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 Date:  Sat, Mar 25, 1995 3:06 PM CST

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1076

                 Saturday, 25 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                     Re: Synth Albums
     Re: 03/21/95 - The National Midnight Star #1072
                       Poll Results
                  BMG, Hear n Aid, etc.
                   Just a few things...
                  Favorite Obscure Songs
            "The Trees" - Lyric Interpretation
                    Meeting NMS people
                Counterpart's counterpoint
                     Alex born again?
                    Even more YKYARFW!
             Re: #1(2) 03/23/95 - The Nati...
             Re: #1(2) 03/23/95 - The Nati...
                     DA and The Trees
                     Worst Rush Songs
             Yet more bantering about lyrics
                 Bands That Suck, huh-huh
       Steve Smith in Montrose?? (No Rush Content)
                         Top Gear
               Song list, etc. - Long post!
                    Cross of Holy Fire
                     Freewill lyrics
           What are the bands do you listen to?
                     "Gub" Explained
                   How about THIS deal?
             The Trees.....and a first post.
                        rush radio
                  re:we should all move

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 09:31:11 GMT
From: (James Screaton)
Subject: Re: Synth Albums

Hi All,
	Damon M. Fibraio said:

>  To that nonmusician, nonmusic loving ignorant fool who decided that the
> keyboard era of Rush was "wuss music", I have one thing to say, or maybe it
> is a few. How many other keyboard players have flamed your narrow-minded ass?
> I am taking this to TNMS becuse I have this problem with people who compain
> about the synthesizers and sequencers that Rush uses. First of all, I know
> very few people, myself included that can even come close to matching Geddy's
> work. The man has to play a bass and keyboards at the same time. I doubt you
> could do that. Be thankful I don't remember your name.

I completely agree. Apart from the fact I love that period of their work,
I don't think Rush would exist if they hadn't been through that phase.
Rush have always embraced the latest technology, and have progressed around
it. Also as Damon rightly says, it's damn hard to play Bass & Keyboards, not
to mention bass pedals, sample triggers and who knows what else. I have some
experience of this as a Keyboard/Guitarist, and believe me, everything has to
be almost choreographed, to be able to keep it going. One advantage Geddy
has over me is that he doesn't use a pick. It takes time to grab it or put it

Hope this doesn't come across as a flame. I'm just saying that you may not
like synth Rush albums, but there are lots of us who do, so try to live
with it :)


(I'm sure there should be an appropriate " Live and let live" Rush quote
to put here, but I'm supposed to be working)


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 12:02:00 -0500
Subject: Re: 03/21/95 - The National Midnight Star #1072

>When I think about Neil's lyrics and how they've changed over time, the most
>striking difference between "then" and "now" would be that Neil used to
>write in a more narrative style and now writes in a more lyrical style.
>(These terms are from the study of literature/poetry.)

        I think this is an astute observation (in fact, Corey, I enjoyed
your entire post).  I recently read an interview with Neil about his
songwriting; he has indeed been adopting a more lyrical style.  His
comments went something like (loose paraphrase):  when you write verse (as
opposed to a more prose-like style, e.g. Red Barchetta), every word is the
end result of an intense distillation process.  *Every* word counts.
>Keith Smerak describes "The Trees" as a parable about the stronger
>oppressing the weaker.  I think it's the exact opposite.  My reading
>of the song is that the Maples (the weaker) oppress the Oaks (the
>stronger).  That oppression is made possible by the strength in
>numbers reflected by the Maples' "union."  In fact, many critics of
>Rush have interpreted this song as "union-bashing."  It probably is.

Actually, I seem to remember reading an interview where the boys said
something to the effect that there was no deep meaning to The Trees; it was
all very tongue in cheek.  I'm not sure I believe that.  In any case,
remember that, by the song's end, the Oaks and the Maples both lose; the
only winners are the lumberjacks.



        "Everybody got to elevate from the norm."  -NP

        "I like mine with lettuce and tomato." -JB


Date: 23 Mar 1995 10:27:05 -0700
From: "zinnp" 
Subject: Poll Results

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:20 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Poll Results                          Date:  3/13/95

Well, for those of you who are anxious to see the results of my self-ran
second fav. band poll, here they are... You're going to be very surprised!
15% said Rush was their second favorite band! Can you believe it?!
10% said Primus (alright! they had my vote:)
10% said Led Zepplin
5% said Marillion
5% said Mahaushnu Orechstra
5% said Foetus
5% said Violent Femmes
5% said Yes
5% said Jethro tull
5% said AC/DC
5% said Genesis
5% said Pink Floyd
5% said Eric Johnson
5% said Sloan
5% said Van Halen
and 5% said John (cougar) Mellancamp
Well thats it!  I was interested to see the Rush MGR's response, didn't get
one though.

The New World Man


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 11:27:01 +0600 (CST)
From: Chris Pardua 
Subject: BMG, Hear n Aid, etc.

To Rob's post in #1072:  I have never seen the BMG #'s for ATWAS, CoS, or
the first album.  Makes no sense to me either.

To the one who corrected me regarding Bruford and Genesis:  I thought he
played on _Seconds Out_?  I don't own it, but it's listed in the Yes box
set (like that's a real authoritative source of info...).  Oh well, I'm
wrong as usual.

My question:  last night I was watching a ten year old videotape of stuff
I taped off MTV when it was at least halfway cool--Mark Goodman shows up a
lot on this tape, if that helps date it.  There was a really short piece
on that project Ronnie James Dio spearheaded, the Hear N Aid thing.  He
mentions that Rush was involved with it, but I don't seem to remember
seeing them in the collective video for "Stars."  Were they involved or


Chris Pardua			    "It's always funny until someone gets hurt,			     And then, it's just hilarious."
							-- Faith No More


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 09:30:56 PST
Subject: Boots

I just got a catalog from Italy yesterday, because I ordered a CD called Run 
From the Fans, which is a nice concert. They also list another DOUBLE CD 
concert around the same year which is 110 minutes long. Does anyone have this 
CD? It's called Northern Heroes I believe. If you have this, could you please 
send me mail on the quality of the sound? Was it recorded from the sound board 
right to DAT or what?

Also, Im going to comment on the Trees... has anyone ever thought about it in 
the context that perhaps BOTH species of trees were completely leveled and 
brought to the same stance? This could perhaps be another way of looking at it.
Equality, perhaps.


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 12:44:28 EST
From: "Ryan Tweedie" 
Subject: Just a few things...

     Hello all,

     Been a while since I've posted...  Would sure appreciate it if someone
     could send me directions to Lakeside Park, going to be up that way
     soon enough.  Also, many of you probably know this already but if you
     TELNET to CDCONNECTION.COM or VIDEOEXPRESS.COM, there are some fairly
     interesting Rush titles in their databases, definitely worth checking
     it out.  Hang in there Damion on the keyboard issue, I'm with you on
     that one.  Take care all...

     You know you are a fan when...  You call several local neon sign
     manufacturers to get quoted on how much it would cost to have a blue
     sign made that says "Le Studio"....  about 500 beans (ouch).


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 17:04:04 -0500 (EST)
From: "Stephen St. Pierre" 
Subject: Favorite Obscure Songs

Hi!  I'm Steve and this is a first time post.  I just got on to internet
a couple of weeks again and I think this forum is fantastic.  I've been a
RUSH fan about 6 years, first getting introduced to their music through
my sister's boyfriend.  In the time since, I have come to regard them, as
most of you would agree, as the best band EVER!  In response to Aaron
Scifres' obscure songs posting (MAR 17), I would add the following songs:

	Something for Nothing - 2112
	Losing It - Signals
	The Enemy Within - Grace Under Pressure
	Vital Signs - Moving Pictures

I've lived in the MD - D.C. area all my life and have listed to 98Rock
and DC101 for the past 7 years.  To my knowledge, I have never heard any
of these songs played on the above mentioned stations.

Steve - RUSH for Life!


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 17:36:08 EST
From: (Valerie Moerler)
Subject: "The Trees" - Lyric Interpretation

   My first posting and I'm glad to find an easy place to get my Rush
   fix.  I just had to respond to Steven Horwitz's posting about lyric
   interpretations.  As an American, with strong ties to the promised
   land (Canada),  I chuckle every time I hear Americans talk about
   "The Trees".  Guess what guys, the Maple leaf is on the Canadian
   Flag.  Make a connection yet?  The song is at least at one level a
   statement of Canadian/American relations and it's none to friendly
   to those of us "south of the border".

   Have a good one, aye?


Date: 23 Mar 1995 15:21:15 PST
Subject: Meeting NMS people


TO: R Rush Mailing List                                     DATE: 03/23/95
                                                            TIME:  3:20 PM
SUBJECT: Meeting NMS people

in issue #1072, Evan Smith talks about meeting NMSers:

> [...] I am constantly amazed at the
> caliber of the people that I've met. It seems that we not only share
> a love of great music, but also place fairly high values on knowledge
> and humanity. Every time (well, almost every time) I meet a Rush fan
> I instantly feel at ease and love finding out that we have so much
> to talk about (even other than Rush).

Me too! I'm always a bit nervous before meeting them, but once we meet
and start talking, I'm always finding things in common besides the band
(and computers, I suppose). (thanks for the compliment, I'm

> A hearty thanks to all of those who organized the shirts. I really
> like them, and it's good to know that we've raised some money that
> will go to a good cause. I just wish that I don't have to keep on
> explaining that it's not a Limbaugh shirt ;-)

Yes, thanks to Juno for coming up with the idea and moving on it, and
Alex for letting herself get dragged into helping me with the second
sale period. :-)  Y'know...when the "Rush is a band" bumper stickers
were first getting talked about, I sincerely thought about adding that
to the back of the shirts. Now, I'm afraid it's too late. There's always
fabric markers, right?!? :-) Go ahead...write it on. In red. Big bold
letters for all to see. Rush. Is. A. Band.

hi to those I've met (Chris, Alex, Puanani, Stuart, Meg, Jimmy, Ed, Tony and
the rest at the San Jose dinner last year, the guy I sat next to at the San
Jose show, Evan) and those I haven't met yet, too (like the gift committee--
hey, Dave, if you came out for a Sharks game, *maybe* I'd even go to one!).
This is truly a great group of people we're all a part of. [all together:
"awwwwwwwwwww. isn't that *special*?!"]



Date: 23 Mar 95 16:12:37 EST
Subject: Counterpart's counterpoint

  The album deals with the problems and weaknesses of men.  For Peart feels
  that men should adapt some of womens' traits, as women had adapted some
  traits of men in order to be successful in the workplace.

  In Animate, the character, who is male, pleads to be more complex
  ("complicate me").  In Cold Fire, this same character learns how complex
  women are.  Additionally in Animate he learns to be more submissive,
  gentle, and understanding of other people's ways, all which are traits of
  women.  Alien Shore and Nobody's Hero give examples of how people can be
  "different" than others.  Double Agent deals with the neverending,
  internal battle of choosing between good and evil, for which all people
  but in the context of the album, men go thru.  For we are normally a
  "slave to the hormone", ie the macho, tuff guy persona.  In Animate, he
  was told to be gentle.  With gentleness, love is blind and love will
  "turn to a long, cold burn" (Cold Fire), which represents his
  understanding and changing his old ways.  Our love for all humanity
  should be blind,not dependant on the person's race, sex, religion, etc.

  Counterparts represents the renassaince (sp?) of the modern man.
  Ofcourse men shouldnt go as far as wearing dresses :-) but he should
  adapt the caring, understanding nature of women more.  Man must find the
  right balance.  Think of Counterparts as the Cygnus of the sexes.  The
  workplace (and society as a whole) has changed...for constant, for
  constant changes are here to stay.   What do you guys think?  Hmmm..maybe
  some of the republicans in the House should listen to Counterparts... :-)
  (BTW I *don't* apologize 4 the length of this post! :-) )

  Travis Hayden
  Arthur Andersen & Co, SC


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:42:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Hello

Date sent:  23-MAR-1995 19:33:30
Are there any Rush fans out there in the se Wisconsin Or ne Illinois area
who might have some information on up coming Rush concerts? Please reply
On the lighter side you Know you are a Rush fan when (1) The pitcher of
your softball teams name is Tom Sawyer and a recording of the tune blasts
the field when he takes the mound. (2) You whent to the Rush concert with a
friend named Tom Sawyer. (3) You are going to school at the University of
Wisconsin Oshkosh and the first thing you ask yourself in the morning is ?
Why I'm I here and the neighbor answers you with cause your here roll the
PS Stay in the lime light

My signature
Bitnet   -  schroj57@oshkoshw
Internet -


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 20:17:30 CST
From: Thomas Beaudoin 
Subject: Alex born again?

Someone recently posted that Alex was "born again."  Can anyone
provide a citation for this?  Just curious...
Tom Beaudoin


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:26:02 -0600
From: (Rob Howell)

So many things to say.

First of all, I've seen a lot of messages here about the opening acts for
the boys, both good and bad. However, everyone sit back and take a look at
what bands we're talking about. I can recall King's-X, Primus, Candlebox,
Tommy Shaw, Blue Oyster Cult, and Mr. Big right off the top of my head as
openers for Rush. Now, I'm not a big fan of Tommy Shaw and Blue Oyster Cult,
not everyone will like all or even any of these bands, and of course we all
would much rather hear Rush than anyone else. However, what other band out
there touring has such high quality bands opening for them. I mean, whenever
I've seen most anyone else the opening band is local or virtually
non-existent musically. Only Rush has the pride, the confidence, and the
skill to not worry about ever getting upstaged by an opening act and also
the caring to make sure that, even though it's not the Boys, it's still a
quality act. Like whatever opening act it may be or not, realize that they
are good enough musicians that the Boys trust them to give us the fans a
good show.

Kind of on the same token, I've seen a lot of flames around here about the
country music bit and the periodic table notation. The flames kind of bother
me, because it seems to me to be anti-Rush. After all, what do Rush songs
tell us but to think for ourselves. None of us are exactly alike, with each
our different preferences for the best Rush album, song, etc., and that, I
think, is the way that the Boys like it. If they had wanted all of us to
like the same thing we'd be hearing rehashes of earlier stuff. I'm not as
much a fan of CP as I am of MP or Hemispheres, but the Boys thought it was
good stuff, so I'll respect the music, even though it isn't as enjoyable to
me as earlier stuff.
Like what you like and let everyone else like what they like I think is more
Rush's philosophy. Now, if you don't like Rush, well maybe someday you will
see the light, we who do will pray for your Rushian soul. ;). Anyway, I just
thought I was seeing too many flames and not enough debate.

Well, off of my soapbox. My top ten "obscure" Rush songs (in no order):

Manhattan Project - Perhaps not too obscure, but the power of the lyrics and
topic make it to the list.

Fear Trilogy - Only gave myself ten songs on this list and have to include
        the whole trilogy. It says so much in such an intense musical

In the End - Such a great song musically, and the bridge in the live version
        on ATWAS is incredible.

Countdown - Gotta be there.

Vital Signs - Everybody got to evelate from the norm.

Circumstances - Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

A Farewell to Kings - Hypocrites have always slandered the sacred halls of
        truth, but we don't see it without a Socrates to go against society and
        tell us. (Hopefully Neil won't have to drink hemlock :)

Natural Science - Living in their pools, they soon forget about the sea.

Red Sector A - Perhaps the greatest song lyrically of all time: Sickness to
        insanity, Prayer to profanity.... We know the frustration of

Something for Nothing - TANSTAAFL.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me, if you feel the need to flame me get me
in my box, that's, and not in the Star, which is a place to
pay homage to the Boys, not to fight.



Quick to judge
Quick to anger
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand


From: SMERAK@cgart.Trenton.EDU
Date:         23 Mar 95 21:28:55 EST
Subject:      yyz

Just a few comments...

1) I believe I read somewhere that the cracking whip-like noise
during yyz was neil banging a piece of wood on an aluminum folding
chair(then filtered throught effects).  I can't remember where I read's interesting though-can anyone confirm this?

2) I was making a Rush mix tape the other day-I had all the rush
studio albums spread out on the floor.  One of my room mates saw my
confused look on my face.  After asking me what i was doing, he
casually says-just pick your one favorite song off each album. I was
like...Which SONGS to pick?!!?   What ORDER to put them in-so many
COMBINATIONS???!!!  I'm sure everyone else has had this feeling.  I
eventually made the tape, and realized just how neat certain song
sequences sounded together.

anyhow-have a good one,


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 22:40:31 -0500 (EST)
From: James R Noble 
Subject: Even more YKYARFW!

Ok, so everyday I read the NMS and see these cute 'YKYARFW' posts.
Naturally, on my way back from the computer lab, I think up my own. So,
here's my 2 cents! :-)

		1. YKYARFW when the local college band you are watching
plays a Rush cover, and you start getting extremly picky about certian
details..(Example-The bass line isn't punchy enough..the keyboards are an
octave too high..The guitar player isn't making goofy faces or dancing
	        2. To add to #1, you know you're a Rush MUSICIAN when you
have to resist the urge to grab the bass players axe, and play it the way
it's meant to be played. (Example..'slapping' the Free-Will bass
solo..A big NO-NO in my book)

		3. ANY given key word makes you think of that certain
song. (Examples: 'weapon' 'chemistry' 'anthem' 'Bastille Day'

		4. Every desk you sit at in your classes are littered
with hundreds of 'star in circles'

		5. You can't stop using Rush lyrics to help you in an
argument (Example- Me and a friend were discussing the idea of 'love' and
I had to shoot in 'Love is blind if you are gentle'. All I got was a
strange look..)

		6. Last but not least, YKYARF when you spend more time
thinking up 'YKYARF's' then working on your philosophy papers.

						James Noble
				       	(Proud, because he figured
					out 'Bastille Day' all by
					himself last week :-))


Date: 23 Mar 95 22:49:51 EST
Subject: Madrigal

Come on guys, quit ragging on Madrigal.  I think it is one of the neatest love
songs I've ever heard.  I played to my last two love interests as an intro to
RUSH with excellent results.  Show some sensitivity; get closer to the heart!

BTW, Natural Science is GENIUS!

Snow Dog, Alaska

---------------- "Get Busy!" ---- RTB ----------------------


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 23:36:31 -0500
Subject: Re: #1(2) 03/23/95 - The Nati...

To Tim Mulligan
YYZ is sometimes referred to as YYZed because it is a Canadian air flight
term used in morse code.  It is on the Air Canada tags, so next time you are
in an airport go to Air Canada andask them for a luggage tag.


Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 23:36:37 -0500
Subject: Re: #1(2) 03/23/95 - The Nati...

To Jim Heuser in response to your complaint about the Melvyns...
     Why in the world would you want to see Candlebox instead of them,
Candlebox was a hundred times worse.  They were the worst opening band, evn
Subj:  #2(3) 03/25/95 - The National Midnight Star #1076
Date:  Sat, Mar 25, 1995 3:06 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
Mr. Big was better then them.  Be grateful that you got to see the Melvyns.
 I'm sure they were not as bad as Candlebox.  I have seen the Melvyns in NY
at Roseland and they were pretty decent, so be greatful that you did not see
      Oh and by the way, who the hell cares what band opens, you are there to
see RUSH anyway, so nexttime, just show up late.
The Analog Kid


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:04:45 -0500
From: (Alissa Zapatka)
Subject: DA and The Trees

I think that in DA the "cross of holy fire" refers to religion.
The speaker seems to be having difficulty assuring himself that
his decisions are correct ("my precious sense of honor/Just a
shield of rusty wire").  But he still holds to himself for the
answers.  He has the option of turning to religion for the
answers, that would be the easy way, but he holds out against
that and looks to himself.
As for The Trees, I never took the union approach to it.  I look
at it as a way to show how people are never truly equal.  Equal
in rights, yes, but in abilities, no.  Some people are just
better than others in some respects.  In this case, the oaks are
taller than the maples.  They can't help this.  It's nature's
plan to make them taller.  The maples can't be brought up to this
level because it's physically impossible, and the oaks can't be
brought down because that's going against nature, and anyway, who
wants to ever bring anybody down?  The only way to make them all
equal is to cut them down-essentially, they must be killed.  The
only true equalizer is death.  Only through death can everyone be
equal.  That's just my interpretation.



Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:19:07 -0500
From: (deborah hanmer)

        This is my first posting.  To make it short and sweet: I am a
female, a high school student, a percussionist, a Rush fanatic.  I also
couldn't spell if my life depended on it (hey, they had to create
spell-check for SOMEBODY), so don't laugh too hard.  I've been listening to
Rush for about 4 years and wouldn't consider myself an expert in any
respect, however, I would like to say one thing about the Grammy's hipe.
(and sorry this is so belated but I've been on spring break and away from
my beloved modem)
        If you ask me, which you shouldn't, just listen to "Spirit of
Radio" and drop the complaints about the Grammy's.  Even the guys realize
it's not the "glittering prizes" that matter, but the "integrety" of the
music.  And I wholeheartedly believe that Rush has/will not comprimise
their music for anything.  And I also believe, since you ARE on the list,
most people reading this find Rush to be the greatest band ever, or at
least of our time, and realize something of this for themselves.  It's not
the prize - but just look at ourselves - we are the reason Rush is great,
because we love it and it touches us in some way.  If Rush is asking for
anything else I will be sorely disapointed in the group.
        Okay, so that's my $.25 (the quarter is my favorite coin).  From
Columbus, Ohio (ooooh, impressive, I know) to the rest of the world: hello.
                        Hopefully the someday wise and wonderful,


Subject: Worst Rush Songs
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:30:13 EST
From: James Hubert Falkner 

Worst Rush song?  That's easy.  Didacts and Narpets.  And if you don't
consider it a song, then the 2nd worst one is Rivendell.  This is of
course *my* opinion.  And on the subject of thinking you know lyrics
before you really do, I once thought that "I commit my weekly crime" from
Red Barchetta (the ESL version, the one I had *first* for a *long* time)
was actually "Like a midnight weekly rhyme".



Subject: Scientology/Rush
From: (yeah..)
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 01:18:10 EST


Are any of you Rush fans out there into Dianetics or Scientology?
I read a survey in a newspaper that said most of Rush's listeners
have read the book Dianetics, by L Ron Hubbard.

Just wondering if anyone's into this. =)

(no, I'm not a member of the Church of Scientology. =)



You start teaching your little brother Alex how to play guitar. =)

A tired mind becomes a     |
shape-shifter. Everybody   |  The Four Dynamics of Life:
needs a mood-lifter,       |  1. Urge of individual self-survival..
Everybody needs reverse    |  2. Survival through prorecreation.
polarity.                  |  3. Survival of the group.
-Neil Peart, Rush.         |  4. Survival of mankind.


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 02:33:37 EST
Subject: Yet more bantering about lyrics

-- [ From: Ron Weales * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

	There are some interesting paralells between how Neil's lyrics &
drumming have evolved.  On their earlier albums the lyrics were more
exotic & grandiose, like the drumming.  As the band grew & tried new
ways of making music things were streamlined, yet intensified.  An
earlier "Mind" period, when the lyrics & drumming were very 'academic',
followed by the "Heart" period when themes were more interpersonal &
the beats were 'earthier'.  Imho RUSH is now "Balanced" between the two,
combining the best of both worlds.  Very few, if any, other rock bands
in history haved acheived anything like this.



Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:00:19 -0800 (PST)
From: "Janss L. Adams" 
Subject: Bands That Suck, huh-huh

Greetings all,
This is in response to James Screaton's post in TNMS # 1073. He is
against people "slagging" other bands and wants us to be "tolerant of
other people's tastes."  If people are offended b/c someone "slags"
something they like, what does that say about the strength of their
beliefs?  Must be weak, right? This forum is about Rush, but other bands
are often mentioned (for whatever reasons) and this is accepted by all,
is is not? Otherwise, we would have created a rule forbidding mention of
any other band save Rush, right? Because we allow mention of other bands,
people thus have license to voice their opinion(s); to promote or "slag"
a given band. Danzig happens to be my second favorite band, but if
someone expresses an unfavorable opinion of them, I'm not going to cry
about it or stop liking Danzig. Why? Because people have different tastes
and I respect their right to voice them.

Take care, all. . .

"see the devil kiss the hand of god
 see the devil crying tears of flame
 see the devil bite the hand of christ
 and know the devil is the work of god"

J. Laurence-


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 02:23:40 -0600 (CST)
From: Tim Mulligan 
Subject: Steve Smith in Montrose?? (No Rush Content)

> >Steve Smith
> > ----Journey
> > ----Vital Information
> > ----Michael Manring
> > ----The Storm
> > ----Steps Ahead
> > ----Jean-Luc Ponty
> > ----Jeff Berlin
> > ----Bryan Adams

> I can't believe that no one mentioned Steve was in the band that launched
> his and Sammy Hagar's careers. Montrose!

	Okay, I'll refrain from saying "Steve Smith wasn't in Montrose!",
because I remember the fate of that poor soul who said that Simon
Phillips never played for Judas Priest.  :)  However, I *would* like to know
when and on what album(s) Steve played on.  The most popular incarnation
of Montrose was the band that played on the first two albums (1973's
_Montrose_ and 1974's _Paper Money_).  Sammy Hagar was the vocalist on
these albums, and Denny Carmassi was the drummer.  When Hagar first went
solo (in '75 or '76), Denny Carmassi remained the drummer in Montrose for
a short time before joining  Hagar's band.  (He went on to become Heart's
drummer, and played on the _Coverdale/Page_ album, for anyone who cares.)
	I'm *fairly* sure that by the mid 70s, Journey had already been formed
with Steve Smith on drums.  (They released a few 70s "prog-rockish" albums
before hiring Steve Perry and taking a "pop" direction.)  Perhaps Smith
guested on a Montrose album or Ronnie Montrose solo album, but his career
had already been established.  If I'm wrong, please correct me by giving me
a date and album title.  I suppose there's a possibility that there was a
year or two in between Carmassi's departure from Montrose and the formation
of Journey.
	Sorry for the lack of Rush content, but you can't tell me that this
doesn't beat album rumors (the non-humorous ones) and chemistry discussions!

"We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost."


From: D Stothard 
Subject: Top Gear
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 9:09:02 GMT

       There I was last night sat watching Top Gear (Thats a motoring show on
the BBC here in England in case you didn't know) when the frighteningly
enthusiastic Jeremy Clarkson announced that he was about to test drive the new
Fiat.....The Barchetta!
        OK so it was a blue one but it's an awesome car, somehow matching the
image that the song always gives me of sleek lines and a low, sporty body.
        How good is it to drive? Jeremy's closing line was "..I wouldn't trade
places with Pamela Anderson's swimsuit..".  For those of you that just have to
have one (YKYARFW..) it's going to cost around 16 000 pounds over here, figure
out the dollars for yourselves.
        Just time for a quick reply to a few recent postings....
1) To the guy who apologised for liking Billy Joel, what's there to be sorry
for, he's a great musician and if it's any comfort I love his stuff too.

2) When I listen to the early Rush albums I don't just hear Led Zep's
influence, I hear a few of their chord progressions too.

3) I took my girlfriend to the RTB concert in Sheffield and she hated Rush on
the way in. She came out having had a great night and whilst she's still not
their biggest fan she no longer leaves the room when I start playing their
stuff.  So yeh, why search for a female Rush fan, make your own. (Think how
many more women you have to chose from!! No sexist flames please...have a
sense of humour).

4) Whoever suggested Big Money as a suitable cover song take note.. I tried to
get my band to play that song for ages but the vocalist refused on the grounds
that it was just too damn difficult to remember.

        Until next time.........


"You are what you is" - FZ.


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 05:49:16 -0500
Subject: Song list, etc. - Long post!

Hey fellow Rush fans,

*WARNING* This is a long, self-indulgent post.

I screwed up and accidently deleted the recent issue of TNMS that featured
the list that ranked all the various Rush songs in order of the author's
liking. Would someone mind e-mail-ing me a copy? Thanks a bunch. Address:

Also, please tell me about yourself (whoever responds to the above request),
how you came to be a Rush fan, etc.

Me, I discovered the band when I heard my cousins playing "All The World's A
Stage" in 1976. It drove my mom and sisters absolutely crazy one Sunday when
I ran around the house all day blaring the tape out of a little mono cassette
recorder! ("By-Tor" and "2112" absolutely killed me!) I REALLY got into them
when "Permanent Waves" came out. Some friends played me the 8-track (yikes)
and "The Spirit of Radio" just blew me away - it remains my all-time favorite
song. When I was working in radio in the mid-80's, it was the first and
almost last song that I ever played at my hometown's radio station, which was
otherwise an adult/contemporary kinda place!.

My first concert was "Signals" in '82 with my ol' Rush bud Dave (who I still
remember as the person who turned me on to "Cygnus X-1" - watta pal!). I'm
still bitter that I never saw 'em before that - not many chances living in
Vermont!  I've seen most every tour since then twice. '82 and '94 tours were
best IMHO.

I was lucky enough to interview Geddy for RIP magazine in 1992. He was very
cool - we talked about baseball and I asked him about the old "one likes to
believe in the freedom of baseball" lyric. I also asked him about the time,
during a show at Worcester Centrum or Hartford Civic Center (I forget), when
he looked at Alex, after a particularly heinous job of signing during the
opening to "2112," and said to him: "that sounded like Ernest Borgnine!" He
didn't recall saying it but I KNOW I heard it. Anyone else verify this? He
also signed my "Hemispheres" press kit, which he hadn't ever seen and thought
was very cool (I snagged it from that same radio station)!

I also got to review the "Counterparts" (I do NOT care for album title
abbreviations in postings) show at LA Forum for the newspaper that I write
for (which I posted here a few months ago). My best seats have been front row
in front of Geddy and fifth row in front of Alex.

As for the new album, today (March 23) I asked a publicist at Atlantic
Records what she had heard about the Boys, and all she could do was verify
that Val Azzoli's (Atlantic Records executive) estimate of a probable late
'95/early '96 release was still accurate. :-(

I must say that I did like Fastway (gasp!) when they opened for Rush and have
even become friendly with the bands former singer, Dave, since I've lived
here in LA. I thought they were a fine Led Zep knock-off and still listen to
their first two albums, on vinyl of course. The Rush crowd did boo them, then
I saw them open for AC/DC a couple of weeks later, in a near-by arena, and
they were wildly cheered, so go figure. My other opening-band faves have been
Jon Butcher Axis (remember them?), Steve Morse and Marillion, a great band
who were VERY popular in the U.K. a few years ago but never did catch on here
in the states.

What else can I say? I've gotten girlfriends into Rush, I think "Madrigal" or
"Between Sun and Moon" are my least favorite songs, hate Rush Limbaugh, am
sick of lame new-album rumors and think "Caress of Steel is under-rated. And
I love both +Live+ and Smashing Pumpkins.

Oh, and to the person who made it sound like Eddie Van Halen had to kick the
singer out of his band before he got noticed: Uh, no. Eddie was quite
successful a good 7 or 8 years before David Lee Roth left Van Halen. Yes,
Eric Johnson is good, but that was a poor comparison. Also, Eddie will always
win the "who's better" qustions simply because he was an innovator, and
people like Eric, no matter how technically good they are, are still burdened
by the fact that they are following in Eddie's footsteps (or Jimi Henrix's or
Jimmy Page's, etc).

I am nearly through, though I could go on all day about these guys! My
apologies for the length. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Much respect to the beloved Rush Mgr.

YKYARFW:You have the "Made in W. Germany" versions of Rush compact discs that
were initially available in the states only as imports ("Moving Pictures"
through "Power Windows" I believe). Anyone else remember dieing, waiting for
Mercury to domestically release all of Rush's albums on cd?


np - "Middletown Dreams"


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 06:42 EST
From: Tony Dormio 
Subject: YKYARFW


You've sat for hours with a scientific calculator in your hand
trying to determine "The Speed of Love" and think that
you've come up with the answer.

For me it's 64.2 hbps. (heart beats per second).

Having said that, let's talk about "The Holy Cross of Fire"
that Neil refers to in Double Agent.  There's only one
group that I'm aware of the uses a burning cross on
a regular basis, and I can't say that they are all
that holy. I'm referring to the KKK but I don't think it's
what Neil was talking about.  For those of you who
don't know, the lyrics are as follows: (yea right, like
I really need to tell this group the lyrics)

- My precious sense of honer
- Just a shield of rusty wire
- I hold against the chaos
- and the cross of Holy Fire

What IS the cross of holy fire?

All facts or thought provoking speculation are welcome
either here at "my house"

What's with the Bill Gordon doubleneck Guitar?

See Ya
Toiny Dormio


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 07:04:30 -0600
From: (Ed Blonski)
Subject: Cross of Holy Fire

Toiny Dormio asks:

> - My precious sense of honer
> - Just a shield of rusty wire
> - I hold against the chaos
> - and the cross of Holy Fire
>What IS the cross of holy fire?

This may refer to the Christian Church (as a whole). The Roman Emporer
Constantine was supposed to have seen a vision of a cross in the 300's and
thus converted to Christianity and made it the official religion of the
Roman Empire. Maybe the vision he saw was a "flaming cross". Like you, I
reject the idea that Neil is writing about the KKK. I can be persuaded to
see these two lines as such:
  I hold against: a) the chaos and b) the cross of Holy Fire.
Maybe Neil sees these as two extremes or opposites?

Good question, I think!

*Ed Blonski (    "One likes to believe in the     *
*Rush fan (the band and the man!)          Freedom of Email!" TNMS         *
*Titus 1:5-9                              "But I'm young enough to remember*
*Soon to be Alumni of Concordia Seminary   the future and the way things   *
*                     St. Louis, 1995      ought to be!" NP                *


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 08:26:24 -0600
From: (Michael Richardson)
Subject: Freewill lyrics

So, what are the lyrics on Freewill that are supposedly printed wrong?  I
have never noticed any discrepancies before???  Please e-mail me at
                                                   -Michael Richardson


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:51:50 EST
From: swb2@Lehigh.EDU (Swarup Bandyopadhyay)
Subject: What are the bands do you listen to?

Hey all!

    Haven't posted for a while and I have to say it's great to be back!
I was wondering right now about what other bands do my fellow RUSHIES listen
to besides the Holy Ones.  I listen (in no particular order of course)to Dream
Theater, U2, Marillion, Primus, NIN, Led Zeppelin, REM, and a bunch of other
bands that are on my .sig file.  I'm just interested to here from everyone.

| Swarup Bandyopadhyay            swb2@Lehigh.EDU                         |
| Lehigh University        |
| Box A155                                                                |
| 39 University Dr.               RushU2DreamTheaterMarillionPrimusNINSTP |
| Bethlehem, PA 18015-3041       GreenDayLiveREMNirvanaPearlJamLedZeppelin|
| (610)758-0267                                StarTrekStarWars           |
|                                    GO KNICKS! GO ISLANDERS! GO GIANTS!  |
|                                                 GO TEMPLE!              |
| "Can't you see my temperature rising,                                   |
|   I radiate more heat than light!"    -Rush                             |


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 09:50:01 -0500
Subject: "Gub" Explained

Hello Sports Fans!

    I believe I can shed some light on the "gub" issue. In the early
70's there was a Woody Allen movie called 'Take the Money and Run'
( heh-heh...he said Woody!). In one scene Woody goes to rob a bank and
hands the teller an illegible note that says "Put the money in the bag...
don't make any false moves...I have a gub". The teller proceeds to argue with
Woody over the spelling, "It says GUN!" / "No it doesn't sir, that word is
definately GUB!" This goes on and on, eventually involving the bank manager
and the police and he's finally arrested. It's pretty funny!

    Given Geddy and the boyz love of Woody Allen movies, and the whole
guitar hero schmeel that begun with "Clapton is God", it only makes sense




Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 10:50:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Lifeson 
Subject: How about THIS deal?

	Over break I went to a music store in my hometown.  As I'm just paging
through the old (OLD) magazines, I come across an '87 guitar magazine with this
Alex lookin' guy.  Wait!!! It's him!!!   Tell me I wasn't excited.  How much
was it?  $1.  Oh, and this is the one where it has the little flexible record
inside, with Alex soloing on one of the tracks.  I didn't take out the record,
considering the quality would PROBABLY be pretty bad.  Can anyone tell me if it
is would ripping out of the magazine?!?!  Please respond if you can answer
this!!!!  Thanks				briaN M eichorN


Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 10:58:31 E
Subject: The Trees.....and a first post.

Hullo all,
	I have been lurking around here for about 4 weeks now, and let me say,
you guys (and gals) people are very dedicated to RUSH.
	Ok, I first got into RUSH in 1990 (I am only 19 so I would've been 14
going on 15 at the time).  I was a CIT a Boy Scout summer camp which I now work
at when one of the staff members popped in his 2112 cd on the stereo in his
work area.  I was assisiting in that area for the day, so I got ot listen to
the whole thing.  When I heard Gedy start singing "Temples of Syrinx", I was
impressed. I had just gotten Queensryche's "Operation:Mindcrime", so the idea
of a concept album was intriging (Whoops, spelled that wrong).  I read all the
inside liner notes, so I knew what the story was about, but I couldn't
understand they lyrics:(  But it wasn't until RTB came out that I really
started listening to them. I heard 'Dreamline' at camp (once again!) and I was
hooked. I picked up that and 'Chronicles' right away.  I loved them both. Due
to financial resources, I have not been able to pick up all of RUSH's material,
only CP, MP, RTB, FBN, Chronicles, Hemispheres, AFTK, and HYF. I like them all.
	I too, like someone else had mentioned earlier, started with the newer
stuff and worked my way backwards.  I really don't mind stuff from HYF or p/g
that I have heard.  I think the melodies are very refined and structured. That
suggests (at least to me) that RUSH really thinks out their stuff. They don't
just go in and say "well....lets see what happens."  I have not seen them live,
but with this new summer job I have landed, I will have a lot more cash on my
hands this time around (whenever they decide to release a new album and tour).
	I know I may seem like I am not a true RUSH fan for what I am about to
say, but I think the first album is vastly underrated.  I mean, I am
disrespecting Neil in any way (why would I? I am a drumer too...), but I will
admit I always lean a little more to the rootsier, blues type rock.  It is not
the greatest rock album ever made, and it may sound a little too much like
Led Zep, but it is a lot better than half the crap floating around today. RUSH
is a musch different band for me to listen to.  Most of the stuff I listen to
Subj:  #3(3) 03/25/95 - The National Midnight Star #1076
Date:  Sat, Mar 25, 1995 3:06 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
is a lot more raw and bluesy. Zep, Aerosmith, KISS (my personal faves),
pre-80's REO Speedwagon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, and another great band
came out of Canada, The Band.  But I also listen to RUSH (of course!),
Queensryche, Yes, Supertramp, Queen, and did I mention RUSH????
	Oh, in a recent issue of TNMS, someone said that they believe that "The
Trees" was about elegatarianism (spelling?). I am not disagreeing with that
person, but I always thought that the song was a cry against apartheid.  To me,
the oaks symbolize the minority who control eveything because they have the
power to keep the majority (the maples) down.  The oaks wonder why the maples
can't be happy in their shade because they feel that they are the great
protectors, keeping the maples safe.  But the maples feel that they should have
the right to the sunlight (i.e. self-governance) as much as anyone else does.
The oaks don't want to see the status quo upset because that is they way it has
always been; the maples think it is time for change.  Sounds like the situation
in South Africa at the time to me. Also could be applied to eastern Europe too.
That is just my opinion....obviously with me be being considered a "minority",
I will interepret that way.  That was the last question I have to is
not too important, but how many RUSH fans out there are considered "minorities
of color"?  I know from experience, many of my friends think it weird that a
Puerto Rican listens to rock music, much less a group as intellectual as RUSH,
It just goes to show how close-minded some people are.  Sorry for making this
sooooooooooooooooo long.

						"Roll The Bones" baby......

								-Jared Rivera


Date:     Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:25 EST
Subject:  rush radio

this is in response to the guy who made rush an outcast at his station. he
claims to be a big rush fan but are you really? what you have done is really a
disservice to the band and all its fans. i am the program director for a local
station and i admit that i would not mind if it were all rush all the time but
you cant cram music down peoples minds, even if it is the music of the gods.
rush is one of those bands that people will come to if you dont force them. as
MOBY says, his views are there, if you get them, you get them.

"There isn't much difference between rock'n'roll and teaching...
(either way) You're entertaining delinquents"
-Gordon Sumner


Date:     Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:32 EST
Subject:  re:we should all move

i was playing with this guy i knows nifty map program that allows you to plan
trips and then computes the time for you... its an eight and a half hour trip
to rushslyvania from where i live, not to far.  maybe ill go check out the
real estate prices. hmm......

i was going to write a nifty phrase here but my pencil broke....


Date:     Thu, 23 Mar 1995 19:40 EST
Subject:  lyrics

i think weve all overlooked the most important line of the trees, the last one
"...are all made equal, by hatchet, ax, and saw."
we can fight over what these lyrics mean, but in the end we end up like the
trees.  also i thought id throw in two overlooked rush songs, broons bane and
take a friend.  by the by, id almost have to say all the overlooked songs by
rush are truly great....well except maybe one or two. and finnaly, in response
to those candlebox fans out there, i saw them open in rochester and im sorry
but they were just bad. i like the band and think the album is really good, but
in concert these guys arent all that good. dont feel bad, these days that kind
of thing is common with all those mtv bands that dont need to make it by
touring all over. ill shut up now.

i was going to write a nifty phrase here but my pencil broke....


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