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 Subj:  #1(3) 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068
Date:  Thu, Mar 16, 1995 8:06 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1068

                 Thursday, 16 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                     Drummers on BfB
                     Country-Rush fan
               2112: The Broadway Musical?
               Hello from Austin-Candlebox
     Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064
                    Making Rush Tapes
               yet another whoops in #1064
         witch hunt and other random observances
           Rejoice! Rejoice! There is NO Grammy
                 YKYARFW and other notes
                       rush old/new
                      neil's lyrics
                     BfB drummer list
                   Oldsters/Tommy Shaw
           you know you are a rush fan when....
                      First posting
                 What Happened When....?
                  I found this album...
           Original (flawed) Moving Pictures CD
                       naming kids
              a few miscellaneous questions
                      Rush in school
                     Re:  NO GRAMMY?!
                   The stupid Grammies!
              You know you're a Rush Fan...
                       Bass ratings
                      just found out
                      Another Newbie
                       RUSH videos
                    CD bar in Toronto
            RE: High school annual Rush quotes
             Last digest, new info, and so on

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Mar 16 20:36:06 EST 1995
Subject: Administrivia

Looks like I spoke too soon, the mail had already been recovered (I just
hadn't known about it until today). Hope nothing's a duplicate here!
I'll probably be sending out two digests tomorrow to try to catch up...

- rush-mgr


Date: Wed,  8 Mar 95 07:04:18 PST
Subject: Drummers on BfB

Well, I know that Matt Sorum used to play for the Cult.
Steve Smith played for Journey, I think...
Bill Bruford plays for YES...


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 10:23:43 -0500
From: (Music)
Subject: Country-Rush fan

Hey Rush Fans!
        I've been a drummer for over 20 years,and of course Rush was one of
my biggest influences. I play country top 40 in a local band these days, but
never fear, I'm still a loyal follower and fan of Rush. That's why the
recent postings about a Rush country album (even though it was ment to be a
joke) got me to thinking.  Imagine being onstage in a packed country bar,
posssibly the only Rush fan in the room, and saying,"OK folks, it's time to
pick it up a little. Here's the current new country single by Rush". The
looks on their faces would be priceless! Plus it would be great to play some
Rush again. By the way, I still sneak the odd Neil Peart lick into my
playing now and then.  After all, I was a Rush fan, and especially a Neil
Peart fan long before I got into country. Sometimes ya just gotta let it
out,you know?

                                 Peace, Mark Mizzi


From: (david sills)
Subject: 2112: The Broadway Musical?
Date: 	Wed, 8 Mar 1995 11:43:12 -0500

Hey all,

	Patrick Vella's comments about 2112 in NMS#1063 gave me an idea.
Actually, it's something that's been on my mind for years. Wouldn't it be
great if someone, perhaps with the help of Rush, produced a play / musical
based on 2112? It has all of the elements of a great play...passion, tragedy..
and a musical..dynamic sequences, musical narrative. I just went to see Tommy
on the weekend in Toronto and I think that 2112 has even more to offer. Any
producers out there???

	Also on the weekend (it was a great weekend), I dined at the Orbit
Room. Very cool decor...very dark lighting with electric blue swirls
everywhere, murals in the washrooms, votive candles at each table, very small
though..could only seat maybe 30 people. Dinner was interesting and Alex's
sense of humour was evident. My friend ordered Tex-Mex thinking it would be
very spicy, I ordered pasta thinking the opposite...surprise! I went through
 a few pitchers of water due to extreme spiciness and he was envious. Seemed
to be a 'hot' theme though...a woman across from us ordered some dish and
was surprised when it arrived in flames for a few minutes. Anyhow, food was
good but looked like a better place to grab a brew and check out a band.

	One last note...I heard on the radio that Geddy and one of his kids
were spotted at the Gala Premiere of Tommy in Toronto on March 1. Hmmmmm,
maybe he's thinking what I'm thinking???....

Take 'er easy,

Dave Sills
York University


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 11:07:50 -0600
From: (Michael Richardson)
Subject: Hello from Austin-Candlebox

        This is my first post, although I've been subscribed for a couple
of weeks now.  I'm way the hell down here in austin, texxas.  I've been a
fan since I was about 8 or 9 years old. (around permanent waves or moving
        I'm not usually one to go around giving the big bad mouth to
groups, but I've seen Rush on their last 3 tours, and Mr. Big was
not-so-good, Primus was very strange ( as they always are), but I have
never in my life been so revolted as the moment that Candlebox hit the
stage.  I don't really know what it is, and I thought that maybe they were
just mixed bad, or maybe I just wanted to see Rush, but I have heard them
and seen their videos, and I am still disgusted and offended by these
makers of anti-music.
        Sorry to sound so condescending on my first post, but I just had to
get it off of my chest.....
        Rush more than made up for it though...I was very pleased to hear
trees, analog kid and very surprised to hear the first 2 parts of cygnus
x-1 book 2.  Geddy sure pulled some shrieks out of him from way back, eh?
The only bad part was during one of the new songs when the video sync
messed up and it kind of threw them off, pulled they came out ok.  (The
name of the song slips me, but it starts out "Where would you rather
be...." and then goes into some strange music and talking).
        I guess my favorite album is currently signals or maybe
hemispheres, and my favorite song has recently been different strings.
        Well, hope I haven't offended anyone, but at least I'm not flaming
                                            Take it Easy,
                                            Michael Richardson



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 11:43:48 -0600 (CST)
From: Errol Douglas Bordelon 
Subject: Re: 03/07/95 - The National Midnight Star #1064

It is my sincerst wish that Alex, Neil and Geddy don't compromise their
sound by putting out a Country album. Geeeez, we have enough of those
yokels running around singing about their dead dogs and estranged,
psychotic wives.  Let's have a little more faith in their creativity.
Besides, I really can't see Alex wearing a Stetson and strumming away on
a banjo!

Well, that's all I have to say...



Subject: Making Rush Tapes
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 12:57:34 EST
From: James Hubert Falkner 

        Calling all Rush Fans with Car Stereos:

        I am dying here!  I recently got a cassette player for my car
        and before I waste time/money on making Rush tapes, I'd like
        some input on the best combination of songs/tape formats.
        The stereo manual says "Do not use tapes longer than 60 minutes
        (30 minutes per side) since the thinness of the tape causes bad
        things to happen" -- should I heed this warning?  Also some
        rundowns of Rush compilations that you've found to be the best
        would be appreciated.  Thanks...

        BTW: For anyone that cares, my street address is 2112 :)
        YKYARF when you care :)



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 12:08:37 +0600 (CST)
From: Chris Pardua 
Subject: yet another whoops in #1064

re: Simon and JP--I didn't do my homework because I have the tape, which
comes with no track listing or personnel or anything.  It sure as hell
doesn't sound like Simon, but I'll take the beating anyhow :)

For the others:

Bruford--Yes, King Crimson, Genesis (very briefly, like one album),
Earthworks, some work with Pat Moraz

Steve Smith--Journey

Steve Ferrone--the only one I can think of is Clapton on the Knebworth

Rod Morgenstein--add the Steve Morse band to that

Kenny Aranoff--John Cougar Mellonhead (or whatever...:))

btw, does anyone know anything about the supposed Burning for Buddy tour?
Is this gonna happen or what (I read about it *here*, so I don't claim
hearsay) ?


Chris Pardua     "May I have some of your tasty wash this down?"				-- Samuel Jackson, _Pulp Fiction_


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 13:17:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: Edward T Schreiner  
Subject: witch hunt and other random observances

	you want a live version of "witch hunt?"  just buy the _a show of
hands_ cd, "witch hunt" is on there.  it's reaaly good, though i wish
they had put "prime mover" on the cd, as well as the video.

other abstract musings on rush:
1.	i think if anyonr says that the first album is not heavily led
zeppelin influenced, they are talking out of their a@@.  when i first
heard "finding my way," i though it was some unreleased zeppelin track
until i heard the voice.  saying that they are influenced by zeppelin is
not bad however.  i believe i john bonham had not died, zeppelin would
probably be my favorite group right now, (the page/plant unleded tour
doesn't quite do it for me), though it would be close between rush and
them.  they both went in different dircetions, though, rush had pretty
much established their own style by _fly by night_, though "anthem" is
still distinctly zeppelin-ish.  as to country western as a possibility,
sorry zeppelin already did it.  listen to "hot dog" on _in through the
out door_.  so i hope rush doesn't go country western, as they would just
be copying zeppelin again. :)

2.	As to "fillers," i wish rush would do more of them.  most of the
songs aaron mentioned were some of my favorites.  i love "side 2" of
_2112_, especially "a passage to bankok," "lesssons," and "something for
nothing."  i will admit, despite the fact that i may be exposed to some
ridicule, that "cinderella man" is one of my tope ten favorite rush
songs.  it just touches my heart.  i can somehow sympathize with the
song, being an eagle scout and all.  "in the camera eye" is awesome, i
wish it were 2 hours long.  i love "fillers", such as "heresy," "everyday
glory" and "tai shan."  then again, there aren't any rush songs that i
don't like...

3.	i recently saw a posting that said "la villa strangiato" was
picked as the best rush song by some poll.  what's up with that?  sure,
"la villa" is good, but i'd put it somewhere around 40 or so, i do think
it's a tad on the long side.  did anyone else see this poll?  maybe i
could post it, if i could figure out how to...  what do you think rush-mgr?

well, that's by $3.69 worth...  flame me on tnms or by e-mail, whatever
you like.
"you know we told you before, but you didn't hear us then.  so you still
question why?  you didn't listen again."


Date: 8 Mar 1995 13:32:05 U
From: "Farr, Steve" 
Subject: Rejoice! Rejoice! There is NO Grammy

     After reading some of the most recent NMSs, I've learned that Rush has
now gone 0 for 3 at the Grammys.  I didn't learn this from watching the show
since I've boycotted the awards since YYZ was snubbed at the 81' awards (held
Feb 82).  (Somehow the Grammys have gone on without me).  Personally, I am
relieved to know that the knuckleheads handing out the awards at this
disgraceful popularity contest do not align with my taste in music.   Based on
some the *fine acts* that have received awards over the years, we RUSH fans
should find great comfort in the fact that we apparently have distinctly
different opinions as to what defines musical excellence.

     Rush's air time has always been meager at best (and non existent prior to
SoR), but I've never attended a show that wasn't sold out.  I've never seen a
show where thousands didn't sing each word.  Let us rejoice in the uniqueness
that us fans have and find comfort in the fact that we follow a band that
doesn't fit into whatever is topical or trendy.  Besides, who honestly
remembers who won the Grammy for best new artist in 1974 ...  .... Marvin Hamlisch??!

     Does anyone know if Rush present to accept had they actually won?  If
not, I respectfully rest my case.


*  Steve Farr                             *
*        *
*                                         *
*  "Throw off those chains of reason      *
*     And your prison disappears."        *
*                          - Neil Peart   *


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 09:12:07 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: YKYARFW and other notes

Yail.  And Ho.

  >From: (James Screaton)
  >>Puanani said "I dunno -- their idea sounds like a live album
  >>without the "live".  It's an odd idea..."
  >Well, maybe the old material reworked could be some of the
  >stuff resurected on the last few tours, eg Hemispheres, Analog
  >Kid etc.

There ya go...that's what I was trying (rather badly) to spit out... :-)
If they *are* thinking of re-doing early material playing it the way
they do *now*, then...why don't they just do a live album, ya know ???
I'm failing miserably to see their point in this...

  >It's always possible that the reference Neil made, was to a
  >new live album, with reworked material on it.

Yeah, see, now that would make more sense.  James, go talk to them...! :)
It's times like these I wish I knew them personally so I could call them
up and say, "HAH??  Uh, you, like, EXPLAIN this
to me, 'cause this 'I understand' thing just ain't happening here..."

  >From: (Sriram Dayanand)
  >A Geddy sighting on March 1st at the premiere
  >of the musical "Tommy" here in Toronto...

For a frightful second, there, I was thinking Geddy was *in* the show.
Almost had a heart attack.  Uh-huh. yeah. chill Puanani...chill...

  >From: Kevin Ivan Smith 
  >and wasn't the inclusion of odd elements the initial attraction?

Your statement made me think of something Geddy said in...some guitar
mag when Cp came out.  The interviewer asked Geddy why there weren't
any/very few odd time sigs on the album.  Geddy thought about it and was
quite distraught to realize the interveiwer was right!  "I wish someone
had told us!" he complained.  So maybe he'll remember the conversation
and insist on odd time sigs every 3 bars in all songs on the next studio

  >Puanani Akaka (I hope u don't mind me using ur name...

Blasphemy!  Horror!  Sin!  It's a travesty!  Using my name!!!  Well!  I've
never been so insulted in my life!  Ack!  Eek!    :)

  >Did they (Rush) ever mention a country sound they were
  >trying to obtain in the song?  The opening music, ie the guitar, of

good question.  I don't think they consciously meant guess is it's
more coincidence than planning.  but, I dunno...

And for my "You Know You're A Rush Fan When" contribution --

 - you go to class late 'cause you need (<-- key word) to hear the new
	Rush song on the radio the DJ just said he'd *finally* play...
	(I actually did this *twice*, with RTB and Cp)

 - you're at the bus stop listening to Rush, a car pulls up at the stop
        light with a box inside labelled "Rush".  You proudly smile to
	yourself, knowing you're the only person on Earth, at that exact
	place and time, who understands the connection...

[look what you started, Amy!  :-)  :-)]

Ho-hoo!	    WORQ:  "Are we gonna get pepperoni on that pizza or *what?*"
puanani			         -- Alex Lifeson


Date:         Wed, 8 Mar 1995 14:09:48 EST
Subject:      rush old/new

I've been reading the comments related to a possible Rush album
redoing older material, in the last several issues of NMS, and would
like to voice my opinion.  Although I would be the first person in line in
Trenon, to buy it, I'd much rather see the band, concentrate their
efforts on putting out another live album or better yet, more new
Studio material.

Rush is a dynamic, enduring progressive rock band.  This is more than
a title-it's what sets them apart from the mainstream-what makes
them original and intriguing.  Artists are always looking for something
new and different to avoid boredom, and in Rush's case, despite
whether it appeals to the masses or not.  Why would Rush want to do
something that's already been said?  2112 is epic! What more must be
done to it?  If they want to experiment, why not embelish on it or ad lib
in concert.  If it works-tack it onto a live album.

As much as I love their first albums, I drool in anticipation of new
material this ever talented and creative band will come up with next.
The Beastie Boys are another great example of a band that doesn't
dwell in the past.  They started doing silly raps, but have evolved into a
diverse, original musical style, doing great instrumentals, and songs
with fun as well as introspective lyrics.

 How do you like them beans-a Rush fan who's into the Beasties!
Sorry for the message length.


Date:         Wed, 8 Mar 1995 15:01:15 EST
Subject:      neil's lyrics


In a recent issue of NMS, a comment was made to the effect that Neil's
writing style and/or choice of subject matter has softened and bent
towards public taste.  This person looked back to songs such as 2112
and The Trees as examples as some of Neil's finest compared to more
recent writings.

I don't believe this is all that true.  If you think about 2112 for instance,
it's really a simple theme:  the individual vs. the collective, stated quite
eloquently.  The Trees:  the stronger oppressing the weaker.  You
have to remember that the band has been around for 20 years.  Neil as
an individual has matured since these songs, through new
experiences,  new and different literature(he's read), and changes in
taste.  Many of his lyrics have obviously changed as well--become
more contemporary.  For instance, The Pass: comment on suicide. And
Animate: about man seeing another side of himself (his feminine
COUNTERPART I believe).  Most bands wouldn't touch topics such as
these!  They're quite contemporary themes that Neil has found it was
time to move on to.  He's already covered romantic and Sci-Fi themes.

Just my opinion.  I'm interested to hear what other have to say about
Neil's pre-80's lyrics compared to todays.  Or any other significant
changes in his lyrics/writing style.


p.s.: THC is not a drug, but rather the active chemical/ingredient in
Cannabis Sativa(pot) that causes the high.


Date: 08 Mar 1995 12:51:29 -0800 (PST)
Subject: BfB drummer list

Garrett Young was looking for a few drummer credits among Neil's
Burning for Buddy group.  I'm no drummer, but I know a couple of
the more pop-oriented guys (I think so, anyway) :

Kenny Aronoff - John Cougar Mellencamp, and about a million sessions

Bill Bruford  - Yes, Earthworks, King Crimson, and about a million sessions

Manu Katche   - Peter Gabriel, et cetera, sessions.  umm, wasn't he in
                Weather Report?  or was that Omar?  pardon my ignorance.
                Just trying to help.

Max Roach     - Max Roach don't neeeeeed no steenking band affiliation!

Steve Smith   - Journey

Neil Peart    - Spinal Tap, Air Supply.  no wait, that was me.
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Subject: Oldsters/Tommy Shaw
Date: 08 Mar 95 16:51:47 EST

Hello NMSland,

    In NMS 1063 Dino comments on the inane activities that occur
at concerts, such as throwing items on stage, or worse yet,  jumping
up there yourself.  Reminded me of a event I witnessed at during the
Presto tour @ Riverbend in Cincinatti.

    Some dope managed to get on stage during Rush's set, and after
the usual jumping around he was "escorted" rather rudely from the
stage by two of the largest humans I've ever seen. He was removed from
the concert via the center aisle, and was pummeled senseless by
practically everyone sitting on either side of the aisle. The security
guys did very little to stop the onslaught,  subsequently by the time
this guy reached the exit is face resembled so much mashed potatoes,
and ketchup. I felt kinda sorry for him actually.

    Rush never missed a step as they jammed through "The Pass". I'm
not sure whether or not the guys saw the poor guy being blugeoned
or not. Though he never got close to either Ged or Alex,  Geddy did
seem a tad nervous after that, and Alex seemed amused while the guy
was onstage. Though I do not profess to know what they were
thinking,  It was just a feelin' I had.

    Dino,  If you ever come to Indy for another Rush show,  you oughta
come to Cincy as well.  Usually they are on consecutive nights.
I have several friends who go to both shows, always looking for
more friends into Rush, and of "advanced"  years (I'm 34)  :)
Only joking,  no age discrimination intended.

    Jim,   Jim,  Jim you have a right to your opinions as do I. Tommy
Shaw was a great opener for Rush. Back when Styx was in their hey-dey
Subj:  #2(3) 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068
Date:  Thu, Mar 16, 1995 8:06 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
I was big fan,  and liked alot of the songs Tommy Shaw wrote or
co-wrote. Renegade,  Fooling Yourself (the angry young man),
Blue Collar Man ..... I could go on but this is a Rush newsletter
so I won't. But imagine my sensory overload at seeing "Styx" and
Rush on the same bill...... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    And now for something completely different . . . .For anyone
who might be interested and in the states,   the Comedy Central
network will be airing that great british comedy "The Young Ones"
(Hello Simon) starting 11pm on March 11 (sat). Sorry for the non-Rush
content but if you look closely when watching you will see Vyv (Ade
Edmonson) decked in his 2112 t-shirt from time to time.

Hello's to Zach,  Bruce,  Art, Simon,  Puanani, and last but not least,
the biggest San Jose Sharks fan I've not yet met,  Cheryl :)

BTW,  Has anyone noticed how good The Trees/Bravado sounds when played
back to back (The Trees first). As Dicky V would say.

                                       "IT'S AWESOME BABY !!! "

 "This calls for a mixture of psychology and extreme violence"



Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 14:56:17 -0700
From: Todd Petersen 
Subject:  Hello...

Rush Fans,

Hi. As this is my first post to TNMS, I suppose I ought to introduce myself.
My name is Todd; I'm married and have two kids; I write documentation
for Novell, Inc. to pay the bills; I listen to Rush CDs via the CDROM drive in
my computer for many hours a day--the many that I'm not in meetings.

I first realized that my appreciation for Rush was abnormal when I wrote
my senior thesis at BYU on the relationships between rock music and
science fiction/fantasy literature. I listened to a helluva lot of music while
researching the paper, and when it was all said and done, all my quotes
were from Rush songs. Neil Peart is a poet--no higher praise is possible.

Well, thanks for hangin'--I love this place.



Date: Wed, 08 Mar 95 14:00:12 PST
From: "Jund, Michael" 
Subject: you know you are a rush fan when....

     please post

     You know you are a Rush fan when you see a worker using a jackhammer
     and wonder if he could play for you the beginning of Force Ten.

     Please keep your Rush radio show ideas coming.

     Mike Jund...Loyola Marymount University


From: "randy marquis:)" 
Date:          Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:16:13 EST
Subject:       First posting

Hello fellow Rush heads,
    The only purpose of this posting is to introduce myself to the
readers of The National Midnight Star (so if you don't care, skip
over it).
    My name is Randy Marquis and I'm a sophomore at Franklin Pierce
College, in New Hampshire.  My friend Jeff introduced me to Rush
early in high school, but I didn't really get into the group until I
heard "Moving Pictures" for the first time on our senior class trip
(needed something to do on the bus).  I've since become a huge Rush
fan, and attended the "Counterparts" concert in Worcester, MA.
"Force Ten" is probably my favorite song, although it's hard to
narrow it down to one.  I can't wait for the next album, or the next
tour, which I can't see happening until sometime in '96 (rumors or
no rumors, no one works that fast).  I welcome e-mail messages at the
following address (about anything and everything, but mostly Rush and
sports, and of course, music):

No junk mail, please!

"One likes to believe in the freedom of music. . ."



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:47:45 -0500
From: (Cary Lasher)
Subject: What Happened When....?

I've got an opinionated question to ask about 2112....
I've been a Rush fan for about 7 years(and for a freshman in college that's
quite a long time), and 2112 has always been a favorite of mine. I have
studied the lyrics and music over and over, but I have yet to find a clear
cut answer to a question of mine -- In the end(no Rush pun intended), who
wins? As we all know, at the end of "Grand Finale" a voice comes over some
sort of radio or transmitting device sending the message "Attention all
planets of the Solar Federation, We have assumed control." Pardon the
obvious Rush quote, I just like to type long messages. My question is WHO IS
WE? It is my opinion that Neil, being the true optimist, is fulfilling the
prophecy made in "Oracle: The Dream," in which the elder race would return
to "claim the home where they belong." However, an interesting point was
presented to me that there is a possibility that it is in fact the Priests
sending the message in the conclusion, telling the other planets that they
had defeated the invaders. Another piece of evidence behind the first theory
is the lack of "Geddy-shrieking" in the message that is characteristic of
the Priests. If anyone has any other input concerning this topic I would
love to hear what you have to say.
                                                 Cary Michael Lasher

Lord of Calculus in this world and all others
Fightin' Aggie Class of 1998 Whoop!!!!!

"I swear - by my life, and my love of it - that I will never live for the
sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
                                                    - Ayn Rand


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 16:57:56 -0600 (CST)
Subject: I found this album...

Okay, what I am about to tell you is a crying shame that it ever heppened, so
get a kleenex handy.  Recently, I was at a record show just sifting through
posters, CD's, vinyl, the usual stuff you find at record shows.  Then at one
dealer's table I ran across a very unique CD.  It was a german import CD of
live playings of Rush's greatest hits.  After picking my jaw up off the floor I
hurredly searched the back and WHAT AN ALBUM!!  It had everything.  Here comes
the sad part:  I looked at the price.  The tag said $23 and I had three dollars
in my pocket and about 9 dollars in my checking account.  (yes, I am a college
student, thank you for noticing)  Like I said it was a German import and it had
a polar bear on the cover and on the disc itself.  Has anyone seen/heard of
this before?  Do you know what the English translation of the title is?  (I
don't speak German)  And does anyone know where I can find it again?  The
dealer who had it was just a couple of guys who sell privately and didn't even
have a business card for me to get in contact with them again.  If anybody has
any information that would be helpful I would REALLY appreciate it.  Please
send anything you know to the address below (not the one above, please).



"I'm not giving up on implausible dreams... experience to extremes"


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:59:37 -0500
From: "Francesco Spadini" 
Subject: archives

  Is archives available on CD or was it only released on tape?

  If it is available on CD, is there a way I could order it; do you have
any addresses?

  Thanks for your time, Francesco Spadini.

PS, NB, FYI, & BTW -- This place is great.  The FAQL answered many
questions I had about Rush but could never figure out.  Keep up the good


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 18:07:25 -0500
Subject: Original (flawed) Moving Pictures CD


WAAAY back in 1984, when I got my first CD player, the first disc I went out
and bought (naturally) was Moving Pictures.  To my horror, I discovered that
the whole first pressing of this disc had the first beat of Tom Sawyer cut
off!  A year or so later, Polygram fixed the problem and offered free
replacements, and as I was working in a record store at the time, I quickly
took advantage and traded mine in.

Does anybody know if those original discs are valuable?  It'd be just like me
to flush one that turned out to be a small gold mine . . . Anybody know where
I could find one these days?  It's more of a curiousity to me than anything
else . . .

By the way, I'm getting a little tired of the endless Rush vs. Rush Limbaugh
commentary in here.  I happen to be a big fan of BOTH, and you don't see me
cluttering up the list with endless griping about liberal college students
and their uninformed rantings (whoops, there I go) . . . Geez, let's give it
a rest . . .

 --Will Collier

Non-Rush P.S.:  Check out Dash Rip Rock--the best damn bar band on the planet


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 17:22:39 CST
From: Thomas Beaudoin 
Subject: naming kids

Has anyone on here ACTUALLY named offspring after the Boys?



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 18:24:04 -0500
From: "Peter Beshuk" 
Subject: a few miscellaneous questions

I have a few questions on some posts that have appeared lately:
1.  A whle ago someone said the president of Rush's record company was
    going to go live online. He (the poster) thought that we would then
    have full info about any new album.  It was supposed to happen on
    2/27 I think.   What happened?

2.  Someone, at the end of their post, added a quote which was claimed to
    be from the "2112 tourbook".  Is there such a thing?  I have the
    AFTK tour book.  It has some text about "introducing the band" so
    I always figured it was the first tour book.  Wrong?
 Any info would be appreciated.


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 17:35:21 CST
From: Thomas Beaudoin 
Subject: Rush in school

I was a high school teacher for a few years (and have since retired to
graduate school at the tender age of 25) and used Rush in my
college-prep history class.  I played "witch  hunt" when we were
studying the strange New England "witch hunts".  Most of them
didn't dig it, but so what???

Tom Beaudoin


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 17:18:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Tim Johnson 
Subject: Re:  NO GRAMMY?!

>   Once again, Rush have gotten ganked out of a "best rock instrumental"
> Grammy they deserved.  "YYZ" was beat out by the Police's "Behind My
> Camel"(I like the Police, but that song is montonous), I think Satriani
> beat out "Where's My Thing?", and Pink Floyd's "Marooned" beat out "Leave
> That Thing Alone!" this year.  With every year, I am convinced that the
> Grammy judges wouldn't know good music if they slept with Geddy Lee.
> Bastards.  "It's hard to recognize the real thing that comes along once in
> a while."

Actually, I believe it was Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover."  This is the
only one that I can justify Rush losing (please don't waste space on the
digest flaming me.  Do it in person).  This is an amazing piece of guitar


From: "randy marquis:)" 
Date:          Wed, 8 Mar 1995 21:13:26 EST
Subject:       The stupid Grammies!

Ok, so Rush didn't win a Grammy.  Whoop de do.  Look at this way,
even Tony Bennett is still winning Grammy awards.  Nobody that has
ever REALLY done things their way has won (Sheryl Crow?  Bruce
Springsteen?  Ugh).  So we'll enjoy our music, they'll enjoy there's.
Who would want Rush's music or Neal's lyrics to be Grammy driven



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 21:49:32 -0500
Subject: You know you're a Rush Fan...

You know you're a Rush Fan when -
     Your husband will only voluntarily play them when he wants to get you
"In The Mood"!

You know you're a Democratic Rush fan when -
     You find yourself nodding your head in agreement when you see a "Rush is
Right" bumper sticker!

Greetings All!

     Although this isn't my first post, I never did formally introduce myself
so...a little background:
When I was a Freshman in High School (1981), a friend played Tom Sawyer for
me once...That was it!  By the end of the year, I owned every album they had
put out to date, and I savored every note! Drove my family crazy, constantly
begging them to "just listen!".  Hoping that just one of them would hear what
I heard.  I wanted to share them with everybody I knew! But few (if any) got
it. very frustrating!
 The other day, I was telling my brother-in-law about TNMS (I've been a very
happy and contented Rush Fan since my discovery) and he replied "you haven't
grown out of that Rush thing yet?".
Well, most never really get it do they? I couln't grow out of them!  I grew
up with them!  Their music has seen me through every good and every bad time
in my life.  Well, the beauty of TNMS is that I don't have to explain it to
you all do I?

O.K. enough about me.
I'd like to respond to Dave Brunbergs request for "an intelligent discussion"
regarding the shift of Neils lyrics!  I noticed what I though was a  change
in the focus of his lyrics around "signals" time.  I think this has become
more apparant with every passing album, but I don't think the change or
"drift from the idealism of his youth" is a bad one!  Our minds are
continually growing, our though processes evolving! (hopefully!) I think the
drift in his lyrics is just a reflection of a mind that has not stagnated,
but is vital and continuing to question and learn about life and our
existance.  Many people quit "growing" emotionally and mentally when they hit
around 25.  Not our boyz!  They're not just pondering the old questions, but
are asking (and often brilliantly answering)  new ones!
In the words of the man himself:

I'm not looking back-
But I want to look around me now
see more of the people
and the places that surround me

Cheers!      Kathy


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 21:48:16 -0500 (EST)
From: James R Noble 
Subject: Bass ratings

Hey all, I'm just here to ask all you Rush-influenced bass jammers like
myself a great hypothetical question--Wouldn't it be great if Geddy
dusted off his old Rickenbacker 4001 and resurrected it for the next
tour/album?  Anyway, here's my rating on the basses and bass sound that
He's used for the last 20 or something years:
			     1.	'Rush'-Fender P-bass
                                 OK sound-familiar if you are a devout
Fender player, nothing special or impossible to recreate..

			     2 'FBN'-->'Signals'(?)-Rickenbacker 4001
				Great crunchy sound, the most aggressive
				bass gain I've ever heard--Especially on
stuff like 'cygnus X-1' The voyage'

			     3 'GUP', some of 'PW'-Steinberger headless bass
				A rather blunt sounding bass, not mixed
very loud on GUP, but then again, the sound production on that one wasn't
too clear...A breakthrough design for the time (1984), but not a very
aggressive bass tone.."A sawed off piece of junk" as my non-Rush father
once put it when he glanced at the DEW video....(please don't flame Dad!)
			     4. 'PW'--->'Presto'--black Wal bass
				Excellent twangy high-end, not too great
on the low end. Very apparent on 'Territories'.
			     5. 'RTB'-- red Wal bass--Slighly better
warmer sound than black Wal, very "Polite sounding" (GL, 1993 interview)
	example-'Where's my thing?'

			     6. Parts of 'PeW', 'MP' and ALL of 'CP'--
				Black '70s Fender Jazz
			Excellent grainy tone, almost distorted sounding
on parts of 'MP'. Dusted off during 'CP', and gain turned down a little
for more clear tonation, I assume. Example of early Jazz sound-'YYZ'
				Example of latest Jazz sound-'LTTA!'

					That's all for now, Rush on!
					James Noble

				  PS--	Any Rush-covering bands in the
					northern area of New Jersey that
					need a bass/keys/possible vocal,
                                        E-Mail anytime.


Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 22:45:46 -0500
Subject: Deadlines?

>Just curious, anyone else, college types or otherwise, find >themselves
>totally ignoring the stuff they have to do, the stuff with an >all too near
>deadline, just because of a Rush song playing nearby?

Wow Partha!  I was just thinking:
You know you're a Rush Fan when-
   You put off all the "must be done tonight!" work just to read TNMS!

I have been getting further and further behind in my work since I discovered
this amazing outlet. I've been such a frustrated fan for years, can't discuss
Rush with just anyone!  Now I'm over dosing on TNMS!    HELP!!

Response to Syvias "you know you'r a Rush fan when"
> You put headphones on your stomach while you're pregnant in the
>hopes of creating a new Rush fan.

I didn't use the headphones, but I played Rush the entire 9 months of my
first pregnancy.  I must admit that it crossed my mind several times that the
child just might be born singing "Freewill".  However, now, 9 years later, my
daughter loves Tom Petty, and 10,000 Maniacs!  Oh well, She still gets her
daily dose of Rush, maybe someday.  (My son, 7 yrs, loves RTB. Maybe there's
hope for one of them!

Cheers!    Kathy

We must throw our selves wide open
start acting like a fool
If we need too  much approval
Then the cuts can seem too cruel - NP -


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 22:12:07 -0500 (CDT)
From: "NAME \"iron\"" 
Subject: just found out

just found out my campus radio station has a special little show from 10-11
every Wendesday night---it features our favorite three musicians and
discreetly calls itself "The Rush Hour on 660"


Date: 08 Mar 95 23:14:20 EST
From: SkugMeister <>
Subject: Another Newbie

Hey, y'all!

My  many thanx to Michael Kubik, fellow compuserve dude who turned me on to this

It's been a kick reading what you all have been writing lately.  It's done alot
to rekindle my passion for Rush, which my life has been sorely lacking these
days.  I've recently moved from Phoenix to Colorado Springs, leaving all my
stuff (including my stereo *and* complete Rush CD collection) in storage over
800 miles away until I can save up the $$$ to go get it. Until then, my only
entertainment (and my only furniture, for that matter) is my computer and a
working phone line... and YOU guys/gals!

And entertain me you have!  In many ways... *not* the least of which is this
krap about a country album.  I hadn't even heard that rumour until getting my
first TNMS list, but I still knew right away that it was a joke... it had to be!
Whoever mentioned it first must have been joking... and if the boys ever put out
any country music, it too would surely, simply be a joke!  I'm not sure what was
funnier... the c&w song title satires, or the fact that some really fell for it.
You suspend your disbelief, and you are misinformed!

Anyhow... it's gonna be alot of fun getting to know so many Rush fans, and to
have a forum on which to tell my own stories, and to expound on my own love for
their music.  My problem is, though, my entire cyberlife has been spent in the
sheltered confines of commercial services, and I know little about poking around
the 'net to look for Rush files/gifs/articles/etc. The fact that the keepers of
this list have had to change the server name/address threw me for a loop, and
all the mail requests I've sent to the server are bouncing back to me. Obviously
I've mistyped something... any help, rush-mgr??  I haven't even been able to get
a copy of the FAQ, so I won't ask any questions until I get it... don't want to
bore you all!  Any help you want to send my way, though (how to get Rush stuff
on the 'net) would be appreciated. I'm getting a SLIP account next week... at

One thing, though... did anyone else out there attend the Power Windows tour in
Phoenix around the first of March, 1986?  My buddies here doubt my story about
the big-busted woman in the gold sequined dress, and I could use some
confirmation!  :)

>...just another rational romantic mystic cynical idealist...


Subject: RUSH videos
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:14:14 -0500 (EST)

Greetings fellow Rush fans,

    I was flipping through the March 1995 issue of Guitar World
magazine recently and I saw an advertisement for Mail Order
music videos.  Of course I scanned the list for Rush videos.
They had stuff like 'Exit.. Stage left' and 'A Show of Hands'
and 'Grace under Pressure'.  Okay, no problem, I expected to see
these videos.  But as I continued scanning the list I saw some
unexpected stuff.  There was a 'Counterparts - Live' ?!?
and a 'Roll the Bones' video ?!?

Okay, now maybe I haven't been keeping up on my Rush current
events but I never knew that tour videos for Counterparts and
RTB existed!  When did they release these things?  I've never
heard anything about it.

Can someone tell me if there really is a Counterparts Live video?



Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:21:11 -0500 (EST)
From: "Lisa R. Weinberg" 
Subject: Rushology

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

	Greetings, it's my first posterAMAAAAA.  And away we go:

Scene: Inside a Long Island Railroad train after Rush concert in Madison
Square Garden.

Time: About 11:37PM Grace Under Pressure tour (that's 1984 for those

Who:  Me and some knucklehead I thought was my friend until he started
singing every Rush song he knew into my face during the show.

	(Ahem) I pull out my tape recorder to rewind the precious
recording I made during the show.  It was a portable cassette player with
an actual microphone I attached to it.  (If you saw me, I looked like a
television reporter, holding the lousy microphone.)

	I show my prized possession to my knuckleheaded friend.

	"Let's hear it," he grunts, sore from singing in my microphone during
the show.

	I press play.

	Nothing happens.

	"What's the matter?" he says.

	"I left the pause button on," I told him


					Gotta go,


			"Chasing something new to believe in"


Subject: CD bar in Toronto
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:20:17 -0500 (EST)

Okay, I need some help from anybody living in the Toronto area.

There is a music store called "CD bar" on Yonge Street.  They
specialize in the hard to find stuff.  Does anybody know what
'hard to find' Rush stuff they've got?  Bootlegs?

Please reply to me thru email, thanks!


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 95 22:49:27 CST
From: "Marc Peterson" 
Subject: RE: High school annual Rush quotes

Gina P (since I know I will massacre the name if I continued) noticed some twins
with Rush quotes in their yearbook.  While I am not them, I left my high school
cronies with some parting words of wisdom, myself, from "Turn the Page"...
"How can anybody be enlightened; truth is after all so poorly lit."
   Of course, I didn't leave a credit under it, but my Rush-fan friends picked
up on it.  It was fun, though, when people who didn't know where I got it would
come up and say, "Wow, that was deep, man."
   Aye, it's the message that counts, right?

   You wear out your finger on the phone pad dialing into Rockline to talk to
Geddy and Alex, get on, and can't sleep for a week because you're so excited...

BTW, any of you displaced $P folks around?

 -Cap'n Chaotica
  Marc Peterson


From: (Stefan Roberts)
Subject: Last digest, new info, and so on
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 23:25:29 MST
Subj:  #3(3) 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068
Date:  Thu, Mar 16, 1995 8:06 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
Last time around, Garrett Y. asked where the following drummers come
from, so to speak:

> Bill Bruford?
AAAUUUGHGHG!! :)  Perhaps one a select few that Mr. Peart respected "way
back when", Mr. Bruford has appeared in several places, most notably as
drummer for early incarnations of Yes, King Crimson (where he is now, I
believe) and of course, Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe.

> Manu Katche?
Most recently, Mr. Katche played drums for Peter Gabriel's "Secret World
Live" tour, and appears on the live album and video.  Before that, I'm
not sure where/who he played.

> Ok, so Rush loses another Grammy to song that doesn't match up to LTTA in
> any way... Ok, so a bunch of money hungry old men calling themselves Pink
> Floyd or somethig ( :) ) won over Rush...
> Ok, so we don't have to kill anyone do we?
Well, you might have to kill me - I actually like Marooned better than
LTTA (sacriledge!).  I guess one sort of comes to expect instrumentals
from Rush, and isn't as bowled over by them when they pop up (sorry!)

> Somehow, gang, I don't think a new album will coming out for quite
> some time.  I think Geddy's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too depressed about
> having no baseball season.
> puanani
Well, I think I speak for several Westerners (ie Manitoba westward) who
probably won't miss two or three Blue Jay games every week.  Now if only
we could do something about this "Leafs game three times a week" plague :)

Oh, and in case I don't sound familiar... well, I'm not.  This is my
cleverly disguised first post to the NMS, after two YEARS of lurking.
(Jeez, you guys, was one of a handful who actually got the Country Album
joke?)  As for my great experiences with Rush, well... I come from that
frozen wasteland called Winnipeg, Manitoba where Rush has decided never
to play again (after last appearing for PoW I believe).  So, I've never
seen them live, don't have any MFSL albums, autographed shirts, broken
drumsticks, etc.... can I still read along?

Thanks for coming out,

Stefan Roberts, U of Alberta M.Sc.,
New Improved Web Site:
          "Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way"


Date: Thu, 9 Mar 95 08:51:57 +0100
From: (Patrick Vella)
Subject: Loyalty


Patricia Evans ( ) writes:

>>Pink Floyd certainly didn't play all of "Dark Side of the Moon"
>>when I saw them last year. There were quite a few songs from it,
>>but not all of them, and not played together or even in order.
>>They also included a lot of recent music (mostly in the first set).
>>It's not a good example.

I am sorry, but you are incorrect.
Pink Floyd played the whole LP of "Dark Side of the Moon" in Earls
Court, London last november (I think it was). Not only did one of my friends
go up and see them in London in concert,but the concert was shown in
Europe on television, and I have the full concert taped . I've watched it
many times, and it IS the full LP, AS WELL AS other songs from their other
various albums.
If you need the exact date, I can get this for you, no problem.
(I'll just switch on my video and listen to the commentator)

I don't want to turn this into a slinging match, but I still think it IS
a good example.
I said Pink Floyd had a Division Bell tour that INCLUDED the "Dark Side".
The concert wasn't just the "Dark Side". They played many other songs that
other fans maybe felt they liked better.

I understand your argument, however, about RUSH fans having different
preferences about what their "ultimate" LP is. This is democratic!
I guess mine will always be 2112. It blew me away when I heard it the
first time, and somehow, I could never re-create that feeling again...
Like how I said in one of previous posts, CP in my opinion, is a return
to the centre for them.I like it a lot. It's RUSH today, and I've got
no problem with that.


Always hopeful, yet discontent,
He knows changes aren't permanent,
But change is...


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