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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1073

                 Thursday, 23 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                various questions/comments
                      Neil's lyrics
                    Age of Alex's sons
                     re:Covering Rush
                    Re:MUSIC TRAINING
                  Re: OPENING BANDS....
                 Melvins opening for Rush
                       YKYRARF/ NYC
                    some questions...
                Potential flame & Religion
                 Re: Radio show for Rush
                  Re: Andy's Flame Away
                    Temples of Syrinx
               Drummers and Northern Heroes
     Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1069
                       Neil's Drums
     Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070
               RE: Periodic Ridiculousness
             2 Cents for A Passage To Bangkok
                   Aimee Mann Thoughts
                     To Andrew Logue
         Another Extreme Rush Concert Experience
      NO RUSH COUNTRY ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Countdowns, Pep Bands and Rush
                      The Orbit Room
                   Cover Bands in Ohio?
        Rushology, brought to you by the letter O
                I apologise in advance...
Cinderella Man & Ayn Rand, Worst RUSH songs (no relation)
           Neil at beginning of YYZ -- crotales
                     Female Rush Fans
              Re: Burning For Buddy drummers
                      Archives Info
                      Marching bands
                2112/_Anthem_ relationship

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 1995 15:33:52 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: various questions/comments

1)  Why do some people on the list refer to "YYZ" as "YYZed"?  I can't figure
    this out for the life(son) of me.

2)  Some one said that they've never been to a Rush concert that wasn't sold
    out.  When I saw them in Oklahoma City on the RTB tour, there were
    only about 7,000 people there. (The arena was slightly more than half
    full).  It was a great show, though.  My percussion professor at the
    time  went with a guy who had seen every tour since 2112.  He said
    that  this was the best show of them all.  Rush didn't come to OKC on
    the CP tour, which bummed out a lot of people.  They even had
    "Oklahoma City" on their tour shirts (!), but they never made it there.
    I'm not sure why, because they played many markets that are much smaller
    (Topeka, KS, for example).  Strangely, on the RTB tour, they came to
    OKC, but _didn't_ put it on the shirts.  Must be some kind of cruel

3)  2112 is pronounced "twenty-one-twelve".  Ever hear of Tchaikovsky's
    "one-eight-one-two" Overture?  :)

4)  I, too, never notice the "inhaling" sound on "A Passage to Bangkok".
    Probably because I rarely listen to the studio version of that song.
    That _is_ hilarious!  I laugh when people try to say that Rush never
    smoked pot.  _Please_, people!  They were young, reasonably successful
    musicians in THE 70S!!!

5)  Am I the only one who thinks it is totally rediculous that there are
    a dozen posts in each issue involving abbreviations of elements?
    Geez, enough already.

YKYAARFW you include the lyrics to "The Trees" while writing against
"affirmative action" in a philosophy journal.  YK your instructor is
ARFW this is the only journal you get an "A" on!



Date: Sat, 18 Mar 95 14:42:09 PST
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Subject: Neil's lyrics


KS> I don't believe this is all that true.  If you think about 2112
KS> for instance, it's really a simple theme:  the individual vs. the
KS> collective, stated quite eloquently.  The Trees:  the stronger
KS> oppressing the weaker.

Wrong.  Try again.  The trees is about an envious mediocrity who
consoles their mediocrity by believing that those better than
them got that way by opressing them.  In a word:  egalitarianism.
The envious mediocrity, fuelled by their incorrect ideology, drags
their betters down to their level.


 * Some will sell their dreams for small desires/ Or lose the race to
 * rats/ Get caught in ticking traps/ And start to dream of somewhere/ To
 * relax their restless flight// Somewhere out of a memory/ Of lighted
 * streets on quiet nights. . .             --Peart

 -- Via DLG Pro v1.1


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 11:17:00 +0900
From: Yoshiko Negishim 
Subject: Age of Alex's sons

  According to Alex's interview (It is a time of "Roll The Bones" in
1991), his oldest son has just been 21. And Alex said his second son
was born 14 years ago. Judging from this interview, Alex's second son
to be born is thought before and after "A Farewell To Kings" release.

$$$$$$$      Yoshiko Negishima       $$$$$$$
$$$$$          But most of us just dream about                    $$$$$
$$$            The things we'd like to be      -- N.Peart           $$$


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 10:43:57 -0500 (EST)
From: "Lisa R. Weinberg" 
Subject: Rushology

	For the second night of that bizarre week in April of 1986, I
trekked back to the Meadowlands from Long Island with with my chum
from elementary school, John Gimbalvo (my Dad could never pronounce
his last name so he said "Jim-bow-wow" while laughing uncontrollably).
	John drove us in his deep blue VW Bug.  He was amazed when I told
him what had transpired the previous night.  (Those of you who missed my
first episode, I failed in my attempt to bribe the security guard to get
backstage and my ride left without me, believing that I had
succeeded in meeting Rush.)  John assured me that he would not leave me.
	We arrived in the parking lot of the Brendan Byrne Arena around
6:30.  Marillion would begin their set in an hour.  We walked closer and
closer to a large gate, lined with concertgoers walking past security
very slowly.
	When we got near the long line, I opened up my small box of
"Rushology" business cards.  I was determined to give out all 500 of them
to Rush fans.  Since about a hundred of them were near me, why not start
handing them out already, I thought.  I started from the back of the line
and worked my way to the front.  And then--
	"Wait a second.  What the hell do you think you're doing?" barked
a large man with a yellow blazer that read "Concert Security" on the back
of it.
	Oh God, I thought.  "Nothing.  I'm just handing out some business
cards." I said in my most innocent voice.  Up to now, I was getting a
whole range of feedback from the Rush fans who received a Rushology
card.  Some laughed, some jumped up and down while others handed my cards
back to me.
	"Let me see that," he insisted.  He didn't seem to care what I
had just said.  He was as determined as my cat when it notices a moth in
the living room.
	"Hey, look at this," he yells to his security "buddies" who are
frisking each person with a ticket in hand.  They stop frisking and read the
	One of them looks at me and says, "Stay right here.  You're not
going anywhere!"
	After swallowing the lump in my throat, I asked innocently what
did I do wrong.
	"You're in trouble," says another guard and proceeds to talk
into his walkie-talkie.
	Soon, a large van stops in front of the line of Rush fans that
is getting longer and longer.
	As John gets through security, I tell him that I will meet him
inside.  I hope.  I was starting to think that I would have the right to
make one phone call in a police station.
	The security guards ordered me to get into the van.  There was
only the driver in the van and he was much older than the ones frisking.
	So I climbed in, shaking like a leaf.
	The driver had my box of cards in one hand while driving around
the parking lot with his other hand on the wheel.
	He pulls out a card and reads it.
	"What's Rushology?" he asked.
	So I proceed to tell him what it's about.  The following is the
explanation with a few alterations for TNMS:
	In 1985, I had the idea to make a fan club/newsletter or
fanzine. Each issue of the newsletter would have a focus on one of Rush's
albums.  Members were asked to write to me and tell me everything they
knew about the album.  My job was to write a general synopsis of the
album and add bits and pieces of members' writings that could give more
flavor to the summary.  In other words, I would quote them.
	Along with this focus, it contained trivia contests, itineraries,
polls, concert reviews, a superb drawing for the cover, and a lot of
blood, sweat, and tears.  I had members from all over the world (37
members total).  The cost was $7 and it lasted one year due to a lack
support, funds and my commitment to college, which I entered in the Fall
of 1986.
	When I told the driver what Rushology was about, he said he was
impressed.  He dropped me off in front of the arena and told me that I
could pick up my cards after the show.
	After a great performance in the 16th row, I picked up my cards, gave a
few out (I couldn't resist), and walked with John back to his car.
	Now the bad news--John could not get the car started.  We
were towed to another part of New Jersey and were picked up by John's
parents.  I got home at 3 AM.

BTW, I'm not Lisa Weinberg (according to the beginning of this post).
She's my girlfriend and I am using her account.

See you next time for Part 3.

		"Chasing something new to believe in"

						Rock the boats,

						Derek J. Barker


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 13:24:02 -0500
Subject: re:Covering Rush

Why don't you try "Afterimage".  I always thought that tune had some  real
tasty keyboard writing in it
Steve Gruver
Tucson, Arizona (where it's already 90 degrees!!)


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 13:26:37 -0500

As far as I know, the only member of Rush to have had formal musical training
was Neil Peart.  I believe that he took drum/percussion lessons while living
in England (I may be wrong on the Country...).
Steve Gruver
Tucson, Arizona


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 13:30:01 -0500
Subject: Re: OPENING BANDS....

I think the best opening band I've seen opening for RUSH was the Steve Morse
Band (Formally the Dixie Dregs).  This was during the _Power Windows_ Tour in
1986.  They played 4 songs in their demanded encore (in Phoenix), which
included "Dazed & Confused", by Led Zeppelin
Steve Gruver
Tucson, Arizona


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 15:14:45 -0500
Subject: Melvins opening for Rush

The esteemed Mr. Harris writes:

"The Melvyns opened for Rush in Sacramento on the Counterparts tour, andthey
were the worst act I'd ever seen.  Seeing them gave me sincere hopethat maybe
I could open for Rush someday.  I don't know what happened toCandlebox, does
any one else?  Didn't they open for Rush in other cities?"

The Melvins also opened the Feb 12, 1994 show in San Jose.  They were
horrible there too.  When the last awful chord was played, the crowd erupted
in a spontaneous "Boooooo."  Those jeers turned into delighted applause when
the house lights came on, which meant no more Melvins.  They were really,
really bad.


"You know how that rabbit feels
Going under your speeding wheels" --The Professor


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 20:59:11 -0500

Hi all.


1) when you buy a satellite dish to get Much Musique.
2) You get TNMS.
3) Your parents go to canada and they buy something you don't have from the
boyz, and you don't even ask them!!!!!!.
4) You write a letter to somebody, and you use a RUSH lyrics for 87.87% of
5) You SEND stuff to TNMS....

Any other RUSHers in NYC???  If yes E-MAIL ME!!!

          THANX for reading,


Date: Sun, 19 Mar 1995 21:23:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: some questions...

Hey Everyone!
	When I went home for spring break, I spent a lot of time listening to
and watching Rush.  I had to make up for the month and a half at school with no
time to relax to Rush.  :)  Anyway, I thought of a few questions that maybe
some of you know the answers to (and I already checked the FAQ on these...)
	First, I was wondering where the scenes in Subdivisions were filmed.
Where is that housing development?  And who is the kid that was in it?  I was
also wondering about the Afterimage video.  Does anyone know who the kid in
that one is?  Is it one of the boys' kids?  Sorry if these questions sound
trivial... I'm just curious about everything.
	Did anyone notice how much Entre Nous and Alien Shore are alike?  Entre
Nous mentions "building bridges on a troubled sea," and Alien Shore says "
building bridges on the ocean floor."  Entre Nous also has a line saying "We
are islands to each other," which sounds a lot like the theme of Alien Shore.
Just some things I thought I would share...

"Art as expression-
 Not as market campaigns
 Will still capture our imaginations..."
		- Neil on why there are so many of us Rush fans :)

 ............Another random thought from the mind of ABosco...............
                          Adrianne M. Bosco
                      Loyola College, Baltimore
      "I'll go with the wind, I'll stand in the light" - Neil Peart


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 13:17:42 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Potential flame & Religion

Hi All,
	Do we always have to slag off other bands? Can we be a little
bit tolerant of other peoples tastes for a change? We all like Rush,
so just leave the other bands out of it. If you don't like a band,
fine, but don't slag them off here.

OK now that s over with :)

YKYAARFW	England are beating Scotland at Rugby 21 12
		and you hope that's the final score (actually 24 12)

Finally, a little story.
	Ten years ago , a friend and myself were playing in a band
which split up. We both went our separate ways and didn't meet again
until a few months ago. We were both big Rush fans 10 years ago, but
I had heard that he had "got religion" in the meantime.

We got together, and yes, he had "got religion" in a big way. It had
really changed his life. We started talking about music, and he
basically said that Rush summarised all the bad things in his prior
life. He said that they must be into witchcraft due to the
Pentagrams, Burning Crosses on the album covers, and singing about
Necromancers. These subjects are all too familiar on the NMS, but
it's another story coming from a converted ex Rush fan.
I agreed to a difference of opinion at the time, but really it has
really got to me that he thought religion and Rush couldn't mix.

Now a while back there was a rumour that Alex was born again,
and I wondered how many people out there are born again, as
according to my friend, there shouldn't be any.
Is there any one with similar stories, if so I'd be interested
to hear them, by email if neccessary.


PS I told him that Lerxt in Wonderland was perhaps the most moving
music I know. If thats music for demons, then I'm doomed :)


Date: Sat, 18 Mar 95 07:34:36 MST
From: (William Graham)
Subject: Re: Radio show for Rush

In connection with Rush radio shows, I'm a part time DJ for our local
university radio station (CJSW, 90.9 FM), filling in sometimes for the
00:00-06:00 shift.  I began my first on-air "training wheels" show a
couple of years ago with "Voices of Old People" (Simon & Garfunkle),
followed by "Afterimage".  I was told not to play Rush on a regular basis
after that, since we are an "alternative" station, and Rush gets played by
other stations in town.  So, a few weeks after Counterparts came out,
I /almost/ played the entire CD straight through, but chickened out after
"Cut to the Chase".  And, at the suggestion of this list, I have played the
Fear trilogy, in order.

Re: Val Azzoli's comments
> " followed by a live album or a boxed set or compilation
> of their live shows-- tying it in with a CD-ROM..."

A Rush CD-ROM is a totally cool idea!  Can you say "video game soundtrack"?

 - William Graham - -
 - -

"He was a lonely squirrel, and I wondered why he has no friends."
 - The Ramada Gods, "Squirrel"


From: "Colin Wright" 
Date:          Mon, 20 Mar 1995 09:28:29 EST
Subject:       Re: Andy's Flame Away


The only part of your post I agree with is that it would be
interesting to see what the Boys and Terry B could come up with after
all these years.  Brendan O'Brien would be another good one.

Blazingly yours,


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 07:12:13 PST
Subject: Temples of Syrinx

I have that recording, it IS in St. Louis in 1980 or 81. It includes a copy of 
Vital Signs that was SUPPOSED to go onto the Exit... Stage left show, as a 
matter of fact.  And Geddy introduces the Good Professor as... (from what I 
get from it)

Alright kids, its time for Doctor Braino... (I think... thats what it sounds 

But what do I know? when I was younger I thought he was saying "Im going 
berserk" on Red Barchetta instead of "Adrenaline Surge" heh heh...

Lyrics... theyre nutty.


From: Harig_Chris/
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 11:29:01 -0500
Subject: Drummers and Northern Heroes

Hey everybody,

This is actually my second post, but I never saw my first.  With regards
to the drummers for thr BfB compilation, I would like to add that Steve
Smith can also be heard with his band-Vital Information.  They can be
found in the Jazz section of your local music store.  His work with
Vital is amazing and cosistently dazzles drummers with his clinics, so
don't just look to Journey for his work.  Also, Manu Katche is the
drummer on Sting's Soul Cages release.  Omar Hakim did the first two
albums, so don't get them mixed up.  Manu's playing on that album is
incredibly tight.

Before I go, I was a record store at Clemson U. last week in between my
races at a track meet.  I stumbled upon Northern Heroes, a double live
cd british import that was recorded at a Rush show in Pensacola, FL.  I
may be a moron, but I have never heard a thing about this boot.  Tell me
if I'm a moron.  BTW, I didn't have the $49.95 they were asking.

"All I knew, All I believed, crumbling images, no longer comfort me.
 Scramble to, reach higher ground, order insanity, something to comfort



Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 11:24:13 -0500
Subject: Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1069

I'm going to toronto on April 13 to see Phantom again and was wondering what
ideas people could send me for things to do in toronto.  Could I get an address
for Alex's restaurant place...any other cool ideas?  Email me if possible but i
will try to read the list for replies.
Aaron C. Drake


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 11:55:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Crak 
Subject: Neil's Drums

   Hey all-

	I have a question and hope somebody could help me out- well, actually
two questions.  One, does anybody have an updated list of *everything* Neil
has as part of his set?  Two, does anybody know exactly how he tunes his drums?
Or, any drummers out there who have a good method of drum tunning would also
help.  I'd really appreciate any help anyone could give me.



Date:         Mon, 20 Mar 95 11:31:18 CST
From: Nick Mayfield 
Subject:      Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070

This is for Damon, who was looking for more Rush to cover.
   Good cover stuff is on these:
                                   Lock and Key (HYF)
                                   Thre Manhattan Project (ASOH-I don't know
                                                           the real album)
                                   Prime Mover (HYF)
                                   Force Ten (?)
                                   Witch Hunt (MP)
                                   Time Stand Still (?)

                                        Hope ya think so too.

              -"We go out in the World and take out chances,
                Fate is just the Weight of Circumstances."-

                      Nick (


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 14:07:01 -0500
Subject: RE: Periodic Ridiculousness

Cut me a break!
    Boy, I sure hope that new album comes out soon so we have something
else to talk about besides which guys we can spell out on the periodic
table! JEEZ! Incidentally, I was able to spell Lee, Lifeson AND Peart
in my alphabet soup! Nyah, nyah!



Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 14:17:01 -0500
Subject: 2 Cents for A Passage To Bangkok

It's me again,
    Gawd I'm bored! In response to some of the pharmaceutical comments
of one of my favourite tunes, "A Passage to Bangkok", I think the song
is mainly a tribute to the joys of cannibus and not any other drugs. As a
product of the 60's and 70's I'm sure the boyz at least smoked a little ganja
and the song does conjure up some cool and magical images for me although
I don't smoke, myself.
    Hey Mike Messina! You must've hit ALL the stops along the way if you think
Alex didn't play PRS's on the Cp tour. And what the hell is a "Bill Gordon
doubleneck"? Looked like a Gibson to me!

Sweet (jamaican pipe) Dreams!


YKYARFW: You spell words like "color" and "favor" like "colour" and "favour"
    	 even though you live in the U.S.!


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 15:11:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Andrew Dietr Miller 
Subject: Aimee Mann Thoughts

Aimee Mann song for the Melrose Soundtrack, That's Just What You Are (or
Subj:  #2(2) 03/23/95 - The National Midnight Star #1073
Date:  Thu, Mar 23, 1995 6:42 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
something to that effect), doesn't not have Geddy on vocals.  I saw the
song live and the same guy sings it live as does on the album, one of
Aimee's band members.  My personal thoughts on Aimee are that she is
awesome.  Her first album was real mellow, a good album to relax to, much
like any Rush album.  I hope her new album which comes out early summer
is just as good and that Geddy will finally return the favor.  Just my
                                   Andy Miller

 -We sat together for sometime in silence never speaking in words
 of all her thoughts she spoke with her eyes
 and I listened remembering all I heard
						-Geoff Tate


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 15:11:16 -0700 (MST)
Subject: To Andrew Logue

  This post is mainly for Andrew Logue (any relation to Shelly Logue from
Larkspur, CO.?).  I'm not going to "flame" you as you invited.  I will be
kind.  I encountered Rush in reverse, starting with their newer stuff and
gradually working my way backwards (as money permits).  I will simply say
that I disagree with you.  I think all their albums, even the three you
listed, have a diffrent character.  The fact that you dislike them is
unfortunate, but I don't think the majority of Rush fans will agree that
they are "wuss" albums.  It is apparent that you like their earlier
stuff, and that's "o.k.," I like it too, but please make room for us
whippersnappers who got into Rock and Roll in the late eighties and like
the more keyboardish style.

Anyway, I hope you realize that they continually adapt, both musically and
conceptually, to the times.  Hence the different music, including
the more organic rock sound of CP, and the different lyrics, less artsy
(Xanadu, Cygnus, By-Tor etc.) and more straightforward (Cold Fire, and
yes, Everyday Glory).  It's their ability to adapt which has kept them
alive for so long.  Everyday Glory is not a wuss song!  Long live track 11!

Most of all, you don't have to like them all.  After all, "I know you're
different, you know I'm the same."  Wait a minute, you didn't like
album.  Sigh.

				Have a nice day
					-Brian Fuller


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 17:16:04 -0600 (CST)
From: gopal ankur nath 
Subject: Another Extreme Rush Concert Experience


So you may be saying to yourself, "Oh great; another loser with ANOTHER
Rush story."  But I beg to differ: I do have a tale to tell...

Being originally from Kentucky, I called for tix to the Counterparts
tour in Nashville, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis...anywhere
that was nearby.  Everything was sold out.  Even though I saw the Presto
Tour at The Nutter Center in Dayton, OH (June-1993), I heard that this
was their farewell tour because Neil had cancer (Look at all these Rumors!)

As I mentioned, every place that I called was sold out, when the agent on
the phone told me that he had an idea.  He asked if I could get ahold of
a wheelchair.  Since my mom is a doctor, I said sure.  Needless to say,
my friendz and I made it to Indianapolis in the wheelchair section (3
rows back on the right side!).  My friend did everything but leap
out of the wheelchair.  Especially when they opened with
"Dreamline."  You may think that this was a rotten thing to do, and it
was, but the wheelchair section wasn't sold out even at the concert.  But
the show was mesmerizing, and the energy was invigorating.

Most people seem to end their emailz with a RUSH lyric, but I don't
think that I will.  I think that I will just "deviate from the norm..."
		(what song is that from?)

My mailbox is alwayz open, and I love making new email pen-palz.

Peace, Love, and Happiness to all

Ankur Gopal                  A.K.A.  Punjabi Gangster


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 17:20:25 -0600 (CST)
From: gopal ankur nath 
Subject: NO RUSH COUNTRY ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO COUNTRY ALBUM!!!      ******rush******   NO COUNTRY ALBUM!!!

Thank you for your time...



Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:20:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Boba Fett 
Subject: Countdowns, Pep Bands and Rush

	First I'd like to respond to all the countdowns that have been
popping up.  I don't think that you can really take each one seriously to
the point of almost flaming the author because of what song ended up
where.  Everyone has favorites, and most of the time they are different
	I'll add to the pep band list.  The Sour Citrus Society, which is
Syracuse University's basketball pep band, has been playing Tom Sawyer
for a few years now.  They do about a good a job as they can with it and
actually it sounds pretty decent.  I like to see them try La Villa.  :-)
					May the Rush be with you
					Boba Fett


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:17:22 -0500 (EST)
From: glenn usher 
Subject: The Orbit Room

	I was finishing up a game of shinney (that's Canadian talk for
a pick up hockey game)when I suggested to the guys that we check out Alex's
new club, the Orbit Room located at College St. here in Toronto. The beer
went down very nicely of course. We drink the good stuff up here. Of
course I'm not suggesting that U.S. beer sucks, it's just.....well you know.
	Anyways, there was a hot jazz band playing that night, with numerous
musicians getting up on stage to jam. Alex, unfortunately, was not one of
them. The club itsef is very narrow and fairly long in length. There is
no Rush memrobelia(oh ya, I spelled that one right), on the walls except
for a picture of Alex back in his bad permed days at the end of the
bar.But the ambience is hip and the band was hot.If your ever in this
great city of ours, check it out. You may be lucky and see the man there
himself. He does show up on occasion

				Glenn in Toronto

	P.S. Whats the deal with the new album? I heard that a new
release is headed our way on April 26th.,which will be compiled with
remakes of older tunes from the band.I don't know about this. It doesn't
sound like the kind of thing Rush would do. Besides Geddy was at the
opening night of "Tommy" here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, along
with Tom Cochrane,Larry Gowan and the coach and a couple of players
from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Shouldn't they be in the studio????

		Till next time!!
 	Radio & Television Arts
 	Ryerson Polytechnic University
 	350 Victoria Street,
 	Toronto, Ontario
 	Canada, M5B 2K3


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:52:23 -0500
Subject: Cover Bands in Ohio?

Hello fellow Rushniks!

I'm on a Mission and would like to know if anyone can shed some Available
Light on a question  I have.  I've seen many postings lately about Rush cover
bands in different cities.  I live in the thriving metropolis of Columbus,
Ohio, is there a Ghost Of A Chance there are any decent Rush cover bands in
this area?  If any one knows, please Post here or E-mail me directly.  I have
to do the Best I Can to bide my time until the next album (oops, showing my
age, CD) is released and this would help!  You Bet Your Life I would
appreciate the info!

      On aother note, in TNMS #1071 Dino described his "Rush-rockin Routine".
 His sounded oddly like the way my father used to listen to Bethoven and
Simon and Garfunkel! (complete with the tall JD's and coke!).  Anyway, I wish
I had time for such indulgence!  My routine is as follows:  Working on the
computer at night - Rush playing via CD Rom.  Working at school (before the
students get there) - Rush via very old, very bad, tape player.  Driving in
the car - station surfing, afraid I'll miss anything Rush (no tape or CD
player, teachers salary you know).  I'll take it anyway I can get it!
Thanks Heaps for eduring this ultra long post!

Kathy Kathy bo Bathy!
(Look Mike M!  I'm Female *and* a Rush Fan!  We are few and far between but
we are out here!)


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 21:17:43 -0500 (EST)
From: "Lisa R. Weinberg" 
Subject: Rushology, brought to you by the letter O

Greetings Sports Fans!  Welcome to the third installment of the wacky
week on the Power Windows tour.  For those of you who missed the first
two installments, I had some wacky experiences at the
Meadowlands in New Jerseey, where I was stranded after the
first show and came home at 3 AM after the second one due to
engine malfunctions.  In other words, four-wheel vehicles did not seem to
agree with me at that time.
	But did I give up? No-sir-ee.  I was headed for the Nassau
Colesium in Long Island to watch Jimmy Page and The Firm perform.  After
twisting my father's arm, he let "the jinx" pick his friends up and drive
over there.  [BTW, this post is pretty much Optional because it does not
pertain to Rush except that The Firm happened to be a show that was in
between Rush shows on this tour]
	So imagine me driving down the highway, the cloulds hovering in
the sky, night is beginning to show its effects in the suburban
atmosphere and I can see the headlights of cars in the rear view mirror
quite nicely.  I also notice the amount of exhaust coming out of the tail
pipe that I trail behind me.  I must be going pretty fast for all that
exhaust.  Right?
	Wrong.  My foot was Not on the accelerator pedal.
	"Uh oh."
	As I slow down on the highway, I notice that this gaseous
substance has another origin in my parent's 1970 Dodge Dart rather than
the exhaust pipe.  My friends begin to notice something different about
my driving because I decided to get off the highway at the nearest exit.
As I make a clover-leaf turn into a major road, I slow the car enough to
see the smoke exiting the hood of the car.
	As I veered into the major road, the smoke begins to enter the
vents and my friends and I begin to roll down the windows [don't try this
at home; afterwards, I discovered it would have been safer to have stopped
the car altogether].
	So I'm driving with my head out the window because the smoke is
screening the front windshield like San Francisco Fog.  I finally see a
gas station, but I have to make a turn against traffic.  With no cars
coming in the opposite direction for 200 feet, I began to turn the
steering wheel.  Unfortunately, the wheel FROZE on me.  Right.  Great.
 	This was the closest I ever felt to being Indiana Jones with my
head out the window, smoke everywhere and the steering wheel getting
stubborn on me.
	Well, I yanked and finally PULLED the wheel as it put-putted into
the gas station.  Before I could stop it, my passengers abandoned ship
and I quickly followed them once I got to a complete stop.
	Luckily, all that smoke turned out to be steam escaping some pipe
near the radiator.  Whew.  THAT was close.
	This concludes Chapter Three of "Tales From The Jinx."  The Grand
Finale will be available shortly.
	BTW, I am not the person who is identified at the top of this
post.  She is my girlfriend and of course, we're in love.

		"Chasing something new to believe in"

						Rock the boats,

						Derek J. Barker


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 22:06:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Carl Joseph Poposki 
Subject: I apologise in advance...

Stop posting about the damn periodic table.

Thank you.


"Waiting for someone to call, and turn your world around.
 Looking for an answer to the questions you have found.
 Looking for an open door."


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 22:05:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Aaron Scifres 
Subject: Cinderella Man & Ayn Rand, Worst RUSH songs (no relation)

1. To whoever said that Cinderella Man has nothing to do with Ayn Rand and
proves that Neil was not as influenced by her as people think, well, the first
part of your logic is correct, CInderella Man is inconsistent with Ayn Rand's
philosophies, but the second part is incorrect, since Geddy wrote the lyrics
to that song, and not Neil.

2. To whoever posted about the worst RUSH songs... I find it interesting that
each song you mentioned (there were only three... Madrigal, Different Strings,
and The Speed of Love) were each a song that I thought was filler.  Maybe
someone agrees with me after all :)
As for worst Rush song though... I *might* agree that Different Strings is it,
because I just think it's boring and the guitar solo at the end doesn't fit
at all... but I think that Countdown is prolly my least favorite (prolly why
I always take out Signals after "Losing It" is over), simply because it
(to me) sounds really cheesy.  The little keyboard melodies just sound a little
too pop-ish.  In fact, that song was what inspired me to make a list of Rush
filler songs in the first place.  Also, the lyrics are a little too cliche-
ridden for me... ("The excitement so thick... you could cut it with a knife")
BTW for those of you flame-happy folks out there who don't believ Rush has
ever written a song that is less than perfect, well, I never claimed that thses
songs were BAD, just that they were weak when compared to other RUSH songs...

P.S. hope none of you grammar-conscious folks didn't cringe too badly at my
horrible run-on sentence in part 1 of this message :)



Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:57:11 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Neil at beginning of YYZ -- crotales

Somebody asked if it is a ride cymbal or triangle that Neil plays
at the beginning of "YYZ".  Actually, it's neither.  On the studio
version, it's two different pitched crotales.  On ESL, it's a
single crotale.  Crotales are small cymbal-like instruments that
are tuned to a definite pitch (like "A", "F#", etc.).  They are
normally arranged in keyboard order and played like a marimba
or xylophone.  In Neil's case, however, he just had (has?) one
crotale in his setup so that he could play the "YYZ" intro.  If
I remember correctly, he had it mounted on his bass drum.
I hope this helps.



Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 22:13:24 -0500 (EST)
From: Sabina Becker - JOUD/F94 
Subject: Female Rush Fans

To Mike Messina:  Yeah, we're out here, we single female Rush fans, we
rare and colorful birds!  If you haven't heard from any of the rest,
e-mail me at the above address (sorry, I couldn't seem to copy yours...)

To Andy Logue: Not to worry.  I did a research project on birth control
last semester, and I can assure you the Rhythm Method is the last one I'd
ever use.  It's as bad as using none at all.  However, the drum solo is

You know you're a Rush fan in journalism school when your print reporting
prof says "Show me, don't tell me" and you promptly start humming the
appropriate tune!  

And you love The Camera Eye for all the right reasons!


* Living in a fish-eye lens
Caught in the camera eye
I have no heart to lie
I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend...


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 22:09:11 -0600
From: (Tony Hendrix)
Subject: Re: Burning For Buddy drummers

>Steve Smith
> ----Journey
> ----Vital Information
> ----Michael Manring
> ----The Storm
> ----Steps Ahead
> ----Jean-Luc Ponty
> ----Jeff Berlin
> ----Bryan Adams
>Rush for it!
>Garrett Young
>Plano, Tx
I can't believe that no one mentioned Steve was in the band that launched
his and Sammy Hagar's careers. Montrose!

\_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_
                                      I love  being alive and will always be
     \_\_\_\_\_    \_    \_           the best that I possilbly can. I will
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           \_        \_\_\_\_         it to anyone who will take it from me,
            \_        \_    \_        seek knowledge from those wiser and
             \_        \_    \_       teach those who wish to learn from me.
              \_  \_    \_    \_  \_                Duane Allman's Epitaph

\_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_
             Tony Hendrix - Republican
   Jack Kemp would have made a great president!!!


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 23:55:02 -0500 (EST)
From: "NAME \"Matt Raillard\"" 
Subject: Archives Info

Hey all
I have seen a couple queries concerning the Rush Archives album, and I
thought I'd put in my two cents.  To the best of my knowledge,
Archives is available only on record or cassette and is basically a
compilation of the three first albums (Rush, FBN, CoS).  I saw it in stores
in my area selling for $17.95 (LP version) and had I a turntable, it would
be in my hands now....
Btw, I found the Rush song countdown list interesting.  I am glad that so
far nobody has written angry flames arguing over personal opinions.  After
all, we all know that "The Pass" is the greatest Rush song ever. :)!!!!

Matt Raillard
"plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose..."N.P


Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 21:06:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Sammy Camp 
Subject: Marching bands

This is in response to the guy who posted about MMB doing the intro to
YYZ.  What I noticed in my high school years is that every year someone
in my school's drum line would report to me that at least one other drum
line at the competitions did a Rush song.  It's actually fairly common
around So. Cal., considering Rush's popularity among drummers.  The
coolest thing in all of my high school years was in 10th grade when our
drum line did "Nat. Sci."...I had one of those special orgasms i get
after a live Neil drum solo.

	"I have found
         Some kind of temporary sanity
         In this
  	 Shit, blood and cum
 	 On my hands..."      "Prison Sex", Tool


Subject: 2112/_Anthem_ relationship
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 21:45:04 -0800
From: "Stuart R. Miyasato" (Kevin Butler) writes:

> From: (rush)
>   o  In the FAQ, Neil is quoted as saying the resemblence between 2112 and
> and A.R.'s book "Anthem" was not on purpose.  If 2112 was based on "Anthem"
> I would think he would say so.
>        He does, in so many words.  In the reissued 2112 (and I think for
>   those of you with the vinyl version) in the lyrics to 2112 he pays
>   special tribute to the "genius of Ayn Rand".

He does cite her, but not as a direct influence.  Here's the direct quote
from Neil:

Where did the story of _2112_ come from?

   "The inspiration behind it was ...  It's difficult always to trace those
   lines because so many things tend to coalesce, and in fact it ended up
   being quite similar to a book called _Anthem_ by the writer Ayn Rand.  But
   I didn't realize that while I was working on it, and then eventually as the
   story came together, the parallels became obvious to me and I thought, 'Oh
   gee, I don't want to be a plagiarist here.'  So I did give credit to her
   writings in the liner notes." - Neil Peart, in the December 2, 1991
   "Rockline" interview

Normally I wouldn't nitpick on this, but I was the one who originally
transcribed this quote and posted it in  :-)  This was
from the RTB Rockline (12/91), so it's possible that Neil's memory was
a bit fuzzy at this point.  But it's direct from him so I guess we have
to accept the quote above as "truth" as best we know it.

 -- Stuart  (


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