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 Date:  Wed, Mar 8, 1995 6:42 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1065

                 Wednesday, 8 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                      dream concert
     Re: 03/01/95 - The National Midnight Star #1061
                   Concert in Sweden ?
                   "Rights of Passage"
                    Re: The Camera Eye
                      ISO:Rush Twins
                 READ!! NMS Book to Rush
                    Idle babbling. . .
                      Assorted stuff
                    literary allusions
           A 1st time poster...with a complaint
                 clarification (perhaps)
                      Grammy awards.
               Re: YKYARFW/Read the FAQ!!!
                  Peart's personality...
                 Boston-area bands, help!
                       Re: Loyalty
     RE: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063
           You know you're a Rush fan when....
                      Neil and Buddy
           Second call for Rockline Recordings
     Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063
                        A poem !!
             The Recently Resurrected VOICE!
     Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063
                       ESL 8 Track!
     Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063
                  More Rush in the South
                     Classical Music
              Special Counterparts packaging
              TOO MUCH of a RUSH fan when...

Date: Sun, 05 Mar 1995 16:26:19 -0500 (EST)
From: "NAME \"Matt Raillard\"" 
Subject: dream concert

Hey there all you Rush aficionados;
This message won't bring you any newfound wisdom about Rush, but i just
wanted to share my idea of the ideal concert song list:
Passage to Bangkok
Cinderella Man
Cold Fire
Cygnus X-1
The Pass
Villa Strangiato
Working Man
Twilight Zone
Time stand still
Double Agent
Farewell to kings
Red Lenses
Mystic Rythms
Tom Sawyer
"To stand within the pleasure dome, decreed by Kubla Khan..."

Matt Raillard


Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 23:11:31 -0500
Subject: Re: 03/01/95 - The National Midnight Star #1061

The Rushmeister sounds off!!!!
   Does anyone know :(a) If Neil has a son.
                                 (b) Does he play drums?
                                 (c) How old is he?
  Just curious.  -Eric Garner"Rushman 13" of Des Moines, IA


From: Flygare Anders 
Subject: Concert in Sweden ?
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 95 08:10:00 PST

Hi, This is my first letter to NMS and I have some questions !
Anyone out there know anything about RUSH on tour 95 or 96.
I live in Sweden and as I recall the band never payed a visit here, why is
that ?
Is there any chance that they will in 95 or 96 ?
If not, where is the biggest chance to catch them ? (Copenhagen perhaps ?)
Ill be happy if anyone could tell me via NMS.
The Snowman / Anders Flygare, Malmoe, Sweden


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 11:27:44 -0500 (EST)
From: "MRGATE::\"A1::JBALOG\""
Subject: "Rights of Passage"

I have the opportunity to purchase "Rights of Passage"- Live at the Pink
Pop Festival 1979. Is anyone familiar with this recording? What is the
quality? What songs are included?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to listen to it prior to the purchase
nor will I have a listing of the songs included. The CD is sellin for $30.
You can e-mail me privately at  . Thanks for the help.


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 13:53:38 GMT
From: (Russell Marks)
Subject: Re: The Camera Eye

> In "The Camera Eye" (incidentally my favorite song, yes FAVORITE! on
> Moving Pictures), at approximately 0:20, there is a funny

Seconded! OTOH, there are a lot of good songs on MP :-)

> clicking-rattling noise. This sounds to me like an old film projector, or
> possibly an old film camera (Camera Eye, get it?). These are NOT the same
> as the military-style drum rolls at 0:48. This noise doesn't seem to
> occur anywhere else in the song.

I think it's a muffled typewriter or daisywheel, something like that.
There might be some muffled drum rolls mixed in with it too, though
(sounds a bit like it). This may not make as much sense as a Camera
Eye, but I suppose it's conveying the feel of the city.

> YKYARFW: you type "hostname" on your workstation (UNIX) and it replies "bytor"


Does that count? :-)


/ : russell marks :: :: speak softly and carry a +6 kitten : \
| GCS -d+ -p+ c++++ l++ u++ e+(*) m+@ s+/++ n--(---) h+(*) f+ !g w+ t+ r- y? |
\ ::: "His world is under anaesthetic - subdivided and synthetic" - Rush ::: /


From: Steve 
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:07:43 GMT
Subject: Rush/Nektar

  Does anybody out there know and like Nektar's 'Magic is a Child'
album? (from 1977) ... give it a listen as some of the guitar work is
sensational. The guitar riff at the start of 'Train from Nowhere'
sounds EXACTLY like that in the 'I can't wait to share this new
wonder' part of 2112 .. comments?
 All the best,


++++++++++++++  +++++++++++++
   Steven J. Gibbons, 42 Adwick Place, Burley, Leeds. LS4 2RA
   'Childlike, soul dreamer
    One Journey, One to seek and see in every light,
    Do open, true pathways, away.'
                                  YES 1974 'To Be Over'


From: (Gina Petroski)
Date: Mon,  6 Mar 95 14:45:18 EST
Subject: ISO:Rush Twins

Hi Everyone!

This is going to seem strange, which it is, but here goes nothing.
I was looking at my friend's high school yearbook from last year, and I kept
seeing these two good looking twins.  They're names were Jim and William
O'Keefe and I kept seeing them in his yearbook.  When I finally got to the
senior portrait pages with everyones messages, memories, etc, these two BOTH
quoted none other than Rush.  (I knew there was something about these
guys...)  They seemed to be big fans because they picked obscure lyrics from
2112 and Signals as their quotes to live by, or whatever.  Ladies, they are
identical twin Rush fans. I thought I was going to faint.  Anyway, my friend
Kelly wouldn't help me find them so I thought I'd take a shot in the dark
and see if they were on here.  The only way I could tell them apart was
because Jim parted his hair to the left.
Kelly thought I was crazy because as soon as I saw the lyrics in the
yearbook, I said "I love these guys!" We Rush fans can be PRETTY bizarre
sometimes...:)  Anyway, if you know these guys, or ARE these guys, please
contact me or write here. (Everyone should Have my email address by now!!)
 I think I've found my purpose in life...
"We can twist perceptions
	reality won't budge
You can raise objections
	I will be the judge
	I the jury"-NP
Kira :)


From: (Peter Zucker)
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 14:57:51 EST


        This Saturday nite, Power Windows, the local Rush tribute band is
Playing at MARTY'S in Portchester, NY. MARTY'S is located on Adee St. which
is write off a Main St. in Portchester. The show starts at approx. 11PM and
it is ONLY $5 to get in!! For more info, directions, and a possible pre-show
get together please feel free to email me.

                                                  Pete Zucker


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 10:12:29 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: READ!! NMS Book to Rush


Listen up, gang!!  Due to popular demand, the deadline for entries into
the NMS Book to Rush has been EXTENDED!!  We are accepting submissions
until MARCH 17.  So for those who missed it the first time around, NOW'S
YOUR CHANCE!  You, too, can submit your personal message to Rush!  The
submissions we've gotten so far have been great!  We've got poems, simple
messages, and personal anecdotes.  But we'd like MORE!!!

We'd especially like to encourage our OVERSEAS cousins to submit, too.
and more of EUROPE represented!!  It'd be nice to give this puppy a REAL

These messages WILL be published into a book and given to Rush.  Below
is a list of the guidelines for the entries.  We will have several people
screening the messages to help with the publishing process.  I must add
that these guidelines will be STRICTLY enforced, so keep them in mind
when composing your message.

so, C'mon folks!  Send in your entries!!   Kim Garner (of Anthem Records)
thought this a great idea, something RUSH would really appreciate.  And
a unique contribution to RUSH HISTORY.  So be a part of that Rush history
and send in those entries!!!

Submission guidelines:

	- Maximum length is 150 words (1/4 page)
	- Pairs or groups of people may team up for one message, but
 	     maximum length remains 150 words
	- May NOT submit more than one (1) entry per person/group
	- All entries MUST be in English OR be accompanied by English
 	     translation (in the case of translations, both the
	     non-English entry and the translation will be included
	     in the book)
	- PLEASE spell/grammar check all entries.  Any entries radically
	     out of compliance with English spelling/grammar rules may be
 	     rejected on screener's discretion.  The only exceptions are:
	       * English translations
	       * Entries using non-Standard English for specific use (e.g.,
 		   odd spellings to create humour)
	- No proclamations of divinity or undying love will be accepted
        - Contributors should not expect personal replies from band members
	- Poems and humorous (not sarcastic!) entries are encouraged,
             with the exception of song parodies
	- Please include names of all authors of a message and home states
	     or countries
        - Entries which are rejected will be returned to sender and must
             be resubmitted. Resubmitted entries must indicate that they
             are resubmissions or will be rejected as multiple entries.
             There is no guarantee that resubmissions will make the book,
             so follow the above guidelines *very* carefully.
	- Entries by EVERYONE are encouraged!!  So, make it unique, make
	     it from the heart, but most of all -- make it from *you*

Send your submissions to:
Deadline for submissions:  Friday, March 17th, 12:00 a.m. (PST)  Pacific
							      Standard Time




Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 13:27:06 MST
From: "Jon Tanguy" 
Subject: Idle babbling. . .

Some replies to some posts:

> Does anyone else besides me have a problem with being accused
> of being a Rush Limbaugh fan??

Well, no.  As a matter of fact, I've been wondering if Neil himself
listens to Limbaugh (the phrase "...the way things ought to be" from
*Cut to the Chase* caught my eye).

> Does anyone remember the HUGE deal made about _Counterparts_ 7-10
> months before it was released?  A story was going around that it
> was going to be called _Critical Mass_ and many individuals
> went totally APESHIT and researched and comtemplated the title's
> possible meaning to excessible lengths.  Let's not do this again.

Why not?!?!?  C'mon, where's the fun in life if we can't go through a
little mindless speculation about our heroes?  It's fun, even when you
turn out to be wrong.  I remember before _Grace Under Pressure_ came
out that a buddy of mine heard a rumor that the title would be _BREAK
Under Pressure_ which didn't seem very "Rush-like" to us.  We were
wrong (fortunately), but we didn't get hurt in the exercise.

> Simon Phillips has played for Pete Townshend though--that's him in
> the "Let My Love Open The Door" vid from the early eighties.

Simon played with the Who on the farewell tour; if you have a chance
to see the concert video from that tour (including "Tommy" in it's
entirety, take it!  Phillips is phenomenal!  If I was looking for a
drummer nearly as good as Neil Peart, I'd pick Simon Phillips.

> Rush lyrics in education.

Try "Tai Shan" from _Hold Your Fire_.  Maybe the kids will learn

"the Armchair Rocket Scientist"


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 11:07:50 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Assorted stuff

Yo. And Hail.

>Does anyone else besides me have a problem with being accused of being a
>Rush Limbaugh fan??

My former boss is *very* conservative and a big Limbaugh fan.  Every
time I wore my Rush shirt, he'd smile and ask if I was a big fan.  Kept
having to explain to him it was a rock band.  oich...

>First, do any of you remember (this may sound silly, but it's never
>been to me) in 1981-2, after MP came out, someone was selling
>these little tiny album covers that had bubble gum inside?

YES!  I remember those!  Never found one with MP, tho.  At least I don't
recall... I did have a Blue Oyster Cult album cover one.  The one with
the dinosaur head rock formation.  Don't have it anymore.  I miss those.

>I've been collecting a lot of
>magazine articles; I counted them, and I have about 80 of them. I'm

ACK!  Could you do me a favor?  Do you have any interviews of Alex around
1988 or so in your collection?  It should end with the interveiwer asking
about women on the tour buses -- not his exact words, but something like
that.  And then Alex responds with, "No, but I'll ask my wife!"  and the
article ends like that.  It was a transcription from the "A Story of
Kings" interview.  I *know* I read it, but I can't find it.  And I've
been looking *everywhere*.  Anyway, please let me know if you have it --
I'm going to lose my mind soon...!!!

>From: Scott Brian Bissett 
>You hear a certain lyric as something that it's not supposed to be?
>Every time whoever it is says "Subdivisions" in the song of the same
>name, he heard "Sons-of-bitches".

Now THAT is classic!  I remember when I was younger, I thought the first
line of Tom Sawyer was,  "Monday warrior...".  I thought, "wow.  how
profound.  Wonder what it means.  What book is it from?"  uh-huh.  yeah.
try ask Neil, sometime.  I'm sure he'd wonder, too...  :-)

>From: (Dan Kelley)
>Oh yeah, need some Rush content: Rush rules!

I don't know why, but gawd, that cracked me up...

puanani		"pause for the jet..." -- Kate Bush, The Big Sky


From: Corey Harbaugh 
Subject: literary allusions
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 17:18:36 EST

Being both a Rush student and a student of literature, I thought it would be
interesting to compile a list of written works that Neil Peart has alluded
to in any way in his lyrics. Any additions, corrections, deletions, etc.
would be most welcomed. The list thus far is as follows:

*the 2112 story is adapted from Anthem by Ayn Rand
*Hemispheres mentions the Greek Pantheon (see Bullfinch, many others)
*Hemispheres space ship named Rocinante after horse in Don Quixote by
*Bravado from Roll The Bones inspired by a line in John Barth novel The
	Tidewater Tales. (excellent read, by the way. I'm now a Barth
*"wilderness of mirrors," in Bravado (Counterparts) is a line from T.S.
	Eliot Poem "Gerontion".
*Xanadu from Farewell To Kings based on "Khubla Khan," a poem by Samuel
	Taylor Coleridge
*Tom Sawyer (Moving Pics.) is a novel by Mark Twain
*Jacobs Ladder (Permanent Waves) a metaphor from the Bible and the story of

** I've read (I think here on TNMS) that Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures) has
its roots in a sci-fi short story. And recently there was some discussion of
a poem that inspired Between Sun and Moon (Counterparts). I'd love the facts
on these two.

Also, any more that people know of... please share. I'd like to read each of
these works independent of the songs to season my appreciation of the music.
That's probably what I enjoy most about Rush... the value of the music (for
me) is that it's not limited to one medium. As I develop (age, mature,
stiffen, whatever) the music changes with me and pushes the horizon out once
again to just beyond my (cognitive, spiritual) grasp. Frankly, I never want
to reach that horizon... the point of the journey is not to arrive and all
that stuff...

Next I think I'll compile a list of historical allusions (witch hunt,
bastille day, 24th of May etc.)


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 18:04:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Partha Mukhopadhyay 
Subject: A 1st time poster...with a complaint

Since I'm new, here goes with the vital facts
Got into the band, when, around 1987  a radio station did a
"rock block" of Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio and Closer to the Heart.
I wasn't an instant total convert, however.  I wasted two years of my
life, until Presto came out and turned me into a Rush Worshipper.....
Favorite songs = The Pass and La Villa Strangiato,
Favorite albums = Presto and Hemispheres.......any connection?
Now, for the complaint....I am a college student and one of my (many)
vices is that I need to have some music on while studying.....with other
fave groups (Scorpions, Queensryche, DT, Mozart) I have no problems.  As
much as I like the music, I can ignore it. IT just doesn't work with
Rush....I find myself singing along, and can't concentrate on the
material I'm looking at.....It's a problem of the band being too
good to ignore, even for a few minutes........
Just curious, anyone else, college types or otherwise, find themselves
totally ignoring the stuff they have to do, the stuff with an all too near
deadline, just because of a Rush song playing nearby?

Thanks for letting me indulge.........


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 18:27:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Aaron Scifres 
Subject: clarification (perhaps)

Ok, it seems that some people may have taken my message about the "filler"
songs on Rush albums the wrong way... so let me clarify...
1. A filler song does not have to be a bad song!  in fact, it can be an
EXCELLENT song (case in point: La Villa.  I read in _Visions_ (I think, or
it might have been Guitar Player or another similar magazine) that La Villa
was written as an 'experiment', because Rush wanted to see if they could
write a song that was all instrumental -- part of their motivation was that
they had some room on the upcoming album for it)
2. The "comments" that I put after each choice were intended to be purely
humorous, and were not in the intent of making fun of or insulting Rush...
I admit that I was going overboard on the side of humor when I claimed that
all of the first album was filler, and all of Presto (minus SDT) was... also,
I don't really think that the WHOLE second side of 2112 is filler, but that was
the only way I could get the comment to match and still be "funny", imho...
sorry if it offended some of you :)
3. Every band puts fillers on their albums.  there are VERY FEW albums I can
think of that don't have filler songs on them... (Boston's first album and
Dark Side of the Moon are the only ones that leap to mind)  Most bands write
a few really good songs and say "ok, now let's fill up the rest of the album".
Well, IMHO, Rush's "filler" songs would be the really good songs for most
other bands :)...
So, I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my post... I was just trying to start
a thread that would be a little more meaningful than what color boxer shorts
Neil likes to wear or whatever...



Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 18:43:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Carl Joseph Poposki 
Subject: Grammy awards.

Fellow followers of Rush,
	Let's try not to get all excited over the Grammys, ok?  If you're
really taking them seriously anymore think about this, Sheryl Crow won
Record of the Year (or was it Album of the Year?).  The point is, who
cares?  Somehow, Sheryl wrote the best music of the year according to the
popularity Grammy voters.  Let's let them have their fun, and we'll have
ours, ok?  Whoopee!
	Anyway, I've been reading a lot about 3 Gold disks.  Now, would
sombody clarify what they are, and WHERE I can get them, (if they have
any others than MP and 2112)  Thanks.  (If this is on the FAQ I'm sorry
to bother those of you who _really_ get uptight about that! :) )


"hope is epidemic
 optimism spreads
 bitterness breeds irritation
 ignorance breeds imitation"


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 16:08:32 PST
From: (William B. Moore)
Subject: Re: YKYARFW/Read the FAQ!!!

Actually, this post is not a response to this thread, but a suggestion to
rush-mgr.  Isn't there a way to send the FAQ as the first response to a
subscription request?  Frankly, I'm no hacker, but this seems
possible, and the excellently maintained FAQ would be a great intro to
this list.

   [ The FAQ is already sent out to ALL new subscribers, and has been I 
     think for at least the last year or so (my memory is failing me..)
                                                             : rush-mgr ]

             /`\                            .
          __/  |/\       +
        _/ q     /    
        \       /                    "The world is not full enough
        /       \                 .   of wolves."
       /        /


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 15:31:25 -0700
From: Eric Christiansen 
Subject:  Peart's personality...

Dags gang,

As an intro (first post but have been a reader for a year now): I was
introduced to Rush by an uncle (Fly By Night), got into Rush in MP, hated
all their albums until ROTB, but I am going back and filling in.  The lyricist
Peart overwhelms the synth crap (this from a piano player who
appreciates fine guitar and drummer work in rock groups.  Keyboards
are for .  I also run a minnie Rush listserv (or mirror) at
work, forwarding on this list from two to five others.

Subj:  #2(3) 03/08/95 - The National Midnight Star #1065
Date:  Wed, Mar 8, 1995 6:42 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
Enough intro. Now for the subject.

The other day, I found a Meyers-Briggs personality test on the web
(  I took it, along with one of the
other Rushers at work.  When his personality test scores came back, it
listed "Neil Peart" as an example of "ENTP" personality type (Extrovert
iNtuitive Thinking Perceptive).  Needless to say, he now preaches the
validity of the test (me?  They list me in the same category as Ensign
Wesly Crusher...) Some quotes:

"ENTPs value progress and change, both in their personal lives and in
the world as a whole.  The idea of a static, unchanging life -- appealing
to some SJs -- is abhorrent to an ENTP.  ENTPs are always seeking out
new experiences, new ideas, and new achievements.  While other
types may worry that the world is changing too fast, ENTPs are more
likely to be frustrated that the world isn't changing fast enough -- in the
direction they want it to move."

"ENTPs have little respect for rules that fail to serve a useful purpose.
Rules that significantly inhibit the ability to get things done will be
changed, finessed, or simply ignored."

So those of you who are familiar with this, what do you think?  Is that
Neil?  How would you rate Geddy and Alex?

Eric Christiansen
*   "I tried the slipper on Snow White and the Seven dwarves   *
*       and it didn't fit any of them." -whose line is it anyway?     *


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 18:42:01 CST
From: Thomas Beaudoin 
Subject: Boston-area bands, help!

Hello to everyone in NMS land. I am a grad student at Harvard
(Cambridge, MA) and a bassist who is looking for a decent garage band
in the Boston area (I myself live in Quincy).  If anyone has or knows of
a bass-less band in the area, drop me an e-mail!  Thanks..

Obligatory Rush Content: I snuck into the bowels of Kemper Arena when Rush
was in Kansas City in April of 1994 and peered around all the dressing rooms.
I should have snatched the cool laser-printed door sign that said "Dress
 -ing Room: RUSH" ............ maybe next time... but is it as easy to
sneak into Boston Garden's dressing rooms?????????


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 17:07:21 PST
From: (Patricia Evans)
Subject: Re: Loyalty

Patrick Vella ( writes:

> To say that RUSH does not relate anymore to pre-1980 music
> is not fair to RUSH fans like myself who still think that
> pre-1980 albums are excellent expressions and just as
> relevant today as the day when they were released.
> These are the albums that have created a loyal following
> dating back to the seventies.

To ask that they delve so far back into their old music to redo
2112 if they don't feel it is relevant to *them* isn't fair
to Rush. Whether there are people who can relate to it isn't of
extreme importance (though it's a plus). Rush has always progressed
in their music, and what we hear is their creative self-expression.
While it's nice for the fans to be taken into consideration, the
fans' opinion should not drive the band.

That their older music lives on is a testimony to their brilliance, but
not a sufficient reason that they should redo it.  I find relevance in
many different songs, throughout the Rush discography, and I can't wait
to hear what they come up with next. As their lives change, so does their
music, and hopefully they'll keep going as long as they feel they have
something new to say (and new music to play).

> Why don't RUSH perform a world-tour which INCLUDES the full 2112
> side A (and B?), like Pink Floyd did a few months ago with a
> Division Bell tour that contained the full "Dark Side of the moon"
> album.

Pink Floyd certainly didn't play all of "Dark Side of the Moon"
when I saw them last year. There were quite a few songs from it,
but not all of them, and not played together or even in order.
They also included a lot of recent music (mostly in the first set).
It's not a good example.

> Let's be serious. The boys can't go on forever, as much as we would
> like them to.If they are going to peform a final tour, whenever, why
> not make it the best thing rock music has seen and heard in the last
> decade. An investment in the making of a 2112 video, and a concert
> that contains the highlights of their career and, at last, 2112.

Maybe Rush doesn't attach the significance to 2112 that you do.
Maybe instead they'd make someone else's dream come true and play
all of Cygnus/Hemispheres.... or something else that they consider to
be a highlight of their career. If they do consider 2112 to be the
pinnacle of their music, I doubt they'd've kept going for this long
afterwards. And 2112 is far from being universally hailed as a favorite
by Rush fans, there are as many different opinions as there are fans.
As a fan who likes the variety in their music, I'd be disappointed if I
went to a Rush concert and they devoted so much time to just one thing.

Now I don't know what the band's attitude is towards 2112 (if indeed
they mutually agree), but Neil has generally refused to talk about it
(and other older music) with a "been there, done that" kind of response.
Even in this latest interview where he talks about redoing some of their
older music, he talks about a new take on the older songs. Maybe 2112 will
be involved -- maybe it'll be excluded, either due to not having a new
perspective on it, or it being too long.

I'm happy to let them decide what they want their music to be like;
given their track record, it's almost certain to be something that I'll
enjoy hearing.

Patricia Evans
ORQ: "don't make too many demands"


Date: Mon,  6 Mar 95 18:49:38 PST
Subject: RE: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063

To respond to the country Rush Thing:

On many of the shows Rush played (supporting CP) in the south, they opened 
with a lick reminiscent of some really bad 1940's western movie theme.  I have 
heard many of these concerts personally, from bootlegs and correspondence 
with friends.  Each time there is a joke made towards Cold Fire actually 
being "the new direction the band is taking" - Geddy Lee in St. Petersburg, 
Dallas, etc '93).  He also refers to this song in many of the shows as "his 
favorite country song...".

Speaking with other Rushians, we take this as Rush (being comical on many 
occasions) were making demo riffs and just started jamming, and eventually 
came up with Cold Fire, which might have started as a remade pseudo-country 

This might be stretching this a bit, yet stranger things have happend.

Any ideas, comments, questions, items to trade...

WWW to

"A slave to the drive of obsession...." - NP


From: Sylvia Smith (Bowser) 
Date: Mon,  6 Mar 95 17:06:32 PST
Subject: You know you're a Rush fan when....

   	Instead of playing "Here comes the Bride" as you  walk down the
isle  you play a Rush song.
   	You put headphones on your stomach while you're pregnant in the
hopes of creating a new Rush fan.
	You decorate the baby's nursery with album covers, hang a Rush mobile
over the crib and read lyrics to him/her instead of nursery rhymes

     No I haven't done any of these....


From: Brian Costanza 
Subject: Neil and Buddy
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 95 20:17:55 536913400

Hi all...I just recently purchased tape four of the Buddy Rich Memorial
Concert...this had Wil Calhoun, Omar Hakeem, and's
pretty weird seeing him play a tiny jazz set..and playing jazz with this big
band..he did a little part of the rythym method was completely
awesome..he kicked ass on a four piece..did things that no one can do on
a big double base set...Neil is on tape four also with Steve Smith
(Journey) and some other people...I'm sure this is old news for most of
you..but it's kind of new for me...See ya....--

"I'm not going to butcher my music just so I can be the flavor of the month."
				-Eddie Van Halen on doing MTV Unplugged


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 18:33:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: Second call for Rockline Recordings / host machine "stein" or "saul"
           my .sigger just changed from a .footer to a .header
			     (deal with it)

I have NOTHING MUCH to talk about today even after what seems like MONTHS
of silence.. (oh, it WAS months, wasn't it? Yikes... e-mail build up)

I'm STILL looking for the latest Rush appearance on Rockline. Last
November, I think, you guys were talking about Peart appearing and (gosh
darnit!) not taking any phone calls. I've asked if anyone has a copy of
this recorded, and so far no one's 'fessed up. SO! Second call for
Rockline trades FOR THAT ONE IN PARTICULAR! Any takers? Anyone?

For everyone in Seattle, call INPUT-99 and Bitch. That's right. Bitch at
KISW (99.9) for dropping Rockline "because some of the guests were
getting too mellow." Otherwise, it's a great station... If you've already
bitched, like I have, bitch again! That number again is INPUT-99..

If one Ken M. is reading this... no, I haven't forgotten about your tape;
it's sitting on my speaker waiting for me to record stuff... I had it on
my record player and vowed not to listen to any Yes LPs until making your
tape, but then I broke down and turned on 90125 so I could impress a
long-distance amigo on the phone with the vocals at the beginning of "Big

					And THAT'S the Vortex more detail than you EVER wanted...

what, Cygnus? my pentagram is now a pentacle? funny thing that...


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 22:56:11 -0400 (AST)
Subject: Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063

Hello Fellow Rushians ,
  First I would like to comment on the "Rush-Country Misic-thingy" . In
an interview about the CP album , Ged and Alex mentioned that they tried
several different ways of playing the song " Cold Fire " ( all of which they
recorded) and they said that one of these "trials" was a country-version
of the song . For those of you wondering what interview it was , it was
on a national show called "Overnight(I think that that was the name)". This
show usually interviews top Canadian bands when they are going to release a
new album ( for example , Blue Rodeo was interviewed when that released
" 5 Days in July ") and it plays the songs off the new album in etween

interview segments . This interview was pretty cool . They would have
an interview segment with Ged and Alex (who were really funny) , play a
new song , then an interview segment with Neil , play a song , etc. , etc..

  The other thing that I would like to comment on is to the guy/gal(can't
remember which) that wrote about the common likes of Rush fans . I know
that for me and my fellow Rushians back home on Da'Rock(Newfoundland)
that Japanamation ( Robotech,Akirka,etc.) , and RPG are definially our
likes ( except that we gave up RPG about 3yrs ago ) .

 Well , Thanks for reading


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:13:58 -0500 (EST)
From: Victor Beltran Pereanez 
Subject: A poem !!

Hye rushers!!

This is the first time i apear in this world.

I've been a Rush fan since i remember music. I really think they're the
best band ever assembled.

well enough with that. I'm writing this because i've been looking for
this information for a long time now, and i figured that maybe some of
you guys could help me. In A Farewell to Kings, there's a song called
Xanadu. There's also a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge called Xanadu, i
think the song is inspired on this poem. i wonder if any of you could get
the original poem and E-mail to me, i'd really apreciate it. My name is
Victor Beltran and my E-mail address is:

That'll be all for now . thank you on advance and...

			Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!~



Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 19:14:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Niki Leboeuf 
Subject: The Recently Resurrected VOICE! / host machine "stein" or "saul"
           my .sigger just changed from a .footer to a .header

In #1063 said...

> But I dont believe they would re-record
> the older material. This seems too redundant and I personally dont think that
> Geddy has the voice to scream with anymore. If you've heard their shows
> recently, you can hear that they've slowed down or half-stepped some of the
> songs down, to accomodate his voice.

But if you've heard their shows REALLY really recently, you probably
heard Geddy hitting the "Hemispheres: Prelude" vocals RIGHT ON... except
for the notes where he went SHARP...

				believing in the resurrection and being
			really really jealous of Aimee Mann...
						--The Vortex

"And on the third day he sang again.." ergh. Groan. Nope, doesn't work.


From: "David Lenahan" 
Date:          Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:07:31 EDT
Subject:       Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063

    Well, it's good to finally see some people on the list can take a
joke.  I mean, any mailing list that practically worships a band that
recorded a song titled "Anagram (for Mongo)" should have a sense of
humor!  As Dave Barry once suggested, from now on I guess we'll have
to close-caption our posts for the humor impaired  (THIS IS A JOKE,
for example).
    Other stuff:  It's good to see someone besides myself likes Side B
of 2112.  I mean, I can do without "Lessons", maybe, but the other 4
definately deserve a relatively high place in the Rush canon.
    Bad Opening Acts:  I know I've only been to 2, (RTB and CP in
Albany), but I *know* I've seen the worst possible opening act,
because it was the worst musical performance I have ever even in part
subsidized, including band concerts at my high school- Vinnie Moore on
the RTB tour.  I really can't say anymore about it, it's too painful
a memory.


Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 22:35:06 -0500
Subject: ESL 8 Track!

Salut les amis!
The other day, My brother and I were "Pawn Shopping" with a friend of ours.
My friend  ended up finding at some salvation army type store an 8 track of
Exit Stage Left......for 35 Cents!!!!!! I was truly bummed when he saw it
first. It sounds good...........what is this worth? I take it, It's worth
more than 35 cents!


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 23:13:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: 03/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1063

Hello, all.  To introduce myself: I have been a Rush fan since GUP and will
be one for life, though I am interested in all types of music (except
country -- unless it's Rush country :-)).  One of my friends once made
the mistake of saying "Rush has no soul" -- I practically ripped his soul
out verbally for that one!

Anyways, I just had to answer Larry Young, who said in NMS 1063 something
to the effect that you could hear Les Claypool's influence in Geddy's
playing.  WRONG!  There is a relationship there, but it's absolutely the
reverse.  I am a bass player myself, who pretty much taught myself to
play by learning all of Geddy's lines.  I am also a big Primus fan,
and will admit that Les is an extremely talented player (though not,
I think, better than Geddy -- just different).

Anyways, there may be some reciprocal influencing going on between the two,
but Les himself has stated that Rush was one of his biggest influences
as a bass player.  Geddy has said, however, that he is also a big fan
of Primus' music, so it is possible that they have both influenced each

Just my two bits worth.


"Truth is a mobile army of metaphors . . . " -- Nietzsche

" . . . so get out there and rock and roll the bones!" -- Peart


Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 23:37:04 EST
Subject: More Rush in the South

After reading the last "Southern"Rush post I was somewhat
depressed.  FYI Chris (last southern rush poster) the boys
play in Chapel Hill North Carolina on every tour since the
Dean Dome was built. Prior to that they played about every
tour in Greensboro.  We need to get them to play at Walnu
Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh, one of the top three outdoor
amphitheatres in the country!!! All you Rush fans dont get
the wrong impression, we've got a lot of enthusiasm for the
guys (even us "older" Rush fans!)  Also to Karen who left a
wonderful post re: Alex and Geddy playing Golf here in
Chapel Hill (I knew that was what Alex said on stage but my
friends thought I was loony) Thanks for a great story from
someone who obviously really hangs with the guys. I can
verify most of what you said for the "unbelievers" out
there. BTW, check your e.
I am very sorry I heard of the NMS shirts so late in the
game. Any left? Let me know. BTW I found some pics I took of
Alex and Geddy in 1980 ata show in Greensbor. Alex hair is
permed. I got one of him playing a white Strat, one with him
on acoustic with the stand and electric on, one with him on
the double neck and one of Geddy playing aFender Jazz (I
think). A little grainy but close up!
So...if you cant get good major shows in your area, maybe
you ought to move.  Music is a major part of my life and I
cant wait to see Rush next tour as wellas hear their next
album, live or studio.  BTW, get a since of humor guys...
anyone that believes Rush would do a country album...well
its not even worth mentioning...but maybe you would be
interested in some land I have down in the Dismal Swamp in
NC, lovely view.
    "I don't believe in the stars or the planets
     Or angels watching from above.
     But I believe there's a Ghost of a Chance
     We can find someone to love...
         And make it last"  NP

                     BKP in NC :-)


From: (Julie)
Subject: why this is NOT the end
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 21:27:22 -0800 (PST)

Sure, *eventually* Rush will have to retire, but it sure as heck
isn't going to be *soon*, unless Neil decides he's not doing it
anymore shut up you two. Here's why.

For Alex, it's just too much fun. He might not have much trouble
accepting the end, but he's certainly not going to suggest it.
But Geddy is the big reason. He has said many many times that he
wants to write the perfect song. You know that's never going to
happen. (IMHO if Available Light is not the perfect song, nothing
we can humanly create *is*.) He's not going to give up until he
either writes the perfect song or becomes so incapacitated that
he can't possibly *try*.

If anyone out there is into the White Wolf game Mage, I can
explain it this way. Geddy has Questing essence (I'm not going
to suggest a Tradition because this stuff ain't real anyway).
The thing with Questing essence is that it gives you a Mission,
but that mission is beyond impossible. People with Questing essence
have a direction but not a destination. So they keep going that way
until they reach their impossible goal or die trying. (Or try dying,
or do some tie-dyeing... oops, sorry, shifted into Animaniacs mode...)

Of course most of you are going to shove this aside as just another
obnoxious Juno-post, but believe me I have a certain intuition
about things that have nothing to do with me :^). Like, Geddy's
daughter last year? I was *sure* it would be a girl from the second
I heard about a baby on the way (to Scott?: don't blame Nancy; it
was at least half Geddy's fault), and I was still sure even when
someone told me they saw the birth announcement and it was twin
sons, so I found this birth announcement myself and gee what do
you know it's a girl.

Oops I'm rambling again.
who by the way is Verbena


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 00:49:16 -0500
From: (Brian E. Robbins)
Subject: Classical Music

>>You know I'm having a really hard time believing this is true.  I mean,
>>when did Alex learn to play the violin???  Huh?  What are your sources?
>>They better be REAL good!  And don't even *think* of trying to fool us.

        It has been quite a while since I have offered my thoughts to this
forum, and probably almost as long since I have had time to read any non
work related E-Mail but I read the above text and do have some knowledge of
Alex's interest in classical music.  Not long ago I downloaded a file called
unknown from the transcript library on the syrinx ftp server.  As the name
eludes, it is a transcript from an unknown source but it claims that Alex
enjoys classical music and has aspirations of playing in the toronto
symphony orchestra.  It does not claim that Alex can play any instrument
other than the guitar but I'm sure he could learn the violin if he wanted to.

        Again, I would like to stress my ignorance to the nature of this
conversation.  I have no idea what you are talking about with the classical
stuff, much less why, but I thought maybe telling y'all about what I read in
the "unknown" file would help put this issue to rest.


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 02:31:40 -0500
Subject: Special Counterparts packaging

Has anyone seen the special packaging on some Counterparts CDs?  I saw them
in Europe last summer.  It basically looks like your conventional
Counterparts CD, except the blue background and black rectangle is printed on
the booklet, and the "Rush" and nut & bolt are printed in gold paint directly
on the plastic CD case.  Thus, they only make up the Counterparts album cover
when they act in other words, they're counterparts!  I thought
that was pretty cool.

You own every CD/tape, but you still check the Rush section at the music
store just to make sure there's a good selection.

You go out of your way to be in Paris July 14 for Bastille Day.

You've written to Nasa to request a photo of Crippen & Young.

You use "Pert" shampoo exclusively.



Date: 7 Mar 1995 09:01:19 +0100
From: Cris Fuhrman 
Subject: TOO MUCH of a RUSH fan when...

Hi all!

I've been around since the NMS's conception, and I must admit that I don't
follow it as much as I used to.

Just thought I'd put in a couple of my smells after some recent reading of
the NMS, particularly the reactions of some to the postings regarding some of
RUSH's not-so-great tunes:

You know you're TOO MUCH of a RUSH fan when:

You're insulted by anyone who writes anything that's not 110% positive about
RUSH or their music. You consequently flame the person and accuse him/her of
*not* being TOO MUCH of a RUSH fan.

I admit that at one time I thought that RUSH were the greatest. Much of their
music touches my heart in many ways, much more than many other groups. At the
same time, I (and even they) have realized that some of their stuff is great
and some is not so great. Why is it wrong to say this on this list?

Anyway, my least favorite thing about this list is that any criticism (which
can be positive or negative) of RUSH is taboo. This attitude stifles most
good discussions.

"Respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate"

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