Came to believe that the National Midnight Star could
restore us to Sanity.
	Step 3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to
the Spirit of Radio as we understood it.
	Step 4. Made a searching and fearless Passage to Bangkok
	Step 5. Admitted to Dirk, Lerxst, and Pratt the exact nature of
our Nuerotica
	Step 6. Became entirely willing to listen to Hemispheres.
	Step 7. Asked that the "trinity" remove all doubts that they are Gods.
	Step 8. Made a list of all people we know who like Rush and
became willing to hang out with them all (what do you know, A concert!)
	Step 9. Made direct recordings of all these shows except when to
do so would injure them (Rush) or others.
	Step 10. Continue to listen to Rush daily and when we didn't
promptly did.
	Step 11. Sought through Dreamline to improve contact with Rush as
we understood them.
	Step 12. Having found a Panacea as a result of these steps, we
carry this message to other Rush fans, and listen to Rush every day of
our lives.

	As this is my first post also, as seems to be the custom, I will
say a little about me. I first came to this Fellowship in 1990 when I
heard Hemispheres and was entranced with Geddy's Bass playing. I then
went out and got everything Rush I could get my hands on. I saw them on
Roll the Bones tour, and have played mostly Rush covers in a band with my
bewst friend, also a Rushaholic. I play bass and keybaords and sing (and
NO, I don't want to be like Geddy :-))
					-Patrick Lynch OR


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 10:06:46 -0500
From: (Shahid Murtuza)
Subject: NO GRAMMY?!

  Once again, Rush have gotten ganked out of a "best rock instrumental"
Grammy they deserved.  "YYZ" was beat out by the Police's "Behind My
Camel"(I like the Police, but that song is montonous), I think Satriani
beat out "Where's My Thing?", and Pink Floyd's "Marooned" beat out "Leave
That Thing Alone!" this year.  With every year, I am convinced that the
Grammy judges wouldn't know good music if they slept with Geddy Lee.
Bastards.  "It's hard to recognize the real thing that comes along once in
a while."

 -Shahid Murtuza
 Analog Kid
"The head of the thing was large and ragged
 looking and topped by a sort of smooth, rounded
 shape.  I smelled a faint, sweetish odor.
 Bananas.  I realized that I was looking at an
 orangutan wearing a raincoat and a beret."


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 11:53:10 -0500
Subject: Message

    Hello everyone. This is my first posting.   I am so ecstatic to be a part
of this wonderful newsletter. When a friend of mine told me about this I
immediatly joined in! This is wonderful! Rush deserves whatever recognition
they can get in whatever medium.
    Because this is my first posting (of many I hope), I'd like to tell you
some of my favorite songs and albums. I started as a Rush fan with HYF. A
friend of mine lent it to me in 1987 and I still have not returned it! (Sorry
Geoff). Ever since then I have been an elated passenger on the Rush
     I believe, like many of you, that Rush fans are truly amazing fans. For
the most part they are highly intelligent, thoughtful people. They care about
the music, and the message more than the presentation and the pomposity. That
is becoming more rare these days. When you think about it, it is EXTREMLY
rare for a band to do EXACTLY what they want, year in and year out, and still
sell records.The only similar situation I can think of is Frank Zappa. That
is a testimony to you and I i.e. THE RUSH FAN! We should all be proud.
     I liked the comment of Rush fans being members of a union of intelligant
conversationalists. (I forgot who said that but Nice Job!)
     Now on to my favorite albums. It has got to be  a tie between HYF and
Power Windows. I agree with the B'Man when he said in the Rush Biography
"Visions" that PW is as close to perfect as an album can get.
     Although I sincerely love all Rush albums, I must say I am quite partial
to the time period from Signals to Presto. I like the sequencing and lush
keyboard arrangements. Although it is nice to see that the band is
continually evolving! Counterparts was a HUGE step up from Roll The Bones in
my humble opinion.
     Rush is very important to me and has helped me through some difficult
times in my life. If any of you would like to e-mail me, please feel free to
do so! My e-mailbox is always open to a Rush fan! Thanks for listening!

"It's true that love can change us, but never quite enough. Sometimes we are
to tender sometimes we're too tough."


Date: Fri,  3 Mar 1995 12:25:51 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: If you like Rush....

	Well, I think it's safe to say that the rumors of a Rush relase this
spring are false (especially since I personally called Anthem Records,
and they verified that there is NO ALBUM due out).  With that said, I'd
like to perhaps suggest another band that I've recently gotten into who
I thing really WILL appeal to Rush fans.

	Their name is Echolyn, and they have a new album entitled 'As the
World' due out on March 7th (that's this tuesday) on Sony, and it should
be available in record stores near you.

	Much like Rush, they take superb musicianship and excellent lyrics, and
combine them into a very cohesive whole.  Since you can't have Rush this
Spring, why not give these guys a shot.  I'd say the odds are heavily in
your favor, that you'll like these guys if you like Rush.

Dare I even say that they are comparable to Rush?

In case you want to hear them live (to supplement buying their disc, or
prior to getting it to check them out first), here are a list of Tour
dates for the immediate future.  Admission has been dirt cheap ($3 in
Pittsburgh, $4 in Cleveland earlier this week), so you can probably get
a nice evening for like 5 bucks.  They even have a 2 song sampler of the
new ablum that they are giving out for free, so be sure to grab one.

3/3/95- Toledo, OH - Frankie's
3/4/95- Detroit, MI - The Ritz
3/6/95- Grand Rapids, MI - Reptile House
3/7/95- Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
3/8/95- Kalamazoo, MI - Rick's Cafe
3/10/95- Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts (Album Release Party)
3/16/95- Washington, DC - The Bayou
3/17/95- The Insect Club - Norfolk, VA
3/23/95- AKA - New York City

I'm not officially affiliated with the band, but rather I'm just a
pretty big fan, who honestly, hasn't been this psyched about a band
since I first got into Rush.  Rush is my favorite band of all time, but
these guys are running a close second.  There is no higher praise as far
as I'm concerned :-)

If you'd like more information, please feel free to email me at, email the BAND THEMSELVES at, or
even check out the Echolyn home page (yup, I broke down and created one)

And for all you Canadian fans out there, they have a tentative release
in Early April, possibly with a tour of Ontario/Quebec...

I beg all your indulgences for this not-really-rush related information.

				-John Santore

/                    \                   "We break the surface tension
\_________     ____   \                   with our wild kinetic dreams"
/             /    \   \                        -Rush, Grand Designs
\_______     /  (*) )   )
/           / /\___/   /                 Go Philadelphia Flyers!
\_____     / /        /
/         /  \_______/                   John Santore (

Rush - Yes - King Crimson - Emerson Lake & Palmer - Echolyn - Gentle Giant


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 12:44:06 -0500
From: (Sriram Dayanand)
Subject: Geddy Sighting


A Geddy sighting on March 1st at the premiere
of the musical "Tommy" here in Toronto...

>...I believe he was also at the post-show party
hosted by Townshend and the cast & crew of the show.


Sriram Dayanand               		email:
Modeling Group
Alias Research Inc., Toronto		Ph: (416) 362-8558 x314


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 12:56:40 -0500
Subject: Re: Burnin' for Simon?


Just wanted to let you know that Simon Phillips did indeed play with Judas
Priest.  He is the drummer on the album "Sin After Sin."  He's credited
more like an extra player than an actual member of the band, but he's on
there.  Just thought I'd clear this up.  No flame intended.  Sorry for the
lack of Rush content.


>To the person who, a few NMS's ago, claimed to *know* that Simon Phillips
>played for Judas Priest:  who told you this?  I admit I wasn't so sure
>myself, but I checked and double checked my Priest collection, and then
>asked the drummer in my band about it, and confound it, Simon Phillips has
>never played for Priest!  I swear!  Unless I have totally missed.....


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 12:51:27 -0500
Subject: CD vs. Vinyl, Tie score

  OK, Ok, so this is my first post.  So now you can skip my letter.
  I have almost all of the Rush CD's.  I know shame on me for not trying hard
enough.  Well I did better.  I just bought some LP's of QUALITY for Cheap.
 It is amazing.  2112 is not as good as the Remastered Gold.  But it
definatly pumps out the low bass that the Cd can not.  Quality again.
  The Lp's that I baugth are 2112, All The W.A.S., ESL, PW, and Mp of couse.
 The Moving Pictures cover says that it was printed in West Germany.  So does
this mean that it is of more value.  The store had "Import" printed on the
plastic cover.  I hope I did good.
  My main post is that I am pleased with quality of the records.  You get
more pictures and clarity.  Blasted dust.   But the only negative thing about
it is the limitedplay on a side.
  I guess I am wet behind the ears for most of you here.  But at least I now
know what you folks had to appreciate.


Date: 3 Mar 1995 11:01:46 -0700
From: "zinnp" 
Subject: Reader's Poll

Hello all.
I would like to start by apologizing to Aaron.  Sorry, I guess I took you a
little too serious and I was quick to defend the best band around.  I now
realize it was all in fun.  Anyway, I had a great idea (wonder of wonders!).
Lets do a reader's poll of you guys' or gals' 2nd favorite band.  Email me
direct and tell me your favorite.  Then when i get enough responses I will
post them up here.  Even tough Rush kicks, we need a little diversity some
times right? My other favorites are Primus, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles.  So
Email me and I'll calculate the results!


YKYARFW (couldn't resist makin' up my own:))
You start singing "Working Man" when you get up for work.

You know all the words to "Didacts and Narpets"


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 12:35 CST
Subject: RE: New member w/queries

     dulciman wrote:  (pardon my snip)

     >It's so great to have an outlet like this, and only fans of Rush
     >would have something as special!  I know there's fan clubs, etc. and
     >other lists, but do they get into such in-depth discussions as us?
     >Most likely not.

        i agree that nms is GREAT!  though, i suspect there are many lists
        that discuss their favorite music in-depth.  on of my faves is the
        grateful dead list "dead-flames" - lots of interesting & thought
        provoking stuff there.  however, there are WAY too many flames.
        the lack of flames is one of the best things about nms.  everyone
        has their own opinions and a right to voice them.  similarly,
        others have an equal right to agree or disagree.  the people on
        this list seem to understand this very well - differences of
        opinion are (for the most part) handled with consideration and
        tact.  overall, this list is one of the most positive discussion
        groups i've encountered.  [besides being one of the most fun :) ]

     > you 1981-82, after MP came out, someone was
     >selling these little tiny album covers that had bubble gum inside?

        OIMGOD!!!!  i haven't though about those mini album covers in
        YEARS!  i, too, had the PeW one (& probably still have it
        somewhere).  i remember these were the perfect size for barbie
        dolls (though i was 15 at the time - usually a bit too old for
        barbies - though i personally think you're NEVER too old....but
        that's a different story altogether...)  anyway, it's too bad they
        didn't make mini versions of ALL the rush album covers back then -
        i would've gotten them ALL!

     >...I've been collecting a lot of magazine articles...

        i, for one, would be interested in seeing your list.

        take care,


Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 14:14:22 -0600
From: (Garrett Young)
Subject: Simon Phillips and JP

To the person (Chris Pardua) who questioned my statement that Simon Phillips
played for Judas Priest.  Well, you didn't do your homework.  Please let me
restate - I *KNOW* that Simpon Phillips played for Judas Priest.  He was the
drummer/percussionist on the very first JP album that I bought back in 1977
 - an album called Sin After Sin.  Man, aren't you embarrassed? ;)

Anyway, I'd like to take my original post about the BfB drummers to private
e-mail, due to the lack of Rush content.  All you drummers, send ME your
to the following.  I'll post the results after a while.  Here's what I've
so far:
Simon Phillips
 ----Judas Priest, Pete Townsend, The Who
Steve Gadd
 ----Steely Dan
Matt Sorum
 ----Guns & Roses
Dave Weckl
 ----Chic Corea
Omar Hakim
 ----Sting (maybe)
Rod Morgenstein
 ----Winger, Dixie Dregs
Ed Shaughnessy
 ----Doc Severensen Band
Kenny Aronoff
Bill Bruford
Bill Cobham
Steve Ferrone
Manu Katche
Mino Cinelu
Joe Morello
Neil Peart
 ----Rush (uh, I think) :)
Max Roach
Marvin "Smitty" Smith
Steve Smith

That's it, sorry for the length and the tangential Rush content.
"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission",
Garrett Young
Plano, Tx


Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 13:54:56 -0600 (CST)
Subject: "You're not a -real- Rush fan."

	I know this issue has been address time and again here, but after
reading the last issue I had to put in my two cents worth.
	I am -so SICK- of people replying to posts by stating that "so-and-so
Subj:  #2(2) 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064
Date:  Tue, Mar 7, 1995 7:44 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
is not a -real- Rush fan", ie, if he were exactly like me THEN he'd be a real
Rush fan.  That is such utter crap.  I could choose from a billion examples to
mirror this, but I'll leave it to yall's imagination.
	So please, for the love of God, don't even bother to make a post on
this forum if you're going to include the words 'not a real Rush fan' in it. By
doing so you're only blatently pointing out your total lack of maturity and
respect for your fellow fan's opinion.  If you read something you don't like,
just grin and bear it instead of embarrasing yourself in front of everyone on
the NMS.
	Hopefully this will spare some others from future humiliation.  Thanks
for listening...
							Michael Hannaman
	"If I could wave my magic wand, I'd make everything alright..."


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 15:48:30 EWT
From: Bassman 
Subject: rush

   Let me tell you this service rocks, this is just my first week on this
list and I am overwhelmed at all that has been mailed to me, this is totally
enhancing my love for the band.  I have grown up with rush since I can remember.
I mean I have been listening to them forever, and I have loved ever thing they
do. I just can not get over how many fans accross the world e-amil this service
what an awesome idea. I just hope it continues. As for the country rumor, I
think it would been a major down fall, I can't stand country music, but if it is
rush, it will be cool. I hope you all continue the mail. Rock ON!!!

  "Living in the limelight, the universal dream" I can't remember the rest off
the top of my head, oh well. this was my first mail, give me a break.

 Dan Krekeler  Rush fan at Indiana University.


Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 14:58:54 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Rush-Cousneling and education

	My name is Brian Fuller and this is first posting (so bear with
me).  I am a graduate student in English and I teach first year
(freshman) reading and writing.  I have found Rush be an effective tool
in drawing students out on some issues.  I use "Territories" and "The
Trees" to teach a textual analysis unit.  I read in FAQ that "The Trees"
is meant to be just kind of a "fun" song, but my students really find a
lot of meaning in it.  Both songs serve well to spark discussion on the
evils of racism, sexism, war etc., etc.  It's also great for teaching
figurative language.  Whether Rush had a message in "The Trees" or not,
it certainly seems too well crafted and thought out to be "just a song."
I think the band may be pulling the same thing Coleridge did after
writing "Kubla Khan" (i.e. "oh it was just a piece of garbage I thought
up after an opium trip")  Not so!
	Anyway, I'm all for using Rush in teaching and couseling.  Many
times kids won't listen to parents, teachers, or couselors; most of them,
however, will listen to music.
	If anyone's has any ideas (or is interested in my ideas) about
using Rush to teach, send me a message.
					Brian Fuller

P.S. - "Everyday Glory" IS an awesome song.
P.S.S. - Everytime I tell people I'm part of an internet group for Rush
	 fans they say, "He sure hates democrats, doesn't he?"  It's
	 annoying.  Maybe we should change Limbaugh's name to "Ralph?"


Date: Fri, 03 Mar 1995 17:31:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Xalingfen Fish 
Subject: GRAMMIES = BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (everyone will be writing this!)

Ok, so Rush loses another Grammy to song that doesn't match up to LTTA in
any way... Ok, so a bunch of money hungry old men calling themselves Pink
Floyd or somethig ( :) ) won over Rush...
Ok, so we don't have to kill anyone do we?

DO WE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Hmmmm.. I've got a rusty knife, heh heh heh.
Hey, maybe I have a RUTSEY knife!!! :)

Anyway, a country album? yeah, the joke was funny until the walking corpses
ruined it :)



Date:         Fri, 03 Mar 95 17:07:39 CST
From: Kevin Ivan Smith 
Subject:      Yet another lurking newbie . . .

Hey, y'all.

After lurking in the shadows for a few weeks, I'm sending my first post.

The standard format seems to be "How I got into Rush" which, for me, was
late '70s/2112 (I'm 35... that sound you hear is my prostate enlarging).

However, I think a better story is my younger brother's induction.  I lived
in the basement (typical late teens habitat) and his room was directly above
mine.  After a few years of listening to his floor vibrate, he came down
and made off with FBN, COS, and 2112 (this was shortly before Hemispheres,
I believe).  His path into rock was through Kiss, et. al.

Well, my ceiling vibrated for a few days, and then he reappeared, albums in
hand.  With a puzzled look on his face, he summed up what I think was the
essential lure of Rush at that time:

"You know, hardly anything repeats in *any* of these songs."

Simple, yet trenchant.  I do enjoy latter-day Rush, but the trend towards
repetetive fadeout choruses is a bit distressing.   It's just so *normal*,
and wasn't the inclusion of odd elements the initial attraction?

Nice to know you all are here,



Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 19:00:25 -0500 (EST)
From: "Unicorn Limited Inc." 
Subject: First post.

Hello everyone!
   I can't believe that so many people sit and talk about RUSH the same
way I do!  Needless to say I am very glad to have found all of you.  This is
my first post so I will try my utmost not to annoy anyone!  I have been a
fan since "Hemispheres", and will be when they cover my coffin with dirt.
  Before I go I have to reply to a posting by a Mr. Chris Pardua...Yeah I
know what you mean.  I live in central West Virginia,  Not alot of RUSH
fans here either!  So I will take you up on that back porch thing....only
thing is there are no stores in WV selling fine beers like Miller.  So I
will have to bring some Schlitz gold or something.....

   "Sweet Memories....I never thought it would be like this.."



Date:         Fri, 03 Mar 95 18:06:38 CST
From: Kevin Ivan Smith 
Subject:      Also. . .

As an aside. . .

Many people on this list seem to be foaming at the mouth for lyric sheets.

I don't even own a CD player (horrors!), so I would advise anyone who is
still in vinyl mode (or has that capability) to scour used record stores.

I live in Kansas City, and at a local "used" record store I found:

2112, on vinyl, foldout, in original shrinkwrap: $6.00

People in the store gave me a wide berth due to my prominent neck veins,
but I was able to purchase it and leave without incident.

Many other Rush albums from the 70s/80s were there also, in the same con-
dition, and for the same price.  Even if you don't own a turntable, a
square foot of artwork is a gorgeous artifact to own.  According to my
ex-wife, the best thing about 2112 is the bulge in Alex's silk pants.

(That opinion is *definitely* not my own)



Date: 03 Mar 95 17:49:47 EST
Subject: Rush and couunnntry :-)

  Puanani Akaka (I hope u don't mind me using ur name...we are all friendly
  negihborhood Rush listeners here :-)) humorously mentioned about Rush
  winning a country music award based on a country acoustic version of
  "Cold Fire".  Since the first time I heard the song (one of the best on
  the CD.... tho I destest stand country rubbish), it had a country sound
  to it to me.  Did they (Rush) ever mention a country sound they were
  trying to obtain in the song?  The opening music, ie the guitar, of
  "Ghost of a Chance" also has a country sound.

  Travis Hayden
  Arthur Andersen & CO, SC


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 19:02:42 -0600 (CST)
From: Joe Gregg 
Subject: The noblest act of a Rush fan

No, I am not a lurker.  I have not just recently become a Rush fan, nor
have I been one since Geddy was born.  I have never been to a concert,
but I own bootlegs.  I have posted before, and I also realize that the
"country album" jazz was a joke.

If I remember correctly it was Geddy who said in response to someone
asking about "Part IV of the Gangster of Boats Trilogy" on Rockline, "It
was a JOKE.  We thought people would get it, but I guess not...  I guess
we also better admit that Neil is still a part of the band..."

But.... I digress.  On to the point of my post:

I don't know how many Rush fans are Catholic, but since I am, I feel I'll
share something with all who care to read my post.   I decided, for Lent,
that I would attempt to not listen to Rush at all.  Not on the radio, not
with a tape, CD, 8-track, or record.  Nada.

Well, I have made it three days; only 37 more to go.

"...  Well, I could hardly give up sex, Father."
 -Me, March 1, 1995


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 15:35:47 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: new album


Somehow, gang, I don't think a new album will coming out for quite
some time.  I think Geddy's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too depressed about
having no baseball season.  Nope.  It'll take a long time for him to
recover -- if he does.  it's sad.  very sad.  just...very sad...



Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 17:54:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Alan Schussman 
Subject: Another note for the YKYARFW list

	You most certainly know you are a Rush fan when you begin to
notice everyday noises and clicks and think that they sound like a Rush song.
	You may think this is far-fetched, but check it out:  I turned on
my portable CD player to listen to Hemispheres.  The player spins every
CD to get the track list and stuff, like most CD players.  Well, when I
put on Hemispheres, the CD player makes a "shk-shk-shk" noise which sounds
exactly like the intro to Cold Fire!  I did it three times just to make
sure, and it works.  I tell no lie.

		-- Alan

"... rising falling at force ten, we twist the world and ride the wind ..."
						- Neil Peart


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 22:19:52 -0500
Subject: YKYARFW

Greetings to all the Rush fans out there!!

I've been a reader of NMS for awhile now and maybe once a year something in
this hits me or my wife (we both read this more than the local newspaper) in
the right way that I get up the gumption to send email from AOL land.  And
your "You know you're a Rush fan when..."  is a perfect example.  It's great,
it's like how many ways can you interweave the Boyz into your daily life?

Anyway, I was inspired to such a quote when I heard my wife mentioning how
Rush is coming out with another album eventually.

"You know you're a Rush fan when...

You hear about a Rush album eventually being released and you already start
getting excited about the prospects of a Rush concert.
You use a "RUSH" stamp pad on all of the mail you send out." (Or did someone
mention one like that already?)

I hope everyone keeps them coming, I like the concept of waking up, working,
eating all three meals, and going to sleep with "Rushisms" floating through
my cerebellum.  Keep rockin'!!

John & Bethany

Brought to you by the letter "2"!


Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 22:58 EST
From: (Mike Cavnar)

Dear NMS'ers...
I'm a bit pissed! I'm so sick of reading all these different rumors about
the coming Rush album(there is going to be one _SOMETIME_ i'd assume) and how
everyone has these confirmed sources and crap! I mean only one of you guys
can be right about this, and I've heard more than five totally different
stories about how people know for _sure_ about the album, know its name and
Btw- for whoever did that thing about the coming country album, that was pretty
cruel to us gullible people who you could tell that aliens landed on the roof
and we'd believe ya.
Thanks for listening...cya



Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 01:18:40 -0500

  HI fellow RUSH FANS, this is my first post (PLEASE READ), I live in NYC and
yes,i've seen the trivute band (they are awesome), but i don't know too many
fans from here,so, i would like to know i any of you live around me please
E-MAIL me.
And to end this, I'm a audio engineer(well i'll get my degree in 3 months)
and with an osciloscope and some  test kwipment,and i've compared the MoFi
CD's against the regular CD's(rush only) and the MoFi's are 1000000000
better, they have full freq. responce, like it should be, not 50-18Khz, and
THD is 98db.


                   THANX FOR POSTING RUSH MGR.......


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 00:42:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Arvid Hokanson 
Subject: Me myself and I

	Fellow Fans,

First, my name is Arvid.  I post frequently on the NMS, and I am going to
comment briefly about my postings.  I just want to apologize for some of
my posts.  It seems that with some, I have been too hasty with my
reactions, and have not taken the proper time to think out rationally
what I will write.  I also, have been a bit brash with some of my
disagreements that have turned into flames, when I did not intend for
them to be flames.  Anyway I just want to say that I will now take the
needed care with my posts.  Hope you don't mind this.
I am not sure this was posted:  But, You Know you are a Rush fan go to the airport and ask the Air Canada clerk for a Toronto
Int'l Airport luggage tag that has YYZed on it.

			-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Sat, 04 Mar 1995 11:01:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062

	Thanks, I've ordered from Brouhaha before and know
about their service level.  pretty damn good if ya ask me.
Thanks for the help though and good luck in your collecting.



Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 17:54:21 -0500
Subject: Frequency of unprompted criticism of Rush

Jon and all!

I know exactly the phenomenom to which you refer.   Just because Rush has
become a part of my identity to the point of fanaticism, doesn't mean I
expect every nitwit to have the capacity to appreciate them. Yet many will
take the opportunity to cut down a band who they know nothing about! I quit
defending them in High school. They know not what they talk about, so what's
the point?
    I am  especially amused when a person will criticize first that
"everything they do sounds the same" (a rediculous comment by itself) and in
the next breath "I don't like any of their new stuff, they changed too much."
 or something to that effect. Yes this has occured on several occasions.  I
just smile and shake my head.  What a relief to have TNMS! We know the

For you and me - We hold these truths to be self-evident
For you and me - We'd elect each other president
For you and me - We might agree
But that's just us



Date: Sat, 4 Mar 95 15:54:24 EST
From: John Ambrose 
Subject: Open Secrets

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation...

	I was wondering how many Rush fans other than myself have used Neil's
advice: "...time will do its healing, you've got to let it go" to get them
through a tough time in their lives.

	God knows, putting on Hold Your Fire, and listening closely, often
makes our monumental problems seem like molehills in life, this "fortune hunt
that's far too fleet."

					--"laissez faire"


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 22:57:19 -0500
Subject: A Few more

A few more entries for the "You know you're a Rush Fan When..." file

1. When you were/are in high school, you asked a friend to swap lockers with
you so you can have Locker #2112.
2.  You name your  characters By-tor,
Snow-Dog, or Cygnus X-1.

Cya later
 -- Phil (

Life is just a candle,
a dream must give it flame.  -- NP from FOL on COS


Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 23:23:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Using RUSH for youth

Ron and Corey,

I am a high school teacher, and have also found Rush, (lyrics, mostly, not so
much playing the songs) Useful when counseling students.  Of course I am not
really a counselor, but it is inescapable in this profession.  I run into
alot of youths who are unmotivated, depressed, etc. and they seem to be able
to relate to song lyrics at this time in their lives, just as I did (and
still do).  I have been known to search relentlessly through Rush lyrics  for
the most appropriate quote for a particular student.  It seems I always find
someting appropriate, even when I don't have anything imparticular in mind!
 (I feel a reference to "the Bible" coming on but I will resist the
Maybe it's just because they were such an inspiration to me when I was in
High School.  Maybe it's better therapy for me than for the students I'm
"counseling". Any way...
Hope is epidemic
optimism spreads!


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