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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1067

                 Wednesday, 15 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                      Grammy Awards
          You know you're a true Rushnik when...
       03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066
  Re: #2(2) 03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066
                       YKYARF when
                     Flaming a flame
                       Peart Pearls
                  I'm new around here...
     Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064
                        Rush cars
     Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064
             An NMS submission from Pete Kim
                    Cool story (IMHO)
                Peart Picks (drum licks!)
                   More YKYARF when...
                   EXIT...  STAGE LEFT
                   Rush fan to Rush fan
             Reality check of a Reality check
                    Anniversary Video
                       First single

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Mar 15 14:24:28 EST 1995
Subject: Administrivia

Welp, looks like I lost about 40 posts or so... I'm trying to recover them
from a backup tape but it'll take a few days. They were *ALL* posts sent on 
March 8/9, if you think your post was lost feel free to send it in again, but
like I said I should be able to recover them.

Now it's time to prepare for yet another storm.. :-)

 - rush-mgr


From: Terry Moore-Read 
Subject: Grammy Awards
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 23:48:16 +0100 (GMT)

Are the people voting on the grammys required to listen to the records they
are voting on ?

I saw a program a while back about the cannes film festival which stated that
it was not uncommon for the jurys voting for awards to have not seen the film
that they are voting for.

Just a thought.


Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 21:10:04 -0500 (EST)
From: Sabina Becker - JOUD/F94 
Subject: You know you're a true Rushnik when...

Greetings again from 'Bina's merry abyss...

I loved Sylvia Smith's idea of having a Rush song for one's wedding
processional.  I hate "Here Comes The Bride" anyhow, and I nominate
"Closer to the Heart" for the perfect Rushnik wedding song.  First
dance?  "Time Stand Still", naturally.  (Or maybe play that during
consummation.  Chuckle...)

Other ways to tell if you're a true Rushnik...

You refer to the right-wing American radio fatty as "Limburger" so's not
to confuse any lovers of great Canadian Rock.

You begin your day with a friendly voice...namely, Geddy's on "Spirit of

You attend a pagan gathering because you just love "Mystic Rhythms".

You buy a Pan flute after hearing "The Temple of Syrinx."

You refer to all flicks as Moving Pictures.

You get into Walt Whitman because of "The Body Electric".

You hum "Big Money" whenever you pass a bank.

You knuckle under and read Ayn Rand just because the Boys are said to be
inspired by her work.

You think of the job from hell as "Red Sector A".

You make regular pilgrimages to the Orbit Room.

You start reading Coleridge because of "Xanadu."

You decide to try the Rhythm Method of birth control.

You buy Rubbermaid stock because it sounds like Neil bangs on their wares
in "The Rhythm Method".

You watch the Three Stooges because the guys open A Show Of Hands with
the Stooges theme.
I'm sure that others can add to this list!



Date: Thu, Mar  9  1995 19:42:48
Subject: 03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066
From: (rush)

I would like to respond to the comments by D. Brunberg made in TNMS #1063.
 I am a first-time poster soooo...

I was first introduced (kudos to J. Chan for pointing out that almost
everybody is "introduced") to Rush by my cousin in 1979 with 2112 (I thought
the waterfall/stream in the background was sooo cool).  As soon as I got
home (he lived in WA, me in MA) I promptly bought and wore out three copies
(1 vinyl, 2 tape) of 2112.  Now, of course, I have it (as well as all the
other albums) on CD, so it never wears out.

Back to D. Brunberg:  thanks for starting an interesting topic, but I would
like to politely (no flaming here) disagree.  IMHO I don't think Neil ever
had a strong commitment to Ayn Rand and her philosophy.  Some points to

  o  In the FAQ, Neil is quoted as saying the resemblence between 2112 and
and A.R.'s book "Anthem" was not on purpose.  If 2112 was based on "Anthem"
I would think he would say so.

  o  I think the lyrics to "Cinderella Man" are totally counter to the
philosophy of AR.  Philanthropy(sp?) has no part in her world.

As for Neil's transition over the years, 1 small point -- Circumstances and
Roll the Bones have similiar themes.


P.S. - Anyone want to start a conversation on whether AR's philosophy is


Date: Fri, 10 Mar 95 21:05:29 PST
From: "Jund, Michael" 

     Well, here it goes.  All 116 songs.  This is my RUSH ultimate coundown
     for my radio show here at Loyola Marymount University.  The countdown
     started on February 2, 1995 and will probably finish in the first week
     of April.

     DISCLAIMER:  I realize that many of you will disagree but it is very
     difficult to discern one song as better or worse than the other.
     Also, if you asked me to make a countdown a year ago or a year from
     now it would probably look very different.
     Thanks for your time  Any ideas for future Rush radio shows...please
     e-mail me.  I like hearing from all of you guys and gals!

     SONG                               ALBUM
     116. Rivendell                     FBN
     115. The Necromancer               COS
     114. Here Again                    RUSH
     113. The Foutain of Lamneth        COS
     112. In the End                    FBN
     111. Before and After              RUSH
     110. Cygnus X-1 Book 1             AFTK
     109. Grand Designs                 POW WIN
     108. Heresy                        RTB
     107. Between the Wheels            GUP
     106. Chemistry                     SIG
     105. Everyday Glory                CP
     104. Natural Science               PER WAV
     103. Alien Shore                   CP
     102. Tai Shan                      HYF
     101. Vital Signs                   MP
     100. Tears                         2112
     99.  Madrigal                      AFTK
     98.  Different Strings             PER WAV
     97.  Bravado                       RTB
     96.  Emotion Detector              POW WIN
     95.  Red Tide                      PRESTO
     94.  The Speed of Love             CP
     93.  Hand Over Fist                PRESTO
     92.  High Water                    HYF
     91.  Available Light               PRESTO
     90.  Cinderella Man                AFTK
     89.  A Passage to Bangkok          2112
     88.  What You're Doing             RUSH
     87.  Neurotica                     RTB
     86.  Afterimage                    GUP
     85.  Witch hunt                    MP
     84.  I Think I'm Going Bald        COS
     83.  Kid Gloves                    GUP
     82.  Nobody's Hero                 CP
     81.  Red Lenses                    GUP
     80.  You Bet Your Life             RTB
     79.  Making Memories               FBN
     78.  Animate                       CP
     77.  Prime Mover                   HYF
     76.  Entre Nous                    PER WAV
     75.  Cygnus X-1 Book II            HEM
     74.  The Twilight Zone             2112
     73.  Digital Man                   SIG
     72.  Double Agent                  CP
     71.  Beneath, Between and Behind   FBN
     70.  Leave That Thing Alone        CP
     69.  Lessons                       2112
     68.  Open Secrets                  HYF
     67.  Take a Friend                 RUSH
     66.  By-tor and the Snow Dog       FBN
     65.  Between Sun and Moon          CP
     64.  Chain Lightning               PRESTO
     63.  The Big Wheel                 RTB
     62.  War Paint                     PRESTO
     61.  Best I Can                    FBN
     60.  Need Some Love                RUSH
     59.  Bastille Day                  COS
     58.  Cut To the Chase              CP
     57.  A Farewell to Kings           AFTK
     56.  Something For Nothing         2112
     55.  Lock and Key                  HYF
     54.  Losing It                     SIG
     53.  Scars                         PRESTO
     52.  The Weapon                    SIG
     51.  The Body Electric             GUP
     50.  Presto                        PRESTO
     49.  Middletown Dreams             POW WIN
     48.  Stick It Out                  CP
     47.  Second Nature                 HYF
     46.  The Pass                      PRESTO
     45.  Territories                   POW WIN
     44.  Circumstances                 HEM
     43.  Anagram                       PRESTO
     42.  Where's My Thing              RTB
     41.  Working Man                   RUSH
     40.  Anthem                        FBN
     39.  La Villa Strangiato           HEM
     38.  Ghost of a Chance             RTB
     37.  2112                          2112
     36.  Lakeside Park                 COS
     35.  Freewill                      PER WAV
     34.  Superconductor                PRESTO
     33.  Turn the Page                 HYF
     32.  Mystic Rhythms                POW WIN
     31.  Yyz                           MP
     30.  Countdown                     SIG
     29.  Roll the Bones                RTB
     28.  Mission                       HYF
     27.  Red Sector A                  GUP
     26.  Manhattan Project             POW WIN
     25.  The Camera Eye                MP
     24.  Closer to the Heart           AFTK
     23.  Jacob's Ladder                PER WAV
     22.  Show Don't Tell               PRESTO
     21.  Distant Early Warning         GUP
     20.  Finding My Way                RUSH
     19.  Cold Fire                     CP
     18.  Fly By Night                  FBN
     17.  New World Man                 SIG
     16.  Force Ten                     HYF
     15.  The Big Money                 POW WIN
     14.  The Analog Kid                SIG
     13.  The Trees                     HEM
     12.  Face Up                       RTB
     11.  In the Mood                   RUSH
     10.  Marathon                      POW WIN
     9.   Limelight                     MP
     8.   Subdivisions                  SIG
     7.   The Enemy Within              GUP
     6.   Tom Sawyer                    MP
     5.   Time Stand Still              HYF
     4.   Dreamline                     RTB
     3.   Xanadu                        AFTK
     2.   The Spirit of Radio           PER WAV
     1.   Red Barchetta                 MP

     There it is Ladies and Gents.  Please e-mail me your comments both good and
     bad.  I'd appreciate it.  Do you think the band would like a copy of a show
     or two?  I have all the shows on tape.  Look out for the alphabetical
     listing in a future posting.

     Here is the album countdown based on this song coundown.  I took each album
     and added up the songs based on where they appeared in the countdown  For
     example, Moving Pictures score was computed by adding 1+6+9 etc.  Then I
     divided by the number of songs on the album to get an average for that
     album.  Moving Picture's average was 33.3.  I called this the Listening
     Enjoyment Percentage (LEP).  LEP is the average song placement for each
      The lower the number the better the album because the higher the songs
     appear in the countdown.

     ALBUM                              LISTENING ENJOYMENT PERCENTAGE (LEP)

     15. Caress of Steel                81.4
     14. Counterparts                   72.2
     13. 2112                           70.83
     12. Fly By Night                   70.375
     11. Rush                           64.0
     10. A Farewell To Kings            63.83
     9.  Presto                         59.36
     8.  Grace Under Pressure           57.88
     7.  Permanent Waves                56.33
     6.  Roll the Bones                 56.0
     5.  Hold Your Fire                 52.3
     4.  Power Windows                  47.75
     3.  Signals                        44.25
     2.  Hemispheres                    42.75
     1.  Moving Pictures                33.3

     Thank you everybody



Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 02:35:23 -0500
Subject: Re: #2(2) 03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066

Okay folks,
                         SIT DOWN.

Oh, pardon me you already were!
What in the heck is the deal with that old rumor (pardon me for bringing it
to the surface  AGAIN!!) That there were satanic slurs in live
'back-maskings' of Rush songs, and that the whole message of Rush was/is
anti-GOD etc.
I really drew back when I first heard this, but have since laughed it off and
got on with enjoying all those tasty vittles on Counterparts, 'Bones', and
                                        Just diggin' up an ol' bone,
                                        Eric 'Rushman' (Gard-dog) Garner
 Peace, Love, and Rush 4-ever!


Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 04:03:59 -0500
Subject: YKYARF when

Hi, my name is Scott, and I'm a Rushaholic...
First here'e the vitals:
         Introduced - freshman year in college by my
              drummer friend Bob
         Favorite song (very tough) - Limelight or The
              Camera Eye
         First tour - Power Windows
Now for the real reason I'm here - You Know You're A Rush Fan get
cruise control so you can play double bass in your car.

                         Later, Scott

(Insert your favorite Rush quote here; I can't choose, which as we all know,
means I still have made a choice)


Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 10:52:49 -0500 (EST)
From: "Lisa R. Weinberg" 
Subject: Rushology

You better sit down for this one:

Time: Power Windows Tour
Place: Brendan Byrne Arena (East Rutherford, NJ)
Players: Me and a security guard
What was I doing: Trying to get backstage

After a great show in the first row, I decided to give it a shot.  I take
out an ID card I got through the mail that says "PRESS PASS" (indicating
I am from the press and supposed to be given special privileges).

	"Nope," says the concert security guard, with a grim look on his face.

	"C'mon," I plead.  I'm still holding up my badge.  I should have
demanded to go backstage based on the First Amendment (Freedom of the Press).

	The guard shakes his head.  "Forget it."

	I reach into my pocket for Plan B -- money.

	"No way," he tells me, with surprising confidence.

	With another twenty-dollar bill I show in his face, I decide to
mirror his cockiness -- "C'mon. Don't fight it!"

	"Go home"

	"You want another twenty?" I reach into my pocket but he
interrupts this action.

	"Leave or I will call the police!"

	So I leave.  Before this merry conversation, I told my Rush buddy,
Barry, to wait for me outside.  When I get outside of the arena, I begin
to look for him.  It took me twenty-five minutes to realize that Barry has
stranded me.  In retrospect, I think he assumed I got backstage and went
home jealous.
	I can still see myself, sitting on the curb of the littered and
abandoned parking lot, reading the tourbook.  When I sobered up from this
realization, I took a $90 taxi ride home.

	This concludes the first of four concerts I attended in one week,
three for Rush and one for The Firm.  Each has a story of its own,
strange yet memorable.

						Rock the boats,

						Derek Barker

		"Chasing something new to believe in"


Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 11:58:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Doug Scott franzen 
Subject: Flaming a flame

  Hello fellow fans
      I couldn't help notice the post that was a parial flame.  One fan
mentioned that Alex's last name was the only one that could be spelled
using elements.  Someone else criticized him wrongly.

    lithium = Li
    iron =    Fe
    Sulfur=   S
    Oxygen=   O
    Nitrogen= N

  You don't just use the first letter of the element, as was suggested by
the flamer who said "there are several elements that begin with 'e'"
  If we did, chemists the world over would be confounded, not knowing
what element someone was talking about.
     As a chemistry major, i couldn't let this glaring error go untouched.

    As far as Rush content, I am glad to see some old dinosaurs floating
around out there. I have followed the band since pre-MP, so I guess you
could call me old-school.
    Someone mentioned "Before and After" the other day.  I think that
song is arguably the best on the first album.  The intro is pretty cool
and the lyrics are not nearly as cheesy as say "Take a friend," "what
you're doin'" (which absolutely rocks!),or "in the mood"  (all great songs,
but come on. Just listen to the lyrics. You can't help but giggle now and then)

No cool sig for me.


Date:         Sat, 11 Mar 95 11:52:09 EST
From: Paul Bartlett 
Subject:      Peart Pearls

Hey NMSers!

In the latest issue, someone commented on the change in Neil's lyrical
style, and the decreasing number of "Peart Pearls" (quotables for
e-mail sig-files) in recent releases.  I kind of think that his writing
has improved and has been fairly steady since Hold Your Fire.  My
reasoning is that he is now writing from life experience, and from a
much wider range of literary sources.  In much of his older material
he practically stole alot of words from various authors.... he didn't
really as he's always admitted sources, but there have been times
where his lyric is so close to the source, that the source should have
been noted in the album.  (i.e. Xanadu - Kubla Khan, Limelight -
Shakespeare).  I think his writing has always been fantastic, but I
would bet that many of the older Peart Pearls have sources in the
works he drew his inspiration from.  In more recent material, I think
he draws on ideas from literature, but he now has more life experience
with which to interpret them, and more ideas of his own to include,
and so his lyrics contain more of himself now than in the past.  Back in
the 70s, I think he would have been lost without his literary sources,
but today, I think he could sit down and write something that is quite
mature and thought provoking, drawing primarily from his own imagination
and experience.  He has improved.

I've seen debate about the Ultradiscs quite a bit... actually just
questions and responses.  I think that if the album had a digital
master tape, which everything since MP except p/g had, then as long
as the regular CD was made from a digital copy and not an analog one,
there will be no difference in sound quality between the MF gold discs
and the regular CDs.  If there have been analog copies in the chain
between the original master tape and the regular CD, then the MF gold
CD should sound cleaner.  On older albums, the orginal master tape was
likely not used for the regular CDs, and so the MF gold CDs should sound
better, but (in my humble opinion) the sould quality of those albums
probably doesn't warrant the expense.  I'm not saying that the production
is bad.... I love the bass guitar sound in Hemispheres, and AFTK is a very
clean recording, but kind of thin in places.  It was pretty good but not
the best of it's time.  If anyone knows where one can determine whether
analog copies are still used to make CDs where the original master tape
was digital, I'd like to know.  It happened in 1983 with Billy Joel's
Nylon Curtain, and CBS/Sony corrected it.


 Paul Alexander Bartlett           Tel: (613) 545-6368
 Geography Department              Fax: (613) 545-6122
 Queen's University
 Kingston, Ontario
 K7L 3N6


Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 14:22:51 -0500
From: (Ginny Ragazzo)
Subject: I'm new around here...

and after reading for awhile...

Hey folks - another first post, and from a woman no less.  I must first
say how happy I am TNMS exists (thanks Rush-Mgr!).  As soon as I think I
have seen just about everything here, I see a little bit more.

You knew this was coming - my Rush history and favorite records in 150
words or less.  I was 13 in 1981 when r n' r entered my life and with that
came MP.  I thought Tom Sawyer was the COOLEST tune, even bought the 45
before the record.  My first show was the P/G tour and as of now I have 9
shows under my belt.  I don't sleep on cement for tickets anymore but I
will run through a department store like a lunatic to get to the
Ticketmaster window,(with my pal Eddie Vedder at my side).  I remained an
average fan until 1990 when I started dating a guy who,lived and breathed
the band and took me along for the ride.  Once again I realized how
fantastic this band was and I have stuck ever since.  The guy has been
asked to move on, but I favorite albums/songs for this week
include CP (Nobody's Hero, BS&M), PoW (Territories), Signals (Analog Kid),
and PeW (Entre Nous).  2112 and Hemispheres are great for me when I am
watching something like hockey (Go Wings) on TV.

Some personal junk and I am done.  I live in the Detroit area (no we will
not hurt you) so we get 2 shows pretty much guaranteed every tour.  Alex
even made the comment during one of the CP shows, "great to be back here
for the 90th time".  I feel for you folks that have to travel great
distances to see the band, or get skipped altogether.  Sometimes this town
really pays off.  I work in purchasing so I am on the net frequently and
deal with email all the time.  I would love to hear via email from fellow
Rush heads, and my mailbox is never too full for anyone who wants to chat.
I feel I know a decent amount about the band and their music and I am
always willing to hear more.  Lately I have been into collecting magazines
and interviews as well as bootlegs here and there.  The music of this band
has been around for some rather pertinent events in my life and it always
will be.  It's cool to be a part of this classy group of fans.

See ya...Ginny OR

"Everybody got to deviate from the norm..."
Subj:  #2(2) 03/15/95 - The National Midnight Star #1067
Date:  Wed, Mar 15, 1995 1:39 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 18:27:23 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064

> 	You know when your a Rush fan when you name your three kids Gary (geddy
> is just to weird) Lee, Neil Peart, and Alexa (Alex) Lifeson....Your last
> name here.
> Just a few rambling thoughts
> Ben Frans

	Did you do this?  You are pretty damn cool if you did, but how did
you get your wife to accept this??  Just wondering.



Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 22:36:03 -0500
From: (Geoffrey Stewart (Winsor School))
Subject: Rush cars

	Jeff Punch (and other interested parties),

	When I met Geddy and Alex at the HYF tour show in Buffalo, they each
left in cars which may have been their own. Geography lesson:
Buffalo-Toronto=short distance.

	Geddy (and Nancy & Julian [correct names for wife & son, I hope, to
avoid flamage]) got into the back seat of a black Mercedes 300e.

	Alex *drove himself* home (after standing in front of my face for 5
minutes getting directions from a roadie) in a black Volvo 760 turbo
*wagon*. My mom just got the same car (940 version) recently, right down to
the color. Coincidence- I think not...  :-)

	*and*, to Thomas Beaudoin- Boston undergrad who thinks he can sneak
into the bowels of the Boston Garden during a Rush show- think again. The
boys (and everyone else, for that matter) rarely play the Garden, due to the
Celtics, Bruins, Blazers (lacrosse), and no air conditioning. Plus, the
Garden will be replaced by the Shawmut Center/Fleet Forum/Whatever the


Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 01:13:57 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064

	Due to spring break, I'm just now responding to #1064, which is one
of the better issues I've seen in awhile:
	1)  As a fan of Pink Floyd, I was thrilled when I found out that they
were nominated for the "Best Rock Instrumental" grammy along with Rush.
Both bands have
been equally overdue for a grammy.  (Actually, you might say that PF was
even more overdue, since their first album came out 7 years before Rush's
first.)  I have faith that Rush will eventually be recognized.  As
Springsteen said, "You hang around long enough, and they just give these
to ya".  Heck, Clapton ruled for 30 years before they finally recognized
him!  Anyway, what I'm saying is that Floyd and Rush fans are in the same
boat in many ways, so _please_ put away the rusty (Rutesy?) knife.
	2)  I will agree totally that there are _many_ other fan lists that
discuss their respective bands in as much detail as the NMS, but that the NMS
_is_ the most flame-free that I have seen.  (Hey rush-mgr, do you edit out
	3)  I'm not much of a guitarist (I'm a drummer), but I think that the
reason that the guitar intro to "Cold Fire" sounds country-ish to so many
people is that it's played on a telecaster.  Alex rarely uses one, and
they're _extremely_ common in country music.  I always thought of it as
sounding more Stones-ish, but Keith Richards also uses a tele and is very
country-influenced, so I see the connection.
	4)  I absolutely cannot believe that people are flaming the guy who
posted the "rumor" about the Rush country album!?!?!?!?!  I mean, even if you
believed the whole concept, how could you believe those song titles?!?  I
loved reading it, and appreciated the effort put into it.  I hope that
people on this list never stop contributing clever humor for fear of
being flamed by the sarcasm-impaired.
	5)  For whoever posted all that Echolyn stuff:  Who's paying you??

"I'm old enough not to care too much" -NP
"But who can care too much?" -NP


Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 03:53:26 -0500
Subject: Howdy

Hello all from yet another southern Rush fan!  I apologize ahead of time for
the minimal Rush content but I NEED HELP!  while living in L.A. about two
years ago, someone handed me a tape of a band called CLockhammer, i think out
of new York.  It was a demo of sorts.  The title was Kleinfeltner or
something to that effect.  It was very Rush like and also very hard to keep.
 If anyone knows anything about this band and could give me some info please
do so. Thank you, and a big Yee haw to the fabled country album, I will play
it on my cd player back at the swampland ranch in the sky, also a joke, get
it!  Never mind.


Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 09:16:49 -0500
From: "Francesco Spadini" 
Subject: archives

  First of all, yes, I am a Rush fanatic that has all of the common albums.
(not the radio releases) I am going crazy 'cause I can't find Archives on
CD (yes, I'm on of those too).  Does anyone know if archives is available
on CD, and if so, how I could get it in the greater Cincinnati area (in a
store or via mail)?


you refer to Canada as 'The Holy Land'

you can e-mail any responses directly to

* Sing, oh choirs of cacophony                                            *
* The King will kneel                                                     *
* And let his kingdom rise.                                               *


From: "Kim, Peter -Capt" 
Subject: An NMS submission from Pete Kim
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 95 17:08:00 PST

Guten Tag fellow Rush fans!

I've just started reading the NMS, this is my first posting, and I enjoy it
alot.  Before I start, a) Rush became my favorite group after I heard Tom
Sawyer b) My favorite album of all time is Moving Pictures (or maybe
Hemispheres or Counterparts or...) c) I've never really liked that naked
dude in front of the star (you guys know what I'm sayin'!).  Anyway, I'm in
the Air Force over here in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  All the Rush fans here
including my bud, Freddy "Geddy" "Gus" Webb in particular, were seriously
disappointed in the band's decision to blow off Europe last year.  Surely
this couldn't have been the band's decision?!?  I have a theory.  I believe
that Rush is becoming sort of the "Henry Cameron" of modern day rock.  They
are being unjustly ignored and pushed aside by the present
"alternative/grunge/techno (European)" music movement.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm the world's biggest Rush fan--I've seen them
on every tour since Signals--I've even seen certain tours more than once!
 But, did anybody notice that Rush's last 3 studio albums did not go
platinum?  I'm kinda worried.  In this day and age, if your band's album
does not at least go platinum, you're in trouble--I'd say that your band is
in financial trouble.  I mean--they blew off Europe on their Counterparts
tour!  Incredible!  Maybe the band doesn't have the financial backing they
once had in the late seventies and early eighties?  This worries me.

I thought Counterparts was their strongest album since Moving Pictures--it's
incredible!  But after talking to some "Rush fans" (not "Gus", some say they
were disappointed--just read some of the NMS submissions.  Hmmmm....  Public
opinion is a very hard thing to figure out--so I don't try or even care, but
I do care when public opinion steers the fate of our favorite Canadians!

I think the idea to release a CD of remakes of their own classics should not
be pursued--they should concentrate on new material.  Hell, maybe they
should start thinking about writing a 30-minute opus just for grins.
 Wouldn't that be something?  The idea of a live album of old classics is a
great idea, but it won't sell--again, they should concentrate on new stuff.

I'd appreciate some feedback.  I'm at

Pete Kim
"Ten bucks is ten bucks."  - guess who?


Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 13:02:42 -0500
Subject: Amp

My brother has a Reissue Marshall SLP. He want's a better sound from it. He's
tried the crossing channels trick. He's looking for an Eric Johnson ish lead
tone with it. Do you guys have any suggestions?
Sorry for the Non-Rush content,but he want's this tone.
Btw, E-mail him at


Date: 12 Mar 95 16:55:26 EST
From: Eric Staley <>
Subject: Cool story (IMHO)

Good day.

I want to pass along a coll story.  The year was 1987, and Rush was touring in
support of Hold Your Fire.  I had already seen the show in Cleveland (actually
Richfield), but I had heard an announcement on the radio that there was to be a
show in Cincinatti.  Alas, the tickets went on sale on a Friday morning, instead
of the usual Saturday morning sales.  Every Rush fan that I knew was unable to
get tickets, as we all had midterms on Friday morning.  So we resigned ourselves
to the fact that we would miss the Cincy show.

On the day of the show, I went to the apartment of my friend, Paul, to watch a
bootleg video that he had recently secured.  Suddenly, Paul came up with a blast
of spontanaiety.

"Dude, why don't we drive to Cincinatti and buy tickets off of scalpers!" he

His thought was that we would get a better price right before the show, because
the scalpers will be desperate to unload the remaining tickets.  I had just
filled the tank in my car, so we said good-bye to Columbus for the evening.

On the way down, we cranked Hold Your Fire, which, given the speed that I was
driving, was the only tape to which we had time to listen.  We screeched to a
halt in a space at the very top of the parking garage.  As we got out of the
car, we saw two guys being lead away in handcuffs.

"What did you guys do?" I yelled.

"They got us for scalping!" said the taller of the two.

Our worst fears were realized when we heard that undercover cops were nailing
scalpers all night.  Any scalpers who had not been caught fled the scene.

"Dude!  What'll we do?" Paul asked.

What could we do?  Sneak in?  Go home?  Cry?

I then noticed the woman who was selling tickets.  She was about my age, and
rather attractive.  I decided that I would perform the politically incorrect and
sexist act of hitting on her, with the hope that she would find me irresistable
and let me in without a ticket.

At first, she seemed interested in my charm.  In fact, she even placed her hand
on my leg at one point.  I gave her our story, and with my best boyish grin,
asked if she could let us in without a ticket.

"No way!" she said, "I like my job!"

I still maintained my charm, as I did not want her to think that I was simply
trying to con her.

"Why don't you just buy a ticket from me?" she offered.

"Isn't the show sold out?" I asked, with great surprise.

"It was, but a few friends of the band didn't show, so I'm allowed to sell the
tickets that were reserved for them!"

Our seats were located at Stage Left, in the first row.  We were standing and
screaming from the first chord of Big Money to the last chord of In The Mood.
At the end of the show, as the band were leaving the stage, I jumped up onto my
chair and waved to them.  Neil nodded, Alex waved and Geddy gave me a "thumbs
up."  I saw Neil turn to Alex, and I read his lips.

"Who's that guy?"

Well, that's my story.  Forgive me if it was too long.  I've got a few more, so
I welcome your feedback.



Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 17:23:50 -0600 (CST)
From: Craig Branham 
Subject: Peart Picks (drum licks!)

	I read Dennis Pupello's post about his favorite drum parts, and I had
to first give Dennis a nod of agreement, and kick in a few of my own absolute
favorites! I was always a huge fan of some of the more syncopated
patterns Peart has done, like (you can add these to the list):

 - Red Lenses (a totally underrated Rush classic!)
 - Mystic Rhythms
 - Territories (it took me over a year to get this tune out of my head, and I
		think it is coming back right now --damn!)
 - Scars (is it one Peart or 20?!?)

	As far as fills and breaks go, my top 3 would be:

 - The improptu breaks on La Villa (live) with cowbells and chinas.
 - Natural Science (all of them)
 - The first couple of bars of Digital Man (I now use this fill to test drumkits
for playability)

	IMHO, Peart has grown a bit tiresome and anaerobic during the last
couple of years, but he is still light-years ahead in terms of signature style
and solid cold-cranking percussive angst.

Craig Branham


From: (Gina Petroski)
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 95 19:04:26 EST
Subject: More YKYARF when...

Hi everyone!
I really got a kick out of reading these You know you're a Rush fan
when...because I can relate to them totally. I've blown several people away
when I accidentally came across a Rush tunen on the radio and HAD to play it
loud!  I've even done the "sit in your car until the song is over", which my
family just accepts now.
I came up with some other odd things that a Rush fan (Me) would do:
	-You go into Sam Goody, Tower Records, etc. and flip through the "R"
section, just to see what Rush Cd's they have.  I also do this in hopes that
someone will notice where I'm looking and say "Wow, I love Rush!"
	-You watch farm team hockey leagues for 5 hours on ESPN just to hear
five seconds of YYZ or Where's My Thing when they cut back from a commercial.
	-You wish you had gone to Fisherville Junior High School in the
	-You only have to say the name "John Rutsey" and everyone laughs
their asses off.

A few years ago someone posted a YKYARFW on Prodigy, and I wish I'd saved
it, but one of the funniest ones he wrote was:
Have you ever named a pet "Geddy"? A car? A child?
That's all for now.  Keep them coming, I need a good laugh!



Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 22:36:28 -0500
Subject: EXIT...  STAGE LEFT

Okay fellow Rush fans of America!!!!
  Where can I get a NEW copy of Rush>  Exit...  Stage Left the VIDEO!!!!!!
I want one(The old copy is sufferin' from massive overplay!)
No one in IOWA seems to have it available.
                                         Eric "Rushmeister" Garner
 P.S. Thanks a million!!!!


From: "Brian V. Cox" 
Subject: 2112/Anthem
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 23:07:00 -0600 (CST)

> From: DGC 

>   o  In the FAQ, Neil is quoted as saying the resemblence between 2112 and
> and A.R.'s book "Anthem" was not on purpose.  If 2112 was based on "Anthem"
> I would think he would say so.

actually, he did mention her in the liner notes of 2112, it says something
like "with acknowledgement to the genius of Ayn Rand".  i find it really
hard to believe that neil did not have anthem in mind when writing 2112,
especially with all the similarities and the credit given to him.  where
in the FAQ and from what interview does it say this?

i have also been told that "on my tape of rockline neil admits he has
cancer" so i tend not to believe interview related stuff unless i hear the
interview myself...

on a side note, the new echolyn album is AMAZING...

   **always looking for rush/dream theater/queensryche/king's x bootlegs**
 Voices repeating me,        Brian V. Cox            Voices discussing me,
 "Feeling threatened?       "Others steal your thoughts
We reflect your hopes        Dream Theater-          They're not confined
     and fears."    A Mind Beside Itself: II. Voices   Within your mind."
         check out my new homepage:


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 01:12:01 -0400 (AST)
Subject: Rush fan to Rush fan

Here's just a little story I feel like telling .
 When I back home , I used to take guitar lessons from a guy at my
local guitar shop and after getting to know him and the rest of the store's
staff , I got a rep as being a big Rush fan . Anyways I found out that when
my guitar teacher was my age ( 17 ) he also was a big Rush fan . The only
difference was that when he was 17 Tom Sawyer was only about a year old or two
old , and when I was 17 Roll The Bones was about two years old .
  Anyways , when I gave up the lessons ( had to , I was going away for 
university ) he gave me a present . He gave me a picture that he painted/
drew 10 yrs ago when he was still big into Rush . And he gave it to me cause 
he thought that I would like it . It's a great picture . It's from 2112 and 
is the picture of the man against the Red Star . It's great !
                               Well thanks for reading


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 00:30:43 -0500 (EST)
From: "Unicorn Limited Inc." 
Subject: ?misc?..

 Hello fellow fans!

  You know you are a RUSH fanatic when...
1. The dashboard in all of your friends' cars bear the knuckle imprints
of repeated attempts to emulate Mr. Peart's percussive handi-work.
2. Fuzzy dice on a rearview mirror make you think of a certain RUSH song.
3. You buy a dalmatian and plant a red fire hydrant in your front lawn.
4. You actually own a copy of the "Dogs playing poker" painting.
5. You love to post all of your thoughts to a group of people whom you
probably have never met, because they listen to the same fantastic group
you do.

ah well, `nuff said.



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 01:11:39 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Reality check of a Reality check

>Isn't this missing some letters???  The only point I can see to this is
>that, as misspelled (sp.?) LISON is the only last name without an "E."
>But, the periodic table has several elements which begin with the letter
>"E" (Aaron apparently you forgot about the Lanthanide which has Europium,

This is my first post, but when I saw this I knew that I had to say
something. First off, Lifeson can indeed be spelled with the very elements
that were named. Lithium= Li Iron=Fe and so on. Europium is Eu. Elements are
NOT named by the first letter of their names. After all what about Telerium
and Tungsten and Tin? ( Te, W, and Sn). Some elements are named after
archaic names for them ( for example iron=Fe which was Ferrium.) Why on
earth didn't you check a periodic table? You'd think that before someone
creates a  flame, they would check to see if they are right. This is not
intended as a flame of a flame, just a correction. By the way, the best
concert that I have ever seen in my life was Rush on March 23, 1994 at the
Cleveland Coliseum. I had fourteenth row seats, and it was great! ( Required
Rush content). I hope in the future, we won't go off half assed anymore!
By the way here's what your combinations come out to be:

Plutonium   -    Einsteinium  -  Americium  -    Radium  -   Technetium
Plesamrath (pronounce that!)
Laeuer  (Kind of sounds like a last name.)
Liifeesono (italian ?)
  /---\   --    ----|  --\  --|   ----|
 /     /    |_      |    |    |       |
__   \_       |  |__     |    |    |__
  |    |    |       |    |    |       |
       /    |    |___    |    |    |___
 ----       |        |     __/         |


Date: 13 Mar 95 01:25:55 EST
From: David Keegan <>
Subject: Anniversary Video

I thought Andrew Logues suggestions (TNMS 1067) of a compilation video would be
worth a go if we can get enough enthusiasm going.

Being a UK based I've probably only seen less than 1% of all Rush material
outside of the released videos.

So how can we move this forward?

The only clip I have is:-

Alex Lifeson Interview on the Old Grey Whistle Test - BBC 1985

Like I said, probably less than 1%.




Date: Sun, 12 Mar 95 23:06:42 PST
From: Lee Farber 
Subject: First single

To Lynn Hernandez:

The A side of the first single is Not Fade Away and it may have been recorded
by Bo Diddley, but it was Buddy Holly that originally made it famous. The B
side was a still unreleased Rush track called "You Can't Fight It". Sorry to
have to correct you, but I spent so long trying to find the copy of it that I
bought that it is a very important issue with me. Four hundred dollars is
more than I spent on it, but it could go for much more. At one point, John
Rutsey himself sold copies of it along with an autographed picture for $800!

To those of you searching the globe for it: it's out there. Just keep
looking. Try small places all over the country. You'll find it.

Also, I am still lookin for the PeW and AFTK tour books. If you have one to
sell me, let me know. Also, does anyone have a Neil Peart banner that Tama
drums gave away for free in '85? I would love to own one.



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