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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1074

                  Friday, 24 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                 Responses to TNMS #1071
               Rush Listening Environments
                    Re: Opening bands
                      Support bands
    First Posting-Alienation and Estrangement In Rush
                         NMS Book
                   Met Center Blown up
          Re: BfB drummers...The results are in.
                "2112" vs. Rand's "Anthem"
                       Garden Road?
     Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071
                    Burning for Buddy
     Re: 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068
     Re: 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068
         I guess my last leter didn't make it...
     Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070
     Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070
     Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071
                  BMG# & the Orbit Room
                Kevin Anderson a Rush fan?
                      looking for...
                 Re: How dose he do that?
              YKYARF for Drummers and Others
                      Baby names....
                Re: Opening Bands and Alex
                       RUSH Stories
                A few random thoughts. . .
           The triangle/ride cymbal question...
                "Rush is a band" stickers
             Middletown Dreams and Sociology
     Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071
     Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071
     Too many topics to list........................
                      rolling stone

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 00:46:38 -0500
Subject: Responses to TNMS #1071

>...I began to wonder how the rest of you listen to Rush ... I once brought
>home from work a sound level meter to determine how loud I typically
>listen to music. The meter consistently measured between 120 and 125
>decibels (dB).

Well, DRFULLER, that's one hell of Rush Routine you have.  I must say that my
Rush listening habits are not nearly so colourful.  My wife, daughter, and
dog don't really appreciate it when I play music at a volume somewhere
between a "rock concert" and a "jet airliner" (although my daughter, who just
turned two, knows a Rush song as soon as it comes on and says "dat's Geddy
singin'" (ya gotta love it)).  My best Rush times tend to be when I am alone
in the car.  I pop in a cassette, turn it up full blast, and blow out my ear
drums every day to and from work (although lately I've also been listening to
NPR ... can you tell I'm 30?).

>In closing, does anyone else out there remember several years ago when
>non-Rushians used to call us "cerebral rockers?"

To this day I still hear Rush refered to as "thinking man's music" on KSHE 95
in St. Louis.  I consider it a GREAT compliment.

>From: Steven Horwitz 
>Just one technical comment on Michael Jund's countdown.  I could go
>on for days bitching about his rankings (how the hell is Natural
>Science anywhere but in the top ten?!), but I won't...
>BTW, with my system and my preferences, MP, PeW, PoW, CP, and 2112
>comprise my top 5, in that order.

You're right, we could go on and on and on ... just one question, "how the
hell" can Hemispheres not be in the top five with songs like "The Trees" and
"La Villa Strangiato"?!  :)

>From: (Brett Lindberg)
>I have only been reading the NMS a little while, but already I have noticed a
>large number of ignorant flames ... This flame upset me, because its sender
> quite obviously is very ignorant.  Instead of spelling the last name of the
> world's greatest rock guitarist "LiFeSON," the flamer insists that it should
> be spelled "LiIFmEuSrON."  Also, this ignorant fool thinks ...

The flames upset you and yet you go on to call someone an "ignorant fool" ...
come on bud, lighten up.

>What song do you regularly fast-forward or skip through,
>and wish Rush never wrote?

A REAL Rush fan NEVER fast-forwards through ANY Rush song!!!!!  They're ALL
GREAT! (ok, so I have my head in the clouds...)

>From: Michael Messina 
>I'm having a hard time finding single female RUSH fans ...

When I first met my [now] wife back in 1981, she had never even heard of
Rush.  Now she is as big a fan as I am (well, almost).  Why try to "find" a
female Rush fan when you can just "create" one?!  BTW, she made me a Moody
Blues fan, so I guess we're even.

"I wanna see all your hands ... high!" g.l.


Date:     Tue, 21 Mar 95 1:01:59 CST
Subject:  Alex??

Hello fellow Rush fans!!

Several months ago while skimming thru the cheap CD bin at the local used 
record store, I came across: Gowen--Lost Brotherhood.  "Who the hell is Gowen?",
I thought.  Well luckily I checked it out and low and behold it had Alex 
Lifeson playing on the entire album.  I was very impressed!  Has anybody else 
out there heard this disk??  Anyway, it is on the Anthem label, and Gowen is 
apparently based out of Toronto.  I guess maybe he is buddies with Rush?  
Anybody out there have any info on other albums that Alex or Geddy play on?

         Vegetable rights and peace!!  ----Brian


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 01:03:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Jason Nellis 
Subject: Rush Listening Environments

I'm new to this list so I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm 19 years old
and I've been a Rush fan for more than two years. I remember hearing Tom
Sawyer on the radio and decided to make Chronicles one of my free
selections for signing up with Columbia House (ack). So here I am 24
Rush CD's (w/boots) later.Everyone I know here in Encinitas/Oceanside
hates Rush for the most part, so it's nice to have a place to talk about
my favorite band. Anyway! DRFULLER had a good idea for a thread, here's
my contribution...

If I could, my ideal listening environment for listening to rush would in
the living room with a nice stereo turned up to ear bleeding levels, a
tastey mind numbing beverage in one hand, the lights completely out (at
night, with moonlight pouring in the windows). I know The Camera Eye,
Losing It, Natural Science, hell, all of 'em would be rapture inducing in
this environment. Unfortunately, I am confined to my 3-disc Aiwa system
in my room, and there is no stereo in the living room. So I love blasting
Rush (or +Live+, nothing like taking in Iris before going to school) as I
get ready for classes (The Weapon/Between Sun & Moon/Cut to the Chase is
also great for this); I usually have to hear the end of the song before I
bolt out the door making me late a lot though. :)

The best place to blast Rush for the teen with volume sensitive parents
though is in the car. Sunny day, Sunroof and windows wide open, with ESL La
Villa Strangia or Cygnus X-1 Book II blaring (I swear I'm going to get
another speed ticket, Cut to the Chase already gave me my first one);
nothing compares.

Well, maybe one day my friends will come around. Thanks for listening my
lengthy rambling.

   "...How the words would flow with passion and precision..." - N. Peart


From: Simon Long 
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 09:51:08 GMT
Subject: Re: Opening bands

Steve Carney  wrote :
(and I felt I had to reply....)

> Anyway, there has been some discussion in past editions of NMS about the
> bands that have been chosen to open for Rush. As one who booed marillion
> at the top of his lungs on what ever tour the opened for (Power Windows,
> I think that was) I have this to say about bands opening for Rush: After

What a pity you didn't display something of an open mind and actually
*listen* to them instead. If you had, you might have noticed that Marillion
(as they were in those days, not the current lineup with the new lead singer)
were a very talented group of musicians, whose lyrics in some cases surpass
those of NP in terms of intelligence, sensitivity and pure poetry.

But that's ok - obviously, you wouldn't be a Real Rush Fan (TM) if you
actually listened to anyone else (or thought that Rush had ever recorded
something that was actually  not very good...) On the other hand,
you might then be able to think for yourself....

I'll admit, I have seen support acts who couldn't play, write, sing or
otherwise perform - and I haven't liked them. But a talented band like
Marillion deserved better than the treatment they got at the hands of Rush
'fans'. And just once in a while, if you listen to the support band, you
might discover some new music that you like.

Just had to get that off my chest - sorry for the minimal Rush content
 --------------------- Simon Long  --------------------------
       Opinions expressed above are my own and not those of my employer.
'... [he] walks these streets without her in the rain, looking for a leather
 jacket and a girl who wrote her name forever...' - Rickie Lee Jones


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 08:04:43 -0500 (EST)
From: "Kevin E. Mort" 
Subject: Support bands

From: Steve Carney 

> As one who booed marillion at the top of his lungs...

Personally I would much rather see Marillion than see Primus.  Primus
just sucked at MSA in Indianapolis, and were only slightly better (after
a bit 'o brew) in Chicago at Rosemont.

The best support so far that I have seen is Eric Johnson.  This guy just
kicked ass on the 1st leg of RTB (October 31).   I have also seen Mr. Big
open twice now (Presto-RTB)....ok the first time...too teeny bopper the
second, but still "addicted to that rush."


   **          "Enter the champion, Prince By-Tor appears..."     **
   **                             **
   **    **


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 08:15:53 EST
From: "john brower" 
Subject: First Posting-Alienation and Estrangement In Rush

 Howdy Fellow Rushians:

 First Time?
 Feel Good?
 Yah--hey, I got no pain in my neck now...
 Feelin' good's good enough...
 --line from the movie Platoon 1986]

 This is my first contribution to this VERY worth while
 discussion concerning the most significant rock band ever.
 I'd like to ask folks, particularly those who raised the
 issue of using Rush music in counseling wayward youths, if
 they have examined songs like "Battle Scars", "The Pass"
 "Everyday Glory" and "Subdivisions" particularly closely.

 I think we should say a few words in this space about the
 incredible impact some of those lines have in background of
 outstanding instrumentals.  For instance w/ the last song
 of the latest album the lines "Everyday people, Everyday
 Shame, Everyday Promise Shot Down In Vain; Everyday Sun
 Rise Another Everyday Story, Right from the Ashes Ablaze
 with everyday glory..."  Or at least that my interpretation
 of them--they speak directly to the alienation from our
 jobs and our detached feeling from this materialistic
 consciousness that is the downside of our otherwise great
 America.  What band today faces issues like these without
 getting sanctimonious and preachy--'stays popular and
 continuously rocks?  No bad but our comrades, the best in
 all the world.

 I write articles on national security issues and I believe
 my best lines are inspired by Rush (not plagiarized tho!)
 in the same way that fellow writers here have used my
 phrases--for instance I wrote a review of the new book on
 Reinventing the Pentagon and included this line "Both
 studies should be the constant companion of today's
 government reformer--but they are only immortal for a
 limited time."  I can think of no greater tribute to this
 great band than letting them effect my writing.  Kudos to
 the Rush Manager that lets us celebrate our boys!  Sorry
 for the band width, I just wanted to share some with you.

 J. Michael Brower


Subject: NMS Book
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 15:11:16 EST

	Does anybody know if you can still submit messages to the
band through the NMS Book project? I missed the boat (no gangsters
around!! - sorry bad pun) first time round and wanted to know if
there was a chance of there still being time. Mail me direct or
reply through NMS, Ta.


And the men who hold high places,
Must be the ones who start,
To mould a new reality,
Closer To The Heart,
Closer To The Heart.      -    thats you and me people.


Subject: Met Center Blown up
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:07:39 CST
From: Brad Duggan 

In response to  Steve Carney  post about
being a Minnesota Rush fan, I almost cried when they tore down the Met
Center, I saw HYF and Presto there, had great seats for Presto.  I also
saw the Stars Play there many times and mentioning the loss of both in
the same sentence is very emotionally disturbing.  I think the Target
Center sucks for concerts compared to the Met Center, I had bad seats
for Counterparts and couldn't see any of the video projections.  I like
the St. Paul Civic Center better for concerts (I think they played there
for GUP but I didn't go I was too young of a lad).  I do disagree about
his not wanting to sit through Primus, I thought they were great, I wish
Rush would make them or Eric Johnson a permanent opening act so we never
have to sit through Mr. Big again.  I like having opening bands, you get
to see two bands instead of one and if the opener is good it makes
things even more enjoyable.  There are other good alternatives though, I
saw Metallica in Minneapolis on the "Evening with Metallica" tour, they
played a 1/2 hour video with old interviews and stuff before the show,
that was cool.  I've rambled on too much already.


From: Mark Seconi -FT-~ 
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 08:29:10 -0700
Subject: Re: BfB drummers...The results are in.

After reviewing the BFB drum list compiled by Garrett, I was surprised
that the TNMS crowd had Neil's list so short.

>Neil Peart
> ----Rush

According to the FAQ, I believe Neil's list should also include:

   Max Webster (if you consider "Battlescar")
   Jeff Berlin
   Ken Ramm

 Mark Seconi              |    "That would have to be one charmin' pig."
 Intel Corporation        | |    - Jules (Samual L. Jackson) in "Pulp Fiction"


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 10:43:07 -0500
From: (Joe Chiro)
Subject: "2112" vs. Rand's "Anthem"

>> actually, he did mention her in the liner notes of 2112, it says something
>> like "with acknowledgement to the genius of Ayn Rand".  i find it really
>> hard to believe that neil did not have anthem in mind when writing 2112,
>	Neil has said repeatedly that _2112_ WAS NOT based on _Anthem_, but
>after he realized a similarity he decided to mention her in the notes.
>That's why he says "with acknowledgement to the genius of Ayn Rand", and not
>"based on the book _Anthem_ by Ayn Rand".  I actually read _Anthem_ because
>I was expecting it to be the same story as _2112_.  I found them to be
>quite different, and that any similarities between the two are extremely
>vague and general.

I'm ready for the goes:

I think either Neil was misunderstood in that interview or he is completely
full of crap.  2112 and Anthem are practically identical, with the exception
of a few cosmetic changes.  They are certainly not "quite different".  Now,
it's been a while since I read Anthem (but I was a Rush fan then too, and
that is when I formed my not so humble opinion) but if I recall correctly it
goes something like this: Guy discovers something from society's past, brings
it to the "government" of sorts with such high hopes, and gets rejected.
Then, totally disillusioned, he runs off into the woods to live out his life.

Now, please.  We know Neil read Anthem before he wrote 2112 and we know at
around this point in his career he was somewhat influenced by Rand
(IE: Anthem).  So how does Neil write this whole big production (2112), which
has a nearly identical story line to a book he's read recently, and not
realize it until after he's done.  Come on.

>after he realized a similarity he decided to mention her in the notes.

Lucky thing, or Neil probably would have ended up in court.

And remember, Neil also says that the words to Freewill in the PW album are
correct... 8-)

*	     			   *    "...and the meek shall inherit    *
*            Joe Chiro             *          the Earth..."		  *
*	 (jchiro@peri.COM)	   *     				  *
*     Periphonics Corporation      *  (Maybe so, but the bold can always  *
*     				   *    beat them up and take it back)    *


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 10:50:34 EST

Helloe Fellow Rush Fans!  Just a few words in response to Steve Horowitz from
TNMS #1070 - he suggests Live to Rush fans, and I totally agree.  I am fron 
York, PA, where Live originated.  I believe Live and Rush have a few things in
common.  (Just a few though!) First, Live writes about many little areas and
towns close to where we are, such as The Dam at Otter Creek.  (Lakeside Park
for Rush).  The Live concerts I have been to have been interesting and very
entertaining, and they don't pull any crap on stage.  For a young band they act
mature - for the most part.  This is very similar to Rush.  I have always been
impressed by Rush's maturity on stage and off.  Well, that's my .02 cents on
I would also like to comment on Steve Carney's post from TNMS 1071.  Keep in
mind this is just my opinion, but whenever a band open for Rush on a tour, that
band, be it Primus, Candlebox, or the Fabulous Thunderbirds back in the early
80's, is a guest of Rush.  If you boo them, you're almost booing
Rush, because you're saying their guest should just get off the stage.  I can
sympathize with you, though, it's hard to sit through any opening band.
Lastly, for all those of you who are interested, check out The Story of Kings,
an interview album with Alex.  I bought it a while ago, and it's interesting.
No music, though, just talk.  Alex, as always, seems to be enjoying himself.
So - it's spring, roll the windows down, crank up Rush on the stereo, and don't
get caught speeding to Red Barchetta!
 -Bill Terney

~ Keep a green tree in your heart and one day a singing bird will come ~
               					- Chinese


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 11:03:01 -0500
Subject: Garden Road?

BURP! (excuse me!)
    Does anybody know anything about the song 'Garden Road' that appears
on the songlist from the RUSH album tour? Anybody hear it? Have it? It probably
sucks but I'm still interested.

    C U,



Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 11:19:20 -0500 (EST)
From: dsmcconn 
Subject: Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071

on 3/20:

> Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 21:11:12 -0500
> From:
> Subject: How dose he do that?
> At the beginning of YYZ, Is neil using a triangle or a ride cymbol????
> I have an ongoing debate to settle!!!
umm, well, looks like you and your friend are both losers in this debate :)
it is neither, at the beginning of YYZ, Neil plays a crotale, which is a
small tuned cymbal made by Zildjian.  They can be purchased singularly or
in whole octaves (low or high) and are pretty damned cool.
you can also hear one during Prologue in Hemispheres, at least im pretty
sure its a crotale there.  I AM absolutely positive its a crotale in YYZ.
first of all, it has pitch, plus, my source is Modern Drummer magazine's
analysis of Neil's playing back in about 1984 or so.
and, heh
	you buy a single crotale merely for the purpose of being able
	to play the YYZ intro, even though the guys in your band
	won't cover Rush.

	or even worse, you pay $200 for an autographed copy of Hemispheres
	on red vinyl. heh
its pretty cool though


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 11:33:01 -0500 (EST)
From: "Joseph A. Borgia" 
Subject: Burning for Buddy

Well, in my opinion, the album is great. A bunch of really talented
musicians getting together to make something wonderful happen. If
you are not into big band jazz or jazz in general, I think you might
find it a little boring for you. Still, if you are not into big band
jazz, you should probably pick it up anyway and broaden your horizons.
If you are a rather anal musician who is into the technical details of
music, you will find the album a lot of fun to analyze.

You have some great drummers here, Neil, Bill Bruford, Dave Weckl(who is
just unbelievable), etc. It's a really great album. Definitely one of the
best versions of Mercy Mercy I've ever heard.

* Joey Borgia                   | "Unstable condition: a symptom of life in   *
*      |  mental and environmental change.           *
* School of Information Studies |  Atmospheric disturbance: the feverish flux *
* Syracuse University           |  of human interface and interchange..."     *
*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  -N. Peart  >>>>*


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 11:58:37 -0500
Subj:  #2(3) 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1074
Date:  Thu, Mar 23, 1995 11:37 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068

>        I am dying here!  I recently got a cassette player for my car
>        and before I waste time/money on making Rush tapes, I'd like
>        some input on the best combination of songs/tape formats.
>        The stereo manual says "Do not use tapes longer than 60 minutes
>        (30 minutes per side) since the thinness of the tape causes bad
>        things to happen" -- should I heed this warning?  Also some
>        rundowns of Rush compilations that you've found to be the best
>        would be appreciated.  Thanks...

I think a 90 minute tape would be fine.  As for the playlist, that's where
the fun starts!

Try first songs on albums, or last songs (Between the Wheels is a fantastic
song to open a tape with), or pretty much any combination you like!


        "We break the surface tension with our wild, kinetic dreams."

        "If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane."

J. B.


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 12:04:22 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/16/95 - The National Midnight Star #1068

>3.      i recently saw a posting that said "la villa strangiato" was
>picked as the best rush song by some poll.  what's up with that?  sure,
>"la villa" is good, but i'd put it somewhere around 40 or so, i do think
>it's a tad on the long side.  did anyone else see this poll?  maybe i
>could post it, if i could figure out how to...  what do you think rush-mgr?

        I never saw that poll, but I completely agree with the winner.  La
Villa is the complex, intricate piece of rock that I've ever heard or
expect to hear.  The time changes, the musical virtuosity, the emotion, all
of these combine to send it to the top of my list.  It's ironic, because I
feel that Neil is possibly the finest lyricist out there, but this song
grabs me.


        "We break the surface tension with our wild, kinetic dreams."



Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 13:19:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Lifeson 
Subject: I guess my last leter didn't make it...

	So I will try this again.  First of all, does anyone KNOW what a 'gub'
is?  It's mentioned a few times in the tour books, I think in signals, power
windows or Moving Pictures.  I can't recall.  Also, it's pretty wierd to see
where and how somebody can rank every single rush song there is.  INCREDIBLE!!
I don't think I caould ever do this, it would literally take months!!!  Oh,
some more YKYARFW's????  Ok, here goes....

	You Know You're a Rush Fan When....(duh duh duuuuuh)
	1. Anyone who doesn't have all of rush's albums are not
	considered REAL fans.
	2. You demand to have the second Monday of each month off
	to celebrate "King Lerxst Day."
	3. Once you have then thoroughly confused your soon-to-be
	employer about King Lerxst Day", you immediately correct
	yourself and demand the first Monday of each WEEK off, in
	order to celebrate "Big Al Day."  Remind him/her that all
	drinks on the island are free that day!!!
	4. You spend your time making up silly cross word type
	puzzles dealing with Rush.  But only the lifeless do that.
	(The next letter should explain.)
						briaN M eichorN


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 13:38:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Lifeson 
Subject: this...

	I have a crossword puzzle type thing that I did if anybody wants it
sent to them, just email me.  I think I did a pretty good job!!!  For a lousy
kid!  Anyhow, mail  Please?!?! :)  hehe


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:13:31 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070

I want to cover more Rush. I need some suggestions.
>Preferrably something from Rush's keyboard era, from AFK on so that I
>actually have something to do. The song probably should be known, as we play
>in bars where Rush fans may or may not exist. Maybe danceable? But then
>again, if anyone can find a Rush song you can dance to, then there's another
>challenge. So, guys, tell me what you think. Or is this too hard?

        Try The Big Money.  It's relatively well known and has some great
keyboards, although it will never win any "Danceability" awards.

>As my brother may attest to, the best concert I've seen them give
>was in Toledo on the GUP tour.  The Toledo Sports Arena holds no
>more than about 5000 people and it was festival seating.  We were
>there early enough to sit just a few rows up on Geddy's side.
>With such a small venue, they could keep the amps down a bit and
>the sound and show were excellent (with the exception of the
>frequently and justifiably trashed opening act Fastway).

        Speaking of best concerts, did anyone out there catch a late RtB
tour show?  I saw the boys at Jones Beach on Long Island in August of '92
(?), which happens to be a outdoor amphitheatre on the water, a great venue
for concerts.  Well, first of all Rush came out with several changes in
their playlist from earlier on the same tour (yes, I saw them twice).  They
added The Trees and The Analog Kid, both of which I'd never heard at any of
the previous 6-7 shows I'd seen.  On top of that, they decided to change
the intros and outros of almost every song they played; they added a 3
minute intro to Bravado that had me spellbound.  Far and away the best show
I've seen; every song sounded new.

> One band I haven't seen recommended for Rush fans is Live.  I think
>they have the musicianship and interesting (if a bit morose)
>lyrics that Rush fans might like.

Absolutley.  Check out Throwing Copper, their second album, but give it
awhile to grow on you.  Incidentally, when asked about young drummers he
admires in a recent interview, Neil mentioned Chad Gracey of Live.


        "Everybody got to elevate from the norm."  -NP


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:29:46 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/17/95 - The National Midnight Star #1070

>   Anyway, this brings me to a question. If I wanted to start a progressive
>rock show, what other bands besides Rush, Yes, and E.L.P. would I use? Just
>researching.--Damon Fibraio

Genesis for one, at least before they degenerated into the Phil Collins
Trio.  Marillion for another, even, at times (rare times, I'll admit),
Zeppelin.  You don't believe me?  Give a listen to Achilles' Last Stand and
Carouselambra  sometime.


        "Everybody got to elevate from the norm."  -NP


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:44:11 -0500
From: (Jeff Lee)
Subject: Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071

>Anyway, there has been some discussion in past editions of NMS about the
>bands that have been chosen to open for Rush. As one who booed marillion
>at the top of his lungs on what ever tour the opened for (Power Windows,
>I think that was)

Are you high?  You were lucky enough to see Marillion open for Rush and you
booed?  Open your ears for pity's sake.

As far as Rush openers go:      1) You're there to see Rush, right?  As
long as they hit the stage, who cares who opens for them?
                                                       2) Not all their
openers are duds.  I saw Blue Oyster Cult play a terrific set on the Power
Windows tour, and anyone who saw Steve Morse open for them knows that
there's always hope.

>        isn't Rivendell from J.R.R. Tolkien?  You know, Lord of the Rings
>and The Hobbit?
>        Meri

Yes, and why is that confusing?  That is exactly the place Neil had in
mind: a haven, a sanctuary, a bastion of goodness and so forth.

>Now to end, I wanted to talk about Afterimage.  For the longest time, I
>really paid no attention to this song, and now it virtually stays with me
>at all times.  No, I have not lost someone in the sense that Neil writes
>about, but rather in a relationship-type sense and this song just does it
>for me.  The solo in this song progresses so subtly yet profoundly that I
>can feel the music heighten by being.  I really cannot explain it, but
>does anyone agree with me about this?  Write me personally or on the TNMS
>and well chat.

        This song has always moved me as well.  Especially, the interplay
between Geddy singing "I feel the way you would" and Alex's haunting guitar
line in response. It's as if that lost friend is calling to you from the
other side.  There's so much pain here; "this just can't be understood".


        "Everybody got to elevate from the norm."  -NP


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:54:34 EST
Subject: BMG# & the Orbit Room

Hey all,

        Does anyone have the BMG # for Hold Your Fire?  It's the only one I
don't have and it's not in the FAQ. (Yes I did look there first. ).

        Secondly, to those of you who have been to the Orbit Room what's it
like?  I might be going to Toronto over Easter and i'm wondering if its
more of a bar or a restaurant.  I'm 17...will they let me in?


"boys and girls together
 mistake conceit for pride
   -ambition for illusion
   -dreams for self-delusion..."

        -NP, War Paint


Subject: Kevin Anderson a Rush fan?
From:, Chris A)
Date: 21 Mar 95 12:09:07 PST

I was reading the Jedi Academy Trilogy of the new Star Wars novels
recently, and I think that the author, Kevin Anderson, is most likely a
Rush fan. As I began the 3rd book, I came upon as part of the book where
a renegade Jedi takes off to find his long-lost brother. He finds him at
the Imperial training academy and, BTW stormtroopers are named by
numbers..., lo and behold his brother's "name" turns out to be
"twenty-one twelve"!!!! Not to mention the fact that 3PO always calls
R2D2 his counterpart and that one of his chapters begins with the phrase
(in bold lettering)

"As a disembodied spirit..." I can't help but wonder about this one guys.

Let me know if I'm crazy...

   [ No, you're not crazy. Kevin J. Anderson is a known Rush fan, he 
     co-authored a short story with Neil last year!               : rush-mgr ]


PS: Yes, it was "twenty-one twelve," and NOT 2-1-1-2...


Subject: looking for...
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 15:49:35 EST

       Hey all you Rush fanatics!  I'm looking for Rush fan through the
Inet that live in the Richmond, Va. area, or ANYWHERE to be exact.  For
those who are on any of the Richmond MBBS boards, will knoiw  know me as
Rush Drummer.  Hope to talk to you guys and gals soon!

The Modern Day Warrior...
 ---=== Rush Drummer ===---

"The world weighs on my shoulders,
 but what am I to do?"
 ---Distant Early Warning---
***Grace Under Pressure***


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 15:47:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: joseph paul mancewicz 
Subject: Re: How dose he do that?

>Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 21:11:12 -0500
>Subject: How dose he do that?

>At the beginning of YYZ, Is neil using a triangle or a ride cymbol????
>I have an ongoing debate to settle!!!

It's neither a triangle nor a ride cymbol. It's a crotale (pronounced
crow-tal (like Al) -ee. crow-tal-ee).  A crotale is tuned to a note.  I'm
not sure what note he uses, but it's most likely a C since that is the
first note played by the other two clowns in the band.  If you look at
older photos of Neil's kit, you'll see behind him his tubular bells or
chimes.  Fastened to the top of these are about one and a halve octaves
of crotales.  He used to use these for the "bell's" in CTTH, Xanadu, TCE,
and the like.  He has a separate crotale that you hear in YYZ that is to
Neil's left of his 10" tom, ahead of his snare.  It's is circular, about
3" in diameter, and the center is extra thick.  It looks like a top hat
with a wide brim but bronze.

                     |         |
            _________|         |_________


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:50:50 -0600 (CST)
From: "Mark D. Lamoree" 
Subject: YKYARF for Drummers and Others

	Here are some" You Knows" for skinbashers as well as some general ones.
1.  You are abosoutely , positively physically incapable of listing to
Rush without airdrumming.
2.  You have spent for than fifty percent of a Rush concert bowing
salaami-style to NP.
3. Your sticks have more cymbal marks at the butts than at the tips.
4  You have rewound the drum solo of any live album more than five times
5.  You have broken more than $50 of equiptment trying to play the tom
rolls from 2112.

1.  You have ever scared passengers in your car by screaming
YESYESYES!!!!! at the top of your lungs when a Rush song came on the radio.
2.  You have ever told a Philosophy prof. that he should teach a unit on
NP's lyrics.
3.  When asked to define the Holy Trinity, have responded with Neil,
Geddy, and Alex.
4.  You evaluate every band according to the standards set by Rush.
5.  You experience physical withdrawl if you go for more than two days
w/o hearing Rush.
Mark D. Lamoree			     :  I Am Not a Number, I Am a Free Man!	     :			-#6
Loyola University, Chicago	     :	My Mind Is Not For Rent.
Citizen, Libertarian, Gun Owner      :	                -Howard Roark
               If The Dream Is Won, Though Everything Is Lost,
           We Will Pay the Price, But We Will not Count the Cost -Neil Peart


From: (George Rogic)
Subject: Baby names....
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 16:19:30 -0500 (EST)

Somebody asked if anyone ever considered naming their kids after the boys.
Well, with my wife, I wouldn't dream of trying it. However, as we are
planning for an addition for sometime next year (maybe) she's already got
the names picked out and I really like both of them. She wants to name him
Alex if we have a boy. Go figure! I'm not even going to say "Hey! That's
cool, just like Alex Lifeson from Rush... Huh, huh...!" She'd probably
change it to Melville or something awful like that (sorry to all you
Melvilles out there). Hmmmmm Alex Lifeson Rogic... Well, maybe not the
Lifeson part... \:^)



"Pretty, pretty Doctor Smith..."
 -That goofy green lady from 'Lost In Space'


From: "Iron Will" 
Date:         Tue, 21 Mar 1995 16:43:21 EST5EST
Subject:      Re: Opening Bands and Alex

I think that while all NMSers would agree that they usually can't wait for
the opening band of a RUSH concert to get off the stage, I have seen a
few bands (all of them have been Canadian of course) open up that I
actually enjoyed and helped prepare me for the eventual pleasure of a
couple of hours of live RUSH.  Having seem them live at Maple Leaf
Gardens 5 times, the 3 out of the 5 opening bands were quite good.  The
first time on the p/g tour `Red Rider` (Tom Cochrane's old band) opened
and they were good, and are still one of my favourite bands to this
day...nothing compares to hearing _Lunatic Fringe_ live.  I have also
seen `Chalk Circle` (now disbanded) who were good while they lasted...
but the best opener was the Tragically Hip, who, as any Canadian music
fan knows, are the most popular band in Canada right now with a new
album out (in fact, there are on Saturday Night Live on this
Saturday...the only reason to watch that show).  I wonder what it would
be like to see RUSH on SNL or the Late Show with David Letterman?
Oh, the other opener I can remember (I am missing one I forget so they
must have not been very good) was VoiVod and they were the worst
thing I have ever seen (heavy metal band from Quebec).

As far as Alex having a solo project...I have never heard of this.  I do
know that he produced the album for a band from T.O. called `Clean
Slate` ... could someone be confusing this solo project with him playing
on Larry Gowan's album a few years ago?

"Suddenly you were gone..."
===== (Iron Will of Orillia)
===== "It was useful to be simple." - Rheostatics


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 14:26:00 PST
From: "Jund, Michael" 
Subject: RUSH Stories

     Hello again.  Thanks for responding to my countdown although most of
     it has been negative.  Please keep the comments coming...I appreciate

     The other day I was at Los Angeles International airport wearing a
     Rush shirt and this Australian lady came up to me and we started
     talking about Rush for an hour.  It was so random.  She kept on
     saying, "I wish those bloody lads would come and play down under"  I
     thought it was hilarious.  Has something like this ever happened to
     you?  Just wondering.

     Does anybody want me to post the alphabetical listing of all 116 songs
     that was played on my radio show here at LMU?

     "There are few constants in and hockey are two of them
     for me" -- Michael Jund

     Michael Jund


From: "Randy Marquis" 
Date:          Tue, 21 Mar 1995 17:45:05 EST
Subject:       A few random thoughts. . .

Hello fellow Rushoids,

    A couple of things:

    1.  O.K.  Now EVERYONE knows that Alex's last name can be spelled
with elements on the periodic chart.  Can we lay that to rest, please?

    2.  On the subject of opening acts:  I saw Candlebox on the Cp
tour (at the Worcester Centrum).  I happen to like Candlebox, though
they are not nessesarily a favorite of mine.  When they stepped out on
stage, they seemed to have received a favorable reaction, and
everyone broke the unwritten concert rule, that you don't stand for
the opening act.  Well, everyone stood for the first, maybe, two
songs, but quickly settled down.  I think it was mostly because
everyone was there to see Rush, not Candlebox, not because they
sucked.  I have their album, and while they're no Rush, they are o.k.

    3.  Now, on a sort-of related topic, what exactly IS concert
etiquite?  I ask, because I read the post about the Eagles concert
when the poster was annoyed by a bunch of screeming girls.  Well, I
for one, yell my head off at many concerts, or at least sing along.
I had 22nd row seats (on the floor) at the Cp concert, and, at 5'7"
or so, had to strain to see the boys.  But I still had a great time,
singing the lyrics and letting the music just take over my body.  I
certainly didn't see anyone complaining (most were too busy smoking,
and I don't mean Marboro's).  I understand that some concerts are
more tame than others (I've seen the Moody Blues at Great Woods, and
that was just a mellow night).  I can also understand that people can
be. . .obnoxious, but it sounds to me like those girls were just
having a good time, and they weren't doing anything that doesn't
happen at most concerts (especially rock concerts).  I'm not trying
to flame anyone here, just saying that people enjoy concerts in many
different ways, and that people do screem and make general asses of
themselves.  That's their right, cause they paid for a ticket. . .

    4.  Second favorite band?  Can't pinpoint one.  Lots of Yes fans
on this newsletter, which is trey cool.  I also like Genesis, Billy
Joel (sorry), They Might Be Giants, and The Moody Blues (among many

Sorry about the length thing, but I had to get this off my chest. . .


"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. . .
 the sinners are much more fun. . ."  BJ


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 18:21:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The triangle/ride cymbal question...


In NMS #1071, someone asked whether Neil plays a triangle or a ride cymbal
at the beginning of YYZ.  The answer is.....neither.  He plays a crotale.
This is small brass disc (approx. 2-6 inches in diameter, depending on the
pitch).  Crotales are similar to cymbals, only much thicker.  If you look
in the liner notes to MP, you will see this in the list of instruments Neil
uses.  Hmmmm, it looks like neither of you won the debate.


You are able to explain what "sun dogs" or "phosphorescent waves" are to
anyone who might ask.

You know what the phrase "joie de vivre" means even though you have never
taken a French class in your life.

Craig V. Stanley                                 "We are the priests
Departments of Computer Science & Music           Of the temples of syrinx.
Butler University                                 Our great computers
Indianapolis, IN                                  Fill the hallowed halls."
                                                            -Neil Peart,
Internet:                               "2112"


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 19:06:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Charlie 
Subject: "Rush is a band" stickers

'lo all...
	on the way back to g'ville from Jacksonville last weekend, i was
drivin' along, thinkin': wow.. wouldn't it be sooo cooool to have one of
those stickers, when it occured to me: make one yourself at a copy center!!
really, any decent copy center can copy things onto contact paper,
basically an 8 1/2" X 11" sticker... however, as far as i know, the only
color that can show up is black, because the sheets are clear.. but they
also only cost about $.35!! (*at least, around here...*) ... and better
yet, copy the cover of Hemispheres, crop the 'Rush', and do the rest
yourself, so that it looks almost like 'that fat guy's' signature!!
man... well, i gotta get goin'.. gonna give it a try myself...
see you all on the trail...
                                                     /       \
                                                     \       /
                                                      |     |
            "how can anyone be enlightened?           |  ^  |
              truth is after all so poorly lit"    /------------\
               --Neil Peart                      ==|   0_  0_   |==
                        RUSH                     ==|   0_  0_   |==
                                                 ==|   0_  0_   |==
               SMAUG@GROVE.UFL.EDU              ~!!!\__________/!!!~


Date: 21 Mar 95 19:05:03 EST
From: Mike Lang <>
Subject: fX

Hey all -

I happened to be channel surfing last night (3/20) and stopped on fX (The Fox
cable channel..yea the one in the apartment) where some guy was talking about
MIDI applications.  Just when I was about to flip the channel the host, I have
no idea who he is, told the MIDI guy that he heard that Geddy Lee, from Rush,
used MIDI to trigger different effects while on stage.  The guy agreed, and then
Subj:  #3(3) 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1074
Date:  Thu, Mar 23, 1995 11:37 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
continuted his was kinda strange.  I was hoping for some more Rush
talk, but there wasn't any.  Just an interesting bit I thought I would pass on.

Mike Lang
Purdue University


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 19:11:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Middletown Dreams and Sociology

Hi Everyone!
	Today in my sociology class, right before I spaced out,  my prof
mentioned something about series of studies done by an anthropologist named
Robert Linde which he titled "The Middletown Studies."  He was studying what he
thought to be the typical American community, which was Muncie, IN.   Basically
he gave a composite of life in that community.  I was thinking that Neil
probably got his inspiration for the song "Middletown Dreams" from these
studies.  Does anybody out there know anything about these studies that can
enlighten us about it and the song?

 ............Another random thought from the mind of ABosco...............
                          Adrianne M. Bosco
                      Loyola College, Baltimore
      "I'll go with the wind, I'll stand in the light" - Neil Peart


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 20:23:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric W Larkin 
Subject: Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071

In reference to the question about the beginning of YYZ (from Matt), I
the cymbal he used (uses?) is an "accent cymbal," about three inches in
diameter, without a bell, and sounding similar to a triangle but without
the sustain.  (Please don't flame me if your paperboy's dad played golf
with a crew member, but I'm pretty sure this is accurate.

Keep drumming (if you are one!!)



Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 20:29:54 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric W Larkin 
Subject: Re: 03/20/95 - The National Midnight Star #1071

Mike Messina!!!

Finding female Rush fans is key, however, imagine finding a girl who you
dig and THEN turning her on to them.
	1) She'll never forget you.
	2) She'll forever be indebted to you
	3) She'll be the one to pick HEMISPHERES to listen to when and
   	   if you seal the deal!!


Date: Tue, 21 Mar 95 18:47:05 -0800
From: joelazrs@CyberGate.COM (Joe LaFontaine)
Subject: greetings......

and salutations to all my fellow RUSH fans.  This is my first post
and i want to introduce myself.  I first heard RUSH in 1981 (MP)
and saw my first RUSH show early in 1982.  I havent missed a
RUSH tour in california since.  last year for the CP tour i saw
the band in los angeles, san diego and fresno.  awesome!

i guess my favorite RUSH album is HYF followed closely by
2112.  in fact Prime Mover from HYF helped see me through
to my AS degree in computer science. (the point of the journey
is not to arrive.  anything can happen)  those lyrics helped
me realize that i needed to experience my life as i worked
towards the degree, and not be so single minded and obsessed
with the result.

well that it for now.......later all.

  So long and thanks for all the fish.
  Joe LaFontaine  aka  Lazarus the Peasant
  Check out my Home Page on the net!!


Date: 21 Mar 95 23:59:58 EST
From: WT Jefferson <>
Subject: Too many topics to list........................

Well guess what.... It's my first post, so according to tradition, I must
explain myself....I have been a devoted RUSH fan since, well, as long as I can
remember.  I was listening to Working Man when it was new, which might indicate
I'm a Jurasic Club member.  I play guitar (Lead mostly) and make it a point to
jam with other musicians that know and like RUSH!  I'm located in the Golden
Triangle, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, and a few min away from Louisiana in
the great state of Texas, Beaumont, Texas to be more direct. Musician by heart,
but I have to keep a day job as a network administrator, at least I get to play
with all the latest hardware at someone else's expence.  As you can guess with
the 2 jobs MIDI is a big hobby.

OK, now that that's out of the way,  the reason I'm finally comming out of the
closet after reading TNMS several months, is this Echolyn thing, I just don't
get it. If your anything like me, you are curious.  I bought it today, and I
guess their live show just wasn't captured in tape, or I'm just too young and
wild.  The production is great, but it's not RUSH, and nowhere near Dream
Theater.  If you like a cross between (vocals) Steely Dan/Yes/Jethro Tull it's
up your alley.  The Bass/Drums are well performed.  The guitar I won't comment
on because I'm biased. The keys are in there, but again nowhere near the
technical abilities of Kevin Moore (former Dream Theater).  It's just too low
energy, and obscure (ie: Frank Zappa) too be enjoyed by myself, or any of my
RUSH friends.
So what I'm getting to (so I can get back to RUSH content) is... IF ANYONE WOULD
LIKE TO BUY (or trade) ECHOLYN "As the World"  (if YOU'RE curious) Please E-mail
me directly. Please No flames... It is just not me!!! ( to give yo a clue on my
(outside of RUSH) taste...Pantera kicked ass in Houston last Thurs!!

Next....   Rush Mgr.........Great Job... We appriciate it.

2112.....Pronouced Twenty-one Twelve (like maybe the year).  Boy are you asking
for a slew of a thread with that question,  I am not making fun of you, but I
think this might be close to the same amout of replies as the element table

Beggining of YYZ... Which it has been a while since I read the FAQ (this may be
in there), but is the morse code for an airport (a major city in Canada) , and
pilots will confirm they are on the right freqency by listning to the morse code
before the weather etc... I beleive is played on other than the bell on a cymbol
(ie:triangle, bells, etc...)  Although in many bands I have been in, the drummer
has used the bell of a cymbol as a substitute.

The Country Album issue.... While I am ashamed to admit it, I too was fooled.  I
realized the track titles was a joke, but (aside from CP) is not out of the
question with the way RUSH has lost their original energy for HARD rock (ie:pre
G/P, yes I'm one of the those people, BUT there are NO bad RUSH albums, or such
thing as a RUSH filler song (just some they didn't work as hard on)) Please no
flames on that one either.... That's my opion, your free to post yours also.
Anyway I spread the rumor amongst my friends, even talked about Moving Cattle,
Closer to the farm, The Spearmint of Copenhagen, Distant Early Rooster, LazYY Z
Ranch, New world Marboro Man, Different Lassos, The Temples of Patties, The
BigTractor, Ride By Night, Hemi-steers, Snipehunt, etc...

     You watch RUSH Limbaugh anyway.
     You quit that damn GRUNGE band and get in a band that has similar
taste...RUSH ;-)
     You huury up, even if you don't have to get anywhere. (yea, that one kinda
     You make sure you buy a car with power windows, even though you know
they'll fail.
     You experimented with drugs ONLY after hearing a Passage to Bangkok.
     You spend a lot of time composing a post to TNMS...when you know it may
have to be         rewritten due to some kind of hardware/software
failure/crash. :-)

NOW..... What the fuck is the deal with The Spirit Of Radio?  Let me digress...
I wanted to make an equally long and boring post about how when I travel to
Austin for work (5 hours) I could listen to Z-ROCK the entire way.  106.9
(Houston) for about 180 miles, the switch to 98.9 (Austin) for the rest of the
way.  Even if I'm listening to RUSH (which they do quite frequently) I wouldn't
miss a lick when one of the stations started to fade.  Back to the point,
Z-Rock has also gone off the air in Houston, Although alive and playing RUSH in
a number of other US cities, has added to the growing list of major cities that
lost good rock stations... Oh did I mention the loss of the Headbangers Ball
lately (...guess not, this is my first post), I saw that waste of airtime (the
"replacement" show, and to save you time, I'll tell you, you won't find RUSH

So long and A fairwell to kings. (and Queens, for you female RUSH fans {and that
other dude that proclames his queerness in a recent post, and will probably
create a thead from hell} )

Please allow this post RUSH-MGR, I really didn't mean to exceed any reasonable
length allowed by a rambling fool.... I promise I will keep things way shorter
in the future.  For you who pay by the byte (find some other way, :-) surfing is
too fun) my apologies, but if I posted seperately on all of these issues, the
headers and trailers that go with e-mail would have cost you a fortune.

Any Bass players (who can play like Geddy of course) in the Golden Triangle,
Please E-mail me directly if interested in creating music, that TNMS readers
(ans MGR) would be proud to listen to.

Keep RUSHing

Don't even look for a signature here.


Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 00:08:29 -0500
Subject: rolling stone

rush fans,

check out the latest rolling stone (i know, I know. so look at in the library
so you don't have to pay the commies three bucks). it's the one with eddie
van halen (you know...the player who wishes he could play like eric johnson)
on the cover.

In the random notes, a brief on smashing pumpkins (i know! i know!), the
story mentions that Billy Corgan recites lyrics from the Boyz during a recent
Chicago show. Shame his influences don't show up in the form of good music.

And there's an entire piece on libertarianism, with a graf or two on Rand.
And of course, the idiot chick totally screws the article and equates Rand's
philosophy with utilitarianism! Rand must be spinning right now! Rand and
John Stuart Mill! She'd shit.

Anyway, give it a look. The article is flawed because it comes from a liberal
outlook, but at least the national media are noticing us now.

i'm done ranting. look...i'm stepping off the soapbox now. later.

and p.s. No, I don't dislike Eddie. But you'd think Eric might get a little
more notice. Maybe he needs to kick some asshole lead singer out of his band.


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