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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1070

                  Friday, 17 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                      covering Rush
                        Album Wars
                      Periodic Alex
                   a passage to bangkok
              Periodic Table of the Elements
                      music training
     Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062
                   first post / ykyarfw
         what the boyz drive.. alex, at least...
          Miscellaneous Debris (but not Primus)
     Re: 03/08/95 - The National Midnight Star #1065
          Lifeson, grammies, and other nonsense
                 Let's try this again...
     Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062
                        Flame Away
                 The Chemistry of Rush???
                      atomic symbols
                     Strap it on.....
                      Elemental rush
                   CALL FOR ENTRIES!!!
                       Poll Results
                 RUSH FANATICS - OLD BAT
     Re: 03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066
               Review: '2112' tribute band
              Amy Mann song, T-shirt update
                   Radio show for Rush
               The Gangster of Boats, redux
              re:  Official Atlantic...Rush

From: Damon M. Fibraio 
Subject: covering Rush
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 2:32:26 EST

   All right. I am posing a challenge to all you Rush obsessed crazy lunatics
like myself. But first, a little brief background.

   I play in a band where we cover Rush. I am a keyboard player, and
sometimes a vocalist. All the members of my band are very capable of playing
Rush. We already cover Spirit, Sawyer, Closer to the Heart, Subdivisions, and
we used to do Where's My Thing. We're working on La Villa, Dreamline, and
YYZ. We've jammed with Mystic Rhythms, Marathon, Bytor, and Beneath Between
and Behind. Basically, we could probably play anything. My drummer and me
have even jammed out 2112, and Xanadu.

   My question is: I want to cover more Rush. I need some suggestions.
Preferrably something from Rush's keyboard era, from AFK on so that I
actually have something to do. The song probably should be known, as we play
in bars where Rush fans may or may not exist. Maybe danceable? But then
again, if anyone can find a Rush song you can dance to, then there's another
challenge. So, guys, tell me what you think. Or is this too hard?

Turn around and walk the razor's edge.
Don't turn your back and slam the door on me.
The Pass by Rush
Damon Fibraio


From: (Alexander Caviedes)
Subject: Album Wars
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 11:50:59 +0100 (CET)

Hello All,
	I must have had my head in the clouds, but I remember voting in
the semi-finals of the Rush album wars, but I can't remember what those
last four albums were. I would guess the playoffs are over, can anyone
fill me in on what the final four were and who won?
	I'm sure there will be numerous flames abou this anyway, but the
symbol for Iron on the periodic chart is Fe not I, thus LiFeSON is
spelled properly. The lesson is much like the equity principle, don't
flame unless you yourself are error-free.
					 Alex (not the Bastillemeister)


From: (Christopher E. Ronnfeldt)
Subject: Periodic Alex
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 05:14:04 -0800 (PST)

> Fellow Rush Fans,
> Sorry in advance.  This is a flame (well at least partially)!
> >reality check...what are the odds that
> >Neil, Ged, and Alex (who has the only last name you can spell with the
> >elements on the periodic table--Lithium + Iron + Sulfur + Oxygen + Nitrogen)
> >are going to release a country album...come on, people...
> Isn't this missing some letters???  The only point I can see to this is
> that, as misspelled (sp.?) LISON is the only last name without an "E."

Nope: Lithium = Li
      Iron    = Fe
      Sulfur  = S
      Oxygen  = O
      Nitrogen= N



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:38:39 +0000 (GMT)
From: "J. Chan CMP UG" 
Subject: a passage to bangkok

this may be old news, but believe it or not, I just noticed it the other

I was listening to "A Passage to Bangkok" on 2112, thinking about the
recent slew of posts on the digest about what the song was about with
respect to different kinds of drugs or just marijuana etc etc blah blah

Well, when the song gets to the part where Alex is just about to cut into
his guitar solo, there is this  kind of  "sucking noise", which really
sounds like someone inhaling a joint very deeply!

I thought that was hilarious. Please tell me there's someone else out
there that hadn't noticed this before... I truly am an avid rush fan...


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 08:51:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Edward T Schreiner  
Subject: Periodic Table of the Elements

	In describing Alex's last name, I believe the original person was
using those elements symbols:
Lithium + Iron + Sulfur + Oxygen + Nitrogen
   Li	   Fe      S        O         N
so why don't you think a little more before you go off criticizing someone...

_Presto_ is Rush's best album...  just thought i'd add something that
isn't just a flame...

"i'm not one to go pointing my finger..."


Date:         Mon, 13 Mar 95 08:31:21 CST
From: Joel 
Subject:      Hello

Hello all loyal RUSH fans. I'm new to the list. I'm from Birmingham, AL. I was
wondering if there are any fans from the area on the list? If you're not sorry
I wasted your time. I'm just excited to be on the NMS. THanks,


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 12:00:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Thom 
Subject: music training

Does anybody know the extent of music training the members of Rush
have had.  Given the complexity (rhytmic and harmonic) of the music,
I have to assume these guys know how to read music and know a fair
amount of music theory.  Anyone know for sure?




Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 12:10:36 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062

>  What song is this from:  Life is a diamond, You turn into dust... Is it
>  not Rush?



        "No more hiding or disguising truths I've sold."
Alice In Chains

        "The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful."
Jimmy Buffet


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 12:55:11 -0500 (EST)
From: Chris Gauthier 

The abbreviation for Lithium on the periodic table is Li, and the
abreviation for iron is Fe.
i  -Lithium
e  -Iron
S  -Sodium
O  -Oxygen
N  -Nitrogen

This isn't a flame, I just thought I'd let you know!



Date:        Mon, 13 Mar 95 13:11:55 EST
From: Steven Horwitz 
Subject: first post / ykyarfw

This my first post, blah, blah, blah...

As seems to be customary, let me give some personal background.
My name is Steve Horwitz and I'm a 31 year old economics
professor at St. Lawrence University in the wildnerness of
upstate New York.  I started listen to the Boyz at the time PeW
came out.  My brother Mike (who posts to this board from time to
time) had bought the album and I had heard TSOR on the radio and
loved it.  Freewill clinched the deal.

As my brother may attest to, the best concert I've seen them give
was in Toledo on the GUP tour.  The Toledo Sports Arena holds no
more than about 5000 people and it was festival seating.  We were
there early enough to sit just a few rows up on Geddy's side.
With such a small venue, they could keep the amps down a bit and
the sound and show were excellent (with the exception of the
frequently and justifiably trashed opening act Fastway).

One of my interests in joining this board is any discussion of
the political and economic implications of Neil's lyrics.  My
area of expertise in economics is the Austrian school, which has
long defended the kind of libertarian/individualist political
stance one sees in Neil's (early?) lyrics and influences on him
(like Ayn Rand).  I'm particularly interested in any college
students (and there appear to be many on this board) who might be
looking for books on politics and economics that they can read to
follow up on those ideas.  If you're interested, please either
post to the board or post me privately at

Just a few other thoughts on recent topics of discussion:  One
band I haven't seen recommended for Rush fans is Live.  I think
they have the musicianship and interesting (if a bit morose)
lyrics that Rush fans might like.

Bravo to the folks defending The Camera Eye as the best song on
MP.  It's hard to believe any song anywhere is better than the
first three cuts, but TCE is one of their very best songs.  Also
as to Neil's lyrics:  they have indeed evolved in the last decade
or so, but there are still strong traces of the individualism of
the early albums.  Listen carefully to Bravado, Stick it Out, and
Alien Shore, for example.

YKYARFW:  you use "RUSH" and "2112" for computer passwords and
PIN numbers.  {We all trust each other, right? :) }

The Professor

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array
A pattern so grand and complex
Time after time, we lose sight of the way
Our causes can't see their effects"


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:23:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Charlie 
Subject: what the boyz drive.. alex, at least...

'lo all..

well, as i recall, from an issue of Stereo Review, from sometime this
past summer, Alex drive a mercedes.. forgot what kind in particular, as
the artical was devoted mainly to the *awesome* stereo he has in his car..
one thing in particular i remember is that there is a plexiglass barier
behind his back seat to protect the 6 cd changer from the vibrations of
the speakers.. incidentally, one of the cd's he routinely listens to in
his car is Alice in Chains--Dirt... a buddy of mine may still have the
magazine.. or maybe i could go to the library and dig it up, it was a
pretty interesting article..

for anyone who's interested, i'm a 'southern' rush fan too... g'ville,
florida.. home of the fightin' gators.. woo-hoo...

btw: just got a copy of RUSH'N'ROULETTE '92... mighty impressed... but
the sound quality isn't what i've heard professed here on the list...
maybe its just a bad copy, eh? i'd like to get some info on the boot from
the pensacola show of the Counterparts tour, anyone?
anyone's help appreciated...

take it easy,


                      ___                             _______
         ___....-----'---`-----....___               /       \
   =========================================         \       /
          ___`---..._______...---'___                 -------
         (___)      _|_|_|_      (___)                |     |
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             ~~~~`._ `---' _.'~~~~                 /------------\
                    `-----'                      ==|   0_  0_   |==
                                                 ==|   0_  0_   |==
      "Warp-schmorp, let's see you go 300        ==|   0_  0_   |==
        scale miles per hour, you               ~!!!\__________/!!!~
        worthless piece of cancelled show, you!" __/_L_L_L_L_L__\__
                                                (  )-----$------(  )
                                                 --      |       --


From: "Whipple, Steven J (Steve)" 
Subject: Miscellaneous Debris (but not Primus)
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 12:33:00 CST

Hello all!

(Apologies in advance to all (11) of you female Rush fans out there for the
male-centric nature of this first piece.)

Given the source, I doubt that the following has been posted before.  I was
flipping through the pages of some women's fashion magazine (don't ask!) and
I happen to see this little quip on "The Perfect Date," in which various
celebrities were asked to provide their idea of the perfect date.  Imagine
my surprise when I read this from model Niki Taylor:  "My boyfriend and I
would get dressed up and cruise over to a restaurant near Miami called the
Melting Pot, where we'd have a romantic, candlelit dinner of cheese fondue
with veggies and breads, chicken and filet-mignon fondue with assorted
sauces, and milk-chocolate fondue with fruit and cake chunks.  Yum...good.
 After that, we'd go to a concert by our favorite group, Rush, at the Miami
Arena.  Then we'd go for a snack before heading home.  This would be an
awesome night out."

An "awesome night out"?  Umm, yes, I'd have to agree.  BTW, Niki, if you're
reading this, can I be your boyfriend?  Your idea of the perfect date just
happens to coincide exactly with mine....

On to a few other things:
1)  I agree with Tony Dormio that we do need to conscientiously remember
that many of our brothers and sisters aren't fortunate enough to have access
to TNMS.  Speaking as one who was painfully aware of TNMS's existence for
years but only recently got a job where he could receive it, I will offer
that there is still no substitute for warm handshakes and a good verbal
exchange among Rush fans.  Rush's banishment from the mainstream is great,
IMHO, because it DOES make it all the more exciting and communal when we
(the fans) find one another.
2)  What's become of the "Rush is a band" bumper stickers?  Is anyone having
them made up?  Please sign me up for at least ten.
3)  One more call for transcribed correspondence from the Boys.  If you've
gotten post cards, letters, copies of Neil's journals (yeah, right!), or
whatever from any of the members of that band we know and love, please send
them to me via e-mail.  I'll be happy to consolidate them and post them to
TNMS and Syrinx.  So far I've gotten grand-spanking total of one (that's 1;
5 - 4 = __; the other binary digit besides 0; the number of persons,
including myself, on my typical dates; etc.).  Please make me happy and send
any stuff you have.

For those who pay by the byte, sorry this was so long.  Until later....

                    -Steve Whipple

e-mail address:


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:53:22 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/08/95 - The National Midnight Star #1065

>3. Every band puts fillers on their albums.  there are VERY FEW albums I can
>think of that don't have filler songs on them... (Boston's first album and
>Dark Side of the Moon are the only ones that leap to mind)  Most bands write
>a few really good songs and say "ok, now let's fill up the rest of the album".

But there are "filler-less" albums out there.  Case(s) in point:
Marillion: Clutching at Straws; Yes: Close to the Edge; for that matter,
Power Windows by you-know-who.


        "We break the surface tension with our wild, kinetic dreams."

        "If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane."

J. B.


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 09:23:16 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: Lifeson, grammies, and other nonsense

Grail.  And Heetings.  (why do I get the feeling I already posted this??)

>From: Arvid Hokanson 
>One more thing.  I was wondering if any NMS'ers have a favorite Rush

well there's one with me and Neil... oh, wrong kind of fantasy...  8-)

>From: (Russell D Taylor)
>>elements on the periodic table--Lithium + Iron + Sulfur + Oxygen + Nitrogen)
>>are going to release a country album...come on, people...
>Isn't this missing some letters???  The only point I can see to this is
>that, as misspelled (sp.?) LISON is the only last name without an "E."

I believe he meant:
    Lithium (Li) + Iron (Fe) + Sulfur (S) + Oxygen (O) + Nitrogen (N)

And about those Grammies.  When my friend -- a big Pink fan -- called
me about Floyd winning, I gave him my condolences...  He thinks the
Grammies are crap, too, so we both had a good laugh over it.

Oh!  Oh!  This is weird.  I was watching "Entertainment Tonight" the
other day, and they have this segment called "Coming attractions" -- just
bits of news of upcoming entertainment events or shows, etc.  They were
playing "Leave That Thing Alone!" in the background.  AH!  Almost had a
heart attack.  Have no clue what was said, I was too busy listening to
the music...

Ho-hoo!    Geddy: "Can I ask you a question?"
puanani	   Alex:  "Yeah."
 	   Geddy: "Did you actually say, 'encumbered by effects'?"
	   Alex:  "Yes, Ged, I actually said that..."
	   Geddy: "Did you actually say that phrase...?"


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:18:40 EST
Subject: Let's try this again...

Hello all,

	For some reason, there's still a debate about the next album.  I should
have put this to rest with this post back on 2/27:

> *Val Azzoli, Pres. of Atlantic Records* writes,
> 	...I should be so lucky to have a release on March 28...Definitely
> not...There'll probably be a new Rush album in the latter part of 95 or early
> 96...about to start writing their new album in a month...go on
> followed by a live album or a boxed set or compilation of their live shows--
> tying it in with a CD-ROM...
> That's it.  There's exactly what we can expect as of 2/27/95.

	He was on Prodigy and gave me this info.  I then sent it directly to
the NMS.  THAT'S THE DEAL!  :)

 -Chris at York College
  	      Major League Baseball players...please come back!


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:41:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric W Larkin 
Subject: Re: 03/02/95 - The National Midnight Star #1062

Hey, Rush freaks!  HOWSIT?

I'm a student at Pitt, and I've been playing drums my entire life.  Let's
save some BS, eh?

I'm looking for musicians in the Pittsburgh area who really know their
Rush material WELL and might think about trying a cover band this
summer (Rush, of course.)  Ever since Presto came in last February or so,
no other band has played a set of Rush.

This doesn't have to be an everyday/every night thing this summer.  But I
think it would be great to play a few times around the city and see how
much of a crowd we could draw.

Again, reply only if you know your shit well.  Bass, Guitar, and ideally,
Vocals and keys (one person) are all we need (THAT'S all!).

Post me at if you are interested.




Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:49:10 EST
Subject: Gilmour/Lee

Hello all,

	I've noticed a comment or two about the question I posed:  Gilmour and
Lee on the same stage...?

	Well, I'm not really sure what to think.  Each of them are /possibly/
the best to ever pick up their respective instruments.  I think, however, their
styles would clash.  Both are lead players.  I don't think Geddy's rhythm
section would go well with Gilmour's playing.  Gilmour has a more relaxed,
float-away, if you will, style.  Geddy's style pulls you in and is more
intense.  That's my $.02.

	I still think it would be an amazing thing to behold anyway...

 -Chris at York College
  	      Major League Baseball players...please come back!


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 13:39:01 -0500
Subject: Flame Away

Hey Gang!
    I just got my new asbestos suit and since I'm in a crappy Monday mood I
figured I'd vent a little and then you can all throw Molitov cocktails at me!
    First and foremost let me say that I love the band and the NMS but I feel
like stirring the hornets' nest a little.
    Remember when every Rush album was different?  I mean _really_ different.
FBN didn't sound like COS,  2112 didn't sound like AFTK, etc. all the way
up to the horrid HYF-Presto-RTB plateau (rut?).  I'm sorry but these 3 albums
do absolutely nothing for me.  It sounds like one big 3-record set of the same
wussy, English-pop-influenced, anal retentive, over-produced, sterile, Def-
Leppard-perfect... you get the idea.  It used to crack me up to hear Alex
and Geddy say "we really wanted to bring the guitars up to the front and be
really aggressive and in-your-face." Oh yeah?  Then why were you playing
thru wimpy solid-state amps and hiding behind a mountain of reverb? Jeez,
thank God for CP.  See guys, isn't it fun to play thru real amps set loud
enough to move the hairs on your arm?  Now that's tone! The only exception
is Everyday Glory which threatens to put us right back in Wussland. That tune
doesn't belong on CP.  We're headed in the right direction though.  Now, let's
all say a little prayer that the truck carrying the synths, sequencers, and
samplers gets lost on the way to the studio.
    Let's face it- the "Broon Years" were the best.  The band had the perfect
balance of aggression and precision even though  Signals started that landslide
into the Keyboardial Abyss ( saved only by the Analog Kid and Digital Man ).
P/G is too damned depressing to listen to ( except Kid Gloves ). Power Windows
is an exceptional album and the only post-Broon effort I can listen to besides
CP.  The reason CP is being raved about is  due to the fact that it's more
Broon-like than anything in the P/G-RTB era. Hey Alex, Ged, and Neil, maybe
it's time to give Terry a call!
    Okay...I've got a big bucket of water and the fire department is standing
by...Flame Away!



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 15:31:22 -0500
Subject: The Chemistry of Rush???

Signals transmitted
Message received
Reaction making impact-
Subj:  #2(2) 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070
Date:  Fri, Mar 17, 1995 10:23 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
 ...Music in the abstract--... Chemistry from_Signals_ Lee, Lifeson &Peart!!!!
(how appropriate that all three wrote this!)

C'mon Russell, if you must flame (not desirable) get your facts straight...

Aaron White's mention of Alex's last name being an acronym of elements
symbols is absolutely on the nuts.

using Plutonium_Einsteinium_Americium_Radium_Technetium for Peart doesn't
come even close (PlAmRaTc) <---LOL at this! :)

Sorry to fill this up with such a comment, but as a rare Management major who
tutors Chem (reg & organic) I couldn't let Aaron be assumed ( Invisibly!!!)
to be off, when indeed he was rather clever.

Mike Addy
Rush Fan since 1979...
Mail always or Mike


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 16:19:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Aaron Scifres 
Subject: atomic symbols

The atomic symbols thing that someone mentioned is indeed accurate...
Lithium = Li
Iron    = Fe
Sulfur  = S
Oxygen  = O
Nitrogen= N
As you should be able to tell, that spells Lifeson :)
Just wanted to clear that up, since someone commented that LISON did not spell
Lifeson, which indeed it doesn't. :)



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 14:49:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Kimberlee Rich 
Subject: Strap it on.....

	The reading is divine, inspiring and shoveled whole-heartily.
No tears are shed in the rendering of free crap for everybody.  You
are all dying for the emotion you let slip through you very own
fingers.  It's all there and still unreachable due to lack of loud
emotion on your part.  You've never felt it unless it has ran through
your own frame.  Listening is not enough, speculation is speculation,
feelings are the core and the dry vastness of being "in" still
doesn't change the big fact.  Think you know what it is?  Look at you.
No deep understanding, easy solutions, pressing play to escape.
Be careful or you might catch it yourself, got it yet?

Somebody turn on the light...


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 17:11:09 -0600 (CST)
From: Brian Gerke 
Subject: Elemental rush

For someone who seems to know so much about the periodic table, it seems
our flaming friend has forgotten that elements are denoted by chemical
symbol, not first initial.

Lithium-Iron-Sulfur-Oxygen-Nitrogen is Li-Fe-S-O-N, not LISON.  Lee and
Peart can't be spelled this way

As though any of this makes any difference at all. . .



Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 19:48:55 -0500
From: Mike Bruneau 

I heard from someone that rush was dropped from Mercury Records in 1989 
because their music was considered "not loud enough" or something like
that...that's why they went to aAtlantic (a far better record label IMHO)

What do you guys think about this???

Mike Bruneau

feel free to e-mail me about any Rush taopic at all


Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 17:19:17 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)

       ****   ***   CALL FOR ENTRIES   CALL FOR ENTRIES   ***   ****

	      ***   20TH ANNIVERSARY   NMS BOOK TO RUSH   ***

Listen up, gang!!  Due to popular demand, the deadline for entries into
the NMS Book to Rush has been EXTENDED!!  We are accepting submissions
until MARCH 17.  So for those who missed it the first time around, NOW'S
YOUR CHANCE!  You, too, can submit your personal message to Rush!  The
submissions we've gotten so far have been great!  We've got poems, simple
messages, and personal anecdotes.  But we'd like MORE!!!

We'd especially like to encourage our OVERSEAS cousins to submit, too.
and more of EUROPE represented!!  It'd be nice to give this puppy a REAL

Remember, this book is going towards celebrating RUSH'S 20th ANNIVERSARY.
These messages WILL be published into a book and given to Rush.  Below
is a list of the guidelines for the entries.  We will have several people
screening the messages to help with the publishing process.  I must add
that these guidelines will be STRICTLY enforced, so keep them in mind
when composing your message.

so, C'mon folks!  Send in your entries!!   Kim Garner (of Anthem Records)
thought this a great idea, something RUSH would really appreciate.  And
a unique contribution to RUSH HISTORY.  So be a part of that Rush history
and send in those entries!!!

Submission guidelines:

	- Maximum length is 150 words (1/4 page)
	- Pairs or groups of people may team up for one message, but
 	     maximum length remains 150 words
	- May NOT submit more than one (1) entry per person/group
	- All entries MUST be in English OR be accompanied by English
 	     translation (in the case of translations, both the
	     non-English entry and the translation will be included
	     in the book)
	- PLEASE spell/grammar check all entries.  Any entries radically
	     out of compliance with English spelling/grammar rules may be
 	     rejected on screener's discretion.  The only exceptions are:
	       * English translations
	       * Entries using non-Standard English for specific use (e.g.,
 		   odd spellings to create humour)
	- No proclamations of divinity or undying love will be accepted
        - Contributors should not expect personal replies from band members
	- Poems and humorous (not sarcastic!) entries are encouraged,
             with the exception of song parodies
	- Please include names of all authors of a message and home states
	     or countries
        - Entries which are rejected will be returned to sender and must
             be resubmitted. Resubmitted entries must indicate that they
             are resubmissions or will be rejected as multiple entries.
             There is no guarantee that resubmissions will make the book,
             so follow the above guidelines *very* carefully.
	- Entries by EVERYONE are encouraged!!  So, make it unique, make
	     it from the heart, but most of all -- make it from *you*

Send your submissions to:
Deadline for submissions:  Friday, March 17th, 12:00 a.m. (PST)  Pacific
							      Standard Time


And remember too - WE ARE *STILL* accepting contributions for the NMS
Gift to Rush!!!  (sorry, we can't take any more shirt orders!)  So, if
you'd like to make a CONTRIBUTION, send a check or money order to:

			A. Alex Mustard
			P.O. Box 9309
			Stanford, CA 94309-9309

Make them out to A. Alex Mustard.  We will be taking monetary contributions
for awhile, so if you still want to donate "to the cause" -- send your
donation in now!!!



Date: 13 Mar 1995 11:31:42 -0700
From: "zinnp" 
Subject: Poll Results

Well, for those of you who are anxious to see the results of my self-ran
second fav. band poll, here they are... You're going to be very surprised!
15% said Rush was their second favorite band! Can you believe it?!
10% said Primus (alright! they had my vote:)
10% said Led Zepplin
5% said Marillion
5% said Mahaushnu Orechstra
5% said Foetus
5% said Violent Femmes
5% said Yes
5% said Jethro tull
5% said AC/DC
5% said Genesis
5% said Pink Floyd
5% said Eric Johnson
5% said Sloan
5% said Van Halen
and 5% said John (cougar) Mellancamp
Well thats it!  I was interested to see the Rush MGR's response, didn't get
one though.

   [ Response? What's that? Oh, you mean actually *mail* someone? Hm..
     I haven't had time to ever think of that... :-) if you're REALLY
     curious, (and yes my tastes can be strange) some of my fav. bands are
     Live, Blacksmith Union, and New Order.                     : rush-mgr ]

The New World Man


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 12:10 EST
From: Michael Messina 


A question popped up at the office the other day. Why
didn't RUSH play at Woodstock? What really makes a RUSH

   [ Woodstock? I doubt anyone even thought to ask them. (ie. "Rush? I don't
     want that Limbaugh guy on *MY* stage")                    : rush-mgr ]

    It might have something to do with the music. I've been
a RUSH fan for a long time now but I don't consider myself
a fanatic. I enjoy jamming to their music, chilling out,
and overall grooving (welcome to the 70's).
    I like to direct this next section to the guy - Tony
Dormio - who thrown his mother-in-law out on the street for
not recognizing a RUSH song. I think I saw her on the side
on the road the other day. She was standing next to a mud
puddle. So I cranked up Where's My Thing and aimed for that
puddle. I hit the puddle, passed her, and looked behind me.
She looked like a little old black lady. It was too cool!
    Has anyone heard of Max Webster? I have an old 8-track
cassette of Max Webster - "Universal Juveniles" I heard
Geddy Lee assisted with Battle Scar/Blue River Liquor
Shine. I was cool. Has anyone else heard his?
     I saw RUSH on their last tour - Counterparts -
Everyone rocked the house. I noticed Alex's guitar. When
did he change guitars?  He used to play a PRS (Paul Reed
Smith) this time I saw him play a Bill Gordon double neck
guitar. What's the deal? It must be a new brand he's using.

Talk to y'all later.


Date:    Tue, 14 Mar 95  14:13:56 EST
From: pmdqohc@BUACCA.BU.EDU
Subject: Re: 03/09/95 - The National Midnight Star #1066

I enjoyed reading the message about spelling out LIFESON, PEART, and LEE
using the abbreviations of the elements on the Periodic Table.  BTW,
Aaron White is right in spelling Lifeson with Iron--represented as Fe on the
Periodic Table.  I am glad that there are some chemists out there.


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 14:55:36 EST
From: (Ed Stenger)
Subject: Review: '2112' tribute band

Hello everyone!

I just saw the Rush tribute band '2112' this past Saturday at the Cleveland
Cafe in Cleveland, OH, so I thought I might review the show. The band went on
at about 11:00 and played two sets, both a little over an hour long.
Overall, they sounded pretty good but the second set was better than the
first. The consensus that my friends and I came to was:

1) The drummer was great (he pretty much has to be) but looked nothing
like Neil (this isn't too important in my opinion, but the more a tribute
band looks like the actual band, the better the whole experience is).
He did the drum solo from Exit Stage Left and sounded fantastic.

2) If the band had a weak link, it was the guitarist. He just barely got
through many of the solos and just couldn't quite match what Alex can do.
He seemed to mess up more than anybody else in the band too. He did look a
little like Alex though (medium length blond hair, thin).

3) The highlight of this band was the bassist/vocalist/keyboardist. He looked,
sounded, and acted like Geddy. If I'd been a bit further away, I would have
had trouble telling the difference. This guy seldom messed up and seemed to
have Geddy's sound down very well. Although his bass sounded a little 'dirty'.
He fooled me though.

I should also mention that '2112' did not play any songs off any albums past
Signals. So if you like the old stuff more than the new, this band's for you.
Here's the set list (arranged by album 'cuz that's the only way I can

  Working Man
(Fly by Night)
  By-Tor and the Snow Dog
(Caress of Steel)
  nothing(much to my disappointment.. I love this album)
  Overture/Temples of Syrinx
(A Farewell to Kings)
  Closer to the Heart
  Cygnus X-1(only first part)
  Hemispheres(only first part-intro and Apollo/Dionysus)
  The Trees
  La Villa Strangiato
(Permanent Waves)
  Spirit of Radio
  Natural Science
(Moving Pictures)
  Tom Sawyer
  Red Barchetta
  Camera Eye
  Witch Hunt
  Analog Kid

I think that's all of them. The only bad thing about this show was the cover
charge (7$). But if you like Rush as much as I do, you'd probably have thought
it was worth it, I did. The only other Rush tribute band I've seen is
'Freewill' and they were really good too. By the way, does anyone know what
happened to these guys? I haven't heard anything about them in about 2
years. If you have any info please drop me a line. Thanks.

 ------------------------ Ed Stenger


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 13:59:08 -0800
From: (Ralph Torres)
Subject: YKYARF


 You check out the Rush collection of every record store you enter
 even though you already own everything.

 You make the DJ at your wedding play several Rush tunes.

 You consider anyone who does not at least acknowledge the talent
 of Rush to be musically impared.

 You have multiple Rush Web pages in your "Hotlist"

 You buy a guitar and the first song book you get is a collection
 of Rush. The first song you try to master is TS.

 One month later you are still trying to play TS at speed.

 You download Rush guitar tabs even though you can't read the damn
 things (anyone care to explain the numbers?)

 You have read many of the literary influences of Peart: Rand,
 Dos Passos, Hemmingway, etc.

 You have looked through Yosuf Karsh books searching for Rush's

 You get all excited when the organist (Go Dieter!) at the hockey
 game plays Subdivisions and you air drum, air keyboard along -
 annoying the hell out of everyone around you.

and of course... when you subscribe to TNMS



Date: 14 Mar 1995 14:56:14 PST
Subject: Amy Mann song, T-shirt update

In NMS #1066 (a good year for the Normans), Dan Krekeler asks:

>   I was wondering if anyone knew about Amy Mann's song on the Melrose Place
> soundtrack. I hate the show, but the song is kind of cool. I heard that
> Geddy did the backgound vocals to that song, is this true or what? It does
> kind of sound like him faintly in the background of the chorus. Just
> curious. Let us all know.  I hope you all out they are rockin' on with the
> Rush, until next time.

I've never even seen the show, but I also really like this's
got a great rhythm to it. Hadn't heard the rumour about Geddy on background
(turnaround's fair play, eh?)...anyone have the album?

For all of you wondering, "where the heck is that shirt/button/sweatshirt
I ordered eons ago?" here's the scoop:

I'm trying to clean up the last few loose ends before I order the last set
of shirts. I want to order them all at once so they're cheaper and more $$
can go to the gift. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ORDERS TO ALEX OR ME. We're done
accepting orders. Fini. The End. No more. Sorry to all who missed their
chance...I'm sure with this group there'll be another shirt/button/bumper
sticker offered soon. Sigh...I hate being a meanie about this, but I hope
we made it clear from the beginning that it was a limited time offer.
Donations are still welcome, but please include a note saying that's what
the money's for so we don't send it back 'cause we think it's an order.

We'll send out the last batch starting the week after I finally order the
shirts, which is looking like maybe the middle of next week at the earliest.

The good news is that we've made over $1000 for the gift! I'll know (and post)
a final count as soon as we've sent off the last of the shirts.

Cheryl Renshaw


From: Damon M. Fibraio 
Subject: Radio show for Rush
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 20:09:07 EST

   First, in respnse to the guy who asked about ideas for his Rush radio
show, here are some that I've done. I took two and a half hours of a weekend
show that I was doing on my radio station, 88.9 WMCX f.m. based out of West
Long Branch, New Jersey, and I did what I called THE PROGRESSION OF KINGS. It
was the playing of songs from each album in order from Rush through
CounterParts, including all three live albums and Chronicles. I took no more
than two songs from each album, and did not play the epics. Another thing I
did was, when I was really tired, I played Hemispheres and The Fountain of
Lameth in a row. I've also played 2112 in its entirety, too. Have only Signus
to go. :)

   Anyway, this brings me to a question. If I wanted to start a progressive
rock show, what other bands besides Rush, Yes, and E.L.P. would I use? Just
researching.--Damon Fibraio

   If anyone wants a tape of THE PROGRESSION OF KINGS, let me know, and I'll
see if I can get the tapes back from my moronic band members who stole them
from me.

Hey, baby, it's a quarter to 8
I feel I'm in the mood.--guess who


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 20:52:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Partha Mukhopadhyay 
Subject: The Gangster of Boats, redux

Yes, I've seen the FAQ as far as the _GoB, part IV_ goes, but recently,
reading the HYF liner notes, I find the Gangster of Boats thanked under
"Elsewhere we have been aided and/or entertained by...."  So, is the GoB
a multi-album gag, or are they a real group/person? That question is not
answered in the FAQ....
Secondly, can I request someone to post the time-divisions of La Villa
Strangiato? I've seen the names, I just want to know when section x gives
way to section y.


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 23:58:03 -0500
Subject: re:  Official Atlantic...Rush

>Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 22:28:15 EST
>Subject: ATTN!!!  Official Atlantic Info. about Rush!!
>	"Atlantic Records President, Val Azzoli, is online 2/27 to answer ?s on
>Rush, Hootie..."  Who cares about the rest of the sentence!!!

So, what's the scoop?  I haven't seen any posts about this.  Was this guy on
Prodigy or not and, if so, what did he have to say?


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